BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – Fuuto

Depending on your taste, you might or might not love Fuuto. He can be seen as too harsh, too mean and too cheeky, but definitely not me. I love Fuuto with an eternal passion. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Fuuto is the 12th son of the Asahina Family. He’s a 14 year old junior high student, and also a famous idol who often appears in TV shows and commercials. Since he’s balancing work and school, Fuuto has a busy life and can rarely be found at home. Behind his charming idol smile, Fuuto is actually cheeky, sharp-tongued and tends to look down on everyone around him. He holds a deep interest in acting, though he’s also well-known as an exceptionally good dancer.

ドラマの撮影 [ Drama Shooting ]

For summer vacation, everyone goes on a family trip to Miwa’s private island.

At first everyone isn’t sure if Fuuto can join the trip due to his busy schedule, but he can come along since he’s got work to do near the island. On the second day of the trip, August 12, Ema and Juli finds a crowd surrounding a shooting location at the beach. She figures out it must be for Fuuto’s drama, and she quietly sneaks into the crowd to take a closer look — because she knows he’ll say something like “pay the observation fee!” if he finds out. There she finds him in a yukata, and one of his fans explains it’s because they’re shooting a fireworks festival scene today. Despite his real personality, Ema admits that Fuuto is really good-looking and looks nice in anything. (❤ฺ→艸←) In the drama Fuuto plays the role of someone who’s in love with his best friend’s lover, and Ema can tell that he’s taking the job very seriously. Even when the director approves, he asks for a retake because he’s not satisfied with his own acting. Just then Ema notices Fuuto glancing at her, and she decides to leave the location with Juli.

Back in the cottage, Ema receives a mail from Fuuto. Just as she expected, it says: “You were in the shooting location, weren’t you? Why are you watching without permission?” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She’s thinking of calling him instead of replying, but he calls her first saying she took so long to reply to his mail. Fuuto says he’s busy, unlike a “commoner” like Ema, and he complains that he gets distracted if a relative is watching him at work. Then he calls her an insensitive fool, and that he wants to charge observation fee from her. When Ema holds back all of her anger and apologizes, Fuuto says she’s lucky to see him in a yukata.. and she agrees. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He looks good in a yukata and he knows it, but he’s surprised when she says his acting is just as good. Fuuto then asks Ema to prepare dinner for him, because he’s going back to the cottage later. She needs to know that she’s using his “important time” for the phone call, so she’s not allowed to refuse. It’s an order, not a request. Of course Ema is pissed, but then she goes to cook dinner for Fuuto anyway. It’s to thank him for the memorable scene she saw today.

本当の夢 [ Real Dream ]

On October 1, Ema and Fuuto watch DVDs together in his room. There’s a scene she doesn’t catch due to the fast pace, but when she turns around to ask him, she finds him watching the movie with a serious expression. He seems to be really impressed by the movie, and she asks if he likes the lead actor. She mentions that his eyes keep chasing the actor, and he teasingly asks if she was watching him instead of the movie. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He answers that he does like the actor, since he can learn a lot by watching the actor’s performance. After a short silence, Fuuto tells Ema that he actually wants to become an actor. He knows he will have to graduate as an idol someday, and whenever he watches movies, he keeps thinking about how long he will have to keep working as an idol. Somehow he feels that it might be too late for him to step into a new career. He wants to earn a living through his acting, but he’s aware that he’s got a long way to go. As much as he wants to act, his job as an idol takes the highest priority.

Fuuto then asks Ema to say something, and he’s shocked to see her on the verge of tears. His feeling towards acting is really strong, but somehow she can feel his sadness too. Fuuto falls into silence upon hearing this, and he quietly thanks Ema for understanding him. After taking a very close look at Ema’s face, Fuuto suddenly says that she’s “surprisingly cute” and wonders why he never noticed this before. Unfortunately, they got interrupted when Yusuke comes to ring the doorbell. Fuuto has no intentions to open the door though, and he tells Ema to keep her voice down. As he covers her lips with his hand, Fuuto admits that he wants to be alone with Ema for a little longer. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Yusuke soon leaves thinking he’s away, but Fuuto refuses to let go of Ema. Instead, he says they should continue watching movies with him clinging to her like this. He actually prefers watching them alone, but he doesn’t mind having her by his side.. and she notices that he looks happy. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Fuuto spends most of his time outside of the mansion, so Ema is happy if she can grow closer to him.

文化祭当日 [ Culture Festival Day ]

Hinode High School’s culture festival takes place on October 23, and Ema is busy working as a bunny waitress in her class’s cafe. At noon, Rui comes to see how she’s doing. His salon is located quite far away from the school, but Fuuto is working around the area, and he came to style Fuuto’s hair earlier. Since Ema is on break, Rui invites her to walk around the festival and see the exhibition together. However, Ema then receives a mail from Fuuto — which basically asks her to tell Rui to buy a bunch of food for him. As Ema checks everything on his order list, Rui says it’s such a waste that Fuuto can’t see her as a bunny today.. so he takes a picture of her and mails it to Fuuto. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Soon after that, Fuuto calls Ema and asks if she’s not embarrassed wearing such a thing LOL. He thinks she’s actually enjoying it, and he’s willing to drop the subject when she tries to protest. In return, he wants her to come to his room later in her bunny costume. Then he drops the call saying he’ll be waiting for her tonight, because he thinks she’s cute and wants to see her bunny costume directly. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

真実 [ Truth ]

A week after Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding, on November 13, Ema goes to her old apartment. They asked her to help organizing their wedding photos, but she ends up finding a book which states that she’s actually adopted. Before Rintarou could explain anything, Ema runs out of the apartment and cries in the park until night falls. The one who eventually finds her is Fuuto.

