Passion Pink キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!! I actually completed the game last week, but I didn’t have time to write any reviews. Some of the events are similar to the ones in the novels, so if you want to read more details, I recommend checking out the novels too. Also this post is a mini guide.

Hinata Ema is the only daughter of a famous adventurer, Hinata Rintarou. One day, Ema learns that Rintarou is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa. Since she doesn’t want to disturb them, Ema decides to move out and live with her 11 new brothers in a mansion called Sunrise Residence. As they live under the same roof, romance is starting to grow between Ema and the Asahina brothers. The characters available in Passion Pink are Masaomi, Kaname, Hikaru, Tsubaki, Subaru, Yusuke and Fuuto.

Since some of you have been asking if I used any guides, the answer is no. I finished Passion Pink four days after its release, and the guides available back then were mostly incomplete. If you’re looking for a guide with answers to dates / events, this wiki is the best since it informs you when and how the events happen. It also has information on what each brother love for presents, DVD preferences and everything else you need to know. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Now some tips from me:

  • Weekly Schedule
    You’re free to set your schedule each week, but it’s best to stay loyal to your guy. Try to avoid two-timing unless you want to see the conflicts and / or trying to see a certain event which requires full hearts from Yusuke and Fuuto. The reason is because the game has a priority list, and if you’re two-timing, you might get another guy’s event instead of the one you’re after. Note that you won’t be able to see their love endings if you miss an important event, but you should be fine as long as you stay loyal.

  • Family Love
    If you’re not aiming for the main family ending, do NOT raise the family love too high. Some events, mainly Kaname’s and Fuuto’s, won’t occur if you have too much family love, so try not to raise the family love unless it’s really necessary. On the contrary, Tsubaki has some events that require high family love. Tsubaki also has an ending with Azusa which actually needs a lot of family love, so it’s okay to raise or even max out the parameter in Tsubaki’s route. It will make things so much easier when you’re aiming for the twins’ ending.

  • From my personal experience, I got the love endings with these family love values:
    Masaomi: 40% – 50%. Kaname: 10%. Hikaru: 60% (required). Tsubaki: 80% – MAX.
    Subaru: 20%. Yusuke: 50% – 60%. Fuuto: 10%.
    10% was what I got by completely ignoring the family during the whole game, though I still give birthday presents for everyone.

  • Hikaru (available from 2nd run)
    Hikaru’s first event takes place on October 29, and it requires 60% family love. Make sure it’s not too high, and also make sure no one else falls in love with you. In order to increase family love without raising anyone’s affection, use the “雑談 / chat” option. Once it reached 60%, just spend the rest of your time working part time or gaming. Avoid raising anyone’s affection to make sure no one will override Hikaru’s events.

  • Kaname & Fuuto
    If you’re having problems triggering Kaname’s or Fuuto’s event, just stalk them all the time. Ignore family activities, ignore all the other guys. Just stick to them and be faithful. You’ll get their events with no problems that way.

  • Sleepover & Wishing System
    For sleepovers, you can get the total of three CGs per guy. In order to obtain all three, you need to max out his heart during the “おねだり / wishing” system. This only works when he’s in a good mood, as you can only get three hearts when he’s in a bad mood. If you got to five hearts, at night he will wake up and give you a choice. Always pick the top one in order to sleep closer to him.

  • CG Album & Memory
    If you got all the events and all the CGs, but there’s still one hole in your CG album — don’t panic. Check out the “memory” section, and scroll to the bottom. If you’ve unlocked everything else, an extra epilogue should be unlocked there. You’ll get the last CG from the epilogue. If you don’t see anything, it means you missed some events or CGs. On the very bottom of the family / others “memory” section, you’ll find a bonus scene which can only be unlocked by getting all the CGs in the game. Including the ones for Brilliant Blue characters.

  • Choices
    You can’t save during choices, and there’s no rewind option either. It sucks, I know, but we have to deal with it. The game does have a Quick Save feature, so if you’re not reading the wiki for answers, spam it during dates and events.

  • Conflicts
    Conflicts only occur when you have two or more guys in love with you. When you go on dates / sleep in another guy’s room, the one with the highest affection will come to express their dislike. That’s it though, there will be no change in affections or anything. Feel free to trigger these conflicts when you’re aiming for the main family ending or collecting events.

  • Route Chart
    Check the “route” section for your progress. If it’s too hard to understand, just look at the main route on the very top of the chart, then compare the position of the character event slots to that. It should give you an idea when an event should occur. If the main route slot already passed the event slot, it means you missed the event. It might sound difficult to understand, but it’s much easier when you see the route by yourself.

  • Date Invitations
    The guys might reject your date invitations at first, but don’t give up and be persistent. Ask them to go out every week, bribe them with presents if possible. Once they have one heart, they will never ever refuse your date invitation anymore. You can go on dates with Brilliant Blue’s characters too, but they only have short general endings.

