BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Bloody Nightmare-

After several months of.. er, mental preparation, it’s finally time for me to play Black Wolves Saga. I’ve heard a lot of things regarding this game, so I’m going to walk into Bloody Nightmare expecting plot — not romance. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The kingdom of Weblin is a beautiful place surrounded by a lush forest, blessed with abundant natural resources. The citizens were living in peace until one day a fatal disease called “Zodiva” spread throughout the land. Nobody knows the source of the disease, but over time.. rumors start spreading about how it was caused by the wolves. Eventually the king of Weblin gave a royal order for a wolf hunt known as “Genocide Wolf” — wiping out the wolves from the land. Bloody Nightmare focuses on the cats, the princes and future rulers of Weblin.

The story starts with two figures from the wolf race, Rath and Arles, traveling through a dark forest. Rath mentions that the rain is so heavy, and Arles replies that it’s not rain. It’s the tears of the God of Weblin, crying over the misery of humans. When Rath answers that he hates humans, Arles tells him to kill them and paint his heart with hatred — wolves don’t need hearts. Both of them are standing in the middle of a village, and Arles orders his pack of wolves to attack the villagers. After a while the screams start vanishing, leaving only the sound of bodies being dragged and eaten. One of the villagers raises his hand seeking for help, but Arles only raises his sword and kills the man. Another villager tries to escape to the horse stable, but Arles orders one of his wolves — Guillan — to kill him. Guillan gladly does the task by beheading the man, and after asking Arles to praise him, he goes to slaughter more victims. Next time they’re going to attack a larger city, as they have to make humans suffer even more — annihilating all humans without exceptions.

Arles then asks if Guillan knows what Rath is doing, and Guillan says he’s probably killing the villagers as well. He points out that it seems like Rath doesn’t like hunting, which makes it hard to believe that Rath is Arles’ younger brother. Arles frowns saying Rath is still young, and he’ll get used to hunting eventually. After ordering Guillan to kill everything in the village, Arles calls out to Rath — who appears from the darkness. Rath claims that he was murdering people as ordered, but Arles isn’t convinced. He orders Rath to set the village on fire once the rain stops, in order to rob every house, field and life from everyone. It’s to remind Weblin about how foolish they are, showing what happened in the village and revealing the existence of wolves to the foolish people of Weblin. Arles fuels Rath’s hatred even more by reminding him of what humans did to them, and he watches as Rath disappears to burn the village to the ground. The revenge of the wolves, the cursed race, has just begun. When Arles laughs in the middle of the bloody rain, he looks like a king of wolves — standing in the middle of a tragedy.

In this world, different races are living together. There are humans, cats and wolves; as well as the more scarce rats, lions, dogs and rabbits. Weblin is a small, solitary kingdom located in the corner of a powerful continent, separated by the rest of the world by a lush forest surrounding it. The humans and wolves allow the cats to rule the beautiful kingdom, and they have been living in peace for centuries. However, disputes and frictions occurred between the cats and the other races. They started exploiting each other, which eventually leads to a rebellion 10 years ago. The wolves who are working as royal guards pointed their swords at the royal family — the Garibaldi family. It was a heavy crime. The royal guards were crushed, while the knights were hunted down by the kingdom. Unfortunately, the riot didn’t end there and dragged the other races into the conflict. At the same time, an epidemic called “Zodiva” attacked the kingdom. The disease stains its victim’s skin with black speckles, consumes their brain and ultimately causes madness. Nobody knows the source of the disease, but over time.. rumors start spreading about how it was caused by the wolves. The disease started occurring in villages or towns that got attacked by the wolves, and people feared the wolves’ curse. Eventually they began calling Zodiva as the “Mad Wolf Disease”.

In order to ease their fear, King Garibaldi VI stated a law to exterminate all wolves — “Genocide Wolf”. The peaceful relationship the races have maintained for centuries instantly crumbled apart, and people started using the law to hunt for wolves instead of protecting themselves. 10 years have passed since then. The number of wolves have decreased drastically, and the damage of Zodiva is fading away.. but the king never erased the law. People are still hunting for wolves, driving them near extinction. With the wolves being hunted down, the cats are gaining more power. They’re living an extravagant life in the castle while the citizens are struggling against Zodiva outside. Weblin is now ruled by absolute monarchy.

Back in the present, Auger von Garibaldi overhears some maid gossiping in the castle. There’s a rumor about a witch living in the forest of Scharlmessen, cursing Weblin and sending disasters one after another. Recently yet another village got attacked by the wolves, and the condition of the place was so bad even the knights couldn’t stand the sight. According to the rumor, the witch is the one who’s sending the wolves to attack people, because she needs a lot of human sacrifice in order to gain eternal life. As if it’s not terrifying enough, King Garibaldi VI’s health has been deteriorating recently. People need their king to stay strong in this grim situation, but since the king is in a weak state.. one of the maids says it’d be good if Prince Mejojo von Garibaldi takes over the throne as soon as possible. They can’t say it out loud though, because wishing for the king’s death is a form of treachery and someone could be listening to their conversation. Someone like Auger, for instance.

