STORM LOVER Kai!! – Tatsuhara Souya

Now moving on to Souya. He might seem to be a flirt at first, but he’s just so cute once he becomes your boyfriend. His route is cute too with an unexpected twist near the end. My only problem with Souya would be.. that goatee.. (´∀`;)

Souya is one of Yuna’s classmates. He’s an active person who tends to rely on spontaneous drive or intuition, and he’s very assertive in a lot of ways. He also loves outdoor activities like surfing, and he’s popular too due to his friendly and fun personality. Even though he doesn’t have good grades, everyone loves him so much they vote for him as the next student council president. Souya is the vocalist of a band named “Wise-crack Revolver”, and his nickname is “Tattsun”.


On April 4, Yuna goes to check St. Louis High. The school is really quiet since everyone is on spring break, but soon a guy comes on a bike — panicking that he’s late. He asks if she’s a student in St. Louis High, and when she answers that she just transferred, he reveals that he already heard about her before. His homeroom teacher mentioned that a female student will be transferring, and he remembered because.. hey, it’s a girl. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He then introduces himself as Tatsuhara Souya, a second year just like her. Today he has a supplementary lesson at school, and he came with a bike because he’s late. He thought the school is empty, and he asks her to keep it a secret from everyone — promising to give her a ride next time. Before running off to class, Souya gives Yuna a flyer for his band’s upcoming live performance. He actually wants to exchange contact addresses, but since he’s already late to class, he only leaves his number and asks her to contact him if she wants to. Naturally, Yuna’s first impression of Souya is that he’s a shallow flirt. xD

The next day, on April 5, Yuna runs into Souya again in front of the school. He immediately invites her to play together, but she tells him that she’s meeting up with someone today. She doesn’t tell him if it’s a guy or a girl, but he knows it’s probably not her boyfriend. When Yuna admits that she’s currently single, Souya replies that it means he has a chance with her. He winks saying he’s ready to date anytime, but of course she doesn’t take it seriously. On April 8, Souya greets Yuna at the schoolyard when she’s exploring the school. He’s taking a walk to find inspiration for a new song, and this reminds her that he’s doing a rock band — “Wise-crack Revolver”. Souya says he needs to compose a good new song for the band, and he’s going to inform Yuna once they have a date for their next live performance.

After school on April 15, Yuna finds Souya listening to music in the classroom. She asks he’s listening to rock songs, but he gives his earphone to her and reveals that he’s actually listening to classical music. Yuna always thought that Souya loves loud songs, so she finds it surprising when he explains that he usually listens to classical music and jazz. Since St. Louis High has an orchestra club, Yuna then asks if he’s not interested in playing classical music instead.. but Souya suddenly falls into silence. He then says that in the end, classical music and him are not meant to be together, and he doesn’t want to keep chasing a “woman” who ran away from him. Yuna asks if it was a bad question and Souya smiles saying it’s not, but he can’t fool her eyes. She noticed that he looked sad for a second, and it makes her curious.


[ Date Event ]

On May 1, Yuna runs into Souya at the bookstore. She asks if he’s buying a book too, and he answers that he was thinking of studying earlier.. but he gave up. Even without reading the books, he knows he won’t be able to understand anything anyway. It can’t be helped since he doesn’t like studying, so he’ll just use his intuition during exams as usual. \(^o^)/ Souya’s intuition is so good he can’t express himself in musical scores, though Yuna tells him that they’re talking about studying right now LOL. In any case, he won’t study today and invites her to play with him instead. Souya takes Yuna to the river bank after that, where they watch the beautiful sunset together. She wonders if people know about this place, but he’s not sure since people normally won’t stop walking just to watch the sunset. Yuna then admits she feels happy that only Souya and her know about this place, and he tells her that it’s a secret place just for the two of them. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

In the afternoon of May 2, Souya calls Yuna and invites her to watch his band’s live performance. It might be a bit sudden, but he really wants her to come because they’re going to be the main band for the first time today. He doesn’t have much time to explain right now, and so he asks her to come to the dressing room when it’s over — he’ll be waiting for her. Souya is busy with rehearsal and couldn’t be contacted after that, but Yuna decides to come and arrives just in time for Wise-crack Revolver’s live performance. It’s the first time she ever saw him with a serious expression on his face, and she’s really impressed by his band’s performance. Yuna goes to see Souya in the dressing room afterwards, where she tells him that he looks so different on stage. She denies it when he asks if she has fallen in love with him, but she looks sad when he goes to shake hands with his fangirls. He notices this too, so when she says she’s not jealous, he smiles saying he doesn’t hate stubborn girls. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yuna sighs thinking that he might look cool on stage, but in the end Souya will always be Souya.

On May 15, Souya invites Yuna to watch his band’s practice. He asks her to come to the live house, but she gets lost along the way since she’s not familiar with the area yet. The practice is already over when she finally arrives, and she apologizes for being so late. Yuna then asks if Souya is angry, and he answers that he’s not — he only wants to play the best song for her. He also tells her that he always sings for one person only, but she doesn’t ask further knowing he’ll answer “it’s you” lol. She says that’s exactly why everyone thinks of him as a flirt, but he answers that he’s only stating the truth. Souya then asks about how Yuna is doing recently in terms of relationships, and he asks her to try dating him if she’s still free. He’s really surprised when she says yes, and he laughs saying he’s glad to have confessed. Up until now music has always been the highest priority in his life, but it’s different now. She’s the most important thing to him, and he promises that he will always treasure her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ That night, he also sends a mail saying he might look flirty, but he will never ever cheat on her. xD

Two days later, on May 17, Yuna finds Souya playing guitar in the classroom after school. He’s using the classroom to practice thinking everyone already went home, but she says the teachers might scold him if they find out. He knows she wouldn’t report him to the teachers because she loves him (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ but the classroom’s walls aren’t soundproof, and she can hear his guitar clearly from the hallway. It turns out Souya can’t use the studio since it’s being renovated today, and he can’t practice at home either since his parents will get angry.. so he asks if he can practice in Yuna’s house instead. He’s using an acoustic guitar, so it won’t be loud enough to bother her neighbors. Since Yuna’s parents are both away, Souya jokingly asks what would she do if he suddenly attacks her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Not like he’d do it though, since he believes women should be charmed by love and not treated with force. Yuna then watches Souya playing his guitar in the living room, and she tells him that she loves his guitar. He asks if it’s only his guitar and not him, but he says it’s okay because she’ll gradually fall in love with him from now on. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yuna doesn’t take this seriously since Souya is being flirty as usual, but she does think he looks cool when he’s playing his guitar.

