Atelier Elkrone – Popote

The guide I’m following has Popote’s ending branching off from Clemens’ route, so let me post this before we move on to Stephan. It’s the ending where Meri doesn’t end up with anyone.

Popote is a fairy from Green Forest, who came to seek Meri’s help in order to fulfill his dream. He grew up only with the elder fairy who raised him, so he was always lonely and never had any friends until he met Meri and the people of Elkrone. The item he’s looking for is called “Aoi Wakkakka”, which is the key to reach his dream of making friends with fellow fairies. Popote is cheerful and energetic, though he can be sharp-tongued and mischievous as well.

In Popote’s ending, Meri decides to complete his request all by herself. She realizes that she loves him, and she wants both of them to reach their dreams together. For Popote it’s to meet his fairy friends, and for her it’s to become a great alchemist like Margret. They successfully synthesize Aoi Wakkakka together by combining Aokunai Wakkakka and the blue moonlight in Strauss Hill, and the blue ring takes them to the world of the spirits — where they see Margret and the king of the fairies. The latter invites them to live with the fairies as a sign of gratitude, but Meri refuses because she loves Elkrone too much to leave it. She also tells Popote to go and embrace his long-awaited dream instead of staying with her, and he kisses her as they bid each other farewell. However, Popote returns to the human world the next day. It appears that time passes at a different pace on the other side, and he’s already satisfied after making friends with a lot of fairies there. Noticing that Popote has the ability to get along with anyone, Margret and the king of the fairies decided to send him back to the human world — saying his ability would only go to waste in the world of the fairies.

After his return, Popote resumes his life with Meri in Elkrone. One morning, Popote shows Meri a bunch of flyers for the atelier. They look similar to the flyers she made for the grand opening day, except that he used more poetic words and added the line “from alchemist Meriel and her friend Popote” at the end. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Popote also reveals that he made one flyer per day during his stay in the world of the spirits, all filled with his love for Meri. Even when they were apart, he was always thinking about her. He doesn’t want to forget about her, and he doesn’t want her to forget about him too. Their separation was only for a night in the human world, but on the other side, he’s been enduring those feelings for a long, long time. Popote laughs as he admits that his handwriting is messy, but Meri is deeply touched by his feelings. She then asks him to spread the flyers together, saying that she wants to walk through the streets of Elkrone with him.. because he has leaped through a distant time and returned to her side.

With their renewed bond, Meri and Popote continue managing the atelier in Realm Street. They get very busy in summer, but that’s a story for another time.

OMG Popote I’m so glad you have your own ending. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. It’s the normal ending in this game, but man.. that was so touching. Especially when he said he was always thinking about her during their time apart. Dear Popote, please return all the tears I cried for you. But on second thought, nevermind. You deserve all the love and tears you can get. (๑´ლ`๑)♡


20 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Popote

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    • LOL I love how you and Hazuki commented about the same thing. xD Yeah, actually I was expecting Meri to follow Popote to the world of the spirits. Then he can grow big and they can get married and have children and— /gets caught by the police

      • FAIRY CHILDREN, you mean! 8D and then their children will be alchemist fairies that also find fellow fairy friends in the spirit world and get married to THOSE fairies and then WE’D GET FAIRY ALCHEMY 8D/gets arrested too

        • Why are we being so creepy over Popote. xD
          I think the ancient fairies are familiar with alchemy too, considering they used to help humans. Then Meri can run an atelier to help them instead, so she can keep doing her alchemy. 8D

          • Because Popote is cute and worth being creepy over 8D /shot
            I know! Then we can have fairy knights and fairy adventurers and fairy citizens and… Fairies 8D

          • It’s tempting me to draw a Popote x fairy!Meri fanart, but then again my coloring skill isn’t good enough to finish it. xD

  2. Ah Popote, this ending is so short but it is very cute and has a warm felling. (≧∇≦)/ I love Popote too, and so glad he has his own ending (*´▽`*)

    • Yeah, it’s the normal ending. You’ll get this ending if Meri doesn’t finish any of the guys’ final requests. I’m happy to see her living her life with Popote though. xD

    • LOL so many people wishing for Popote to turn into an ikemen. xD I start feeling guilty for the guys whenever I encourage Popote to date Meri.. “orz

  3. I think I’ll be added to the list of people who want Popote to become an ikemen. XD It’s great that he has an ending of his own!

    On a side note: Have you seen either the music or opening for Jyuzaengi? It’s so beautiful it brings me to tears! I love the art, too! ;0;

    • I have! Jyuza Engi is in my backlog actually. I’m a Three Kingdoms and history freak, so it’s right up my alley. xD
      … but first I need to finish Elkrone and Brothers Conflict’s reviews.

      • I’ve seen a fair bit of stuff about Three Kingdoms. Plus, like you I’m a history freak as well! xD
        Ahaha, will do! I don’t mind, either way, I’ll be reading otome game blogs about sexy guys. *drools*

        • Since BroCon isn’t that long, I hope writing the reviews won’t take much time. This year I’ve been taking long games one after another, spending like a month trying to finish them LOL. I heard the heroine of Jyuza Engi, Guan Yu (LOL), kicks ass though, so I can’t wait to get started on that game. xD

          • Oh, they’re not long? That’s good, since they’re so many guys. Guan Yu? LOL, of course they’d choose an actual character (who’s a guy). xD I’m looking forward to seeing an awesome heroine.

          • Nope, they’re pretty short. Especially if you compare it to Elkrone or BtF.
            You can only go for seven guys in PP though, the rest are in BB. Who knows when it’s going to come out, but I hope it won’t take very long.

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