Despite this, the maids continue gossiping about another rumor. This time it’s about how the king doesn’t get along well with the twin princes, and it’s related to Elenora and Rayleigh — the current king’s wives. Both of them died years ago, and it’s considered forbidden to mention them in the castle. They are the reason why the king and the princes have a sour relationship, and anyone who’s careless enough to talk about them will be beheaded. Before the maids can discuss further about what actually happened, Auger walks out of hiding and asks if he can join in. When they apologize and try to excuse themselves, he says he can’t forgive them and will kill all of them here. He’s not serious though, and he warns them not to be noisy. Unlike them humans, Auger has a pair of good ears — he’s the court musician after all. He can hear everything, so the next time he hears them gossiping about something like this again.. he’s going to kill them. The maids apologize repeatedly before running away, and Auger watches them while chuckling. Today he heard “fun” rumors, including the damage of Zodiva, assault of the wolves and the deteriorating health of his father. Now he’s going to tell everything to his brother, because Mejojo is too serious and won’t have fun without him.

At the same time, in the Scharlmessen tower, Fiona Galland is looking at the rain outside her window. Her dogs, Pearl and Richie, are sighing at her feet since they can’t play outside. They’re also complaining about their moist fur, though their mood instantly turns bright when she hugs them. Pearl and Richie are orphans. They used to live in an orphanage until Fiona’s father took them into the tower as servants, though they’re more like companions for Fiona — who can’t leave the tower due to her fragile body. Since both Pearl and Richie are still young, they prefer staying in their dog form more than their human form. Just then Fiona’s butler, Zara Skeens, walks into the room saying the three of them look unhappy. Similarly to Pearl and Richie, Zara is an orphan from the rabbit race who lost his family in war. He was taken in before she was born, and despite his position as her butler, he’s just like siblings with her older half-brother — Nesso Galland.

When Zara asks her not to look so sad, Fiona says it’s because they will be holding her 16th birthday party tomorrow.. and yet they’re having a downpour today. Richie asks him to call the sun out for the party since he can do anything, but Zara says the only things he can fix is Fiona’s health and mood. Recently he’s been busy working hard on the preparations, so he’s also hoping for a good weather tomorrow. Especially because it’s going to be a special day for Fiona. Unlike the years before, Fiona’s father — Earl Edgar Galland — is going to hold a big dinner party because she’s been asking him to let her go out. Ever since she was born, Fiona has been living inside the tower with Zara and the servants. While her life is comfortable, she has never stepped out of the tower, and so she’s been longing for the world outside. The world she can only see from her window. Of course her father didn’t lock her in the tower out of hatred, but rather because she’s a rare “Lobeira” race. They’re fragile and weak against illness. Even a simple cold can take their lives, and that’s why everyone is so worried about her. She does her best to gain more energy though, and she even loves playing chase with the maids inside the tower.. but it won’t change the fact that she’s a Lobeira.

Lobeira can be born from any race, but most of them are female humans. Aside from their fragile body, Lobeira don’t have any special traits. Most of them die before growing up into an adult, and Fiona herself nearly lost her life countless times. Her father is doing everything he can to keep her alive, though she thinks locking her up in a tower is too much. However, he allowed her to hold her 16th birthday party in the garden. She might get more chances to go out from now on. Another figure soon enters the room, and Fiona turns around to see Nesso with a big bouquet of flowers — wishing her a happy birthday. She knows it must be hard to carry the bouquet in the rain, but he’s willing to do anything to make her happy. He’s going to give her another present tomorrow, and he also has something for Pearl and Richie.. but he makes sure they didn’t do any mischief to her, because she’s his only princess. When she welcomes him home, he asks her to come closer and hug him like she always does. Wow, talk about a blatant siscon. Σ(´・∀・`;) Fiona then asks about work, and Nesso tells her about the village that got attacked by the wolves. It used to be a peaceful small village, but there was nothing left when the knights arrived — everything has been destroyed.

Even more than the wolves, Fiona is afraid that her brother might get caught in their attack. Nesso is the captain of Greif Ritter, a division of knights serving Weblin. It’s a great accomplishment considering his young age, and she knows that it’s his job to fight for the kingdom.. but still, she asks him not to do anything dangerous. He promises not to do anything that would make her sad, assuring her that everything will be okay. After all, he’s the best swordsman in the kingdom. Zara has to pull Nesso away from Fiona because he’s drenched from the rain, and he says Nesso should have waited for the rain to stop. It’s dangerous to ride a horse since the road is slippery, but of course Nesso doesn’t want to be late for Fiona’s party. Since Nesso wants to have dinner at home, Fiona then suggests inviting their father as well for a family dinner. Though they all know he’d immediately fly over the moment he receives his daughter’s invitation.

