Arcana Famiglia -Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi-

This is Arcana Famiglia’s first fandisk, and they have a second one in the making. I loved the first game with a passion, so I’ve been waiting for Vascello Fantasma since December. The story takes place right after the normal ending. (。・∀・。)

Arcana Famiglia receives a report that “Vascello Fantasma”, a ghost ship that appears from a thick fog, has been seen around the sea of Regalo. The port was also attacked by an unknown party a few days ago, and the four divisions have been guarding the island just in case. A week goes by peacefully, but one day, an unknown man breaks into their mansion and takes the Tarocco chest. When everyone goes to stop him, he holds Felicita as a hostage and transforms into a white tiger — taking her away to the rumored ghost ship.

Fortunately, Luca managed to attach an item called “Ariadne’s String” on Felicita’s body, which they can use to track down her location. At the same time on the ghost ship, the man puts Felicita on the deck and goes to see his friend — Joshua. It’s revealed that his name is Ash, and he can use alchemy too. Based on Joshua’s suggestion, Ash then tries making a contract with Tarocco. Joshua himself is a Tarocco holder, with the stigmata of “Justice” tattooed onto his left wrist. Upon performing the contract ritual, Ash is chosen by “The Magician” — giving him a stigmata on the neck. However, “Justice” takes over Joshua’s body the moment he touches the card. At the same time, the “Justice” card is also reversed. This causes Joshua to turn into a living skeleton, and armies of skeletons are spawning all over the ship. Realizing that Felicita is still unconscious on the deck, Ash runs out to wake her up. He wonders if this happens because he made a contract with Tarocco, while “Justice” whispers that they need the power of “Wheel of Fortune” after all.

Once Felicita regains her consciousness, Ash immediately asks her about Tarocco. He says Tarocco originally belongs to him, but of course she has no intentions to tell him anything. It would be troublesome of Felicita goes out of control, so Ash unleashes a spell to knock her out again, but Jolly’s alchemy shield protects her from the attack. The ghost ship is already sailing away from Regalo’s port, but everyone made in time to get on board. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Ash leaves the deck after asking them some questions, and not too long after that, a thick fog comes out to cloud everyone’s vision. As the skeletons around them start moving, they hear Joshua’s voice welcoming them on board — asking them to enjoy their stay.

The thick fog warps and separates everyone here. Felicita partners up with her lover and explore the ship with him. Similarly to the first game, Dante, Jolly and Ash are available from the second run, but if you import your Arcana Famiglia save data, Dante and Jolly will be available right from the start. Since Vascello Fantasma takes place right after the first game, keep in mind that Arcana Duello is over, Mondo is alive and kicking, and Felicita is already lovers with her man.

Just curious, are you guys interested in the extras? There are lots of extras in Vascello Fantasma: Arcana Roulette, Love×Laugh, Judgement Time and extra episodes. They’re short and not exactly related to the main plot, but I can take some time to cover them if you want. Let me know if you’re interested! ☆ヨロ((ヽ(・´∀`・)ノ))シク~☆


18 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia -Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi-

  1. Ahh! I was majorly excited about this fandisk after I read all of your Arcana Famiglia posts, I am still fangirling over Luca and Jolly *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
    I would love to read about the extras too, I’m quite curious about them! Hope you enjoy this fandisk and I can’t wait for your first route post (^^)

    • Thank you for reading them! (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪
      Luca and Jolly are my favorites too, along with Liberta and now Ash. The characters in this series are so lovable, I just can’t dislike any of them. Oh, and thanks for the feedback. I enjoy Vascello Fantasma a lot, and I’ll make a separate post for the extras. :D

  2. i’ve read a small review on this game somewhere else but there was no review on Jolly and i enjoy your reviews since you go into detail can you do Jolly’s review please (along with the other characters) if you have time :)

    • Don’t worry, I will cover all characters.
      I’m going to start with the childhood trio (Debito, Pace, Luca) but I’ll move on to Dante and Jolly after that. Until then, maybe you can check Suri’s reviews on kisscoma too? She has Jolly’s route up. :)

  3. Vascello Fantasma summary kitaaaaa! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Now things are clearer to me. I fee sad for Joshua in the intro since “Justice” has to take over him because it gets reversed.

    I’m such a dummy for not importing the data from the first game. OTL I have no idea how to do it.

    I’m interested with the Love x Laugh since I think it’s very cute. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Also i’m interested with the extra episodes since they have the punishment segment. |D

    • Man, it took me ages to write these properly. 。・゚・(ノε`)・゚・。
      “Justice” got reversed because Joshua is on the ship, and I think Joshua touching the card gave it the chance to possess his body?

      Actually, the game never asked me to import data either. It’s just after clearing Luca’s first chapter, Jolly and Dante are suddenly unlocked. That, and I got 20 cocoaru points as the bonus LOL. Maybe you just have to get past the prologue, and the game will import the save data automatically.

      I think you already saw everything, but okay I’ll put the extras in a separate post later. 83

      • It’s worth the wait *O* I mean look at mine xfkfkfk *shot*
        I see, “Justice” is the antagonist here for sure and Joshua is innocent.

        Wow! |D I was blind for not seeing that happened sob. This game and its surprises.

        I haven’t saw all the Love x Laugh, Roulette, Judgment Time. I only saw the extra episodes LOL sob.

        • It’s the proof that we’re otome sloths. 8D
          Oh okay then. Putting the extras into individual posts will make them extra long, so I’ll just compile everything and make a major crack post. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  4. Yeahhh interest has been raised!! 8D Oh man yay Arcana I’ve set my eyes on Luca for a veryvery long time ♪( ´▽`) Gahhhh can’t wait!!
    I am interested in the LaughxLove and a the extras 8D If- if it’s okay, could you please cover that too…? QwQ

    • Did you do / see the first Arcana? Luca was adorable! xD
      Since people are interested, I’m going to put all the extras into a separate post later. :3

      • I read your review *w* Yes Luca was so 萌ええー(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))ーえええ that I died ♥ Gahhh and he has purples eyes COMPLETELY SOLD. \(^o^)/
        Yay~ Thank you Rin-san! 8D
        I’m just gonna begin reading Luca’s route now huhu. OwO

        • Oh okay, I hope you enjoy these Vascello Fantasma posts too then. xD I know right, Luca’s (and Jolly’s) purple eyes are so much love. Not to mention he’s a super devoted puppy. ❤

  5. yatta!!!!


    thank you so much in advance for creating this review! i can’t wait for all of the guys route, especially luca, pace, nova, and ash (but still i love the other guys as well)

    and please create a review about the extras as well. my curiosity start to kill me again XD

    • Okay, I’ll make a separate “extras” post since people are interested. xD
      It will have to wait until I’m done summarizing the routes though, so please bear with me until then. Currently going through the childhood trio’s routes with an extremely slow pace. 8D;

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