BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – Masaomi

Masaomi’s route is the last route in Passion Pink, and he used to be my favorite before Fuuto takes the throne. He’s so gentle and adorable despite his age, and I love his hetare side a lot.

Masaomi is the eldest son of the Asahina family. He’s 31 and works as a pediatrician, which fits his children-loving and gentle personality. Ever since their father passed away, Masaomi has been taking care of Wataru and becomes the father figure of his life. He rarely snaps or gets angry over anything, but he turns incredibly terrifying when he does. Masaomi is rather laid-back, and he spends most of his free time relaxing at home. He loves his family a lot.

仕事中の姿 [ At Work ]

On June 15, Ema returns home and finds an envelope lying on the table. It has the logo of the hospital Masaomi works at, and she calls him thinking the contents might be important. It turns out he left the house in a hurry today, and so he forgot about the envelope. Ema then decides to deliver it to the hospital, where she finds Masaomi talking to one of his patients — a young boy who just took an injection. Aside from praising the boy for not crying, he also encourages the boy to keep fighting against his illness. He then gives the boy a chocolate, saying he’ll see him again next week. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* This is Ema’s first time seeing Masaomi at work, and she can tell that he loves children a lot. Soon after the boy goes home, Ema goes over to hand the envelope to Masaomi. He blushes when she comments that his patients clearly love him a lot, and how she’s wishing to have a doctor like him when she was small. She didn’t really like the hospital, so having a kind doctor like him would make her check-ups more enjoyable.

Noticing the big bulge in Masaomi’s lab coat pockets, Ema then asks him about the contents. He shows her that they’re all presents for the children who are doing their best to recover, which are mostly sweets.. but since it’s not good to eat too much sweets, he also prepared toys like stickers and mini cars for them. Ema also notices a big bunny plushie in Masaomi’s pocket, and he introduces her to “Usa-tan”. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Usa-tan helps distracting the children, so he can treat them while they’re playing with the plushie. Wataru also has one, just in a different color. The one Masaomi is carrying is Usa-tan #1, while the one Wataru has is Usa-tan #0. Masaomi explains that Usa-tan is “highly functional”, but before he can show Ema the features, a nurse calls him to return to work. Masaomi apologizes since he needs to get going, and he promises to treat Ema next time. It’s a reward for delivering the envelope today, and he’s going to tell her more about Usa-tan as well. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

夏の思い出 [ Summer Memories ]

For summer vacation, everyone goes on a family trip to Miwa’s private island.

On the third day of the trip, August 13, Ema finds Masaomi in front of the cottage after taking a bath. He asks if she enjoys the trip, and she answers that she’s having a lot of fun. Time pass so quickly, and she feels a bit sad that they have to return home tomorrow. Masaomi says that he feels the same, so he invites Ema to make summer memories before they go home. He then takes her to the beach, where they play fireworks together. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He actually wanted to invite Wataru as well, but Wataru already went to bed.. and he wonders if it feels lacking with just the two of them. However, Ema says she enjoys her time with Masaomi. They rarely have any chance to play with fireworks together, so she actually feels happy. As they gaze at their incense fireworks, Ema tells Masaomi that she spent most of her time alone in the past.. so it’s her first time having a lively family trip. She loves traveling with Rintarou, but having a trip with a lot of siblings is like a dream come true for her. He answers that the dream will always come true from now on, so she should make a lot of memories with them as a family. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Before returning to the cottage, Ema thanks Masaomi for taking her to play fireworks together. She feels touched that he treats her as a member of the family, and she’s hoping to spend her summer with everyone again next year.

苦手なもの [ Dislike ]

When Ema is washing the dishes on September 1, Masaomi comes and asks if she can wash his cup along. He feels apologetic for not helping, but he needs to go out for a night shift from now on. She thinks being a doctor must be tough since he has to work until late hours, and he agrees.. but he wants to do his best for the children who are waiting for him. She asks him to take care of his own health, and he pats her head saying she should get some rest too every once in a while. (*´ー`*人*´ー`*)♪ Noticing that Ema seems surprised, Masaomi apologizes and asks if it surprises her. She quickly answers that she’s just not used to it, but she accidentally drops his cup out of embarrassment. Ema panics and apologizes for breaking Masaomi’s cup, but he’s more concerned about her safety instead. He then asks if she’s not hurt, and he looks visibly shaken upon seeing a cut on her finger. Fortunately the cut isn’t deep, but it’s bleeding. As much as Masaomi wants to treat the injury, he gradually turns pale and collapses — telling Ema that he actually hates blood. She helps carrying him to the couch, and after resting for a while, he forces himself to treat her finger.

Curious about what she just saw, Ema then asks why Masaomi became a doctor even though he can’t stand blood. He explains that soon after the triplets were born, Miwa started working and had a hard time balancing her job and her sons. Their father was working too, and seeing how busy his parents were, Masaomi wanted to do something to help them. He thought about having a stable profession, and the first thing that came into his mind was to become a doctor. Besides, he’ll be able to help his family with his medical knowledge. If they have a doctor in the family, Miwa wouldn’t have to worry about everyone at home. When Ema says Miwa must be relieved to have Masaomi, he blushes saying he’s always busy at work and leaves their home in Ukyou’s care.. but her words make him happy. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. However, his dislike for blood was completely a miscalculation. He used to be fine with blood until he had to perform a practice surgery in university, since it was far more horrifying than he thought. Ema then asks why he decided to become a pediatrician, and Masaomi says it’s because there’s only a small number of pediatrician right now. He wants to help people as much as he can, even though he hates blood and always collapses after each treatment.

Masaomi then says he only thinks about healing the children who are in pain, and Ema replies that she can understand why his patients love him so much. He’s really kind, and he treats his patients with utmost care. Upon hearing this, Masaomi thanks Ema saying he doesn’t deserve those words. Then he blushes and asks her to stop praising him, because “it’s embarrassing.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Masaomi leaves for work after that, and Ema feels happy that he shared his reason to become a doctor. Inspired by him, she decides to think about her own future too.

体調を崩して [ Getting Sick ]

On October 15, Ema caught a cold and is down with a fever. At noon, Masaomi comes to visit her with some sports drink to replenish her energy. He asks if he can check her condition, and she gladly allows him to come inside. First, Masaomi takes Ema’s temperature by pushing their foreheads against each other. Ema obviously goes Σ(〃д〃) since Masaomi’s face is so close to hers, while he calmly asks if she has eaten anything today. Apparently she has no appetite thanks to the cold, so he says he’ll bring some food for her later. As Masaomi checks her sore throat, Ema realizes that he’s actually treating her like a kid — like how he treats his patients in the hospital. However, the situation completely changes the moment Masaomi starts examining Ema’s stomach. Masaomi asks Ema to show her stomach, but taken over by her nervousness, she ends up lifting her room wear too high — exposing her bra to him. \(^o^)/ He obviously turns red and awkwardly examines her stomach, apologizing in a panic when she goes “んっ” upon sensing the stethoscope touching her skin. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

After a long, awkward silence, Masaomi takes Usa-tan and tells Ema to get enough rest until her fever goes down. She asks if he also carries the bunny around at home, and he says it’s just a coincidence today. He was thinking of “upgrading” Usa-tan, so he brought it home from the hospital. Masaomi then shows Ema that Usa-tan has a lot of functions, just as he told her before. While it looks like a normal bunny plushie, Usa-tan is actually equipped with 20 hidden pockets — including the ones inside its ear holes. It can also record and play sounds, as well as turning into a calculator. Plus, its right arm will.. come off.. if they twist it, and they can take stationery from inside. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ?! Ema is obviously shocked, and when she reluctantly tells him the last function should be forbidden, Masaomi says the nurses also warned him not to do that in front of the children. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ No worries though, because he’s going to add better functions in Usa-tan’s latest upgrade. Masaomi then apologizes for talking to Ema for so long even though she has a sore throat, and he says he’ll get some food for her.

