Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Luca

For Vascello Fantasma, I decided to start with the childhood trio. Luca is up first. He’s just as adorable as ever, and his love for Felicita grows even stronger since they’re now a couple. Everyone still treats him like a stalker though. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Luca is Felicita’s loyal attendant. He’s been looking after her for the last 13 years, developing an extremely strong attachment towards her over time. Even after they become a couple, Luca continues taking care of Felicita everyday. It seems like some parts of his memories have turned hazy, but he’s not too sure about what’s happening. Luca is the holder of “Temperance”, with the power to nullify other Arcana abilities. He’s 29 and fights with knives and alchemy.

Chapter 1: Lucky Hit

Felicita and Luca are warped into a dark room on the first floor of the ship, with him falling on top of her. When she tells him that he’s heavy, he admits that he was wondering why the floor feels soft and smells nice. She kicks him as the result, forcing him to move away while apologizing. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Luca then uses his alchemy flame to light up the room, which turns out to be the ship’s hold. At the same time, Luca also realizes that something seems to be missing.. but he can’t point out what it is. The hold looks more like an archive though, with a lot of rare alchemy books filling the shelves. There are also blankets, lamps and a stock of apples, so Luca concludes that an alchemist might be using the place as a private room. When he lights up one of the lamps, they realize that he dropped his hat on the floor during the fall earlier. The hat is very important to him since it’s a present from Felicita, and he groans in pain when he tries to pick it up. It seems like he got a few bruises when they fell down, and he asks her not to worry. The bruises will heal with a little rest, and he also has a special ointment to fix them. If you read his heart though, Luca thinks the bruises are “lucky hits” since Felicita is now worried about him. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Felicita offers to apply the ointment for him, but Luca blushes saying he’ll apply them himself.

Luca then apologizes to Felicita for what happened today. It’s his duty to protect her and Tarocco, and he was supposed to stop anyone who tries to steal them. Luca couldn’t do anything earlier since Ash was using Felicita as his shield, but he says it’s simply an excuse for his failure. He managed to find her today thanks to the tracker, but things might not go so well next time. It took his all to attach the tracker without being noticed, so he feels that he needs to improve his own skills even more. Felicita answers by asking him to grow stronger together, and he smiles saying one of her charms is that she tries to improve with people — not just leaving everything in their hands. He loves that side of her, and when she blushes, his heart says that a part of him wanted to see her turning red. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Luca is also injured from the fight with Ash in the mansion, but he endures the pain and tries to sort out the situation with Felicita. It’s clear that Vascello Fantasma isn’t a normal ship, but he asks he not to worry. Everyone else is boarding the ship with them, and she’s got him by her side — even if she might find him unreliable after his failure today. However, Felicita says she feels uneasy without Luca. He admits that he actually wants her to be independent, and yet he can’t help but feel happy whenever she relies on him.

Since Luca loves alchemy, the hold is just like a mountain of treasures for him. He wants to read every single one of the books, but he stops himself since Felicita is giving him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look LOL. Luca also notices that Felicita’s been trying not to yawn, so he locks the door and blocks it from inside — making sure they can sleep safely tonight. He knows that she’s always been scared of ghosts ever since she was small, so he decides to sleep beside her. Just like how they used to in the past. He assures her that no monsters or ghosts will come to attack her, and she can rest well in his arms.. which is a “reserved seat” just for her. (*´∀`*) Noticing that Felicita is shivering, Luca asks her to use his share of the blanket too. He says he doesn’t know if she’s shivering out of cold or out of fear, but then he admits that he’s just teasing her. He knows she’s obviously scared, and he feels glad that part of her never changes. Luca is also glad that Felicita isn’t alone in this situation, because he didn’t have the time to put “Ariadne’s String” on her before the fog warped them away from the deck.

Here, Felicita mentions that Luca used to put “Ariadne’s String” on her before she goes to play in the forest. He remembers it’s because she always runs off into the forest, but he can’t seem to remember anything beyond that point — asking himself if he put it on her so she won’t get lost. Of course Felicita is confused, and Luca apologizes saying he must be getting sleepy. He then says goodnight, and they go to sleep together.