When Fuuto says he’s here to take her back home, Ema apologizes for running away without a word. He also asks her to stop crying, and he admits that he actually hates it when women cry — except for her. He always thinks they’re annoying and troublesome, but ever since she cried for him last month, he realized that he can’t stand seeing her in tears. Besides, she looks better when she’s “smiling like a fool”. Ema obviously gets pissed, and Fuuto replies that even her angry face is better than her crying face. Knowing that Ema ran away after learning that she’s adopted, Fuuto asks if it’s really necessary to think about one’s real parents. As for him, he doesn’t really think much about his parents and his brothers. It’s true that it was them who brought him up, but his life is his alone. While he doesn’t mind being alone, Fuuto knows it’s not the same for everyone. Sometimes people need a family to rely on, so if Ema needs someone right now, he will stay with her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ..and in order to comfort her:

Fuuto: “What do you want me to do?”
Ema: “Eh? Eh.. Um..”
Fuuto: “I don’t mind staying with you all night, but I’ll take the payment for that.”
Ema: “All night? Payment!?”
Fuuto: “You’re not a kid anymore. You understand that much, right?”


Of course it’s only a joke, and Fuuto smiles when Ema finally laughs. He says Rintarou wants to talk to her, and she agrees to go home with him. Fuuto then holds out his hand to help Ema stand, though he tells her to make it quick since it might be bad if someone sees them together. She protests saying it was him who came to pick her up, and he jokingly replies that he’ll let go of their hands if she complains. When Ema quietly asks him not to let go, Fuuto laughs saying she’s really honest.. but he doesn’t mind pampering her for once. (❤ฺ→艸←) As they walk home together, Ema gradually feels calmer — knowing that Fuuto is right by her side.

大切なもの [ The Important Thing ]

After learning everything from Rintarou, Ema goes to see Fuuto in his room. He’s about to go to work though, so she needs to make it short. She asks if he went to look for her even though he actually has work to do, and he answers that he only delayed his shooting schedule a bit. Ema feels bad and apologizes, but Fuuto says there’s no need for her to apologize. It was his own decision, and he took actions based on his own will. She doesn’t have to worry. In fact, he’ll only find it annoying if she feels apologetic. This makes Ema realize that while his words are harsh, Fuuto is actually being really kind to her. Since she comes all the way to his room, he teasingly asks if she wants to stay with him all the time. Sadly he can’t stay with her right now, but he promises to return before midnight. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Fuuto then asks Ema to make dinner and wait until he comes back, and when she answers yes, he says he’ll return as fast as possible. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

からかい [ Teasing ]

On November 21, Ema goes to Rui’s salon for a haircut and styling. She returns to the mansion after that, and soon Fuuto also comes home from work. Upon seeing her with a new hairstyle, he puts up a mischievous smile and leans in to touch her cheeks — saying she looks beautiful with her new hairstyle. He says he’s a fool for not realizing her beauty up until now, and then he asks if he can forget the fact that they’re siblings. Just for this moment. [壁]*ノノ)キャ~ When Ema starts panicking, Fuuto suddenly pulls back and laughs at her for taking him seriously. He then asks if she thinks of herself as a princess, who can make men’s hearts flutter by simply changing her hairstyle. He finds it fun to see her in a panic, and he shows absolutely no signs of apologizing either. When Ema angrily says she won’t cook lunch for him, Fuuto replies that he’s hungry and asks his “beautiful big sister” to make something for him — which works like a charm. While she tries to be indifferent about this, she can’t deny it when he mentions that she looks happy upon hearing the praise. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Fuuto says Ema is really fun to tease, and she actually doesn’t mind either. Because she enjoys spending her time with him.

クリスマスコンサート [ Christmas Concert ]

Based on Fuuto’s request, Ema goes to watch his group’s Christmas concert on December 24. He prepared a seat for her in the front row, and she lets Rui style her hair before going to the concert. Rui also mentions that Fuuto has calls his family to watch his concerts since he finds them annoying, so Ema must be special to him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The moment Fuuto appears on stage with his refreshing idol smile, Ema thinks about how people would never imagine that he says harsh things everyday at home. During the concert, Fuuto announces that he wrote the lyrics of a new song they’re going to sing for the first time today. The song is about the true feelings of someone who normally can’t be honest, and Fuuto glances at Ema as he says “I’m sorry for always troubling you.” ビュンッ━.+゚*━(゚д゚心)━。:゚+━→ブスッ As the fangirls around her squeal about how Fuuto has just looked their way, Ema wonders if it’s just her imagination.

After the concert ends, Fuuto suddenly mails Ema and asks her to come to his dressing room. He comes out to see her in the hallway, still wearing his stage costume from earlier. Or rather, he doesn’t change on purpose just for her. She’s happy to see him directly, and she says he’s even more good-looking from up close — which he replies with “obviously.” (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The concert is a Christmas present for him, and he asks whether she noticed the other present he gave to her earlier. He says he sent a sign to her from the stage, and she should notice since she was watching him. The second present is of course the lyrics he wrote, though he says it’s not entirely how he feels. When Ema happily thanks him for the wonderful presents, Fuuto mentions that she put a lot of effort in her appearance today. He knows it must be Rui who did her hair, since Rui’s skills are enough to make a commoner like her look pretty. Fuuto is actually trying to praise Ema, but since that doesn’t sound like a praise at all, he fixes it to be “You look so beautiful today. So much that I want to kidnap you right now..” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Soon they hear Fuuto’s manager calling him from the dressing room, and Fuuto says he needs to attend the staff’s party now. He notices that Ema looks disappointed, so he teasingly asks if she wants to go home together. The press will definitely make a big scoop of their relationship if they’re seen together, so Fuuto apologizes that he can’t answer Ema’s expectations — even though she keeps saying that she’s not expecting anything. Ema sighs thinking that Fuuto will always be Fuuto despite his idol smile, but she’s happy to see him today. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

お正月 [ New Year’s ]

