Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Debito

Similarly to the first game, Debito’s route is filled with confusing moments which eventually lead to a touching final scene. The key here is to trust Debito despite his questionable actions, and remember — there’s a reason behind everything.

Debito is the leader of “Coins”, 23 years old. He’s very popular among the ladies of Regalo, mostly due to his “dangerous” aura and the fact that he loves flirting. His real interest actually lies in gambling though, as he loves seeking thrills and good at observing people. Debito has always been gentle towards Felicita, and his attitude becomes even softer after they became a couple. He’s the holder of “The Hermit”, with the power of concealing himself. He fights with dual guns.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Disorder

The fog warps Felicita to the cafeteria, and she wakes up only with Fukurota beside her. She flinches in fear upon hearing a sound from the door, but soon Debito shows himself — telling her that it was just the wind. After apologizing for surprising her, Debito teasingly tells Felicita that the fog has allowed them to be alone. He actually wants to have luxurious dinner and sleep on a clean bed, but they can see spider webs hanging in the corner of the room.. so they can’t expect much. Noticing that Felicita is scared, Debito takes her to take a peek at the corridor. She’s obviously shocked to see a lot of skeletons roaming around, and he teases her by asking if she recognizes anyone. They actually don’t look like normal skeletons for him, but he thinks his imagination must be playing tricks on him. He’s also irked by the sound of clacking bones, and he tells her that he must be hated by the ship. Just then a friendly voice greets them, and Caterina appears — asking them not to be so wary. There are dangerous souls on board, but she’s a good ghost. She also mentions that she went out to gaze at a “nostalgic scenery” earlier, which confirms that she’s indeed the person Debito knew. Caterina is Pace’s mother, and the nostalgic place she saw is the island of Regalo.

Since Felicita is confused, Debito tells her that Caterina was the person who raised him. Caterina doesn’t remember him though, and he finds it normal since he looks nothing like he used to be. He also makes it clear that Caterina isn’t his ex-girlfriend, but he has slept with her in the past.. along with Pace and Luca. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Caterina laughs upon hearing this, and ladykillers like him reminds her of the past. She used to be a “flower” in the society, attending dance parties every night. Caterina still remembers some parts of her life, but she knows that she’s forgetting something really important. She has a lingering attachment towards something — or someone — she can’t remember, and that’s why she’s chained down onto the ship. Realizing that Caterina is talking about Pace, Debito tells her that she might be able to leave the ship soon. He then turns around and asks if Felicita is still scared, but she doesn’t feel nervous anymore thanks to him. Debito jokingly replies that Felicita is growing into a smooth talker, since her answer makes him really happy. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Back to their mission, Debito asks Caterina if there’s an “insolent brat” on the ship. She knows that he’s referring to Ash, so she tells them that Ash has always lived in the ship. He only has souls like her to talk to, so his definition of common sense might be different than most people. Caterina tells them that Ash might be in the captain’s cabin, though she doesn’t know his activities at noon. Ghosts like her can only move around at night, and they go to sleep when the sun rises. Debito then asks for a map of the ship and some food, but as soon as Caterina floats away to search for them, he says he’s glad to meet her here.. because he doesn’t want to leave Felicita alone. Felicita is surprised to hear this, but Debito only asks her to stay in the cafeteria and wait until he returns. Noticing that Felicita is upset, Debito says it’s not because he thinks of her as a hindrance. He asks her to trust him, and from reading his heart, she learns that he’s planning to use “The Hermit” to conceal his presence and retrieve Tarocco. It’s a dangerous move, and that’s why he doesn’t want to take her along. He asks her to forgive him because it’s necessary for them to go home, so she finally gives in and lets him go.

Before vanishing, Debito gives one of his guns to Felicita as a charm.. but she refuses. He jokingly asks if she wants to stay with him instead of keeping his gun, or maybe she’s worried if he only has one weapon. Debito admits he feels embarrassed if Felicita is worrying about him, but then he explains that he won’t use his guns anyway — loud sounds will only attract the skeletons. He asks her not to look so worried, because he feels relieved if she’s keeping his gun. If she fires the gun towards the sea, someone should hear it and come to see her — it’s a handy charm. Besides, she won’t be lonely since Caterina and Fukurota will keep her company. Debito then promises to return by dawn, and he leaves after asking Felicita to get some rest. She’s still wondering if she’s being a hindrance, but Caterina comforts her by saying keeping quiet is also a form of love. Caterina herself remembers experiencing the same thing back when she was still alive. Debito already promised to return, so for now Felicita should believe in him. After that Caterina serves some food, and Felicita eats dinner while holding onto Debito’s gun.

