STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Mishiro Takumi

Takumi キタ———(*ノÅノ)———!! I’ve been waiting for him ever since I started on NatsuKoi, and it was hard since he keeps sending adorable mails even when you’re in someone else’s route. Takumi’s still the best, and he’s as sexy as usual.

Takumi is one of Yuna’s classmates in 2-C, but he’s actually one year older than her. He hates summer as much as he hates winter, so he often mails her saying he feels tired due to the heat. Takumi prefers spending summer indoor with the air conditioner on, and he wouldn’t go to the beach if it’s not for Yuna. Or fried prawns. When he’s not watching over Yuna, Takumi can be found underwater, hunting ingredients for his favorite dish. He’s also a good swimmer.


Day 1

[ 1:00 PM ]

During the beach volley session, Yuna cheers for Takumi.. but he refuses since he’s not in the mood. When Takashi tells him to listen to his girlfriend’s wish, he laughs saying it’s important to refuse your girlfriend’s wishes. It’s a “love torture” to make her even more in love, because girls will get bored of typical nice guys who always do whatever they say. Takashi then asks Takumi to teach her more about this, but he refuses saying it’s a secret between him and Yuna. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

[ 3:00 PM ]

Feeling tired after swimming, Yuna decides to take a nap at the beach. Later on she wakes up feeling heavy, and she opens her eyes to find that she’s now buried under the sand. The culprit is none other than Rikka, who’s laughing beside her and asks if she likes his handmade sand bath. She wouldn’t wake up even though he kept calling her name, so he decided to just play a prank on her. Of course he won’t help digging her out of the sand either, and he runs off before she could protest. Takumi comes not too long after that, and when Yuna asks him to help scolding Rikka, he refuses since it’s interesting to see her half-buried. Besides, it was her own fault for being so defenseless. To make things more interesting, Takumi puts seaweed and starfish on Yuna’s head. He also wants to take a picture, but since she’s resisting, he gives up and saves the “view” in his mind instead. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[ 6:00 PM ]

When everyone plays fireworks together, Takumi gets tired after shooting fireworks at Kyousuke’s butt. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He says it’s because Kyousuke has nice reactions to his mischief, so Yuna asks if he likes Kyousuke’s reactions better than hers. Takumi then asks if Yuna’s is jealous, and ignoring her attempt to deny it, he says he’ll hold an audition to see whose reaction he loves the most.. by throwing some pinwheel fireworks towards her. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As she jumps in surprise, he chuckles saying she’s the best after all. Takumi then says that he loves Yuna even more than fireworks, and he steals a kiss from her. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

[ 9:00 PM ]

Yuna goes to the open-air bath, and soon after entering the place, she notices that Takumi is taking a bath inside. She thought it’s a women’s bath, but he points out that it’s currently the men’s hour to use the bath. Since there’s no one else around them, Takumi asks Yuna to enter the bath with him. She tells him that the stars are really beautiful tonight, but he’s more interested in sitting beside her instead. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Sadly she refuses to let him get closer, and soon she starts feeling dizzy before eventually fainting in the bath. When she wakes up later, Yuna finds herself in her room with Takumi watching over her. She apologizes for troubling him, and he smiles saying it was hard to change her clothes. She was only wearing a towel earlier in the bath, and she asks if he saw her body. He answers that he did and took pictures as well, but when she goes Σ(〃д〃)!!, he laughs saying he was just kidding. He asked a female staff to change her clothes, because he only wants to see her naked in bed. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ He jokingly asks if he should see it right now, and he laughs when she gets all flustered. xD

Day 2

[ 7:00 AM ]

