Atelier Elkrone – Alexey

The last route in Elkrone. I ended up following the official order, but saving Alex for last might be the wrong decision. While Alex’s route is really sweet, Meri is being extremely dense here.

Alexey, or Alex for short, is a mysterious boy who suddenly appeared in Elkrone. Alex has no memories of anything aside from his own name, and Meri found him locked inside a mysterious box. He was given the permission to live in Elkrone as long as he can find a job, so he decided to become an adventurer. Alex really loves Meri and makes a move on her all the time, which constantly causes him to get into a fight with Popote. His wish is to help out in the atelier.

The Flower Festival Arc

May 7

The Church’s Decoration
Client: Alexey. Reward: How about some tea?

The church needs some decorations for the upcoming Flower Festival, and Alex is requesting for Meri’s help. He’s away to see Oyaji when she comes to the church, but soon he returns in a rush. Niklaus doesn’t seem to know anything about the request though, and Alex stops Meri from mentioning the request in front of him. He says there’s a mistake in the request, and now he’s going to take her out on a date as an apology. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ In addition, Alex also wants to leave Meri’s “luggage” in the church until they return. Yes, a “luggage” named Popote LOL. He says Popote will only disturb their date, and this causes them to start bickering — calling each other short and fat. They also mention that Meri’s “plump” in the process, so eventually Niklaus has to stop them from fighting. Both Popote and Alex are going to receive a harsh, long lecture from him, and he sends Meri to take a relaxing walk outside.

In Stolz Hill, Meri runs into Carla, who invites her to have some tea in Frasco Cafe. At first Meri is excited, but she feels down upon recalling what Alex and Popote said earlier.. so she ends up refusing the invitation. Soon after that, Alex and Popote come to catch up with her. Despite what he said earlier, Alex actually does have a request for Meri. It’s just he didn’t want Niklaus to know, so he made up a lie to cover it up. Even though Alex’s origin is completely covered in mystery, Niklaus accepted him and gave him a place to live in. He wants to help decorating the church to express his gratitude, but Niklaus refused saying his feelings are more than enough. However, Alex doesn’t think it’s enough. People’s hearts can’t be seen after all, and he thinks feelings should be expressed through actions. Of course Meri agrees to help, and Alex takes both of them to get some flowers from the mayor’s mansion. They end up bickering in front of the gate, but fortunately this bothers Stephan so much he’s willing to share Laura’s roses with them. Just so they’ll go away. xD

Alex already asked Oyaji to call Niklaus to the weapon shop earlier, so they use this chance to decorate the church with roses. Since Meri doesn’t like how he involved Oyaji, Alex promises that he’ll be more careful from now on. After all, he doesn’t want to make her sad. Not too long after they’re done, Niklaus returns to the church.. and starts sneezing nonstop. Why yes, he’s actually allergic to pollen. That’s why he refused Alex’s offer. \(^o^)/ He never told anyone fearing they’ll take down their decorations for his sake, and he ends up sneezing so much he cracked his hip. With no other choice at hand, Alex, Meri and Popote have to take down all the roses in the church.

May 8

In the morning, Oyaji comes to inform Meri that Niklaus’ “worry” has been completely resolved by the medicine she made for him. If said medicine is for head, Oyaji is wondering if he can get some too. Of course Meri thinks he’s asking for a pollen allergy medicine, and Popote gives him a bottle of medicine they made yesterday. Oyaji happily accepts it saying he’ll smear it all over his head, but Meri thinks she’s just hearing things LOL.

May 9

A Good One
Client: Alexey. Reward: (to be discussed).

When Meri and Popote go to see Alex, they find him cooking with Carl in the inn’s kitchen. He’s learning how to cook from Carl, who’s impressed at how fast he learns everything. Based on Carl’s suggestion, Alex tries cooking a fried egg set for Meri and Popote which turns out to be very delicious — much to Popote’s dismay. Alex takes a break after that, and as they walk to the market, he explains the details of his request. Just as they can see, he’s currently helping out at the inn.. and he notices that it takes a lot of time to wash the dishes. The inn has regular customers who eat a lot like Fren and Dirk, so the dishes are quickly piling up in the sink. Not to mention the inn is using large plates too. Now for the request, he wants Meri to create a good dish soap for them. If they can wash dishes more easily, Carl and Carla will have more time to spend together. Meri gladly accepts the task, and she synthesizes a bottle of PoyoPoyo Soap for them.

Meri then delivers the soap to the inn, and she finds Alex tending the counter. He explains that Carl is preparing dinner, while Carla is busy with laundry. Even when lunch time has passed, both of them don’t have time to rest. Alex helps out in Alois Bar and the general store as well, and he notices that the owners are always busy — especially at the inn. That’s why Alex can understand why Carl and Carla want Ralf to take over the inn. Meri is impressed at how Alex notices a lot of things, though he says he only wants to be useful. When she hands the soap to him, he’s really satisfied by the result. The bubbles are really fluffy, and the soap cleans up all the dishes in no time. Both Carl and Carla are amazed, and they realize that Alex and Meri worked together to make the soap for them. As a sign of gratitude, they made free dinner for Alex and Meri after that. When Meri returns to the atelier, she has to eat the second round of dinner Popote cooked for her. Because he doesn’t want to lose to Alex. xD

May 10

Alex greets Meri and Popote in front of the atelier today, and she thanks him for submitting the request yesterday. Even though they live next to each other, she never notices how hard it is for them to wash the dishes. When Meri asks him to inform her whenever someone needs her help, Alex laughs saying she’s really diligent. That side of her is also reflected in the flyers she made for the grand opening, which he keeps as a memento. He thinks the two of them make a good combination. He can see what people needs, while she can hear their wishes and hope. Popote soon interrupts them out of jealousy, and so Alex leaves to resume his work.. but not before saying “Once I master the inn’s menu, I’ll cook for you everyday. You’ll get bored eating tedious stew everyday, right?” — obviously poking fun at Popote. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

May 12

Today is the atelier’s day off, and Meri is having tea with Popote when Alex comes to ask her out. He’s surprised when Popote asks if he can come too, but he allows the fairy to tag along. Alex and Popote start bickering again along the way, and Meri laughs saying it’s fun how she seems to have two “younger brothers”. While Popote is happy to hear the remark, Alex clearly isn’t. When Meri calls them cute, Alex instantly turns (´・д・`) with Popote teasing him by saying the wound she inflicted on him seems pretty deep. Poor guy. Alex then takes Meri and Popote to an expensive restaurant by the ocean, saying that he’s been saving money just to take her here. Popote excitedly gulps down everything on their table, but Alex notices that Meri doesn’t seem to be as excited. He’s worried that he did something wrong, but she tells him that she’s just amazed by the beautiful view from the window. Alex is relieved to hear this, and he tells her that it’s his first time having a date with a “normal girl”. Meri is obviously surprised thinking Alex has recovered pieces of his memories, but he quickly fixes his sentence by saying this is his first date — adding that the “normal girl” was unnecessary. He also says that words aren’t enough to express his feelings. Sometimes he has to lie even though he doesn’t want to, and he can’t say much about himself due to his missing memories. Instead of relying on words, he would rather spend time with her to express how he feels. That’s the reason why he wants to have lunch with her today, because watching the ocean with her is enough for him.

As they gaze at the horizon, Alex says the ocean and the sky are similar to them. The sky and the ocean might look like they touch each other, but they will never be connected. Even though Meri and him are both working to help the people of Elkrone, they have different ways of living and thinking. He’s a person without any memories, and she’s chasing after her dream. They’re so different, and they might not be able to stay together forever.. but compared to the distance separating the sky and the ocean, he feels the distance between them is much smaller. Upon hearing this, Meri feels that Alex is much more mature than he looks. She then wonders if the reason lies within his lost memories, and she starts thinking about what kind of life he used to have before coming to Elkrone. Alex soon stops this difficult conversation, telling Meri to enjoy the food instead. Apparently it’s also to celebrate his first time getting a wage, and he wants them to have a good time.

After leaving the restaurant, Alex asks which restaurant Meri wants to visit for next time. He’s planning to check it later, but she tells him that today’s date was too extravagant for her. Alex says it was to express his gratitude, but Meri says she didn’t do anything much. Alex was the one who decided to become an adventurer, and Meri has no idea about how to obtain his lost memories either. It was also his idea to make a soap for the inn, so it’s more like he helped her instead. However, Alex reminds Meri that she’s forgetting the most important thing. Despite his unknown origin, she took him in and nursed him to health when they first met. She ran around the city searching for a job for him, and she was the only ally he had back then. He knows he wouldn’t be able to stay in Elkrone without her help, so he always feels grateful to her.. but he respects her opinion, so he’ll try changing his perspective. While he doesn’t mind enjoying an extravagant date, Alex doesn’t want to trouble Meri and will search for a different kind of date for her. Alex says he’ll continue working as an adventurer for a while, but if Popote becomes useless in the near future, Meri can always ask him to become her assistant. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Soon after parting with Alex, Popote wonders who he actually is. He was sealed inside a box that could only be opened by Meri, not to mention the box was put right in front of their atelier. Popote asks if Alex is actually an evil spirit, but Meri says he must be a normal person coming from a normal family.. or is he?

May 13

In the morning, Fren comes to deliver a letter from Mathias. The letter only says that Mathias is coming back to Elkrone, and he’s going to explain the details later. Popote is excited to hear the news, but Meri says it doesn’t mean he’s really coming back. If he doesn’t write any details in the letter, it means there’s only a 50% chance of him coming home. She already got used to it, knowing her father is really busy with his job. Judging from the snowflake stamp and seal on the letter, Fren can tell that Mathias must be in Vincestein right now.

May 20

Obtaining Spirit Light

Today Meri receives a letter from Junger XV, which says that she needs “Spirit Light” in order to make Aoi Wakkakka. It can be retrieved from the Forest of Fairies, which means they have to walk through the Lost Forest. Since Meri and Popote need someone to guard them through the way, Meri then decides to invite Alex. They find him helping out Alois at the bar, and Alois notices that Meri seems to be curious about Alex’s origin. Alois explains that Niklaus, Johann and Erhard already asked him to investigate about Alex’s background, but he couldn’t find any relevant information. The clothes Alex is wearing is a common equipment, and there aren’t any cases of disappearance, accident or kidnapping of a person named Alexey. When Meri asks Alex to accompany them, he quickly finishes his job by making non-alcoholic cocktails for Meri and Popote. He asks them to meet him by the Austen Gate since he needs to prepare first, and from there, he guards them all the way to the Forest of Fairies.

