Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Liberta

If you haven’t noticed already, Liberta plays a very important role in Vascello Fantasma. This route focuses a lot on his relationship with Joshua, and it also gives a nice closure for both of them. Definitely one of the best in this game.

Liberta is a member of the intelligence division, 18 years old. He loves seeing new things and sailing out to the sea, feeling that living in a ship suits him the best. Since he grew up surrounded by men, Liberta has no resistance towards girls. He doesn’t have any experience in love either, and he always blushes if Felicita gets a little too close. Liberta is the holder of “The Fool”, with the power of turning his words into reality. He fights with a cutlass named “Speranza”.

Chapter 1: Journey in the Ghost Ship

The fog clears out after warping everyone, leaving Felicita only with Liberta on the deck. He wonders if their friends disappeared because of the skeletons or the fog, but he quickly stops himself upon noticing that she looks worried. He apologizes for saying such a thing, and he assures her that everything will be just fine — he’ll do something when the time comes. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since they have to search for the Tarocco, Liberta then takes Felicita to explore the ship. During emergencies, first they should explore their surroundings instead of panicking and running around. It’s the basic knowledge in the intelligence division, and he feels cool when stating it out loud. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He admits that those are Dante’s words though, which he said to keep everyone calm during the time they got stranded on a deserted island. From the deck, Liberta and Felicita can see that the ship is already sailing far away from the port. Regalo is surrounded by other small islands, and some of them have been aiming to attack Regalo. It’d be bad if they get caught by other parties, so they need to be quick in retrieving Tarocco and escaping from this ship. Since they can’t find anything on the deck, they decide to go inside and explore the interior of the ship.

Despite their situation, Liberta is actually excited to explore the infamous ghost ship. On the other hand, Felicita is shaking in fear beside him.. though he doesn’t notice and takes her to examine the cabins. After walking for a while, Liberta realizes that Felicita has been really quiet since earlier. He decides to “cheer her up” by acting like a ghost and surprises her — welcoming her to the ship — which of course scares the living daylight out of her. She immediately clings onto him, and he feels really guilty when she starts crying. He apologizes for going too far, but then she says it’s okay and points out that he’s being really close. Noticing the distance between them, Liberta instantly turns red and apologizes. If you read his heart, he’s thinking about how cute Felicita is. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 He finds it surprising that she’s weak against scary things, but he also feels glad since he also hates a lot of things he dislikes. Besides, he’d be able to protect her this way. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

On the second floor of the ship, they run into Nova — who surprises them with his sudden appearance. He sighs saying both of them are being too calm and thoughtless, and since they don’t have any specific destination, he asks them to follow him to the cafeteria. He knows they haven’t eaten anything in the ship, and he’d be happy to help them. Liberta and Felicita find this really weird, but they decide to follow Nova to the cafeteria anyway. When Nova gives them an apple for dinner, Liberta wonders if they can cook his favorite penne all’arrabbiata instead since apples are definitely not enough. Sadly there are no other food in the ship, and not too long after eating the apples.. Liberta and Felicita suddenly start feeling very sleepy. Liberta wakes up soon after due to Fukurota’s hoot, and that’s when he sees Nova carrying Felicita out of the cafeteria. He feels dizzy, but he runs out to chase after them. Nova suddenly starts attacking Liberta when the latter catches up to them, so after calling Felicita to wake up, Liberta tells her that this “Nova” is a fake. The real Nova wouldn’t do something like this to Felicita — especially not drugging her food. Knowing that his cover is blown, Ash takes off the disguise and reveals himself.

Ash explains thathe needs to talk to someone from the family, and he chose Felicita because Liberta was looking at her earlier in the mansion. He took it as an implication that Felicita is the weakest, even though Liberta was only thinking of protecting her. He doesn’t want to pick a fool who knows nothing about Tarocco either. Someone like Liberta, for example. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Ash then tries to escape since he finds this troublesome, but Liberta and Felicita chase him to the deck — where they run into a possessed Joshua. He immediately attacks them, and Liberta takes a hit when he tries to protect Felicita. However, Joshua suddenly drops his sword and mutters “Liber..ta..” before walking away. Liberta and Felicita have to fight all the skeletons around them, but they manage to run back into the cafeteria after that. When she thanks him for protecting her, he smiles saying he’s glad that she’s unharmed.. so she should rely on him more during times like this. They have a lot of questions regarding Ash and Joshua, but for now they should call it a night. Liberta then pats Felicita’s head and says she doesn’t have to worry about the skeletons, because he’ll beat every skeleton that comes to attack them — he’s Hero Liberta after all. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Chapter 2: That Hand’s Warmth

That night, Liberta sees a distant dream of the past. As he looked up into the blue sky, Joshua wondered if Kiara is watching over them from heaven. He left his family for her, and he didn’t regret that decision — he stayed with her up until her last moments. When Liberta entered the room, Joshua wondered if he can protect their son. Kiara was wishing for the three of them to always be together, and even though her wish didn’t come true.. Joshua wanted to continue living with Liberta. When Liberta tugged his clothes, Joshua snapped out of his reverie and patted his son’s head — telling him it’s nothing.