The next day, on May 18, Souya invites Yuna to watch his live performance again. Yes, his live performance — not his band’s. The weather is nice today, so he feels like playing his guitar and singing for her. Unfortunately, this also attracts all of his fangirls in school. They form a crowd around him in no time, asking him to sing more songs. Yuna obviously isn’t happy about this, but she asks Souya to entertain his fans and finish his live performance before their lunch break ends. He notices that she looks sad, so he answers that he can’t leave her alone. Souya then apologizes to his fans, stops his performance and grabs Yuna’s hand as he runs away from them. When she tells him to treasure his fans more, he answers that he’s not performing on stage today. He’s just attending school as Tatsuhara Souya, not as a member of Wise-crack Revolver. Besides, his live performance earlier is dedicated only to her. Souya knows it must be hard for Yuna to deal with the crowd in the live house, but he won’t be able to do anything in front of his band members and the audience. That’s why he wanted her to hear his songs in a more comfortable place. Yuna says she will be satisfied just by hearing his songs with everyone else, but Souya replies that it’s not the same. He wants the girl he loves to hear what kind of songs he sings. He wants to spread his music to a lot of people, but he also wants to convey his love for her through his music.♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Touched by Souya’s affection, Yuna asks him to sing for her again next time, and he promises that he will be more careful next time.

[ Date Event ]

Just as he promised before, Souya takes Yuna to ride his bike on May 22. She notices that his bike is sparkling clean like a new one, and he admits that he cleaned it just for today’s date. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Souya then puts a helmet on Yuna’s head, and he helps her to get on the bike before taking her off for a ride. When she says it feels different from riding a car or a train, he says that’s the thrill of riding a bike. Once you know how it feels to cut through the wind, you just can’t stop anymore. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He asks her to hold on tight as he increases the speed, and he drives them all the way to the beach. Yuna wonders if she should take a driving license too since she finds it fun to ride a bike, but Souya asks her not to get one saying it’s dangerous. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her, and she can always ask him if she wants to ride a bike — he’ll gladly give her a ride on his back seat. Souya drives Yuna back home after that, where he asks her to hold on even tighter next time. Not because it’s dangerous, but because it makes him happy. xD

Since the midterms are coming, Souya goes to study in Yuna’s room on May 25. Even though he’s good in sports, he doesn’t do half as well in other subjects. He doesn’t understand what’s written in their reference books — even with her explanations — and eventually asks for a break instead. When Yuna tells him to work harder since they just started, Souya replies that he’s the type who relies on intuition and doesn’t click well with studying. He also says nobody can balance sports and studies that well, but she points out that Kyousuke does well in both areas.. which surprises him, since he always thought Kyousuke is the same type as him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They’re on par when it comes to sports, so Souya doesn’t want to lose to Kyousuke in terms of grades and instantly fires up — asking Yuna to continue teaching him again. He denies thinking of Kyousuke as his rival, but she knows she can use Kyousuke’s name to motivate him from now on LOL.


On June 1, the boys in 2-C are having soccer for PE while the girls are doing volleyball. Yuna is spacing out as she waits for her team’s turn to come, and suddenly she hears someone yelling “Watch out! Dodge!” at her. Before she could react, a soccer ball comes flying towards her, hits her right in the face and knocks her out. When she opens her eyes later, Yuna finds herself lying in the infirmary with Souya sitting by her bedside. He was the one who carried her to the infirmary, and he’s relieved that she’s unharmed aside from a minor nosebleed. Yuna thanks Souya for carrying her, and he answers that he’s glad to see her okay.. but then he reveals that he was the one who kicked the ball. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He’s sincerely worried about her though, so he tells her to get a little more sleep. He’ll cover for her in their next class, by using his falsetto to mimic her voice. As for the result, he got caught by the teacher and she got scolded too for “asking” him to cover for her. \(^o^)/

[ Date Event ]

On June 5, Souya invites Yuna to go fishing together. He manages to catch two fish in no time, but she’s not as excited since the fish keep running away after stealing her bait LOL. After setting a new bait on her rod, Souya asks Yuna to tell him if a fish is eating her bait again — he’ll help her to lure it in. By the time he catches his fifth fish, he realizes that all the fish are females.. and he wonders if they’re all charmed by him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yuna still hasn’t caught anything, but soon Souya tells her that a fish is eating her bait. He tells her to pull up her fishing rod, and he helps her to lure the fish in. It’s also the biggest first they caught today, and he says she might have a talent in fishing since it’s much bigger than the ones he caught. Souya then cuts up the fish and makes a delicious sashimi for Yuna, saying it’s a fisherman’s special privilege to enjoy the fresh dish. He’s a bit shocked to see her catching a bigger fish, but he can relate to the fish.. because he wants to be fished and eaten by her too. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

[ Date Event ]

The next day, on June 6, Yuna and Souya go touring in the evening. He takes her all the way to the beach, where they gaze at the night sea together. He then invites her to play in the water, and when she says it’s already dark, he says it’s alright since it’s already summer. Before she could protest, Souya runs into the sea and splashes water onto Yuna. She returns the attack, and they end up playing in the water until they get drenched. Souya then asks if Yuna wants him to warm her up, and she answers that he must be saying that line to all the girl he knows.. but he says he doesn’t. He only says those words to her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ His answer surprises her, and he uses this chance to splash water onto her — saying she looks beautiful under the moonlight.

On June 11, Yuna spots Souya talking to a girl from another school by the gate. The girl seems to be a fan of his band, and she confesses to him right in front of everyone. This sends Yuna in a panic, but Souya quickly refuses saying he already has a super cute girlfriend. The girl has no choice but to give up, but she promises to come and watch their live performance again next time. After the girl leaves, Yuna goes to see Souya and reveals that she saw everything. When she says his words made her happy, he blushes saying it’s only obvious because she’s his super cute girlfriend. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、


On July 1, Yuna notices a crowd in the gym. It turns out Souya is having a 1 on 1 basketball match with Kyousuke, and he asks her to watch while cheering for him. Souya admits that he doesn’t have much confidence, but he jokingly adds that he might win if Yuna is supporting him. The first one to score will win the match, and Souya eventually comes out as the winner after passing through Kyousuke’s defense. After the match is over, Souya goes to see Yuna and asks if she saw his magnificent techniques. She asks how it feels to win against Kyousuke, but he replies that he can’t really brag about it because Kyousuke isn’t an expert in basketball. Souya loses to Kyousuke when it comes to soccer, and they currently have an even score of 10 wins and 10 losses. Yuna thought they don’t get along since they always fire up during PE, but he says they get along just fine. It’s just he doesn’t want to lose to Kyousuke, though he keeps denying that they’re good rivals. xD

[ Date Event ]

