Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Extras

Sorry it took so long, but here’s the extras post. This is the last post for Vascello Fantasma, and I’ll be moving on to another game next. Festa Regalo will be out on December 13, so it won’t be long until we see this wonderful cast again. ❤

For the requirements, Love × Laugh has three parts and will be unlocked after getting each ending. Arcana Roulette and Judgement Time are both available after clearing a character’s route once. The episodes can be accessed from the title screen, and you have to see everyone’s ending 1 to unlock all of them. The last episode will be open once you’ve watched the first three episodes, and the punishment arcs are unlocked after clearing each episode.


Love × Laugh 1

On their day off, Liberta takes Felicita to the beach. The weather is nice and perfect for going out, but Dante already told them not to slack off too much since they both have work tomorrow. They eventually decide to visit a fun, relaxing place nearby, and so Liberta takes Felicita to a small boat he usually takes his naps in. They can see a different kind of scenery from the beach, or even take some nap if they feel tired.

Love: Liberta shows Felicita a cave in the distance. It’s located on an island that’s usually covered by fog, so they’re lucky to be able to see the island today. When Liberta tries rowing the boat closer to the island, a wind blows past them and splashes water onto Felicita’s face. He immediately brushes the water off her hair, and he blushes saying they got too excited.. but he finds it fun as well. (❤ฺ→艸←) It’s already dark when they eventually return to the shore, and they can see the beautiful starry sky above. Liberta then asks Felicita to use the boat whenever she wants to take a nap. It’s his secret napping place, but he’s more than willing to share — because she’s special.

Laugh: Since the weather is so nice and warm, Liberta soon starts feeling sleepy. Dante often scolds him for taking naps during work, but that’s only because Dante doesn’t know how nice it feels like. Felicita is worried about getting washed away from the shore when they’re sleeping, but he ensures her that the boat is tied properly — it won’t go anywhere. Or maybe not. Because when Liberta and Felicita wake up from their nap, they find themselves in the middle of the sea. Liberta turns blue when Felicita goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) behind him, and he promises to get them back on land before dinner. They eventually make it back way past dinner time, and Dante notices that Felicita looks tired.. while Liberta collapses as soon as he enters the dining hall. The poor thing can’t move anymore LOL.

Love × Laugh 2

Liberta takes Felicita to a new dolce shop in town. It turns out Pace already took the shop’s “Dolce Torre” (literally means sweets tower) challenge, which is for the customers to stack up as much sweets as possible in a limited amount of time. Pace set a new high score, and Liberta already promised to defeat him.. so now he’s here to do the challenge with Felicita. The challenge itself is to stack up Baci di Dama in 10 minutes. They can eat everything they’ve stacked up for free, but they’ll have to pay if the tower crumbles along the way.

Love: After carefully stacking up the cookies one by one, Liberta and Felicita finish the challenge with 12 layers of Baci di Dama. Their score beats Pace’s record of 10 layers, and the shop staff praises them for being such a wonderful couple — which causes Liberta to turn red on the spot. In order to celebrate their high score, the staff then suggests Felicita to feed the cookies to “her boyfriend”. Baci di Dama means “Lady Kisses” in Italian, so it’s perfect for conveying her feelings. Of course they can also feed each other if they want to. Liberta immediately goes Σ Σ Σ(〃д〃) at the suggestion, but Felicita only blushes and feeds him one. He happily eats it, and after thanking her, he also feeds her one in return.

Laugh: The challenge proves to be more difficult than expected. They only have 30 seconds before the time is up, so Liberta asks Felicita to finish it in a hurry. When they’re busy stacking up Baci di Dama, Pace walks into the shop — wondering if he should do “Dolce Torre” again today. Noticing Liberta and Felicita sitting nearby, he decides to greet them from behind. Sadly this surprises both Liberta and Felicita, and the tower instantly crumbles down. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pace doesn’t think they can catch up to his record anyway, but since Liberta keeps blaming him for surprising them, they end up retaking the challenge. Pace moves faster though, as he invites Felicita to team up with him and promises to give her all the sweets. Liberta turns pale when Felicita agrees, and he chases after them saying he’s going to win this time.

Love × Laugh 3

Liberta, Felicita and Nova are bored on their day off. Everyone is out and they were asked to stay in the mansion, but they have absolutely nothing to do. When Liberta says they should play something, Nova suggests playing shiritori together. It can be done indoor and doesn’t require anything — it’s an easy game. Since both Liberta and Felicita don’t understand how to play this, Nova decides to explain as they play. It’d be much easier for them to understand.

Love: When it gets dark outside, Nova leaves to check if anyone has returned home. Liberta and Felicita continue playing shiritori in the meantime, starting with the word “tiramisu” from him. He blushes and stutters when she replies with “suki / love”, and he answers with “kisu / kiss” ..but realizing what he just said, he quickly fixes it to “kirigirisu / grasshopper”. Outside, Nova and Luca are shocked to see the ラブラブ aura around them. Luca protests and asks for an explanation, while Nova tries to keep him away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At the same time, Liberta and Felicita continues playing — ignoring the noises outside LOL.

Laugh: No matter how hard Nova tries to explain, Liberta still can’t understand how shiritori works. When Debito, Pace and Luca return to the mansion, Nova is raging at Liberta for failing to grasp the rules. Instead of taking the last syllable in the word, he’s answering with a related word instead. Like replying “intelligence division” to the word “boat”. This argument quickly evolves into their usual bickering, and they end up taking out their weapons — challenging each other. Felicita only sighs upon seeing this, and based on Debito’s suggestion.. she walks up to them and kicks them both. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As they collapse onto the floor, Nova picks up the word “keri / kick” and continues it with “Liberta, omae no sei da / Liberta, this is your fault.” Liberta answers with “Dakara ore wa warukunai / This isn’t my fault.” アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Mask

When Felicita is out in the garden, Liberta comes up to her with a mask — asking her to dance with him. This obviously surprises her so much she takes out her knives, so he quickly takes it off and heroically reveals his identity. Since she responds by giving him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look, he explains that he found the mask in the market earlier. He wanted to show it to Dante, but Dante seems to be away.. and then he saw her. The family is going to hold a masquerade party soon, and he’s planning to wear the mask to the event. Since Felicita doesn’t have a mask yet, Liberta then takes her out to buy one for her. After they return home, Luca is horrified to see her smiling to herself — holding a mask in one hand. Both Dante and him can only pray so Felicita won’t become a mask freak like Liberta. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Liberta and Felicita are happy with the “cute” mask though, and they’re planning to dance together at the masquerade.

Good Prize 1: Animal

Based on Ortho and Nino’s words, Felicita suddenly tells Liberta that he’s just like a monkey. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He protests saying he should be a lion instead, but Dante laughs saying he’s just a small lion. Ash has said this before, but Liberta is more like a lion cub than an adult one. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Liberta gets pissed when Fukurota mockingly hoots at him, and Dante points out that’s why he’s more like a lion cub instead. When Felicita agrees, Liberta rages saying he’ll definitely turn into a lion one day.

Good Prize 2: Accessory

Pace shows Felicita a new ring he got from Liberta. Or rather, a ring he took from Liberta. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Pace requested for a gem with a different color, so Liberta tried using an obsidian and it turned out much better than expected. He still has some materials left, and he can make one for Felicita if she wants to. However, they soon hear Pace’s scream. Apparently crows are attracted to obsidians, because they’re now attacking him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Felicita sighs in disappointment when Liberta says he’s going to use regular gems instead for her ring, while Pace runs around asking for help LOL.

Consolation Prize: Cutlass

Liberta swings Speranza around, making his dramatic entrance as Hero Liberta.

Judgement Time

Liberta reports Jolly as guilty for appearing so suddenly behind them in Vascello Fantasma, shocking Felicita so much she teared up. The last part was exaggerated though. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Jolly accuses Liberta as guilty too for not helping her, even though he was staying with her at the time. Jolly also defends himself by saying he was just trying to warn them, because both Liberta and Felicita was being too lively and careless despite the situation. Not to mention they also failed in retrieving Tarocco until the very end — purely relying on their luck. They derail from the subject as Liberta says Jolly is guilty for forcing people to drink suspicious potions too, which Jolly himself admits to. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Liberta:
1. No gazing at the sea.
2. Speak like Jolly.

Punishments for Jolly:
1. Don’t make strange cocktails.
2. Sing “Hymn of the Men of Sea” — the intelligence division’s theme song.


Love × Laugh 1

After losing to Debito in a card game, both Nova and Liberta have to draw a card containing their punishment — which obviously involves Felicita. Nova only joined the game since Debito kept asking him to change their patrol route, and since both Liberta and him aren’t ready to receive the punishment, Debito asks Felicita to choose who should draw the card. While Liberta and Nova are busy arguing in the background, Debito and Felicita check the card they picked.