Chapter 2: Unseen Feelings

Just as he promised, Debito already returned to the cafeteria when Felicita wakes up. She welcomes him back, and he teasingly asks her to say “welcome back, my husband.” イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Debito didn’t sleep all night since he always has a hard time sleeping, and he didn’t want to look bad in front of Felicita. He assures her that he’ll get some rest once they return to the mansion, but eventually he agrees to take a nap on the condition that she will be there beside him when he wakes up. She’s free to go out in the meantime, and he asks her to look for other food supplies if she leaves the cafeteria. The moment Felicita walks out, Debito whispers that “their” groans are still ringing on his ears. Debito knows Felicita notices that there’s something wrong with him, and that’s why she left him alone. Up until now he managed to hide everything from her, and now he feels so pathetic for being so half-assed.

Right in front of the cafeteria, Felicita runs into Ash. He says she did a great job snatching Tarocco from him just in one night, but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ash then asks Felicita to come with him, explaining that he needs her power. He tells her that he’s interested in the power of Tarocco, which is the opposite force of Vascello Fantasma, but he doesn’t have enough time to explain right now. All that he can say is that Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls who died with regrets. If she wants to know more, then she should help him first — it’s equivalent trade. However, both Ash and Felicita are unaware that Debito has been watching them. Before Ash could finish his sentence, Debito appears and asks him not to bug Felicita without permission. Ash only laughs saying he should tie Felicita with a rope if she’s that important to him, and Debito answers that possessive men will never be popular. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When he asks if Ash’s explanation earlier was true, Ash adds that there’s a lot of sinful souls on this ship. A part of Debito feels that he’s also a sinner, but even more than that, he feels irritated. Both because the ghosts are bothering him with their voices.. and because he recognizes them. At first he thought he was just seeing things, but he wasn’t. He really knows them, and Ash’s explanation has confirmed his suspicion. Debito takes out his gun as he breaks into a laughing fit, and Ash escapes knowing he’s facing a dangerous person.

After Ash leaves, Felicita asks Debito to look at her. This brings him back to his senses, but he still feels awful about what he just learned. He doesn’t want to see anything other than her, and he hugs her to feel her warmth. Debito quietly whispers that he’s not interested in ghosts and skeletons, and he says it’s better to have one gun after all.. so he keep Felicita in his other arm. She tells him that it’s not like him to say these things, but he replies that he’s behaving like usual — seducing a woman with his sweet words. Debito then asks if Felicita is still keeping “the thing” he gave her yesterday, and he asks her to take a good care of it. Of course he’s talking about his gun, but Ash — who’s spying on them from afar — gets the wrong idea and thinks that Debito has handed Tarocco to Felicita. Tarocco is a valuable “negotiation tool” for him, and he’s going to get it back.

From there, Felicita and Debito go to a cabin on the first floor. When she cuts up some apples for him, he says she’s going to be a good wife in the future. He also says that he’d never lie to her, and when she gives him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look, he tells her that she’s the one who lied. He didn’t find her beside him when he woke up earlier, though he followed her out of worry instead of sleeping. Despite his elusive words, Debito actually feels bad for lying to Felicita. He then takes out some crushed amaretti for her, and he accidentally drops the Tarocco cards from his pocket. As he picks them up, he mutters that his condition might have been better if only the cards don’t exist. Felicita holds Debito’s hand when he goes to sleep, but sadly it’s not enough to erase his worries. All he wants for now is only for her to be by his side when he wakes up.

Chapter 3: The Scariest Thing

In his dream, Debito is seeing a fragment of his past. Back when he was young, he killed a traitor in a dark back alley. He used “The Hermit” to keep himself hidden, and he said goodbye before shooting the man dead. Before he died, the man said that he will never forget the one-eyed man who killed him. Debito coldly said it’s meaningless since the man’s dead anyway, and he’s going to forget what happened tomorrow. Back in the present, Debito wakes up from his dream feeling terrible. The ghosts from his past keep on haunting him, and their voices are stuck on his ears. After a while, Felicita also opens her eyes in shock. She tells him that she heard the sound of gunshot, which means they both saw the same dream — she just didn’t see it as clear as he did. Debito doesn’t want anything scary to happen anymore since Felicita looks really pale, but soon he senses an obvious killing intent nearby. He then throws Felicita’s knives towards the door, revealing that Ash is standing on the other side.

