STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Shiina

This is the last route in NatsuKoi!! and I feel sad that the game is over. Anyway, Shiina’s route is probably not what you’re expecting. Rather than the start of a new relationship, romance with Shiina is more like a one summer love instead.

Shiina is the sharp-tongued boy who works part-time at the beach house and the pension. He’s a hardworker, but he’s not exactly sociable due to his harsh words and cheeky attitude. He’s also a cunning penny-pincher, charging Yuna for everything he serves — even dragging her to help out at work. Despite his personality, Shiina is actually good at attracting customers since he’s a brilliant liar. When it comes to food, he’s a picky eater who has lots of likes and dislikes.

Day 1

[ 1:00 PM ]

During the beach volley session, Yuna cheers for Shiina and asks him to do his best.. but he refuses saying there’s no merit in it. When she promises to buy a juice for him if he can get a score, he immediately accepts the deal and asks her to buy shaved ice too from the beach house. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yuna is impressed when Shiina spikes the ball, but now that he’s got a score, he refuses to anything else. After the match, Shiina complains that he’d be more motivated if he gets money as the reward. Yuna tells him that he’s too obsessed with money, and she asks if there’s any another way to make him feel motivated.. so he replies that he might have tried harder if she promised to give him a kiss as the reward. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Of course it’s just a lie, and he won’t admit that he enjoyed the match either.

[ 3:00 PM ]

When Yuna goes to the beach house, she finds Shiina working inside. He’s not too excited to see her though, and when she tells him that she’s a customer, he asks her to eat a lot and dish out plenty of money for them. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shiina soon comes to deliver Yuna’s order, and he gives her an extra cup of shaved ice. One of the workers made it by mistake, and he asks her to eat it since it’d be a waste to throw it away. Yuna happily thanks Shiina thinking he’s giving the shaved ice for free, but then he adds that he’ll give her a 50% discount for the shaved ice. Just then some girls come to rent swim rings, and he recommends a plain one to them. He honestly tells the girls that they’re plain and don’t suit flashy swim rings, but soon the owner comes and smacks him on the head — scolding him for being so rude to the customers. xD Yuna watches as Shiina tries to serve the next customer with a friendly attitude, but he clearly has no intentions to change since he ends up insulting them anyway — including Rikka. He blushes when Souya asks for an antiperspirant lotion, and Shiina teases him for imagining naughty things. Shiina gives Rikka the nickname “cherry boy” since he’s obviously an innocent virgin, and he destroys Souya’s pride by saying he can’t date the girl he likes because everyone thinks of him as a flirt. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As she watches their conversation, Yuna keeps thinking that Shiina is such a sadist LOL.

[ 6:00 PM ]

Everyone goes to play fireworks together after the sun sets, but Yuna doesn’t feel like playing with any of them. She wonders if there’s someone else she can spend time with, and that’s when Shiina comes into her mind. He’s extremely sharp-tongued, but she doesn’t think he’s a bad person. Yuna then wonders if it would be fun to play fireworks with Shiina.

[ 9:00 PM ]

Yuna finds Shiina in the lobby, reading a book with a serious expression. She then asks if he loves books, and he answers that he does love reading — which she finds surprising. He sighs saying she must have expected him to love outdoor activities because he’s working in the beach house, but he admits that he likes her honesty. When Yuna asks about his favorite genre, Shiina replies that he only reads sensual novels and reads a few erotic lines from his book. Of course she panics and says he’s not old enough to read them, but then he reveals that he’s just trolling her. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Shiina asks if Yuna actually thinks that he’s going to attack her, and she protests saying it’s because he lies as much as he breathes. Since he’s done reading the book, Shiina hands it to Yuna saying she can have it.. but not for free. Words of gratitude and a handshake are NOT enough to pay for the book, so he asks her to give him 500 yen — it’s a special price. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ It turns out to be a book about law, and she wonders if he’s planning to become a lawyer in the future.

Day 2

[ 7:00 AM ]

When Yuna goes downstairs to have breakfast, Shiina greets her good morning and asks her to reply properly. xD He then asks why she looks surprised to see him, since he’s also a staff in the pension and spends the whole day working. Yuna asks if Shiina doesn’t want to play on the beach instead of working, and he answers that he’s different from them — he came here to make money. Yuna feels bad when the owner scolds Shiina for chatting with her, but he tells her not to worry because he was the one who initiated the conversation. He doesn’t mind even if the owner cuts his part-time wage or rage at him later. Shiina then gives Yuna ham, eggs and toast that he cooked for breakfast, and he lazily serves some caviars for Yuuto when the latter appears in the lobby. Apparently this is Shiina’s first time working in the service field, and that’s why he keeps handling the customers with such an attitude. The owner refuses to raise his wage because of this, so he has no choice but to accept.. and Yuna finds it cute when he goes (´・ω・`) in front of the owner. xD

