Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Dante

Most of you are probably thinking that Dante is a creepy old man who’s dating his boss’ daughter, but seriously.. give the poor guy a chance. I can’t stress this enough, since Dante is just a novice when it comes to love. Don’t hate him, OK?

Dante is the Executive Head and leader of the intelligence division. He used to be a pirate, but he joined the family a long time ago and has been working for Mondo ever since. He the most reliable person in the family, but he also has a high sense of humor. While he treasures Felicita, Dante’s affection often causes him to treat her like a kid. Dante is the holder of “The Emperor”, with the power of brainwashing his opponents. He’s 38 and wields a bazooka in battle.

Chapter 1: The Emperor’s Lover

The fog warps Felicita and Dante to a messy cabin on the second floor of the ship. The first thing she does upon waking up is to ask about what he’s doing, and he smiles saying she should worry about herself more. There’s a map of the ship hanging on the wall, from which he learns that they’re currently boarding the infamous ghost ship. Dante admits that he was shocked to find an unconscious Felicita beyond the fog earlier, and she blushes when he says he’s glad to see her unharmed. Before she woke up, he already learned a few things by examining the cabin. He found an unfamiliar sign on the chart of the ocean, and he tells her that it’s a letter used in Nord — his home country. Which means Vascello Fantasma is originally from Nord, and the person who is in charge of the ship must be a resident of the cursed land. He wants to save that person. Vascello Fantasma came to Regalo because of Tarocco, and it’s his responsibility as a Tarocco holder to help those who are in pain no matter who they are.

Noticing that Felicita doesn’t seem pleased about this, Dante says it shouldn’t be too hard to find out the ship owner’s intentions, as well as escaping from the ship itself. They hold the power of the Major Arcana, so ghosts or skeletons should be no match for them. Dante assures Felicita that they won’t stay long in this ship, because his finds it most comfortable to stay in Regalo. When Felicita says she finds it most comfortable to stay beside Dante, he calmly takes back what he said and answers that he loves it the most when she’s smiling beside him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Just then the sound of footsteps is heard from outside, and Dante takes a peek to find Ash walking through the corridor — probably searching for them. He wants Felicita to know there are other ways to settle things aside from using their Arcana power, so he decides to go out and talk to Ash. He leaves the cabin door slightly open when he walks out, asking her to keep an eye on them from inside.

Out in the corridor, Dante greets Ash by shooting his bazooka at the unsuspecting thing. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since Ash keeps calling him “bald old man”, he introduces himself and asks Ash to fix his attitude LOL. When Ash protests about his rough “greeting”, Dante says a ship made in Nord wouldn’t drown so easily. Besides, he only fired his bazooka to make a loud sound. Noticing that Ash is surprised, Dante tells him that every sailor should know about Vascello Fantasma. Dante then asks about what ties Ash onto the ship, but Ash answers that he’s the rightful “successor” of the ship — he’s here on his own will. Ash also notices that Felicita has been watching them nearby, and he mockingly says she’s just a “decoration” which is useful for his negotiation.. but she calmly replies that she has nothing to say to a thief like him. Dante tells her it might be too early to label Ash as a thief though, and he quickly stops both of them from fighting with each other. Since Ash keeps claiming that Tarocco belongs to his family, Dante asks him to exchange information with them to eliminate misunderstandings. Unfortunately, the skeletons suddenly start appearing before they get any chance to talk. Dante tries to stop Ash from leaving, but Ash says they just can’t continue talking anymore in this situation. Ash calls Dante as Felicita’s stubborn “dad” before escaping, and Felicita angrily yells at him for being so rude.

Dante then takes Felicita to escape into the cabin, where he points out that Ash now has a stigmata on his neck. Sumire should be able to talk to “The Magician”, but since she’s not around, they don’t know anything about its power and the compensation it will take from Ash. They have to report this to Mondo and Sumire, though Dante knows Ash probably would refuse to come with them. Felicita is still pissed about what Ash said earlier, but Dante doesn’t mind as much — he’s happy that she got angry in his place. She’s not happy to see him acting like her guardian though, so eventually he decides to just accept her feelings and thanks her. Noticing that Felicita looks tired, Dante then asks her to get some rest for tonight. Since the cabin is pretty dusty, he hands his mantle to her so she can use it to cover herself. Later on, Felicita wakes up to find Dante examining some documents about the ship. He apologizes for waking her up, and she asks him to get some rest as well.. but he asks her not to worry and go back to sleep — promising that he’ll protect her from danger when she’s asleep. After Felicita closes her eyes, Dante whispers that he actually knows about her dissatisfaction. The distance between them is growing closer, but he can’t seem to accept it yet.

