Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Ash

This is the last route in Vascello Fantasma, and also the last post before I move on to the extras. The game doesn’t have any specific play order, but you might want to save Ash for last because his route gives a very nice closure. (。・∀・。)

Ash is a mysterious young man who stole the sealed Tarocco cards, as well as kidnapping Felicita from Arcana Famiglia’s mansion. He was born and raised in Vascello Fantasma, and he grew up surrounded by souls. While he looks pushy and rough, he’s surprisingly courteous and would rather solve issues through discussions — though he’d resort to violence in desperation. Ash is chosen as the holder of “The Magician”, and he uses a sword and alchemy in battle.

Chapter 1: Lifesaver?

As the fog warps everyone away, Felicita is left alone on the deck. Soon she hears footsteps approaching, and she turns around to find skeleton Joshua — who starts attacking her. As much as she tries to defend herself, Felicita gets cornered in no time since “Justice” keeps using its power on her. Just before she gets hit, suddenly Ash joins the battle and protects her with his alchemy shield. Felicita is surprised, but Ash only asks her to follow him if she doesn’t want to die.. and she doesn’t really have a choice in this situation, so she follows him into a large cabin on the second floor of the ship. The first thing he does is to search for apples, and after handing one to her, he explains that they’re safe here. It’s his cabin, and none of the skeletons outside can enter. Ash soon notices that Felicita is glaring at him, and she kicks him out of the blue since he knocked her unconscious earlier — making it fair between them. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Ash is obviously pissed, but he knows Felicita has the right to be angry. He gives her an apple as an apology, and as they eat the apples together, she thanks him for saving her. They also introduce themselves after that, and Ash gives Felicita the nickname “strawberry head” since it fits her red hair. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

When Felicita asks him to return Tarocco, Ash says he doesn’t have the cards with him. Even if he does, he wouldn’t return them anyway since the cards belong to him. Since he needs Felicita’s help, Ash decides to explain about their current situation. They’re currently boarding Vascello Fantasma, a ship for dead souls. The ship was created by Will Ingenious, which is the same alchemist who made Tarocco. The ship is hosting souls who died with regret due to the conflicts created by Tarocco. Those who were buried with love receive peaceful forms, while those who weren’t are staying in their destroyed human form — skeletons. The skeletons do take strange actions from time to time, but they’re not evil.. until earlier. They have never attacked people before, and Ash is confused about what’s happening. Felicita says there must be a reason behind this, so he immediately thinks of what happened directly before the skeletons started going wild — his contract with Tarocco.

Since Felicita seems surprised, Ash points to the stigmata on his neck and explains that he was chosen by “The Magician”. Joshua suddenly turned into a skeleton after that, and the skeletons started reacting when Joshua was trying to reach Felicita’s “Wheel of Fortune” ..which means the skeletons are probably Joshua’s command. Ash also explains that Joshua is a ghost too, but he’s different. Joshua is the holder of “Justice”, and he stays visible even at noon — unlike the other ghosts and skeletons in the ship. A few months ago, Joshua found a diary with the words “Tarocco is in the possession of Arcana Famiglia” written inside. Vascello Fantasma and Tarocco are supposed to be kept together, so Ash went to Regalo in order to retrieve the cards. He explains that Vascello Fantasma’s role is to pay the compensation for Tarocco’s tremendous power, though he doesn’t expect Felicita to grasp the meaning. In any case, Joshua has been behaving strangely ever since he found the diary. Since Joshua was born in Regalo, Ash then asks if Felicita knows anything about him. He calls her useless when she says no, and he decides to just use her to gain information from everyone else.