On July 3, Souya and Yuna go to the summer festival together. She’s running late because it took her quite a while to wear her yukata, and she’s wondering if he will be angry when she finds him talking to a girl she doesn’t know. He immediately ditches the girl upon seeing Yuna though, completely ignoring the girl’s protests because he already made it clear right from the start that he’s waiting for someone. Yuna then asks if he actually wanted to play with that girl instead of her, but Souya answers that he doesn’t like girls who loves playing around. Besides, he just can’t leave her after seeing how cute she is in her yukata. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ She thinks it would be nice if he wears one too, but he says he’s already satisfied just by looking at girls in yukata. The festival is packed with people, and Yuna bumps into someone not too long after they arrive. She was thinking about how they might get separated in the crowd when Souya suddenly holds her hand, making sure that they won’t be separated as they walk around the festival together. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He also does his best to get a doll for her at the shooting gallery, and he asks her to take a good care of the doll — he’ll take a good care of her in return. Then he kisses her as the reward. (❤ฺ→艸←)

[ Date Event ]

On the night of July 24, Souya invites Yuna to join a “mystery tour” at school.. which turns out to be a courage test. Tsukasa is also present to watch over them, while Yuuto assigns Rikka, Takumi and Mio to set up traps all over the school. The pairings are determined through lottery, but of course fate leads Souya to pull out Yuna’s name. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Their task is to take a candle from the science lab, and they have to bring it out while keeping the flame burning. Along the way, a bucket falls from the top of the stairs and a konnyaku touches Yuna’s head from the ceiling — sending her into a panic. On the other hand, Souya remains calm and asks her not to be scared because she’s got him by her side. Eventually they reach the science lab and take the candle inside, but Yuna keeps screaming and panicking on their way out. Souya also mentions that she wouldn’t let go of his hand, to which Yuuto responds with “how aggressive.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ However, Yuna then reveals that she didn’t hold Souya’s hand at all. Which means the one who held his hand earlier — the one who has a “slightly damp” hand — was.. something else. Souya turns pale on the spot and asks if he’s cursed, but Yuuto only tells him to stay away LOL. Yuna then runs away in fear, and the poor guy chases after them — asking them not to leave him alone. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!


On August 1, Souya visits Yuna’s house wearing his stage costume. One of the bands couldn’t make it to today’s event, so his band is going to perform in their place. It’s really sudden, but he wants her to come and watch his performance if she’s free. He wants the girl he loves to see him on stage, and she agrees since she loves his band’s performance. As she watches him singing on stage, Yuna somehow feels that Souya is so far away from her. Of course his fangirls are coming to watch his performance too, and some of them start confessing to him from the audience seat. Souya thanks them for the confessions, but then he tells them that he already has someone he loves — he can’t answer their love. Before going home, Yuna goes to the dressing room hoping to greet Souya. There she overhears Wise-crack Revolver’s bassist, Yoshida Takuya, telling Souya that it’s not a good idea to tell their fans that he already has a girlfriend. Their popularity might drop drastically if he does that, but Souya replies that he can’t listen to that request. He doesn’t want to lie regarding his relationship with Yuna. He’s serious about her, and he wants to treasure her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

[ Date Event ]

On August 7, Souya and Yuna go on a beach date. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He gets excited upon seeing her in a swimsuit, saying it would be rude to NOT stare when a girl is wearing a swimsuit lol. Souya is going to teach Yuna how to surf today, and she asks him to give her an example first. She wants to see him surfing, and he happily rides the waves as she observes from the beach. Yuna is really impressed at how good Souya is, but when he returns to the beach, he stops her from running into the sea. First she needs to practice paddling at the beach, and he’s going to oogle at girls in bikinis in the meantime. ヽ(。・∀・)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ He quickly says he’s just kidding though, adding that his eyes are only on her for today. After a while, Souya eventually allows Yuna to go into the sea and watches over her as she waits for a wave to come. She loses her balance and falls into the water instead, but he tells her that she’s doing pretty well. He accompanies her as she practices even more, though he gets worried since she looks exhausted. Yuna then asks for one more chance, and she eventually manages to ride the waves for a while before falling into the water again. Souya is so happy to see this, and he’s glad that she can experience how good it feels to surf. He ends the surfing lesson here, but he asks her to come and surf with him again next time.

[ Date Event ]

On August 15, Souya takes Yuna to “polish their sensitivity” in the shopping arcade. He accompanies her to a CD shop, and she follows him to a musical instruments store afterwards. She tries to play a cute keyboard there, but she fails terribly even though she follows the guiding light. He tells her to feel the rhythm instead of chasing the light, and he shows her an example by playing the keyboard. When she asks if he can play any musical instruments, he replies that playing the piano (and guitar) is normal for someone who makes music like him. She thinks it’s also because he’s got a good sense in music, but he says he has none. That’s why he works hard, though he hides it from everyone else since a man needs to be cool in everything he does. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Souya also says that nothing is easy in this world, and that’s why people work hard to achieve what they want. Even if things might get harsh, they can enjoy those hardships as well. However, his words suddenly trail off as he says that people’s effort can easily be destroyed. Yuna asks him what’s wrong, but he only says it’s nothing and goes to buy a guitar pick.


On September 2, class 2-C has music for their fifth period. They feel extremely sleepy thanks to the time and lesson, and Yuna nearly falls asleep when she realizes that Souya is wide awake. By the end of the class, Souya asks if Yuna is okay because she looked sleepy earlier. She’s surprised that he noticed, but he says it’s only obvious — she’s his cute girlfriend after all. She didn’t think he’d notice because he was staring so intently at the monitor, and he jokingly asks if he looked that cool. When Yuna says that he really loves music, Souya replies that he especially enjoys classical music. Aside from the music itself, he loves watching the conductor’s expression, the orchestra group’s habit and even the hall’s decorative sculptures. Yuna then says Souya should become a conductor if he knows that much, and he laughs asking if it fits him.. but then his expression turns sad, and he says it’s not easy to become one. When Yuna says that being a conductor might actually suit Souya, he suddenly snaps saying it’s much more difficult than she imagined. He quickly apologizes, but she’s still worried about him because he doesn’t look angry. He looks like he’s bothered about something. Souya falls into silence for a while, but then he tells Yuna not to worry because whatever is bothering him is already over. He promises to tell her if anything happens, but she can feel that he’s just avoiding the subject.

