STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Sugai Tsukasa

I did Tsukasa’s route early thinking it’d be similar to his route in Kai!!, but to be honest.. I’m surprised to see the amount of action he gets this time. It’s nice to see him sharing kisses with Yuna, and the route feels way more romantic here.

Tsukasa is the homeroom teacher of class 2-C. As a teacher, he spends most of his time looking after the students during the trip. When he’s not busy, Tsukasa either goes swimming, quietly gaze at the sea, or watch over Yuna from afar. He also loves taking a walk through the hill near the pension, finding hidden places not many people know about. They have to keep their relationship a secret, so Tsukasa often takes Yuna to quiet places — away from everyone’s sight.


Day 1

[ 1:00 PM ]

During the beach volley session, Yuna cheers for Tsukasa. He thanks her saying he’ll do his best for her, while Chihiro says it’s so suspicious how Yuna only cheers for Tsukasa and not him. Chihiro asks if they’re actually dating, which immediately gets the girls curious about their relationship. He seems to notice when both Tsukasa and Yuna try to deny this, but then he drops the subject and resumes the match. While their friends might have picked up the hints, they just can’t tell everyone about their relationship.

[ 3:00 PM ]

When Yuna invites Tsukasa to play together, he takes her to watch beautiful fishes from the rocky shore. There’s nobody around them, and he admits that he did it in purpose so they can be alone. It’s hard for them to get close whenever everyone is around, but as a couple, both of them want to make memories together during the trip. Now to make their first memory at the beach, Tsukasa moves closer and kisses Yuna behind a rock — hiding themselves from everyone’s sight. Yuna is surprised since it’s so sudden, but Tsukasa admits that he took her here because he wanted to kiss her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 When she says she wants to share a lot of kiss with him, he kisses her again to fulfill her request. Yuna can feel that Tsukasa is bolder than usual, and she wonders if it’s because they’re currently at the beach.

[ 6:00 PM ]

As they play fireworks together, Yuna notices that Tsukasa looks so happy. When she tells him about this, he blushes saying it’s been a while since the last time he played fireworks with a lot of people.. but the biggest reason is because he can play with her. Yuna is also hoping that she can be alone with Tsukasa, so he asks her to play fireworks together next time — just for the two of them. Soon they hear Wakana and Takashi calling her name, and before she leaves to join them, Tsukasa asks Yuna to keep their promise a secret from everyone else. They have to keep their relationship hidden, but she feels happy to share more and more secrets with him. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

[ 9:00 PM ]

Everyone is resting in the pension at this hour, so Tsukasa uses this chance to take Yuna out for a walk. She asks if they’re going to visit a certain location, but he keeps it a secret until they reach their destination — the woods. At first she’s confused since he stops in the middle of the woods, but soon enough beautiful fireflies start flying around them. Tsukasa wanted to share the view with Yuna, though she’s even more beautiful than the fireflies in his eyes. As he hugs Yuna’s shoulders, Tsukasa admits that he’s been thinking of hugging her since they left the pension. When she tells him that she feels the same, he says they don’t have to worry because no one will see them here — the fireflies are the only witnesses. Yuna then asks if they can watch the fireflies for a little longer, and Tsukasa gladly agrees to stay until she’s satisfied. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Day 2

[ 7:00 AM ]

When Yuna goes to have breakfast in the lobby, Tsukasa asks her to wait since he’s almost done cooking. It turns out the pension doesn’t have enough staff, so he decided to help out by making everyone’s breakfast. Soon he comes to serve miso soup and grilled fish for her, and she invites him to have breakfast together. Just when Yuna thinks about how she wants to eat his cooking everyday, Tsukasa blushes saying he wants to cook for her everyday — just like telepathy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yuna apologizes for being so selfish with her demands, but Tsukasa says he’ll be happy to grant anything she wishes for. He then whispers that he wants to spend every morning with her, and she knows her days will be filled with happiness if she has a husband like him.