When they reach the Forest of Fairies, Alex asks Meri and Popote not to go too far away from him. Meri finds a frozen heart-shaped stone on the ground, and soon a bearded fairy appears asking what business they have here. Upon reading Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe, the bearded fairy reveals that the heart-shaped stone is the Spirit Light they’re searching for. The fairies call it a “Spirit Heart”, which is the crystallization of the hearts of the spirits. It’s frozen solid since the fairies don’t trust humans, and she has to wrap it with human kindness in order to make it melt. The moment Meri asks it to let her hear its voice, the Spirit Heart instantly melts in her hands — impressing Alex. The bearded fairy also reveals that he’s actually the elder fairy who used to raise Popote in the Green Forest, though right now he’s acting as the guardian of the Forest of Fairies. When Popote begs the elder fairy to take him along, he asks if Popote can really leave Meri’s side to live with them.. because different from humans, fairies like them can’t erase the bond they have forged with someone. After asking Meri to take care of Popote, the elder fairy disappears into the forest — leaving Popote to wonder why fairies and humans can’t just live together.

Upon seeing Popote in tears, Alex apologizes saying he misunderstood Popote all this time. He thought Popote has a hometown full of other fairies, so he was jealous that Popote also get to live in a warm atelier with Meri.. but now he knows that it’s not the case. Meri also tells Popote that he’s got her by his side, and Popote finally cries in Meri’s arms when she tells him that the atelier is his home too. Alex walks them home after that, and he stays beside them until Popote falls asleep at night. Alex feels bad since he couldn’t do anything to help, but Meri says it’s not true. She actually wanted to cry too, but she can remain strong because he’s there with them. However, Alex still feels bad — saying he couldn’t even let Meri cry as much as she wants to. He quickly apologizes for saying such a strange thing, and he leaves after saying goodnight.

The Port Festival Arc

May 22

There’s an open market at the fountain plaza today, and Meri goes to buy some new flasks for the atelier. Alex soon comes to approach her, but sadly Fren drags him away since they have to guard a goods carriage today. Fren doesn’t mind taking the job alone, but of course people’s trust in Alex will plummet if he cancels a job for a girl. Meri also asks Alex to do his job, and so he has no choice but to leave for now — asking her to have tea together when he returns. Of course Meri knows that guarding a carriage is a tiring job, and she wonders if there’s anything she can do for Alex. Soon Elie comes to greet her, and Meri remembers that Elie’s cheesecake is infamous for relieving fatigue. Meri eventually decides to ask Elie to teach her how to make a good cheesecake, and under Elie’s super strict guidance, she finally manages to make “Elie’s Special Cheesecake” for Alex.

Just before Meri goes out to deliver the cheesecake, Alex comes to visit her in the atelier. Just as he said earlier, he’s now here to have tea with her. When she shows him the cheesecake, he happily smiles saying her thoughts alone are enough to relieve his fatigue. Just then Popote returns home, and he’s shocked upon seeing Alex eating the cheesecake. He protests saying he won’t let Alex have the cheesecake, but of course Alex doesn’t care and keeps eating the cheesecake right in front of him. Beside them, Meri softly chuckles as she watches over them.

May 23

In the morning, Meri receives a letter from Alex in her mailbox. Alex thanks her for the delicious cheesecake yesterday, which apparently made him so happy it scared him. He also described her cheesecake as soft and gentle, just like Meri herself. The letter causes Meri to blush, since it also means Alex ate the cheesecake thinking it’s just like her. xD

Cleaning the Warehouse
Client: Alexey. Reward: (to be discussed).

The residence of Realm Street are sharing a warehouse together, and they’re going to clean it up today. Alex is helping them out, and since they need as much help as possible, he’s asking for Meri and Popote’s assistance too. They find Alex, Carl and Oyaji in front of the warehouse, but it appears that they’re already done cleaning up. They can’t close down their business just to clean up the warehouse, so they finished everything in a hurry. Meri apologizes for coming late, but Carl says they actually still have one task left — delivering and organizing the general store’s goods. According to Oyaji, the general store is the oldest shop in Realm Street. It has a large number of goods in the warehouse, including the antiques left by the previous owners in the past. The previous owner was Anna’s uncle, since both of her parents passed away in a ship accident. Carl mentions that it’s not the end of Anna’s misfortunes, but he quickly says it’s nothing when Oyaji warns him and ends the conversation. Oyaji is going to train both Alex and Popote first, so Meri goes ahead of them to deliver the goods to Anna.

Upon entering the general store, Meri finds Anna holding a crying Monika. It seems that Monika has been feeling peevish since morning, so Meri asks Anna to get some rest inside — she’ll do the organizing for her. At first Anna feels bad, but eventually she agrees and goes out to take a walk with Monika. Alex and Popote soon arrive with the rest of the goods, and they sort out the goods together. They manage to organize most of the goods, but there are some odd stuff they can’t quite group with other goods. The first one is a really old picture frame, with fading colors and scratches all over the surface. Alex wonders if it’s an antique, but Meri thinks it’s a decoration for the shop — not for sale. The frame suits the general store’s atmosphere really well, but they find it weird since the frame is empty. When Meri accidentally opens the frame, they find an old picture of everyone in Realm Street. In the picture, Anna is standing between two good-looking men. They don’t recognize one of them, but the other long-haired man seems strangely familiar. Alex is surprised, but he refuses to tell them who the man is — because his life is on the line.

The second item is a broken jewelry box. It’s locked and the lid won’t budge, but Alex unlocks it using a strange flower ring that can transform into a key. Here, Meri feels like she has seen the flower on the ring before.. but she can’t remember when. Inside the box, they find a small pendant with two charms. One is a flower, and the other one is a sword. There’s also a letter inside saying: “You say it’s a boy, but I believe it will be a girl, so I’m leaving two charms. From Holland, to my beloved.” They have never heard of someone named Holland before, and Meri tells Alex not to read people’s letters without permission. The last item is a distorted notebook. The pages stick onto each other, as if it was wet, so they can’t open the note. There are salt on the back side, which means it was wet with sea water. Alex thinks the pages are actually glued together though, and he asks if Meri can do something to melt the glue.

Just then Anna returns to the general store, and she’s really surprised to see the jewelry box opened. Meri apologizes for opening it without permission, but Anna reveals that she actually wanted to open it as well. It’s just the key was broken, so it remained locked until Alex opened it earlier. Upon learning about the charms and the letter inside, Anna asks if they can leave her alone for now.. because she wants to confirm the contents on her own. Alex seems to know what Anna wants to do, so he quickly takes Meri and Popote outside — saying they have their own job from here. The job is of course melting the glue on the notebook. He tells them that he doesn’t have any intentions to steal the notebook, but he’s curious about the contents.. and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to ask for Anna’s permission first. Meri eventually agrees to help, and she synthesizes a Diluted Holy Water to take off the glue. Alex helps them separating the pages, and they let the pages dry off before rebinding the notebook at night.

After dinner, Popote informs Meri that she has a guest. He tells her to bring the notebook too, saying the guest has something important to say. When Meri comes out of her room, she finds Oyaji waiting for her in the atelier. He already heard from Alex that she had the notebook, and he’s here to take the notebook back. Meri wants to return it to Anna tomorrow, but Oyaji says it’s not necessary to do so. The notebook is actually the diary of Holland, his best friend, so he will take care of the notebook from now on. When she mentions about the jewelry box, Oyaji says there are things they should never do. By opening the box and fixing the notebook, they actually revived Anna’s devastation in the past. She has suffered a lot, and Oyaji wants them to leave her alone. However, Anna soon enters the atelier with Alex — saying it should be her who decides whether it devastates her or not. When Oyaji tells him not to get involved in stuff he doesn’t understand, Alex answers that he does understand. Just by looking at the jewelry box, the note and the old picture, he knows they’re all memento of the person Anna loves the most — Holland, her husband. Oyaji is afraid everything will only cause her to fall into despair, but Anna says she’s not trying to ease the pain in her heart. She wants to read what’s written in Holland’s diary, and she asks them to return the notebook to her.

On the very last page of the notebook, Holland wrote that his ship got destroyed in a storm. All the crews dismantled the ship and built a small boat, and they were sailing towards an island in the distance. If anyone ever found the ship and the notebook, Holland asked the founder to search for them.. and also to deliver the jewelry box to his wife and daughter in Elkrone. The ship actually sunk about a year ago and they don’t know if Holland is still alive, but Anna won’t throw away her hope — believing that her husband is still waiting for someone to rescue him. Just as Holland predicted, their child is actually a girl. Anna then gives the charms to Monika in her arms, telling her it’s the first present from her father. Now that they know what happened to Holland, Oyaji says he’s going to inform the adventurers, knights and sailors in the kingdom. They should be able to find the island with the hints from the notebook, so Meri and Alex can leave the rest in their hands. After Anna goes home with Oyaji, Meri asks if Alex realized that Holland is Anna’s husband right from the start. He says it all started when Oyaji stopped their discussion this morning, and he figured it out upon seeing the charms. The only thing he didn’t get is why Anna hid the old picture, but Meri knows it’s because it was too painful for Anna to see Holland’s portrait. She probably cries everytime she sees the picture, but she needs to be strong in front of Monika. Upon hearing this, Alex says Meri will surely become a good mother. Then he covers it up by saying it’d be nice if Holland is safe.

May 24

When Alex comes to greet them in the morning, Meri thanks him for yesterday. He thinks they really make good partners, and she happily agrees with him. Popote — out of jealousy — then reminds him about work, so he leaves saying Oyaji wants to talk about the notebook.. but not before adding “I didn’t say this yesterday, but you’ll become a cute wife and a good mother in the future!” (❤ฺ→艸←) Popote rages saying she doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet, and Mathias would make a bloodbath if anyone marries her daughter without dating first. Alex shudders at the thought, but then he says a bloodbath is fine if it means he can be Meri’s husband. xD

Today is a day off, and Meri is relaxing at home with Popote when Alex comes to ask her out again. Popote doesn’t come along today, and this irritates Alex knowing Meri will return to the fairy’s side later LOL. Alex then takes Meri to Strauss Hill, where they have a picnic together in the flower field. He already made a lot of food for her, but since today’s date is to make up for the restaurant date, he won’t let her help with the preparations. Instead, he tells her to go and play nearby until he’s done. He also mentions that he wants to make her happy no matter what, because their time together is really important to him. Meri notices something strange in the way he speaks here, but Alex smiles saying he’s that serious about their date. Since Meri won’t go away, Alex tells her to close her eyes and covers her sight. He asks her to stay still, or else he’ll seal her lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン As she waits with her eyes closed, Meri feels the wind carrying the scent of flowers. She’s been working hard to listen to everyone’s wish, but she never had any chance to listen to nature’s voice.. until Alex created the chance for her. After what happened with Anna, she realizes he always tells her about the important things which she hasn’t noticed.