Love: The card contains a punishment for Nova, and Debito asks him to do his best with Felicita.. because the punishment is “to act like lovers right now.” Confessions and sweet words are acceptable too. Nova protests saying they can’t do that in front of people, and he turns red when Debito asks if they do it in private. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Refusing to play along with Debito’s games, he then grabs Felicita’s hand and takes her out of the room — leaving Liberta to take the punishment. Outside, Nova apologizes to Felicita for dragging her into this. He also makes it clear that it’s not like he didn’t want to act like lovers with her, but because it’s not something they should do in public. When Felicita says she understands, Nova replies that her smile makes him feel relieved. He then invites her to have a walk, because it’s not bad to act like lovers every once in a while.

Laugh: The card contains a punishment for Nova, so Debito gives him the card and asks him to keep the contents a secret from Felicita. Nova turns blue upon reading what’s written on the card, while Liberta bursts into laughter on the spot. After a moment of silence, eventually Nova walks up to Felicita and asks her to kick him with all her might. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ She’s obviously puzzled, but he tells her that he doesn’t have any specific reason — he just wants to be kicked by her. Nova blushes upon realizing what he just said, while Liberta and Felicita both give him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look. Behind them, Debito laughs saying the card only states “get Bambina to kick you.” It doesn’t mention anything about “wanting to get kicked” LOL. Felicita kicks Nova after that, and Debito says it feels like they just saw something forbidden. They never knew that Nova’s into that kind of thing. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Felicita looks like she’s ready to kill, so they tell the poor guy to work hard and “nurture” their love — completely ignoring his protests.

Love × Laugh 2

Based on Federica’s request, Luca, Dante and Liberta are taking Felicita and Nova out for a photography session. Gaida Regalo’s next theme is “restaurants for couples”, so they’re going to take a picture of Felicita and Nova for the front cover. Both of them are confused since Liberta and Luca forgot to explain the details, but they agree to take the request anyway. Luca will take their picture with his alchemy camera, and they’ll be able to see the result in just a few seconds.

Love: When Dante arranges their pose, Nova blushes since it looks like he’s trying to stop Felicita — “his beloved” — from leaving. Soon enough, a strong wind blows towards their direction. Nova quickly tells Felicita to hold her skirt down, but since she doesn’t get the reason and only asks him why, he decides to take action by hugging her from behind. At first everyone is shocked to see this, but then she thanks him for keeping her skirt down.. and Dante uses this chance to take a good picture of them. A few days after that, Nova is surprised to see their picture. He’s not sure when the picture was taken, but he can see that both Felicita and himself have a good expression. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Laugh: Before they can take any pictures, a strong wind blows past them. Despite Nova and Luca’s attempt to warn her, Felicita is just too surprised to hold her skirt down. The wind completely flips her skirt, flashing her panties in front of everyone. Noticing the look on Felicita’s face, they quickly tell her not to worry because they didn’t see anything.. until Nova blows up everything by saying they totally didn’t see her “floral print” panties. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She kicks him SO hard before he could give any excuse, and everyone thinks her rage will drag on for a while since she looks really angry LOL.

Love × Laugh 3

When Felicita comes to the library with Luca, they find Nova measuring her statue while blushing — because he feels like she’s looking at him. He jumps in surprise when she calls him from behind, and he explains that he’s not doing anything suspicious. He was asked by Mondo to measure the size of her statues in the mansion, probably because Mondo is planning to make another one. Sumire already asked Luca to stop Mondo if he’s planning to build yet another statue, so he runs off to talk to Mondo — leaving Felicita with Nova. Felicita needs to search for a document though, and Nova also has to continue his work.

Love: Felicita decides to help Nova measuring the statue, and he explains that he feels uneasy because her statue is staring at him. He tells her not to laugh since she’d feel the same way if they actually have his statue, but she actually thinks it’d be nice if they have a statue of him. Of course Nova finds this embarrassing, and yet he can’t refuse since Felicita looks sad. He wants to share the same position with her, and he admits that it’s not a bad idea to see himself standing beside her — he’s just not ready yet. Before returning to work, Nova blushes and moves closer to Felicita. He’s happy to stay beside the real her.

Laugh: After finding the document she needs, Felicita goes to check how Nova is doing. He’s wondering what kind of statue will Mondo make next, and Jolly appears saying he’s involved in the making. It’s troublesome to make a statue of a moving model, but it’s not really a problem because the new statue is going to be placed beside Felicita’s statue. Nova immediately takes this as Mondo planning to make a Jolly statue, and he immediately runs off to raise a protest. They don’t need a statue of Jolly, and so they should make a statue of him instead. When Luca returns, Felicita asks if they’re really going to make a Jolly statue.. and Luca frowns saying they’re going to make a statue of Fukurota. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Eyes

When Felicita is working out at the training ground, Nova and Debito are watching her deadly kicks from afar. Nova admits that Felicita has impressive kicks, but Debito is more interested in her legs instead. Upon hearing this, Nova blushes and says that’s stupid. Rather than legs and the areas around them, he loves people’s eyes more — they show the owner’s strength. He turns red when Debito asks if he loves Felicita’s eyes, and since he refuses to answer.. Debito decides to just test it out. After calling Felicita to come over, Debito asks her to look at Nova for 10 seconds. Nova blushes even more when Felicita stares at him, and after 5 seconds, he screams “I can’t do thisss!” and runs off. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Good Prize 1: Piano

Felicita hears the sound of piano in the hallway, and she goes to visit Nova’s office — where she finds him playing his piano. He learned how to play piano from his mother, and his fingers naturally run along the keys when he touches them. Nova then tells Felicita to sit down since he’s going to play one more song, and he asks if she has a song request for him.

Good Prize 2: Cooking

Recently someone has been stealing food from the cafeteria, so Nova is guarding the place with Liberta and Felicita. Nova is one of the victims too, because the thief stole the meal he cooked for Felicita — though he gagged Liberta before the latter blatantly reveals this in front of her. Later on, Felicita sees Pace entering the cafeteria. He’s excited to see what kind of food is waiting for him today, but he gets captured by Nova and Liberta instead. It turns out Pace thinks that everything put on the kitchen counter is free for everyone to eat, but Nova rages at him and gives the poor guy a punishment for stealing his cooking. Felicita can only sigh outside LOL.

Consolation Prize: Not Concerned

Nova rages that he’s still in growth period, so people shouldn’t call him a shrimp. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Judgement Time

Nova reports Debito guilty for teasing Felicita in Vascello Fantasma, so much that she fell into a dilemma. Debito argues that he was just giving them some training, and the whole thing happened due to Nova’s immaturity. Debito also points out that Nova was giving off a strong aura of happiness, and he simply didn’t want them to disturb his private time with Felicita — something that Nova just can’t deny. Because as much as he wants to deny it, the young leader of “Cups” has finally reached puberty. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Nova:
1. Skip during patrols.
2. Speak in 5-7-5 syllables — haiku-style.

Punishments for Debito:
1. Wear half-pants everyday.
2. Say your name in front of every line.


Love × Laugh 1

Based on Sumire’s request, Felicita goes to search for a document in the library. She gets impatient during the process, and the noises she makes disturbs Debito’s peaceful nap. When she explains why she’s here, he says she should just dump the task and go on a date with him.. but an angry Dante is currently looking for him, so they should just spend time here in the library. He just tricked his subordinates after gambling with them, but he says the risk comes with thrill — the thing he loves the most. For now Debito only wants to sleep, and he wonders what he should do to get Felicita to join his nap.

Love: Nova comes to help Felicita. He can hear voices inside the library, and he takes a peek to see if she’s talking to someone. Inside, he sees Felicita and Debito standing really close to each other. Debito asks Felicita to look up, but he notices that Nova is peeking and tells him to go away — they already put the book near the door. Nova quickly grabs it and runs away, unaware that Debito is actually just taking trash out of Felicita’s eye. Debito is looking forward to see what kind of rumor will spread from here, and he challenges Felicita to make a bet. If the rumor reaches their gardener’s ears, then it’d be his victory.

Laugh: When Nova comes to help Felicita, Debito is telling her about how someone released a fire salamander into Nova’s office. They heard the “animal protection squad leader” will solve any problems regarding animals, but of course it caused a commotion in the mansion. Nova immediately raises a protest and asks what did he tell Felicita about, but Debito calmly says his time is up. Now it’s the time for him to escape. At the same time, Dante hears Debito’s voice from outside and walks into the library. Right when Debito walks out the door, he bumps into Dante.. and the latter’s cigar. Felicita suddenly bursts into laughter upon seeing Debito’s face, because now he’s got a cigar mark on his forehead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It won’t disappear for the next two or three days, so he can enjoy his new “stigmata” LOL. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hallway though, so in the end Nova gives both Dante and Debito a good lecture while sitting straight — Japanese-style.