Here, Felicita reads Ash’s heart and finds out that he’s really planning to take advantage of her. She angrily asks if he’s going to push his own demands onto her without returning Tarocco, and he gets irked as well since the cards initially belong to his family. Knowing that arguing is just a waste of time, Ash eventually sighs and apologizes to Felicita — both for stealing Tarocco and for kidnapping her. When she reads his heart again, she finds out that the sudden apology actually comes from a book. He learned from said book to “just apologize” when a woman is angry. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Just like how Felicita wants to search for her friends, Ash also wants Joshua to return to his former state.. and he needs her help. In return, he can take care of her during her stay in the ship. Vascello Fantasma is always covered by a thick fog, and it’d be dangerous for her to wander alone. It’s an equivalent trade. Noticing that she doesn’t trust him, he adds that he really wants to protect the ship.. because he was born and grew up here in the ship. Ash is going to see Joshua again tomorrow, so Felicita can choose between following him or staying alone in his cabin — it’s dangerous for her to explain other places. He asks her to make a decision by tomorrow morning, and for now they should get some rest. Ash is willing to share his bed with Felicita, but she refuses saying she’ll sleep on the floor.. though it only lasts until he asks her to be careful of mice. Then she asks him to let her sleep near his feet. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ He flatly replies that she can do whatever she wants, but if you read his heart, he’s thinking about how warm his feet are. 8D

Chapter 2: Joshua

The next morning, Ash wakes Felicita up and asks for her answer. She decides to go with him and see what kind of person Joshua is, and so he takes her out with him — checking the ship’s condition along the way. He finds it really strange because the fog has never been this thick before, and those who aren’t used to the ship’s layout would definitely get lost. Before going to see Joshua, Ash takes Felicita to have breakfast in the cafeteria. The place is empty, but they find a pot full of food lying on a table. Ash tells Felicita that it was made by a certain ghost who always cooks delicious food for him, and she used to cook for kids when she was still alive. As he shares the food with Felicita, Ash explains that said ghost has a son in Regalo. Even though she can’t remember her son’s name, she’s still concerned about him. Her worries would disappear if her son can come to eat her cooking here, but of course it’s easier said than done. She’ll go to heaven when her son passes away though, and there’s a lot of souls like that in the ship. They all go to heaven when the source of their regrets disappear.

Felicita then asks if Ash doesn’t feel lonely here, but he answers that he has something more important than loneliness. Vascello Fantasma carries a large number of books and tools which have been protected by his family, and it’s his role as their successor to protect them. Since Tarocco is now back in the ship, he won’t receive as much passengers anymore.. unless Arcana Famiglia is massacring a lot of people. Felicita angrily says they won’t do something like that, but Ash only replies that her friends might not share the same opinion. She asks him to talk to Mondo first, and he agrees on the condition that his safety is ensured. He thinks it’d only be a waste of time though, since both parties will probably defend their opinions. After they’re done eating, Ash guides Felicita to see Joshua in the captain’s cabin. Through the window, Ash can see that Joshua is now back to normal.. and so he asks Felicita to wait outside as he goes to talk to Joshua. However, Joshua doesn’t remember anything from last night. The last thing he can remember is that Ash made a contract with Tarocco. The cards are still lying on the table, so Ash quickly takes them and explains that Joshua turned into a skeleton upon touching them. Joshua then asks Ash to tell him about what actually happened last night, and noticing that Felicita is listening in from outside, he invites her to join them too.

After explaining about what happened last night, Ash says he’s been thinking if the transformation was caused by his contract.. but he has a suspicion that it was caused by a direct contact between Joshua and Tarocco. He asks if Joshua remembers which card he touched last night, and Joshua answers that it was the “Justice” card. Felicita mentions that Tarocco cards have their own will, and Joshua adds that they can talk to their holders as well. They have their own consciousness, so it might be possible that Joshua was possessed by “Justice” upon touching the card. Ash soon notices that Felicita looks concerned, and she asks him to be careful since he already made a contract with Tarocco — some of them comes with a price. The biggest example is her own “Wheel of Fortune” which saved Sumire 13 years ago, but also went out of control and took her memories as the compensation. They don’t know if “The Magician” will ask for a compensation or not, but Joshua feels bad and apologizes for dragging Ash into this — all he wanted was for Ash to find a new path. Ash doesn’t blame him at all though, since he made a contract with Tarocco out of his own curiosity. The contract doesn’t change his objective, and he wants to know what kind of power “The Magician” has to offer. After learning how to use Arcana power from Felicita and Joshua, Ash goes to test his power outside. Because it would be dangerous if his power summons a thousand swords from the sky. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Out on the deck, Ash can feel his stigmata burning. Just as Joshua and Felicita said, words are starting to appear in his mind.. and he reads them out — chanting the spell to release his Arcana power. However, Joshua also comes out to the deck and calls him from behind. Naturally, Ash turns around and replies with “Joshua?” ..which turns him into an identical copy of Joshua. Ash sighs saying he’s got a transforming ability “again”, but Joshua says this ability will be useful if he lives among people. He says it feels a bit strange to see himself using Ash’s way of speaking, but when Ash asks him how to transform back, he only smiles and goes “who knows?” LOL. Joshua is clearly enjoying this, because the next thing he suggests is for Ash to knock himself out to take off the disguise. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Luckily for Ash, Felicita then suggests transforming into himself — which works fine without involving getting exhausted or unconscious. Joshua is clearly disappointed though. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