Masaomi: “Well then, we’ll continue later.”
Ema: “Eh? C-Continue…?”
Masaomi: “…? Eh?”
Masaomi: “W-Wa-wa-wah! I-I didn’t mean anything weird…!” Σ(〃д〃)
Ema: “Ah, yes. You meant the examination, right?”
Masaomi: “Yes. I’ll go to the living room then!” (((*ノノ)キャー

..and then he flees. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

文化祭当日 [ Culture Festival Day ]

Hinode High School’s culture festival takes place on October 23, and Ema is busy working as a bunny waitress in her class’s cafe. At noon, Masaomi comes to visit her along with Wataru. Upon seeing Ema wearing a bunny costume, Wataru excitedly says she looks super cute and Masaomi agrees. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ He asks if everyone in her class is wearing a bunny costume, and she explains that it’s only the girls. However, his smile changes into a frown the moment she mentions that a lot of guests took pictures of her today. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ It doesn’t last for a long time though, since Wataru soon invites Ema to walk around the school together. He also wants to invite Yusuke, but sadly Yusuke already left the classroom earlier. The moment they walk out of the classroom, they run into Mahoko in the hallway. She’s really surprised to see Ema with such a cute little boy, and she asks if Wataru is Ema’s hidden child. When Masaomi chuckles beside them, Mahoko wonders if he’s “the papa”. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 After introducing herself, Mahoko takes Wataru to buy cotton candies together so Ema can be alone with Masaomi. Ema asks if they should follow Wataru and Mahoko, and Masaomi answers that he wants to look around the school together along the way. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

真実 [ Truth ]

A week after Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding, on November 13, Ema goes to her old apartment. They asked her to help organizing their wedding photos, but she ends up finding a book which states that she’s actually adopted. Before Rintarou could explain anything, Ema runs out of the apartment and cries in the park until night falls. The one who eventually finds her is Masaomi.

Masaomi says he was really worried about Ema, and yet the first thing she asks is “why are you here?” ┐(´~`;)┌ He explains that Rintarou called to explain everything, and he asks her to go home because Rintarou is waiting for her. However, she coldly replies that she doesn’t want to see Rintarou. Ema couldn’t bring herself to state the reason, but Masaomi tells her that she doesn’t have to force herself. She doesn’t have to say anything if it’s too painful, but she doesn’t have to act strong either. They’re a family, so it’s okay for her to show her weakness in front of him. It would be even more painful if she carries everything by herself, and sharing her sadness with her family will make her feel better. If she ever needs someone to talk to, he will listen to everything.. because that’s what families are for. Ema eventually admits that she’s afraid to be left alone after hearing the truth, but Masaomi gently answers that it won’t happen to her. No matter what happens, he will always be with her. If she still feels sad after listening to what Rintarou has to say, he wants her to come and see him. She can rely on him anytime. Masaomi then holds out his hand, asking Ema to go home, and she finally agrees.

大切なもの [ The Important Thing ]

After learning everything from Rintarou, Ema goes to see Masaomi in his room. He’s glad that Rintarou and her have resolved their family issue, and she says it’s all thanks to him. Masaomi says Ema is the one who did her best to move forward, but Ema knows that without Masaomi, she’ll probably cry in the park forever. As the reward, Masaomi then gives Ema a reward — a chestnut-flavored limited edition candy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

美和の頼み [ Miwa’s Request ]

On December 1, Miwa visits the mansion looking for Masaomi. It seems like she wants to talk in private, and Ema finds herself feeling curious of what it could be. Kaname immediately notices, so he goes to call Masaomi in his room. When Ema serves some tea for Miwa, the latter quietly mutters about how she prefers Ema instead.. but then she quickly says it’s nothing. Wataru is curious too, and when Kaname comes back with Masaomi, Miwa finally reveals that she has a request for Masaomi: “Please attend an arranged matchmaking!” Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ Masaomi instantly spits out his tea upon hearing this, while Miwa calmly explains that he’ll be seeing the daughter of her business partner during the event — who has taken a liking on him.

Masaomi says he’s not thinking of getting married anytime soon, but Miwa replies that it’s been decided. Today she only came to inform him about the time and place, and so he should take a break from work for the matchmaking. When Masaomi tries to protest, Miwa eventually admits that she couldn’t refuse because her business partner already arranged everything.. and she begs Masaomi to come and attend the matchmaking. If he doesn’t want to get married, then he can turn down the marriage afterwards. Masaomi obviously has no choice but to agree, and he returns to his room looking down. Soon after he leaves, Kaname invites Ema and Wataru to spy on the matchmaking with him. Realizing the weird, unpleasant feelings inside of her, Ema ends up accepting Kaname’s invitation.

お見合い当日 [ The Matchmaking Day ]

Just as they have planned, Kaname takes Ema and Wataru to spy on Masaomi’s matchmaking on December 5. They follow him all the way to a hotel, only to realize there’s no way it’s going to take place in an open space. Masaomi is inside a private room in the hotel’s restaurant, and Kaname gets this information by hitting on the staff. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Wataru also says that Kaname asked for the staff’s phone number in the process, and Kaname answers that asking for a woman’s phone number is like manners to him. He’s going to stop hitting on other women if Ema answers all of his questions, but she coldly tells him to do his best in collecting numbers since she won’t tell him anything. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Of course they can’t sneak into the restaurant’s private rooms, but not too long after that, Masaomi walks out with the matchmaking partner. Kaname quickly takes the chance to listen to their conversation, dragging both Ema and Wataru along.

From the shadows, Kaname, Ema and Wataru can hear bits and pieces of their conversation. They can hear Masaomi’s voice, but they can’t hear what the woman says at all. The woman is really pretty, and Kaname mentions that Ema will be incredibly beautiful too in a few years.. but Ema doesn’t hear this since she feels sad thinking Masaomi might marry his matchmaking partner. However, they soon hear Masaomi turning down the arranged marriage. He tells his matchmaking partner that he’s in love with someone else, and he can’t think of dating anyone other than that person. Ema is shocked to hear this, while Kaname only hums in amusement. Now that they know Masaomi won’t get married anytime soon, Kaname takes Ema and Wataru home before Masaomi notices their presence.. but Ema can’t stop thinking about what she just heard. Masaomi’s voice was really firm and dignified, and it actually makes her feel worse.

もうすぐクリスマス [ Christmas is Coming ]

On December 20, Kaname mentions that Christmas is coming soon. While Kaname and Tsubaki teases Subaru about his (nonexistent) Christmas date, Masaomi comes to ask for Ema’s help. Every year the hospital throws a Christmas party for the children, and he’s thinking of buying some sweets for the present. He thinks girls have better sense when it comes to sweets, and he asks if she can help him choose which present to buy. Masaomi apologizes and asks if it’s troubling her, but Ema gladly agrees to help. He says people get depressed when they’re sick, especiallly children, so he wants to cheer them up with sweets. Ema jokingly says she’s got a big responsibility in choosing those sweets, but Masaomi replies that her love will reach them if she puts her heart into picking the present. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* They agree to go shopping on his next day off, and Ema decides to do her best — both for the children and for Masaomi.

