Atelier Elkrone – Clemens

I’m actually not a big fan of Yusa, but I have to admit I’m loving his mad scientist characters. ❤ Even though Clemens is a weird person, his route is actually rather laid-back and refreshing.

Clemens is a lecturer in Elkrone’s academy of alchemy. His objective in life is to find the “way of truth”, believing that even gods will become demons in order to obtain the truth. He’s using the academy money to fund his suspicious research, even though the academy doesn’t have that much money to begin with. Common sense won’t work on Clemens and he can’t read the atmosphere either, often causing the alchemy conference he attends to end in a commotion.

The Flower Festival Arc

May 7

Laboratory’s Decoration
Client: Clemens. Reward: Payment in kind.

As soon as Meri and Popote comes to the lab, Clemens wastes no time and drags them out to Stolz Hill. Every year the citizens of Elkrone put flower decorations to welcome the coming of spring, and the academy is no exception. The students have a decoration contest where they compete with other classes to make the most beautiful decoration, and.. so does the lecturers. The difference is they decorate their labs instead, so now Clemens wants Meri to help making one for him. They also meet Oswald and Heidi — who also came to pick flowers on the hill — and Clemens proudly tells them that he won’t have a “lonely fight” by knitting clovers alone this year. xD Unfortunately for Clemens, Oswald also asked for Ralf’s help. Ralf always leads his class towards victory every year, but Meri gets pissed when he says she has picked a weak group to support. Clemens also accuses Oswald of bribing the students to decorate their lab, and they end up bickering in front of everyone. When Popote says they should have split their lab in two instead of sharing it, they agree to compete over their lab instead. The winner of the decoration contest can have the lab for himself, while the loser will have to leave. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After gathering flowers, they start bickering again about how Oswald is a ドM while Clemens is a ドS. Popote asks Meri what those words mean, but she says it’s not necessary for a fairy like him to know. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The two groups end up having a race as they run back to the city, though Clemens and Oswald are coughing and running out of breath by the time they reach the Austen Gate. As Meri and Heidi help them walk, Ralf whispers “I’ll train my body so I won’t become like this..” in the background LOL. Since Clemens asks her to make a decoration which suits his image, Meri then synthesizes two Krone Flower Balls. Just by looking at them, Clemens can tell that her image of him is “glasses”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He then uses the “glasses balls” to synthesize a giant decoration, and after a huge explosion, they turn into an extremely creepy raw head of a creature. For some reason Oswald’s group ends up making something similar, so obviously both of them lose the contest with the worst score. xD Clemens pays for the request with the remaining flowers, and Popote uses them to decorate the atelier.

May 8

Clemens comes to the atelier today, giving Meri and Popote a tart which he made by using the remaining flowers from yesterday. The tart turns out to be really delicious, though they find it rather surprising that he can make something like this. He’s dedicated to alchemy and always does things on a large scale, so it’s hard to imagine him making something normal and nice.

May 9

Inquiry Assistance
Client: Clemens. Reward: Payment in kind.

The description says Clemens is looking for his “missing assistant”, who’s running an atelier in Realm Street with a fairy. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ In front of the academy, Meri and Popote run into Heidi — who’s skipping classes as usual. Oswald then comes chasing after her, and he mentions that Heidi needs to find her own alchemy soon. He doesn’t have time to explain though, since she’s disappearing from his sight. Meri and Popote visit the common lab after that, where they find Clemens waking up under a mountain of books. When Meri asks him to sleep on the bed, Clemens insists that the floor is his bed — because that’s where he sleeps. At first Meri tries to argue, but Popote stops her knowing arguing with Clemens will probably waste their entire day LOL. It turns out Clemens also forgot about his request, so he had to check his notebook first before saying he wanted to see Meri. xD

Clemens then forces Meri to help him synthesizing, and he creates a mysterious blue light — the one he made on the first day he met. He was actually expecting the light to disappear like before, but it keeps shining today. Meri then asks what the light is, but Clemens answers that he doesn’t know either.. since he’s not interested in synthesizing a recipe with known results. He tells her to quickly pick a material and throw it into the cauldron, but sadly the blue light then vanishes with an explosion. Luckily nobody gets hurt, but Clemens is clearly irritated since the synthesis always ends in an explosion every time. After a short silence, he suddenly turns to Popote and sends the fairy to eat sweets in the staff room — saying it’s the reward for taking Meri here. As soon as Popote leaves the room, Clemens asks Meri to lock the door. It turns out he’s only allowed to make four explosions a month, and since he already hit the limit earlier, he sent Popote out to draw everyone’s attention while he’s having a discussion with her. Just in case it fails, he also blocks the door with a bookshelf. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

At the start of their discussion, Clemens actually admits that he wants to use Meri to help his research 24/7 LOL. It’s not intentional as he tries to hide it, but he just fails miserably at hiding what he’s thinking of. xD Next, Clemens asks Meri to teach him about the “desire” in her heart. He wants to know what she’s wishing for, and what he needs to do in order to get her. Meri blushes upon hearing this, but then Clemens adds that he wants her to be his assistant for a month only. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ When Meri asks why it has to ber, Clemens answers by stating two reasons. The first one is because he acknowledges her abilities, and the second one is because she doesn’t have an ambition as an alchemist. She’s already satisfied just by running the atelier, but it’s actually blocking her growth. She admires Margret and wants to be like her, but her dream will only be a dream if she doesn’t have the ambition to reach it. In order to help Meri gain an ambition, Clemens then suggests becoming an alchemy freak like him. \(^o^)/

Clemens also says Meri can take anything from the lab as the payment for helping him, so one month alchemy camp aside, she decides to take something for today’s payment. From the pile of books on the floor, Meri finds out that Clemens actually publishes alchemy books — mostly about ancient alchemy and ancient recipes. He wrote a book to bash modern alchemy as well, but he tells her not to take it since having the book alone is considered a crime LOL. From the tool rack, she finds an old-style extraction tool.. which he stole from the capital’s academy. In fact, the entire rack is filled with the tools he “borrowed” from other people. xD When Meri tells him to return them to their owners, Clemens promises that he will. Someday. If he remembers. On Clemens’ desk, Meri finds a mountain of letters addressed to him — ranging from requests for a new book until bills from Frasco Cafe and Alois Bar. Just after she’s done organizing the letters, Meri finds a locket containing a picture of Clemens, Oswald, Stephan and an unknown woman. She asks if they’ve known each other for a long time, but he only says they have an unfortunate yet inseparable relationship.. and he changes the subject.

After thanking Meri for cleaning up his desk, Clemens gives her a set of ore specimens that he collected himself. Meri notices a mysterious warm stone in the set, but aside from the fact that he obtained it when he was small, Clemens can’t remember anything about the stone. He tried to do a further research, but the stone doesn’t look like it came from this world.. so he called it the “Lost Stone”. It looks so plain compared to all the other ores though, so he’s impressed that she actually noticed the stone. Just then the Lost Stone suddenly starts shining, and Clemens is surprised to see that the light of “Blue Hole” — the thing he synthesized earlier — securing its way into the stone. This instantly draws his interest, so he takes the Lost Stone saying he’ll do further research on it. He also invites Meri to join his alchemy camp and research together, but she refuses since she has an atelier to run. Heidi comes to “save” Meri after that, and so Clemens has no choice but to let her go for today. Before she leaves, he asks why she chose to run an atelier instead of continuing to the Meister Rank. Even if she’s walking on the same path as Margret, he thinks it’s meaningless if her goal is to revive the ancient alchemy. Since Meri can’t answer this question, Clemens finally says it’ll be her homework for next time.

May 10

Meri forgot the ore specimens set and left it in Clemens’ lab yesterday, so Heidi comes to give her the reward today — the forbidden book LOL. Clemens said she can take anything for Meri, so she picked the book thinking it will sell for a lot of money. xD Meri takes the book since she doesn’t want Heidi to be a criminal, and she hides it in the attic so nobody will ever find out.

May 12

Today is a day off, and Meri is having tea with Popote when Clemens comes to ask her out for an.. uh, expedition. Popote comes along thinking they’re going to the forest or the mountain, but their destination turns out to be the museum instead. Meri and Popote go (・д・;) because they though they’re going to collect alchemy materials today, and Clemens gives them a long lecture which basically says that alchemy isn’t only about materials and knowledge. The inner core of an alchemist is curiosity, and today he’s taking them here to awaken their curiosity — much to Popote’s disappointment. xD Clemens proudly announces today, the three of them are going to feel the breath of alchemy from the ancient period until the current period.. and sleep. Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ In other words, he only wants to take a nap surrounded by alchemy-related items. He also got the permission from the museum staff, though they’re begging him NOT to touch the displayed items or cause an explosion. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Clemens totally ignores their plea and wants to move the items around around to make space for his tent, so Meri has no choice but to take control.. or else everything will definitely end up in a mess LOL. After setting up their tent, Meri and Popote follow Clemens inside — where he cooks lunch for them. He uses the museum’s cauldron to cook, but let’s just let it slide because the lunch tastes really delicious. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* While he looks like a weak explosion monster, Clemens actually survived in the mountains and forests with his cooking. Popote is interested in his adventures, so Clemens decides to entertain both of them with stories before they take a nap. They pick the theme by rolling a dice, and since the first theme that comes up is “scary story”, he tells them about “the land of the reapers”. It’s a really cold village surrounded by the mountains, even though it’s located in Schlissel — the Kingdom of Spring.

One snowy day, a kid in the village caught a bad cold. The mayor carried him to see a doctor in the nearest town, but due to the heavy snow, the road was hard to navigate and the kid got thrown out of the carriage along the way. The mayor and the driver searched for the kid, but the kid was never found.. and the villagers thought a reaper must have taken the kid away to the underworld. However, the kid suddenly returned when spring came. The kid was found at exactly the same place where he went missing, but he has no recollection of what happened during that time span. In return, the kid gained the knowledge of plants, alchemy materials and how to use alchemy. That’s not the only thing he obtained, because the kid was also holding a mysterious warm stone in his hands. It looks like a normal stone, but the warmth saved the kid from the cold winter. This caused the mayor to think the kid has escaped from the reaper, and he put the kid under heavy surveillance to make sure he won’t get kidnapped again. Popote is scared upon hearing this story, but Meri thinks a traveling alchemist might have saved the kid. Clemens then says that when something unbelievable occurs, people can be divided into two groups. The first one are those who get afraid without trying to understand, while the second are those who try to solve the mystery. The mayor falls into the former category.

