Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Jolly

Jolly キタ—(*゚∀゚(゚∀゚*)゚∀゚*)—ッ!! People can say whatever they want about him or even hate him with a raging passion, but he’ll always be a sexy tease in my eyes. Jolly’s attitude towards Felicita has improved, and she kicks ass in his route. ❤

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand man. He’s holding the second highest authority in the family, directly beneath Mondo himself. Most people in Regalo are terrified of him due to his cold-hearted and merciless decisions, but his knowledge and skills in alchemy are undeniably top-notch. He loves teasing Felicita, but he becomes much more gentle after they become a couple. Jolly is the holder of “The Moon”, with the ability of reviving his opponent’s bitter past.

Chapter 1: Change

The fog warps Felicita into a dark cabin on the third floor of the ship. She can’t move her body and it feels painful, not to mention her voice won’t come out either. When a familiar voice tells her to stay still for a while, Felicita finally realizes that she can’t move because Jolly is hugging her. It’s rare for him to protect someone, and he asks if she has zero endurance since she kept resisting. He teasingly says she’s such a cold lover for not recognizing his scent, so he needs to make sure she can detect his scent soon.. but then he stops teasing her since they don’t have time for fooling around. Jolly explains that when the fog came out earlier, he ordered everyone to secure Felicita right away. Sadly everyone was too shocked to follow the order, so he decided to secure her by himself. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Jolly then lights up the room with his alchemy flame, and Felicita is shocked upon seeing skeletons lying in the corner. He notices that she’s shivering in fear, but he doesn’t understand why because she’s not scared of his lab — which is actually even worse. Of course Felicita never knew about this, so Jolly chuckles saying he’s looking forward to see her reaction by the time she visits his lab again.

Jolly actually finds it cute that Felicita is scared of skeletons, but then he blows them away for her. Soon he spots some fur in the corner, and judging from the length, he can tell it’s from an animal they can’t find in Regalo. Most likely the tiger who kidnapped her, though she doesn’t remember anything since she was unconscious. Jolly also predicts that the tiger must be pretty huge, so he takes Felicita to leave the cabin before the tiger shows up. He knows they have no chance of winning, since it’d probably send them to heaven with one bite. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Jolly holds Felicita’s hand as they walk out, and this surprises her since he’s being really kind. He replies that he’ll let go since she doesn’t want to be treated nicely, but then he laughs saying he was just kidding.. because he’s always kind. Right. In his heart, Jolly is completely aware that it’s not like him to behave like this. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

After examining every cabin along the way, they decide to spend the night in a big cabin at the end of the corridor. It’s also the furthest from the cabin with traces of usage. Since Felicita didn’t notice this, Jolly then asks where she was looking at the whole time.. and she admits that she was busy observing his face, which isn’t covered by his usual sunglasses. He teasingly asks her to explain which part of his face does she like, but soon they hear footsteps outside of their cabin. From the keyhole, they can see skeletons roaming around — which confirms that they must be in a ghost ship. Since Felicita seems unsure, Jolly says he doesn’t know if she’s doubting his conclusion or just surprised to hear the word “ghost” coming out of his mouth. He only believes what lies in front of his eyes, but since she seems to believes in ghosts a little bit too much.. he blocks the door with a shelf to ensure their safety. After sorting out the situation, Jolly concludes that it’d be a good option to check the captain’s cabin. They will need energy, so he tells Felicita to get some sleep while he wraps out his thoughts.

After a while, Jolly notices that Felicita is looking at him instead of sleeping. He asks her what’s wrong, and she replies by asking if he’s always been this reliable. Upon hearing this, he comes closer and asks what kind of image did he have in her eyes. She can take her time and pick her words carefully, because they have a long night ahead. He doesn’t mind if she pretends to fall asleep, but that’s only IF she can sleep with him nearby — he’ll be waiting for her answer. Noticing that Felicita is now more relaxed, Jolly then kisses her good night and wishes her sweet dreams. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Chapter 2: Price of Kindness

That night, Jolly has a dream of his past. He was researching in his lab when Joshua — Mondo’s son — came to visit, and despite his cold attitude, Joshua told him that Mondo has been pestering him to introduce Kiara. Jolly answered that the whole family will have to welcome Kiara once Joshua marries her anyway, but Joshua made it clear that he has no intentions to become Mondo’s successor. Kiara is a free woman. Joshua couldn’t welcome her into the family, and he knew that she’s not wishing for the same thing. Jolly said they should just break up, but Joshua answered that he can’t do that. The family has Jolly, but Kiara only has him. Kiara was the one who melted his heart that was frozen as he grew up in the family, and he wanted to do everything he can for her in return — he chose her over the family. Jolly couldn’t understand Joshua and thought of this decision as a lunatic madness, so Joshua replied that he knows Jolly feels indebted towards Mondo.. but the world doesn’t only revolve around Arcana Famiglia. Jolly didn’t want to accept Joshua’s opinion and chased him out, but before leaving, Joshua asked Jolly to treasure the people who stay by his side unconditionally. He was wishing that Jolly would come to share his opinion one day.