Just as expected, Edgar gladly comes to have dinner with everyone. Fiona mentions that she’s now a full-fledged lady since she has reached an age where it’s not unusual for noble ladies to marry, but Edgar laughs saying she will always be his little princess. This is supported by Nesso, who adds that Fiona is his lovely princess. Even when Pearl and Richie try to argue that Fiona is their princess, Nesso quickly ends the subject by stating that she belongs to him — as childish as that may sound. He freaks out when they mention that they have kissed (read: licked) her numerous times in their dog form, but Fiona stops them from arguing since she feels embarrassed. Since she’s a Lobeira, Fiona is aware how hard it must be for them to raise her. She feels grateful, but at the same time, she also feels bad for being selfish. She wants to step outside and feel the sun, the wind and the ground on her feet. Fiona then asks if she can live with Edgar after the birthday party, but he laughs it off and admits that he’s too afraid to let her out of the tower. He’s afraid that she might catch a disease, and Nesso adds that Zodiva hasn’t completely vanished either.

Both Nesso and Fiona’s mothers died after they gave birth. Edgar has lost two wives, and he doesn’t want to lose his daughter too. It doesn’t help that Fiona resembles her mother, so it’s not strange for Edgar to be so overprotective. Due to her sheltered upbringing, the nobles are referring to Fiona as the “Beautiful Princess of the Bird Cage” — a princess locked up high in a tower. The only ones who are allowed to visit her are her family, as well as selected servants. This reminds Fiona that the twin princes of Weblin — Mejojo and Auger — also came to visit her too before. She asks if they’re coming to her party tomorrow, but she only receive heavy sighs as the answer. Zara eventually explains that Mejojo still hasn’t given up on her. No matter how many times Edgar and Nesso refused, he keeps asking for her hand in marriage. It’s been a few years since Mejojo and Auger developed an interest in Fiona. Edgar was summoned by the king to talk about this issue, and the princes started coming to see her once per a few months. Based on their request, she also calls them by their names.

Normally people would be happy if their daughter can become a part of the royal family, but both Edgar and Nesso are having a bitter expression because Fiona is a Lobeira. Even if she lives in the royal palace, they’re worried that she might not be able to adapt and fall sick. Fiona doesn’t hate Mejojo though, and she is ready to accept a political marriage for her family. Nesso clearly doesn’t like the idea, and he mentions about how the cats are becoming even more arrogant recently. They’re looking down on the other races. As a knight, he has sworn his loyalty towards the royal family.. but he doesn’t want to hand her to such people. Besides, she’s going to become his bride. The only one who can marry her is someone who’s stronger than him, and since he’s the strongest knight in the kingdom.. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Marriages between siblings or relatives aren’t unusual among nobles, but she feels foolish since her heart is racing for her half-brother.

Outside, the wind is getting stronger and it seems like a storm is coming, so they start discussing about delaying the party. Fiona is disappointed, but she doesn’t mind as long as it’s not cancelled. Suddenly Nesso hears the sound of horses from outside, and they look out the window to find the tower surrounded by Mejojo and Auger’s guards. Nesso asks everyone to stay inside while he goes to check what’s going on, but before he could leave, they hear the sound of heavy footsteps from the hallway. Despite the servants’ attempt to stop them, two cat knights walk into the dining hall — kicking Pearl and Richie out of the way when they try to bite. The knights order everyone not to move if they don’t want to get hurt, and the next thing they see is Auger walking into the room. He smiles at Fiona, but she feels terrified considering the current situation. Auger says he doesn’t want to disturb their dinner time, but he came here to capture the “witch” — looking straight at Fiona. Nesso angrily asks him to take his guards out since a knight isn’t supposed to set foot into a lady’s room without permission, but Auger lightly reminds him that he’s not a knight. He’s a prince and a court musician. Nesso obviously can’t accept this, but Zara stops him from arguing further.

After telling Nesso and Zara to be quiet, Auger explains that recently Zodiva is spreading again in this area. People who are living nearby have been complaining that it was spread by the witch living in the tower, and the princes have to take action.. so Auger is now here to capture Fiona. He jokingly harmonizes with Nesso when the latter shouts “don’t fool around!”, and he bursts into laughter saying Nesso is so predictable. Nesso nearly curses at him, and Zara has to stop him from insulting the prince.

A few days ago, Auger was roaming around the royal palace. He complained about how boring and peaceful it is, and he decided to visit Mejojo hoping his brother has something fun. It’s not unusual for siblings to have disputes over the throne, but there are no rumors like that around them because Auger always spends his days in Mejojo’s room. Auger also made it clear that he’s not interested in the throne at all, because all that matters to him are the things he can enjoy. In that sense, Auger loves his brother a lot because Mejojo doesn’t bore him. Auger then entered Mejojo’s room without knocking, and he found his brother frowning on his desk. Auger found this unusual because Mejojo would erase anything that irritates him without mercy, and yet Mejojo had a thoughtful look — it seemed like he was facing something he can’t solve easily. Mejojo explained that Edgar Galland has sent a reply, and Auger immediately knew that his brother was rejected again. Auger told Mejojo to give up on marriage and just have fun with him. He doesn’t get what Mejojo sees in that girl, but Mejojo only told him to shut up.. and so he zipped his mouth shut. Auger is always being careful not to make Mejojo angry, because Mejojo wouldn’t play with him if that happens.

