Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Nova

Done with the old men group, and now moving onto the young ones. It’s pretty obvious that an important development is waiting in Liberta or Ash’s routes, so I’m starting with Nova. He’s still as short as ever, but his route is really adorable.

Nova is Felicita’s cousin, the son of Mondo’s brother. Talented and serious, he became the leader of “Cups” despite his young age. While he trusts Mondo and Sumire, he’s also quite strict towards Felicita. They were engaged until he called it due to a certain incident, but the plan is put back in motion after they become a couple. Nova is the holder of “Death”, with the power of lulling his opponents into a deep sleep. He’s 15 and wields a Japanese sword in battle.

Chapter 1: Unchanging Time

The fog warps Nova into the second floor corridor, where he runs into Felicita. He can hear the sound of clacking bones nearby, so he takes her to hide in a cabin before the skeletons find them. After discussing about what just happened, Nova says it’s just like they’re in a ghost ship. There are skeletons outside, not to mention a thick fog and the strange voice they heard on the deck. Noticing that Felicita is shivering, he asks her not to think about how scary it is — it will only make her more scared. If they want to escape from this ship, first they have to throw away their fear. They don’t know if there’s anyone left on the deck, so after making sure there are no skeletons nearby, they decide to start exploring the ship. Nova also tells Felicita not to run off on her own since it’s dangerous, but he adds that he wouldn’t be able to protect her if they get separated. Then he blushes and holds her hand, taking her out of the cabin. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

The moment they return to the corridor, Nova and Felicita are greeted by Ash. He’s been waiting to ambush them, and he tells them not to be so wary — it won’t change the fact that he’s stronger than they are. Since both Nova and Felicita are ready for battle, Ash wastes no time and attacks them. Nova tries asking why he stole Tarocco and keeps coming to attack them, but Ash refuses to answer unless he can offer an equivalent trade. Of course Ash’s objective is to reach Felicita, and when Nova asks for his reason, he answers it’s because she’s surprisingly cute. He wants to make Felicita his, teasingly asks if she actually belongs to Nova. Ash quickly admits that it’s only a joke, but Nova is already irritated and attacks him — telling Felicita to escape. However, Ash then takes out Tarocco from his pocket and challenges her to take them back. Nova warns her that she can’t possibly fight Ash alone, so Felicita quietly says she’ll escape if that’s what he’s wishing for. Unfortunately for them, the skeletons soon appear to interrupt their battle. When Ash tries to make his escape, Felicita quickly throws her knives from behind — knocking the cards off his hands. Escaping is still his top priority though, so he lets them keep the cards for now.

Since they’re surrounded, Felicita is thinking of fighting all the skeletons around them.. but Nova asks her to go and secure their escape route. He then uses “Death” to put the skeletons to sleep, which also drains most of his energy at the same time. Nova assures Felicita that he’s alright, though he’s not sure how long he can stay conscious. The effect of “Death” wears off when he loses consciousness, so they quickly escape to the cafeteria and decide to spend the night there. They also find a fresh red apple for dinner, but Nova gives it to Felicita and Fukurota since he’s too tired to eat. They managed to retrieve Tarocco, but they have to be careful because Ash will definitely return to attack them. Nova makes it clear to Felicita that she can’t let her guard down, because despite her strength, she’s still inexperienced in some areas. Their mission is to retrieve Tarocco and ensure her safety, and he wouldn’t be able to face her parents if anything happens to her — which makes her a bit upset. He doesn’t say anything else, so she doesn’t know that he’s protecting her on his own will. Not just because Mondo ordered him to do so. Upon checking the cards, they realize that “The Magician” and “Justice” are both missing. They don’t know what Ash is planning to do, but they have to retrieve the missing cards before anything happens.

Nova then asks Felicita to rest while he checks the situation outside, but he feels dizzy after using his power earlier. He refuses when she tells him to get some sleep, but if you read his heart.. he’s actually happy that she cares. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Despite how he truly feels, Nova only tells Felicita to stop being so nosy and just think about herself. This only causes her to get more upset, but before he could leave.. the light suddenly goes out and they can hear the sound of skeletons moving nearby. Nova is surprised when Felicita starts crying and clings onto him, but realizing that she’s scared, he hugs her saying everything will be okay — she has him by her side. It reminds him that they got lost in the forest a long time ago, and no matter how much they walked, they just couldn’t find the way home. Felicita got surprised everytime they heard the sound of the wind or the birds, and she hugged Nova out of fear. It happened a long time ago, so he wonders why he can remember everything so clearly — is it because the memory is precious to him? Nova quickly brushes the thought off, though he admits it doesn’t feel bad when Felicita is relying on him. He hugs her until she calms down, and they go to sleep with her lying in his arms.