Alex soon tells Meri the preparations are done, and she opens her eyes to find various kinds of food in front of her. As they enjoy the food together, Alex asks for Meri’s opinion regarding today’s date. Of course she’s really impressed, especially upon learning that he cooked all the food by himself. When Meri praises him for being so skillful in everything, Alex replies that he’s not that great. In fact, he often feels down knowing he’s not as strong as Johann and Erhard, not as knowledgeable as Clemens and Ralf, and doesnt have a noticeable talent like Stephan. For him, those people are just like heroes who appear in stories. Alex then asks if Meri has a favorite book, and she tells him about the Tale of the Blue Moon. She thinks it’d be wonderful if they can hear the voices of rocks, wind and water, because she can be friends with them by understanding their hearts. Alex quietly admits that he can’t think of anyone as his friends, but upon seeing Meri’s puzzled expression, he quickly says it’s nothing. As for his favorite books, he read a lot of stories about heroes — just like Popote. The difference is he actually doesn’t like those stories, because they all sound so fake to him. He knows that dragons do exist, but it’s not like people can find them that easily. That’s why he thinks dragons that appear in those stories might not actually be dragons. It might be something else, like natural disasters which people can’t avoid. The heroes in the stories might be a person who saved people from those disasters, and stories are made so people will love their countries more — thinking there was a hero among their ancestors. Meri is surprised since she never thought of stories in such a way, but Alex says it’s because she’s a nice person.. while he’s twisted.

However, Alex noticed something from those stories. Heroes are called heroes because they slayed the evil dragons. No matter how strong or smart they are, people can never be heroes unless they have the chance to show their power. The world is really peaceful right now, and there’s no evil dragons for them to slay. Or maybe there is a dragon, but they’re not allowed to slay it. He then says the hero is asleep in this peaceful world, and he wonders what the hero should do. Meri thinks Alex might actually be an adventurer or a knight because he knows a lot about heroes and battles, but he says it’s impossible. Johann and Erhard couldn’t find anything about him, and he doesn’t remember anything about his past either. Since Meri wants to know more about his job, Alex says he mainly accepts smaller requests from the adventurers’ guild. For example, washing Monika’s diapers or massaging Oyaji’s head. He doesn’t think someone like Johann should take such requests, but Johann basically accepts anything. Even though he keeps taking requests in the city, Alex actually wants to go on an adventure. He wants to test his own strength, but Oyaji won’t give him the permission until he can beat Fren in a duel. Fren thinks Alex still has a lot to learn, and so he always kicks the poor guy’s butt every single time. Well.. that, or Fren is jealous because Johann seems to like Alex. xD

While Meri thinks she has a lot to improve on, Alex says she’s doing a wonderful job managing the atelier. She says the same goes for him, but he replies that they’re different. Just like what he said earlier, he can’t seem to find the dragon he needs to slay. He always wonders if he’ll remain asleep until the end, and she realizes it means he doesn’t have any objectives that he wants to achieve. Meri then says there’s nothing wrong with living a normally either, because no matter how he lives, Alex will always be Alex. However, this only causes him to feel down since he wants to be “perfect” in her eyes. He doesn’t want to see her sad, and yet that’s the expression she has right now. Meri tries to cheer Alex up by saying it’s okay even if he’s not perfect since she enjoys her time with him, but he sadly answers that she can say something like that because she doesn’t understand. He asks if she thinks they can stay like this forever, maintaining the vague relationship that’s not friendship nor love. When Meri says she thinks of him as a friend, Alex tells her not to call someone a “friend” so easily when she doesn’t even know his real identity. Meri is obviously shocked, and after apologizing to her, Alex walks off to cool his head.

Not too long after Alex is gone, a monster suddenly appears to attack Meri. Alex soon returns and shields Meri from the hit, and he manages to chase the monster away.. though he takes a lot of damage as well. He feels really bad for leaving her behind for such a selfish reason, but she thanks him for returning to save her. Meri also says she’s been thinking about what they talked about earlier, but it doesn’t change her feelings. She likes Alex, and she wants to stay friends with him. Maybe he doesn’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t know about his past, but she wants them to talk and share a lot of things with each other — filling the hole in his memory with new things. Alex uses this chance to make it clear that he doesn’t want to be just friends with Meri, though he can only sigh since she’s too dense to pick up the hint. As if that’s not enough, she also admits that a part of her thinks of him as a younger brother. Alex is happy with Meri’s feelings though, so he agrees to start from being friends.

After she treats his injuries, Alex walks Meri back to the atelier. He then tells her that he asked Niklaus when he can get married — since nobody knows his age — and Niklaus said it won’t be a problem if both parties agree to wed. Alex takes out the flower ring from yesterday, and he puts it onto Meri’s palm saying that’s all he can give her for now. Because he used up all of his money for their restaurant date. Unfortunately, our extremely dense heroine Meri replies by asking “is this a symbol of our friendship?” … are you kidding me? Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ Alex isn’t giving up though, because he already agreed to start from friendship. Besides, the flower ring might tie their bond together later. Before Meri could invite Alex to have dinner together, Alois comes to ask for his help. The academy staff suddenly came to the bar earlier, and he needs help as soon as possible. After apologizing to Meri, Alex follows Alois to Stolz Hill in a rush — saying he’ll listen to what she has to say next time.

May 25

In the morning, Alex comes to greet Meri and Popote. Alex and Popote start fighting and calling each other names as usual, so Meri has to stop them from bickering any further. Knowing Meri is probably worried about what happened in the bar yesterday, Alex explains that it was like a war. The academy staff have taken a liking on Stephan, and they requested difficult songs on purpose.. which causes Stephan to perform while glaring at them. xD Alex also says the ring he gave Meri yesterday is temporary, since he’s going to save up and buy a real ring for her. Meri thinks the flower ring is wonderful enough, but Alex wants to give her a “perfect” ring — not a second-hand one. Alex then excuses himself and walks away, leaving Meri to wonder about what he just said. On the other hand, Popote notices that the ring is one of a kind.. and it was clearly made by a specialist. Since Alex never had that much money to begin with, they figured out that he must have had the ring right from the beginning. Which means it’s the key to find out his real identity.

God or Goddess
Client: Alexey. Reward: How about a date?

The church and Goddess Closet are working together for the upcoming Port Festival, but looks like a problem occurred. When Meri and Popote enter the church, they find Belinda and Niklaus arguing inside. Alex explains that Goddess Closet is helping out with the church’s bazaar, but Belinda and Niklaus clearly have different opinions. They can’t seem to reach an agreement no matter what, so in the end Belinda cancels the idea and leaves in anger. Niklaus then explains that they were planning to make a remake bazaar, selling goods made from unused materials. In order to attract customers, Belinda wanted to open a fashion show in the church. She said they will be able to sell everything with a high price that way, but Niklaus couldn’t agree since she only wants to show off her power — not expressing gratitude to God. It’s understandable since Belinda is running a business at such a young age, so her way of thinking is completely different from Niklaus’. Besides, Niklaus noticed that Belinda never came to pray in the church. Niklaus doesn’t want to argue with Belinda, but he’s worried that if she doesn’t believe in God, she might not have anything to believe in. Knowing that Meri is good friends with Belinda and Miranda, Alex asks her to convince the twins to participate.

Upon entering Goddess Closet, Meri and Popote find the boutique empty. Miranda soon comes out to see if Belinda has returned from shopping, and she looks extremely sleepy. It turns out she hasn’t slept properly today, all because she wants to do her best for the remake bazaar. Popote is about to tell her about what happened in the church, but Meri doesn’t have the heart to inform Miranda.. so she gags Popote and leaves without telling her anything. At the fountain plaza, Alex informs Meri that Fren saw Belinda at Breeze Terrace earlier — looking distracted. He takes them to Breeze Terrace after that, where they finally find Belinda in the corner. She tries to act strong in front of them, but then she sends Alex and Popote away so she can talk to Meri in private. After Alex and Popote walk away, Belinda asks what Meri does whenever something unpleasant happens. When Meri answers that she reads books, Belinda comments that she’s similar to Alex in that sense. Belinda has noticed that Alex reads a lot too, especially stories about adventures, heroes or history books. He’s always grimacing and mutters a lot of stuff as he reads them, so much that Belinda doesn’t know if he enjoys what he’s reading.

Next, Belinda asks if Meri believes in God. Since Belinda wants an honest answer, Meri admits that she wants to believe that God does exist. There are times when people just can’t do their best for their own sake, and the existence of God really helps them go through the hard times. Belinda says this side of her is similar to Alex as well, but she just can’t understand their way of thinking. That being said, Belinda actually loves talking to Meri. From Belinda, Meri learns that the twins’ parents actually divorced when they were three. Belinda was taken by their father, who was a merchant, and she learned management as they traveled around the world. When they were twelve, their mother passed away.. and Belinda finally learned that she has a twin sister who was taken by their mother. It was pure coincidence, since Belinda and their father came to the town where Miranda and their mother lived in. Their father took a lot of work near their mother’s house, most likely because he wanted to reconcile with her. Unfortunately, their mother soon fell sick. Their father immediately took Belinda to see their mother, but sadly when they arrived, she was already gone. Miranda was standing beside her bed, combing her hair and polishing her nails. She tried making their mother as beautiful as possible, as if waiting for a prince to come and wake her up.

When Miranda asked their father to give their mother a wake up kiss, Belinda took her out and the twins talked about a lot of things. Apparently their mother had a deadly illness, so Miranda prayed in the church everyday.. since a priest has promised to bless their mother with God’s protection. However, Belinda soon realized that Miranda couldn’t accept their mother’s death because of the priest’s words. Angered by the truth, Belinda ran off to the church and asked why the priest told such a lie to her sister. The priest answered that their mother is finally free from the disease, and it’s all thanks to God’s protection. Of course Belinda couldn’t accept that answer, because their mother left Miranda alone after her death. Different from Belinda’s fiery personality, Miranda is really calm and gentle. Their father said Miranda got her sewing abilities from their mother, but Belinda thinks their mother actually passed down the abilities to Miranda as a memento.. and Miranda is doing her best to answer their mother’s feelings. While Belinda never knew their mother, sometimes she can see their mother in her sister. For Belinda, all the things Miranda created is Miranda’s bond with their mother — that’s why she values them that much. Belinda thinks if she can open a fashion show in the church, their mother will be able to see Miranda’s creations from heaven. She thinks it’s weird to hold such a wish since she has no faith in God, but Meri knows it means she actually wants to believe in God. Meri then asks Belinda to talk to Niklaus again, believing that he’ll accept the idea if he learns about the reason behind the fashion show. This also reminds Belinda that Margret comforted her too when she was crying here, and she felt saved when Margret gently said that everything will be alright.