The next day, on September 3, Yuna finds Souya watching a street performance at the shopping arcade. It’s a violin orchestra, and he mentions that an orchestra will be more lively with a concert master. Since he knows a lot about orchestra, Yuna asks if Souya loves orchestra. Her question surprises him, and he quickly answers that he hates orchestra because he’s 100% devoted to rock bands. She apologizes for asking such a weird question, and he also apologizes for getting emotional before changing the subject. He hasn’t played any songs for her recently, so he asks her to watch his live performance next time — he’ll sing a noisy rock song for her. After Souya leaves, Yuna wonders if he really hates orchestra because it doesn’t seem so.

[ Date Event ]

On September 4, Souya invites Yuna to come to the live house with him. He couldn’t decide which tuning to use, and he wants her opinion as an audience. She doesn’t know much about tuning, but he’s not asking for a detailed opinion either. He only wants to know whether she likes it or not. After Souya is done playing his guitar, Yuna is at a loss for words. The only thing she can say is that it was amazing, but he’s glad to see that his sound has reached her heart. He already promised to clean up the live house before leaving, so she helps him tidying up the equipments. Today he did a live performance just for her, but next time he wants her to come and watch his band’s performance too.

Three days later, on September 7, Yuna reminds Souya that they’re changing classrooms for the next period. He asks her to wait as he takes his books from his locker — obviously because he never brings them home — but his locker’s door seems to be stuck on something inside. Yuna thinks it must be one of his books, but then Souya pulls open the door.. and a mountain of love letters come out to flood the floor. Apparently it happens often, and he always writes a reply to reject every single one of them. Of course Yuna is surprised since he receives a LOT of love letters, but Souya smiles saying he’ll be waiting for her letter since the answer will be different. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*


[ Date Event ]

On October 2, Souya asks Yuna to watch Wise-crack Revolver’s live performance again. He already booked a VIP seat for her, and from their fans in the live house, she learns that they’re going to play a new song today — a ballad written by him. After a few rock songs, Souya eventually announces that his new song is written with all the love for the person he loves. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ As he sings the new song on the stage, Yuna realizes that the lyrics are depicting everything about her. Including his first meeting with her, and the first time they went out together. Souya winks by the end of the song, and this causes his fangirls to burst into happy fangirl fireworks.. but of course his wink was sent towards Yuna. After the performance, Yuna goes to see Souya in the dressing room as usual. He asks if she listened his new song, and he tells her that what he said on the stage earlier was true — it was made for her. Souya is about to tell Yuna that he loves her, but then his stomach grumbles since he hasn’t eaten anything today. When she invites him to have lunch together, he apologizes saying he’s going to eat with his bandmates. They’re going to have a meeting during lunch, so he can’t be absent today. Noticing that Yuna looks sad, Souya feels bad and kisses her on the forehead to make her feel better. Takuya then tells them not to make out in front of him, but Souya only tells him not to disturb them. Then he says goodbye to Yuna and leaves.

The next day, on October 3, Yuna goes to watch Souya’s live performance again. She delivers some food to his dressing room, and he asks about the audience’s condition outside. She says the live house is packed as usual, and she also saw someone who’s wearing St. Louis High’s uniform among the crowd. At first Souya thinks it’s a girl and asks if she’s cute, but Yuna answers that it was a guy instead. He doesn’t think too deeply about this until he goes up the stage, and he clearly looks surprised upon seeing the guy — Nagano Keiichi — with his own eyes. Keiichi’s presence shocks Souya so much he ends up making a mistake on stage, though he later covers it up by saying he got nervous since Yuna was watching him. He changes the subject when she tries to ask him about this, but soon enough, Keiichi comes to see him in the dressing room.. and he doesn’t look pleased. Since Yuna doesn’t know him, Souya introduces Keiichi as the head of St. Louis High’s orchestra club. Keiichi then says he came because he heard that Souya is doing a band, but he’s utterly disappointed in Souya’s performance. Since Souya won’t say anything, Keiichi asks if this is really the music he’s been trying to achieve. He always thought Souya is a person who takes music more seriously, but now he sees that doing a band and getting surrounded by fangirls suit the current Souya more. Yuna is obviously confused, and Souya won’t tell her anything even after Keiichi left. He only says he doesn’t understand either, and he makes an excuse to leave before she could ask him anything — leaving her drowning in questions.

On October 5, Yuna notices that Souya has been getting tanner recently. He says it’s because he often visited the beach back in summer vacation, and also between band practices. He did use a sunblock though, since he doesn’t want to be mistaken for a flirty playboy who has tan skin all year long. When Yuna says his words are the reason why people think of him as a flirt, Souya replies that he’s not interested in girls other than her. Even if the world turns its back on her, he will always be her ally.. or maybe not. Because he will definitely attack her in bed. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

On October 10, Souya receives birthday presents from his fangirls. One of them runs off without mentioning her name, and he thinks her innocence is really cute.. but when Yuna appears saying he’s so popular, he immediately says he’s only interested in her present. Yuna sighs saying he’s really good in making up excuses, but then she takes out a pair of handmade gloves which she made for Souya. It’s getting colder recently, and she thought his hands might get cold when he’s riding his bike. Since Souya only stays quiet, Yuna then asks if he doesn’t like the present. As the answer, he kisses her saying her present is the best. He asks if he can convert his feelings into a song, with her as the only musical instrument. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[ Date Event ]

On October 11, Yuna runs into Souya in the shopping arcade. He asks her to go on a date with him since they’re both free, and she’s enjoying her time with him when one of his bandmates appears to call him. Souya then introduces him as Haru, the one in charge of keyboard in his band. Haru feels bad for disturbing their date, but Souya lightly replies with “it’s okay” and asks if Haru has something to tell him. It’s been a while since the last time Yuna has a date with Souya, so she’s obviously not happy at how easily he pushes their date aside. It turns out they managed to rent a famous studio which is always occupied with reservations, and Souya completely forgets about Yuna’s existence as he discusses about Wise-crack Revolver’s future plans with Haru. She waits for a long time beside him, but since he doesn’t show any signs of ending the discussion.. she eventually sighs and tells him that she’s going home. When he tries to stop her, she replies that he’s not thinking about her at all and tells him to just continue the discussion. Souya is actually writing a new song for Yuna and does his best to finish it as soon as possible, but Haru reminds him that she doesn’t know about this. It’s only obvious if she gets angry. Following Haru’s advice, Souya chases after Yuna as the rain starts falling from the sky. She’s still angry and refuses to listen, so he kisses her in the rain and apologizes. He tells her that he treasures her the most, and he asks her to believe in him. Yuna eventually apologizes too for getting angry, but Souya actually feels happy since it’s the proof that she loves him. Just then a lady scolds them for hugging and kissing in the middle of the street, and Souya quickly takes Yuna to the shopping arcade — where they laugh at how embarrassing that was. xD