[ 9:00 AM ]

Noticing that Yuna has nothing to do, Shiina asks her to help him cleaning the bath. He says she’s too kind for her own good, but then he says that he doesn’t hate kind people. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 When she blushes, he quickly adds that it doesn’t mean he loves her.. so she grumbles and calls her friends to help since they need more people. Shiina complains when Rikka plays with the soap instead of cleaning the bath, but Kyousuke rages saying he’s not working either — he just sits at the edge of the bath and watches them from afar. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Shiina also mentions that Kyousuke is just like a kindergarten teacher, and he asks if Kyousuke isn’t tired of raging all the time. This causes Kyousuke to rage even harder, and Yuna notices that Shiina is doing it on purpose. He sure knows how to piss people off, though she thinks it’d be cute if he can be a little more honest.

[ 3:00 PM ]

Yuna comes to rent a swim ring on the beach house, and Shiina chooses a color that looks good on her — even though he hides it by saying he’s just trying out the owner’s customer service techniques. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Yuna goes to return the swim ring later, some delinquents suddenly come to hit on her. Soon she sees Shiina passing by, but he refuses to help since he doesn’t want to get involved. He says it’s none of his business, and it’s not like he can get money by saving her anyway. Besides, she should be happy that people come to hit on her. However, Shiina’s attitude instantly changes when the delinquents snatch the swim ring from Yuna. One of them pokes a hole on it saying they should keep trash small before throwing them away, and Shiina laughs saying he doesn’t have a problem with that.. but then he punches them in the face for ruining the swim ring. If the swim ring is a trash, then they’re all inflammable trash who has less worth than the swim ring. Yuna is worried about Shiina since he keeps on provoking them, but he’s actually really strong and kicks everyone’s butts in no time. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When she thanks him for saving her, he charges her 1000 yen for the help LOL. Then he drags the delinquents to work in the beach house, to pay for the swim ring they ruined, for disturbing their guest, and for hurting the hand he used to punch them earlier. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

[ 8:00 PM ]

When everyone goes to the festival together, Yuna decides to walk around the shrine by herself. It feels a bit lonely to be alone, but she can enjoy the festival at her own pace. Soon she hears a familiar voice promoting yakisoba, and she visits the stand to find Shiina working there. Yuna then asks for a box of yakisoba, and Shiina charges her an extra 100 yen because he knows she will ask him questions. xD Just as he predicted, she wants to know why he’s working in a festival stand. He says it’s a part-time job as well, and when she asks why he’s working so much, he asks her to pay for the information by buying three more boxes of yakisoba. She protests saying she’ll get fat, but he calmly replies that it wouldn’t change her figure that much. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also tells her that he does have sensitivity, it’s just he only uses them on a few people and she’s not included on the list LOL. Shiina then tells Yuna to go away since she’s disturbing his work, but then he gives her a large portion of yakisoba — it’s a free service from him. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. As she eats her yakisoba, Yuna wonders why Shiina needs money that much.

[ 10:00 PM ]

Yuna finds Shiina taking a break in the lobby, and he gives her a cup of instant coffee. He asks what she’s doing in the lobby at this hour, and she answers that she’s been thinking about why he took so many part-time jobs. It must be tough to maintain a lot of jobs at once, and she asks why he needs that much money. At first Shiina wonders if Yuna thinks he comes from a poor family and feels sorry for him, but she tells him it’s because she never worked so hard for anything before — she only wants to know what drives him to work so much. Satisfied with Yuna’s answer, Shiina tells her that he’s saving money for his own future. He wants to go to university, but he has a lot of siblings at home. Continuing his education might cause a problem for everyone else, so he’s working to earn money for himself. Yuna then thanks Shiina for telling her everything, and he charges her 500 yen for both the coffee AND his secret. He’s willing to give her more information about himself — such as his birthday, his hobby, or the type of girl he likes — but she knows it’s going to be expensive, so she decides to wait until he tells her everything for free. He doesn’t think he’ll ever do, but he asks her to wait patiently for that day to come.

Day 3

In the morning, Shiina asks if Yuna is free today. He has a day off today, and since he got bored of seeing the beach everyday, he invites her to go hiking with him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Shiina takes Yuna to a nearby mountain after that, and not too long after they started hiking, they.. fall into a deep hole meant to trap boars in the past. Yuna is panicking since they can’t climb up, and Shiina asks her to calm down because they can’t do much in this situation. Nobody heard them calling for help and their phones don’t work since they’re underground, but Shiina already told the owner that they’re going to the mountain. Everyone will notice that Yuna is gone when it’s time to go home, so eventually someone will come and find them. Since they don’t have a choice, Yuna and Shiina keep waiting in the hole until it gets dark. When she starts weeping over their fate again, he sighs saying he doesn’t want to die here with her. He then wonders if there’s a way to save himself, like using her as a step stool so he can climb out of the hole. However, Yuna can tell that Shiina is lying. After spending so much time with him, she has noticed that he has a habit of closing one of his eyes when he’s telling a lie. At first he asks if she’s gone delusional, but then he admits that she’s right. He says she’s pretty sharp, and he tells her that it’s a habit he can’t seem to fix. Nobody notices this habit except for her, and this makes him realize that she pays attention to her surroundings — she’s surprisingly a good woman.