  • Hole in the Memory
    Responses for Valentine’s Day and White Day events depend on the guys’ affection. Since there are no affection bar in the “extra” section, you can’t replay the full conversation. The same goes for any other events which have branches depending on affection. In short, the “memory” system sucks. If you really love a scene and want to replay it later, save it on a separate slot just in case. Kaname’s beach scene is a good example of this. If you replay it from “memory”, you won’t see the CG — the most important part of the scene.

That’s it. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help. ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ☆

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  1. Hohoho it’s finally here! XD I was still half way through reading alexey’s route when the new post came. Did you go for yusuke first? :D kyaaa the conflicts and sleepover options are so cool! Looking forward to the next few posts!!

    • I wrote this based on the questions I’ve heard about PP, and I decided to post this real quick so people won’t get lost when playing the game. xD Oh, and yeah I went for Yusuke first. My order was Yusuke → Fuuto → Subaru → Tsubaki → Hikaru → Kaname → Masaomi. :D

  2. Wow this is really helpful I can use this and buy my BroCon PP game without hesitation xD I’ll order it soon lol this is a good guide.
    And I see you finished it last week ( ≖‿≖)

    • Don’t forget to check the wiki, that’s your cheat sheet to get through PP with ease. xD Yeah I actually finished this last week, since Stephan annoyed me so much my otome motivation was dying. Then I charged myself full with PP. 8D

      • … Is the wiki page findable on google? ;v; <– Hopeless
        Well it was a simulation game I'm surprised you finished it so quickly that's all xD And don't blame Stephan ;A; Blame Otomate for making him seem bad D;
        Well if I can get the game I will be relying on you for help Rin-san! ♪( ´▽`)

  3. that will surely helps me because i missed few kaname events and so i didn’t got the lover ending with him, i’ll be sure to not date the family or do some stuff with them and hope it will goes successful :3

    • It seems that a lot of people are missing Kaname’s and Fuuto’s events, all because of family love. I know it can get boring when you stalk the same person over and over again, but it’s guaranteed to work. Good luck! xD

  4. *Gasp* 4 days?! Either you’re speedy reader or the game’s quite short…
    I was expecting a long span for each route, perhaps as long as HanaIchi since they did took more than 1 year to finish this… ^_^

    Anyhow, thanks for the guide! Still contemplating if I should buy this or pass up.

    Last Hope WHERE?

    • Maybe a little bit of both. I didn’t take any notes while playing, so I plowed through it much faster than usual. But then again the game isn’t that long either, and it’s actually much shorter than HanaIchi. xD If you get irked by buggy system, you might rage if you buy PP. As much as I love BroCon, PP is buggy as hell and a lot of voices don’t match the dialogues. Which is really sad, considering they took almost two years to develop the game..

      And yeah, Last Hope where?
      Now that Bloody Nightmare is out, it’s your turn to be released.

      • Hmm I think I’ll pass up on BC. D:
        I’ve yet to read Yuu’s review, though I read your novel summary and really likes Subaru, Yuusuke and Fuuto in there. <3
        Shall be anticipating these threesome in your upcoming reviews.
        I wish they could add more complex comflicts between the brothers though. ^^;

        I'm saving for BWS series, I wonder if you'll be reviewing both versions as well? My Japanese is still sucks since I just began this year, though I'm polishing it with Arcana and Amnesia.

        • Yeah, I was actually hoping for a deeper conflicts between the brothers.. but maybe it’s hard to do since they have to split the game in two. In the end the game is much more lighthearted than the novels.

          As for BWS, yes I’m planning to play both BN and LH. I was planning to do it after BroCon, but Jyuza Engi stole my attention so I’ll do that first. /o\ Have a dictionary around you when you’re playing otome games, that will help you improve a lot. :D

  5. Thank you for the mini guide Rin san, it is really helpful^-^

    I don’t play this game yet but seeing your guide, this game reminds me of Tokimeki lol, dates, presents, valentines etc ^-^

    • Oh, if you’ve played Tokimemo GS then BroCon will be a piece of cake. The system is somewhat similar, but it’s easier since Ema doesn’t have self-stats to raise. The only parameters are affections, family love and stress. The last one can be erased easily just by a single gaming session. xD

  6. Ooooo thank you for this \o/ Well it’s not like I could play this anyway but I wanna read guides etc still. This just makes me look forward to the next season of BroCon even more sob.
    Also may we be frans on twitter ;a;? I would’ve requested to follow you on twitter right now but then idk if you would accept follow requests from random a/cs like mine lol.

    • Wah that reminds me about the second season. I can’t wait until it starts, but then again I might not read it until the books got published. /o\

      Oh, and sure let’s be friends! Sometimes I accept requests REALLY late since I’m using a twitter client, so I don’t check twitter web that often unless someone tells me to. I always accept follow requests from anyone, except if it’s an empty account and the owner doesn’t tell me who s/he is. 8D;

      • I’m looking forward to your summaries whenver that may happen when the next season is published ;w; The new character designs for the next season is so nice *~~~* Everyone looks mnore attractive ide Q_______Q ((hello subaru))
        Yay \o/ I’m @syaorans ;w; /sent you request. Same w/ me, unless someone tells me or twitter sends me an email notification, I wouldn’t know if someone request to follow me plus my requests are all piled up OTL.