Soon Alex comes to pick Meri up, and Belinda informs them that she’s giving up on the fashion show. She doesn’t want the fashion show to be approved out of pity, and she will never let a man see her weak side — not even when that man is a priest. Belinda asks Meri to keep what she heard today as a secret, and she wants Meri to come when they run a fashion show one day. It’s a promise between girls. After taking Belinda back to Goddess Closet, Meri goes back to Realm Street with Alex and Popote. Meri isn’t sure if it’s really okay to let Belinda give up on the fashion show, but Alex tells her it’s fine. Belinda wants to do a fashion show by using her own power, not by negotiating with other parties. Even if she picked the wrong answer, she will be able to move forward by trying that answer. Belinda looked really refreshed earlier, so Alex knows that Meri did a good job. As a sign of gratitude, Alex then takes Meri and Popote to eat dinner at the inn.

May 26

Over the night, rumors about Meri stopping Belinda and Niklaus’ argument has spread all over the city. Dirk comes to see her in the morning, explaining that Belinda and Niklaus has been on each other’s bad side for quite a long time. Erhard is making a bet over which one of them will win the “battle”, so Dirk is now here to confirm if Belinda really gave up on the fashion show.. which means that Erhard lost the bet. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ However, Meri says she can’t share the details since she’s bound by a promise between girls. Dirk doesn’t mind though, knowing Erhard will be more than satisfied just to hear about their promise. xD

June 3

The Voyage Dance

Today is the Port Festival. In the afternoon, a lively music starts the festival’s Voyage Dance. Meri soon hears Alex’s voice calling her and Popote, and not too long after that, he comes out of the crowd and invites them to dance together. Since it’s his first time participating in the Port Festival, Alex doesn’t know much about the dance either.. but Niklaus told him to learn from all the people around them. Alex and Meri then hold hands to join the dance, but Popote interrupts by standing between them — admitting that he’s disturbing them. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Knowing it’d only lead to yet another fight, Meri quickly stops them and switches places with Popote. They panic when the dance starts going faster, but knowing it’s not over yet, Alex asks them not to let go of their hands. After the dance is over, Alex invites Meri and Popote to help out with the church’s tea party. He’s in charge of making sweets, but they still need people to help serving the guests — who are all children. It’s a tea party exclusive to children, but of course they can go out of control if nobody’s looking after them. Some are crying, some are dancing, some are looking for their moms, and some are too shy to go to the toilet. Meri is always working around adults, so Alex thinks it’d be nice if she can play with children for once.. though Popote thinks it’s simply because he wants to look tall among the children. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Meri gladly accepts the invitation, and she spends the rest of the day enjoying the tea party with Alex, Popote, and all the children in Elkrone.

June 4

In the morning, Meri finds Popote and Alex in front of the atelier.. and both of them look equally exhausted. When Meri thanks Alex for the tea party yesterday, Alex and Popote can’t seem to believe that she found it fun. She thinks all the children are so cute, but they don’t think so. The children were crying and calling their mom, playing around with the toys and even cakes — it was more like a war for them. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meri says it was really fun though, so in the end Alex and Popote conclude that it must be maternal instinct LOL. Meri is hoping they can do the tea party again next year, and Alex walks away saying he’ll train his paternal instinct too if that’s what she’s wishing for. xD

Rescuing Duke Rosenheim

At noon, Meri hears the news that Elkrone’s ocean liner is drowning. She rushes to the port and helps everyone synthesizing medicines, but soon they learn that Duke Rosenheim — who was helping all the passengers to evacuate — is currently missing. Johann has to stop Erhard from jumping into the ocean without thinking, but Alex then asks them to let him join the rescue. They’re dealing with someone’s life here, so he thinks it’d be better if they move out as a large group instead. After telling Meri to leave everything to him, Alex jumps into the ocean. Erhard immediatelly follows him, while Johann orders Fren and Dirk to send a boat to assist them. Ralf tells Meri not to worry since Alex will never break his promise, while Popote assures her that Alex will be just fine. He’s been wanting to become her assistant all this time, so he should be able to handle a rescue like this. Alex eventually returns to the port with Charlotte, asking if he made it in time to return before Meri cries. He knows she’s worried about him, so he swam as fast as he could because he doesn’t want her to cry. Alex chuckles when Meri starts crying in front of him, but they both know those are happy tears.

As a sign of gratitude for saving her life, Charlotte then invites Alex to have lunch together in the mayor’s mansion. Laura asks if it’s not hard to live with an amnesia, but Alex says he has no problems since everyone in Elkrone is really kind to him. When Laura comments that he’s a strong person, Alex replies that she’s living away from her father as well. However, Laura is aware that everyone’s just being kind to her because of her family name. If she doesn’t have her father’s authority to back her up, she knows nobody would want to deal with her. On the other hand, Alex has made a place for himself in Elkrone, even though he has no family name nor noble lineage to support his life. Alex is suprised to hear this, but he doesn’t say anything and only falls into silence.

June 5

Journey to Vincestein

Following Charlotte’s suggestion, Meri travels to Vincestein — the Kingdom of Winter — with Stephan and Popote to search for the last material to create Aoi Wakkakka.

When Meri wakes up in the carriage today, Alex apologizes for surprising her yesterday with their sudden journey. Heidi came to inform him that Meri is being targeted by the black society, and he panicked when Charlotte said Meri might be in danger. It was also Heidi who told Alex about Meri’s plan to travel to Vincestein, and he wants to know why she didn’t tell him directly about this. Alex says he’s willing to do anything for Meri, but sadly she doesn’t hear this since Popote is snoring loudly beside them. He already heard that she’s looking for an item which is related to dragons, so he says it would be best if they head directly to Vincestein — ensuring they will have enough time to search for the item. Meri admits she feels extremely relieved that Alex is coming with them, and he tells her not to worry. He won’t let her encounter any forms of hardships, since he’s willing to do anything for her.

Just then Popote wakes up beside them, and he asks why Alex agreed to join their journey — Charlotte’s and Heidi’s requests aside. There are adventurers who are stronger than him, and so he finds it weird for a rookie like him to come along. Knowing that Popote suspects him as a spy for the black society, Alex says it would be nice if he has a strong reason for joining their journey.. but he doesn’t. He came along simply because he wants to, and he asks Meri not to worry. He’s going to retrieve the last material for her. Popote can judge him during this journey, though Popote quickly accepts him after getting bribed by breakfast. xD Alex makes it clear to Popote that Meri’s knight is him, while Popote replies that he’s her assistant. It’s a position they will never ever give up on no matter what happens. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

June 6

Before dawn, Meri, Alex and Popote continue their journey towards Vincestein. Seeing Popote looking extremely sleepy, Alex teases him saying usually he’s already up and finished cleaning up the church at this hour. Since he’s inexperienced, he took Oyaji’s advice to make use of his time wisely and work harder than everyone else. Meri is really impressed, but Popote doesn’t want to lose. He says he walks around the city everyday, searching if there are requests he can take for Meri. When Meri praises Popote for always helping her, Alex and Popote whisper about how their rivalry is still at a tie right now. xD Now back to their task ast hand, Alex asks if the item they’re looking for is related to a real dragon. Meri confirms that it probably is, since the other material is directly related to fairies. Alex then says he’ll search for more information, and he tells Meri not to worry since he wants to make things clearer. Popote is planning to eat his breakfast in the meantime, but Alex tells him to go on a diet instead LOL.

June 7

Today Popote complains that he wants to sleep on a bed for a little longer, and Alex asks if he can say such a thing when Meri is working hard for Aoi Wakkakka. Popote immediately opens his eyes saying he’ll massage her shoulders, and Alex — refusing to lose to Popote — offers to massage her legs. Of course Meri is embarrassed and refuses, but he then asks if he can massage her hips, arms or hands.. so in the end she goes with a hand massage. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ When Meri thanks them, both Alex and Popote mutter that their rivalry is still at a tie today. Now for their travel plan, Alex wants Meri and Popote to sightsee around Vincestein while he goes to obtain the last material. He already got an idea of the item’s location, but he doesn’t want to take them along since it might be dangerous. However, Meri keeps insisting that she wants to come with him. Meri is really worried about his safety, so eventually Alex says he’ll think up of another strategy.

June 8

On the fourth day of the journey, both Alex and Meri are starting to get exhausted. Popote, on the other hand, is comfortably sleeping beside them. Alex then says he’s been thinking about what Meri said yesterday, but taking them along sounds impossible after all. Since Meri wants to know what he’s planning to do, Alex has no choice but to tell her. It’s actually a secret, and he’s not allowed to share it with anyone.. so he actually didn’t want to reveal the details. Alex then reveals that the last material is in the hands of a certain politician. He might be able to see that politician by using Oyaji’s connection, but taking them along is out of the question. He asks Meri to leave this matter in his hands, and he’s really happy when she agrees — because that means she trusts him. Meri thinks it’s only natural to do so, but Alex reminds her that he’s only a person whose origin is covered in mystery. When his true identity is revealed, Meri won’t be able to see him as Elkrone’s Alex anymore. Alex then asks if Meri will keep trusting him despite his origin, but Popote wakes up before she could answer. He’s disappointed when the subject changes thanks of Popote, but she tells him that she only has one answer. No matter who he truly is, she will always trust him. Popote reminds him that Meri took him in, nursed him back to health and protected him even though she didn’t know him, and Alex smiles as he thanks her. Then Popote uses this chance to steal his tart. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

June 9

After spending the last four days traveling by carriage, Meri, Alex and Popote finally arrive in Vincestein today. Following his plan, Alex then takes Meri and Popote to Vincestein’s Crystal Palace. He explains that the royal advisor — Lutz Reisengang — will come to greet them soon, and he wants her to submit an observation request. Meanwhile, he’s going to see the politican and negotiate about the last material. Alex says the politician is here in Crystal Palace, but it’d be troublesome with the royal advisor around.. and so he wants them to distract Lutz while he carries out his plan. Alex leaves them after that, and just as planned, Meri manages to get Lutz to show them around the palace. It’s mostly thanks to Popote though, since Lutz says he can’t turn down an offer from someone who has a fairy.

In the audience chamber, Popote notices how the throne seems so worn out. Lutz explains it’s because Queen Victoria spends half of her days sitting on the throne, listening to her people’s voices. In the grand dining hall, they find a lot of delicious food on the table. Lutz says Victoria was actually planning for a dinner party, but she cancelled the plan because she’s got urgent business to take care of. Lutz then asks Meri and Popote to have lunch here, mentioning that a guest came to see the person he’s serving. He can feel something weird from said guest, and he wants to check the situation while they have lunch. Popote almost accepts the offer on the spot, but Meri quickly gags him saying she’d rather continue observing the palace — stressing that they’re on a diet. However, they soon hear the security alarm going off. An imperial guard announces that an intruder has sneaked into the treasury, and all the palace doors are heavily guarded in no time. After asking Meri and Popote to wait in the dining hall, Lutz leaves them to see what’s happening. Just then Alex returns to join them, and he quickly takes them to hide in Crystal Palace’s atelier — where he hands the Dragon’s Tear to Meri. The intruder who broke into the treasury was obviously him, but he can’t tell them the details right now. The Dragon’s Tear is now hers, so there’s nothing to worry about.

