Vascello Fantasma no Majustsuhi – Pace

Pace’s route has a good mix of fun and touching moments, so it might a be nice idea to put it between Luca and Debito’s routes to build up the tension. He’s still as cheerful as usual, and we get to see an unexpected development here.

Pace is the head of “Wands” and the Executive Head Assistant. His enjoyment in life mainly comes from eating or having fun, but he cares a lot about the family and Regalo. He tends to solve problems with his fists and lives based on strong animal instincts, but he’s actually wise — he just lacks the knowledge. Pace loves lasagna as much as he loves Felicita. He’s the holder of “Strength”, which boosts his physical power even more. A martial arts expert at the age of 25.

Chapter 1: Here Comes The Food Expedition!

The fog warps Pace into a corridor on the second floor of the ship. The first thing he does is to call out to Felicita, and he grabs a skeleton’s hand thinking it’s hers. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Pace punches the poor creature away, and soon the real Felicita comes out to join him. Since they’re surrounded by skeletons, he creates an opening and tells her to escape. He’s actually planning to fight all the skeletons by himself, but that’s only until he realizes that.. he’s hungry. Just before a skeleton attacks Pace, Felicita returns and kicks it away — saying she’s going to fight with him. After beating enough skeletons to open the path, they escape into an empty cabin upstairs. Pace notices that Felicita looks sad, and she tells him that she’s worried about everyone else. On the other hand, he believes that everyone will be alright — they’re all strong enough to survive. Pace feels bad for failing to stop Ash from kidnapping Felicita, but right now she’s within his reach. He has the confidence to keep her safe, and she doesn’t have to worry about that. They only have one problem right now. He’s hungry, and he needs to protect his stomach. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

As Pace’s stomach keeps growling, Felicita is starting to get hungry too. There must be some food in the ship, so they decide to go out looking for something to eat. Quietly moving through the corridor, they make their way into a cabin on the second floor. Sadly while he’s expecting to find delicious smoked meat or cheese, they can’t find anything along the way. They might be able to find something in the cafeteria, but they can’t move freely with all the skeletons around. He soon notices a travel log lying on the table, with “Vascello Fantasma” written on the cover. They can’t read it due to the blurry ink though, and Pace’s grumbling stomach keeps asking for food, so they have no choice but to resume their food expedition. Upon stepping out into the corridor, he notices an apple core lying nearby and shows it to Felicita. The apple core is still wet, which means there should be a stock of fresh apples somewhere in the ship. They soon find a crate full of red apples nearby, and he runs towards it in glee — attracting the skeletons’ attention at the same time. Pace and Felicita get surrounded in no time, and they’re busy fighting the skeletons when they hear strange footsteps coming from behind.. and a certain white tiger appears before them.

Realizing that it’s the same tiger who kidnapped Felicita, Pace tells her to escape. His power won’t come out due to hunger, and they have no chance against the tiger right now. Just then the tiger leaps to attack Felicita, and Pace jumps in to take the hit — asking her to run. He’s forced to use “Strength” to shove the tiger away, and he flees with the tiger chasing after him. Pace tells the tiger to chase after someone who’s more tasty than he is, but then he stops himself upon realizing that he might be talking about Felicita. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Pace soon notices Felicita opening a cabin door for him, and he runs inside to escape from the tiger. As he sits beside Felicita, Pace sighs saying he’s really useless when he’s hungry. He dragged her into danger, and he also failed to protect her from the tiger. Not to mention his stomach keeps growling, and he’s now too hungry to stand up. Luckily for Pace, Felicita managed to snatch an apple from the crate before she escaped earlier. He hands the apple to her saying she can have it for herself, but she doesn’t want him to hold back and shares the apple with him.