When Felicita wakes up, Jolly explains that the skeletons are gone from the corridor. They have to use their daytime efficiently, and he asks what they should do from here.. so she suggests checking the captain’s cabin. Satisfied with her answer, he gives her an apple for breakfast. There are apples scattered everywhere, which means there’s a weird person who loves apples in the ship. That “weird person” must be the one who dumped the apples in every single cabin, so he can grab and eat one anytime. Jolly then asks why Felicita is looking at him, but she doesn’t answer and continues eating her apple. Back to their mission, Jolly shows Felicita a map of the ship and says there are three unknown figures on board. The first one is Ash, the alchemist who stole Tarocco from them. The second one is the tiger who kidnapped her, and the third one is a certain dead soul. Jolly finds it strange how Ash could return to the ship without being seen by them, but he drops the subject since he’s got his own hypothesis about this issue. For now, his highest priority is to ensure Felicita’s safety and retrieve Tarocco — their friends come after that. Felicita doesn’t seem pleased to hear this, but Jolly tells her that people need to set up priorities if they don’t want to lose everything.

As they walk through the deck, Jolly mentions about how they don’t run into anyone despite the ship’s moderate size. It’s weird how they don’t see Dante or Liberta — who are used to sailing on ships — and the fog seems to be messing up with their sense of direction. Last night he observed the corridor after she fell asleep, but he didn’t see anyone other than ghosts and skeletons. Jolly starts wondering about how the souls came into the ship, but Felicita asks him to stop since she feels scared.. and he walks off saying he won’t explain anything if she doesn’t need it. He feels irritated thinking he was stupid for acting like her guardian, while she can only follow him from behind. When they reach the captain’s cabin, Jolly and Felicita find Joshua inside. Both Joshua and Jolly recognize each other almost immediately, and Joshua also politely greets Felicita. Jolly then asks what he’s doing here, and Joshua answers that he has something important. The problem is he can’t remember what it is, and as if Jolly would want to tell him. Not because he’s being a jerk, but because he can’t bring himself to say the answer. Felicita soon notices the stigmata on Joshua’s right wrist, and Jolly explains that Joshua is the holder of “Justice” who left the family.

However, Joshua is no longer the person he used to be. His emotions are fading, though it’s unclear whether it’s because he spent a long time away from Regalo.. or because he’s dead. There are only a few people who know about Tarocco’s location in the mansion, and it’s plain impossible for Ash to find it in such a short time — it must be Joshua who informed him about the location. When Joshua admits that it’s true, Jolly asks what objective does he want to achieve by stealing Tarocco. It’s hard to think that Joshua needs the cards, but he answers that it’s not him who’s seeking after Tarocco. Ash is the guardian of Vascello Fantasma, and he is the rightful successor of Tarocco. Both Vascello Fantasma and Tarocco were created by the same person, an alchemist named Will Ingeniosus. Ash is the descendant of said alchemist, and by inheriting Vascello Fantasma, he received the right to become Tarocco’s owner as well. Joshua is thinking of both Arcana Famiglia and his “other family”, but Jolly simply decides that both of them are the family’s enemies. Joshua refuses to hand the cards over, and he doesn’t mind even if Jolly thinks of him as Ash’s servant. Before they could discuss further, Joshua suddenly collapses as “Justice” takes over his body. He approaches Felicita asking if she can use “Wheel of Fortune”, but Jolly attacks and tells him to stay away from her. Jolly notices that Joshua isn’t supposed to be this ill-tempered, but he’s surprised when “Justice” mentions its name — revealing that it has possessed its holder. “Justice” uses Joshua to corner Jolly with his attacks, and that’s when Felicita jumps in to protect her man.

When Felicita says that she wants to protect him too, Jolly chuckles and asks her to do the job. Right after Felicita blocks Joshua’s attack, Jolly uses “The Moon” to summon a lunar eclipse.. but before he’s done, a white tiger breaks into the captain’s cabin and leaps towards them. Knowing they have no chance to win, Jolly quickly takes Felicita to escape. The sun is setting and the ghosts she hates are going come out once it gets dark, so it’s not a good idea to move around at this hour. Jolly then takes Felicita into a cabin on the second floor, but before they go inside, she asks if he’s using her as a “tool” to protect himself. He gets irritated as well, and he asks if she’s too stupid to believe in his kindness. Besides, she wouldn’t be able to fight properly if she’s bothered by the sound of clacking bones. Which is proven true in no time, since she gets scared when a bunch of skeletons start appearing around them. Jolly tells her to go inside if she understands, and Felicita has no choice but to obey.