Ash asks Debito to return Tarocco to him, but instead of giving it back, Debito throws them towards Felicita. They run out of the cabin with Ash chasing after them, telling them that the cards originally belong to him. Debito finds it fun because it distracts his mind away from his past, and he teasingly asks if Felicita loves him — leaving Ash completely confused. However, their fun time comes to an end when the skeletons start spawning on the deck. The moment Debito shoots the skeletons in their way, Felicita remembers the gunshot in her dream. Noticing that she’s shivering, he immediately thinks that his gunshot scared her. He takes her back inside, and they escape into an incredibly messy cabin on the second floor. He asks if the sound of gunshot scared her that much, but then he tells her not to answer — blaming himself for scaring her. As he sits beside Felicita, Debito takes off his dirty eyepatch and starts cleaning it. He doesn’t bring any spares with him, so he’s going to wear it again since he doesn’t want to reveal his right eye. Without an eyepatch, he keeps remembering bitter memories from his past.

Here, Felicita admits that she finds the sound of clacking bones scarier than the sound of gunshot. Somehow she got used to the ghosts thanks to Caterina, but she can’t stand the skeletons after all. Debito says it’d be nice if there are nice skeletons too, but sadly all the skeletons on this ship are vengeful souls. He kisses her before wearing his eyepatch again, apologizing for causing so many scary memories for her. It turns out Debito actually knew that Felicita is scared of ghosts, since Luca wouldn’t stop telling them about his beloved ojou-sama. Felicita answers that she wants Debito to know more about her from now on, and he gladly agrees since they have a lot to discover from each other. Debito then takes out one of his guns — which is now empty — and hands it to Felicita, asking her to keep it with her. It has a different meaning when she’s holding onto his gun, and it’s just like a charm for himself. He asks if she’s scared of him, and he smiles when she says no.

That night, after Felicita falls asleep, Debito is thinking about his past again. He whispers that he’s always been a good liar, not to mention that he has a good memory as well. Up to the point where it’s torturing him.

Chapter 4: Porta Fortuna

The next morning, Debito and Felicita are examining the cabin. They find a lot of articles regarding Vascello Fantasma, and some are so old they can’t even read the date anymore. From the articles, they can conclude that the ship has been handed down for generations. While the cabin is messy, Debito noticed that there are no dust on the articles. Someone must have examined the cabin before they did, so they can take it easy — their friends will make sure they can go home. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He already fulfilled the task by retrieving Felicita and Tarocco, but he finds it weird how they never ran into everyone else. They’re thinking of going to the deck when they hear the familiar sound of a bazooka from above, and he takes her to meet up with their friends upstairs. However, Debito suddenly starts hearing eerie footsteps along the way. It’s still bright outside and Felicita doesn’t see anything, but he’s clearly seeing something she couldn’t see. When she asks him what happened, he finally tells her that he’s been seeing ghosts of the people he used to know. Or rather, the people he killed in the past. They welcomed him when he stepped onto the ship, and they’re invisible to everyone else. He’s the only one who can see them and hear their voices, and they keep haunting him no matter how many times he kills them.

Since no one else can see the ghosts, Debito is also the only one who can fight them. Felicita feels sad that she can’t do anything to help, but her words alone are more than enough for him. Soon they hear another footsteps, and Nova comes to inform them that Dante is currently fighting a suspicious being on the deck. He asks them to follow him, but Debito only asks him to take care of Felicita and runs off to a completely different direction. After telling Felicita NOT to chase after him, Nova explains that Dante is going to the captain’s cabin, while Jolly is moving towards the power reactor — both planning to steer the ship back to Regalo. Everyone had a hard time regrouping thanks to the fog, so now they’re moving in pairs or groups. Not too long after that, Pace comes looking for them. Nova scolds him for running around by himself, but apparently he ran away because both Jolly and Luca are going キラ—ヽ(☆∀☆)ノ—ン♪ upon seeing the power reactor LOL.