Love × Laugh 2

One night, Debito suddenly asks Felicita to keep her schedule empty for tomorrow. He’s taking her on a vacation, though Luca and Pace are coming along with them. The next morning, she meets up with them at Fiore Street. Felicita is surprised when Pace mentions that he brought his soap, towel and swimsuit, but Luca knew Debito’s probably going to surprise her.. and he already packed all the necessary things for her. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Love: After walking for a while, they arrive at a sea-water hot spring. While Luca and Pace are busy with hot spring eggs, Felicita holds Debito’s hand as he guides her into the water. They can see hot steam floating up from the water, and he quietly blushes saying it feels like he’s in heaven for seeing her in a place like this. He asks her to be careful of the heat and tell him if she feels unwell, but since she seems to be more interested in the hot spring eggs.. he smiles and takes her to join Luca and Pace. Next time it’s going to be just the two of them, and he’s going to tell her a special place people don’t know about.

Laugh: Their destination turns out to be a river hot spring, located deep in the forest. The mud around the hot spring has a nice effect on skin, as it absorbs excess oil, gets rid of old cuticles and contains mineral — it’ll make Felicita even more beautiful. He learned about this from the ladies in Regalo. However, Pace then decides to have some fun by throwing mudballs onto Debito.. and when Debito dodges, the mudballs hit Felicita in the face. At first Pace tries to get out of it by saying the mud is good for her skin, but of course she goes berserk and starts throwing mudballs at them. Soon enough, Luca returns saying it’s time for lunch. He receives a mudball to the face as the answer. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Love × Laugh 3

The family is printing out a new guidebook for Regalo, and Felicita is in charge of taking the pictures with Liberta. Debito suggests taking pictures of Jolly and Luca chasing each other on the beach, but since that’s.. a creepy idea.. Felicita says she wants to take a picture with him instead. Debito jokingly asks if they should print it out as a bromide, and when Liberta comes with the camera, he holds Felicita so close her panties is nearly peeking out. Liberta obviously gets a nosebleed because of this, and he runs off to wipe his nose. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

Love: Even after Liberta left, Debito still keeps Felicita in his arms. It’s a rare chance for him to hug her at noon without getting disturbed by anyone, but he eventually lets go since Fukurota keeps hooting at him — though he notices that she doesn’t want him to let go. When Liberta comes back, Debito asks if they should show their ラブラブ aura through the picture. Felicita turns red and nods.

Laugh: Debito asks Felicita to maintain her figure and not get fat, because her butt line almost shows through when she’s sitting. She immediately kicks him, but he dodges it saying it’s just a joke. He won’t say things like this to anyone other than her, and he actually finds her cute when she’s angry.. so he decides to give her a little workout by running away, with her chasing after him. Felicita and Debito are busy sparring when Liberta returns, so he wonders if he should take a picture for the family’s recruitment poster instead. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ In the end he has to wait until they’re done.

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Youth

In the dining hall, Felicita sees Debito complaining to Pace. It appears that he went out to mediate a fight earlier, but both parties got terrified of him and solved their argument right away. Debito says this is what he got when he actually does his job properly for once, so he’s going to skip work again next time. Soon enough, Luca enters the dining hall and happily tells Felicita that he got an extra while shopping because the shopkeeper found him cute. He happily says it’s the proof that he looks young, but Felicita only sighs. Debito thinks it’s the proof that people are underestimating him, and when Pace points out that Luca doesn’t change much since they were small.. Luca says it’s Debito who changed TOO much. He looks more and more like a punk over the years, though Debito calmly says his appearance is fitting as the Capo of “Coins”. This conversation ends up turning into an argument about age, as Luca calls Debito a “23 year old brat” and Debito says Luca is about to enter his 30s. Beside them, both Pace and Felicita are sighing since it doesn’t seem like this argument would end soon.

Good Prize 1: Alcohol

When Liberta and Dante enter the bar, they find Felicita with Debito — who’s drinking beside her. Liberta curiously asks what did Debito drink before he’s enough drink alcohol, and Debito says it used to be carbonated drinks. He’s still drinking them even until now, but he doesn’t like asking the alchemists to make the gas. When Dante and Liberta recommend non-alcoholic ginger beer, Debito thinks it’s a nice idea and asks them to order some for him. He jokingly calls them the “delivery” division, to which Dante quickly corrects it as the “intelligence” division LOL.

Good Prize 2: Gamble

One night, Nova suddenly asks if Debito knows which number comes out the most if they roll out a dice. Liberta has been asking him to have a gambling match and Nova has no choice but to accept, but he keeps on losing and is on the verge of tears. Felicita clearly thinks this is stupid, and Debito says it’s a matter of probability. They can’t predict the result unless they do something to the dice, which makes Nova realize that Liberta might be cheating the whole time. Jolly suggests rolling a dice for three days and three nights to learn about probability, but of course none of them wants to do it. Not even Jolly himself. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Consolation Prize: Amore

Since the sea is also called as “women’s tears”, Debito is wondering how cruel can you be to make them cry this much. Just then a wind blows, carrying sand into his eyes. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Judgement Time

Debito reports Jolly guilty for neglecting their mission, and instead bringing a huge trash — Vascello Fantasma — back to Regalo. Luca and him were too excited about researching the ship, resulting in their late return to Regalo. On top of that, “Coins” has to dash out the money they need to repair the ship. When Jolly says they need Vascello Fantasma, Debito replies that he’s going to expose Jolly’s lab for public so everyone can see him talking to the mouse there. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ To defend himself, Jolly points out that Debito is also guilty for placing Ash in “Coins” without Mondo’s permission. Jolly also treats him as an apprentice, but it’s different because he’s not a division leader. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Debito:
1. Wear Felicita’s handmade bell necklace.
2. Wear Felicita’s handmade floral print lace eyepatch.

Punishments for Jolly:
1. Sit on an “air chair” during meetings.
2. Replace your cigar with a rose. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵


Love × Laugh 1

Luca asks Pace to carry a heavy sack of sand to the mansion garden, where they run into Felicita. Today they’re going to change the sand in the garden, so Luca asks Pace to dump the contents on the ground as he goes to make tea for them. Soon after he pours everything out, Pace notices that Felicita is building a sand mountain. He joins her since it looks fun, and he mentions that Debito, Luca and him used to build sandcastles together in the past.. though they got tired quickly since Luca was being painfully detailed LOL. Pace and Felicita then build a sandcastle together while waiting for Luca to return.

Love: It’s been a while since the last time they built a sandcastle, but Pace and Felicita manage to make a good one. Pace laughs as they look at the sandcastle, and he says it’d be nice of he can live in a private castle with Felicita. They would have a quiet life together, with Luca and Debito visiting them from time to time. Just then Luca returns with Debito, and the sandcastle reminds them of their past. Since Luca starts criticizing the shape of their sandcastle, Pace challenges Luca to make one too.. which Luca gladly accepts in order to impress Felicita. Pace immediately protests saying Felicita is going to live with him.

Laugh: Pace shows Felicita how to hit the castle wall to make it more solid, but he puts too much power and ends up destroying the castle wall instead. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ When Felicita crouches down, Pace turns red saying he might be able to see her panties. Of course she kicks the big pervert, but it doesn’t hurt since he falls onto the sand.. and he challenges her to kick him again. This continues until Luca eventually returns, and he’s obviously not happy to see Pace rolling around on the ground — spreading the sand all over the garden LOL. Before Pace could run away, Luca and Felicita capture him and bury him in the sand.

Love × Laugh 2

Pace’s in charge of the next Piccolino, and he’s thinking of doing a fireworks display for the children. At first Luca refuses to make fireworks for the event, but since Felicita is wishing for the same thing, eventually he agrees to create fireworks that are safe for kids. Luca drags Pace to help him in making the fireworks after that, and that night, Pace gives Felicita some sample. Despite the portable size, the fireworks turn out to be beautiful. They’re also safe as long as they’re not shot towards people.

Love: Pace and Felicita play with the fireworks together, lighting up the last one together. Both of them blush upon realizing that they’re holding hands, but then she asks him to make more fireworks. It’s not that hard as long as he puts in the right amount of gunpowder, but the gunpowder is in Luca’s possession. He’d get suspicious if Pace asks him to share, so Pace is going to make extra fireworks whenever Piccolino is coming up — just for him and Felicita.

Laugh: Pace shows Felicita a special firework he made secretly, with extra gunpowder. The firework has the size of a barrel, and he kept it a secret because Luca would definitely stop him. Even if Felicita stops him, he’ll still test out the firework anyway.. and then he can be reborn as “Pace of Flames.” (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pace then ignites the giant firework in front of them, and it blows up in their faces — just as expected. Nova soon comes to check out the explosion, and he points out that Pace’s hair is on fire. Pace panics and immediately jumps into the fountain, but of course Nova won’t let him get away without any explanation. The poor guy cries and asks for Felicita’s help, but she only gives him this (´≖ ‸ ≖`) look LOL.

