STORM LOVER Kai!! – Sugai Tsukasa

Based on a friend’s advice, I decided to do Tsukasa before continuing with the planned order. Sadly while Tsukasa himself is a charming character, his route is a bit lacking compared to the others. Probably because he’s a teacher. (´・ω・`)

Tsukasa is the maths teacher in St. Louis High, and also the homeroom teacher for class 2-C. He’s a versatile teacher who can handle anything, and he attracts people naturally. Due to his kind nature, Tsukasa is very weak against people’s opinions. Instead of holding his own opinion, he tends to give in just to avoid dispute. He has a broad knowledge about everything traditional, and he’s also the advisor of the tea ceremony club at school.


On April 4, Yuna visits a boutique and runs into a man there. He immediately notices her as the new student in St. Louis High, while she recognizes him as the teacher who took care of her registration process. He then introduces himself as Sugai Tsukasa, and he explains that he’s here to buy a kimono. Yuna finds this surprising since the image of Tsukasa in suits is really strong, so he asks her to choose a kimono which will look good on him. As they take a look at the kimonos together, she also starts feeling ドキ(´*・ω・*`)ドキ upon thinking that she’s on a date with a teacher. After leaving the boutique, Tsukasa gives Yuna a kanzashi to thank her for choosing a kimono for him. He asks her to do her best in his lesson as well, and she feels really motivated.. until he mentions that he teaches maths LOL. It’s definitely not her favorite subject, but Yuna wants to work hard on it for Tsukasa. xD

Around two weeks later, on April 20, Yuna bumps into Tsukasa in front of the staff room. She’s spacing out as she memorizes the school layout, and his vision is blocked by the big box he’s carrying. Yuna apologizes and asks if the contents of the box are okay, but Tsukasa smiles saying the box is only filled with tea ceremony utensils and hanging scrolls. There are no cups inside, so she doesn’t have to worry about breaking anything. Yuna is surprised when Tsukasa calls her by her first name, and he explains that he always remembers his students’ names and faces. Besides, she left a very strong impression on him — in a good way. Before leaving, Tsukasa wishes Yuna good luck in studying and she politely thanks him for the encouragement.


[ Date Event ]

On May 1, Yuna comes to school and runs into Tsukasa by the gate. He’s going to return their tests on Monday, so he came to mark them today. He asks if she has time right now, and then he takes her to a “special place”.. which turns out to be the school library. Yuna wonders if they’re going to study, but Tsukasa says he only wants to recommend some materials to her. Whether she will use it or not depends on herself. He also adds that taking breaks is important as well, so he’s going to choose interesting novels for her to enjoy. When Yuna asks if he often reads books, Tsukasa says he mainly reads literature works. He thinks they will be boring for teenagers, but since she wants to try reading them, he gives her a few titles to read. Here, Yuna realizes that she’s in love with Tsukasa. She wants to confess, but then she decides to wait and see if her feelings are real.

After school on May 6, Yuna notices someone in a kimono walking in front of her. When the person comes to greet her, Yuna is surprised to see that it’s actually Tsukasa. He wonders if he looks that weird in a kimono, and he smiles when she says it looks nice on him. When Yuna asks why he’s wearing a kimono, Tsukasa replies that he’s the advisor for the tea ceremony club. When he has some free time at school, he changes into a kimono and goes to make some tea in the club. She finds it a bit strange that a maths teacher like him is in charge of a traditional tea ceremony club, but when he goes “I see.. (´・ω・`)”, she quickly asks him not to feel sad LOL. The gap is actually nice, and she finds both of his modern and traditional side wonderful. Tsukasa then invites Yuna to come to the tea room, where he makes a cup of tea for her. Even though the tea tastes bitter, she comments that it makes her feel relaxed.. and this makes him happy, because tea ceremonies are made to calm people’s hearts as well. Tsukasa also explains that tea ceremonies are based on the phrase “treasure every encounter”, and follow Sen Rikyu’s “Four Principles, Seven Rules.” These wise words are important for daily lives as well, so he would be happy if she keeps them in her mind. When Yuna says Tsukasa is a perfect teacher — who’s good at teaching and even serves tea for his students — he replies that she’s a kind and warm person. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Her feet are numb after sitting for a long time, so he allows her to stay in the tea room until the club activity starts. He also mentions that he tripped due to numb feet before, but that was back when he was five. xD

Since Yuna has been working hard at school, Tsukasa agrees to go out with her on May 15. He takes her to see an exhibition in the art gallery, and while she feels happy about this.. she doesn’t understand art at all. He notices this too, so he asks her not to force herself. They didn’t come here to have a lesson, and it won’t be fun if she forces herself to understand. After taking a walk outside, Tsukasa tells Yuna that it’s okay to appreciate art with simple words like “beautiful” or “nice.” Rather than memorizing the artist’s name and history, she should express her honest opinion instead. When Tsukasa asks about what Yuna is thinking of right now, she subconsciously answers “Sensei is so kind and cool..” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Before leaving the art gallery, Tsukasa says he might not qualify to be a teacher. He confesses that he has fallen in love with Yuna, and he wants her to see him as a man from now on. He says she’s free to ignore his confession, but she answers that she’s happy. Due to their positions as a teacher and his student, they agree to keep their relationship a secret.

[ Date Event ]

On May 18, Yuna is watching Tsukasa as he teaches in class. She’s thinking about how wonderful he is, and soon he notices her intense gaze.. so he asks her to solve a question LOL. Yuna isn’t sure if she can do it, but then she notices that Tsukasa is giving her a hidden memo under the chalk: “The tea club has no activity today. Want to go home together from the back gate?” Yuna is happy to read this, and Tsukasa perfectly covers it up by bringing her attention to the blackboard again. He also helps her solve the question before returning her to seat, and she thinks it’s so bold of him to give her an invitation during class. Yuna wonders if she should give the answer through mail later, but soon Tsukasa asks if she has any problems. When she answers no, he smiles saying it’s a good answer.. and she realizes that he’s not asking about the lesson. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ It’s hard to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, but she also finds it fun when he relays secret messages to her like this.