Of course Yuna is surprised and blushes upon hearing this, and after a short silence, Shiina laughs saying she’s still got a long way before she can be a good woman. Shiina then asks if Yuna has a boyfriend, and when she says no, he tells her that he’s free too. His ideal type is a girl who can accept him for who he really is, but it’s not easy to find such a person.. and he wonders if he’s going to die here before finding someone like that. Yuna finds this unexpected since Shiina is always thinking about money all the time, and he replies that he thinks about love and relationships like everyone else. He wants to kiss someone too before he dies, and noticing that she has never kissed either, he asks if she wants to try kissing him. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yuna asks Shiina to stop teasing her, and he tells her that he’s serious.. and he’s not saying this because they’re on the brink of death. He then moves closer to kiss her, but then he stops saying they should save their first kiss for someone they truly love. He jokingly asks if she’s disappointed, but before she could answer, the owner finally comes to save them with Tsukasa and Chihiro.

Just before Yuna rides the bus home, Shiina comes to apologize for what happened earlier. They wouldn’t get trapped in a hole for ten hours if he didn’t invite her to go hiking, but he actually doesn’t feel guilty. He only came because the owner told him to apologize. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since he already went all the way to see her, Shiina then gives Yuna his favorite book and asks her to take a good care of it. He enjoyed the summer he spent with her, but he knows they probably won’t see each other anymore.. so he’s giving his favorite book as a memento. Yuna happily accepts the book saying she will never forget about him, and Shiina answers that he’ll do his best not to forget about her. When Yuna asks if she has to pay for the book, Shiina leans in and kisses her on the cheek as the payment. He wonders if he should kiss her on the lips instead, and when she reminds him to save it for someone he truly loves, he says he wouldn’t mind doing it with her. Shiina then says goodbye, and the bus door closes — taking Yuna home with a lot of questions in her head.

In the epilogue, the new semester has started and Yuna is back to her school life. Everyone notices that she’s been looking down lately, and when Takumi says something must have happened between her and Shiina, she sighs saying Shiina didn’t do anything to her. They find it hard to believe since they noticed that Shiina definitely loves Yuna, and they know that she’s also in love with him. While Yuna is wonders if Shiina really loves her in Uruugaoka, Shiina is thinking about Yuna too in the beach house. He can’t seem to forget her, and he realizes that he kissed her back then because he loves her — though it’s too late to realize this now. What they had together was a one summer love, and he sighs saying it feels so sad to end things this way. When the owner tells him to return to work, Shiina protests saying school has started and he might have to repeat a year if he keeps working.. though he’s still in junior high, so he wouldn’t fail that easily. Shiina is going to enter high school next year, and he needs to save money before summer comes to an end.



On the last day of the seaside school, Shiina goes to send Yuna off at the bus stop. She thanks him saying it was fun to spend time with him even if they might not meet again, but he answers that he doesn’t want that to happen. If she loves being with him, then she should stay by his side — he’ll protect her for the rest of his life. (๑´ლ`๑)♡


When Yuna wakes up in the morning, she’s surprised to find Shiina sleeping beside her. He wonders if she’s still half-asleep, and he asks if it’s wrong to sleep beside his own wife. It reminds Yuna that Shiina and her fell madly in love during the seaside school, and they launched a shotgun wedding right after that. She tells him that she saw a dream of the summer trip, and he mentions about how she kept asking him out back then — though he gladly accepted her advances. He then says that he really does love her, and he can show her the proof if she wants to. Or rather, he wants to show her the proof and she can’t stop him anymore. Shiina tells Yuna that he’ll make it impossible for her body to live without him, and then the screen fades to white. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

First of all, let’s get his name straight. Once you clear Shiina’s route, he tells you that Shiina is actually his first name — though people might think that it’s his surname. For now his surname remains unknown, but I’m hoping D3P will feature Shiina again in Storm Lover 2 since his ending is so bittersweet. I like Shiina a lot, and a one summer love definitely isn’t enough. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。It’s really sad to be apart from him, especially after he said that he wants to find someone who can accept him for who he truly is. Even if his romance with Yuna ended before it could even start, I hope Shiina can find a good girlfriend once he enters high school. Preferably the heroine of Storm Lover 2, be it Yuna or someone else. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Overall, NatsuKoi is a good addition to the original Storm Lover / Kai. The sprites here aren’t as smooth as the new ones in Kai, but they’re not as rough as the original’s either. The express love routes can be super dramatic for some characters, but there’s no major conflict here, so you can enjoy spending the summer trip with everyone without being burdened by heavy thoughts. The bus seat system might require you to save and load until you can sit beside the person you’re aiming for, but it’s fun to sit and chat with different people — like the girls, for example. If you loved the original Storm Lover / Kai, then do give NatsuKoi a try. It’s a fun experience, and I can’t wait until D3P releases more details for Storm Lover 2. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.