Chapter 2: White Clover

That night, Nova sees a dream about his childhood with Felicita. They went to the forest looking for a flower for Sumire, but they got lost along the way. He told her not to cry since nobody would come even if she cries, but then he felt bad and apologized for being too harsh. She clung onto him when the wind blew, and he told her that everything will be just fine — she’s got him by her side. After walking further, Nova gave Felicita a ring that he made from white clovers. He knew she loves flowers, and he felt so glad when she finally smiled. He told her that he’ll find the way home, so she doesn’t have to worry anymore.

When Nova wakes up, he finds Felicita sleeping beside him. He gently whispers that she hasn’t changed since then, and soon she drops something to the floor.. which turns out to be their engagement ring. It seems like she always keeps the ring with her, and this makes him happy. Felicita wakes up not too long after that, and Nova immediately reverts back to tsundere mode — telling her that she’s being too relaxed. She seems to be concerned about him though, so he tells her that he’s not that weak.. then he bushes saying he’ll accept her concern. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Resuming their exploration from yesterday, they find their way into a messy cabin next to the cafeteria. They decide to examine the cabin hoping they can learn more about the ship, and the first thing they find is a bundle of newspaper articles regarding “Vascello Fantasma” — the ghost ship they’re currently in. Sadly the articles are old and fading, so they can’t find any other information. Next, they find an unlocked treasure chest. They see an old travel log inside, but they can’t read the contents since the book has absorbed water. They also find an old ring in the chest, and it looks really similar to their engagement ring — both in terms of design and decorations. Felicita happily says the ring Nova gave her is one of a kind, and he blushes saying that’s not the issue.. even though he actually feels happy. (❤ฺ→艸←) He also asks if she has the engagement ring with her, and when she says she does, he covers up the bliss by asking her to keep it safe. It’s a precious ring given by her parents, and he gave it to her along with his decision. He quietly admits that he’s happy to hear she treasures the ring, and they’re both blushing until he takes her back to their mission. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Just then they hear Pace’s voice calling their names, and soon he enters the cabin with Luca and Debito. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that both Nova and Felicita are blushing, so Debito asks if they disturbed the engaged lovers’ ラブラブ time. Nova immediately denies this, but the engagement ring in Felicita’s hands speaks for itself. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Debito is wondering if they were practicing their wedding ceremony, and he only laughs when Nova rages at him — making the latter realize that he’s been lured LOL. Back to the task at hand, Nova reports that Ash attacked them yesterday. They managed to retrieve Tarocco, but two of the cards are missing. Luca informs him that “Justice” is under contract while “The Magician” should be free.. but the discussion quickly derails as Pace and Debito start teasing Nova again. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Before they get teased any further, he quickly ends the subject and grabs Felicita’s hand — taking her out of the cabin. None of them are aware that Ash has been listening to their conversation from outside, and now he learns about the engagement ring’s importance.

Felicita chases Nova as he walks through the corridor, and he eventually stops to apologize for going so far away from the cabin. He tries to cover his embarrassment by asking if they should examine the cabins around them, but Liberta appears before they could go anywhere. Nova rages when Liberta calls him “pea”, but Liberta ignores him and asks if Felicita is holding something in her hands. Felicita gladly shows him the ring, and he keeps looking at it until Nova asks where he’s been up until now. He replies that he went exploring since he “doesn’t have much chance to ride a ship”, but noticing that Nova is suspicious.. he covers it up by saying a ship like Vascello Fantasma isn’t something you see everyday. Felicita tries using “The Lovers” to read his heart, and she knows something wrong is going on when the power got repelled.

