The last volume in the first season of Brothers Conflict. Sorry this took a while to come out, the book was sold out everywhere. I couldn’t order it through HMV, and it was out of stock for a while in other places. Thank God for CD Japan.

For Ema, the Asahina brothers are her important family. They’re also the people who honestly conveyed their feelings for her, and she finally finds the “answer” for their affection. In this volume, it’s time for Ema and Yusuke’s entrance exam. A fight breaks out between Subaru and Natsume, while both Kaname and Iori made their decisions after what happened last time. After telling them how she feels, Ema graduates from high school and walks towards the future…

Chapter 21-1: 願いは叶わず心は通じて
[ Unfulfilled wish and connected hearts ]

On the way to school, Yusuke asks if Ema is okay. She’s obviously not okay after what happened on Christmas Eve, but she tells him she’s fine and asks about his center exam result instead. It turns out he already tried grading his own exam, and the result is — for the lack of better words — quite terrible. He’s not bothered at all though, as he only took the center exam since Ukyou wouldn’t stop bothering him about it. He only has one goal, and that’s Meiji University. He got a “D” in the mock exam, but he also knows that he wouldn’t be able to handle so much studying, so he decided to bet everything in a single exam. While Yusuke seems satisfied about his future plans, things aren’t going so well for Ema. Her exam result isn’t as good as she expected, and she’s thinking of changing her target university. It’d be hard to enter Meiji University with her current grades. However, Yusuke asks her to stop. Her mock exam results have been good up until now, and he knows that she’s way smarter than him.. so he doesn’t want her to give up after a single failure. Especially not before she takes the entrance exam itself. After a long silence, Yusuke takes off the “safe delivery” charm around his neck and gives it to Ema. He tells her that God can be mean, but wishes that truly came from one’s heart will always be granted — it’s a reward for those who never give up. Yusuke’s words instantly warms up Ema’s heart.

After what happened on Christmas Eve, Iori rarely shows himself in front of Ema. The same goes for Kaname, who now spends most of his time outside. Of course the others noticed their behavior, and this created a tense atmosphere at home. Ema feels really bad since she was involved, and even more because she knows the conflict can’t be resolved that easily. Yusuke’s words remind her that no matter how hard it gets, there will always be a way as long as she doesn’t give up. She tells him that she will take the exam to Meiji University after all. As they run off to school, Yusuke subconsciously grabs Ema’s hand and blushes upon realizing what he’s done. He quickly lets go and apologizes, but she holds his hand again — quietly thanking him in her heart.

When February comes by, Ema is busy with studying. She took entrance exams to several universities, but her main goal is to be accepted into Meiji University. Ukyou tells her that he’ll take care of the household until the exams are over, so she can use her time to study. By this time Ema has realized that it’s impossible to do everything by herself, and she knows that relying on other people is just as important. One week before Meiji University’s entrance exam, Subaru comes to see Ema. He informs her that he officially got accepted into the pro team, and he’s going to Kyushu next week for final adjustments. He will be away for two weeks, so by the time he returns, the exam period should be over. Of course Ema is happy to hear the good news, and she tells him that she’ll do his best to get accepted. Subaru says he’ll be happy to have her as his junior, and he’s about to say something else.. but he decides not to disturb her studying time any further. Before leaving, Subaru tells Ema that he’ll be waiting for her in Meiji University.

Time passed, and the day of the exam results announcement eventually comes. Yusuke finds Ema’s number on the board, but they can’t seem to find his number. However, he knows he did pretty well in the entrance exam. He never thought he could go that far, so despite this failure, he has faith in himself. Right after the exam, he has decided that even if he fails, he’s going to take the entrance exam again next year. Yusuke promises that he’ll get accepted next year, so he wants Ema to wait for him in Meiji University. He doesn’t want her to be sad about his failure, and he’s sincerely wishing for her to be happy about her own result. The tense air at home is painful for him too, so he’s hoping that her success can light up the atmosphere. As they walk home, Ema thanks Yusuke for caring so much about her. He blushes and runs off, with her following him from behind.

Chapter 21-2: 溢れた想いがぶつかり
[ Overflowing emotions are clashing ]

The next day, Natsume invites Ema to an amusement park in Minato Mirai, Yokohama. It’s new and not open for public yet, but he’s giving her a ticket to be a tester for his company’s new games — the reward for passing the entrance exam. Of course she kicks his ass 20 times in a row, and he eventually gets pissed since they’re using Tsubaki and Azusa’s voice for the commanders.. which makes him feel like Tsubaki’s raging at him for being so weak LOL. When Ema says she wants to play the game with their brothers, Natsume asks if she wants to kick everyone’s butts at once. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Here, Ema mentions that Subaru seems to be good in action games since his reflexes are good enough to get him into the pro team.. and Natsume is surprised to hear this. After having dinner, Natsume drives Ema back to the mansion. He actually has something to say to her, but he decides to save it for next time. However, Ema can tell that Natsume wants to say something important. She doesn’t know when they can meet again, so she asks him what it is. He admits that it’s indeed important, but he just can’t say it after hearing about Subaru’s achievement. Natsume is impressed that Subaru got recruited into the pro team, especially since there was a time when he got removed from the regulars. He can’t help but feel pathetic, and that’s why he can’t tell Ema what he wanted to say.

Natsume then tells Ema that back in the past, he used to be an ekiden / relay marathon athlete. He even participated in Hakone Ekiden, but he gave up and stopped running — unlike Subaru. While most of his ex-teammates took the challenge to compete in world-class marathon, he decided to start working instead. In a company that has nothing to do with running. Now he can’t help but feel like a half-assed fool who doesn’t deserve her, though he quickly asks her to forget about this. Knowing that Natsume is telling her to go, Ema then gets out of his car and walks back to the mansion. She knows he was probably thinking of confessing, but she decides not to ask and wait until he’s ready to say it. As she approaches the mansion, Ema sees Subaru in the entrance hall. He turns around and smiles when she calls him, which makes her realize that he officially made it into the pro team. Subaru then starts walking towards Ema, but suddenly a voice stops her from behind. Before she could tell what’s happening, Natsume hugs Ema saying he can’t hold back after all. He’s aware that he’s a pathetic man, but he can’t erase his feelings for her. When she looks up, he’s about to confess that he loves her.. but they suddenly hear Subaru’s voice from behind. He tells Natsume to stay away from Ema, and without giving any chance for Natsume to recover from the shock, he punches Natsume in the face. Just then the rain starts falling, and Ema can see that Subaru clenches his fists as he looks down at Natsume.

Chapter 22: 遠ざかる背中に
[ Towards the fading back ]

After a long silence, Natsume looks up and wipes blood from his lips. Subaru angrily asks what he did Ema, and Natsume turns around to look at her. When their eyes met, Ema suddenly remembers the night she spent in Natsume’s apartment — reviving the sensation she felt when he hugged her. Reverting his gaze back at Subaru, Natsume admits that he’s in love with Ema. He says he’s serious about her, and this causes Subaru to snap. Ema stares in shock as Subaru leaps to punch Natsume again, but this time, Natsume grabs Subaru’s hands and stops him from doing this in front of Ema. Eventually Subaru puts down his fists and walks back to take his belongings at the entrance hall. He glances at Ema as he walks past her, but he doesn’t say anything. Natsume also apologizes to Ema, saying he didn’t know that Subaru was there. All he could think about earlier was to stop her. Ema remains silent, and Natsume walks her back to her room. He then excuses himself since he’s drenched from head to toe, but she invites him to come inside and wait until his clothes dry off.

As he walks into Ema’s room, Natsume feels nostalgic because the room used to be his until he left the mansion. Back then the room was messy, with jumping ropes, clothes and sports uniforms scattered all over the place. Since Natsume needs to dry his pants too, Ema leaves to get the first aid kit from the living room. Along the way Ema feels embarrassed because she was the one who invited Natsume into her room, not to mention it’s right after he confessed that he loves her.. but she tries not to think about this. After treating his own wound, Natsume asks if he can talk to Ema for a while. The subject is none other than Subaru. Natsume knows Ema must be surprised to see Subaru punching him like that, but Subaru has a reason to do that. Ever since he was small, Subaru has problems getting along with everyone around him. He doesn’t share any interests with people around his age, such as Tsubaki, Azusa, Rui or Iori. Subaru spent most of his time alone, but he naturally got along well with Natsume since both of them love sports. Whenever Natsume was training at home, Subaru would come to join him. They were really close, and Natsume became Subaru’s “coach”. He gave Subaru a lot of advice, and Subaru listened to everything he said. However, their relationship took a turn for the worst when he quit running.

Subaru was really shocked, and so he came to ask why Natsume decided to stop running. However, Natsume didn’t explain the reason to Subaru. It’s hard to make a living through sports. They don’t know how long they can keep doing it, and it’d be difficult to plan things out once they retire — especially in tracks and fields. That was the reason why Natsume decided to start working, but he didn’t want to tell Subaru about this because the latter was already into basketball back then. Subaru was improving a lot, and Natsume didn’t want to destroy his enjoyment by saying “you can’t make a living with that.” Sadly this only causes Subaru to think that Natsume threw sports away. Subaru stopped listening to Natsume’s advice and has been avoiding him ever since. Despite this, Natsume is worried about him. Subaru had a weak mental which held him back during matches, so Natsume kept giving him advice about this.. but in the end his advice were useless, as Subaru managed to overcome this flaw thanks to Ema. He improved for the girl he loves, and his effort eventually brought him to the pro team. Losing her means he’s going to lose his life support and motivation, and that’s why he was so angry to see her with Natsume. He can’t bear the thought of losing her.