In the afternoon of October 16, Souya visits Yuna’s house when she was cooking. She comes out to open the door wearing an apron, and he attacks her with his puppy eyes saying he wants to eat her home cooking. (❤ฺ→艸←) She has no choice but to invite him to have a meal inside, and they share the dish since she only made one portion. Not that he minds though, because eating her cooking alone is enough to satisfy him. He falls into silence when she asks him to have a taste, and he says they’re behaving like newlyweds. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 In order to act more like newlyweds, Souya then opens his mouth and refuses to close it until Yuna feeds him with her spoon. He says her cooking tastes really good, though it’s probably because she’s feeding him. She feels that her cooking actually tastes normal, but she admits that it’s much more fun to have a meal with him. Souya then asks Yuna to give him another bite, and she feeds him again as she wonders if this is how newlyweds feel. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

[ Date Event ]

On October 23, Souya takes Yuna to play darts together. She finds it difficult, especially since it’s her first time playing darts, so he teaches her that darts basically relies on rhythm. Yuna then asks if Souya often plays darts with other girls since he’s really good, but he answers that he never goes out with the girls he doesn’t love. After Yuna manages to get a bullseye, Souya says it’s time for them to go home. The next time they visit the darts bar again, he’s hoping that their relationship has made further progress. When she asks him about what kind of progress he’s expecting, he answers it’s when they already “got bored” of their relationship as lovers. He’s going to give her a ring when the time comes, and he asks her to be with him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


[ Date Event ]

In the morning of November 3, Souya comes to see Yuna on his bike. He then drives them to a temple which is well-known for fulfilling love wishes, and he explains that a couple will be together forever by writing their names on an ema (votive tablet). Souya then takes an ema and writes his name on it, and he gives it to Yuna so she can write her name beside his. When she blushes saying he’s so suave, he laughs saying he’s just being honest with his feelings. Souya says they should go home since it’s going to be cold once the sun sets, and he asks Yuna to tell him if she gets cold — he’ll always warm her up. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Yuna then laughs saying Souya is so kind, and he blushes since he didn’t expect such a straightforward compliment. She asks if he’s embarrassed, and he replies with “D-Don’t be stupid! Let’s go home!” while still red in the face. (❤ฺ→艸←)

On the night of November 6, Souya suddenly invites Yuna to attend a party after their live performance. He didn’t invite her to the event since the venue was far away from the city, but now he has something to tell her. It’s already late, but Yuna agrees and goes to attend the party in Souya’s room — where she meets his bandmates again. Yuna notices that Souya seems to be in an incredibly good mood today, and Takuya explains that a recording company has set their eyes on them. Before Yuna can ask for more details, Souya comes asking if Takuya is trying to hit on his girlfriend. Yuna instantly goes Σ(´・ω・`;)!? while Takuya plays along by saying she’s actually his type, asking her to dump Souya and switch to him instead. xD They end up partying until they fall asleep, and Yuna wakes up to find Souya in the balcony. When she congratulates him, he replies that it doesn’t mean they’re going to have a major debut right away, but he’s happy that people are appreciating their music. Yuna is happy for him too, but she admits that she’s a bit afraid at the same time. Souya will surely have more fangirls from now on, and she’s worried that he might cheat on her once he becomes more popular. He says there’s no need to worry though, because she’ll always be the best for him. No matter how popular he gets and how many girls appear in his life, no one would be able to take her place in his heart. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ As they watch the sunrise together, Souya kisses Yuna saying she’s more beautiful than the view. They got surprised when Takuya rolls in his sleep, but then he gives her another kiss to make up for it. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

On November 10, Yuna helps carrying some documents for Tsukasa after school. She notices that her phone is vibrating along the way, and later on she checks it to find a mail from Souya — telling her that he’ll be waiting for her in their classroom. Yuna then goes to the classroom looking for Souya, and she finds him waving a conductor’s baton inside. He has a serious expression, and he also has a book in front of him. When Yuna walks inside, Souya is really startled and insists that he’s not doing anything. He eventually admits that he was just studying music, and he tried to hide it because he doesn’t want people to see him working hard. He thinks it’s embarrassing, and when she says he actually looked cool, he kisses her for “teasing” him. Yuna reminds him that someone might see them kissing, but Souya replies that there’s no one else around them. He then teases her for losing her strength after the kiss, and he kisses her again after calling her cute. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

After school on November 19, Yuna finds Souya walking in the hallway with his earphones on. He tells her that he’s composing a new song right now, but he has problems writing the lyrics. Souya then asks Yuna to help him make the lyrics, and he invites her to come and play to his house. There he shows her the lyrics he wrote, as he wants to hear her opinion about the phrases he came up with. Yuna notices that Souya wrote a lot of love songs, and he explains it’s because his lyrics came from his daily life. That’s why most of his lyrics are filled with his love for her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ This also causes Yuna to turn silent, and Souya asks if she doesn’t like his lyrics.. but she answers that she might die out of embarrassment after reading lyrics about herself LOL. She then asks what would he do if she dies tomorrow, and he says there’s nothing he can do because he’d die along with her. He wouldn’t be able to live without her, so he doesn’t want her to say the word “die” so easily — even if it’s just a joke. Later on, Souya mails Yuna saying she’s the only girl he ever brought into his room. (❤ฺ→艸←)

[ Date Event ]

On November 20, Souya takes Yuna to eat ramen together. He often visits the shop to eat ramen alone after band practices, and he never told his bandmates since the shop is a special place to him. Yuna is the first person Souya ever took to the ramen shop, and he tells her that it’s their own little secret. Souya asks why she turns red in the face, but Yuna covers it up by saying the ramen tastes really good. He then mentions that the ramen tastes ten times more delicious because he’s eating it with her, and she shares that feeling. (*´∀`*)


[ Date Event ]

On December 4, Souya finds Yuna staring at Wise-crack Revolver’s poster in the shopping arcade. He’s on the way home from a meeting about their next live performance, and he asks if she wants to listen to their new song. Souya jokingly invites Yuna to stay over in his house tonight, but then he takes her to have dinner in his favorite ramen shop — letting her listen to the song as they eat. When she says their new song is really good, he gives her his roast pork topping as a sign of gratitude. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

[ Date Event ]

For their Christmas Date, Souya takes Yuna to the shopping arcade. He points to a dress in a boutique saying it will look nice on her, but she finds the dress surprisingly plain. When Yuna says she doesn’t get whether Souya likes flashy or plain stuff, he says he loves anything that looks nice.. but then again he thinks she looks nice in any outfit. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Yuna then asks if he says the same thing to all the girls out there, and Souya replies that he doesn’t. He only says those words to her, and he’s willing to swear it on Santa Claus if she doesn’t believe him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since it’s Christmas, there’s a lot of couples in the shopping arcade. Most of the guys are shopping with their girlfriends, and Souya points out that Yuna has bought a lot of stuff too in the year-end sale. Yuna feels bad when Souya carries all of her shopping bags, but then he gives his hand for her to hold — asking her not to let go. After they’re done shopping, Souya takes Yuna to see a huge Christmas tree in the city. Yuna says it feels a bit strange since she’d never imagine seeing the Christmas tree with him on the first time they met, but Souya admits that he’s been thinking of seeing the Christmas tree with her right from the start. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 They make a promise to see the Christmas tree again next year, and Souya kisses Yuna as he wishes her a Merry Christmas.