Next, Clemens mentions that stories about people disappearing to different worlds are spread all around the world — usually in the form of folk tales or fairy tales. In fact, the tale of the blue moon and the tale of the first alchemist are good examples of this. The “blue ring” worn by the first alchemist is believed to come from another world too, though recently most people believe that it’s the symbol of knowledge. Clemens then asks if she knows why the reaper story from earlier is considered “scary”, and Meri answers it’s because people are scared of things they don’t know — like reapers or the underworld. However, they will be able to reach the answer if they keep seeking the truth. That feeling is called curiosity, and the world will become much more interesting if people keep their curiosity alive. Realizing that Clemens is trying to awaken the curiosity in her, Meri excitedly thanks him and turns around to talk to Popote.. but the fairy has fallen asleep beside them LOL. Meri panics and tries to wake him up, but Clemens praises Popote for falling asleep easily. Then he says goodnight and takes a nap too. xD

When they wake up in the evening, Clemens asks for Meri’s answer to the homework he gave her. Meri says she decided to run an atelier because she wanted to grow closer to Margret’s alchemy, but ever since she saw Clemens’ blue hole, she started having doubts. Even though she enjoys her job, she wonders if it’s really okay for her to synthesize items only when she receives requests. Meri admits that she never synthesizes anything for the sake of research like Clemens does, and he says she’s confused because she’s looking for her own alchemy. It’s different for each person, and she’s currently searching for her own answer. He admits that he often gets lost too.. when it comes to directions. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meri asks if he’s not thinking of carrying maps, but Clemens proudly answers that maps are nothing more than doodles if he doesn’t know where he is! \(^o^)/ Clemens then says figuring out one’s own alchemy has no time limit as long as they’re alive, so Meri can think about the answer carefully from now on. Meri notices that Clemens’ eyes look really gentle, but that’s the end of his cool moments since he starts coughing nonstop and has to be taken back to the academy LOL.

May 20

Obtaining Spirit Light

Today Meri receives a letter from Junger XV, which says that she needs “Spirit Light” in order to make Aoi Wakkakka. It can be retrieved from the Forest of Fairies, which means they have to walk through the Lost Forest. Since Meri and Popote need someone to guard them through the way, Meri then decides to invite Clemens. She finds him asking Belinda to do his laundry in Goddess Closet, which frustrates the poor girl as she repeatedly explains that they’re running a boutique — not a laundry service. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Clemens responds to her explanation by asking “then where is this?”, and she runs to Miranda since normal conversation simply won’t work on him. When Meri shows him the recipe of Aoi Wakkakka, Clemens gladly follows them to the Forest of Fairies. He knows what they’re looking for, he just can’t remember the location or how to get there.. which is to be expected actually, considering he still gets lost even with a map. When Clemens comes to meet them by the Austen Gate — using his teleport bombs — Meri and Popote guide him all the way to the Forest of Fairies. xD

Upon arriving in the Forest of Fairies, Clemens gets super excited to search for Spirit Light. He kept coughing along the way though, thanks to his own teleport bombs, so Meri only asks him not to force himself LOL. She then finds a frozen heart-shaped stone on the ground, and soon a bearded fairy comes out asking what business they have in this forest. When Meri shows him Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe, the bearded fairy reveals that the heart-shaped stone is actually the Spirit Light they’re looking for. The fairies call it a “Spirit Heart”, which is the crystallization of the hearts of the spirits. It’s frozen solid because the fairies don’t trust humans, and so Meri has to wrap it with human kindness in order to make it melt. The moment Meri asks it to let her hear its voice, the Spirit Heart instantly melts in her hands — impressing Clemens, who’s been watching everything with great interest. The bearded fairy also reveals that he’s actually the elder fairy who raised Popote in the Green Forest, but right now he’s acting as the guardian of this forest instead. When Popote begs the elder fairy to take him along, he asks if Popote can really leave Meri’s side to live with them.. because unlike humans, fairies like them can’t erase the bond they have created with someone. After asking Meri to take care of Popote, the elder fairy disappears into the forest — leaving Popote to wonder why fairies and humans can’t just live together.

When Popote starts crying, Clemens tells him that his voice has reached his heart too.. and he promises to help them to synthesize Aoi Wakkakka. Meri also tells Popote that he’s got her by his side, and Popote finally cries in Meri’s arms when she says that the atelier is his home too. Clemens walks them home after that, and he stays with them until Popote falls asleep at night. While Clemens doesn’t think he did anything helpful, Meri says having a reliable lecturer to stay with them makes a great difference. In return, Clemens tells Meri that she has a great sense in alchemy. That’s why even if she encounters difficulties along the way, he wants her to keep going without giving up.

The Port Festival Arc

May 22

There’s an open market at the fountain plaza today, and Meri goes to buy some new flasks for the atelier. Soon she notices Clemens walking among the crowd, looking like he’s about to faint — most likely due to his unhealthy lifestyle. Meri then wonders if she can make something for Clemens, and when Elie comes to greet her soon after, she remembers that Elie’s cheesecake is infamous for relieving fatigue. Meri eventually decides to ask Elie to teach her how to make a good cheesecake, and under Elie’s super strict guidance, she finally manages to make “Elie’s Special Cheesecake” for Clemens.

When Meri brings the cheesecake to the academy, she finds Clemens lying right in front of the entrance LOL. He doesn’t have anymore energy to move and collapses
after saying he won’t die here, but he immediately wakes up — full of energy — when she mentions that she made a cheesecake for him. xD Clemens also explains that he just returned from a “small trip” to the underworld by not sleeping and eating for four days, and worried that he might not be able to return someday (read: dying for real), Meri gives him the cheesecake and tells him to get some sleep. Clemens gets excited saying he’ll take a small slice as a “sample” to analyze, but since Meri is giving him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look, he quickly stops saying it’s just a joke. Clemens then invites Meri to his lab, where he asks her to make some tea for him.

May 23

In the morning, Meri receives a letter from Clemens in her mailbox. Aside from thanking her for the cheesecake, Clemens also says he’s really picky when it comes to cheesecakes.. but he enjoyed eating the one Meri made for him. Apparently Clemens has a sweet tooth, and Meri’s cheesecake has brought him back to life. As a sign of gratitude, Clemens asks Meri to become his private assistant and feed him cheesecake everyday. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While Meri’s glad to hear that Clemens loved her cheesecake, she just doesn’t get the reward he’s offering. xD

Organizing Research Materials
Client: Clemens. Reward: Payment in kind.

At the academy entrance, Meri and Popote run into Heidi — who’s carrying a lot of books. She looks rather upset, but she only says she’s carrying the books to the dorm based on Oswald’s order. She also mentions that the books were taken from the common lab, which reminds Meri of the books in Clemens’ lair. Meri and Popote visit Clemens’ lab after that, and they’re shocked to see the floor not covered in book like usual. Clemens is nowhere to be found, but Meri finds a memo from Oswald on his desk. It basically says Oswald is moving all the books to Clemens’ room in the dorm, and he also wrote three warnings. First, he’s going to sell Clemens’ books in the bazaar if he keeps messing up their lab. Second, he’s going to ban Clemens from entering the museum the next time he uses the displayed cauldron. Last, he’s already tired of handling complaints regarding Clemens’ behavior. Meri then visits Clemens’ dorm room with Popote, and the moment she knocks, the door just.. collapses. It scares the living daylights out of them, but they decide to go inside and find Clemens there — lying on the floor surrounded by books.

Upon seeing Meri and Popote, Clemens apologizes saying he’s resting for today. Meri asks if he has eaten anything or seen a doctor since he looks unwell, but Clemens answers that it’s just a cold. Despite him insisting that he’ll be alright, Clemens keeps coughing and Meri notices that he has a high fever. He’s planning to make a medicine for himself, but she tells him to rest and asks Popote to get medicines from Niklaus, as well as some food from the atelier. Noticing that Clemens is shivering, Meri asks if this is really a cold.. and he replies that he never caught any sickness other than cold. Rather than relying on medicines, he usually takes a hot bath to cure his cold. Meri then says she’ll prepare a hot bath for him, but it turns out Clemens already turned his bathtub into a lake to cultivate aquatic magic grass. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ That doesn’t stop her though, so in the span of five minutes, she harvests all of his magic grass, cleans up the bath and prepares hot water for him to soak into. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

When Clemens goes to take a bath, Meri decides to clean up his room and turn it into a decent place to sleep in. She finds the Lost Stone buried underneath all of his stuff, and she drops a stack of letter by accident. Of course she doesn’t have any intentions to read them, but when one of the letters rolls out of the envelope, the contents automatically enters her field of vision. The letter says “Clemens, isn’t it about time you stop doing alchemy? What does alchemy mean to you anyway?” Meri notices that it seems to be an old letter, but before she could figure out what it means, Clemens comes out of the bathroom saying he’s all warm now. The moment he sees Meri holding his old letter, Clemens immediately goes over and grabs her hand to read the contents — which makes her go Σ(〃д〃)!! since he’s only wearing a towel LOL.

While Meri is panicking beside him, Clemens then reveals that he was actually the kid who got “kidnapped” by the reaper. Just as he told her before, his memory got cut off at a certain point, so it’s hard for him to think of the sender as his father. Clemens suddenly knew alchemy after his disappearance, and his father finds it extremely creepy. He’s thinking if they can get rid of alchemy, Clemens will be back to how he used to be. However, Clemens thinks of the whole incident as the biggest mystery in his life. The earliest memory he can remember is him holding the Lost Stone in the forest, and here, Meri notices that a blue light is shining on his chest. The light soon vanishes though, leaving her wondering if it’s just her imagination. Clemens explains that he’s doing a research on the Lost Stone because he wants to solve this mystery, and he will be able to prove that he’s not sick nor cursed by the reaper. He visits his hometown once a year, but it always leads to an argument with his father — who keeps asking him about the reaper or telling him to quit alchemy. As if that’s not enough, his father also keeps sending him letters to ask the same questions.

