BWS Bloody Nightmare – Mejojo von Garibaldi

Starting off with Mejojo because I really want to see the craziness, and I’m sure most of you are aware of the cats’ reputation in this game. I also dumped all the main plot here, so please excuse the absurd length of this post. (´・∀・`;)ゞエヘヘ

Mejojo is the cold, ruthless prince of Weblin. He possesses the qualities needed to be the future king of Weblin, but he also hates the wolves with a passion. He was the one who suggested the idea of wolf hunting to the king. Along with Auger, his younger twin, Mejojo has been committing assassinations one after another — earning him the nickname “Annihilating Mad Cat”. He has a strange obsession towards Fiona, devising various plans to make her his.

From the audience chamber, Fiona follows Mejojo and Auger while wondering where they’re going to take her. She thought they will throw her into prison because she might be a witch, but their destination turns out to be a quiet hanging garden deep inside the palace. There’s no one else in the garden, from which she learns that it must be a private place for the princes. When Fiona asks why they took her into such a beautiful place instead of the prison, Mejojo says it’s because she’s going to live in the garden from now on. There’s a pretty little house in the center, and they already made a room for her inside. In addition, Mejojo also assigned his direct subordinates — the Chu-Chu Knights (CCK) — in the garden. It’s a division of knights which members are all rats, but despite their small size, they’re intelligent and helpful. He already told them to listen to Fiona, so she can always ask them for help. The leader of CCK is a rat knight named Leonidas, who soon comes and introduces the members to her: Vincent, David, Rad and Knack. Fiona finds them cute, and Mejojo gives Leonidas some nuts as a reward. He then gives the bag of nuts to her, saying she can give them rewards whenever she wants to. (❤ฺ→艸←)

However, Mejojo also warns Fiona that the CCK are here to keep an eye on her. She can explore the garden freely, but if she ever tries to escape.. he’ll come and kill her. Nothing will happen if she behaves though. After making sure Fiona understands his point, Mejojo tells her to get some rest and leaves. Beside her, Auger laughs saying his brother isn’t honest and leaves too many loose ends — such as leaving her hands chained. Auger then releases Fiona’s hands, jokingly wondering if his brother loves tying women with chains. After dismissing the CCK, Auger asks Fiona not to think too badly of Mejojo. Both of them know that she’s not a witch, and they actually think the villagers are stupid for believing in such a thing. It’s just the villagers in Edgar’s area have been complaining about the witch, and it might explode into something worse over time. For example, the villagers might storm Scharlmessen’s castle and try to kill her for self-defense. Mejojo was acting in the audience chamber to protect Fiona, but Auger says Mejojo didn’t explain anything because he doesn’t want Fiona to feel indebted.. even though she’s just an ugly girl. He then laughs saying he’s just joking, but I.. don’t think that’s really a joke.. Σ(@台@)

In any case, Auger wants Fiona to know that Mejojo is thinking of her. She’s going to stay here until the commotion fades away, and she can take her time in the garden. When she asks if Edgar and Nesso know about this, he tells her not to worry since he’s going to inform them later. If she’s still worried, he’s willing to let her touch his ears and tail — he’ll comfort her in place of Pearl and Richie. Or so he says. He’s just kidding, but as the court musician, he can play songs for her whenever he feels lonely. Fiona thanks Auger for explaining everything to her, and he leaves after saying good night. As she takes a look around the garden, she can feel that someone — a black-haired figure — is watching her. She can’t see anyone nearby though, so she concludes that it must be the CCK. Fiona decides to trust Mejojo for now, and she walks into the room he made for her. Meanwhile, Auger bursts into laughter in the hallway. He’s wondering why everyone is so stupid, but it looks like things are going to be interesting. Auger is hoping that Fiona won’t break easily, and he walks off saying he’s in the mood to play a song.

The next morning, Fiona wakes up in her room. It’s her 16th birthday, and the weather is really nice outside.. but she can’t have the birthday party she’s been looking forward to. She already prepared a new dress and the servants have been working really hard to prepare the party, but now everything goes to waste. It’s the first time she’s been alone in her life, and she realizes how childish she really is. It makes her feel stupid for acting like an adult just because she’s turning 16. Just when Fiona is about to cry, she hears footsteps coming into her room. It’s Leonidas and the CCK, bringing colorful boxes of presents from Mejojo. She asks if they want some nuts, but Leonidas holds back and declines the offer — much to the others’ disappointment. Inside the boxes, Fiona finds a pretty dress, a pair of shoes and a necklace. This immediately cheers her up, especially when Leonidas explains that Mejojo is holding a dance party to celebrate her birthday tonight. When Fiona asks him to do a favor, Leonidas states that he has sworn his sword to Mejojo. He was ordered to listen to her, but he can’t do anything that defies Mejojo. Fiona only wants him to tell Mejojo that she’s happy though, and she feels that Leonidas’ attitude instantly grows softer.

After taking a closer look at the dress, Fiona wonders how to put it on. She asks if the CCK can help since she can’t wear it alone, but they immediately gasp in shock since they can’t do such an improper thing. Not even she bribes them with nuts. She already expected this since they’re all male, and they’re just too small to help her put on the dress. Leonidas says a personal servant for Fiona is coming soon, since Mejojo already assigned someone to take care of her needs. The CCK then take their leave when the servant arrives, and Fiona is surprised to see that her servant is a black-haired cat — the one who was observing her last night. He introduces himself as Julian, and he asks her to take a bath first. It’s perfectly normal for noble ladies to have male servants because servants aren’t considered as humans, but she’s not used to that kind of treatment. While she had Zara back at home, she always does everything by herself. When Fiona says she’ll be fine on her own, Julian sadly asks if he offended her and if she doesn’t need him. She quickly assures him that she doesn’t have any problems with him. It’s just because she can’t help but see him as a man, and she’d feel as troubled with another male servant. Julian says he understands, and he goes to call some maids for her. As they help her bathe, Fiona feels weird since she never experienced such a thing. Her father never allowed anyone to help her bathe so she wouldn’t catch any illness, and she only had minimum contact even with the servants in the tower.

It’s already dark when the maids finish dressing up Fiona for the party, and she’s feeling nervous when Auger comes to pick her up. He whispers that even she can look good with the right dress, but when she asks if he said something, he only smiles saying she looks beautiful. Mejojo is waiting in the dance hall, and Auger holds out his hand saying he’ll escort Fiona there — like a prince from fairy tales. When she takes his hand, he smiles and says “I am honored, dear witch.” Fiona smiles as Auger escorts her out of her room, though again.. I don’t think that’s really a joke.. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? As they walk through the hallway, Fiona soon notices that Weblin’s kingdom crest gradually changed and asks Auger about this. He laughs saying she knows nothing about the world, but he apologizes upon noticing that she looks hurt. It can’t be helped since she spent all her life in a locked tower, and he knows that Edgar didn’t want to tell her about this. Despite the brilliant exterior, life in the royal palace isn’t as beautiful as it seems to be. The crests are engraved with the king as the motif, and the red ones are from the red cat king’s reign.

Noticing that Fiona is looking at his ears, Auger explains that he’s a white cat — just like Mejojo and his father. She apologizes for her lack of knowledge, and she wonders if white cat children can be born from red cat parents. When people from different races get married, their children will become either one of the races. There’s no such thing as half. For example, if Fiona marries Mejojo and has a child with him, the child will either become a human or a cat. Auger confirms that normally the children of the cat race will inherit either their father or their mother’s color, but this is a different case. He points at how the crests changed from red to white, grinning as he whispers that the first white cat king murdered the red cat king and his entire family — stealing the throne for himself. The first white cat king was someone at the very end of the royal bloodline. The throne was far out of his reach, but he wanted to be king.. and so he eliminated all the people who had the right to claim the throne. It was the biggest assassination in the history of Weblin’s royal family. Fiona thinks it’s a scary story, but Auger thinks it’s great. He’s not scared, because it’s just how one reach the throne. In fact, he’s impressed at how the first white cat king could execute his plan without failing. Realizing that Leonidas is shivering near Fiona’s feet, Auger grins saying cats eat anything — including rats and humans.

When Fiona asks if he’s making a fool out of her since she never left the tower, Auger laughs saying Zara must have taught her a lot of things. He then points to another crest on the wall, one that has rabbits engraved on it. It was a crest from the previous King Garibaldi V’s era, when he formed an alliance with the rabbits and ruled Weblin together. Sadly after the king passed away, a dispute over the throne occurred. The rabbits trusted the wrong party, and they got destroyed as the result. This reminds her that Zara lost his family in a war, and now she knows that said war must be the dispute over the throne. That must be why her father never told her anything about this. Auger wants to tell Fiona more stories, but Mejojo soon appears and stops them from wasting time. It turns out they have reached the dance hall, and Mejojo apologizes to Fiona for Auger’s long, unnecessary chats. Mejojo then holds out his hand, and Auger hands Fiona to his brother as they enter the dance hall.

While Fiona is amazed by the dance hall’s beauty, Mejojo asks if she likes it. Today is the day when she first came to the royal palace, and they have to celebrate since it’s also her birthday. She wonders if it’s alright since she’s under the suspicion of being a witch, but he says it’s nothing more than a justification for the foolish villagers. The most important thing is that she’s now here. Mejojo actually wants to announce that it’s a party for Fiona, but it’s difficult after what happened yesterday. When she thanks him for the dress and accessories, he tells her not to be satisfied so easily — she’s going to become his wife after all. Edgar and Nesso have been refusing his proposal thinking she wouldn’t survive in the palace, but now she has to live here until her name is clear. They should have no more reason to refuse his proposal, and she can marry him once her name is clear. When Mejojo smiles at her, Fiona realizes that he’s indirectly telling her to be prepared. However, Mejojo has to do his job as a prince and stay with his father for a while. He actually wants to take her along, but since he doesn’t have an official reason to do that.. she tells him that she’ll enjoy the party on her own. At first she enjoys the grand atmosphere of the party, but when everyone starts dancing, she has no choice but to stand alone near the wall. As a noble lady, Fiona actually does know how to dance, but she doesn’t have an escort tonight. Since she’s wearing a beautiful dress tonight, she wants to dance too.

Fiona starts imagining how it feels to dance with Mejojo, but she quickly brushes off the thought since he’s a prince and also the future king of Weblin. There’s no way he would dance with someone like her. Everyone would set their eyes on them and make a commotion, especially since she’s under the suspicion of being a witch. Fiona can’t do anything but to stay as a wallflower, and it makes her sad.. until Mejojo comes and asks her to dance with him. She asks if it’s alright for him to dance with her, but he only tells her not to worry. Despite her status as a suspect, she’s still the daughter of Earl Galland — it’s not strange for her to dance with the prince. Fiona feels really nervous when Mejojo leads her to the dance floor, but he finds her surprisingly good at dancing. She has never attended any parties before, so he was expecting her to be stiff. When Fiona says that she learned how to dance in the tower, Mejojo asks if her partner was Nesso. She honestly admits that she has trained with Nesso before, but this causes him to turn silent and pulls her closer. Fiona blushes saying they’re being too close, and Mejojo replies that it’s okay. She’s going to become his anyway, so they should let everyone see.

Before Fiona could say anything, Mejojo leans in and bites her ear. When she tries to protest, he only whispers that her skin is so soft. Noticing that Fiona is turning red, Mejojo adds that he’ll bite even deeper the night she becomes his wife. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ He chuckles and asks her not to make such a slovenly expression, whispering that he can finally get her into his hands. He enjoys himself as her escort that night, and he stays with her until she eventually gives up resisting. After the party, Fiona finally learns that Nesso, Zara and Edgar actually attended the party as well. Now she understands why Mejojo was smiling when he danced with her — as if showing everyone that she belongs to him — and she’s not sure how to feel about this.

Meanwhile, King Garibaldi VI is coughing in his bed. Mejojo and Auger ask him not to force himself, since he must be exhausted after the party. When the king says he feels better and doesn’t need anything else, Mejojo and Auger start discussing about how their father has grown tamer. He used to be shrewd in his younger days, as it was him who destroyed the rabbits in order to get the throne. Mejojo feels grateful to his father though, because they won’t be here without him. They don’t have enough knowledge and experience, so he’s wishing for his father to have a long life. Especially because Weblin is still under the threat of the wolves and Zodiva. Auger asks his father not to force himself though, because Mejojo will protect the kingdom in his place. Mejojo then adds that no matter how much Zodiva has spread, how many citizens have died and how many of them were murdered by the wolves, he promises to protect Weblin. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Of course the king is surprised and asks if Weblin is really in such a terrible state, and he starts wondering if Fiona is alright. Mejojo promises to call a doctor if Fiona ever gets sick, but the king feels really bad towards Edgar — his best friend and right hand man. It was Edgar too who helped him during the war with the rabbits.

When King Garibald VI asks Mejojo and Auger to return Fiona to Edgar’s place, Mejojo says it’d be difficult to prove that she’s not a witch. People suspect her because she’s still alive, and Auger comments that they can’t just kill her to settle this issue. The king is shocked and starts coughing again, so Auger apologizes for being so brutally blunt. Before going to bed, the king asks his sons to protect Weblin, Fiona.. and Julian. Right after leaving the king’s bedroom, Auger says their old man looks like he’s going to die soon. Mejojo agrees, but he wants their father to live a little bit longer — because they can still use him. Soon a soldier comes to report to Mejojo, and realizing that he must have heard their conversation, Auger kills him with a stab through the throat. Mejojo is impressed and says he’ll assign the CCK to dispose the corpse, but he also asks Auger to be more careful because the palace walls have ears. In any case, their father has to die while carrying the black history of the wolf hunt. Auger asks if Mejojo is going to pin all the blame to their father, to which Mejojo says he wants their father to carry all the dirt. King Garibaldi VI will be known in history as the king who destroyed the rabbits and hunted down the wolves. After destroying the wolves, the kingdom will be in Mejojo’s hands. Auger also thinks Mejojo is the most suitable person for the throne, and Mejojo proudly replies with “of course”. Then he starts laughing maniacally.

Later on that night, someone is having a dream. A nightmare that resembles reality. Or rather, a nightmare that resembles the past. A long time ago, Mejojo was sick. Auger panicked and asked someone to call a doctor, since his brother was having a really high fever. Mejojo might die if they don’t call a doctor soon, but Leonidas could only apologize to Auger. Back then all the doctors were summoned to Rayleigh’s room because Julian caught a cold. Auger said it’s a lie since Julian was playing outside just earlier, but Rayleigh kept insisting that Julian has a fever. Auger then asked Leonidas to inform Rayleigh that Mejojo suddenly got a high fever after a meal, and to ask if she can share one doctor for Mejojo. Unfortunately, she didn’t grant the permission. Auger was shocked, while their mother — Elenora — started apologizing to her sons. Elenora reminded Auger about how Rayleigh said that they can’t provide any doctors for the concubine’s children, but she also stressed that it was all her fault. Mejojo and Auger were suffering because she’s not the legal wife of the king. Even when Mejojo asked her not to cry, Elenora apologized for being such a powerless mother. This wouldn’t happen if only she could get the king to love her more, to make her his legal wife.

Feeling bitter, Auger ran off to ask Rayleigh directly for help. Sadly he got rejected again, as Rayleigh kept saying that Julian has a fever as well.. even though Julian was actually playing with the doctors inside. When Auger tried to argue, Rayleigh coldly asked him to remember his place. They might be the children of the king, but their position was completely different from Julian’s. She couldn’t care less about Mejojo, and she laughed saying they should ask for their mother’s help instead.. even though she knew that Elenora had nobody to support her. Besides, Mejojo might be faking it to get the king’s attention. Auger desperately begged for a doctor, but Rayleigh only chased him out saying Mejojo probably ate something weird off the ground — which can be expected from a lowly concubine’s children. She was going to call the guards if Auger kept being persistent, then she walked away leaving him in tears. However, Auger could hear Rayleigh talking to Julian inside her room. Just as he suspected, Julian was actually healthy and wanted to play with Mejojo and Auger.. but Rayleigh insisted that he has a fever. Auger wondered why she gathered the doctors at this timing, and that’s when realization struck him. She summoned the doctors after Mejojo ate a meal and got a fever — it was an assassination attempt.

Over time, the nobles started whispering about this incident. Someone slipped poison into Mejojo’s meal, and they all know who did it. The maids also felt sorry for Mejojo and Auger. They both have excellent skills, but they only had the rats for subordinates. A lot of nobles knew Mejojo and Auger would make excellent kings, but they don’t know what Rayleigh would do next if she ever heard about this. A few days ago, she made yet another assassination attempt by sending a burglar into Mejojo’s bedroom. The only reason why Mejojo survived was because he hid the CCK under his bed, though the burglar was poisoned soon after he got caught. People noticed how the burglar was poisoned inside the palace, and that’s enough for them to identify the cuplrit. At the same time in Mejojo’s room, Auger was holding Mejojo’s hand as the latter lies in bed. Mejojo told Auger to protect their mother, because the palace was full of their enemies. They were their mother’s only allies, and they made a promise to survive together. Elenora sadly asked her sons not to forget about her, because they were all that she had. She wanted them to remember their miserable mother. She nearly cried and broke down upon remembering about how the king only loves Rayleigh, but she assured herself that she’d be fine as long as she has Mejojo and Auger — the only ones who loved her.

One day during Mejojo and Auger’s teenage years, Elenora asked them to play a game with her. She wanted to have a contest of strength with them. They pointed out that they have grown taller and stronger than her, but she only chucked and challenged them to test it out. Elenora then brought them to a room with a large bookshelf, and she explained that she needs their help to move it since she was rearranging the room. Mejojo said she should call some servants to help her, but Elenora replied that she can’t use any servants. After all, she was just a woman who wasn’t loved by the king. She should be grateful they allowed her to live in the palace. Elenora smiled when Auger said they’d be glad to help, and Mejojo protested saying it sounds like he’s bullying their mother. When Auger asked if it’s wrong, Mejojo grinned and asked if he wants to get bullied — to which Auger quickly said that he was just kidding. Mejojo also mentioned that he’s always troubled by his brother’s mess, though Auger thinks Mejojo can gain a lot of things because of him. They’re twins and get compared a lot, so things would be easy for Mejojo if he has an inferior younger brother. Despite their bickering, Elenora was happy to see them getting along so well.

Now back to the game, Elenora wanted to see if they can move the bookshelf since she couldn’t do it earlier. She then wrapped the bookshelf and tied it with a rope, staying on the other side to make sure the books wouldn’t fall out. Elenora also promised to help pushing from the other side, so Mejojo and Auger started pulling the rope to move the bookshelf. It was heavier than they expected, and after struggling for a while, they managed to move it enough. They asked their mother if they have moved it far enough, but they only received silence as the answer. Since Elenora didn’t reply no matter how many times they called her, they decided to take a look at the other side.. and that was when they saw it. The corpse of their mother was hanging off a rope, with her delicate neck broken due to how hard they pulled the rope earlier. While the twins were struggling to pull it earlier, they didn’t know that the rope was actually tied to their mother’s neck — she committed suicide with her sons’ strength. Mejojo and Auger were shocked, and they screamed over the death of their mother.

Back in the present, Mejojo wakes up with a gasp on his desk. Auger finds it unusual for him to doze off, and especially to have a nightmare. Auger knows that Mejojo probably saw that nightmare again, though Mejojo only says he saw an unpleasant dream. Auger then says he’ll comfort his brother, because they only have each other in this palace. They have to survive together, and they will have fun together since their mother used to invite them to sing and dance. They lost to their mother in the contest of strength, so now they have to win this “game” for her sake too. After all, they will be hanged if they lose. Mejojo vows that he’s going to destroy the wolves and obtain Fiona. He won’t let anyone get in his way, and he will come out as the winner.

Meanwhile, the people of Scharlmessen are protesting in front of the castle. They’re still not satisfied about what happened with Fiona because they need a victim to blame. The wolves are clever and never show themselves when they’re not attacking, while Zodiva is something they can’t see.. and so they need the existence of the witch as a scapegoat. Nesso quietly enters the castle as he mutters about how foolish they are, and Edgar greets him inside. Pearl and Richie have recovered from their wounds too, though they’re worried sick about Fiona. When Edgar asks about the situation outside, Nesso explains that the villagers are now demanding them to burn the witch’s tower — believing that her curse still remains. He already tried reasoning with the villagers, and they’re aware that Fiona can survive because she was brought up with utmost care. It’s just everyone feels scared, because recently the wolves have destroyed yet another village. Anyone who defends Fiona would be labelled as “deceived by the witch” by everyone else, so even those who wants to believe in her couldn’t say anything.

Edgar then asks what Nesso thinks about this, but Nesso knows burning down the tower wouldn’t solve anything. They’re simply blaming Fiona for everything. If disasters keep occurring even after they burn down the tower, the villagers are going to ask for something even worse — such as asking them to kill Fiona. The situation is still dangerous because the villagers are swarming the castle, but Nesso already placed his subordinates to keep watch outside. Edgar asks if one of them is the first son of the Clifford family, to which Nesso says yes. Elza Clifford led some the knights to see Nesso, saying they wanted to help the Galland family. Nesso feels blessed to have good subordinates, but for now the only thing they can do is to monitor the situation. Knowing that Pearl and Richie are scared, he assures them that he’ll do something to solve this situation.. but they’re just empty words, since he’s not even sure if everything would be alright.

After Edgar returns to his room, Nesso walks down the hall and meets Elza further inside. Elza is a lion, and also the vice-captain of Greif Ritter. They’re close even in their private lives, and Nesso thinks of Elza as his partner. When Nesso informs him about the discussion with Edgar, Elza sighs saying it’d be more relieving if the villagers actually do something.. though it’d trouble them just the same. While the standoff is mentally exhausting, everything will be destroyed if they take on a mob of angry villagers. Upon hearing Nesso sighing, Elsa comments that his happiness would run away. Nesso feels that his happiness already ran away with full speed, but Elza tells him to chase after that happiness. He’s well-known as a demon in the battlefield, and it’s not like him at all to act this way. Elza then says Mejojo’s CCK might be able to kill Nesso at this state, but when Nesso agrees, he quickly adds that it was just a joke. Nesso only replies by saying that Fiona is everything to him, and Elza sighs saying he has heard that for so many times. Elza asks what would Nesso do by falling in love so deeply with his own sister, but Nesso smiles saying it might look that way from the outside. In any case, Elza will always support Nesso. Even if Nesso marries his own sister in the end.

When Nesso asks about the situation outside, Elza answers that it’s not good. People are still demanding them to burn down the tower, and more people are carrying torches at night. It’d be bad if they throw the torches around, so Nesso asks Elza to check places with water supplies around the site, as well as making sure they can extinguish flames immediately for emergencies. Just in case something happens, Nesso already told the Galland family servants about what to do. Zara will take command, and he’ll guide the servants out of the castle. Nesso also grants Elza and Zara the permission to have discussions without him, as long as they report the result to him in the end. He’s going to send Zara to see Elza later on, and Elza mentions that he needs to thank Zara for giving him a meal earlier. Nesso feels bad since he can’t give anything but food, but Elza says all of his men would sulk if they hear that. They’re all following him because they want to, not because they’re after money or rewards. If Nesso wants to thank them, he can train them directly once everything calms down — it’d be much more useful for them than money.

Before meeting up with Zara, Elza says he’s going to check the situation outside one more time. It might be bad, but it’s nothing much compared to the battlefield they had to face so far. Nesso says he’ll tell Zara to wait here, but before they can leave.. the window behind him suddenly shatters into pieces. Fortunately he manages to block the fragments with his cape, but they notice that the window was hit by a rock. It’s impossible to throw it so far with bare hands, so whoever threw it must be using a sling or a catapult — the villagers are getting more and more violent. Nesso quickly asks Elza to tell the guards outside to be careful, and he’ll inform everyone inside not to approach the windows. Soon after Elza leaves, Zara comes asking if Nesso is alright. Nesso is completely unharmed, but he sends out an order to block the windows. The villagers are starting to use point weapons at them, so they need to prevent this from happening again. As he walks off to report to Edgar, Nesso mutters Fiona’s name and thinks about his younger sister. Not too long ago he was invited to a dinner party in the royal palace, and he confirmed that she’s safe there. She wasn’t crying. She wasn’t in pain. She wasn’t suffering. Nesso is relieved to know that Fiona is alright, though he can’t help but feel suspicious about Mejojo’s actions. Because he knows Mejojo is trying to use his sister to replace Elvira Galland.

Elvira Galland was the daughter of Marquis Galland, Edgar’s older brother. She was Mejojo’s fiancée, but 10 years ago, she fell in love with another man in the palace. The engagement was called off, and she died in the rebellion. From there, Mejojo started asking for Fiona’s hand in marriage. Since they’re relatives, Fiona resembles Elvira a lot in terms of appearance. Nesso is not pleased with this, because Fiona is really important to him — he won’t hand her to Mejojo. It was also Nesso who suggested the idea of confining Fiona in the tower. Back then Nesso wasn’t working in the castle, and so he wouldn’t be able to help Fiona if she’s having any problems there. He felt that once she enters the castle, she’d slip away from his reach.. and he can’t allow that to happen. Since he can’t use his sword to protect her, he wanted her to run into a place where Mejojo couldn’t reach her. When they were small, Nesso and Fiona made a promise to marry when they grow up. Fiona might not remember that promise now, but Nesso always remembers. He promised to protect her with his own hands, and he mutters that he will definitely protect her. As he gazes at the swaying light of the torches outside, Nesso whispers Fiona’s name.. and then he starts laughing to himself.

The next morning, Fiona hears a voice waking her up. At first she thought it’s Zara, so she asks him to let her rest for a bit longer since she’s tired after last night’s dance party. However, she soon notices that something is different because Zara doesn’t pull her blanket like usual, and she opens her eyes to find Leonidas beside her. The first thing she does is to hug him since he looks so cute, and she thinks about how warm he is as the rat freaks out in her arms. 壁|ω-o)゚+. ポッ It doesn’t last long though, because Leonidas then gives Fiona a cute smack on the head — hoping to wake her up completely — and escapes from her arms. Fiona can tell that Leonidas is probably an adult, unlike Pearl and Richie, but she can’t help it since he’s just so cute. After making sure Fiona is really awake, Leonidas reminds her that she’s Mejojo’s fiancée. Even if she’s half-asleep, she can cause a huge problem by hugging other men. Yes. Even if he looks cute and fluffy, Leonidas is a man. Fiona promises to be more careful from now on, and Leonidas asks her to eat her breakfast. When he leaves the room, she smiles thinking about how cool he is.

After changing clothes and washing her face, Fiona goes to eat breakfast on the table. Knowing that Leonidas couldn’t reach the table with his small hands, she starts wondering about who brought the food into her room. Soon she hears footsteps, and Julian enters the room with a glass of milk for her. He stands beside her after seating her down, just like what Zara always does. Fiona finds this strange since Mejojo doesn’t seem to like the idea of Zara taking care of her, and yet he assigned Julian as her servant. Noticing that Fiona is staring at him, Julian asks her what’s wrong.. and she reluctantly asks why he’s here. She actually wants to ask about who he really is, but she knows it’d be a weird question. Julian answers that he came to greet Fiona, explaining that he is the gardener who’s in charge of the hanging garden. It’s his job to take care of the garden, and she’s included since she’s living inside the garden. He smiles and admits that it might be an assertive way to interpret his job description, but he was ordered to take care of her. Mejojo and Auger also told him to keep her company, so he’s hoping they can get along. She feels bad since he must be busy maintaining the garden, and she apologizes that he now needs to take care of her as well.. but he doesn’t think of her as a disturbance since he can’t leave the garden anyway. Besides, he finds her beautiful like a flower and would love to take care of her. Fiona blushes upon hearing this, but she’s more curious about what he just said. She can’t leave the garden because people suspect her of being a witch, and she wonders if Julian also has a specific reason for staying here.

Julian notices that Fiona is curious, but he only smiles and asks her to eat her breakfast. He’ll tell her everything after she’s done. He asks if she used to be spoonfed and never holds anything heavier than chopsticks, but when she asks if she looks that much like a kid, he laughs saying he was just joking. After Fiona finishes her meal, Julian says he’ll go ask someone to prepare some tea for her. She finds this strange because he’s asking someone else, and he seems like a person who’s used to giving orders.. even though he said he’s just a gardener. Zara also gives orders to his subordinates, but it feels different from Julian. Somehow Fiona gets the feeling that he’s like a noble. Rather than serving her, it feels like he’s gently escorting her instead. She apologizes when he catches her staring at him again, but he admits that he’s teasing her on purpose.

Before Fiona could ask about who he really is, Julian gives her the tea and reveals his identity to her. His name used to be Julian von Garibaldi, Mejojo and Auger’s half-brother. Fiona is shocked and immediately apologizes for treating Julian like a servant, and this surprises him as well. He asks her to lift her head, explaining that it used to be his name.. but he got disinherited, and so she doesn’t have to panic. He doesn’t have the right to take the throne anymore. Fiona is confused at first, but it doesn’t take long until she understands the situation. Julian is older than Mejojo and Auger. He should be the top candidate for the throne, but as they can see, everyone has been saying that Mejojo is going to become the next king. Julian also asks Fiona not to be so formal because he wouldn’t know what to do, and he smiles when she starts speaking casually again. He explains that he was never fit to be a prince in the first place, and the twins has always been superior compared to him.

Fiona doesn’t know what to say since she can’t reply with “yes, you’re inferior” or deny Mejojo’s superiority, but Julian only asks her to sit down.. and she can see that being a prince might not suit him after all. Mejojo and Auger are experts when it comes to conversations, because a noble’s strongest weapon is their words. They never create any misunderstanding, and never let their words be used to make any unwanted commitment — something she can’t see him doing. Knowing that Fiona is still shocked by the revelation, Julian says that he’s just a gardener and is happy with his current position. He wouldn’t be able to talk to her if he didn’t get disinherited, and he’s happy to have tea with her like this. While the garden is beautiful, the days Julian spent here are actually rather monotone and dull. Just like Fiona’s life inside the tower. When she asks if she can hear the continuation, he feels happy because he hasn’t talked to anyone other than Mejojo and Auger for a long time. She blushes when he smiles at her, and she starts wondering if he can smile like this because he no longer has the right of succession. Or did he let go of it because he’s a person who can smile like this? Even if Julian has a fatal flaw as a royalty, Fiona loves his gentle smile.

When Fiona asks if he was the one who decided to stop being a prince, Julian sadly says it’d be nice if he can do that. He explains that he loved Mejojo and Auger. He thought of them as his cute younger brothers, and he wanted to play with them more if he could. However, his mother Rayleigh had a different opinion. She wanted him to take the throne no matter what, and she hated both Mejojo and Auger for being better than her son. She also hated Elenora, and she did a lot of cruel things to them. One day, Elenora hung herself and died. Fiona feels a strange feeling when Julian says that his mother was an incredibly cruel person, but he continues and explains that Rayleigh also tried to get him to kill the twins. When Julian and Mejojo were having a duel practice, Julian noticed that his rapier was covered by a lethal poison. Since Mejojo is stronger, he won the duel with just a few scratches.. but even those were enough to send him into critical condition. Rayleigh’s assassination attempts finally came to light after this incident, and everyone thought Julian was conspiring with her. The king disinherited Julian as the punishment, while Rayleigh kept insisting that she was framed. Her punishment was confinement, and she eventually committed suicide by drinking poison.