When Yuna wakes up in the morning, she notices that Takumi sent her a mail last night. He asked her to wake him up today, and so she goes to visit his room. Since the door isn’t locked, she walks inside and finds him sleeping on the bed with no shirts on. He won’t wake up when she calls him, so she decides to touch him instead.. but for a second, all she can think about is how sexy he is when he’s sleeping. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ However, he pulls her into bed and asks her to stay still while remaining half-asleep. Soon he wakes up to find her in his arms, and when she asks if he didn’t know it’s her, he admits that he thought of her as “something noisy and soft” LOL. Takumi explains that he has a hard time waking up in the morning due to his low blood pressure, but he has the best morning today thanks to Yuna. He also went to bed half-naked as a “service” for her, and he decides to stay that way for a while. They still have time to play before breakfast, which he starts by blowing breath onto her ears. Takumi also asks Yuna to wake him up every morning from now on, promising that he’ll give her a lot of “service” in return. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Or so he says. The real reason is because he wants to be the first one who greets her “good morning” and the last one to say “good night.”

[ 3:00 PM ]

After swimming together, Takumi takes Yuna to the beach house since her stomach is grumbling. He tells her to sit down as he goes to order their meals, and he returns with a huge portion of yakisoba for both of them. Before they start eating, he grabs a bottle of mayonnaise that he brought from home.. and then he dumps the contents to their yakisoba. \(^o^)/ She watches in utter shock as the yakisoba takes an “unidentified shape” after mixed with mayonnaise, but surprisingly it tastes good. Takumi then licks mayonnaise off Yuna’s cheek saying he loves her more, and when she stops him, he frowns saying he wants to taste both mayonnaise and her. He finds both of them delicious. (❤ฺ→艸←) She also tells him not to put mayonnaise on his shaved ice, and so he puts mayonnaise on her instead. He always puts mayonnaise on his food, and he’s going to eat her later. 8D

[ 8:00 PM ]

When everyone goes to the summer festival together, Yuna walks around the shrine with Takumi. He actually hates the crowd, but he’s willing to endure that much for her. As they take a look around the stands, Yuna notices a set of cute rings decorated with zodiac symbols. Takumi decides to buy one that matches her zodiac, and despite him hinting that he’s buying it for himself, he gives it to her as a present. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Takumi then puts the ring on Yuna’s finger saying she’s the only one who can receive presents from him, and he wants her to know that she’s special for him. Before going back to everyone’s place, Takumi reveals that he’s been planning to buy something memorable for Yuna. She thought he tagged along simply because he wanted to eat takoyaki, but he was actually looking for a present for her — even if it means getting through the crowd he hates. She promises to treasure the ring forever, and later on he also sends a mail saying this is the first time he ever bought a present for anyone. She’s his first girlfriend, and he’s going to treasure her forever. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

[ 10:00 PM ]

Yuna runs into Takumi in the lobby, and he asks her out for a night walk. As they walk through the forest, he admits that he was planning to ask her out. The seaside school will be over tomorrow, and he wants to make memories with her on the last night of the trip. Mature memories, not the innocent ones like playing on the beach. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Takumi leans in saying he wants to feel Yuna’s love tonight, and he says he’ll stop if she doesn’t want to do it.. but since she doesn’t look away from him, he knows she’s not going to say no. Takumi then kisses Yuna and asks if they should sleep together in his room, promising that he won’t do anything scary. He loves her, and he will never do anything to hurt her. Yuna is about to answer that she’s okay as long as it’s with him, but sadly Takashi suddenly comes saying Chihiro is looking for Takumi. il||li_| ̄|○il||li After Takashi leaves, Takumi says they have to put the plan on hold for now, but it’s alright because this won’t be the last night he spends with Yuna. If they can’t do it today, he’ll just play rough next time to make up for it. Then he kisses her good night. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Day 3