Clemens finds it difficult to keep the right distance with his father, but Meri responds by asking him to put a distance between them first.. and wear some clothes. xD He tells her not to worry since he doesn’t feel cold anymore, and he can’t see clearly without his glasses anyway. Just then Popote comes back with the medicines and food, and upon seeing this scenery, the first thing he says is “did you take a bath together!?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After telling Clemens to drink the medicines and get some rest, Meri quickly drags Popote out of his room and flees. Clemens then wonders why Meri looks so angry, and he mutters that girls around her age are difficult to understand. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Now that both Meri and Popote are gone, Clemens has no choice but to look for his glasses by himself LOL. Back in the atelier, Popote wonders how did Clemens take baths before Meri cleaned up his bathtub. He mentions that Clemens has a huge cauldron — which is large enough for an adult to fit in — but Meri asks him to forget it. xD

Meri then notices that she’s still holding the Lost Stone, but she decides to return it tomorrow. She doesn’t know how to face Clemens after what just happened, and she’s also afraid that he’s still roaming around his room half-naked. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン That night, Clemens comes to see Meri in the atelier. He’s feeling better thanks to the bath she prepared for him, and he managed to find his glasses safely.. but now he’s looking for his missing Lost Stone. When Meri returns the Lost Stone to him, Clemens looks really relieved. He says that his research will be in vain if he lost the stone, and he reveals that his research has made a progress after he met Meri and Popote. He managed to synthesize the blue hole twice, and the light has made its way into the Lost Stone. As the reward for helping him today, Clemens gives Meri an invitation card for an alchemy conference. He’s planning to showcase the blue hole in said conference, so he can get more opinions and clues to solve the mystery. Meri isn’t sure if she’s allowed to attend the conference, but Clemens says he’s the one who invites her. Anyone who dares to object will get eaten by his Living Traps. xD Meri then asks if Clemens can invite another person, and she suggests inviting his father to the conference too — hoping it can solve the dispute between them. Meri thinks Clemens’ father will be happy to see the fruits of his research, and Clemens agrees to give it a thought.

May 24

In the morning, Oswald comes to tell Meri that he’s worried about Clemens. The committee has approved Clemens’ participation, but Oswald doesn’t think his research will bring any benefits for Elkrone. He wants Clemens to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts and just stay quiet, but Meri replies that alchemy isn’t about benefits or losses — it’s about curiosity. Upon hearing her answer, Oswald says that Meri has changed. Back in her academy days, her focus was only to help people with her alchemy. Oswald didn’t urge her to take the Meister Rank knowing she wants to follow Margret’s footsteps, but now he realized that she’s actually looking for a new person who can teach her more. She found that figure in Clemens, and Oswald wonders if he would have the same chance if only he realized it sooner. Oswald then tells Meri that Clemens is dealing with ancient alchemy, and the kingdom is against funding that kind of research since they want to develop modern alchemy more. That’s why Oswald wants Meri to be careful not to get dragged into political issues because of this. Meri wonders if she should have stayed in the academy and learn more, but she knows she didn’t make the wrong decision.

Today is a day off, and Meri stays at home with Popote until Clemens comes to pick her up for the conference. When Oswald sees them entering the academy together, he tells Clemens not to take Meri inside. A lot of alchemy associations are participating today, so he wants them to avoid conflict. If Clemens wants to take Meri to a conference, then he should wait for the royal exhibition next year instead. However, Clemens refuses and says conflicts are necessary too in order for Meri to grow as an alchemist. Oswald is surprised and asks why he’s willing to go that far, and Clemens answers it’s because Meri is his important assistant — her growth is his treasure. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Oswald has no choice but to let them in, and Meri promises that she’ll be careful not to get involved in any conflicts. Clemens then takes Meri to the exhibition place, and he shows her around before the conference starts.

On the book display, Meri notices a fashion magazine for alchemists. Clemens explains that an “alchemy boom” is trending in the capital, so everyone’s dressing up like alchemists and does alchemy for entertainment. While Meri doesn’t think it’s bad to use alchemy for such a purpose, she admits that she feels sad to see people using alchemy without putting their hearts into it. Upon hearing this, Clemens says her words are strong and kind.. and he asks her to treasure that sensitivity. Next, they find a book titled “Atelier of Fear” — a book about pain. When Meri admits that she knocked her feet onto a table in Clemens’ room yesterday, he proudly replies that he doesn’t lose to her. He does the same thing once per month! \(^o^)/ In fact, Clemens submits his painful experience to the book regularly. His latest submission was “I couldn’t find my glasses after taking a bath, and I fell into my cauldron head-first when I was searching for it.” It’s obviously what happened after Meri left yesterday. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Clemens doesn’t get why it’s not included in the book, and Meri begs him not to submit such a thing because it sounds so painful. xD

When the conference begins, Meri helps Clemens carrying his research materials. She notices that he’s carrying a letter from his father, and despite his attempt to hide it, he’s actually using the letter as a charm to make sure his presentation is going well. Clemens admits that he said the wrong thing and even forgot what he wanted to say before — out of nervousness — but he should be fine today, because Meri is watching him. However, Junger XV soon comes and roughly pushes Meri down — causing her to drop the materials in her hands. Clemens clearly isn’t happy to see this, but the black society members isn’t happy either after what they did to S.S. Dawn of Intelligence last time. Junger XV doesn’t want to create a conflict though, so he only asks Clemens to not disturb them during the conference and leaves. Meri is pissed since they’re messing up with Clemens’ materials on purpose, but he says it’s normal for pranks like this to happen during a conference. Sometimes the participants even go as far as threatening their rival’s parents or taking their rival’s assistant as a hostage. Clemens took Meri here today because he wants to show her the reality of the alchemy world, and how one shouldn’t mind pranks like this because they have a greater goal to face — solving unknown mysteries in the world. In the end, conflicts occur because everyone is that serious about their research.

Now that one of their goals have been achieved, Clemens tells Meri it’s time to.. go home LOL. Normally he would still be asleep at this hour, but she forces him to stay awake because the conference isn’t over yet. xD When the time come for Clemens’ presentation, Meri wishes him luck and prays that he won’t fail as she watches him from her seat. At first the audience gets excited since they have never seen the blue hole before, but when Clemens shows them the Lost Stone.. it’s no longer shining. Things takes a turn for the worse when Junger XV and the black society members raise a protest, which causes everyone else to call Clemens a phony for not showing them a proof of his theory. However, Clemens calmly answers that he’s not interested in a research without risks and failures. The success rate of him synthesizing the blue hole is only 30%, but he’s not giving up until he finds the answer. He then asks everyone if their ambition as an alchemist is still burning, and whether they still have the desire to solve the mysteries in the world. The blue hole is a challenge given by the world to them, and that’s why they should unite and solve the mystery together. Before stepping off the stage, Clemens also says each alchemist has their own alchemy. They can deny his alchemist however they want, but he will always keep his alchemy alive. Clemens’ speech charms the entire audience, and Meri can feel his strong love towards alchemy reaching her heart.

After leaving the conference hall, Meri finds Clemens by the entrance. He says several young alchemists came to ask him questions earlier, and he was just about to search for her as well. Clemens finds it unexpected for people to be interested in his research, but Meri tells him that his speech earlier must have moved everyone’s hearts. If only she has enough abilities, she’d love to join his research too. Not too long after that, a black society member comes to deliver a piece of information. Junger XV is currently in the port, and they should ask him if they want to know why the Lost Stone didn’t shine earlier. The black society member admits that Clemens’ speech has moved his heart, and even though he can’t leave the black society, he feels really grateful to Clemens. Meri notices that the man looks lonely, but Clemens tells her that everyone will have doubts in their lives. Those doubts will open a new perspective for them, and it’s not a bad idea even if they stop or turn back. Meri then says she wants to accompany him to the port, and Clemens agrees to take her along.

When they come to the port, Junger XV reveals that he switched the Lost Stone with a normal stone when he pushed Meri down earlier. He already reached his objective though, and so he returns the real Lost Stone to Clemens. Junger XV then asks what Clemens wants to achieve by proving the existence of another world. Humans are already greedy in their own world, so he doesn’t want humans to stain “their land” too. Both Clemens and Meri then ask if he knows where the Lost Stone originally came from, but Junger XV refuses to tell them anything. They almost got into an argument when the siren in Elkrone’s sea starts singing — letting them know that she feels sad to see them fighting. Junger XV then says conflicts are unavoidable as long as they’re keeping their alchemy alive, but if Clemens is taking Meri along.. then he wants him to protect her. Both from Junger XV and from Clemens himself. Clemens says he understands, and he walks Meri back to the atelier after that.

On the way home, Meri asks if Clemens’ father came to watch his presentation. Clemens says he’s not sure if it can make his father happy, but Meri replies that his father must be happy to hear such a powerful speech. Meri then asks him to get enough rest for tonight, and Clemens thanks her for coming with him to the port — it makes him happy. His honest words makes her blush, and when she tries to hide her embarrassment, he pierces her heart by saying she’s a kind person. (❤ฺ→艸←) Meri quickly says goodnight to Clemens, and she runs off to the atelier.

May 25

Bazaar Assistance
Client: Clemens. Reward: n/a.

Every year the academy runs a bazaar for the Port Festival, and they need help from alumnus who are willing to do volunteer work. Meri decides to help out with the bazaar, and she goes to visit the lab with Popote.. but they only find Oswald there. They have no choice but to leave since Clemens is nowhere to be found, but they hear his voice when they’re walking through Stolz Hill. Following the direction of his voice, they find him holding a megaphone while pushing a cart — asking people to give him unused newspapers or books. When Meri asks what he’s doing here, Clemens explains that he’s collecting second hand goods to sell in the academy’s bazaar. Sadly everyone misunderstands his intentions, so they’re giving him all sorts of trash instead of unused goods. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ To help the poor guy, Meri uses the megaphone to inform everyone that they’re receiving second hand goods for the bazaar, and they accept stuff that needs minor repair as well. Meri and Popote then help Clemens to visit all the shops in Stolz Hill, asking everyone if there’s anything they want to donate.