10 thoughts on “STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Shiina

  1. Shiina is surprisingly cute despite his money pinching ways haha. i would love to see him with a proper route. maybe hell get to get with her the next game or whoever the heroine is gonna be.

    • Despite all the things he says, Shiina is actually just a ドS tsundere who loves trolling people LOL. They keep his profile a secret aside from his name, so I can’t help but think they’re going to feature him in Storm Lover 2.. I honestly don’t mind even if the heroine isn’t Yuna, as long as Shiina gets a proper route. ;____;

  2. Oh Shiina, your teasings and trollings are beyond my expectations. LOL Like you mentioned, he fits into the categorie ドS tsundere or a cheeky brat… |ω・)But he’s so very likeable… Maybe I’m a ドM?! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

    Why does his route have to end bittersweet like this? (´;д;`) That’s so unsatisfying… Just like Chihiro’s route…

    So there will be a second game to SL? That’s great!! Hopefully Shiina will get a proper route there… Maybe D3P can make a route for Takashi and Chihiro too? I think I’m expecting too much…(/_\)

    • LOL he trolls and insults people in every chance he gets. This boy is a massive ドS cheeky tsundere brat, but that’s what makes him lovable. When you see guys like this, don’t you feel like cracking their ツンツン mask open and get them to be all デレデレ with you? xD You’re right, Shiina’s route is a lot like Chihiro’s. Especially the ending. The difference is that Chihiro has a satisfying ending (despite having no CG) in Kai, while Shiina has nothing. Probably for Storm Lover 2?

      Maybe it’s a bit unlikely, but I do want a real ending with Takashi, Chihiro and Shiina. With kiss CGs please. /)_(\

      • I wondered if you can write him text messages via mobile phone like you do in other routes too..? I can imagine how cheeky and bratty those must be. xD

        Yeah, I guess ツンツン are always kind of a challenge? It’s a challenge to get them all デレデレ for you ASAP. LOL I’m obsessed with those kind of love interests. They are so adorable…(>y<)

        • Ahh, no sadly you can’t send him any mails. ;__;
          That’s actually the first thing I tried in his route, but it seems like Shiina didn’t give you his phone number? It’s not in your contact list. Too bad since it’d be interesting to see what kind of replies he’d send. xD

  3. Hai~ I just stumble upon you blog, teehee..
    Well, I also play this game too~ even before the first SL and SL Kai, and really like it eventho I don’t fully understand Japanese ^^;
    Shiina route is my favorite, k k~
    Also….I just know after reading your blog that Shina is Jr High Schooler! o.O

    Thank you for this entry, now I fully understood their sweet story, fufu~

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! ((ヾ(。・ω・)ノ☆゚+.ァリガトゥ
      Glad to hear these posts help you understanding the story better. Oh, and yes Shiina is on his last year of junior high. They keep his full name and his profile a secret, so maybe he’s going to be a character in Storm Lover 2. Or at least that’s what I’m wishing for LOL. Too bad his story with Yuna ended as a “one summer love” though. xD;

  4. OMG!! Shiina *O* I just love him after I played his route in the game and then when you said there’s going to be storm lover 2 O.O I went to check out the website and I’m squealing so much that Shiina is going to be part of the game again ^O^ But this time his now a student teacher in St. Louis High O_o When I read your review that his a junior high student XD It made me think that his now a teacher in storm lover 2 *O*

    Also the old characters in kai/natsukoi are going to be in the game too but they look more mature now!! I can’t wait for June 20 already <3

    Oh! And I've been following your blog ever since brothers conflict and storm lover kai/natsukoi ^~^ It made me understand the stories in the game ^^ THANK YOU like A LOT!!! And now here I' am commenting XP No more silent reader here *O*

    I hope you will write about Storm Lover 2nd someday cause it really seems that the art improved so much now ^O^

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. (人´∀`)アリガトー♪

      Oh, Shiina is now a university student. Since SL 2nd takes place 4 years after the first one, Shiina has graduated from St. Louis High and is now in his first year in St. Louis University, so he’s actually your senior. /o/ They also said that he used to be in the student council, and he’s pretty close to the current student council members. I agree that the art looks so much better, and the new features sound interesting too. In late June I’m planning to play Shiratsuyu no Kai first, but if everything goes smoothly I’ll do SL 2nd after that.

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