STORM LOVER Kai!! – Extras

Chihiro and Takashi’s endings are short, so I merged them and the side stories into one post. The side stories are unlocked after clearing one of the endings in each guy’s route. Some of them require ending A, the others need ending B.

In order to get Chihiro and Takashi’s endings, first you have to get a boyfriend and break up with him. After breaking up your ex-boyfriend will avoid you, and you need to make up with him and be friends again. If you’re aiming for both Chihiro and Takashi at the same time, the one who has the highest number of conversations with you will be prioritized. Be careful and save often so you can always go back and reload if something goes wrong!

Inuzuka Chihiro

After spring break starts, Yuna takes a walk in the park since she’s got nothing to do. There are a lot of couples around her, and she was sighing alone when a flirt appears to hit on her. He forces her to play with him, but soon Chihiro comes to stop him from hitting on his woman. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ After the flirt runs off, Yuna asks Chihiro what he meant earlier. It’s obviously a lie to chase the flirt away, but she admits that her heart leaped a bit — to which he responds with “too bad it’s just a little bit.” Chihiro then says Yuna will get hit on again if she sits alone among all the couples around them, and he asks what happens to her boyfriend, but she says she doesn’t have one. They already broke up, to be exact. Chihiro answers that it’s too bad, and her ex-boyfriend must have a poor taste in women. If he’s dating her, he’d never break up with her. Since Yuna calls Tsukasa by his first name, Chihiro then asks her to call him by his first name too. Chihiro admits that he’s been interested in Yuna all this time, but he hid how he feels thinking she’s got a boyfriend. Now that he knows she’s free, he wants to teach her how it feels to be in love with an adult. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ In order to prove that he’s serious, Chihiro kisses Yuna saying he’ll be waiting for her answer before the new school year begins.

In the epilogue, Yuna comes to see Chihiro in the infirmary. She’s been thinking of their kiss, and she’s now here to give him the answer, but he stops her before she could say anything. He tells her that adults don’t answer with words, and he asks her to call him Chihiro — just as he told her before. Then he kisses her saying he won’t let her go anymore. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Souma Takashi

During spring break, Takashi takes Yuna out to the park. They’re surrounded by couples since love’s blooming everywhere, and she feels awkward because they’re not dating. Since Yuna keeps sighing beside him, Takashi asks if being with him is really that boring. When she says no, he asks her not to look so sad since he wants her to keep smiling. Yuna then asks him why, Takashi panics saying he feels happy when she’s smiling. He quickly changes the subject by saying they’re having a nice weather today, and it reminds him that they first met in spring too last year. It’s been a good year for him, and he’s wishing they can always be together like this — which she thinks sounds like a proposal. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Yuna asks him not to say such words so lightly to a girl, but Takashi replies that he’s serious. He really wants to be with her, and that’s why he said it. Takashi is aware that he’s not the best and Yuna might meet better guys from now on, but he also knows he’s the one who can make her happy the most.. so he asks her to choose him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Takashi then asks for Yuna’s answer.

In the epilogue, Yuna is running late to school. Soon she finds Takashi in front of the gate, and he admits that he’s waiting for her. They’re not in the same class anymore, so in the morning, they can only see each other on the way to school. Takashi then asks if he can wait for Yuna again after school, and before running to class, he stops her just to say “I love you!” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Side Stories


On their one year anniversary, Yuna is waiting for Yuuto until it’s almost midnight. He asked her not to make any plans, but he doesn’t show up even though the day will end in five minutes. He doesn’t pick up his phone and doesn’t reply her mails, and she wonders if he forgot their promise due to his busy schedule. She doesn’t want to disturb him, but she feels lonely when she can’t see him. The clock soon hits 0.00 AM, and Yuna is about to go to bed when Yuuto finally shows up — inviting her to spend their first anniversary together. He didn’t reply to her mails because he was finishing up work as fast as he could, and he takes her to the airport after that. It turns out Yuuto is taking Yuna for a vacation in Hawaii, and he came so late because the date hasn’t changed yet. It’s still their anniversary in Hawaii, and he already booked a beautiful beach just for her. When his phone rings, he immediately turns it off because she’s more important than work. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yuna feels bad for doubting Yuuto earlier, and he promises that he will never make her sad. From now on, they will always spend their anniversaries together.


A few months after Kyousuke became a pro boxer, Yuna comes to watch his match with Souya and Takashi. He ends up losing the match because his opponent is a champion, but he laughs it off when they see him in the changing room later. He tells them it’s a good experience, and he also learned a lot from today’s match. Yuna then takes her leave thinking Kyousuke will be busy with meetings and all, but he stops her and asks if he can come to her house instead. Once they’re in her room, Yuna notices that Kyousuke is spacing out . She asks if he actually feels bitter about the match, and he admits that he does. His opponent was strong, but definitely not unbeatable. Noticing that Yuna is worried, Kyousuke apologizes saying he didn’t mean to make her sad. It’s just he can be himself whenever he’s with her. Yuna doesn’t mind though, since she will hear out all of Kyousuke’s complaints. She’ll help massaging and making nutritious food for him too, and he promises to win for her next time — asking her to wait until he becomes a champion.