It’s the last day of the seaside school, and Yuna decides to spend it with Takumi. They have a swimming race at the beach, and he asks her to kiss him as the punishment of losing the race. Since she’s too embarrassed to kiss in public, she asks him to dive for a while and gives him a kiss underwater. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* They continue swimming until the sun starts setting, but just before they go home, Yuna realizes that her ring is gone — the ring Takumi bought for her yesterday. She put it in her bag so it won’t be lost in the sea, but now it’s nowhere to be found. He says it’s okay because he can buy another one for her, but she doesn’t want any other ring. The ring is a memorable present for him, and she’s going to keep searching until she finds it. When Takumi reminds her that their bus is coming soon, Yuna says she’ll just go home by train.. and so he goes home without her. Of course she’s not happy about this and thinks that he doesn’t treasure the ring as much as she does, but she continues searching until it gets dark — which makes it even harder to search for the ring. Yuna quietly apologizes to Takumi for losing the ring, but then a familiar voice asks if she already found what she’s looking for. When Yuna turns around, she finds Takumi standing behind her. It turns out he was also searching for her ring instead of going home, and it didn’t take long until he find it — because he’s actuallly good at finding things. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Yuna apologizes for getting angry at him earlier, and Takumi says he doesn’t mind.. but they have missed the last bus, so now they have to spend the night in a business hotel. They manage to get a room with double bed, and noticing that Yuna is feeling nervous, Takumi assures her that he won’t do anything. He says she can use the bed since he’s going to sleep on the sofa, but she feels bad and says she’ll use the sofa instead. Yuna feels responsible since they have to spend another night here because of her, but Takumi tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he actually feels happy that she went so far to search for the ring he gave her. Takumi then says he’ll take the sofa, and when Yuna tries to argue again, she trips and accidentally pushes him down. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She apologizes and tries to get off him, but he stops her and asks her to stay on top. He admits that he’s played around with random girls before, but he never felt satisfied — it only made him feel empty. He has never fallen in love with anyone either, until he finally met her. He can’t point out what makes her different from the others, but he knows that he loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her. He won’t do anything to her, so she can sleep without any worries tonight. Yuna thanks Takumi saying she’s happy to hear his feelings, and she asks him to share the bed with her. When he asks if they can sleep while holding hands, she laughs saying that’s such a cute wish. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Takumi then asks if he can kiss Yuna, but he makes it clear that if she allows him to kiss her, he won’t be able to stop. After a short silence, she finally says yes. He thanks her for choosing him, and he asks her to leave everything to him — he’ll treasure her forever. +.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

The next day, Yuna and Takumi go home on a morning bus. He actually wants to spend another night with her, but she says her parents will be angry if they do that. Takumi then laughs and asks Yuna to tell him if her parents get angry, because he’s going to take responsibility. Just as he said last night, he’s going to treasure her forever. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

In the epilogue, Yuna spends the last day of summer vacation in Takumi’s house. Both of them aren’t excited about going back to school, and when Yuna says she feels dizzy thinking about tomorrow, Takumi asks if she wants to take a “nap” together. Yuna refuses since she’s embarrassed, and Takumi smiles saying they should “practice” until she doesn’t feel embarrassed anymore. He then says he’ll just lie beside her until she gets used to it, but the moment she draws closer, he kisses her saying there’s no way he wouldn’t do anything. He assures her that there’s nothing to be scared of, and she doesn’t have to worry because he’s going to treasure her all the time. Since Yuna only stays silent in his arms, Takumi says she’s really kind. Sometimes he wants to pick on her, but he’s the only one in the world who can see her troubled expression. He then whispers that he loves her, and the screen fades to white. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、


Day 1

[ 1:00 PM ]

Yuna cheers for Takumi during the beach volley session, and he answers that he doesn’t like sports.. but he’ll listen to her wish for today, so she owes him one. After the match, Takumi tells Yuna that he’s not tired at all. All he did was stand in place while holding up his hands, which is already enough for blocking considering his tall height. xD Since he already fulfilled her wish, now it’s her turn to fulfill his by giving him a victory kiss. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When Yuna blushes and panics, Takumi laughs saying she has a very nice reaction — it’s more than enough to satisfy him.