When they visit Alois Bar, Alois finds it surprising to see Clemens together with Meri. He gives them fragments of a broken glass, and though it seems like normal trash, Clemens decides to accept them since they can synthesize it into accessories later. When Alois reminds him that he still has debts to pay, Clemens says he’ll just sell the glass accessories to pay off his debts later.. and Meri drags him out before the conversation turns complicated. xD Their next stop is Goddess Closet, where Miranda gives them a jacket, a lab coat and a pair of gloves. Clemens says they have some nice second hand clothes, but Miranda then reveals that it’s actually his clothes — the ones he asked them to wash before. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ She already washed the clothes for him, but she makes it clear that they’re not laundry service LOL. Miranda asks them to keep this a secret from Belinda, so Meri gags Clemens before he spills the beans and drags him outside.

They visit Frasco Cafe after that, where Clemens buys cheesecakes for the three of them. He wonders if they can build a cheesecake house for fairies like Popote, and Meri thinks it’s such a heartwarming idea.. until he says they can get money from the people who want to watch it. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Elie then tells Meri to choose her teacher carefully because she doesn’t think Clemens fits to be a lecturer, and Clemens doesn’t even bother to hide his sadness since Meri is just that special to him. He says all of his previous assistants ran away so he can meet her in the end, but then he admits it’s because she’s always willing to help even when he doesn’t give her any rewards. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! It doesn’t change the fact that Clemens likes her though, and Meri doesn’t mind either — knowing she’s the only person who can keep him under control. xD

Right after they leave Frasco Cafe, Erhard comes to give them a mountain of “unused goods”.. which is none other than the reports on his desk. \(^o^)/ Clemens is willing to destroy them at the price of 500 cole per page, but Meri quickly stops this madness saying Erhard’s reports can’t be sold in their bazaar LOL. This also makes Clemens realize they can’t get nice second hand goods from poor peasants — like Erhard and himself — so he brings them to visit Laura next. He also decides to be very clear, and so he goes “give us all of your money!” when the poor girl comes out to see them. Laura is obviously terrified, and her scream leads to Clemens, Meri and Popote getting captured by the knights. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Oswald and Stephan also come to see them in the knights’ HQ, and Clemens bravely protects Meri and Popote by asking Erhard not to harm them. Erhard replies by saying “Of course! They’re the victims in this case! Why are you acting as if you’re protecting them from an evil organization!?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Oswald then pays Meri for all the troubles Clemens caused today, and he drags Clemens back to the academy. Before leaving, Clemens tells Meri and Popote that he really enjoyed their time today. Even though he’s currently in no position to say so. xD

Clemens: “I only did everything for the bazaar! Isn’t that right, Meriel, Popote?”
Popote: “Sensei, do you know the idiom ‘you reap what you sow’?”
Clemens: ガ—Σ( ̄□ ̄lll)—ン!!

Before bed, Meri hears loud explosions from outside. It appears that Oswald locked Clemens in a prison cell as the punishment — just as Popote predicted — but he escaped by using his trademark bombs LOL.

June 3

The Voyage Dance

Today is the Port Festival. In the afternoon, a lively music starts the festival’s Voyage Dance. Just then Meri and Popote hear an explosion nearby, as well as Clemens’ voice calling out to them.. while coughing nonstop thanks to his bomb’s smoke. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They manage to find him among the crowd, and he invites them to dance together. It symbolizes the citizens working together to “row a ship”, which is the city of Elkrone itself, and so they hold hands to march around the city. Both Meri and Popote panic when the dance’s pace turns faster, while Clemens tells them to hang on and not let go of their joined hands. Clemens thinks the dynamic dance really suits the atmosphere of the festival, and Meri thanks him for taking them to dance together. After the dance is over, Clemens invites Meri and Popote to join the academy’s “black hot pot” party — where the participants bring ingredients which are unknown to others. Heidi and Oswald will be joining the party as well, and they accept the invitation because it sounds fun.. or not. That evening, Meri finds a laughing mushroom in the hot pot. The culprit is, by no doubts, the person who invited her to join the party. xD

June 4

When Clemens greets them in the morning, Meri thanks him for the laughing mushroom that he put in their hot pot last night. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Popote complains saying his stomach hurts from laughing too much, but it’s okay.. because Clemens shares the pain! \(^o^)/ Apparently he’s trying to make a “suspicious mushroom soup”, so he’s using the academy’s black hot pot party as an experiment. Meri thinks he’ll reach the answer much faster if he actually tries to make a delicious one, but Clemens says speed isn’t important. The most important thing is to conquest the materials. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Popote thinks his passion for research and his desire to conquest the materials are 1000% troubling everyon else, but Meri knows that’s just how Clemens is. xD

Rescuing Duke Rosenheim

At noon, Meri hears the news that Elkrone’s ocean liner is drowning. She rushes to the port and helps everyone synthesizing medicines, but soon they learn that Duke Rosenheim — who was helping all the passengers to evacuate — is currently missing. Johann stops Erhard from jumping into the ocean without thinking, but Clemens suddenly says he’ll go instead. Everyone is obviously surprised, but Clemens calmly asks Meri not to worry since nothing is impossible for his alchemy. He then throws his bomb and teleports to the ship, and Erhard follows him by jumping into the ocean. Johann asks Fren and Dirk to send a boat to help them, while Alex tells Meri that everything will be alright because Clemens is her teacher — the person she believes in. Not too long after that, Clemens returns to the port. The first thing he does is to tell Meri that he found something interesting on the bottom of the sea, and she can’t believe that he still has time to collect materials in this situation.. but she’s really relieved that he’s alright. Well, except that he’s not 100% alright. He’s coughing thanks to the ocean water. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Charlotte takes Clemens to have lunch in the mayor’s mansion after that, where he shows his teleport bombs to Laura. He’s willing to sell them for 10,000 cole each, so Charlotte has to stop Laura from buying such a dangerous thing from him. Clemens says living a life full of thrills and disasters is the best, but Charlotte instantly rejects the idea.. and she finally realizes that she has brought a very dangerous person into the mansion. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Clemens then asks if Laura has no interest in learning alchemy, and he says that Meri’s alchemy taught him that life is a chain of miracles — she was the one who opened his eyes. Charlotte suggests learning more common sense from Meri, but since Clemens finds that suggestion “unexpected”, she’s starting to doubt if his head is really okay. xD

June 5

Journey to Vincestein

Following Charlotte’s suggestion, Meri travels to Vincestein — the Kingdom of Winter — with Clemens and Popote to search for the last material to create Aoi Wakkakka.

When Meri wakes up in the carriage, she finds Clemens sleeping right in front of her. He won’t wake up no matter how many times she calls him, but he instantly opens his eyes the moment she goes “there’s a way of truth over there!” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He then praises Popote’s ability to sleep anywhere, explaining that a full-fledged alchemist has to build his or her own “lair” for the sake of research. Meri answers that she never heard of such a thing and asks him not to pile up his laundry instead, and Clemens praises her for growing into a fine assistant who has the courage to state her opinions. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Clemens then explains that Heidi asked him to accompany Meri during the journey, and because he clearly doesn’t have money, Charlotte rented their high-speed carriage from Vincestein’s army. xD Clemens actually received travel money from the academy since he has a plan to visit Vincestein, but Meri knows he used the money to fund his research instead LOL. When Meri explains that she’s looking for something that’s related to dragons, Clemens asks if she’s thinking of fighting the ice dragon. He wants to avoid battle if possible, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. Mathias is rather overprotective of her, so she doesn’t think he’d send her a passport to fight a dragon.

From there, Clemens and Meri draw the conclusion that Mathias actually knew about the item they’re searching for. He knows the journey won’t be dangerous, and he didn’t give her clear hints for two reasons. The first one is to hide the journey from the black society, and the other reason is because she’d probably be scared by the person who’s holding the dragon-related item — he doesn’t want her to worry. Clemens thinks the person who has the item is someone who “doesn’t need any explanations”, but he doesn’t explain further and says it’s a homework for Meri to think about. Clemens goes back to sleep right after Popote wakes up, but both Meri and Popote know the chance of him being the black society’s spy is absolutely zero. He might be a weird suspicious person, but that’s exactly why they can tell that he’s innocent. Besides, he wouldn’t be this poor if he’s a member of the black society. xD

June 6

Before dawn, Meri, Clemens and Popote continue their journey towards Vincestein. Clemens finds it hard to wake up since he hates mornings, so Meri fools him by using the same trick as yesterday.. which works like wonders. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Popote complains that he’s bored, Clemens then teaches them how to turn their carriage into a comfortable lair. \(^o^)/ First he puts some books as the “foundation”, and then he covers them up with warm laundry LOL. Meri refuses to sleep on Clemens’ lab coat, but Popote actually says it smells good. Both Popote and Clemens fall asleep in no time, and Meri watches over them with a smile — thinking about how the two of them are just like small kids.

June 7

Despite their warm and comfortable lair, Popote still finds it hard to sleep because the carriage keeps rocking. Clemens wonders if they can neutralize it by making their own vibration, while Meri asks Popote to endure the situation for now. After all, Clemens is doing his best too even though he hates waking up in the morning. xD Since Popote seems bored, Clemens then builds a hammock inside of their carriage — much to the former’s excitement. Meri protests and asks him not to revamp the carriage interior any further, but Clemens doesn’t care and goes back to sleep with Popote. xD

June 8

Today is the fourth day of their journey, and both Meri and Clemens are exhausted. Popote, on the other hand, is snoring on the couch beside them. Before they have breakfast, Clemens is about to invite Meri to spend time with him in Vincestein.. but then he stops himself. He doesn’t want to make any promises which can’t be fulfilled, and so he would rather take direct actions when the time comes. Clemens then asks Meri to forget what he was about to say, and even though she’s actually curious, she has no choice but to agree.