病院でのクリスマス [ Christmas at the Hospital ]

On December 24, Ema spends her Christmas Eve with Masaomi in the hospital — partying with the children. Masaomi is worried that she might be tired after the party, but Ema actually found it fun to play with the children. Masaomi feels bad since the children keep asking if Ema is his girlfriend, but she quietly admits that she doesn’t hate it. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ They walk home together in silence after that, and Ema wonders what Masaomi thinks about her “confession” earlier.. but it’s only until he takes out a big present and gives it to her — saying it’s a sign of gratitude for today. When she opens the wrapping, she finds a yellow Usa-tan inside. He explains that it’s Usa-tan #3, and he uses a cute voice to make the bunny say hello to her. He also asks her to hold Usa-tan whenever she feels sad, because a lot of “power” will come out of his back and make her happy again. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Ema feels really happy to have an Usa-tan, and especially because Masaomi says Usa-tan #3 can come to see Usa-tan #1 anytime. That means she’s always welcomed to come and see him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

When Ema happily thanks Masaomi for the present, he laughs and admits that he was nervous before giving it to her. That’s why he was so quiet earlier. Masaomi also says that Usa-tan #3 has more functions compared to Usa-tan #0 and Usa-tan #1, and he asks her to try it out later. Ema then asks if Masaomi made Usa-tan by himself, and when he shyly says yes, she replies that she’s going to treasure it forever. She wonders if it’s okay for her to think that he made it while thinking about her, and he admits that it’s true — he made it just for her. (❤ฺ→艸←)

お正月 [ New Year’s Day ]

On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to pray at the shrine together. Since Miwa forces Ema to wear a beautiful kimono for the shrine visit, Masaomi is worried that it might cause Ema to get tired. He apologizes in Miwa’s behalf as they walk back to the mansion, but she says that she actually feels happy because it’s her first time wearing a kimono. When Ema comments about how she looks nice just because of the kimono, Masaomi blushes and quietly tells her that it’s not true.. because he thinks the kimono really suits her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He says she should wear it again whenever she wants to, since Miwa will surely be happy to see her wearing a kimono. Ema then asks if everyone always visit the shrine together each year, and Masaomi answers that it depends on their schedule, but they always do their best to take a break from work for the New Year’s Day. Masaomi asks Ema to visit the shrine with everyone again next year, and she happily thanks him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Just then Wataru comes to see them, and he informs Masaomi that everyone is going to do a “board game without honor” once they return home. Of course Masaomi goes ?( ゚Д゚ )? upon hearing this, and when he asks about the details, Wataru says it’s a game you’re going to lose in an instant if you drop your guard. If you lose, a scary man will come to collect your debt and throw you to the underground empire.

Masaomi: “… Wataru. Who is it that bought that game?”
Wataru: “Tsukku~n!”
Masaomi: “So it’s really Tsubaki…!”
Ema: (Ahh… Masaomi-san got angry so early in the new year!)
Masaomi: “Okay, Wataru. Let’s play together. We’ll make Tsubaki lose!”

Goodbye, Tsubaki. It was nice knowing you. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Wataru also says the winner will have one wish granted, though Masaomi knows it’s probably Tsubaki too who suggested the idea LOL. Wataru then invites Ema to join them, and Masaomi is shocked when she says yes. xD Ema asks if Masaomi has a wish if he wins the game, and he answers that he’s wishing for everyone in the family to be happy this year. It’s completely different than whatever wish Tsubaki is trying to achieve, but Ema chuckles saying it’s just like Masaomi to have such a nice wish. He blushes upon hearing this, though it soon changes into a worried expression when she asks him to enjoy the board game together. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

デート中に [ On a Date ]

On January 9, Ema asks Masaomi out on a date. He’ll drive his car since it’s cold today, and he asks if she wants to go on a drive to a faraway place for once. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Masaomi opens the door for Ema to enter his car, but then he suddenly notices someone lying on the alley nearby. Ema follows Masaomi as he rushes to the alley, where they find an unconscious old lady lying on the ground. Masaomi quickly checks the old lady’s pulse and respiratory rate — which are both declining — and he asks Ema to call the ambulance and search for an AED. He’s going to perform basic life support in the meantime. He’s drenched in sweat when she returns with the AED, and she asks if there’s something she do to help.. so he asks her to call the old lady and tell him if there’s any reactions. Luckily the old lady soon regains her consciousness, and the ambulance also comes not too long after that. Both Masaomi and Ema accompany the old lady to the hospital, and it’s already evening when they walk back home.

Ema feels glad the old lady is safe, and her family is really thankful that Masaomi noticed her in the alley.. but he feels bad since their date got cancelled because of this. However, she asks him not to apologize. It’s too bad that they couldn’t go on a drive, but today has become a more important day to her. Ema says Masaomi looked so cool and wonderful when he tried to save the old lady, and so it has become an unforgettable day for her. Masaomi blushes for a while, and then he suddenly pulls Ema into his arms — thanking her for always giving him strength. She might not realize it, but her smile and words are always encouraging him. He apologizes for hugging her so suddenly and lets her go after a while, but then he asks her to let him walk her back to her room. He wants to stay with her for a little longer. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Masaomi reluctantly holds Ema’s hand along the way, and he doesn’t let go until the end.

バレンタイン [ Valentine’s Day ]

For Valentine’s Day, Ema gives a handmade chocolate to Masaomi. He was supposed to come home early today, but he ends up returning late due to an emergency.. so he’s really tired and already went to bed when she visits to his room. Ema feels really bad for waking Masaomi up, and she tries to leave thinking her chocolate will only be a burden to him. However, he stops her and asks her not to hold back. No matter how tired he is, she’s always welcomed to talk to him anytime. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ When Ema gives him the chocolate, Masaomi looks at her in confusion because he doesn’t remember that today is Valentine’s Day. xD He didn’t expect to receive anything from her, so her chocolate makes him really happy. Masaomi blushes saying he’ll eat the chocolate, and he also tells Ema to look forward to White Day. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

雅臣の想い [ Masaomi’s Feelings ]

On the night of March 1, Ema plays a game with Subaru and Yusuke in the living room. Subaru and Ema work together to defeat the enemies, and they ask Yusuke to either stay in the back or pick up the loot.. since he’s weak and keeps on dying. While Ema and Subaru praise each other’s gaming skill, Yusuke looks like he’s about to cry beside them. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Poor guy. Just then Masaomi returns home, and he watches them in silence until Ema finally notices his presence. She invites him to join them, but he replies that he doesn’t understand games and returns to his room instead. He says he’s tired, and he certainly doesn’t look happy about the scenery in front of him. Ema notices that Masaomi won’t look her in the eye, and thinking that she might have done something to make him angry, she decides to visit his room. She’s afraid that he’s really angry though, so she ends up standing in front of his room until Wataru comes and asks what she’s doing.

Wataru says he wants to ask Masaomi about his homework, but since Masaomi said he’s tired earlier, Ema asks Wataru to let him rest for now. She’ll help with his homework instead. At first Wataru is happy, but then he notices that Ema looks sad too. In order to cheer her up, he gives her Usa-tan #0 and asks her to hug it. Then finally, Wataru mentions the hint Ema didn’t pick up back on Christmas Eve. Whenever he feels down or sick, he can always find sweets stuffed on Usa-tan’s back. Wataru then tells Ema to examine the pocket on the bunny’s back, and she really finds a candy there. He gives the candy to her, and he asks her to get some rest — he’ll ask Ukyou or Kaname to help with his homework. Upon returning to her room, Ema examines the pocket on Usa-tan #3’s back.. and she finds a necklace with a pink heart pendant hidden inside. Juli panics when Ema suddenly starts crying, but she actually feels happy because the necklace means Masaomi doesn’t see her like a kid. It’s the real Christmas present delivered by Usa-tan, and the pink heart pendant shows how he feels towards her. The present is three months late, but it makes Ema realize that she’s actually in love with Masaomi.

The next morning, Ema cheerfully greets Masaomi when he comes into the living room. He’s really surprised to see her wearing the necklace, but he stops himself from saying anything and only smiles at her. As Ema prepares his breakfast, Masaomi tells her that she’s so kind towards everyone.. but sometimes he keeps thinking that she will have more fun by spending time with those who are around her age. Masaomi feels happy around Ema despite their age gap, but he’s worried that she might not enjoy her time with him. Masaomi then admits that he was jealous upon seeing Ema playing with Subaru and Yusuke last night, and he wonders if their interests are similar because they’re around the same age. Ema is extremely relieved to hear that it’s not because Masaomi hates her, and this surprises him because he can never hate her. He then apologizes for making her worry, but he wants her to know that she’s his sister, his family, and also an important person to him. In return, Ema answers that Masaomi is important to her too. She loves being with him, and she wants to stay with him forever. When Masaomi happily thanks her, Ema can feel something warm in her heart. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

ホワイトデー [ White Day ]