On January 11, the girls in Yuna’s class ask if she knows someone in the orchestra club. Apparently they learned that the cellist is really good-looking, so they want to look for a way to be friends with him. They also mention that Souya used to be a member of the orchestra club, and that’s why they’re asking her. Of course Yuna never heard anything about this, so they explain that Souya used to perform in orchestra concerts last year. This makes her realize that something really did happen between him and Keiichi, so she decides to directly ask an orchestra club member about this. From him, Yuna learns that Souya majored in piano and was aspiring to be a conductor. They all know that Souya is a hardworker, and they had high expectations for him. However, Souya got into an argument with Keiichi one day. Keiichi used to be the club’s concert master, and they reached a disagreement regarding a song’s interpretation. It escalated into a fight which resulted in Souya pushing Keiichi’s shoulder. Keiichi fell down, and he injured his shoulder on one of the musical instruments around them. He couldn’t play violin anymore because of this, and the orchestra club couldn’t participate in the concours last year. Souya feels guilty for everything, and he left the club ever since.

When Yuna calls Souya to the roof and tells him about this, he says there’s nothing left for him to say since she already heard everything. He confirms that it’s all true, and he quit the orchestra club since he already caused so much trouble for them. That, and he has Wise-crack Revolver now. Souya says he doesn’t care about the past anymore, but Yuna knows that he’s lying. He was clearly shaken when he saw Keiichi during his live performance, and it surprised him so much that he made a lot of mistakes on the stage. Souya keeps trying to deny this, and he eventually snaps saying it’s all in the past. He tells Yuna to just leave him alone, but of course she can’t do that because she knows he hasn’t really moved on.


Yuna tells Souya that he’s clearly still concerned about the orchestra club. At first he’s still trying to deny it, but he can’t argue anymore when she asks him to look her in the eye. Souya then says it’s his fault the club couldn’t participate in the concours, but Yuna knows he couldn’t give up on his dream to become a conductor yet. While she loves watching him singing in his band, it’d be disrespectful if he treats the band as a replacement for orchestra — both to his fans and to music itself. Souya looks shocked for a moment, but then he laughs saying he never thought Yuna would scold him about music. He then admits that she might be right. He hasn’t thrown away his dream to be a conductor, and he wants to join the orchestra club again if it’s possible. Yuna then says Souya should return to the orchestra club, because she believes they’ll forgive him for what happened. Souya isn’t too sure about that, but Yuna reminds him that Keiichi was “disappointed” in him. It means Keiichi respects him as a musician, and that’s why she wants him to face orchestra once again. Realizing that he needs to stop running away from reality, Souya finally tells Yuna that he’ll give it another try. Even if he might look bad, he’ll try doing his best at what he truly wants to do — it’s the only way for him to gain the orchestra club’s forgiveness. She doesn’t think he looks bad though. She actually thinks he looks cool when he’s doing his best.

[ Date Event ]

On January 15, Souya takes Yuna to have a relaxing date at the park. Since the snow are piling up on the ground, they make a snowman together. They use twigs to make the snowman’s hands, and Souya puts his gloves on them since the snowman looks lonely without any fingers. Yuna is worried that his hands might get cold, but then he holds her hand and takes it inside his own pocket to keep him warm. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He keeps holding her hand as they walk home, and she has to hide her blush from him.

On February 1, Souya finally goes to see Keiichi with Yuna. He tries to act calm and composed, but he’s really nervous as they wait for Keiichi in the music room. With Yuna’s help, Souya manages to tell Keiichi that he wants to be a conductor again. Souya is aware that he might not be forgiven for what happened, but he can’t give up on his dream so easily. Yuna tries to help when Keiichi calls this conversation “foolish”, but Keiichi then adds that he always knew Souya’s passion towards music is real. It’s just Souya took so long to realize this. Keiichi knows the accident is nothing more than a mere accident, and they could’ve settled the issue on the spot if Souya didn’t run away from everything. What he couldn’t forgive is the fact that Souya tried to use his band, which he made out of the emptiness he felt inside, as a replacement after leaving the club. Keiichi makes it clear that he already forgave the accident long ago, and he tells Souya not to run away once he has decided to become a conductor. Souya answers that he understands, and he promises to become a top-class conductor — one that can make Keiichi proud. The orchestra club is still deciding on the conductor for the next concours, so they’re going to rely on him to fulfill the role. Souya knows this he’s now just standing on the start line, but he thanks Yuna when she congratulates him. He can rejoin the club because she was there to push his back, and he kisses her to show his gratitude. She doesn’t have to worried about getting seen either, since no one sees them aside from Beethoven’s portrait on the wall. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

One week later, on February 8, Yuna finds Souya sleeping on his desk after school. She wakes him up asking if he’s tired, so he tells her that he’s been studying conducting until late hours lately. She actually feels lonely since they can’t spend as much time as they used to be, but she decides to hold back and support him since he’s working so hard for the orchestra club. On February 15, Souya mails Yuna saying he can’t go home with her. The club members approved his skills in conducting, and they allow him to be their conductor for the next concours. He didn’t want to let this chance go to waste, so he’s running back home to resume his training. Yuna feels glad that Souya has reconciled with the orchestra club, but she feels even lonelier since he’s always busy with practice recently. This goes on for another week, and Yuna is sighing in her room when Souya finally mails her. He wonders if she’s feeling lonely, and he apologizes since he might not be able to see her until next week — after the concours. To make up for it, he’s going to play with her once the concours is over. Realizing that Souya is still thinking of her despite his busy schedule, Yuna sends an encouraging reply saying she will always support him.