Pace happily bites the apple from one side, and after eating for a while, he realizes that Felicita is blushing on the other side. He says it’s cute how her cheeks are as red as the apple, which results in her kicking him out of embarrassment. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At first he protests saying she shouldn’t kick people when they’re eating, but then he notices that she’s really angry LOL. As she throws her knives at him, he runs away saying both the tiger and her are scary. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Chapter 2: Memories of Strudel

In his dream, Pace sees a flashback of her first meeting with Felicita. He was excited when she came to the mansion, wondering if she loves lasagna like he does. When Felicita arrived, Pace excitedly greets her and brushed his cheeks against hers. She kicked him as the result, and he collapsed in tears. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ When Pace opens his eyes, he finds Felicita sleeping next to him. He smiles upon remembering how she kicked him too back then, and he gently tells her that they’re going home after retrieving the stolen Tarocco. Pace then notices someone’s shadow in the corridor, but the person already escaped when he opened the door. After Felicita wakes up, they decide to explore the ship before the sun sets. Their first destination is the deck, but they can’t find anyone there. The only thing they find is fur of a white tiger, so Pace takes Felicita back inside before the tiger appears again. As they walk through the corridor, he grabs every apple he can find and eats them until he’s full. At this point they realize there are no skeletons at noon, and there’s a lot of apples in the ship. It doesn’t seem like the ghosts eat them, so he wonders if someone will get angry if he devours everything.

After walking for a while, Fukurota informs them about another presence in the corridor — Joshua. He’s not in his skeleton form, and he introduces himself as a passenger of Vascello Fantasma. Pace’s intuition actually finds Joshua suspicious, but he politely introduces himself in return and goes ヤッタ━ヾ(*´Д`*)ノ゙☆━ン♪ when Felicita introduces herself as “Pace’s lover” LOL. It’s the first time she has ever called him as her lover, and he starts laughing like a pervert until she kicks him. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Joshua chuckles saying they have lively guests, not to mention that both Pace and Felicita are still alive. He explains that Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls who died with regret, and they’ll keep sailing with the ship until their regrets are gone. Those who were buried with love and care have peaceful forms, while those who weren’t are staying in their destroyed human form — skeletons. No matter what kind of form they have, it doesn’t change the fact that Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls. All the passengers are dead. Joshua then excuses himself, leaving Pace and Felicita with no information about their friends. However, he does tell them that ghosts and skeletons are roaming around the ship at night.

Pace and Felicita then return to the deck, where they try to figure out what’s going on. It seems like the ship is holding a deeper secret, so in the end they decide not to think too deeply for now. Or as Pace puts it, they should leave the thinking to Luca and Jolly. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Recently they’ve been busy with security and patrols, so it’s been quite a while since he had a long conversation with Felicita. For some reason, talking to her reminds him of his deceased mother — Caterina. She used to tell Pace to study so he wouldn’t lose to Luca in terms of education, but since he was more interested in eating instead, she gave him a plate of apple strudel to encourage him to study harder. He tells Felicita that Caterina was strict on them, but she was also kind.. and he really enjoyed those nostalgic days they spent with her. When Pace says that Caterina was a really good cook, Felicita replies that she wanted to eat her cooking too — which makes him really happy. He also adds that she should gain more weight like Caterina, so she can have more presence.. or literal broadness. This obviously causes her to kick him again. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

As he takes another bite at an apple, Pace complains that he’s already bored of eating apples. He wants to eat a plate of warm lasagna. Before Felicita could say anything, suddenly they hear a growl nearby.. and the white tiger from yesterday climbs onto the deck. The tiger blocks their way before they could run back inside, but unlike yesterday, Pace takes on the tiger with Felicita providing back-up with her knives. However, the tiger then jumps over Pace and attacks Felicita. Her safety is more important than anything, so Pace quickly punches the tiger away and escapes through a narrow path — carrying Felicita in his arms.

Once they reach a cabin, he blushes and apologizes for hugging her. If you read his mind, he’s thinking about how soft and light she is. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Pace promises to protect Felicita whenever the tiger comes to attack them, going エヘヘ(*´∀`*)ゞ when she tells him that he’s reliable. He feels stronger when she relies on him, so she can always count on him anytime. Mondo told them that Felicita is more important than Tarocco, but Pace has the confidence to protect both of them. He admits that it’s baseless confidence though, so it’s closer to animal instincts. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Felicita finally laughs when Pace trips and falls flat on his face, and despite looking uncool, Pace says it’s the best when Felicita is smiling.