When Liberta and Felicita wake up, they find Fukurota happily eating the apples they stored in a barrel. He was worried that she might be exhausted after what happened yesterday, so he’s relieved when she laughs at how Fukurota pecks him. On the other hand, she also feels relieved to see them fighting over apples. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After eating breakfast, they try to figure out the connection between the stolen Tarocco, Ash and Vascello Fantasma. Obviously thinking isn’t Liberta’s best abilities, so he fries his brain in no time and decides to just directly explore the ship with Felicita. They also find a map in the cafeteria, and upon reading the ship’s name.. he gets super excited since it confirms that they’re really inside Vascello Fantasma. He’s also planning to brag about this to Orso and Nino when they get home. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ According to Dante, the ghost ship is one of the basic knowledge in sailing. During the day it looks like a normal ship since the ghosts are invisible, but at night it’s full of ghosts and skeletons — the ones that attacked them yesterday. It also means they’re free to walk around at noon, so Felicita doesn’t have to worry. Even if anything happens, she can always tell Liberta and he’ll slash everything with Speranza. Σd(ゝ∀・)ィィ!!!

As they walk out of the cafeteria, Liberta is wondering if there are more people living in the ship. The ship is rather spacious, and there are way too many apples for Ash to eat alone. He then takes Felicita out onto the deck, and they make their way towards the captain’s cabins after making sure there are no skeletons inside. The captain’s cabin is always the main pillar in a ship, and it also explains everything about the ship. The first thing they notice is that the cabin isn’t too huge, unlike SS Arcana’s. The ceiling is also low, from which they can tell that the ship is pretty old. When Liberta says it’s a bit hard to walk due to the dim lighting, a man’s voice apologizes saying he feels calm in dark places — it’s Joshua. After welcoming them on board, he introduces himself as a passenger of the ship. Joshua then asks if he can have their names as well, and he smiles saying Felicita is a nice name.. but he seems taken aback when Liberta states his name. Liberta asks if there’s something wrong with his name, and Joshua says it’s nothing. It’s a common name after all.

After talking to Joshua for a while, both Liberta and Felicita have taken a great liking on him. Especially Liberta, who excitedly tells Joshua about his fun days in the intelligence division. Joshua also shares Liberta’s love for the sea, as he enjoys voyaging a lot — watching how the sea changes its expression everyday. When Felicita mentions that he looks so happy, Liberta says it’s because Joshua understands what he’s talking about. Joshua also comments that he’s envious of how close they are, and Liberta happily says it’s because Felicita and him are always together.. which leads to Joshua asking if they’re lovers. Felicita smiles and answers that they are, while Liberta is going Σ Σ Σ(〃д〃) beside her. After recovering from the shock, Liberta also tells Joshua that Felicita is an important person to him. Of course Joshua can tell just by watching their interactions, and this reminds him of his past. He tells them that he used to have a family in the past, but his wife died and he got “separated” from their only son when the latter was small. Liberta asks if he can’t visit his son, and Joshua sadly replies that it’s difficult.. because he doesn’t remember his son’s name, face, location and even the reason why they got separated in the first place. Whenever he tries to recall these memories, his mind always turns hazy. Liberta understands how painful it feels since his memories were blocked by Dante, but Joshua says he’s not giving up — he will keep sailing until he can see his son again. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。When Liberta says it’d be nice if he can see his son again, Joshua smiles and thanks him.

Upon hearing Fukurota’s hoot, Liberta and Felicita realize that they’ve spent a long time in the captain’s cabin. Joshua looks a bit sad when they excuse themselves, but they promise to come and visit him again. Before they leave, Joshua asks both of them to come closer.. and he gently pats their heads, wishing for them to have a happy voyage. He says it’s a charm for people who are leaving on a ship, so they can return home safely. By giving this charm to them, he’s wishing for Liberta and Felicita to have a safe trip home after accomplishing their mission. Liberta thanks Joshua before leaving with Felicita, and right after they run out of the captain’s cabin, Joshua whispers that his son should be growing up like Liberta right now. Just then Ash appears nearby — surprising Joshua — and says he has some questions for him.