The concours takes place on March 1, and Yuna goes to watch Souya’s performance with the orchestra group. He’s not sure if they can win since it’s a high-level concours, but he asks her to watch him closely because he’s going to take the trophy.. and he really does. Yuna always thinks Souya looks good when he’s singing with his band, but his performance as a conductor is even better. She feels really touched when they’re announced as the winner, even more when he shows her the trophy he promised earlier. Souya then says they can win thanks to everyone’s hard work, but Keiichi stops him and says they needs to thank Yuna first. It was her who brought him back to the orchestra club, and both of them are really grateful to her. Soon after that, Yuuto comes to see them with one of the judges — who also trains conductors overseas. He was impressed by Souya’s performance, and he offers a chance for Souya to learn conducting overseas. He’s going to provide full back-up, and Souya can contact Yuuto once he makes up his mind. Yuna and Keiichi try to ask him about this, but Souya only says he’ll think about it later. They should just enjoy their victory celebration for now.

However, Yuna is clearly concerned about Souya’s future plans. They won’t be able to see each other all the time if he decides to study abroad, and it bothers her so much she keeps sighing all day. She doesn’t ask him about this, but he eventually tells her that he wants to talk on March 8. Souya then takes Yuna to the school roof, where he informs her that he has decided to study abroad. He admits that he’s not smart and only has music, so the offer is a really great chance for him — he doesn’t have any reasons to refuse. When Yuna asks how long he’s going to stay overseas, Souya honestly says that he doesn’t know. It will be difficult for them to see each other, and he will be busy too.. so he won’t be able to contact her regularly. Yuna says she won’t be able to endure dating someone who doesn’t even contact her, but Souya’s decision is firm. This is his only chance to become a professional conductor. Yuna eventually says she understands. She doesn’t want to get in Souya’s way, and she wishes him luck overseas. He jokingly says he might cry every night since he’s going to miss her, but she only tells him to do his best. Then she says goodbye and leaves, leaving him in silence. She’s surprised that he made the decision so easily, and she wonders if he doesn’t love her that much.

That night, Yuna hears the sound of something hitting her window. She opens it to find Souya standing outside, and she comes down to see him. Souya then takes Yuna to his favorite ramen shop, where he tells her that he won’t be able to do anything as her boyfriend once he moves overseas.. so he doesn’t mind if she wants to break up with him. She can do whatever she wants, but he promises that he will return after a year and marry her. Yuna sighs saying she can’t tell if Souya is joking or not, but it’s just like him to give her such a light proposal. She agrees to marry him under two conditions. The first is that she won’t wait any longer than one year, and the second is he needs to propose to her again in a romantic place — not in a ramen shop LOL. Souya laughs saying Yuna can leave everything to him, because he’s definitely going to fulfill his promise.

In the epilogue, nine months has passed since Souya left Japan. Christmas is just around the corner, and Yuna is busy rejecting every confession she gets. She wonders if accepting someone else’s confession would distract her from the loneliness, but then a familiar voice surprises her from behind. When she turns around, Yuna finds Souya standing right behind her. He jokingly says he’d accept the last confession she got since the guy was pretty handsome, but she doesn’t respond to that. She asks why he’s here when he’s supposed to be overseas, and he takes her to see the Christmas tree instead of answering her question. Yuna soon learns the reason when Yuuto calls asking if Souya is with her. It turns out he escaped from his dorm overseas, saying he’s going out to see his beloved. Souya won’t answer her question honestly, but Yuna realizes that he wants to fulfill their promise to see the Christmas tree together this year. Souya then asks Yuna to marry him if she got bored of studying for the entrance exams, and she reminds him that he only has three months left before the deadline.. but when snow starts falling from the sky, she kisses him and says yes. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He mentions that she’s being so assertive today, and he asks her to stay with him forever since he won’t let her go anymore.


Yuna tells Souya that he’s just running away from everything, but he replies that Wise-crack Revolver isn’t just a place for him to escape. He admits that he did switch to rock in order to forget the orchestra club, but the band is really important to him. He wants to continue performing with them. Yuna understands that Souya has found a new way to live with his band, but he can’t deny the fact that he still feels guilty for what happened. She thinks he still needs to settle things with Keiichi, so she asks him to talk to Keiichi again. Otherwise he’d only feel guilty for the rest of his live. After a long silence, Souya eventually says that Yuna might be right. He was the one who ruined Keiichi’s dreams, and yet he ran away to create a new dream for himself. The guilt is killing him inside, and he knows he does need to settle things once and for all. Souya then says he’s going to talk to Keiichi again, and he thanks Yuna for opening his eyes.

On February 1, Souya goes to see Keiichi with Yuna. She’s not sure if it’s okay for her to tag along, but he wants her to see the end of his issue with the orchestra club. When they come to the music room, Keiichi chases them out since the orchestra club is practicing right now. It doesn’t stop Souya though, as he apologizes to Keiichi and everyone else in the club. He doesn’t think his actions can be forgiven, but he still wants to apologize for all the troubles he caused them. However, Keiichi asks Souya to lift his head. None of them are blaming him for what happened, because they know the accident hurt him more than anyone else. The one who’s blaming him the most is none other than himself. Keiichi says the orchestra club will always welcome him back if he’s planning to return, but Souya politely turns down the offer because he wants to continue his band. When Keiichi tells Souya that his performance was bad, Yuna stops him saying that’s not Souya’s real performance. Souya made a lot of mistakes because he was surprised to see Keiichi, and Yuna doesn’t want Keiichi to get the wrong impression. Yuna then asks Keiichi to listen to their performance again, and Souya invites him to watch their first outdoor performance. He’s doing his best to write new songs for the event, and his bandmates are working hard as well. He doesn’t mind if Keiichi only watch their practice and not the actual performance, because he only wants Keiichi to see their best.

Keiichi eventually agrees, but he warns Souya to do his best. If he fails to deliver his best again, Keiichi will be really disappointed in him. Souya says he knows, and he promises to turn Keiichi into one of their fans — something the latter is looking forward to. Yuna feels glad that everything works out between them, but Souya says it’s still to early to celebrate. He needs to compose a new song for their performance, but he feels refreshed after apologizing to everyone. Soon a good melody appears in his mind, and he runs home to write it down before he forgot. Before leaving the hallway, Souya turns around and shouts “Thanks! I love you!” towards Yuna. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

On February 6, Souya calls Yuna to see him in a cafe. She finds him snoring on a table when she arrives, and she wakes him up since the waitress is glaring at him lol. He’s been practicing until late hours lately, and she feels a bit vexed since there’s nothing she can do to help him. When Yuna asks why he called her here, Souya only answers with a smile.. and she knows that he must have finished writing the new song. Their upcoming performance will be in a large outdoor stage, and he just can’t wait to sing his new song in front of everyone. Yuna then asks if it’s okay for him to see her instead of practicing, but Souya says he wants her to be the first person to hear their new song. He brings her to see their practice after that, and he finds it strange that Haru still hasn’t come yet. Takuya mentions that Haru didn’t say he’s going to be late today, so they decide to wait.. and wait.. and Haru is nowhere to be seen. He can’t be contacted either, but soon he calls Takuya saying he got into an accident. When Souya takes over the phone, Haru is crying and apologizes since he won’t be able to play the keyboard for a while. Unfortunately, their new song relies a lot on the keyboard. They have no time to rearrange the song. They also try calling other bands for help, but sadly none of them could provide a substitute keyboardist.