On May 25, one day before the midterms, Tsukasa finds Yuna sighing in the hallway. She has to study a lot of materials for the exams, and she doesn’t understand what she needs to learn for maths. She says he’s the one who chose the test materials, so he decides to take responsibility by helping her to study after school. Since Tsukasa is a teacher, he doesn’t come to teach Yuna at her house like the others. They meet up and study in the library instead. At first she couldn’t concentrate because she’s alone with him in the library, but when she motivates herself, he suddenly gives her a silent smile. Yuna then asks if she said anything weird, and Tsukasa answers that he loves her positive attitude. He also gives her some sweets before they start, and he tells her not to force herself while studying. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[ Date Event ]

On May 29, right after the midterms, Tsukasa takes Yuna on a date to the aquarium. She notes that there are a lot of couples like them, but then a random passerby mentions that they look like siblings instead. Noticing that Yuna is shocked, Tsukasa asks her to lift her head and hugs her shoulders. He says people won’t see them as siblings this way, and the visitors are busy looking at the aquariums. They don’t have to worry about getting seen. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Tsukasa then asks if she doesn’t want him to hug her shoulders, but Yuna answers that it actually makes her happy. They watch the dolphin show after that, and Yuna gets chosen to kiss the dolphin. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* At first Tsukasa tells her to go and have fun with the dolphin, but then his expression turns sour and he walks in silence as they leave the aquarium. When she asks him what’s wrong, he suddenly bends down and kisses her on the cheek. Tsukasa admits that he got jealous of the dolphin, and when Yuna chuckles saying he’s so cute when he’s jealous, he blushes and asks her to keep this a secret from everyone. (❤ฺ→艸←)


When Yuna comes to the staff room on June 1, she notices a lunchbox sitting on Tsukasa’s desk. She then asks where he buys it since it looks so homely, and he answers that he made it by himself. Tsukasa offers one of his side dishes to Yuna, and she says his fangirls will hold a grudge on her for sharing a lunchbox with him. However, he points out that all the other teachers are away from the staff room. No one will find out as long as they keep quiet. Yuna eventually takes one of Tsukasa’s food, and she finds it delicious enough to be sold in a restaurant. When she says she wants to get better at cooking too, he says the most important thing in cooking is putting one’s heart into it. If she finds a person she wants to cook for, her cooking will taste better. He asks her to try it by cooking for him, and she promises to make something for him next time. Yuna isn’t too confident and a bit worried that someone might see them.. but Tsukasa assures her that everything will be okay as long as they keep quiet. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

[ Date Event ]

On June 5, Tsukasa invites Yuna to go hiking together. He rarely has time to work out at school, so when the season comes, he often goes hiking to stay in shape. That’s why he doesn’t get tired even after hiking for a while. Yuna is a different case though, since she’s runing out of breath and keeps asking if the goal is still far away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tsukasa offers to help pushing her back, but she does her best until they finally reach an open space at the top. After making some tea for Yuna, Tsukasa asks for her impressions on hiking. Despite how tiring it was for her to climb up earlier, she admits that it’s actually fun.. so much that she wonders why she never gave it a try before. Yuna is a bit worried since they’ll have to go down the mountain later, but Tsukasa says it won’t be as tiring. They have a healthy date today. (゚∀^d)グッ♪

[ Date Event ]

One week later, on June 12, Tsukasa takes Yuna to buy a new obi in a kimono shop. While she has never visited a kimono shop before, he finds the atmosphere comfortable and comes to visit the shop every week. The kimono lineup changes each season, so he’s actually excited to see the new obi collection today. The kimono motifs are way cuter than Yuna imagined, and Tsukasa asks her to try wearing one. She feels bad because she’s not planning to buy anything, but the shop staff are more than glad to help her change anyway. When Yuna walks out of the fitting room in a kimono, Tsukasa tells her to be confident since she looks beautiful. He already bought the kimono for her, so she can wear it for the rest of the day. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Of course Yuna tries to refuse knowing kimono are expensive, but Tsukasa says he wants to see her wearing the kimono all day. He feels proud to be able to walk beside her, and they go on a relaxing “kimono date” after leaving the shop.

[ Date Event ]

On June 19, Tsukasa and Yuna go to a nature park together. She feels nervous because they’re surrounded by a lot of couples, not to mention he also takes her to ride a boat by the lake. Yuna falls towards Tsukasa when he accidentally rocks the boat, and she panics when he jokingly says she’s so bold despite her nervousness. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He mentions that he wanted to ride the boat with her since the lake is quite famous, and this reminds her that there’s a legend surrounding the lake. It’s believed that couples who ride a boat together will definitely break up. It turns out Tsukasa actually knows about this too, and Yuna asks why he took her to ride the boat then. She wonders if she’s not that important to him, but he answers it’s because he has faith in them. Even if they break up, he believes fate will bring them together again in the end.. so the legend doesn’t bother him at all. Yuna then says Tsukasa can say embarrassing things with a straight face sometimes, but she admits that it makes her happy. ♡(。→∀←。)

Two days later, on June 21, Yuna comes to the roof after school. She soon regrets her actions since she can see all the couples going home together, and this makes her feel both jealous and insecure inside. Just then Tsukasa comes asking if she’s not going home yet, and she asks him if they’re really dating. As the answer, he suddenly hugs her from behind and says they will stay like this until her doubts disappear. Tsukasa then asks if Yuna knows about “oumagatoki” — the time when spirits and ghosts come out to play at night. He might be a teacher by day, but at night, he wants to stay with her as a man. Yuna then apologizes for hurting him with her doubts, but Tsukasa says it’s not her fault. She’s wishing the night will never end if it means she can stay in his arms forever, and he answers that he feels the same way. (๑´ლ`๑)♡


[ Date Event ]

When Yuna visits Tsukasa at school on July 3, he asks if she’s done with her homework yet. Of course she hasn’t done anything thinking she still has a lot of time before the deadline, but he says it’d be better to get them done as soon as possible — inviting her to finish her homework with him. While he can’t reveal the answers to her, he can give her some advice to help her solve the questions. Yuna then asks if he’s serious, and Tsukasa replies that he doesn’t want her grades to drop.. so he won’t allow her to play until she’s done with her homework. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yuna is surprised since she thought they’re going to have a date, but she obediently follows Tsukasa into the library and does her homework there. She manages to study for two hours, and he takes her to the summer festival as the reward for doing her best today. It’s been a while since the last time Yuna comes to the festival in a yukata, and she ends up breaking her geta strap after walking around for a while. Tsukasa tells her not to worry though, and he helps her walk to a less crowded area — where he ties the strap with his handkerchief. He also asks her not to feel bad about this, since he’d be happy if her handkerchief can be used to help her. They watch the fireworks festival after that, and Yuna is hoping that Tsukasa would feel ドキ(´*・ω・*`)ドキ like she does. What she doesn’t know is he does feel the same, and he’s wishing that they can see the fireworks together again next time.

[ Date Event ]

The next day, on July 4, Yuna runs into Tsukasa in the shopping arcade. He then asks if she loves books, and he gives her a book written by his favorite author. He went to buy the book earlier, but then he realized that he already has the same book at home. Yuna isn’t sure if she can understand the contents, but Tsukasa explains that it’s just a historical novel which isn’t too difficult to understand. Tsukasa then takes Yuna to the park, and he shows her that it’s more enjoyable to read books outside. Aside from the comfortable breeze and tree shades, the sun will make sure they won’t forget about the time. Even if she finds words which she doesn’t understand, she will eventually get the meaning if she reads the book over and over again. Like a hundred times, for instance. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tsukasa will gladly tell her the meaning though, so Yuna can come and ask him anytime. xD

In the evening of July 10, Tsukasa mails Yuna asking if he can visit her. He feels nervous since it’s definitely not a home visit, but she admits that his visit makes happy. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ After pouring some tea for Tsukasa, Yuna accidentally reveals that she’s been practicing to make tea just for him. She also gives him some sweets, and he smiles saying it’d be nice if he can have tea like this everyday after work. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Yuna is curious about the meaning behind those words, but Tsukasa only smiles saying it means her tea tastes that good.