[ 3:00 PM ]

When Yuna goes to buy lunch at the beach house, she finds Takumi humming inside. She asks if she can join him for lunch, and he’s willing to share the table with her.. but not his lunch, which turns out to be a mountain of fried prawns. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yuna is surprised and wonders if he can eat all of them, but Takumi only asks her not to disturb his lunch and starts eating the prawns one by one. Of course he doesn’t forget to put mayonnaise all over his lunch, and asks if she wants to have one.. but he’s just trolling her since there’s no way he’s going to share his favorite food. He doesn’t mind sharing the mayonnaise though, since he believes that mayonnaise goes well with everything. Even with curry and ramen. xD

[ 6:00 PM ]

Yuna plays fireworks with Takumi, who’s finally done shooting rocket fireworks at Kyousuke’s butt. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He’s clearly enjoying Kyousuke’s reaction, though he still finds her reactions the best. When Yuna says she’s not happy, Takumi says it’s the best praise he can offer her.. and he gives her a “present” by throwing pinwheel fireworks at her. When she jumps and screams, he laughs saying she’s the best. He asks if he can keep her reactions to himself, but she asks him to stop teasing her LOL.

[ 9:00 PM ]

Following the girls’ invitation, Yuna decides to participate in a courage test with everyone. The woods behind the pension is eerie at night — perfect for a courage test — and Yuna teams up with Mio and Kyousuke since they’re the only ones left. Kyousuke isn’t scared of ghosts since his sisters are more terrifying, but Mio keeps scaring Yuna by saying things like “we can take pictures of unseen things” and “we’re going to vanish one by one.” It doesn’t help that Rikka and Takumi are in charge of scaring people, and Yuna can hear people screaming along the way. Just then something cold suddenly touches Yuna, and she immediately runs off in fear — leaving Mio and Kyousuke behind. She eventually finds Souya in the forest, but before she could catch her breath, Rikka and Takumi suddenly jump out of the bushes to surprise her.. which causes her to scream and continue her escape. By the time the courage test ends, Yuna’s heart is still racing from all the shock she received earlier. Takumi laughs saying her reaction was the best, and he kisses her forehead so she can sleep well tonight. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Day 2

[ 7:00 AM ]

After she wakes up, Yuna goes on a morning walk and runs into Takumi outside. It’s rather unusual for him to be awake so early in the morning, but he’s glad because he found something nice earlier — a cute snake. Σ (゚д゚ ;) When Yuna screams and tries to run away, Takumi says there’s nothing to worry about since it’s not poisonous. Since she finds it scary, he brings the snake closer so she can see its “cuteness” too. Like how cute it looks when it sticks its tongue out. Yuna refuses when Takumi asks her to try hugging it, and after a strange silence, he laughs saying the snake is actually just a toy. She obviously doesn’t want to spend her refreshing morning screaming over a snake anymore, so he only says “too bad” and gives her the snake to commemorate the day. The snake moves when she takes it from him, but she thinks it moves automatically.. until he laughs and reveals that it’s a real snake after all. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Yuna instantly screams and throw the snake away, while Takumi smiles saying her reaction today is the best reaction he’s ever seen. He’s interested in her, and he wants to watch over her all the time.

[ 3:00 PM ]

When she goes to buy a juice, Yuna realizes that her wallet is gone. Takumi soon notices her searching for her wallet all over the beach, and she asks if he can give her a hand since it’s hard to search for it alone. He leaves saying he’s got something else to do, but not too long after that, he returns saying she’s so clumsy for dropping her wallet. She asks him to leave her alone since he’s got other plans, and he admits that he doesn’t like it when she’s feeling down.. so he decides to cheer her up by giving her the wallet she dropped. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ As a token of gratitude, Yuna then buys a large portion of special fried prawns for Takumi at the beach house. He mentions that he’s hungry after moving around so much, revealing that he actually went to search for her wallet earlier. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

[ 8:00 PM ]

During the summer festival, Yuna walks around the shrine with Takumi. After buying some takoyaki for himself, he buys a ring and gives it to her as a present.. though he jokingly asks her to spin three times and bark first. When she asks him not to tease her, he laughs saying he never gets bored watching her reaction. Takumi then gives the ring to Yuna as an apology for always teasing her so much, and she promises to treasure it forever. It’s a proof of his kindness. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

[ 10:00 PM ]