Chapter 2: Seduction Failure?

The next morning, Dante wakes Felicita up when the sun rises. He found a barrel full of apples outside, so he brought back some of them for breakfast. As Felicita bites an apple, Dante says it feels nostalgic since he used to bring all sorts of gifts for her in the past. He then borrows her knife saying he can peel apples like Luca, but the apple ends up losing volume due to his rough way of peeling. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When she points this out, he turns red and says it’s because he usually would just bite apples instead of peeling them LOL. After they’re done eating, Dante suggests exploring the ship. Felicita doesn’t have to worry about ghosts and skeletons since they disappear when the sun is out, and they might be able to find their friends along the way. First, Dante takes Felicita to the cafeteria. He asks her to stay behind him, warning her not to touch anything even if it attracts her attention. She sighs upon hearing this, and when he asks her what’s wrong, she asks if she’s really that unreliable. Of course Dante only wants to protect Felicita, and it’s obvious for people to be extra careful when exploring unknown areas. He tells her that he’s relying on her as well, so for now they should focus on retrieving Tarocco and escaping from the ship. He says his top priority is her safety, but then he blushes and whispers in a low voice that he’d be troubled if he can’t treat her like a kid. Felicita’s actions and curiosity actually remind Dante of Liberta when he was small, and she’s definitely not happy to hear this.

Before they could continue their discussion, Joshua appears in the corridor. Felicita immediately takes out her knives, but Dante stops her saying they should talk to him first. He can walk around even at noon, so it’s obvious that he’s different than the other dead passengers. Dante asks if Joshua knows about Tarocco, but since Joshua wants to know their relationship with the cards, he explains that Tarocco have mysterious power. The holders can gain either a godly power or a demonic ability, and they’re looking after the cards to make sure they won’t fall into the wrong hands. They don’t want Tarocco to be taken outside of Regalo and be used to ruin the world’s balance. Joshua responds by saying he has something he wants to protect, but he can’t remember what it is. Dante knows that Joshua is testing them, but since Joshua won’t answer the question.. Felicita ignores Dante’s warning and uses “The Lovers” to peek into Joshua’s heart. This causes “Justice” to take over Joshua’s body and blocks “The Lovers”, but then he flees saying he’d be happy if they can help him search for the thing he forgot — mentioning that his name is Joshua. Dante is surprised to hear his name, but he brushes off the thought thinking it must be a different person.

What just happened is enough to confirm that Joshua does know about Tarocco, and it must be him who informed Ash about the cards. However, Dante isn’t happy with Felicita’s action. He asks if her power exists to expose people’s hearts by force, and she can only apologize to him. Realizing that he’s being a bit too harsh, he tells her that he believes she won’t use her power without thinking. He knows she wanted to get a satisfying result, but he’s not sure if a power to read people’s hearts is really necessary. People will say their thoughts when the time comes, and he thinks reading people’s hearts is the same as robbing the time they need to reach that point. On the other hand, he can’t deny that power either. After all, it’s thanks to her power that he can stay with her. Dante then sighs saying he keeps lecturing Felicita because Mondo spoils her too much, though Mondo used to be even more unbelievable in the past. Mondo thought the way his family brought him up was wrong, so he was very thorough and strict towards his first son. The son rebelled and eloped as the result, and Mondo became an extremely loving parent as the result. He would never scold Felicita, and so Dante takes over that role. She wouldn’t be able to grow up if nobody points out her mistakes, and his wish is for her to be a person who can judge what’s right and wrong on her own. Dante then asks Felicita to think about her action earlier, as she needs to remember that people have to control themselves. Not other people. He doesn’t want her to become a woman who breaks into people’s hearts by force.