On August 1, Tsukasa visits Yuna at home. He just returned from a tea ceremony, and he wants to share some of the delicious green tea with her. Yuna enjoys the nice scent of green tea as Tsukasa makes a cup for her, and the green tea doesn’t taste as bitter as she expected. It tastes nice and easy to drink. When she thanks him for coming all the way here just to share the green tea, Tsukasa admits that he came because he wanted to see Yuna. Ever since he drank the green tea during the ceremony, he has been thinking of sharing it with her. Yuna then asks if Tsukasa is willing to make tea for her again next time, and he answers that he’d be glad to. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

[ Date Event ]

On August 7, Tsukasa and Yuna have a refreshing pool date. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Both of them get thirsty after swimming for a while, so they decide to get some rest at the cafe. While Tsukasa goes to buy some drinks, Yuna takes a seat for them. Not too long after that, he returns with a big tropical juice for couples — complete with two straws for them to drink from. Yuna blushes and asks if they’re going to drink from the same glass, to which Tsukasa replies with a straight “yes” LOL. He remains calm even when he’s drinking the juice with her, and this causes her to think about.. um, weird things. Like how he might actually be a sadist or something. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also asks if she wants to order another one, and he says he wants to share this kind of drinks with her again sometime — even though he knows she’s blushing like a tomato. xD Tsukasa adds that everything tastes so sweet whenever he’s with her, and he might get fat because their love is just that sweet. He wouldn’t mind even if Yuna gains weight, and he wants to enjoy the “dawn café au lait” (read: spend the night together!) with her one day. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

On August 14, Yuna went to study in the school library. At night she realized that she left her notebook at school, and since she can’t enter the school building alone, she calls Tsukasa and asks if he can accompany her. Yuna feels a bit scared since it’s really dark, but Tsukasa says they don’t need light since the moon is beautiful tonight. He then holds her hand so she won’t feel scared, and he says they won’t be able to hold hands during school hours.. but nobody will see them together at night. As he looks up at the moon outside, Tsukasa asks if Yuna knows about Natsume Souseki. When he was working as a part-time teacher, Natsume Souseki translated the English phrase “I love you” into “the moon is beautiful” in Japanese. The word “love” was uncommon back then, and he translated it that way because he doesn’t like things which are not elegant. Here, Tsukasa suddenly turns to Yuna and tells her the moon is beautiful today. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Tsukasa keeps holding Yuna’s hand as he walks her home, and he calls her cute when she blushes. By the way, if you send the “LOVE YOU” mail to Tsukasa back in June, he will reply with “the moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” (๑´ლ`๑)♡


On September 2, Yuna asks Tsukasa to help her studying Japanese literature. He comes to teach her in the library during lunch break, and he gladly accepts her request — because it means they can spend more time together. Yuna took a book of poetry without thinking too much, but then she notices that most of the poetry are about sad love stories. Tsukasa also explains that in the past, social status are important.. and lovers who got separated due to their social standings can only express their feelings through classic poetry. This reminds Yuna of her relationship with Tsukasa, but she stays quiet knowing he’d only be troubled if she says something like that. However, he notices the change on her expression and recites Emperor Sutokuin’s tanka poem for her. Poetry aren’t limited to sad love stories only, and the same goes for their future. Yuna apologizes saying she needs to be more mature, but Tsukasa says it’s his job to guide and pamper her as the older one in the relationship. He won’t spoil her when it comes to lessons though, so instead of telling her directly, he asks her to check the meaning behind the poem. It’s a romantic poem which reflects the contents of his heart, and he’ll be waiting for her answer once she figures out what it means.

[ Date Event ]

Two days later, on September 4, Tsukasa invites Yuna to join a tea ceremony. She has no idea what to wear for the event, but since he invited her, it should be a casual tea ceremony.. right? Wrong. It’s a formal tea ceremony. Yuna feels really nervous as she sits beside Tsukasa, but then he asks her not to worry. He’ll teach her about what to do, and it’s okay even if she messes up. He’ll apologize to the other guests with her. She’s his important guest, so there’s no need to be so nervous. After the ceremony is over, a woman comes asking if Yuna is Tsukasa’s student. Tsukasa then introduces the woman as his mother — Sugai Mai — but she coldly replies that they have no rights to call her “mother”, and this applies to both Yuna and Tsukasa. Of course Yuna finds it weird how Mai rejects her own son, but Tsukasa only takes her to get some rest in another area. He quietly apologizes for using her as an excuse to avoid his mother, and she doesn’t ask further knowing she probably shouldn’t get involved in his family issue. Tsukasa also promises to invite Yuna to join a tea ceremony again next time, and he’ll teach her everything she needs to know — such as how to sit straight. He’s going to make sure she won’t have any embarrassing experience during the event.

[ Date Event ]

On September 12, Yuna accompanies Tsukasa to buy some Japanese sweets for his tea time. She gets excited upon seeing the colorful sweets, and he buys some for her as a token of gratitude for coming with him today. When Yuna thanks Tsukasa saying the sweets are so cute, he blushes saying he picked them because they fit her image. ♡(。→∀←。)

On September 22, it’s raining hard after school. Yuna is wondering what to do because she didn’t bring an umbrella today, but soon Tsukasa comes and asks if she wants to share an umbrella with him. He won’t force her if she’s too embarrassed to share an umbrella with a teacher, but like she would refuse anyway. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ When Yuna asks if it’s really okay for Tsukasa to walk her home, he blushes and asks her to walk closer to him so she won’t get wet in the rain. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[ Date Event ]

On October 2, Tsukasa takes Yuna to see a flower arrangement exhibition. The atmosphere of the exhibition is rather formal, but he asks her to enjoy the flowers without getting nervous. Just like how she would enjoy the beautiful flowers on the streets. Yuna still feels out of place, but she decides to follow Tsukasa as he takes a look around — hoping she can learn more regarding flower arrangements. She wants to know his opinion about flowers, and what kind of arrangement he loves. Unfortunately while all the flower arrangements are beautiful, Yuna can’t seem to find the difference between them. Upon noticing the expression on her face, Tsukasa apologizes for getting too absorbed in the flowers. He then takes her back to the station, where she admits that the event was fun.. though it would be more fun if she understands more about flowers. He replies that she can learn more from now on, and she will be able to see the charms of flower arrangements that way. Tsukasa then gives Yuna a flower which he got from the exhibition earlier, and she counts the flower petals to see if he loves her or not. The last petal says “he loves me not”, but he tells her not to take the result seriously. Because his feelings for her will never change. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