Ema is surprised, but more than anything, she can see that Natsume cares a lot about Subaru. It’s similar to how Azusa was so worried about Tsubaki when he was hospitalized, or how Kaname risked his life to save Iori. Even if Subaru hates him, Natsume keeps giving him advice — hoping it can lead him towards success. They’re all the same. Despite all the conflicts that happened between them, the brothers still share a strong bond. Natsume asks Ema not to hate Subaru, and he turns around to leave. She doesn’t expect him to end the conversation here because he clearly has something else to tell her, but when she asks if this is all he wants to say.. he apologizes since it’s impossible for him to continue. Not after what happened with Subaru. Natsume admits that he’s really confused, and he leaves after thanking Ema for today.

From then, Ema spends her days spacing out on her bed. The next Sunday, Yusuke comes to talk to her. He shyly hands her a letter which turns out to be the result announcement for those who are in the waiting list, and it states that he got accepted into Meiji University. Ema happily congratulates him, but Yusuke still can’t believe it himself. He asks if he really passed the exam like she did, and she laughs when he asks if those who were in the waiting list will be placed into a different group. Even after Ema explains the system, Yusuke still finds it hard to believe. He smiles and admits that his greatest happiness comes from entering the same university as her, and she feels happy when he mutters that people have to keep moving forward — no matter how hard it gets. For this one week Ema has been afraid of where Subaru and Natsume’s conflict will lead up to, but Yusuke’s words have opened her eyes again. If she can’t find a good way to resolve everything, then she needs to move forward with a solution she can come up with. Ema snaps out of her reverie when Yusuke tells her that he won’t give up. All this time he felt insignificant compared to his brothers, but he won’t back down now that he’s gained confidence. Yusuke then holds out his hand, asking Ema to keep taking care of him from now on, and she gladly shakes it. She doesn’t know that he was talking about her, but his sincere feelings really do reach her heart.

After talking to Yusuke, Ema goes to get some food on the 5th floor. There she runs into Wataru, and the two of them end up playing a racing game. Natsume gave it to her at the end of last year, but Ema stored it away so she wouldn’t get addicted in the middle of the exam period. He did warn her that it’s hard, so she’s afraid that it might be a bit too difficult for Wataru.. but Wataru sulks saying he’s not a kid anymore. He’s going to enter junior high this year. Just as she feared, he keeps on losing and refuses to give up. Wataru also tells Ema not to lose on purpose, as he wants to win against her fair and square — he wants her to acknowledge him as a man. At the same time, Juli is cackling in the corner of the room. Since Wataru always makes a move on Ema, he’s happy to see the poor kid losing. He believes that Wataru will grow up to be an evil like his brothers, so he tells Ema to “crush” him before then. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Luckily, Rui soon comes to put off Juli’s rage. He also reminds Ema that the “Protect Chii-chan Club” will always be on her side, so she can always rely on them if she has any worries. That being said, he wants her to know that nobody in this house wants to trouble her. They all love her, so she should trust them more. Ema has realized that she needs to make a decision, and she has to believe that everyone will accept that decision. Rui’s words also make her realize that she has to think about who she truly loves, otherwise she won’t be able to answer their feelings. As Ema thanks Rui for the advice, they can hear Wataru sulking in front of the TV. The word “CONTINUE?” is floating on the screen. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

In the evening, Ema decides to go out so she can think alone. She soon hears voices in front of the elevator, and there she finds Tsubaki and Azusa — discussing about the latter’s role. Ema actually wants to avoid everyone until she sort out her feelings, but it’s too late. They have realized her presence, and she has no choice but to approach them. Azusa explains that they’re heading out for work in different studios, but he’s giving Tsubaki a ride so the latter can read his script along the way. When the elevator comes, Tsubaki receives a call from the producer and starts discussing about work. Ema is surprised to see this, because Tsubaki usually would come to talk to her or give her a hug.. but right now he’s completely devoted to work. Noticing Ema’s expression, Azusa admits that he’s actually just as surprised. Ever since he agreed to become Azusa’s substitute, Tsubaki has been working really hard. He always takes his job seriously, but now it feels like he’s really aiming to become the best. Ema thinks it’s because he managed to get his dream role, but Azusa chuckles saying it’s probably due to a different reason. He asks if she’s still angry for what Tsubaki did, and when she says no, he asks her to look at the current Tsubaki too. Azusa also knows that Ema wants to avoid them in order to make a decision, and he’s ready to accept her decision.. but he wants her to look at the change in Tsubaki. It’s the first time Tsubaki has ever gotten so serious and passionate, which makes him much more charming than he used to be. Before leaving the mansion, Ema hears Tsubaki happily telling Azusa that the producer allows him to act the way he wants to.

An hour later, Ema returns to the mansion and bumps into Subaru on the elevator. Things are obviously still awkward between them, and he tells her that he’s going out for practice. As he picks up the bags he dropped, Subaru also says that he won’t come home for a while. Ema is surprised, and she chases after Subaru asking for an explanation. After letting out a heavy sigh, Subaru turns around and says that he’s just following her words. A few months ago she asked him to keep basketball and her separate, and that’s what he’s doing now. He needs more practice to prepare himself for the pro team, and Meiji University provides all the things he needs — such as accommodation and meals. Ema knows Subaru is hiding something because he won’t look into her eyes, but before she could figure out the reason, he asks her to forget everything he ever said to her. Subaru then says that he didn’t want to say it either, but he feels guilty for punching Natsume. It was Natsume who taught him everything about sports, and yet he punched Natsume right in front of the girl he loves. He can’t forgive himself, and he wants her to forget everything because a man like him won’t be able to make her happy. Once again Subaru picks up his bags and walks past Ema, stopping for a second when she calls his name.. but then he leaves without turning back. Shocked, Ema can only watch Subaru’s back until he disappears from her sight. She feels empty upon realizing what just happened, and her tears start flowing out.

Chapter 23: 恋の火は燃えて
[ The flame of love is burning ]

On her graduation day, Ema is looking at the falling cherry blossom petals. Every year she sees the same scenery in spring, but it’s not the same as the petals she saw three years ago. A lot has happened during the last three years, and she shares most of those memories with her stepbrothers. Ema has been thinking for the last few months, and she has finally found an answer. She doesn’t know if it’s the best answer, but her decision is firm. All she needs to do now is to tell everyone about this. As Ema walks through the street, a voice calls her asking if she has time to talk.. and she turns around to find Iori standing beside her. It’s been a while since the last time they saw each other, but today Iori came to apologize. He knows what he did was unforgivable, so he won’t ask her to forgive him. He only wants to give her an apology, as well as congratulating her on her graduation. Iori also asks if she’s going to Meiji University, and Ema apologizes for not choosing Jouchi University.. but he says she made the right decision. He has realized that he needs more time to recover from his past, but he’s happy to see her today. It gives him the confidence to start over. Iori then takes his leave, but he doesn’t tell Ema about his destination. He only tells her that he needs a little more time, but he promises that he’ll return home one day.

Upon reaching the mansion, Ema finds Kaname in front of the entrance. He usually dresses in sparkling flashy outfits, but today he’s simply wearing his monk attire. She notices that he has a lot of luggage around his feet, and he tells her that he’s going out for a while — to the mountain. At first she thinks he’s going out for a hike, but then he explains that he’s going to take a training as a monk. Before she could recover from the shock, Kaname tells Ema that Iori has left the mansion. Iori’s room is now empty, without any furniture or clothes left behind. Ema finds it hard to believe since she just met Iori earlier, but Kaname knows about this. Last night, Iori came to see him. He said he wants to be alone for a while, but he wanted to apologize to her before leaving. Kaname didn’t stop him knowing Iori’s decision is firm, and he believes this is the best option for them. In the end, he couldn’t do anything as an older brother.

Kaname feels that if only he’s more reliable, he would be able to do something before Iori reached desperation. He concluded that he needs more training, and so he decided to leave as well — apologizing to Ema since he won’t be able to help her for a while. When Ema asks him not to blame himself so much, Kaname smiles saying he feels like cancelling his training.. but she can see that his decision won’t change. It’s the expression he makes when he’s lying to protect someone’s feelings. He’s going to train himself until he can be a good big brother, and he wants her to understand. Holding back her tears, Ema asks if there’s anything she can do for him.. and Kaname asks her to call him “onii-chan” just once. Noticing that Ema looks surprised, Kaname laughs saying it’s impossible after all. For now, he’s just glad that he can stop her tears. Kaname then turns around to leave, and Ema finally calls him “onii-chan!” from behind. He stops for a while, but then he continues walking without looking back. After he leaves, she cries alone since everyone is leaving. First Subaru, Iori, and now Kaname is gone too.

C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

Not too long after that, Rui finds Ema — still in tears — in front of the entrance. She quickly wipes her tears saying she wasn’t crying, and Rui decides not to ask further. Instead, he invites her to eat cakes together in his room. He tells her that spring is a very busy season for beauticians like him, so he eats three cakes and gives the rest to her. After they’re done eating, Rui tells Ema that he lost two regular customers who are moving away. They came to inform him about this, and it makes him happy. Not because they took the time to see him before leaving, but because they promised to visit him again. The painful thing isn’t separation, but the end it brings. People will always return to see those who are important for them, so he wants to be a person who can stay in their hearts. He spends his time waiting for their return, and that’s what makes him happy. Upon hearing this, Ema suddenly feels warm inside. She realizes that everyone’s leaving because they don’t want things to end in a bad way, so they’re trying to do something in their own ways. Tsubaki and Azusa made up not because they’re close, but because both of them did their best to fix the situation. Right now Subaru, Iori and Kaname are trying to do the same thing, and Ema knows she needs to do her best too. On the other side of the table, Rui smiles and wishes Ema good luck.