        • I’m definitely going to get the novels! Depending on exchange rate and shipping cost, I might buy a bunch and review them at once. Just like what I did with the first season novels. xD OMG YES Subaru is like 81276372321 hotter with longer hair, and FUUTOOO come here let me have you. /creep

  7. Woohoo! Brother’s Conflict Passion Pink!
    Not gonna lie, my main interest is Masaomi. *fangirls* Tsubaki would be my second tied with Kaname.

    I’m slightly more interested in Brilliant Blue though because I like most of the guys there. I’m also curious about Iori’s route. But, who knows when it will come since Otomate enjoys delaying this series.

    • Glad to see more Maa-kun fangirls. xD
      He used to be my main interest in the whole series, but in the end I just can’t resist Fuutan. /o\ I hope they don’t delay BB as much as they did to PP. Whenever I see Natsume blushing in PP, my heart breaks since he’s not available.

  8. お疲れさんです!助かったわ~わざわざとうざい頼むを叶えてくれてありがとう!今はまだブラコンを進んでなくて、カミキミを終わったらきっとブラコンに戻って!(。・ω・。)♪ えーと、じゃBBの彼らとはPPに外泊できないでしょ?せっかく棗と外泊できると願ったのに・・・(´・ω・`)

    PS: This in totally unrelated, but… OMG AOMINE ON YOUR SIDEBAR!!! /slapped

    • こちらこそこのガイドか紹介か分からないものを読んでくれてありがとう!

      ..and YEAHHH I NEED AOMINE ON MY BLOG 8D /shot

  9. omg Rin thank you very much for all these tips (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I still remember while playing Kaname’s I tried very hard to get one of the events and without your help (it was the sleepover one xD) I’m sure I wouldn’t have imagined what was wrong ;; That time nothing worked so I decided to re-start the game and noticed that I didn’t get it the previous time since my family love was too high /__\! So hopefully these tips and the link to the wiki are useful to everyone!

    Also kudos for the quick save comment! without it I wouldn’t have managed to get some answers right in dates orz

    • KULLLAAAA~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
      No problem, glad it helped you through Kaname’s route! That sleepover event is a really tricky one, since the time span is so narrow and you actually have to take a specific action. Out of all characters in PP, it seems like Fuuto and Kaname are the trickiest when it comes to events. I hope my tl;dr helps people to be more careful when it comes to family love, since that’s usually the source of event-not-appearing problems. xD

  10. Hmmm….. I followed your tips but missed one event on masaomi’s route. The school reopening I got a fuuto event instead. And I have no idea what went wrong since I got all the love catches…… And as a result I got a normal ending????? Any thing I might missed?

    • For the school opening event, is it Fuuto 13 or 14? Fuuto 13 will always happen regardless of whose route you’re on, but if you got Fuuto 14 instead of Masaomi’s event.. it means you broke Masaomi’s flag somewhere by choosing the wrong choice. Then Fuuto became the one with the highest affection, and that’s why you got his event instead.

      My only advice is to stay loyal, really. You have to raise the family love for him, but don’t let it go past 50% (you won’t get his New Year’s event) and don’t date anyone else. Don’t trigger any of their events. Don’t approach anyone except for giving birthday presents. You should get all of their events if you only stick to the guy you’re chasing.

      Oh, and by the time you get to the school opening event, you should already entered your guy’s route. If you check the “route” section, his chart will have a deep pink line. If you save your game, you’ll have his icon instead of Ema. If you don’t have any of these, it means you did something wrong along the way. Most likely picking the wrong choice, entering someone else’s route, or missing your guy’s key event.

      • Hmmm it’s weird cuz I got into his route already….. Do I have to go thru one play through to get the love ending? I got until the white day event then the chain broke T.T

        • No, you can get him right from the start.

          How’s your stat in the game? Is Masaomi the only one with 5 hearts? Did you trigger all of his events before that one? What’s your family love, and did you date anyone other than him?

          • I think it might be family love….. T.T since i got all his events and its kinda hard to gauge….. for masaomi as long as above 40 and below 50 its alright?

          • Actually, I’m not sure about the minimum requirement. It’s just that I finished Maa-kun’s route with family love at 40%, because I heard that his New Year’s event won’t occur if it’s above 50%. It’s a bit tricky to figure out his limit, but as long as you keep it at 40% you should be fine. I confirmed this twice, so it can’t be wrong. Also, make sure no one else is in love with you. I can’t stress this enough, but be loyal to the guy you’re chasing. It’s all for the sake of events, really.

  11. Hi! thanks for the tips! they are pretty useful!, I’m now on Kaname’s route and stalking him but I’m having trouble triggering Kaname’s beach event, I keep having Fuuto’s beach event occur. Do you have any tips for that please?

    • Yes. Just like I said above, just focus on Kaname alone. Don’t do any family activities. Never ever date anyone else. Kaname’s beach event has VERY low priority, so if someone else likes you, their event will override Kaname’s. From May to August, spend your WHOLE time with Kaname only. No matter how repetitive it gets, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get his events that way.