Out on the deck, Liberta tells Felicita that Joshua is so mysterious. He gives off a noble aura that doesn’t suit the ghost ship, but he’s also a nice person. Felicita feels safe and secure around Joshua, while Liberta feels nostalgic somehow — it feels like having a family or sibling he never had. He wants to see Joshua again, and he wants to help solving Joshua’s problem. Liberta wonders why he can get along so well with someone he just met, and he soon realizes it’s because Joshua is similar to Dante. Of course they’re really different when it comes to appearance, but both of them are reliable. They watch over people from afar, and he can’t shake off the nostalgic feeling he gets from Joshua. Liberta is genuinely hoping that Joshua will be able to find his son, since they can tell that Joshua loves his son a lot. It must be painful to be separated from the person you love. Liberta says he wants the person he loves to stay beside him, and he blushes when Felicita answers that he’s got her by his side. As he takes Felicita’s hand, Liberta says holding her hands always reminds him of Arcana Duello. She helped him to control his Arcana power, and it’s thanks to her that he can keep moving forward. Liberta then asks Felicita to come closer, and he pulls her into his arms — saying it makes him feel relieved. He’s glad to have her by his side.

Chapter 3: Admiration of Felicitare

When the sun sets, Liberta takes Felicita back inside. They decide to explore for a bit before returning to the cafeteria, and along the way, Liberta suggests asking Joshua about Ash tomorrow. Just then a flat voice comments that they look so happy, and Jolly suddenly appears behind them — like a ghost. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Jolly is not impressed at how they make zero progress in retrieving the stolen Tarocco, but he’s clearly interested in their meeting with Joshua. Liberta asks if he knows Joshua, and Jolly answers that he does know a man named Joshua in the past. The Joshua he knows was a part of Arcana Famiglia, the holder of “Justice” and also Mondo’s son. Which means he was Liberta’s father and Felicita’s older brother. Liberta says the Joshua they met today is around Luca’s age, but Jolly reminds him that Vascello Fantasma is a ghost ship.. and ghosts do not age. Even though they don’t know if it’s really the same person, it’s just too much of a coincidence. Based on his speculations, Jolly also warns them not to let Felicita use “Wheel of Fortune” no matter what happens. Jolly has found a new task after listening to their report, so he takes his leave and leaves the Tarocco search in their hands.

Liberta is clearly concerned about the fact that Joshua might be his father, but noticing that Felicita is worried.. he smiles and tells her that he’s alright. He says he’s just confused because Jolly always says difficult things, and he quickly takes her to the nearest cabin to change the subject. The cabin’s interior is incredibly messy, and they split up to examine the place. Liberta finds a recipe of penne all’arrabbiata in a book, and he tries to bring it home by hiding it under his clothes. Unfortunately for him, Felicita knows what he’s planning. She’s about to kick him for fooling around, so he panics and says he’s just joking. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They can’t find anything in the cabin though, and Liberta just can’t stop himself from thinking about Joshua. He finds it hard to accept since Joshua is too young to be his father, but they remember Jolly’s words. Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls who died with regret, which means that Joshua might be one of them. On the other hand, he doesn’t look like a ghost. He’s visible even at noon, and no matter how they look at it.. he looks like a normal human.

Before they return to the cafeteria, Fukurota shows them a notebook in the cabin. The first few entries recorded nothing but the weather, but soon they find an entry about Joshua. It states that Joshua came to the ship as a new passenger, and it seems like he’s carrying a regret. 20 days later, Joshua told the diary owner about his son. Joshua wants to see his son but doesn’t know his location, and the diary owner is wishing that he could help Joshua somehow. Around one week later, the diary owner wrote about how his son — Ash — took Joshua to see him. Unlike all the other ghosts in the ship, Joshua is visible even during the day.. which makes it rather easy for Ash and him to become friends. Joshua treats Ash like his own son, probably because Ash reminds him of his real son. In order to search for information regarding Joshua’s son, Ash’s father asked him about his father’s name. Joshua answered that his father’s name is Mondo. This means Joshua is indeed Liberta’s father.. and he’s no longer alive. Liberta is lost in confusion and doesn’t want to believe any of this, but Felicita says they should directly ask Joshua about this.