Julian lost both his position as a prince and his mother’s support, living all alone in the palace ever since. He felt lonely and didn’t know what to do, until Mejojo and Auger gave him the hanging garden to maintain. On the other hand, he’s not allowed to leave the garden. It’s just the same as putting him under house arrest, but he feels grateful to them for giving him a place.. especially because he nearly killed Mejojo in the past, though he didn’t know about the poison until it’s too late. Despite not knowing much about politics, Fiona can tell that Mejojo and Auger are confining Julian to keep themselves safe. Even if he got disinherited, Julian is still a royalty. If he has someone to support him, he can reclaim his right for the throne and become the king. That’s why they keep him confined in the garden, completely blocking out the chance for that to happen. From his innocent smile, Fiona can see that Julian doesn’t hold any suspicion towards Mejojo and Auger.. and so she can’t tell him about this. Julian then admits that he was sad upon losing his right of succession and his mother, so Fiona asks if he actually wants to become king.

However, for Julian the right of succession was the proof that he’s the king’s son. When the king disinherited him, he felt that the king has cut off the relationship they had as father and son — that’s what he found painful. It also makes Fiona realize that Julian isn’t a person who can join the dispute over the throne, such as the one Auger told her before. Even if he lost the bond with the king, Julian is happy that he can finally become brothers with Mejojo and Auger. Fiona asks if he’s alright with that, and he replies that he is. He believes that Mejojo should take the throne, as he enjoys a relaxing life while taking care of the plants. Julian used to be a bit lonely because he couldn’t talk to anyone other than Mejojo and Auger, but now he has Fiona. He then asks if she’s willing to chat with him from now on, and she gladly agrees. He smiles as they shake hands, and she thinks about how he’s the very first friend she has in the royal palace.

Several days after Fiona moved into the palace, the riot in Scharlmessen still continues. People are still accusing her as a witch, and so far nothing has been done to clear her name. Nesso is starting to realize that Fiona wasn’t moved into the palace to clear the suspicion, because the princes keep rejecting his request to see her. They only tell him that she’s doing fine, and he doesn’t have to worry about her. Nesso is starting to think that it’s not like they can’t let him see Fiona, but rather they won’t allow him to meet her. The negative thoughts in his mind are driving him nuts, and he can’t stand it anymore. After discussing with Edgar, Nesso finally decides to visit Mejojo and Auger directly. He demands an explanation as of why he can’t see his sister, but Mejojo calmly says they can’t let anyone to see Fiona until her innocence is proven. They don’t know what kind of curse the witch might put on people. Of course Nesso knows Mejojo and Auger never believed in the witch rumor, and they let her join the dance party because they know she’s innocent.

Auger asks Zara to stop his master from shouting at them, but since the latter remains quiet in the corner, he explains that they invited Fiona because they felt sorry for her. It was her birthday, and yet she had to spend it in the palace. This doesn’t clear her name at all, and Nesso needs to know that the suspicion is spreading. In the last few days, they’ve been trying to explain to the villagers that Fiona isn’t a witch.. and before they knew it, people are branding the whole Galland family as evil. They think Edgar, Nesso, Zara, Pearl, Richie and even the servants are all under Fiona’s charm. It’s a dumb delusion, and yet it’s spreading so fast like Zodiva. Mejojo is also using this rumor to keep Nesso away from Fiona, because they can’t let members of the evil family to meet the witch. He then tells Auger to kick Nesso out of the room, and Nesso has no choice but to use the last resort.

Before Auger drags him out, Nesso returns inside and puts a treasured dagger on Mejojo’s desk — requesting for an audience with King Garibaldi VI. The dagger is the Galland family heirloom, given to them by the king himself for their achievement in the previous war. It also symbolizes the bond between them, and Edgar is willing to let go of the dagger in exchange of an audience with the king. Scharlmessen is in a grave state because the villagers are sacrificing Fiona to run away from their fear of Zodiva, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Both Nesso and Edgar are ready to throw away the Galland family name, as long as they can get Fiona back. However, Auger laughs asking if he thinks he can see their father with a sad dagger. When he brushes the dagger off the desk, Nesso warns him that it’s the pride and honor of the Galland family. It’s a symbol of friendship shared between the Garibaldi and the Galland family, as comrades who have survived the war together. Even if Auger is a prince, he’s not allowed to look down on his father’s authority.. and Nesso can’t forgive him for insulting his family, knowing that it wasn’t an easy decision for Edgar to let go of the dagger.

However, Auger finds it boring that Nesso doesn’t take out his sword. If he points his sword at Auger, he would be branded as a traitor and get thrown into jail immediately. When Nesso reminds him that he was the one who goes against the king’s authority, Auger grins saying he doesn’t know stupid things like that. Then he smiles and stomps on the dagger. While Nesso and Zara gasp in shock, Auger tells them the old man is on the brink of death and won’t be able to do anything. Nesso is the strongest knight in the kingdom, so by now Auger is expecting him to understand that their stupid dagger won’t get them anywhere. Nesso stares in silence as Auger repeatedly steps on the dagger, though he’s more surprised about the words Auger just said. He referred to the king as the dying old man, which means the king already lost his power.. and it’s now in the hands of the princes. Auger then laughs saying he doesn’t hate clever people like Nesso, and Mejojo tells Nesso to go home if he understands. He’ll contact them if he ever needs anything from them.

Nesso asks if Mejojo is going that far just to obtain Fiona — accusing her as a witch, separating her from her family, abusing his authority. Even Auger is taken aback by the change in Mejojo’s expression, because the next second, Mejojo takes out his rapier and stabs Nesso’s shoulder. Zara is shocked, but Nesso tells him not to come closer. They don’t know what Mejojo is going to do next. As he looks down on Nesso, Mejojo asks why knights like him are so insolent. Knights are just tools for the royal family, and they need to know their place. The cats have been ruling Weblin for generations. The Garibaldi family will continue governing the kingdom from now on, and he asks if Nesso understands. When Zara asks Mejojo to stop, Auger quickly blocks his way and pulls his ears — saying he needs to train the wild rabbit. Nesso wants to stop this knowing ears are very sensitive, but Mejojo pushes his rapier deeper into his shoulder. Nesso feels really bad for getting Zara involved in this, while Mejojo demands for his answer. Noticing that Nesso is being persistent, Mejojo adds that he has enough power to murder the entire Galland family. Including his uncle’s family.

Nesso remains quiet knowing even a king needs a firm reason to kill someone, and Mejojo grins asking if he thinks he can’t do it. When Nesso doesn’t answer, Mejojo suddenly breaks into laughter saying Nesso doesn’t know anything.. and it’s so blissful to be oblivious. Nesso should know about what happened to the wolves, who had the most power after the cats, 10 years ago. A wolf royal knight led a rebellion, and Zodiva swept through the land. People started hating on the wolves ever since, and now they have decreased so much they became endangered. Nesso stares at Mejojo in disbelief, but Mejojo calmly tells Nesso not to go against him. He can turn the whole Galland family into traitors and execute them as a punishment, just like what he did 10 years ago. Nesso is shocked upon realizing that the incident 10 years ago was caused a false charge, and he can’t believe that Mejojo had the power to do that — he was only 16 back then.

Mejojo then asks what would Nesso do. If he decided to slaughter them, the first one to die would be Fiona. She’s already in their hands. Mejojo demands for an answer once again, and Nesso is forced to say yes. Mejojo and Auger have more power than he predicted, and they’re way madder than he imagined. As he pulls his rapier out of Nesso’s shoulder, Mejojo says a lowly human like him shouldn’t waste his time. Zara is worried to see Nesso collapsing due to the pain, but Nesso assures him that he’s okay. His bone isn’t broken and he can move his arm just fine, which means the nerves are unharmed. However, the current situation is not okay. Fiona is held captive, the king is losing his authority, and the princes who have that power are bloody insane. If what happened 10 years ago was caused by them, it means they’re beyond madness. Before Nesso could figure out what he should do to save Fiona, Mejojo gives him a special order — to hunt the wolves in remote areas. He needs to exterminate every single one of those dirty wolves. Nesso is shocked, but he has no choice but to accept.

Next, Mejojo turns to Zara and orders him to stay in the royal palace. Nesso asks him not to get Zara involved since he’s just a butler for the Galland family, but Auger grabs his ears and forces him to spit out his name. Despite the torture, Zara remains silent and only looks at Nesso.. until the latter finally tells him to answer. While Nesso is away hunting down the wolves, Zara will have to do a research regarding a medicine for Zodiva. Zara says they can find better doctors and pharmacists, but Mejojo only replies that he wants the rabbits’ knowledge. They also knows that Zara has been researching something with Edgar, and they’ll just use force if Zara refuses to cooperate. Right now they don’t have any rabbit doctors or pharmacists in the palace, because King Garibaldi VI has murdered them all decades ago. The previous king relied heavily on the rabbits’ medical knowledge, and so the current king massacred all the rabbits to weaken the authority from the inside. Mejojo and Auger know this, and yet they’re going to take advantage of Zara’s knowledge. When Nesso tries to protest, Mejojo says he should be happy that his “property” has caught his eyes. Zara doesn’t have a choice either, and so he accepts the order — assuring Nesso that he’s fine.

Mejojo is pleased, and he waves his hand to dismiss them as if they’re animals. As they walk out of the room, Nesso apologizes to Zara and thinks about how the kingdom is dying. Aside from Zodiva, the kingdom is also suffering under everyone’s madness. Before leaving the room, Nesso’s eyes catches the sight of the treasured dagger. It used to symbolize the king’s authority, but now it’s just glittering in vain on the floor.

Meanwhile, the wolves are out for a hunt. Yet another village is set aflame, and there’s nothing left but lumps of flesh which will turn into ashes in no time. The village is located in the middle of the beautiful forest of Scharlmessen, and yet it’s now drowning in hellfire. In the middle of the burning village, Guillan is strangling a knight with Rath and Arles watching nearby. He’s demanding information about the capital, and the knight’s attempt to beg for death only leads to more torture — up to the point where the knight nearly loses his consciousness. Rath finds this cruel, but it’s something normal for Guillan. From the knight, they hear that there are rumors about King Garibaldi VI being on the brink of death. Guillan isn’t interested in the king at all, but Arles mentions that he used to be in the king’s care — he was a knight a long time ago. When Arles asks if there are any information regarding the twin princes, who are now holding the authority, Guillan says things are pretty scary since the twins are doing whatever they want. Just as Arles has expected. There’s also another rumor about the wolves being controlled by a witch in a tower, and Guillan mentions about how the knight he’s torturing is a member of Greif Ritter — the name Arles recognizes immediately.

Guillan is confused and asks if they’re being controlled by the witch, but Arles only tells him to stop being stupid. They don’t even know who the witch is. Since the king is dying, Guillan suggests attacking the capital and kill everyone so the wolves can conquer Weblin.. but Arles sighs and asks for Rath’s opinion. Rath isn’t interested though, so Guillan wonders if he barely speaks because his brain has been eaten by Zodiva. Rath calmly says he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to speak, and his indifferent attitude irritates Guillan so much he attacks Rath with his chakram. However, Rath tells him to attack with killing intent. If killing people brings that much pleasure, then Guillan can kill him as well. He’s already dying anyway. Instead of attacking, Guillan only tackles Rath before snatching the latter’s eyepatch — provoking him to follow his instincts and bring out his true nature. Up until now Rath has been acting like a good kid, being protected by Arles all the time. If anything, Guillan can gouge out Rath’s hazy eyeball since it already lost vision anyway. Rath angrily says he’ll kill Guillan, but Arles orders them to stop. Guillan demands a praise as usual, and Arles praises him for getting a good amount of information.

While Guillan is happy after being praised, Arles notices that something seems to be bothering Rath. The rumor about the witch. Rath points out that there’s a tower in the forest, and Guillan confirms that it’s indeed the rumored tower.. but it seems like the witch has been taken to the royal palace. Rath seems curious about the witch, but Guillan soon notices some knights coming to the village. Guillan asks if they can kill them, but Arles decides that it’s time to pull back. After returning the eyepatch to Rath, Guillan turns to the knight from earlier and snaps his neck — finally killing the man. Then he orders all the wolves around them to disappear, and so the pack vanishes into the forest. Rath is the last one to leave, and he turns around to glance at the tower — whispering “witch..” as he leaves.

Back in the royal palace, Mejojo and Auger come to have lunch with Fiona one day. She was worried since they came without notice, but the servants prepare delicious food for them in no time. They even have an orchestra group playing outside, so they can hear live music as they eat. Fiona is a noble and was raised in luxury, but the royal family is on a completely different level. She’s been talking to Julian a lot recently, and he’s also present to serve their lunch. Fiona wonders what Julian thinks about this, because he was the first candidate to be king. He used to stand above Mejojo and Auger, and yet he has fallen to be a servant. Fiona watches closely as Mejojo and Auger praise the wine Julian chose for them, but they seem to be getting along just fine.. as masters and servant. She also feels that Auger snickers as he glances at her, but she wonders if it’s just her imagination. Mejojo asks if she has gotten used to her life here, and she replies that the CCK and Julian are taking a good care of her. He asks her to tell him if she has any problems, and she smiles as she thanks him.. but then he notices her looking out the window.

When Mejojo asks her what’s wrong, Fiona admits that she still admires the outside world. The tower and the hanging garden are both beautiful places, but the more they confine her, the more curious she gets. Mejojo says the outside world isn’t a good place though, and Auger reminds her of the villagers from before.. not to mention there are also Zodiva and the wolves. The outside world is filled with so many terrifying things, but she still wants to see it. She wants to walk freely outside. She wants to be free. Mejojo doesn’t get why Fiona isn’t satisfied with the world he prepared for her, since the garden is beautiful and peaceful. Fiona agrees since she’s living a good life here, but she can’t stop longing for the outside world. Even when the wind blows, she keeps thinking about how it comes from the outside world. Just then Leonidas comes to see Mejojo, who doesn’t seem pleased to see him since they’re having a meal right now.

However, Mejojo’s attitude changes as soon as he hears Leonidas’ report. He even gives some nuts as the reward, which makes Fiona a bit jealous since Leonidas won’t accept any nuts from her. Mejojo then turns to Fiona and says he’ll take her outside after lunch. He’s going to show her the world she’s been yearning to see. Fiona is surprised. Mejojo clearly looked unhappy when they talked about the outside world but now he looks amused.. and she finds this a bit scary. After lunch, Mejojo takes Fiona out on a horse. She can see the scenery of Weblin, with forests so beautiful that it’s hard to believe the kingdom is suffering from Zodiva. However, Fiona is shocked when they reach their destination — a destroyed village. It’s been burned to the ground, and she can see thin smoke coming out of the burnt houses. When she asks about the villagers, Mejojo says they’ve been killed and eaten by the wolves — pointing to a black lump on the ground. Since Fiona can’t tell what it is, Auger laughs saying it used to be a human. Fiona instantly feels nauseous, but Auger calmly says the wolves should have eaten everything. It’s tough for them to clean up the leftovers. For a moment she wonders how they can remain so calm, but then she realizes that she’s shocked because she’s never stepped outside. Mejojo, Auger and the knights must be used to seeing something like this. Mejojo must have brought her outside to show her the reality of the outside world. The reality Edgar, Nesso and Zara had been protecting her from.

Leonidas soon comes to report to Mejojo, as they’ve spotted a wolf who got separated from the pack in the forest. Mejojo says they should prepare immediately, and Auger explains to the confused Fiona that they’re going for a hunt. This should be her first time hunting, though their prey isn’t a fox — it’s a wolf hunt. She has heard about “Genocide Wolf” before, as it’s considered to be a common hobby among the nobles. It’s more like a show rather than a hunt, and it’s not unusual for women to participate. Upon realizing what this means, Fiona gets the chills and calls out to Mejojo. She wants to tell him that she doesn’t want to see, and that she wants to go home instead.. but he only smiles saying this is the reality she’s been longing to see. She should watch closely and burn the image into her mind.

As their horses run through the forest, Fiona clings to Mejojo’s back so she doesn’t fall off. That’s not the only reason, since she actually wants him to stop. Led by Mejojo, the knights are hunting down a wolf after another. The forest is filled with roars, jeers and cries of the dying wolves — the sounds she wants to block out of her ears. They track down the wolves with dogs, and they kill the wolves with spears after cornering them.. leaving trails of wolf corpses along the way. Fiona finds this really cruel, though she doesn’t know which party she’s referring to. While she pities the wolves they killed, she also remembers what the wolves did in the destroyed village. Auger laughs when Mejojo crushes a wolf under his horse’s hooves, commenting that the wolf is just like trash. Mejojo laughs in glee as he replies that wolves are trash to begin with, so it’s a fitting death for them. Mejojo asks if Fiona is enjoying the hunt, but she doesn’t answer.. because she doesn’t enjoy any of this. She’s not sure if they’re weird for enjoying the hunt, or is she the weird one for not finding this fun. All that she knows is that she feels sick, and that her sense of values is being stained by Mejojo and Auger. She feels scared.

Fiona clings to Mejojo even more when he tells her to hold on tight, and he chuckles saying they’re about to reach the climax of the hunt. They head deeper into the dark forest, and they eventually reach a cliff.. where she finally sees the wolf they’ve been hunting for. The sight shocks her, because instead of a wolf, she finds a young man standing by the cliff. It’s Rath. Fiona tries to stop Mejojo from attacking Rath, but Mejojo only tells Fiona not to be deceived by Rath’s appearance — he’s a wolf. While Rath is glaring at them, Fiona wonders why he’s the only one who isn’t in his wolf form. It deepens her guilt even more, realizing that the wolves they killed earlier could be living in their human forms. When their eyes met, Fiona is surprised and tries to look away, but then she realizes that Rath’s eye isn’t reflecting hatred nor anger. It only shows a deep sadness. She can’t bring herself to look away, and the brief moment feels like eternity for both of them.. as he also stays still and looks straight at her. Fiona snaps back to her senses upon hearing Mejojo’s irritated voice, ordering the knights to kill Rath.

Fiona can’t do anything but to look away. She wants to save Rath, but if he was the one who destroyed the village from earlier, then she has no rights to stop the hunt. Auger asks if she’s not going to watch the reality she’s been wishing to see, and before Fiona could answer, they hear Rath’s voice screaming in pain. As much as she wants to block the sight, she can see him lying on the ground — with countless arrows piercing his body. Next they hear him muttering “brother..”, and he whispers that he needs to kill. Auger playfully says he’s the one who’s going to be killed, and he proceeds to stab Rath. It doesn’t seem like Rath can last any longer, so Auger tells him to die already since he’s spreading Zodiva across the kingdom. Rath asks them to kill him already, but Mejojo actually finds Rath interesting and changes his mind. Instead of killing Rath, he orders Auger to bring Rath back with them. Fiona’s head is pounding. The scenery in front of her eyes is stained red. However, Mejojo calmly tells her that this is the reality she’s been wanting to see. If she feels sick just by seeing this much, then she should never wish to go outside again. She should stay in the world he has made for her, and he won’t allow her to leave. She belongs to him. Fiona can feel Mejojo’s voice turning more and more distant as she listens to these words, and she eventually faints.

That night, Fiona wakes up in her room in the garden. She starts crying, but not because of how terrifying reality is. Not because of the shock upon seeing deaths of the wolves. She cries because she’s relieved to be back, safe and sound in the garden. Fiona feels vexed. She has always admired freedom and the outside world. She knew there are lots of scary things outside, but even so, she always thought that she can manage. Despite that, she now feels relieved to be back under Mejojo’s protection. As she buries her face into her pillow, Julian strokes her hair asking if she’s alright. Fiona is surprised since Julian usually leaves after dusk, but he knew she would cry.. so he came to comfort her. When she hugs him and cries in his arms, he pats her head saying she’s a beautiful person. She’s beautiful and kind, and that’s why she gets hurt — just like a flower. Julian says he can’t do anything for Fiona, but he can stay by her side. When he asks her to stop crying and rubs her back, it reminds her of how Nesso or Zara used to hug her when she’s having a nightmare. Julian tells Fiona that she’s going to be alright, and she enjoys the comfort in his arms for a long time.

Meanwhile, deep in the royal palace, lies a forbidden underground prison. There’s no air circulation inside, and so the prison is extremely hot. It’s a place to lock up and torture those who dare to disobey the royal family. A place buried under the darkness of history. Over time someone start referring to the place as Pandemonium, the capital of hell. Mejojo thinks it was Auger who did it, and he probably took the name from a poem. As he thinks about the prison’s name, Mejojo walks down the hidden stairs and enters the prison. He can hear a voice groaning in pain, but he finds the sound enjoyable since it comes from a wolf. Mejojo asks if the wolf they just caught — Rath — is still alive, and Zara answers that he is. Rath is severely injured, but he should heal in no time if they treat his wounds properly because wolves have strong vitality. During his stay in the palace, Zara never goes against Mejojo’s orders. Mejojo also receives reports that Zara has been sharing his knowledge and continuing his research just as ordered, but Mejojo thinks Zara is working too hard. He’s wondering how much Zara knows about Zodiva, but he finds Zara’s words ridiculous. This is Pandemonium, and there’s no need to heal Rath. Instead, he takes a whip from the wall. The whip used for torturing people. Auger smiles saying that’s wonderful, while Zara remains silent.. until Mejojo starts torturing Rath.

After kicking Rath, whose neck and limbs are chained, Mejojo tells him that wolves are pathetic creatures who shouldn’t exist in this world. They’re letting him live simply because they need him to research for a cure against Zodiva, and they’re going to kill him as soon as they’re done. Mejojo finds it exasperating to see the wolves, who are lower than maggots, breathing. Zara begs him to stop since Rath is going to die at this rate, but Mejojo calmly answers it’s fine if he dies. They’ll just capture another wolf. Auger will gladly do the job for Mejojo. Since Zara is shielding Rath, Mejojo kicks him away and tells him not to interfere. He soon grows bored of kicking Rath, though he gets irritated upon hearing the sound of Rath breating on the ground.

Mejojo then asks Zara about the research progress, and Zara bitterly answers that he already saw the results of the research in the palace. When Mejojo and Auger ask if he learned something new, Zara snaps saying they never did any research. What they have been doing was only experimenting on living wolves — it’s nothing more than torture. Auger replies that they learned a lot though. The wolves are blessed with great physical abilities, and through these “experiments” they can see how long the wolves can survive under starvation and torture. Those who got infected by Zodiva couldn’t even speak properly, so they could only cry in pain when Mejojo tortured them. Zara angrily asks which part of this is a research to overcome Zodiva, and he gasps in shock when Mejojo says they do it out of pure curiosity. They won’t be able to do any research if they know nothing about the wolves. When Zara asks if they have a grudge against the wolves, Mejojo’s expression changes instantly. Behind them, Auger only sighs saying he has angered his brother.

Mejojo shouts at Zara to know his place. There’s no way he’d take a lowly race like the wolves seriously, let alone bear a grudge on them. As the king of Weblin, he only wants to create a better kingdom by wiping out the disgusting wolves completely. Mejojo then starts taking out his anger on Rath, kicking the latter saying the wolves should use their useless lives to help them finding a cure for Zodiva. Ignoring Zara’s plea for him to stop torturing Rath, Mejojo angrily says that all wolves should die. Zara doesn’t get why he hates the wolves that much since they used to be a part of Weblin, but Mejojo answers that the wolves are harmful insects who have been eating Weblin alive. Rath groans and begs for death, but Mejojo isn’t listening. He’s thinking that Zara has a rude misunderstanding for thinking he’s holding a grudge against the wolves. Why should he bear a grudge against them? The wolves are worthless beings after all. As Mejojo denies his hatred, his mind flies off to the past.

One day in the past, Elvira honestly told Mejojo that she has fallen in love with Arles. Mejojo was surprised, and Elvira apologized because she couldn’t hold back her feelings any longer. She couldn’t spend all her life like this. Besides, she knew that Mejojo only thought of her as a younger sister. She’s going to talk to her father about this, so she wanted him to tell the king as well. Elvira’s face still had hints of childishness, and her pink cheeks hid the determination inside. Elvira Galland was Mejojo’s fiancée, a Lobeira with a fragile body. She was taken into the palace following their engagement, and she didn’t know anything about the world. Lobeira women have a unique beauty, but if someone asks if Mejojo loved her or not, he would surely shake his head. However, it was hard for Mejojo to accept the fact that his fiancée has fallen in love with Arles Vogart — a wolf royal knight. She was supposed to be his, how could she say such a thing?

Back then, the nobles in the palace were talking about how Arles is a man of high caliber. Nobody could match his strength as an royal knight, and he carried his duty with honor. He’s fair and treats everyone with the same attitude. That can be considered a clumsy side of him, but they found him comfortable to be with. The king loved him too, treating him like his own son. He saved the king in a massive war not too long ago, and he was given the title the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” as the reward. It couldn’t be helped either. The king loved Julian a lot, but he had to disinherit his son after the incident with Rayleigh. The nobles noticed that despite the different races, Arles and Julian actually resemble each other a lot. Arles is a great young man, and the nobles were hinting that the king might be holding a deeper affection for him.

On the other hand, Mejojo didn’t get why he has to be compared to someone else. Especially since he finally managed to get rid of Julian after so long. King Garibaldi VI would only exchange minimum words with him and Auger, and yet he relied a lot on the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” — an royal knight and a genius swordsman. As if it’s not enough, Arles also snatched Elvira from his hands. In his mind, Mejojo was wishing for his death. He cursed, hated and held a grudge against Arles, but he couldn’t bring the emotions outside. He couldn’t care less about his father and Elvira though, because he never loved her to begin with. It was just an engagement for a political marriage, and Elvira knew it too. That’s why Elvira admitted that she loves Arles, and Mejojo found her stupid. She didn’t know what it means to have a political marriage. Unlike commoners, they never had any freedom to begin with. Even though Mejojo didn’t love Elvira, she was his. She was supposed to love him.

That aside, Mejojo decided to help Elvira in the end. He couldn’t bear the thought of people gossiping about how his fiancée was stolen by Arles, and so he asked the king to cancel the engagement. When the king asked him why, Mejojo explained that Elvira has fallen in love with Arles. He also stated that Elvira and him never shared any special feelings for each other. Mejojo thought his father would refuse, but he actually agreed on the spot. Elvira happily thanked the king, and she said it was for Mejojo’s sake as well — asking him to be happy too. Her father probably wouldn’t be happy to hear about this, but King Garibaldi VI promised to help convincing her father because Arles is a great man. Mejojo was shocked. He was actually expecting his father to refuse, but he accepted the request so easily. The king didn’t look him in the eye even once, and he knew it’s because his father hated him. The king hated him and Auger because they’re the children of a concubine, and yet they were better than Julian — the son from his legal wife. That’s why he took revenge by throwing Elenora away. That’s why he got into Mejojo’s way by agreeing to cancel the marriage. A small light flickered and died deep inside Mejojo’s heart, but he never needed any light. All that he could hear was the sound of tightening rope. Nobody ever cared about him. All he had was Auger and their mother.

Several months later, Mejojo received a report that Arles has been in an odd condition lately. It seemed that Arles has caught a rare disease which is limited to wolves. Good doctors have examined him, but none of them could heal him. One of them said it might be the start of an epidemic, which might stain the kingdom’s history black. Mejojo, of course, was wishing for Arles’ death. From his subordinate, he heard that Arles attacked Elvira due to the disease. Mejojo wanted to use this chance to label him as a madman and sentence him to death, but.. things didn’t go according to the plan. Whenever he recalled what happened, the scar on his forehead starts burning. Mejojo can remember Arles growling at him, but his consciousness fades away when he tries to recall why Arles attacked Elvira — because he doesn’t want to accept it. What happened next was Mejojo took out his rapier and lunged to stab Arles on the chest.. but his rapier pierced through someone else. Elvira. She whispered an apology, and he coldly said it was because she got in his way.

Regaining control of himself, Arles asked why Mejojo said such a thing. As the reply, Mejojo snapped saying everything is Arles’ fault. His rapier fulfilled the task of killing its victim, and that went according to the plan. It was just his rapier stabbed the wrong target, and Elvira died as the result. Mejojo’s memory is hazy, and he can only hear that sound — the sound of tightening rope. Following the death of Elvira, Mejojo told Arles that he should die as well. However, Arles growled and attacked. Arles swiped his sharp claws across Mejojo’s face, and Mejojo screamed upon receiving a scar on his forehead. As his vision turned blood red, he could see Arles in his wold form — glaring at him with burning hatred in his eyes. Mejojo hated him just as much, and an emotion he couldn’t define melted inside of him. He screamed. In the blood red world, he saw Arles breaking a window and escaping out of the palace. His memory turns hazy again, but he can still hear the sound of tightening rope. He was holding a rapier, and yet he felt the sensation of a rope biting into his hands.. as well as nausea. Elvira doesn’t belong to anyone now. She’s dead, but he can say that she belongs to him for eternity. The scar on his forehead is the proof of that.

Back in the present, Zara begs Mejojo to stop because Rath is going to die at this rate. Mejojo responds with an insane laughter, saying he’ll kill Rath if he’s going to die anyway. He can search for more wolves to replace him. As he starts torturing Rath again, Mejojo swears that he’ll definitely destroy the filthy wolves. Once again Zara asks Mejojo to stop, but he doesn’t stop until Rath whispers that he’s a mad cat. Auger is surprised that Rath still has the strength to deliver an insult, and Mejojo angrily answers that he’ll crush that insolent mouth. Eventually Rath coughs up blood and collapses, but all Mejojo thinks about is how he should die faster. He should die a useless death, before he can steal or take something away from them. Auger laughs and asks if Zara wants some music, then he takes out his violin and starts playing happily — telling Mejojo that it’s really fun. Mejojo also laughs and says it’s indeed fun, letting out another maniacal laugh after saying he’ll destroy all the wolves. Their insane laughter echoes in the prison cell, along with the mad melody from Auger’s violin.

This is Pandemonium. This is a place where history of insanity lives. Along with demons, deep inside the royal palace of Weblin.

Outside, two shadows are standing on a hill, not too far away from the capital. Arles asks if Rath is over there in the capital, and Guillan confirms this by asking the knight he’s dragging like rags. The knight could barely speak, but his weak groan is more than enough for Guillan. When Arles looks at the knight, he notices how the man looks incredibly pale. Probably because he has lost a lot of blood, or maybe due to the pain. Arles orders him to give more details, asking if there were any wolves who got captured. The knight screams and begs for death when Guillan steps on his hand, but Arles only tells Guillan to be quick since they have no time. Guillan takes out his irritation by kicking the knight away, and the knight finally answers that most of the wolves were killed on the spot. The ones who survived were taken back to receive questionable treatments deep in the palace. Guillan ends his pain by kicking him on the head, hard enough to crush it like a fruit being thrown to a wall.

It’s pretty clear that Rath is getting treated brutally in the palace, so Guillan asks if Arles is going to rescue his younger brother. Guillan himself finds the idea exciting, because they can massacre people in the capital along the way. Arles answers that it’s not a bad idea, but he reminds Guillan not to lose sight of their objective. Guillan isn’t satisfied because he loves killing, but Arles only takes out his sword and commands the wolves to move out. The darkness trembles at his words. Or rather, it’s the movement of hundres of wolves who blend into the darkness. They’re going to retrieve their family member, bringing a storm of death into the capital. Arles then orders the pack to take, burn and kill everything. They’re the proud, honorable wolves, and they’re going to burn the capital with the hellfire of hatred. As they run and exchange howls, the wolves make their way into the capital.