Just as he let out earlier, Auger doesn’t get why Mejojo is so obsessed about Earl Galland’s daughter — Fiona. She’s not beautiful enough to make Mejojo go head over heels, but she’s not ugly either. She’s simply above average. However, Auger does know who Mejojo might be seeing in Fiona. 10 years ago, Mejojo had a fiancée named Elvira Galland. As the name suggests, she was Fiona’s relative. Despite her status as Mejojo’s fiancée, Elvira fell in love with another man.. and Mejojo keeps chasing after her shadow. Auger thinks it’s just like a tragic love story, though he believes that Mejojo didn’t actually love her. Mejojo just couldn’t accept the fact that his property was stolen by some knight, and his pride was wounded when Elvira chose another man. It’s just like how a small child keeps chasing after a toy he couldn’t obtain. Auger doesn’t like seeing Mejojo drowning in obsession, and so he suggested obtaining Fiona by force. He can kill and stuff Fiona for Mejojo, but Mejojo said they can’t do that since their father loves the Galland family. Edgar and Nesso are important for King Garibaldi VI, and it was him who gave them a high position — which Mejojo finds annoying. Auger wished the Galland family is dumber and easier to control, but then he came up with a good idea. Recently there’s a rumor about a witch, and they can use this to capture Fiona.

Back in the present, Fiona is taken to the royal palace. Everything seems like a lie to her. Just a moment ago she was having an enjoyable dinner with her family, staying warm and safe in the tower despite the approaching storm outside. Now she’s here in the castle, with both of her hands chained. Nesso and Edgar begged for her not to be chained, but Auger only laughed and said he’s afraid if she turns out to be a real witch. Fiona has been dreaming of the outside world, but she never expected that she’d step out of the tower in this condition. She’s brought to see King Garibaldi VI in the audience chamber, along with Edgar, Nesso and Zara — leaving only Pearl and Richie back in the tower. Edgar and Nesso beg the king to spare Fiona’s life, but Mejojo coldly tells them to know their place. They should be grateful that they’re given the chance to defend her. They’re in the presence of the king, so they should bow their heads and kneel down. In addition, Mejojo also brought some villagers from Scharlmessen to provide testimonies.. and Fiona is shocked to see them looking at her with hatred and fear.

Now for the testimonies, one of the villagers claims that Fiona took the shape of a black crow and landed on the outskirts of the village. Someone who lived in that area fell sick directly after that, and his grandfather ended up dying because of Fiona’s curse. A woman says that her sheep was attacked by a wolf, and she’s 100% sure that it was Fiona who ordered the wolves.. because someone from a neighboring village said they saw a girl walking with a wolf. Another villager claims that he saw the same thing, and that the witch has been digging graves to create potions. Fiona is shocked because none of these villages have a proof that she’s really the witch, and she realizes that they’re just blaming the witch for all their grief. When Mejojo asks if she has anything to say, Fiona firmly denies the accusations. She’s a human, and she can’t transform into a crow. Everyone should know that she has never left the tower, and it’s impossible for her to visit their village. She can’t control wolves nor make any potions, and she doesn’t understand why they’re blaming her even though they have never seen her before.

All the villagers fall into silence since they don’t have any proof, but noticing their reluctance, Mejojo asks them to speak up. They won’t be punished for presenting a flawed testimony, so they can state anything without worry. Upon hearing this, one of them asks why Fiona is still alive. A Lobeira normally dies before they can grow up into an adult, and even normal people like them are dying because of Zodiva.. but she’s still alive. They think it’s impossible for her to survive if she’s not a witch, believing that she’s been sacrificing the villagers in order to stay alive. They also know that Earl Galland has been buying suspicious potions, and that Zara is developing strange medicines — materials for the witch’s potions. They believe that Fiona is locked in the tower because her family already realized that she’s a witch. Of course the potions Zara makes are medicines to cure Fiona’s sickness, and she was locked up to protect her from all sorts disease. Nesso and Fiona also try to protest, only to be stopped by Auger. Edgar tells the king that Fiona can survive for so long because he raised her up with utmost care, but the villagers are shouting — asking for a proof that she’s not a witch. However, Fiona knows it’s impossible unless she catches an illness and dies like a normal Lobeira.

Since the discussion has reached a dead end, Mejojo then suggests an idea to the king. The villagers are accusing the witch for all the disasters in their village, so they should move Fiona to the castle. If disasters start occurring in the castle, they can safely say that Fiona is indeed a witch. Edgar is worried because her body is fragile and she might get sick upon moving to a new place, but Mejojo insists that they have to clear Fiona’s name first. The king can’t ignore the villagers to protect a friend either, so he finally orders Fiona to live in the castle for a while. He assures her that they won’t do anything bad. She only has to live with them until they can prove that she’s not a witch, and she doesn’t have to do anything until then. Fiona is utterly shocked. She has imagined living in the castle as Mejojo’s wife, but she never expected that she’d live in the castle under supervision — as a suspect. Nesso asks the king to reconsider his decision, only to get restrained by the guards. At the same time, Mejojo and Auger take Fiona out of the audience chamber. Her presence would only cause Nesso to get more irked, and his actions might be branded as rebellion if this continues. Fiona doesn’t have a choice, so she only tells her family that she’s alright before leaving with Mejojo and Auger. She can still hear their voices as she leaves the audience chamber, and she feels scared about what’s going to happen from now on.. but she can only wonder why everything turned this way. Tomorrow is her 16th birthday, and yet right now she can only pray for her fate.