Since he doesn’t want to spend the night drowning in questions, Liberta decides to take immediate action. He asks Felicita to wait in the cafeteria while he goes to see Joshua, but she refuses knowing it’s dangerous for him to go alone. She doesn’t mind going through skeletons for him, so he gives in and asks her to come along. Liberta and Felicita return to the captain’s cabin after that, but instead of seeing Joshua.. they find the classy skeleton from yesterday. In a fit of desperation to obtain “Wheel of Fortune”, the skeleton takes out his rapier and attacks them. Or rather, he’s just attacking Liberta in order to reach Felicita. Liberta quickly scans the room and says they should escape since Joshua is not here, but the skeleton keeps attacking — forcing them to hand “Wheel of Fortune” over. Felicita eventually counter-attacks with her knives, using the opening to grab Liberta’s arm and run out. The ship is full of skeletons at this hour, but they manage to make their way into a cabin directly under the captain’s cabin. Here, Liberta actually notices how the skeleton’s clothes are similar to Joshua’s.. but he doesn’t discuss this further because he doesn’t want Felicita to worry. In the end they didn’t see Joshua at all, and a part of him feels relieved since he’s not ready yet. Noticing that she looks concerned, he assures her that he’ll be okay after a good night’s sleep.

Felicita knows that Liberta is not okay, but she goes to bed without asking further questions. He flips through Ash’s father’s diary not too long after she falls asleep, and feeling extremely confused, he decides to clear his mind on the deck. Liberta admits that he does want to see his father, but he never thought they would meet under such a condition. Soon after, Ash appears and says he’s got sorrow floating out of his back. Liberta immediately takes out Speranza, but Ash only asks for his name because Liberta seems to remember his — it’s an equivalent trade. When Liberta says his name, Ash calmly says that he knows. He also knows that Liberta is Joshua’s son, because Joshua always talks about his son. Joshua said he wants to live with Liberta again, and even though he’s no longer alive.. Ash says it might be possible if they use “Wheel of Fortune”. Ash also makes it clear that the classy skeleton they fought earlier is really Joshua, and he’s been trying to obtain “Wheel of Fortune” ever since they got into this ship. Ash says Liberta should fulfill Joshua’s wish as his son, and that Joshua is waiting in the captain’s cabin — Liberta can come when he’s ready. When he returns to their cabin, Liberta is torn between Felicita and Joshua. He doesn’t want to put her in danger, but he also remembers how much Joshua is wishing to see his son again.

Chapter 4: Irreplaceable Thing

In his sleep, Liberta sees another dream of his childhood. When he was really small, Joshua caught an epidemic. Joshua knew he doesn’t have much time left, and it didn’t seem like he can protect his promise to Kiara. Joshua then asked Liberta to come over, and he asked his son not to worry. Joshua promised to continue watching over Liberta until the latter grows up, but sadly Joshua couldn’t win against the illness. His health rapidly deteriorated, and during his last moments.. he could see his son crying beside his bed. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

In the morning, Felicita wakes up first and is surprised to see Liberta’s painful expression. She holds his hands saying everything will be okay, and his expression immediately turns peaceful again. Liberta continues sleeping for a while, and he wakes up to find Felicita sleeping beside him. He blushes and wonders why she’s being so close, and it also reminds him that he was having a bad dream.. but suddenly she appeared in his dream and it turned into a nice one. A “nice” one. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ When Felicita wakes up, the first thing she asks is whether Liberta is okay. He asks if he was talking in his sleep, and he apologizes saying he had a dream of his childhood. It was unpleasant, because he saw Joshua suffering in his dream. He assures her that he’s fine since it changed into a “nice” dream, though he keeps the contents a secret from her LOL. Since he had no parents, Liberta was thrown into the orphanage of Casa Bianca.. and he was living a terrible life there until Dante came to save him. He wonders if he would have a better life if his parents were still around, but he asks Felicita not to feel bad since he loves his current life. Liberta knows he has Felicita and Dante, but if you look into his heart, he’s actually still torn about Joshua.

As they leave the cabin, Liberta says they’re definitely going to retrieve Tarocco from Ash today. Felicita asks if he’s not going to see Joshua, but he says Tarocco should come first since they don’t know where to find Joshua. He says they might be able to see him somehwere in the ship, and he steers her away from the captain’s cabin — obviously because he’s not ready to see Joshua yet. Today they’re examining the deck, and he asks her to split up so he can have some time to think alone. Liberta wants to ask Joshua a lot of questions, but he just can’t ask Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” ..and in the end he decides to hold back because he doesn’t want to trouble her. Liberta continues spacing out as he examines the deck, and despite Felicita’s warning, he ends up falling off the stairs — all the way onto the second floor. He asks her not to worry, but knowing that he’s hiding something from her, she uses “The Lovers” to read his heart. There she finds out that he might be able to live with Joshua by using her “Wheel of Fortune”, and he’s confused because he can’t tell her about this. Felicita is surprised, but she only asks if it’s something he can’t tell her. Liberta answers that it’s something he needs to solve on his own, and he doesn’t want to trouble her with his problems. He asks her to cheer up, but since she looks really sad.. he realizes that she might have read his heart. Instead of answering, she tears up and runs off to the deck — where she finally meets Ash again.