Since Fuuto had to participate in the New Year’s countdown, he’s still asleep when Miwa and Rintarou visits the mansion on New Year’s Day. Before they go to pray at the shrine together, Miwa asks Ema to wake Fuuto up and ask if he wants to come along. Ema is hesitant knowing Fuuto will get angry if she disturbs his sleep, and just as expected, she’s greeted by an angry “…who is it!?” upon ringing the doorbell. When Ema asks if he wants to pray at the shrine with them, Fuuto gives her the most charming idol smile he can make.. and goes “there’s no way I’m going!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The shrine is packed on New Year’s Day, so things would only go out of hand if people finds him there. He stresses that he’s different from them, but when she apologizes, he blushes and says it’s okay. Ema also offers to buy an academic charm for him, and Fuuto lets her do as she likes — though he actually prefers food than charms. He’s going to take his high school entrance exam this year, but it’s not like he needs to rely on charms to pass. Before leaving, Ema wishes Fuuto a Happy New Year. She’s hoping this year will be a good year, but he says they should “make it a good year” instead of wishing. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Fuuto then says Ema will have a good year as long as she has him, and when she asks why he can say such a thing with a straight face, he only says the answer is obvious. He jokingly wishes her luck not to draw a “great misfortune” omikuji, and Ema pouts as she walks back to the living room. That aside, she’s glad she could greet him for the New Year’s today. (*´∀`*)

弱音 [ Complaint ]

On June 9, Fuuto returns home looking gloomy. At first Ema thinks he’s just tired because he’s been busy with work recently, but it doesn’t take long until she realizes that there’s something wrong with him. He seems taken aback when she asks if something happened, and he takes her to talk in his room — where he reveals that he’s working as a lead role for a new drama at the moment. His acting performance will be evaluated, and the director of his agency is willing to let him work as a full-time actor if the result is good enough. Ema is impressed because it’s a big chance for Fuuto, but then he admits that things aren’t going well. He tries his best since he doesn’t want to let go of this chance, but he just can’t seem to act right. He makes so many mistakes until the director got angry at him, and he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Fuuto wonders if he’s just not cut out to be an actor, and he laughs saying everything has lost its meaning. He then turns to Ema and asks her to give him a comforting kiss, but she only tells him not to rely on her at a time like this. People who have a job will always feel pressure when they’re working, and Ema points out that Fuuto never experiences pressure because he’s not taking his job as an idol seriously. Fuuto argues by saying she has no working experience, but Ema replies that she can tell just by watching everyone in their family. They’re taking their jobs seriously, and that’s exactly why they feel pressure and responsibility at work. They all have different opinions about work, but none of them will throw their jobs away like he does. What he’s doing right now is only escaping from pressure, something one will never do if they take their jobs seriously. Fuuto is shocked upon hearing Ema’s words, and he says it’s so annoying how she gets fired up over this issue.. but then he admits that she’s right.

Just as Ema said, Fuuto has never felt any pressure at work. A part of him is taking his job as an idol lightly, but it’s different now. He wants to grasp this chance no matter what, and that’s what causing him to feel nervous and stiff at work. Even though he was thinking of giving up earlier, he actually doesn’t want to give up. He really wants to become an actor, and he’s now doing his best to reach that goal. Fuuto then laughs saying he’s the worst for seeking comfort from Ema, but she answers that she loves that side of him. He might be aiming for perfection, but she loves the current him — who’s desperately struggling to reach his dream. Ema deals with nervousness by thinking she won’t die by the failure, and she doesn’t know if it can be applied to Fuuto as well, but she asks him to be more at ease when he’s working. He laughs saying entertainers are different from commoners since one failure might end an entertainer’s career, but somehow he feels much better after talking to her. He says he’ll do his best, and he regains his confidence saying there’s nothing he can do.

Fuuto also calls Ema a demon for scolding her little brother when he was feeling down, but he admits that it actually worked on him. When she apologizes to him, Fuuto thanks Ema and says that her words have opened his eyes. From now on he’s going to take his jobs seriously, both as an idol and as an actor, and he promises that he won’t give up so easily anymore. He then asks her to say something in response to his gratitude, and she replies by saying he’s not like himself today — because he’s so honest. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Fuuto says it’s so cheeky of Ema to say such a thing, and he jokingly adds that he won’t let her know when the movie is done. Then he laughs saying it’s a joke, and he tells her to look forward to the movie. At the same time, she’s also thinking of supporting him even more from now on.

バレンタイン [ Valentine’s Day ]

For Valentine’s Day, Ema gives a handmade chocolate to Fuuto. He’s exhausted since he just returned home from work, but he’s amused when she hands him the chocolate. He mentions that he’s going to receive several boxes full of chocolates, and he asks if she’s trying to make him fat by adding another one. When Ema sighs and tries to leave, Fuuto stops her saying he didn’t say he’d refuse. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ As she hands the chocolate to him, she explains that it’s a fondant chocolat with minimum sweetness.. and he smiles when she says she made it just for him. Fuuto then asks how much love did Ema put into the chocolate. Is it an obligatory one sent by an older sister to her younger brother, a present from a fan to an idol, or a chocolate made for the person she loves. Just before Ema answers that it’s the last, Fuuto chuckles saying he knows the answer — he only wanted to tease her.

Fuuto: “Oh, right. Wanna sleep together?”
Ema: “Huh?”
Fuuto: “As a sign of gratitude for the chocolate. Sleep with me?”
Ema: “E-Eh!? W-What are you..”
Fuuto: “Let’s sleep together.. okay?”
Ema: “F-Fuuto-kun, w-what are you saying? You’re joking right?”
Fuuto: “Yeah, just kidding. Sorry for getting your hopes up! Goodnight. ♥”

Congratulations, Ema. You just got trolled. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

夜のデート [ Night Date ]

On March 7, Fuuto mails Ema at midnight saying he’s standing in front of her room. He asks her out for a walk, because he can only be free at this hour. Only a few people are still outside at this hour, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting recognized either. Fuuto also tells Ema to wear a jacket since it’s cold outside, and he blushes when she points out that he can say kind words too. (❤ฺ→艸←) Along the way, Ema trips and Fuuto catches her. He asks her not to run since it’s dark, and she notices that his words are more gentle compared to before. He’s still harsh, but he’s not as thorny as he used to be. Or maybe not. Because he also adds that a big sister won’t do something as clumsy as tripping in front of her younger brother. xD Fuuto then holds Ema’s hand and takes her to the park, where they see the cherry blossoms together.