Chapter 3: Between Encounter and Determination

By the time it gets dark, Pace already ate most of the apples inside the ship. They decide to stop exploring for today, and they haven’t found any clues regarding the stolen Tarocco or their friends. It’s strange since they spent the entire day exploring the ship, so Felicita thinks a mysterious force might be keeping them away from everyone else. Pace then takes Felicita to search for a safe cabin they can sleep in for tonight, but along the way, he senses a familiar delicious smell — someone is cooking lasagna! The smell leads them all the way to the cafeteria, and upon entering the place, Pace is shocked to see a figure he thought he’d never see again. It’s his mother — Caterina — cheerfully cooking her trademark lasagna in the kitchen. Since her ghost is sailing with Vascello Fantasma, it means she had a regret when she died. Caterina doesn’t seem to recognize her son though, and she has been cooking here for as long as she could remember. She has no memories beyond that point, and she doesn’t remember what to do other than serving food for everyone who comes to the cafeteria.

When Caterina goes to make more lasagna for them, Felicita wonders if she has lingering attachment towards the world. Pace is just as confused, but he thinks she might be worried about them.. because until the very last second of her life, Caterina was still concerned about him, Debito and Luca. She has a peaceful form due to her proper burial, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a ghost. Knowing that Caterina is worried about him, Pace feels guilty for chaining her onto the ship. She’s probably wondering if he’s doing well with Debito and Luca, and he wants to tell her not to worry. He has Felicita and the family, and he’s surrounded by a lot of good people. He’s not a kid anymore, so he doesn’t want Caterina to stay on the ship. Pace then asks Felicita what to do since he can’t leave his mother here, and she suggests erasing Caterina’s regret by eating her lasagna. If her regret is gone, she should be able to leave the ship and go to heaven. When Pace starts eating her lasagna in tears, Caterina is suddenly hit by a surge of nostalgic feelings. She feels “relieved” as she watches him eat, though all she remembers is that she wanted to feed him more. However, soon they hear the skeletons approaching. Felicita tells Pace to keep eating since it might revive Caterina’s memories, and she goes out to kick their butts alone.

Pace continues eating for a moment, but when he hears Felicita’s scream from outside, he decides to leave and apologizes to Caterina. As soon as he walks out, Caterina gets a splitting headache and collapses. Outside, Pace saves Felicita from the army of skeletons. He already promised to protect her, so he just can’t eat while she’s fighting alone. He uses “Strength” to enhance his power before punching everything in their way, and he takes her to escape to the first floor — where they run into the white tiger again. It chases them all the way to the deck, where he knocks it away with his fists. Unfortunately, the tiger hits the mast. Pace pushes Felicita away just before the mast falls onto her, but sadly he couldn’t dodge it in time. The mast falls onto his feet, knocking his glasses off and trapping him in place. To make it even worse, the tiger is still alive and kicking. Pace then asks Felicita to run, but she refuses to leave him behind. He can’t see anything without his glasses, and he can only hear her scream as the tiger attacks her.. but then an apple falls onto the deck, and the tiger takes it before running away.

After releasing his feet from the mast, Pace apologizes to Felicita for dragging her into danger. He asks her to come closer since he can’t see her, and he hugs her saying she smells nice. She asks why he stopped eating Caterina’s lasagna, and he replies that he can’t keep eating when she’s in danger. Pace noticed that Caterina looked sad when he left, but Felicita is the most important person in his life. Pace loves Caterina too and wants her to go to heaven, but Felicita is more important.. because she’s still alive. After Arcana Duello, he has decided to use his life for her. He can see Caterina again when he dies and goes to heaven, so he’s going to spend his life with the person he loves — believing that his mother will wait patiently. As he looks up to the night sky, he quietly apologizes to Caterina in his heart.

Chapter 4: Two Happiness

That night, Pace has another dream of his past with Felicita. They were eating lasagna together, but she obviously didn’t eat as much and give the leftovers to him. At first he was excited, but then he refused and gave it back to her. He told her that there was a person who fell sick because she gave all the food to him, so she couldn’t receive the lasagna. Luca said it wasn’t his fault that Caterina died, but Pace was still feeling bad until Felicita kicked him — forcing him to eat the lasagna.