At the same time, Liberta is searching for Felicita all over the ship. He knows she’s crying because of him, and he realizes that he shouldn’t have thought of using “Wheel of Fortune” in the first place. It has a heavy compensation, and it’s just wrong of him to put her and living with Joshua on a scale. From the stairs, Liberta can hear voices coming from the deck. Meanwhile, Ash is telling Felicita that she looks down — just like Liberta last night. Ash then reveals that he was the one who told Liberta about Joshua, but Joshua is no longer alive. It’s difficult for him to have a normal life with his son, but they can achieve that by using her “Wheel of Fortune”. Everything will be solved if Felicita goes to see Joshua, and Ash will guide her there if she agrees. Ash is also pressuring Felicita by saying her decision can save a family. He says Liberta will be happy as well, because he can stay with his father who’s been missing for so long. However, Liberta soon comes to stop them. He says there’s no way Felicita would agree, so he’s really surprised when she decides to follow Ash. They ask him to step aside, but he takes out Speranza and attacks Ash — ending it by using “The Fool” to pull them apart. There’s no way he’d let her go, so he grabs her hand and takes her to escape.

Back inside the ship, Liberta asks why Felicita was planning to go with Ash. He was really worried about her, but she answers it’s because she doesn’t want to see him troubled. Of course he doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself for him, and he asks why she needs to go that far just for him.. so she answers it’s because she loves him. She wants to protect him as much as he wants to protect her, and both of them are wishing for each other’s happiness. Realizing that Felicita is doing everything for him, Liberta then hugs her asking why she’s so stubborn. He admits that can’t win against her, and he thanks her saying he loves everything in her — including her obstinacy and the way she smiles at him. When he learned that he can live with Joshua, Liberta is confused because he wants to live with his father. That way Joshua’s wish will be fulfilled too.. but then he realized that he has something more important. He doesn’t want to lose Felicita, and he can’t imagine his life without her. He doesn’t want her to suffer for his happiness. All this time he’s been thinking too much, because the answer is actually very simple — he just wants her by his side. He says he can smile because of her, and after thanking her.. he asks her to go to the captain’s cabin. He needs to apologize to Joshua, because he needs her and can’t hand her to anyone.

On the way back to the deck, they run into Ash again. He can see that they’re ready, but he can’t accept the answer they came up with. When Ash reminds Liberta that he can have a happy life with Joshua, Liberta asks him if that’s really happiness. It’d be a family created through someone else’s sacrifice. He’s already happy with his current life, and for him.. Felicita is his family who’s been living with him up until now. Ash refuses saying they won’t be able to save Joshua this way, so he decides to use force and engages them in battle. Liberta is sincerely impressed at how well Ash handles his sword and alchemy, and he nearly hits Felicita with his alchemy spell.. but Liberta uses “The Fool” to enchant Speranza with flames and swings it towards Ash — knocking down the poor thing in one hit. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ They explain the compensation of “Wheel of Fortune” after that, and it’s revealed that Ash actually doesn’t know about this. Ash also tells them that Joshua isn’t a skeleton. He turned into one after touching Tarocco, and he’s been muttering “Wheel of Fortune” ever since.. so Ash chased after Felicita thinking she can save Joshua. He wanted to talk to Felicita, but Liberta and the others kept getting in the way. Plus, the son Joshua loves so much turns out to be an “unreliable” person who got excited over a ghost ship — he just couldn’t ask. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Liberta is happy to see how much Ash cares about Joshua though, and he thanks Ash for staying with his father. He has a father figure in his life — Dante — so he’s glad that Joshua has Ash too. Ash only replies with a sharp “ふん”, but he loses all words when Liberta and Felicita say it’s time to visit the captain’s cabin. If you read his heart, he’s thinking that both of them are too kind for their own good. Soon they hear the sound of clacking bones around them, and before they know it.. they’re already surrounded by a mob of skeletons.

Chapter 5: Wishing for a Future Voyage

It’s still sunset, but Felicita, Liberta and Ash are surrounded by a LOT of skeletons. Unfortunately, they don’t have a choice other than fighting them — it’s the only way for them to reach the captain’s cabin. Ash takes damage when he tries to take on a mob from another side all by himself, but Liberta soon comes to save him just in time. When Ash asks Liberta not to save him, Liberta replies that he’s not fighting alone.. so he can always rely on them. Joshua said the same thing to Ash in the past, and if you look into his heart here, he actually wants to believe in them. He’s just used to doing everything alone. Soon enough, a familiar sound of bazooka wipes out all the skeletons behind them — Dante to the rescue! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The skeletons are following them all the way to the deck, and since they don’t have time for explanations right now, Liberta only tells Dante that they need to reach the captain’s cabin. Dante tells them to go while he takes care of the skeletons, and Ash decides to stay back and help him. He also returns Tarocco to them saying the cards belong to his family, but he’s handing it to them for Joshua’s sake. He has no idea how to save Joshua, but he knows Liberta and Felicita can do it.. so he’s leaving Joshua in their hands.