Fuuto says he has an announcement to make today, and he tells Ema that he passed his high school entrance exam. She happily congratulates him saying a year passed by so quickly, to which he replies with “when you’re spacing out, I’m gradually becoming an adult.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Besides, Fuuto has realized that things are much more enjoyable when he’s staying near Ema. She asks him what that means, and he says it’s a secret for now.. but she will find out when the time comes. By the time the cherry blossoms wither, it will be “the best, exciting present” for her. Fuuto then says they should just watch the cherry blossoms for now, and Ema feels ・:*:・ドキ(*´・_・`*)ドキ・:*:・ upon seeing his innocent smile. She feels happy beside him, and she realizes that she doesn’t see him as a younger brother anymore.

ホワイトデー [ White Day ]

On White Day, Fuuto gives Ema some sweets from a very famous shop. It’s really popular and the sweets got sold out soon after its opening hour, so people would have to queue from the morning if they want to get the sweets. Ema is amazed that Fuuto managed to buy some, and he says it’s an easy task for someone like him.. or so he says. He actually queued in line just to buy the sweets for her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Ema apologizes for the trouble, but Fuuto answers that he was the one who bought it for her — there’s no need for her to feel bad. Besides, he wouldn’t do something like this if he finds it troublesome. Fuuto also tells Ema to fix her habit of apologizing to people, though it’s not going well because she only ends up apologizing to him over and over again. When Ema says that she might not eat the sweets since she treasures them too much, Fuuto replies that he’ll come to eat them in her room. In return, he expects her to give him a lot of service as she feeds him. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Fuuto then leans closer saying he will eat both the sweets and Ema, but when she panics, he laughs and reveals that he’s only trolling her as usual. He bought the sweets for her, so he wants her to eat them. He says he’ll get angry if she eats them with someone else though, and that she’s the only one he gives a present to today. (❤ฺ→艸←)

入学式 [ Opening Ceremony ]

As the new school year begins, Hinode High School welcomes its new students on April 11. Yusuke and Ema are observing their new juniors before the opening ceremony, and they see a crowd surrounding the school gate. When they take closer look, both of them are surprised to find Fuuto — wearing Hinode High School’s uniform — politely greeting everyone. As much as Yusuke wants it to be an illusion, Fuuto soon comes to approach them — causing Mahoko to scream in delight since she’s a fan of his group. Starting from today, he’s going to be a first year student in Hinode High school. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Fuuto also explains to Mahoko that he’s actually Yusuke and Ema’s younger brother, but they have to save the details for later since the bell is already ringing.

Before going to their classrooms, Fuuto asks if Ema understands what he told her during their night walk at the park. He said things are much more enjoyable when he’s staying around her, and that’s why he decided to enter the same school. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Fuuto was initially planning concentrate on acting instead of continuing his studies, but the director of his agency said it would be better if he entered high school, so he had no choice but to do so. Of course any high school will do, and he could choose an entertainer’s course at the school his agency provided.. but he prefers having a fun school life with her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Fuuto likes Ema a lot, so he’s actually happy with his decision. Plus, he promises to turn her last year in high school to be an exciting and memorable one. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。*

放課後デート [ After School Date ]

The next day, April 12, Ema is waiting for Fuuto after school. He’s going home by train today, so he wants her to come with him. Ema runs into Mahoko in the hallway, who admits that she is so jealous she might die LOL. Mahoko points out that Fuuto chose to enter their high school instead of an elite one, invites Ema to go home together, and will go back to the same home as her — it’s plain impossible not to be jealous. However, Ema says there’s nothing to be jealous of since Fuuto probably did everything on a whim anyway.. or did he? Soon after that, Fuuto comes to meet up with Ema. After politely exchanging greetings with Mahoko, Fuuto excuses himself and asks Ema to go home. They walk through the park along the way home, but Fuuto is clearly in a bad mood. He only gives short replies whenever she tries to talk to him, so Ema points out that he seems to be sullen right now.

Since Ema has noticed, Fuuto then asks why she said that he’s only staying beside her “on a whim”. After calling Ema dense, Fuuto makes it really clear that there’s no way he’d enroll to a metropolitan high school on a whim. Besides, he already told her that he finds it fun to be near her. He asks if she doesn’t understand what it means, even though he already showed her a side of him that’s not a “brother” nor an “idol” — but as a “man”. Ema finally grasps what Fuuto is trying to convey, and he says he doesn’t mind that much knowing she’s a fool to begin with. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Just then Fuuto sees a food cart nearby, and he goes to buy an ice cream for Ema. When she asks if he doesn’t buy one for himself, he calmly leans in and takes a bite of her ice cream — saying he’ll just have some of hers. (❤ฺ→艸←) He actually wants to have a direct kiss instead of an indirect one, but he’s holding back for now since they’re siblings. He’s also an idol who needs to be extra careful when he goes out, but just for once, he wanted to walk home with her and visit various places along the way.

Fuuto: “An idol like me is going this far.. just for you.”
Fuuto: “So it’s about time you stop acting dense.”
Fuuto: “I won’t go this far if you’re just a big sister.”

Fuuto invites Ema to walk home together again when he’s free, and her heart suddenly starts beating faster when he smiles at her. It’s not a brother’s not an idol’s smile, but the smile of a man — directed only at her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

ご褒美 [ Reward ]

On April 30, Mahoko tells Ema that Fuuto’s movie is really popular. Mahoko also mentions that Fuuto will have more fans because of the movie, and she wonders if Ema never gets jealous of them — revealing that she actually notices their relationship. Ema says she’s actually happy if Fuuto gains more popularity, because he’s doing his best and she wants to support him. It’s just he’s been extremely busy with work, so she hasn’t seen him around recently. He doesn’t come to school either, and she feels a bit lonely without him. Mahoko asks if Ema is waiting for Fuuto today, but she’s just going to study in the library. When Ema tries to take a book from the upper shelf, Fuuto suddenly comes and calls her from behind. It’s been a while, but he finally had time to come to school at noon. Ema asks if he has more work to do after this, and Fuuto says he does. He was reading a script while waiting for his manager to pick him up, but then he saw her entering the library. He teases her saying a commoner like her must be busy with entrance exams, but then he indirectly admits that he missed her too.