June 9

After spending the last four days traveling by carriage, Meri, Clemens and Popote finally reach Vincestein today. When Meri asks what they should do from here, Clemens proudly answers that he has an idea — the “Get Dragon-Related Item with Clemens-sensei” plan! Or “Plan C” for short. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He then takes them to Crystal Palace, where they’re welcomed by the royal advisor — Lutz Reisengang. Lutz has been ordered to unlock the Crystal Palace’s atelier for Clemens, and he explains that Vincestein’s royal alchemists used to work there more than a hundred years ago. Right now alchemy has become really rare in Vincestein though, so the atelier remains unused. Lutz then asks if they need anything else, but Clemens says they don’t and tells Meri to start preparing for a synthesis instead. He gives her a flame and a small bottle of “Clemens’ Secret Elixir”, which she uses to synthesize a Sick Bomb — the teleport bomb he always carries around. He explains that it warps you to the wrong destination sometimes, but Lutz is incredibly impressed. Transportation is always a problem in Vincestein since the whole kingdom is surrounded by snow and ice, so the bomb will be really helpful for them. He’s also impressed when Clemens shows him an aggressive Living Trap, but Clemens then says they should express gratitude with actions instead of words. In other words, rewards. \(^o^)/

Lutz then says he’ll buy everything they made today, but Clemens stops him saying they’re not asking for money. Instead, they need an item related to dragons. Lutz knows he’s referring to the Dragon’s Tear, one of Vincestein’s royal treasure, and he agrees to talk to Queen Victoria about this. Meri then asks if Clemens knew about the Dragon’s Tear, but he says he didn’t. It’s just Vincestein has a strong military, so he figured out that if anyone has the item, it must be a soldier. Clemens says he’s glad they’re dealing with Lutz — who’s quite tractable — and Meri notices that he has an evil smile on his face. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After a while, Lutz returns to the atelier along with Victoria. When Victoria asks why they’re seeking for the Dragon’s Tear, Clemens explains that their role as alchemists is to create the future. Their ancestors gathered knowledge by solving various mysteries and riddles, and it was those knowledge that brought the current era to the world. Aoi Wakkakka might only be a tiny riddle, but if they give up here, it’s just the same as destroying one possibility towards the future. Clemens also makes it clear that he’s going to obtain the Dragon’s Tear no matter what it takes, because he’s got nothing to lose. He never did anything for the sake of obtaining prestige, so he’s not afraid of hurting his own reputation.

Victoria finds Clemens interesting, and she hands the Dragon’s Tear to Meri. She wants to see the future they’re trying to make, so she asks Meri to synthesize Aoi Wakkakka right in front of her eyes. If the synthesis is successful, then the Dragon’s Tear is hers. Despite Clemens and Popote’s concern, Meri decides to take Victoria’s challenge.. but the materials turn into Aokunai Wakkakka instead — a ring with a grey gem. It’s not blue and different from what they actually expected, but Victoria allows them to keep the ring because the synthesis is successful. She also prepares some rooms for them, allowing them to spend the night in Crystal Palace today.

June 10

In the morning, Lutz sends Meri, Clemens and Popote off from Vincestein’s gate as they leave on the carriage back to Elkrone. Victoria only sends them off from afar, but the song Meri sang while synthesizing Aokunai Wakkakka yesterday is already enough to satisfy her. It turns out that Victoria actually knew about the “singing alchemist” of Elkrone, and Meri’s song makes her feel like her “old friend” has returned to her side.

In the carriage, Clemens says Meri has made a “challenging” item. Popote asks if he thinks it’s a failure, but he thinks they might be able to create Aoi Wakkakka by synthesizing the ring with another material. Clemens then says it’s a mystery they have to solve next time, so for now he wants Meri and Popote to get some rest with him. The three of them stop by a snowy road on the way home, and Popote immediately runs off to play with the snow. Clemens then asks if Meri knows the name of the road, and when she answers the “King’s Road”, he says it’s the name people attached by force some decades ago. The real name is actually “Alchemy Road”. Several centuries ago, Vincestein was a poor country surrounded by monsters. There were no roads to connect them to other kingdoms, until one day, King Alexander decided to make a road towards the south. He gathered royal alchemists from the neighboring kingdoms, and it was them who constructed the road. However, those royal alchemists then used Vincestein’s money for debauchery instead. Every single one of them was fired, and alchemy was erased from Vincestein ever since. The road is both their masterpiece and their tomb.

When Meri says the road keeps supporting Vincestein despite what happened, Clemens says he likes her because she can see things through that perspective. Just then Popote calls them saying he drew a masterpiece on the snow, and Clemens holds Meri’s hand as they walk side by side. He reminds her of the invitation he decided not to say two days ago, revealing that he actually wants to walk through the Alchemy Road with her. As she watches him walking right beside her, Meri thinks about how the road is just like Clemens himself. It leads her to the truth, and she would have never reached it without him.

June 14

After spending four days traveling by carriage, Meri, Clemens and Popote finally reach Elkrone at night. When Meri thanks him for coming with them, Clemens says their journey was exciting too for him. Popote happily says he enjoyed the journey too, and Clemens leaves after bidding them goodnight — saying he’ll see them again in the academy’s lab.

The Spirit Festival Arc

June 15

The Colorful Magician
Client: Clemens. Reward: Payment in kind.

For the upcoming Spirit Festival, Clemens needs Meri’s assistance to solve the mystery of the “Colorful Magician”. When she comes to the lab with Popote, Heidi informs them that Clemens is waiting for them at Torene Lake. Heidi also needs to collect materials for class, and so she decides to guide them there. Upon reaching the lake, they only find a single Sick Bomb on the ground. They’re worried since Clemens always gets lost without his bombs, and not too long after that, they suddenly hear suspicious sounds coming from the bushes nearby. In order to protect Meri and Popote, Heidi bravely hits the thing lurking inside the bushes.. which turns out to be a napping Clemens. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Heidi is willing to let Clemens analyze her strong physical power as an apology, but Meri stops them and scolds Clemens for treating Heidi as a research object. xD When Meri asks why he was taking a nap here, Clemens proudly shows them a fishing rod and explains that he’s actually trying to catch a phantom fish — “Fantastic Rainbow Gorgeous Amazing Fish.” Or as Oswald calls it, the Colorful Magician. In the ancient documents, it’s written that the sky will be painted in beautiful colors when it leaps out of the water. Nobody has ever caught the Colorful Magician before, so Clemens decided to try out a new fishing style.. by sleeping. \(^o^)/

After eating lunch, Clemens tells Meri, Popote and Heidi to lie down and sleep as they wait for the Colorful Magician to bite the lure. They keep fishing a bunch of Puni instead, so eventually Clemens concludes the lake water is preventing them from seeing the fish. He wonders if he can warp the water away with his bomb, but Meri scolds him saying the lake won’t be a lake anymore if he does that. Thinking their impatience is scaring the fish away, Clemens then tells everyone to relax and have a deep sleep. Meri has to sing a lullaby for them since no one else wants to do it, and right after she finishes singing, suddenly something big is tugging on their fishing rod. They manage to pull outa beautiful rainbow-colored fish from the lake, and soon they notice that the fish has a lot of eggs in its stomach. Popote feels sorry for the fish if they capture it, but Heidi says they can grow its children in the academy’s lab — which should be safer than the lake. Clemens then asks for Meri’s opinion, but before she could say anything, the fish wiggles out of the bait and jumps back into the lake. Meri feels bad and apologizes for letting it get away, but Clemens says their effort isn’t in vain after all.. because he manages to get a rainbow-colored scale from the fish. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Clemens takes everyone back to the lab after that, where he explains that the academy makes salutes (as in salute of guns) for the Spirit Festival each year. This year he wants to make the salutes even better by firing rainbow colors into the sky, and that’s why he needs the Colorful Magician’s scale. Clemens then gives his Sick Bombs to Meri as the base, and she combines them with the rainbow-colored scale to synthesize Living Salutes. Just then Oswald comes to see what they’re making, and everyone except Heidi moves in a slow motion as Popote drops a Living Salute to the ground — blowing them away with rainbow colors. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

May 16

In the morning, Clemens visits the atelier saying he forgot to give them something yesterday. Meri doesn’t want to accept any bombs or Living Salutes, but it turns out he only wants to give them a jam tart. Clemens says his life has become much more fun ever since Meri became his assistant, so he tried arranging her jam tart recipe — thinking he can learn something from her alchemy too. He asks them to eat and judge his jam tart, and they give him full marks since it’s really delicious. Clemens also asks what Meri actually wanted to do with the Colorful Magician, and she admits that she was thinking of releasing it back to the lake. Since it’s pregnant, there must be a male Colorful Magician too in the lake.. and she doesn’t want to take the fish away from its family. Upon hearing this, Clemens says Meri is a really kind person. Maybe even too kind to be an alchemist, but he knows that’s her charm. There must be an alchemy which can only be done by her, and so he encourages her to do her best from now on. Meri thinks it’d be much better if Clemens uses alchemy for cooking instead, though Popote just can’t imagine him wearing an apron in the kitchen. After all, dangerous experiments suit him the best.

Cleaning the Laboratory
Client: Clemens. Reward: Payment in kind.

When Meri and Popote come to the academy, they run into Oswald by the entrance.. and he’s surprised upon hearing about Clemens’ request. Oswald then says he’s on the way to attend an emergency meeting, where the staff are going to discuss about the alchemy that suits the academy. Both Oswald and Meri don’t think they can decide something like that since there’s a lot of alchemy in the world, and they can’t limit the “right” kind of alchemy to just one.. but sadly some people just can’t understand. Meri then takes Popote to visit the lab, where Clemens tells them that he’s planning to move out. When he mentions that the common lab is getting too small for him, she reluctantly asks if people are requesting to join his blue hole research. It’s actually true, but Clemens reveals that he rejected all of the requests. Doing research with people who share his perspective might cause the entire research to derail, so he only wants everyone to conduct their own research and compare their opinions.