However, Nova has a nice idea to reveal the disguise. He asks Liberta to sing the intelligence division’s anthem, which should be no problem since he sings it every morning. When Liberta refuses, both Nova and Felicita take out their weapons knowing he’s a fake. He’s definitely not a “sea freak”, so there’s no way he’s the real Liberta. Knowing his cover is blown, Ash quickly escapes and takes off the disguise. Nova and Felicita see this from behind, but they’re forced to stop chasing Ash when the fog comes out again. Despite their failure in catching Ash, Nova thanks Felicita for confirming that Liberta is a fake. She seems surprised to hear this, so he blushes saying it feels reassuring to have her backup. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Chapter 3: Promise of the Right Hand

Thanks to the fog, Nova and Felicita are now back to square one. They enter a cabin on the third floor to sort things out, and she suggests marking the cabins they already examined to keep track of their progress. Based on the map, they already checked all the rooms in the third and second floor. All that’s left is the ones in the first floor and the captain’s cabin on the deck, but before they continue exploring.. Nova asks Felicita to be careful of the people she meets in this ship — even the ones she knows. Ash’s transformation might be the power given by “The Magician”, and he might come to deceive her again by disguising as someone else. Even if Pace comes running towards her, she should avoid him. One second after Nova said that line, Pace suddenly comes running towards Felicita. He ends up hugging empty air and falling over since Felicita avoids him, and Nova keeps a close eye on him as they move towards the cafeteria.. but there’s nothing strange about him. He’s just like the usual Pace, and he tells them that he got separated from Debito and Luca when he went to search for food.

Here, Pace suddenly asks if Felicita has the engagement ring from Nova. He said he wanted to take closer look earlier, but they already went out before he got the chance to ask. Pace promises to return the ring after looking, so Felicita unsuspectingly gives the ring to him. Nova is actually a bit suspicious, but he can’t see anything wrong with Pace. Especially since Pace himself wears a lot of rings too on his fingers. Just as he promised, Pace returns the ring not too long after that. He “accidentally” drops it, but then he picks it up and hands it back to Felicita. He also hugs Felicita for being so kind, and he grins when Nova rages.. but none of them hears him muttering “so fun to tease” under his breath — which is the biggest hint that he is NOT Pace. He then leaves to “search for Debito and Luca”, while Nova decides to have dinner with Felicita. They have to start exploring again when the sun rises, so they should get some rest for now. He also warns her not to walk out alone when he’s resting, since it’d be dangerous if she gets surrounded by all the skeletons outside. When Nova is busy checking the food stock, Felicita puts the ring back into her pocket.. and that’s when she realizes that her engagement ring has turned into a different one. At first she tries to hide it from him, but since he knows something wrong is going on, eventually she shows him the ring. Pace — or rather, Ash — swapped the ring with a fake one when he dropped it earlier.

Felicita immediately runs towards the door, but Nova stops her saying she might get attacked outside. They can retrieve the ring tomorrow, so for now they should call it a night and rest. Her sad expression is unbearable for him, so he decides to go outside — asking her to call him if she needs anything. However, Felicita sneaks out when Nova is thinking alone near the staircase. Nova is wondering why Ash had to steal the ring, and he figures out it must be to lure Felicita out. Which really works, because soon he hears the sound of a door closing. He rushes back to the cafeteria, but she’s already gone and he has no choice but to chase after her. Meanwhile, Felicita finds the fake Pace in the third floor corridor. He knows she already figured out what’s going on, so he takes off the disguise and asks her to tell him everything she knows about Tarocco. Since Felicita obviously has no intentions to tell him anything, Ash decides to just use brute force. While Felicita is fighting Ash, Nova is searching for her on the second floor and got surrounded by skeletons along the way. They’re blocking his way and keep spawning endlessly, so he has no choice but to fight his way through — asking her to wait for him.

At the same time, Ash drags Felicita to the other side of the corridor. He proposes an equivalent trade to her, in which he’ll give back the ring if she tells him more about Tarocco. There’s someone in this ship that he wants to save, and that someone turned strange ever since he touched the cards. Felicita keeps her mouth shut though, so Ash mockingly asks her to pray for her fiancé to come since he won’t let her escape. Felicita knows that Nova will surely come and save her though, and Ash calmly says they don’t know if Nova will be able to find them.. but unfortunately for him, Nova soon comes to rescue Felicita. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ After asking her to escape, he turns to Ash and says luring her out by stealing the ring is unforgivable. Sadly, Nova is in no condition to fight. He’s exhausted after fighting all the skeletons, and his anger makes it easy for Ash to read his movements. Ash then says it’s just a matter of time before the skeletons reach them too, and soon they hear the sound of clacking bones nearby.. but Ash is shocked when they see a different kind of skeleton leading the mob — it’s Joshua. Since Joshua is possessed and won’t listen to anyone, Ash quickly escapes without returning the ring. Since Nova is exhausted, he has no choice but to grab Felicita’s hand and runs away with her before they get surrounded.