Fuuto then asks if he can hug Ema here, and he notices that behind his smile, he actually looks down. When she asks him what happened, Fuuto is really surprised that Ema always notices how he feels. Fuuto then asks if Ema still remembers the director’s offer, and he reveals that his acting was rated “poor”. Even though the movie is popular, he didn’t meet the requirements and his acting career will have to wait for another chance. He did his best and was confident about the movie, so he’s really sad upon hearing the result. However, Ema says she’s glad to see Fuuto feeling sad.. because it’s the proof that he gave it his all. He didn’t give up until the end, and she’s saying this knowing there’s only a few people who saw how hard he worked on the movie. It’s too bad that he failed this time, but since he’s doing his best, another chance will surely come his way. Ema asks Fuuto to keep working hard, and next time, she wants to see him taking one step closer to his dream. Fuuto’s immediate response is “バーカ”, but then he says it’s thanks to Ema that he could do his best without giving up. It’s also her words that encouraged him to move on to the next movie, so he thanks her saying he can do it.

Just then Fuuto receives a mail from his manager, informing him that he’s going to arrive in five minutes. After helping Ema taking the book she tried to reach earlier, Fuuto reveals that he has grown a few inches recently. He’s gradually growing up — just as he told her before — and as the proof, he pulls her into his arms saying he can do something like this now. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Since Ema can’t look him in the face, Fuuto then asks her to close her eyes instead. He asks if she wants to cross the line between them; even though they’re siblings, he’s an idol, and they are currently at school. They’re surrounded by danger, but Fuuto says he’ll become a useless man without Ema.. and he asks her to give him a “reward” for working so hard on the movie. Sadly Ema stops Fuuto saying he’ll get the reward after clearing the director’s challenge, but he tells her not to put herself so low. He’s willing to clear any difficulties in order to make her his, so she should be prepared to be his.. and she says yes. 。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Fuuto obviously doesn’t want to go to work with Ema still in his arms, but he sighs and agrees when she asks him to do his best. In return, he’s going to her room tonight and continue what they’re doing now. He won’t cross the line just yet, but they can still go and stop right before they reach the limit — because he actually loves having イチャイチャ time with her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Before leaving, Fuuto also says he’s going to call Ema with her name instead of “姉さん” from now on. Because he wants everyone to know that she belongs to him.

秘密の関係 [ Secret Relationship ]

A few days before Fuuto’s new movie gets released, he gave Ema a cinema ticket and asked her to come alone. She thought it would be a date, but he’s nowhere to be seen in the cinema. Even though Fuuto isn’t the lead actor, Ema notices that his acting skills have improved a lot in the movie — it’s much better than his previous lead role. In the middle of the movie, suddenly a familiar voice whispers “you’re watching it so seriously?” into her ears. Ema is surprised, and she turns around to find Fuuto sitting next to her. He’s been sitting beside her ever since the movie started, and he called her knowing she probably wouldn’t notice until it ends. He knows she got absorbed by his acting, so he decided to stay quiet for a while. Fuuto says he has no more work to do today, and Ema doesn’t have to worry about the press finding them together. They’re a family after all, so it won’t become a scandal. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Everything will be just fine if she keeps her voice down. After asking Ema not to make any noise, Fuuto kisses her on the lips and playfully adds “ごちそーさまー♪” at the end. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Of course the press would go wild if he reveals that he’s in love with his big sister, and so for now his feelings for her is their own little secret. Fuuto tells Ema that he loves her, and when she replies that she feels the same, he answers that he knows. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

手加減なしで [ No Holding Back ]

One day, Ema is impatiently waiting for Fuuto in her room. He asked her to wait until he comes to see her at noon, but it’s already past the time and he still hasn’t showed up. Following Juli’s suggestion, Ema then goes to Fuuto’s room and unlocks the door with the duplicate key which he gave to her. Inside, she finds him sleeping on his bed. She can’t blame him though, knowing he’s been busy with work recently. He’s currently working on several movies, not to mention he also acts in some dramas. As she watches Fuuto sleeping, Ema whispers that she knows he’s busy.. but she feels lonely if he leaves her alone for too long. She’s been looking forward to their date today, and she adds that she’ll just go out with someone else. Upon hearing this, Fuuto instantly opens his eyes saying it’s impossible for Ema to choose another man over him. He reveals that he’s actually been awake ever since she entered his room, but he pretended to be asleep hoping she’ll give him a passionate kiss.. and yet she said she will to go out with someone else instead. (* ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ As the punishment, he pulls her onto his bed and pins her underneath — saying he’s going to screw her. [壁]*ノノ)キャ~

When Ema reminds him about their date, Fuuto changes their plan for a room date instead. He feels tired today, though they’re about to do something that will make him even more tired from here. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Having a date would be nice, but Fuuto prefers making out with Ema as much as he wants to. He also says Yusuke — whose room is directly beside his — will hear them if she makes loud noises. Fuuto says he doesn’t mind if Ema wants to let Yusuke hear her voice on purpose, but he wants to keep all the naughty sounds she makes to himself. Ema then asks him not to say such embarrassing things, and Fuuto replies by asking her not to say such cute things. It’s been a while since the last time they did it, so it doesn’t seem like he can hold back today. However, Ema tells Fuuto that he doesn’t have to hold back. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Fuuto says he will be busy with work for a while, and he’s actually afraid that someone might steal Ema from him. He believes in her though, and he asks her to believe in him too.. because she’s the only one who can see him as a man, not as a family nor an idol. Fuuto then tells Ema that he loves her, and when she says she loves him too, he chuckles saying he knows.

The screen fades to black, with Fuuto whispering that he’ll screw Ema without holding back.

THAT EPILOGUE. I DON’T EVEN. (*´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア
I think Fuuto has officially turned me into a giant shotacon, but I don’t care since he’s so damn sexy. Since he appeared on June 22, Fuuto actually has less events compared to the others.. but look at this giant textwall I created for him. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Even though he’s an idol, Fuuto is surprisingly devoted to Ema. Not to mention he’s also so manly when it comes to expressing his feelings. Fuuto does have a childish side, but he’s mature most of the time and only grows even stronger with Ema supporting him. I can ramble forever about Fuuto, so let me stop here because no words can describe how much I love him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

87 thoughts on “BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – Fuuto

  1. 0;o omg !! i was so surprised when i remembered he was only 14 but damn that ending….im afraid hes making me turn into a shotacon too. he sure knows what to get what he wants

    • He turned 15 in the game, but not like that makes a big difference. xD He’s turning 17 in July and looks more mature than ever. Thanks for turning me into a shotacon, Fuutan.