Popote soon notices that Meri looks relieved, and she admits that if Clemens got a lot of people to join his research, she’s afraid that he wouldn’t need her anymore. Since Clemens can’t read her mind and won’t understand vague words, Meri then decides to make it very clear that she wants to keep helping him as his assistant. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He actually finds it surprising, though she’s more surprised that he didn’t see it coming. In any case, Meri now understands that Clemens won’t get anything unless she says it clearly in front of his face. xD Back to the request, Clemens needs Meri and Popote to help packing up his belongings. They find two or three copies of the same books, various kinds of materials, and a bunch of laundry which she ends up washing. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Somehow they manage to clean up the lab before teatime, and seeing how empty the lab is without his stuff, Clemens realizes that he’s been staying in the academy for a long time. When Meri asks why he became a lecturer, he says it all started when he met Oswald during his academy days. After graduation, Clemens actually went on a journey to seek a new kind of alchemy, but Oswald took him to Elkrone’s academy instead — saying he can continue his research here. He had problems convincing the stubborn academy staff to accept his research, but in the end he has grown attached to this lab. Clemens thanks the lab for all the years they spent together, and he finally says goodbye.

As a sign of gratitude, Clemens then decides to make something for Meri and Popote. He takes them to the Sunlight Forest after that, where he picks a Deception-shroom saying he wants to cook a hot pot for them with it. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Of course Meri protests because it’s poisonous and causes hallucinations, but Clemens says that’s exactly why they should try eating it. Everyone avoids the mushroom because it’s dangerous, so there must be a hidden “truth” which has yet to be discovered by anyone.. and they’re going to find out by eating it. \(^o^)/ Despite Meri and Popote’s attempt to stop him, Clemens picks a lot of Deception-shrooms and borrows their atelier to cook the hot pot LOL. However, the soup turns out to be really delicious and doesn’t cause them to hallucinate either. When Meri asks him about the recipe, Clemens explains that he actually neutralized the poison by using seven types of magic grass and holy water. Aside from neutralizing the poison, it also brings out the Deception-shroom’s flavor — making it taste even better. It’s a complicated recipe which requires 18 synthesis in total, but Clemens is glad he had enough time to cook it today.. because he wants to pay Meri and Popote for their hard work. He’s aware that he never paid them properly up until now, and he says he’ll accept any feedback if they’re not satisfied with the soup, but it’s more than enough to make them happy.

May 17

In her sleep, Meri can hear Clemens’ voice thanking her. She wakes up and wonders if it was a dream, but soon she hears sounds coming from the atelier. She quietly goes outside thinking it might be thief, and she grabs a book hoping she can smack the thief from behind. Apparently Popote has a similar thought, and so they end up smacking each other’s head instead. Just like Meri, Popote also heard the sound of a door opening earlier — which means that someone did enter the atelier. Popote then notices an envelope on the table, and Meri opens it to find a letter from Clemens. He wrote that he needs to leave this land in order to complete his alchemy, and so he has to remove her from her position as his assistant. He explained that his research has went past its time limit, but he still wants to solve the mystery of the blue hole. For the current him, carrying out the role as a lecturer is just too heavy. He wants to let his curiosity take him towards the answer, no matter what it takes. Clemens also realized that he’s been relying on Meri too much, and he apologizes for being such a self-centered teacher. He admitted that he was happy when she made a Fine Note for him, and he left a beautiful notebook that he made for her in return. She was the one who taught him how it feels to create something for others, and he feels grateful to her for that.

Meri is obviously shocked after reading the letter, but Popote then asks her to stop crying. The sounds from earlier must be the sound of Clemens leaving the atelier, so they might be able to catch up with him outside. The two of them rush to the academy after that, and they find Heidi at the entrance. From her, they learn that Clemens has been expelled from the academy due to his presentation during the conference. The academy said he’s “mocking the conference” with his speech, and they chased him out for hurting the academy’s name. Oswald is searching for Clemens as well, and Meri goes to check the dorm while Popote leaves to collect information in town with Heidi. However, Clemens already left with all of his belongings. The only things that he left behind are the ones he borrowed from people and a single Sick Bomb. Meri then asks Oswald if they can do something to bring Clemens back to the academy, but Oswald answers that Clemens has always been a free person. Even during their academy days, Clemens often broke the rules and skipped classes to learn about different kinds of alchemy outside. Even if people deny or reject him, Clemens doesn’t care and goes wherever his heart takes him. He’s leaving Elkrone not because he was expelled, but because he wants to do so. Oswald admits that he was prepared to see Clemens leaving someday, though he never expected Clemens to leave without a word.

When Meri asks if he knows about Clemens’ destination, Oswald asks what she’s planning to do. He says she shouldn’t stop Clemens from seeking out his alchemy, but she answers that she has no intentions to stop him. She only wants to see the alchemy that Clemens is trying to achieve, and watch Clemens as he reaches the answer he’s been looking for. From the letter Clemens left from Meri, Oswald can tell that he’s going to do a large-scale synthesis soon.. so his destination must be an atelier where nobody will come to disturb him. Popote then returns to inform them that Clemens is heading towards Sunlight Forest, and Meri realizes that he must be planning to use Margret’s forest atelier. Oswald tells Meri to use the Sick Bomb and teleport herself to the forest, while Popote will guide Heidi and him towards the atelier. Before leaving, Oswald gives Meri a homework: “Which part of that cold-hearted Clemens do you like? Please explain until I understand.” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Meri then warps to Margret’s forest atelier by using the Sick Bomb, but the moment she enters, Clemens angrily asks what she’s doing here. He won’t let anyone disturb him, and he tells her to get out if she doesn’t want to get hurt. When Meri says she only wants to see his alchemy and the mystery he’s trying to solve, Clemens allows her to watch.. but he warns her to NOT interfere no matter what happens. When Clemens synthesizes the blue hole, Meri is shocked to see him screaming in pain. The blue light is eroding his body, but he tells her to stay away. He doesn’t care even if his body got destroyed in the process, as the truth he’s been seeking for is much more important — mentioning that he already “promised”. As he watches the blue light eating his body, Clemens says he recognizes this light from way before he lost all of his childhood memories. When he calls the creatures from the other side of the light to come out, Meri asks what he’s trying to do with his alchemy.. but he says he only wants to search for the truth. Then suddenly, Clemens says he’s glad Meri is here with him. Even after his life runs out, she will be able to use the data and find the answer.. even though he actually wanted to see the result with his own eyes. Meri panics and asks if he’s planning to throw away his life, but Clemens answers that he’s only using his life for this synthesis, and he whispers that he’s glad to have met her.

However, Meri says she still wants to learn a lot of things for Clemens. She didn’t study under him to say goodbye, but to keep researching with him. She has her own alchemy as well, and he shouldn’t force his alchemy onto her. Clemens is surprised to hear Meri’s answer, and the next thing they know, the Lost Stone is flying into the blue hole by itself — enveloping them in a blinding light. When they open their eyes, Clemens and Meri find themselves surrounded by the light. He wonders if they made it to the other side, but soon they see an image of Clemens’ missing memory — the recollection of the day when he disappeared. Clemens was down with a high fever that day, and his father — Mayor Kreis — insisted to take him to see a doctor in a neighboring town. There was a blizzard outside, but Kreis was more scared of losing his son, who’s also the only thing his deceased wife left for him. The carriage then fell off a cliff along the way, and the young Clemens got thrown out of the carriage.

When Clemens was looking for his father, suddenly a voice told him that his father and driver are alright. The forest’s trees held out their branches to save them, though sadly they couldn’t catch Clemens because he’s small.. and he ended up falling into another world. The voice said they can’t let Clemens stay here for too long, and he guided Clemens back to the human world. Clemens then asked if he’s a reaper and will take him to see his mother, and the voice laughed saying he’s been called a reaper before, but he’s simply him. Besides, he was taking Clemens back to his father’s side — not his mother’s. That’s why he had to teach Clemens alchemy, so that Clemens will be able to survive in the cold winter forest. The voice then gave Clemens the Lost Stone, saying he won’t freeze as long as he keeps the stone. The recollection ends here, and Meri is sent back to the forest atelier with Clemens.

Now that his missing memories are back, Clemens finally remembered that the voice saved him back then. They made a promise to play together again someday, and it was the “promise” he mentioned during the synthesis earlier. The recollection also gives Clemens the answer which he needs to finish his research, and he asks Meri to come with him — throwing his Sick Bomb to warp them to a graveyard. They land right in front of a grave, where Clemens reveals that it’s the resting place of his father — who actually died last year. The people in his hometown are deeply religious, which also makes them highly superstitious. Most of them were terrified of Clemens because of how he survived in the winter forest, but his father was different. He loved Clemens despite of what people said, and he tried to protect Clemens from the “reaper”. The only thing they couldn’t agree about was alchemy, because Kreis wanted Clemens to give up on alchemy and return home. Whenever they had an argument over alchemy, Kreis always asked what alchemy means to Clemens, and that’s the answer he’s been looking for. Clemens then turns to Kreis’ grave, and he answers that alchemy saved his life. It was alchemy which cured his high fever back then, and it was alchemy that gave him the knowledge to survive in the cold forest. Ever since he knew alchemy, he learned the joy of learning and obtaining new knowledge. Alchemy was everything for him back then, and is a beginning for the current him.

Clemens then wonders if Kreis is satisfied with his answer, and Meri says Kreis will surely be happy.. though it might not be able to ease his loneliness. She doesn’t think Kreis asked him to give up alchemy out of hatred, but rather because he didn’t want his son to be taken away by alchemy. Clemens remembers that during their arguments, sometimes Kreis would smile at him. He didn’t understand the reason, but after hearing Meri’s words, he realized it’s because Kreis actually already approved him and his alchemy. When Clemens says he has solved a mystery in his life thanks to her, Meri answers that the same goes for her. Meri then tells him about the homework Oswald gave her earlier, and she already figured out the answer. For Clemens, his alchemy is also his life. She loves his alchemy and his way of living, which finally brought her to the realization that she’s always been in love with him — though she doesn’t tell him the last part. Clemens smiles upon hearing this, and he replies that he loves her alchemy too.