Back in the underground prison, Mejojo keeps kicking Rath while Auger happily plays his violin. It’s like a nightmare for Zara, who can only hear their laughter, Rath’s groans and heavy breathing, as well as his own restrained voice. He did a research regarding Zodiva back in the tower, because Fiona is really weak against diseases. Even though she was locked inside the tower, there was still a chance of her getting infected. That’s why he used the rabbits’ medical knowledge to do a research, because he wanted to do everything he could for her. Zara finds Mejojo and Auger’s madness irritating, but a part of him also thought that it might be a chance. Ever since King Garibaldi VI took the throne, the rabbits are prohibited from entering the palace. Zara thought he’d be able to continue the research by following Mejojo’s order, but he was too naive to think that way. The “research” they did in the palace is nothing more than torture, and it contributes nothing to the research. If only Mejojo and Auger weren’t around, it’d be a great chance to examine a wolf who’s been infected by Zodiva.

All this time, Zara has always thought the wolves are immune against Zodiva. That’s also the reason why people think of them as the origins of the disease, which they spread onto humans. However, Rath is clearly infected. Most of the wolves who were captured can’t even take a human form anymore. They could barely move, only breathing weakly in their cells. The wolves are originally demi-humans like him, but words can’t reach them anymore. They also get infected by Zodiva, and Zara thinks about what this means. Zodiva appeared 10 years ago, and a law for “Genocide Wolf” was made — it was too much of a coincidence. There must be a hidden truth behind everything. Zara thinks about how he came here to find a cure for Zodiva. He didn’t come to get involved with Mejojo and Auger’s madness, but to save the people of Weblin.

Suddenly, Zara’s sensitive ears pick up the sounds of tiny footsteps — the CCK’s. Leonidas soon enters the prison to see Mejojo. He apologizes for interrupting their fun torture session, but the wolves are rushing into the capital. The next sound Zara picks up is the emergency alarms ringing above. The reason why the wolves are feared is because of their exceptional strength. They fit combats more than other races, and most of them used to work as knights, warriors or mercenaries in Weblin. Those wolves are now invading the capital, which is in a grave danger considering their strength. Despite this, Mejojo laughs saying they have gone mad to leap into their deaths. He tells Auger to come massacre the wolves with him, and Auger is more than happy to slay the wolves. They look like they’re having fun, clearly not caring about the damage their soldiers might take. They’re purely enjoying the chance to kill the wolves, and Zara can only wonder what could have happened to make them hate the wolves this much.

The thought of massacring the wolves must be more exciting than torturing Rath, because Mejojo and Auger immediately leave the prison after that. After making sure their footsteps are gone, Zara turns his gaze to Rath on the floor. Even more than the cats, as a rabbit he can think of a reason why one could hate a certain race to that extent. Decades ago, King Garibaldi VI used the wolves to hunt down and kill the rabbits. It was the reason why Zara became a war orphan, and a deep emotion surfaced in him upon thinking about this. When Rath asks for death again, Zara can see a straightforward, strong color in his eye despite all the wounds covering his body. Zara answers that he can’t kill him, and Rath asks for the reason.. but he only turns to face Rath and wonders about what to do from here.

At the palace gates, a knight reports that the wolves have split into two groups. One is wreaking havoc in the capital, while the other is attacking the palace. The knights didn’t expect the second group, and most of them are away fending off the wolves in the capital. Nesso Galland’s Greif Ritter is away from the capital too, so it will take time until they can provide backup. Mejojo tells him not to rely on those who aren’t present though, and he orders the remaining knights to seal all entrance to the palace. The knights are mostly away, and so the remaining ones need to close the gates and defend the palace. Mejojo isn’t happy because the wolves have better eyesight at night, not to mention they have superior abilities compared to the knights, but Auger thinks the knights are simply shocked by the sudden attack. They should be able to counter-attack in no time, closing the gap between their power with numbers. They won’t let the wolves do whatever they want.

Meanwhile, Fiona is having after dinner tea with Julian when the emergency alarms start ringing. Julian is just as confused since it’s his first time hearing the alarm too, and soon enough Leonidas comes looking for Fiona. From him, they learn that the wolves are invading the capital. Mejojo and Auger ordered the CCK to guard the palace, and they came to check up on her just in case. When the CCK take out their rapiers and guard their surroundings, she thinks there’s a very low chance of the wolves to attack the garden. She feels bad since it’s rather rude, but if the CCK are effective for fighting the wolves, Mejojo and Auger wouldn’t send them here. Besides, the garden is located around the center of the palace. Surely the wolves won’t be able to come so far since the palace is guarded by Mejojo, Auger and their knights, right? Nope. (○`・3・)ぶぶぅ~ Because the next second, they hear a loud sound and this…

..appears and growls at them. It’s a beautiful giant wolf, with its silver fur shining under the moonlight — Arles. If only they’re in a different situation, Fiona would surely admire his beauty. Leonidas immediately orders the CCK to protect Fiona, but she stops them knowing they won’t be able to win against the giant creature. Besides, Arles’ presence here means the defense has been broken. Sadly the CCK goes to attack him anyway, only to be kicked away with ease. Arles growls at them, and Fiona is relieved to see Leonidas trying to stand up. The other members have lost their consciousness, but since none of them have fatal injuries, she realizes that Arles is going easy on them. After making sure they aren’t moving anymore, Arles approaches Fiona and Julian to ask about his captured family member’s whereabouts. Fiona is surprised to hear his voice. Pearl and Richie used to talk to her in their dog form, but she still can’t believe the wolf in front of her is a demi-human — he’s just that beautiful and ethereal. Arles repeats his question and demands them to answer, but soon notices that Fiona doesn’t know anything.

Next, Arles turns to Julian and asks where the captured wolf is. Julian quickly answers that he doesn’t know, though he screams along with Fiona when Arles howls — releasing a strong killing intent into the air. As if he’s silently threatening Julian to answer if he doesn’t want to be killed. Arles says there’s no way Julian von Garibaldi doesn’t know where the wolf is, adding that he came here to retrieve his younger brother. Fiona is surprised to hear this. Both because the captured wolf turns out to be the younger brother of Arles, and because Arles knows about Julian’s identity. Shivering in fear, Julian answers that Rath might be held in the palace underground. He heard about a research facility down there. Arles replies with “…I see. Sorry for interrupting.” and turns around to leave, but suddenly he seems to realize something and returns to face Fiona.

Fiona doesn’t get what’s going on. All she can see is a pair of ice blue eyes staring at her intently. There’s sadness underneath the beautiful color, which she recognizes as the same emotion she saw in Rath’s eye before. She comes to the realization that Rath is probably Arles’ younger brother, and she feels relieved to know that Rath is still alive. It’s a strange feeling, because she knows the wolves are dangerous and have attacked villages in Weblin. Arles slowly comes closer to sniff at Fiona, and she asks what he’s doing.. but he answers by asking for her name. When she mentions that she’s Fiona Galland, the only daughter of Earl Galland, Arles is taken aback since his suspicion is proven true. Fiona notices that Arles has a painful expression as he looks away, and the sadness in his eyes deepened. Arles then asks why the daughter of Earl Galland is here, and Fiona thinks about how she should answer that question. For a moment she considers explaining that she’s under the suspicion of being a witch, but there’s a better way to explain.. and so she answers that she’s something like Mejojo’s fiancée. It’s not official, but she finds it hard to explain the whole witch issue. Are you sure it’s okay to mention this to Arles though.. Σ Σ Σ (´д`lll)

Arles is surprised upon hearing this, and Fiona is just as shocked to see how his fur goes up. When he asks if she’s really Mejojo’s fiancée, she can feel killing intent in his voice. That’s when she realized that she just did something stupid. For the wolves, Mejojo and Auger are enemies. It’s only natural to attack your enemy’s fiancée. Fiona immediately regrets what she just did, but Arles then orders her to sit down. Julian reluctantly asks what he’s going to do, but Arles says it’s none of his business and shoves him away. Once again he tells Fiona to sit down, and so she collapses to the ground — though it’s more because her knees lost their strength. Fiona closes her eyes and prepares to face death. She can feel Arles’ breath on her neck, but he tells her not to move because he doesn’t want to hurt her more than necessary. Before she can figure out what he meant by that, she feels a sharp pain as his fangs dig into her shoulder. The wound burns, and she wonders if she’s going to be eaten. It should be easy for a wolf to eat her, but that doesn’t happen.

Arles soon releases Fiona’s shoulder from his fangs, licking off the blood that drips out of the wound. Then he tells her that she’s really a Lobeira, just as he suspected. He can tell by the taste of her blood. Arles keeps licking off the blood until Fiona’s shoulder eventually stops bleeding, but she doesn’t feel that he’s doing it to quench his thirst for blood. She feels that he’s actually trying to heal the wound, even though he was the one who created the wound. After he’s done, Arles takes his leave and licks Fiona’s tears away — as if he’s saying goodbye to her. Then he disappears into the depths of the palace. Julian asks if she’s alright, and he apologizes for not being strong enough to protect her. She answers that it’s not his fault and Arles didn’t do anything cruel to her anyway, but he’s worried sick since she got bitten. Which is true, but Arles clearly didn’t do it to attack her. He didn’t bite her with the intention of eating her, and there must be another reason why he did that. A reason she doesn’t know yet.

Just then Mejojo comes rushing into the garden, asking if Fiona is alright. Auger says he’s glad to see them alive, and he explains that they received a report about a lone giant wolf leaping over the palace walls. Mejojo asks if a silver wolf came to the garden, but soon his eyes land on the wound on Fiona’s shoulder.. and he immediately turns pale. He asks if she was bitten, and before she could answer, he suddenly grabs her shoulders and violently shakes her. Mejojo avoids touching the wound, but the violent shaking hurts Fiona and she nearly screams due to the pain. She begs him to stop, but he replies by saying “You got bitten by a wolf, by Arles right!? You too.. You too, by Arles..!!” Fiona doesn’t get what Mejojo meant by you “too”, but her head is spinning and she can’t think properly. Rage shakes Mejojo’s voice as he asks if Fiona also gave her body to Arles, if she also prefers Arles. Fiona asks Mejojo to calm down because she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, but she realizes that his eyes are not looking at her anymore.. and she feels terrified.

Behind them, Auger is trying to get Mejojo to calm down. He assures his brother that everything will be just fine, but Mejojo tells at him to shut up. Auger should know that history is about to repeat itself, and Mejojo asks if he should kill Fiona. Then he yells at her, asking why people wouldn’t become his obediently. They die if they don’t become his, and Fiona should know that she might get infected by Zodiva. In her confusion, Fiona notices that Mejojo’s hands have moved up to strangle her neck. She finds it hard to breathe, but Mejojo isn’t paying attention to her. He swears that he’s going to kill Arles, and then he yells out Arles’ name in anger. As her consciousness starts to fade away, Fiona wonders who’s the cat yelling and screaming in front of her. He’s Mejojo von Garibaldi. She’s supposed to know him, but he looks like an entirely different person. Then she realizes that Arles didn’t bite her because he wanted to do so, but rather to damage Mejojo through her.. and he reached that objective. Mejojo is completely deranged right now, and Fiona can only wonder about what happened between them.

Once again, Auger calls out to Mejojo saying everything will be alright. He’ll do something. He’ll kill the wolves for Mejojo, asking his brother to calm down. Mejojo has Auger by his side, and they can do anything together. They have accomplished everything they wanted to reach so far, and they’re going to kill the wolves together. Auger promises to kill anyone who stands in Mejojo’s way, and he asks his brother to make their own world together. This finally brings Mejojo back to his senses, and Fiona collapses onto the ground when he releases her neck. Leonidas immediately tells Julian to take Fiona into her room, asking Auger to bring Mejojo back to his room as well. Auger agrees and asks Mejojo to return to his room. They can share warm red wine — blood red wine — and leave the wolf hunt to the others. They can discuss about how to kill the wolves after he calms down. Mejojo agrees saying they need to kill the wolves, because they won’t have peace otherwise. They have to kill before they get killed. Fiona can hear distant voices. Mejojo’s voice sounds empty, while Auger is trying to cheer him up. She can also hear Julian’s voice asking if she’s alright, and he sounds like he’s about to cry. Fiona wants to apologize and reply that she’s okay, but she doesn’t have the strength to do so. Then she closes her eyes and loses her consciousness.

When Fiona opens her eyes, she finds herself surrounded by bright, fluffy light — in a dream. A scenery starts to appear before her, and she recognizes it as the royal palace. Or rather, her small house in the hanging garden. She can feel someone calling her name, and she wonders if it’s Mejojo. She closes her eyes when a strong wind blows past her, but she opens her eyes again upon hearing Mejojo’s voice stopping her. There she finds him standing in front of her, firmly holding her hand as he asks if she’s going to leave him too. Fiona is surprised to see Mejojo’s expression, as it was something she has never seen in him before. He looks like a kid on the brink of tears. A kid who’s in pain and sadness, fearing that he would be left alone. When Fiona asks why he makes such an expression, Mejojo answers it’s because she’s betraying him too. She denies the accusation, but he points to the teeth mark on her shoulder — the proof that she gave her body to a wolf. Fiona turns red since Mejojo is making it sounds more sexual than what actually happened, and she protests saying she didn’t wish to be bitten.

However, Mejojo points out that Fiona didn’t resist. If she didn’t want it to happen, then she should just resist and die. His reply shocks her because she could have died if she pushed Arles away, and yet he thinks her death is better than having her bitten. When Fiona tells him that he’s cruel, Mejojo answers that she’s the cruel one. She belongs to him, and yet she did such a thing. Mejojo then puts his arms around Fiona’s waist, strongly pulling her closer. She notices that her shoulder doesn’t hurt, and she remembers that it’s only a dream. That’s why he’s saying these words to her. The real Mejojo would never whine in front of her. Or maybe not, because she can remember the deranged Mejojo from earlier. He’s clearly seeing someone else’s shadow in her, and it bothers her so much she ends up seeing this dream. Fiona then asks who does he see in her, but Mejojo doesn’t answer. She doesn’t know the reason behind his silence, but she decides to comfort him and hugs him back — it’s a dream after all. He asks her not to betray him. She belongs to him, and he won’t hand her to anyone. Fiona can feel desperation in Mejojo’s voice, and before she could call his name, suddenly he leans down and kisses her.

Fiona tries to resist and push him away, but Mejojo holds her tight and doesn’t move an inch. It’s her first kiss, and yet he’s using his tongue so forcefully — as if he’s stealing everything away from her. She’s never had such a passionate kiss before. Her head turns dizzy, and she can’t breathe either. Noticing that Fiona is running out of breath, Mejojo releases her lips for a little bit.. and all that’s heard is her panting. The kiss was suffocating and hurting her, and yet she feels really sad when he stops. It might only be a dream, but she feels embarrassed because the sensation feels real. As he starts kissing Fiona again, Mejojo asks her to give her everything to him. Then he whispers that he finds her current expression rather arousing, sending heat that makes her heart beat even faster. Her consciousness is floating away. It’s a dream, and yet it hurts so much it feels good. Mejojo begs Fiona not to go anywhere, telling her that she belongs to him. He doesn’t want her to leave. He wants her to stay with him. Mejojo gently whispers “Don’t forget.. you’re mine.” against Fiona’s lips, as if it’s a curse. Then the dream fades away.

Fiona wakes up in her room, and she feels that she met someone in her dream. Upon recalling Mejojo’s words and the kiss they shared in her dream, she blushes because a dream is a fragment of one’s wishes. Fiona tries to jump out of bed after realizing that she’s now back in reality, though she realizes how stupid she is when her pain pierces her wounded shoulder. Beside Fiona’s bed, Nesso calls her name out of worry. Zara explains that he already treated her shoulder, but the pain is obviously still there.. so she shouldn’t force herself. Fiona can’t believe her eyes, but Nesso assures her that everything will be alright. Nothing scary will happen anymore. She feels her eyes turning hot, and she can’t hold back her tears when Nesso says she did well in enduring everything — patting her on the head. Fiona knows it’s not the time to cry though, so she wipes off her tears and asks why both Nesso and Zara are here. They sighs in silence knowing she’s in the brink of tears, but Nesso eventually answers that it’s a long story. He explains that Zara is now researching in the palace, and it’s all because of his stupid mistake. Zara doesn’t blame him though. None of them expected that Mejojo and Auger would go that far.

Upon hearing this, Fiona asks if Mejojo and Auger did anything to Nesso and Zara. After seeing their burning tenacity towards the wolf hunt and Mejojo’s rage last night, she already figured out the twins have a dark side she doesn’t know. Nesso admits that they asked for Fiona to be returned, and he assures her that everyone is doing fine at home. It’s just Scharlmessen is in a riot thanks to the people who believe that she’s a witch. He tries to cover it up with a laugh, but she knows the situation is much more difficult than it sounds. It they make a mistake, it might turn into a rebellion. Nesso tells Fiona not to worry because people only want a scapegoat to take all the blame, but he admits that it would be hard for them to stay in Scharlmessen. That’s why they thought of retrieving her and move to a faraway place, even if they have to give up on their knighthood or leaving Weblin. It also means abandoning the Galland family name, but a she’s more important for them. Fiona couldn’t imagine how Nesso and Edgar must have felt when they discussed about this issue, and it hurts her to think that they’re throwing away everything they have for her. Nesso also explains that they were planning to see the king, using the help of a certain item, but things didn’t go as planned. Zara was ordered to conduct a research on Zodiva in the palace, while Nesso was sent away on a wolf hunt.

Fiona feels guilty for causing all of this to happen, but Nesso asks her not to apologize. It was the consequences of their actions. They don’t blame her, which only causes her to feel even worse. She actually wants to get them to spill how they really feel, but she knows it wouldn’t save anyone — it would only put their kindness to waste. Holding back her tears, Fiona asks why Nesso is here since he was sent on a wolf hunt. He smiles and calls her stupid, saying he would never leave her side. Not even if it was an order from the princes. He used his subordinates to make it seem like he’s traveling to various regions, but he has never left the capital. He stayed hidden and waited for a good timing. When the wolves came to invade the capital, Zara called Nesso knowing it’s a good chance to see Fiona. Nesso was thinking of using this chance to kidnap Fiona, but then Julian came to see Zara with an unconscious Fiona in his arms. At first Julian wasn’t sure if he can trust them, but he decided to ask for help knowing that Zara is a doctor. This reminds Fiona of her wounds, so she touches her shoulder and neck to find them bandaged. Her neck isn’t injured, but Zara reluctantly explains that there were bruises — obviously left by Mejojo’s hands.

Noticing that Fiona is turning pale, Nesso asks her to escape with them. There’s no place for them to stay in the current Weblin. The princes are mad, and yet they’re holding all the power. Right now the palace is still in confusion due to the wolves’ invasion, so they should be able to sneak out. Julian is going to help too. He’s going to leave the palace with them, as he wants to see the outside world. Besides, they don’t know what Mejojo and Auger would do to Julian if they found out that he allowed Fiona to run away. Fiona is aware that leaving Weblin means she wouldn’t be able to return, and she wonders if it’s the right thing to do. She thinks about Mejojo for a while, wondering if it’s okay to leave him in such an unstable state. She remembers how he yelled at her, asking if she also prefers Arles and gave her body to him. Fiona can only wonder what happened in the past, and who does Mejojo see in her. When Fiona admits that she’s not sure if they should leave Mejojo like this, Nesso calls her name in a slightly lower voice — the tone he uses when she’s being unreasonable. She apologizes knowing she can’t do anything about Mejojo, but she’s still concerned. Nesso only asks Fiona to stop saying such a thing if she really understands, because he doesn’t want her to be in danger anymore. After a short silence, Fiona finally says she understands. She’s going to escape with them, knowing that further discussion would only be a waste of time.

Just then the wolves cross Fiona’s mind, she asks if they managed to escape safely. Nesso answers that they retreated at once, so she wonders if they have retrieved the silver wolf’s younger brother. This is further confirmed by Zara, who mentions that he met a giant silver wolf. He took Rath out of the prison in the hope of releasing him, and they ran into Arles along the way. Since Zara was planning to release Rath anyway, he gave Rath back to Arles. When Fiona thanks him for doing this, Zara smiles saying she’s being strange because it’s not like she knew them. She answers that she doesn’t, but Mejojo took her on a wolf hunt once.. and they can imagine what the princes did during the hunt. Fiona saw a severely injured Rath with her own eyes, and she’s been concerned about him ever since. Zara honestly informs her that Rath isn’t okay, but he should recover with the wolves’ vitality. Fiona is glad, though she also wonders why she feels so worried about Rath. They only exchanged glance once, but she feels so concerned about the sadness in his eye.

Fiona then asks why Zara tried to save Rath, because the wolves are feared as terrible monsters who spread a deadly disease and destroy villages. She never knew this due to her sheltered upbringing, but Zara is different. Zara quietly looks away, and he answers that he couldn’t stand seeing Mejojo and Auger’s torture. The torture they hide under the name of research. He knows Mejojo and Auger knew something important, otherwise they wouldn’t act so fearless against Zodiva. Because unlike Zara, they don’t know any way of suppressing the disease. When Zara promises to stop Zodiva, Fiona feels relieved. Even after seeing the destroyed village, she still thinks what Mejojo and Auger did to the wolves were cruel. Deep in her heart, she feels her sympathy for the wolves was like a betrayal for the people of Weblin. She didn’t know what was happening in the outside world, and so she couldn’t relate to their pain. She felt sorry for the wolves instead, and it’s relieving to know that Zara feels the same. She knows the wolves aren’t innocent victims either, but at this rate both parties will only continue killing each other until one of them dies. Nothing will change. Now that she learns that her feelings weren’t wrong, her decision to leave is firm.

When Zara asks how they’re going to escape, Nesso tells them about a small entrance for servants at the back of the royal palace. They should be able to slip out from there. Fiona wonders if Nesso used it to enter the palace, but he actually disguised himself as a palace knight. He wore a helm to cover his face and mingled with the other knights, and nobody noticed due to the confusion. Sadly while Julian and Zara might be able to pull it off, it’s simply impossible for Fiona. Nesso says he can destroy the back gate defense easily, but she’s not sure if it’s a good idea. If the guards call for reinforcements, they will be surrounded. It’s the royal palace, and there’s no such thing as a hidden passage nobody knows about. Or so they thought. Here, Julian speaks up and informs them that a hidden passage does exist. They can access the underground sewers from the edge of the garden, which can lead them out of the palace. The only ones who are allowed to enter the garden are just the twins, Julian and Fiona, so nobody knows about the passage… and there’s no way Mejojo and Auger are interested in the garden’s drainage system. Julian knows the garden better than anyone. He already explored the sewers before, and it leads to the forest nearby.

Fiona finds it strange why Julian didn’t use the chance to escape, but then she recalls that he doesn’t hate Mejojo and Auger. He might have lost his position as a prince, but he became brothers with them. After thinking it through, Nesso and Zara agree to follow Julian’s suggestion. Julian leads the way followed by Nesso, and Zara stays behind Fiona. Before leaving the house, Zara puts some herbs that only work on rats to delay the CCK’s pursue. Fiona feels bad since Leonidas has been taking care of her all this time, but Zara assures her that the herbs aren’t dangerous. They will only cause rats to get drunk in pleasure. After Zara is done setting up the herbs, they quickly chase after Julian and make their escape.

Meanwhile, Mejojo and Auger are reporting to the king. Auger asks if Mejojo is okay and offers to report in his place, but Mejojo insists that he’s fine.. though he’s aware of his unstable mental state. In the king’s room, Mejojo and Auger inform their father about the wolves’ assault. They managed to capture and interrogate one of the wolves, from whom they learned the name of the leader — Arles V. Felnoir. Despite the name change, it’s undoubtedly the knight King Garibaldi VI used to love, Arles Vogart. The king is clearly happy to hear that Arles is still alive, since Mejojo told him that Arles is dead. Mejojo calmly says he thought he already killed Arles, but apparently that’s not the case. When the king wonders why Arles abandoned the kingdom, Mejojo replies that he doesn’t know. What he knows is that Arles is now the king of the dirty wolves, making him an enemy for Weblin. The king asks where did they go wrong. He even approved Arles’ engagement to Elvira, and he doesn’t know what makes Arles so angry he betrayed the kingdom. Arles used to serve the king so faithfully, and it’s hard to imagine that he’d hurt the people of Weblin. Auger reminds the king that Arles is trying to kill him in order to take the throne. He approached Elvira for that reason, killing her when she found out about his objective. Arles even scarred Mejojo’s face and spread Zodiva, so they don’t understand why the king is defending him to that extent. Does he love Arles that much? Despite everything they told him, the king still can’t believe that Arles, a polite and modest man, would do such a thing as trying to kill him.

As King Garibaldi VI cries and wonders why Arles betrayed them, Mejojo sighs by his bedside. He knows the king isn’t looking for an answer, but he asks if the king wants to know the truth so badly. He finds his father old and troublesome, but he wants to be devoted to the king for the last time.. by telling him the truth. Mejojo smiles as he grabs one of the pillows, while the king calls his name in confusion. They don’t need any weapons to kill a dying old man — a pillow would do. As he drops the pillow on top of his father’s face, Mejojo says the king isn’t wrong. It was him who killed Elvira. He pushes the pillow down, suffocating the king as he reveals that Arles got infected with Zodiva. Arles ended up biting Elvira due to the disease, and so Mejojo tried to kill him for that reason. The king tries to resist and calls for help, but Auger calmly tells him that nobody would come. It’d be bad if his voice does reach someone’s ears though, so Auger takes out his violin and plays a song to send him off. At the same time, Mejojo tells him that he should rest in peace already. The king is old and powerless, so his life is already meaningless. The melody Auger plays is sad, but it’s also fun — it’s mad.

Before the king falls to the underworld, Mejojo has a present for him. He reveals that Elvira died protecting Arles from him, and Arles escaped from the palace. That, and the rumor about the wolves spreading Zodiva is actually a very big lie. The wolves are nothing more than victims of the disease, and the king will be eaten by them in hell for stating a law to hunt them down. Mejojo also explains that the wolves grow violent upon getting infected by Zodiva, though they take longer time to reach death due to their strong physique. The wolves who have gone mad are starting to lust for blood of other races, especially Lobeira. It’s a fact the rabbit doctors discovered from their research many years ago. Mejojo and Auger didn’t want this fact to leak out, and they already killed all the doctors involved. About 50 of them. Nothing much compared to the first white cat king or King Garibaldi V. In order to suppress Zodiva, they need the blood of Lobeira. Elvira just happened to be one, and she was the reason why Arles was saved. They can stop the madness this way, but they need a sacrifice. In conclusion, Mejojo killed the woman Arles loved, labelled him as a traitor, and sent everyone to hunt down the wolves as a cursed race.

Auger thanks the king for making their plan go on smoothly for 10 years, and Mejojo laughs saying they should be the only ones who know the truth. They killed all the rabbit doctors involved, but it’s all the king’s fault for loving another woman. For not loving Elenora. They’ve been wanting to kill him for a long time, so he can die thinking it’s a love they have saved for 10 years. If only the king doesn’t exist, Elenora wouldn’t have to die. Mejojo and Auger wouldn’t have to be born in the palace. All they want is for him to acknowledge them and their mother, but he never looked at them as a part of the family. That’s why they kill him. Mejojo quietly says goodbye to his father, and the king’s body stops moving. All that Mejojo can hear is the sound of tightening rope. It seems like the woman hanging off the rope is smiling. Auger asks if it’s over, and when Mejojo says it is, he congratulates his big brother. The kingdom is now his. Mejojo says they need to organize their father’s funeral, but Auger replies that he’ll do it. Now that Mejojo is the king, he should just treasure his own life. Before Auger leaves, Mejojo stops him — quietly pointing out that his face is laughing.

At the same time, Fiona is panting as she walks through the sewers. When Nesso asks if she’s okay, she assures him that she’s fine. The humidity of the sewers is getting to her, but they should be able to reach the exit soon. Julian has given them a way to escape without getting involved in combat, and she doesn’t want to complain. Zara offers to carry Fiona if her wound is hurting, but she refuses. The wound actually drains her energy really fast, but she doesn’t want them to worry. There must be a reason why Nesso and Zara don’t just carry her by force, and she doesn’t want to become a burden. Knowing that Julian doesn’t have as much stamina as those two, Fiona calls out asking if he’s alright. He answers that he’s fine, but she’s not sure since he clearly looks distracted. After walking for a while, Nesso points to a light up ahead. It seems to be the exit, as Zara can feel the wind as well. Once they reach the exit, they can get some rest outside.. but sadly things won’t go that smoothly.

When Fiona turns around to talk to Julian, they suddenly hear footsteps approaching. Before they know it, Auger appears before them — partly hidden in the darkness. He greets them good evening saying it’s such a coincidence for them to meet here, and he asks if they can feel fate between them. Fiona can see a few small lights behind Auger, which turns out to be the CCK. When Nesso asks why he knows about their escape route, Auger chuckles and calls Julian to come over.. and Julian walks towards him, as if he’s sleepwalking with an empty expression. Auger then explains that everything has been planned right from the start. If Fiona is planning to escape, Julian has been ordered to lure her into the sewers — though Auger didn’t expect to see Nesso and Zara with them. The herbs knocked out some of the CCK, but most of them are standing behind Auger right now. Fiona quietly calls Julian’s name, but he doesn’t even look at her. His gaze is so empty, and she wonders if he was drugged. She doesn’t want to think that he betrayed her on his own will, because he’s a friend who’s always been kind to her. Fiona doesn’t want to believe that Julian was only being kind in order to deceive her, which means his kindness has always been a lie.

Fiona tries calling out to Julian’s name repeatedly, and he slowly turns to look at her. At first she’s happy that he’s reacting to her voice, but the feeling only lasts until he breaks out into insane laughter. For a moment she couldn’t tell whose laughter is it. Julian is laughing in front of her, and yet Fiona finds it hard to accept. It’s a strange, broken laughter that doesn’t contain any feelings. When Fiona calls his name again, Julian stops laughing and stares at her with his hollow eyes. He replies that she’s truly a perfect picture of a princess, asking if she really believed that he’s nothing more than a disinherited prince. He was ordered by Auger to keep an eye her, and that’s why he stayed with her all this time. Then he starts laughing again, and he begs Auger to praise him for doing so well — “Praise me. Praise me. Praise me for doing well. Tell me I did a good job.” Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Fiona is shocked, and she finally realized that Julian is completely and thoroughly broken. As the answer, Auger tells Julian that he did well for a broken toy. He’ll give Julian lots of praises later, to which Julian replies with “… I’m so happy! I’m so happy! I’m happy! Happy! I’m happy that you’ll praise a stupid cat like me, who can’t compare to Mejojo and Auger, and has no living value.” Then Julian repeatedly thanks Auger as his voice breaks even more. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ

Fiona is shocked to see Julian repeating words like a broken record, while Auger explains about how they “taught” Julian a lot of things. Now he’s completely broken as the result. Sometimes he seems to be fine, but his mind is basically broken. Auger finds that gap cute and interesting, so he keeps Julian around instead of throwing him away. Auger never thought that Julian would be this useful though, which Julian happily takes as the best compliment he’s ever received. Fiona loses all words upon seeing this. She can’t even express the anger she feels, because she knows it was Auger who broke Julian to this extent. Auger and Mejojo. The only thing she can say is that they’re very cruel, and her anger soon turns into sadness. Nesso only sighs beside her, telling Auger to stop the conversation here as he draws his sword. Auger chuckles in amusement and asks if he knows what it means to point his sword at the royal family, but Nesso calmly answers that he does. He can’t follow them any longer, and he doesn’t want his family to be involved in their nightmare.