      • Rin-San!! I figured it out. To trigger new year event u need to keep family love below 40 it’s ok to keep that level but to get masaomi 17 requires around 50+%!!!!

        • Are you sure? My family love in Masaomi’s route was 40 by the New Year’s, and got to around 45 (just a little bit less than half of the bar) by the end of his route. xD

          • Hmm don’t know I tried adding a lil by lil. But all of masaomi events will flow until 17 so I guess it’s best to save a slot before event 17 week then focus on adding family love. Going for Hikaru now!? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

      • Rin-san! Thanks for your advice! For Fuuto’s first appearance, I triggered another event from him so as long as I don’t trigger that event and focused on Kaname, I’m able to get that event! Thanks so much again! :)

        • Glad to know it works. :D
          Yeah, breaking flags for other guys are really important here. As long as you make sure that no one else loves you, all the events should be appearing just fine. :3

          • Oh! The ending CG for Kaname is fantastic! :D Thanks again! I’m looking through the Album and noticed that the Brilliant Blue characters have some empty CG slots, I tried dating some of the Brilliant Blue characters but can’t seem to get their CG to trigger.. or is it during conflict? Like you mention that Azusa and Tsubaki had a ending which requires lots of family love but my family was 100% when I ended with Tsubaki and I didn’t get that CG. Hmm. wonder what I did wrong.

          • No, you have to do specific commands. Let’s see..

            Ukyou: Eat at home 10 times in February.
            Azusa: Play darts 10 times in December.
            Rui: Watch TV in October.
            Iori: Eat outside 10 times in January – February.
            Wataru: Play trump 10 times in March / April.
            Natsume: Watch “Sunset of the Dead” 10 times in March / April.

            For further details just check their profiles from “Likeability”. Juli should give you a hint during those times. Whenever those hints appear, just spam the commands 10 times and you should get the CGs. :3

  12. Aaah I wish I had read this post before… I was going for Masa-nii after I was done with Yusuke and Subaru (the two junjou boys lol – it was hilarious) and I’m going for Kaname at the same time because I want to collect the jealousy event. And no matter what I do I can’t get Masaomi’s New Year Event to trigger >_< I keep getting Kaname's event even though Masa-nii has 5 hearts and Kaname only 2.

    I can only go two weeks back, but I hope if I bug Masa-nii for 2 weeks it's enough to trigger this event…

    • No, don’t raise Kaname’s affection. I can’t stress this enough, but in BroCon it’s important to keep other guys away. Don’t approach them. Don’t raise their affection. It’s not that I’m telling you not to cheat / flirt with other guys, but it’s because your guy’s event might get overridden by theirs. If you want to raise family love, use the “雑談 / chat” option instead. For Masaomi’s New Year’s event, you have to keep your family love around 40% too. Don’t let it get past 50% or else the event won’t occur. You can get the conflicts when you’re aiming for the family ending later, so please don’t do that in the personal routes. They might ruin your playthrough.

      • I see… This is kinda the opposite for the novel where Ema is close to all the brothers huh. At first I thought to raise the family love I have to do activities with all the brothers *facepalm* So that’s why I never got the omake scene (´;д;`)

        I collected the event safely after I retraced back to July. Thank God for the skip button >_> It’s kinda hard since there’s no half mark on the family love gauge so I have to approximate. Thanks for your guide.

        And here’s the confusing part. Masa-nii New Year Event actually happened AFTER the temple visit. *headdesk* I almost quick loaded thinking I didn’t get the event. Sigh. And I missed Natsume’s birthday for this event.

        Can I just spazz about Natsume? Can I? Can I just gush out how incredibly awesome he is when Ema was about to buy a mini skirt and he told her that she can, but she can only wear it in his room? (*´▽`*)Hurry up and come out Brilliant Blue! ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

        • Yeah. I mean you CAN go for all of them at once, like what I did here:

          ..but only do this when you’re not aiming for anyone’s endings. Doing this will make events overlap each other, so most likely you won’t get into anyone’s route. You’ll just land into the family ending. I know what you mean though, it’s hard to tell the amount of family love since it has no marks. You’ll have to approximate. It turns dark pink once you reach 70% though, if that helps you to count the amount. xD

          Some characters have events that happen out of the ordinary, so if you don’t get any events, just try advancing the plot a little. If it doesn’t appear then you’ll have to start over, but sometimes the events take place afterwards. Oh, and yeah you’ll miss Natsume’s birthdays in some routes. Where is Brilliant Blue. Please come out already. ;____;

          • And Iori’s birthday made me miss Masaomi’s last event (゚´Д`゚)゚Whaaaaa….. いおりんのバカバカバカ!I didn’t even get a normal ending even though I stick with Masaomi till the end. 最初からやり直しか。。。Maybe my family love is too high (╥_╥) Is there anyway to lower the family love?

          • Wait! Crisis averted. I just spam the family command for the last week and collected the event successfully. Maaaan this event makes me like Ema a lot more :D I think you’re supposed to be a little bit over 45%?