On White Day, Masaomi gives Ema a pack of macarons from a very famous shop in Ginza. He learned about the shop from the internet, and he went to buy the macarons for her despite the crowd and his busy schedule. Masaomi doesn’t know what presents will make girls happy, so he’s worried that Ema might not like the present.. but of course she’s really happy to receive it. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Then he adds that the macarons were delicious. He was tempted to try them as he chose a present for her, so he bought another pack for himself. Apparently macarons weren’t enough for him, and he ended up purchasing every single baked sweets in the shop LOL. The next time he visits the shop again, he’s planning to buy their cakes — a milfeuille and a gâteau de forêt noire. He’s also considering getting a winter limited edition apple compote, or maybe a classic shortcake or cream puffs. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Ema wonders how many times is he planning to visit the shop, and Masaomi says the shop’s sweets are all good so far.. but they won’t be able to beat her handmade chocolate. It’s the most delicious one for him. (❤ฺ→艸←)

弥の怪我 [ Wataru’s Injury ]

On the night of April 15, Ema is preparing dinner with Ukyou as usual. Just then Wataru comes saying he wants to help too, since he needs to help with household chores and write a report for his homework. Ukyou and Ema are done cooking the food, so Wataru then climbs a chair to get a plate from the top shelf. Ema is worried since it doesn’t seem like he can reach the plate, but Wataru assures her that he will be alright.. or not. The moment he takes the plate, he loses balance and falls from the chair — breaking the plate and cutting his arm on the fragments. He doesn’t cry though, and he even endures the pain just to tell Ema that he’s fine. Unfortunately, the bleeding is severe. Ukyou immediately goes to call an ambulance, while Ema asks Wataru to hang on until Masaomi comes. Wataru is reluctant knowing Masaomi hates blood, but it’s too late. Masaomi actually heard the loud crashing sound from outside, and he walks into the living room to see what happened. Ema panics and asks Masaomi to save Wataru, but the moment he sees the blood and the wound, he collapses on the spot.

Azusa enters the kitchen not too long after that, and upon seeing what happened to Wataru, he asks Masaomi to help them treating Wataru’s wound. However, Masaomi is still too shaken to give them instructions. He remains silent until Ema eventually slaps him, telling him that he’s the only one who can help Wataru right now. She doesn’t want Wataru to suffer any further, so he needs to get ahold of himself. Realizing that Ema is right, Masaomi apologizes to Wataru and snaps back to his senses. He asks Azusa to get some bandages and gauzes, as well as a cold towel to wipe off Wataru’s sweat. Next, he helps Wataru to lie down on the couch and stops the bleeding until the ambulance comes. The ambulance staff informs Ukyou that Wataru will be safe thanks to Masaomi’s proper first aid treatment, and they ask Masaomi to get some rest for tonight since he doesn’t look well. Ukyou will accompany Wataru to the hospital, so he doesn’t have to worry. At first Masaomi insists that he’s fine, but then he starts feeling dizzy.. and he faints right in front of them. In the end Masaomi gets carried to the hospital as well, and Ema accompanies them along with Ukyou.

Later on, Masaomi wakes up to find Ema sitting by his bedside. When she explains that he’s in the hospital, he lets out a sad laugh saying he’s really pathetic.. but she quickly replies that he has saved Wataru. He’s not by any means pathetic. Masaomi says that it was indeed him who treated the wound, but the one who saved Wataru is actually Ema. If she didn’t bring him back to his senses, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Masaomi then thanks Ema, saying she’s the one who always moves his heart. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* After this incident, he also realized that he needs to get over his fear of blood instead of accepting it. Masaomi became a doctor in order to help his family, but everything would be meaningless if something like this happens again in the future. He’s going to overcome that fear from now on, and he asks Ema to watch over him — because he wants to change beside her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Ema: “Masaomi-san… Are you okay with someone like me?”
Masaomi: “I can’t think of anyone but you.”
Ema: “Yes. I will watch over you… always.”
Masaomi: “Please take care of me.”

萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ

Ema laughs saying Masaomi will be able to treat her whenever she gets hurt, but he says that he doesn’t want that to happen. He won’t let her get hurt, and he will always protect her from now on. (❤ฺ→艸←) Ema turns red since she didn’t expect to hear those words from Masaomi, but she admits that it makes her happy. Just then Wataru comes to Masaomi’s room along with Ukyou, and he’s more worried about Masaomi than his own injury. He assures them that he’s completely fine, and he can go home now that his wound has been stitched up. Masaomi, on the other hand, has to stay in the hospital until the infusion is over, so Ukyou asks Ema to stay with his “faint-hearted” older brother until then. Masaomi goes (´・ω・`) upon hearing this, but he cheers up again when Wataru thanks him for treating the wound — saying he’s really glad to have a big brother like him. Ema notices that Wataru’s words only strengthened Masaomi’s decision, and her decision to stay with him is just as firm.

大切な人 [ Important Person ]

On October 30, Ema cooks dinner while waiting for Masaomi to come home. He’s been really busy with work recently, and she’s worried since he keeps returning at late hours. Masaomi soon returns home and is surprised to find Ema still awake, but he’s grateful that she cooked dinner and waited for him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ After eating the food, Masaomi says Ema will become a good wife since she’s such a great cook, and her cooking gives him the energy to work hard tomorrow. Ema then asks if Masaomi is okay since he’s been so busy lately, and even though he says yes, she can tell that he’s forcing himself to look fine in front of her. She tells him that his patients will be troubled if he collapses, and she gets really worried to see him forcing a smile. He chuckles saying he got scolded again, and then he holds her hands saying there’s another reason why he keeps returning home so late at night. It’s true that he’s busy at work, but it’s also because he’s been observing surgeries in the ER after work. He can learn a lot of things from there, and it’s the best way for him to get used to blood.

Masaomi then says he wants to change, as he wants to become a man who’s worthy of Ema. If he doesn’t look too well recently, it’s not because he’s exhausted. It’s because he feels sick after seeing so much blood. Masaomi apologizes for making Ema worry, but he feels happy to receive her concern. Masaomi then reminds Ema that he said she’s his sister, family and also an important person to him before.. but now he asks if he can take those words back. Noticing that Ema looks worried and confused, Masaomi quickly says he doesn’t mean it that way. The fact that she’s important to him will never change, but he doesn’t want her to stay with him as a sister. He wants her to stay with him as his lover. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Masaomi asks if Ema still remembers the matchmaking Miwa arranged for him, and he explains that he turned down the marriage because he doesn’t want to leave the mansion. He wouldn’t be able to take care of his brothers if he moves out, and most importantly, he didn’t want to be apart from her. Back then Masaomi hadn’t thought about becoming lovers with Ema, but he knew he’s in love with her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

When Ema answers that she wants to be Masaomi’s lover too, he lets out a relieved laugh and admits that he’s feeling so ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ inside. Ema says she feels the same, but Masaomi doesn’t believe it since she looks so calm, so he hugs her to make sure that her heart is racing too. (❤ฺ→艸←) After telling Ema that he loves her, Masaomi leans in for a kiss.. but they end up bumping their foreheads against each other. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ema bursts into laughter, and Masaomi blushes saying he’s enduring both pain and embarrassment. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Ema then calls Masaomi’s name, and she tells him that she loves him too.

結婚式 [ Wedding ]

A few years later, the Asahina brothers are attending Masaomi and Ema’s wedding. Tsubaki is grumbling in the hotel lobby, Hikaru tells him to accept the fact already, while Yusuke roams around with tears in his eyes. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ Kaname thinks Ema is still too young and needs to look at more men around the world, but Tsubaki says she’s smart for getting married before getting tricked by womanizers like Kaname LOL. When Azusa says they’re going to become uncles in the near future, this conversation happens:

Wataru: “…? Uncle? What does that mean?”
Natsume: “You don’t have to know that yet, Wataru.”
Wataru: “Oh no, Nakkun. I understand the meaning too.”
Natsume: “A-Ah…? Oh right, you’re in junior high school now.”
Wataru: “Yeah. I just thought that instead of becoming an uncle, I’d rather be a father!”
Natsume: “I see, so you wanna be a father not an uncle.”
Natsume: “……… wait what, Wataru.”
Ukyou: “What are you doing. The ceremony will begin soon. Get inside.”
Wataru: “Yeees!”
Natsume: “Wataru! Wait, what are you saying…”
Ukyou: “Be quiet, Natsume.”