After leaving Rui’s room, Ema runs into Tsubaki and Azusa on the 4th floor. They don’t have work in the evening, and they invite her to visit the amusement park with them — it’s to celebrate her graduation too. At first Ema is reluctant, but she agrees since it’s a good chance to tell them about her answer. Before they go home, Ema invites them to watch the parade. They know that she wants to talk to them, so they take her to watch it from the quiet viewing platform. There Ema finally tells Tsubaki and Azusa that she can’t return their feelings right now, and she apologizes to both of them. After a short silence, Tsubaki answers that he understands while Azusa thanks Ema for telling them. They stand beside her as they watch the parade below, completely setting their gaze at the lively attraction. However, Ema soon feels that Tsubaki and Azusa are holding her hands from both sides.. and the next thing she hears is their voices whispering into her ears at the same time. They tell her that they accept her answer, but they want her to know that despite her rejection, both of them are still in love with her.

Tsubaki, Azusa and Ema remain silent on the way home. They reach the mansion at 10 PM, and Tsubaki finally breaks the silence upon seeing Subaru in front of Ema’s room. Subaru is surprised to see them together, but then he explains that he returned to apologize to Ema. He also explains that he punched Natsume in front of her, admitting that he did such a thing because he loves her. Subaru then bows his head and apologizes to Ema, but Tsubaki tells him not to get ahead of himself. Azusa quickly stops him from lashing out on Subaru, but he adds that it’s hard to accept Subaru’s actions — both as a man and as a brother. They want an explanation as of why he punched Natsume, but they’ll leave him with Ema for now. After they leave, Subaru apologizes to Ema once again. He was really confused back then, and he wanted some time to sort out his feelings. He realized that what he did was really selfish, and he didn’t even notice that he was hurting her. Subaru then tells Ema that he loves her, and his feelings won’t change even if she hates him. Since Ema is too surprised to answer, eventually Subaru says he’ll return to the university. She quickly stops him, and he looks relieved when she thanks him for confessing. He congratulates her on her graduation, telling her that he’ll be waiting in Meiji University before leaving.

Late at night, Ema is thinking about everything that has happened today. She strangely feels calm, but she knows it’s not over yet — she still needs to tell Natsume about her decision. The next day, Ema wakes up early and finds Ukyou in the kitchen. It’s the day of her graduation ceremony, and they’re going to have a family party afterwards. Ukyou needs to leave for work, but he’s going to make it in time to attend the ceremony. When Ema thanks him, Ukyou mentions that she has a good expression. He’s been worried since she’s growing up to be an adult, so it would be rude to tell her about what to do from now on.. and yet all of his brothers seem to be troubling her recently. However, Ema asks Ukyou not to worry. She’s going to deal with them by herself, and from her expression, he knows she’s going to be just fine. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After the graduation ceremony, Ema and Yusuke return home in the evening. When they enter the living room, they’re greeted by the sound of party crackers and colorful confetti. Masaomi congratulates both of them, while Wataru hands a big bouquet of flowers for Ema — as well as giving her a kiss on the cheek. He innocently asks if she’s happy to receive his first kiss, and Yusuke immediately strangles him for doing such a thing. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The others are just as surprised, so nobody gives the poor kid any attention as he runs around seeking protection LOL. During the party, Ema keeps glancing at Natsume to see if she can talk to him.. but he’s busy talking to Tsubaki and Azusa. Soon she receives a mail from Fuuto, who tells her to watch a certain channel on TV. The camera shows a close-up of him, and naturally this attracts everyone’s attention towards the TV. It turns out Fuuto is currently participating in a live show, and they asked him to send a mail for someone. When the presenter asks about the “lucky person” who received his mail, Fuuto says it’s for his big sister since it’s her graduation day. For the next part of the show, Fuuto has to give a direct message for Ema on TV. After congratulating her, Fuuto promises to keep giving Ema “fun” days from now on.. but then he adds another message for the “idiots” who are aiming for her. He says they’re dreaming if they think they can obtain her, since they never entered her field of vision to begin with.

Before Ema could realize what’s happening, someone turns the TV off and throws the remote control onto the floor. She doesn’t know who did that, because everyone in the room are either pissed or sighing. Everyone except Hikaru, who’s obviously enjoying this development. Fuuto’s message has ruined everyone’s mood, and they start leaving one by one. Natsume gets up to smoke in the terrace, so Ema takes this chance to talk to him. When Ema tells Natsume that she has found her answer, he knows that it must be related to his indirect confession. She actually wanted to wait until he says it directly, but she wants him to know that she has decided not to date anyone right now. After a long, painful silence, Natsume eventually says he understands, but Ema isn’t done yet. She couldn’t tell anyone else about this, but she wants him to know why she made this decision. Natsume looks surprised, and he asks why she chose him.. and Ema answers it’s because he understands her the most. He’s not sure if he has the right to listen, but he decides to listen since he can’t refuse her request.

Here, Ema tells Natsume that she thinks of them as her family. She’s happy to receive their affection, but in her eyes, they’re all her brothers. She doesn’t know what to do because choosing one of them means rejecting the rest, and it might affect their relationship as a family. She’s aware that her vague attitude is only causing the situation to turn worse, so she decided to stop behaving that way and make things clear for everyone. She also thought about which one of them does she truly love, but she can’t find the answer yet. However, she did realize that she currently values her family bond more than a romantic relationship. She’s a part of the Asahina family too, so when she finds the person she loves, she wants everyone to give her their blessings. After a while, Natsume smiles saying he understands. He thanks her for telling him everything, and he asks her to take care of him as a family from now on.. but then he mutters that it’s impossible. He can’t see her as a sister. The next second, Natsume suddenly kisses Ema on the neck. He can accept her rejection, but it doesn’t change his feelings — he’s still in love with her. Then he leaves without saying anything else.

Soon after Natsume returns inside, Hikaru comes out of the corner. He greets her with a mischievous smile, telling her that she made a mistake. Even if Natsume understands her, Ema shouldn’t forget the fact that he’s a man. Of course Ema is surprised and asks if he’s been watching the whole time, but Hikaru calmly replies that he was the first one who came to the terrace. He went out to smoke too. Hikaru promises not to tell anyone about what he just saw, but he tells Ema that she miscalculated the result. Even though she wants to put an end to things by rejecting everyone, it might cause their love to burn even stronger — much to his amusement. That’s exactly why Tsubaki, Azusa and Natsume all confessed to her again right after she turned them down. Hikaru tells Ema not to worry since she didn’t do anything wrong, but they can’t predict what’s going to happen later. He then takes out Brothers Conflict’s scoreboard he showed her a few months ago, and he sets it aflame saying they don’t need it anymore. Because “the second race” is going to start soon. Hikaru smiles saying Brothers Conflict will continue, and he’s going to join in for the second round. He laughs and asks Ema to enjoy her peace for now, then he leaves her in confusion.

It’s been two years since Ema became a part of the Asahina family.

She can feel that her third year in the family will be even harder than before.

After #023 – Side Natsume: 記憶は苦く、運命は甘く
[ Bitter memories, sweet destiny ]

A week after the party, Natsume is smoking at the parking lot beside the mansion. He wants to apologize for what he did, and he’s thinking about what he should say to her. She rejected him not because she hates him, but because she thinks of them as her family. He doesn’t feel bitter because it means she’s not rejecting them completely. The problem is what he did to her after that. She said that he understands her the most, and he completely betrayed that feeling by kissing her on the neck. Natsume actually wanted to apologize sooner, but he’s been busy with work recently. Up until now he’s been working in the management division, but he got transferred to the development team this spring. It’s a completely different job, so he has to attend a lot of meetings that drag on until late hours. He didn’t have much free time because of this, making it harder for him to see her. From the entrance, Natsume can see that Ema is in her room. Just then someone says he’s blocking the way, and he turns around to find Fuuto nearby — wearing casual clothes with a hat and glasses. He’s just as sarcastic as usual, and when Natsume tells him not to behave that way, he asks if Natsume’s trying to act like a good big brother. Before scolding him, Natsume should reflect on what he did to Ema first. Fuuto keeps teasing Natsume knowing that he came here to see Ema, but Natsume holds back his emotions and calmly explains that he wants to inform Ema about his transfer.

Upon hearing this, Fuuto sighs and asks why Natsume goes that far for Ema. Is it because she’s using his old room, so he feels that they’re connected by destiny? The word “destiny” revives all the memories Natsume shared with Ema up until now, which makes him realize that he’s not the only one who remembers those things — she does too. He only needs to believe in her, and all of his worries are vanishing into thin air. Fuuto goes ・・・(゚д゚ )ハ? when Natsume smiles and thanks him, but Natsume only asks if he can take Fuuto’s message — the one that got aired on TV — as a war declaration. Fuuto looks surprised for a moment, but then he smiles saying he’ll take Natsume on anytime. Natsume says he accepts the challenge, and after a short silence, Fuuto grins and asks if he knows who he’s challenging. Natsume sincerely thinks Fuuto has a good smile, in the sense that it makes him want to crush it with all his might. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Instead of going inside, Natsume turns around to leave. Fuuto asks if he’s not going to see Ema, but he says it’s not necessary anymore. He’ll come to see her when it’s necessary, and now it’s not the time to do so. He believes that destiny is linking them together, and that will bring him towards victory.