Back in the cafeteria, Nova asks why Felicita ignored his warning and sneaked out. He scolds her for acting without thinking, and when she apologizes, he says he understands her feelings. It’s just they have something more important, and he doesn’t want her to throw herself into danger just for the ring. Felicita snaps back saying it’s not “just” a ring, because the ring Nova gave her is really important to her. He blushes saying she always says embarrassing things with a straight face,but his attitude instantly turns softer. (❤ฺ→艸←) Nova then admits he’s happy that Felicita treasures the ring, but he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of it. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if that happens, and he wants her to understand his feelings too. Nova smiles saying he’ll go outside so Felicita can get some rest, but she grabs his arm and forces him to go to sleep. At first he keeps resisting, but since she looks sad when he refuses.. eventually he gives in and agrees to sleep with her. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He’s going to sleep by the door, so she can sleep inside. To hide his embarrassment, Nova tells Felicita that he’ll leave her behind if she can’t wake up early tomorrow. He sighs saying she’s always so forceful, but he admits that it makes him happy too. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Chapter 4: With a Smile from the Heart

In his dream, Nova has another dream of the past. After the incident involving his parents, he returned the engagement ring to Mondo and Sumire. He didn’t think he’s suitable to become their daughter’s fiancé. Mondo patted his head saying they’re more worried about him than the incident itself, and they chose him because of his performance at work — they trust him. They won’t force him to marry Felicita though, so it’s up to Nova and her to deal with the engagement. However, Nova bowed down saying he’s the one who made this decision. Then he ran out after leaving the ring with them. A few days later, Sumire saw Nova in the garden — looking at Felicita from afar. Knowing that Nova was regretting his decision, Sumire told him that the incident involving his parents and his engagement to Felicita are unrelated. That’s why when it comes to his future, he should act based on how he truly feels. Nova didn’t answer though, and he ran away when Liberta and Felicita noticed him.

In the morning, Felicita hears Nova whispering her name in his sleep. When she tries to wake him up, he hugs her and whispers “so you’re here..” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He keeps his head rested on her chest until he eventually opens his eyes, screaming in shock upon realizing what he’s doing. Nova turns red as he tries to explain that he was dreaming, and when Felicita mentions that he called her name, he goes “y-you just appeared in my dream, don’t misunderstand!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He blushes even more when she smiles at him, and he admits that he feels jealous of her honesty. He can’t express his feelings the way she does, and whenever he looks at her, he knows he can’t stay this way forever. He even yelled at her yesterday, though she’s completely aware that it was her own fault. Felicita doesn’t want Nova to blame himself, and so they agree to call it even. I won’t change the fact that he got irked at how she jumped into danger yesterday, and he can’t forgive Ash for luring her out either.. but he’s happy to see her treasuring their engagement ring that much. He admits that he does feel the same way, because the ring is one of a kind — it’s special for both of them.

When Felicita asks about his real feelings, Nova blushes saying he probably hasn’t expressed more than half of his feelings for her. Before, Liberta and Felicita told him that people wouldn’t know what he feels unless he tells them.. and Nova realizes that he hasn’t really improved since then. Felicita then says she wants to know more about Nova, and he asks her to read his heart since it’s the best way for him to show his true feelings. What’s written in his heart is that he entirely belongs to her, and that he wants to stay by her side even more — his heart is full of her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Nova admits that he’s thinking of Felicita, and he hugs her saying he’s not dreaming this time. He’s fully aware of what he’s doing, and he tells her that she’s always the one who shakes up all of his emotions. Nova then adds that it doesn’t feel bad to be honest, because he can see Felicita’s smile.