Chapter 3: Trap

Inside the cabin, Felicita is upset because Jolly has returned to his usual cold self. On the other hand, Jolly is also irked because he can’t understand her. She’s confused when he’s being protective, but she’s not satisfied either when he treats her as usual. Jolly then asks if Felicita understands their situation, but he doesn’t wait for her answer and decides to go out. He tells her not to walk out of the cabin and lock the door, while he seals it from outside so it can only be opened by her. When she says she wants to go with him, he immediately rejects the idea and gives her two options — wait in the cabin or explore the ship alone. Jolly says he’s tired and would rather rest, and while it might sound unfair for Felicita.. he actually said it because he knows she’s exhausted, so he only wants her to get some rest. Felicita doesn’t have a choice, and she locks the door after Jolly leaves. She starts wondering if she can’t do anything other than waiting, but then she recalls how Debito, Pace and Luca told her that having someone waiting at home encourages people to do their best at work. After thinking about what Jolly said earlier, Felicita realizes that he might be concerned about Ash and the tiger. After all, they have three “enemies” in the ship. Worried about Jolly’s safety, Felicita decides to leave the cabin and do something to help.

Out in the corridor, Felicita gets captured by Ash. He explains that his friend is searching for “Wheel of Fortune”, and he wants to know about its power.. but instead of answering, she takes out her knives and attacks him. She also has a few questions for him, and they agree to settle this with a duel. The loser will have to listen to anything the winner says. Felicita quickly corners Ash with her attacks, and he counters the attack with his alchemy blast because he doesn’t have much time. However, an alchemy shield blocks the attack before it hits her. At the same time, an irritated Jolly appears beside them — asking them not to mind him and just resume their duel. When Ash calls him “the incompetent alchemy old man”, Jolly launches an attack at him saying he’ll show him which one of them is truly incompetent. Noticing that Ash has no intentions to continue the duel, Jolly then asks about what he’s doing with Felicita. Ash says they were just talking since he saw Felicita wandering around all by herself, which confirms that she left the cabin on her own.. and Jolly doesn’t seem happy to hear about this, but he’ll deal with her later.

Next, Jolly asks why did Ash steal Tarocco. The stigmata on his neck is a concrete proof that he made a contract with a card. Ash doesn’t want to answer the question, and Jolly adds that making a contract means he agrees to join Arcana Famiglia. Ash replies that he doesn’t know about such things, eventually drawing out his sword since Jolly keeps provoking him — knocking the latter’s sunglasses off as he tries to attack. Jolly calmly picks up his sunglasses saying he only wants Ash to explain what he wants to get by making a contract, but Ash still refuses to answer.. until he sees his own reflection on the sunglasses. Ash instantly turns into the white tiger they saw earlier, and despite the shock, Jolly seems interested in this metamorphosis. He starts wondering if Ash is a natural therianthrope, or maybe it’s an idiosyncracy caused by alchemy. Ash only growls before fleeing, while Jolly concludes that he must be having a problem with his transformation. Otherwise he would just attack them instead of running away.

Jolly wants to do something about Ash, but they’ll have to leave that for later. He then calls Felicita to come over, and he takes her back into the cabin — asking her to explain why she walked out. He was trying to protect her, and she has trampled all over his actions by leaving the cabin. Felicita answers it was because she was worried about him getting attacked by multiple enemies at the same time, and Jolly sighs saying their highest priority should be Tarocco and herself — not him. Jolly then says he doesn’t have “The Lovers” to read her mind with, so he wants to hear why Felicita is THAT concerned about him. They haven’t seen their friends since yesterday, and yet she doesn’t seem to be as concerned. Felicita admits that Jolly is right, and she quietly answers that it’s because she loves him. Jolly only replies with a short “I see..” but if you look into his heart, it’s entirely filled with Felicita. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He draws closer saying she should know what he’s going to do next, and he leans in to kiss her. During their stay in this ship, he came to realize how much she affects him, how he actually loves her more than he thought, and how he was confused about how to treat her. If she wants to know those feelings, he can tell her everything without relying on “The Lovers”. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Chapter 4: Reaching Equivalent Trade

In his dream, Jolly sees another flashback of his past. It was the day when Joshua left Regalo, and Jolly came to see him off. Just before Joshua left, Jolly flatly told him to leave his right wrist — his stigmata — here in Regalo. Joshua’s power should be used to protect Regalo, and it would undoubtedly cause a great damage if used to attack the island. However, Joshua said that they will never become enemies. He swore upon Arcana Famiglia, his father Mondo and his friend Jolly that he will never use his power to attack Regalo.. though he couldn’t give anything aside from his words. Joshua asked Jolly to take care of the family and Mondo, but Jolly coldly replied that he never thought of Joshua as a friend — he hated Joshua. Despite these harsh words, Joshua didn’t mind and asked Jolly not to narrow down his world with theories and prejudice. He should broaden his horizons.