Before 2nd Season – Side You: 逃げないと決めた日にしたから
[ Since it became the day when I decided not to run away ]

On a sunny day, Ema goes to visit her parents’ graves with Rintarou. The small graveyard is surrounded by trees, located in the outskirt of Tokyo. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of Meiji University, so Rintarou returned to Japan to attend the event. Now that she’s become a university student, he asked if she wants to report this to her real parents.. and that’s why they go to visit their graves today. Rintarou is happy that Ema got accepted into Meiji University, and he asks if Subaru is still playing basketball. He’s really surprised when she tells him that Subaru joined the pro team, because he mainly keeps in contact with everyone via phone and Miwa never told him about this. As they walk through the graveyard, Ema receives two mails. The first mail contains a picture of Wataru in his junior high uniform, with a shiny Juli standing on his shoulder. The second one is a game release date list from Natsume. He already informed her about his transfer, and despite his busy schedule, he always sends a list of games that might fit her gaming taste.

Upon reaching the graves, Ema learns that her parents — Kenji and Yukie — were both orphans, so there are no other graves around theirs. The first thing they realize is that their graves are really clean, even though the small graveyard doesn’t have a caretaker. All the graves are taken care of their families, so Rintarou is surprised to see this. However, Ema realizes something. She asks if Miwa knows about this, and Rintarou answers that he did told Miwa about her parents. That’s when Ema figures out who’s been cleaning her parents’ graves. It was the person who went to his father’s grave on Rintarou and Miwa’s wedding day — Kaname. He must have heard about the opening ceremony, so he came to deliver the news to her parents. This also reminds her about Iori. Both of them never contacted her ever since they left the mansion.. but they’re a family. She believes that they will return one day, and she will keep waiting for them. As they put flowers on the graves, Rintarou also informs Ema that Hikaru is preparing to write a new novel. The story is about a girl who’s surrounded by a lot of men, and she can only wonder what he’s planning to do. They pray in front of the graves after that, and Ema can feel that Rintarou respects her father a lot.

When they return to the parking lot, Ema receives a call from Yusuke. He tells her that Ukyou has an important client tomorrow, so he won’t be able to attend the opening ceremony. Yusuke apologizes for disturbing her grave visit, and he drops the call after confirming when they’re going to come home. When Ema tells Rintarou about this, he smiles saying they have a good family. At first he was worried to let her live among the Asahina brothers, but now he knows that he doesn’t have to worry. She feels a bit sad upon hearing this, but she decides not to tell Rintarou about what has happened between them. After all, she has decided to deal with this on her own. They’re a family and siblings, but also a woman and men. As Rintarou drives them home, Ema closes her eyes and asks her parents to watch over her. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, but she won’t run away from anything. It might be difficult, but she wants to make a happy future for everyone. Tonight she’s going to make a feast to show her gratitude, and Rintarou laughs when she starts muttering the ingredients for dinner.

First of all, I’m sorry for the LONG summary. A lot of things happened in this volume, and I want to deliver all details for people who can’t read the novels directly. All the conflicts and decisions here shattered my heart so many times. Up until now we were led to believe that Subaru hates Natsume with a passion, but now we get to see that it’s not exactly the case. Both Subaru and Natsume care a lot about each other, even if there’s a big misunderstanding between them. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。I’m happy that Iori is doing his best to move on, but that parting scene with Kaname… and Ema’s realization at the final short story… How am I going to deal with all these feelings? 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Heartbreaking scenes aside, Yusuke finally receives his spotlight in this volume. It’s a bit short compared to everyone else’s, but his words are really heartwarming. That, and I can’t help but feel that Natsume and Ema are connected by the red thread of fate. Or maybe that’s just my biased wish speaking. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Anyway, the second season is already starting, but I’m waiting for the book to come out. The extra chapters are only available in the books, and I don’t want to skip them. If you’ve been reading all these Brothers Conflict novel summaries, thanks for keeping up with me. Let’s keep supporting the series, and pray for Brilliant Blue to come out — whenever it’s gonna be. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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  1. Thank you for the summary :-) cant wait 4 season 2… hope Louis and Ukyous feelings are shown more, and Lori comes back -after sorting out his issues- as a better guy and Hikaru,Fuuto and Wataru seem a bit unpredictable seems like seaso 2 is gonna be interesting:-D my top 3 fav is 1.Lori 2. Louis 3.Fuuto… Who’s your top 3?

    • It’s hard to choose my top 3 since they keep changing based on how things develop, but my favorite will always be Fuuto. Current top 3 is Fuuto, Kaname and Natsume. Fuuto is definitely in love with Ema, but it’s hinted that he’ll be busy with work in season 2. Wataru is about to enter the teenager phase, and he has realized that he’s in love with Ema.. which is why I’m afraid that it might lead to a conflict with Masaomi. ;___; As for Hikaru, it seems like he’s going to make a move on Ema in season 2. We don’t know if he’s serious or just toying around with her, but I’m sure karma will hit since he’s treating this like a game. xD

  2. Can’t wait for the season 1..
    I hope in the end Ema end up with Natsume.. Though i think the novel route might lead her into Subaru or Yusuke in the end.

    Thank you very much for the summary, been waiting for the final novel.. XD
    Do you know when the season 2 will be release?

    • Brothers Conflict always gives us surprises, so it’s hard to predict who will end up with Ema at this point.. but I have to admit that Natsume gives off very strong canon vibes. Like how he was the one who found her during her breakdown, and how she’s using his former room. Or maybe how they met in a chapel out of all places. It’s destiny! *bricked for being so biased*

      Season 2 already started actually, but they’re releasing the chapters in Sylph before publishing the books. Sadly only the books have these “after” / “before” side stories, and I’m waiting for the books because I don’t want to miss them. 8D

      • They indeed have a strong canon vibes with all Ema reviving feeling when Natsume hugs her and all, and with Natsume Side Story, making it more stronger.
        In PP game i approached Natsume.. Too bad Passion Pink only have “family ending” with Natsume.. Brilliant Blue, y u no release yet?! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

        The most unlikely ending Ema with Wataru, it can happen, but indecent.. Lol

        Man, i hope the books release soon!! *hoping some actions from Azusa, Natsume, Fuuto*

        • Oh, I did that too! He gave me this when I went shopping with him, and it crushed me pretty bad since we can’t enter his room. WHY. щ(ಥДಥщ) I’m not sure how to feel about going after Wataru, but hopefully he’ll grow up in the prologue LOL. Otherwise I’d feel like giant shotacon, and drooling over Fuuto is already bad enough. 8D;

          • Yeah!! I know right?
            Let me enter your room then! もぉぉぉ~っ!!o(*>д<)o″))
            I think Azusa and Natsume have the most adorable blush..♡Σ(≧д≦)LOVE
            Make me want to tease them all year round.. lol

            Yup i know that feeling..
            I don't normally go for younger guys, but dam Fuuto is so smexy.. KENN did a very good job voicing him.. I mean i fainted a little bit when he called me onee-san n teasing Ema with his sexy whisper voice.. ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・

          • I agree, Azusa and Natsume look so ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ when they blush. Sadly it means more torture since both of them are only available in BB, but oh well.. let’s wait patiently until we can enter Natsume’s room get the game in our hands LOL. Kaname is our ero king in PP, but in the novels Fuutan definitely takes the throne. His character CD never fails to amuse me, and I became a fan of KENN thanks to him. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ ..wait, what if Wata turns sexy in the future. That would give me complicated feelings.


    ahem, now for the coherent comment lol

    YU!SU!KE! He shines the most here omggg ヽ(●´3`)ノ glad to see he’s finally stepped on the stairs of maturity lol (No wonder he looks so confident in S2?) I srsly hope this means he gets more of the spotlight in the next novel coz srsly, the boy needs it. Thank you for being the support Ema needs in this vol d(・ω・*)

    Yusuke gave her the omamori! I felt that was very touching of him since he rly treasures it a lot sobs Ema I HOPE U NOTICED THIS LOL

    Is it me or did I see some positive change in Iori? He’s admitting he’s stuck in the past so he needs some time to work things out. GOOD FOR YOU, MAN! Come back when u rly buried that ghost, ok? Maybe I’ll be able to accept you after that~

    My heart was in a ditch the moment Subaru punched Natsume NOOOOO STOP FIGHTING YOU GUYSSSSS And that NatsumexEma vibes GODDEMMMNNNNN IF THAT ISNT CANON, THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT IS lol

    Natsume was really putting his heart on his sleeve in this volume. He knows he’s getting desperate but srsly boy, you gotta slow down or you’ll scare away Ema. Glad to see he realizes this later.

    Then, Kaname left. I already cried my tears of FEELS when i found out earlier, So i was pretty okay when reading that. Until she realizes Kaname visited her parents’ graves and paid his respects. OH MY GOD THE NIAGARA FALLS OF FEELS!!!!! 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。うわぁぁぁぁん KANAME COME BAAACCCKKKKKK!!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST BROOOOOOO

    This volume was a good rollercoaster ride of FEEELIINNGSSSSS. My only complaint is THERE SHOULD BE MORE FUUTAN GDIIII ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛

      …is a perfect way to describe this whole volume. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

      Yusuke and Rui are in the healing troop here, but I’m really proud of the former. He’s matured a lot in the last two years, up to the point where he can impress Ema with his manliness. You’re right, his determination to enter Meiji gave him the confidence he needs. He might be the comic relief in the series (since he’s a バカ lol), but he can pull Ema back on her feet when she really needs it.