After that, Nova takes Felicita to retrieve their ring from Ash. They’re thinking that Ash might be in the captain’s cabin, but they find him waiting just outside of the cafeteria. Taking out his sword, Nova says he came here to retrieve Tarocco as the leader of “Cups”.. and to take back the ring as Felicita’s lover. Ash notices that something has changed in Nova — he looks much calmer than yesterday — and gladly engages both of them in battle. He finds this amusing as well, and he agrees to return everything if they can defeat him. Just like before, Ash thinks Nova’s moves are predictable. He says it’s so naïve of Nova to challenge him alone, but Nova only tells him to look carefully. He’s not fighting this battle alone, because Felicita then appears and attacks Ash from the other side. They manage to corner Ash in no time, and he’s surprised to see how serious Nova is. When Nova answers that he’s only protecting Felicita with his everything, Ash comments that both of them are completely different from yesterday. He says Felicita is a good fighter too, and he comes to respect them after the battle. Ash then throws his sword away, admitting defeat. Just as he promised, he returns the engagement ring and “The Magician” card to them.

When Nova asks him about the missing “Justice” card, Ash says he doesn’t have it. “Justice” belongs to Joshua, and it seems like the card is the one who needs him — not the other way around. Ash then says he’ll guide them to see Joshua, and he’ll explain the details along the way. He won’t ask them to trust him, but he won’t betray the concept of equivalent trade as an alchemist. He lost to them and already created so many problems for them, so he’s going to provide help in return. Besides, he knows he can leave Joshua in their hands. Both Felicita and Nova are impressed to see Ash’s good manners.. but it only lasts until he calls them “strawberry head” and “green pea boy” respectively. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Nova tries to protest, Ash calmly replies that he’s really a “pea” height-wise. Ash has to look down to talk to him, and Nova rages saying he’ll slash him LOL.

Chapter 5: United Backs

From the deck, Ash takes Nova and Felicita to the captain’s cabin. Along the way Ash already explained that Joshua used to be a normal ghost before touching Tarocco, except that he remains visible even during the day. Right now Joshua stays in his normal self during the day, but at night he turns into a skeleton and won’t listen to anyone. Ash also mentioned that Joshua is the holder of “Justice” and used to be a part of Arcana Famiglia, which confirms that he’s actually Mondo’s son. Ash knows they’re the only ones who can stop Joshua, so he’s leaving Joshua in their hands. When Nova and Felicita enter the captain’s cabin, Joshua greets them and asks if they’re guests. Nova explains that they’re from Arcana Famiglia, and they’re here to retrieve the card he has.. so Joshua invites them inside since it’s going to be a long story. He tells them that Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls who died with regret, and he’s not an exception. The problem is he can’t remember why he’s staying in this ship. The only words that keep floating in his mind are “Tarocco”, “Regalo” and “Wheel of Fortune” — the last one added by “Justice” as it possesses Joshua. It’s already dark outside, which means it’s time for Joshua to turn into a skeleton again.

Knowing that skeleton Joshua is targeting Felicita, Nova asks her to stand back.. but she refuses saying she’ll fight with him. She doesn’t want to stay protected alone — she wants to protect him too. Nova smiles saying that’s just like Felicita, and he asks her to fight beside him. He asks her not to force herself though, because she’s not fighting alone. He acknowledges her strength, so she can rely on him when she needs help. In return, he’s also relying on her to protect his back. During the battle, “Justice” tells them that it wants to return to its card form.. and its needs “Wheel of Fortune” in order to do that. However, the next second it contradicts itself by saying it doesn’t want to return — it’s confused due to its attachment towards Joshua. Nova uses “Death” to enhance his sword with the wind, and “Justice” immediately counters the attack by releasing its power on them. Luckily they manage to dodge the attack, and they land consecutive blows to bring “Justice” down. That’s not the end though, since “Justice” then runs out saying something is calling.

Outside, Nova and Felicita watch “Justice” writhing in pain. It mutters that it wants to stay in this world, because this is where it belongs. For a moment they can only wonder if they can’t do anything other than watching, but when the stigmata on her chest starts glowing — a sign that “The Lovers” is calling — Felicita says they can always use her power. Nova is against the idea since her memories might get wiped out again, but she decides to talk to “The Lovers” first. “The Lovers” has noticed that it’s time for Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” for the third time, and it assures her that everything will be okay. Felicita is now strong enough to handle the power, and her bond with Nova will provide “The Lovers” with enough power to help her. Once again “The Lovers” asks if she’s going to use “Wheel of Fortune” to save Joshua, and she answers that she doesn’t need a reason to help those who are suffering. Felicita then asks Nova to help, and knowing that she already talked to “The Lovers”, he says she can use his heart as much as she likes. He believes in her, so he wants her to believe in him too. “Death” enhances “The Lovers”, and with its help, she uses “Wheel of Fortune” to release “Justice” from Joshua — finally returning it to its card form.