Despite the low success rate, Rikka’s surgery was successful. The first thing he thought about is that he will be able to spend his life with Yuna, but sadly his wish couldn’t be granted for a while. He wanted to go and see her right away, but he couldn’t move yet. He had to rest in bed for recovery, and he knew that he can’t show his current state to her. Not too long after the surgery, Rikka tried calling Yuna in Japan. He felt so happy when she picked up the phone, but he realized that she will be worried if she heard his weak voice. He didn’t want her to cry, so he remained silent until she hung up.. and he cried alone after that. Rikka had to take rehabilitation after he recovered, and it was tough — it took a while until he can start speaking properly again. At night he gazed at Yuna’s picture, and he did his best to recover so he can return to her side. After two years which seemed like forever, Rikka finally returns to Japan. The first place he visits is St. Louis High, because he shared a lot of memories with Yuna at school. He also gets the feeling that he can find her there, but he feels out of place since it’s the graduation day. He decides to go to the roof, where fate finally brings him to see her again.


After their wedding, Yuna is now living with Takumi. One day she asks if he has any requests for dinner — anything other than fried prawns — and he leaves the menu to her since he’s going to eat her after dinner. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Their married life is always like this, but Yuna mentions that Takumi is surprisingly serious when necessary. For example when they went to see her parents, he dyed his hair black and came in suits. Takumi answers that he might get naughty in front of Yuna, and it reminds him that their room might be too small. He asks if she wants to move to a 4 LDK mansion or even to a house with a garden, so they can keep a pet too. Since Yuna doesn’t get what he’s trying to say, Takumi kisses her saying he’ll show her the answer with their bodies: he wants to make babies. キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.━!!! Yuna is surprised, but she admits that she’s happy with the suggestion.. so Takumi kisses her again, whispers that he loves her, and pushes her down. Then the screen fades to white.


Wise-crack Revolver is doing great after their debut, and they’ve become really popular by the time their second single hits the stores. Yuna is happy to see them rising into fame, but she has mixed feelings about Souya’s current popularity. During one of their concerts, a fan directly gives him a letter — introducing herself as a magazine model. Yuna feels insecure because of this, not to mention she also finds a mountain of fan letters and bouquets in Souya’s dressing room. After the concert, Souya starts reading the letters beside Yuna. He looks surprised upon reading the model’s letter, and he immediately runs off to chase after her. Souya also tells Yuna that he’s got an interview right after that, and so he asks her to go home first. When Souya calls her later, Yuna asks him to break up with her since she feels that he deserves better. She then says goodbye and hangs up on him, but soon he comes to explain everything. The model from earlier gave him a key along with her address, so he went to return it to her. Souya knows Yuna feels lonely because of his activities, so he pulls out a marriage certificate and asks her to marry him. He can’t imagine his life without her, and he promises to make her happy. The answer is obvious.


Several months after the photography contest, Mio and Yuna go on a trip to the beach. He snaps a lot of pictures of her, and they spend the night together in a hotel room. She mentions that he was really concentrating during the shooting, and he says it’s because he wants to take even more beautiful pictures of her. When she asks if he’s going to become a pro photographer, he reveals that he already received an offer from a studio — they’re impressed by his contest entry. Mio seems disappointed about something though, and he tells Yuna that he will have to work with other female models from now on.. even though he only wants to take pictures of her. She tells him it’s okay because he can take pictures of her anytime, and they can always go on a trip on their day off. Mio laughs upon hearing this, and he suddenly pushes Yuna down before kissing her. When they wake up in the morning, she feels embarrassed because they obviously did it last night. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Yuna then asks what he wants to eat for breakfast, but Mio answers that he wants a family with her. They’re going to make lots of family albums together.


After the shamisen competition, Tsukasa quits his teaching career and takes over his family. He eventually proposes to Yuna, and they plan their wedding together. Since Tsukasa comes from a traditional family, Yuna will have to wear a shiromuku even though she actually wants to wear a wedding dress. She doesn’t want to trouble everyone with her selfish wish, so she doesn’t say anything. On the night before their wedding day, Tsukasa suddenly asks Yuna out and takes her to a church — where he takes out a dress for her. A wedding is only once in a lifetime, so he wants to see her wearing a wedding dress no matter what. Tsukasa then apologizes for asking her to fulfill his selfish request, but Yuna admits that she actually wanted to wear one too. Their real wedding will take place tomorrow, and he promises to make her happy. They will surely encounter problems ahead, but Tsukasa swears that he will always Yuna forever. In sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, he will love her at all times.