When the sun sets, Ash tells Joshua that he was controlling the skeletons last night. Ash thinks Joshua should be fine now that the cards are in his possession, but of course it doesn’t work that way because Joshua turns into a skeleton anyway. “Justice” states its name after taking over Joshua’s body, and it asks Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” on them. Ash wonders if this means their assumption earlier was true, but they don’t have much time to think right now.. because “Justice” has summoned the skeletons to surround them. They don’t have many options either, so Ash tells Felicita to follow him — he’s going to create an opening for them. After telling her to feed him an apple later, he takes out his sword and uses his reflection to transform into a white tiger. He opens a path for them to escape, and she follows him all the way back to his cabin. Noticing that Ash is staring at her, Felicita thanks him and gives him an apple — which turns him back into a human. The first thing he does is to complain that she took so long, and he might’ve eaten her if she took a bit longer to feed him an apple.. but she realizes a more important issue here. Ash is naked. Felicita blushes and kicks the poor guy. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Chapter 3: Lies or Truth

After putting on his clothes, Ash keeps complaining about how brutal Felicita is. He doesn’t get why he got kicked just because he was naked, especially since he was naked in his own house. He can spend his time naked if nobody’s around, and she’s being too naggy — though she points out that he’s complaining just as much LOL. Knowing the argument would be endless, Ash drops the subject and asks why “Justice” wants Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” on them. Felicita explains that “Wheel of Fortune has the ability to change Tarocco’s relationship with its holder, but they don’t know what’s going to happen — just as the name suggests. She has to be ready to lose everything upon using its power, and Ash knows it must be related to the compensation. This means she can’t use “Wheel of Fortune” whenever she wants to. He sighs saying everything has become so troublesome, and as much as she wants to help.. there’s nothing she can do. She doesn’t have enough knowledge regarding Tarocco, and the skeletons are roaming around outside. Ash asks if any of her friends know how to return Joshua to normal, so Felicita answers that Jolly might be able to help. Ash then asks Felicita to request for Jolly’s help tomorrow morning, because Jolly probably wouldn’t answer right away if Ash is the one who asks for help — he wants to save Joshua as soon as possible.

However, Ash isn’t aware that Felicita has been reading his heart. She knows that he’s just using her to reach his objective in the least amount of time, and she also learns that he’s also hiding a promise with his father. Felicita asks Ash to stop hiding the most important thing and explain everything properly, which he denies immediately. At the same time, he’s also starting to develop a suspicion regarding her response. He says Joshua is just like a family for him, and he doesn’t want to lose Joshua. Based on Ash’s thoughts, Felicita then suggests splitting up to search for a way to help Joshua. Ash says that will help him a lot, but his suspicion from earlier is growing stronger. He can feel that something wrong is going on here, and so he decides to test Felicita by thinking about how her skirt has been flipped ever since she kicked him earlier — he can see her panties. When she turns red and tries to fix her skirt, he smiles saying he can’t see anything.. but this has confirmed his suspicion. She can read his mind and he knows it. Ever since he brought her into his cabin, Ash has noticed that Felicita tends to stare at his face closely. At first he thought it’s just her habit, but now he realizes that it’s not a habit — she’s looking into his heart. Ash then asks if it’s also the power of “Wheel of Fortune”, and when Felicita says no, he pulls her hair and forces her to spill everything.