The next day, on October 3, Yuna runs into Tsukasa on the way to school. She tells him that his maths homework is so difficult, so she’s going to look for reference books in the library. Yuna admits that she’s not sure if she can get it done by tomorrow, so Tsukasa says he’ll teach her how to do it instead. It’s to compensate for the difficult homework, since she goes out of her way to do it on her precious Sunday. Tsukasa then takes Yuna to his house, and she’s amazed upon seeing how huge the place is. It’s a traditional Japanese manor, complete with an inner garden and tea room inside. Mai soon comes out to greet Tsukasa, and when he explains that Yuna is here to study, she coldly tells them not to be noisy. Yuna also hears the sound of shamisen along the way, but Tsukasa only frowns saying they’ll talk later in his room. When Tsukasa leaves the room to prepare some tea, suddenly a young man comes in and greets Yuna. After asking if Yuna is a student, he introduces himself as Sugai Satoru — Tsukasa’s younger brother. From him, she also learns that the Sugai family is a family of shamisen players and teachers. Tsukasa used to play shamisen too in the past, and he played for a long time everyday.

Just then Mai walks in looking for Satoru, reminding him that he needs to perform in front of the government members today. Satoru says they should inform Tsukasa as well, but Mai only answers that Tsukasa has a guest today. Besides, Tsukasa already threw his family away. Tsukasa returns to his room not too long after Satoru left, and he asks if his brother came to talk to her. Yuna honestly answers that Satoru told her about his family, and he blushes when she says she’s glad to be able to learn more about his background. However, his expression changes when the subject of shamisen comes up. Yuna says she wants to hear him play, but Tsukasa firmly refuses. He won’t play shamisen — not even if it’s her request. She apologizes to him out of shock, and he directs her attention back to her homework. Yuna obviously has a lot of questions in her head, but she’s not sure if it’s alright to ask Tsukasa about what happened with his family.

On October 6, Yuna decides to spend time in the library until Tsukasa is done with club activities. She runs into Chihiro along the way, and he takes her to the infirmary — where he asks her to organize the shelf as he writes an “important” mail. He mentions that she accepts his invitation way too easily, but she says that’s because he’s a teacher. As a student, she has no choice but to obey his words. Just then Tsukasa suddenly comes barging in a panic, and he asks if Yuna is alright. He’s still wearing the kimono he uses for club activities, and Chihiro allows Yuna to go home.. which makes her realize that he must have sent the mail from earlier to Tsukasa. Chihiro refuses to reveal anything though, and Tsukasa only asks him not to make such a bad joke again. After changing back into his suits, Tsukasa walks Yuna all the way to her house because he’s worried. He also warns her that Chihiro is dangerous sometimes, so she should always put her guard up whenever he’s around. Tsukasa then gives Yuna a surprise hug, and he sighs saying she needs to be more alert. She protests saying she didn’t resist because it’s him, and she can only wonder what’s actually written in Chihiro’s mail. Probably something dirty. 8D

[ Date Event ]

In the evening of October 10, Tsukasa takes Yuna to the amusement park. The available rides are limited in this season, but the light-up decorations are really beautiful at night. After having dinner, Tsukasa invites Yuna to ride the ferris wheel together. She gets excited upon seeing the night view of the city, but he admits that he wants to see her instead of the scenery. Tsukasa then asks Yuna to close her eyes, saying no one would see them here in the ferris wheel. The moment she closes her eyes, he kisses her on the forehead.. and that’s it, because he might lose control if they take it further. (´・ω・`;) When Yuna says she wants to ride the ferris wheel once more, Tsukasa teasingly asks if that means he can kiss her again. He laughs saying he was just kidding, but she doesn’t mind if it’s a kiss on her forehead. WHY? I thought you’re dating? Why forehead only? ヽ(。_゜)ノ

[ Date Event ]

On October 17, Yuna goes on a picnic with Tsukasa. Since someone might see them around the city, they take the train and go to a faraway rose garden instead — where they can hold hands freely without any worries. After spreading their picnic sheet on the ground, Yuna takes out a lunchbox that she made for Tsukasa. She tells him that she didn’t make anything impressive, but he’s surprised to see that she made a lot of him. Including rice balls, side dishes and even fruits. Yuna feels sleepy after having lunch, so Tsukasa then asks her to lie down on his lap. He leans in saying she’s really cute, and she’s thinking about how they can kiss with the close distance separating them.. but of course a random passerby has to interrupt by saying they’re such a happy couple. This surprises both of them, and they laugh at how both of them are blushing. Tsukasa is wishing for their happy time to go on forever, while Yuna feels glad to visit the rose garden with him. Tsukasa also says it’s okay for Yuna to fall asleep on his lap, because he wants to wake her up with his kiss. Everyday, if possible. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

[ Date Event ]

On October 23, Tsukasa and Yuna read books together in a cafe. She’s interested in Dazai Osamu‘s works after reading one in class, so he brought the books for her to read today. Tsukasa soon notices that Yuna isn’t making any progress at all, and so he wonders if she doesn’t like the cafe.. but she’s actually just nervous to sit beside him. She covers it up by saying she was thinking about the cake in the display case, so he orders the cake for her — asking her to keep it a secret from everyone at school. When she’s eating the cake, he smiles saying she’s got cream on her face. Then he wipes it off by kissing her cheek.


[ Date Event ]

On November 3, Tsukasa invites Yuna to have a hot spring trip with him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He comes to pick her up with a car, and he also asks her to bring a swimsuit. He only says she’ll find out the reason once they reach the hot spring, and there she learns that it’s actually a mixed bath. She’s still shy even though they’re wearing their swimsuits, but she also feels jealous since he’s so calm in this situation. xD They can see the sea from the hot spring, and he says he often visits the hot spring because he loves the scenery. Yuna thinks it’s a wonderful place, and Tsukasa is glad to be able to share it with her. However, she suddenly falls into silence upon realizing how toned his body is. ♡(。→∀←。) He asks if his naked upper half is such a rare sight because it should be similar to her father’s body, but she quickly answers that he’s much more wonderful in comparison. He also asks her to wash his back, and when she gladly says yes, he replies that she’s so perky today. Tsukasa says they should be able to have a good sleep since the hot spring improves their blood circulation, but Yuna isn’t too sure about that. She might be too excited to sleep. 8D

On the night of November 6, Tsukasa suddenly mails Yuna asking her to come to school. He says there’s something he wants to show her tonight, and he takes her to watch the starry sky from the roof. He even prepared a telescope so she can watch the stars clearly. Tsukasa then says the starry sky will disappear in a few hours, so in return, he gives Yuna a star-shaped pendant. When she turns around and asks him to put it on her neck, he hugs her from behind and asks her to stay in his arms for a while. She thanks him saying he’s the only one in the world who can give such wonderful presents for her, and he replies that she’s the only one who can say those words to him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