Chapter 2: Ariadne’s String

In her sleep, Felicita sees a dream of herself and Luca in the past. They were playing in the forest, and he completely lost sight of her along the way. Debito and Pace used to do this too, but they always came out of hiding after a while, so Luca decided to just leave Felicita alone and took a nap. When it got dark, he returned home thinking she must have gone home too. However, Luca then heard from Sumire that Felicita hasn’t returned yet. After searching frantically through the forest, he eventually found her in the bushes — crying quietly to “stay hidden from the ghosts.” It was the first time Luca realized that Felicita is really afraid of ghosts, and Sumire asked him to be more careful from now on. She’s a girl, and she’s different from adventurous boys like Pace or Debito. Luca obviously felt really bad and apologized to Felicita. A few days later, he made “Ariadne’s String” so she can play hide and seek without any worries. He’d be able to protect her from ghosts too, and she happily ran off to the forest.

When Felicita wakes up, Luca gives her an apple for breakfast. His injuries from yesterday have healed after resting, so he went to check the items in the hold before she woke up. Felicita then tells Luca that she saw a dream of their past, and he cheerfully comments that she hasn’t changed at all. She’s always been cute, sincere, a bit tomboyish, hard to predict and tends to trouble everyone around her. Needless to say this leads to him getting kicked again. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Felicita explains that she actually saw his memories instead of her own, and Luca seems confused to hear this.. because he doesn’t remember it. He does remember that something like that happened in the past, but his memories seem to be hazy — as if they’re falling apart. Luca apologizes for forgetting such an important thing, but he assures Felicita that his feelings for her will never change. This makes him realize that his missing memories might be caused by the heart he gave to “The Lovers” before Arcana Duello, in order to stop “Wheel of Fortune” from wiping out her memories. This is why he’s been feeling that something seems to be missing. He asks her not to worry though, since they don’t know if it’s really true. Besides, he’d be happy if his heart could provide help for her.

After checking the time from his pocket watch, Luca informs Felicita that it’s around dawn right now. He tries to cheer her up by saying the ghosts will think of her as their friend if she looks so gloomy, and she obviously kicks him again.. but he’d rather have her angry than sad. Luca and Felicita decide to go out today, and they find their way onto the ship’s power reactor. There’s a lot of skeletons around, but it doesn’t seem like they noticed their presence. In the center of the room, they find a blue flame made from alchemy — the ship’s fuel. Felicita feels scared and asks if she can hold Luca’s hand, but he asks her to wait. He’s got a bad feeling ever since they entered the room, and it’s proven true when they find Ash near the blue flame. Ash calmly greets them, but he refuses to answer any questions. He’s more interested in Felicita, and he challenges Luca to a duel. If he wins, he’s going to take her. If Luca wins, he’s going to return Tarocco to them. Of course Felicita doesn’t want to become Ash’s possession, and Luca has no intentions to lose either. After all, he had a LONG “history of tears” until she finally returns his love. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Now that Ash isn’t holding Felicita as a hostage, Luca can go all out. During the battle, Ash comments that alchemists seem to have bad personalities and Luca agrees, though “the one with the worst personality” isn’t here with them. LOL Jolly. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Luca then uses his pigeon magic to distract Ash, and Felicita takes this chance to kick him.. but Ash refuses to lose so easily. He quickly grabs Luca’s hat, which is lying on the floor, and escapes. When Luca tries to chase after him, the skeletons start coming out from all directions to surround Felicita. Luca immediately turns around and attacks them with his alchemy light, but then he drops his guard down for a moment — causing him to take a hit from a skeleton. The last thing he sees is Felicita rushing to his side, and then he passes out.

Chapter 3: Just Like Us

Luca opens his eyes in the prison, with Felicita crying beside him. When he gets up, she immediately runs over and hugs him — repeatedly calling his name. (❤ฺ→艸←) He tells her that he’s fine, and he apologizes for making he worry so much. Realizing that Felicita is shivering, Luca says she can cry as much as she wants to. Nobody will see her crying right now. It must be lonely for her to stay in the prison before he woke up, so he’ll accept any complaints she wants to throw at him. When she answers with “stupid Luca”, he admits that it’s true. He wanted to protect her, but he ended up making her worry instead. It can’t be helped if she thinks he doesn’t have any rights to stay with her, but he wouldn’t leave her even if she tells him so.