Love × Laugh 3

During patrol, Pace runs into Felicita and invites her to have lunch together. Before taking their order, the restaurant staff asks them to taste their new sweets. There’s an upcoming pâtisserie contest in Regalo, and the restaurant needs their feedback. Of course Pace gladly accepts the request, and Felicita is happy too since she loves sweets.

Love: The first dessert they have to taste is made from ricotta cheese and fruits. Based on the staff’s request, Pace and Felicita spoonfeed each other as they eat it — blushing like a バカップル they are. Their aura of happiness gives the staff more inspiration to make more sweets, and while Felicita turns red on her chair, Pace laughs saying it’s because they really are happy.

Laugh: The staff keeps bringing the sweets one after another. The first one is a pie that doesn’t taste good.. or rather, it doesn’t have any taste.. but the staff says it’s simply because the pie is a prototype. The second one is an extremely red pudding with an anchovy on top, and they can say with certainty that it tastes AND smells bad. The third one is a blue pudding, which comes with salty capre and bottarga. Σ Σ Σ ( ̄□ ̄lll) Pace gives up saying he wants to eat lasagna already, but the staff says he won’t serve anything until he can get complete feedback from them. Just “disgusting” won’t do, and he puts something that looks like a burnt pie onto their table next. Pace refuses and flees. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Lasagna

During dinner, Debito and Luca are going ( ಠ_ಠ ) when Pace keeps ordering lasagna onto their table. They wonder if he’s going to eat more, and he happily says that his hobby is to eat a lot like a glutton. When Luca asks if he wants to try cooking, Pace drools at the thought of making the best lasagna in the world. Debito doesn’t think he can wait that long though, and he’d probably eat the ingredients before he could cook anything. Pace agrees and drops the idea right away, while Felicita is laughing beside him.

Good Prize 1: Joyous Day

Upon seeing Debito in the hallway, Pace runs up to him and says his birthday is coming soon — July 29. Debito quickly says that he won’t give Pace any birthday presents, and when Pace answers that it’s the thought that counts, he also adds that he has no thoughts to give. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Pace doesn’t listen though, and he says it’d be hard to set up 26 candles on his cake since it’s going to be his 26th birthday. Debito makes it clear that he won’t prepare any birthday cakes and surprise parties, but Pace runs off — stressing that it’s on July 29 LOL.

Good Prize 2: Tambourine

Pace gives Ash his trademark “tambourine quiz”, but unlike the members of “Wands”, Ash can’t tell what he’s trying to express through the melodies. Pace says everyone in Arcana Famiglia knows about this, and impressed by their knowledge, Ash goes to ask Nova about this a few hours later. Nova’s answer is “Tambourine quiz? What’s that? It doesn’t sound smart” LOL. Realizing that he’s been deceived, Ash is shocked and rages in the dining room. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Consolation Prize: The Usual

Pace is happily gulping down plates of lasagna, yelling “lasagna~!!” to the blue sky.

Judgement Time

Pace is reported guilty for nearly falling in love with Ash when the latter transformed into Felicita. He defends himself by saying that it was just an act to lower Ash’s defence, because he’s perfectly and completely aware that she can’t split into two. When Ash points out about how shocked he was, Pace insists that it was an act. In fact, two Felicitas isn’t enough for him — he needs about twenty of her and lasagna. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash asks what would he do if both Felicitas were real, and Pace walks straight into the trap by admitting that he’d hug them with both hands.. which basically proves how lustful he is LOL. Ash admits that he turned into Felicita because she “looks stupid”, so he used her to lure information out of Pace — who was clearly happy to have to Felicitas. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Pace:
1. Eat pasta with no sauce for daily meals.
2. Walk down the stairs with your eyes closed.

Punishments for Ash:
1. Put on cat ears and tail, then crawl with four feet.
2. Bring a pineapple wherever you go.


Love × Laugh 1

Felicita runs into Jolly in the hallway, and they head to the cafeteria together for lunch. When they walk past Nova’s office, they suddenly hear Luca’s voice from inside.. asking the “excited” Liberta and Nova to stop “attacking” him from “such position.” This causes Felicita to wonder about what’s going on, and when she hears Luca saying he’s reacing his “limit”, she bursts through the door just to find out that they were playing Shogi-kuzushi. Liberta and Nova are ganging up on him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ It’s now his turn, and they know he’s going to mess up — that’s why he sounds so sad LOL.

Love: Felicita asks if she can do Luca’s turn, and she gracefully takes a piece without crumbling the whole thing. The match ends in a draw thanks to her, and he happily takes her to have some tiramisu — completely ignoring Jolly, who actually wants to talk to him. Luca also asks if Felicita would prefer some amaretto as they continue playing Shogi-kuzushi.. and Jolly can only whisper “I won’t forget this, Luca” after they leave. At the same time, Liberta and Nova comment that Felicita and Luca are scary when they’re together.

Laugh: Felicita kicks everyone’s butts in Shogi-kuzushi, so much that they turned speechless. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Noticing that Jolly came with her, Luca tells him to stay away from his beloved ojou-sama.. but Jolly only says they’ve got an order from Mondo to make a medicine and deliver it to the mayor’s place. He’s going to do the delivery, so Luca needs to make the medicine as soon as possible. Luca protests saying it’s a task Jolly should handle by himself, but Jolly already walks out without giving him a chance to object. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Both Liberta and Nova suddenly feel really sorry for Luca, and they should have just let the poor guy win in Shogi-kuzushi.

Love × Laugh 2

One day, Felicita sees a dream about Luca assaulting her in bed. He knows that she’s still thinking of him as an attendant and older brother figure, so he won’t let her go tonight. When she tries to argue, he says that he knows her personality and actions more than she thinks. Tonight he won’t let her do as she likes, and he whispers her name. When she wakes up, Felicita finds Luca right in front of her eyes. It turns out she fell asleep on the table during breakfast, and he’s been calling her until she wakes up.
Feeling embarrassed because of her dream, the first thing Felicita does is to…

Love: … slap Luca LOL. The poor guy cries and asks why she suddenly did such a thing, but she only says it’s because of what he did in her dream. When Debito and Pace try to ask for more details, Felicita turns red and runs out of the dining hall — with Luca chasing after her. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Laugh: … kick Luca away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Debito asks if she had a nightmare, Felicita blushes and kicks Luca again. Pace and Debito tell him to “take responsibility” for making her so angry, and he cries saying he can’t take any responsibilities for his actions in her dreams LOL.

Love × Laugh 3

When Felicita visits Luca in his lab, he’s searching for something that can be a treasure for kids. They’re going to do a treasure hunt for the next Piccolino, but nothing in his lab is suitable for kids’ treasure. Based on Felicita’s suggestion, Luca then goes to ask Dante if he has any treasures for them.. and Dante takes out a huge treasure box, containing all the stuff he was planning to give to Felicita. He didn’t want her to grow up into a greedy adult, so he always asked Mondo to pick some presents for her and stored the rest.

Love: Luca mentions that they’ll need a map for the treasure hunt, but Dante says a treasure only becomes a treasure if you value it that high. Felicita answers that her “treasure” — Luca — is right by her side, and he blushes saying his treasure is right here too. Dante gets embarrassed and can’t stand their ラブラブ aura any longer, so he gives them the whole box and asks them to take care of the rest of the event. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

Laugh: Dante says Luca looks like the type who has a lot of treasures. For example, the first handmade dress that made Felicita happy. Of course Dante is just joking, but since this is Luca we’re talking about.. he actually did store ALL of her favorite clothes. He adds that he stored them in their old house, and she kicks him before he could finish his sentence. As Luca collapses onto the floor, Dante calmly says this always happens when it comes to them LOL.

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Knife

During a training session, Pace and Debito are wondering why Luca taught Felicita to use knives even though she already has a deadly kick. Debito thinks it’s sexy, but Luca suddenly hurls an alchemy spell towards him saying throwing weapons are handy at times like this. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Felicita’s kick is a method of self-defense when she has no weapons, and Luca says knives are the best since she can use it from all range. It’s not loud, and it doesn’t require complicated knowledge like alchemy. When Felicita is surrounded by bad guys like Debito, Pace or Jolly, it’s best to fight from a distance with throwing knives. They also look beautiful in Felicita’s delicate hands, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Felicita kicks Luca upon hearing this, and Debito comments that Luca is the most dangerous one LOL.