[ 3:00 PM ]

Yuna finds Tsukasa watching the sea near the light house, and she decides to gaze at the beautiful view with him. He admits that he wanted to take her along, but he held back thinking she might have plans with her friends. Now that he knows she’s free, he’s regretting his decision. If he invited her to join him earlier, they would be able to spend more time together. When Yuna says she came here knowing his heart was calling out to her, Tsukasa pulls her closer and kisses her on the lips. They’re about to kiss again when Yuuto suddenly appears, asking about what they’re doing. Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ!! Luckily he didn’t see them kissing, and they manage to cover it up by saying they were just talking about the sea. Yuuto is clearly suspicious, but soon he leaves without further inquiry because he can feel that he’s disturbing them. Noticing that Yuna is disappointed, Tsukasa asks her to hold back since someone might catch them again.. but then he steals another kiss from her saying it’s hard to hold back. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

[ 8:00 PM ]

When everyone goes to the summer festival, Yuna asks Tsukasa to walk around with her. After checking out the stands, Tsukasa takes Yuna to watch the fireworks from a quiet place — away from everyone else. He found the place during last year’s seaside school, and he never told anyone because he only wants to share it with the woman he loves. It’s a special place just for the two of them, so he asks her to keep it a secret from the others. Tsukasa then says Yuna is more beautiful than the fireworks, and he kisses her saying everyone’s busy watching the fireworks right now. No one will see them. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

[ 10:00 PM ]

Tsukasa asks Yuna to meet him in front of the pension, and he takes her to watch the night sea from the lighthouse. The waves are calm, but she feels a bit scared because unlike the sea at noon, the night sea is really dark. However, Tsukasa says he’s not scared because he has Yuna by his side. Just like how the ships need the lighthouse to guide the way, he will be lost if he doesn’t have her. She’s his light, and he wants her to guide him forever. He feels sad because the seaside school will end tomorrow, but he’s glad to have joined the trip with her. Tsukasa then gives Yuna a pretty seashell necklace that he made for her, and he puts it around her neck saying it looks beautiful on her. When she thanks him saying she’ll treasure the necklace, he answers that he will treasure her too. Then he kisses her under the starry sky. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ

Day 3

The seaside school is coming to an end today, but Yuna feels really satisfied with the trip. She made a lot of good memories, and she also received a beautiful necklace from Tsukasa. Based on Mio’s suggestion, Yuna then decides to return the favor by buying a charm for Tsukasa at a famous matchmaking shrine. It’s located not too far from the pension, and Mio also gives her a map to follow.. but sadly everyone keeps disturbing her along the way. Takumi forces her to play beach volley, Chihiro drags her to have lunch, and Shiina gets her to help out in the pension. Yuna is both exhausted and pissed by the time she’s done with everything, so when someone calls her from behind, she turns around going “who is it now!? (@盆@)” ..just to find out that it’s Tsukasa. She then tells him that she’s in a hurry to go out right now, and he sadly says it’s too bad since he wants to visit a certain place with her — which turns out to be the shrine. People believe that couples who visit the shrine together will be happy, so Tsukasa wants to visit the shrine with Yuna. She feels happy since their feelings seem to be connected, and she can finally buy a charm for him. Yuna asks if it’s okay to give him a matchmaking charm because they’re already lovers, but Tsukasa says matchmaking doesn’t only include new love and encounter. It also strengthens a couple’s bond.