Felicita then explains that when she regained consciousness, both Luca and her were already behind the bars. She also told him that a skeleton suddenly appeared nearby, and they can still see it roaming around in front of their cell. He checks his watch to learn that it’s currently 10 PM, which means that she spent more than ten hours waiting alone. That, and they spent the whole day in the prison. Based on her report, he concludes there must be a certain condition that causes the skeletons to appear. It’s an important chance for them to investigate about the ghosts she hates with logical theories. Since the skeleton in front of their cell just popped out of nowhere, Luca then gives Felicita some possible options to choose from:

A. The skeleton has always been there, but she couldn’t see it. A certain condition turns it visible.
B. The skeletons can move freely through physical boundaries.
C. She’s imagining things. (if you choose this one, Felicita obviously gets angry LOL)

When Felicita chooses option A, Luca says he agrees. It seems like they can only see the skeletons at night, and they’re invisible when the sun is out. Now this leaves them with two options, which is to break out of prison or wait until someone comes to save them. Since their mission is to retrieve both Tarocco and Felicita, Luca is sure that everyone else is searching for her too. There’s a high chance that someone will come and find them here, and it doesn’t seem like the skeletons will attack them from outside.. so staying in the prison sounds better than going out. Luca is really proud of Felicita when she decides to stay, because it’s a sign that she has matured. Previously she’d just break out of the prison without thinking, but now she can calmly assess the situation. He says they should move out if nobody comes to find them until tomorrow, but he knows a certain someone in the family who loves prison cells. Just as predicted, soon enough someone shoots the skeleton outside and opens the cell door for them. Debito comes to the rescue! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The first thing he does is to hit on Felicita, but he quickly stops himself since Luca is giving him a threatening smile LOL.

Once they’re back outside, Debito asks why they were in the prison. When Felicita says it’s because they lost to the skeletons, he replies that Luca fails as an attendant. Of course Luca feels bad and can’t say anything in return, but Debito then whispers to Felicita — telling her that Luca would feel even more terrible if she comforts him. That’s why she should just kick him and say she will change attendants later. Debito also tells Luca that he met Pace and Dante earlier, but they got separated by the fog again. Most of the ghosts on the ship aren’t aggressive, but it would be better if they stay locked in a room at night. Debito then takes them to the cabin he used yesterday, but he suddenly leaves along the way — telling Luca and Felicita to “do it” however they want. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン As they eat more apples for dinner, Luca shows Felicita a map of the ship and tracks down the route they took up until now. Noticing that Luca is still feeling awful, Felicita then decides to read his heart. He thinks she’s really kind because she doesn’t blame him for what happened, but that kindness feels a bit painful for him.

After learning about this, Felicita asks Luca to “be prepared” ..and slaps him across the face. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The poor thing is obviously confused, but she tells him that she’s had enough of his depression. This is the first time Felicita has ever slapped Luca, and he realizes that she’s trying to convey something deeper — because usually she’d just kick him. Luca then moves closer to kiss Felicita, but she quickly dodges him saying she’s going to sleep. She’s taking the bed, so he can sleep on the hard, cold floor. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ He tries to protest saying his body hurts after everything that has happened, and he’d be happy if she treats him as her lover for today. Such as allowing him to sleep on the corner of the bed. She answers by giving him this (´≖ ‸ ≖`) look, and so he’s got no choice but to sleep on the floor tonight LOL. Luca is happy though, and before they go to sleep, Felicita says they will make up tomorrow.