Good Prize 1: Wasabi

Not too long after they moved into the mansion, Sumire made some soba to eat with Luca and Felicita. In Japan people eat soba when they move, but there wasn’t enough soba for everyone in the family.. so she decided to eat them in their old house. Luca then noticed something green beside their plates, and Sumire asked him to eat it — saying the soba will taste even better when they chew the green thing with all their might. Of course the green thing turned out to be wasabi, and Luca’s soul flew out of his body after chewing it. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Sumire calmly said he should have checked the smell first, and she’s looking forward to eat Luca’s cooking tomorrow. For the next three days, Luca can’t taste anything and keeps seeing nightmares of being chased by wasabi. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

Good Prize 2: House Husband

When Luca makes Regalo Pot for dinner, Jolly complains about how he didn’t put ricotta cheese in. Everyone else thinks it tastes just fine with mozzarella cheese, but Luca goes Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) because Jolly is actually right. He should have used ricotta cheese for the best combination. Felicita turns (´≖ ‸ ≖`) and sighs, but Dante tells her that people have their own preferences.. though Luca is surprisingly similar to Jolly in this area. Debito thinks they’re both troublesome though. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Consolation Prize: Smile

Luca waves at Felicita when he sees her walking nearby. She smiles at him, and he starts laughing creepily. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Judgement Time

Luca reports Liberta guilty for mistaking him with the fake, who turned out to be Ash in disguise. Luca thinks that Ash was rather shaky when acting as him, but Liberta couldn’t tell the difference and didn’t suspect anything.. because he never paid that much attention to Luca to begin with. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Liberta doesn’t think he did anything wrong, but Luca learned that Ash ignored Dante’s joke, flirted with Felicita in front of Debito and made a long speech regarding lasagna for Pace. Luca says it’s clearly not him, but Liberta thinks it’s not that much different from the real him. Luca’s life is full of Felicita, alchemy and housework — none of which is useful during the case. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Luca:
1. Don’t speak to Felicita.
2. Say “banzai” at the end of each sentence.

Punishments for Liberta:
1. Shake hands with Nova and do a somersault, then add a pose when you land.
2. Aggressively flirt with the ladies like Debito.


Love × Laugh 1

When a bunch of tourists swarm Sabine’s restaurant for pesce scorfano, Dante calls Felicita for help. They need more waiters to serve the customers, and Mondo almost made a waitress costume for Felicita when Dante asked him about this.. so he decides to ask her directly. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s an official request, so she’ll receive payment and food as the reward. The tourists eat a LOT and Felicita keeps delivering dishes to their tables, but Dante soon notices that she’s geting tired and decides to replace her for a while. He warns her that he doesn’t look good in aprons though, asking her not to look at him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Love: When the tourists finally leave, Dante borrows the restaurant’s kitchen to make a tiramisu for Felicita. She points out that he’s got cream on his face, and when he asks her where, she suddenly moves closer to lick it off his face. Dante blushes saying he’ll ask her again when the restaurant needs help, and she happily nods while Liberta is pretending to be asleep beside them — he can’t stand seeing their ラブラブ aura.

Laugh: After the tourists leave the restaurant, Dante says he’s going to invite them to join the intelligence division for the next few days. He will guide them to take a special training since morning, and their large bellies will turn into muscle by the time they leave Regalo. Earlier he overheard the tourists complaining about their weight, so it’s a good plan for them too. Liberta says the ship will drown if all the tourists go on board, but Felicita actually thinks it’s a good idea — it can be a new kind of tourism LOL.

Love × Laugh 2

In the entrance hall, Felicita finds Dante arguing with Debito. It appears that Debito wants a larger office for “Coins”, but Dante refuses since they can’t even maintain their current office. Dante tells them to keep their office tidy first, and Debito complains that it’s always messy because they don’t have enough space. It’s gotten so bad that their stuff leaks out to the hallway, not to mention Debito always hands his reports late and delivers them by folding the documents into paper planes. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Of course there’s no way Debito would clean up his office, so Felicita decides to help Dante in doing a major cleaning up.

Love: Instead of going to Debito’s office, Dante and Felicita clean up the room that will be used as the new office. They find an envelope after they’re done, and they see a picture of a young Dante inside. It’s a picture from way before he met her. Back then he never thought that he’d look back at his younger days with Felicita by his side, and he turns speechless while blushing. The only thing he knows is that he can stay here because of her. Dante then gives the picture to Felicita, and he invites her to take some pictures together next time.

Laugh: The moment Dante walks into Debito’s office, a metal basin suddenly falls from above and hits his head. It’s followed by Pace’s surprised voice, since he was expecting Debito to come — not Dante and Felicita. When Dante rages at him, Pace shivers in fear saying it was his plan to surprise Debito. This shows that both Pace and Debito are just as childish, and Dante is sad since they only have two proper division leaders — Nova and Felicita LOL. Felicita kicks Pace before he could escape, and Dante forces him to help them cleaning up. When Pace cries “demon! bald!”, Dante gives him a good smack to the head.

Love × Laugh 3

From the hallway, Felicita hears Liberta and Nova arguing about fried eggs. After chasing them out, Dante apologizes to Felicita for the commotion they caused. Felicita also smells a nice scent, and Dante shows her a bag of amaretti.. though he can’t give them to her. On top of containing an unusual amount of apricot seeds, each one of them actually has a different taste. Some of them even contains pepper and spice. They obviously can’t be eaten as normal snacks, so Dante is wondering about what to do. Fortunately for him, Felicita has a nice idea.

Love: They bring the amaretti to the kitchen, where Felicita crushes the cookies and uses them to make a lemon pie. The sweet whipped cream will erase the bitterness of apricot seeds, while the spicy ones can be mixed for a quiche dough. Even those who doesn’t like sweets will be able to enjoy the pie. Dante then asks if Felicita has magic in her hands, because she can turn anything into something new. Since they still have some leftover amaretti, they call Luca and Martha to cook with them.. but of course Dante is looking forward to see Felicita’s creation the most.

Laugh: They bring the amaretti to the training ground, where they find Liberta and Nova. They have stopped bickering and are just sparring right now, so Dante doesn’t think it’s necessary to give them any.. but Liberta grabs an amaretti and shoves it into Dante’s mouth — telling him not to hold back. He then takes one for himself and eats it with Nova, and the three of them turn blue upon tasting the cookies. Nova mentions that it tastes bitter, while Dante runs off to grab some water LOL.

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Big

The documents Felicita is carrying get blown away by the wind, and Dante helps taking them down from a tree. Soon after that, Luca comes with a “long stick” (Nova’s sword lol) to help her taking the documents down. Luca is glad to see that Dante already helped Felicita, and she’s going to make some sweets for him after delivering the documents. They walk off from the garden as they discuss about the sweets, while Nova rages since he went out just to lend his sword — he wants some sweets too.

Good Prize 1: Fishing

After hours of fruitless fishing, Pace is getting sleepy. Debito wants to leave too since he’s bored, but Dante scolds them saying they won’t be able to fish anything with that kind of attitude. They have to set up the bait properly, grasp the timing well and not give up even when they fail to catch a fish — it’s the principles of fishing. Debito is more interested in deceiving people though, and Pace clearly prefers eating fish instead of catching them. When they leave the port to grab some meal, Dante cries saying they’re missing a LOT in life if they don’t know the charms of fishing. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Good Prize 2: Dislike

In the dining hall, Dante and Jolly are having an argument about the latter’s behavior. Dante can’t allow Jolly to do as he likes if it affects other family members, but Jolly isn’t interested and tries to leave. Dante also shooes him away since Jolly’s face irritates him, and Jolly replies that Dante can’t determine how much cream he can put in his cream cornets. It turns out Dante just can’t accept how Jolly also puts honey inside his cornets. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Outside, Liberta is wondering what they’re arguing about so early in the morning.

Consolation Prize: Dante na

As he walks, Dante makes a joke about how he’s walking with a moderate pace — it’s andante. ダーンテな!\(^o^)/

Judgement Time

Dante reports Pace guilty for failing to see through Ash’s disguise, thus throwing Felicita into danger. Debito and Luca couldn’t do it either, but he should be different.. because he has extremely strong animal instincts. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pace defends himself saying he only has insane strength and a bottomless stomach. He says it all happened because Dante wouldn’t tell Felicita how he truly feels, and Dante argues saying it was the best decision he could make as an adult. Their discussion derails when Dante mentions that he heard how Pace said “Dante’s head looks like a boiled egg from behind”, though Pace says it’s simply because they were hungry. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Dante:
1. Don’t use consonant marks when speaking — erasing all the ゙ and ゚ marks.
2. Walk by jumping like a bunny.

Punishments for Pace:
1. Speak with sentences that sound the same read from left and right.
2. Replace your glasses with squid rings.


Love × Laugh 1

Jolly asks Felicita to help him search for a good pot, since he needs one for the plant in his lab. Apparently he’s growing several types of herbs, fruits and flowers in his lab, and recently one of them is starting to bloom. Felicita does know where they can get some good pots, and so she brings Jolly to.. Luca’s lab. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Of course Luca doesn’t want to lend anything to Jolly, but he just can’t refuse since it’s a request from Felicita. He asks Jolly to return the pot later though.