When Liberta comes into the captain’s cabin with Felicita, Joshua happily greets them. They’re both still cautious because of what happened last time, but Joshua asks them not to worry. He has finally found his son, and he won’t do anything to hurt him. Both Liberta and Felicita are surprised to hear this, and Joshua further confirms this by mentioning the stigmata on Liberta’s forehead — the proof that Liberta is the son he’s been searching for. Joshua then says he wants to apologize to Liberta for failing to fulfill his promise. Back then he promised to continue watching over Liberta until he grows up, but he ended up dying before then due to an epidemic. It took them a long time, but both Joshua and Liberta are glad to see each other again. They might be in a ghost ship and Joshua is no longer alive, but Liberta is still happy to see his father. When Joshua says it’s not strange for Liberta to hold a grudge on him, Liberta admits that life in the orphanage was harsh.. but he would never hold a grudge on Joshua, because he knows Joshua loves him a lot. While he feels sad that Joshua died with regrets because of him, he also feels happy knowing that his father cares about him that much. Joshua thanks Liberta and says he doesn’t have any regrets left, but he doesn’t disappear from the ship. Instead, he turns into a skeleton as “Justice” takes over — telling Felicita that it wants her power.

As “Justice” uses Joshua’s body to attack them, Liberta tries to protect Felicita and takes her outside. He sadly questions where his father has disappeared to, and she tries using “The Lovers” to read skeleton Joshua’s heart. She can’t see the depths of his heart, but she can see that Joshua is still thinking about Liberta even after “Justice” possessed him. When Liberta says he wants to save Joshua, Felicita pushes his back by asking him to save Joshua together.. and he asks her to fight beside him, because he can grow stronger with her by his side. During the fight, “Justice” mentions its conflicting desire to return to its card form and to stay with its holder. At first Liberta uses “The Fool” to open Joshua’s eyes by summoning a freaking meteorite from the sky, and “Justice” counter-attacks by releasing its power on them. Felicita manages to dodge this and attacks with by Liberta, but sadly while they already brought “Justice” down, it still refuses to leave Joshua. Liberta doesn’t want to give up either, but he’s at lost about what to do.. because as you can see already, thinking is not his best ability. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Luckily for him, Jolly and everyone else come at the right time to provide support. Based on their advice, Felicita uses “The Lovers” to enhance “The Fool” — which Liberta uses to separate “Justice” from Joshua. It drains most of his energy, but this finally releases Joshua and returns “Justice” to its card form. At the same time, all the souls in the ship are going to heaven.

Now that he’s back to his senses, Joshua tells Liberta that he was prepared for the last.. but he’s given another chance to talk to his son. Liberta didn’t want their meeting earlier to be their last though, and he asks Joshua to tell him more about their family. Joshua explains that Kiara — his wife and Liberta’s mother — was a very loving woman. She treasured Liberta a lot. Liberta was never alone, and Joshua can see that he’s not alone too right now. He’s surrounded by people who cares a lot about him, though Joshua knows that Felicita is the one who cares about him the most. When Liberta blushes and says Felicita’s the one who always cheers him up, Joshua smiles and tells him to treasure her. After all, a person who loves you that much won’t come that easily in life. When Felicita comes to join them, Joshua asks her to take care of his son. He feels relieved if she’s staying by Liberta’s side. Ash soon comes to say goodbye as well, and Joshua apologizes for causing so much trouble. Since that’s not what Ash wants to hear from him, Joshua then smiles and thanks him. He thinks of Ash as his own son, so he’s wishing for Ash to be happy. Joshua is worried about leaving him alone, but Ash tells him not to worry. Dante has invited him to join Arcana Famiglia, so he won’t be alone anymore. As he disappears to heaven, Joshua says he’s happy to have met two sons in his life.. and Liberta sends him off with the words “see you again, dad.” 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。

Once the light disappears from the sky, Liberta asks Felicita not to look so sad. Strangely enough, he doesn’t feel sad because Joshua went to heaven with a smile — he must be watching over them from above. Liberta thanks Felicita for always staying by his side, and he tells her that he wants to stay with her forever. If he has her by his side, he can grow stronger and keep moving forward without looking back. Soon they hear Dante calling them saying the preparations are complete, and Liberta takes Felicita to go home. She’s always supporting him, and now it’s his turn to support her.