Wow, Storm Lover Kai is such a great game. Some people said it’s boring if you don’t cheat on your boyfriend or get into love triangles with other guys, but I found the straight paths really enjoyable. The stat raising part isn’t heavy, and it’s easy to max out your stats before the end of the year. Some of the events (such as the after school ones) are also random, but it only adds to the game’s replay value. A new event might pop out when you reload, and it’s fun to discover scenes you have never seen before. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ As for the heroine, Yuna turns into a typical otome game heroine at some points.. but she’s likeable most of the time. Especially when she’s playing along in the バカップル mode. xD While her personality and appearance are fixed, everything else about her is customizable. You can change her name or set her birthday, favorite place, favorite color and favorite food. It might seem trivial, but these details actually play a part in the game. Storm Lover is definitely one of the best games I’ve played this year, and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves high school romance. Or cheesy lines. 8D

Also, do NOT skip the seaside school and field trip. They give you different CGs depending on the route you’re on, and you’ll miss those CGs if you skip the entire thing. I completely missed Yuuto’s CG during the seaside school event, but luckily I got the same CG in Takumi’s route. Chihiro and Takashi’s CGs in this post actually came from “Mr. St. Louis High — The King of Flirt Playoff”, a special section where all the guys confess to Yuna and ask her to pick a winner. Their endings don’t have any CGs.


13 thoughts on “STORM LOVER Kai!! – Extras

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review of Storm Lover Kai! I haven’t bought this game yet, but after skimming through the summaries (didn’t want to read through them too carefully yet), I think I will be buying this one soon… like next month, lol. It sounds like a really fun game! :)

    • Thanks for checking them out too! Some of the guys’ issues might be a bit heavy, but overall it’s a really fun and lighthearted game. It’ll be a nice change of pace since I saw that you’re planning to do Kinema Mosaic next. :D

      • Lighthearted is good! :) Even though I really enjoy(ed) – still working on Hiroshi’s route – playing HanaIchi, I’m actually going to take a break before playing Kinema Mosaic. The next game I plan to play is Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance. Then probably Storm Lover Kai when it arrives. After that, I’m not sure since there are so many I want to play, lol.

        • Oh, nice choice!
          I still have to do Natsukoi and Arcana FD, but I’m planning to play Oumagatoki sometime in August or September. I heard it’s really good, so enjoy the game. :D

  2. Thank you for your AWESOME Storm Lover Kai review! I really enjoyed reading your posts.

    Chihiro MARRY ME!! /bricked Y U HAVE NO REAL route??? His CG above is making me fangirling so hard… LOL xD I’m so biased towards his chara design and his teasing nature… (๑´ლ`๑)♡
    Or… maybe it’s better, that he doesn’t have a route… Otherwise they would have to rate the game with CERO C (D?)!? xD

    I think I fell in love with each guy of SL. They are all so adorable in their own ways and I think I couldn’t cheat on the guys, since I would love them too much to do so! Even though it’s the highlight of this game, but I just can’t!

    You’re playing SL Natsukoi next?! I’m looking forward to your next SL posts! :)

    • Thanks for keeping up with me! :D

      Yeah, I’m a bit sad that Chihiro and Takashi have no real route. They’re just too good to be sub-characters. Especially Chihiro. I like Tsukasa, but I’d take Chihiro over him anytime. Too bad that kiss in the infirmary had no CGs. ヽ(;▽;)ノ In the cast interview, Miura mentioned that SL should be rated Cero C for Takumi.. so I guess Chihiro would be around the same level if he had a real route. xD I didn’t cheat on anyone either. I just can’t bring myself to cheat on them, and I force-skipped my way through the breakup for Chihiro and Takashi’s endings. It was with Yuuto, whom I’m not a big fan of, but it still feels SO TERRIBLE and I don’t want to do it again.

      Oh, and yes I’m starting on NatsuKoi today. \o/

  3. Thank you so much for the recaps :D I’ve always wanted to comment but I never had the guts but I just wanted to say, I love your blog the best :D. I check it everyday and read every post xD. I hope you never abandon it, I think I’ll cry if you ever leave. Just wanted to say, I really appreciate your posts and commentary, I think they’re just as good as the games themselves! Even if I play the games, I always read your recaps!


    • Thank you! Your comment made my day! ドォ━m(*´Д`)m━モォ!!
      Honestly, I don’t think I can quit blogging. It has become a part of my life, so you can always find me here — blogging until I turn into a granny. You don’t have to worry about me leaving, because that will never happen. Even if I get busy with work and life, I’ll still write updates / posts for you readers. :3

  4. Takashi!!!!!! (Kimura Ryohei!!!!!! Kise!!!!!! /shot)
    OMG MIO!!!!!! I actually wasn’t expecting that! かo┤*´Д`*├o アァー (Or maybe I shouldn’t say that because I’m somewhat similar to Mio – at least that’s the feeling I get from other people when they try to get to know me irl orz)

    • K-I-S-E! Kise! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
      Oh, are the side stories exclusive to Kai? I thought they’re in the original SL too. xD But yeah, Mio scoring is so unexpected LOL. I can understand if it’s Takumi (because he’s エロい) and Tsukasa (because he has a baby end), but wow Mio.. didn’t see that one coming. 8D

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