Tsukasa then mentions that people often hold their wedding ceremonies at the shrine, and he asks if Yuna wants to give it a try. It’ll be a “practice” for their real wedding in the future. Since Yuna doesn’t know what to do, Tsukasa then guides her through the entire process — starting from how they enter the shrine until the wedding kiss. As they kiss in front of the shrine, Tsukasa says it’s too bad they’re only having a “practice” today because he really wants to make Yuna his. She’s the most important thing in his life, and he feels lucky that she feels the same way. Tsukasa then asks Yuna to relax since there’s no one around them, and he kisses her saying he loves her — he’ll accept her no matter what happens. The screen fades to black, and after a suspiciously long time, Yuna mentions that Tsukasa’s hands are big. He answers it’s because his hands exist to protect her, and he asks her not to worry because he’ll never leave her. He wants to walk towards the future with her, and they’re going to have happy days together. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Before returning to the pension, Tsukasa apologizes since he actually lied to Yuna earlier. There’s actually no wedding kiss in a shrine wedding, and he did it simply because he wanted to kiss her. Tsukasa asks Yuna to keep this a secret from everyone else, along with the fact that they kissed in front of a shrine. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

In the epilogue, Yuna points out that it’s the first time Tsukasa has ever lied to her. He admits that he was surprised by his own lie, but he knows the reason must be her — she’s the only woman who can make him lie. Yuna asks if she should be happy with that, and Tsukasa smiles saying it means she’s special to him. He did lie to her about the kiss, but his love for her is true. Tsukasa then tells Yuna that he loves her, and he promises to make her happy.


Day 1

[ 1:00 PM ]

Yuna cheers for Tsukasa during the beach volley session, and he answers her voice by spiking the ball like a pro. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After the match, Tsukasa tells Yuna that it’s been a while since the last time he played volleyball. He admits it was difficult to regain his senses, but she asks him to have more confidence since he was really good. Yuna wonders if she should pick up a sport too, and Tsukasa thinks it’s a good decision. If she takes her activities seriously, she will surely come to enjoy them.

[ 3:00 PM ]

Tsukasa finds Yuna staring at the sea alone, and he goes to ask if there’s something wrong. She tells him she’s just jealous since there’s a lot of couples on the beach, and she’s wondering if the trip would be more fun if she has a boyfriend. Yuna apologizes since it’s not something to tell a teacher about, but Tsukasa replies that love is important.. so she asks if he’s in love. He answers that even if they’re not in love right now, it’s important for people to love each other as long as they’re alive. When Yuna asks what would he do if he’s falling in love with someone during the seaside school, Tsukasa replies that he wouldn’t wait. The person they love might get taken away by someone else if they don’t do anything, so it’s better to make a move. He says he’s wishing for her to have a wonderful love, and she thanks him for motivating her. Before he leaves, Tsukasa tells Yuna that her swimsuit looks really good on her. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

[ 6:00 PM ]

Yuna plays fireworks with Tsukasa. She says it’s been a while since the last time she played with fireworks, and he’s glad to see her having fun. He’s hoping the fireworks will remain in her heart, and he asks her to make a lot of wonderful memories during the trip — including memories with him, if possible. Yuna really enjoys spending her time with Tsukasa, and she thinks about how nice it would be if she can grow closer to him.

[ 9:00 PM ]

Tsukasa asks Yuna out for a walk, and he takes her to a small park on a hill. They can see the whole beach from the park, and he found the place when he went to check out the seaside school’s location. Soon a lot of fireflies appear around them, bringing light to the dark park. Tsukasa then says he wanted to show the fireflies to Yuna, and she happily says it’s the first time she has ever seen such a large number of fireflies. He points out that one of the fireflies is sitting on her hair, and when she says it’s beautiful, he answers that she’s beautiful too. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Tsukasa also asks Yuna to keep this a secret from the others. It’s a memory just for the two of them. As they walk back to the mansion, Yuna blushes while thinking that Tsukasa is really mature.

Day 2

[ 7:00 AM ]

As she walks with Tsukasa through the woods, Yuna mentions that they can hear the cicadas’ cry so early in the morning. He tells her that cicadas cry when the temperature is rising, which also means they’re going to have a hot weather today. Since cicadas have a short life span, he often thinks about what he would do if he’s only given a week — or a month at best — to live. Yuna asks if he found the answer, and Tsukasa says he’d run to see the person he loves. He apologizes for being so gloomy, but what he said has made her realize that time is really important. They should treasure every moment, including the time they spend together. When Yuna says she always learns a lot of things from him, Tsukasa replies that he often learns from her too. He’ll always be on her side, and he’ll always help whenever she needs advice or support.