Knowing that Ash won’t let her go, Felicita admits that she’s holding two Tarocco.. and the one she used to read his mind is “The Lovers”. He asks if everything she has said so far are just responses based on his thoughts, and despite her attempt to deny it, he angrily says it’s really sick to read people’s hearts without permission. From the experiment with “The Magician”, Ash learned that their stigmata glows when they’re using their Arcana power. He asks Felicita to show her stigmata and prove that she’s not using “The Lovers” to read his heart, but she refuses since the stigmata is located on her chest. Unfortunately, this only causes Ash to think that Felicita doesn’t even want to apologize. He says Arcana Famiglia might just become a criminal syndicate, since they also peek into his heart on top of “stealing” Tarocco from his family. He thinks Arcana Famiglia will definitely cause resentful feelings for people, and storing Tarocco in the ship might be the right decision after all. Feeling disgusted, Ash says he’s going to help Joshua alone — warning Felicita not to get involved. He then walks out and slams the door, leaving her to cry alone.

Soon after that, Liberta and Nova find their way into Ash’s cabin. They find Felicita inside, crying on the floor only with Fukurota by her side. After she explains about what happened, Liberta gets pissed because Ash doesn’t know how it feels to be born with stigmata. It’s not their choice to have their Arcana power, so Ash shouldn’t have blamed Felicita without even listening to what she has to say. On the other hand, they can’t deny that Felicita’s power has caused an unpleasant experience for Ash. Not too long ago, Nova already told Felicita that people’s hearts aren’t something she can read so easily. She shouldn’t use her power in such a shallow way, and this is a good chance for her to do some self-introspection. She shouldn’t think that it’s obvious for her to read people’s hearts. Even if she’s always forgiven for doing this, that’s because they’re living in a small island — surrounded by people who understands them. Felicita wants to apologize to Ash about this, but they can’t seem to open the cabin door.. so Nova and Liberta take a peek through the keyhole. They go Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? upon seeing a sea of skeletons outside, and they ask Felicita not to see the horrifying view LOL. In any case, they don’t have a choice to wait until morning comes.

Meanwhile, Ash is asking “Justice” about what it truly wants. “Justice” only says that it needs “Wheel of Fortune” to return to the right form, and this confuses Ash even further since he’s trying to search for an alternative. When Ash says he can’t understand what “Justice” is trying to say, “Justice” replies that humans won’t be able to understand and uses its power to attack Ash. As he escapes from the deck, Ash says it’s impossible to do it alone after all.

Chapter 4: Closing Distance

That night, “The Lovers” talks to Felicita. It apologizes for causing Ash to hate her, and it’s wishing for her to help those who are hurt. The moment she manages to do that, “The Lovers” will lend its power through their bond.. because “Wheel of Fortune” is not something they can use so easily. “The Lovers” also tells Felicita that “Justice” has been stuck in a reversed position due to its holder’s death, and they have to restore it to the right position. Once again, “The Lovers” asks Felicita to help Joshua. It’s for Ash’s sake too — “The Magician” who has spent his life in loneliness.

According to Liberta, people who live on the sea will go to the mast when they’re feeling terrible. They go out to the deck in the morning, and just as Liberta said, they can find Ash up on the mast. Felicita knows he wouldn’t go down even if she asks him to, so she decides to climb up there. Yes, with her high-heeled boots. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Liberta panics and asks her to wait as he lowers the mast, but Nova quickly stops him from looking up — panties and nosebleed alert. After climbing for a while, Felicita reaches the top and asks Ash to turn around. She wants to apologize while looking at his face, not his back. Felicita apologizes for reading Ash’s heart without permission, and as the proof.. she unbuttons her shirt to show the stigmata on her chest. Ash is surprised and asks why Felicita would go this far, because he lashed out on her too yesterday. His words must have hurt her too, but she actually feels grateful. He made her realize about how shallow she was in using “The Lovers”, and he can tell that she sincerely feels that way — he can’t detect any hints of sarcasm in her words. He smiles saying she’s even more manly than he is, and he feels so uncool compared to her.