  2. Oh my god Fuuta, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN SEXY~!? *´Д`*
    Okay, my opinion on Fuuta definitely changed after this! Not that I disliked him or anything, my interest in him wasn’t as strong as the others. I love how he trolls Ema and his epilogue…kyaaaa~~~~ >< I don't even know how to express what I'm feeling!!!!! *faints* Screw shotacon, Fuuta is so mature and sexy that he makes me forget he's 14. Ema is one lucky girl! I want to marry him! ๑´ლ`๑

  3. oh Fuutan (((( ^q^ )))) …. the way you say ‘Neesan’ aiyayayayayayay!

    the only thing I didnt like about playing his route is Ema’s gullibility lmao I mean, she keeps getting trolled by him hahah But I guess that’s what makes her cute in Fuuto’s eyes lol (but srsly they should have a scene where Ema trolls him back for once)

    i kinda feel disappointed fuuto’s entry into high school isn’t as DHUEGFUWG as the novels lolol and I wanted the Vday track from the drama cd too!

    • “姉さん、何してるの?” … (((( ^q^ ))))

      Yeah, Ema is incredibly gullible when she’s with Fuutan. Maybe because other than him, all of the brothers are nice and never troll her? xD She almost got her revenge in the CD, when she asked him to visit the haunted house together. But then again she’s dealing with Fuutan here, so in the end her plan failed and she ends up storming off in anger LOL. I feel disappointed at how short Fuutan’s opening ceremony scene was. I love his after school date event, but man it’d be so much nicer if he captured her under the tree like in the novel hurhurhur. You can hear him whispering ero stuff by sleeping next to him though. 8D

      • I kinda want him to call her neesan forever, instead of her name. HIDOI DESU WAAAA

        yes, captured-under-the-tree event WHERE WAS IT??!! so disappointed in you, Otomate.

        his sleepovers affect me more than Kaname’s, tbh

        • Same here, though I thought it was just me being 1000% biased towards KENN. 8D Since Ema completely sticks to Fuutan in this route, I guess they think the “storm” scenes from the novels aren’t necessary? Says who, Otomate and BroCon Team. They’re important since I was expecting Fuutan to attack Ema 24/7 with his ero waves. (屮゚Д゚)屮 ← asking for more

          • yeah! i mean, I know Fuuto’s rarely at home due to work but i expected him to be on the offensive like how Kaname was in the game OTOMATE WHY U DISAPPOINT

          • Yeah, that’s not enough Cero C stuff! Some of the guys (Fuutan included) push Ema onto the bed and kiss her during the sleepover events, but we get no CG of them doing so. ;____; Well, at least now we know what to expect from BB.. I guess Natsume won’t be doing naughty stuff to Ema then.

  4. O.o AHHHH Fuuto you are just way to sexy!!!! The way he is made me forget he was 14. He’s made me into a freaking shotacon i’m not sure if its good or bad since I totally wanted him after this. I really wanna steal him from Ema shes so lucky

    • Welcome to the club. 8D
      The thought of dating Fuutan made me feel guilty for being such a giant shotacon, but in the end I stopped caring since he’s just that hawt. Since the guys never calls Ema’s name anyway, I replaced her name with mine during my 4th Fuutan’s route playthrough. /creep

      • Haha thnx for the welcome. I’ve been following here forever, yea whenever I start to squeal alot like i did here i’ll replace names. Haha I’d totally creep too if had the money atm to buy the game

        • Oh, if you’re planning to buy the game in the future, keep in mind that Passion Pink has bugs. It doesn’t exactly disturb your gameplay, but sometimes sprites stay in screen when they should be gone. That, and in some scenes the voices don’t match the dialogues. As much as I loved the game, I want people to know this so they won’t rage upon buying the game. xD;

          • Yeah I know I’d heard that, I won’t mind I’ve played very buggy games before and haha it takes alot for me to rage. Besides I still want to play and get all this goodness even buggy for myself…god i’m such a perv

  5. I’m so glad there were no obsessive fans involved in his route! ヽ(^Д^)ノ
    I’m definitely convinced that Fuuto is the sexiest out of all the brothers despite his age. I love him, he’s so forward and “I get what I want”.
    That epilogue though, never in a million years would I expect that.

    (And poor Yuusuke I think I might feel bad for him in every route that isn’t his haha.)

    • Yeah, no annoying fangirls here. Fuutan never reveals his real personality to anyone other than Ema and his family, so that’s just the same as keeping a distance between himself and his fans. Fuutan is actually the second sexiest in the game, with the first being Kaname and the third / fourth being Tsubaki / Hikaru. Note how they’re all adults except for him. xD Honestly, that epilogue is way beyond what I expected. I know Fuutan is sexy right from the start, but wow didn’t see that one coming LOL.


    The things Fuuto says, noooo stop it~ you’re too young! I was squealing consistently on the train while reading your review… Can’t actually decide whether I want to jump into his arms or give him a slap for saying all those things about not holding back (*/∇\*)Gomen.. going a bit crazy here


    • Hey, it’s Fuutan.
      Fuutan can do whatever he wants. There’s no need to hold back. 8D
      Please ignore the fact that he’s probably only 15 or 16 in that epilogue. It makes me feel like a giant shotacon for flailing over him, but he’s just impossible to resist LOL.