Chapter 4: Whereabouts of Heart

In her dream, Felicita sees another flashback of Luca and herself. She wanted to return a bird to its nest, and she climbed a tree despite his attempt to stop her. Just as he feared, she slipped and fell off the tree branch.. but luckily he managed to catch her. She scrapped her elbow in the process, and he apologized for not catching her properly. However, Luca also wanted Felicita to be more careful from now on. He can return the bird for her, and if she wants to climb the tree by herself, she shouldn’t do it while wearing a dress. Felicita felt bad for squishing Luca’s hat during the fall, but he said her safety is more important since he can fix the hat easily. A few days later, Felicita gave Luca a new hat to replace the one she squished. He was really happy to receive it, and he promised to take a good care of it. In return, he made new ribbons for her and Fukurota.

When Felicita wakes up, Luca gives her a plate of apples for breakfast. The first thing she mentions about is his hat, which is now in Ash’s possession. Their top priority is to retrieve Tarocco, so he’s thinking of searching for his hat after that. Felicita points out about how he promised to take a good care of it, and Luca seems confused — though he does remember saying those words in the past. Here, Felicita reads Luca’s heart and learns that he’s thinking of the heart he gave to “The Lovers” ..but she only asks if he knows why some of his memories are missing. Luca admits that he does, and he reminds Felicita of the time when she used “Wheel of Fortune” to save Mondo’s life. Back then he used “Temperance” to stop her, giving a part of his heart to “The Lovers” so she won’t lose her memories. Luca didn’t know which part of his heart was lost, but after hearing about Felicita’s dreams, he’s positive that he has given a part of his “love” for “The Lovers”. The memories she saw yesterday was the trigger for him to face her properly, and he was already in love in the memories she saw today. Both of them are valuable enough to strengthen “The Lovers”. Luca doesn’t regret anything though, and he’s happy to hear about his lost memories from Felicita. It makes him realize how much he loves her. That’s why if she ever needs to use “Wheel of Fortune” again and doesn’t have enough power to handle it, he’s going to give another part of his heart to “The Lovers”. Felicita says that’s unfair, and Luca smiles saying he doesn’t want to lose her. If she feels the same way, then she should keep “Wheel of Fortune” from going out of control.

To make a vow with his own words, Luca kisses Felicita saying he can endure anything for her sake. He’ll become her shield, and he doesn’t mind losing his memories because he’s got enough love to make up for it. He then asks her not to cry, and he wants her to treasure herself. He asks him to kiss him, and before she does, she tells him that she loves him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After leaving the cabin, Luca and Felicita finds Liberta, Nova and Dante on the deck.. along with a copy himself, who’s wearing his missing hat. Dante has retrieved Tarocco, and they’re currently waiting for Pace and Debito to meet up with them. All they have to do now is to wait for Jolly, as well as determining which one is the real Luca. The fake Luca accuses the real Luca as Ash in disguise, which only confirms the fake Luca’s real identity — Ash is using “The Magician” to transform into someone else. Luca isn’t pleased to see his precious hat being used for a dirty trick, and he immediately attacks Ash when the latter refuses to give it back. Everyone is surprised to see Luca doing this, but he says it feels disgusting to see the hat being used by someone who doesn’t understand its importance. Just then a sexy certain alchemist summons the wind, blowing Luca’s hat away into the sea. Luca uses this chance to hurl his alchemy light towards Ash, who blocks it with an alchemy shield and drops the act not too long after that. In order to avoid wasting more time, Ash then asks Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune”. There’s a person who’s seeking its power, and Tarocco abilities are meant to be used anyway. However, Luca tells Ash to stop ordering Felicita without knowing how dangerous it is to use “Wheel of Fortune”.

The duel continues until the sun starts setting. Neither of them are giving up, and Luca eventually asks if “The Magician” allows Ash to transform into animals as well. Ash clearly looks surprised, and it’s enough for Luca to conclude that Ash can’t control his tiger form. From the alchemy formula in the archive, he learned that Ash is actually searching for a way to transform back from the tiger to his human form. Luca has fixed some of the mistakes in the formula too, which pisses Ash off. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash then asks for the solution, but of course that’s not how alchemists work. The world is all about equivalent trade, and people who only want to obtain answers don’t have any right to call themselves an alchemist. Luca then uses “Temperance” to summon heavenly light, finally defeating Ash and returning him to his real form. He tells Ash that Arcana Famiglia has another alchemist, and that alchemist might be able to give Ash a useful information. Ash noticed that said alchemist is the one who called the wind from earlier, and Luca confirms that he’s right — they’re talking about someone with a terrible personality. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Soon the alchemist in question (obviously Jolly.. who else LOL) appears, reminding them that it’s already dark. It’s now time for them to face someone who used to be a part of their family. At the same time, they hear someone approaching them.