Before bedtime, Yuna returns to her room and finds the door unlocked. She enters the room to find a half-naked Takumi inside, and he says she’s so bold for entering a man’s room at this hour. Why yes, Yuna actually walked into Takumi’s room by mistake. Her room is directly above his, and he’s not wearing any shirt because he just came out of the shower. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yuna apologizes and turns around to leave, but Takumi hugs her from behind and asks if she’s going to leave without doing anything. She keeps saying that she doesn’t have any intentions to go that way, but he notices that she was staring at his body earlier. He then asks her to stay with him tonight, but despite his attempts to seduce her, she asks him to stop teasing her. They’re not dating, so it’s just not right for them to do anything naughty. Of course Takumi doesn’t mind, but Yuna makes it clear that she wants a more platonic relationship. Realizing that it’s still too early for her, he eventually lets go and apologizes for teasing her. He asks her to return to her room before he changes his mind, or else he might attack her for real. As she walks back to her room, Yuna keeps thinking about how Takumi actually feels about her.

Day 3

It’s the last day of the seaside school, and Yuna decides to spend it in the pension. She actually wants to play on the beach, but her skin hurts from the sunburn. When she comes downstairs, she finds the owner carrying laundry through the lobby. There’s a lot of laundry since he’s washing everything for all the pension guests, and since Shiina is busy working in the beach house.. Yuna agrees to help the owner. When she’s hanging laundry on the balcony, Takumi comes asking what she’s doing. He actually went to the beach with everyone else, but he came back upon noticing that she’s not in the bus. Takumi then asks Yuna to go out, and noticing that she feels bad about the laundry, the owner asks them to go shopping for the pension. That way Yuna can play with Takumi without any guilt. The owner also allows them to use the pension’s bicycle, but since Takumi doesn’t want to ride it, Yuna has to row the pedal through the slope while he sits comfortably on the back seat. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

As they walk through the shopping district, Yuna thanks Takumi for carrying the heavy shopping bags. Soon an old lady notices that she’s never seen them around, and she asks if they’re newlyweds. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 While Yuna turns red and says they’re not married, Takumi only laughs beside her. He then asks if she doesn’t find it fun to spend time with him, and when he asks her to look at him, she blushes and runs off into a nearby shop.. which he finds cute. (❤ฺ→艸←) After they’re done shopping, Takumi tells Yuna to sit on the back seat and drives them back to the pension. She notices that the sky turns dark along the way, and she wonders if they can reach the pension back on time since he’s driving really carefully. Here, he suddenly asks if she has a boyfriend. Sadly it starts raining hard before she could answer, and they decide to take shelter at the nearest bus stop. A long, awkward silence hangs as Yuna thinks about how to answer Takumi’s question from earlier, and he almost repeats the question.. but in the end none of them says anything until the rain stops. He takes her back to the pension after that, and she changes into her uniform after taking a shower — they’re going home in a few hours anyway.

Yuna then goes to see how Takumi is doing, and she learns that he has changed into his uniform too. It means he already took a shower as well, but he seems unsure about his own mood. Takumi then asks Yuna to come inside, and he pushes her down onto the bed saying he doesn’t feel refreshed at all. He apologizes and says he wanted to have a platonic relationship with her — just like what she’s wishing for — but it’s impossible for him to hold back any further, since he loses his senses in front of her. Takumi also says that he’s been waiting for her answer, so now he wants Yuna to answer his question from earlier. When Yuna answers that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Takumi replies that she belongs to him starting from today. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He kisses her on the lips, and since she doesn’t resist, he takes it as a yes. He admits that he’s been in love with her all this time, and he won’t hand her to anyone. Takumi then asks if he can go all the way, and when Yuna answers with another silence, he promises to treasure her from now on.. though he might play rough from time to time. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Sadly everyone returns to the pension before they could get any actions, so Takumi tells Yuna that they’ll continue next time. He’ll teach her everything she needs to know, so he would be happy if she can feel that she really belongs to him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

