Remember the summer seaside school in Storm Lover? Just as the title suggests, NatsuKoi!! takes place during the summer trip. You get to spend three days and two nights with everyone, and there are two different modes to start with.

Time has passed since Igarashi Yuna came to St. Louis High. It’s now summer, and everyone is going to the beach for summer school. They say people turn bolder in summer, so the trip is full of temptation. Yuna might fall in love with another man despite having a boyfriend, or grow closer to someone who was nothing more than a friend. Or maybe she will stay loyal and share a lovely summer with her boyfriend. How will she spend her summer this year?

First of all, NatsuKoi has two modes:

1. Couple Mode. Yuna already has a boyfriend here, and she either spends her summer being ラブラブ with him.. or cheat on him with someone else. Now, I will not do the cheating routes. I might force skip through them if they’re required to unlock anything, but there will be no reviews since it feels SO terrible. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

2. Express Love Mode. In this mode Yuna starts off being single, but she will grow closer and fall in love with someone during the trip. Chihiro, Takashi and Shiina have their own routes in this mode.

Brief outline of the schedule:

Day 1

Arrival at the beach. They have free time until 7:00 PM, when they will have to return to the pension by bus. Since it’s a seaside school, they can also participate in various activities. Shiina also makes his first appearance today, and the event is pretty much the same as his introduction event in Storm Lover Kai!! which you can see here. At noon, everyone plays beach volley together. Since Naomi and Mimi don’t want to participate, the girls are just watching outside the court. The guys need one more person in order to make two equal teams, so they invite Shiina to play with them — which he considers as “servicing” the customers LOL. Of course he also insults everyone around him, so in the end Souya, Chihiro, Yuuto, Mio and Rikka — mostly the ones who got pissed off — team up to beat him and the poor guys who are stuck with him. \(^o^)/ Shiina doesn’t want to work for free, so he takes the position of the “command tower” and orders his teammates around until they get exhausted. In the evening they play fireworks together, and they meet Shiina again upon returning to the pension at night.

By the way, the pension is a luxurious one because our Yuuto can’t sleep on a futon. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Day 2

The pension owner informs everyone about a summer festival. It takes place in a shrine nearby, only 10 minutes by foot. The pension also provides yukata for them to wear, so they decide to go and enjoy the festival together.

Day 3

More free time on the beach until they finally return to St. Louis High in the afternoon.

On the first night, Yuuna will see a dream. This dream will change depending on affection level and couple level.

1. Night Visit
Requirements: Affection level below the limit. Couple level above the limit.

2. Parallel
Requirements: Both above the limit / バカップル state. Couple level is higher than affection level.

3. Proposal
Requirements: Both above the limit / バカップル state. Affection level is higher than couple level.

4. Confession
Requirements: Not lovers. Low affection level.

5. Newlyweds
Requirements: Not lovers. High affection level.

Chihiro, Takashi and Shiina only have the last two endings since they’re not available in couple mode.

Play order: Yuuto → Kyousuke → Tsukasa → Souya → Mio → Rikka → Takumi → Takashi → Chihiro → Shiina


13 thoughts on “STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!!

  1. Oh my, your reviews for each route are making me want to buy this game… and I’ve only briefly skimmed them because I don’t want to know too much. :) I bought Storm Lover Kai and it should arrive sometime next week! I think I will be adding Natsukoi to my to-buy list and bumping it to the top, lol.

    • Thanks for the comment! For some reason I’m under the impression that people aren’t as interested in Storm Lover (compared to Otomate’s title), so I’m happy to hear that you want to play NatsuKoi. :D It’s a nice addition if you play Kai, and it doesn’t have any dramas so you can enjoy a happy summer trip with everyone.

      • I really like your reviews!Reading them is so much fun :3 i bought this game too but i have a problem. one cg of rikkas route is missing( but memory there is completed:/) and the last cg in the gallery section is missing….Do you know how i can get it?? I am desperate trying it …

        • Sorry, I don’t remember the order of the CGs anymore. Can you show me your gallery page? So I can check with my saved CGs and see which ones are missing.

          • I know that the picture of rikka in the dream as a fairy is missing but i fail trying to get the affection and the couple level above the limit and that the couple level is higher than the affection level

          • i’m very sorry writing all the time here..:(
            Now i have all pictures of rikka’s route XD
            Now i only need the 4th picture of yuuna . It is the last picture on the left side ; before the
            videos( OP and ED)

          • I see..
            Then i only need to play the story again ? Or should the completion reward cg appear automatically after recieving the last picture of one of the character’s routes?

  2. I wonder , what is the ⭐ sign in the love meter when we choose couple mode..? And when we choose one answer, the ⭐ sign will increase, but there’s also an answer which not increase the ⭐ sign… .-.?

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