Chapter 5: Location of Happiness

As skeleton Joshua steps onto the deck, Jolly says he’ll give Luca a “reward” for entertaining him. The reward is the information that the classy skeleton standing before them is that Joshua, the holder of “Justice” — Mondo’s son and Felicita’s brother. After the holder’s death, Tarocco would return to their card form.. so Joshua is an exception. Mondo keeps believing that Joshua is still alive because “Justice” hasn’t returned, but it seems like “Justice” itself is actually chaining down Joshua’s soul. Luca then asks if Ash has been seeking “Wheel of Fortune” for Joshua, and Ash admits that he did hear about it from Joshua.. but he doesn’t know why Joshua needs its power. Joshua has never lost his appearance either, and this is the first time he turned into a skeleton. Ash asks if there’s a way to release Joshua’s soul from “Justice”, but Luca says he’s not sure. Just then Pace and Debito arrive, and everyone sets out to fight the skeletons on the deck. Everyone except for Jolly, that is. He has climbed all the way to the mast, saying he’ll evaluate Luca’s growth from above. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Debito and Pace also ask Luca to work hard since he’s been spending the last two days with Felicita, and Luca protests saying it was a coincidence. They shouldn’t treat it like a honeymoon. Not like they’re going to listen though. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Since his aim is “Wheel of Fortune”, skeleton Joshua soon comes to attack Felicita. Luca explains that Jolly has seen the power of “Justice” before, and if they can’t bring Joshua back to his senses, they have to defeat him before he releases his Arcana power. Luca assists Felicita by sending commands through his heart, which she reads throughout the battle by using “The Lovers”. After a while, they manage to corner Joshua enough.. which sadly causes “Justice” to unleash its power on them, summoning endless swords to fall from the sky. Σ Σ Σ (´д` lll) In the past, Joshua used this Arcana power to protect Regalo with Mondo — earning it the nickname of “Regalo’s Sword”. Just before the swords hit Felicita, Luca rushes over and shields her from the attack. He tells her not to look at their surroundings, assuring her that everything will be over if she keeps looking into his eyes. He wants her to see how serious he is when it comes to her, and he wants to protect her — so one day they can look back at this moment as a memory. Luca then uses all of his power to nullify Joshua’s power with “Temperance”, and he collapses directly after that.

After the sword rain stops, Felicita immediately attacks Joshua to get “revenge” ..even though Luca is still alive. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ During the battle, she can hear “Justice” saying it wants to return to its card form. Just then “The Lovers” talks to Felicita, telling her that “Justice” has been stuck in a reversed position because Joshua is sailing on Vascello Fantasma. Tarocco aren’t allowed to possess their holders no matter what, so “The Lovers” will help her. Felicita then proceeds to kick Joshua’s butt on her own, and “The Lovers” restores “Justice” to the right position — finally releasing Joshua from its possession. He recognizes Jolly right away, since both of them still have noticeable traces of their appearance in the past. Joshua is a soul who doesn’t age anymore, while Jolly has stopped his physical growth. It’s been a long time since they saw each other, and yet it’s already time for them to part. Jolly mentions that Joshua should say his goodbye to someone else, but Joshua only thanks Ash before going to heaven — along with all the souls on the ship. No worries though, because Jolly is going to make sure that Joshua will have no regrets left.