      I wanted to keyboard smash when Yusuke says “a granted wish is a reward for those who never give up” because that’s how things went for him. He never gives up despite being outshined by everyone, and look at all the things he got. I hope the creators give him more spotlight in season 2 too, he really needs it after getting sidelined for two years. 8D

      Oh, and it’s not just you. Iori has calmed down, and he’s doing his best to move forward. All this time he’s been hating Kaname, being either cynical, sarcastic or just plain intimidating around him.. but here, he actually went to talk to Kaname before moving out. He already promised to come back, so hopefully he can really let go of Fuyuka. I don’t care how long it takes, I just want the poor thing to move on. ;______;

      At first I was sad when Subaru punched Natsume, since their relationship turned bad due to a misunderstanding.. but when Subaru revealed that he actually still respects Natsume, my heart just shattered into pieces man. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。LOL they made the Natsume x Ema vibes really clear. Ema feels that Natsume understands her the most (despite what he did afterwards), and Natsume believes that Ema and him are connected by fate. Yeah, if it’s not canon then I don’t know what is. xD

      For a moment I was afraid that Natsume and Ema’s relationship would turn sour, but it doesn’t seem that way? He still sends her mails despite her busy schedule, and in the last side story, it doesn’t seem like she feels awkward or something. Not sure if it’s because they didn’t actually meet, but I hope things are going well for them. Seems like Natsume and Fuutan will be busy in season 2 though. (´・ω・`)

      … and last we have Kaname. I spoiled myself about his departure too, but I totally didn’t see the grave scene coming. Just as you said, it’s the final nail in our coffin of FEELS since that’s just… I can’t… C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Even when they’re apart, Kaname still cares a LOT about Ema. He’s the BESTEST BEST BRO EVER. COME BACK PLEASE. I will call you “onii-chan” as much as you want, listen to your “gracious words”, attend your memorial services. Anything as long as you come back. щ(ಥДಥщ)

      • Yes Yusuke deserves his rewards, dear writers. Pls make him graduate from his buttmonkey status.

        Here’s to hoping that Iori will come back, a sane man LOL Srsly he needs to get over Fuyuka ASAP. It’s holding him back from actually living ;3;

        Yeah, like you I was afraid NatsumexEma would turn sour since Natsume was so forward with her. But it looks like the relationship is still bro-sis. Natsume believing in ‘Destiny’ is giving me Mawaru Penguindrum vibes tho w w w w w Natsume as Ringo w w w w

        And Kaname hits us all with that grave visit and we didnt expect it щ(ಥДಥщ) /BEING SWEPT UP BY FEEEELLSSSSS sobs you’d better come back in S2 too ok????


        • If Yusuke graduates from his butt monkey status, they’re going to need another victim to bully. In all honesty, I think Ukyou makes a nice victim. Especially when he’s paired with Hikaru. Not to mention he sulks like a girl too. 8D

          Fuyuka’s incident completely messed up Iori’s life, so yeah he needs to move on. I don’t mind him going out with Ema, as long as he can put that dark history behind him. No more clinging to ex-girlfriend’s ghost. No more asking for deceased ex-girlfriend’s permission to date someone else. Just let her go and move on with your life, Iori. ;___;

          LOL now that you’ve mentioned Penguindrum.. When Fuuto found him in front of the mansion, Natsume was actually staring at Ema’s room window. If he’s Ringo, then wouldn’t it be similar to how she stalked Tabuki? Except of course he doesn’t go that far, and he believes that DESTINY will bring them together. Even if he doesn’t do anything drastic. xD

          After that graveyard scene, I can’t help but think that Kaname will surprise us in an unexpected way in season 2. Then he’ll flood us with the massive waves of FEELS again, just like he always does.. and YES NEESAN NEEDS MORE FUUTAN. His season 2 description says that he’s busy with acting and has a new rival in the entertainment world, but PLEASE MAKE TIME FOR NEESAN K. ((((( ^q^ )))))

          • more Ukyo bullying? I’ll agree to that if that means we get to see him more teehee ^q^

            we need an extra novel on YandereLove or How I Learned to Stop Obsessing Over My Dead Girlfriend and Love Myself aka Iori’s Adventures away from Asahina Family


            AND FUUTAN PLS MAKE TIME FOR NEESAN. NEESAN WANTS TO HEAR U TEASE EMA AGAIN ((((( ^q^ ))))) you’re getting older so I’m sure u learnt new tricks uhurhurhur … are we getting ACTOR CONFLICT now?? w w w w w

          • He’ll lock himself in his room going ;____; while the others are apologizing outside. Want. Ukyou please come out more. ^q^

            As for Iori, I wonder if he loves horror because he really likes them.. or is it Fuyuka influence. In any case, he needs to get away from the ghosts LOL. I wanna know how he’s doing while living alone, but so far his days are filled with either school / studying / work. Or locking himself in his room knowing who knows what. Please get a healthier lifestyle, Iori.

            We can predict that Kaname will flood us with more FEELS later, but yes FUUTAN PLEASE. His events in season 1 is NOT enough, NEESAN NEEDS MORE FUUTAN IN HER LIFE. ((((( ^q^ ))))) ..and yeah that playback book stated that another actor is threatening his position in the acting world. ACTORS CONFLICT.

          • Ukyo is such a diva, it’s so fun to tease him w w w w (but he rly does care for his family, you brothers need to appreciate him more)

            Yeah they should devote some chapters on Iori’s life away from the family. He needs to have some adventures of his own. His character didnt get much development in S1, imho. Aside from his yandere-ness.


          • LOL I know right.

            Kaname: “Kyou-nii, we’re sorry! Come out please?”
            Ukyou: “I REFUSE!” ;_________;

            Fuutan and Hikaru, stop treating the poor thing as a naggy ossan. xD

            You’re right, the only development Iori had in season 1 was that Ema took off his “mask” and he turned from an empty prince to a full-blown yandere. As Azusa and Natsume said, this is a problem only Iori himself can solve.

            ..but enough of the sad dramas for now. FUUTAN COME TO NEESAN! NEESAN NEEDS MORE STORM AND FUN DAYS FROM YOU. ((((( ^q^ )))))

  4. First of all, I have to say I love you for posting all these summaries. I’ve enjoyed reading all of these and now I’m excited for the second season as well. \O/ Also I’m looking forward to Bawling I mean Brilliant Blue whenever it gets released.

    That cover! And now let me make my feelings be all over the floor… *INSERT ALL FEELS HERE ON THE FLOOOOOOR*

    *picks them up*

    Finally they made Yuu-kun appear even if it’s short, but all the things he did for this volume is sensible. TuT Fuutan also had a short appearance here, but his moments here are gold. |D

    I hope in season two Nakkun and Subarun get to talk properly about the misunderstanding between them once and for all.

    “For now, he’s just glad that he can stop her tears” Kaname ugggghhhhhh Q_______Q

    “Natsume suddenly kisses Ema on the neck” Hnngh please proceed A___A

    Anyway despite my biases here, I love the Asahina family and I want to keep seeing them as a happy family. I hope in season two they can properly fix the conflicts within the brothers and also for Juririn’s human form to appear. They have to explain why he’s still living despite the average squirrel’s life span. 8D

    • Ahh thank you for reading everything! +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀)ノ゚.:。+゚ァリガトゥ
      The textwalls grow larger and larger with each volume, but I just can’t help it since so many things are happening. It’s probably gonna take a while before we get season 2 books though, wanna make a bet over which one comes first? Season 2 vol. 1 or Bawling Blue? 8D

      You know we’re running FEELS tonight on the floor~ *kicked*

      *helps you picking them up*

      Yuu-kun receives his first major spotlight in this volume. He didn’t appear as much as Subaru or Natsume, but he provides emotional support for Ema while growing up himself. Fuutan, though… (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ While everyone’s busy fighting for Ema’s heart, he did it on a completely different scale LOL. Yeah, I hope Natsume and Subaru can clear their misunderstanding in season 2. After all, Subaru will leave for Kyushu next year. Juririn only appears once in this volume, so I’m wondering if his “mystery” is only limited to the games? It still doesn’t explain his extremely long life span though. Explanation please. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

      ..and yes Natsume, please proceed.


      • I like the gradual growth of textwalls because yeah that means a lot of important things are happening in the succeeding volumes. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Can I say I have more trust that season 2 vol. 1 will be out around winter this year? |D For some reason, I look forward to the novel’s flow, but I also want to go to Natsume’s room in the game. QuQ Also to date Juririn *bricked*

        *sings* Can you see the feels tonight~? *punched*

        Thank you~ O3O

        Yes, I like the fact that Yuu-kun slowly matures here. I’m so proud of you boy! *slapped* Fuutan and his unique ways as always. A_A I hope not, since I still find Juririn’s long life span to be a subtle plot hole in this series. So yes I’m looking forward to their proper explanation about it. O/

        They can proceed especially when nobody’s around. 8D I wonder what will be the hidden boss’ strategies from now on?

        • I never checked the release dates, but vol. 7 was released 4 months after vol.6 so maybe we’ll get to see it by the end of the year. Still no site updates for BB though, I wonder what they’re thinking.. we all want to enter Natsume’s room and cuddle with Tsubaki and Azusa the cats. 8D

          From the last side story, it seems like Hikaru’s writing a novel based on Brothers Conflict. Maybe it’ll be similar to the game. He approaches her, but she can’t tell whether he’s serious, playing around with her, or just looking for novel materials.

          • I’m hoping for it to happen since I think they also release the volumes per season? BB site please update even just a little bit ugh dfkjdfk. The cats need to have focus in the game yes. =u=

            If ever Hikaru does that, I can picture out Ema being firmer with her answers than the one from the game.

          • Oh, you’re right. Maybe by the end of the year then. 8D
            BB’s site aside, their official page on Sylph’s site is still stuck in March. They haven’t updated it ever since, and you can’t even find vol. 7’s info there. What’s happening seriously LOL. I hope they’re all just busy fixing BB.

            About Ema, I.. don’t know. She’s only harsh towards Kaname, and Hikaru is always like 10 steps ahead of her. Looking forward to see her resistance. 8)

  5. at laast!!!!!!!!!!! The book 7 of BC!!!!!!

    and after i read these review, my reaction will be this (i got this on your tumblr account btw)

    my face was so stretched from being surprised, sad, then almost cry then being in love, and even laughing just by reading this chapter.