Ash then apologizes to Felicita for hurting her without even listening to her circumstances, admitting that he was touched by her courage. He wants to answer her actions, so he explains that he made a promise before his father died. Vascello Fantasma is a ship for souls who died with regret caused by Tarocco, providing comfort for those who can’t go to heaven yet. Those souls will eventually go to heaven due to various triggers, and it’s his family’s duty to watch over them — including Joshua. Aside from his duty, Ash also thinks of Joshua as his family. Felicita challenges Ash to show his determination, and he gladly agrees to settle this with a duel. If he wins, she’s going to help him to save Joshua. If she wins, he’s going to return Tarocco to her. They go down to have their duel after that, with Liberta and Nova watching from afar. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ash also admits that he has never met anyone like Felicita before, and he’s now a bit interested in her. During the duel, Ash tells Felicita that he will lose his senses if he stays in his tiger form past a set period of time. This has happened in the past, as it was his claws that took his father’s life. He returned to normal when his father gave him an apple, but his hands were covered by blood.. and his father’s leg was severely wounded. That was when he made the promise.

After the incident, Sergey — Ash’s father — told Ash to stop crying. Ash obviously felt guilty for attacking him, but Sergey was actually impressed that his son can turn into a tiger. When Ash made the elixir one year ago, Sergey thought he’s a genius — an opinion shared by Joshua. Ash wanted to use his alchemy to heal his father, but Sergey knew the wound wouldn’t heal. He was dying, and he knew he didn’t have much time left. That’s why Sergey asked Ash to make a promise that he will watch over the passengers as Vascello Fantasma’s guardian. Ash had been brushing up his skills in alchemy to inherit the ship, and he should be able to keep the flame burning in the power reactor. He also has Joshua by his side, so Sergey had no regrets. After Ash left the cabin, Sergey said he has a request for Joshua…

Back to the present, the duel continues until dusk. Ash decides to settle this by hurling his alchemy spell towards Felicita, but she quickly gets back on her feet, uses “The Lovers” to flash a blinding light and knocks him down with no mercy. Ash obviously didn’t expect Felicita to be THAT strong, but he also made a promise with her.. and so he returns Tarocco to her. However, Felicita then says they’re going to see Joshua now. Ash is really surprised since he lost the duel, but he thanks her and asks her to help. If you read his heart, he’s wondering if she’s trying to say that they’re friends. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Chapter 5: A New Path

Thanks to Felicita’s duel with Ash, everyone else heard their voices and make their way onto the deck. Jolly wants to capture Ash for stealing Tarocco from them, but Felicita helps convincing him to listen first. Ash then asks why Joshua suddenly turned weird upon touching the cards, but their discussion is interrupted when “Justice” steps out onto the deck — leading the skeleton army behind him. When Ash tries asking what does it want, “Justice” doesn’t answer and starts attacking them instead. As everyone takes care of the skeletons around them, Jolly approaches Joshua — who recognizes him — and says it’s really sad how he got possessed by Tarocco. In the past Joshua said a lot of “conceited” things, so now Jolly is wishing for him to fall into hell while still hiding his origins.. because Joshua doesn’t remember anything. Not even the reason why he’s in this ship. Ash gets irritated and attacks Jolly, saying he doesn’t know anything about Joshua. Joshua has been staying in Vascello Fantasma ever since Ash was born, and he’s both a father and older brother figure for Ash. The souls in this ship are trapped in the past. They’re lost without even knowing the reason, but even so.. Joshua was the one who saved Ash from his loneliness. The souls have to face the fear of taking forgotten actions, and Ash doesn’t want Joshua to get insulted by someone who doesn’t know how it feels.

When “Justice” suddenly attacks Felicita, Ash quickly protects her and calls out to Joshua — trying to remind him that they have a promise. Felicita can feel that “The Lovers” is calling out to her, so she asks Ash to hold her hand as she uses its power. Upon touching Ash’s hand, Felicita can see fragments of his past. The first one is right after Sergey passed away. Ash was mourning in the captain’s cabin when Joshua came to see him, telling him that he wouldn’t be able to become a good successor at this rate. Ash was lonely after losing his father, but Joshua said Ash still has him. Joshua is a ghost, but he’s visible even at noon thanks to his stigmata — he can keep Ash company all the time. Joshua then told Ash that he used to have a son, and he named his son after “freedom” because he wanted his son to live freely like his mother. However, Joshua’s son was born with a stigmata on his forehead. Joshua said he was jealous to see Ash mourning over Sergey, and he asked Ash to be his son. Then one day, when the time has come for him to go to heaven, he wants Ash to cry for him. Until that time comes, Joshua asked Ash to promise that he won’t cry anymore. Ash told him not to make promises he can’t fulfill, but Joshua said they can fulfill it. One day, Ash is going to take Joshua to his family — connecting him and his son through Vascello Fantasma. Since Ash asked for an equivalent trade, Joshua said he’s going to become Ash’s servant. Their relationship didn’t really change, but Joshua thinks it’s a wonderful thing. Ash accepted the deal, and Joshua said he will always remember their promise.