After returning to Regalo, Liberta writes an entry of the Vascello Fantasma case in his memo. He includes how the ship is full of apples, how they fight the skeletons, and how they met Joshua. If the case didn’t happen, he would have never met Joshua and can only hear about his father from other people. After meeting and talking to Joshua directly, he came to accept the fact that he had a family — people who loved him endlessly. He didn’t learn much about his family, but he’s happy to have met Joshua. Liberta then says he’s surrounded by people who are watching over him. He has Arcana Famiglia and Dante, and even though it’s a bit far, Joshua is watching over him from heaven. He also has Felicita by his side, and he feels so blessed for having them. Today Liberta has something he wants to show to Felicita, and he proudly takes out a portrait of Joshua that he made. It looks absolutely fantastic. \(^o^)/ Since Felicita responds by going “is this Joshua? ( ಠ_ಠ )”, Liberta is shocked and tries to point out that it does look like Joshua. He drew the monocle, the ribbon knot necktie, and even the gentle noble expression Joshua has. When Felicita leans in to take a closer look, Liberta blushes saying she’s really close.. then he says he loves her and steals a kiss. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ He doesn’t have “The Lovers” to read her heart with, so he wants to grow closer — confirming her feelings through her racing heartbeat. As the answer, Felicita leans in and kisses Liberta back. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン After thanking Felicita for giving him so much happiness, Liberta finishes writing his entry and says it’s time for them to go out. They can go to the sea or borrow the intelligence division’s ship for sailing, or maybe have a private voyage to a nearby island. He wants to do a lot of things with her, and today he’s going to take her wherever she wants to go. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Liberta gathers up the town kids by the market, where tells them about Hero Liberta’s exciting adventures in Vascello Fantasma. He explains about how he fought a skeleton who wears clothes, and the skeleton turned back into a human after they defeated him in battle. The skeleton is actually a kind man who loves his son a lot, but he got cursed and got trapped inside the ghost ship. In the end, the man went to heaven and gave them a very gentle smile.. and Liberta will never forget that smile. Liberta leaves the kids when Felicita comes to pick him up, and she asks if he was telling them about Joshua. He says they came to swarm him upon learning about his ghost ship adventures, but he told them the story for himself. His stories always stay in their hearts, so he wants them to know about Joshua too — keeping him in the corner of everyone’s hearts. Liberta is glad to have met Joshua, and Felicita answers that Joshua must be happy. Liberta then thanks Felicita for pushing his back in Vascello Fantasma, because he would be confused and sad without her. He could be drowning in loneliness right now, but he actually feels refreshed. Rather than feeling sad, he’s enjoying his life for Joshua as well.. and he can keep moving forward thanks to her. Liberta says he grows to love Felicita even more as they spend time together, and he’s about to say something when Ash suddenly comes to interrupt their ラブラブ time with Nova. Ash does feel bad for interrupting, but he wants them to take responsibility because the kids have invaded his ship — all thanks to Hero Liberta. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before Nova and Ash could drag him away, Liberta quickly takes Felicita’s hand and escapes LOL. She sighs when he asks her to help talking to the kids, but then she runs away with him.


One day, Liberta sees Luca and Felicita near the port. Liberta greets Luca as usual, but when Felicita smiles at him.. he turns red and runs away in a panic. Dante soon comes to talk to Luca, and he explains that Liberta is embarrassed since he spent all of his time with Felicita in Vascello Fantasma. Dante thinks time will solve this issue eventually, but Liberta might trouble everyone until then since he has no immunity against girls and romance. Of course the news got spread around in no time, and when Liberta is thinking about how cowardly he is, Debito comes to give the “pure pure boy” some advice. Debito says Liberta isn’t the only one who feels embarrassed, because Felicita should feel the same. The problem is she might drift away if he keeps ignoring her, and Debito’s ready to take her if that happens.. but he’s now here to give a good advice. Liberta should practice talking to Felicita’s statue in the garden. Yes, the one he’s been avoiding in the fear that he might see its panties. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s already late, so there should be nobody outside — it’s a good time for practicing. Unaware of Debito’s mischief, Liberta thanks him and runs off to practice with Felicita’s statue. Not too long after that, Nova suddenly comes in a rush. It turns out “Cups” received a report about a “pervert who whsipers love” near the fountain, and he asks if Liberta sees any suspicious person nearby. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Liberta quickly says no, and ignoring the poor guy’s protests, Nova forces him to join in the pervert search. As Nova drags him away, Liberta screams “damn you Debitooo—!!” into the night sky. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