When Pace opens his eyes, he finds himself on the deck. Felicita is sleeping next to him, and he can’t move due to his wounded legs. That, and because his glasses are still missing. He doesn’t realize that Ash is watching them from afar, recognizing him as the person who ate all the apples in the ship. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash had a hard time looking for apples thanks to him, and he just can’t forgive the glutton for troubling him so much. Pace actually senses his presence, but he decides to ignore it since he can’t see anything. Felicita wakes up not too long after that, and she helps compressing Pace’s wounded legs with the water Fukurota brought for them. Since Pace can’t move around, Felicita then goes to search for his glasses. Ash uses this chance to approach her, pretending to be civil by apologizing for kidnapping her — tricking her into giving him her name. The moment Felicita reveals her name, Ash immediately knocks her out and uses “The Magician” to take her appearance.

By using Felicita’s appearance, Ash then goes to ask Pace about Tarocco. He accidentally said that he was the one who stole the Tarocco chest, but he covers it up by saying he loves Pace.. and Pace is just too happy to notice what’s going on. Just before Ash could get anything out of him, the real Felicita appears behind them — bringing the glasses with her. As Felicita attacks Ash, Pace receives his glasses back from Fukurota. He’s obviously surprised to see two Felicitas in front of him, and the first thing that pops into his mind is that he has flowers on both hands. His lover has doubled, and he’s happy about it. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Felicita sadly tells him that one of them is a fake, but of course Pace can’t tell them apart. Both of them are cute in his eyes, and she’s definitely not happy to hear this. She asks what he loves from her, and the question makes him realize that he doesn’t love her because of her looks or personality. He loves her for who she is and all the memories they share. The real Felicita can read his heart, and so Pace asks her to see his feelings directly from his heart: “Ojou, I looove you!!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Felicita blushes upon reading this, and Pace punches the fake one — breaking “The Magician”‘s power and forcing Ash to reveal himself.

Pace also notices that Felicita is injured, and he realizes that Ash must’ve attacked her earlier. He can’t forgive Ash for borrowing her apperance, and the anger completely blows the pain away from his legs. When Ash gets up and counters the attack, Felicita fights him together with Pace. Since he don’t have to use his head in this fight, Pace confidently uses “Strength” to enhance his power — defeating Ash in no time with Felicita’s kick. Pace then asks Ash to return Tarocco, and the latter protests saying the cards originally belong to him.. but Pace ignores the poor thing and goes to apologize to Felicita. After what happened earlier, he finally realized what he truly loves from her. Pace is about to say that he loves everything in Felicita, but she mercilessly lands a kick on his face. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Of course he also loves this side of her, so he tells her that he’ll accept everything. Including her deadly kicks. Felicita answers by kicking Pace until he faints, and she happily smiles with Ash going ・・・(´・ω・`;) beside them LOL.

Chapter 5: Heavenly Amore

After recovering from Felicita’s kick, Pace asks if Ash brings Tarocco with him. Ash says he doesn’t, so Pace and Felicita decide to drag him along as they search aimlessly for the cards. When the sun starts going down, Pace says they should get some rest for today since the tiger might return to attack them. Ash only asks them not to worry. The tiger won’t come out anymore, and he knows because.. he’s the tiger. He quickly changes the subject by saying he knows where the cards are, and he didn’t tell them simply because they didn’t ask. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It turns out Ash left Tarocco with Joshua, who should be in the captain’s cabin. At first Ash says he’ll stay outside, but he has no choice since Pace drags him along. Upon seeing Joshua, Pace explains that he’s from Arcana Famiglia and they’re now here to retrieve Tarocco. Joshua feels nostalgic to hear the family name, and he asks if Mondo is doing well. He agrees to return Tarocco to them, but the sun sets before he could finish his sentence. “Justice” takes over his body, saying he’ll return Tarocco after obtaining “Wheel of Fortune” first.