Next, Felicita sees a flashback after Ash grew up. Joshua told Ash that his stigmata is reacting to a new holder, and he suggested taking Tarocco into Vascello Fantasma. It will prevent the cards from causing more victims, at the same time restoring them to their rightful place. Ash remembered that Tarocco and Vascello Fantasma will lead Joshua to his son, which means that it might be the time for Joshua to leave.. so he smiles saying he’ll be fine on his own.

Back to the present, Felicita uses “The Lovers” to return “Justice” to its card form. She seems reluctant to answer when Ash asks if it’s her power, so he tells her that he’s not angry. He realizes that watching people’s past and memories isn’t exactly pleasant either, and he apologizes for all the things he said yesterday. Since “Justice” has been sealed, Joshua is now back to his senses.. and Felicita asks if anyone knows about Joshua’s son. Dante mentions that Joshua, the holder of “Justice”, is Mondo’s son, while Jolly chuckles saying they should have made a trade. He’d give out the information with Vascello Fantasma as the price, to which Ash responds with “you’re the worst.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Joshua then goes to see Liberta, and he asks if Liberta enjoys his days. When Liberta answers that he does, Joshua asks him to tell Mondo that he’s always wishing for Mondo’s happiness. Of course Liberta is confused to hear Mondo’s name, but Joshua only smiles and tells him to soar freely into the world. Joshua then moves to Ash, thanking him for everything. Ash admits he was worried that Joshua might have to stay in the ship forever, so he’s glad to see Joshua finding the person he’s been looking for. Joshua also asks Ash to read a letter in the captain’s cabin drawer, and he says Ash is just like a son to him. Joshua believes that Ash’s wish will surely come true, and after thanking Ash for keeping his promise, Joshua wishes him happiness and finally goes to heaven. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。

In the epilogue, Ash goes to see Mondo and Sumire in Arcana Famiglia’s mansion. Ash apologizes for taking Tarocco and hurting the guards, but he has no intentions to join the family. For now. He still believes they can minimize conflicts by putting Tarocco in Vascello Fantasma, but he already made a promise to Felicita.. so he’s returning the cards to them. Since Ash made a contract with “The Magician”, Mondo says he’s already a part of their family. They will treat him like a family member, but it’s up to him whether to join the organization or not. Aside from that, Mondo only has one short message for Ash: “I won’t give my daughter to you!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash doesn’t understand why an 親バカ like Mondo can have a brilliant son like Joshua, but this actually makes Mondo happy.. and he asks Ash to tell him about Joshua’s brilliance LOL. When Ash refuses, Nova snaps and says Ash is being too rude towards Mondo. He also comments that even Liberta has better attitude, which leads to a three-way bickering with Liberta. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When Debito asks the “kids” to stop quarreling, Liberta is surprised since he always thinks Ash is around Debito’s age. Apparently this got them curious since Nova then asks for Ash’s age.. and he answers that it’s 17, which shocks Liberta since Ash is actually younger than him LOL. Jolly also asks Mondo about Ash’s position if he decides to join the family one day, and they end up asking Felicita to make the decision. If she says “my lover”, he grins saying it’s not bad while everyone else turns pale in the face. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Ash is going to keep Vascello Fantasma in Regalo’s port until he can make a decision. When Mondo thanked him for taking care of Joshua, Ash replies that Joshua took care of him as well. That’s why he’s going to make an equivalent trade, repaying the debt to those who were close to Joshua — Arcana Famiglia.