Love: A few days later, Jolly calls Felicita to his lab since the flower has bloomed. Both of them love flower — albeit for different reasons — and he chuckles saying they have found a new connection. Jolly only needs the root this time, so he gives the flower to Felicita. He already cut and arranged them for her, and she can take them along with the pot. He also adds more flowers that he doesn’t need, and he smiles saying he might call her again in a few days. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Laugh: When Jolly calls Felicita to his lab a few days later, she tells him that she wants to see the plant. He explains that it’s an ancient venus flytrap that grows in Regalo, but it can actually grow by eating cheese or protein. It can also survive on sunlight alone. Next, he shows her a pitcher plant that produces honey to lure its victims in. Jolly thinks it’s a wonderful development, and he can help Felicita to have that kind of development as a Tarocco holder. She only sighs and refuses, but he chuckles saying her troubled expression alone is enough to make him happy.

Love × Laugh 2

Felicita meets Jolly in Fiore Street, and noticing her confused expression, he explains that he’s out to buy research supplies. She then asks if she can come along, and he gladly agrees as long as she’s willing to help him. Later on, Debito, Pace and Luca see Felicita carrying a lot of shopping bags. Debito wants to help since he can’t allow a lady do to such a thing, but Jolly appears out of the blue and tells him not to touch anything. Luca and Pace say they have to stop Jolly from using Felicita to carry his research supplies, but Debito stops them because it’s clearly a date. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Felicita looks happy to be with Jolly, and she even looks back just to tell Luca to shut up LOL.

Love: In the evening, Jolly takes Felicita into an accessory shop. Gems like amethyst and peridot can host Tarocco power as well, and he can save much time by buying them instead of synthesizing. Jolly then picks up an accessory, but since Felicita’s hands are full, he blushes and pins it onto her chest so she can bring it home. Then he chuckles saying it suits her well. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Laugh: The last thing Jolly needs is a living octopus, and he takes Felicita to buy it from the market. Since both of her hands are full, he says she can stuff the octopus onto her chest.. but she should be careful because apparently octopus can bite too. Then he creepily chuckles as they leave the market.

Love × Laugh 3

Felicita picks up an injured little bird, and she brings it to Jolly’s place — asking him to heal the wound. At first he asks her to think about which one is more important between the bird and his precious time, but when she sighs and looks down.. he turns silent and agrees to help. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ He won’t nurse the bird back to health though, and she has to take responsibility by watching over it. A few days later, Felicita visits Jolly’s lab again to check up on the bird. He also teaches her how to feed the bird since it’s still too small to eat by itself, and he reveals that he already fed the bird once in the morning.

Love: After the bird heals, Felicita releases it back to the wild. Jolly thinks it’s a good decision since the bird needs to fly out and see the world, and he watches in silence as the bird soars up to the sky. When she asks him what’s wrong, he answers that he just remembered about Arcana Duello. It was the beginning for a certain someone to leave his cage, flying towards the world with his own strength. A few days later, Jolly hears the bird chirping from his office. He then notices that it has built a nest near his window, which shows that it has developed an attachment towards him.

Laugh: Several days later, Pace mentions that people can hear birds chirping whenever Jolly is nearby. He wonders if Jolly ate a bird, and he starts imagining all sorts of food they can cook with bird meat.. but Felicita kicks him and quickly runs off to see Jolly. The bird is alive and kicking in its cage though, and the wound is starting to heal too. Jolly assures Felicita that he’ll keep the bird until it can fly again, but he can’t guarantee what will happen if it still doesn’t heal by the time the salt he ordered arrives. Jollythen chuckles to himself while Felicita gives him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look LOL.

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Bones

During breakfast, Jolly is looking closely at Felicita’s face. Nova thinks it’s impolite, but Debito stops him from saying anything unnecessary — who knows what he’d do to them. Pace says it’s probably because Jolly is charmed, and Jolly soon points out that Felicita’s twin tails are about 5 degrees higher than normal. He can imagine the structure of her temporal bone more easily. Debito immediately loses his appetite and leaves, while Pace happily eats his breakfast. Felicita sighs when Jolly says she has a nice skull, and at the same time, Liberta and Nova are discussing if this can be considered flirting. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Luca tells them not to show off in front of everyone, Dante replies that he’s probably the only one who thinks of this as showing off.

Good Prize 1: Coffee

When Liberta returns to the mansion, he finds Felicita drinking coffee in the dining hall. Jolly gives him a cup saying it can relieve fatigue, assuring him that Felicita already drank three cups just fine — nothing weird is happening to her. Liberta then takes the cup and drinks the contents, but he spits it out onto Felicita the next second.. because the coffee is extremely sweet. Ignoring his protests, Felicita kicks Liberta while Jolly explains about how perfect his coffee is. The caffeine will stimulate your brain, while the glucose will relieve your fatigue. Not that “The Fool” would understand though. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Good Prize 2: Lullaby

Felicita hears the sound of Jolly’s cello in the hallway, and she listens to it in front of his office. In the evening, Jolly comes out of his office with Nova. He knew that Felicita was listening in, but he didn’t expect her to fall asleep in front of his office. After telling Nova to take Felicita back to her room, Jolly also asks him to tell Mondo that he will never ever accept requests for troublesome musical arrangements. At first Nova refuses to deliver messages like a dove, but he immediately agrees when Jolly says he will tell Mondo that Nova doesn’t want to do an arrangement with him. Jolly is still thinking about Felicita even after returning to his office, saying that he had no intentions to play a lullaby for her.

Consolation Prize: Kukkukku

At night, Felicita comes to Jolly’s lab and finds him.. in a homunculus tank. He chuckles and asks her what’s wrong, and she can only sigh at what he’s doing. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

Judgement Time

Jolly reports Luca guilty for holing up in the storage, wasting his time reading books rather than checking the situation. Thanks to him, it took them quite a while to retrieve Tarocco. Luca tries to argue saying he learned a lot from the books, but Jolly dismisses it by saying they didn’t need knowledge — they needed action. When Luca insists that he didn’t do anything wrong, Jolly chuckles saying he already checked the books Luca read in the ship. Apparently aside from books regarding the ship, Luca also read recipe books, books about dresses and love charms. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s true that Luca was also the one who released everyone else from the prison, but that’s beside the point. It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Jolly:
1. Feet-tickling.
2. Water the garden every morning.

Punishments for Luca:
1. Draw a pair of glasses on your face.
2. Say a super-fast tongue twister everyday.


Love × Laugh 1

One day, Felicita invites Ash for a date on Vascello Fantasma. From there, she can see a message in a bottle getting washed to the cove.. and they decide to take closer look out of curiosity. As they walk through the rocks, Ash notices that Felicita has a hard time walking in her high-heeled boots. He knows she often got the heels stuck and tripped, but he loves how she keeps wearing them anyway. When Felicita says that she loves him too, Ash blushes tells her to ask Luca to make a similar coat for her. ❤

Love: Felicita picks up the bottle, and they find a letter inside — written in a kid’s handwriting. Ash then reads the contents out loud, and the letter turns out to be a love letter addressed to a prince. The writer heard from Dante that if you throw a message into the sea, it will reach the person you love.. so she wrote a letter for the prince who will come to pick her up one day. Before Ash could continue reading, Felicita quickly snatches the letter from his hand. He teasingly mentions about how the writer and her share the same name, and he asks if he can be the prince who receives the letter. Because the letter was obviously written by her when she was small. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ash says he loves surprising things like this though, and he takes Felicita back to Vascello Fantasma — where they will do the continuation of the letter.

Laugh: Ash is afraid that Felicita would fall into the sea, so he tries to reach the bottle himself. Felicita decides to help by holding his hand, but this surprises Ash and causes him to fall into the water. He then asks her to help him climb back up, but when she holds out her hand.. he pulls her into the water instead. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Ash laughs saying Felicita wouldn’t be able to kick him since they’re in the water, but then she frowns and pushes his head underwater LOL. He finds this side of her absolutely terrifying and tries to run away, but she clings onto him like a shadow and drags him back into the water. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Love × Laugh 2

When Felicita guides Ash around the city, Dante mentions about how the shops change their products based on the season. For example, he’d recommend eating pear and peach gelato for this season. Ash is instantly interested when Dante says they have green apple gelato as well, and so he decide to visit the shop with Felicita. They can choose three flavors per cup, and Ash asks Felicita to choose the flavors for his gelato too — they can share and enjoy six flavors that way. It suddenly starts raining soon after that, so they decide to take a shelter while eating their gelato.

Love: The rain hasn’t stopped even after they finish eating their gelato. Ash asks if Felicita wants to run back to the mansion, but she answers that she wants to stay here. She feels like they’re in their own world, and he holds her closer so she can keep him all to herself. (❤ฺ→艸←) When the rain finally stops falling, Ash takes Felicita out of the shelter — asking her to watch her steps as they walk home. If she slips and falls down, he will have to carry her all the way back to the mansion.