            雅臣兄さん優しいな。。。もっと好きになちゃった(*´▽`*)I don’t know if I want him more as my dad, brother, or husband, but it seems like he’d be great as all of them :3

  13. I’m going to self heal myself through reading your review on Passion Pink after my disastrous play through of UtaPuri Debut =.= Thank you Rin-san! And hope you’re feeling a whole lot better now! (Read a few entries back that you were hospitalised T.T)

    Is the game system complicated? Looks like it to me @.@ Maybe cos I’m still an amateur when it comes to Japanese writing >.<

    • Thanks! I was hospitalized last week but I’m fine now. :D
      How was Debut? I heard it’s really bad, and my motivation to play Utapri has gone down the gutter.

      The system is really easy once you’ve got the hang of it. You only need to stick to the guy you’re aiming for and ignore everything else. Masaomi, Tsubaki and Hikaru require some family love, but you can max out their affection pretty quickly.. so raising family love isn’t a problem. If you ever played Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side, BroCon is pretty similar to that. Just simpler and easier. :3

    • For his events please refer to the wiki.
      Other than that, you only need to spend your days with him and date him / sleep in his room on Sundays. Also, for “隣にいたから” event you have to date him on March 6. Family love doesn’t matter as long as you don’t let it hit the dark pink area, but try to keep it low.

  14. …I keep missing Tsubaki’s Valentine’s Day event. ;A; What do, great master Rin? Family love is maxed, though Azusa’s usually at a heart or two around this stage for me.

  15. I finished playing PP and heard from a friend you had a mini-guide so I came to see how accurate it was but somehow it differentiates from what I did. Basically, I maxed the family love for all guys but Kaname and Fuuto and managed to get all their events despite the fact that you kept saying keep family love low or you won’t get the events.
    My question is simply: where did you see the whole keep family love thing from? For example, is it from playing experience or from the wiki?

    • Based on experience. You made it sound like I force people to keep the family love low for all the routes, but it was only an advice so people won’t miss events and / or get personal events overridden. I did state that it’s mainly for Kaname and Fuuto’s events. People on 2ch also reported that Masaomi’s New Year event won’t occur if family love is around 50-60%, so better be safe than sorry right? In any case, the mini guide is just a compilation of tips to make it easier for people. It’s not official or anything, so I’m not saying that I’m 100% right. If you manage to get all the events with max family love, then it’s all good. :)

      • I am so sorry. I had not intended to sound like I was saying you were forcing people to keep family love low. It was just simple curiosity on where you get your information. Again, I am so sorry. I’ve been told that I’m too blunt and lack the “pillowing” effect which causes people to misread into my intentions so I deeply apologize. I hope I didn’t offend you.

        • Oh no, no. I apologize too if I sound angry / snarky. ; v ;
          But yeah as I said, it’s based on experience. I also discussed with people on 2ch about scenes that won’t occur if your family love is too high, so I concluded that it would be best to keep it low to avoid missing events.

  16. Hi there !

    To begin with, thanks a lot for your reviews, and translations of the novels, that’s why I bought BC and I’m super happy with it ! Thanks a lot :D

    I’d like to ask you something, I hope it doesn’t bother you >..<

    Do you know where i could have gone wrong ? I don't remind making a wrong choice though, I was always following the wiki link…

    Please help me お願い !!!!

      • Well, I remember that around the beginning, at the ‘The two of them’ event, you said the next morning they talked about what happened, but nothing happened for me then >.<

        So, I don't know, do you think that was because I didn't have my family love high enough or something like that ? And then, at the day of discharge, Azusa didn't tell anything, so I guess to conclude it, Azusa cockblocked me and Tsubaki ?! (゚´Д`゚)゚

        I thought it was okay since I got all the CGs though, but do you think it will work if I raise family love sooner ?

        Sorry for taking the time to answer and huh… you're an extremily wonderful person ! :D

        • Oh, “the two of them” and the hospital event are connected, so if you didn’t see the next morning’s event Azusa won’t confess to you. But then again “the two of them” won’t occur if your family love isn’t enough, so that can’t be the reason. Did you see the the “stereo” event before that? The one where the twins speak at the same time? It should occur if you do any family activities other than chat.

          Azusa needs to be at one heart too, so instead of doing family chat, I’d say raise some family love through watching TV. Be careful not to get everyone‘s affection up too much though. :D

          • Yeah, I’ve seen it ( it was fun by the way ! ^.^ )

            Ah, i just checked, and I’ve got 4 characters with one heart, but none for Azusa ! >.< ( I raised family love both with tv and chat, sometimes games )

            Do you think that having one heart for these characters might trouble me ?
            And so, if I chat only with Azusa a few times, then it should be okay ?

            ( Thank you so much for answering me :D )

          • As long as their affection doesn’t surpass Tsubaki’s, it should be okay. In any case, you should raise Azusa’s affection to one heart before “the two of them” occurs. Since you already have hearts with other characters, I recommend chatting with Azusa until he gets there. :3

  17. Okay, well, thanks a lot, you’re my saviour !
    It annoys me to start all over again but I’ll definitely have the good end !