[ 3:00 PM ]

From the rocky shore, Yuna can see a giant shadow swimming underwater. It’s as big as a human, but she doesn’t think anyone would believe it even if she tells them. Soon Tsukasa comes asking why she’s sighing, and after asking him not to laugh, she tells him that she just saw a mermaid. She wonders if it was a dream, but he says the beach does have a legend about a mermaid.. so it might be the real thing. Tsukasa tells Yuna that one can gain eternal youth and immortality by eating a mermaid’s flesh, but he’s not sure if it can keep one’s heart alive forever. He believes people can love each other because their lives are limited, so he doesn’t need immortality or eternal youth. As long as he can spend his life with the person he loves, he’ll be satisfied. Yuna then asks if he thinks mermaids are really creatures from the legend, and Tsukasa says they really do exist because he has seen one before — it’s her. She reminds him of a mermaid when she’s swimming. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[ 8:00 PM ]

During the summer festival, Tsukasa takes Yuna to watch the fireworks from a quiet place. He found it during last year’s seaside school, and she’s the first person he ever took here. When Yuna says the fireworks are so beautiful, Tsukasa answers that she’s more beautiful in his eyes. She blushes saying he’ll get nothing by praising her, but he replies that seeing the fireworks with her is already enough for him. (❤ฺ→艸←)

[ 10:00 PM ]

Yuna finds Tsukasa at the balcony, and they watch the beautiful starry sky together. When they’re looking for her constellation, a shooting star suddenly flashes in the sky — though it disappears before she could make a wish. Tsukasa asks what she wants to fish for, but Yuna says it’s a secret since she’s too embarrassed to tell him. Just then another shooting star appears, and before Yuna could even react, she hears Tsukasa whispering “I hope I can be with Igarashi-san..” beside her. This surprises her so much she forgot to make a wish, and when she asks about his wish, he only smiles saying it’s a secret. Yuna is starting to realize that she might be in love with Tsukasa, and she wonders how he feels towards her.

Day 3

Since it’s the last day of the trip, Tsukasa decides to spend it with Yuna. First he helps her choosing some souvenirs, and then he stays with her for the rest of the day. As they walk past the bus stop, she notices an expensive car parked nearby. Tsukasa tells her not to stare since it’s rude, but she asks him to confirm what she just saw — there are guns inside the car. They don’t know if they’re real guns or not, but they better report it to the police just in case. Or so they thought. Before they could do anything, some men in black suddenly appear and drag Yuna into the car. They knock Tsukasa out when he tries to help her, telling her that they saw something they’re not supposed to see. She keeps saying that they didn’t see anything, but sadly it’s too late anyway since they already attacked her. Since Yuna won’t stop calling Tsukasa’s name, the weapon smugglers got fed up and eventually knock her out as well.

When she opens her eyes later, Yuna finds herself in an abandoned building. Soon she hears her phone vibrating, and she picks it up to find Tsukasa’s voice on the other side. The only clue she can give is the faint sound of waves, but it’s enough for him to tell that she’s locked up in a storage near the beach. Tsukasa then asks Yuna not to worry, and he promises that he’ll come to save her. The weapon smugglers soon return and ask who she’s talking to, and when Yuna answers that it’s with her teacher, they tell her to ask Tsukasa to come over. However, Yuna tells Tsukasa NOT to come and asks him to report what happened to the police instead. She also refuses to hand over the phone, so they decide to just kill her with the guns she saw. Yuna is obviously terrified, but she’s ready to give up on her life as long as Tsukasa is safe. Just before they pull the trigger, Tsukasa suddenly bursts into the storage to save her — punching all the smugglers who are standing on their way. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yuna asks why did he come despite what she told him earlier, but he says it’s impossible for him to fulfill that wish. When she asks him why, he answers it’s because she’s important to him.