Laugh: The rain keeps pouring down for a long time. Ash wonders if they should just run back to the mansion, but since Felicita doesn’t want to do that, he asks her to wait as he goes to buy an umbrella. However, a thunder strikes right after he walks out of the shelter. Ash reluctantly asks if he can take a shelter again, and Felicita gladly allows him to return.. but then he looks up to the sky saying he’ll definitely make it back through the rain. Then he runs off. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Love × Laugh 3

When Ash walks into the bar, he finds Felicita having a staring contest with everyone. She’s really good at it, since she can keep staring ( ಠ_ಠ ) at her opponents until they give up LOL. Pace invites Ash to share a table with them, asking him to try challenging Felicita in the staring contest. The rules are easy. They only have to stare at each other. The first one who looks away loses, and they’re not allowed to say anything either. Felicita tells Ash to come at her, and he gladly accepts the challenge.

Love: After looking at Ash for a while, Felicita is starting to blush. She mentions that he has a beautiful eye color, and he smiles asking why she has such an expression. He explains that he came to the bar looking for her, and she gladly agrees when he asks her out. When they walk out of the bar, Pace says it feels nice to see the young ones enjoying their youth. On the other hand, Luca is sitting in his dark corner — crying over his beloved ojou-sama. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Laugh: Felicita and Ash draw closer and closer as they look into each other’s eyes. Eventually she looks up and he leans in, and despite Luca’s attempt to stop them.. they kiss in front of everyone. Luca instantly lets out a horrifying scream of horror upon seeing this, and he crumbles down beside Debito and Pace — both excited about the kiss LOL.

Arcana Roulette

Best Prize: Specialty?

When Felicita and Ash are training, Liberta and Nova are also bickering nearby. When he asks “chick & pea” not to disturb them, Liberta rages saying they’re not. Besides, “chickpea” is Nova’s nickname — he shouldn’t use it as a set name to call them LOL. They’re clearly not happy about their set name, but Ash proudly says that he’s really good at giving nicknames. He even gave nicknames for all the skeletons in his ship. For example, “spaghetto” for the tall one and “ravioli” for the short one. Ash already has nicknames for them too. Felicita is “strawberry head”, Liberta is “chick head” and Nova is “pea”. The last one has variations too. Then Debito is “eyepatch”, Pace is “big dog”, Luca is “alchemy hat”, Dante is “bald old man” and Jolly is “hated alchemist”. Debito thinks Ash still has a long way to go though, because when you give people nicknames.. you have to make sure they hate it. When Ash realizes that Debito is right, Debito also gives him a nickname — “Specialty: Tiger Transform.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Good Prize 1: Except Apples

Luca and Felicita want to make Ash’s favorite food, so they ask him about this. They sigh when he says that it’s apples, and they ask if he has other favorites. Otherwise his diet would stay the same since he’s been eating apples in Vascello Fantasma. At first Ash says he doesn’t have any specific favorites, but upon seeing Fukurota hooting nearby, he suddenly says he loves bird meat. When Felicita kicks him and gives him a death glare, Ash quickly adds that he’s not referring to Fukurota.. though Luca thinks his gaze is saying the same thing. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Good Prize 2: Can’t Be Helped

Dante is making a Regalo Pot in the kitchen, with Liberta, Ash and Felicita watching him. Ash notices that it’s different from the one Caterina used to make for him, and Liberta explains that Regalo Pot has a lot of variations. It’s best to eat it when they’re sailing though, and especially when it’s still hot. Felicita happily eats it when Dante is done cooking, but Ash quietly says he’ll eat it later. Dante and Liberta keep recommending him to eat it now, and Felicita is giving him a confused look.. so Ash finally admits that he has a cat’s tongue — he can’t stand hot food. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He runs off after saying this, while Dante makes a joke about how the tiger has a cat’s tongue LOL.

Consolation Prize: Dream

Ash is curious and wants to see his stigmata. He holds up a mirror so only his neck area is reflected, and he’s admiring how cool his stigmata looks.. until he gets curious about his own face. He knows he’s going to transform, but his curiosity eventually wins. The moment he looks at his reflection, Ash immediately turns into a tiger. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Judgement Time

Liberta and Nova report Ash guilty for forcing Felicita to show her stigmata. Ash denies this by saying Felicita was the one who showed it to him, but Liberta says it was because he said something that hurt her feelings. Nova also thinks Felicita just made a bitter decision, since the ladies of Regalo would never take off their clothes like that. However, Ash points out that both Liberta and Nova were staring at Felicita’s panties when she was climbing up to the mast — he heard their voices from above. This put them in the same position, so Liberta and Nova just can’t argue further. Ash also says that women love it when men asks them to strip, and Liberta and Nova are reporting him simply because they’re jealous. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s up to Felicita to determine who’s guilty and what punishment they have to take.

Punishments for Ash:
1. No apples for you.
2. Drink 3 cups of water with one gulp.

Punishments for Liberta and Nova:
1. Walk with tied legs — like a three-legged race.
2. Do a stand-up comedy. They can choose who’s boke and who’s tsukkomi.


Episode 1: Innocent Children

When Debito and Pace enter the dining hall, they find Liberta, Nova, Ash and Felicita eating breakfast in silence. Debito tells them to talk about something before leaving, so Liberta opens the conversation by telling them about an interesting foreign festival he saw during the intelligence division’s voyage. People build a sand maze on the beach, and they have a competition by rolling balls inside the maze. Ash and Nova aren’t interested at all, but Felicita wants to make a sand maze with them.. so the four of them end up going to the beach together. Nova isn’t too good at building a sand maze though, and he starts bickering with Ash when the latter teases him about how whiny he is. They have a duel while Felicita continues building the maze with Liberta, but things suddenly go wrong when Ash accidentally sees his reflection on Nova’s sword. Nova throws an apple for him to transform back, and Ash leaps to catch the apple — trampling Felicita and Liberta’s sand maze in the process. This leaves them with a naked Ash sitting on a pile of sand that used to be their and maze. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After kicking both Ash and Nova into the sea, Felicita sadly walks home with Liberta.

Episode 1 Punishment: Turn Into Fields and Sand

At first Ash is found guilty since he was the one who destroyed the maze, but after further discussion.. they decide to punish Liberta instead for being so immature. As the punishment, Liberta has to stamp a mountain of documents — the documents Nova would have finished if only Liberta didn’t drag him to the beach today. Soon enough Felicita enters the trial room, and upon seeing them punishing Liberta.. she kicks both Nova and Ash before helping Liberta with the punishment.

Episode 2: Encounter in the Secret Base

Luca buys a rare plant from the market, and he brings Debito, Pace and Felicita to plant it together in his secret greenhouse so Jolly won’t steal it from him. Upon entering the greenhouse, they find an injured cat walking around inside. Luca treats the injury, and the cat watches them as they place the rare plant in a pot.. but it’s already gone when they’re done. However, the cat soon comes back with a friend — probably to say goodbye to them. Along the way home, Luca explains that the rare plant’s name is “pisolino”. It can be used for cooking, for tea and they can even put it into their salad. In English it’s called “cat nip”, a herb loved by cats. Just then they hear the bushes rustling, and a LOT of cats walk out to surround them. Since they don’t have any choice, Luca quickly grabs Felicita’s hand and escapes — followed by Debito and Pace. They can hear the cats meowing as they run out of the forest.

Episode 2 Punishment: Märchen Famiglia?