    Thanks a lot again ! :3

    Btw, what games are you playing right now ? Storm lover if I’m right ? Will you make a review ? I’ve read some screenshots translations and it seems fun but I’m not sure worth buying it either >.<

    • No problem, I hope you can get the good end! :D

      Yeah, I’m doing Storm Lover right now. The reviews might take a while since work is burying me alive, but I can say that it’s a really fun game. I find it even more fun than PP, to be completely honest. xD

      • Thanks, I got the entire event ” the two of them” this time ! ( even though it took me like 10 try again before having it xD ) So I guess I’ll get to the good end without any difficulties now :D

        Well, I’ll be expecting your reviews and good luck for your work ! ^.^

          • Hell yeah I got it !!!

            As Tsubaki would say : [ マジ 嬉 ] !!!

            I’ve got to say, Tsubaki is soooo adorable (○´゚ω゚`)
            I guess I mostly love his otaku side since he would understand me so well (ノ◕ヮ◕)
            And, what totally made me fall for him, was at one date, when they go shopping. If I understood well, when the correct answer is café, he says something like Ema would be the maid and he would be the master, huh ? Well, Tsubaki, just spoke about my deep hidden fantasy (人´∀`)

            Anyway, thanks a lot a lot for your review, and also for answering my asks, without I wouldn’t have done it x)
            Thank you soooooo much ! ♥

          • Congrats! Glad to know it worked out for you! xD
            Yeah, Tsubaki has wild fantasies when it comes to fetishes. He did say that he wants to take Ema to a maid cafe, and he mentioned that said cafe’s maid uniform puts a lot of emphasis on the chest area LOL. On another chance he also said he’d wear a butler suit for Ema. 8D

          • (゚´Д`゚)゚ Did he really said the thing about the chest ?! I seriously gotta improve my japanese ! ( I’ve got only few bases, so there are only specifics dialogues that I understand well, some I don’t at all >.< )
            I really love how Tsubaki might seem like a kid sometimes, as Azusa said it, but also can be such a… playboy I guess is the right word ?

          • Yes he did LOL. Aside from chest, Tsubaki also loves seeing thighs. If you go shopping with him, sometimes you get the scene where Ema goes to buy some clothes. The option that will raise his affection is the “mini skirt with star pattern”, and he says he’ll buy some thigh-high socks so he can see your zettai ryouiki. Tsubaki isn’t a playboy though. He’s just a pervert. 8D

  18. Nuaaaaaah ! That’s sure, really gonna improve my japanese this summer ( though it will still be hard to understand those scenes, since I don’t really learn that kind of vocabulary in class xD )
    I remember the mini skirt choice, but I didn’t understand anything of what Tsubaki said after x)
    I hadn’t imagine he was such a perv’, well, I had thoughts, but I wasn’t sure….
    It is weird, but the more I know about him, the more I love him 8D

    Anyway, I’m happy I can enjoy this game thanks to your translations !
    Next one will probably be Yusuke or Fuuto ^.^
    But I’m currently playing BWS too, so it might take a while…

    Actually, I play at day Brothers conflict because, well, it’s better for my roomates. I keep BWS for the night, because of all the tears I cry xD ( and because of all my weird reactions in front of my pc )

      • Well, fun is not the exact word I guess xD BWS has actually become one of my favourite games, or at least, is my favourite in the otoge genre.
        But as Kyasshiou said on tumblr, when you’re sad about the plot, you just have to remember that it gets WORSE.
        Seriously, this game is so pretty but so sad >.<
        Believe me, your kokoro will never be prepared for that ^.^

        • I know. I didn’t mean “fun” literally either. 8D
          Oh, and I’m not preparing to face the worst actually. I’m preparing my heart to take the endless torture, more like growing that “things will always get worse” concept inside my head LOL.

  19. I’ve got a question, about Fuuto. First, is it necessary to have all the events to get the good end ? Second, I can’t have one of the event (the one you call “Complaint”), I don’t know why… Any suggestion ? Argh, that makes two questions.
    Anyway, I would be so happy if you could help me ! :3

    • Yes, and it applies to everyone. You need to see all events in order to reach the love ending. As for “Complaint”, try lowering the family love. I tried at 30% and it didn’t appear, so I’d suggest not raising the family love at all for Fuuto’s route.

      • Hmm, still, it won’t work. It’s the 3rd time I start all again I’m kinda tired now. The family love is really low, and even the second event (while they watch DVD’s) isn’t triggering.. But thanks for the help, though !

        • There must be something wrong. Make sure Fuuto is at 5 hearts, and don’t do any family activities since the beginning. On October watch DVD with him, but the DVD has to be 洋画 or else the event won’t appear.

  20. Hello, i just found your tips
    But now i have lost my interest in playing the game since i’ve got fail many times T__T
    Plus the guys i like mostly in Brilliant Blue
    I should search for the tips before playing that game @__@

    But somehow i’m still curious with the contain of the game, so if you don’t mind, can i have your save data please?? >__<

    • Oh, hello! I often saw you on LJ. xD
      I’ve uploaded the save data here, but do keep in mind that the memory section sucks. It cuts off some of the events, so you won’t be able to view everything unless you play the game.