As Wataru does his duty as the ring boy, Tsubaki keeps grumbling because Ema looks really beautiful today. He also asks if Subaru shares his opinion, but Fuuto stops him since Subaru looks like he’s about to cry.. and he might kidnap the bride if they keep teasing him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kaname is sincerely wishing for Ema and Masaomi’s happiness, though he also feels that he let go of a great woman. In front of the altar, Masaomi tells Ema that he’s happy to share this joyous day with her. He might not be reliable and might cause her to worry, but he promises to make her happy with his everything — vowing that she will be the only one he loves for the rest of his life. Masaomi asks Ema to always stay with him from now on, and after she says yes, they seal the vow with a kiss.

新しい家族 [ A New Family ]

One day, Tsubaki announces a big news for everyone. Or as he puts it, “everyone who was aiming for Ema” LOL. Azusa asks why he looks so depressed, and Tsubaki informs them that Ema is now pregnant with Masaomi’s child. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yusuke instantly screams and runs off, while Azusa punches Tsubaki before he can finish saying “I can’t forgive how Masa-nii, who always looks like he’s spacing out, did that when the time co–” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They don’t know the baby’s gender yet, but Rui and Tsubaki are wishing for a girl. Even though they clearly have different reasons. Rui only wants to arrange her hair, but Tsubaki is hoping for a possible romance between him and Ema’s daughter. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Azusa tells him to seal that delusion in his mind though. Ema and them are safe since they’re not related by blood, but a romance with their niece — who has Masaomi’s blood — is out of the question. xD At the same time, Yusuke is mumbling about how he thought he still has a chance even after Ema got married.. but now she’s going to be a mother. \(^o^)/ Rui then asks about where the happy couple is, and Azusa answers they’re probably at their own house.

Meanwhile, Masaomi is trying to sense the baby’s movements in Ema’s stomach. She’s only in her third month of pregnancy though, so she tells him they won’t be able to sense anything yet at this stage. Ema was really surprised when she found out that she’s pregnant, but she feels happy upon seeing how excited Masaomi is. He wonders if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, and he asks what name they’re going to give for the baby. He also wants to make Usa-tan #4 for their baby, and he’s already thinking about what color he should use. (❤ฺ→艸←) Ema says she never thought this day would come for her, and when Masaomi asks if it’s too early, she says no because she feels really happy. Their baby will be the her first blood-related family member too, and he tells her that giving birth is a great thing. Their lives might not be not eternal, but as long as their child is alive, the proof of their love will remain eternal. Their child will eventually marry and give birth to a new generation, so her blood-related family will keep growing larger.

Ema can’t hold back her happy tears when Masaomi thanks her for carrying their baby, but he will keep expressing his gratitude to her. When Ema thanks him in return, Masaomi smiles and says they will be happy together — with everyone in their family.

Masaomi’s route might be pure and innocent compared to the sexy group’s, but he sure got the most beautiful ending and epilogues. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Since Ema grew up all alone without any blood-related family, I found Masaomi’s extra epilogue really touching. She can finally have her own family, and she looks so happy beside him.. though at the cost of Tsubaki and especially Yusuke’s frustration. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ Even before their marriage, I’ve always loved how gentle Masaomi treats Ema. Masaomi is such a good husband, and I’m sure he’s going to become a great father. OMG I’m dying of jealousy here, Ema switch places with me please. Let me be Masaomi’s waifu forever for a day. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

No proper “final impressions” because you know I’m 1000% biased towards Brothers Conflict. Sure the system might be bugged and irritating at times, but the characters are so entertaining and so ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ that I plowed through the entire game in four days just for them. My favorite is Fuuto, followed by.. by.. I don’t know. Aside from Fuuto, all the characters keep juggling ranks because let’s face it — I LOVE THEM ALL. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Now where is Brilliant Blue? I need more Asahina brothers to fill my life with.


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  1. First comment!!
    No commeeennnt!! Masaomi it’s my fav chara in brocon XD
    With his age gap, doctor, with babyface in 31th years old!!
    he make me become OJICON >o<
    Masaommmiii u must take a responbility for it!! U must marry meeeeee!! /eh?

    • Get in line. We all want to marry him. xD
      Brocon has turned me into a shotacon, an ojicon, and a kimoi fangirl overall so you’re not alone there! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ In the drama CD they did mention that Masaomi looks young, but every single one of his actions screams ossan because.. well, he is an ossan LOL.

    • I need your help … Well, it’s been a while since I have the game and regardless of the number of game I play, I can not be the end of Masaomi. I tested several family level but in the end, he still considers me as his little sister: ‘(can you help me if you please thank you?

  2. Masaomi is just too adorable! I told myself not to read any of these until I had caught up with Atelier, but I’ve been curious about him since I’ve read about him and his route completely meets all my expectations! And as a bonus, we also get a wedding and baby scenario! *squeee~!*

    The bugs you mention in the game- are they bad enough to take away from enjoying the game, or just annoying little things one can easily overlook? (Or is there a chance this game may be re-released in the future with all the bugs smoothed out? <– probably super!wishful thinking, haha)

    PS: I apologize if I asked this before, but I think you said you started learning Japanese for otomes and Atelier(s), yes? How exactly did you go about it- did you use books, or were you lucky enough to take a class? =D

    • Yeah. I’ve always loved Masaomi because he’s such a kind hetare, so the wedding and baby epilogues made me so happy. It was so perfect for him, since he’s a perfect husband material. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* As for the bugs, they’re only minor bugs that won’t disturb your playthrough. Nothing that can ruin your gameplay. Most of them are just errors like voices not matching dialogues, or the park disappearing from the list of date spots every once in a while. I don’t think they’d go for an upgraded version, so most likely they’ll just fix the bugs in BB.. whenever that game comes out.

      Oh, and yeah I started learning Japanese for games. xD
      I took the very basic class for 3 months, but then I quit and self-taught myself. It’s mostly from reading / hearing lines and finding out what they mean in English. Back in 2006-2007 I played otome games with a dictionary open in front of me. 8D;

      • Haha, I know! Now if only there were RL guys like that! ^^;; And thank you for explaining about the bugs, they don’t sound too horrible! I’m surprised there’s no word on when BB comes out, I was under the impression that PP did decently well.

        I’m trying to head the same path for learning the language, haha (and eventually branch out from that, hee). There’s just so much that comes out (Ateliers, Tales of…, etc) that we never see here in the states, it would be nice not to have to worry about that! Do you have any recommendations for good dictionary to use? Or just any one with a decent review on Amazon, or like sites?

        • S-sorry to butt in. Hope you don’t mind Rin-san ;;;

          If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, I’d really recommend “Kotoba!” It’s an English/Japanese dictionary, though I mainly use it to look up Japanese words as I play. I find it especially helpful since it’s has all the variant spellings that a word can have (including archaic/obsolete ones), and several example sentances. You can also save words you want to remember into the provided “Favorites” folder, or make your own. Looking up Kanji is also really easy, as it has several different ways. You can look them up by radical, school grades, JLPT levels, or my favorite, by SKIP. Also, if I remember correctly, the app was free.