Nesso leaps to attack Auger, who quickly repels the attack with his rapier. When the two engages in a duel, Fiona immediately understands why her brother is known as a demon in the battlefield. Nesso is angry since the princes keep making her cry, and he knocks off Auger’s rapier in one sharp blow. The CCK quickly moves forward to protect Auger, but Nesso asks them not to shed unnecessary blood. He won’t show mercy once they draw their swords. Fiona notices that Leonidas is actually terrified, but they can’t pull back either. Leonidas orders Vincent and Rad to attack, and they rush to stab Nesso’s feet. It’s difficult to avoid due to the CCK’s small height, but Nesso calmly dodges and breaks their sharp yet tiny rapiers. He’s really strong and reliable, but Fiona feels a bit scared to see how he destroys everything that stands in his way. Nesso controls his breath after he’s done, and he asks what Auger is going to do now. Auger has no weapons nor guards anymore, is he still planning to get in their way? Auger smirks saying it seems interesting to be killed by Nesso, but he still wants to enjoy things.. so he’s going to escape. Before Nesso could stop him, Auger throws a smoke bomb — clouding everyone’s vision with white smoke.

Fiona resists when someone grabs her by the waist, but it turns out to be Nesso and Zara — securing her from both sides. The bomb doesn’t seem to contain any drugs, but they keep their noses covered just in case. The white smoke fades away after a while, but Auger has fled the scene with the CCK. The only one left is Julian, who’s sitting on the ground dumbfounded. Knowing what Fiona is thinking about, Nesso asks Julian to come with them. He tearfully apologizes for being alive, and he keeps rambling with a vacant look even when Nesso pulls his arm. It’s the scar Mejojo and Auger engraved onto him. Julian continues apologizing until his voice is fading away, so Fiona eventually slaps him with all her strength. She knows it’s a cruel thing to slap someone so broken and hurt, but she couldn’t stand the sight and begs him to stop. This stops Julian’s ramblings, and light finally returns into his eyes. He seems confused about what he just did, but Zara interrupts saying they should go. Julian must have a lot of things to say if he remembers everything, and Fiona has a lot of questions for him too.. but they have no time. Auger might or might not return with more guards, so they should save the talk for later. Julian reluctantly asks if it’s okay for him to follow them, but Nesso only grabs his nape and drags him along — followed by Zara and Fiona. Their objective is to escape, to a land where they won’t find any nightmares.

Back in the palace, Auger sighs knowing Mejojo will be angry to hear his report. He’s glad to have a smoke bomb with him, since he knew he wouldn’t be able to win against Nesso. Auger’s swordskills aren’t bad, but he can’t win against the strongest knight in the kingdom — he’s just a jester after all. He’s hoping Mejojo would be able to understand, though he knows it’s impossible. His brother’s orders are absolute. There are only two outcomes for him, success and failure. There’s no such thing as an impossible mission for him. Auger starts laughing upon remembering Fiona’s expression when she saw the broken Julian. She looked like she was hoping to wake up from a nightmare, and he finds the expression interesting. He wanted to see it. That’s why he told Julian to approach her in the first place. Auger also thinks it’s cute how well Fiona and Julian get along, as if they’re trying to heal each other’s wounds. He wanted to know what kind of face she’d make upon learning that their friendship — which she thinks is real — turns out to be so fragile inside. It was pure curiosity.

Since Fiona was treasured by her family, she has never experienced any betrayal before. Her eyes widened in shock like a fool, and Auger finds the sight extremely pleasing. Auger then wonders what happened to Julian. They can throw him away since he’s just a broken toy, but Auger has noticed that Julian seems to return to his former self whenever he’s with Fiona. It’s interesting to see how Julian can look so normal, and yet he’d immediately break upon seeing Auger. Auger wonders if Julian has been killed by Nesso, which is also interesting for him. Despite the disinheritance, Julian is still a member of the royal family.. and he wanted to see a knight, who has sworn his loyalty for Weblin, murdering the kingdom’s former first prince. Not to mention Julian is not a “bad” prince like Mejojo and Auger — he’s just a broken victim. How would Nesso look if he betrayed his oath in order to protect his sister? Auger doesn’t know if Fiona would inform Nesso about Julian’s identity though, and he sighs saying it’d be nice to have a miniature garden. That way he can lock people up and observe them, watching over their pathetic struggle forever.

Realizing that he can’t run away from reality forever, Auger decides to inform Mejojo about what happened. When Auger enters the room, Mejojo impatiently asks if he already captured Fiona and Julian. Auger quietly apologizes, and he watches as Mejojo’s expression turns severe. He can’t believe they managed to escape from his brother and the CCK. Auger explains that he might be able to do something if it’s just Fiona and Julian, but Zara and Nesso were a bit too much for them to handle. Before he could finish his sentence, Mejojo slams his desk asking why Nesso was with them — he’s supposed to be away in the remote areas of the kingdom. Auger doesn’t know the reason either, though he figures out that Nesso has been faking the reports. Nesso seems to be popular with the knights after all, even more than Mejojo and Auger. The knights of Greif Ritter seems to be extremely loyal to him, loving him and his strength more than the kingdom itself. It should be easy for him to get their cooperation. Mejojo then asks if Auger just allowed Fiona to flee, and Auger apologizes again saying he can’t win against Nesso. Mejojo should know this as well, but it’s hard for him to accept what happened.

When Mejojo points out that they used Julian to capture Fiona, Auger replies that the number of the pursuers were too small. He was planning to throw Fiona into despair by revealing how broken Julian is. On the other hand, Julian couldn’t help in battle since he’s just a broken doll. However, Mejojo doesn’t want to hear any excuses. He ordered Auger to bring Fiona back, and he’s now angry that Auger failed to carry the task. Mejojo has been really temperamental ever since Fiona got bitten, so the news of her escape obviously made him even more furious. As Auger thinks about how unlucky he is, Mejojo snaps asking if he understands the situation — Fiona has escaped. When Auger is about to answer, Mejojo yells at him to shut up and not to talk back. He slaps Auger out of rage, and Auger secretly thinks that Fiona isn’t worth obsessing over.. especially now that Mejojo has become the king of Weblin. Mejojo now has the throne, so Auger doesn’t get why he wants Fiona that much. There are prettier women who are more obedient out there. However, Auger also realized that Fiona symbolizes the disgrace Mejojo received in the past. If he can’t obtain her, the wound in his heart wouldn’t be able to heal.

Auger then apologizes for the failure, and Mejojo agrees — it’s his fault Fiona ran away. Auger accepts the blame, and he asks Mejojo to give him a punishment as a redemption for his failure. Once again Mejojo agrees, as those who are wrong have to be punished. Auger is surprised when Mejojo draws his rapier, with its sharp blade glittering under the light. Auger thinks he’s going to get killed, and it sends chills down to the tip of his tail. Not from fear, but rather from enjoyment. Getting killed by his brother is the ultimate pleasure for him. Auger’s voice trembles in pleasure as he asks if Mejojo is going to kill him, and Mejojo tells him not to die yet.. but he’s going to receive a punishment. No matter what the punishment will be, Auger is happy to have Mejojo do something to him. Mejojo always knows how to make him happy. Maybe because they’re twins. When Mejojo lifts his rapier and points it towards his face, Auger excitedly wonders if his eyes will be gouged out.. but Mejojo brings it lower to cut Auger’s forehead. On the same place as his own scar, and this makes Auger happier than ever. As Mejojo’s rapier digs deeper into his flesh, Auger feels a pleasure he has never felt before.

For a moment Mejojo stops to look at Auger’s face, as if he’s confirming something, and then he tells Auger not to look so happy — asking if he’s a fool. Auger answers that it’s because he does feel happy. Nothing makes him happier than this. Mejojo replies that Auger is so crazy it’s disgusting, but they have to keep their promise to stay alive together. That’s why he’s letting him live. When Auger screams out his name in pleasure, Mejojo replies that he’s being disgusting. Then he smiles and puts away his rapier from his brother’s face. Even without looking into a mirror, Auger knows they now have the same scar. He thinks Mejojo is a fool because the scar isn’t a punishment after all. It’s more like a reward to him. Auger then asks if Mejojo will forgive him now, and when Mejojo says he will, Auger praises him for being such a generous king. The scar is Mejojo’s pain, and Auger happily thanks his brother for allowing him to share the pain. Auger promises to do better next time, and he will make this kingdom even more interesting for Mejojo. From now on they’re going to combine their power and play in Weblin, having fun together.

Auger then asks Mejojo to play with him, and Mejojo quietly agrees. Usually the game would end once you seize the throne, but they won’t stop. They’ll continue playing even after taking the throne. First they have the coronation ceremony, and Auger asks what they’re going to do after that. Mejojo orders him to find and capture Fiona, a task Auger gladly takes to fulfill his brother’s wish. Once again Mejojo stresses that Fiona belongs to him. He won’t hand her to anyone, and he won’t let her get away either. After leaving Mejojo’s room, Auger starts thinking about what to do. He needs to send people to chase after Fiona, but first he might need to wash his face. The wound Mejojo gave him is still hurting, and blood is dripping off his face. Auger lightly wipes it off with his fingers, and he chuckles upon seeing them stained red. Even the pain feels good when he touches the wound. Auger smirks as he whispers about how Mejojo and him only have each other. They’re brothers, allies and cute matching twins. Then he walks through the hallways while still chuckling, thinking about how they’re going to enjoy their endless dream.

Meanwhile, Fiona and the others make it out of the sewers. Just as Julian said, the passage leads towards a nearby forest. They were planning to take some rest outside, but they decide to keep walking — just in case Auger returns with more guards. Fiona glances at Julian along the way, but he keeps walking in silence with a gloomy expression. It’s not the expression of a broken doll, but rather the expression of the Julian she knows. Fiona isn’t the only one who’s concerned about him either, because Nesso and Zara keeps looking at him too. When Fiona asks about their destination, Nesso, who’s leading the way, drops his walking pace to walk beside her. At the same time, Zara, who’s been walking beside her, steps forward to take the lead. She’s impressed at how they can understand each other without words, which makes them a good team. Nesso answers that they don’t have a specific destination for now, but their priority is to get away from the royal palace. He’s taking them deep into the forest, so they can hide from any pursuers.

In order to leave Weblin, first they have to leave the capital. This reminds Fiona of her family, so she asks about Edgar, Pearl and Richie. She feels concerned because they’re not here with her, but Nesso assures her that Edgar already left Scharlmessen with Pearl and Richie. Due to the witch issue, it’s difficult for the Galland family to stay there any longer. Noticing that Fiona is worried about them, Nesso tells her that Edgar and the others should be fine — Elza is guarding them. She doesn’t recognize the name, but she has heard that Nesso has a reliable vice-captain. Edgar is planning to meet up with them outside of Weblin later, so she doesn’t have to worry about them. Nesso is about to pat Fiona’s hair, but his hand suddenly stops. Instead, he calls out to Zara saying it seems like Fiona has a fever. She thinks it’s simply because of the fatigue, but Zara asks Nesso to search for a place to spend the night in. Despite her insisting that she’s fine, they tell her to get some rest for tonight. It’d be bad if she forces herself and falls sick tomorrow. When Nesso asks Julian to help him search for a campsite, Julian is surprised and asks if it’s alright. He’s clearly still concerned about what happened in the sewers, but Nesso says they can talk later and drags him away.

After they’re gone, Fiona wonders if Julian is alright. Zara smiles and answers that Julian seems to be fine, as long as Mejojo and Auger aren’t around. Even if he turns dangerous later on, he wouldn’t be able to win against Nesso. While Fiona thinks she’s only having a slight fever, her fever is actually quite high. Once she feels at ease, her head starts spinning and her body feels heavy. It’s the proof that she’s been forcing herself, and Zara feels responsible for not realizing it sooner. It’s his job to maintain Fiona’s health, especially since she’s wounded. Fiona feels pathetic for dragging them down, not to mention she’s the reason why they have to leave Weblin in the first place. Her tears is about to flow out, but Zara gently pats her head — telling her that everything will be alright. He asks her to get some rest, promising that he’ll wake her up if something happens. Fiona slowly closes her eyes.

Later on, Fiona wakes up upon hearing Zara’s voice. She finds herself lying on a bed, inside a room that seems to be a mountain hut. He gives her some water to drink, and noticing that she’s really thirsty, he asks if he wants more water. Nesso found a river nearby, so they don’t have to worry about water supply. In fact, Fiona needs to drink a lot since she’s having a fever. Zara then asks if she can drink some medicine, which she obediently takes. He finds it unusual for her not to resist, but she doesn’t want to drag them down any further. The medicine is extremely bitter, but she drinks everything knowing they haven’t traveled very far from the palace. They don’t have much time to rest. After giving Fiona another cup of water, Zara asks Nesso and Julian to drink the same medicine just in case — it’s the preventive cure for Zodiva. Fiona is shocked, while Nesso reluctantly asks if she’s been infected by Zodiva. Zara admits that he doesn’t know either. He can’t tell if her fever is the first sympton of Zodiva, or a normal fever caused by the wound on her shoulder. He didn’t find any black speckles on her body, but it might take some time for them to appear. If it’s caused by Zodiva, there’s an extremely high probability for them to get infected as well. That’s why Zara wants everyone to drink the medicine.

For a moment Nesso wonders how could Fiona get infected during her stay in the palace, but his eyes soon land on her shoulder. She’s a Lobeira who’s weak against diseases, and she got bitten by a wolf. It’s not strange for her to be infected. Nesso clenches his fist saying this is why he didn’t want her to go to the palace, but Fiona gently touches his hand because she doesn’t want him to blame himself. She then asks for more details about the medicine, and Zara explains that he’s been researching about Zodiva back in Scharlmessen because there was a chance for her to get infected. When he was ordered to stay in the palace, he found an incomplete cure for Zodiva. Nesso asks why this cure was never made public, but Zara falls into silence and exchanges looks with Julian. That’s enough for Fiona to realize that Mejojo and Auger has been keeping it a secret on purpose. They ordered Zara to drink the medicine upon entering the underground prison, so the wolves they captured wouldn’t infect him with Zodiva. This is also why Mejojo and Auger aren’t afraid of the wolves, locking them up in the palace instead of killing them. Because they know they won’t get infected. The mission they gave Zara was to complete the cure, though he hasn’t reached that objective yet. The incomplete version acts as a strong preventative cure, but it’s unknown if it can heal those who are already infected. There were no records regarding that aspect, as Mejojo and Auger have killed all the doctors involved.

When Nesso wonders why the princes never informed people about the cure, Julian says it’s probably because they don’t want people to feel relieved. They want Zodiva to remain a threat, only because they want to destroy the wolves. As mad as it might sound, Zara has seen their hatred and cruelty towards the captured wolves. The only thing in Mejojo’s mind is to kill the wolves, and Julian thinks it might be the curse of the Garibaldi family. They’re mad, and they’re using Zodiva as a reason to destroy the wolves. In any case, Zara reluctantly says he has a hypothesis on how to complete the cure. Up until now they always thought that wolves are immune against Zodiva, but apparently that’s not the case. In the underground prison, Zara saw many wolves who are infected with Zodiva. They’re incredibly thin, weak and couldn’t take their human form, but they have a high immunity. They won’t die as easily as long as they remain in their wolf form, and that’s where they fell for it. The wolves can get infected, and Rath was the proof of this because Zara saw black speckles on his skin. The difference is that while it only takes a week for humans to die from Zodiva, the wolves can survive much longer while carrying the disease. Whenever they attack a village, the disease spreads towards the nearby areas.

After observing the infected wolves for a while, Zara also learned that upon getting infected, the wolves lose the ability to stay in their human form and eventually lose their mind as well. However, Nesso finds it hard to believe that the wolves are attacking villages simply because they’ve gone mad. As a knight, he has inspected the destroyed villages a few times. During those times, he also saw the wolves leaving the scene.. and they didn’t look mad. Someone is clearly controlling them, commanding them to attack the villages for a certain objective. They didn’t destroy everything out of madness, and Zara can see this as well from the way Arles rescued Rath. Since the wolves are obeying their leader, Nesso thinks the leader can teach them to hunt normally. It’s not necessary for them to attack the people of Weblin. Unless they want revenge, since they got accused of spreading Zodiva. Zara replies that’s exactly the point, as he learned something else from the research. The blood of the infected wolves showed lack of iron and minerals. Zodiva causes the wolves to develop an eating disorder, and their brains start seeking for the minerals they lack — leading them to eat soil, rocks, chalks or grass. Over time, the hunger for abnormal food would drive them insane. That might be why the wolves are attacking people, following nothing but their instincts.

Fiona asks if the attacks can be stopped by giving the wolves what they need, but Zara says that’s not the only reason. He can’t say this for certain, but it seems like the wolves are trying to heal Zodiva with their instincts. Some people reported about seeing a few men walking with the wolves — undoubtedly the leaders of the pack — and there must be a reason why they can stay in their human form. They might have recovered from Zodiva. Nesso and Fiona find this weird since the wolves clearly care about their pack, and there’s no way they’d let their friends die in pain. If they really know how to heal Zodiva, why don’t they share it with the other wolves? Zara stays silent while looking at Fiona, and that’s when she realized it. Looking back at her meeting with Arles, it seems like he has tasted the blood of a Lobeira.. and he wasn’t infected. The blood of a Lobeira can cure Zodiva. They’re attacking people for that reason, and most of the wolves remain infected because they haven’t found any Lobeira. The wolves who are cured are the ones who are lucky enough to find a Lobeira. Unfortunately for the wolves, Lobeira is a rare race. Not to mention they’re extremely fragile, and most of them died before growing up. They can’t find a Lobeira so easily. Nesso asks if the giant wolf bit her in order to cure his infection, but Fiona doesn’t think so. The wolf she met in the palace was really rational, though he does know about her being a Lobeira.

Nesso then asks if Fiona’s blood would be able to heal other races as well, but Zara thinks the probability is rather low. Unlike the wolves, other races don’t develop an eating disorder. It doesn’t mean the other races are doomed though, because the wolves who have recovered from Zodiva will develop antibodies. If they can obtain it, they should be able to complete the cure. In their attempt to run out of Weblin, they have discovered a way to save the kingdom. Nesso then asks about the certainty, and Zara thinks it has a high chance of success. However, it also means they need the cooperation of the wolves.. which would be difficult considering the fact that the wolves and the people of Weblin have been killing each other in the last 10 years.

Here, Fiona stops to think about Mejojo. He hates the wolves more than anyone, and he’s determined to destroy all the wolves in the kingdom. At first she thinks it’s because he wants to protect Weblin, but now she can see that it’s not the reason. Instead of informing people about the cure, he’s hiding it and pinning the blame onto the wolves. If they leave the kingdom, there will be no one left to stop Mejojo and Weblin would reach its doom. Fiona feels a huge responsibility on her shoulders, so she decides to talk to the wolves first before giving up on the kingdom. She knows it’d be difficult and they should leave the kingdom as fast as possible, but she can’t abandon the people of Weblin. If they leave after finding a way to cure Zodiva, she’ll only come to regret it later. Nesso is against the idea since it’s too dangerous, and Fiona understands his argument. Nesso and Zara know how the outside world works, so they can’t trust the wolves that easily.. but she still wants to give it a try. She wants to hear the wolves’ side of the story. Surprisingly, Zara — who’s just as protective as Nesso — actually agrees with Fiona.

Knowing that Zara has a reason behind his decision, Nesso asks him to explain. Zara reveals that based on his analysis, it seems like Fiona has been infected with Zodiva. He tried to hide this earlier because he didn’t want them to worry, but he can’t hide this anymore. The incomplete cure is only a preventive, so they won’t be able to do anything if Zodiva attacks Fiona after they leave Weblin — they would lose the way to save her. Nesso sighs, and after looking at everyone, he finally agrees to meet the wolves. Now that Nesso has agreed, their objective as fugitives have been decided.

Back in the royal palace, Leonidas asks Mejojo and Auger to come to the throne room. All preparations have been completed, and it’s now time for the coronation. It’s been a few days ever since Fiona’s escape, but she hasn’t been captured yet. It can’t be helped either, because they’ve been busy with the wolves’ attack and the king’s death. As much as they want to chase after Fiona, first they have to deal with the coronation ceremony. Mejojo is finally becoming the king of Weblin, and once he gains the throne, nobody can threaten them anymore. Nobody can stop them anymore. Auger will bury everyone who gets in their way. They’re brothers and allies, without anyone else by their side. When their mother was treated unfairly and they were lamenting, nobody came to save them. The one who saved Mejojo was Auger, and Auger was the one who saved Mejojo. Now they won’t let anyone get in their way anymore. Auger then takes Mejojo to leave his room. They’re going to take the kingdom, to steal the throne for the stupid man who used to be their father. Right now the throne room must be full of nobles, all ready to kneel and swear their loyalty to Mejojo — celebrating the birth of a new king. Among the nobles, there must be those who didn’t approve them. Those who didn’t save them. It gives Auger pleasure to know that those people will be kneeling before them, as the scale is really different from when they were only princes. Everything in the kingdom now belongs to Mejojo, and Mejojo is everything for the kingdom. As they leave the room, Mejojo and Auger can’t conceal the joy in their voices.

Just as they expected, there are many nobles in the throne room. Each of them are powerful with a great amount of influence, and Auger feels proud to see their eyes on Mejojo. When he glances at the empty throne, he can faintly see the illusion of their father sitting there. The image of a man who looked down on them a long time ago. They wanted him to approve them, but no matter what they do, no matter how many people praised their abilities, he never looked at them. He loved their incompetent half-brother, but he never looked their way. He only sat on his throne while looking down on them. He let their mother die, and he watched them suffer without helping. That’s why they grasped power with their own hands. Auger gets happy upon thinking how their father feels in his grave. The king lost the son he wished would become his successor, and Mejojo snatched the throne from said son. Mejojo and Auger have always pretended to be loyal to him, and up until his last moments, he stupidly believed that they share a bond. Recalling his father’s painful dying breath makes Auger shiver with pleasure and madness, and he tells the illusion of his father that they don’t need him anymore. From now on, only Mejojo is allowed to sit on the throne.

Raising his voice, Mejojo informs everyone that his father died of illness after the wolf’s attack. Even though it was indirect, the wolves were the ones who took his father — the wise and brave Valdes von Garibaldi’s — life away. When Mejojo asks everyone to offer a silent prayer for the late king, Auger holds back the urge to destroy their silence with his laughter. As tempting as that sounds, he can’t do that.. yet. After thanking everyone for their prayer, Mejojo announces that he’s going to succeed his father as the king of Weblin. He tells them that he can’t compare to the greatness of his father, but they can’t leave the throne empty because the kingdom is under threat. Both from Zodiva and from the wolves. He’s going to protect the kingdom his father has been protecting for so long. If anyone has an objection, they can speak now or never. When nobody says anything, Mejojo turns to Auger, his younger brother who also has succession rights, and asks if Auger can accept him as the king of Weblin. There’s a brief silence as Auger walks towards Mejojo, grinning as he kneels down and states that he accepts Mejojo as the king of Weblin. When Auger swears his loyalty to his older brother, all the nobles kneel down to their new king. Auger’s eyes met Mejojo’s when he looks up, and they exchange a faint smile as partners in crime.

Now that he has gained everyone’s approval, Mejojo asks Auger to give him blessings as the new king. Auger is more than glad to accept the role, and he quietly takes the crown — which has been brought to them by a CCK member. It’s a small, beautiful crown sitting on a cushion, the proof of the king. Mejojo kneels down before him, and Auger carefully places the crown onto his brother’s head. As he does this, Auger thinks back of all the things they had to go through. Their mother was a concubine who wasn’t loved by her husband. They’re better than the queen’s son, and it caused the queen to hate them — trying to kill them repeatedly. Back when they were younger, Auger got poisoned too and apologized to Mejojo for letting his guard down. Mejojo reminded him not to trust anyone but him. When Auger apologized again, Mejojo told him they will be fine. They’re going to live together, and one day they’re going to become the king. Then nobody would defy them, and everything would become theirs. Just like Mejojo, Auger has tasted most poisons one can use for assassination.

They don’t trust anyone. They don’t open their hearts to anyone. Up until they took this stance to heart, Mejojo and Auger have been betrayed multiple times. Their lives have been threatened repeatedly, but they survived and managed to go this far. Sadly Elenora was too kind. She was used as a tool for a political marriage, her husband never loved her, and her days were filled with assassination attempts. Her heart grew ill, and her sons became her entire world. In the past, Elenora asked her cute twins not to leave her. Mejojo and Auger were surprised because they’d never leave her, but she started screaming — calling them liars. They will throw her away because they have the king’s blood. The king who never loved her. Elenora then broke down and cried, hysterically calling for the king. When Auger asked if Rayleigh did something to her, she only apologized for a woman like her to bear the king’s children. Then she begged them not to kill her, not to take her children away from her. Mejojo asked her to calm down, assuring her that it was only him and Auger — that woman wasn’t there to torture her. They’re going to protect her, and nobody would be able to hurt her. Not Rayleigh, and not anyone else. Elenora chuckled saying she feels happy. Even if the king doesn’t love her, she still has them — her cute twins. Elenora then asked them to love and kiss her, their miserable mother.

Elenora was Mejojo and Auger’s miserable yet beautiful mother. She was locked by madness in this palace, but she was innocent like a little girl — pouring her love for them endlessly. She was trying to receive love from them. The love she never got from the king. Her love eventually became warped, so much that she made her sons kill her with their hands. Auger feels that Mejojo and him lost something important when they killed Elenora, but he doesn’t know what it is. Now he can only wonder if she’s satisfied, because she died after taking that important thing away from them. After their mother’s death, Mejojo and Auger started their counterattack. They deprived Rayleigh, who bullied their mother, of her son. They deprived Julian of his succession rights. Auger enjoyed seeing the pain on their father’s face when he was forced to disinherit Julian, who used to be his favorite son. After that they also killed Rayleigh, the woman who’s been trying to kill them for so long. They were expecting her to be tough, but it didn’t take much for them to kill her. Next, they broke Julian. They destroyed his sense of values, so he wouldn’t be able to live without them. In this world there’s only Mejojo and Auger, everyone else are just supporting actors. If they’re interesting they’re allowed to live, if they’re boring they got drawn back.. and now Mejojo and Auger have reached this moment.

Auger has placed the crown on Mejojo’s head. When Mejojo looks up and met his eyes, Auger gets shivers of excitement down his spine. He then announces his brother as King Garibaldi VII, swearing his sincere loyalty to him — which is then followed by all the nobles around them. From now on Weblin belongs to Mejojo, and the kingdom will be reborn into something new. Auger then reminds Mejojo that everyone is waiting for his words, and he directs his brother towards the balcony. From there, they can see the people of Weblin gathering outside. Under the threat of Zodiva and the wolves, they’re entrusting their future into Mejojo’s hands as their new king. Mejojo is greeted by a loud cheering when he stepped into the balcony, and Auger nearly cried tears of joy upon seeing his brother as the king. Mejojo announces that he is now King Garibaldi VII, promising to protect Weblin with his younger brother, Auger, as the chancellor. His wish is to get rid of Zodiva and regain peace in Weblin, and he believes everyone shares the same wish. In order to keep Weblin peaceful for eternity, Mejojo is now reinforcing the order on wolf hunting. They all have to protect their family and loved ones by hunting down the wolves, as it’s the only way for the kingdom to gain true peace. The crowd roars in agreement, though it sounds more like madness instead. They’re taking out their fear onto the wolves — the figure of a public enemy.

Behind Mejojo, Auger thinks about how stupid they are. It’s really frightening how ignorance and helplessness can be, because none of these people knows that they already have a cure for Zodiva. Once they solve the mystery behind the blood of Lobeira, they will be able to complete the cure. All they need to do is just to capture another rabbit doctor somewhere. These idiots have let their dense father to rule for so long, but now they belong to Mejojo. They’re going to use up their lives to serve Mejojo and Auger as pawns. For eternity. Unaware of these thoughts, the people are chanting Mejojo’s name. Mejojo leads them to cheer for the royal family of Weblin. For the Garibaldi family. For the eternity of the cats. Here, the new king of Weblin is born.

Meanwhile, Fiona and her companions are still walking through the dark forest. Julian is worried and asks if she’s alright, but she assures him that she’s fine. Her fever has gone down thanks to Zara’s medicine, but she shouldn’t let her guard down yet. They still don’t know if her fever was caused by the wound, or if the medicine suppressed Zodiva in her. The disease has an incubation period, so Zara has been examining her every night. The victims of Zodiva would die in a few days, but Fiona doesn’t feel scared since it’s not strange for a Lobeira to die from an illness. Ever since she was born, everyone has been saying that it wouldn’t be strange for her to experience a sudden death. Of course nobody told her directly about this, but she kept overhearing servants, doctors and also her family talking about this. Death isn’t something distant to her, and that’s why she doesn’t panic. She might panic if her Zodiva is infecting those around her, but they already took the preventative cure from Zara. The biggest reason why she can remain calm is because she knows they won’t get infected.

If anything, Fiona is more worried about negotiating with the wolves. A few days have passed ever since they decided to meet the wolves, and they were prepared to face pursuers.. but it’s been surprisingly peaceful. Nesso used his connections to search for the wolves’ headquarters, as the knights have some ideas about the location. It seems like the wolves have a base deep in the northern forest, and that’s where they are right now. It’s not a certain information, but people often saw the wolves around the area. In any case, they don’t have much time. They stopped by a village before entering the forest, and they received some information about the capital. They learned that King Garibaldi VI has passed away, and Mejojo is now the king of Weblin. There hasn’t been any pursuers because they were busy with the coronation, but now that it’s over.. it’s only a matter of time. Fiona gets the chills upon recalling how Mejojo issued an order for wolf hunting. If Mejojo and Auger destroyed the wolves, their path to complete the cure will be closed forever. She wonders if she can talk it out with them, but she knows it’s probably impossible. They hate the wolves beyond reason, and they’d rather destroy the wolves than anything else. Sacrificing the people of Weblin is nothing much, as long as they can reach that objective.

Fiona wonders when did they become so warped. Have they gone mad before they met her? Or did they gradually turn insane? They often came to visit her in the tower, but she didn’t realize at all. Back in the past, Mejojo asked her to call him by his name. Fiona tried to refuse because he was a prince, but Auger only told her to listen to his brother. Mejojo also asked her to stop being so informal with him, but since she kept trying to argue, Auger said she’s really dense for not realizing that his brother wants to get closer to her. When Mejojo told Auger to shut up, Fiona was surprised to see Mejojo embarrassed for once. Auger whispered that Mejojo only wants to be closer to her, pointing out that his brother’s ears would twitch whenever he’s embarrassed. Beside them, she can see that Mejojo’s ears were indeed twitching. Fiona smiled saying she understands, and she started calling him by his name ever since. He calmly replied that it’s good, but his ears were still twitching. Back then Fiona thought Mejojo and Auger simply hate formalities. She thought they were strange for coming all the way to see her in the tower, but that’s it.