On November 17, Yuna is waiting for Tsukasa after school. Soon he walks out with a bunch of female students surrounding him, but he quickly rejects their invitation to play and goes to see her instead. Noticing that Yuna is jealous, Tsukasa says she doesn’t need to worry. Earlier he told the girls that he’d get scolded for getting involved personally with his students, but she’s different.. and he proves it by inviting her to come to his house. He makes it clear that they won’t have any romantic situation, but it won’t change the fact that he loves her. Tsukasa tells Yuna not to grin as they walk home, and she admits that she just can’t hide her happiness. Yuna decides to go home for today though, because Tsukasa’s confession earlier makes her happy even more than the invitation. Later on, Tsukasa mails Yuna to apologize for making her jealous. He admits that he’s happy to see her jealousy, but it’s not necessary since he’s 100% devoted to her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、


In the morning of December 2, Yuna hears sounds coming from the archery dojo at school. She decides to take a look thinking the archery club is having their morning practice, but there she finds Tsukasa instead. She watches in admiration as he releases one arrow after another — each one of them hitting the center of the target. The last arrow misses by a little bit though, and he sighs saying he still needs more practice. Yuna then leaves the archery dojo without calling Tsukasa, but when she talks to him in the hallway later, he reveals that he actually noticed her presence. In fact, the last arrow missed because he felt nervous upon realizing that she’s watching him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ When she asks if he’s good in archery, he smiles saying he’s still rather inexperienced in that area. Tsukasa then invites Yuna to come and watch him again, promising that he won’t miss the target next time.

On December 24, Tsukasa takes Yuna to attend an open-air tea ceremony. He notices that she’s been feeling uneasy, and she eventually admits it’s because today is his birthday. She asks if he received any birthday presents today, because she heard that he refused a present from her classmate. Tsukasa admits that it’s true because he can’t accept any presents from his students, but Yuna is different. If she wants to give him a present, he’d be happy to receive it. Yuna then gives a handmade pouch for Tsukasa, but she’s not confident with the result. She says it might be better if she bought something for him instead, but he says the pouch is wonderful since it’s filled with her warm feelings. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He thanks her saying he will always treasure it, and he kisses her forehead in return. Yuna is surprised, and Tsukasa jokingly asks if she wants him to kiss her on the lips instead.


[ Date Event ]

For their Christmas Date, Tsukasa and Yuna go shopping together. He asks her to choose anything she wants for her Christmas present, and he tells her not to hold back. Tsukasa then buys a purse and a pair of shoes for Yuna, and he asks if two presents are enough for her. He’s willing to buy more for her, but she assures him that it’s more than enough.. until her stomach betrays her by growling out loud. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’;ブッ Tsukasa already made a reservation in a hotel for their dinner, and Yuna gets nervous when he says they should put their belongings in their rooms first. He assures her that he booked different rooms for the two of them though, and he gives her a dress for her to change into. When Yuna goes to meet up with Tsukasa in the restaurant, she finds him waiting for her in a formal suit. As he wishes her a Merry Christmas, he gives her a bouquet of red roses that he took from his garden. They have dinner together after that, and they thank each other for the best Christmas they’re having today.


[ Date Event ]

On January 8, Yuna and Tsukasa visit a shrine to pray together. He wonders if it’s a bit late, but she says it’s okay since it’s the first time they visit a shrine this year. After they’re done praying, Yuna asks what Tsukasa prayed for because he had a serious expression while praying. He answers that it’s for them to be able to visit the shrine together again next year, but then he adds that it’s just a joke. He was praying for everyone’s grades to improve this year. Yuna goes ガ—Σ( ̄□ ̄lll)—ン upon hearing this, but Tsukasa explains that it’s because he wants to grant the first wish with his own hands. Tsukasa promises that he’ll take Yuna to visit the shrine together again next year, and he asks her to fulfill another wish for him — “please let me hug you.” ♡(。→∀←。)

Three days later, on January 11, Yuna decides to ask Tsukasa about why he won’t play shamisen anymore. She goes to see him in the tea ceremony club room after school, and she feels reluctant because he seems to be in a good mood today. Tsukasa also notices that Yuna has something on her mind, so he asks her to tell him about her worries.. because he wants them to be open about anything, even if it might trouble him. Yuna then admits that she’s been thinking about why Tsukasa won’t play shamisen anymore, and he instantly falls into silence with a frown on his face. She apologizes saying she knows it’s his privacy, but he says it’s him who needs to apologize for making her look so sad. After asking Yuna to keep it a secret, Tsukasa finally admits that he stopped playing shamisen due to inferiority complex. He learned to play shamisen before Satoru did, and yet Satoru’s improving really fast. He got afraid of losing to his brother, and he did his best to practice so he won’t lose.. but the more impatient he got, the more mistakes he made. Tsukasa realized there’s a huge gap between Satoru’s skills and his, because Satoru can master all the things he learned for a whole week in just a single day. He feels inferior, and eventually he doesn’t feel like playing shamisen anymore. He then decided to be a teacher because he wanted to be someone who can teach things with kindness, and he chose maths as his subject to drive himself even further from shamisen — which is why Mai said he threw away his family.

Tsukasa then thanks Yuna for listening to his background, and she also thanks him for telling her everything. He puts up a sad smile saying he’s such an unreliable teacher, but she stops him saying he’s a good teacher. She knows he’s a reliable person, so she doesn’t want things to end this way for him.


Yuna says she will keep waiting until Tsukasa plays shamisen again, and she asks him to promise that he’ll play for her once he’s done sorting out his feelings. Tsukasa laughs saying he can’t tell which one of them is the teacher, but then he agrees to play for Yuna someday. While he mentions that his performance is poor, she knows the melody he plays must be beautiful. For now, all she can do is to wait until the day when he can play shamisen again. Later on, Tsukasa mails Yuna to thank her for encouraging him to take shamisen again. It might be impossible for him to play right away, but he promises that he will play again one day.

On the night of February 1, Tsukasa tries to play his shamisen again. It’s been a long time since he quit, but the sound is actually smoother than he expected. Upon hearing Tsukasa’s melody, Satoru comes to ask what made him change his mind. He tried to convince Tsukasa to play shamisen again for years, but Tsukasa never changed his decision until now. Tsukasa says he promised to play shamisen for a certain someone, and he doesn’t answer when Satoru asks if it’s a woman.. but Satoru knows it must be an important person to him. When Tsukasa admits that he does treasure Yuna and wants to protect her, Satoru tells him to say those words directly to her. Tsukasa thanks him for the advice, and Satoru replies that spring has finally come for his brother. xD Following the advice, Tsukasa then calls Yuna and says that he’s hopelessly in love with her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Yuna is to surprised to reply, but she obviously goes ドキ(´*・ω・*`)ドキ all night lol. When they first started dating, she’s always looking forward to see him on weekends.. but recently she feels happy to see him at school even during weekdays.