With both of her hands still chained.

BWS is a LONG game, and life is eating my time at the moment so updates will be very slow. I’m sorry! I promise I will post the routes as soon as possible. |壁|’Д’lll)ァ゛。。ゴメンナサィ・・。


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  1. Ahaha I started playing this game recently too. Yah bws is kinda long, took me a while to finish the first route. It took me about a week. Almost done haha. But after that, it goes by pretty fast thanks to the jump mode. Especially if you complete one character from each route division. Oh and good luck with some of the routes b/c I certainly needed it. eek (>_<。)

    • LOL yeah the first run through the game is rather long, and it’s taking me forever since I have a lot to do at noon. ( ;∀;) Almost done with Mejojo’s post though, it’ll probably go up sometime next week. By good luck, are you referring to the cats’ routes? Because I’m doing them first. My main objective is to get stabbed by Auger. 8D

  2. WOW- no wonder we haven’t heard from you in such a long time, I’m surprised how long the story seems! This game seems like it’ll be quite dark (I think I read that “Bloody Nightmare” was the darker version, and the psp one (will you be doing that as well?) was the more “otome” version?), but interesting! I’m curious to see if the drama will be well developed or like a soap gone wrong. =D

    Thanks again for doing the summaries, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! =)

    • Ahaha, I’m sorry to disappear for so long. Been busy with work and got distracted by other games. Yeah, Black Wolves Saga is split into two parts. Bloody Nightmare is the dark one focusing on the cats’ madness, while Last Hope will be lighter and focuses on the wolves. I’m going to do Last Hope too when it comes out in December. :D So far the drama is good. It can get creepy and sadistic at some parts, but the story is really well-written. I’m almost done with Mejojo’s post, so I’ll try to finish it in a few days. :3

      • LOL- I figured! Haha, and with the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure everyone’s going to be super busy! XD Oooh, so that’s the distinction- interesting! So is there less routes to get in the games, but longer stories? Anyhoosies, looking forward to it all! =D

        • Yeah, around Christmas I’ll be away again for around 2 weeks. :D

          Overall BN has 8 routes and seems like LH will be the same. It’s just BN has Julian and Guillan, while LH has Elza, Pearl and Richie. Whether Pearl and Richie has separate routes or combined into one is still unclear at this point. xD

  3. Haha yeah the cat’s routes. I played them first too bc they unlocked a lot of routes. Nice I certainly did not enjoy getting stabbed. I felt like I was ear raped for Auger’s good end. I think it was his good end. In the end, I started saying shut the f up every time I hear Auger’s system voice. Ahaha (>_<)

    • For now I’m looking forward to getting stabbed by Auger because I haven’t actually experienced it yet. We’ll see how that opinion changes after I reach Auger’s route, because I’m sure it’ll be different LOL. It seems like a lot of people got traumatized of Yocchin’s voice thanks to Auger. (´∀`;)

  4. … Wow. Just wow I mean I looked forward to the game but it seems kinda complicated for my head to digest xD;
    Oh wells as usual Auger is being the brocon that he is (I called him on it the moment I saw one of the scenes on the official website). Creepy much. I mean if you had to fall in love with a guy who is obsessed with his brother that he’d take you by force to snag you as his brother’s wife… Oh never mind this is just so difficult to think about OTL
    I don’t really mind Nesso being a siscon. I mean, my brother isn’t like that but I want a caring onii-chan too ;v; If I were Fiona I’d probably mistake it as him being the protective brother eating me to show affection.,, oh wait I think that’s the same as siscon hmm. I don’t think my head’s screwed on tight right now xD
    Well, BWS Last Hope IS GETTING RELEASED SOONNNNN OHHH YEAH 8D I was thinking of skipping this game and playing Otomate’s version instead cuz it definitely looks really cute ♥ And I would like to maintain my good impressions of all the characters except Auger whom immediately struck me as the type I didn’t like: The guy who is playful but screws around with you. Throw in the brocon factor and, well… ( ;´Д`)
    It’s okay take your time I would probably drag on this game even if I had free time. Because I’m not really into the while DoS and DoM heroine stuff. ヽ(´o`;
    Well, will be back to stalk again ;D

      • Julian~ .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

        After playing the game, I learned that Auger is not a brocon. I doubt if he even knows love, but let’s save that for his route. He’s not obsessed over Mejojo either, since the thing that keeps him attached to Mejojo is.. something else. The history, the conflicts and the events might be heavy compared to other otome games, but BWS has a beautiful story. Though you can’t really expect romance from this game. xD

        Also, in Weblin it’s not unusual for siblings to marry, so I don’t mind Nesso’s love for Fiona at all. It’s just I find it amusing that he’s being so direct about it. Like wow, you don’t even bother hiding the fact that you’re a siscon LOL.