      • Ehehe, it’s that so!? =//w//= *sure i’m quite noisy there*
        Waaw, thanks so much for the save data >w<

        Eeeh~!? can't see the event~?? Zannen :(
        But's it's ok, as long as i can see the CG :D

  21. Hi there ! :)
    Sorry to bother you but I have a little issue with the game. I can’t get most of the CGs in Kaname’s route even though I did exactly like you said (no family, focussing on him only etc).
    I keep triggering Subaru’s first event and the twins first event as well….. I can’t figure out why since I only focus on him :/
    Do you have any other advices ?

    I’ll keep reading some guides and hope I’ll sort it out haha (so frustrating though !)

    Have a nice day ;) (and sorry for my english, it’s not my first language ^^’ )

    • Hello! It’s rather easy to trigger Subaru’s first event, so it’s okay as long as you don’t raise his affection. By the twins’ event, did you mean the seiyuu event? If so, that means Tsubaki’s affection is high enough to trigger the event. That event should NOT occur if you ignore Tsubaki, and I’d suggest completely ignoring everyone else. Since you’re already focusing on Kaname, make sure you don’t raise the others’ affection through the choices. But even if these events are still appearing, try reaching the summer vacation in August and see if you can get Kaname’s event. If you can see it, you should be fine. :D

  22. あのぅ… わたし雅臣さんのルートを選んで結婚式のシーンまで無事にたどり着いたんですけど…

    ありがとうございます!!(バカですいません〜(´Д` ))

    • コメントありがとうございます!




  23. そうですか…!
    それに「ALBUM」にも二つだけ「???」あります。一つはその「新しい家族」のCGで、もうひとつは… 多分、「雅臣さんの部屋にお泊まり3」です。
    やっぱりそれが原因ですか? Σ(・□・;)



    返事ありがとうございます!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  24. あー!!!
    うわー Rinさん、本当にありがとうございましたっ!!!

    • 出てましたか!良かった~(*´∀`*)



  25. Ahaha I really wanna play this game, but it just looks like there’s a lot of things to do. The CGs are really pretty too, but I’m soooo lazy haha. So I’m like waiting for brilliant blue to come out. Since my fave is Natsume, I feel more confident in finishing his route no matter how troublesome. And maybe play the others after getting an idea. But it doesn’t seem like otomate is releasing it anytime soon… They keep releasing dates for the new games, but I feel they should release brilliant blue first hmph (>_<。)

    • LOL can’t blame you there. While I loved the game to pieces, admittedly it was pretty troublesome to get through. Especially when you have to collect the family CGs and such. Hikaru’s route was less troublesome than the others though, and since Natsume is a secret character too, I hope his route would be easier to do. :D

      It seems like the BroCon stuff were busy preparing for the anime?
      After the anime announcement, BB starts receiving updates again… though they ended up pushing the release date to 2013. I hope they won’t abandon the project again, because we seriously need the game to come out. ;_;

  26. It seems like you’re the one to go-to for BroCon issues haha. Your guide has helped me a ton and I haven’t had any problems until I reached Tsubaki’s route. I managed to get his good end, but the 3P end with Azusa still eludes me. I’ve tried to follow two different guides and the most I’ve gotten was Azusa’s confession at the hospital, but still the Tsubaki end. Is it hidden in the memory section? Do I need to be at a certain amount of hearts for it? Also when I’m courting Azusa to raise his affection I always end up missing a Tsubaki event. I know family love needs to be high or maxed out. Other than that I’m kinda lost with this route. If you don’t mind helping, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Hello! :D
      It’s been a while, so I don’t remember clearly about the details… but I think around Christmas, I completely ditched Tsubaki to hang out with Azusa. I also maxed out Azusa’s affection, but the wiki says you only need 3 hearts. If you got Azusa’s confession at the hospital, you should be on the right track. Maybe you should try breaking Tsubaki’s flag by not giving him a chocolate on Valentine’s Day? It’s not hidden in the memory section, so you should be able to see it by the end of the route.

  27. Hi there! I love Brothers Conflict and I read all your summaries of the novels….thank you so much for those! T^T I’m so grateful. Thank you for the game summaries too!
    Only…I don’t know japanese but I want to play the game. D: I love Tsubaki so much!!!!
    Is there any guide for Passion Pink you know which helps, like, if you know only little japanese?
    Ah~ I wanna play so badly! I know how to speak japanese a bit and hiragana and katakana but I am bad at kanji. >_<

  28. Hi Rin,
    Since I found your blog I’ve been having a blast reading it, thank you so much. I have a question.. if this ever happened to you.. i’ve done everything right step by step on Yusuke’s route.. following Peche’s guide and It still jumps to an event with Subaru… T_T.. i dont know why, it just does, and I never get to go on the train with Yusuke u_u;;; I’ve redone it a million times cause i want to start with the right foot, but It still does the same thing..