Two days later, on February 3, Yuna and Tsukasa have lunch together at the school cafeteria. He asks her to eat her meal more calmly since she’s got food around her mouth, but she says it’s because she’s happy to be able to have lunch with him. She feels happy to see him at school, and that drives her to do her best in class. When Tsukasa replies that he feels the same way, Yuna says people might find out about their relationship, but he only smiles saying no one’s listening to their conversation. He tells her that they’re treasuring their short meetings together at school, and she asks him not to say that since it sounds like he’s saying goodbye. He seems taken aback when she asks if he’s going to continue teaching, but then he confirms that he’ll keep teaching in the next school year. After school, Yuna waits for Tsukasa by the gate. He doesn’t show up even after half an hour, and she decides to check the staff room.. where she finds him talking to Chihiro about his “transfer”. It’s a bit far from his house, but he can still go to work easily by train. Chihiro admits he’s surprised that Tsukasa submitted a request for a transfer so suddenly, and Tsukasa admits the thought of parting with his students makes him a bit sad too.

Yuna couldn’t conceal her shock upon hearing this, and she walks in asking if Tsukasa is really going to transfer. He’s obviously surprised, but then he answers that it’s true — he’s transferring to another school. He didn’t tell her anything because he didn’t want her to worry, but she asks him if she’s that unreliable. She knows that she’s just a kid compared to him, but she believed in him. She wants him to tell her anything, even if it makes her worry. Yuna then runs out of the staff room and tells Tsukasa not to chase her, but he catches her and says that he’s doing this for her. He says their relationship isn’t good for her because of the big age gap between them, and she asks if he was really going to leave without saying anything to her. Tsukasa says it’s for their own sake, and Yuna finally says she understands — a relationship between a teacher and a student is impossible after all. She asks him not to apologize since it makes her feel hollow inside, and she won’t mail nor call him anymore. Then she says goodbye to him and walks away.

When Tsukasa comes to the infirmary on February 10, Chihiro knows he wants to talk about Yuna. Tsukasa never said anything, but Chihiro knows that he was dating Yuna. Chihiro then asks if Tsukasa already told Yuna everything, but he replies that aside from polite greetings at school, they haven’t talked at all recently. Just as she said before, she completely stopped sending mails and calling him. Chihiro sighs saying Tsukasa should give it his all as a man, be it an apology or a kiss to make up with Yuna. No matter what it’s going to be, Chihiro knows that Yuna will understand if Tsukasa tells her everything.. so he needs to believe in her. Tsukasa wonders if Yuna is okay with a weak person like himself, but Chihiro replies that a weak man is a man who doesn’t do anything in this situation. Not too long after Tsukasa leaves, Yuna comes to the infirmary because Chihiro is the only person she can talk to about this problem. When Yuna admits that she regrets leaving Tsukasa, Chihiro tells her to stop wasting time in the infirmary. If she wants to be happy, then she should go and see him. Yuna runs out to see Tsukasa after that, while Chihiro sighs saying he wants to fall in love too. xD

After looking for each other around the school, Tsukasa eventually finds Yuna in the hallway. She doesn’t know what to say to him though, so she.. runs away from him and he chases her all the way to a cherry blossom tree outside. As if it’s not enough, she also tells him not to come closer since she doesn’t want him to see how terrible she looks right now. (´・ω・`;) Tsukasa then says he’s been looking for her all day, and Yuna cries saying she wants to apologize to him too. She’s been spoiling herself on his kindness too much, and she got angry thinking it’s not fair how he decided to transfer by himself. She didn’t think about how he felt before reaching that decision, but he tells her that he’s glad to be able to talk to her before he leaves. All he wants to do is to protect her, and yet he ends up making her cry instead. When Yuna admits that she wanted to spend more time with him, Tsukasa answers that he feels the same way. Yuna breaks into tears when Tsukasa says it’s the end for them, but then he adds that he’s going to see her next year — on her graduation day — and tells her how he feels. He won’t ask her to wait for him, but he promises that he will come to see her. If she still has some feelings for him by then, he wants her to come and see him under this cherry blossom tree. Tsukasa then bids her farewell, and Yuna can only send him off in silence. However, she decided to do her best for the next one year.. while keeping her love for him alive in her heart.

In the epilogue, a year has passed and Yuna finally graduates from St. Louis High. A lot has happened since Tsukasa left, but he always stays in her mind. After the graduation ceremony, Yuna walks to the cherry blossom tree from last year.. and there she finds Tsukasa waiting for her. He congratulates her on her graduation, and he asks her not to call him “sensei” because he’s not her teacher anymore. Tsukasa says he’s here to fulfill his promise, but before he could say that he loves her, she kisses him and says she already knows his feelings. She’s been waiting for him ever since he left last year, and she’s been longing to kiss him as well. Before Yuna confesses to him, Tsukasa asks her to let him say the rest. Then finally, Tsukasa tells Yuna that he loves her. His love for her never changed during the past year. In fact, it only grows even stronger. From now on he wants to live with her as a man, and she answers that she wants to be happy with him. Tsukasa then says that he has the confidence to make Yuna happy, and no matter what happens from now on, he will never let her go.


Knowing that Tsukasa actually still loves shamisen, Yuna asks him to start playing again. He admits that she’s right and tries to refuse, but she tells him not to run away since he’ll only regret it for the rest of his life. She doesn’t want him to live in doubt, so she wants him to play shamisen again — both for her and himself. When Tsukasa says he can’t win against Satoru, Yuna replies that it’s not about winning or losing. Even if he’s not as good, it doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to play. Yuna only wants to hear Tsukasa’s shamisen, not Satoru’s or anyone else’s performance. If he’s not satisfied by the result, then he can make up for it by practicing twice or three times than usual. She’s going to support him too. After a short silence, Tsukasa says he won’t be able to refuse Yuna’s wish. He promises that he will consider playing shamisen again, so he wants her to get a good mark on the next maths test in return. He also wants her to stay beside him when he plays the shamisen again, and she answers that she’ll keep sticking to him even if he tells her to go away. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Yuna is glad that Tsukasa wants to overcome his trauma, and she will do her best in the next maths test for his sake.