          This is the dictionary I use the most, and I’ve found it really helpful. Just one note: though you can look up words by romanji, it’s better to look it up by either hirigana or kanji. Sometimes it won’t recognize the romanji since it has problems with the vowels (for example, you might type “arigatou” but they’ll have it under “arigato”) The app also doesn’t recognize misspelled words ww

          S-sorry if this wasn’t helpful, and sorry for a stranger suddenly butting in /runs away

          • This was very helpful, Thank You! Unfortunately I do not have any of those items (yet! saving up for it!), but when I do get one I will be sure to get the app, asap. Thank you again! =D

          • Of course I don’t mind, thanks! :D
            Since I’m lame and use Google Translate most of the time, your comment really helps. xD

        • According to a sales post on 2ch, PP did quite well. Now I’m wondering if they’re fixing all the bugs first before updating BB’s site. There was a stray Iori CG in PP’s game data, so I think they’re actually done with the art and such. The game shouldn’t be that long either, but looking at PP’s history.. not sure if BB will come out this year. :|

          For dictionary, I only use JquickTrans and Google Translate LOL. I use them to look up unfamiliar words, and I use Google to learn about sentence structures and such. xD;

          • Totally late on this reply, but thanks for the answers! I’ll have to check out JquickTrans! Haha, thank goodness for Google! XD

  3. AMAZING GAME 8’D I was dying of 萌えええduring Masaomi’s entire route!! ♥( ´▽`人) Maybe I’m a bit biased towards Masaomi’s route because of Wataru-chan (coughpedocough) but Masaomi was really sweet too (@^∇^@)I love the whole Usa-tan idea because I, too, have a cute toy bunny at home since young and I love it so much (^-^)/ And that wedding end OMG WEDDING ENDDDDD. GAHHH OTP OTP OTP DEFINITELY OTP OF ALL TIME 8D /shot Not to mention they’re gonna have a baby~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    Also, this route shows the brothers’ interactions the most so yeah I keep thinking Masaomi is the TRUE husband for Ema xD Heartbroken for Yusuke as usual though ヽ(;▽;)ノ And lol Tsubaki what is wrong with you but because you’re crazy I love you so much hehe.
    Overall this game is really cute ♥ BRILLIANT BLUE, as I have said many times before, WHERE?! OTL

    • Doesn’t the characters’ ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑-ism make up for the bugs and everything? xD I don’t know, a lot of people seem to be turned off by Wataru because he’s a shota.. but he’s so much tougher than he looks. Not to mention that conversation with Natsume. What a dark horse LOL. This route shows a lot of interactions because Masaomi is the only one who got to marry Ema, since he’s the oldest and all. I’m hoping to see a wedding end too in BB, maybe with Ukyou or Natsume. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Despite what people think of Ukyou, I think he’s a good husband material too. Then Ema can relax and raise their child since Ukyou will take care of all the little details. 8D

      • Lol Ukyou would be a good stay-in husband xD But I don’t really like megane types so sorry Ukyou-san! 8D; Natsume would be an awesome husband but what if their child becomes a gaming addict one day xD
        Hmm I’m hoping for a wedding end for Azusa and Rui more though xD (and secretly wishing for Wataru too but that seems unlikely OTL /pedobear again)
        And while I’m here commenting I must spread the love of Kise-kun!!! Happy birthday Kise-kun ♥ \(^o^)/おめでとうー
        Roflmao sorry that comment was so unrelated but today I’m fangirling like crazy xD

        • You say it like being a gamer is a bad thing. 8D
          Since Tsubaki doesn’t have a wedding end, I highly doubt Azusa will get one. A wedding end with Rui sounds likely though, since the “family” theme goes really well with Ema and him. As for Wataru.. LOL. I’m not expecting much, but I want to see him grown-up please. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

          • True D: But I’m so sad, I want to marry Azusa 8’D /shot Maybe the wedding end will go to Ukyou instead though. Since he’s oldest there. Rui would be a good choice to marry xD I love my hair so it’d be nice to marry a hairdresser LOL.
            I’ve seen the second season of BroCon’s light novels, and all I can say is I want Wataru to stay forever young ;v; The new design didn’t click with me very well so… At least make Wataru a hot イケメン ヽ(;▽;)ノ

          • In contrary, I like Wataru’s new design. 8D
            His old design was to kiddish for me, so I’m happy to see him growing up. Hikaru expects a major growth spurt in 2-3 years, so I’m looking forward to that LOL.

      • You like Ukyou too? x)
        I see a lot of person who don’t like him, I’m like : Am I weird? xD
        If Natsume or Ukyou or anybody else have a wedding end too, I want to switch my life with Ema xD
        And I’m sorry for my bad English ! x)

        • I like all of the Asahina brothers LOL.
          Maybe Ukyou doesn’t stand out as much since he’s the “mom” of the family, but he’s actually quirky too and fun to tease. I wonder who will get the wedding end in BB, but yeah hopefully it’s either Ukyou and Natsume. Not really sure about Natsume though. Tsubaki didn’t get a wedding end, so I think it’d be unfair if either Azusa or Natsume do… but we’ll see. xD

  4. omg Subaru please don’t cry D: I’LL RETURN YOUR FEELINGS ; A; But lol I didn’t know Subaru played games and I laughed at the bit where Yusuke is in charge of just picking up the loot cause he’s so weak pffffft.

    Masaomi is really sweet though and omg his ending and epilogue is just so adorable <3333

    Just wondering, will you be talking about the family ending as well? I actually never got it but is it anything special or no?

    • LOL Fuuto’s comment. 8D
      I never knew Subaru play games too, but apparently he plays them quite often with his teammates.. and LOL Yusuke. He keeps asking “hey what should I do?” when Subaru and Ema are wiping the enemies, but they’re just like “stay in the back” or “pick up the loot” since he’s so weak and would only die in the mob. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ It’s amusing to see Masaomi getting jealous of this scenery. xD I won’t cover the family ending, because it’s that “everyone-loves-you” ending. Nothing really happens. They’re just celebrating Ema’s first year anniversary in Sunrise Residence, and she cries happy tears as she mentions each brother’s kindness and charms.

  5. I love his route too!
    I feel a bit guilty after finishing Masaomi since I felt nothing at all for him at first. But it just turns out that his route is sooooooo pure, so beautiful that I see the word ‘love’ floating everywhere around the couple.
    In other routes, I couldn’t help feeling pity for Yuusuke, but in this one, it’s really amusing to see the guys grinding their teeth with jealousy lol.
    Thanks for all your hard work reviewing this <3
    This is one of the most wonderful otome games I've got a chance to play indeed. Come on, BB. We can't wait!

    • Yeah, you can see the aura of happiness surrounding Masaomi and Ema. xD
      I always feel bad for Yusuke too, especially in Subaru’s route, but here.. not so much. Probably because he’s not the only one who got heartbroken, and his cries here felt more comedic than anything else LOL. Thanks for reading my posts too, it’s been such a nice experience fangirling with you all over PP. (*´∀`*) I hope BB comes out soon, so we can squeal over these brothers again.

  6. The wedding CG is so beautiful!! I don’t even feel jealous of Ema because it’s just filled with so much happiness.. =))

    My favourite parts are when Masaomi gave Ema Usa-tan on xmas eve, and when she discovered the necklace a few months later. Just imagine how he must have felt during those 3 months before she started wearing it T ^T Masaomi’s really perfect husband material and hands down my favourite character since the novels. The epilogue makes it seem like the true ending of the game hohoho yay for Masaomi’s being the true route (assumptions and speculations) XD Though character design wise, Hikaru’s the most appealing for me because of his sexy turtleneck and tied up hair.

    Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to write such wonderful reviews, it means a lot to me since there’s almost zero chance of me playing any PSP games. I see Storm Lovers is coming up next? 8D All the best and i’m looking forward to reading the posts too!

    • I know right. Masaomi’s ending is probably the happiest ending for Ema so far. She never has a real family, so I feel glad to see her getting her own family in the end. I envy her for marrying Masaomi, but I also feel so glad for her. 良かったね、絵麻!ヽ(;∀;)ノ Since Masaomi is a kind hetare, he probably waited patiently (and will keep waiting) until Ema finds the necklace.. though he must have felt insecure upon seeing her playing with Subaru and Yusuke. In the character CDs the brothers keep saying that Masaomi is so much stronger than he looks (in a lot of ways), so I’m not surprised if he turns out to be the dark horse in PP. He’s normally laid-back and spaces out a lot, but he takes the best place when the time comes. xD

      Thanks for reading my posts too! Glad to know these are helpful for people. :3
      I’m doing Storm Lover now, but not sure when I can start posting since work has been busy recently.