… or so he thought.

A few seconds later, Victoria suddenly enters the atelier and takes the Dragon’s Tear. When Alex tries to stop her, she calls him a thief and gives him a good slap across the face. Victoria then asks why he did something like this, so Alex answers it’s because he doesn’t think she’d listen to what he has to say. When Victoria says she’d like to see what kind of parents raised a son like him, Meri immediately defends Alex despite him telling her not to cross the queen of Vincestein. She explains that Alex is working hard as an adventurer in Elkrone, doing his best to help her even though it’s already hard for him to support himself. Popote also explains that it was him who asked Meri to synthesize Aoi Wakkakka, and Alex is only helping her to retrieve the last material. This allows Victoria to fully grasp the situation, and she asks Meri to perform the synthesis right in front of her eyes. If it’s successful, then the Dragon’s Tear is hers. Both Alex and Popote are worried since the recipe is still incomplete, but Meri decides to accept the challenge. However, the result turns out to be Aokunai Wakkakka instead — a ring with a grey gem. It’s different from what they expected, but Victoria allows them to keep the ring because the synthesis was successful. She also lets Alex go without any punishment, telling him to be grateful to Meri, Popote and the feelings of everyone in Elkrone. In addition, she also lets them spend the night in Crystal Palace today.

June 10

In the morning, Lutz sends Meri, Alex and Popote off as they ride the carriage back to Elkrone. Victoria only sends them from afar, and she admits that she actually has a lot of things which she wants to hear.. but she’ll save them until the next time they meet again. For now, the song Meri sang during the synthesis yesterday is already enough to satisfy her. It turns out Victoria actually knew about the “singing alchemist” of Elkrone, and Meri’s song makes her feel like her “old friend” has returned to her side.

In the carriage, Alex apologizes for involving Meri and Popote into such a mess. She’s actually grateful because they can obtain the Dragon’s Tear thanks to him, but Popote jokingly tells him that he’s indebted to them. Alex answers that he’s fully aware of that, so now he’s offering to pay back the debt by helping out while living in Meri’s atelier. xD Popote obviously objects right away, while Alex laughs saying he’s just joking. Alex quietly mentions that he envies them for being able to create anything, but when Meri asks if he said anything, he says it’s nothing and takes them out to see Vincestein’s frozen ocean instead. Popote immediately runs off to make a snowman, while Meri is amazed upon seeing the high tower in the distance. From Alex, she learns that it’s called the North Tower — the lair of the Ice Königin, Vincestein’s ice dragon. He feels glad that Victoria has the Dragon’s Tear, because he doesn’t want them to enter such a dangerous place. After a long silence, Alex admits that he has a reckless side, which can be seen from how he stole Vincestein’s royal treasure. Meri is happy since he did it for her, but he tells her not to trust people so easily. Not even when the person she’s dealing with has no memories. His amnesia might be the reason why he can stay as Elkrone’s Alex, hinting that he might turn into an entirely different person once he regains his memories.

However, Meri answers that she trusts Alex not because he has no memories. She trusts him because of who he is, regardless of his past and origin. Alex is surprised to hear this, and he has to suppress the urge of hugging Meri — knowing Popote will murder him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Alex then says Meri is really kind, and that’s why he has a lot of rivals like Popote and Ralf. He promises to train himself from scratch upon returning to Elkrone, and he’s about to ask her to make a promise too, but then he stops himself saying he doesn’t want to lean on her kindness. Instead, he calls out to Popote saying he’ll become the number one adventurer in Elkrone.. and he’s going to become Meri’s knight. Popote says Meri only needs him as a partner, and so Alex challenges him to a snow sculpture competition. The one who makes the most beautiful snow sculpture wins, and of course the model is Meri. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Then he takes her hand and drags her to join Popote.

June 14

After spending another four days traveling in a carriage, Meri, Alex and Popote finally return to Elkrone at night. While Alex thinks he’s being really uncool during their journey, Meri thanks him saying she really enjoyed traveling with him. Despite their constant bickeirng, Popote says that he had a lot of fun too during their journey. Alex thanks both of them, and then he leaves after saying goodnight.

The Spirit Festival Arc

June 15

Wisemen’s Meeting
Client: Alexey. Reward: How about some sweets?

For the upcoming Spirit Festival, Alex is helping out with a meeting for a certain contest. He’s requsting for Meri’s assistance as well, but since it would be his first time joining the festival, he doesn’t know much about the details either. Alex meets up with them in a hidden corner of the port, and the members of the meeting — the three wisemen — are referring to each other by using codenames: “Kraken of Wrath”, “Jagdhund of Pursuit” and “Phoenix of Conciliation”. Alex took the job to be their secretary, but he was warned not to leak any details. As for his own request, Alex wants Meri and Popote to play an important role in the meeting.. by making tea and serving sweets for them. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ!! His client is actually Niklaus, who told him to keep the meeting peaceful until the end. Or else Elkrone might be split into two. Meri gladly accepts the request, and she makes two types of tea leaves for the meeting — Warm Tea Leaves and Captive Tea Leaves. Popote is terrified upon seeing the latter, but Meri says they need it just in case things go out of control.

After they’re done with the tea leaves, Meri and Popote meet up with Alex at the church. Alex asks them to be quiet since the three wisemen have arrived, and he shows them the members of the meeting one by one. The first one is the representative from Stolz Hill, the “Jagdhund of Pursuit” — Alois. Next up is the conscience of Elkrone, the “Phoenix of Conciliation” — Niklaus. The last one is the representative from Realm Street, the “Kraken of Wrath” — Oyaji. LOL THE LAST ONE FITS SO MUCH. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Both Meri and Popote are terrified by the “intimidating” aura in the air, but Alex begs them not to leave him alone with these old men. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ The three old men start throwing sarcasm onto each other as soon as the meeting starts, damaging each other with indirect insults and debating over trivial stuff like how sweets and alcohol makes you fat. In the end Niklaus decides that sweets are not good for their health, so he gives everything to Popote — who happily runs away from the church with all the sweets. xD Soon after that, Oyaji finally announces the real subject of their meeting: the beauty contest! \(^o^)/ All of those cool and intimidating introductions? Those are for the sake of deciding whether the beauty contest should be held or not LOL. Oyaji also calls it “a battle of those who are irresistibly beautiful”, though Alois and Niklaus think he’s just born under the star of no naming sense and no hair. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

While both Alois and Oyaji are supporting the beauty contest, Niklaus is actually against it. The opinions are completely split in two, just as they predicted. Alois says the contest is a tradition of Elkrone, Niklaus thinks it’s not necessary since all women are beautiful, while Oyaji actually wants to renew the contest. Alois asks if Oyaji wants to turn it into a swimsuit contest, which causes Meri to scold Oyaji for being so perverted. Oyaji quickly denies it and tells Alois not to say such a thing in front of Meri, since she’s just like a daughter to him. Niklaus agrees saying she’s an important girl whom Margret left for them, while Alois says that she’s everyone’s idol. Then a weird silence ensues, and the one who breaks it is Alex.

Alex: “Everyone, do you know what that’s called?”
Alex: “It’s called lolicon.”

… and this strikes them with the guilt of being a bunch of lolicons. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Back to Oyaji’s idea, he’s actually thinking of splitting the beauty contest into two categories — married and unmarried women. In other words, separating adults from young girls. Those who are married like Carla has a different charm than a young girl like Meri, and he doesn’t think the two categories can be mixed into one. They have the battle tournament for men, and it’s unfair if the women of Elkrone aren’t allowed to have a contest for themselves. At first Niklaus is still trying to argue, but in the end the three of them agree to create the “mature women” category for the beauty contest. Alex concludes the meeting as “with the wisemen’s agreement to build the ‘mature women’ category, Realm Street’s idol’s reputation experiences a sudden drop.” He then gives them the notebook containing the meeting’s details, calling them the foolish trio who loves mature women. xD

June 16

In the morning, Alex comes to inform Meri that the “mature women” category was cancelled. It seems like the meeting continued even after Alex went home yesterday, but the three foo–.. I mean wisemen, were suddenly paralyzed upon drinking the tea leaves Meri made. They used the time to do some self-introspection, and in the end they agreed to run the beauty contest as usual. Popote know they must have drank the Captive Tea Leaves, but Meri quickly shuts him up before he reveals anything. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Alex then gives them some sweets from Oyaji, saying it’s an apology for all the troubles they had to go trhough yesterday.

Oyaji-san’s “That”
Client: Alexey. Reward: How about a delicious meal?

Alex doesn’t explain anything about this request, and for some reason Popote has a really bad feeling about this.. and so Meri has no choice but to work alone today. After meeting up by the Austen Gate, they move to Strauss Hill to talk about this delicate issue. However, the request is actually a lie. Alex only wants to have a picnic with Meri, and he submitted the request with such a title on purpose — knowing she’ll refuse to take a break otherwise. He already cooked a lot of food for her today, and even though she feels bad for Popote, eventually she decides to enjoy the picnic with him. When she tells him to ask her out normally next time, he suddenly turns silent.. but he quickly says it’s nothing and promises to be more careful next time. Today Alex wants to learn more about Meri, and he asks what she thinks about him. Being the dense brick that she is, Meri tells Alex that she thinks of him as a friend. Whenever he’s fighting with Popote, she also thinks of both of them as her younger brothers. That being said, her opinion of him slightly changed ever since their last picnic. She realized that he wants an objective in his life, and he admitss that it’s true. He doesn’t want to live an empty life, and he’s wishing he has a clear objective — like slaying a dragon. Sadly he couldn’t find anything, and it’s the main source of his worries right now.

Meri then says having an objective in life is a wonderful thing, but there are things which only Alex can do. He was the one who created more free time for Carl and Carla, and it was also him who restored Anna’s hope. His objective might not be as big as slaying a dragon, but Meri thinks Alex is clearing his objectives in life.. and that’s what’s important. She also reminds him that he saved her from a monster, and he looked really cool back then — just like a hero. Alex smiles upon hearing this, and then he asks if Meri has a man she loves. To prevent unwanted answers, he blocks Mathias, Oswald and Popote out of the options. When Meri answers that she doesn’t love anyone in particular, Alex asks if she knows why he’s inviting her out today. She asks if it’s because they’re “friends”, but he tells her to think carefully about it. As long as she doesn’t give him an answer, he won’t reveal the answer either. Just when Meri realizes Alex’s feelings, suddenly Mathias comes to pull them apart. He tells Alex that the promised time has come, and he’s here to take Alex with him.