    Yusuke’s words are soo… kyyyaaa!! *dies*

    and I can sense a great struggle of love’s war between the brothers again just by winning ema’s heart… OH EMA!!!! SWITCH PLACES WITH ME ! *gets shot*


    SEASON 2, HAYAKU!!!!!

    *sits patiently while waiting*

    • LOL that gif. 8D

      Yeah, this volume is like an emotional rollercoaster. Ema spends most of her time dealing with the brothers’ dramas and conflicts, but there are heartwarming moments too. While Rui has been protecting Ema right from the start, Yusuke’s growth was rather unexpected for me. He never received enough spotlight up until now, so I didn’t realize how mature he’s become. I’m glad Yusuke grown to be a person who can provide emotional support for Ema, and my biases aside, a part of me is wishing that she’d come to look his way one day.

      Season 2 already started on Sylph, but I won’t post summaries until they release the books. The short side stories are only available in the books, so I’ll just wait to get the “complete” version. :3

      • yes, I love that gif… and i’ll be using that from now on LOLS XD

        I’ll just wait for the book and your review, since I ‘m still suck at japanese Y^Y

        I also love your bias but Yuusuke managed to get my heart and became one of my top 3 in this game, maybe because Tsundere Guys are adorable *stops myself from fangirling*

        And I’ve noticed that you’re playing Arcana famiglia Special Episodio. I’m looking forward for your review even though i have read some routes for this game ^^

        • You can’t NOT love Yusuke. He’s super devoted and has an adorable blush, not to mention he grows manlier as time goes by. You can tell that he’s being a tsundere to hide how he feels, not because he wants to be mean. xD

          Oh, and yes I’m playing Vascello Fantasma at the moment. I just moved to a new place and decided to get BroCon’s summary up first, so the posts will be up in a few days. :D

          • I agree with what you have said about Yuusuke… <3

            What i mean is that I need to stop myself from fangirling or else someone will knock on my door and ask me to stop being so noisy since i kept on squealing like a fangirl for hours XD

            and the pic that you have shown me..oh Juri… I remember the black cat kuppuru turned human form Cecil from Utapri…
            Hope you're much hotter than him *closes mouth while spying on my neighbors*

            I guess I'll just this gif again to control my squealing XD

          • You’re always free to keyboard smash whenever the urge of fangirling gets too hard to handle. 8D *bricked*

            Some months ago I saw someone posting sprites from PP, and there’s a single unknown sprite. It’s not the brothers and not Ema’s schoolmates, but of a grey-haired boy with blue eyes. If it’s not fake, I think it might be Juli.. but I can’t find the sprite anymore. :'(

  6. Finally finished all. XD It did take time. Thanks for your hard work too!

    Oh, I had no idea the novels are this much complicated. I mean I only played game and the guys and the events merely looked lively; and everything has been solved. The novels are really another matter.

    Now I understand the title, BROTHERS CONFLICT. Oh, I wish the game was equally serious. These are really awesome.

    Can’t properly guess how BB would be.

    Reading your summaries, I felt the fire to finish the game once more regained. I’ve suspended it for a while because the week-plan system bored me to death plus I couldn’t stand gambling every time upon whether I would get certain events/results I’ve been wishing for. Guides are a bit complex (and full of Kanji XDD) so I decided to try other games for the time being. Now I’m planning to resume PP soon! Thanks to you. (/^▽^)/

    BTW, now I’m playing (at tortoise speed) Arcana Famiglia (the 1st story). Seeing that you’re on its sequel I also plan to consume your summaries in the future. lol

    • お疲れ様デス (m*´∀`)mペコリン♪
      Thanks for reading everything in a day OMG.

      I didn’t expect BroCon to be so deep either. I thought it’s a love comedy reverse harem LOL. The game is a lighter version of the novels. In the interviews, the team did say they won’t carry the novel conflicts into the game. Maybe to make it easier, because these conflicts aren’t easy to solve. So far the ones who already clashed and made up are only Tsubaki and Azusa. Maybe Iori and Kaname too, in a way, but that resulted in them leaving. ;___;

      Glad to hear you’re planning to continue PP. The system can get annoying, but the endings / epilogues are so worth it. Especially Fuuto’s. *kicked for being so biased* Oh, and enjoy Arcana Famiglia! It’s one of my favorites, and I’m going to work on Vascello Fantasma’s summaries soon. :D

  7. Second season!? HOORAY~ :D But my god, I think I literally cried my eyes out in this chapter. I thought that she was going to end up with canon characters (Tsubaki and Azusa) at the most, but she chose Natsume “for now” ;) kekeke. I felt really really bad for everyone that got rejected by her :'( WHY CAN’T SHE HAVE ALL OF DEM (Like a pimp FO SHO~) I was hoping she would choose Natsume since I had a feeling about the 2 of them.

    In the second season I really want to see the development of everyone after the whole “mass rejection” thing xD. Maybe go into the pasts of the other characters that weren’t really THAT inlove with Ema? (Ukyo, Masaomi, Louis, Fuuto, etc) Ah, everyone’s love is so bittersweet T_T

    I think Ema as a character (not to mention an OTOME character heroine) is well done. She’s not that whiny, crybaby, giving up girl. She’s strong, smart, and never gives up! I find her to be my favourite heroine so far :’) She did her best and she’s growing up!!! Can’t wait to see her character develop even more in the second season ^ u ^

    AHHH, Brilling Blue come out soon!~ T u T

    • Seriously. Natsume’s canon vibes are so strong I don’t even.. Just like you, at first I thought Ema will choose either Tsubaki or Azusa, but apparently not LOL. It doesn’t help that they also made a chapter cover picture of Natsume and Ema. So far he’s the only one who received a couple picture with Ema. The others are usually paired with either another brother or with Ema, but with another brother in the same picture.

      According to the 1st Season Playback book, Tsubaki and Azusa are focusing their attention on work.. but they’re not giving up on Ema. Natsume is busy with his new job, while Fuutan is occupied with acting and a new rival. Ema has grown to trust Yusuke a lot, but the guy has to make more advances since she doesn’t see him in a romantic way. As he said in the last chapter, Hikaru joins in the fun and starts making a move on Ema, but it’s unclear whether he’s serious or just playing with her. Wataru realizes that he’s in love with Ema, and his actions are surprising Masaomi. Which is why I’m afraid that a conflict might break out between them. ;___; Subaru is going to leave in spring 2013, so his time with Ema is limited. Rui is still protecting Ema as usual, while Ukyou is starting to see her in a different light.

      Aside from her adoption drama, I like Ema too as a heroine. She has her flaws, but she’s doing her best to keep the family peaceful. She looks beautiful in the 2nd season too. :D

  8. Woah, another text wall fangirls squeal over! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Thank you so much for your detailed post!! I think we all love it! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

    OMG! So many tragic and sad scenes… 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。I think Ema is a very likeable heroine. She isn’t perfect, like as she tried to stood all her brothers up, but when she realized, that the precious family bond is suffering she is willing to search for another option to ease the heavy atmosphere in the family. It’s very nice that she is trying to make things better without giving up (thanks to precious Yusuke and Rui).

    And it’s so nice how deep the family bond between the brothers is. It’s so beautiful that I cried like an idiot… (´;ω;`) I wished I had some siblings too… Buhuu…

    Could it be that Natsume is the favourite guy from the team that works on this project? LOL He’s getting so much attention and time with Ema, that it’s kind of unfair… Look at Yusuke, who is always outzoned… xD

    THIS is why I hate lovetriangles in shoujo mangas… I can’t decide who should be with the heroine. It’s the same dilemma here! I like all the brothers and I don’t want to see any of them sad! (´∩`。) I doubt that Ema could choose one without letting fangirls rage about not choosing their bias. LOL I mean it’s even harder in this game/novel because they are all brothers… ಥ⌣ಥ

    I wonder how Season 2 will be. The older brothers look so damn good! Ema will have it hard to resist those sexy beasts. xD And Hikaru will be our ladies man after all. OMG, it will turn out hilarious!

    When will BB come out?! щ(ಠ益ಠщ) I want see Azusa and Natsume getting all デレデレ and Juli raging so hard that he takes Ema himself. /bricked(人´∀`*)

    • Thank you for reading everything. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

      You’re right, Ema is a realistic heroine. She ignored the budding conflicts because she didn’t know what to do, but once she realized that things are getting worse, she tried her best to make everything better. Even if it means rejecting her brothers. She does have her flaws and moments when she seemed dumb, but she has improved a lot ever since. The brothers do share a very deep bond. Even when they’re fighting, they’re still thinking about each other. ;___; I get the feeling that Natsume might be the canon too, so I wonder if they’ve been planning this right from the start LOL. The memories that led Natsume to believe in destiny can’t be mere coincidence. xD

      ..and I know what you mean. My favorite is Fuutan, but I’m enjoying these Natsume x Ema moments. Also, a part of me is cheering for Yusuke and crying for Kaname. The brothers are all so lovable, when Ema chooses one of them I’m gonna cry along with the others. LOL after seeing the 2nd season scans, I just don’t get how Masaomi turns even hotter as he grows older. Good luck resisting these hot brothers Ema, I hope you’ll start falling in love soon. 8D

      BB’s site is still as empty as ever. If they don’t start updating it soon, I really doubt they can get the game out this year. It’s not just BB’s site though. The official page on Sylph’s site hasn’t been updated in ages either. I wonder what’s happening to their web team.. but anyway, the point is OTOMATE WHERE IS BB!? щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

      • It’s just a wild guess… But what would happen if Ema is actually a squirrel princess? 8D Her hair is fluffy enough though. And that would perfectly explain Juli’s butler attire…

        I’m curious how this Conflict will end. Just as you said, I will cry with those who are rejected. LOL But I wonder if Natsume will stay THE canon in the second season?