Just then Fiona notices the bushes shaking nearby, and Nesso tells everyone not to move. Zara asks if it’s a pursuer, but a wolf soon appears before them — it’s Guillan. He wonders what Nesso is doing here with a girl, since the knights are supposed to be out for a wolf hunt. Fiona is about to ask him something, but the bushes around them are shaking again. There are more wolves around them, and they’re surrounded. When Fiona says they came here to talk to the wolves, Julian laughs asking if they came to tell the wolves to die. She denies this immediately, only to have him ask if they’re going to die instead. Guillan clearly has no intentions of hearing them out, so Zara asks Fiona to step back. Guillan laughs saying Zara is right, and he takes out his chakram saying they’ll die in regret for entering the wolves’ territory. Then he hurls his chakram at Fiona, but Nesso quickly knocks it down with his sword. Nesso leaves Fiona in the hands of Julian, who takes her to stay in the back while Zara takes out his cane. Julian isn’t as strong as Nesso or Zara when it comes to battle, but according to Nesso, he’s strong enough to protect himself and his surroundings. While Nesso is facing Guillan, Zara fights the other wolves behind him.

Back when Nesso was still in Scharlmessen, Zara was the one who helped him train. That’s why he’s pretty strong, though Fiona has never seen him fight before. The cane he’s carrying is actually a swordcane, and he can use the blade just in case. Right now he’s not drawing the sword though. He’s just knocking them away from Fiona, because they’re really here to talk to the wolves. Fiona can see that Nesso is also holding back so he won’t hurt Guillan, and he’s trying to say that they didn’t come here to fight.. but Guillan just won’t listen. Knowing it’s hard for Nesso to convince Guillan as they fight, Fiona yells out that they only want to talk. The kingdom is under the threat of Zodiva, and people think the wolves are the ones spreading the disease. Guillan doesn’t turn around to look at her, but Fiona can see his ears twitching — he’s listening to her. Fiona continues explaining that they came here in the hope of curing Zodiva with the wolves, but after a long silence.. Guillan only sighs and asks if she’s stupid. What can they achieve by talking now? Can they bring back all the dead wolves? Can they resurrect everyone they have killed? Her words are creeping him out, and he lunges to attack her — knocking Julian away with ease. He wants to see what’s inside her beautiful princess head by dumping out her brain.

Fiona realizes that while Guillan uses a chakram for long-range combat, he’s also using a knife in close-range. When he swings his knife to stab her, Nesso jumps in to shield her with his sword. Nesso then tells Fiona to get away, and she’s surprised to hear his quiet, cold voice — it’s filled with killing intent. Turning around to Guillan, Nesso asks him to stop fooling around. If he dares to lay a finger on Fiona, he’s going to die. Guillan challenges him to do it, so Nesso tells him to either dodge or block.. and then he hits Guillan’s knife with his sword. Nesso is holding back, but he’s pushing Guillan back with each hit. Fiona suddenly understands what Nesso meant by “either dodge or block”, because Guillan would surely meet his end if Nesso’s attack hits him. Eventually Nesso knocks Guillan’s knife away, asking if Guillan wants to try dying. Zara asks Nesso to stop, but Nesso points his sword at Guillan’s neck — creating a trace of blood on his fair skin. However, they’re interrupted when a voice asks Guillan what the commotion is all about. When Nesso shifts his gaze to the owner of the voice, Guillan uses the chance to escape.

Fiona is surprised to see the men standing before them. One of them is a young man in bandages, and she remembers his sad blue eye she saw during the wolf hunt — it’s Rath. She’s glad to see him alive, and she’s happy to meet him again. Guillan says they came to attack their territory, but Zara quickly replies that they just want to talk. The tall man beside Rath, Arles, only sighs when Guillan protests that they’re lying. They even have a cat with them. When Arles looks at her, Fiona feels that she has seen his ice blue eyes before.. and she realizes that he might be the giant silver wolf she met in the palace. After observing them for a while, Arles asks them to come along if they want to talk. Or rather, if they’re ready for it. Guillan raises an objection, but Arles only says they can kill these people anytime. It’s easy to kill but they can’t revive the dead, so if they’re going to kill them.. they can do it later, after they talk. Arles also warns Guillan that he kills too much, and Fiona smiles when Guillan obediently says yes. While their age don’t seem to be that far apart, they feel like father and child. As he throws another glance to Fiona, Arles states his name for them — Arles V. Felnoir.

Nesso is surprised to hear this name, and Fiona asks if he knows Arles. Nesso explains that Arles is the name of the royal wolf knight who rebelled against Mejojo 10 years ago, and Nesso didn’t expect to see him alive after what happened. Fiona has heard about the tale from 10 years ago too. The rebellion of an evil wolf knight. The beautiful princess who became the victim. And the prince who defeated the evil knight despite receiving a wound. However, she now knows that the prince is a liar. He made lots of lies to destroy the wolves, branding them as evil creatures. It’s only natural for the tragedy from 10 years ago to be covered in lies as well. Fiona’s thoughts are interrupted when Arles asks them to follow him, and Rath adds that they want to talk too. They don’t have a reason to talk, but Rath’s already had enough of meaningless deaths. He has seen how humans and cats hunt the wolves, but now their current position is the exact opposite. The wolves can easily kill them with one order from Arles, no matter how strong Nesso might be. That’s why they should talk first, since Rath is also interested in them. Realizing that the wolves are inviting them to their headquarters, they decide to follow the wolves.

Following Arles, Fiona and her companions reach the abandoned castle of Zanan, located deep into the dark forest. Even though it’s their headquarters, the castle is really cold and quiet. She wonders where the other wolves are, fearing that they might have walked into a trap, but Zara points to the faint lights surrounding them. It’s the eyes of the wolves around them, gleaming in the darkness. There are wolves crouching along the walls, most likely on the last stage of Zodiva. They don’t move at all, and it hurts Fiona’s heart to know that they’re lying on their deathbed — waiting for death to pick them up. After a while, Arles stops saying they can talk now. With Guillan and Rath standing on his sides, Arles truly looks like a king of wolves. They’re watching Fiona and her companions closely, and Fiona notices that Guillan seems to be excited to hear their story. Rath only stares at them with his expressionless, bead-like eye.

Before Fiona could say anything, Nesso interrupts and introduces himself as Nesso Galland — the first son of the Galland family, a knight of Weblin. He was also the leader of Greif Ritter. Fiona seems worried, but Nesso asks her to leave it to him. Arles notices that Nesso used past tense, and Nesso answers it’s because he’s just a fugitive right now. When Arles asks what did he do for a head knight like him to become a fugitive, Nesso replies that he escaped with his sister before she got raped. Arles chuckles and says Mejojo won’t forgive that, to which Nesso agrees because Mejojo has an unhealthy obsession towards Fiona. Both of them are smiling and talking with a light tone, as if they’re chatting about a trivial subject, but she can feel tension filling the air around them. The one who starts the real discussion is Arles, asking what business they have with the wolves. Nesso answers that they need the wolves’ cooperation to cure Zodiva, and after a long silence, Arles asks if they’re doing a similar research to the one in Weblin’s royal palace. Rath’s ears twitch upon hearing this, as if he recalls the time when he got captured. Zara denies this by saying what happened in the underground prison wasn’t research. They want to save the wolves and the people of Weblin.

When Arles asks for more details, Zara explains that Zodiva has a different effect against wolves. From this difference, he might have found a way to cure the disease. It seems the wolves grow thirsty of other races’ blood because they’re instinctively trying to heal Zodiva, and the blood of Lobeira is the key to that. If they manage to brew a complete cure for Zodiva, the wolves would gain benefits as well. Nesso then asks if the wolves are willing to cooperate, since it’s a good chance for them to get erase all the prejudice and misunderstanding. Arles chuckles and asks what “prejudice and misunderstanding” are they referring to, and when Nesso points to the ones held by the people of Weblin.. Arles only breaks into laughter. There’s no prejudice or misunderstanding involved, because it’s a fact that the wolves are seeking for other races’ blood. Arles won’t deny that they’re the ones spreading Zodiva either. The wolves have high vitality, and they can keep living while carrying Zodiva in their bodies.

Fiona and Zara are surprised that Arles actually knew about this, but she soon realizes that it’s only natural. The people of Weblin know nothing about the wolves, only believing in what Mejojo and Auger have been saying about them. This is only made worse by the fact that the wolves are attacking villages. On the other hand, the wolves knew the truth right from the start. Mejojo and Auger have been skillfully deceiving the people of Weblin, labelling the wolves as their enemy. That’s why Zodiva keeps on eating the kingdom. If only they knew the wolves are suffering from the same disease, Zodiva probably wouldn’t drag on as long. Zara points out that they can stop the wolf hunt by revealing the truth, and people would stop fearing the wolves once they develop a cure for Zodiva.. so they need the wolves’ cooperation. Zara asks if he can have their blood for sample, because there’s a high chance they have developed antibodies for the disease. However, Arles only laughs and asks if the people of Weblin would really cooperate with them. Cooperate, not taking advantage of. He thinks people would only hunt them down as ingredients to make the cure for Zodiva, since they’re the ones spreading the disease anyway. Besides, the wolves no longer care about the people of Weblin. Whether they die or get destroyed, it has nothing to do with the wolves.

Fiona is shocked, but Arles only asks where the curse they received, the corpses and souls they have lost in the last 10 years will go. A lot of their brothers were killed one-sidedly just because they were wolves. They’ve had enough of being hunted down, and that’s why Arles lifted the ban for the wolves to hunt on humans. If they’re asking the wolves to sacrifice themselves once again for the people of Weblin, they must be out of their minds. Even without a cure for Zodiva, some of the wolves can survive — like him, Rath and Guillan. Arles then tells Rath to show them, and Rath obediently takes off his eyepatch. The eye hidden under the eyepatch surprises Fiona and the others, because it has lost its color — it’s a dull gray. Arles explains that Rath is a wolf who has been infected by Zodiva, and he’s already losing sight in his left eye. Despite the damage they got from the disease, the wolves were blamed for everything and got chased out of the kingdom. How are they supposed to end their hatred now? Arles’ voice is loud and clear, sending the wolves to howl from all directions. Low and high, echoing through the abandoned castle. Guillan, who finds everything too difficult to understand, adds that all they ever think about is how to kill the people of Weblin. He only wants both parties to crush each other.

Rath flatly asks Arles if he’s done, wearing his eyepatch back upon gaining Arles’ approval. The sight hurts Fiona’s hurt, because she can feel that Rath doesn’t have any hope left. He doesn’t even mention that he can’t forgive Weblin. Before she realizes it, Fiona steps forward and holds Rath’s hand — surprising him. She tells him that she might be infected with Zodiva too, and if it’s true, she’s going to die soon because she’s a Lobeira. Rath asks if that’s why they want a cure for Zodiva, but Fiona says it’s not the reason. He looks deep into her eyes, as if he’s searcing for shallow lies, but she continues and explains that she doesn’t want to make a cure because she’s infected. She’s a Lobeira, and she can die from a sickness anytime. She’s always troubling Nesso and Zara, and it makes her feel like a good-for-nothing. As if that wasn’t enough, people are accusing her of being a witch only because she can live for so long. They took her into the palace, and it wasn’t easy for her to live under their observation. There’s nothing good she can receive from being a Lobeira, and she’s been wishing that she wasn’t born as a Lobeira.. but after learning that her Lobeira blood might be able to counter Zodiva, she feels a little happy. She feels that her life has a meaning. That’s why she needs their help. She wants her life to have a meaning. She wants to love herself as a Lobeira. She wants to feel that she’s glad to be alive. She doesn’t want this nightmare to haunt Weblin any further.

After saying all of this, Fiona feels messed up inside. In the end, she wants to make the cure for that reason. Not for Weblin nor its people. However, Rath only replies with “ be alive.. I see..” as he looks at her with his blue eye. Fiona then says she’ll help Rath to love himself too, and her tears flow out as she asks for help once again. Rath answers that he doesn’t have a reason to love himself, but then he holds out his hand to wipe off Fiona’s tears. While Arles, Guillan and Rath himself remains silent, Fiona can feel him faintly squeezing her hand back. Eventually Arles says they can rest here for tonight, and he’ll order the wolves not to attack them. Guillan protests since he’s been dying to kill them, but Arles only asks him to listen and praises him to stop him from sulking. Despite his brutal urge to kill, Fiona finds it amusing to see Guillan behaving like a child around Arles. Nesso knows it wouldn’t be easy for them to understand each other, but he accepts the offer since it’s already dark outside. Inside, they will be protected from wind and rain, and they can show the wolves that they want to face Zodiva together.

When Julian says he’ll search for a place for them to sleep in, Nesso reminds him that it’s the wolves’ base. It’d be dangerous for a cat like him to wander around alone. Zara and Fiona will stay here, so Nesso can go with Julian. After they leave, Fiona goes to sit by the rubbles near the castle entrance — gazing at the dark forest outside. She has a lot of thoughts, but doesn’t know how to wrap them up. She doesn’t know what to do, or if there’s a correct answer for everything. It seems like Nesso and Zara have made their decision though, and she wonders what they’re planning to do. Fiona gets startled by a sound behind her, but it turns out to be Arles — who tells her that the moon is beautiful tonight. Arles asks if she couldn’t sleep, and Fiona replies that she has no idea about what to think. However, he laughs saying that’s not true. She does know what to think. She’s just afraid of making a decision, that’s why she’s looking away from the things she needs to consider. Fiona denies this because she doesn’t want to run away, and Arles doesn’t seem to believe her.. but he doesn’t ask further. She finds him strange. His voice is gentle and kind, very different from the one he used when they were talking about Weblin earlier.

Arles then invites Fiona for a walk through the night forest, and she knows she should be afraid of him. He’s a dangerous wolf who’s been attacking villages in Weblin, and yet she nods upon hearing his soft voice. When he asks for her hand, she thanks him while thinking about how gentle and knightly he is. Fiona also notices that Arles closes his eyes after holding her hand, as if he’s thinking about something. After walking in silence for a while, Arles suddenly asks if Fiona is scared of him. She honestly admits that she’s not scared of the current him. She’s afraid of the leader of the wolves who attacks the people of Weblin, but the man who’s walking beside her right now talks with such a peaceful tone. That’s why she followed him out for a walk. Fiona notices that Arles seems to have something to say to her, and after a long silence, Arles finally mentions that Fiona resembles Elvira a lot. It reminds her that Arles is believed to have killed Elvira, his fiancée, during a dispute 10 years ago, but she wonders how much of the story is true. During her short stay in the royal palace, she has learned how truth and lies can trade places so easily.

Fiona decides not to touch this subject, so she tells Arles that Elvira was her cousin. She thinks they might have look similar, but she doesn’t know Elvira that well. Arles asks if they weren’t close as relatives, but Fiona answers they never had any chance to grow close. Elvira was much older than Fiona, not to mention Fiona was a sickly kid who spent most of her time bedridden. Arles laughs saying “I see..”, but his voice is so sad it hurts Fiona’s heart too. She can’t find any words to say, and she doesn’t know how to address him either. Arles-san? Arles-sama? She wants to call his name, but it might be considered as going too far. He’s much older than her, and he’s also the king of the wolves. Arles notices this though, and so he tells Fiona to just call him “Arles”. However, when Fiona tries calling his name, Arles’ eyes suddenly widen in shock. For a moment she wonders if it’s a bad move, but then he whispers that even her voice is similar to Elvira’s.

Arles finds it strange, because the wolves have been hiding in Zanan for so long.. but he can still remember his days with Elvira, as if they happened yesterday. Feeling the sad tone in Arles’ voice, Fiona finally decides to ask about his relationship with Elvira. She was reluctant, but she thinks it’s okay to ask him about this. Even if he doesn’t answer, it doesn’t seem like he’d get angry. Arles also knows that in the story spread around Weblin, he killed Elvira. For all her life, Fiona has heard about how Arles killed his fiancée because she found out and tried to stop their rebellion plan. The story says the wolves wanted to take the throne away from the cats, spreading Zodiva to reach that objective. Fiona wants to know what really happened 10 years ago. Arles lets out a quiet sigh, and he answers that he didn’t kill Elvira. Then he quietly tells her about what happened — his version of the story.

One day in the past, Arles ran into Elvira in the palace. He was on the way to report to the king, and she commented that he’s so hardworking. When he said it’s only obvious because he’s a knight of Weblin, she suddenly fell into silence. He asked why she was sulking, and so she admitted that she was hoping she’s the reason why he often came to the palace. Both of them blushed. Arles was happy to hear Elvira’s feelings, as she was partly right. One of the reasons behind his visits was her, and he has fallen in love after seeing her in the palace multiple times.. but he couldn’t say it. They weren’t allowed to be together. Arles reminded Elvira that she’s Mejojo’s fiancée, so her heart shouldn’t waver over a man like him. She was chosen to become Mejojo’s future wife, and one day she’s going to become the queen of the kingdom. On the other hand, he was an royal knight. He wouldn’t be able to win against the prince, and she was too high for him to reach. He’s been repeating these words over and over again, but he couldn’t stop himself from falling in love.

However, Elvira said she’s going to tell Mejojo that she has fallen in love with someone else. Arles thought her approach was too direct, since there’s no way Mejojo would approve this so easily. A marriage between nobles and the royal family is complicated, because family names come before personal feelings. Even if Mejojo agrees, Arles didn’t think Marquis Galland would be pleased to hear his only daughter choosing a knight over a prince. Elvira assured him that it’d be alright, because Mejojo doesn’t love her. They grew up together in the palace, and they became more like siblings instead. Mejojo only thought of her as a younger sister. He wanted her to become his, but that’s it — it wasn’t love. Elvira knew her father would oppose the idea, but everything should be fine if she can get Mejojo to help. Arles didn’t know what to say other than “I see..”, and he immediately felt bad when Elvira asked if he’s not happy. He apologized for making her worry, admitting that he was so happy he lost all words. She hugged him out of joy, and he blushed saying they’re in the hallway. Someone might see them, but she told him it’s okay. It’s just for a little while. Arles slowly put his arms around Elvira, asking if he can kidnap her just in case she failed to get Mejojo’s approval. She was surprised, but then she told him it’s a promise. If they can’t be together, she wanted him to kidnap her.

It was a promise made out of their youthful passion. It was supposed to be nothing more than a fleeting promise, as both Arles and Elvira knew they probably wouldn’t be able to fulfill it.. but Mejojo actually approved their relationship. He even went to see Arles with Elvira. Mejojo told Arles that while he treasures Elvira, the feeling he had for her wasn’t love.. though he believed she loved him to some extent. Elvira asked him not to be so mean because she did love him, just not romantically. They have spent too much time together, to which Mejojo agreed. He can remember how many time Elvira wet the bed ever since she came to the palace. Elvira gasped in embarrassment, but Arles only chuckled beside them. When she pouted saying he’s being mean, he quickly apologized and said he still loves her no matter how many times she used to wet the bed. Mejojo laughed saying that’s a great pick-up line, and Arles replied that he didn’t do it on purpose. Mejojo sighed and asked if Elvira is really okay with this boring man who has nothing but honesty — something that Arles himself couldn’t deny.

While the wolves are known for their strength in combat, they were never good in politics and cultural affairs. The wolves and the cats fought over the throne a long time ago, but Arles never wished for such a thing. Elvira didn’t mind either, as she loves Arles despite his unsociable nature. Mejojo sighed saying he can’t keep up with them any longer, but he promised to help talking to his father and Marquis Galland about this. Elvira happily thanked Mejojo, adding that she loves him, and Mejojo replied that he loves her too.. but Arles noticed his lips forming a snarl for a very brief moment. After Mejojo left, Arles asked if Mejojo really thinks of Elvira as a younger sister. Mejojo said it himself, but Arles felt that he might be hiding his true feelings. Elvira chuckled saying it’s okay, because Mejojo has a really high pride. Not to mention selfish. If he really wants something, he wouldn’t give it to anyone. Arles wondered if he’s thinking too much. Things went well between the three of them, but it didn’t change the fact that he stole the fiancée of a prince. Elvira assured him that Mejojo is on their side though, and so Arles decided to believe in him.

What happened from there was like a dream. Mejojo kept his word. The king and Marquis Galland approve their relationship, but that’s when the nightmare started. Arles started feeling sick. His wedding with Elvira was approaching, and his subordinates told him to get some rest for the big day.. but he never recovered. Arles could barely stand, and his fever wouldn’t go down. Even if he took a medicine, the fever would return in no time. He felt a strange hunger no matter how much he ate, and black speckles started appearing on his skin. Arles could feel that he was seeking for something, and it didn’t take long until he figured out what it is. One day, a maid broke a flower vase in the palace. He asked her to leave it to him, but she apologized and tried to clean up the fragments in a hurry. Then suddenly, Arles sensed a sweet scent in the air. His consciousness was drawn towards the maid in front of him. Or rather, towards the blood dripping from her finger — she just cut herself. Arles knew it’s absurd, since there’s no way blood could have such a sweet scent. He reluctantly asked if she’s a human, and she said yes. The maid has heard about his dropping health, so she asked him to get some rest since he looked tired.

Arles agreed, but he could feel a burning desire in his stomach. He wanted to push down the woman before him, rip her clothes, put his fangs on her white skin, bite her flesh and drink her blood. The maid wondered what’s wrong because Arles was staring at her, but he quickly said it’s nothing and ran off. He knew that if he stayed, he would have done something that can’t be undone. He wanted to kill someone out of hunger. He wanted to eat the people he’s been protecting. The hunger was torturing him, and he called Elvira’s name — as if he was seeking for help. At the same time, Arles also felt scared of seeing her. Would he be able to remain sane? What if his love can’t stop his hunger? He managed to restrain himself earlier, but can he hold back next time? Would he tear her apart instead of embracing her? Biting her instead of kissing her? Dig through her flesh instead of whispering his love? That’s when Arles realized the meaning behind the strange hunger — he wanted to eat people from other races. Arles repeatedly called Elvira’s name like a prayer, but he knew nobody would be able to save him. Back then Arles didn’t realize that hidden in the shadows, a rat knight was watching the change in him.

A few days later, Arles gathered up the courage to see Elvira in her room. It’s been a while since the last time he visited her and she was happy to see him again, but he told her not to come closer. Because he’s dangerous. Elvira was shocked and asked if he caught an illness, as she heard about his dropping health from everyone else. When Arles said that he might really be sick, Elvira replied that she’ll ask her father and Mejojo to get a good doctor for him.. but he told her it’s too late. He came to say goodbye, because they can’t be together. Elvira couldn’t accept this because the king, Marquis Galland and Mejojo all have approved their engagement. Even when Arles said he caught an unknown illness, she asked him to heal it together. She’s going to wait for him, no matter how long it’s going to take. Unfortunately, Arles was losing control of himself. He realized that it was a foolish decision to see Elvira before leaving the kingdom, and he was wrong to think that he could suppress his hunger.

When Arles told her to run away, Elvira refused to leave. She cried asking why he’s suffering alone, and why he wouldn’t tell her anything.. but there’s no way he could tell her, because he was turning from a knight into a hungry beast seeking for flesh. With all of his remaining strength, Arles dragged himself towards a window. He was planning to jump out and never return. He would rather die alone in a faraway forest than eating the woman he loves. However, Elvira hugged him from behind and begged him not to leave. If he’s leaving, he should take her along. After all, he already promised to kidnap her. Arles wanted to turn around and hug Elvira, kiss hear tears away and gently caress her lips. He wanted to tell her that she doesn’t have to cry, because he’s not going anywhere. But in the end, he only apologized and asked her to let go. He had to leave. Before he hurts her. Before he hurts anyone. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。

Knowing that Arles would really leave her, Elvira refused to let go. He asked her to listen because he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but she didn’t want him to push her away. She didn’t mind even if he hurts her. He can do anything to her, as long as he doesn’t leave her alone. For a moment Arles wondered if there’s a man who can hold back after hearing such words from the woman he loves, because it was impossible for him. He turned around and pushed Elvira onto the floor, putting his arms on her back so she wouldn’t directly hit the ground. It was the only thing he could do, since he was losing his reason. As the hunger took over, Arles’ sight was starting to be stained crimson. He wanted to touch her gently, but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He told Elvira that she can scream or escape, though he wasn’t sure if he could let her get away. Instead of escaping, Elvira tightly shut her lips. As if she was trying to prove that she wouldn’t scream or ask for anyone’s help. Arles could feel his breath going out of control, and he wondered if his fever has gone up again.. or if it’s because he was aroused by this reality. After tearing down her dress, Arles started biting Elvira’s white skin. He could hear her faint voice holding back the pain, but he couldn’t stop himself. When the heat finally passed by, all that’s left was a sad reality.

Upon looking down, Arles found Elvira in a pitiful state. Her dress was tattered, and there were countless bite marks on her skin. The deepest one was on her shoulder. If he didn’t hold back as much as he did, he probably would have eaten her flesh. Even if he held back, it didn’t change the fact that he did something terrible to her. Arles quietly apologized to Elvira, and she admitted that she was scared. It was painful, but it was nothing for her. She was more scared of him leaving her behind, which would hurt her even more. She begged him to tell her what’s wrong, and why he was suffering that much. Arles was surprised to see Elvira smiling at him, despite how painful and scary it must have been for her. She looked really pale, but he felt forgiven upon seeing her smile. Arles then explained everything to Elvira, and he found himself feeling surprisingly full — he wasn’t hungry anymore. Arles wondered if it was because Elvira, the person he loves, allowed him to do anything he wanted. Elvira weakly chuckled and said she’s happy to be able to satisfy Arles. Even if she was covered in wounds. Elvira asked if the two of them can live together from now on, because Arles can gnaw on her whenever he feels hungry. He was tempted by her invitation. With her around, he probably wouldn’t get hungry anymore. He wouldn’t hurt anyone, and he can stay in the kingdom.

However, Mejojo stopped this idea before Arles could answer. He already heard everything, and it led him to the conclusion that Arles has gone mad. Arles immediately realized that Mejojo’s subordinates had been monitoring him, as he did feel that he was being watched. Elvira tried to defend Arles by saying he did nothing wrong, but sadly her appearance stated otherwise. She was in a terrible state, and none of them could deny it. Arles was ready to be captured, feeling that it was for the best. If they throw him into prison, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. They might be able to learn more about his illness too. Sadly, Mejojo had no intentions of capturing Arles. Instead, Arles was going to die right there as a mad wolf — shocking both Arles and Elvira. Everyone already knew about Arles’ strange condition, and with the wounds on Elvira’s body, he wouldn’t be able to escape. Mejojo mockingly said that the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” has fallen so low. Arles looked like nothing more than a beast, and Mejojo wondered if it’s the real form of the wolves. Mejojo refused to listen despite Elvira’s attempt to defend Arles, and Arles told her it’s only natural for Mejojo to be angry. After all, he has attacked the woman Mejojo treasured as a sister. Anyone would be angry.

Mejojo only said they can leave it at that, and upon looking at his face, Arles realized that he was wrong. Mejojo wasn’t angry or anything. He was happy to find a reason to kill Arles. Elvira realized this too and asked him why, but Mejojo simply answered it’s because Arles is an eyesore. Arles was too popular as a knight, and Mejojo didn’t understand why he has to be compared to him. Arles wasn’t aware about this, but the nobles were always watching them — comparing their strength. While none of the nobles had the courage to say it out loud, they were whispering about how Arles would make a better king. Arles quickly answered that he’s a wolf and could never be the king, but Mejojo said there were people who aren’t satisfied with the current Weblin. The fools wanted to make a revolution to push Arles towards the throne. Arles has damaged Mejojo’s pride as a prince, not to mention he also stole Elvira away from him. When Elvira gasped and asked why he helped her then, Mejojo answered it’s all because she fell in love with Arles and not him. She didn’t belong to him anymore, and so restricting her further was meaningless.

Arles recalled Elvira’s words about Mejojo’s personality. She knew him really well, but she was wrong about one thing — Mejojo’s pride is higher than she imagined. It’s true that he wouldn’t hand his possessions to anyone, but it only applies to objects and not people’s hearts. The moment Elvira told him about her love for Arles, Mejojo must have felt so angry he wanted to kill Arles.. but due to his high pride, he couldn’t accept the fact that Elvira was stolen away from him. That’s why he helped them. Just because he didn’t want to admit defeat to Arles. Once again, Mejojo said Arles is going to die here and took out his rapier to attack. Arles wouldn’t lose to Mejojo in a swordfight, but he didn’t have any swords back then. He wondered if he’s going to die, as he’s been prepared to face death ever since he professed his love for Elvira. Ever since he stole the first prince’s fiancée’s heart. This could have happened right after Elvira’s confession, but Mejojo’s high pride delayed the outcome for so long.. and Arles felt grateful to him in a way. As he prepared himself to face death, Arles heard Mejojo’s voice telling him to die. But then he also heard Elvira’s voice screaming at Mejojo to stop.

The next second, hot red blood splatters across Arles’ cheek. It wasn’t his own blood, as he didn’t feel any pain. Even more than anything, he realized that the sweet scent of blood was something he tasted not too long ago. When he opened his eyes, Arles found Elvira’s delicate back shielding him from Mejojo’s rapier. He yelled out her name, but she only whispered that she’s happy. When she collapsed onto the floor, the blood from her chest stained her dress crimson. Arles was shocked and asked why Elvira protected him, and he repeatedly called her name — asking her to answer. Her body temperature was dropping, and he knew it was impossible to save her. She was dying. With her pale lips, Elvira whispered “I’m sorry..” to Arles. Those were her last words. Behind them, Mejojo calmly said it’s all because she got in his way. Arles slowly asked what he meant by that, but Mejojo broke into an screaming fit — demanding to know why she had to get in the way.

Mejojo’s angry voice felt so far away for Arles, who could only think about what Mejojo was saying. Elvira died. She’s been killed, and yet Mejojo was throwing a tantrum like a child who couldn’t get the toy he want. Then he destroyed the toy to make himself feel better. Arles lost Elvira for that reason. Mejojo hissed at Arles to die too, lifting his bloody rapier again. Arles didn’t have any weapons on him, but his body transformed into his wolf form by instincts. He didn’t need any weapon, because he then swiped his sharp claws across Mejojo’s face. Mejojo screamed in pain as he clutched his bloodied face, and Arles moved closer to deliver the finishing blow.. but Leonidas and the CCK entered the room. People must have heard Mejojo’s scream, because Arles could hear more footsteps approaching. Arles knew he can’t get captured and die here. His life belongs to Elvira, who died in order to save him. He decided to keep on living, and he escaped through the window as Mejojo continued screaming in pain. Arles Vogart, the royal knight of Weblin, died that day.

Back in the present, Fiona is shocked to learn that Mejojo was the one who killed Elvira. Arles asks if it’s okay for her to believe in his story that easily, and she admits that she doesn’t know which one of them is telling the truth. It’s just she can understand his story better. It explains why Mejojo is so obsessed with her, as well as his raging hatred towards the wolves. Fiona then confirms if Arles bit her on his way to rescue Rath, and he chuckles saying he did. She tells him that it hurt, but he simply answers that he held back — he didn’t bite her flesh off. When she replies that she’d die if he did that, he smiles and chuckles. She finds it hard to relate him to the man he used to be. The death of his lover, getting chased out of the kingdom and the long time he spent since then have shaped him into the person he is now.