      Oh, and yes I NEED AOMINE ON MY BLOG! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

    I had a major nosebleed at the epilogue I was so ready to die from sexiness (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン
    Heck I never thought Fuuto could be so sexy, but I guess since he’s the koakuma type I should’ve expected that xD I’m glad Ema is rather mature in this one (or maybe it’s just because Fuuto is younger who knows?) when she guided him on his jobs as an idol and an actor.
    Well main point being sexy Fuuto is sexy and Fuuto is a sexy troll. … And sexy. 8D /shot

    • Get in line. 8D

      I had to fan myself after writing that epilogue. It’s just hot beyond words. Fuutan is VERY mature for his age, especially in THAT area, but he does have a childish side. I noticed that Ema is slightly more mature here in the game, compared to how she was in the novels. Maybe she looks more mature here since Fuutan is younger and shows his childish side during the “Complaint” event, but she’s rather calm and composed in the other routes too. Even in Masaomi’s. Fuuto isn’t the sexy king of the game though. Wait until I reach Kaname LOL.

      • Oh yeah of course Kaname-san 8D The pervy monk ought to have some better tricks up his… Monk robes? Lol I hope Kaname-san will be satisfying ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

        • To be completely honest, game!Kaname isn’t as awesome as novel!Kaname when it comes to development.. but he definitely goes beyond everyone else in terms of sex LOL.

  8. CREYS RIN FUUTO IS SO kdfjksdfjdkfljgdfgdhfkjh sexy NOOOO. He’s such a trap welppp.
    “It’s been a while since the last time they did it, so it doesn’t seem like he can hold back today.”
    WAIT. “they did it” WAIT DO THEY MEAN KISSING OR IS IT???????

    • SEE LOL. It was SO hard not to keyboard smash while writing the post, but that’s actually how I feel inside. Whenever he’s being a sexy tease I just went djaskdhsjdkl;qk (/o\*) and lose all reason. As for that line, one don’t have to hold back for a kiss, right? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ They’re definitely talking about sex there LOL.

      • good lawd lol sex LOL. I didn’t think they’re already doing it bvefore the last line b/c of his age. oh fuuto you’re one of the younger brothers yet you’re such a trap. I love it that he’s devoted to ema even though he has so many fangirls etc. I can’t wait to see how kaname’s route is since you said he’s the number sexy one in this game. AND HIKARU. I’ve mostly seen him dress like a woman so I’m looking forward to see how manly he can be lol.

        • Nah. Considering Fuutan’s personality, they totally did it the moment Ema gave in to him LOL. That, and all the hints he dropped. “No holding back”, “will make me more tired” and such. That can’t be a kiss. 8D I’ll post Hikaru’s route after Tsubaki, but all I can say is that in contrary to his appearance, he’s really manly. He’s one of the reasons why PP is rated Cero C.

          • lmaooo oh Fuuto :’D I knew he had to referring to sex but his age and all I thought I might be thinking too much orz. I’m looking forward to see how Fuuto’s char in the light novel develops. Wao Hikaru. I wonder if Hikaru’s char in the light novel is like in the game.

          • I’m sure Hikaru is the same. He’s only a watched in the first season so we don’t get to see much, but his CD is basically how he acts in the game. xD

  9. FUUTO… you make me as a shotacon lover (♥∀♥), despite his age, he acts more mature and so smexy. I’m so glad he is such a devoted man to Ema. I totally love the scene on Valentine Day, too bad his story is rather short than others, but I am freaking LOVE it (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    Emma is so lucky キャーq(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)pキャー , makes me want to steal him (ノ^▽^)ノ

    • Fuutan has less events, but his events are longer.. so I think it’s actually about the same length-wise. xD His Valentine’s scene is a good example. Look at how long it is compared to Yuu-kun’s LOL. I love his sole devotion towards Ema too, considering he’s an idol with tons of fangirls. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* At first I love him because he’s such a sexy tease, but he went far beyond my expectations. Good job, Fuutan. Thanks a lot for turning me into a shotacon.

  10. The first meeting with Fuuto was the worst! LOL. I remember wanting to smack him in the head. I guess I never like the koakuma types. But I find him interesting because he’s one of the most ecchi brother even though he was younger. After Fuuto helped smooth things over in Yusuke route though, I think I like him a lot better.

    • Also one thing with Fuuto is I can’t help but remember that his seiyuu KENN once said in a Vitamin Z event when the host asked him if he would rather have a little sister or a big sister. He said big sister since he wants to be spoiled by her <3 His hairstyle in that event was similar to Fuuto so I thought that maybe… :3

    • Fuuto gave the worst first impression ever, but Ema’s reaction to him is so entertaining. xD She’s a nice, polite girl up to that point, but the moment he appears and insults her, she instantly rages LOL. Oh, but Fuuto isn’t the most ero brother. Even though he does a lot of teasing, Kaname still takes the crown. 8D

  11. Woah Fuuto (///∀///) From his actions in the novels I was expecting his route to be sexy but I was still a little surprised /////

    I was slightly disappointed that they took out the part in the school opening ceremony and changed the part in the cultural festival. It seems like they’re following the novels, but at the same time they’re not? Well it’s not that major I guess, so I’m not really complaining. Plus that epilouge makes up for it (((^p^)))

    I saw his design for the second season, and oh my Fuutan you’re all grown up now (*´Д`) I’m expecting more aggressive behavior from him now (*ノ∀ノ)=3

    • Me too. His “storm” scenes from the novels are incredibly sexy, and also his attempts to get her attention. Since Ema returns his feelings here, I guess they think we don’t need those scenes anymore? ヽ(;▽;)ノ The game does follow the novels, but they take out some parts and add in new scenes.. so in the end it’s different. Oh well, I’m not complaining either since Fuutan is still sexy. Especially in that epilogue. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン From what I read in the memorial book, Fuutan (and Natsume) will be busy in season 2. I hope it doesn’t mean they’re going to have less screen time..

  12. AAwwww I hate the universe!!! Fuuto is my favourite character…but for some random damn reason that I don’t know, I can’t get all his scenes… (I ALWAYS MIIS ONE, this one-> 弱音 [ Complaint ]) I’ve even followed the guide…maybe I didn’t catch some requisite since it’s in japanese… but… I’M BECOMING CRAZY XD. I’ve already played his route for at least 4 times by now…

    I reaaaaaaaaa~lly want to have his route done! T^T

    • What’s your family love? Did you get all of his previous events?
      From what I saw “Complaint” won’t occur if your family love is too high.