        I think Masaomi is not getting hotter when growing older, but he’s trying to win her heart with his looks now, since being nice it not enough to overthrew his younger brothers! ≖‿≖

        Yeah, BB is taking its time, isn’t it? I wonder how Wataru’s route will be… Seriously, I feel like a huge pedobear, because he’s too young! Hopefully he will grew up handsome in the epilogue and get steamy scenes there. (*°∀°)=3 Please don’t give us kiss scenes with Wa-chan, when he’s so small, leave that for the epilogue, Otomate…ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

        • LOL OMG that would take BroCon into a different universe. Like Cecil in Utapri. So far we only know that Juli wears gloves, but who knows.. he might be a prince who was cursed and became a squirrel. Now he’s on a quest to break his curse by finding ~true love~ which he can find from Ema. 8D

          *stops imagination from going out of control*

          I wonder about that too. I mean at the beginning it was hinted that one of the twins will be the canon, but now the signs are pointing towards Natsume. It would be so heartbreaking if Natsume isn’t the canon though, especially since he believes in destiny now. As for Wataru, I.. honestly don’t want a kiss CG with 10 year old Wataru. Please let the epilogue fly into the future and let us see a grown-up Wataru. Then he might kiss Ema.

          Did you hear that Otomate has delayed Confidential Money?
          It doesn’t seem like we’d get to see BB anytime this year. :|

          • LOL I think we should stop here, because otherwise our imagination is seriously going out of control. xD

            It’s kind of hard to pick THE lucky brother that gets with Ema, I wonder if it’s not fairer to let her end up with another random guy? I think the team working on this has a hard time in picking too. xD

            Oh, so Confidential Money got delayed… How sad, I think it will be a funny game, since its art reminds me of the Musketeer and Constantin. (´∀`)♡ But yeah, I think BB won’t come out this year anyway…. It’s DELAYmate, so we can’t get our hopes high. *sigh*

          • Yeah it’d be fair, but then I’d feel so trolled since they’ve been shoving relationship hints between Ema and the brothers. xD Honestly I don’t know what’s happening to Otomate. They’ve been delaying so many games this year. BroCon has been delayed since last year, but I don’t think they were this bad back in 2011? ;_;

  9. Ahhhh! Thank you so much for the detailed summary! I’ve been checking your site for this update nearly every week since vol. 7 was released. |・ω・`) Haha… Anyway……

    Reading through the comments, I saw that… JULIE HAS A HUMAN FORM?! WTF? That’s… so cheesy. AS IF THIRTEEN GUYS WEREN’T ENOUGH. ( ̄□ ̄;) Oh, well… They’d better give us a good reason why he’s a squirrel/human. :I

    I wonder what would happen if Ema doesn’t choose any of them and starts going out with a guy she meets elsewhere, haha. Season 3: HOMICIDAL BROTHERS or maybe BROTHERS UNITE

    • Thanks for keeping up with these textwalls!
      Sorry it took so long, vol. 7 was sold out everywhere. ;___;
      I hope this means the novels are selling well though..

      Juli’s “secret” was never mentioned in the novels, but yeah he has a human form in the game. It’s also hinted that he’s in love with Ema, though I guess that’s kinda obvious LOL. The scene with human!Juli is really short though, and the important part of the hint was cut off. I was hoping BB will give us the explanation, but who knows when it’s going to come out… (´・ω・`)

      LOL I’d feel so trolled if Ema starts dating someone else. Imagine how Yusuke would feel. BROTHERS UNITE! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

        • In this game, you get to play as each brother trying to scare away Ema’s new boyfriend. Special features include being able to team up with different brothers to perform pranks on a larger scale!

          • Didn’t Kaname do that in PP?
            He told Sasakura that he’s Ema’s boyfriend to eliminate “unwanted” rivals LOL.
            Masaomi is too nice to prank anyone though, so yeah teams are necessary. 8D

      • lol It does seem to be a pretty popular series. And no need to be sorry! If you have anything to be sorry for, it’s for ending these posts. (゜´Д`゜)

        With that level of jealousy? Haha, yeeeaaahhh, pretty obvious. XD What happened in his scene? I never completely finished PP, plus I didn’t really know what they were saying half the time, having had to rely on my weeaboo Japanese skills to play the game… =w= Gah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Otomate released BB in 2013, with the number of games they’re putting on hold.

        I actually wouldn’t really mind that happening, hahaha. I mean, I already feel kinda trolled knowing that Juli’s a human. (plus I’m not really into incest, heh) =w=; I would feel a little bad for the brothers, though…

        • Nooo I’m not ending my BroCon obsession yet!
          It’s just on a break until season 2 books / BB comes out. 8D

          As you can see from the CG, Ema is asleep during the scene. Juli strokes her cheek saying her days are fun, and he feels glad because she used to be alone before moving to Sunrise Residence. However, Juli also says that a part of him doesn’t want to give her to anyone.. even though he’s only a part of “…” ← this is what I meant by hidden. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Otomate has delayed another game today, so I really don’t think we can see BB before 2013.

          Oh, but the novels never mentioned anything about Juli’s transformation so it might be original for the games. xD

          • OH. NO. That’s not what I meant at all! I just meant finishing each post, since every post leaves me wanting more, haha.

            HMMMM… Maybe he’s… A SKINWALKER. Haha, Idk. At least that sort of explains why he’s able to talk to Ema (and Louis). Still, it’s kinda weird seeing a fantasy element in a mainly slice-of-life genre. ( ̄□ ̄;)

          • LOL Skinwalker. I feel weird too since despite all the conflicts, BroCon is set in the normal, real world with no magic involved. But then again, I guess we overlooked the fact that a talking squirrel is not normal to begin with. xD

  10. Thanks for the hard work!

    I was crying with Nastume’s story but then…
    OH MY —! (*°∀°)=3
    And then there’s Wataru’s first kiss! that was really funny…
    AAND THEN THERE’S FUUTO’S comment… About the brothers not being in Ema’s field of vision… I can totally imagine it and actually hear it in my mind as he says that. \(*T▽T*)/

    • I can imagine KENN’s voice saying those insulting lines too. xD
      Natsume’s kiss gives some people complicated feelings, so glad to see someone who actually likes that kiss as much as I do. *kicked* Wataru is being assertive too, and that was actually the first time Masaomi didn’t come to his aid. I hope this won’t grow into a major conflict in season 2..

  11. Thank you so much for providing the summary! I had the novel and was trying to read it, but I’m really slow and I keep checking the dictionary, but some terms were still so difficult for me to understand especially those Kanji ones!

    Argh!! Can’t wait for the books of Season 2 to be released and Brilliant Blue. >_< Not even sure when they will finally release Brilliant Blue.

    AND yes, it's really true the novels and all the Natsume scenes seem to be hinting towards a Natsume and Ema ending, but her decision made it all ambigious and open for guessing! It could easily move to Yuusuke or Rui ….but I just hope the squirrel remains a squirrel! lol! Although Juli does have one of the better seiyuu!

    Hope you'll continue your summaries of the books of Season 2! Thank you!

      • No problem, glad it helps you understanding the story better. :D I can’t wait for season 2 books and BB either, though I’m not sure if BB will come out before season 2 vol 1. Otomate keeps delaying their stuff, and so far there’s no update at all for BB’s site. As for Juli, you can only see his hand here. You’ll get that CG by completing PP’s gallery, so I’m pretty sure they’re planning something for him in BB.

        It seems like in season 2, they’re going to focus on the brothers who didn’t get enough spotlight in season 1. The ones with the major conflicts are gone (Iori and Kaname), and the ones with huge developments have limited time too. Subaru will be gone in spring next year, while Natsume is busy with work. Yusuke is still with Ema though, so I hope they give him more scenes. He seriously needs it. xD

        I’ll summarize season 2 books when they’re out. :D

        • Thank you so much! Looking forward to season 2 then!
          omg! I didn’t manage to complete all the CGs. That is so awesome! :)

          I understand that PP was delayed for 6 months, I hope the same isn’t for BB, its by far one of the least boring otomate games that I’ve played (The story is good and the game play simple). Well least boring unless you’re trying to get one CG. lol!

          • Wow, glad to hear you like the SNS part of PP! :D
            Admittedly the system was quite buggy, so a lot of people complained about how long and tedious it is.. but I actually love the SNS part. They keep me awake through the game, and it’s fun to see the chibi characters moving around. I think it’s the same for BB, since BB’s genre is SNS too. They have to fix a lot of bugs though, so maybe that’s why it’s taking so long to come out.