Noticing that Meri is confused, Mathias asks if she didn’t read his letter. He already asked Fren to deliver the letter to her this morning, but Alex reveals that he actually took the letter from her mailbox earlier. When Meri asks for the reason, Alex admits it’s because the letter will cause a disadvantage for him. Mathias also tells Meri to get away from Alex, mentioning that Alex isn’t what Meri thinks he is. He’s ordered to take Alex out of Elkrone, and he needs to do that job as fast as possible. At first Meri still tries to defend Alex from Mathias, but then he hits her with a shocking revelation: he never lost his memories to begin with. His real name is Alexey Daustria Vincestein, the first prince of Vincestein and the successor of Queen Victoria. He tried to give her a hint by handing the flower ring to her, but she never realized that the “flower” is actually a snowflake — the seal of Vincestein. Alex reveals that Vincestein has a lot of traditions, and the king’s trial is one of them. In order to take the throne, the future king or queen has to throw away their authority, depart to an unknown city, and live a normal life all by themselves. It’s a trial to test their strength as the future ruler of Vincestein. Alex came to Elkrone and faked his memory loss for the trial, and now the time has come for him to return to his kingdom. Victoria is looking forward to Alex’s return, so it seems that he passed the trial successfully.. and that means it’s time for him to say goodbye to Elkrone.

Knowing that Mathias sent letters from Vincestein, Alex knew Meri will notice the snowflake seal on the envelope. If she ever found out about this, he was planning to reveal everything to her and tell her how he truly feels. He didn’t want to express his feelings before she learned about his real identity, knowing that everything he said will become a lie. Sadly, Alex ended up hiding everything until the very end. Even though Meri trusts him with all her heart, he actually wanted her to doubt him and find the real him. In the end the time limit came first, and he really regrets not expressing his feelings earlier. He wanted to hear her answer to his question from earlier, but it’s time for him to go. Before leaving with Mathias, Alex kisses Meri’s hands saying the days he spent with her is his greatest treasure.. and then he says goodbye. (ノД`)・゜・。

When Meri returns home in tears, Popote angrily says he’ll scold Alex for making her cry the next time they meet again.. but Meri knows there will be no “next time”, because Alex is gone.

June 17

Meri obviously looks really sad today, so Popote takes her to eat breakfast at the inn — hoping Carl’s delicious cooking can cheer her up. She ordered a fried egg set for them, but no matter how good it tastes, she can’t help but notice that it’s different from the one Alex made for her before. Popote takes Meri to Breeze Terrace next, where they find Anna and Monika. Anna is showing the ocean to Monika, wishing that Holland will return home soon. Anna mentions that Alex’s observation and Meri’s alchemy make a good combination, Meri sadly answers that she wanted to stay with Alex for a little longer too. She runs off before her tears flow out, but no matter where she goes, the whole city is filled with their memories together. Alex tried to give her a hint, but she failed to realize everything — thinking they can always be together. It’s only after he’s gone that she realized how stupid she was. Soon Popote and Fren find Meri at the Austen Gate, and Fren gives her an urgent letter from Mathias. The letter was handed directly to an adventurer who traveled to Vincestein, and it informs her about a ball in Vincestein five days from now. Mathias already prepared a high-speed carriage for Meri, and she should go if she wants to see Alex again.

However, Meri doesn’t know if meeting Alex will change anything. He’s a prince and she’s just a commoner. They live in different worlds. Popote tries to encourage her by showing the flyer Alex used to keep, which is still smooth as new. It shows how much Alex treasures Meri, but since she keeps blaming herself for not realizing anything, Popote eventually tells Meri to give Alex a good punch across the face and tell him everything she wants to say. This reminds her that she never gave him an answer to his last question, and she finally jumps into the carriage to Vincestein with Fren. Meri notices that Fren doesn’t know anything about Alex’s identity, but he asks her not to say anything. Alex is his friend as fellow adventurers, and that’s more than enough for him to help. He doesn’t have any intentions to dig through Alex’s secret. His words make Meri realize that even though Alex is a prince, those days they spent together in Elkrone will never disappear.

June 22

Meri and Fren finally reach Vincestein today, and he manages to get the permission for them to enter the kingdom. He doesn’t think they can enter the ball that easily since they’re wearing casual clothes, but he can negotiate under the condition that she doesn’t talk at all. The guests who are invited are nobles, and they don’t go around talking to anyone like commoners. From a maid at the entrance, they learn that today’s ball is actually a masquerade. Everyone wears a mask to hide their identity, and they’re not allowed to mention their real names. Sadly the maid won’t let them enter the ballroom without any invitation cards, but soon two masked men come to ask if there’s something wrong. One of them is Lutz, and he tells them to give up since they can’t enter without an invitation, but the other masked man says he’ll take her inside. Lutz says the masquerade is special because aside from celebrating the prince’s return, it’s also a ball to decide the prince’s future wife. The other masked man replies that it’s a stupid idea, and when the maid gets angry at him for being so rude, he says the prince doesn’t need a merry ball like this. He then takes off his mask — revealing that he’s actually Alex — and he makes it clear to them that he’s only going to dance with Meri tonight.

Alex then asks Meri to dance with him, but since she’s still unsure about this, he orders her to dance with him instead and drags her into the ballroom. She came all the way to Vincestein to see him, and he won’t let her refuse. He also tells Fren not to interfere, because he’s serious about her. Instead of telling Alex how she feels, Meri is busy worrying about how everyone’s looking at them as they dance together. ┐(´~`;)┌ Why do you come this far if you’re going to be so unsure about everything? ( ಠ_ಠ ) Alex asks if Meri would rather have him get engaged to someone he doesn’t wish to marry, but then he apologizes for asking such a mean question even though she never told him how she feels. Alex promises that he won’t cause any trouble for Meri by doing this, since he’s going to let her go later. The only ones who know about her identity are only Alex, Fren, Lutz and Victoria, but the nobles will surely get angry if they ever find out that she’s just a town alchemist. Alex and Meri are free right now, but when the song ends.. it might be time for them to part. Their time is limited, so they agree to talk.

First, Alex tells Meri that Vincestein is facing a major threat in the form of the ice dragon — the Ice Königin. When he was small, Alex used to believe that he’ll become the hero who will slay the evil dragon and save the kingdom. He trained his swordskills most of the time, but soon he realized that slaying a dragon isn’t as easy as it sounds. Realizing that he’s not strong enough, he abandoned his sword and started studying instead. For a moment Alex felt that he can find something that only he can do, but that thought crumbled into pieces when Victoria summoned a certain hero to slay the ice dragon. Alex knows Victoria won’t allow him to jump into danger because he’s the prince, but trapped between the queen and the ice dragon, he feels that he can’t do anything at all. Nobody expects him to do anything, and anyone can replace him with no problems. He hated that, and he took the king’s trial in order to prove that he has the power to survive on his own. Alex thought Victoria has finally acknowledges his power, but instead, she told him to choose a noble fiancé and get married right away. Victoria and the royal family doesn’t care about what Alex is truly wishing for, and Alex can feel that they’re mocking him.

Next, Alex says it’s Meri’s turn to talk. He wants to hear why she chased him all the way here, so she finally tells him it’s because she wants to see him.. and because she wants to tell him the answer he didn’t get to hear back then. Now that she already learned the truth, Meri finally realizes that Alex wants to spend as much time as possible with her — knowing that they will have to part someday. Alex admits that it’s true, and he makes it clearer by saying it’s because he loves her. He’s been in love with her ever since they first met, and his feelings only grows deeper as they spend time together. Even though his identity and origin were covered in lies, his feelings for her are real. He didn’t want to tell her fearing that everything woud be a lie, but she says she believes in him and will always do. Alex says he might be too cowardly indeed, and he should have believed in himself more. When Meri said there must be things which only him can do, those words really supported his heart. It’s thanks to her words that he can stay in this cold palace, keeping his honor alive.

When the song comes to an end, Victoria says Alex must be punished by bringing Meri inside the ballroom. It’s just the same as staining the royal family’s name with dirt, and Alex is ready to atone for that sin. He’s going to take responsibility, stating that Meri and Fren aren’t involved in this matter. Of course Meri can’t accept it and tries to interfere, but Alex tells her it’s alright. He just failed Victoria’s trust by finding his own way of living, so it’s a problem between them. Or as Victoria puts it, it’s a problem between a mother and her son. Besides, Victoria won’t let Meri’s feelings for Alex go to waste. Victoria then orders Lutz to escort Meri and Fren to the border, but Alex stops them saying he’s got one last thing to say to Meri. Alex reveals that on the day he came to Elkrone, he picked up Meri’s flyer on the street. He thought it would be nice if he can become acquaintances with someone like her, so he locked himself into a box made specifically for the king’s trial. Once one enters the box, one won’t be able to open in from the inside. The box will deliver them towards the person they’re wishing to see, and that person is the only one who can open the box. However, Meri completely surpassed Alex’s expectation. When he saw her nursing him all night, he fell in love with her at the first sight. That’s why he will never give up on her, and he will keep waiting until she returns his love. Alex takes Meri’s flyer saying he’ll keep it as a charm, hoping they can meet again one day. Then he disappears into the palace.

After Alex is gone, Victoria asks if it’s that hard for Meri to part with him. When she says yes, Victoria asks what Alex means to her.. and Meri admits that she loves him. Victoria says she understands, and she tells Meri that Alex will have to retake the king’s trial. He’s going to live in another town again, continuing his life as a normal human. However, Victoria also wants Meri to know that even if they’re apart, their feelings will eventually grow to become a bond which ties them together. That’s why if Meri really loves Alex, she needs to nurture her love without giving up. Meri almost cries as she rides the carriage back to Elkrone, but she holds back her tears and decides to believe that she’ll meet Alex again one day — no matter how many years it will take.

June 27

When Meri and Fren reach the atelier, they find Popote standing outside with a familiar box. He says the box arrived in front of the atelier last night, and realizing what it means, Meri quickly opens the box and finds Alex inside. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Of course Meri is surprised to see Alex back in Elkrone, and he explains that he was holding her flyer the whole time — wishing that he can see her again. That, and it seems like Victoria did it on purpose to bring them together again. Alex is really happy to see Meri the moment he woke up, and he asks if she can cook for him to complete his happiness. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Alex also offers to make a fried egg set for Meri, but Fren chops his head saying she was really worried about him. When Popote mentions that Meri cried because of him, Alex is surprised and apologizes for making her worry. He’s going to stay in Elkrone until Victoria approves him, so he won’t go anywhere until then.

Alex invites Meri to have a date after breakfast, but Fren stops him away saying he’s got a lot of work to do as an adventurer. During the ball Alex mentioned that anyone can replace him just fine, but Fren says every single adventurer in Elkrone is irreplaceable. For the next whole month, Fren is going to train Alex all over again. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ ..but before that, Alex will have to treat him to eat breakfast at the inn. Refuse, and Fren will reveal his identity to everyone. Alex is actually expecting Meri to be sad since they can’t have a date today, but she only sends him off with a smile and asks him to do his best at work. As he walks off with Fren, Alex mutters about how his ラブラブ days with Meri seems so far away LOL.