        Regarding Last Hope, I wonder if they’re going to tone down the cats’ madness or their personality in general. I hope it’s not the latter, because as crazy as they might be, they’re very interesting characters. I’d be disappointed if they suddenly turn into sweet, cute cats in Last Hope. ;___;

        Oh, but Fiona is not a ドM! She doesn’t enjoy getting tortured and then fall in love with the cats. She’s afraid of them, and she wished they’d stop torturing her. Or at least that’s how she behaves so far. Aside from the cats, everyone else actually sounds pretty normal.. but who knows, maybe Rejet will troll me. You can laugh at me when I freak out later. 8D

        If you feel like reading more about the characters, do check Lore and Silvra‘s posts. They explained it really well. :D

        • Haha, thanks for the links! I’ll check them out 8D
          But eventually they gotta fall in love, and I doubt these cats will change for Fiona so most likely I think Fiona’s gonna cave in, the poor girl ;w;
          As for Last Hope, now I’m curious about how their personalities are like xD I don’t really expect them to be 萌え HNNNNG characters, but just make them less… Mentally unstable 8D; At least judging from what I hear from a few people on tumblr anyway.

  5. Hi there! Long time no see. Thank you for the review. :D

    At first I kind of overlooked BWS because of the artworks. It’s not that they’re not nice but I wonder why I cannot differentiate the characters from each other. ⊙_⊙??

    Now having read your intro review, I become reeeeeally interested. So, I went to the official site and tried this hard to hypnotize myself until I see the difference. xDDDD

    Actually I’m not quite into PC games, it’s too much tormenting for my unhealthy body. Normally I prefer PSP on bed. I hope its PSP version would not differ much from the PC version because I intend to consume the game’s over-all from your reviews first. x3

    I heard that we can’t get Guillan in Last Hope. *sob* But it’s all right since the main guys are fascinating so far. lol

    *Closely stalking*

    • Hello! Sorry I went missing for a month. |D;
      I traveled to another land (aka RPG) and got busy with work.

      Oh, is Kuroyuki’s art a miss for you? I heard a lot of complaints too regarding her style, but I think it really fits the game’s theme. Hopefully when you come to play the game, you can tell the characters apart. xD I actually prefer PSP games too since it’s portable, but PC games have bigger CGs and that’s a plus in my eyes. As for the two versions of BWS, the staff have been saying that Last Hope will be very different from Bloody Nightmare. While Bloody Nightmare focuses on the cats’ insanity, it seems like Last Hope will be focusing on the wolves with more romance.

      Guillan is exclusive to Bloody Nightmare, but we get Elza in Last Hope.
      Well.. Pearl and Richie too, if you’re into them. 8D

  6. Hi there!
    Firstly I would like to thanks for your posts, you really do a graeat job, I read them from some time but this is my first comment (sorry for my English, it’s not my daily language ^ ^’). I also play otome games but so far only for Nintendo DS and PS2. But… what I mean by this post is that I would also like to play Black Wolves Saga but I have technical problem with my desire and I fought that maybe you can help me a bit… You see I install a game, and even if I do it in japanesse system my computer can’t see the japanesse alphabet. Sorry that I treat you like a help service, but just reading your posts make me want to play a game so badly… and the music is so great, and this climate… If you know the solution I would be gratfull if you share it with me.

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! (○v艸v*).+゚アリガト゚+.
      Do other otome games work fine on your PC? From your description, it sounds like your PC doesn’t have the font required for the game. If you haven’t installed the Asian fonts on your PC, I’d recommend installing them first. Rejet also suggests Windows Update if the font doesn’t show. :D

      • Thanks for the answer ^ ^ We managed it somehow with my sister and game is working properly :3 She is playing Mejojo’s route now and I’m going to start with Auger… so crazy cats first.
        BTW I also saw that you had finish Julian. I still didn’t read it and maybe I’ll wait for my own pass of this route, but still great job, post is a bit long so probably you enjoyed it… and it’s promising, so I’m double happy now. It’s working, yay :D.
        P.S. Sorry for my English ^ ^’. I write this again but I know that I possibly do some language mistakes. Like I said it’s not my daily language, so thanks for being understanding.

        • Ah, good then! :D
          Yeah I just finished Julian yesterday, and I enjoyed his route a lot. The reason why it’s long is because Julian has three endings, and also my inability to cut down the details. ヽ(;∀;)ノ Your English is fine, by the way. English isn’t my daily / mother language either, so no worries. Hope you enjoy the game~ :3

          • I finally started… xD” a little late but I have some things to do so BWS had to wait. And… this game doesn’t like me ;∀; , it’s working but my gallery doesn’t fit with the CG’s O.o. I reinstalled it but it didn’t help -_-”. I can live without CGs but I’m a little afraid about the routes that you have to play somebody before you do them like Arles route (and according to your review it would be a pity ;∀;). Well, I’ll see when the time comes. And in the end, you do great job as always :3, waiting for your next reviews ^ ^.

          • Have you tried fixing it with the patch? I heard some people had this issue too, but the gallery saves things just fine for me… so I don’t know what’s wrong. ;-; I hope it can be fixed somehow, because in my opinion, Arles and Julian’s routes are really worth it. I haven’t done Guillan yet, but people have been saying that he’s really cute. They all need to be unlocked first.