June 22

Clemens and Meri return to Elkrone today, and he walks her back to Realm Street at night. She says he doesn’t have to walk her all the way to the atelier though, because the more time they spend together, the more she finds it hard to part with him. Now that he already completed his alchemy, Clemens is actually planning to go on a journey to discover a new one.. but there’s a certain young alchemist he can’t seem to leave behind. That alchemist always thinks of others whenever she’s synthesizing, but she’s really stubborn and won’t change her opinions. Even when he was about to throw his life away, she appeared and stopped him. Her alchemy is so strong and kind, and now he’s completely charmed. When Meri looks at him with questions in her eyes, Clemens finally says “Won’t you understand unless I make it really clear? I’m talking about you, Meriel.” 萌え─♪。゚+.o(*´∀`*)o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ

Just then Popote, Heidi and Oswald walk out of the atelier to deliver a requested item. They’re really surprised to see Meri standing outside with Clemens, and Popote says they have a lot to talk about.. but for now, he only wants to know whether Clemens would stay with Meri or not. However, Clemens says he’s not the one who holds the answer. He always goes wherever his ambition and curiosity takes him, and right now his ambition is to seek out a meeting with a new alchemy — Meri’s alchemy. Clemens then tells Meri that he wants to cross the boundary of a lecturer and an assistant, because his current wish is for the two of them to interact with each other as fellow alchemists. Depending on Meri’s answer, Clemens might stay in Elkrone. He also reminds her that he doesn’t understand vague words, so he wants her to give him a clear answer. When Clemens asks for her decision, Meri clearly answers that she wants to stay with him too from now on. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Popote is extremely relieved upon hearing this, because Clemens won’t go anywhere and Meri won’t disappear to chase after him again. They apologize to everyone for causing them to get worried, and Meri thanks Oswald and Heidi for helping out in the atelier when she was away. Everyone suddenly turns silent after that, and Popote hesitantly tells Meri that they’re actually not done yet with the request. In fact, they delivered the wrong items four times and seven of their clients cancelled the request. Talk about bad luck. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meri quickly works with Clemens and Oswald to synthesize the requested items, while Heidi helps them delivering the items to the clients. When Popote says they just can’t run the atelier without Meri, Clemens says that’s because she’s always thinking about her clients so much it’s unbelievable. xD Meri asks if he doesn’t like her methods, and he admits that he doesn’t.. but he finds it interesting. It might take a while before he can completely understand her, but she better be prepared since his curiosity can never be stopped. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* .. but of course she doesn’t mind at all.

That night, Clemens stays in Meri’s atelier.

June 23

When they wake up in the morning, Clemens tells Meri and Popote that it was fun to help them in the atelier last night. He’s planning to search for a new job saying he can’t trouble them for too long, but they don’t mind living with him until he can find a good job. However, Heidi soon comes with a message from Oswald. It turns out Oswald already convinced everyone in the academy to take Clemens back, so he can resume his job as a lecturer. Clemens actually isn’t interested and finds it troublesome, but when Meri says the academy needs him, he instantly listens to her and agrees to return. Meri then asks Clemens to take her as his assistant again, and he smiles saying he’s re-employing her — they’ll see each other again at the lab.

After Clemens leaves, Meri notices that Popote is staring at her with a mischievous smile LOL. Popote actually finds it unexpected, because he thought Meri would ask Clemens to stay and run the atelier with her. Meri admits that he’s actually right, but right now she doesn’t have the confidence to do alchemy with Clemens. She has a lot of things to learn if she wants to catch up with him. Popote points out that Meri looks so happy when she’s talking about Clemens, not to mention she refers to him as “that person” with such a loving tone. xD

June 30

The Spirit Festival Eve

It’s the Spirit Festival Eve today, and Popote asks if Meri is going to participate. She tells him that women can’t join unless she receives a man’s invitation, but soon Clemens comes to invite her to the event — saying he’ll be waiting at the fountain plaza tonight. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ While Meri panics about what she should do, Popote still finds it hard to believe that Clemens — the bomb demon who always puts alchemy above everything else — has just asked her out. xD Since Meri doesn’t have a dress, Popote then calls Belinda and Miranda to help dressing her up for the night. Meri also asks Popote to come along since she’s really nervous, but Popote replies with “You disappeared together with him! Why are you being so shy now?” and shoves her out of the atelier. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ By the time Meri come to the fountain plaza, Clemens is just about to go home — wondering if he did something wrong when he invited her. She apologizes for being so late, but he’s happy that she finally came. As they dance together, Clemens tells Meri that he conducts research to follow his ambition. He managed to find an answer because of her, but that’s not the end of his research. As long as there are still unknown mysteries in the world, he will eventually take another challenge. However, Clemens wants to take a “charging period” for now. It’s his turn to help Meri, and he’s going to use all of his knowledge to help her complete her alchemy.

Meri thanks Clemens saying she will be able to solve everything with him, but deep inside, she actually feels insecure. She thinks he’s simply returning the favor for helping him with the blue hole, and she doesn’t know if they can have a relationship that doesn’t involve alchemy. Just then the countdown to the Spirit Festival begins, and Clemens tells Meri that couples who are dancing can kiss during the countdown. When the count reaches zero, Clemens kisses Meri’s hand saying he really loves her. Their encounter might be a coincidence, but he believes that it was fate which brought her to be his assistant. He feels really grateful to her, and he doesn’t want to be apart from her. Clemens then apologizes and says it’s the first time he ever felt this way, so he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. All that he knows is his lab feels really empty without Meri, and he wants her to always stay by his side — her existence is just that important to him. Clemens doesn’t know how to describe it, but he wants Meri to know how he feels towards her. Upon hearing Clemens’ confession, Meri feels so happy that she’s about to cry.. and this causes him to wonder if she’s crying because he didn’t pay her enough as his assistant. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Of course Meri scolds him saying he’s wrong, and she invites him to dance with her all night. xD

July 1

Today is the Spirit Festival. Meri wonders what Popote wants to do since he won’t be able to reach his dream anymore once the festival is over, but she decides not to ask him about this. In the morning, Clemens teleports to the atelier with his Sick Bomb. He asks them why they’re calling him, and when Popote says they didn’t call him, he goes “I thought it’s supposed to be my turn. Oh well, I’ll go home.. if I can return home.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Meri invites him to have some tea inside, Clemens asks if they’re done working on Aoi Wakkakka. Popote says they haven’t made any progress at all, and Clemens tells Meri to enjoy the festival with Popote for today. People can also learn by broadening their horizons, and they might be able to find a hidden truth out there. Popote happily takes Meri for a walk around the city, and Clemens says he’ll watch over the atelier for them.

July 2

Reunion with Margret

After escaping from the black society’s attempt to capture her, Meri finally manages to create Aoi Wakkakka with “singing alchemy” and Popote’s help. The ring then takes them to the world of the spirits, where they meet Margret and the king of the fairies. When Margret asks Meri not to blame the black society too much, Clemens objects saying they keep putting her into danger. Margret replies that’s exactly why Meri has Clemens to protect her, and besides, she knows her granddaughter is a hardworker who will never give up even if the black society is getting on her way. That’s why she wants Clemens to do his best too, or else he’d only get dragged by Meri’s pace. Clemens is surprised, but then he thanks Margret for the warning. xD

The king of the fairies then invite both Meri and Popote to come to the world of the spirits with them, but Meri refuses the offer because she loves Elkrone too much to leave it. After saying goodbye to Popote, Clemens walks Meri back to the atelier — where she cries all night since it looks so empty without Popote.

July 3

After the Farewell

In the morning, Meri hears Popote’s voice greeting her as usual.. but sadly it turns out to be her imagination, because Popote is no longer here. Soon an explosion occurs in front of her, and Clemens walks out of the thick smoke — greeting her while coughing. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She asks him to make a more peaceful entrance since it’s still so early in the morning, but he replies that he needs to make it lively in order to cheer her up. If it’s to comfort his “cute assistant”, he is willing to do anything he can. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ Clemens drops a document as he continues coughing, and Meri notices that it’s actually an invitation for him to transfer to the capital’s academy. When Meri congratulates him, Clemens asks why she doesn’t stop him.. and she says it’s because he wants to keep searching for the truth. The capital will provide all the research funds he needs, and so she thinks it’d be a waste to refuse the offer. Clemens then asks if she’s willing to come with him, but of course Meri can’t leave her beloved atelier. He says this is exactly why he didn’t want her to find out about the invitation, and before she could say anything, a familiar “DOOON!!” suddenly shocks them. The next second, Popote is already standing beside them — asking Meri to employ him.

Popote explains that time flows differently on the other side, and he’s already satisfied after making a lot of fairy friends. Both Margret and the king of the fairies noticed that Popote has the ability to get along with anyone, so they decided to send him back to the human world — knowing his ability will only be wasted otherwise. Clemens takes this as Popote being chased out of the world of the spirits, and he’s happy to hear that they shared the same experience. The experience of being chased out of another world, that is. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Popote replies by asking if the offer is just a cover to conceal that Clemens has been kicked out of Elkrone’s academy, and he asks if Clemens keeps relying on Meri because he wants to keep her by his side all the time.. which is true. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ Clemens says Popote also kissed Meri yesterday, and when Popote answers that it’s an innocent, friendly kiss..

Clemens: “Really? Isn’t that just how you want it to be?”
Popote: “Ugh!”
Clemens: “Are you sure you’re not just concealing your love?”
Clemens: “The love that’s about to bloom and cross over the boundary of friendship?”
Popote: “U-Uhh!!” ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Clemens: “Are you sure you’re not aiming for an ‘atelier love’?”
Clemens: “Deep inside, you’re imagining a forbidden love with Meriel, aren’t you?”
Popote: “Uwaaah!! D-Do I? Do I, really!?”

PO PO TE Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Eventually Meri yells at them to stop, and she scolds Clemens for saying such things to a fairy like Popote. She says that’s exactly the reason why he got kicked out, and this causes him to turn silent in an instant. Poor guy LOL. Then she scolds Popote for asking her to “employ” him. The atelier is his home, so he should say something else when he returns. When Popote says “I’m home”, both Meri and Clemens answer with a warm “welcome back!”

True Ending

Ever since Popote’s return, Clemens has been visiting the atelier everyday — convincing Meri to come with him to the capital. One day, Meri follows Clemens to his lab and tells him that he really should accept the offer. The capital will surely fund his research, and he will be able to take his blue hole research to an advanced stage. Clemens insists that he doesn’t want to do so with another assistant, and he asks why Meri keeps refusing to come with him. Eventually she admits that it’s because she doesn’t have the confidence to be his assistant, since unlike him, she’s not a full-fledged alchemist yet. She tells him to look for a new assistant and tries to leave, but he stops her asking why she keeps rejecting him while they never had any troubles before. Meri answers that she respects and loves Clemens as a teacher, and so she wants to part with him with those feelings — because she can’t endure the pain of staying with him any longer. WTF Meri? What the heck are you saying? ( ಠ_ಠ ) Apparently Clemens shares my thoughts, because he asks what she actually wants from him. Meri answers that she loves both Clemens’ alchemy and way of living, but she doesn’t think she’s good enough to stay by his side. She doesn’t want to disturb his alchemy, so he should look for a person who’s good enough to be his assistant.