June 30

The Spirit Festival Eve

It’s the Spirit Festival Eve today, and Popote asks if Meri is going to participate. She tells him that women can’t join unless she receives a man’s invitation, but soon Alex comes to visit her. He tries to get her to guess the reason, but since she’s as dumb as a brick and doesn’t know why, he has to directly invite her to the event. For some reason she finds it really surprising, and he leaves saying he’ll be waiting at the fountain plaza tonight. It’s to be expected actually, even Popote knows that Meri is the only one Alex wants to invite. Since Meri doesn’t have any dress, Popote then calls Belinda and Miranda to help dressing her up for the event. Meri also asks him to come along since she’s really nervous, but Popote reminds her that she went as far as chasing him all the way to Vincestein. She even sneaked into the ball just to see him, so he doesn’t get why she’s getting all embarrassed now. Meri can’t tell him it’s all because Alex is the prince of Vincestein, and Popote shoves her out of the atelier saying he wants to rest. By the time Meri arrives at the fountain plaza, Alex is about to go home — thinking she’s trying to put a distance between them. He’s really happy when she finally comes, and he takes her to dance together.

Alex also says all of his marriage arrangement has been cancelled, since none of the nobles want to give their daughters to a prince who hasn’t even cleared the king’s trial yet. Now Meri doesn’t have to worry about him getting engaged to someone else, but she’s not happy since it also means people’s opinions of him are degrading. Alex knows it’s his own fault for ruining the ball and putting all the noble ladies to shame, but nooo Meri keeps insisting that it was HER fault to show up at the ball. Meri, why can’t you just listen to Alex and stop replying to EVERY SINGLE thing he says with “but”s. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) He says he’s been planning to rebel right from the beginning though, because he doesn’t want his mother to decide how his whole life goes. When he saw Meri in Vincestein, Alex also realized that he failed the trial by making her sad. He was afraid she’d leave him upon learning about his true identity, and he ran away from their relationship. Alex still needs to keep his true identity hidden for the trial, but he won’t hide nor fake his feelings anymore. One day he’s going to become a residence of Elkrone and makes the city his hometown, and that will be his answer to the trial. Alex then apologizes for troubling Meri all this time, saying it’s now his turn to help her about Aoi Wakkakka and “singing alchemy”. She smiles and thanks him, but deep inside she feels insecure thinking he’s thanking her as a friend. AS A FREAKING FRIEND. Then she thinks about how he’s a prince and he will have to leave Elkrone someday. Are you kidding me? He confessed already.. and this? ( ಠ_ಠ )

Just then the countdown to the Spirit Festival begins, and Alex tells Meri that couples who are dancing together can kiss during the countdown. When the count reaches zero, Alex kisses Meri’s forehead. He apologizes for not taking her lips instead, but it’s all because he wants to treasure her. Alex once again confesses that he’s been in love with Meri ever since they first met, and he will continue loving her from now on. It’s only THEN that she realizes that she has misunderstood his feelings, and how the gap in their social standings will never destroy their bond. When Meri says she’s happy with his feelings, Alex smiles saying she always pierces through his heart. His status as a prince is meaningless in front of her, and he feels their love is much more difficult than the trial.. but he won’t give up. Until she can return his feelings, he’ll continue confessing to her over and over again. Alex is such a good guy, I feel so bad that he has to face this dense brick named Meri. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

July 1

Today is the Spirit Festival. Meri wonders what Popote wants to do since he won’t be able to reach his dream anymore once the festival is over, but she decides not to ask him about this. In the morning, Alex comes to the atelier and sends a direct hit to Meri’s heart by asking “Why do you look so sad? You don’t have any jobs today?” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Popote asks Alex to give them work using his connections, but it won’t help since everyone’s busy with the festival today. Alex tells them to go enjoy the festival with everyone else, but as usual, Meri immediately refuses saying they’re open for business today. \(^o^)/ Unlike me, Alex actually loves that side of Meri too. He says he’ll watch over the atelier for them, so she should enjoy the festival with Popote. At first Meri still refuses, but Alex says she can pay him with a date later. Popote happily takes Meri to walk around the city, with Alex telling them to be careful along the way. If they return to the atelier, Alex already cleaned up the place and even washed their laundry. He can make everything squeaky clean like Crystal Palace if they let him stay for two or three days, but of course Popote rejects the idea. xD

July 2

Reunion with Margret

After escaping from the black society’s attempt to capture her, Meri finally manages to create Aoi Wakkakka with “singing alchemy” and Popote’s help. The ring then takes them to the world of the spirits, where they meet Margret and the king of the fairies. When Margret asks Meri not to blame the black society too much, Alex protests saying they keep dragging Meri into danger. Margret replies that’s exactly why Meri has Alex to protect her, and besides, she knows that her granddaughter is a hardworker who will never give up even if the black society is getting on her way. That’s why Alex needs to do his best too, or else he’d only get dragged by Meri’s pace. Alex blushes as he nervously says “y-yes!”, while Margret laugh saying Meri has found an interesting boyfriend.

The king of the fairies then invite both Meri and Popote to come to the world of the spirits with them, but Meri refuses the offer because she loves Elkrone too much to leave it. After saying goodbye to Popote, Alex walks Meri back to the atelier.. and she cries all night since it looks so empty without Popote.

July 3

After the Farewell

In the morning, Meri hears Popote’s voice greeting her as usual.. but sadly it turns out to be her imagination, since Popote is no longer here. Soon Alex comes to visit, and she notices that he doesn’t look happy either. After all, Popote was his rival. He thinks it was very irresponsible of Popote to leave them, and he wonders what the fairy thinks of him. She answers that Popote thinks of him as a friend, and she knows for sure as the closest person to Popote.. though of course it only makes them feel even lonelier without him. Alex then asks if Meri remembers the first time they met, and he repeats his wish from back them. He’ll do anything from cleaning to cooking, so he wants her to let him stay beside her. Before Alex could finish his sentence, a familiar fairy voice suddenly surprises them with a loud “NO WAAAY!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The next thing they know is Popote’s already standing beside them, asking Meri to employ him. He explains that time flows differently on the other side, and he’s already satisfied after making a lot of fairy friends. Both Margret and the king of the fairies noticed that Popote has the ability to get along with anyone, so they decided to send him back to the human world — knowing his ability will only be wasted otherwise.

Now that he’s back, Popote says nothing will happen even if Alex does his best to clean, cook and wash laundry for Meri — because her assistant is him. Popote also doesn’t like how Alex keeps marking Meri despite having no memories, accusing Alex of erasing his own memories on purpose just to approach Meri. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Alex then protests about how Popote gave Meri a farewell kiss yesterday, mentioning that even he never gave Meri such a “passionate” kiss before. Popote rages asking if they have kissed before, and Alex teasingly answers that they have kissed so much they lost count. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´. They keep bickering until Meri eventually stops them, and she tells Alex they have never kissed before.. so he must’ve mistaken her for someone else. Or he’s making up a lie to tease Popote, without realizing that he’s actually hurting her. \(^o^)/ Then she also scolds Popote for asking her to employ him, while he has something else to say when he came home. When Popote says “I’m home”, both Meri and Alex answer with a warm “welcome back!”

True Ending

One day, Alex comes to the atelier looking for Meri. Popote says she went out to see Oyaji, so he goes to the weapon shop next. Alex doesn’t seem bothered at all when Popote teases him about his “short legs”, and Popote lets out a sad wail about how Alex might have grown taller. xD From Oyaji and Fren, Alex learns that Meri already left earlier to check up on Monika’s cold. Then suddenly, Alex thanks them saying he can survive in Elkrone because of them. There’s something he wants to report later, but right now he needs to look for Meri first. In the general store, Alex finds Belinda and Miranda checking up on Monika as well. Monika is fine thanks to the medicine Meri gave her, but Meri already left to order some food from the inn. Here, Belinda notices that something seems different about Alex. He always looked like a boy in love, but he seems a lot calmer now. Alex thanks them for accepting a mysterious person like him, and just like earlier, he says he has a report to make later.. but for now he has to search for Meri first. At the inn, Carl and Carla say that Meri has gone home earlier. Before leaving, Alex tells them that they’re the ideal married couple in his eyes. He never knew how it feels to have a normal family, but if gets married and has a family in the future, he wants to be just like them.

Alex goes to the Austen Gate next, but he only finds Niklaus there. When Alex thanks Niklaus for supporting him all this time, Niklaus says Alex has made his own place in Elkrone with his own power. Niklaus also mentions that Alex is an important person for the city, but Alex then reveals that he’s going to leave Elkrone soon. The citizens will be lonely to see him leaving, but Niklaus will always support his decision. After running around searching for Meri all over the city, Alex finally finds Meri in front of the atelier. When she asks him what happened, he takes out a ring and kneels down before her — proposing to her on the spot. He also mentions that he’s an adventurer of Elkrone, as well as the first prince of Vincestein. Alex says he’s been looking for a hero in himself, but Meri made him realize that it’s not important to become a hero. He’s been trapped between powerful figures around him, and her words saved him when he felt so powerless. After meeting Meri, Alex finally found his own way to live his life. It might be different from what Victoria is wishing for, but he found his own path towards the throne. He says she was the one who taught him that everyone’s smile is the source of happiness, and so he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Alex bought the ring with the money which he gained from working in Elkrone, and he asks Meri to marry him — giving the rest of her life to him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Since Alex is proposing on the street, obviously everyone is shocked to hear that he’s the first prince of Vincestein. The shock even causes Belinda to faint, while Fren says it’s so stupid of him to propose without thinking of the location. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Alex then asks Meri to think carefully before answering, because she won’t be able to work as a town alchemist anymore if she marries into the royal family. She can’t accept people’s requests anymore, and she will have to give up on her dream to live like Margret in Elkrone. Marrying him means she’s going to lose everything else, but he can’t give up on her after all. Alex once again says he loves Meri, and she finally decides to accept his proposal — letting go of everything in order to live beside him. Following the proposal, Meri eventually marries Alex and becomes a member of the royal family.. but their new life in Crystal Palace is a story for another time.

Good Ending

A few days after Popote’s return, Alex comes to invite Meri to look around the Spirit Festival. He says Popote should watch over the atelier today, since he’ll just become a third wheel if he comes along anyway. Popote rages and tries to make fun of Alex’s height as usual, but Alex calmly tells Popote to observe his heigh closely.. and the fairy realizes that Alex has grown a few inches. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Popote wails that he’ll remain a young boy for eternity, while Alex will grow up to become an adult from now on. Alex says Popote can become the atelier’s mascot forever since he won’t grow taller, and Popote happily replies that Alex might become bald like Oyaji in the future, while he will look forever young. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ In any case, Alex doesn’t have any intentions to keep fighting with Popote. He asks if he can have a date with Meri now, and Popote eventually allows them to go out — because she looked really happy when Alex came to ask her out. Instead of taking Meri for a walk around the city, Alex takes her out of the city instead. He lied knowing Popote would stop them, but he’ll listen to her lecture about how one shouldn’t lie later. There’s something he wants to talk about, and he can’t do it in the city.