  7. KYA~~~~Masaomi~~~!!!!!!! You were my favourite and always will be!!!! And the proof of it is in this route. I’m dying here because of you! Never have I been so happy from an otome game route until now. Of course, I was happy with many others, but this is on a whole different level of happiness (mixed with envy). Ema you lucky duck, you must treasure him or I’ll steal him away! ,,,But, it’s too late now, since they have a baby. ;0; I feel like all the other brothers now who were aiming for her. Poor Yusuke, abused in every route. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his reactions from the game to the epilogue.

    I REALLY WANT TO MARRY MASAOMI. REALLY, REALLY, BAD. His epilogue touched my heart so much that I became teary. What beautiful lines he said! Plus, his CGs are so beautiful, I’m sure they beated Tsubaki’s CGs and Kaname’s. I’m so glad that he overcame his fear of blood. …I want a Usa-tan…I want a Usa-tan…

    Ah, who knew Masaomi…the pure and innocent one would beat the others to having a baby! I laughed at what Tsubaki said. xD But, that’s what makes him wonderful, cute, gentle…*goes off on a tangent* Oooh, and I love his scary side….not that I want to experience it myself. WHY CAN’T I BE EMA!?!?!?! Masaomi is the husband of my dreams. He’s the perfect father material, too. /cries and bangs head on keyboard

    Aha…Tsubaki…wouldn’t Ema’s daughter be too young for you…? *coughs* lolicon *coughs* Do you want to be with Ema that badly!? xD LOL, Wataru and Natsume’s conversation. I’m starting to really like Wataru because of this route, he’s so sweet, caring and brave. Especially when he’s trying to endure the pain! What a wonderful boy!

    Anyways…I wrote a tad bit too much, but it’s all worth it for Masaomi. I love him so much! X3 Like you, I don’t think I can choose who my second favourite in Brothers Conflict. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Brilliant Blue, why are you so far away????? /shakes fists

    Okay, I’ll go back and read Kaname’s route now. This may be a bit late, but I’m currently playing Bloody Call….not unEnding Bloody Call. :3

    • To be honest, I’m surprised to see how much you girls love Masaomi. xD
      I thought the sexy ones would be more popular, but I understand your feelings too since Masaomi is such a charming character. It’s so entertaining to see the brothers weeping in unison during their wedding, and especially Yusuke’s scream of frustration LOL. He’s roaming around like a heartbroken zombie during the wedding AND the extra epilogue. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ ..and Tsubaki, please don’t turn into a lolicon. By the time Ema’s daughter turns into a teenager, you’ll be older than Masaomi’s current age. xD This route also makes me love Wataru more, since he’s a lot tougher than he looks. Hopefully we get to see a grown-up version of him dating Ema in BB.

      Also, good luck with Bloody Call! :D
      It was such a good game. Too bad I don’t have enough time to play the PSP port.

  8. Ema please switch place with me… She is sure lucky since all her brothers are charming in their own way. I just love this game because I love all the brothers and Ema is a cute heroine, so glad she doesn’t turn into annoying one ^-^

    I fell Masaomi’s story is pure, innocent, cute, warmhearted and beautiful. I like everything in his story, and so glad he has the wedding and baby ending. ^-^ Though I like Fuutan and Kaname but I can say Masaomi is the perfect husband xD

    So you are playing SL? xD That game is hilarious, ^-^

    • To be fair, she was annoying in some routes during her family drama LOL. Maybe it’s just because I can’t understand where her “I will be left alone” logic came from, but I think the whole issue is so dumb. She was annoying in Yusuke and Kaname’s routes, but at least she’s more mature compared to her novel counterpart. xD I’m glad Masaomi has a wedding and baby end too! He’s a good husband material, along with Ukyou and Natsume IMO.

      Oh, and yeah I’m doing SL Kai now. :3

      • I notice she is rather dumb at some parts but at least I still can tolerate her and in the end I found her rather cute despite her faults xD

        Anyway PP is a good game ^-^, so glad I end up loving all the guys xD
        Ukyou & Natsume, the more I heard their name the more I want him lol. And Wataru, he is so cute xD. But well BB is still far away :D

        • Yeah, it’s just the dumb dramu. Everything else is fine. xD
          Honestly I wanna know when BB is going to come out. Or at least when are they planning to release it LOL.

  9. May I just say that I exploded to 1001 color rainbows because my dear, poor kokoro couldn’t handle the massive ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ everywhere?

  10. Oh this ending is sweet. :) His ending had the baby end and the wedding end. I can’t wait till I get to his route, after Tsubaki because of Azusa i. I wonder if they will do this for BB? Although, not confident that it will come out any time soon, considering PP took so long to come out.

    And grinning like an idiot when I saw your next game, Storm Lovers. Haven’t tried playing it but been laughing at the screen shots on tumblr.

    • I hope so! Maybe a wedding / baby end with Ukyou, since he’s the oldest in BB. It seems like PP and BB have the same system, so hopefully BB won’t take that long to come out. I think it will still take quite a while though, considering they have so many bugs to fix.. and they haven’t updated BB’s site yet. :<

      I'm having so much fun on SL Kai right now. xD

  11. Masaomi’s route is so sweet and innocent (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He’s definitely my favorite character in PP

    I love the fact that his route has a wedding AND a baby end. Masaomi looks like he’d not only be a good husband, but a good father too. He’s already had some practice(?) with Wataru

    Speaking of Wataru, omg that last conversation with him and Natsume.. poor Natsume lol. I wonder if Wataru understood the full implication of what he was saying? www

    Ahh now I really can’t wait til I can get my copy ; V ;

    • Glad to see Maa-kun gaining more love. xD
      Yeah, Masaomi has been taking care of Wataru for a long time. He can handle kids while remaining gentle, so he’ll become a good father indeed. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* As for Wataru.. I think he does know what he’s saying, since he’s much smarter than he looks. I translated it generally, but you can also take that line as “rather than being an uncle I’d rather be the father” LOL. Poor Natsume.

      I hope you can play PP soon! :D

  12. late comment is late, but MASAOMIIIII <3 <3

    He never caught my attention when the game was announced. But as I played his route, he keeps hitting me RIGHT IN THE KOKORO w w w I find myself synching with him the most, since he's the closest to my age (lol) and he's pretty laidback like me (o^^o)ふふっ♪

    Then he gave Ema macarons for White Day and I was in love (≧∇≦)ノ彡 バンバン (sorry but I love macarons. a lot.)

    I agree, his route is probably one of the pure ones but it is the most mature relationship out of PP. Pretty much a beautiful tale of how two ppl got together, their goals in life changed for each other and themselves and then, starting a family uwaaahh so beeeyootiful (ノД`)・゜・。 (you can make a drama series out of this lol)

    What I find weird about Masaomi's end is the only end where u see the brothers voice their disappointment of losing Ema to Masaomi lolol I mean, in the other routes we just see Ema and Brother X have ichaicha time, while the rest of the brothers are pretty cool about it (aside from teasing). Suddenly Masaomi gets married and we have Yuusuke crying (and plotting to steal Ema after the marriage OI OI OI YUUTAN). And Tsubaki of course reveals HOW GROSS he is….. thanks a lot, bro and I hope Ema gives birth to a son ಠ__ಠ (yes Azusa pls keep your twin in check)

    I still have Tsubaki to do and after his uncle-niece comment… gdi I have zero motivation to endure his grossness lol

    • I KNOW THAT FEELING. The twins might be the face of the franchise, but Maa-kun is just so ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ in every way. I find it adorable that he ends up buying the same macarons, and how he keeps returning to try various kinds of sweets LOL. He might not have any sexy / naughty scenes like the ero group, but the way they wrap up his route is just so beautiful. I’m so glad for you, Ema.. treasure him and your new family well. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

      I think the brothers are going (屮゚Д゚)屮 because Masaomi and Ema actually got married instead of dating, and it’s Masaomi out of all people. I bet they underestimated him, especially Tsubaki LOL. Oh, and Yuu-kun.. tsk tsk, don’t think of stealing your brother’s wife. Not that you have the guts to do it anyway. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Tsubaki is another story though. I can understand him and his 妹萌え obsession towards Ema, but please no “romance” with your blood-related niece. Just.. no. Yeah, please keep an eye on him Azusa. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

      Good luck enduring Tsubaki and his kimoiness though! xD

  13. This is such a wonderful heart-warming route to play last!! I didn’t understand what was being said in some parts so I’m really grateful for your summaries! They helped a lot! I love this route! it’s really the most complete out of all the other routes!!!