After that, Dante and Felicita continue exploring the ship.. in silence. She eventually mentions Joshua, and he asks if she notices it too. Recently no one in the family brings up that name, but Joshua is the name of Mondo’s first son — Felicita’s older brother. If he’s still alive, he should be in his forties. Dante actually never met Joshua either, and Jolly is the only one who has met Joshua before the latter left the family. All that he knows is that Joshua was a quiet young man who doesn’t resemble his father at all. Dante then says Felicita wouldn’t be lonely if Joshua didn’t leave, and he wouldn’t be able to have his current position if Joshua is still around. He’d probably become her subordinate instead of the Executive Head, because they don’t need two naggy old men to scold her and Liberta. Here, Felicita looks into Dante’s heart and learns that he’s thinking about how nobody would need him if they have Joshua. Before Dante could continue, Felicita suddenly pushes him down and says that she wants him around. Dante is obviously surprised, but then he honestly admits his defeat. He asks if Felicita trying to test him, telling her not to forget that he’s a man too.

As he gets up from the floor, Dante tells Felicita to stop fooling around. She asks if he hates it, but he only answers that it’s not an appropriate action in their current condition — it’s not about how he feels. Dante is aware that Felicita feels insecure because of him, so he apologizes and takes her to the cafeteria. Just as he expected, they find Pace, Luca and Debito inside. It turns out they already met Jolly earlier, but he disappeared to examine the ship’s structure. Much to Felicita’s surprise, Dante then orders them to protect her and make sure she eats well. He tells them that he has to examine the ship a bit further, but of course the real reason is because he wants some time away from her. Noticing that Felicita is blushing, Debito teasingly asks if something happened between them.. but she only tells Dante that her feelings are real. He answers that he knows, and he walks out after leaving her in their hands — avoiding her gaze.

Chapter 3: The Feared Hero

While Felicita stays in the cafeteria, Dante finds a travel log in one of the cabins. It lists the passengers who have come onto the ship, as well as how long did they stay on board. Some of them died of old age and left the ship right away, while the others are staying due to their regrets. Since Ash is the current successor, Dante concludes that a mysterious family must be guarding the ship for generations.. while the rest of the passengers are souls. Dante has a lot to say to Joshua if he’s really Mondo’s son, but he realizes that he doesn’t know much about the ship and Joshua. He might look tough and strong, but he’s actually a stubborn, empty old man. Dante admits that he was really surprised by what Felicita did earlier, but he doesn’t have the courage to say it in front of her. As he flips through the travel log, Dante then learns that one of the souls are going to leave the ship tomorrow.. and he’s surprised upon seeing the soul’s name.

Back in the cafeteria, Pace and Debito are listening to Felicita’s story while Luca is crying in the corner. He can’t believe that his beloved ojou-sama did something so daring, but he doesn’t want to see her sad.. so he’ll do anything to help. Debito and Pace think Dante fails as a man for not attacking Felicita back, and just then Dante returns to the cafeteria. They ask Felicita to settle her problem with Dante, and she reluctantly talks to him about what happened earlier. However, Dante only says that he wants to talk to Felicita in private. Luca, Pace and Debito unsuspectingly let her go, and she follows him all the way out to the deck. He says she can ask him anything about the ship, but noticing that Fukurota seems disturbed, she responds by asking who he really is. He grins and admits that he’s Ash, the holder of “The Magician”, and he takes off his disguise saying her friends are so stupid to be fooled so easily.. though the biggest fool is Dante for creating this opening in the first place. Ash then tells Felicita that the skeletons around them are beyond his control, but he’s willing to save her if she listens to him. It’s not necessary though, since the real Dante soon appears and blasts the skeletons away.

As Dante and Felicita fight all the skeletons together, Ash watches in awe — wondering if their strength comes from Tarocco. He tries to escape from the deck, but Felicita quickly stops him with her knife since Dante wants to talk to him. Up until Mondo took the cards, Tarocco are believed to be in a deep sleep because nobody was strong enough to handle their power. Dante wants to know more about this since Ash has been claiming that they belong to his family, and Ash angrily asks if he’s insulting his family. Ash reminds them that he’s been chosen by “The Magician”, but Dante calmly replies that’s exactly the reason. Ash was called to Regalo, where Tarocco was kept, and there must be a deeper meaning behind this. Besides, Dante has no intentions to fight Ash. Earlier he found a travel log written by Ash’s father, from where he learned that Ash’s family are guardians of souls. Right now Ash is the owner of the ship, but his Arcana power would be useless if he stays in his “secluded” world forever. At first Ash refuses saying he’ll protect the ship alone, but he looks unsure when Dante asks if that’s truly what his father wished for. Sadly, their conversation is interrupted when skeleton Joshua walks onto the deck. Ash uses this chance to escape, saying goodbye to “strawberry head” (his nickname for Felicita) and “strawberry old man” — obviously Dante. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