Following Joshua’s words, Ash takes Felicita to the captain’s cabin and checks the drawer. Joshua has been using the cabin ever since he was small, so he never checked the drawer before. Inside, they only find an envelope containing two letters. The first one is a letter from Sergey, who wrote that if Ash is reading this letter, it’s the proof that he has grown up and Joshua has gone to heaven. Sergey also said that Ash’s promise to him works like a talisman until he can read this letter, and he won’t need the talisman anymore now that he has grown up. He can do whatever he wants with Vascello Fantasma, because each person has the right to determine their own path. Ash always took it as a joke, but Sergey is really proud to have a son who can turn into a tiger. A tiger symbolizes pride and strength, and Sergey is wishing for Ash to always be happy. The second letter is from Joshua, who wrote that Ash has selfish fathers — himself included. If Ash is reading this letter, it means he already sent Joshua off with tears. Joshua admitted that he’s been thinking of taking Ash to Regalo for years, but he did so after noticing the reaction on his stigmata. Regalo is a lovely island, and he believes Ash will come to love it too. Ash will have a lot of choices and freedom there, and he’s free to make his own decisions. If Ash ever meets his family, Joshua will be happy if he tells them that he was a loving ghost — his father, older brother and friend.

Felicita says Ash can take his time to think about this, and he hugs her saying he feels like such a fool for desperately trying to fix his tiger form.. because the letters make him realize how much everyone loves him. Ash is glad to have met Felicita, and he also feels grateful for his fathers — Sergey and Joshua — for guiding him to Regalo. Right now Ash still doesn’t know if he’s going to join Arcana Famiglia, but when he’s hugging Felicita like this, he feels that he wants to stay here in Regalo. Then he asks if he can stay like this for a little longer. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


A few days after coming to Regalo, Ash returns Tarocco to Mondo in the mansion. Ash thinks it’s best for the cards to remain in their card form and be stored in Vascello Fantasma, so he asks if there’s a way for the holders to release their contracts. Sadly they don’t know any way to do this, and Jolly suggests conducting a research if he really wants to find a way. Mondo says Ash is under his protection during his stay in Regalo, so Ash is free to decide what he’s going to do from now on. Jolly seems to be very interested in Ash’s tiger form though. Or rather, he’s interested in finding out the cure.. because he actually knows the cure for similar elixirs. In order to do further research, Jolly then forces Ash to transform into his tiger form — shoving a mirror in front of the poor guy. Ash quickly flees from the room before Jolly could do anything, and Felicita chases after him with an apple and his clothes. After returning him back to normal, Felicita takes Ash into her office. There he mentions that Jolly must have nothing but enemies, and she confirms that it’s true. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Felicita wants to see more of Ash’s tiger form though. She says it feels warm and nice to touch him, and he blushes saying it does feel nice when she pets him. He can stay in his tiger form as long as she doesn’t give him apples, so she can pet him freely next time. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

Looking back, Ash realizes that Joshua probably guided him to Regalo in order to give him this sensation. Ash’s life only revolved around Vascello Fantasma, and he spent years looking for a cure for his tiger form.. but he never found any. Joshua must have noticed this. He wanted Ash to know that there are always another way, and Felicita is one of them. She gave him the time to think about what he truly wants, as well as the time to enjoy the things he has never experienced before — his future plans are connected to her. Ash then kisses Felicita and asks her to return the kiss if she’s looking forward to their future, since he learned that it’s the way to show love for each other. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚


One night, Jolly gives Ash a suspicious-looking potion. He says it’s a medicine to heal various diseases, and they can use it to see why Ash’s tiger form is white — basically treating it like a disease. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash protests saying it was caused by an elixir and the color depends on the person, but Jolly just wants to make sure that he doesn’t bring any epidemic into Regalo LOL. Ash obviously finds it hard to trust Jolly, and Felicita seems worried too.. but he decides to give it a try. After drinking the potion, the first thing he says is “nothing changes, gao?” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Jolly seems extremely amused to see this, and he congratulates Ash saying he’s 100% healthy. The potion is actually a special medicine just for Ash, and he made it so that Ash will say “gao” at the end of each line as the proof that he’s healthy. When Ash rages at him, Jolly laughs saying he’s simply jealous of Ash’s talents. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Oh, and Felicita?