At the same time, all the souls in the ship are going to heaven.. and Joshua tells Nova and Felicita that it’s time for him to go too. He already regains his missing memories, so he doesn’t have any regrets left. Besides, a figure who’s related to his “regret” will arrive soon. They hear footsteps soon after that, and Liberta comes running onto the deck with Ash. Nova sighs saying the noisy ones have come, and they start bickering as usual while Jolly goes to talk to Joshua. Jolly asks if Joshua had his “tearful reunion”, but Joshua only smiles saying he doesn’t know. The only thing he can say is that he feels very satisfied right now, and he doesn’t have any regrets. Meanwhile, Liberta asks if they know Joshua. He thinks Joshua seems to be a good person, and this opinion is shared by both Nova and Felicita. When Debito, Pace and Luca eventually comes onto at the deck, Joshua tells Nova and Felicita that they’re surrounded by good friends. Nova says they won’t get bored since everyone is so noisy, and Joshua smiles saying he’s glad to hear that. Joshua moves to bid farewell to Ash next, telling Ash that he has the time and place to go on. He can find it by turning around, and he’ll see his new friends smiling behind him. After thanking everyone, Joshua glances at Liberta saying it seems like he’ll get along well with Ash.. then he finally goes to heaven. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。

As the ship take them back to Regalo, Nova asks Felicita not to let her guard down. After all, their mission is to deliver Tarocco and her back to the mansion. Ash teasingly asks if it’s time for them to bring out their engagement ring again, and Nova rages saying an “outsider” like him shouldn’t butt into their conversation. Ash calmly replies that Jolly has invited him to join the family, so he’s probably not an outsider anymore. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since he might enter the family, Ash takes back what he said before and says he’ll target Felicita after all. She’s cute, and he likes her strong personality.. so Nova should be prepared. Nova rages upon hearing this, but Felicita only smiles and asks if he’s going to protect her. He blushes saying that’s obvious, since there’s no way he’d hand her over to anyone. Especially not to a person like Ash. Nova then says Felicita has him, and when she happily nods.. Ash sighs saying he shouldn’t have teased them. Now he’s got them いちゃいちゃ-ing in front of his face LOL. Nova holds Felicita’s hands as they return home, thinking about how they will always be together from now on.


After returning to Regalo, Nova asks Felicita to come along as he goes to see his parents. She was the one who pushed his back to wake them up, and he wants her to see his current relationship with them. They haven’t fully recovered, but their condition is improving and they might be able to return to a normal life soon. Now that his parents have opened their eyes, Nova wants to become a warm family with them — just like Felicita and her parents. When she tells him that he can do it, he thanks her saying her words are mysterious. They make him feel that everything she says is going to happen. Nova says he’s glad to have Felicita by his side, and he blushes as he explains that he wants to introduce her to his parents. He’s been thinking of introducing her as soon as Arcana Duello is over, but he didn’t get the chance to do this because of the Vascello Fantasma case. He also makes it clear that he’s not introducing her as Mondo and Sumire’s daughter, but as his lover. His future wife. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Nova already swore upon the ring that he’s going to become a man who always protects Felicita, but he realized that he hasn’t reached that point yet.. because he’s still having a problem expressing his feelings. He doesn’t want to remain this way forever, and one day he will become a person who can express his feelings honestly. His love for her is just as strong as her love for him, so today he’s going to take the first step. Nova then holds Felicita’s shoulder, and finally he tells her that he loves her. He wants her to always stay with him, and he kisses her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Nova feels he can change as long as Felicita is with him, and he asks her to take care of him from now on — they’re going to walk towards the future together.


One day, Nova and Felicita are going on a patrol together. Liberta watch their discussion from afar with Ash, who mentions that they don’t really look like lovers. Ash finds it hard to believe that Nova has grown softer after returning from Vascello Fantasma, but Liberta says it’d be extremely creepy if he suddenly becomes all デレデレ towards Felicita. Ash still thinks they need a sweeter atmosphere as a couple though, and he continues discussing this issue with Liberta — completely unaware that Nova and Felicita can hear them LOL. Before they know it, Nova is already standing beside them and asks them to stop saying unnecessary stuff about his relationship with Felicita. Ash and Liberta thinks it’s a good chance to confirm whether Nova truly loves Felicita, so Nova firmly declares that he does love Felicita.. and she should feel the same way, so they don’t have any problems at all. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Liberta and Ash try to tease Nova further by asking if Felicita really feels the same way, and Nova loses all words when Felicita answers that she loves him. He’s just blushing quietly, which causes Liberta and Ash to tease him even more. He keeps denying that he’s blushing, and he quickly grabs her hand — dragging her back to their patrol. Nova then says he’ll be troubled if people keep asking them similar questions, especially since his heart might burst if Felicita keeps answering them like that. Things won’t stay like this forever though. He wants to try expressing his love more honestly, so she should be prepared. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