It doesn’t take long until Joshua starts attacking Felicita, and soon enough, “Justice” releases its power to send magical spinning wheels towards her. Dante takes the hit as he protects Felicita from the attack, and the spell has confirmed that his suspicion is true — Joshua is really the holder of “Justice”, Mondo’s son. Joshua eventually pulls back since dawn is coming, but before that.. he asks what kind of misfortune Felicita — “Wheel of Fortune — would bring for other people next. After Joshua vanishes, Dante notices that Felicita looks really sad. If she finds it too painful to see him injured, he can use “The Emperor” to seal the memory.

However, Felicita answers that Dante’s pain his her pain too. Realizing that Felicita is really serious about him, Dante decides to answer her feelings with honesty. He admits that he’s afraid of influencing people with his Arcana power, and he actually has the same worries as her. If “The Lovers” takes the distance between people and its holder, “The Emperor” erases everything people have developed by controlling their minds. The reason why he wants to help everyone in Vascello Fantasma is probably because he wants to establish himself without relying on his power. Felicita then asks Dante to rely on her, and he laughs saying it’s not a bad idea. Dante admits that he’s willing to use “The Emperor” to make Felicita smile, so he wants her to smile and stop him from using his power on her. When she says yes, he looks really relieved and thanks her.

Chapter 4: Feelings, Come Closer

In his sleep, Dante sees a flashback of himself in the past. Back then he just made a contract with “The Emperor”, though it was more like an accident. He was supposed to investigate Tarocco’s power, and yet one of the cards chose him to be its holder. He wondered if he should stay in Regalo as a spy, especially since Mondo has accepted him as a family. At first Dante refused and said he wouldn’t listen to Mondo’s order, but a few years have passed ever since.. and he’s still staying in Regalo. Mondo has a big heart and doesn’t follow the rules. He’s the type of person Dante wouldn’t find in his home country — where people can only live by dirty methods and outwitting others. Dante was holding an admiration he thought he had long forgotten, and he was torn between Regalo and his home country. Felicita, who’s seeing the same dream, tells Dante that he’s her family. He thought he’s seeing an illusion because he doesn’t have a family anymore, and even if he does, none of them would say those words to him. On the other hand, Dante started wondering if Mondo would say the same thing. It was then when Dante realized that he was only pretending to be confused, because he already had the answer.

When Felicita wakes up in the morning, Dante says they need to retrieve Tarocco and go home today. When Felicita tells him that their home is Regalo, Dante remembers about the voice in his dream.. and he answers that Regalo is where he belongs, a place that he chose for himself. Since Felicita says it out of the sudden, Dante then checks if she has a fever. Soon they hear someone sighing, and they turn around to find Ash standing nearby. He doesn’t want Dante to fire his bazooka everywhere and break the mast, so he decided to come and see them before that happens. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Felicita gets pissed when Ash teasingly says she’ll become violent under “her dad’s” guidance, but Dante doesn’t want her to feel insecure anymore.. so he tells Ash that Felicita is his woman, not his daughter. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Felicita blushes saying she’s been waiting for those words, and Dante answers that he doesn’t want people to misunderstand their relationship — apologizing to her for being so late. When Ash tells them not to make their own little world, Dante says the lovers of Regalo whisper £ονё゚:。(-ω-)-ω-)。:゚£ονё to each other everyday. Since Ash made a contract with Tarocco, he needs to get used to their customs from now on.

Dante then takes Felicita out to the deck, where they challenge Ash as Tarocco holders — it’s a battle between him and Arcana Famiglia. Of course Ash refuses to follow their rules, but Dante only laughs since he said exactly the same thing to Mondo in the past. At first Ash keeps attacking Felicita alone, but it doesn’t last long since Dante keeps chasing after him. Felicita believes that Dante will definitely win, and it gives him the strength to kick poor Ash’s butt. When Ash angrily says he’s stronger, Dante laughs and asks him to say that in front of Liberta — things will turn interesting LOL. At the same time, Joshua — in his human form — approaches Felicita from behind. Somehow he feels comfortable and nostalgic around her, and he asks if she knows about what he’s regretting. If he can find out and settle things with his forgotten regret, he’d be able to move on and go to heaven. Dante’s match with Ash continues until the sun sets, and that’s when they finally realize Joshua’s presence. From the travel log written by Ash’s father, Dante already learned that Joshua is a special case.. because he’s willing to sacrifice anything for something he left behind — his family. Or rather, his son. Half of it was just Dante’s assumption, but it’s confirmed true by Ash’s reaction.