Felicita: “How cute..”
Ash: “D-Don’t say I’m cute, gao!” Σ(〃_〃)

To get back at Jolly, Ash then uses “The Magician” to transform into Jolly. It turns out “The Magician” is really nice to Ash, and it allows Ash to transform into Jolly despite the “gao“s at the end of the spell LOL. Upon seeing himself speaking with “gao” at the end of each sentence, Jolly frowns saying it doesn’t feel pleasant. Jolly then leaves saying he’ll return to his room, and Ash will regret this since he’s repaying Jolly’s “kindness” with mischief. As soon as he disappears, Ash rages saying he feels much more unpleasant.. (「・ω・)「ガオー

LOL ENDING 3 KILLED ME. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ
Ash’s farewell with Joshua is rather simple in other routes, so here you get to see the real goodbye between them.. which is just as touching as Liberta’s for me. As for Ash himself, I absolutely love him. He’s young and short-tempered, but he’s mature for his age. He apologizes when he’s wrong, and he sincerely respects those who are strong — even if they might be enemies. I’ve been saying this in the comments, but Ash would rather solve problems through discussions. He resorts to violence when Felicita refuses to cooperate, but that’s understandable since he’s desperate to save Joshua. He’s also surprisingly smart and courteous to the people around him, which I find impressive considering he grew up surrounded by ghosts. That, and his tiger form is cute. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ I can’t wait to see him again in Festa Regalo!

8 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Ash

  1. Hi, I just wanted to drop by and say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did covering the arcana famiglia (+fandisk) routes.
    I can’t understand japanese, and it was very nice to read the story and routes from here.
    Thank you!

    • Ahh, thank you for commenting! ゚+(人・∀・*)+。アリガト♪
      I put down the details for those who can’t play the game / don’t understand Japanese, so glad to hear these posts are useful for you.

  2. Omg ening 3 is always so funny xD Imagine Jolly saying”gao~!” xD I like how The Magician likes Ash, it just kinda makes me feel happy 8D
    Ash is really cute in ending 2, especially when he kisses her ♡ I’d love to pet Ash’s tiger form too~
    The goodbye letters were also very sad ;_; Oh man. Poor Ash must’ve had a hard time, and I can understand why he wanted to save Joshua so badly – I mean, if someone totally unrelated to you started treating you like family while you are at your worst moment, you’d definitely feel attached to them and want to repay them for their kindness.
    Yeah, Ash is definitely mature, except when he apologized just because a book tells him to do so whenever a woman is angry LOL. That part was hilarious.
    Somehow, while their relationship is going at a steady pace which is good, I was hoping for more 萌え moments D: Then again, they only just met so I’ll be watching out for the second fandisk ;D
    And he’s 17, YOUNGER THAN LIBERTAAAAAA 8D This shows how childish Liberta is roflmao, always expected the kiddy group to be the same age at first OTL
    Ash-kun has become my third favoyrite now, I’m sorry Debito but but… GAHHH Ash is too awesome \( ;w;)/ Well, to end off:

    • (「・ω・)「ガオー(「・ω・)「ガオー(「・ω・)「ガオー

      Yeah Ash took both Jolly’s appearance and voice, so you can hear him going (「・ω・)「ガオー at the end of each sentence LOL. I also love how nice “The Magician” is towards Ash, and I hope it won’t take any compensation from him. Just like how “The Lovers” is always so nice towards Felicita. Ash has always been lonely ever since his father died (especially since now Joshua leaves too), so I’m happy that he found nice companions through the contract. He also learned his social skills from a book, and maybe also from the ghosts? That’s why he’s relying on books a lot LOL. I was actually surprised when they revealed his age. At first I thought he’s around 20-ish, or at least older than Liberta.. but just as you said, that shows how childish Liberta is. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Maybe Ash receives less 萌え moments because he’s not lovers yet with Felicita. The other guys received similar progress too in the first game, so I’m expecting cute moments with Ash in Festa Regalo. 8D

    • Hello! :D
      It depends on your opinion, but if you’re referring to the requirements, then the best would be ending 1. It requires the largest amount of amore.

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