Since Luca was the one who brought the catnip, the poor guy receives a punishment that night. Debito and Pace don’t think so many cats would gather just because of the plant though, so they take off Luca’s hat and find some strange fruits inside — the fruits he used to study the ecology of cats. Now that he’s really proven as guilty, Luca has to drink a suspicious drink that Debito made by mixing questionable potions from the former’s lab. At first he doesn’t feel any changes, but after a while, he suddenly starts talking to a panna cotta on the table. At the same time, Debito turns into a bottle of alcohol in his eyes.. while Pace turns into lasagna. When Felicita comes to see them, Luca clings onto Fukurota thinking it’s his beloved ojou-sama. The drink has sent him into a fantasy land. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Episode 3: On a Top Secret Mission

One day, Sumire tells Mondo that she’s going shopping with Felicita. Mondo wants to come along too, but he has to attend a meeting with the mayor today.. so right after his wife and daughter leave, he orders Dante and Jolly to tail them. They’re both women, so it’s “dangerous” to let them go out by themselves. Sumire would rage at him if she finds out, so this is a top secret mission. Jolly and Dante then follow Sumire and Felicita to the market, and they’re watching the ladies from afar when Liberta suddenly comes — asking why they’re hiding in an alley. Dante instantly uses “The Emperor” to erase the poor guy’s memories LOL. The next one who spots them is Pace, and Jolly uses “The Moon” to give him a nightmare of being chased by lasagna — chasing the poor thing away. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ When Sumire and Felicita walk into boutique, Jolly and Dante has no choice but to hide between the clothing racks. Jolly gets impatient and lights up his cigar, and Dante rages at him since it’d be dangerous if the flame touches the clothes around them. Sadly this also causes him to lose balance and fall into the changing room, where Felicita is changing into a dress. As Dante tries to explain the situation to Sumire, Jolly quietly makes his escape — leaving Dante to face Sumire’s rage alone. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Episode 3 Punishment: Martial Arts for God

Despite Jolly’s attempt to get out of this mess, Sumire decides to punish bot Dante and him.. because she actually noticed their presence right from the start. Their punishment is to have a sumo match. She knows they would refuse to fight in sumo loincloth only, so she already prepared the alternative — paper sumo. Jolly and Dante are ready to fight, but Sumire reveals that they’re not going to fight each other. Instead, they have to fight a 1’5″ steel statue of Felicita. It’s impossible for papel to fight against steel, but Sumire obviously doesn’t care. They can keep trying until they win. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Episode 4: Piacere Ash

Since Ash spends most of his time researching alone, Felicita decides to hold a tea party for him. It’s to welcome him into the family, as well as to help him getting used to the members. After finishing the preparations with everyone’s help, Felicita takes Ash to the garden — where Luca serves apple pies for everyone. During the party, Liberta and Pace are curious about how Ash transforms into a tiger. They want to know how he does it, so Jolly asks him to transform in front of them. Of course Ash rages since they’re treating him like a show animal, but when Felicita looks disappointed.. he finally agrees to do it. Ash then pulls out a mirror and transforms into his tiger form, and Felicita happily hugs him since she loves big animals. Everyone knows Felicita is also thinking of riding on the tiger’s back, completely forgetting that the tiger is Ash. As Luca tries to keep Felicita away from the tiger — mentioning that she’ll get attacked — Ash grabs an apple pie on the table and leaves. He soon returns as a human, and he rages at them saying he won’t attack her. When Liberta mentions that he wants to be a tiger too, Ash replies that he’s more like a lion cub instead. This leads to a three-way bickering with Nova, who tries to stop them from fighting, but everyone is happy to see how well they’re getting along. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Episode 4 Punishment: Fluffy Penalty

That night, Ash is punished simply because everyone is jealous of how Felicita treats him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She held a tea party to welcome him into the family, and she looked so happy when he transformed into a tiger. Not to mention she hugged him too. As the punishment, they force Ash to transform into a tiger. Outside, Felicita is walking in the hallway when Ash suddenly jumps out of the trial room — running away before they could do anything weird to him. He takes a safe distance and roars at them from afar, so Jolly asks Felicita to give him an apple. Felicita feels really bad when Ash sighs at how they treat him, but he asks her not to worry because he doesn’t hate them. He’s going to get his revenge next time though. (「・ω・)「ガオー

Wow, that was fun ワ—ヾ( o・∀)ノ゙ヾ(o・∀・o)ノ゙ヾ(∀・o )ノ゙—イ!! Vascello Fantama has the same system as the first Arcana Famiglia, but now we have the option to skip chapters. You can get all three endings easily by using this function, and you can also get a lot of amore points from the duel / battle scenes. Similarly to the first game, the plot is light and easy to digest. There are sad scenes near the end, but it adds a nice touch to the overall story of Arcana Famiglia. Due to the setting of the game, Vascello Fantasma has more a more serious feel.. but it also has a good portion of comedy and cuteness. The music is great and each BGM really helps building up the mood. Vascello Fantasma also has more romance compared to the first game, and we finally get to see kiss CGs. ヤッタ━ヾ(*´Д`*)ノ゙☆━ン♪ Not all of them receive kiss CGs, but I’m pretty much satisfied so no complaints.

If you loved the first Arcana Famiglia, then by all means please do Vascello Fantasma. It’s cute, fun, entertaining and has a lot of extras you can enjoy. I can’t wait until Festa Regalo comes out in November, not to mention Arcana Famiglia 2 is in the making. Let’s eat lasagna, everyone! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

16 thoughts on “Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Extras

  1. Woah, the extras sure look funny! I LOVE Liberta, Nova and Luca…. But it’s somehow sad, that Felicita is actually Liberta’s aunt… WHY?! ಠ_ಠ Not to mention that Nova is her cousin… Seems like the Mafia wants to be in its own circles?

    Oh, and as I can see you’re playing BWS now!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I can’t wait to read your review about BWS. It’s such an interesting game!

    • Ah yeah, Arcana Famiglia has a complicated family tree. They’re cute though, so it’d be nice if you can ignore the fact that they’re related.. but I guess it’s not easy for everyone to accept their relationship. 8D; Oh, and yes I’m starting on Bloody Nightmare now. Not sure how long it’s gonna take, but I’ll start posting once I finish a route. :D

  2. Thanx for the review! it was fun. and OH MY GOD …. Arcana Famiglia 2 ?!!! great news. ah… by the way how do we get the 2nd endings? thanx again!

  3. Whoops phone comments are easy to screw up, sorry about the prev post ^^lll anyways was just catching up on your arcana posts and thanks for making them so detailed!

    Wanted to let you know that I actually fell in love with the series from your AF pc game reviews and did my maiden cosplay early this year as Felicita together with my own Luca! Haha just got overwhelmed by my feels suddenly while reading this… Thanks for bringing the characters to life even to people who didnt play the game :’))

    • No problem~
      Thanks for reading them too, and I’m glad to hear you like these posts. Not all people can play the game, so I wanted to put in all the details for them. Your first cosplay experience sounds fun! Which version of Felicita did you do? Suits!Felicita? :D

  4. Thanks so much for the details, currently playing this game and I LOVE IT!! So glad I can play and understand it now ^_^ I was wondering, after ken ga kimi (which I’m avidly following too, A HUGE THANK YOU for that, you are truly wonderful) and dot kare III, what are your future plans for games? Like do you have a list for later games you plan to do these posts for or is it sort of in the moment type of thing? I was hoping for arcana famiglia 2 or hanayaka polar star LOL (seeing as not only do I LOVE those series, so do you from what I read ^^). But that’s just me, my main curiousity was your future plans :)

    Thanks for all your hard work, I’m so ever truly grateful for the amount of detail you put in your posts enabling ppl like me to understand these games while playing. I really look up to you and hope to make detailed posts like these in the future once my Japanese passes beginner level rofl, so I can help others too ^_^

    • No problem, glad to know these posts helped. ヾ(*・ω・)ノ ルンルン♪

      At this pace it’ll take me months to finish blogging Ken ga Kimi, but once I’m done with it, I’m planning to go back to Tasogare Polar Star. I’ve actually done 3 routes, but had to take a break because of work, RPG backlog, and I was a bit put off by the repeating drama in Isami’s route. ;_;

      As for Arcana Famiglia 2, I highly doubt I can finish it anytime soon. If you don’t mind having less details, I posted a super brief summary of Jolly’s route here. It contains spoilers, but if you read it I think you’ll understand why I’m not sure if I want to go on—it traumatized me pretty badly LOL.

      Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! Recently I’ve been feeling rather bad for not updating as often as I used to, so your comment is really motivating for me. Good luck with learning Japanese, it becomes much more fun once you get used to it. :D

      • Don’t worry! I really like your more recent posts now as they are really detailed. I am really truly grateful for that. And I’m sure most ppl, including myself, don’t mind the wait! You know what they say, quality over quantity! Don’t take that the wrong way of course, but what I’m trying to say is that you are amazing for doing this ^_^ Looking forward to more ken ga kimi posts, whenever they come <3

        LOL yeah.. I heard Jolly got the short end of the stick (to put it one way) in AF2 . Though I heard the other routes were pretty good; still why Hunex why. Jolly was my bias too -crying-

        • Thank you! Finally got some time off work today, so I’m going to start working on Ken ga Kimi posts again. :D

          Jolly’s fate in AF2 is REALLY tragic. We started off with a cute competition over the “Papa” position and Felicita’s hand in marriage, so how did it turn to this… Jolly’s ED1 in AF2 is definitely not the wedding I wanted LOL.

          • Yay!! Can’t wait ^_^ Ken Ga Kimi is truly an amazing game <3

            It really is a drastic change they had between the beginning and the end of his route in AF2 and even from the previous games too… huneX better make up for it and give him some good alternate endings or something (a girl can dream) LOL

          • Man, I’d gladly take any forms of happy endings for Jolly. Even if it’s only a drama CD, a novel, or a manga, I don’t mind. His endings in AF2 were so soul-crushing, and they even got Elmo to be one of the victims LOL. Arcana Famiglia is a nice series though, so hopefully you can still enjoy it despite these things. xD

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