Noticing the change in Joshua’s condition, Dante tells him that his son is now under his protection. Both Liberta and Felicita are a part of his life, his future and the people he has to protect. Joshua asks if Dante knows his son, and Dante replies that he’s the one who raised Joshua’s son. Felicita also tells Joshua that he can look at her, and he’ll know that he doesn’t have to worry about his son. Both of them have grown strong and happy under Dante’s care. Dante thanks Felicita for trusting him, and Joshua says he’s satisfied. Upon seeing Felicita and Dante, he can tell that his son must have grown up to be a good man. However, the sky soon turns dark.. and “Justice” takes over Joshua’s body. It doesn’t let Joshua to move on, and it’s clearly still aiming for “Wheel of Fortune” in Felicita. The fog around them grows even thicker, and Dante gets separated from Felicita because of this. By the time it disappears, both Felicita and Joshua are already gone. Fortunately Ash is still arond, and despite his initial denial, he guides Dante to chase after Joshua.

Chapter 5: Closer and Return

Felicita wakes up in the captain’s cabin, and she finds Joshua beside her. When she asks about Dante, he answers that Dante is heading here with Ash — she will be able to see him soon. It might be hard to believe, but Joshua smiles and asks Felicita not to worry. He then asks if she’s the daughter of Arcana Famiglia’s Papa, and he starts wondering if Mondo has forgotten about him. Felicita says there’s no parent who doesn’t treasure their child, and Joshua smiles saying she’s right. In fact, Joshua is currently experiencing the same thing as a father.. and it might be too late, but he finally understands how Mondo must have felt in the past. Joshua tells Felicita that her father is a clumsy and kind man, and he actually wanted to see Mondo again before he died. He then returns Tarocco to her, apologizing for being an incompetent older brother. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。The last thing Joshua says is that he’s running out of time, and the next second, “Justice” possesses him again — grabbing Felicita by the arm.

Meanwhile, Dante is walking around the ship with Ash — who is still curious about his relationship with Felicita. They run into Luca and Debito along the way, and they both go Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? when Ash mentions that Dante needs to rescue his “amore” right now LOL. Dante tries to explain that he got carried away by the flow, but they leave before he’s done explaining. Nova comes right after they leave, and he asks why smoke is coming out of Dante’s head. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Back in the captain’s cabin, “Justice” is forcing Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” before it returns to its card form. It will happen once Joshua passes on, and it demands Felicita to change its relationship with Joshua — it’s looking for another form of relationship with its holder. Just then Dante blasts the door with his bazooka, telling “Justice” not to be rough on Joshua’s sister. “Justice” immediately jumps out to attack him, and Felicita quickly follows it onto the deck. It asks if Dante knows how it feels to be stuck on a holder for so long. After Joshua passed away, “Justice” has been sleeping alone.. and “Justice” is also aware that Tarocco has enough power to possess their holders, so it’s planning to use Joshua to remain in this world forever. As “Justice” unleashes its power to attack them, Dante also uses “The Emperor” to cause an explosion. It still tries to stab Dante, but both Felicita and Liberta repel the attack at the same time.

Since Joshua keeps screaming in pain, Dante finally asks Felicita to help him with “The Lovers” — she should be able to find out what “Justice” is truly wishing for. When Felicita calls out to “The Lovers”, it’s more than willing to help since the power of her love has grown so much. Both of them noticed that “Justice” is warped because it was torn between two options. It wants to return to its card form, but it also has a strong attachment towards Joshua. Upon waking up from its long sleep, “Justice” realized that Joshua doesn’t need it anymore and got angry. After asking Felicita to keep nurturing her love, “The Lovers” uses its power and returns “Justice” to the right position — releasing it from Joshua. At the same time, Joshua also realizes that “Justice” was stuck because of his regret. Tarocco were created by a human, but they have power and feelings. As holders of Tarocco, all they can do is struggle while handling the cards’ power. It’s what the cards are wishing for. When Liberta comes looking about the “boss skeleton”, Joshua asks him about Regalo. At first Liberta is confused, but noticing that Joshua is a ghost, he decides to answer so Joshua can rest in peace. Liberta tells Joshua that Regalo is the best place ever, so he should come to visit when he wakes up in his next life. Joshua smiles saying he’s wishing for the same thing, and he finally goes to heaven after thanking Liberta. Beside them, Dante whispers that one of his jobs has been fulfilled.. and Felicita hugs him saying she was scared, but she kept waiting for him. He actually remembers that she’s always been a scaredy cat, and he tells her that everything is alright now. The only thing that changes between them is their feelings for each other. They’re always been a family, and now they have a stronger bond as a family. Dante admits that he doesn’t want to hand Felicita to anyone, and she doesn’t want to let go of him either.