      • Really??? Holy caw! My family love was about… 15%…maybe 20%… Is it too much? I’m beginning to think that I’m not goin’ to spend ANY TIME with my family so Fuuto will be happy xD.

        Thank you so much for your reply and for showing interest ^^

        • Not sure, but I remember failing to trigger that event at 30%. Actually, for Fuuto and Kaname I’d suggest not spending any time with the family. The bar will still go up after a few events, but it’ll only reach 10% max and their events will still appear with no problems. :D

          • Yay~ you’re my new God!
            FINALLY!! you were totaly right! No family for him.
            Really, your reply and your posts saved my fujoshii life. XD

            Domo arigato!! Kissessssss!


  13. Ur review inspired me to write a little something based on Fuuto.. It’s not gd but wanted to share it anyway….

    Fuuto poem
    Ur so cheeky even though ur so adorable 
    Ur troublesome yet ur still so loveable 
    I used to see u as my annoyin lil bro
    But that was a couple months ago
    Now u seem 2 have matured
    I don’t see u the same way as before
    Cuz my feelings 4 u have grown

    We’ve gone way beyond
    Than being jus step sis & bro
    We luv each other so much more
    Our feelings r mutual
    U Neva saw me as ur sista from the beginning
    Yet u still called me ur sista while u were teasing

    At 1st I didn’t find u pleasing
    But then u opened up & shown me ur other side
    Which moved my heart, I was surprised
    That’s wen I realised my true feelings

  14. I cant get the no holding back event T^T!! not only fuuto,yuusuke,subaru and others also the same…is there any way to get it?? i unlock the others but not the last event …pleasee helpppp!!!

    • From the mini guide:

      “If you got all the events and all the CGs, but there’s still one hole in your CG album — don’t panic. Check out the “memory” section, and scroll to the bottom. If you’ve unlocked everything else, an extra epilogue should be unlocked there.”

  15. so meaning that i need to go to memory section and play it and the picture will be unlocked?Thanks for the reply ^_^

  16. Finally finished Fuuto’s route, since I was still tossing over wherever to go after Masaomi or Yuusuke. :) Definitely a chance of pace, considering I did Subaru’s route first, because he was voiced by OnoD.

    Got to agree, that it takes time to get used to Fuuto, considering how many times he keeps insulting Ema. Hahaha. And her response to him. I felt bad for Ema. However, despite that, would have to admit, his theme song is one of the best ones. <3 And Fuuto does grow on you. :)

    Kept crying internally, because he's a shota and a shota shouldn't be this smooth. Kind of reminded me of Eric in Beast Master. He was quite the smooth talker, despite being the "shotabait" in the game. ;A;

    Saw his character design for second season and hoping for more. :D

    • Yeah, doing Fuuto’s route after Subaru’s (or vice versa) really highlights the difference between them. Subaru is so innocent, while Fuuto is エロい for his age. xD Personally I love guys who are harsh at first and turn all デレデレ in the end, so I absolutely loved Fuuto’s route. His theme song is indeed one of the best. It’s my favorite, followed by Iori’s theme you can hear from the gallery. I think sexy younger guys are trending in otome games, so we can’t really call all of them “shota” anymore. Some of them are just too seductive, and some doesn’t even feel younger at all. Erik’s real personality is a good example, though his fake one is a typical cute shota. xD

  17. I would like to add I mean to the scene 放課後デート [ After School Date ]:
    I don’t know whether if you have experience it, I mean I would like to share what happened to when I played and well

    After Fuuto saying his lines, out of nowhere…..YUUSUKE CAME IN AND BUTTED IN and ate the ice cream Fuuto bought for ema.
    Fuuto and Ema : (o n o)!?
    Me: (o n o”) where did you come from!? WHAT!? don’t you have that blondie to tour around the school with or something!? Even though it pleases me to see some rivalry in here but….

    Fuuto and Yuusuke went started to insult each other like cats and dog. Ema watching the scene unfold.

    • Yeah, you actually get that scene by “breaking the flag” for both of them. Which means you won’t get neither Fuuto nor Yusuke. It’s a pretty tricky one, so congrats for triggering it. :D

      • Hahah I just saw this reply and I’ll say, “no wonder!” 8D when I’m not following any guides and all I never get the best end and ended up getting bad or none at all… *shocked*

        ……OTZ I don’t whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. haha

      • I know this is sooo late, but how do u trigger that event? I’ve tried various possibilities like maxing out family love and raising Yuusuke love to 4-5 stars but they dont work.. really appreciate a kind soul’s reply..

        • IIRC family love around 75-80%, raise Yuusuke and Fuuto’s affection but choose the wrong answers at their last events prior to this one.

    • this is a very tricky event to get and i finally got it after hundreds of times replaying fuuto route so i’m just gonna leave this guide here in case someone else faces the same problem.. first i got fuuto up to 2 hearts and made sure to unlock all fuuto’s events.. next, yusuke up to 2 hearts also.. all this until 6 Feb by maintaining family love at around 10%.. after 6 Feb, i spent everyday with the family until family love of >80% (dark pink area).. then on April 12, that rival event happened!

  18. Wiii!! I really love fuuto too!! Where did you watch the second season? Can you please pass me a link? Please!!

  19. Hello Rin ^^
    Can you help me how to get 本当の夢 [ Real Dream ] event? I’ve tried 5 times but the event haven’t trigger yet.. Please help me (´;ω;`)

  20. Hello Rin, I think I understand why you like Fuuto. You said he is VERY devoted to Ema and that he acts “manly” in the sense that he knows he wants her and focuses on her. What I dislike about him is that all of that was pretty prominent about him but I think he should appreciate Ema more. I can see him as someone who undoubtedly needs her. And he is absolutely sexually and emotionally LATCHED to her. That is actually not a bad thing. Though, I don’t know. I think their relationship would be more interesting if Ema teases him more and also acts mean to him and be a bitch. Then I think it would COMPLETE.

  21. Can I ask you a question? When christmas party, at first Fuuto, Natsume and Hikaru came to the partt. But later, when I am aiming for Fuuto’s route (which is I didn’t have any interaction with family during daily activities) they’re not coming :( I wonder why tho

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