    Thank you for your summaries!! :

    • Thanks for reading them too! :3
      Glad to know it helps you understanding the story better.
      I’m glad to have saved Masaomi’s route for last too, it’s such a heart-warming, nice way to end the game with.

    • I will, but not anytime soon since I’m a bit busy and got my hands full with Storm Lover at the moment. Arcana is next on the list though. :D

  14. Masaomi’s route is so touching and adorable… So far Masaomi and Subaru’s are the most pure one in PP.. (๑´ლ`๑)♡
    I laughed so hard when it comes to Yusuke snap because the’re getting married… So cute, making me want to finish his route for his miserable one sided love all this time.. XD

    • Everyone got their hearts broken in Masaomi’s route, so at least Yusuke is not alone LOL. I feel sorry for the poor guy though. He thinks he still has a chance even after Ema married his brother, then her pregnancy hits him in the face. xD

  15. MASAOMIIII WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME INTO AN OJICONNNNN \(ಥ ̯ ಥ)/~ I have to say, he is sooo soooo sooo sweet in his route (My favourite character next to Tsubaki (>//////<) ) I was at the part for what to give him for christmas, and I choose every single option and still get the same result T_T MASAOMI WHY U NO LIKE WHAT I GIVE YOU?! D:< But the voice he used for Usa-tan 3 WAS SO UGHHHH CUTE T_T

    Why can't you be real Masaomi :'D? His ending I say was the best! T u T Family+Wedding = LOVEE <3 I hope I get his ending though and not stop in the middle (My route with Tsubaki ended in April or something, the home pink bar was half way, guess I didn't make the full route T_T ) Although I didn't get his first or second route start (his route started at 3 for me o___O)

    Masaomi, you my friend are a lady killer~ Can't wait for BB I'm sooo going for Azusa ;DDD

    • Welcome to the club. xD
      Maa-kun is a hot hetare ossan, and if memory doesn’t fail me, he ranked #2 in this year’s Valentine event. For presents, he loves the alarm clock and squirrel plushie. I usually keep the plushie for his birthday in April, so for Christmas I gave him the alarm clock instead. I think you didn’t get Tsubaki because you didn’t see all of his events, since you need to see everything to reach the ending. The pink bar is family love, and Tsubaki needs around 80% of those for one of his events. For more details just check the Tsubaki post and the wiki I linked. They have all the details you need. :D

      • I don’t see the wiki link D: (or I’m to blind to see it T_T) Anyways, thanks for helping!! :D I was so confused on that T_T! For the routes did you do activites with him (the character you’re going for) everyday? (Mon – Sat, then date on Sun? O.o? )

        I feel so welcomed in the club :’D Ojicons together~

        And ah! D:< Masaomi!!! T_T I'll have to remember that so that I can give it to him on Christmas

        And, oh that's what the pink bar was T_T I was thinking "Is this the bar until she leaves the house or something?" o_o Totally wrong xD

        I'll look at Tsubaki's route to complete his :D And GRR TSUBAKI!! T_T I tried his route from the last time I saved to see how far I have gotten and accidently saved over my Masaomi route T_T I was crying in the middle of the night tooo :'( (at 11 pm in my room, in the dark, in my bed, under my blanket.


        • Oh, I posted it in the guide post. Here‘s the wiki. :D
          As for the approach, it’s basically spending time with your guy 24/7. Masaomi and Tsubaki both require some family love though, so I put family activities like 2-3 times a week until the bar is high enough. Just completely ignore family activities in Fuuto’s and Kaname’s routes, their events require low family love.

          • Thanks for the wiki!! :D And ooh okay ;D I was going to go for Fuuto after completing Tsubaki’s and Masaomi’s. T_T Now to start from scratch again :’D Vol 7 for Brother’s conflict is coming out soon!!

  16. Masaomi-saaaaan~ (>,<)
    I agree, he sure got the most beautiful ending and epilogues, so I play his route in the first run.
    at first I don't like masaomi too much after saw the design on BroCon web, (yeah, with cute stuff and his age) but after playing the game he's very gentle and sweet~ he's my fave from PP edition. He's a good husband&father material (and I think Ukyo will too) thanks for the review and wiki~

    Thanks for giving a detail review so I can completely understand the story since I can't read kanji. Waiting for your next review

    a few days ago, i saw a different list on idea factory product, BB come to 2nd place from top after 2013-release-game but still no release date or month and no additional detail. I hope BB will release at least on november or december, not next year. Gimme more Asahina Bros~! Can't wait for Ukyo, Azusa and also Iori's dark past.

    • On the contrary, I usually save the best for the last.. though in PP I ended up going from the youngest to oldest, aside from Yusuke and Fuuto. xD I noticed that Otomate has changed their games page, but yeah still no info on BB right now. They don’t even update the site, if that says anything. It makes me sad seeing all their new projects getting release dates in 2012, while BB is still floating in uncertainty. :<

  17. I feel like crying right now.
    Is it I did something wrong?
    I play BC using PSP Emulator.
    I got till the ED, but the EP and Extra story won’t come out or play!
    Nande????!!!! Is it suppose to be somewhere else or something?

    I really wanted to see and listen the epilogue.

      • There’s an “extra” section?????
        In my main screen only New game, load game and option though.
        And… after I finish Masaomi’s last event… the screen goes black and it doesn’t move anymore.
        I can’t even see the wedding part. T.T

        • That means you haven’t completed the route? The “extra” menu should appear after clearing one route. It’s not supposed to go black. After you’re done with the ending / epilogue, you should be taken back to the title screen.

          • Completing the route means by all Masaomi events right????
            The ones that you posted here.
            In that case… all of it came out!
            But not all the family events came out though. Am I suppose to get the family events as well????
            Is so frustrating

          • Yeah. The wedding is the epilogue. After that you’ll be taken to the title screen, and you can access the extra menu from there. You don’t need the family events, but you do need all of his CGs (including the sleepover ones) to unlock the last epilogue.

          • I think I have all his CGs already.
            Is like after the last event (important person), the wedding event doesn’t come out. and it does not take me back to the title screen.
            It just goes… black. ><!!!!
            Is it problem because of using PSP emulator on PC?

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  19. Hello >< ermm I really need your help. I finish Masaomi's route (by follow your walkthrough xD) and i got all events but it end at wedding scene. How can I get the epilouge? Please tell me T_T

  20. Oh im sorry! I just read the previous comment that you replied about this. For my case, i get the ending scene but in my memories section, the last one that supposed to be Epilogue is show as ??? And i cannot click it. :(

  21. Sorry again for spamming your blog! It is my bad. I checked my album again and founded that i miss one cg. The scene after the wedding and before the sleepover, could you please show me what that cg is? Is it a scene from sleepover? I thought there are only 2 cg from sleepover >< i tried to play sleepover scene again and again but i got only the same cg :(

  22. Ohhhhhh I FINALLY GET THE EPILOGUE!! After replay sleepover scene like 132535241 times, i got the last sleepover cg!!! Thanks for your amazing walkthrough and sorry again for spamming your blog! <3

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  24. Hello, I really love reading your articles which are really good, so I would ask you if you will do the same thing for Brothers Conflict Brillant Blue ? I’m really exciting at the idea to read your future articles about it ^_^

  25. Hey are you going to do brilliant blue, cuz i really want to see Louis and Natasume. I really want to see it soooo badly!!

  26. Hoooooowwww I finished masaomi’s route but they only get married. But not on the new family? I know i finished it cleeeearly. What should i do *sob*

  27. Is this really true that Ema and Masaomi end up together? I read from wiki that she ends up with Subaru then she had a daughter with him named Chitose.. Thats why im super confused??? Please tell me the truth?

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  29. First of all great work. Thank You so much for detailing everything. I guess I would have liked the game better if Ema also became a doctor. She already is good in science.

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