Dante and Felicita’s ラブラブ moment is interrupted when Liberta, who’s still standing beside them, runs away saying he can’t bear to see their いちゃいちゃ time anymore. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Nova also asks Dante to explain why “Alchemist 3” is working with them, and Ash rages upon realizing that Nova is talking about him LOL. Ash still can’t accept his defeat, so he’s going to follow them to Regalo and stay there until he can beat Dante. Of course Felicita is happy to accept Ash as her family, and Dante laughs saying Ash can come at him anytime — he’ll take him on. Ash wants to continue living in the ship so people won’t mistake him as their friend or family, but behind him, Luca sighs saying they have yet another twisted member in the family.


After returning to Regalo, Felicita has been spending her time in Dante’s office. He notices that he’s got more visitors when he’s working in the mansion recently, and he shyly tells her that everyone seems to be curious about their actions. Everyone basically uses Fukurota as their spy, and someone would come should anything happens between them. Dante admits that he also needs Fukurota so he wouldn’t lose control, and he wonders when did Felicita learned about seduction techniques. She’s been sticking to him like a glue after the Vascello Fantasma case, and he asks if it’s his fault for making her feel insecure. Dante doesn’t want to leave Felicita in doubt, so he moves in to kiss her.. on the cheek. He asks if his feelings reached her, and he points out that she’s blushing like a normal young girl despite her bold advances. It’s partly her fault that he couldn’t treat her as his lover, and so she asks if she should grow up as soon as possible. Dante answers that she’s already an adult, but he can’t turn young for her sake, so he’d appreciate it if she grows up soon. As they go to have some tea, Dante whispers that the time he spends with Felicita is the happiest time in his life.


During the next family meeting, everyone gives Mondo a report about what happened on Vascello Fantasma. Mondo then gives a patrol schedule for the intelligence division, and Dante notices that the amount is a LOT more than usual. Jolly says it’s to keep foreign ships away from Regalo, but Felicita is visibly disappointed about the schedule. When Dante apologizes to Felicita, Mondo suddenly tells him not to get distracted. Dante is surprised, and Felicita asks why Mondo keeps bullying him.. but Luca only says it’s not bullying. It’s simply a warning of violation. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ In fact, Mondo is planning to add more missions for Dante and Luca is more than willing to help. They stay back after the meeting is over, and Dante knows they’re definitely plotting something evil for him. Felicita isn’t happy about this, but he says it’s a trial he needs to face in order to be with her. Before he goes on his next mission, Dante wants to do a lot of things with Felicita. Like picking flowers for her on a nearby hill, for example. It’s a bit late to visit the hill though, so they’re going to look at the shops around the plaza today. Familiar sceneries might change colors if he’s with her, because she has changed his vision that much. Dante then holds Felicita’s hand as they walk out, just like what lovers normally do. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.


One day at the port, Ash says he still can’t believe that Dante is dating Felicita. Liberta says the news has spread throughout the entire family, and recently even the old man at the market knows about their relationship.. though Debito thinks Ash’s reaction is actually normal LOL. Ash is still looking after Dante’s weakness, and he starts bickering with Liberta when the latter replies that he’ll never beat Dante. Not too long after that, Dante appears with Felicita. Someone reported their “fight” to him, and he asks them not to trouble people too much — they have to remember that they’re members of Arcana Famiglia. Upon hearing this, both Liberta and Ash stop fighting and start staring at Dante and Felicita. Debito says that’s not a line he should say when he’s taking a romantic walk with Felicita, though none of them has enough courage to complain since she’s ready to kick their butts. In addition, Dante also smacks both Liberta and Ash in the head for troubling her. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Nova soon comes looking for Debito, and upon seeing Dante, he asks him to attend a meeting in the mansion. Dante agrees and apologizes to Felicita since he can’t choose between her and work, and she gives him a loving punch when he makes a joke out of this. As they watch this from afar, Ash comments that Dante’s weakness must be Felicita.. and Liberta agrees.