On the other side of the deck, Luca tells Felicita that he’s got wounds all over his body.. but his heart is full of happiness, so much that it has filled the part he lost. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Pace and Debito soon come to ask if he’s okay, and Luca says he’s fine. The pain dissolved like an illusion when he nullified the power. Or rather, when he looked at Felicita’s face. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Upon remembering about his precious hat, Luca rages at Jolly for blowing it into the sea. He says the hat is filled with precious memories, so he asks Jolly to jump into the sea and bring it back right now — to which Jolly responds with a calm “no way” LOL. Knowing it’s useless to protest to Jolly, Felicita then asks Luca to buy a new hat together. He happily agrees saying Regalo will have a nice summer, with a new hat and new memories for them to share. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


After returning to Regalo, Luca takes Felicita out saying he has a little surprise for her. She already bought a new hat for him, so he wants to thank her by booking Federica’s shop for a whole day. Luca realized that it’s the first summer they spend together as a couple, and also Felicita’s first summer as a part of Arcana Famiglia, so it will be different compared to the previous years. He’s always been beside her all this time, but their feelings — their relationship — has changed after all. That’s why he wants to buy new summer clothes for her, and he asks her to pick clothes for him too for once. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Felicita starts by choosing a dress on her own though, and she tells Luca that she wants to have a relaxing voyage with him. Or visit the house they grew up in. A lot of people are enjoying their summer in Regalo, but Luca is sure that he’s the one who enjoys it the most. He feels happy just by imagining the days he’s going to spend with Felicita. He’s going to think about their plans in autumn before summer ends, and he’ll continue thinking about things they can enjoy together from now on. Luca asks Felicita to enjoy this summer with him.. and the future beyond as well. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


Luca reports to Mondo and Sumire that Felicita hasn’t used “Wheel of Fortune” again, so they don’t need to worry. Mondo asks if he’s alright after what happened in Vascello Fantasma, and Luca happily says he’s fine. He lost a part of his heart, but Felicita completes it for him. Mondo cries saying Luca is so cold-hearted to say this while knowing he doesn’t have such heartwarming memories with Felicita, and there’s no way he can hand his daughter to such a person. Mondo then asks Sumire to bring some salt, which is used in Japan to dispel evil spirits and impurities. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Sumire asks Luca to take care of Felicita, but then she gives a pack of salt to Mondo.. which they throw together towards Luca LOL. The moment it hits his head, Luca realizes that the salt is actually mixed with rock salt. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! He immediately turns happy when Felicita invites him to go out though, and they leave the room with Mondo going (´・ω・`) in the background.. but then Sumire and him make a plan to stalk their daughter’s date tonight. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Outside, Luca says he knows that Felicita loves spending time with her parents. He won’t get jealous of Mondo since he’s a good adult, but he asks her to spend time with him even more. She happily smiles and says yes.


Luca shows Felicita his pigeon samba, but she only sighs and asks if he can’t do anything else. She always laughed at his pigeon magic up until now, so her reaction leaves him hurt and confused. A few days later, Luca starts seeking for everyone’s advice. Debito tells him that Felicita is trying to say the children won’t be happy if he keeps performing the same trick during Piccolino, so Luca goes to ask Pace if he has any new ideas. Pace says he actually has a great plan for the next Piccolino, and he’s willing to share it for Luca and Felicita. It’s called Pizza Peccolino, a contest where you eat freshly baked pizza as it flows into your mouth. Luca leaves without even bothering to reject the idea. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Dante suggests entertaining everyone by showing a bald head under the hat, and this causes Luca to run away in tears.. saying he already sacrifices his body enough when Felicita kicks him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Luca eventually returns to his lab, and he’s thinking of increasing the number of pigeons when Ash enters the lab. Ash actually has Jolly’s permission to share the lab, but Luca is only willing to share if Ash joins the family and helps out with the next Piccolino. He only takes “yes” and “si” as the answer. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Luca is now thinking of pulling a tiger out of his hat, and he cries when Ash refuses to help. If he keeps failing to entertain Felicita, he will be branded as a useless attendant who can’t do anything but pull pigeons out of his hat LOL. They can also use “The Magician” to perform magic tricks like teleportation, and he insists that it’s not magic — it’s alchemy. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ash immediately runs away, and Luca chases after him while crying.