When Felicita wakes up, she finds Jolly sleeping beside her. She watches him until he opens his eyes, and he says she should have just woken him up since it’s not interesting to watch his sleeping face. (❤ฺ→艸←) Jolly wonders if Felicita wants him to explain about how they ended up sleeping next to each other, and when she asks him not to say it.. he teasingly answers that she was “more sadistic” than he expected last night. Felicita protests upon hearing this, and Jolly laughs saying he was just joking. Last night she fell asleep, so she should be grateful that he let her off the hook with a simple mischief. Yesterday they were interrupted by Ash, so today they’re going to see Joshua again, figure out what he truly wants, and retrieve the stolen Tarocco.

The moment Jolly and Felicita walk out of the cabin, Luca comes running towards them. The first thing he asks is if Jolly is the real Jolly, telling him to stay away from his beloved ojou-sama. Jolly only responds with “huh? ( ಠ_ಠ )” ..which makes Luca realize that he’s really Jolly. Nobody could copy THAT attitude. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Luca then explains that about ten minutes ago, he fought a fake Jolly who turned out to be Ash in disguise. “The Magician” allows him to transform into other people, but he couldn’t mimic their speech and conduct entirely, so it didn’t take long until Luca realized what’s going on. Felicita also asks about everyone else, but Luca didn’t meet anyone until he found them. Most likely because he was “busy” reading all the books in the storage. From the books, he learned that Tarocco and Vascello Fantasma were created by the same person. Tarocco caused a lot of tragedies, which often led people to meet their end. Their power might damage those who are close to the holders, killing them or causing them to fall sick. It’s the Vascello Fantasma’s duty to help those who died because of Tarocco, clearing their regrets and guiding them to heaven — that’s also why Joshua is in the ship.

Felicita goes (´≖ ‸ ≖`) as Luca starts rambling about how wonderful the books are, but Jolly directs them back to the problem at hand. He asks Luca to check the prison, since people like Pace and Liberta might be captured, and also to put “Ariadne’s String” on Felicita just in case. At first Luca tries to protest since he’s asking a lot, but Joly calmly tells him to work since he hasn’t done anything other than reading books LOL. After parting with Luca, Jolly and Felicita go to the deck — where they meet Ash again. Since they both have questions for each other, Ash and Jolly agree to exchange information.. but just as expected, it doesn’t go well. Ash wants to know what he should do to restore Joshua’s real self, but he gets pissed when Jolly says he’s just scared that Joshua would leave him. Ash answers that he already made a promise to his father and Joshua, but Jolly knows that Ash is trying to seek redemption by saving Joshua.. because in the past, he lost his senses and accidentally killed someone with his tiger form. Ash angrily says they don’t know anything about him, but Felicita tells him she wants to save people who are in pain — even if she knows nothing about them. Jolly chuckles and asks if she’s flirting with another man in front of him, but he decides to forget it since she’s providing a good distraction. Which he uses to blast Ash away. Poor guy.

Here, Jolly explains that Ash can transform into a tiger because he drank an experimental elixir. The elixir provides eternal youth and immortality, and the experimental one Ash made was based on a tiger’s strong vitality. Jolly knows, because he actually did the same thing.. for Mondo. He thought the elixir is a good way to resist Tarocco’s power, but his experiment ended in a failure. In his case, the elixir stopped his physical growth — which is why he looks young — but it didn’t grant him immortality. For Ash, it came with the side effect of losing his senses. Ash admits that he wants to fix his tiger form, but for now he only wants to save Joshua. These are two different goals in Jolly’s eyes, and he won’t stop Ash from taking his own path. Even if it means staying in Vascello Fantasma alone, spending his life in loneliness. Felicita asks if Jolly can fix Ash’s tiger form, and he says it’s impossible.. but he can provide some advice. Jolly eventually uses “The Moon” to defeat Ash, and he tells Ash that it’s okay to carry out his research in loneliness, but he should stop clinging to the dead. It’ll only bring grief, both for him and for the soul who’s trying to help him. If he wants to have someone beside him, then he should come to Arcana Famiglia. Ash has the right to join them, as well as the responsibility of a Tarocco holder — it’s an equivalent trade for the power he obtained.

Since Ash can’t leave Vascello Fantasma so easily, Felicita suggests parking the ship at the port. Jolly then says it’s a good thing to have pride in his ancestor — the alchemist who created the ship and Tarocco — but he shouldn’t narrow down his world with theories and prejudice. He should broaden his horizons. Jolly mentions that someone told him those words a long time ago, but that person doesn’t seem to remember. Then he turns around and asks “Isn’t that right, Joshua?”