  7. Hi. Great site. And please excuse my long post.
    I came upon your site when I was trying to find some info on Black Wolves Saga and ended up with new info about HanaIchi and Kinema. I actually just finished HanaIchi, which was awesome and my first otome game and first game all in Japanese ever. So I’m still excited here both about the awesomeness of the game and that I was able to get through it and understand it lol.

    So I have a few questions and sorry to bother you but you seem knowledgeable so:
    After seeing your blog and finding out there’s an afterstories for HanaIchi and epilogue mode, I’ve decided to get the afterstories lol, but do you know if its still being sold on psn (the japanese one right) since you mentioned people couldn’t buy it in the intro of your review for the epilogue mode? I don’t want to go to all the trouble of setting up an account and paying for funds only to find they’re not there.
    Is the epilogue mode something you have to unlock/buy, or can it be the first mode you play as soon as you launch Kinema/already on the disk?

    After Kinema, I’m thinking I might go for BWS, which was why I was already searching aha, even tho I haven’t even started Kinema yet but that’s ok since there’s fun in anticipation (when its sure that you will obtain/get to it eventually lol).
    Anyways since BWS is fantasy and set in the past, I’m a bit worried about the language level. Do you think it might be okay if I was able to understand HanaIchi or is it much harder?
    What is the difference between Last Hope and Bloody Valentine?
    If there is a difference, are there regions in PC games like there are in PS2 games because I’ve never tried to get a foreign PC game before and I don’t have a PC from japan?
    Assuming that I am able and do get Bloody Valentine, is there a route order, as in the order of who to go after, that you recommend?

    Phew. Sorry for the long post and that it wasn’t completely about BWS, but I couldn’t find the information on the web and didn’t know the right place to post this comment on your site. Your answers/comments are very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello, thanks for the comment! I love getting long comments! .+゚(○v艸v*).+゚

      For the epilogue mode in Kinema, you don’t have to purchase anything through PSN. You can access them right from the start. It’s just the story picks up right after the PSN after stories, so those who didn’t read / buy them would probably feel confused by the gap. Like for example, Haru marries Isami at the end of HanaIchi, but suddenly she already gave birth in Kinema’s epilogue mode. It’s like a chunk of the story is missing if you don’t read the after stories, but anyway… you don’t have to pay for the epilogue mode. The only thing you have to buy is the after stories. They’re not limited, so I think they’re still available on the Japanese PSN. :3

      It’s okay to anticipate!
      I do that all the time actually, because research is necessary. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪
      If you can understand HanaIchi just fine, then you’ll have no problems with BWS. In fact, I think HanaIchi is harder due to the massive usage of Kansai dialect. BWS does use big / old words, but it’s not so much that we wouldn’t understand the whole game. As for the difference, Bloody Nightmare is more violent and focuses more on the cats, while Last Hope is more romantic and focuses on the wolves. Most PC games aren’t region-locked, so you should be able to play it even with a foreign PC. Mine isn’t Japanese either, and Bloody Nightmare is working just fine. (。・w・。)

      Since Bloody Nightmare focuses on the cats, I’d recommend doing them first. Just be careful of their madness lol. Some routes have requirements though.

      Clear Mejojo and Auger’s good & bad ends. Maybe also the twin ends.

      Clear one good end. Anyone will do except for Rath.

      Clear Rath’s good & bad ends.

      For Julian and Guillan, their true end routes will be unlocked once you clear their good & bad ends. I hope that makes sense. :D

      • Hey! Thanks for the fast reply and definitely very helpful info. Haha ok now I’ve made up my mind and will work on getting the after stories and BWS. They’re so expensive…and I will be waiting for Last Hope and HanaIchi’s latest Tasogare Polarstar, which I’m very excited for since HanaIchi was so good. Lol for better or worse I feel like I’ve just been swallowed by a neverending cycle of waiting, buying, and playing now that I’ve finally started otome games.

        • No problem~ ;3
          I agree that BWS is quite expensive, but if you love intricate stories then it’ll be worth it. I’m saving up for Last Hope and Polarstar too. Just like you, I’ve been a fan of HanaIchi ever since the first game. It was so well-written, and Kinema is just as good — if not even better. Also, welcome to the fandom! Now you’ll start drooling over games, saving up, buying and stacking games in your backlog like all of us. |D

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you can somehow compress the save data or file and send it to my email adress because my save data is jacked up. When I tried to get a locked character I couldn’t because the game didn’t save memories of the characters I already obtained, and the extra page would always end up blank even if I finished a route D:
    My email is

    Thanks in advance C:

    • Sure, but can you tell me where the save data is? As in which folder? I remember finding the location of TYB’s save data, but I couldn’t find the one for BWS. (´・ω・`;)

          • THANK YOU RINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TT^TT)
            I’ll try it out after I finish my homework, thank you so so so much (^U^)

          • D’aww it didn’t work.. ( ; ~ ; )
            Can you try sending me the .rpd files from the Resources folder?
            I’m so very sorry for the troubles ( >m>;; )
            I’ve stop playing BWS because of frustration, now playing it again and I cearealy want to unlock Guillian’s route. I want him very badly as you can see… ( TTATT )