On February 1, Yuna runs into Tsukasa in the hallway. He’s carrying a pile of books in his hands, so she decides to help carrying them to the library. When she asks about the books, he answers that they’re technical books for maths. He wonders if they’re too difficult for her, but she already gets a headache just by flipping the pages LOL. The contents are targeted towards graduate students, so no wonder she can’t understand anything. xD Yuna sighs sayings she’ll hate maths if she has to solve complicated problems regularly, but Tsukasa laughs saying her grades in maths are improving lately. She admits that she has grown to love maths because of him, though he knows it’s because she also does her best to study. As the reward for helping him carrying the books, Tsukasa says he’ll return the favor when they’re alone.. so Yuna should look forward to it. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

On February 6, Tsukasa invites Yuna to come to his house. Satoru suddenly opens the gate even before she rings the doorbell, and he tells her that Tsukasa is in his room. He has to go out right now, so asks if Yuna remembers the way and apologizes for not being able to guide her. When Yuna reaches Tsukasa’s room, she finds him sitting inside — facing his shamisen in complete silence. She doesn’t know how to call him, but he notices her presence right away and says she should have just come in without hesitating. He explains that he was thinking about whether he really loves shamisen or not, but he couldn’t figure out the answer yet. Everything would be so much easier if he can cut all ties with shamisen, and he’s wondering if it means he really detests the instrument. However, Yuna can say with certainty that Tsukasa doesn’t hate shamisen. If he really hates it, he would just throw it away without thinking too deeply, and he knows she’s right. Tsukasa apologizes for making the atmosphere gloomy, but Yuna says his worries are her worries as well. She thinks it’d be wonderful if they can find a solution together in the end.

Tsukasa then takes Yuna for a stroll outside, and they look up at the trees by the river bank. The scenery looks sad and empty right now, but the cherry blossoms will bloom when spring comes. When he asks if she loves spring, she answers that she’s more excited about their date instead. They’re just a teacher and a student at school, but she enjoys seeing him as lovers during their day off. Tsukasa replies that it will be even more wonderful after Yuna graduates, because they will be able to see each other more often. Earlier he realized that he can’t hide anything from her, so he decides to be honest by telling her that he loves her. She answers that she loves him too, and they walk along the river bank while holding hands. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

A week later, on February 13, Yuna visits Tsukasa’s house again. After serving some tea and sweets for her, he starts playing shamisen to show her the result of his recent practice. Even though Yuna has heard him practicing before, she’s still impressed at how gentle Tsukasa’s melody sounds — just like his personality. She feels blessed to be able to listen to his shamisen, and he replies that she can listen as much as he likes since he’s playing for her. However, Satoru has a different opinion. Soon he enters Tsukasa’s room looking angry, and he asks if that’s all Tsukasa can do right now.. because he thinks Tsukasa’s performance earlier was bad. When Yuna tries to defend Tsukasa, Satoru says she’s in no place to argue since she never heard how Tsukasa used to play in the past. She says it’s true that she doesn’t know about his past performance, but she loves his performance earlier and it’s more than enough for her. Satoru is about to continue the argument, but Tsukasa soon stops him saying he shouldn’t be that harsh towards a girl. Tsukasa also admits that his skills might have degraded, and this leads to Satoru calling him irresponsible.. so Yuna decides to interrupt saying Tsukasa put his heart into his performance. While she doesn’t know much about shamisen, she does know that putting one’s feelings into the performance is more important than skills.

When Tsukasa says shares Yuna’s opinion, Satoru challenges him to have a shamisen match. The Sugai family is going to have an assembly for relatives and acquaintances soon, and he wants both of them to perform in front of everyone. The audience will determine which one of them is more suitable to take over the family. Satoru is considered the future heir since Tsukasa left the family, but he still wants to do it the right way by defeating his older brother officially. When Tsukasa replies that he doesn’t want to treat shamisen as a tool for competitions, Satoru says that’s just the same as admitting defeat. He’s serious about this, and he’s going to move Yuna — who’s still glaring at him — to tears with his performance. After Satoru leaves, Yuna tells Tsukasa that she feels irritated because she knows his performance isn’t as bad as Satoru said. She then asks him to perform and let his melody reach Satoru, so Satoru will be able to see how beautiful his performance is. Yuna also apologizes because she can’t do anything other than watching him play, but Tsukasa answers that her presence alone is more than enough to encourage him. He wants her to stay with him, and she gladly says that she’ll always support him. She believes that he can move everyone’s hearts with his shamisen performance, and she knows he will deliver a wonderful performance when the time comes.

On Valentine’s Day, Yuna reluctantly visits Tsukasa in the staff room. Just as she expected, a lot of students came to give him their chocolates.. but he rejected everything since his heart is only for her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He’s been waiting for her all day, and since it took a while before she eventually came to see him, he’s been wondering if she’s not giving him any chocolates today. Yuna then gives Tsukasa a handmade green tea chocolate, which he happily eats in front of her. He says it tastes good, and he’s going to return the favor on White Day. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Tsukasa serves a cup of tea for Yuna after that, and he says he’ll get fat if she keeps feeding him chocolates. xD

On the night of March 6, Tsukasa is practicing shamisen in his room. He’s not quite satisfied with the result, and he’s wondering if he should practice more when a mail from Yuna arrives. She wrote that she couldn’t sleep upon thinking about the competition, but she asks him not to give in to the nervousness. She doesn’t know much about shamisen techniques and skills, but she knows that his melody feels comfortable.. and so she’s hoping that feeling will also reach everyone. She asks him to play like he usually does, because she will be there to support him. Yuna’s mail encourages Tsukasa to do his best, and he continues practicing until Satoru comes to check up on him. Tsukasa tells Satoru not to worry though, since he’s going to give it his all and accept the result — be it win or lose. When Satoru mentions that he sounds really different than before, Tsukasa smiles saying it’s because he has someone who keeps pushing his back. He’s doing his best for her sake too.

In the afternoon, Yuna goes to attend the assembly in Tsukasa’s house. In order to make it fair, Satoru puts a screen between them and the audience. That way everyone will really judge their performance only, and all subjective opinions will be eliminated. Both Tsukasa and Satoru are really good, and Yuna can’t tell which one of them is performing at first.. but when Tsukasa starts playing, she recognizes his melody immediately. It sounds familiar to her, and she knows his melody belongs to him alone. When they’re done performing, Yuna goes to see Tsukasa and says his performance was really good. She also says it was easy to tell which one was his melody, but then she notices that everyone is staring at her. Yuna apologizes and asks if it was inapproriate, but Tsukasa says it’s okay because he wouldn’t be able to perform without her. After counting the votes, Satoru announces that Tsukasa wins the match by one vote. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Since the audience still can’t tell their performances apart, Yuna then tells them that Tsukasa was the one who performed last. The result also means that Satoru and Tsukasa’s performance qualities aren’t that much different. When Yuna says Tsukasa wins because he put his heart into his performance, Satoru sighs saying he completely lost to his brother.