Alex and Meri then go to Strauss Hill, where he shows her a letter from Victoria. The letter is actually addressed to Meri, and it informs her that rumors have been spreading in Vincestein ever since the ball. The cause is obviously because the prince danced with an unknown girl, but Victoria asked her not to worry. Victoria is indeed angry, but the anger is directed to Alex.. because he didn’t bring the girl he loves back to Vincestein. In fact, Alex is the only one who didn’t do so after the trial. As for Victoria herself, she found Alex’s father during her trial and took him back to Vincestein by force. オホホ━゚+.ヽ(●`∀´)乂(○`∀´)ノ゚+.゚━ン!! Victoria wanted Alex to announce his wedding to Meri right away, so she’s really angry that he didn’t do so at the ball. However, Alex knows that Meri has her own objectives as an alchemist. That’s why he decided not to propose to her, until she can finally reach what she wants to achieve. While Meri is going all ドキドキ at the thought of Alex proposing to her in the future, Alex calls Meri’s name and kisses her on the lips when she looks up. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Alex then apologizes to Meri, saying he was planning not to touch her until he can propose to her one day.. but he couldn’t hold back. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Meri is always surrounded by adults who are older and more powerful than him, but Alex doesn’t want to lose. He doesn’t want to hand her to anyone else. He kissed her because he wanted to leave a seal on her, a proof to show that she belongs to him. Alex feels bad for kissing Meri without permission, but she asks him not to apologize. She’s the one who should be apologizing, because she caused him to worry by not clearly expressing how she feels towards him. Meri then confesses saying when they first met, she thought that she needs to protect Alex. She realized that he’s actually way more mature that he looks, but her protective feelings towards him never disappeared.. and so she was really shocked when he revealed the truth. Despite her determination to protect him, she failed to pick up the hints he gave her. It made her realize that she didn’t know that much about him, and their relationship had no progress because both of them hid their feelings inside. Meri then says she wants to stay with Alex, because she loves him and wants to spend more time with him. Upon hearing Meri’s confession, Alex smiles and tells her to be prepared. He’s going to kidnap her today, and he won’t let her go until morning comes. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Alex then holds Meri’s hand and takes her away, saying they’re going to elope today.

To be fair, I absolutely love Alex. He’s so adorable and devoted, not to mention he’s willing to do basically anything for Meri. Both of Alex’s endings are really sweet, though I love his good ending slightly a bit more than his true ending. The proposal was ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ and all, but it feels weird to see Meri giving up on her dreams so easily. But then again she’s going to marry a prince, so it probably doesn’t matter anymore. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Please excuse my sarcasm, but my opinion about Meri has plumetted to the ground after doing Alex’s route. She’s always been clueless when it comes to romance, but she reaches a new level here.. in the sense that she’s as dense as a brick. Not to mention stubborn and keeps on arguing whenever Alex has something to say. ┐(´~`;)┌

I’d rather have someone like Victoria as the heroine, thank you.


23 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Alexey

  1. First, Congratz of getting off from hospital. I didn’t have a chance to say it at the day.

    I also prefer his good ending than true end. It’s sweet and cute. Uh, basically, I don’t like younger guys so I think I won’t make Alex as my fav. But Suzuki Yuuto’s voice here was very good and I like it. Still, it’s boring to see him disappeared once and made Meri worried so much. At least the good thing is, she cought him in Vincestain and prove her bravery.

    • Thank you! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*
      I think Alex’s disappearance is necessary. If he stays beside her all the time, she’ll keep taking him for granted and will never realize that she actually loves him. In fact, I think she’ll continue friend-zoning or brother-zoning the poor guy if he doesn’t leave. It’s nice to see Meri actually taking actions by chasing after him to Vincestein, but in the end she’s just too dense for my taste here. I ended up disliking her. ;____;

  2. Alex is such adorable, cute, and very devoted man ^-^ The first time I saw his design I know he is a prince lol. Well I have no word for Meri in this story, she is beyond dense. Too bad she is kinda ruined the story imo.

    And I like the good ending too, it gives ma a warm feeling. But the kneeling Alex with the ring is ♥‿♥

    Congrats for finishing this game ^-^

    • Thanks! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

      I hear you on Meri ruining the story. I can understand why Alex keeps his feelings hidden, but Meri keeps on friend or brother-zoning him all the time. I lost all of my patience when she’s being insecure on the Spirit Festival Eve LOL. She’s actually very likeable in other routes, namely Johann’s and Erhard’s, so what happened to her here is beyond me. 8D;

      If only Meri doesn’t give up THAT easily on her dreams, I think the true ending will be much better. Like at least use some time to ponder about things first before saying “yes!” But oh well, she’s marrying a prince so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. xD

      • Meri’s personality should be like in Erhard/Johann/Ralf, then this story will be perfect (´・ω・`) Somehow I wonder why they need to change her personality so drastically. I kinda dislike her on Clemens but now this. Luckily Alexei is adorable if not I’ll end up disliking his story like Stephan lol.

        • Speaking of which, we have to be grateful Meri isn’t a dense brick in Stephan’s route.. or else I’ll end up disliking both Meri AND Stephan. 8D; Erhard and Johann both avoided getting too close to anyone, while Ralf is too shy to admit how he feels, so it was actually understandable to make Meri sharper in their routes. But that doesn’t mean they can dumbify her to match Alex, who basically has “I LOVE YOU” written all over his face right from the start. xD

  3. I agree Meri was this stupid brick that I wanted to break so badly ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Hello?! Have you not heard of EQ, Meri?!
    Besides that, Alex was really sweet and all! And I’m glad he turned out to be a prince after all just like I suspected lol ( ≖‿≖) Unfortunately he was pretty wangst about him being a prince and I didn’t really see a need for some useless drama like that??? C’mon look at Cinderella the prince chased after her no problem. So I guess that part of Alex kinda irked me so I’m placing him fourth. Which means… I’m sorry Johann you’re last |D /shot
    Overall Atelier Elkrone was a nice enough game but the first two routes had me bored (no offense lol) and well Alex had that unnecessary wangst so I’d pass it but not too high. Meri being a stupid dense brick of a heroine didn’t help much either so, I wouldn’t say this is the best game to play, right? ┐(´~`;)┌

    • Alex’s complex is understandable actually. Just imagine you have an extremely powerful mother, and your country is under the threat of a strong ice dragon. You train hard hoping to save your country in the future, but then your mother used her authority to summon someone who’s way more powerful than you are. In addition, she also controls your life and decides everything for you — not allowing you to do anything helpful. That, combined by the fact that Johann is much stronger than himself, obviously causes Alex to think that he’s just a useless prince. He can’t and isn’t allowed to do anything, and he feels like a decoration instead.

      I think Alex takes everything really well, as the only drastic thing he ever does is to take the king’s trial. He doesn’t jump into stupid actions like most hot-headed guy would do, and his wish to be a hero never leads him to do anything reckless. Meri, on the other hand… /kicks

      As for final verdict, I don’t know. I loved everyone except for Stephan, and personally I found most of the routes entertaining. The main plot has holes, but the personal routes are well-written. My biggest complain would be Meri’s degradation from an intelligent alchemist to a dumb brick, but I guess it can’t be helped since Japan seems to love dense heroines. xD;;

      • … I’m imagining it but it’s not really working on me xD; I’m so sorry, but he keeps saying stuff like “I’m twisted” so it makes me think he’s some kinda evil sorcerer LOL QwQ He’s really level-headed but hmm, maybe I should reread this route. I don’t really see much to like about Alex for since he’s the I’ve loved you since forever type which okay that doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s just my preference OTL <— Inability to explain feelings
        Haha what would Japan be without its trademark bric– I mean heroines. OwO

  4. I have yet to play his route, I am confused with the inconsistency of Meri’s character. O_O I only finished Ralf, Johann, and Erhard…she was smart and ambitious, my favorite type of heroine. I am surprised to hear she gives up her dreams, sigh…guess its because she married rich ww /kicked

    • Me too. She was indeed awesome in Ralf’s, Johann’s and Erhard’s routes, so in Alex’s and especially Clemens’ route.. I go ( ಠ_ಠ ) upon seeing what she’s been reduced to. Well okay, she was actually fine in Clemens’ route. It was only for a short period of time in his true ending, but sadly it was also her worst moment in the entire game. I actually expected Meri to at least think carefully about Alex’s proposal, even if she’s going to accept it in the end. But nope, she just goes “yes!” right away. I guess marrying a prince > singing alchemy LOL.

  5. ಠ_ಠ Really Meri? Really? I’m thinking that Otomate might’ve done this because they didn’ want Meri to fall in love too ealry in the story or whatever. OR they didn’t want her to realize his feelings and go: “Uwah~ What should I do? I only think of him as a friend! I’m gonna avoid him and act really mean because of this! ^0^ ” …kind of like Amelia from Death Connection or something.

    Meri aside Alex is adorable~~ And I knew it! He is a prince! Ha! Those clothes, those looks and that name!!!

    • Alex should just give up on Meri and marry me! I’ll never be dense as a brick…unless I’m purposely acting like a troll or a S. xD

    • Yeah, I think they might be trying to balance out the romance. Unlike the other guys, Alex has been showering Meri with love right from the start.. so they can’t make her fall in love too early. It’s just ridiculous how she keeps friend-zoning him even though he sticks to her like a glue. I didn’t really like DC’s Amelia either, so I guess these types of heroines just aren’t my cup of tea. ;___; But yeah, Meri aside Alex is adorable. I sort of figured out his identity when Victoria mentioned that she was “thrown away to survive in the city” back in Stephan’s route. xD

    • Same here. Admittedly, saving Alex’s route for last has ruined Meri for me. If Otomate and Gust decide to make a fandisk, I hope they’ll improve her personality. And make Fren capturable. And Dirk. 8D

  6. my overall impression on this route after reading:


    I can’t stop smiling while reading this one. If only I could steal him away from Meri…

    I love his route, especially the endings. I love his keen observations, especially about his observation in the heroes and dragons stories. It really opens my mind and say “I’ve never noticed that as well. Thank you!” and it gave me new ideas for the story that i’m working on.


    • Yes! Fandisk please! I need more Johann, Erhard and Alex! カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ)カモーン
      Alex is indeed a very observant character. People might not understand his complex, but it must be hard for him to live surrounded by powerful forces. Johann’s route was amazing in a sense that he’s so heroic, but Alex’s route opened up a new perspective from someone who can’t be heroic. I’m glad you love that part of Alex’s route too. He needs more appreciation. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

    • If you really want to know.. Junger XV is Oswald, while Junger VIII is Heidi. It’s never revealed in the game, but the signs and hints are obvious enough. xD

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