          • Hmm… I wonder what could be wrong. (´;ω;`)
            I’d love to send those files to you, but they’re really huge (the sound .rpd is 1.14 GB lol) and my connection isn’t strong enough to upload them. In fact, it’s been dying recently which is why this reply is so late… ;;;

          • Ah, it’s fine Rin. I understand, thank you for that you did though.
            Jowisz actually found a way to fix this, and without you we wouldn’t have been able to figure out that the .dlls files did nothing and waste more time on it.
            So thanks much!!! \ ( > /// U /// < ) /
            And also, thanks for writing blogs about the game. I couldn't understand what was happening half the time in Mejojo's route…( @ ~ @;; )

          • Thanks a lot ´・ω・` Unfortunetlly it’s still doesn’t work (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻ But even though I would like to thank you for your help especially that I’m a stranger to you (you’re such a good person ;∀; ) And it’s still too soon to give up on Arles, Guillan and Julian… even though that I have no more ideas but… there must be something that wold make it work properly xD.

          • Ahh it’s really too bad.. (´;ω;`)
            I have no idea why some of you are having this problem, but I hope you’ll be able to figure it out. If there’s anything I can help, do let me know and I’d be happy to help. :D

  9. Rin-san, could I ask a question?
    After I play BWS Last Hope I want to try playing Bloody Nightmare…
    But when I finished the installation I try to play it and suddenly the game is closed QwQ)o
    Could you tell me how to fix it?
    Thank you very much before~ :)

    • Does the game close with a warning or just… closes without notice? Have you tried updating your drivers and installing the fonts? I’m not sure what’s wrong since the game works just fine for me. ;w;

      • the game close with a warning right after I finished giving the heroine name …
        it says “Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- has stopped working” QwQ
        etto… I don’t know have I update it or not >.<a

        • Try this:
          1. Go to the control panel.
          2. Go to Clock, Language and Region.
          3. Go to Region and Language.
          4. Then click Administrative.
          5. And change system locale to Japanese.
          6. Run the game:
          a) enjoy it :D
          b) reinstall it, being in Japanese system.
          c) cry, if it’s still doesn’t works I don’t know how to help you QwQ

            I can play the game now … really thanks very much TT^TT *tears of joy*

          • ano… etto… sory for asking again… but, I really confused now… why the CGs and words that I get not appearing in the gallery? OwO

    • OMG can I just say THANK YOU for sharing this? The problem didn’t occur to me, so I don’t know how to fix it either. Thank you so much for helping those who are having the same problem! <3

      • No problem ;D. Thanks to your blog I’m able to share, what actually was earlier shared with me xD. And I’m finished with the game, and.. wow Julian was so positive surprise. It’s sad that he didn’t get the route in Last Hope but at least we have the Elza as a consolation.

        • Hello Jowisz-san. I also appear to be having the problem where my BWS Bloody Nightmare game isn’t saving CG, Word data, etc. So I can’t unlock all of the characters. Could you be so kind as to help me with this problem like you helped Beatrice? I really appreciate any guidance you can provide. My email is Thank you!

        • Hello Jowisz ! I have the same problem with the locked cgs and words TwT
          I don’t know why is that happening I’ve done all the updates etc and still doesn’t work!
          PLEASE PLEASE can you send the soluton? I just found this thread though google while searching for a solution T_T
          my email is :

  10. Pingback: Black wolve saga | chailiee

  11. hiii
    I’m so sorry to bother you but I reaaaaally like this game BLACK WOLVES but idk where can I download it :( I want to play bloody nightmare and last hope so damn much but I couldn’t find it..can u please give me the link so I can download at least one of them and if it isn’t in english I can’t play it cuz idk japanese
    thanks ALOT
    lots of love
    here’s my email [removed for privacy]

  12. What a great review:) I love how your posts are so detailed! Anyway, since u did all of the routes for Bloody Nightmare, are you going to be doing the routes for Last Hope? Your reviews are just so amazing, I couldn’t help but ask.

    • Thank you! :D
      I have Last Hope in my backlog, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to play it because of work and other games. But I should get to it eventually.

      • Yay! ^__^ How’s your work? I hope your doing fine! I know it’s rude to ask, I’m sorry, but do u have like a list of games ur planning to do and play in order? Like for Last Hope and other games?

        • It’s been really busy at work recently, which is why I haven’t been updating as often. ;___; I used to have a list, but it disappeared ever since we get flooded by new releases every month. For now I’m just focusing on one game at a time, and decide what I want to play next after finishing it.

  13. おつかれさまです ~
    I don’t know if I should be happy or I should cry (。┰ω┰。) I really love those kind of games when you’re like -> ∑(O_O;) the whole time haha XD ( such a bad habit )
    I have the game already but there is no time for me to enjoy it OTZ so thank you for doing those reviews ~ *(*´∀`*)☆ ( like that my do-M part can be at ease lol )

  14. Hello
    Sorry for disturbing.
    I finished my first character route with the Bloody Nightmare, but the CG’s and the words were still blocked. I almost start to cry when I realized this.
    I have already finished the full Last Hope and everything was perfect.
    I don’t really know what should I do.
    Please somebody help me if can.
    Thanks in advance.

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