In the epilogue, Takumi comes to Yuna’s house at the end of summer vacation. He asks when she’s going to continue what they did back in the pension, but she refuses because she doesn’t want to do it so easily. Takumi concludes that he needs to make it impossible for Yuna to refuse, so he kisses her and teasingly says she has so many demands in bed. +.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ However, Yuna also notices that Takumi never pushes her down anymore. He says it’s because he wants to treasure her, so he’s going to wait until she’s really ready to do it. When she admits that she wants to have more normal conversations like other couples, he suddenly says “I love you” in a normal way, not his usual way of speaking. Of course Yuna blushes upon hearing this, so Takumi decides that it’s now time to play rough and pushes her down. He’s the only one who can treasure her and play rough with her, and he asks her to take care of him from now on. (๑´ლ`๑)♡


Night Visit

Yuna wakes up to find Takumi climbing onto her bed, and he asks her to keep quiet. He tells her that he couldn’t sleep, so now he came to sleep with her. When she blushes, he wonders if just sleeping won’t be enough to satisfy her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Takumi laughs saying Yuna’s surprised expression turns him on, and he tells her that he wants to do something more exciting. He knows she’s thinking of something dirty, so he asks her to be honest — he’ll do anything she wants to do. If she doesn’t know what to do, he will teach her everything she needs to know.. but for today, he agrees to do a “normal play” and sleep beside her. (❤ฺ→艸←)


In front of the school, Yuna runs into Takumi who speaks normally. She’s obviously surprised, and he explains that he’s fixing his way of speaking because he’s training to be a seiyuu. Σ (゚д゚ ;) When she says his language is really proper, he smiles saying he’s glad to hear that. After all, he can’t enter the working world with a weird way of speaking.


Takumi caught a cold, and Yuna comes to check up on him. He says she’s just like Little Red Riding Hood who visits the sick wolf, and he asks her to confirm whether he’s a wolf or not. When she asks why he has big ears, he says it’s so he can hear her voice clearly. When she asks why he has big eyes, he says it’s so he can see her smile clearly. When she asks why he has big hands, he says it’s so he can grasp everything he wants — like fried prawns and her. When she asks why he has a big mouth, he excitedly says it’s so he can eat her. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Takumi then admits that he actually didn’t catch a cold, and he said so simply because he wanted to see Yuna. He then gives her a ring saying it’s for her left ring finger, and he asks if she understands what he’s trying to say. He wants to marry her, and he’s going to eat her so she can’t refuse — assuring her that he’ll be gentle. They’re going to build a happy family together. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


Takumi takes Yuna to the pension’s balcony, saying he wants to talk in private. When she asks him what happened, he says he hates waiting.. so he wants her to answer his question right away. Takumi then confesses that he’s in love with Yuna — so much that it’s driving him crazy — and he wants to hear her answer.


One morning, Takumi wakes up and asks Yuna about today’s breakfast. When she asks him why, he reminds her that they just got married last month — she’s been cooking for him ever since. She apologizes saying she was sleepy, so as the punishment, he asks her to take a bath with him tonight. Since Yuna still gets embarrassed in front of him, Takumi says he’ll help her practice now. He then takes off his clothes and asks her to strip as well, showing her everything in front of him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She blushes saying he’s always playing with her, and he laughs saying it’s only obvious because she’s his wife.

First of all, sorry for being extremely biased and writing a lot more details for Takumi. I can’t help it, he’s just so hot and the hints of kindness he’s trying to hide keeps pushing my 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ button. Since there are no major conflicts in NatsuKoi, Takumi’s route is filled with extreme sexiness and cute moments from beginning to end. When I was writing about his dream events — especially the newlyweds one — I keep asking myself if I’m writing an otome game summary.. or porn. I can’t tell anymore with Takumi releasing his hot エロ waves all over the route. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Takumi is seriously the best character in the game, and now I feel sad that I’m done with his route. Maybe I should just keep Storm Lover in my PSP, just so I can see Takumi whenever I miss him. (*´Д`*)ポポンッ


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