Arles then asks if something happened after he bit her, and Fiona reveals that Mejojo got so mad he strangled her. Arles finds it interesting, and he wanted to see it too. He knows it must have been bad for Fiona, but he wants her to forgive him. His apology is rather light, but she’s not sure if she should complain further. Fiona knew that Mejojo and Elvira were engaged in the past, but she thought the engagement was cancelled in peace. Now she knows who he’s seeing in her. Mejojo’s trying to heal his wounded pride by obtaining her. He lured her into the castle by using the witch rumor, and then he locked her up by force. What he wants isn’t her feelings. Fiona sighs, feeling a mix of disappointment, sadness and relief. Arles asks if she’s shocked that Mejojo doesn’t love her, but she answers that her shoulders feel lighter now. Mejojo has a terrifying obsession over her. If the reason is because he loves her, it’d have been more painful for her. It’d be more difficult for her to hate him.

Upon hearing this, Arles sighs saying Fiona is foolish. She’s a fool for trying to cooperate with the wolves. Fiona wants to protest, but she can’t argue because Arles is looking at her with gentle eyes. He repeats that her idea is foolish, since there’s no way for them to settle everything peacefully. She needs to learn what it means to give up. In order to save or protect something, people have to give up on something else. When Fiona asks for an example from him, Arles explains that he gave up on the kingdom in order to protect the wolves. He used to be a knight, and he couldn’t have gained that much respect if he didn’t love the people of Weblin. He had to put the people of Weblin and the wolves on a scale, and he chose the wolves. Arles mentions that when he first learned about how Earl Galland locked his only daughter in a tower, he thought it was a stupid idea.. but Fiona can come up with her own choices because she was isolated from the outside world. Fiona doesn’t answer, though she thinks about how Arles seems to know her better than herself.

Since they’ve been out for so long, Arles says they should return before Fiona’s guardians chop him down. She laughs saying she can have a nice sleep after hearing his story, and he asks for her hand again as they make their way back. The moonlight faintly shines through the lush forest, and the overlapping shadows look like terrifying beasts in the dark.. but Fiona isn’t scared, thanks to the warmth of Arles’ hand holding hers.

The next morning, after having breakfast, Nesso says they should leave the kingdom. Zara agrees, since they don’t have other alternatives after the wolves turned them down. It’s impossible for them to save Weblin without the wolves, so from here they should prioritize their own safety instead. Even if Nesso’s subordinates are supporting them, they won’t stand a chance against the royal army. Edgar already left Weblin, and they just need to follow him. However, Fiona asks Nesso to give her one more day. Nesso actually wants to move out as soon as possible because it’d be harder for them to escape later, but he agrees. They won’t be able to return after leaving the kingdom, so he knows she needs time to prepare her heart. They can only wait for one more day though, and Fiona needs to make a decision. Otherwise she’d only regret it later. Fiona remembers Arles’ words from last night, and she wonders about what she really wants to do. What does she want to protect? What will she give up in order to protect it? She has to make that decision today.

That night, Arles finds Fiona sitting by the rubbles again. He asks if she can’t sleep, and she chuckles because he seems worried about her. He notices that she doesn’t look confused though, and he asks if she has made a decision. Fiona says that she spent the whole day thinking about Arles’ words, and she came to understand why it was so hard for her to make a decision — it’s all because she was too greedy. She wanted to save everything, so she didn’t know what to give up on. She knew she can’t choose everything, and she turned her back on that fact.. but now she knows that such a convenient answer doesn’t exist. Here, Arles tells Fiona that she’s free and beautiful because she was isolated from the outside world. She didn’t know the war that attacked Weblin. She’s the only one who stands outside the circle of hatred between the wolves and the cats. That’s why Rath opened his heart to her, and she might be able to end this “Black Wolves Saga”.

Since Fiona seems confused, Arles says that’s how people start calling the legend of the cursed wolves who take Weblin as their enemy. It’s a saga which started from the incident 10 years ago, painted with people’s hatred and fear towards the wolves. As she thinks about this, Fiona wonders if she can really end the saga.. but then she realizes that Arles might be right. She grew up isolated from the whole kingdom, but that’s also why there’s a path only she can choose. She has seen a lot of things since then, and now she needs to make a decision — both for herself and for everyone. She wants to save Weblin, save the wolves and live a peaceful life with her family. She has these wishes inside of her, but all three can’t be fulfilled at the same time. History won’t allow it. She can only choose one. It’s between fixing the kingdom as a daughter of a noble, living with the wolves, and having a peaceful life with her family. Arles knows Fiona already made her decision, and he asks for her answer.

Fiona decides to protect Weblin, as she can’t throw the kingdom away. Arles comments that she picked a path which is in conflict with his, and she admits that it might be true.. but she believes fixing Weblin will lead to peace for the wolves. Arles then asks if she can stop Mejojo and Auger, to which Fiona answers that she doesn’t know. Their madness is deep-rooted, but even so, Fiona doesn’t want to give up on Weblin without doing anything. Weblin is a beautiful kingdom, but right now the people inside are sick with the kingdom’s ruler at the center of everything. Arles asks if she’s implying that she can heal that sickness, but again, Fiona admits that she doesn’t know. She only knows that she holds the biggest possibility of healing the kingdom. Arles knows Fiona is right since Mejojo and Auger wouldn’t look for someone else to replace her, and he asks if she’s planning to do something about them. Fiona is aware that she might not be able to do anything, but she hopes they will gradually start listening to her words. It’s a probablity she wants to take a gamble on. Arles reminds Fiona that they might end her plan by killing her right away, but she’s prepared for that. She’s going to return to the royal palace, for the sake of the kingdom she loves.

When Arles points out that Nesso and Zara wouldn’t agree, Fiona knows he’s right. Her plan can’t be considered a real plan, and there’s no way they would agree. That’s why she’s planning to leave alone. She’s going to try finding the nearest village with her own feet, and from there she’ll find a way to contact the palace. Arles then informs Fiona that he might attack the palace again, and she asks if it’s to cure Zodiva — which he confirms as true. After receiving Elvira and Fiona’s blood, Arles already developed the antibodies for Zodiva inside of him. They can use it to heal the other wolves, but he still can’t forgive Mejojo. His hatred for Mejojo will never disappear, and even if they stop attacking, Mejojo will continue destroying the wolves anyway. Fiona promises to hold her opinion firmly in the palace, and after a short silence, Arles decides to trust her. As long as Mejojo doesn’t hunt down the wolves, they won’t attack people either. While it’s true that he can’t forgive Mejojo, Arles is the king of the wolves. He can’t let the wolves get destroyed because of his hatred. On the other hand, if Mejojo does send people to attack them.. consider it a full-scale war. Arles will be waiting for the result, and Fiona says she understands.

Arles then asks if Fiona is leaving, to which she answers yes. If she waits until morning, Nesso and Zara would only stop her from going back to the palace. Arles then says he’ll take Fiona to the nearby village, but suddenly they hear a sound behind them. For a moment she panics thinking it might be Nesso or Zara, but it turns out to be Julian. He apologizes for listening in, and she begs him not to tell Nesso and Zara until morning. Arles says he can seal Julian’s mouth right here, but Fiona quickly stops him since it doesn’t sound like a joke. Julian says they don’t need to silence him, but then he asks if he can come with her. Fiona is surpsided, and she refuses knowing Mejojo and Auger will only break Julian again. Especially because they escaped from the palace, Mejojo and Auger must be dying to punish them. However, Julian points out that Fiona is in the same position. As the first prince of the kingdom, he can’t just escape while she’s fighting for Weblin. He might not be able to do anything, but he can’t let her return to the palace alone. He doesn’t want to give up on Weblin either, and he begs them to take him along — he’ll fight beside her.

Touched by Julian’s determination, Fiona eventually agrees to let him come along. Arles then calls Guillan for help, and they take Julian and Fiona to the nearby village. Fiona rides on Guillan’s back, and the warmth of his fur makes her feel comfortable. Guillan complains as of why he has to do something like this, telling Arles that he should have called Rath instead. When Arles says that Rath is still recovering, Guillan sulks saying he’s spoiling his younger brother too much. Guillan is wishing Arles would spare half of that kindness for him instead. Earlier Arles suddenly woke him up and ordered him to carry a girl on his back. When Arles calmly replies that he’s nocturnal anyway, Guillan complains saying he simply sleeps and wakes up whenever he wants to.. and tonight he feels like sleeping. Arles only responds with a flat “I see” before speeding up his pace, and Fiona quietly chuckles on Guillan’s back. It doesn’t seem like a conversation that would happen between the wolves, the creatures feared by Weblin. But then she realizes that the wolves are just like them. They have families and friends as well. The fact that she only realized this now proves that there’s a deep gap separating people from the wolves.

Guillan then asks if they can attack the village after dropping off Fiona and Julian, but Arles asks him to let them go for now. The villagers will be necessary to contact the royal palace about Fiona. Guillan whines since they won’t get to do anything except for dropping their “luggage”, and his reaction reminds her of how Pearl and Richie usually whine to Zara. It feels so long since the last time she saw them, and she wonders if they’re doing fine. They should be out of the kingdom along with Edgar and Nesso’s subordinates, which means they must be safer than her. Right now Edgar must be praying for her safety, while Pearl and Richie must be waiting for them to catch up.. and Fiona quietly apologizes in her heart, because she made a cruel decision by choosing to stay in the kingdom. Nesso and Zara went through many dangers in order to save her from the palace, and yet she just left them without saying anything.

Noticing the change in Fiona’s expression, Arles asks if she’s having doubts. Guillan says he’s going to eat Fiona alive if she wants to return after making him run so far, and she remains silent.. but then she realizes them dropping their running pace, giving her more time to think it over. Despite what they say, both Arles and Guillan are treating her kindly. Fiona then glances at Julian on Arles’ back, and she finds him looking back at her with a pale face. His lips are trembling, and she knows she’s having the same expression. However, Julian doesn’t avert his gaze away from Fiona. None of them say anything, but the strong light in his eyes is saying that he believes in her. No matter what kind of path she’s going to take, he believes it’s going to be a good one. Fiona thanks Julian in her heart, and she reminds herself that she already made her decision. She’s going to the palace, and then she will stop Mejojo and Auger. Instead of her own happiness, or the happiness of those around her, she’s choosing the happiness of the people of Weblin. That’s not quite right though, as she’s not completely giving up on happiness. She simply took the steeper path of granting happiness in a large scale, not just for herself or for the people around her. She’s not going to the palace to die, but to make a happy future. For Nesso and Zara. For Rath, Arles and Guillan. For everyone. Fiona tells herself that she’s going to be okay, and Arles responds with a silent huff. It’s her last chance to turn back, but she lets it go. She’s going to stay in Weblin, in the royal palace with Mejojo and Auger.

After a while, they reach the end of the forest. Arles and Guillan sit down, allowing Fiona and Julian to slide off their backs. Arles then directs them to the nearby village, and Fiona thanks them for the help. Guillan says he only followed Arles’ order. Not like he’s doing this for her or anything. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Fiona says it doesn’t change the fact that he carried her on his back, and he turns red when she thanks him again. When Julian expresses his gratitude, Arles quietly stares at him with a complicated look. He hates the cats because of Mejojo and Auger, but he let their brother to ride on his back and receive words or gratitude as well. Guillan reminds Arles that the villagers will enter the forest once morning comes, so they have to return to Zanan before then. Arles only stares at Fiona with his ice blue eyes, and after a long silence, he asks if she has any message for Nesso and Zara. There are a lot of things she wants to tell them. She wants to explain and ask them to understand her decision, but she knows they won’t understand no matter what she says.. so she only asks Arles to deliver her apology, and to tell them that she’s wishing for their happiness.

Fiona also apologizes to Arles. When he asks her why, she answers it’s because she’s leaving the hardest part to him. Nesso and Zara will surely make a fuss upon realizing that she’s gone, and Arles will have to deal with them — though he says he’ll just kick them out of Zanan. She’s hoping that after leaving Zanan, Nesso and Zara will give up on her and follow Edgar. Arles then calls Fiona a human princess, saying that he’ll be watching her fight from afar. He lets out a soft chuckle before transforming into his wolf form, and then he runs off with Guillan. After the wolves disappear into the forest, Julian asks Fiona if they should go too — holding out his hand for her. She nods and takes his hand, and she can feel his cold fingers drying from nervousness. Then they make their way to the village, tightly holding each other’s hand. Upon arriving in the village, Fiona and Julian cause a commotion. Luckily since Fiona is a human and Julian is a cat, plus the fact that they don’t have any weapons, the villagers don’t cause them any harm. They stay in the village for several days until the CCK finally comes to pick them up. Fiona and Julian are put inside a dark carriage with no windows, with both of their hands chained — the proof of criminals.

It’s the second time for Fiona to have her hands chained, but unlike the first time, she’s now really riding a carriage for criminals. They can directly feel the horse’s movement through the wooden floor, and it’s hurting her butt. Julian asks if she’s hungry, but she assures him that she’s fine. Even if they’re hungry, they don’t get food regularly. Their food are given at random times — mostly after dusk — when they get small, hard bread thrown at them. While they do get breaks, it’s more for the driver instead of them. Fiona is actually more thirsty than hungry, but if she keeps drinking, she’s afraid that she might have to hold back the urge to pee later. It’s the first punishment they have to receive for escaping, and they can’t do anything but to wait in the dark. After a few days, their carriage finally reach Weblin. They’re immediately taken to the throne room, and all the maids they pass by look away in shame. The CCK are pulling their chains as if they’re for show.

Mejojo is sitting on the throne as he glares at Fiona and Julian. The first thing he says is how dare they come back to the palace, and they can only reply with silence. The sight makes them realize that Mejojo really has become the king, because not too long ago the throne still belongs to King Garibaldi VI. Now Mejojo is sitting on the same throne with his legs crossed, asking what they want to achieve by returning here. Beside him, Auger wonders if they have learned how nice it is to live in the palace compared to the outside world.. but it’s a bit too late for that. Fiona is surprised to see the new scar on Auger’s face, as it looks identical to the one Mejojo has. Mejojo’s scar was made by Arles 10 years ago, and she can only wonder who gave Auger the same scar. It wasn’t there when she escaped from the palace. The wolves have pulled back too by then, so it can’t be them either. Auger asks if Fiona has fallen in love since he became more handsome than before, and she stays silent because she can’t deny it. Even if they get hurt, Mejojo and Auger remain beautiful. They used to be flawless, but the balance was disrupted when Mejojo got his scar. Now that Auger has the same scar, they look even better than before. The matching scars make them look perfect, and Fiona feels ashamed to stand before them in her tattered dress.

After praising their guts for returning, Mejojo wants to know their reason for coming back. Since both Fiona and Julian stay silent, Auger tells them to answer quickly because they smell like trash. He can’t stand it, and he’s wishing for this conversation to end as soon as possible. Fiona turns red upon hearing this. She can only look down while biting her lips, but knowing that she needs to talk to them, she holds back the urge to cry. Then she answers that she has something to tell them. Mejojo asks if it’s about the wolves’ hideout, but Fiona says it’s about the cure for Zodiva. Auger comments that Zodiva is supposed to be an incurable deadly disease, but Julian supports Fiona by asking them to listen. Mejojo replies by saying that he’s been telling them to explain all along, throwing a comment about how Julian is just as dumb as usual. When Julian flinches and shivers, Fiona realizes that the torture they gave him must be even worse than she imagined. Now he’s trying to express his opinion to them, and it must have taken a lot of courage to just stand in their presence.. so she tries to encourage him silently through her gaze. She wants him to know that he’s not alone, because she won’t lose either. No matter how filthy she is, she’s still Fiona Galland.

Looking up at the throne, Fiona tells Mejojo that Zodiva can be cured by creating antibodies. Auger laughs saying it’s impossible, but she doesn’t reply because she knows they’re lying. Both Mejojo and Auger knew that Zodiva can infect the wolves, and that the wolves have stronger resistance towards the disease. Auger is pretending to be oblivious, so Mejojo and him can check how much information she has. Fiona simply explains that the wolves can survive longer after getting infected, and so they need to cooperate with the wolves to cure Zodiva. However, Mejojo bursts into laughter upon hearing this. He asks if they can save the kingdom by working with the filthy wolves, and ignoring her attempt to explain, he insists that she’s wrong. The wolves are the ones spreading Zodiva, and so they can only save Weblin by annihilating the wolves. Fiona doesn’t give up though, and she tells Mejojo about the possibility of Zodiva still spreading after the wolves are gone. It’d be too late to save Weblin by then.

A silence ensues as Fiona controls her breath, until Auger asks what they should do to work with the wolves. Julian explains that the wolves are attacking other races because of Zodiva, but Auger just puts it as the wolves destroying villages in order to save themselves — they’re filthy after all. Fiona replies that Zodiva is causing the wolves to be taken by their impulses, but of course Auger couldn’t care less about that. No matter what the reason is, the wolves are causing troubles for people. It can’t be helped if they’re being hunted down. Fiona is shocked. Even though she already explained that the wolves are attacking people because they’re sick, Auger is still thinking of hunting them down. They have been hunting and killing victims of Zodiva, and that’s all they care about. Their hatred towards the wolves is extremely deep, and Fiona starts having doubts if she can really stop them. Julian helps by pointing out how the wolves attack people because Zodiva is causing them to grow bloodthirsty, and that’s where they can find a solution. However, Fiona completely blows up everything by revealing that she has talked to the wolves. Or rather, to the king of the wolves — Arles V. Felnoir.

While Mejojo gasps in shock — just as expected — Auger calmly comments that Fiona has dropped so low. It seems like she has become a real witch, holding secret meetings with the wolves behind their backs. She explains that she only wants to stop them from attacking more villages, and now she returned here because she already has a rough idea of the solution. In order to cure Zodiva, Lobeira such as herself is the key. The wolves need the blood of Lobeira, but they can’t find any because Lobeira is rare to begin with. Not to mention they look like normal people too, which makes them even harder to find. She believes the wolves don’t have a choice. Unfortunately, Fiona makes a mistake by using the word “believe”.. because Auger immediately points out that it’s simply her thought. It’s not certain. Again, Julian helps Fiona by saying that while it’s not for certain, there’s a very high probability that it’s the reason behind the wolves’ attacks. Arles got infected 10 years ago, and yet he’s doing fine as the leader of the wolves right now. It must be because he already has the antibodies.

However, Mejojo only replies that they still can’t prove the link to the blood of Lobeira. Fiona and Julian can’t deny this either, so he doesn’t get what they’re trying to say. He sounds tired, as if he’s ignoring trivial chatter from children. Fiona knows that he’s doing this on purpose though, because Auger hasn’t pulled enough information out of her. When she finally speaks up again, she tells them that Weblin should reconcile with the wolves. Both Mejojo and Auger’s eyes widen in shock. A silence hangs for a while, but Auger soon breaks it by bursting into hysterical laughter. He asks if Fiona and Julian escaped from the palace just to say this joke, because he finds this funny. Beside him, Mejojo is also laughing so much he’s shivering from laughter. Realizing that Mejojo and Auger have no intentions of listening, Fiona can feel warm tears rising to her eyes. She knew they wouldn’t listen right away, but she wanted them to prioritize the kingdom over personal grudge. Before she left Zanan, Arles said his hatred for Mejojo and Auger will never fade away, but he can’t let the wolves get destroyed because of that hatred. She wanted Mejojo and Auger to do the same thing, and yet this is the answer she got. She wonders if Mejojo is going to destroy Weblin with his grudge.

Despite the cruel treatment, Julian firmly says that they’re serious. Weblin will fall into ruin at this rate, so they need to reconcile with the wolves and create the cure for Zodiva. Fiona notices that Auger slips his hand into his pocket upon hearing this. She has no idea what he’s going to take out, but she has a very bad feeling. She thinks it’s just her imagination though, since she doesn’t have the right to stop Auger. The next second, Auger suddenly rushes towards Julian in an instant. Then Fiona hears the sound of something sharp, followed by Julian’s surprised voice. Fiona is too scared to see what’s going on. Too scared to find out what just happened. She forces herself to look at Julian, and she finds him looking just as shocked.. with something black piercing his chest. His shirt is starting to be stained in crimson. Fiona finds it difficult to accept what’s happening. When she calls out his name, Julian whispers and asks her to run — though she’s still too shocked to react.

Beside them, Auger apologizes saying he got bored. He let them live thinking he can hear something interesting, but then he got irritated to see Julian being normal. Julian is supposed to be nothing more than a broken toy. When Julian collapses to the ground like a puppet with broken strings, Auger says he already went through the trouble of breaking Julian to that extent. He just can’t laugh upon seeing his broken toy in a normal state, mockingly asking if Julian was healed by Fiona. Once again, he reminds Julian that he’s just a useless and broken toy. He shouldn’t think of anything like saving the kingdom, because he’s no longer a prince. Auger then pulls the black thing out of Julian’s chest, and Fiona can finally see what it is — a beautiful jet black dagger. Julian tries to say something with his pale lips, but his voice won’t come out.

Fiona quickly hugs Julian and moves his head onto her lap, feeling his warm blood dripping onto her dress. Julian whispers that he finally manages to return to his real self, and Fiona nods in agreement. Julian lost his real self and broke down under Mejojo and Auger’s torture, but he decided to return because he wants to save Weblin. He decided to face them on his own will. It must have taken a lot of determination, but Julian still made the decision.. and yet now he gets this as the result. Julian tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to die, because Fiona is the reason why he can regain his real self. Mejojo sighs in disgusting though, as Julian used to beg them to kill him in the past. Auger adds that Julian is so selfish for changing his opinions, and Fiona can see tears flowing from Julian’s eyes. She feels sad and frustrated. Their effort can only go so far, and the new beginning she’s hoping to reach was put to an end so easily.

Fiona repeatedly calls Julian’s name while asking him not to die, to which he replies that he doesn’t want to die either. He tries to say that he wants to live with her.. but Auger’s had enough, so he takes out his rapier and stabs Julian on the chest. Julian’s body flinches, and more blood sprays out of his mouth. Fiona cries and begs Auger to stop, while Julian’s body on her lap is starting to lose its warmth. The pool of blood around them grows even wider, and eventually Julian’s body turns cold.

… (ノಠ益ಠ)╯彡/(.□ . \)

Holding up his rapier, Auger says toys can never be free. Mejojo adds that unnecessary toys will only get disposed of, like what they just did to Julian. When Mejojo steps down from the throne, Fiona suddenly trembles in fear. Julian isn’t here anymore, and he can’t give her courage anymore. She’s all alone now, and she feels guilty for dragging Julian along. She should have refused when he asked to come along, and yet she feels really scared now that she’s alone. She can’t help but think of the cats in front of her as different, fearful creatures, and she realized how much Julian has supported her. When the twins sigh, she wonders if they’re really Mejojo and Auger. They often came to visit her in the tower. While they can be a bit arrogant, they were kind and often brought beautiful presents for her. Now they’re standing in front of her, and they have just killed Julian — her good friend and their half-brother. Fiona yells at them not to come, but Auger laughs saying she should be prepared before returning here. Mejojo also tells her that she disobeyed him and ran away from the palace, so she needs to be punished for that.

Mejojo asks if she understands, but Fiona panics and says no. She doesn’t want to understand. Are they going to stab her with a rapier too? However, Mejojo only smiles saying Fiona needs to wash herself first. On top of being stained by Julian’s filthy blood, she also went to meet the wolves. For now she needs to be purified, and after that he wants to know the location of the wolves’ headquarters. At the same time, Auger grabs Fiona’s wrist and drags her through the hallway. She doesn’t know where they’re going to take him, or what they’re planning to do with her. She feels scared. Fiona tries resisting and calls out to Julian, but Auger laughs saying Julian won’t come to save her. He’s dead. Even if he’s alive, he’s in no condition to save her. Mejojo confirms that Julian is really dead though, because the CCK should be disposing the corpse right now. Auger asks how they’re going to dispose Julian’s body, and Mejojo says he’s thinking of hanging it in the forest as food for the wild animals. He’s also thinking of storing it in the corner of the garden, so they can watch it rot everyday.. but they won’t be able to stand the smell.

Auger comments that Julian used to be the first prince of Weblin after all, so he should rot beautifully. If Fiona doesn’t want to be apart from Julian though, Mejojo is willing to let them share the same room. Not too long ago Fiona would nod happily or maybe say that she feels nervous to share a room with a man, but it’s different now. She feels scared at the thought of getting locked in an unknown room with Julian’s rotting corpse. Mejojo asks if they should call Julian to come over, as if he’s still alive and wants to see her. Fiona deeply apologizes to Julian in her heart. She knows they’re going to do more terrible things to Julian’s corpse if she refuses, but she feels really scared right now. She yells at them to stop, but it’s not enough for them. They want to hear her say that she doesn’t want to share the same space with Julian, going as far as saying that his corpse might sneak into her room if she doesn’t reject him clearly. Fiona quickly rejects the offer in a panic, and she falls into despair directly after. She just denied Julian, who used to be a close friend to her, even though she knows Julian is no longer around. Mejojo and Auger are misleading her feelings on purpose.

Mejojo laughs saying Fiona’s rejection is so cruel, and Julian would be devastated if he knows. Auger also adds that women are so scary, as they can express such dislike behind a good friend’s back. Fiona tries to denies their words in her mind, because she did like Julian. She treasured him as a friend, but she starts wondering if she should accept his corpse since she really did like him. If she should accept the corpses of those who are precious to her. She doesn’t know. This is the first time someone close to her died. Fiona’s mother and Nesso’s mother both died before she grew up, so she didn’t get the chance to know them. She doesn’t know how to accept someone’s death. Maybe Mejojo and Auger are right, and what she did was terribly cruel to someone who died. She can’t do anything other than sobbing, though Auger says they should keep walking. Mejojo mentions that he gave her a beautiful hanging garden, but she ran away from it.. so he concludes that it doesn’t suit her tastes. He then apologizes for not realizing this sooner, promising that she will love the new room he has prepared for her.

Upon hearing these words, Fiona notices that they’re not leading her back to the hanging garden. It sends chills down her spine, especially when Auger and Mejojo say it’s their favorite room. It used to be Julian’s favorite room too, and she realizes that they must be talking about the room where they broke Julian. Fiona tries to resist, but Auger laughs saying it can’t be helped because it doesn’t seem like she loves being treated nicely. They’re just granting her wish. Mejojo gently asks Fiona to come over, and in contrary, Auger violently pulls Fiona’s arm. She cries and screams along the way, but they drag her along until they finally reach the destination — the underground research chamber. It’s really dark and cold inside, but she can sense the raw smell of blood. Auger proudly announces that it’s their secret laboratory, and she realizes that it’s probably the room they forced Zara to work in. Once her eyes grow used to the darkness, Fiona can see simple cages piling up all over the place. They look too small even for Pearl and Richie, but she feels that they were used to keep the captured wolves. The floor beneath the cages are bloodstained.

Noticing that Fiona is looking at the cages, Auger chuckles saying they’re so handy. Here they can punish all the bad, disobedient kids. Fiona flinches in shock upon hearing the sound of chains, moreover upon realizing that it’s coming from Auger’s hands. He’s holding a chain that’s connected to ceiling, and he pulls the chain on her hands before she could run away. Auger gently supports Fiona’s body when she loses her balance, though it only terrifies her even more. He tells her that there’s a lot of tools here, and she can get hurt if she moves around carelessly. While Fiona tries to stop herself from thinking about what kind of tools they are, Auger connects the chain on her hand with the one he’s holding. Then he turns around to ask Mejojo about the height, and they adjust it so the chain will make Fiona’s toes barely touch the ground — it’s the most painful position. When Auger pulls the chain, Fiona is raised towards the ceiling on her wrists. Once her body is hanging mid-air, a sharp pain pierces her shoulders. Since her toes barely touches the ground, her body would spin if she loses balance.

Mejojo then comes closer, and upon seeing Fiona with her eyes closed, he asks if she’s scared. When she asks him to let her go, he tells her that she doesn’t understand her current position. Auger notes that Fiona might still feel like a princess, but she needs to remember that her father and brother both have fled the kingdom. They threw away their status and social standings, so she has absolutely nothing left. She’s just a little girl with no value, and yet she’s ordering them to “let go” — as if she’s in an equal position to them. Unfortunately, Auger speaks the truth. Both Edgar and Nesso chose to protect their family over the kingdom, and yet she made the stupid decision to return. She dragged Julian along and he died as the result, but she’s nowhere near her objective of stopping Mejojo and Auger. Right now she couldn’t care less about her objective. The only thing she wants is to run away. As Fiona starts crying, Auger asks Mejojo to give her a chance to atone for her sin through a punishment. Just like how a kid can be forgiven once they apologize.

Mejojo agrees since a king needs to be tolerant, but Fiona is terrified. The twin cats standing before her look beautiful in the dark room, but that’s why they’re scary. Mejojo says it’d be easy for Fiona since she will be forgiven after the punishment, but she’s asking herself if it’s really true. Does this mean they won’t do cruel things to her anymore? Or are they going to kill her with the punishment, so they can’t do anything to her again after that? Auger then wonders who should punish Fiona. He knows that she belongs to Mejojo, and Mejojo can punish her if he wants to.. but he’s willing to take over. Just in case his brother doesn’t want to touch the dirty woman hanging in front of them. The insult hurts Fiona, though she didn’t expect that they can still hurt her after all that happened. However, Mejojo leaves the decision to Fiona. His smile is gentle, as if he’s asking her to pick one of them as her dance partner. They look like they’re having fun, but she knows this is not a game.

Fiona chooses Mejojo. She feels too scared to choose Auger, as he was the one who stabbed Julian. Mejojo sounds happy to be chosen, while Auger sighs saying his brother is more popular after all. They look like the twins who used to visit her in the tower, since they had quite a lot of similar conversation in the past. The difference is right now both of her hands are tied up, and they are talking about her punishment. Mejojo then takes something from the wall, and Fiona stares in shock when a sharp sound hits the floor. He’s cracking a whip, and he smiles saying it’s an adult’s duty to whip bad children — she’ll love it too. Of course Fiona has been scolded before, but she’s never done anything that deserves a good whipping. She grew up without punishments, and the thought of getting whipped extremely terrifies her. She wants to cry, scream and apologize, but she holds back because she didn’t do anything wrong. If she apologizes here, it’s just the same as admitting that she made a mistake by disobeying Mejojo and Auger. While she regrets returning, their actions are wrong and she doesn’t want to accept them.

Auger laughs when Fiona shuts her eyelids tight, and he suggests Mejojo to whip her hard right from the start. They shouldn’t go easy on her since it might cause her to grow big-headed, to which Mejojo agrees. If they treated harshly from the beginning, she might not have to receive this punishment now. When Mejojo moves behind her back, Fiona’s eyes immediately chase after him. She’s too scared to let him out of her sight, and due to her position, her body starts to twirl around. Auger laughs saying it’s cute how Fiona wants to keep looking at Mejojo, but getting whipped in the face is really painful. Her skin might come off, and if it hits her in a bad spot, she might lose her sight. While Fiona tries to keep her balance, Mejojo is already standing behind her. She can’t see what he’s doing. Fiona closes her eyes and prepares for the worst upon sensing a movement behind her, while Auger laughs asking why she’s being that tense when Mejojo only moved for a bit. She starts wondering if they’re just using the whip to scare her, but of course the moment she drops her guard.. a sharp pain suddenly runs through her back, along with the sound of whip cutting the air. The whip leaves a burning sensation even more than the actual pain. Even her scream is stuck in her throat since she was taken by surprise.