    • Hello!
      Actually, you just have to spend all of your time with Yusuke and ignore everyone else as much as you can. The event should appear that way. If other people’s events occur, you don’t have to worry since that does happen. Especially when your family love is moderate or high. Try to proceed and see if you can get the train event later on? As long as you spend enough time with Yusuke, you’ll see it.

  29. I only have been with Yusuke, haven’t done anything with the other brothers ಠ_ಠ, and in fact when they ask me something during an event i reject it and i still dont get his events T.T… I’ll keep trying, thank you so much for your help Rin, and keep up the good work, i laugh everytime i read your reviews, the way you express yourself it makes it so much more fun to read, thank you very much!! :)

    • Hmm… I’m not sure what’s wrong, but here are the requirements for that train event if you need it:

      • Yusuke needs to have enough affection
      • Takes place between June 1 – June 30
      • Choose “でも楽になったから” to raise his affection

      Thanks for reading my posts, and I hope you can get the event! :3

  30. Rin!! thank you so much for your guidance, looks like somehow it was bugged, i turned it off by mistake and the next time i tried it there it was! (*´∀`*) so now everytime i feel i miss an event i restart it ಠ_ಠ.. I’m so happy xD, thank you so much for your help, and for doing this, I’m having so much fun reading your posts, ty ty! :D

  31. お疲れ~レビューのためにありがとう~
    any tips on how best to max out hearts during sleepover for Kaname or how to keep the heroine happy during the weekly schedule? :)

    slowly plugging away at this – its quite a fun time passer :P

    • As for the hearts during sleepovers, it depends on the guy’s mood. You can max out his hearts when he’s in a good mood, but can’t go further than 3 hearts when his mood is bad. The right responses for the wishing system is in the wiki I linked above. :D

      By “keep the heroine happy”, did you mean keeping her at low stress? Gaming would reduce a lot of stress, so if you can include than in her schedule at least once a week, she should be fine.

  32. quick question, do you have any idea where to find a cg pack download? im dying to find one and couldnt find a cg pack bor BC: Passion pink ;-;
    Stupid google, i cant find any D:
    you dont have to but ill be appreciaitve you you had a link to download
    or you could tell me why i can :3

  33. I’m playing through the game (I work at FUNimation and am the brand manager for the new anime series, which we’re simulcasting!) and man, is it tough when I have minimal kanji skills. And SLOW because I have to use my handwriting recognition software anytime a choice comes up that I can’t read ^^;

    Anyway I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the BroCon information– game and novels! It’s been super useful. (And personally, I can’t decide between Tsubaki, Yuusuke, and Subaru. TT-TT Though it makes me all kinds of happy that there’s an OT3 ending with Tsubaki and Azusa!) :D

    • Hello. The anime is airing, isn’t it? :D
      I can’t watch it at the moment, but looking forward to see the first episode!
      Also, thanks for reading these BroCon posts. Glad to hear they’re useful, especially because the novels have much more details compared to the games. It’s difficult to choose a favorite since the Asahina brothers are all so nice and charming. xD Since we’ll have Natsume in Brilliant Blue, I wonder if they’re going to give us an OT4 ending next LOL.

      • “Since we’ll have Natsume in Brilliant Blue, I wonder if they’re going to give us an OT4 ending next LOL.”

        Your words speak to my heart <3

        The anime is airing! We haven't put out the official first episode yet but the OP (by Gero) and ED (the Asahina bros + Juli) are super fun! I'm a liiiittle sad because they eschewed Wataru running Ema down with his bicycle though ;) I'm really looking forward to the whole series though. ^^

        • Watched the first episode yesterday! /o/
          Yeah, I was a bit disappointed since they took out that intro scene with Wataru and Masaomi. It reduced the impact, in my opinion, but oh well LOL.

  34. T.T Can you help me???
    I’m having problem triggering Masaomi’s 1st event.
    I followed Peche’s Guide for Masaomi… somehow it always went to Kaname or Subaru.*sigh*
    Can you tell me how you arrange the diary for Masaomi’s route???
    pls pls pls pls pls ><

    • I didn’t use a guide so I can’t tell you what’s wrong, but the event should occur if you spend your weeks with Masaomi only and take him out on dates on weekends.

  35. Hi Rin, I’m so sorry to be bothering you about BroCon, but I had hear if you complete all the routes (just like you did) you get a special CG with Juli in the human form.(I had hear too that after you get this GC, and complete the Natsume route in BB (?) you can unlock Juli’s special secret route in BB ).Again, I am very sorry to bother you about a game that you played a little long ago, I am just planning to buy both PP and BB and I am very curious about it (I know that you can’t answer about Juli’s special secret route since you still hadn’t play BB, but if I am not bothering you and you still remember, you could answer about the CG).Sorry, I just typed too much.Thank you anyways!This blog is amazing!(Sorry for the bad english)

    • Oh no, no one has asked before so it’s okay!
      You’re right. After you complete all routes and get ALL CGs (including the sleepover ones), you can get a bonus event and CG with Juli. The CG only shows his hand, but you can hear him talking to Ema while she’s asleep in that event.

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