Chapter 5: Melting Moon

As soon as the sun goes down, “Justice” takes over Joshua’s body — turning him into a skeleton. Ash explains that Joshua has been like this ever since he touched the “Justice” card, from which Jolly concludes that the figure standing before them is actually “Justice” itself. Jolly says he can tell Joshua about his forgotten regret, and just as planned, their friends arrive not too long after that. Luca is running out of breath since he had to run around searching for everyone, but Jolly is NOT impressed at how long it took them. They had to fight Ash when everyone was taking their sweet time, so he’s going to make sure they do their jobs this time. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ That, and because he’s tired and hungry LOL. Jolly then asks one of them to retrieve Tarocco from the captain’s cabin, but he stops Liberta from going — telling him to stay on the deck. Jolly says Liberta is the only one who can defeat all the skeletons, and while it’s REALLY clear that Jolly is plotting something, Felicita asks Liberta to stay as well. Next, Jolly sends Pace and Nova to support Liberta. Felicita wants to help when Joshua comes to attack them, but Jolly asks her to get some rest. For now they should just “use” the others. At the same time, Debito disappears to retrieve Tarocco. Yes, disappearing before Jolly can use him. Smart move. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Jolly also asks Dante to treat the wounded and steer the ship back towards Regalo, and Dante grabs poor Luca since he needs assistance. Upon seeing this, Ash comments that Jolly keeps using people instead of making a move by himself — to which Jolly responds with “Don’t you think friends are wonderful things?” (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

After a while, Liberta, Nova and Pace have cornered Joshua enough for “Justice” to release its power. Jolly saw this coming, and so he keeps Felicita protected behind his back. At the same time, he also orders Pace and Nova to protect Liberta. The moment “Justice” is done unleashing its power, Jolly tells Felicita that it’s their turn. Of course she doesn’t get what he’s trying to do, but she agrees saying she’ll hear his explanation later. He takes her to Liberta’s place, where he explains that Liberta was protected because he’s going to play an important role from here. Jolly then calls out to Joshua — who regains his senses upon recognizing his voice — and says there must be a reason why “Justice” won’t release its power until Joshua is really cornered. It’s because Joshua himself is restraining “Justice”, and he can hear everyone’s voices as well. Joshua just can’t move freely due to “Justice” possessing his body. “Justice” tries to interfere, but Jolly continues and reminds Joshua that he already swore to never use his Arcana power to attack Regalo. Back then Joshua couldn’t give anything other than his words, and Jolly asks if he’s going to crush his own words now. Joshua answers that he really does love Arcana Famiglia and Regalo, but he had to leave because he had someone more important. His wife, Kiara, and a certain something she left for him. That “something” is his regret, and he also made new regrets ever since. The first is because of “Justice”, and the other is Ash. Since “Justice” can’t return to its card form if Joshua is still around, Felicita then asks if Liberta’s power can separate them — which is what Jolly has been planning all along.

At first Liberta thinks it’s impossible, but Jolly then asks him to use his power in the hope of saving his father. Liberta’s immediate response is that he doesn’t have any parents, so Jolly tells him to just use his power without thinking — just like he always does. His father is actually standing before him, and he should just accept that fact. Ash also tells him that Joshua wants to watch over and wish for someone’s happiness, but he can’t remember who it is. Knowing that Joshua has been talking about Liberta — his son — Ash asks Liberta to save Joshua. Liberta sighs, but then he uses “The Fool” to separate “Justice” from Joshua. “Justice” is still trying to attack them, but Felicita quickly stops it with her knives. Just then Debito returns with Tarocco in his hands, and she finally calls out to “The Lovers” — who restores the reversed “Justice” back to the right position. While Dante and Luca treat the injured Pace and Nova, Joshua thanks Liberta for returning him to his senses. Both of them don’t quite know what to say to each other, but Joshua admits that he wants to hug Liberta if he still has his physical body. Liberta replies that he’s not a kid anymore, but he’s glad to have met Joshua. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。Joshua says Liberta has Kiara’s big eyes and curly hair, and he thanks his son for growing up into a kind man — asking him to remain kind and free-spirited forever. Joshua then goes to talk to Ash, who’s happy now that Joshua’s regrets are gone. Joshua thanks Ash for spending time with him like a family, and also for fulfilling his promise.