Pace then asks if this Felicita is the real one, since Ash has been using “The Magician” to trick them by transforming into different people. Just then Debito appears, asking what “fake” are they talking about. He apologizes when Nova scolds him for running off earlier, and he asks Felicita to return “the thing” he gave her before. Of course Felicita gives him the gun, and this surprises him since it’s not the thing he’s looking for. Beside them, Pace gasps in shock since it’s the first time Debito has ever handed his gun to someone. One of his subordinates in “Coins” touched his gun before, and the poor thing got kicked for doing that.. because as Nova puts it, your weapon is your other half. Before “Debito” could make his escape, the real Debito appears behind them — protesting that they said too much. Nova immediately realizes that they’ve been talking to a fake Debito, but since Pace doesn’t get it, Debito tells him to use his “useless” glasses as plates for sweets. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also tells Nova that he won’t grow taller no matter how many times he looks at his reflection on his katana, to which Nova replies with “..the fake won’t be able to copy this foul mouth” LOL. Realizing that Felicita doesn’t have Tarocco, Ash takes off the disguise and escapes — telling them to do whatever they want until the sun sets. When Felicita asks if the gun isn’t just for a charm, Debito doesn’t answer and remains silent. He also shuts Pace up to make sure the latter doesn’t reveal that he’s actually embarrassed. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Just then they hear Dante’s bazooka again, and they rush upstairs to find the deck completely covered in fog. As they’re trying to see through their clouded vision, Debito notices that Joshua — possessed, but still in his human form — is approaching them. After asking Felicita to use the gun when necessary, he tells Joshua that those who are already dead should stop bugging people who are still alive. Ash also comes to the deck and tries to talk to Joshua, but Joshua only says that he can’t remember the most important thing for him — just like Caterina. When Joshua mentions that he needs “Wheel of Fortune”, Debito takes out Tarocco saying he can throw them into the sea right now. He doesn’t care what Ash says, he just wants everything to be over before it gets dark. Unfortunately for Ash, Liberta soon comes and Debito puts him in charge of fighting Ash. Debito shoots Joshua before he could lay a finger on Felicita, and Joshua retreats saying he’ll be back to obtain Tarocco.

Flipping through the Tarocco cards, Debito wonders if he really should throw them into the sea. He’s trapped in his past because of them, and he doesn’t need their power either. They’re only chaining him down, and he just wants to be saved. He then asks for Felicita’s opinion, and just as he expected, she says throwing them away is useless. As Tarocco holders, they have no choice but to accept it. Debito sadly wonders if he’ll end up in Vascello Fantasma too if he dies, and he’s afraid that he won’t remember Felicita if that happens.. because everyone who rides the ship forgets their most important thing. Debito then uses “The Hermit” and disappears with the wind, leaving Felicita to cry alone. Luca and Pace know Debito only wants to look cool in front of Felicita, but she vows to kick him when she finds him. Luca gives her some barrels to take out her anger on, and upon seeing her kicking them without mercy, Pace asks Debito to return as soon as possible. For his own sake. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Chapter 5: Stain It Red

When it gets dark, Debito is seeing more fragments of his past. He was hunting down a traitor with a man named Karel, who is also a part of the family. Karel commented that he wasted bullets by shooting their target multiple times, and Debito answered that he wanted to make sure their target is really dead. Karel then told Debito that this mission is a top secret, and they need to keep it hidden even from Mondo — carrying it to their graves. It’s necessary to protect the family and Debito himself, as those who are dead won’t be able to say anything.. or so they thought. The ghosts are still haunting Debito on the ship, and he asks if they have something to say. He starts laughing as he shoots them one by one, until the possessed Joshua appears saying they don’t have the ability to think anymore. “Justice” can’t see Joshua’s wish either, and it only has one objective — Tarocco. Debito doesn’t want to hand them to him, and so he’s going to throw the cards away.. but Felicita comes to stop him just in time. She knocks the cards off his hands with her knife, and Joshua quickly takes them before disappearing.

Debito then says it’s time for the souls to come out, not to mention he’s on the brink of betraying the family by throwing away Tarocco. He asks if Felicita isn’t scared, but she tells him that she can’t just abandon the man she loves. Debito is happy to hear this, but sadly he also tells her that he has lost his objective. The current him is only wandering aimlessly, just like the ghosts on this ship. Debito then asks Felicita to wait with their friends as he goes to fight the ghosts, that way she wouldn’t get in his way. However, she calmly answers that she’s not that weak. She doesn’t budge even after hearing his harsh words, so he eventually gives in and asks her to help. Felicita follows Debito as he goes to fight Joshua, who already turns into a skeleton by now. Despite everything he had to go through, Debito tells Joshua that he doesn’t think his actions are rong. He became a research object for Tarocco, stained his hands with blood, killed those who betrayed the family and saw people falling into darkness at work.. but he doesn’t regret anything, because he has no choice but to accept them. “Justice” eventually releases its Arcana power on Felicita, but she dodges it and Debito uses “The Hermit” to unleash an icicle rain on Joshua — defeating him.