I don’t know how many of you actually care about Dante, but his route here is much better than his route in the first game. He even got a kiss CG, though it’s only on the cheek for.. obvious reasons. I like Dante and I think he’s really sweet towards Felicita, but I honestly don’t know if I want to see him kissing her on the lips. I-I’m sorry.. (´∀`;)ゞ Speaking of Felicita, she’s really bold in this route. It’s because Dante wouldn’t move if she doesn’t take action, but she’s so cute whenever she’s sticking to Dante like a glue. In this route we also get to see Dante when he was young, and he was really fine back then — so much that I keep wishing he can look like that for the entire game. I think I said the same thing back during the first game, but oh well.. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ


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  1. Aaah~ I like older guys, so I like Dante~ (I just wish he was… cuter ( > o<) ) I'm happy you like him too~ Thanks for sharing these~!

    • No problem, thanks for commenting! :D
      I know what you mean, Dante was cute when he was young:

      Even if his face turned harder / tougher, he’d probably look so much better if only Liberta didn’t burn up all his hair. xD

  2. I’m so happy that you did Dante’s route! I was sad when Hinano didn’t summarize his and Jolly’s route because she doesn’t like either of them, so it’s really nice to finally be able to read what happened in wall of text form \O/ But yeah, they should have just kept his younger looking self in the game. Then I think less people would hate on Dante XD

    • I do like Dante and Jolly is one of my favorites, so I hope you’ll enjoy these tl;dr textwalls. :D Maybe HuneX is trying to appeal to those who like older men, and that’s why they made Dante and Jolly available.. but yeah, most people probably wouldn’t hate Dante as much if he doesn’t look so old he could pass for Felicita’s father. xD

    • LOL Hinano’s post about this game was hilarious XDD cuz she kept saying that everyone was either a pedo or is going high on the incest.
      But for me that makes the game so much more insteresting :D (-insert shifty eyes-)
      I love all the characters and I think that ppl should rlly look past the age diff and everything else ):

      • LOL yeah. Arcana has nice characters and good developments, I honestly think people should give them a chance before judging based on the age gap / complicated family tree.. but oh well, I guess not everyone can accept those aspects. Glad to hear they’re not a problem for you though! xD

  3. More Young!Dante please QwQ
    To be honest, when I first saw Dante I was like DUDE WHY YOU BALD then he started making JOKES about his baldness so I just take it that his bald head is a unqiue trait of his haha. XD
    Yes Dante is very sweet, but the whole route was about him being afraid of his feelings (or something like that? If I interpreted correctly) QwQ So lacking of sweet moments WHY. I mean, yeah I guess quite a few people had problems with the “ossan”-ish thing, but hey maybe if there was more fan service… ;v; At least in ending 1 he was a bit sexy with the whole “If not for Fukurota I would not hold back” xD But I guess, much older man aren’t for me. I also like it when he says that Felicita is his woman, not his daughter \(^o^)/ Yeah show your manly side Dante ;D
    Like I said earlier, I’m not sure if I’m actually willing to get over the age gap between them, but I definitely acknowledge that Dante would be an amazing guy and suitable for Felicita… If she was older. Grow older quickly Felicita huhu xD
    In the previous game, Dante’s route pretty much was like Liberta’s plot so I don’t think too many people actually paid attention to him? But I guess now those people can enjoy Dante more here 8D

    • Can Felicita use “Wheel of Fortune” to grow Dante’s hair back? *shot* Yeah, I think Felicita herself is also concerned about the age gap. That’s why she’s really assertive in this route, because she wants to stand beside Dante as an equal adult. On the other hand, Dante isn’t quite ready to accept their new relationship. He can’t seem to lift her “kid” status right away, but he’s surprised when she suddenly attacked him. He needs time to think about this, and that’s why we don’t get to see a lot of ラブラブ between them. At least not until the end. 8D

      In the first game, I heard that people don’t hate Dante as a character. It’s just he’s a stable, mature man, and so his route bored them to tears since nothing happens. It’s basically about work, Regalo and the family. xD

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