When the sun rises, Joshua talks to Jolly before he goes to heaven. He can see that Jolly doesn’t change a single bit, but he’s glad to see that Jolly has found a new world inside of him — a world with Felicita as the center. Jolly only tells Joshua to disappear and turns around, saying he’s going to tell Mondo about what happened. Joshua laughs saying he will never change, and right before he goes to heaven.. Joshua glances at Felicita and wishes for Jolly to be happy. Jolly only answers that it’s his happiness and they don’t have to worry about anything, so Joshua can go on his merry way to heaven. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


After returning to Regalo, Jolly takes Felicita out to have a picnic on a hill. They can see the beautiful scenery of Regalo from the top, but he lies down on the grass saying he’s tired. It’s been a while since the last time he had to walk this much, so she can go exploring the area on her own — he doesn’t want to move. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ People never comes to visit anyway, and it’s a safe place as long as she watches where she’s going. Jolly actually feels uneasy to spend such a peaceful time, so after a while, he calls out to Felicita saying it’s time for lunch. As he feeds her — directly from his mouth — he chuckles and points out that she’s grinning, not smiling. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He asks if the food tastes better because they’re eating in a beautiful place, and she says it’s because the food he made tastes delicious. There’s no way Jolly can create cocktails or potions if he hates cooking, but he thinks Felicita is so brave to ask for his cooking even though she knows about all those suspicious, colorful potions he invented. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Jolly asks if Felicita isn’t afraid that he might put something into the food, but she doesn’t mind even if he does — which he takes as a challenge. He then wonders if they should take a nap because the breeze is really nice, but since she wants to eat more.. he chuckles and promises to cook for her again when they go home. Today he’s expressing his gratitude because she protected him back in Vascello Fantasma, so she can ask anything from him until midnight. When the day changes, it’s her turn to express her gratitude towards him. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、


Back in the mansion, Jolly reports what happened on Vascello Fantasma to Mondo. He asks if there’s anything Mondo wants to confirm, and the response he gets is “I haven’t accepted your marriage with my daughter yet (@盆@)” Mondo says it’s REALLY strange that nothing happened during the two nights they spent together, and Jolly should know that he’d rage if something did happen.. so he’s not sure if he can trust the report LOL. Jolly only says there are other things Mondo should be concerned about, but knowing that he won’t listen anyway, Sumire dismisses him and Felicita saying they can talk about Ash and Joshua next time. Since Mondo won’t stop bothering them about this, Jolly eventually answers that he can’t bear to see Mondo’s “withered” face. His top priority is Felicita, so he turns to ask for her opinion. Felicita doesn’t want to tell Mondo anything though, and she leaves with Jolly while Mondo is raging in the background. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Outside, they decide to go and greet their newcomer.. who is none other than Ash. Jolly complains about how troublesome it is to visit him in Vascello Fantasma, but he thinks it’s worth the trouble since there’s a lot to discover. He never thought that Ash can transform back from tiger to human by eating apples, and he finds this research even more interesting than he expected. When Felicita says she wants to pat Ash’s tiger form, Jolly tells her to think about this carefully — it’s just the same as patting a naked guy. Then he asks her not to say things that would make him feel jealous, and holds her hand as they walk out of the mansion. (❤ฺ→艸←)


One day, Ash suddenly runs up to Felicita and saying she’s a pervert for dating a pervert like Jolly. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The pervert in question soon appears, and he finds it amusing because if they perceive things from a different perspective.. everyone other than him is a pervert. When Jolly smiles at him, Ash immediately runs away in fear. Most likely sensing danger. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Felicita then asks if it means she’s a pervert as well, and Jolly answers that they can say in certainty that she’s definitely 100% a pervert. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Of course she protests, so he explains that it’s all related to her age. For example, people around her age would describe it as cool, scary or how it looks strong. Or in her case, it’d be something like “looks warm and fluffy” — which she admits is true. However, he has a different opinion. According to Sumire, the rules in Japan love eating tigers because the meat restores vitality.. and that’s what he thinks about tigers. Yes, as food. Upon hearing this, Ash — who’s still watching them from afar — goes Σ Σ Σ (´д` lll) and says that’s exactly why Jolly is a pervert LOL. Jolly then asks if Ash can give one of his fingers for experiment, and he’s willing to open his personal library for Ash in return. Ash seems really tempted for a moment, but then he rages and flees saying Jolly is a pervert after all. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Just as Joshua said, Jolly doesn’t and probably will never change. He’s still devoted to Mondo, and he still loves trolling everyone.. but he is changing when it comes to Felicita. The change isn’t drastic as Jolly himself was confused about what to do, but despite his flat responses, his feelings towards her are genuine. He cares a lot about her, though she failed to notice this earlier since he didn’t express it properly. In this route we also learn the reason behind Jolly’s appearance, and I think it fits him a lot. Ever since Mondo saved him, Jolly’s world has been revolving on Mondo alone. His growth was stuck there for so long, so his eternal youth complements this perfectly. I’m afraid I might ramble on since I absolutely love Jolly, so in conclusion this route gives a very nice development for Jolly.. and that ending CG. THAT ENDING CG. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

Excuse me while I keyboard smash.