  12. I-I’m sorry. I’ve been dead for a while orz
    This whole book was really sad, since everything seems to be falling apart for Ema. Oh, Fuuto, I love you but please don’t make the other onii-chans pissed or all hell will break loose QwQ So many feelssss. /o\

    • Hello, it’s been a while. Welcome back! xD
      Yeah vol. 7 has a lot of sad scenes, and Ema must have felt terrible to see everyone leaving. Especially Kaname, since she doesn’t think the incident with Iori was his fault.. As for Fuuto, he’s being his usual self LOL. It’s not Fuuto if he’s not offensive. I do like his war declaration with Natsume though. 8D

      • Thank you 8D
        Despite the sad moments, I really enjoyed the sweet Yusuke moments before that QwQ
        Yeah, Fuuto is naturally like that, but at the same time it makes me sad when the other brothers get angry. ;v; Yeah I liked that moment too xD
        W-wait. After reading someone’s “after-reading-all-the-comments” comment, JULIE HAS A HUMAN FORM?! \(^o^)/ CometomeJulie /shot
        Kaname leaves → SO MANY FEELS oh man Kaname-nii-chan, come back~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ
        Gahhh looks like I have to wait for the next season then, before we can all comfort-glomp Kaname-nii. QwQ
        Oh, and my love for Natsume has shot up here 8D /shot

        • Yusuke is really the light of this volume. Whenever Ema feels down, he’s always there to lift her back up. He always got sabotaged in the previous volume, so I’m really happy that he receives his spotlight here. ;w; I hope he gets more attention in season 2, along with Fuuto. The latter already declared war, so it won’t be fun if he disappears. *bricked* ..but lol a part of me finds it funny how they all got so angry we can’t tell who threw the remote control. xD

          Oh, and yes Juli has a human form. In the game. Here‘s his hand, as that’s the only part of him we get to see at this point. 8D The novels never mentioned anything about this, so it might be exclusive to the games. The answer must be in BB, but God knows when it’s coming out. =_=”

          LOL YES NATSUME. GO FOR IT. *shot*
          Also Kaname needs to come back soon. BroCon will never be the same without him. ;w;

  13. I’ve been a lurker on your blog so far, but wow, I really appreciate you summarizing the volumes like this! q vq My Kanji isn’t good enough for me to read novels with ease (this is why I obsess drama CDs instead (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ~ ┻━┻), so it really makes me happy to see someone reviewing/summarizing them.
    But sdlfksfl Natsume. Yes. Destiny. Pls. I dunno, is my bias showing? orz;; In the novels (at least), I really like the interactions between Natsume and Ema ; v; Especially with him being somewhat alienated by the twins, it just makes me really happy to see him enjoying himself around Ema dslfkjsdf.
    Thank you again, and with the second season coming out, 頑張ってください! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

    • Ahh, thank you for the comment! (人´∀`)アリガトー♪
      I’m pretty much obsessed with Brothers Conflict, so it makes me happy if these posts can get more people into the fandom. Are you a fan of Natsume too? He seems to be very popular in the English-speaking community. I love his interactions with Ema too, and the hints of destiny / future romance that’s been floating between them since vol. 2. (*ノω・*)テヘ Aside from Azusa, Natsume seemed to be pretty distant towards the family.. but he came to interact with them more after meeting Ema. Azusa often calls him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s that close to Tsubaki, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to see more development in season 2, thanks for the support! x3

  14. Thank you so much for giving summaries for all the novels (and the game routes)! I’m very disappointed that I can’t read the novels, so it’s nice to be able to read abou them :)

  15. Wow, I had no idea that the novel was this complicated. Now, I’m excited for the 2nd season. The chara designs are so beautiful, especially Masaomi’s design. (*°∀°)=3

    I think that Ema should end up with someone who is mature, gentle, and most of all would not take advantage of her *cough*Masaomi*cough*. The younger bros are too forceful with her, I feel like they’re disrespecting her, and it kinda gets on my nerves. *is trampled by a mob of angry fangirls* Yusuke is fine though, since he hasn’t done anything but support Ema. Well, Rui’s also like that, but I like that he (seemingly) doesn’t have romantic feelings for Ema. He’s like an oasis for her.

    Lastly, I want to say thank you for all the summaries that you made, especially the events for in PP. You’re a blessing sent by the Otome gods to the ignorant masses ヘ(_ _ヘ)

    • No problem, thanks for reading these posts!(人´∀`)☆゜’・:*
      Masaomi undoubtedly has the best ending in PP, so yeah I agree that Ema needs someone mature who can build a good family with her. For now Masaomi is a place she can find comfort in, especially with all the endless drama between their brothers. Also, you’re right about Rui. He did kiss Ema on the cheek, but his love for her feels more like a family love instead. I can’t wait to see how things will develop in the 2nd season. :D

  16. thanks for the summary~!! I really enjoy reading yours and please keep it long! hee hee
    I really love how you make the detail~ so you can make summary as long as possible~ ><

    waiting for 2nd season~!

    is the game exactly like this too?
    will you make the walkthrough for the game? #slapped

    • I don’t have the time, energy nor willpower to make a walkthrough of the game, but I did link to the Japanese wiki from the main post. The game follows the beginning of the novels, but it’s lighter in terms of story. There’s no Iori snapping, no conflicts with Kaname, etc. It’s a nice experience if you want happy endings with each brother. :D

  17. I found this novel really interesting, but i cant read Japanese, fortunately u summarized all in english, really appreciate for ur hardworking ^^

    Cant wait for next season~

  18. I cried a river (now called river tear) when all 3 of em left ;-; on the other brand -heart strops) NATSUME AZUSA AND TSUBAKI I WUV YUUUH! -Coughs- thanks for the summary :3

  19. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for the next season, but I will wait just for this wonderful story. Yes! Please do continue on! And do take your time, I will wait :))) again Thank You!

    • Thanks for reading! Not sure when I can start summarizing the 2nd season books since I prefer to do it in one go, but I’ll get there eventually. :D

      • Totally agreed. The art quality looks ridiculous. D: Feels disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to the anime since half a year ago ever since I read the novel summary from your site.

        • Yeah. I wasn’t expecting anything near Udajo’s level, but the art quality is still disappointing. Especially since BB remains ignored as they work on the anime. :c

  20. Thanks for the summaries!!!
    Actually I was thinking to buy the books, but it’s a novel.. so obviously it’s different to manga.. OTL
    And I don’t really know, but I think the language in novel might be harder than manga..
    So I really need to think twice to buy the books..
    May I ask you, is the novel fully in texts, like normal western novel?
    Thank you!!

    • No problem. :D
      Yeah, Brothers Conflict is a light novel series. It has quite a lot of pictures inside, so it’s not exactly full-text like western novels… but still, it’s very different from a manga. The language level itself isn’t heavy, but there’s a lot of descriptions inside. If you want to try the challenge, you can try buying one volume and see how it is for you? :3

  21. I really loved this series, it’s actually one of my faves! Though I’m following the weekly anime , I still needed to know what will happen!! My heart was about to stop over these conflics.. thanks a lot for your summaries

    • Haha, I think the novels are a lot deeper than the anime… but maybe I’m just biased. Glad to know you’re enjoying it though. xD

      • Yeah the novels are better. Can’t blame it though, it only has 13 episodes. It seems like she wont end up with anyone. I already have my OTP’s though ;P
        #1 – TsubakixEma
        #2 – AzusaxEma
        #3 – NatsumexEma
        s( ̄▽ ̄)/ Biased I know, but Tsubaki, I JUST LOVE THAT GUY (TωT)/ Aww my other OTP are the other 2 (T_T;) In the anime I am rooting mainly for TsuxEma buut~ she may reject everyone (ToT) Oh me and my biased opinions !!(〃^∪^〃)

  22. No, I detect a red string of fate between Natsume and Ema too :’D (Or maybe that’s MY biased way of thinking xD)

    Ahhhh, I really can’t help but love Natsume thoughhh ;_; <3 He's probably the most rational guy around who actually properly thinks about how his actions may effect her and tries his best not to force himself onto her… I'm definitely rooting for Natsume ^^

    Although, really, I wish that Ema would have a stronger personality… Normally one wouldn't be so cool with having many guys forcing themselves onto you… -_-

    • Natsume × Ema is tied by fate. :3c /biased

      Actually, I think Ema is a pretty good heroine. I didn’t like how she was acting during the adoption drama, so I was being really harsh on her for that part… but other than that, I think she’s pretty strong mentally. She never had a complete family before, and now that she finally got a lively family, she has to deal with the fact that her stepbrothers are in love with her. And choosing one of them means she might break the family apart. I don’t always agree with Ema, but I think it takes a lot of guts to deal with that kind of situation and not run away. :3

  23. Holy crap what is thissssss. Novels are dangerous, so heartbreaking T____T I somehow think Natsume and Ema is the OTP too lol. My personal favorite is Tsubaki but щ(ಥДಥщ) Natsume. I mean in the anime’s OP Natsume is the one almost kissing Ema! XD

    Well this explains a lot. I was wondering why the hell Azusa suddenly fell sick all of a sudden in February in Passion Pink.

    Novels though… Usually original works have obviously the most content in them but for me, it’s hard to find them online? And translations… Yeah just reading summaries take so much time much less a book. Plus translations depend heavily on the translator so when I’m reading translations I feel paranoid, worried about it being interpreted differently from how I would have. I’m not talking about you though hahaha. But reading it full Japanese is -___- Even I have trouble reading japanese manga raws. *sidetrack* As much as how I would love to read Free!’s original novel, all the japanese words just make me augh :P

    • LOL. I love how everyone has their personal favorites, but in the end ships Natsume and Ema. The connection between them is just too strong. And yeah, I noticed that Natsume is the one who got the closest to Ema. I actually went “OMG THAT’S FATE!!1” during that part. xD PP didn’t really go into details with Azusa’s sickness since it’s Tsubaki’s route, but I wonder if we’re going to see it mentioned in BB.

      Also, it’s hard to find Brothers Conflict novel translations because… well, they’re novels. It’d take a REALLY long time to fully translate one volume, and yeah it’ll depend a lot on the translator’s interpretations. Now that you mention it, I’m actually very interested in Free!’s novels too. There are translations, but reading the original is always nice even though the kanji wall burns my eyes. 8D

    • I can (hopefully) answer your question… It seems that Ema actually loves Subaru but Subaru misunderstood her feelings, thinking that Ema likes Natsume. Finally, Ema confront Subaru and confess her love to him. Time skip, Ema and Subaru had already married and had a child together, Asahina Chitose.

      Bonus fact: All the brothers called Chitose “Chi-chan” and it can be seen Juli is also somehow alive xD

      But i’m not too sure why Ema choose Subaru instead of Natsume (couldn’t remember, sorry!) but hey, love is blind right ;D

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