During breakfast, Nova stops everyone from talking to Felicita. He informs Luca about her schedule, rejects Pace’s invitation for her, and shooes Debito away from her. When they protest, Nova makes it clear that Felicita is his fiancée. If they want to talk to her, they have to go through him. Liberta soon comes to tell Felicita that Sumire is calling her, and Nova glares at the poor thing before he could even relay the message. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Liberta then asks if Nova has lost his marbles, and Luca answers that he’s being too possessive — he wants to keep Felicita for himself. In addition, he makes them write their messages on a paper if they want to talk to her. They have to hand their messages to him, and he’ll read them out for her. Luca and Pace writes normal messages for her, but when it comes to Debito’s turn.. the message says “what kind of underwear is Bambina wearing today?” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Next comes Liberta, whose message says “I’m Nova, but isn’t Liberta cool? What do you think, Ojou?” LOL. The next messages are as follows:

“Whenever I see Bambina’s legs, I always feel like I want her to step on me all night long.” — Debito

“Ojou, from today on please call me Chickpea.” — Liberta

Realizing that they’re only writing things they want him to say, Nova rages and explodes. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

LOL Vascello Fantasma really focuses on Nova’s cute side. Despite his serious personality, Nova actually has a childish side.. and his reactions are always so cute when people tease him. It used to be Liberta and Debito for the most part, but now Ash comes to frustrate the poor guy even more. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I think the engagement ring is a very nice touch too, since it helps drawing out Nova’s hidden feelings and brings him closer to Felicita. All of his endings are really sweet, but my favorite is definitely ending 3. I-I’m sorry Nova, but I honestly love it when everyone is teasing you. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ I’m a bit disappointed that Nova doesn’t get a kiss CG, but the overall cuteness of the route is more than enough to make up for it.. so I won’t complain. 8D


8 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Nova

  1. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ending 3 is SO WIN. XD Roflmao I love how everyone teases Nova, maybe cuz I like guys who are easily teased xD
    Indeed: KISS CG WHERE QAQ NOVA IS SO PRECIOUS HERE. Maybe even a kiss on the cheek would’ve been nice OTL
    I love how Nova protects her ♥ Then again, everyone protects Felicita in this game haha. But Nova and his childhood memories make it so much cuter *w* Oh Nova~ He even made Felicita a ring out of flowers?! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) So cute~~~
    I also like how Ash is so cooperative here haha, he really cares for Joshua ^^
    Well then. Time for Liberta~

    • LOL I know right. Nova’s reactions are so cute, so I can see why everyone loves teasing him. xD Yeah sadly Nova doesn’t have a kiss CG, it’s just that “one second before kiss” moment.. and when they actually kissed we only get a close-up of his hand on Felicita’s shoulder. ヽ(;▽;)ノ It seems like Nova has always been harsh on Felicita ever since they were small, but from time to time he shows his affection too. Like that white clover ring. That scene is so adorable, just like this one. GET MARRIED ALREADY YOU TWO. モォ(*ノ∀`*)ノャダァァン☆

      ..and yeah, you can see that Ash is actually not as bad / rebellious as he appears. He actually cares a lot about those who are close to him, though in this case Joshua is the only one left. ;_;

      • W-way to ruin the mood! QAQ Dammit so close to the Kiss CG!!!! D<
        Aww… Poor Ash D:

        • In a way, it actually enhances the mood. They kissed. We just didn’t get to see their lips LOL. It’s not that bad actually, but still.. I’d take an actual kiss CG over a CG of hands. 8D

  2. Hi Rin!! :D Can I ask? How do you do this? Does this have any walkthrough available like in Arcana Famiglia? If it does have a walkthrough, can you please tell me where? Dunno how to read Japanese letters xD

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