29 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Jolly

  1. There’s still some stuff that was left unanswered like who Luca’s mother is..but at least they answered why he looks so young. He should give the same potion to Felicita so they would both be young forever : P

    • The fanbook stated that Luca’s mother is dead, but considering Jolly’s personality.. up until today I’m still wondering if Luca’s mother is a real woman or a homunculus tube. 8D; Oh, and that’s exactly what I’m thinking too LOL. Once Felicita grows up, Jolly can give her an elixir to keep both of them eternally young and beautiful. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  2. I’m guilty of keeping this game in my backlog orz So far, I’m only following the anime. I dont know why but sommin-sommin about Felicita that irks me and I cant quite put my finger on it. But man, Im enjoying reading the reviews you’ve posted out but out of curiosity, what’s your next game?

    • Oh, you’re not the only one! In all honesty I can’t stand seeing Felicita in the anime, it’s like they dumb her down and she’s too.. refined and soft-spoken? It’s true that she’s an ojou-sama, but that’s not the image I got from the first game. Also, thanks for reading these posts. If you find them interesting, you should check out the games too if you have the time. They’re fun and entertaining. :D

      I’m still thinking about what to play next, but maybe L.G.S or BWS Bloody Nightmare. Or maybe juggling both at the same time since BWS is pretty dark. xD

      • scream I hope you don’t mind me butting in again but oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who thought Felicita is… pretty ooc in the anime. They really dumbed her down as you said, they took away her ability to be capable (and gave all the opportunity for her to shine to the guys) and made her like 10 times more classic otome game heroine which is bs imo. I mean, like you said, it’s true that she’s an ojou-sama and can be a bit naive, but she is still very capable and dare I say 男前 when it counts, so it’s really saddening to see her bashed in the anime circle due to how badly the staff has treated her character (and the storyline in general imo.)

        • A lot of people share our opinion, actually. :)
          I didn’t like how they make Felicita sound too soft and refined in the Capitolo drama CDs, but wow the anime took it to a whole new level. Aside from dumbing her down, it also feels like they’re mostly using her deadly kicks for fanservice out of all things. Just as you said, Felicita is a very 男前 character, but in the anime she turns into a standard ojou-sama. I also don’t like the changes they made, so the anime is rage-inducing for me. ;___;

  3. Jollyyyyy, I am so glad you like him too Rin-san. I think a lot of people tends to find him annoying but he forever remains my fave xD Ah at last they explained to us why he looks so young, though I am still wondering what is his actual age xD

    Jolly you should give that elixir to Felicita, and be young together ^0^

    *joins you smashing the keyboard* The ending CG is so cute, ah I can’t explain it with my words xD *screaming like a banshee*

    • Yay, you love Jolly too ワ━ヾ( o・∀)ノ゙ヾ(o・∀・o)ノ゙ヾ(∀・o )ノ゙━イ!!
      People tend to find him annoying because he’s a troll, but despite all the things he did.. deep down he’s just a very devoted person. Mondo mentioned that Jolly and Joshua are around the same age, and Dante said Joshua would be in his 40s if he’s still alive. So I guess Jolly is in his early or mid-forties? 8D

      ..and yes THAT ENDING CG. I just can’t dkajdaksskja *ahem* wonder Felicita looks so happy. Who wouldn’t be happy to have Jolly treating you that way. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

      • Randomly butting in but I actually did the math a few days ago. Mondo is 59, and since he said that Jolly is around the same age as Joshua, he can’t be older than 44, because any younger would mean he had luca at 14 and any older would mean Mondo had Joshua at 14. Not that…15 is a better age to have a kid but. It’s the only one to make sense if Luca isn’t a homunculus.

        Also allow me this chance to say that I really enjoy your reviews. It’s refreshing to see people who doesn’t hate Jolly or Dante in this fandom (even if I understand why he’s difficult to like)

        • Thank you! :D
          Likewise, I’m happy to see people who don’t bash Jolly (for being a troll) and Dante (for being an old man) too. They need more appreciation, though similarly to you, I understand why it’s difficult to like them.

          LOL yeah, I did the same calculation last week. Jolly should be around 44-45 or so, which means that Luca was born when he was around 15. He seemed to be around that age during the flashback with Joshua, and he certainly didn’t show any interest in people other than Mondo.. which left me questioning about his wife and Luca’s birth. For some reason I can’t shake off the thought that Luca might be a homunculus, but oh well let’s just assume Jolly married young. xD;

          • I find it amusing that Joshua, despite finding someone earlier(?) manages to have a son who’s younger than Jolly’s son tbh but sobs yeah I’m with you there in being unable to shake off the possibility of Luca being a homunculus. I think I’ll probably hold on to that possibility for awhile, although admittedly, for a tiny moment I wondered if the mysterious lady from Debito’s past was Luca’s mother, but then I remembered that she can’t be since Luca said he doesn’t remember his own mother so the timeline makes it unlikely. So yes, let’s assume the married young thing for now. >_<;