Realizing that Meri has fallen in love with him, Clemens then decides to say his feelings clearly. Clemens says he needs Meri for his alchemy, but when she replies that he only needs her as an assistant, he tells her that she’s wrong. She was the one who told him that his alchemy is his life, which means that he needs her in his life. Clemens then takes out a bag of money and puts it on Meri’s hands, revealing that he’s been thinking of marrying her by using his savings. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Usually people would buy a ring to propose, but Clemens wants to use his money to buy a new research lab for them instead. He’s going to move their lab to the capital, but their new lab will be an atelier located in the city. Clemens then asks Meri to marry him, and she finally smiles. Just then Popote, Heidi and Oswald suddenly walk into the lab and congratulate them — revealing that they have been eavesdropping. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Clemens is extremely dense when it comes to love, they were worried about his relationship with Meri. They’re impressed by Clemens’ proposal though, and he admits that he stayed up all night thinking about how to propose to Meri. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Oswald then asks when are they going to leave Elkrone, and Clemens says he needs to take care of the new atelier first. He wants to build it in a comfortable place surrounded by a lot of warm people — just like Realm Street. Meri protests saying she hasn’t answered the proposal yet, but Popote replies that they don’t need to ask for her answer. It’s really obvious, because Meri is always watching Clemens all the time. Clemens wants to hear her answer though, and he asks her to give a clear answer to his proposal. Meri then asks him to propose to her once again, and so Clemens repeats his proposal: “Meriel, I want to marry you. Will you come to the capital with me?” Then finally, she happily says yes.

Six months later, Meri is working with Clemens and Popote in their new atelier. Popote says their daily activities is still the same as their life in Elkrone — taking requests and making items for the citizens — and Meri says it can’t be helped, because that’s her alchemy. There’s still a riddle that Clemens can’t solve though, which is when and how did they fall in love. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He feels that it was love at the first sight, but he also feels that it grew stronger over time. He then asks about how she feels, and she answers that she feels the same way. At first she thought he’s a weird person who keeps chasing them around, but she just couldn’t leave him alone, and she fell in love with him before she knew it. Clemens then says love is deeper than any phenomenons, and Meri happily says yes.. while Popote mentions that they’re always so ラブラブ after their engagement half a year ago. Popote reminds them that Mathias wants them to marry before the year ends, and so they shouldn’t use all of their money for research LOL. Meri obediently says she understands, while Clemens promises to work harder.. because he wants to see her as his bride. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Good Ending

One morning, Clemens visits Meri and Popote in the atelier. She asks if he’s here to help out in the atelier or want to discuss about next year’s conference, but he only wants to invite her to enjoy the Spirit Festival together. Meri then asks if it’s really okay for him to ignore the capital’s offer, but Clemens isn’t interested in the offer because he has something to do in Elkrone right now — observing her alchemy. When Meri leaves to enjoy the festival with Clemens, Popote grumbles that Clemens doesn’t realize Meri’s feelings at all. At the fountain plaza, Meri finds a cute bell and potpourri in one of the open stands. She’s thinking of using them to create items for Monika and Carla, and Clemens decides to buy them for her. When Meri asks if it’s okay for him to buy that much, Clemens says it’s a sign of gratitude because she always accompanies him and his alchemy. She does everything for him, ranging from cleaning up his lab, attending conferences with him, and even visits his father’s grave with him.

Meri then asks if he asks her out to show his gratitude, but Clemens says it’s because he has found a riddle related to her. He’s aware about their difference, because he’s seeking out for riddles and she devotes herself to help people, but he doesn’t think their difference is the key to solve the riddle. Meri says she’ll help him solving that riddle if she can, and Clemens reveals that he actually wants to know why he’s so drawn towards her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He finds her alchemy interesting, but he’s not satisfied just by observing her alchemy.. because she’s all he can think about all day. He thinks about her when he wakes up every morning, and he keeps wondering what she’s doing when they’re not spending time together. Meri says it’s because he’s just curious about her daily alchemy, but Clemens clearly answers that it’s not just about her alchemy. He wants to see her everything. Not as a research object, not as an alchemist.. but as a person. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Clemens is puzzled because it’s the first time he has ever felt this way, and he asks Meri to solve this riddle for him. She says it’s what happened when you fall in love with someone, and he asks if it means he’s in love with her. Since Clemens needs a clear answer, Meri then goes “YES! You’re in love with me, as in how a man loves a woman!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She’s not sure if it’s true though, since he’s clearly a strange person who doesn’t follow common sense and order.

In order to test if Meri’s theory is true, Clemens then decides to do an “experiment”.. by kissing her on the lips. The first thing he says is that her lips tastes sweet — probably because of the ice she’s eating — but the kiss makes him realize that he’s indeed in love with her. From Meri’s reaction, Clemens thinks that she’s actually in love with him as well. He then asks if his theory is true, but she says the answer will be her homework for now. It’s a punishment because he kissed her without asking, though his theory is obviously right LOL. Meri then asks Clemens to walk around the festival with her, and he agrees to keep her company. Not just for today, but for the rest of their lives. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Clemens’ route is actually much better than I expected. At first I thought it’d be hard to take him seriously since he’s such a crack, but he’s surprisingly reliable and charismatic when the time comes. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Clemens is also very pure when it comes to love, and I find it adorable how he tries to get his feelings across. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ What I don’t like is how Meri threw the “no confidence” drama in his true ending. Clemens has confessed to her several times — he just didn’t say the words “I love you” — so what the heck is wrong with the “I’m not good enough” nonsense. ( ಠ_ಠ ) She also left things hanging in the good ending, even though Clemens is so determined to make things clear between them. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

10 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Clemens

  1. Clemens was surprisingly endearing to me (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* I decided to call him The Coughing Terrorist xD He’s really funny, but I feel like we’re still missing some clues about the Lost Stone. Who is that voice that guided him to his dad? That’s another mystery for Clemens and Meri to solve together I suppose 8D
    He’s really sweet too, when he held her hand ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Asdfghjkl Clemens you really outdid yourself I thought you’d be my last fave but no you’re my second bias now.
    Yeah, I agree, that last minute Meri drama thing was really unnecessary. It’s like Otomate decided “Hey Clemens no have enuff dramamama so we be add stupid heroine sad drama and resolve it in a few seconds” (¬_¬) I mean Meri LOOK AT HIM HE’S SO ADORABLY HILARIOUS AND LOOKS EXTREMELY SEXY. If you’re not having him, I AM!!! -attacks Clemens- 8D
    Next route is Stephan right? Major tsundere alert!! ♡ I believe Stephan will conquer Erhard!! XD

    • Yeah, I found him surprisingly cute. Even if he’s weird and coughs like a weak おっさん (which he is), Clemens is so adorable. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Actually, the Lost Stone’s identity has been explained. Basically he fell into another world and met a residence of that world, who then gave him the Lost Stone so he wouldn’t freeze to death in the forest. So basically it’s just a common object from that world. The voice’s identity was never revealed, but judging from his voice and their promise to play together, I suspect that it might actually be a fairy. xD

      Clemens’ route is nice because of its laid-back pace and not-so-heavy drama, so when Meri threw that “I’m not good enough” crap.. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Like seriously, she’s smart and quite assertive in the other routes. Why do you have to ruin her by adding this stupid dramu. If you want moar drama then please make something better. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

      Oh, and yeah I’m doing Stephan next. 8D

  2. Err I like Clemens as a character but I dunno why I feel his story is a little boring, and Meri is a little bit annoying in here… Poor Clemens…

    That CG when he took a bath *nosebleed* lol (*´▽`*)

    • That’s the drawback of laid-back routes, I guess. 8D;
      I think it’s a nice change of pace from Johann’s and Erhard’s, since their routes were full of actions, but yeah if you love intense drama then laid-back routes will feel boring. I agree with you about Meri though. What did Clemens do to deserve this. Why can’t they just do the proposal without the stupid drama. ( ಠ_ಠ )

  3. Clemens is quite a loveable dork but Meri was better in Erhard’s route because she was much more proactive with her feelings. Agh she was indecisive in Clemens route.

    • Exactly. That was my only complaint for Clemens’ route, actually. I like him, I like his story, but dear Meri why do you have to ruin the true ending with your nonsense. (屮゚Д゚)屮 She should know that he’s 100% clueless when it comes to love, and she already received his best attempt at confessing anyway.

  4. Hi Rin-san, it’s been a while!

    I love Clemens and his route. I’m so glad that it is such a great route. I laughed so hard at what Meri says, “There’s a way of truth over there!” to get him to wake up and when he interrogated Popote about his “atelier” love with Meri. xD He so adorkable and funny. I love this route very much even though it was laidback.

    Meri was awesome until the near end of the route…but I’ll let it slide. >_>

    • Hello! It’s really been a while since I saw you! :D
      I’m so glad to see Clemens getting more love, since his route is actually very relaxing and easy to digest. Perfect to put in between Johann / Erhard and Stephan, since those three have a whole lot of conflicts going on. xD See, if Meri is clueless I’d have no problem.. but her sudden dramu in Clemens’ true ending was a total nonsense. I only have Alex left now, hopefully she won’t act like that anymore.

  5. Clemen’s not really the type I usually like, but I found him surprisenly cute and endearing (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* His antics and his disastrous labatory experiments made me laugh, and I ended up liking him.

    Though I admit Meri at the end was…

    • Same here. He’s not my type either, so I put him in the middle hoping I won’t lose motivation during his route.. which turns out to be very easy to go through. xD I have never seen Meri acting like that in the other routes, so I wonder what the heck got into her in that scene. Maybe it’s indeed to create more drama, since Clemens’ route is so light.

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