At the end of the fight, Debito admits that he was always thinking of ways to forget all the bad things in his life.. but Felicita has changed him. He was afraid that she’d run away after learning about his past, but then he realized that she has seen his worst moments before Arcana Duello. She gave him the life he gave up on, and he’s enjoying her days with her until the ghosts come to disturb their peace. They already defeated Joshua, and yet the ghosts are still haunting him. Debito knows he can’t look away from them anymore, and he asks Felicita to help him with her power. She doesn’t want to see him suffering any further, so she calls out to “The Lovers” — who comments that “The Hermit” was so foolish. He didn’t realize that the answer he’s looking for has been standing beside him all along. “The Lovers” also explains that the ghosts are actually illusions bound by Debito’s regret, and that’s why he’s the only one who can see them. After telling Debito about this, Felicita asks him to look at her and the future from now on. He laughs saying he won’t be able to look away from her, and he asks her to look at him as well to make it fair. As he thanks her for saving him, Joshua is released from “Justice” and goes to heaven with the other souls in the ship. Including the souls from Debito’s past. He doesn’t feel as bad upon remembering that Caterina is there too, though he can’t see them due to the bright light. Debito then says the light looks red in his eyes, and Felicita tells him that her hair is red too — stopping him from linking the color with blood. He answers that her cheeks are also red, and she blushes when he kisses her.

After retrieving Tarocco from the captain’s cabin, Debito and Felicita join their friends back on the deck. Jolly is thinking of taking Vascello Fantasma for the family, and he ignores Ash — who’s now tied up — when the poor thing tries to protest. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Luca asks if they’re alright, but Debito says he should be more worried about the “rich” atmosphere that flows between him and Felicita. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Ash looks relieved when Debito tells him that Joshua already went to heaven, but that’s only until Debito says Ash owes him one. He can choose between getting dumped into the sea, or becoming Regalo’s livestock. Jolly is interested in taking him as an apprentice, but Debito is also willing to take him as a younger brother in “Coins” — making sure he’s working hard. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Debito then holds out his hand, asks Felicita to go home together.


Ever since they returned to Regalo, Debito has been occupied with work. Felicita isn’t happy about this, so she eventually decides to visit his office one day. She asks if he doesn’t have anything to say to her, and he jokingly asks if she wants him to report his dinner menu today. He actually knows they haven’t got the chance to go on a date, but he decided to tease her by pulling back for a while. When Debito says it’s how adults play their games, Felicita decides to take things further by grabbing his clothes — pulling him closer. He asks if she wants to stop him from treating her like a kid, but he admits that he didn’t see it coming. Debito finds it fun to chase after Felicita, and now he can’t tell who’s playing with who anymore. Felicita then asks Debito to say that he loves her, and he answers that he’s serious about her. Debito then kisses Felicita saying he loves her, admitting that he’s happy to see her chasing after him. He won’t give her to anyone else, and he gives her a kiss mark to let people know that she belongs to him.. then he asks her to give him one too. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン


Since Ash keeps refusing to make a choice, Debito tells him to stop being so stubborn and choose already. It’s between working under him or becoming Jolly’s second apprentice. Since Ash refuses to work under someone as “weak” as Luca, they’re going to determine who’s the strongest between them today. Meanwhile, Debito is going to enjoy the show with Pace and Felicita — who comes with a cute lunchbox for him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When he eats an apple from the lunchbox and starts spreading ラブラブ aura around them, Luca rages saying he doesn’t want to train Ash in front of the happy couple LOL. Debito doesn’t care though, and he asks Felicita to bet over who’s the strongest. The choices are only Ash and “probably” Luca, so the poor guy will run away in tears no matter what you choose — trampling over Ash in the process. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The match ends in a draw, and it’s only until everyone left that Felicita reveals that she did it on purpose. Debito is impressed, and he tells her that she has much more influence than she thinks. She changed him, and it doesn’t seem like he can let her go anymore. He laughs when she turns red, and he continues their いちゃいちゃ time by feeding her. (❤ฺ→艸←)