Knowing they have no choice but to fight, Pace and Felicita decide to fight skeleton Joshua from different directions. They take it out onto the deck, where Ash watches in awe as Pace and Felicita move in perfect harmony — with Pace sending commands to Felicita through his heart. At the same time, she can also see him going “I love Ojou!” repeatedly in his heart. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ After a while, “Justice” unleashes its power to send magical spinning wheels towards them. Pace jumps in to protect Felicita from the attack, and when she reads his heart, he’s saying “I protected you.. I’m cool right!? You’re in love right!?” LOL. She immediately goes (´≖ ‸ ≖`) and kicks him, even though the other side of his heart is also groaning in pain. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After receiving “the power of love” from his beloved Felicita, Pace uses “Strength” to crush the ground — finally bringing Joshua down. Their friends arrive soon after that, explaining that Joshua is Mondo’s son. Before calling out to “The Lovers”, Felicita asks Pace to come with her. “Strength” enhances “The Lovers” as Pace hugs Felicita from behind, and she calls out to her Arcana. “The Lovers” already knows about what’s going on, and it apologizes for what “Justice” did to Joshua. It’s been stuck in a reversed position ever since Joshua’s death, but Tarocco aren’t allowed to possess their holders no matter what. “The Lovers” then uses its power to restore “Justice” to the right position, finally releasing Joshua from its possession.

As all the souls in the ship fly to heaven, both Felicita and Pace see Caterina’s soul leaving the ship with a smile. Before the light disappears from the sky, Pace tells Caterina that he’s going to visit her grave once they return to Regalo.. and Felicita adds that she’s going to come with him. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。 Pace then asks where everyone has disappeared to in the last two days, but it turns out everyone regrouped not too long after the fog warped them away. They stayed calm and assessed the situation carefully, though they all know Pace probably walked around looking for food. Which is confirmed true by Felicita. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Noticing that Ash seems curious about them, Jolly invites Ash to join Arcana Famiglia. Even if he refuses, they’re still going to take him to Regalo anyway. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pace asks Ash to eat lasagna together once they reach Regalo, but when Ash says he’s interested in Felicita, Pace immediately stops him. Felicita belongs to him, and he belongs to her. As they sail back to Regalo, Pace whispers to Felicita that he loves her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪


Just as he promised, Pace goes to visit Caterina’s grave after returning to Regalo. He asks if she’s sleeping peacefully right now, and he apologizes for not finishing her lasagna back in the ship. He loves her, but he didn’t want to lose Felicita. He doesn’t want to experience misery anymore, like he did when she passed away. Soon Felicita comes to the grave as well, saying she wants to pray for Caterina. Pace can still remember her death and funeral, but he knows that being forgotten is even sadder than dying.. so he will always remembers his mother whenever he eats lasagna. Realizing that he hasn’t introduced Felicita to Caterina, Pace then tells Caterina that Felicita is a very important person to him. Caterina is smiling up in heaven, and they can hear her asking if they’re really close. Pace doesn’t want her mother to worry anymore, so he decides to prove it by kissing Felicita in front of his mother’s grave. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Pace asks Felicita to look up so Caterina will be able to see her face, and he says that he loves her lips more than anythig in this world — even more than his mother’s lasagna. Here in front of Caterina’s grave, Pace makes a vow that he will always protect Felicita for as long as he lives. Then he says he loves her and kisses her again.


Ever since they returned to Regalo, Pace and Felicita have been eating together everyday — spreading ラブラブ aura in the dining hall. Ash asks if it’s okay for them to behave that way, and Nova rages since they’re both division heads. It’s not okay for them to lose themselves. They have to think about their subordinates as well. Nova then barges in to warn them about this, but Pace teasingly asks if he’s jealous. Pace then invites Felicita to have meals together in their rooms instead, and Nova keeps raging at them for not understanding the problem.. until Sumire walks into the dining hall. She just sent Mondo off earlier, and she decides to sit beside Nova since it’d be lonely to eat alone. Nova turns red and replies with a soft “yes, Mama”, and he tells Pace to shut up when the latter asks about his strict expression when he warned them earlier. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Sumire gets excited when she sees Pace and Felicita feeding each other, so she decides to do the same with Nova — who gladly plays along. He asks Pace not to look at his blushing face, while Felicita is going ( ಠ_ಠ ) beside them. Meanwhile, Ash is watching everything in disbelief outside. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!