My goodness, this post turns out to be MUCH longer than expected. Sorry about that, it’s just Liberta has such a nice route and I don’t want to leave out the details. (´・∀・`;)ゞ Liberta’s route focuses a lot on his relationship with Joshua, and it also provides a very nice closure for them. If you’ve been wondering about Liberta’s origins and Joshua, you’ll get the answer here — though we didn’t get to see Kiara. As for Liberta himself, he’s still the lovable fool we all know from the first game. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He’s so cute when he’s blushing around Felicita, and his endings have a nice balance of romance, comedy and family moments. I find it touching how Liberta remembers Joshua in ending 1 and 2, since it’s pretty obvious how much the man loves his son. I’m also happy that Liberta has a kiss CG! ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

…that Joshua portrait though…

Liberta, you’re such an amazing artist.


18 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Liberta

  1. Thank you
    I heard your friend suri from kisscoma stop writing about Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi, I feel so sad since I enjoy both your and her work

    • No problem!
      Ah yes, Suri is currently busy and doesn’t seem to have the time for detailed blogging. Not sure if my posts can cover up for her witty commentaries, but you’re always free to read about the other routes here. :)

  2. Thanks for the review so much~
    I haven’t started on the game although I downloaded but I thought I’d check out for reviews before starting.>w<
    Liberta is one of my characters and his route seems really sweet~ He's so cute wwwww

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! :D
      Have you done the first Arcana Famiglia? If you have, Vascello Fantasma is definitely a nice addition. Liberta is one of my favorites too, as I love his innocence in romance. xD

      • You’re welcome~ Yeappp, i’ve completed most of the routes in the first Arcana Famiglia except for Dante’s route.^^ Ash caught my eye for Vascello Fantasma beforehand but I still like Liberta the most~ He’s so pure and innocent. Liberta never fails to make his route interesting and cute owo

  3. Awww, Liberta ♪( ´▽`) So cute~
    this is probably one of the sadder routes in this game I swear I teared up reading this review ;v; I liked the moment Joshua patted both their heads ♥
    Liberta himself is adorable. Especially ending 3 XD “Damn you Debitoooo~!” fufu! And the doodle of Joshua was epic xD Haha the monocle, the gentle expression… XD Yes Liberta, I’m sure your art can sell at 1 million per piece if you ever become an artist!
    I also loved how Ash interacted with them here too ^^ Well he interacts in every route but for some reason he just feels more significant here. It kind of makes me look forward to his route 8D
    I’m sorry I don’t have much to say about Liberta since in the first game I wasn’t so interested in him. But this fandisk KNOWS HOW TO MAKE EVERYONE LOVABLE 8’D

    • Liberta’s art needs more appreciation. 8D
      Yeah, right from the start they make it very obvious that Joshua is Liberta’s dad.. so we know a touching reunion and goodbye is waiting in the end. I love how Joshua supports Liberta’s relationship with Felicita too, and the way he goes to heaven after saying he’s glad to have met two sons. ;____; Joshua why are you such a nice ghost! As you can see, Ash is actually rather mature for his age.. which I won’t reveal until his post is up. :D

  4. I can’t give any comment for Liberta’s drawing… but, I guess… good luck at your next try to draw Joshua, Liberta LOL.
    Ahhh, I’m completely in love with Liberta that I’m grinning wider at the thought of it in school. But, seriously, Liberta become like soooooo hot in the fandisk~ it’s bad for my maiden heart. His stupidity is so cute and how he and Felicita explore Vascello like going on a trip is very funny. Oh, I didn’t say it yet, but the fact that Felicita is afraid of ghost is oh so MOE!!! The good thing is, even the fact is leaked, Felicita still a kicking and awesome heroine.
    What made me completely biased is OMG Liberta, why your dad so handsome? It’s almost a shame that he already died. Though it’s nice how Joshua approve the relationship between Liberta and Felicita. (Then, isn’t it mean an okay for them to marry?) It would be a lot more nice to see Liberta’s mother somehow.
    Hah, now, if only the kiss CG is from the front and not that angle, I can go on a sugar rush….

    • LOL he’s helpless. He’s really proud of his drawing too. xD
      I’ve loved Liberta since the first game, but he really took the spotlight in this fandisk along with Ash. He’s dumb, but that’s exactly why he’s so lovable. ♥ Oh, and I agree that Felicita still kicks ass even though the ship is full of ghosts. She’s definitely one of the best heroines ever. Also, yes Joshua does approve of Liberta’s relationship with Felicita. It might be a turn-off if you can’t ignore the fact that they’re half-siblings, but since none of them cares about this, I don’t mind a single bit either. They’re adorable together. :3

      I wish they’d show Kiara’s face too, but she’s already gone. ;3;

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