Just then Keiichi comes to see their practice, and this reminds Souya that he can play piano as well. They explain the situation to him, but sadly he refuses to help them. He doesn’t know much about rock, and he can’t help because he wants to see their best first. In the end they couldn’t find anyone to replace Haru, and they’re in no shape to practice today. With their live performance being so close, Yuna wonders what they should do in this situation. Souya doesn’t give up though, and he keeps searching for a substitute keyboardist in different live houses. Souya wants to perform for Haru too, and he tells Yuna not to worry — assuring her that everything will be alright.

On Valentine’s Day, Souya receives so many chocolates he think he’ll get fat if he eats everything. Yuna says he wouldn’t need her chocolate anymore since he’s got a bunch from other girls, but he replies that he’s been looking forward to receive one from her. She then gives him a handmade chocolate in the shape of a musical note, along with some chocolate cookies she made for his bandmates. He says she doesn’t have to give them anything, but she still wants to thank them for always taking care of her boyfriend. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Souya laughs saying it’s just like having Yuna as his wife, and then he refuses to hand her cookies to his bandmates — he’ll eat everything. He wants to keep her love all to himself, and he kisses her to “taste” her love. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Despite Souya’s effort, the days pass by without them finding anyone to replace Haru. They can’t do anything about it, so in the end they have no choice but to perform with all they have on March 6. Their songs obviously don’t have as much impact without the keyboard, and most of the audience are disappointed — telling them to get off the stage. Both Yuna and Souya feel bitter, but they have nothing to worry about because Yuuto soon comes to save them. He’s literally hanging off a helicopter, on top of a grand piano. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Yuuto also carries Keiichi along with him, and he explains that it’s his duty as the student council president to solve everyone’s problems. In this case, by delivering a grand piano along with someone who can play it LOL. Keiichi then tells Souya that he already heard their new song in a CD, and he apologizes for talking bad about their performance before. He found the new song amazing, and he finally agrees when Souya asks him to play the piano for them. Of course Keiichi never practiced with them, but their performance is so brilliant it shuts up all the protesting audience. They’re requesting for an encore, and Souya answers it by singing their new song. He says the song was written for a certain someone, and it’s thanks to her that they can have the best stage today. Souya then calls out to Yuna saying he loves her, announcing that she’s the best woman for him in front of all the audience. Takuya says he won’t be able to break up with Yuna after confessing to her in public like this, but Souya replies that’s exactly why he did it. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He’s aware that he might seem like a flirt, but he’s always serious when it comes to her and music. Souya then ends the performance by presenting the last song — the best song — for Yuna.

In the epilogue, Wise-crack Revolver has grown famous and received their major debut. Souya has been appearing in magazines ever since, and Yuna keeps buying everything that has him in it. When they go shopping together, she asks if it’s okay for him to not wear any disguises in public. He says the press won’t swarm new bands, but she reminds him about how the press caught them together last time. Yuna’s worry soon comes true when the press suddenly comes out of nowhere, snapping pictures of Souya and her. They’re asking him all sorts of question about Yuna, ranging from if they’re on a date to whether they have any plans to get married soon. (❤ฺ→艸←) He almost answers a question about her three size if she didn’t stop him, and she asks what they should do. Souya remains calm though, and he tells the press that Yuna is an important person to him — proposing to her by saying he wants to make her happy in the future. He doesn’t want to lie, and so he won’t hide their relationship from people. Whether they’re in front of the crowd or alone, Souya is will keep saying the words from now on — “I love you, Yuna.”

Not gonna lie, Souya is REALLY cute. I like him a lot. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The gap between his appearance and his love for classical music is nice too. I did see the hints along the way, but I still found his greatest dream surprising. While he comes off as flirty and says all the romantic lines lightly, he actually means everything he says since he doesn’t want to lie.. and that’s a huge plus in my eyes. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. My only complaint would be that goatee. Like seriously. Just look at how hot Souya looks when his goatee is covered. Why can’t you look like that in the entire game? (屮゚Д゚)屮 I heard you can shave / turn off his goatee in NatsuKoi though, so I’m looking forward to that.


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    • All the guys here fall in love really fast, like a month in-game. Storm Lover is one of those rare otome games that actually focus on the relationship instead of the chase. :D

  1. Souya is such a sweet guy, I love his route. Although I must agree with you…the goatee bugs me. I’m surprised that he’s not too hurt whenever Yuuna doubts him.

    Also, have you listened to Diabolik Lovers’ Drama CDs? They’re so…smutty and sadistic. I’m slightly worried if the game might turn out like that (super sadistic/abusive parts). But, then again Otomate is making the game…not Rejet.

    • Maybe he’s just used to people thinking of him as a flirt. He does say things like “ouch that hurts me!” in a joking manner though. The thing is he’s aware that he’s popular and often hits on girls before meeting her, so he probably knows it can’t be helped if she doubts him.

      I’ve been listening to DiaLov ever since it first came out, though I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tea. Ayato and Subaru were cute, but Kanato and Raito ruined everything. By the time I listened to Reiji and Shuu, I was feeling meh towards the entire thing. Especially since Yui behaves like a desperate ドM in Shuu’s CD. DiaLov is a collaboration between Otomate and Rejet actually, so I’m sure Rejet is involved in the development. I’m curious about the game, but I get the feeling it’s going to be another Gekka Ryouran. Or maybe even worse. (´・ω・`;)

      • Raito was the worst for me. Kanato I could sort of handle…but I still want to rip his teddy to shreds. I like Shuu himself, because of his character and the fact that Toriumi Kousuke voices him. Unlike the others, Shuu and Reiji are not obsessed with Yui, which I prefer. I agree, Yui does behave like a desperate M in Shuu’s CD. But I honestly don’t like her in any of the CDs; she’s not my type of heroine. I have a feeling it won’t be as bad a Black Wolves Saga – Bloody Nightmare.

        • Yeah Kanato was creepy as hell, but Raito takes the cake. I do like the others, and Yui tried to resist in Subaru’s CD.. but even though I like Shuu himself, I can’t stand Yui in his CD. Yui sounds like a parrot in denial in the sample CGs, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to play the game without raging. BWS Bloody Nightmare is, just as the name suggests, a nightmare. I’d be impressed if anything can top it. xD

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