Mejojo and Auger find Fiona’s endurance impressive, because Julian cried and screamed the first time they whipped him. Mejojo doesn’t mind if Fiona screams like that, but there’s also elegance in her silence — which he finds attractive. The sensation on her back is gradually turning into heat and pain, and she finally lets out a restrained gasp. Mejojo takes this as a sign of relief, and he tells her that it’s still to early to be relieved. The punishment obviously won’t end with just one hit. He then asks how many times does she want to get whipped, and he whips her again before she could answer. Fiona’s body begins twirling upon taking the hit. Mejojo, who’s holding a whip behind her, and Auger, who’s watching her, enter her spinning vision in turns. When Mejojo lifts the whip again, Fiona remembers what Auger told her earlier. Now that she knows how painful it is to be whipped, she can’t imagine receiving the same pain on her face. She tries to regain her balance, but the panic only causes her to twirl even faster.. and she ends up receiving the next hit on her stomach. It’s different from the pain she feels on her back, and she screams out.

Auger sighs since he already said it’s dangerous to move around, though Mejojo thinks it makes the punishment more worth it. Mejojo then asks Fiona to turn her back on them, since he knows she doesn’t want unnecessary pain either. Unable to hold back her fear any longer, she cries and begs them to stop. She doesn’t have any willpower left, as she only wants to escape from the pain. Auger is disappointed to see her determination crumbling apart in only three hits, but Mejojo is willing to grant forgiveness if she apologizes with all her heart. Fiona tries to mutter an apology, but Mejojo whips her again saying her voice is too small. He keeps whipping her even when she repeatedly apologizes, asking if she’s truly reflecting on her mistakes. Auger also points out that her casual way of speaking is improper, since Mejojo is the king and Fiona is just his possession. Mejojo continues whipping Fiona as she repeatedly apologizes, until she finally screams out “please forgive me, Mejojo-sama!”

Mejojo grins saying Fiona’s apology is pretty good, to which Auger replies that she does look cute this way. When Mejojo warns Auger that Fiona belongs to him, Auger laughs saying he’s aware of that. Fiona is still panting as she looks at them, and they’re chatting as if they truly love her. Even if they seem to like her reaction and apology, she has no idea what’s so good about this punishment. Auger then takes a closer look at Fiona, mentioning that she has finally learned her place by calling his brother with the correct title — Mejojo-sama. Fiona didn’t realize this earlier due to the pain, and her eyes widen in shock upon realizing what she has done. By calling Mejojo that way, she has succumbed to his power. Even though Mejojo allowed Julian to be killed. Fiona can feel despair filling her breath. Mejojo has completely shattered her heart with his whip. Beside her, Mejojo whispers that she should have known by now that it’s useless to disobey him. Then he orders her to stay by his side, never to leave him again. At first Fiona only remains silent, but she flinches in fear when Mejojo cracks his whip. She has learned what kind of pain that whip can give, and she knows she can’t go against him anymore. The moment she called him Mejojo-sama, she has chosen the path of obedience. In the end Fiona answers that she understands, and Mejojo accepts it with a smile. He looks satisfied, as if he has finally obtained something he’s been longing to get for a long time.

With her heart broken, Fiona can only sit on the ground — with Mejojo and Auger looking down on her. Mejojo then asks if Fiona will swear to become his, and she responds with a weak nod. She doesn’t want to experience pain and fear anymore. In such a short time, Mejojo and Auger have destroyed her heart into pieces. Auger says they will pamper her if she listens to them, and her heart shivers. She has just learned that they’ll treat her nicely if she obeys them, and a terrifying punishment will be waiting if she dares to go against them. Mejojo smiles saying he’s going to give Fiona his crest, so she won’t forget that she belongs to him. He then calls out to Auger, who happily answers that everything is ready.. as he hands a red scorching branding iron to his brother. Fiona is shocked and tries to resist, but Auger stops her from running away. This will be the proof that Fiona belongs to Mejojo, and they will have to give her another punishment if she moves. Fiona immediately freezes in place, and Auger tells her that she won’t experience more pain if she stays still.

Auger then turns to Mejojo, asking where they should put the crest. Since Fiona has a fair skin, Mejojo thinks the crest will stand out no matter where they place it. However, Fiona’s position in public will be his wife, so they have to keep it hidden. Mejojo then asks Fiona to hold up her hair, though Auger does it for her anyway. Her nape, which is usually hidden under her long hair, is now exposed. Mejojo says it’s a good place to put the crest on, and that it’s going to look beautiful on her. He asks her not to move since it’ll only hurt her more, though Auger is gladly holding her still. When Mejojo pushes the branding iron onto her nape, Fiona screams in pain. It hurts. It burns her skin. Her tears are dripping onto the floor. After what seems like an eternity, Mejojo finally removes the branding iron from Fiona’s nape. On the back of her neck, they have engraved a proof that she’s their possession.

Meanwhile in Zanan, Guillan comes to report to Arles. He was sent to watch the capital for a while, and just from his expression, both Arles and Rath can tell that Fiona has failed. Guillan knows Arles didn’t expect anything from Fiona though, since he doesn’t believe they can reach the future she’s wishing for. Right from the start Arles knew she won’t be able to stop Mejojo and Auger, but he didn’t send her away to teach her a painful lesson. He simply wanted to bet on the possibility she was offering. Rath asks what happened to Fiona, and Guillan says he doesn’t know. Maybe she got tortured and killed. When Rath frowns, Guillan teases him by asking if he feels sorry for Fiona — a side he finds pretty cute. Rath is about to say something, but then he stops himself. Knowing what Rath is thinking of, Arles asks him not to think about rescuing Fiona. It was her decision, and there’s nothing they can do about it. While he doesn’t believe that peace can be reached between the wolves and the cats, Arles wanted to believe in Fiona. That’s why he decided to wait, but in the end her effort was useless after all. When Arles asks about the capital’s situation, Guillan says people are still excited about exterminating the wolves.

Arles then reverts his gaze to the paper in his hands, on which he’s been writing about treatments for Zodiva. Just in case they might need it later. He chuckles to himself, as he never thought of writing anything down before. The history of the wolves, the scheme of the cats, and also the secret of Zodiva. It never crossed Arles’ mind to record them, because he always thought that when he dies.. it will be the end for the wolves. Arles can’t bring himself to believe in the future anymore, and he didn’t want to leave anything for the people of Weblin — the people who betrayed them. However, while waiting for Fiona’s plan to advance, Arles started writing down his knowledge. Maybe the wolves can survive even after he’s gone. They will be destroyed if people keep hunting them, but even if it’s not useful for now.. maybe his knowledge will be able to save the wolves someday. It’s been a long time since he felt hope, and he can say for certain that it’s Fiona’s fault. Arles thought his future is long gone, but now his feelings are shaken up by probabilities and he doesn’t hate it either.

Looking up from his paper, Arles asks what Nesso and Zara are planning to do. Their answer is obvious. They’re going to rescue Fiona from the palace. After Fiona and Julian left that night, Nesso and Zara has been staying in Zanan. When they first learned about Fiona’s plan, Nesso and Zara wanted to chase after her right away. They were hoping to stop her before she reaches the palace, but they were stopped by Arles. Fiona asked him to cooperate with her plan, and that includes stopping Nesso and Zara from chasing after her. Despite the danger, it was the path she decided to take. She was confused and gave it a lot of thought, but she decided to fight instead of leaving the kingdom. Fiona knew she might fail or even die, but her decision stood firm. Arles thinks Fiona’s decision is honorable, and that’s why he promised to cooperate. As long as Mejojo doesn’t attack them, the wolves won’t attack either. It’s a promise made in the hope of saving Weblin. Nesso and Zara should know how much value it has. Arles asked if they’re still going to chase after Fiona, taking on the wolves as their enemy.

That left Nesso and Zara with no choice, so they gave up on chasing Fiona. They couldn’t escape without her either, and so they asked Arles to let them stay in Zanan for a while. He knew that if she failed to reason with Mejojo and Auger, a full-scale war is going to happen. Mejojo and Auger are definitely going to destroy the wolves, and Arles will lead the wolves to fight back. When that happens, Nesso wants to rescue Fiona. Arles reminded Nesso that Fiona left him behind. Rather than having a peaceful life with them, she chose the future of the kingdom. Fiona herself is prepared to die, so is there a meaning of risking his own life to save her? Nesso firmly replied that there is. She’s prepared to sacrifice her life for Weblin, and they want to protect her because of that. Arles said they can do whatever they want, allowing them to stay in Zanan. In return, Zara asked for the permission to treat the infected wolves. Arles asked if it’s for his research too, and Zara admitted that it is.. but he promised not to do terrible things like Mejojo and Auger did in the palace. Arles didn’t mind since it’s just healing treatment, though he warned Zara that he won’t take any responsibilities if he got bitten or killed. Zara accepted the condition and thanked him. During their stay in Zanan, Nesso and Zara have been sharing their knowledge with Arles.

Back in the present, Arles asks if Mejojo and Auger have learned about their location. Guillan says they probably have a rough idea. After picking up Fiona and Julian from the nearby village, the knights were ordered to do a thorough research around the area. This means she didn’t tell them about Zanan, and Arles finds this surprising — knowing the cats would resort to torture in order to gain information. Now that they know she failed, Nesso asks if they’re going to wait further. Rath replies that it would be useless to wait, and they have to make the first move — even if it means breaking their promise. Arles then asks Zara about his research progress, and Zara answers that it’s 90% complete. The remaining 10% is the actual practice. The wolves have been infected with Zodiva for so long, so it takes time to see the cure’s effect on them. When Arles asks about the predicted success rate of the cure, Zara answers that he’s 100% sure. He already gathered the blood of the cured wolves, including Arles. Then he made a serum based on the common factors in their blood, and he’s certain it’s going to work. Rath was the first one to test the serum, and he’s nearly cured. They only need time to see if the cure works on the other wolves too.

When Guillan asks what he’s going to do, Arles says they’re going to attack the palace. Rath is surprised, but Nesso knows he’s planning to buy time for the recovering wolves. If Zanan got attacked, those who haven’t healed yet will be in danger. It’s better to leave Zanan, since there will be future for those who are still recovering. Arles asks if they’re coming along, and Nesso replies that they are — though they have a different objective. The wolves are going to kill Mejojo and Auger, while Nesso and Zara are going to rescue Fiona. Arles doesn’t mind though. Mejojo will protect Fiona with all his life, so their objective aren’t that far apart. Nesso sighs saying it’s hard when your sister attracts the eye of weird men, and Arles chuckles saying it seems to be the case. Guillan doesn’t seem pleased to be allies with a human and a rabbit, but Rath says race has nothing to do with this. They’re allies as long as they share the same enemy. Guillan is still looking at Nesso and Zara with suspicion in his eyes, but at least he knows they’re not enemies. Arles is planning to attack before Mejojo and Auger are prepared, so they’re going to move out as soon as they’re ready.

Arles’ room turns quiet after everyone leaves. He whispers that the time has finally come. Last time he came to the palace in order to save Rath, but it’s different now. They’re going to kill Mejojo and Auger. It will become a full-scale war, and it won’t end until one of the parties got destroyed. The battle will be engraved onto the history of Weblin. Arles mutters “..just wait, Mejojo. This time we’re going to settle it.” His voice is low like a curse, echoing in the room along with his determination.

Back in the royal palace, Fiona is still chained in the underground prison. After being locked in the dark for so long, she’s starting to lose track of time. She can’t make an estimation either, because her meals are brought randomly. When she hears the door opening, Fiona curls up in the corner. Mejojo and Auger only have one reason for visiting — to torture her. Aside from whipping her, they also break her heart through further abuse. Even if she cries, screams and apologizes, they won’t forgive her. Fiona’s days are now filled with pain, and she closes her eyes in fear. The one who visits her today turns out to be Auger. She can’t get up since her neck is tied onto the low part of the wall, so she can only look up at him. He asks if she’s been a good kid, and when she obediently says yes, he smiles and pats her head like a pet. Auger then says they’re having a fun event today, so he wants her to enjoy it too. By this point Fiona already knows that it’s a lie, since Auger’s definition of entertaining her is to make her cry and scream. He asks if she’s not happy, and he violently pulled her hair — forcing her to say that she’s happy.

Ever since they imprisoned her here, Fiona’s freedom was taken away. Both mentally and physically. Even if she hates it, she’s forced to do whatever they tell her to do. They force her to say she’s happy when she feels sad. They force her to deny her real feelings. During one of their visits, Mejojo and Auger asked if Fiona feels happy to receive their attention. They demanded her to answer with a smile, but she failed to make a convincing smile. When Mejojo said she should try to smile better next time, Fiona felt relieved thinking she has gained their forgiveness.. until Mejojo added that he’ll forgive Fiona through a good whipping. Auger told her to say she’s happy to be whipped by Mejojo, but she only cried and asked them to stop. They sighed upon hearing this. Mejojo said it’s so insolent of her to voice a complaint against him, while Auger compared her to a mutt that needs to be trained. Mejojo told Fiona to be prepared, and she screamed as they started whipping her again.

Right now, Fiona is wondering about the meaning of her existence. Maybe she’d feel better if she loses herself, turning into an obedient existence without any emotion and will. The thought is like a sweet poison that’s gradually corrupting her mind, but she reminds herself that she’s Fiona Galland. She returned to save Weblin, and she shouldn’t give up no matter what. She shouldn’t think of destroying herself. When she looks up at Auger, he asks her to come over. He already removed her chain from the wall, so she’s allowed to stand up now. Fiona doesn’t know where Auger is going to take her, but she doesn’t care as long as she can get out of the dark underground prison. Auger pulls the chain on Fiona’s neck as he leads her outside, taking her to see Mejojo in the throne room. Mejojo greets her with a happy laughter, but she holds her breath upon seeing him. He looks so happy and she finds it scary, because the reason must be related to the wolves.

Fiona then kneels down and bows before Mejojo — a gesture she was forced to learn after returning here. At first Auger had to order her to do it, but she’s gotten used to it by now. Mejojo says he’s got an information that he wants to share with Fiona. He asks if she remembers that he sent knights around the village where they picked her up, because she said she didn’t know about the wolves’ hideout. Despite the torture she had to endure, she protected the location with all her life. It’s not a lie though, since she really doesn’t know the exact location. Fiona didn’t know where Nesso was heading during the escape, and it was dark when Arles and Guillan took them to the village. Mejojo has been busy preparing the knights recently, but today he learned that Arles has found out about his plans. Now the wolves are coming to attack them. Fiona is shocked because Arles promised to stay still unless Mejojo attacks them first, but she realizes their promise is meaningless now. She has failed to convince Mejojo and Auger after all. They won’t listen to her and reconcile with the wolves, no matter what’s going to happen next. Mejojo confirms this by saying they’re going to counter-attack. They’re going to destroy the wolves for real this time.

However, Fiona doesn’t want a war to happen. She asks Mejojo to stop because they won’t be able to cure Zodiva, and realizing that she’s right, he asks her not to worry. He’s going to capture some of the wolves alive. They can spend the rest of their lives as materials for the cure, and she’ll have them as companions underground. Fiona is horrified, realizing that she has given him a reason to torture the wolves again. Mejojo then says he has another good news for Fiona. He smiles as he watches her intently, as if he doesn’t want to miss her reaction. Among the wolves who are heading towards the palace, they have spotted a human man and a rabbit man. Fiona’s jaw drops open upon realizing who Mejojo is talking about, and Julian’s death pops up in her mind. She doesn’t want Nesso and Zara to be killed. When Fiona quietly questions why they’re coming, Auger lightly says it’s definitely to rescue her. Fiona is aware that she has betrayed her family by choosing Weblin over them, and so she doesn’t want them to jump into danger just to save her. As much as she wants to stop them, she can’t contact them from the palace.

Fiona then begs the twins not to harm Nesso and Zara, and Auger reminds her that they’re not doing anything. Though if Nesso and Zara are joining the wolves’ attack, he’ll gladly take them on. It was her own decision to return to the palace, so she gave up and endured their torture as the consequence.. but Nesso and Zara are different. They should have fled the kingdom, but now they’re returning because of her. Fiona continues asking Mejojo to spare their lives, saying she’s willing to do anything in return. Mejojo laughs saying she’s so foolish and shameless. He knows how much she loves Nesso and Zara, and she’d definitely take their hand if they come to save her — even though he already taught her repeatedly that she belongs to him. Auger also adds that Fiona is easy and lewd, so she’d wag her tail upon seeing those two. She denies it saying she’ll stay in the palace as long as they don’t harm Nesso and Zara, but Auger chuckles saying she look so disgraceful in desperation — so much that he actually finds her cute. Auger then asks for Mejojo’s opinion, and Mejojo says he’ll think about it since it’s a wish from his cute wife. Fiona happily thanks him, but her hope instantly gets crushed when he adds that he will only think about it. Those who dare to defy the king will be executed. It’s the same in every country, and her cute begging won’t change anything.

Before starting the “fun” hunting time, Mejojo orders for Fiona to be taken into a room on the upper level — where she can get a clear view of the hanging garden. Auger gladly accepts the order, and ignoring Fiona’s attempt to protest, he drags her out of the throne room. He then takes her into the confinement room, located on the top of a high tower. While it seems like a normal room at the first glance, the room looks like it was designed just for her. There are chains dangling on the window, and just as the name says, the room was made for confinement. Fiona begs Auger to save Nesso and Zara, but he says it’s impossible because Mejojo wants them dead. He’s a loyal vassal, unlike her. In any case, Fiona is free to do whatever she wants in this room. When Auger releases the chain on her neck, she drops onto the ground and cries. Auger thinks Fiona is weird since Nesso and Zara are coming to save her. They already did it once, not to mention they’re coming with the wolves. When Mejojo and Auger are busy dealing with the wolves, Nesso and Zara might be able to rescue Fiona.

Sadly, Fiona already learned that things won’t go that smoothly in reality. She had to pay with Julian’s death, and she can’t hold an optimistic view regarding the future anymore. Just as Mejojo said earlier, they can see the hanging garden from the window. Fiona can see her small house down there, and the beautiful view reminds her of Julian. Now that he’s gone, she wonders who’s taking care of the garden. When Fiona starts crying again, Auger calls her weird and tells her to enjoy the view — it’s going to be lively in a moment. Then he walks out of the room, leaving her alone in tears. Soon after the night falls, Fiona starts hearing the sound of people running outside. She knows Nesso and Zara probably have arrived along with the wolves, and she can only pray for them to run away. A part of her is hoping that everything is just a mistake.

Outside, Nesso suddenly stops walking. When Zara asks him what’s wrong, Nesso says it feels like he just heard Fiona’s voice. It might be because he’s nervous though, since they’ve got a battle ahead of them. Zara finds it surprising since he thought Nesso is used to wars, and Nesso admits that he is.. but the one they’re facing now is different. It’s a war that will change the kingdom, and they have to rescue Fiona as well. Nesso doesn’t have his subordinates’ support this time, not to mention he’ll have to fight the people he used to work with. This reminds Zara that Nesso is a knight of Weblin too, and when Nesso protests, Zara chuckles and says that he’s used to see Nesso as the leader of Greif Ritter instead of a knight working in the palace. After a long, nervous silence, Zara asks if they can really rescue Fiona. Nesso admits that it’s going to be difficult. Fiona has escaped once, so Mejojo and Auger will surely put a tight defense around her. Besides, they have been preparing to attack Zanan. There must be a lot of arms and supplies in the palace, and it’s going to be a harsh battle for the wolves.

Knowing the danger ahead, Nesso says Zara doesn’t have to force himself to follow him. Nesso knows he’s going to regret it if he runs away from this battle, but Zara doesn’t need to follow them out of duty. However, Zara chuckles saying Nesso can be as stupid as Fiona sometimes. They’ve known each other for a long time, so Nesso should know that he wouldn’t join this suicide mission if he doesn’t want to. Zara is standing here on his own will, knowing he’ll regret it too if he escapes. Even if he survives, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his life. That’s why he wants Nesso to take him along, as they share the same wish of saving Fiona. Nesso deeply expresses his gratitude, and he laughs saying Fiona will hold a grudge on him for taking Zara along. On the other hand, Zara thinks Fiona will also cry and blame him for not stopping Nesso. They exchange a smile. Once they enter the palace, they won’t be able to chat for a while. This might even be their last conversation.

Soon Nesso and Zara hear Guillan calling out to them, and they go to join the wolves. Arles is standing in the center, with Rath and Guillan on each side. They’re going to review their strategy now. Just like their last raid, Arles and Guillan are going to break into the palace first. Guillan proudly explains that Arles and him can jump over the palace walls, which surprises Nesso. He knew the wolves have amazing physical abilities, but he didn’t expect them to reach that level. Guillan quickly corrects this though, as the only ones who can jump that high are only Arles and himself — not all wolves can do that. They’re going to open the palace gate from the inside, allowing everyone else to enter. Meanwhile, Rath is in charge of guarding their backs and securing their retreat route. He asks if Arles is concerned about his body, but Arles replies that he can’t ask too much from an injured person. When Arles asks if they have any questions, Nesso asks if they can split up after entering the castle. Their objective is to rescue Fiona above all else. Arles doesn’t mind since he won’t be able to look after them either, so they’re free to take a different path.

After making sure nobody has any questions left, Arles leads the wolves to move out. It’s going to be the last battle, and it will determine the fate of the wolves — their lives are on the line. They’re going to engrave their fangs, their pride and their symbol onto the royal palace of Weblin. Their howls are echoing through the forest like a declaration of war, and the last battle begins. In the confinement room, Fiona is surprised upon hearing the howls. She doesn’t see any changes in the garden yet, but she knows they’re coming, and she’s praying for Nesso and Zara not to come to save her.

Following their strategy, Arles and Guillan jump into the palace. They quickly take down the guards, and Guillan says they should open the gate now.. but Arles has a bad feeling about this. The number guards are too small. Does this mean they’re ready to attack, but not to defend? They can’t back down now though. Arles can order Guillan to retreat, but they won’t get any chance to rescue Fiona anymore. Arles thinks he’s being foolish since his objective is to kill Mejojo and Auger, and yet Fiona stays on the back of his mind. He then moves to open the gate with Guillan, thinking that Nesso and Zara should be able to rescue her once they enter the palace. At the same time in the throne room, Leonidas informs Mejojo that the main gate has been opened by two wolves — just as they expected. Mejojo replies that the stupid wolves have shallow wit, since the same trick won’t work on them twice. Mejojo then orders Leonidas to take the CCK and watch the gate — they all know what to do once the wolves enter the palace. If everything goes well, Mejojo will reward them with their favorite nuts. When Leonidas leads the CCK out, Mejojo is grinning on the throne. Just like a small boy who’s watching over the progress of his mischievous prank. Then he chuckles saying this will be a massacre for the wolves.

Once the gate has been opened, Nesso and Zara immediately rush in with the wolves. None of them are aware that the CCK are watching them intently. After making sure all the wolves are inside, Leonidas commands for the gate to be closed — it was what Mejojo ordered them to do. Rath, who’s standing under the gate, hears the sound. He then looks up to find thick iron bars hidden above the wooden door Arles and Guillan opened for them, and now those bars are going down. Their escape route will be blocked at this rate, and so Rath yells at the others to return. Arles and Guillan can retreat by jumping over the walls, but the others will be trapped inside. Sadly, despite Rath’s attempt to call out to them, his voice doesn’t reach the wolves. The only one who hears his voice is Zara, and Nesso turns around to see what’s happening.. but it’s too late. The gate is already closed, and their escape route has been blocked. They won’t be able to lift the iron bars by themselves, so Nesso says they should return, capture some of the knights and ask them how to reopen the gate. Otherwise they won’t be able to return alive.

Nesso runs back towards the gate along with Zara, but they suddenly get surrounded by a lot of knights. It seems the knights were hiding earlier, and Nesso realizes that they’ve walked straight into a trap. They make the wolves drop their guards to lure them inside, then ambush the trapped wolves with full strength — it’s just like the twins to develop this cunning strategy. Nesso tells Zara not to leave his side, and Zara answers that he’ll protect Nesso’s back. Nesso whispers that they might die, but Zara doesn’t mind. He came here for that purpose, and he’s ready to risk his life to save Fiona. Nesso laughs saying he’s thinking of the same thing. Beneath the moonlight, both Zara and him put their backs against each other — holding their weapons in hand.

From the tower, Fiona can see a change in the battle below. At first the wolves pushed their way inside, but now they seem to be confused — as if they’re wondering if they should go back. She runs towards a window on the other side of the room to look for the cause, and she gasps in shock upon seeing the closed gate. The wooden door is still open, but thick iron bars are blocking the gate. Fiona knows it must be Mejojo and Auger’s plan. They’re not stupid, and they have time to prepare compared to when the wolves first attacked — they must have prepared the iron bars beforehand. The wolves are now trapped inside, and they’re getting pushed into the hanging garden. Since she’s watching the battle from above, Fiona can clearly tell that the knights have the upper hand. They know they can’t take on the wolves in an one-on-one battle, so each wolf are guarded by several knights. She can also see the silver glitter of the knights’ blades, as well as red blood spraying out of the wolves’ bodies. Once the wolves collapse onto the ground, the knights stab them repeatedly until they die. It’s a terrifying sight, and it’s not the view she wanted to see. She wanted peace between the wolves and the cats.

Just then Fiona realizes something. The knights are killing the wolves in the garden, trampling all the beautiful flowers inside. The garden is now set aflame, though she’s not sure where it came from. Maybe the wolves made it, or maybe it was from a fallen torch. She knows they’re fighting with all their lives, and they don’t have time to pay attention to the flowers.. but it was Julian’s garden. It was the last thing he left behind, the place he took care of with all his heart. Now the beautiful garden is eroding in the flames of war. The only thing Julian left behind has been destroyed. Fiona cries as she watches the cruel scenery below. This is a spiral of sadness and hatred. The cursed history of Weblin. The tragedy of war between the wolves and the cats. The tragedy of a brother who’s risking his life to save his foolish younger sister, along with his trusted friend. This is also a tragedy of a gardener who left a garden before he died, and yet it gets destroyed in war. A lot of tragedies are happening in front of her eyes, and the only ones who can stop them are Mejojo and Auger.

Fiona wonders where the twins are. Normally the king would never step into the battlefield, but Mejojo and Auger are different. Rather than leaving everything to the knights, they would take their weapons and fight. It’s their greatest joy to kill the wolves, and they’d gladly jump into a dangerous battle for that. Looking down at the burning garden, Fiona searches for Mejojo among all the people below. She has failed to stop him, so the least she can do is to watch the battle until the end. Knowing that Mejojo must be guarded by the knights, Fiona starts searching for the largest crowd.. and she eventually finds him. He’s standing under the moonlight, his slender body bathing in the red light of the flames. Mejojo looks more elegant and princely than anyone else, which Fiona finds weird since he’s a king. The tall figure standing before is none other than Arles, the king of wolves, wrapped in his dark clothing. They look like complete opposites.

Down in the garden, Mejojo and Arles greet each other. Arles mentions that he didn’t see Mejojo on his last visit, and he asks if Mejojo was shivering out of fear in his room. The insult undoubtedly angered Mejojo, but Arles calmly asks if Mejojo wants to kill him — the one who created the scar on his face. Mejojo grins saying he’s going to kill Arles, who replies that he shares the same feeling. When Mejojo and Arles take out their weapons, all the wolves and the knights around them stop moving. If any of them makes a suspicious move to interrupt the duel, chaos would surely erupt between both parties. Mejojo is the one who starts the duel, and Fiona realizes that it’s the first time she’s ever seen him fight seriously. Arles grins asking if that’s all he got, but Mejojo replies that Arles’ skills have degraded — his title as a former knight will cry in shame. Arles answers it’d be boring to kill Mejojo right away, because he wants Mejojo to fall into despair first. Just like what he experienced 10 years ago. While they seem to be equally strong, Fiona notices that Arles has the upper hand in stamina and physical strength. If the duel drags on for a long time, Arles would surely win in the end. Mejojo is desperately attacking him, but Arles keeps defending instead of hitting back.

Once again, Arles asks if that’s all Mejojo got. Arles then lifts his sword saying he’ll end this now, and Mejojo swings his rapier out of anger. Fiona can see Arles grinning as he dodges the attack, and he swings his sword towards Mejojo’s neck. It’s impossible to defend or block the attack, but then Fiona sees Mejojo lifting his other hand — as if he’s giving signal to someone. Fiona gasps in shock when several arrows suddenly fly from the dark, piercing Arles on the back. Mejojo laughs saying he actually wanted to kill Arles with his own hands, but he doesn’t mind working with the rats either. It’s too late to notice this now, but Fiona realizes that she doesn’t see the CCK around Mejojo. She thought she just can’t see them due to their small size, or maybe they’re staying in another place since they’re not made for direct battles.. but she was wrong. The CCK has been guarding Mejojo all along, hiding in the darkness while holding their bows — waiting for Mejojo to give them a signal.

Arles only comments that Mejojo is playing dirty as usual, but Mejojo replies that he’s just using his head. The one who survives will be the winner. The sword that’s about to behead Mejojo a moment ago is now facing the ground, acting as a support to help Arles stand. Mejojo says that Arles is as irritating as usual, and he starts attacking with his rapier again. Even with arrows on his back, Arles manages to block Mejojo’s attacks.. but sadly his defense doesn’t last long. Eventually Mejojo’s rapier hits Arles, who then falls onto his knees. Mejojo is obviously happy to see this, and he laughs saying he can finally make Arles kneel before him. When Arles asks if he’s satisfied, Mejojo answers that he is — he can finally defeat Arles. He says Arles is always looking down on him, and he wants to know how Arles feels to kneel before him. However, Arles gets back on his feet and starts laughing too. Mejojo asks him what’s wrong, and Arles replies that he never looked down on Mejojo during his days as a knight. Mejojo doesn’t believe it, insisting that Arles must have believed that he’s better. Again, Arles only laughs saying Mejojo has always lived in fear of his own malice. Arles once again says that he never looked down on Mejojo. In fact, he respected Mejojo as a prince.

Arles’ voice is gentle and sincere, but it’s just like a curse for Mejojo. He’s been holding a complex towards Arles for so long. It’s unclear whether it started when Elvira left him for Arles, or if he already feels inferior to begin with. The only thing that’s certain is that Mejojo has been holding a deep hatred towards Arles, and that hatred is the reason behind everything — the wolf hunt, Zodiva, everything that’s been corrupting the kingdom. That’s why Arles can say for certain that it’s all Mejojo’s fault. He didn’t do anything. Mejojo destroyed himself. Arles then says that Mejojo will never change. Even if the wolves got destroyed after his death, Mejojo will never find peace. Mejojo shouts at Arles to shut up, repeatedly stabbing Arles with his rapier, but Arles laughs saying Mejojo is so pitiful. Even though Arles is the one who’s getting stabbed, Fiona feels that Mejojo is the one who’s getting cornered. Arles coughs out blood as Mejojo repeatedly tells him to die, but he continues laughing. While the battle itself is scary, Fiona is more terrified to hear Arles’ voice. It’s like he’s cursing Mejojo, wounding Mejojo’s heart as he dies.