As he hugs Yuna, Tsukasa says it’s the first time he ever drove a car so fast. He also ignored the traffic lights and broke a lot of rules, but he’s really glad to see her safe. Yuna then apologizes for making him worry, but Tsukasa says she’s apologizing for the wrong reason. If she has to apologize, it should be for asking him not to come. He asks if she finds him unreliable, and when she says no, he tells her to rely on him. Yuna is an important student for Tsukasa, but she’s also the person he wants to treasure the most — obviously because he loves her as a man, not as a teacher. It’s his job to protect her, and he promises that he’ll always protect her from now on. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

In the epilogue, Yuna and Tsukasa are waiting for the police to come. He asks if she wants to return to the pension, but she says she wants to stay in the storage with him instead. When Yuna mentions that Tsukasa is her hero, he smiles saying she’s already his heroine. He wanted to hide how he feels since a teacher shouldn’t date a student, but he can’t hold back anymore after what just happened. Tsukasa then tells Yuna that he loves her, and he promises that he won’t let her fall into danger from now on. He says her face is dirty, but then he kisses her saying she still looks beautiful. He broke a lot of rules because of her, so now they’re partners-in-crime. They should keep it a secret from everyone else, and their secrets will keep increasing from now on.


Night Visit

Yuna can’t sleep at night, and she wakes up to find Tsukasa in her room. He knows he’s breaking the rules, but he wants to see her no matter what. Since she’s feeling nervous, he tries to calm her down with a kiss.. which obviously doesn’t work. He asks if he can stay with her tonight, and when she says yes, he says they should sleep while hugging each other tonight. He assures her that he will be gentle, and he tells her they’re not teacher and student right now — they’re just a couple.


Yuna finds a very.. fabulous Tsukasa, who turns out to be a number one host. When she calls him “sensei” and asks what he’s talking about, he asks if she prefers that kind of roleplay. He then says he’ll steal her lips tonight, and she wakes up in a panic. xD


It’s Yuna’s wedding day, but she’s not happy because she doesn’t love her groom. She’s wishing to see the man she loves one more time, and her wish is granted when Tsukasa appears — stopping the wedding before she says “I do.” Tsukasa then says he won’t Yuna to anyone, and ignoring the groom’s protests, he asks her to come with him. Yuna gladly takes Tsukasa’s hand, and they elope into the night with everyone chasing after them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As they escape on a bus, Tsukasa apologizes for being so late. He didn’t realize his feelings until she was taken by another man, but now he knows how much he loves her. He then asks her to become his goddess, and he kisses her saying he will always protect her smile.


Late at night, Tsukasa invites Yuna to the balcony saying he wants to talk. After asking her to keep it a secret, he admits that he has been ignoring his feelings.. but he can’t hold back anymore. Tsukasa then confesses that he’s in love with Yuna, and he asks her to go out with him. He knows he has to treat everyone fairly as a teacher, but he can’t help it since he loves her.


Yuna wakes up to find Tsukasa beside her, and he’s surprised when she calls him “sensei” — just like how she used to back in her school days. She married him on her graduation day, so now they’re living a happy life together. When Yuna apologizes for being half-asleep, Tsukasa blushes and asks if last night was a bit too intense for her. キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.━!!! She’s really important to him, so he wants to be extra careful while handling her. Yuna turns red, but Tsukasa doesn’t stop there and gives her a good morning kiss. He’s a man too, so she should let him be aggressive for once.