          • I know right? 8D;
            Yeah, I do believe that Joshua found Kiara earlier since Jolly just wasn’t interested in people.. which is why I keep questioning if Jolly had a real wife or not. In the first game, Luca said when he’s old enough to recognize his surroundings, he’s already in the mansion and his mother was nowhere to be seen. He never met her mother, so yeah it doesn’t seem like the lady from Debito’s past is his mother. So many questions left unanswered, but it’s okay as long as Felicita is happy with her man. :D

  4. Haha, he’s like a kid that can’t express his feeling well, but that is kind of cute in another way of thinking :) Felicita was awesome too, she kicks good :)

    • Yeah, Jolly is basically just an overgrown kid who turned twisted.. but still devoted. It’s cute that his maturity sort of goes backwards after he fell in love with Felicita. Also, I agree. Felicita is awesome in this route. Go protect your man, girl. :D

  5. Oh man I mean Luca was moe but JOLLY ASDFGHJKL *fangirl moment*
    JOLLY IS REALLY SWEET AFTER ALL, when he protects her ♡(≧v≦人 )Jolly the Troll is back xD “Friends are wonderful things” pfft “things” xD I like the part where his heart is full of Felicita \(//∇//)\ Gahhh Jollyyyyyy.
    Awww NOW IT’S JOLLY’S TURN TO MAKE A BENTO GASP IF IT EVER GOES ON EBAY FOR SALE IM GOING TO BUY ITTTT XD That ending CG YES THAT ENDING CG IS BEAUTIFUL~ I’m a sucker for sundresses like Felicita’s one there, and GASP IT’S SEXIER THAN PACE’S “Eating-one-same-food-at-same-time” CG WHOOOOOO \(^o^)/ Jolly is sexyyyyyy xD
    Also, Jolly’s route reveals the most story here 8D We finally understand why Ash stole the cards! … Well maybe everyone else already caught on except that I’m slow QwQ
    Joshua the Friendly Ghost (kudos to you if you get my reference xD) is so nice. SOMEONE GIVE JOSHUA A PHYSICAL BODY TO HUG LIBERTA QAQ
    Yes Jolly was very cute this time round gasp and the whole eternal youth thing was awesome cuz everytime I look at Jolly I forget how old he is 8D;
    I bet next comes Nova!! I’m excited for our tsundere~! ♥

    • HE’S SWEET, ISN’T HE? 8D
      If you peek into his heart, most of the time he’s thinking about Felicita and how to proceed with their relationship. So even if he’s behaving like a cold troll that he is, he genuinely cares about her. Oh, and yesss Jolly totally cooked for Felicita in ending 1. He’s willing to fulfill all of her requests too, though she will have to please him when midnight comes. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン As for Ash, he stole Tarocco both for Joshua and because it belongs to his ancestor. You’ll get to learn more about this later in Ash’s route, so don’t worry about it for now. :D

      Hey, you know me pretty well LOL.
      Yes, I’m moving to the kid group next and Nova is first. ❤

      • Aww, after all Jolly really is a nice man with a calculating behavior :D
        I-I’ll do whatever you want too Jolly 8’D
        Oh, I’m excited for Ash’s route! He seems like a “Tsundere #2″… Because Nova is already “Tsundere #1” LOL. At least in my eyes xD
        Haha isn’t it to be expected of a lurker of this website? ;D Lol joke. I just had a feeling you’d leave the main guys for last, so I guess you’ll be playing in this order? Nova→Liberta→Ash
        Yay Nova 8D I hope he’s extremely moe this time, like how all the other guys are turning out to be (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
        I just realized you called Liberta, Nova and Ash the kid group LOL. Imagine how they’d respond to that xD

        • LOL yeah Nova is the token tsundere, but Ash is surprisingly not tsuntsun. He brash and rough, but he’s actually honest with his feelings. He has better social skills too compared to Debito and Jolly, which is impressive considering he spent most of his life socializing with ghosts. Oh, and you’re right. I’m going with that order. Liberta, Nova and Ash will undoubtedly rage, but that won’t change anything. They’re the kid group age-wise. 8D

          • Really? Honest with his feelings, that sounds like something I’d want in a guy ♪( ´▽`) Maybe he’ll be better than our tsuntsun Nova-kun. ;D
            Roflmao I’d love to see them rage xD I can imagine them all saying they’re not kids at the same time before insulting each other as “childish” or “kid” xD Well Felicita seems pretty loli to me so hurhur they should be glad to be the kids group 8D

  6. yes!!! finally found the time to finish Jolly’s 3 endings! Thank u Rin-san for both the review and the help about ED 2.
    BTW , in Ch1, when they’re leaving the first room cause of the tiger fur, if u ask Jolly why he’s not wearing his sunglasses, he BLUSHES and answers because he can’t see. can u imagine?!!! sooooo cute. of course if u tell him that, he’ll get angry & says he likes to make fun of people but doesn’t like to be made fun of. but if u say he’s cool, he’ll thank u for praising him. wow! that was a real shocking scene. never thought he COULD blush.

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