In order to know each other better, Felicita asks Debito to do an exchange diary with her. He gladly accepts her request, and she sends the diary via Fukurota after writing her first entry. At first Debito is shocked to see how cute and flowery Felicita’s entry is, so much that he’s seeing a flower field in front of his eyes, but he decides to play along and writes an entry too. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After a few days, Debito notices that Felicita’s entries are gradually calming down. Recently she keeps writing about household chores, such as making sweets and tea. He returns the diary via Fukurota, and this continues for a while. What Debito doesn’t know is that Felicita already got bored of the exchange diary, and she gave it to Luca — who writes about his everyday activities simply because “someone” always replies to them. From the way he writes, Luca actually thinks Debito is a girl. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Pace gets excited when he learns about this, and the next entry Debito receives says: “Lasagna 30 plates delicious” LOL. Unlike his correspondence with Luca, Debito immediately recognizes the filthy handwriting as Pace’s. A few days later, Nova writes a poem for a “noble lady” in the diary.. and Fukurota takes it into Sumire’s room. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Debito and Felicita are watching this in amusement, wondering why everyone can keep writing even though they don’t know who they’re writing to. Or rather, they can keep writing because they DON’T know who they’re writing to. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Wow, I feel really bad for Debito after clearing this route. Just when his right eye finally stops hurting, he has to deal with all the dead people from his past. Not to mention he was used to carry out all the dirty jobs, just because he has the ability to conceal himself. Σ Σ Σ (´д` lll) This route is pretty depressing up until chapter 4, because Debito keeps vanishing and acting on his own.. but you can’t blame him after everything he had to go through. His vague actions might have hurt Felicita at some points, but in the end he always listens to her. He didn’t do this back in the first game, and that shows how much he has changed since then. Seriously, I just want Debito to never suffer again and have a happy, peaceful life with Felicita. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

…so in the end they never explained anything about the woman from Debito’s past. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

2 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Debito

  1. W-woman?! Σ(´・ω・ ` ;)え?
    Yes, Debito’s route seems to be depressing ;v; Even the first game was depressing… OTL But Debito is seriously hot with his fringe over his eye (≧v≦ 人)♡♪ Personally I think this one shows more of Debito’s sweet side, but with the whole “Bambina” thing I guess I was expecting more of sexy than romantic. Not that romantic is bad 8D Especially the part where the fake Debito left and he was embarrassed \(//∇//)\ Oh yes the gun thing was so precious!! Asdfghjkl
    Oh yeah and ending 3 was all LOLs because that diary XD Roflmao Luca is so cute, then Pace and even Nova wrote in it!! XD Ahaha then Felicita is so awesome, getting bored easily! Yeahh~
    Ending 1 was hot 8D I’ll make a kiss mark on Debito too– /shot orz
    Ending 2 was hilarious omg Luca got bullied again I’m sorry Luca your crying is too adorable (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Roflmao and Luca even trampled over Ash that was funny xD Aww, a cute bento?! That’s like a moe killer move for me, Felicita quick become a guy 8D /shot
    The endings were enjoyable, but I wish Debito wouldn’t have such depressing routes orz I also would like to have more oozing sexiness from him please xD Yay for new fandisk! Is it just minigames, like Hakuouki Yuugiroku (or something like that)? Or are there more sweet moments? QwQ I personally hope it’s the latter~

    • Yeah, a woman. Not his ex or anything though, since Debito was just a kid back then and the woman was already an adult. From my Arcana Debito post:

      ” In his dream, a woman says she wants to “erase any person who has the chance” and Jolly is laughing calmly beside her. The identity of the woman remains a mystery up until the end though. (´・ω・`A;)”

      This woman’s identity was never explained, so I was hoping we’d get an explanation in the fandisk.. but apparently not? LOL oh well, as long as Debito is happy all is good. 8D Also, not gonna lie, if Felicita becomes a guy she’d probably become my favorite. Quiet and doesn’t talk much, but takes action when necessary. Sounds good. (*´∀`*)

      As for Festa Regalo, it will be a.. cooking game. 8D;
      Sounds like it’d be similar to Hakuouki Yuugiroku, but they also have individual prologue / epilogue, and Yomi-sensei is drawing moar non-chibi CGs for us. I’m completely biased though, and I will gladly eat any Arcana game HuneX throws at us. :3c

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