One day, Luca comes raging at Pace for ordering so many lasagna whenever he goes to eat with Felicita. She’s been watching her weight recently, and she refuses to eat her favorite lemon pie thanks to this — erasing Luca’s enjoyment of having tea time with her. Pace never forces Felicita though, he just told her that he loves girls who eat a lot. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Debito says Felicita is just too kind to refuse the food Pace ordered for her, so she holds back and keeps eating even if she’s already full. When Pace asks what he should do, Luca immediately bans him from taking Felicita out for a meal.. which he refuses immediately. Another way is to reduce his meal portion, but it sounds just as hard for him. Before Pace could figure out what to do, Liberta walks in saying recently Felicita has been getting really worked up during training. She completely kicks his ass until he couldn’t move anymore, and yet she’s still asking him to keep going — mentioning that she’s working out after lunch. Dante notices that Felicita has been building muscles recently, so it’s just a matter of time until she becomes tough like him. Σ Σ Σ (´д` lll) Luca immediately rejects the idea, and Pace replies that Felicita wouldn’t become brawny like Dante. However, Pace doesn’t realize that Felicita is already standing behind him. She completely misunderstands his words, asking what he means by saying she’s “like Dante” LOL. Pace tries to escape, but Felicita chases after him and sends a spin kick towards him. Just then Jolly enters the dining hall, explaining that the calories from one plate of lasagna is the same as an hour’s worth of Felicita’s kick.. so Pace should reap what he sow by becoming her kicking sandbag. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Pace’s route in the first game was sad, but he’s absolutely adorkable.. so I walked into his Vascello Fantasma route hoping to see cute moments. It didn’t betray my expectations since this route is indeed cute, but did any of you expect to see Caterina here? I didn’t, and from then I feel like tearing up whenever Pace talks about his mother. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 The last scene with Caterina was so touching, and I’m glad that she can finally rest in peace. As you can see, Pace also gets a kiss CG here. Not to mention it comes with HOT kissing sounds, all thanks to Sugita. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He has nice endings too, ranging from the sweet ending 1 to the epic crack that was ending 3. Good luck maintaining your figure while dating him, Felicita. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ


4 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majustsuhi – Pace

  1. You know, I love the childhood trio so much that they’re my top three 8D
    Pace is secondddd. 8D Oh so adorkable hehe. He doesn’t mind Felicita’s kicks which I’m glad because most guys probably wouldn’t be able to stand it huhu xD;
    The moment with Caterina was so sad, and gahh Pace the reason why you eat so much lasagna, is it because you always want to remind yourself about Caterina? ;v;
    I love Caterina, she’s such a caring mother. She even fell sick because she gave most of her food to Pace, it shows she loves him very much QwQ
    I love it everytime he says “I love you Ojouuu~” (⌒▽⌒)♡ Oh Pace why are you so dorky ♥ And he risks a lot for Felicita even his time with his mother, he really treasures her a lot ♡
    I’ll be looking out for Debito-kun soon ;D I hope he’s still very sexy 8D

    • The childhood trio have the best bond in the entire game. They understand each other a LOT. Even more than Felicita. So far Pace is the only one who accepts Felicita’s kicks so willingly, as the other guys (even Luca) will either complain or cry if she kicks them LOL. Pace is a natural glutton, so he eats a lot by nature.. but his favorite food is lasagna because Caterina often made it for him when she was still alive. I love Caterina too. She cares a lot about the kids. Not only her own son, but for Luca and Debito too. They had a hard time living in poverty, but he was happy thanks to her. ;www; I’m sure Caterina wouldn’t mind Pace choosing Felicita over him, she’s very kind.

      • Of course it’s to be expected, they’ve spent so much time with each other already. 8D
        Haha yes but Luca is cute when he cries xD /shot
        Yes, Caterina is the best mom ever~ xD But I didn’t know she also took care of Luca and Debito! But I guess I should’ve known because they were childhood friends after all. OAO Caterina’s love for Pace is very obvious, Felicita is lucky to have such a kind mother-in-lawww (if they ever get married huhu) ;v;

        • Yeah, but not all childhood friends can understand each other that much. Misunderstandings will happen regardless, so when it never happens.. you know how much they understand each other. Even when one of them is being vague, the others can tell what’s going on in his head. That’s awesome. 8D Oh, and yeah Caterina took care of Luca and Debito. She lived in the church with Pace, and Debito (orphan) was taken in by the church. Luca lived in the mansion, but he often comes to stay with them. :3 I seriously hope Pace marries Felicita and his curse is lifted. I’d rage and flip all the tables around if he dies before the age of 30. ;_____;

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