Dear Luca, please never change. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Luca’s route is just as adorable as his route in the first game, but it has 120% sweetness. Since they’re now a couple, from time to time he’d call Felicita by her name instead of the usual “ojou-sama”. This route also confirms that Luca has been loving Felicita so endlessly from a long time ago, and he’s willing to do anything for her sake. He’s just so devoted and loyal, you can’t NOT love him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Luca’s route is also great to start the game with, since it’s pretty light and full of cuteness.. but most importantly, he finally got a kiss CG. Thank you HuneX, I’ve been waiting for this ever since the first game. (*ノ゚Д゚)八(*゚Д゚*)八(゚Д゚*)ノィェーィ!


6 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Luca

  1. Luca is as sweet as he was in the first game! I love the kiss cg (too bad not everyone had one) and lol to ending 2 and 3! I am actually excited fo the 2nd arcana game (not a fandisc) wonder what it would be about!?

    • Yeah, it’s really too bad not everyone has kiss CGs.. but I’m happy that Luca got one. He seriously deserves it after waiting for 13 years LOL. For Arcana Famiglia 2, I heard it’s going to be a completely new game. Maybe we’ll see new characters and new Tarocco holders. I can’t wait for more info! :D

  2. LUCAAAAAAAAAAAAA( pq≧w≦)♥ Luca is so moe, blargh he loved her since forever WHY IS HE NOT CANNON brb sobbing rn I LOVE YOU LUCA OMG MY FEELS POURING OUT I’m not even sad but my overflowing love for Luca asdfghjkl
    What makes his route even more precious is Mondo and Sumire (and salt pfft) because they both like to tease Luca as well, it just makes him feel like he’s already part of the family. ♥
    Also love the fact he keeps calling Jolly “the person with a terrible personality” XD
    And in the third ending you see how cute Luca is because he’s hurt when Felicita doesn’t laugh at his pigeon trick. QwQ And then he proves his genuine feelings by searching for other methods to make her smile (even though it was in vain)
    And I love that he protected Felicita from the swords and Felicita wanted to get “revenge” xD OH YOU TWO GO GET MARRIED. Oh wait NVM I’LL JUST STEAL LUCA FOR MYSELF NOTHING TO DO HERE BYEEEE 8D *steals Luca and runs away*
    This has got to be one of my longest comments and I swear it’s still not enough to express my love for Luca ♡(´ε` )チュー Oh man asdfghjkl cannot control my feels.
    Okay, to Pace 8D

    • Because Felicita is too awesome to have only one man under her feet? 8D
      I get what you mean though, Luca’s routes are always light and easy — it’s his cuteness that floods you with feels. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ..and yeah that scene with Jolly. It’s like Jolly proved that Luca’s words are true by blowing his hat into the sea LOL. As for Mondo and Sumire, I think they treat everyone in Arcana Famiglia as their real family. It’s just they’re too much of an 親バカ to let go of their daughter that easily. xD

      That pigeon samba failure hurt Luca so much because Felicita is his everything. She’s the top priority in his life, or maybe even his life itself. I love that devotion, I hope he marries Felicita soon and have a happy family with her. ❤

      • Roflmao HAREM ENDINGGG (cough Arcana Famiglia 1) XD
        Yes Luca is so cute I swear I need to get my hands on one of the Arcana Famiglia games ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3 Haha Jolly the Troll, he likes going around blowing hats into the sea \(^o^)/ Yeah, they treat everyone as their family but for some reason Luca’s the only one who gets teased by them xD As far as I can tell at least. But it just makes him seem cuter ♥
        Yessss Luca GO MARRY FELICITA AND BE HAPPY TOGETHER QwQ Yeah he’s definitely devoted I mean c’mon HE’S LOVED HER FOR 13 years++ IT’S ONLY RIGHT THAT THEY MARRY QwQ
        ♡(pq≧v≦)♡ Luca~

        • It feels funny when we think that when they moved out of the mansion, Felicita was only 3 while Luca was 16. This means he fell in love with her when she was really young, and I know some people are thinking of him as a pedobear / lolicon because of this, but who can dislike him? He’s so loyal and devoted, if you hate him you have no heart. xD I think they all love Luca because he’s so easy to tease? Just throw any ojou-sama related jokes at him, and he’ll definitely freak out LOL. But you can feel the looove in their action, so in this case it’s just Mondo’s 親バカ jealousy and Sumire’s love for everything fun. 8D

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