Satoru also reveals that Mai was planning to cheat by telling everyone to vote for him, because she didn’t want Tsukasa to take over a family he has thrown away in the past. Mai has always thought Tsukasa hates shamisen because she never did anything mother-like to him, as she only talked to him about shamisen and nothing else. She feels responsible for giving birth to him into a family of shamisen players, and as a mother.. she wanted him to lose so he can cut all ties with shamisen and move on. Tsukasa got the wrong idea too, because he thought Mai hates him ever since he quit playing shamisen. He didn’t know that she’s trying to set him free, and he apologizes for not noticing her intentions. Tsukasa then promises that he will never stop playing shamisen anymore, since he has come to love the instrument much more than before. Mai reluctantly asks if he’s really okay with taking over the family, and Tsukasa answers that he’ll gladly take the position if she allows him to. Upon hearing Tsukasa’s answer, Mai asks him to take care of the family from now on. She wants them to communicate more too, so they won’t misunderstand each other’s feelings anymore. Tsukasa wants to come along when Mai and Satoru leave to greet their guests, but Satoru tells him to stay and express his gratitude to Yuna. After all, she’s the one who contributed the most to his success.

After Satoru leaves with Mai, Tsukasa thanks Yuna saying he wouldn’t be able to perform without her. In order to take over his family, he will have to quit his teaching career.. but he wants her to stay with him even after he quits. Tsukasa asks if she’s willing to fulfill his wish, and Yuna says yes since her happiness is to stay by his side. When Tsukasa says he’s happy to be in a “mutual love” with Yuna, she asks him to be more direct. It surprises her when he replies with a direct “I love you”, but he answers that he can say those words again if she wants him to. Yuna then asks Tsukasa to play shamisen again, but this time it’s not for any matches or competitions. She wants him to play shamisen for pure enjoyment, and she wants to share the happiness with him. As he takes his shamisen again, Tsukasa says he will keep playing for Yuna too from now on.

In the epilogue, Tsukasa quits his teaching career a few months later. He becomes a shamisen player to take over his family, but his relationship with Yuna remains strong. Several years passed, and Yuna now calls him “Tsukasa-san” instead of “sensei” like she used to. In winter, she excitedly says they should play in the snow when it piles up. Tsukasa laughs saying she never change, and he puts a coat on her shoulders — asking her to take a good care of her body. It would be bad if she falls sick, because she’s currently pregnant with his child. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Tsukasa says they can view the flowers when spring comes, and Yuna asks him to play his shamisen when that time comes. She loves watching the snow in winter, but now she’s looking forward to spring as well.. and she knows more enjoyable things are waiting ahead of them.

Honestly, Tsukasa is a charming character. I like him a lot, and I love his endings / epilogues.. but actions where? (屮゚Д゚)屮 I know he’s a teacher and she’s his student, but does that mean they can’t kiss when they’re alone? While everyone else is busy locking lips with her, Tsukasa only gets to kiss Yuna on the forehead. Or cheek. (´・ω・`;) While their relationship is sweet, the バカップル mode is noticeably shorter with less contents. Most of the バカップル scene end with Tsukasa saying sweet lines to Yuna, but she doesn’t respond with goofy lines as much as she does with everyone else. This is so unfair. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。Even though the baby ending is nice, I wish we get to see more actions during their dating period. But oh well, at least it’s a happy ending? xD;


14 thoughts on “STORM LOVER Kai!! – Sugai Tsukasa

  1. Oh sensei, I love your hair.. he doesn’t look like a teacher at all! Is it strange that i’m getting starry sky vibes? Tea making, sibling rivalry over music, secret student teacher relationship…
    XD You’re right, it seems like a rather tame route compared to the others but it’s so sweet that he dotes on Yuuna so much ^^

    • Hey, you’re right. I’ve seen these themes in S*S before. xD
      I agree. Tsukasa is really sweet, and he pampers Yuuna so much as the older boyfriend. It feels lacking since they barely did any skinship compared to everyone else, but their relationship is still sweet nonetheless.

  2. Wait, wait, wait. So the whole route goes by with barely any kiss CGs or raburabu actions and now Yunna’s pregnant in Ending B? O.o What happened during the time gap? Plus…isn’t Yuuna still in school?

    Despite the fact that it was lacking in actions, which is understandable, I thought the route was really sweet! I like Ending B better though. ^^

    • Several years have passed, so Yuuna already graduated, married Tsukasa and got pregnant with his baby. xD I know how you feel though, it feels.. strange since they barely touched during their dating period. I loved Tsukasa’s ending B better too, because I feel that Yuuna is being a slight drama queen in ending A. Like running away from him and such.

  3. Well seeing as he was a teacher I was expecing something sexier to be honest…
    (´・ω・`;) エ… To be frank I’m disappointed I mean Chihiro-sensei wrote a dirty mail to Tsukasa so why couldn’t Tsukasa be some kinda sexy beast too OTL Not to mention the whole family drama. And ending A… Why’d they make Yuuna like a typical whiny heroine there? Oh well Tsukasa was pretty mature, sweet and gentle, so he’s quite cute at times ( *^ω^*) Well they could’ve made this route work too if they made Yuuna wear the pants in the relationship, it’d have been funnier too I think xD

    • No, wait. Tsukasa is actually doing the right thing LOL. If you’re a teacher, you shouldn’t get all touchy-feely with your student. It’s just disappointing because this happens in an otome game, and we’ve been spoiled by all the sexy teacher characters out there. Besides, unlike Chihiro, Tsukasa is very reserved and calm. We can’t expect him to get randy like our sexy school pedobear nurse. xD But oh well, at least they officially date and kiss (even if it’s just on the cheek / forehead). The teacher in Kaerubatake DE Tsukamaete got a half-assed romance AND ending. I agree about Yuuna though, she turned into a slight drama queen here. I hope this won’t happen again. :<

      • LOL you’re right maybe I just thought older guys = randier but oh well maybe I should appreciate Tsukasa’s gentle and correct behavior? XD True, if a teacher were to get randy with me I’d scream from surprise lol.
        Yeah, Yuuna was really cool as a heroine at first but this route made her kinda weird. :/ Oh yeah family dramas kind of get on my nerves to be honest xD; Ah well Tsukasa was still disappointing to me OTL I’m sorry Tsukasa.

  4. Honestly, this route is PERFECT as it is!!!! i love mature men for being repsonsible, Like Himuro sensi in tokimemo. I love thats its lovely route- and still stays appropriate. Tsukasa is another otoge perfection!!!!!

  5. i really realy dont neet too much skinship in this games and the story is adorable. Hes one of my favourite types and I love traditional things. This sensei is perfection and hsi story is just perfect fr me, i just played it recently and i just disagre. they are lovely together, not boring!! thank you dor this though. I loovee Tsukasa-sensei!

    • LOL I think Tsukasa is much more mature since Himuro is such a dork when it comes to romance, but I know what you mean. Again, to each their own. Tsukasa’s route might feel lacking for me, but if you love it then it’s all good! Personally I found his route rather bland because Yuna isn’t as goofy during the バカップル mode compared to how she is in the other guys’ routes, and Tsukasa noticeably doesn’t get as many contents as they do… but the story itself is alright.

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