Tsukasa, why is your voice so sexy. (*´Д`*)ポポンッ The couple route is much more exciting that his route in Kai!!, mostly because he actually takes action this time. He kisses her a lot, and that suspiciously long time skip at the end is sort of hinting that they did it at the shrine. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Just as expected, the express love route is VERY dramatic. It’s like I jumped straight into an action movie this time, but I guess it’s nice to see Tsukasa breaking 101 rules to save the woman he loves. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ If you have any plans to play this game, I’d recommend seeing Tsukasa’s newlyweds dream event. The way he says “was it a bit too intense last night?” KILLED me, and his voice is just SO hot beyond measure. ポポポ(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)ポポッ


8 thoughts on “STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Sugai Tsukasa

  1. Thanks for the review^^
    Yyeessss… I like his Voice too!!! *i still can remember What He says now lol
    So deep n sexy *nosebleed
    I really like his route in here,even i don’t mind going for him again lol

    • Thanks for the comment. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*
      Yeah, Yasumoto Hiroki has such a sexy voice. Tsukasa barely did anything to Yuna in Kai, so I’m glad to see him getting a lot of actions this time. Chihiro’s voice is sexy too (though not as deep as Tsukasa), I can’t wait to do his route. xD

  2. It’s funny how the always strict Tsukasa breaks 101 rules to rescue Yuna! (*ノ▽ノ) And he takes quite much action in this short summer route, like dragging Yuna behind big rocks to make out with her. ≖‿≖ Oh no! Now I want to hear Tsukasa’s voice as a number one host. \bricked

    Yeah, I think Yasumoto Hiroki has a really sexy voice, even though I’m usually not into deep voices. I think he converted me. xD Chihiro’s voice on the other hand is so flirty, that it’s sexy again. LOL Dunno, maybe I’m just into Japanese voice actor voices?! xD

    • I know right, that shows how special she is to him. (*´∀`*)
      Yasumoto Hiroki has a sexy deep voice, which is why I’m happy to see Tsukasa getting some action in NatsuKoi. Back in Kai it’s mostly just hugging or kissing on the cheek, so I can’t help but feel that his sexy voice wasn’t used to its full potential. If you keep doing otome games, you’ll become a seiyuu fan by nature. I wasn’t too interested in seiyuu a few years ago, but it’s completely different now. xD

      • It’s sad, that Tsukasa had to act all teacher-like in Kai, but I think NatsuKoi is making up for it! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
        Well, I haven’t played that much otome games, but I loved the voices anime characters since looooooong ago. I guess my affection towards drama CD’s made me love seiyuu more.. (*ノ▽ノ) But otome games are the best, since I have nice voices with matching pictures, while I can decide what’s going to happen or not. xD

        • Just as the site says, everyone gets more daring in summer and Tsukasa is not an exception. (❤ฺ→艸←) You’re right, drama CDs are such a big influence towards everyone’s seiyuu preferences. I used to be a big fan of Seki Tomokazu back in my anime days, but otome games and drama CDs have broadened my horizons. You can get a visualization in otome games, while drama CDs give you situations which aren’t available in games. They complete each other. Who’s your favorite seiyuu, btw? xD

          • Yeah, I guess that drama CD’s and otome games are completing each other perfectly! (*´▽`*)

            Hmmm, who would be my favorite seiyuu… The seiyuu I like the most are particulary Hirakawa Daisuke, Takahashi Naozumi (wait, he’s not really a seiyuu xD) Tomoaki Maeno and Hosoya Yoshimasa, but I can’t really decide on the “best” one… I just love them all! (´ ▽`).。o♡ But I do really like new seiyuu as well, it’s kind of refreshing to hear new voices! Who’s your favorite seiyuu Rin?

          • No, you can count Nao-nii as a seiyuu since he voiced characters in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de. That’s like one of the oldest otome games. xD

            My favorite is KENN and Shimono Hiro, but I also like Hosoya, Maeno and Hino. You’re right, there’s a lot of talented seiyuu out there and it’s hard to choose the “best” since they’re all good. (*´∀`*)

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