When Mejojo finally puts down his bloody rapier, Arles is no longer laughing. He’s just kneeling in silence. Both Fiona and Mejojo wonder if he’s already dead, but Mejojo moves closer to kick his shoulder.. Arles suddenly moved. He swiftly pulls himself back on one foot, and along with a loud road, he swipes his sharp claws towards Mejojo’s face. Mejojo is too surprised to block Arles’ attack, and Arles’ claws hits his left eye. Mejojo screams in pain while cursing Arles, and as he draws his last breath, Arles smiles. He has taken his sworn enemy’s left eye to die with him. Fiona wonders if Arles did it on purpose. Arles could have killed Mejojo with that last blow, but he didn’t. It was the decision he should have taken as the king of the wolves, but as a man, he chose to take the option that would harm Mejojo the most. From now on Mejojo would remember Arles upon looking at his own face, but his hatred can’t be directed towards anything — Arles is gone. He will have to hold that hatred and rage for the rest of his life, and that’s why Arles died with a smile. Arles must be satisfied, but at the same time, this will only deepen the endless spiral of hatred. A knight asks if Mejojo is alright, but Mejojo only yells at him to shut up. With red blood dripping onto his white clothes, Mejojo orders the knight to kill the remaining wolves and line up their heads — “Kill the wolves… Kill kill kill kill kill kill KILL! KILL ALL OF THE WOLVES!” The knight is terrified, while Mejojo’s order echoes through the garden like a curse.

Meanwhile, Rath is desperately trying to open the blocked gate. He’s the only one left outside, and he’s been trying to destroy the iron bars. He slammed his body at them and even tried to bite them, but they wouldn’t budge. Rath should be able to jump over the walls like Arles and Guillan if he’s not injured, but his wounds haven’t completely recovered yet — the walls are too high for the current him. He can sense a strong smell of blood inside, but he doesn’t know if it belongs to the knights or the wolves. Rath starts calling out for Arles. He believes that his brother won’t die, but the screams from inside only make him even more worried. Ignoring his bloodied fists, Rath continues punching the iron bars until he finally hears weak footsteps approaching. The next thing he sees is a severely injured Guillan, who greets him with an embarrassed smile. Both of Guillan’s legs are torn, and Rath can tell that it’s the reason why he couldn’t escape sooner.

When Rath asks what’s going on inside, Guillan answers that Arles died after taking Mejojo’s left eye. Guillan knows that it won’t take long until he dies either, because they can’t exit the palace anymore. That’s why he wants Rath to run, along with the small number of wolves who remained in Zanan. Just then Rath sees a knight approaching Guillan from behind, but Guillan ignores the knight and asks Rath to listen. He needs to run and prevent the wolves from getting eradicated. The knight stabs Guillan through the stomach before he could finish his sentence. With his remaining strength, Guillan clings onto the gate — blocking Rath’s face from the knight’s vision. If he collapses, the knight will find out that there’s a survivor among the wolves. Rath refuses saying he will die with them, but Guillan tells him to live on — finally calling Rath by his name. Rath is shocked since Guillan always calls him “newcomer” up until now, but Guillan calls his name in the very last moment of his life. As if snapped by these words, Rath turns around and runs off. After seeing Rath disappearing into the forest, Guillan finally collapses onto the ground. His last words are “Arles.. I got your little brother to escape.. Will you praise me..?” 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。 He can see an illusion of Arles through his blurring vision, and he closes his eyes with a satisfied smile.

The moonlight is shining upon the beautiful royal palace of Weblin. Inside, there are horrifying sceneries from hell. Everything is painted blood red. The historians call this event as the “Bloody Nightmare”, a gruesome war between the wolves and the cats that involved the other races. However, after the war, the threat caused by the wolves’ attacks have disappeared from Weblin. There are no more wolves in Weblin. They have been thoroughly exterminated. Those who died in the palace never received any graves, and their corpses were burned into ashes. After that, King Garibaldi VII — Mejojo von Garibaldi — announced that the cure for Zodiva has been completed. The people of Weblin rejoiced. They don’t have to fear the wolves anymore. They don’t have to suffer from the deadly epidemic anymore. Mejojo gained their trust because of this, and under his reign, Weblin once again became a rich and beautiful kingdom.

Meanwhile, Mejojo has been treasuring Fiona since that night of despair. She’s now living in her house in the garden again, with the CCK guarding her all the time — listening to everything she says. They serve her with high-quality food and clothes, and anything she wishes for will be granted. She’s being treated like a state guest. Fiona wonders if Mejojo really wants her that much. It’s strange how he can treasure her this much after all the cruel things he did to her before. It’s like he turned violent because he kept failing to get her, but now that she’s finally in his hands, he treasures her a lot.

After that night, Mejojo’s madness and instability have vanished. Along with his left eye. It’s as if the demon who’s been possessing him has left, maybe because Mejojo is finally released from his hatred towards the wolves. Fiona knows some of the wolves are still alive out there, but he thinks they’ve been destroyed after he defeated their king — Arles, the man he hated for such a long time. Mejojo’s wolf hunt have come to an end, and all that’s left is a hunt for the remnants. While he’s still sending the knights to investigate possible locations of the wolves’ hideout, Fiona can’t sense any motivation in his voice. At the same time, Fiona also finds herself strange. She found out that Nesso and Zara invaded the palace that night, and both of them were killed. Nesso and Zara were really important to her. They were her family, and nothing can take their place in her heart. They were taken away from her that night, and yet she can accept her current condition with ease. She was taken out of the underground prison, left the confinement room, and now she’s back in the garden again.

Her name is now Fiona von Garibaldi. She’s the legal wife of Mejojo — King Garibaldi VII — and the queen of Weblin. He’s living in the palace, and he only comes to visit her from time to time. Sometimes it’s at night, when he’s tired from work. Sometimes it’s a sudden visit at noon. After a light chat, Mejojo would embrace Fiona and go to sleep. At first she tried resisting, refusing to do it with the person who killed her family, but soon learned that it’s useless. Her body stopped resisting after that, though she showed her dissatisfaction through her actions. She didn’t reply when he talks to her, and if he ordered her to answer, she only gave him an indifferent reply. She only looked at him when he ordered her to do so. She didn’t mind even if they throw her underground again, thinking it’d be better if they kill her instead. As long as it means she can see her family and friends again after death.

However, Mejojo never took Fiona underground. He’s surprisingly patient and never takes his anger out on her anymore. He returned to the gentle prince who used to visit her in the tower, before she learned about his real personality. Unfortunately, Fiona already knows everything. Mejojo von Garibaldi is a terrifying man who can put all of his energy into destroying an entire race, throw her family into danger, and getting what he wants in the end. On the other side of that madness lies purity, though it’s been permanently distorted. Right now Mejojo is really kind to Fiona, though she doesn’t understand how he feels. Auger and him grew up among the cruel days of the royal palace, and she can’t relate to them in that aspect. After experiencing such a tragedy, Mejojo’s kindness is already enough for Fiona.

When Fiona looks out her window, she can see the garden outside. It was destroyed and stained in blood that night, but it has regained its former beauty. The only difference is that it’s no longer maintained by the young gardener she used to know. It’s going to take a while before the flowers start blooming. Fiona then hears someone knocking the door. For a second she wonders who it is, but then she realizes there’s only one person who would visit her so late at night — Mejojo. He only comes in after asking for her permission, and she finds it strange how his gentle attitude actually scares her. Mejojo says he’s finally done with work, and he came because he wanted to see Fiona. She asks if everything is going well, and he explains that the reconstruction of the villages are progressing well. He wants to finish the reconstruction before spring. She praises him for his hard work, and he thanks her. It’s a peaceful, gentle conversation, as if they’re trying to comfort each other.

There are no traces of madness in the current Mejojo. Rather than hunting down the remaining wolves, he focuses on rebuilding Weblin instead. He’s a good king, and Auger is devotedly supporting him. Of course Mejojo’s reputation has improved a lot. He’s known as the one-eyed white cat king who erased the wolves, made the cure for Zodiva and saved the kingdom. His name spreads throughout the kingdom, and Weblin is starting to be even more peaceful than ever. When Mejojo chuckles, Fiona wonders if this is the real him. A peaceful man who has a peaceful smile, behaves like a gentleman, and is a fair ruler. That’s why she feels scared upon looking back at all the cruel things he’s done. She can’t say it was caused by his obsession for her, because she has heard about his past from Arles. He failed to obtain Elvira, who looked a lot like her, in the past, and Arles was the knight who stole her heart. After seeing how peaceful and gentle Mejojo has become, Fiona realized how much his obsession plays a part.

Taken by his madness, Mejojo destroyed the wolves, made Fiona’s family and even Fiona herself suffer — all for the sake of obtaining her. His obsession is really strong and it scares her. Right now he’s treating her nicely because she’s not running away from his arms, but if she ever tries to escape.. he’d surely turn mad again. He would do anything to get her back. Fiona wonders if Mejojo’s obsession can be considered as a form of love. Mejojo then says Auger sent him a wine from the regions, and he wants to share it with Fiona. He also explains that Auger is checking the damage in various regions, since it’d be hard to give support if they don’t see it with their own eyes. Fiona thinks it’s unusual for the king’s brother to go on a journey like that, but Mejojo says Auger will wander off even if they keep him in the palace. It’s better to let him wander around while doing something useful.

Fiona never sees them at work since she’s not allowed to leave the garden, but she’s seen them bickering before. Back then Mejojo told Auger to submit his reports properly, but Auger complained saying he’s not cut out to do paperwork. He prefers working behind the scene instead, such as assassinating or collecting information. He loves it when his looks can deceive people. Besides, he gave the throne to Mejojo because he hates paperwork. Auger asked Mejojo to understand, and Mejojo sighed. Both Mejojo and Auger never hide anything from Fiona. It’s probably because she already saw everything, and nothing will happen even if she knows. There’s no one left to rescue her, and she can’t tell anyone about what she heard. That’s why they’re being so open with her.

When Mejojo pours the wine for her, Fiona notices how red it is. The color is beautiful, but at the same time it also looks poisonous. She wouldn’t be surprised if the wine is really poisoned, though she finds the wine delicious. She thought it’d be strong due to the vivid color, but it’s surprisingly easy for her to drink. Mejojo says he’s glad that she likes it, and after drinking the contents of his glass, he suddenly pulls Fiona into his arms. One of his hands rests on her waist, while the other hand lifts her chin up as he kisses her. When he parts her lips with his tongue, she can feel the strong scent of grapes — along with the melting liquid that enters her mouth. Somehow the scent is stronger than when she drank it from her glass, and she starts to feel drunk. She’s feeling dizzy, and he holds her tighter as she begins to lose her strength. He releases her lips for a while, whispering “I’ll let you drink more.. More..” before kissing her again. The wine drips out of her lips and slides down her neck, tracing the scar on her shoulder.

Mejojo follows the trace of wine with his tongue, even after the wine is gone from Fiona’s body. When she tries to protest, he asks if she gets turned on — mentioning that she’s really sensitive. He says she doesn’t have to resist, and all she needs to do is to entrust her body to him.. because she belongs to him. She can see a hint of madness hidden in him, and she only tells him that it tickles. Mejojo lifts his head to kiss Fiona again, only releasing her lips when she starts running out of breath. Then he asks if the wine tastes good, but of course she can’t feel the taste. Not when he made her drink it in such a way. When Fiona tries to run out of his arms, Mejojo pushes her down onto the bed. She looks up to him in confusion, but he only tells her that she belongs to him and only him.

After putting the wine glass on the bedside table, Mejojo pins Fiona down. As if he’s trying to convince her and himself. She opens her mouth, but she hesitates. Not because she’s having doubts to become his, but because she knows what’s going to happen if she refuses. He’s a terrifying man who can do something like wiping out the wolves, but he turns terribly sweet upon obtaining her. Mejojo whispers to Fiona to bear his child, asking her to create a new Weblin together with him. His gentle voice takes her resistance away. It’s a sweet temptation that comes with fear, as she doesn’t know what he’s going to do with her. Once again, he whispers that she belongs to him. She still doesn’t know what to call his attachment towards her. Does this mean he loves her? All that she knows is he’s strongly attached to her.

Mejojo repeats that Fiona belongs to him, and she accepts him as he enters her heated body. She realizes that he never said he loves her — not even once — and she wonders where that attachment comes from. Mejojo doesn’t answer Fiona’s question, and she knows he will never do. He simply whispers “..I’ve finally obtained you.” His pupils are narrowing into thin lines, and she can see her reflection in his eyes. Then he adds “with this, eternally..” with a sweet, satisfied voice. Through the reflection in his eyes, she can see that she’s smiling too. He ends the sentence with “eternally.. mine.”

Fiona finds Mejojo’s eyes endlessly beautiful and pure.

..and mad.


On that night of despair, Mejojo finally managed to defeat Arles. He also got rid of his remaining enemies, namely Nesso and Zara. Fiona’s heart is crushed whenever she remembers what happened, and she can’t stop regretting her decision. If only she didn’t return to the palace. If only she took other options. She felt empty after losing them, and she was nearly taken over by her own hatred and sadness. Surprisingly, the one who saved her from such a state was Mejojo. One night, Fiona is looking after Mejojo in his room. He’s lying on his bed with bandage over one eye, breathing heavily. That night, Arles took one of Mejojo’s eyes. Mejojo’s condition worsened after that. According to the doctors, the wound suppurated and the toxin it brought is spreading onto his entire body.

Mejojo was the one who took everything from Fiona. He killed her family, and he erased the wolves from Weblin. She hates him, up to the point where she wants to kill him, but then she looks down and finds his hand holding hers tightly. Mejojo knows that Fiona hates him, and yet he keeps her by his side. As the king he can call anyone to keep him company, but he chose her. Only her. However, Fiona’s desire to kill Mejojo vanished when she realized why he’s only showing his weak side to her. Even though he’s aware that she might kill him, he’s only relying on her.. and she came to realize the meaning. Mejojo calls out to Fiona with a weak voice, and she assures him that she’s right by his side — squeezing his hand as she answers. After his health dropped, he’s always seeking for her warmth.

Mejojo whispers that Fiona is the only one for him, asking her to stay by his side. She doesn’t understand why she’s being so kind to someone who killed her family, but she assures him that she’s here. However, his condition worsened each day. At first he’s still sending orders from his bed, but right now he’s leaving everything to Auger. As she watches over him, Fiona finally finds the answer. She only has Mejojo. Before, Fiona has her family who needed and protected her. But now after they’re gone, the only one who needs her is Mejojo. His desire for her is endless, and it was the same desire that started everything. He wants to have her by his side, even if it means robbing her everything. With his hoarse voice, Mejojo repeatedly tells Fiona that she belongs to him. He’s not seeking for her answer, and he’s not asking her to do anything. He only wants her to be his. He won’t listen to her opinion either. It’s a painful one-sided yearning. That’s why she answers that she’s his. Mejojo’s eye widen in shock upon hearing Fiona’s answer. Somehow she feels satisfied to see him surprised, and she assures him that she belongs to him. At the same time, a single tear rolls down her cheek — though she doesn’t know why.

Following her answer, Fiona becomes Mejojo’s wife until death. She’s the wife of King Garibaldi VII. Their wedding never took place, because he dies before then. Despite her attempt to nurse him, his health took a sudden change and rapidly deteriorated. After Mejojo’s death, Fiona is left alone once again. She quietly wonders what he needed, staring at his empty room. Now she doesn’t have anyone or anything left. She’s truly empty. Despite her position as the queen of Weblin, Auger is holding all the authority as the new king. All that Fiona has is her status as Mejojo’s wife.

Fiona soon hears the sound of foosteps, and Auger walks into Mejojo’s room soon after. They were twins, so Auger resembles Mejojo a lot when he doesn’t speak.. but despite the similarity, he’s not Mejojo. Auger then asks what Fiona is doing in Mejojo’s empty room. His brother is no longer around, so she’s free now. It’s the word she’s been admiring ever since she was small, but it makes her feel so empty right now — the word “freedom” scares her more than anything. Auger reminds Fiona that Mejojo was the one who wanted her, and he assures her that he’s not interested in her at all. Something in her heart crumbles apart upon hearing this, but Auger doesn’t stop there. He tells her that she’s free now, because he doesn’t care about her. She doesn’t concern him in the slightest bit. Fiona’s eyes widen in shock. Auger has said the words she didn’t want to hear. If he doesn’t care about her, then why didn’t he leave her alone? If she’s insignificant, then why did Nesso and Zara have to die? Something in her brain snapped, and all the things she’s been trying to block start flooding out.

Then suddenly, Fiona smiles. Auger asks if he said something funny, but she only turns around and leaves Mejojo’s room. As she walks through the hallways, Fiona recalls her title. She’s the queen of Weblin, wife of Mejojo von Garibaldi. As long as she remains in the palace, she’s guaranteed to have a luxurious life as the queen.. but there’s no one here. No one needs her. No one looks at her. No one will stay by her side. Fiona calls out Mejojo’s name, wondering where he could be. She belongs to him, so it’s cruel of him to leave her alone. It’s so cruel that he disappeared too after taking everything away from her. After wandering around for a while, Fiona eventually reaches a room. The beautiful blue sky she sees from the window reminds her of the nickname she used to have — the “Beautiful Princess of the Bird Cage”. If only she was a small bird. If only she had wings. If only she was free.

Fiona laughs as she opens the window, the door leading out of her previously locked cage. Before her eyes lies the beautiful scenery of Weblin. The vivid colors of nature is waiting for her. She’s a beautiful small bird, who finally receives freedom. She can hear a voice calling her from afar, and she wonders whose voice it is. It’s not Nesso, Zara, Pearl, Richie, nor her father. It’s the voice of a prince who always needed her the most. Fiona smiles as she tells Mejojo that she’s going to his place now. She climbs up onto the window, and she leans forward. Then she leaves her last words: “Now, let’s go. Because I am free.”

I want to apologize for how long this post has become, but on second thought.. I’m not sorry. The story is so beautiful and well-written, and I don’t want to ruin it by cutting down the details. Mejojo is frighteningly possessive, with an extremely deep inferiority complex. Nothing will be able justify his actions, but there’s a good reason why he became the man he is now. Just as they said, Auger and him only had each other. The king ignored them. Their mother left them. When things were starting to look better, Arles took the spotlight away from him. Analyzing Mejojo’s personality and background will result in a major tl;dr, so I’m just gonna say that he’s an interesting character. What he did was downright terrible, but interesting. I actually like him a lot. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ I find it ironic how Mejojo never said he loves Fiona in his good end, but he said it in his bad end — if you click on the CG. The bad end creeped me out so much, and his good end leaves a lot of questions in my head. Is it implying something? Maybe it simply means Mejojo still has madness hidden in him. It just won’t come out as long as Fiona doesn’t run away.

Why do I end up writing another tl;dr textwall? (c=(c=(c=(c=(゚ロ゚;c=オーワタ-!!

Anyway, this game has an amazing story. Now watch me as I get stabbed by Auger in the next route.

32 thoughts on “BWS Bloody Nightmare – Mejojo von Garibaldi

    This just strengthen my resolve to buy this game since there ARE people translating the plot, now I don't have to worry about missing any crucial point anymore. (^_^)

    YES I AGREE, Mejojo is too dear to be hated. I mean, it's only NATURAL to develop psychological trauma after all the abuses as a form of defense. And Mejojo is actually a very kind person, or at least he try to be. Ah~ I guess I'm just weak towards 'KIND characters that TRY to be strong despite the hardship but still they err broken and become an antagonist character' as K. Takato (CZ).

    I'm glad we shared positive opinions on him. Now waiting for Auger, hoho… good luck with the mental torturing, and did I mention it's healthy to overlap this STABBING, STABBING BROKEN MIND with sugary otome once in a while?

    Gracias, gracias ~ Too excited for this post

    • No problem. Glad to know these tl;dr textwalls help. (*´∀`*)
      At first I was only planning to summarize, but oh my god all those details.. they’re just too lovely to be thrown away. Before I know it I was translating everything, oh well. 8D

      Just as Fiona said, I think Mejojo is actually a kind, pure person inside. It’s just his childhood trauma, inferiority complex and burning hatred towards the wolves have corrupted him too much. You made a good point there, I can see the similarity between him and Takato. Except that Takato did it out of love, while Mejojo destroyed everything out of hatred / jealousy and obsession. Once his obsession is fulfilled, he returns to how he was supposed to be.

      Yeah it’s nice to have a story that stimulates your brain to think deeper, and when you get tired of thinking too much.. or tl;dr-ing too much.. or just exhausted from the heartbreak and pain.. you can pick up a light, sugary otome game and enjoy how beautiful life is. xD

  2. RUGHRHGAGHJKHJKSH MEJOJO MY PRECIOUS BABY!! Ugh, you have such a wonderful way with words and I read the entire post from start to finish, ahaha. It brought back so many memories. You should have let your tl;dr soul run free and wax on about Mejojo~! I’d love to have read it (๑→‿←๑).

    I like to think that a combination of the Bad End and Good End reveals Mejojo’s true character. His possessive obsession and attachment to her is probably as close to the feeling of love as it can get. And the ending of the Good End has always thrown me off too. I think I ended up deciding that it was implying Mejojo was still mad but he was just hiding his darkness, just like you did.

    Ack, I was going to rant on more about my love for Mejojo but I just ran out of ideas. Your descriptions of the kisses was amazing though ( 。>艸<)! Did you put in like 500% effort into those because of how rare they were? wwww I know when I was writing it I was determined to make them as steamy as possible as revenge for all the suffering I was going through, haha.


      *gives you Mejojo cookies*

      If I let my desire to tl;dr run free, I’m afraid it’ll get so big it forms its own post. There’s just too many things I want to comment on, so much that I found it really hard to wrap up my thoughts. I agree that both ends reveal different parts of Mejojo’s personality. His obsession plays a very large role, and just as Fiona puts it — it’s a one-sided yearning. I also love how the bad end shows what happened if Mejojo leaves Fiona. Keeping her in the palace means imprisoning her forever, but if you give her freedom, she breaks down because she has nowhere else to go.

      As for the kisses.. I didn’t put 500% effort. I put in about 1000%– *kicked*
      Blame Sakurai and the fridging hot kiss SFX he makes. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ The kiss scenes were so embarrassing to describe, but at the same time they remind me that BWS is an otome game. Or at least that’s what Rejet wants us to think. 8D

  3. お疲れ様〜! I love reading other people’s posts about BWS so much, ahh. *A* It’s awesome that you’ve been able to write so much! <3 I haven't really played the game in many months, so it was like reliving it all over again as I read your post. There were quite a few details about the twins that I'd forgotten and was kind of shocked to see again. XD

    Anyway, great job and I'll be looking forward to reading about Auger. <3

    • (ob’Д’o)b゚+。:.゚アリガ㌧♪゚.:。+゚d(o’Д’do)

      This is the longest post I’ve ever made LOL. It can’t be called a post anymore, it’s a tl;dr. Thank you for reading everything. It makes me happy that this tl;dr textwall can relieve all of your BWS memories and the pain it brought. I wrote down everything so we can go back and read the smaller details we’ll probably forget in a few months. xD

      *leaps into Auger’s route*

  4. I have to say I enjoyed reading this! I’m glad you enjoyed this game, because it really is beautiful. The music, the writers, the animations, the art;… This is why I like Rejet as much as I do. ;u;;

    Anyways, good luck on doing Auger’s. He’ the interesting guy. |D

    • OMG YES. This game is truly beautiful. Some people passed on the game because they don’t like the art, but I think Kuroyuki’s style fits darker otome games. The music is astonishingly enchanting. The story is incredibly well-written. The moving sprites are adorable. I’m glad to see Rejet gaining loyal followers, and I hope they will keep making otome games with fresh concepts. ❤

      Thanks for the good luck. Sounds like I’m gonna need it. 8D

      • I feel the same way too! I actually really like Kuroyuki’s art style actually. I really like her art. Plus (it may just be me) it feels that from the sample cgs we’re getting from Last Hope, she improved a little bit as well. Honestly though, I can’t imagine anyone else drawing her character designs besides her though. ;a;
        The only problem is her coloring style. ((I had no clue that Fiona’s dress is actually white rather than purple orz)

        Rejet’s games and drama cds are always great, and they never fail to provide such quality music in their games that really sets the mood asdfghj. I continue to hope that people will support them even more~


        • Same here. Sometimes I poke fun at how she colors, or how she uses pattern in almost everything.. but I actually like her art. I agree that she seems to have improved in LH’s CGs, especially the way she draws Fiona. A friend of mine said Kuroyuki isn’t too good at drawing girls (judging from BN’s CGs), but Fiona looks much more feminine in LH. Oh, is Fiona’s dress supposed to be white? For some reason I always thought it’s teal. 8D; She also tends to use clashing colors, like giving blue tints to hair. But I guess it fits the game’s atmosphere. :3

          Oh, and Rejet makes godly music for their creations. I absolutely love the music in Ken ga Kimi’s site. ❤

          • Yep! Looking at the patterns when a new cg pops up is kind of one actually!
            And now that you mention it, your friend is right! Though I did see quite a few girls that were actually pretty good in her Pixiv, so maybe she was trying to aim for a different type of look other than what she’s used to? Aha I don’t even know pfft.

            And yeah. I think Fiona’s dress is mainly white, but the ruffly dress is teal.. I think. Honestly the only time I ever know what a character’s true color is specifically is when I see her flat coloring. Phew, those are a life saver.
            I tried to do fanart of the characters before traditionally, but coloring them was such a pain actually when something as simple as Rath’s scarf was 20 different colors pfft. I was all “Gahh you troll why must you do this to me ” //flails

            ((And only she can pull off the twins wearing pink. Only she—//stabbed))

            Though I believe she pulls off everything off so well that there is honestly nothing wrong with the way she draw. I hope I can see more of her art around visual novels!

            Ah and yess Ken ga Kimi’s site music. It’s just gorgeous. I actually do admit that I’m guilty of leaving a tab open just to hear the music play while I do work.

            Ever got that feeling before?

          • Maybe she receives some feedback and makes Fiona more feminine? 8D
            Oh, and you’re right. I just noticed that her dress is actually white, and the twins are wearing pink. Like Auger’s ultra fabulous shocking pink fur jacket. I love how the patterns enrich the colors, but yeah just as you said.. it’s a pain when you draw and color a fanart. It’s hard to tell which one is the real color. xD I agree that she pulls off everything so well though. Her art style really suits darker games like this, and it’d be nice if she draws for more visual novels / otome games. :3

            Actually, I did the same thing. /)_(\
            I opened the site and leave the tab on for hours, just so I can listen to the BGM. I did that when Rejet first opened BWS’s site too. xD

  5. Good job there. Now have fun being stabbed by Auger, and don’t forget: RESIST 8D So that the experience is like one million times more painful!
    Well anyway gotta mention the only thing that ran through my mind since Julian died was:
    and some more rant about him killing the poor black cat ;-;
    Also, Guillain. I love Guillain lots, and well he’s like dead. Nooooo ;A; Omg and he’s not even APPEARING IN LAST HOPE WTH ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3何がこれー (well neither is Julian but Julian is already so deredere with Fiona before he dies so um) Guillain IT’S OKAY IF ARLES WON’T PRAISE YOU I WILL YOU ADORABLE LITTLE– /hugs Guillain and Julian while crying
    Mejojo was really nice at the end though omg that ending was like really hot /nosebleeds SEXY TIME *q* But I kinda liked the bad end more since I found it more… Bittersweet? In the end, Mejojo dies which I do think he deserves (even though he was once my number one bias) but he finally showed Fiona his weak side, which is about the same as trusting her. And Fiona falls in love, and then, she became so broken (which is natural) after Mejojo’s death and Auger telling her she is not needed and whatnot (defying her wanting to believe in her being useful as a Lobeira), she commits suicide in hopes of meeting Mejojo in the underworld where he will need her.
    Well plotwise! Complicated story omg my brain. There’s a lot of factors that make this a twisted game, but hey that’s what makes it interesting! 8D Unfortunately I can’t say more than that due to my brain malfunctioning from the inability to remember the HUGE AMOUNT OF INFO OMG REJET HOW CAN YOU EXPECT SOMEONE TO UNDERSTAND THIS I MEAN LIKE ASDFGHJKL /foams at mouth
    Well Mejojo I will let you be informed of your current standing in my favorite BWS characters list much later /gets whipped like Fiona
    Ganbatte on surviving this madness cuz I think I may only tune in on Auger’s to SHOW MY HATE for him (he’s interesting, yes but I’ve hated him for a very long time now orz) and like read Julian’s with very high expectations, along with Guillain. And the others I will remain neutral for now (noIjustloveMrPrettyRabbitBoywithhissword). Well, like I said, have fun with Auger! \(^o^)/

    • Oh, I’m sure he won’t stab me when I’m not resisting or deceived. It wouldn’t be fun otherwise. Well, that or you can piss him off the way Julian did. I was like … (ノಠ益ಠ)╯彡/(.□ . \) too when Auger stabbed him, but oh well. This is AUGER we’re talking about. He will always be there, stabbing someone. Regarding Guillan, I think he will appear in Last Hope along with Julian. They’re just not capturable, since they’re exclusive to Bloody Nightmare.

      As terrible as Mejojo was, I don’t think he deserves to die. There’s a deep reason why he became the man that he is now, and he can’t be held responsible for everything. The king, Elenora and Elvira all played a part in turning Mejojo into such a bitter, obsessed person. Arles and Julian are unfortunate victims though. In that bad end, Fiona actually didn’t fall in love. She hates Mejojo. She wants to kill him. But then she realized that he’s the only one left who needs her. Without him, she has nowhere to go. Nobody needs her, and that makes her feel empty. Especially after Auger is like “U R FREE NOW I DON’T WANT U LOL”, which just made her snap completely. Fiona jumped out the window not because she loves Mejojo, but because he’s the only one she has. She has nowhere else to go.

      The story might be a bit more complicated for an otome game, but I love all the details Rejet put into this game. Just remember that there’s a reason behind everything. Even Auger has a reason that explains his insanity. Now excuse me, I need to get stabbed. :3

      • Roflmao yeah but well although we all know how Auger is a serial killer and all I can’t help but be angry at him anyway, because Julian is just _>
        Okay man Auger is like totally whacko and whatever reasons he has I will never ever like him D:< But sorry to anyone who likes Auger, it's just my opinion. orz
        Fufu relish the moment when being stabbed ;D
        Well gonna find someone's PC to steal– I mean borrow xD Must play this gameeee~

          • Omg what happened to my rant about Mejojo in the previous comment oh wells I’m too lazy to type it out again :/
            Ahaha. That’s a good joke. Liking Auger. Pfft. (nah jk lol) But WHY? Why would you like Auger unless you start the game for like the first five seconds before disliking him? :O

          • I couldn’t help but notice your comments and as a very big Auger fan (he’s my favorite character in the game) I’ll try and explain.

            BWS is a very detailed game with many layers and different meanings. Even the theme song has double meanings for every line of lyrics, so you can’t just take everything at face value and call it a day. You have to use your head, analyze and interpret.

            Why do I and many other people like Auger? Because he’s such an intricate, multi-dimensional character. At face value, he’s just a prankster, a brocon, a “whacko”, but there’s so much more to him than that and I think you have to actually play the game in its entirety, view/listen to all the extras, and take your time to understand him. As awesome as Rin’s summary is, I think that it (and any other summaries/analyses) should be used as a supplement to the game, not a replacement for it.

            Once you actually play and take the time to consider things, it’s very obvious that Auger’s not a brocon and he’s not as crazy as you might think. In fact, he has a moral code that he is very strict about and he never once wavers from what he thinks is correct. What others think is correct does not matter—he’s always true to himself. That’s what I find so fascinating. When it comes to characters similar to him in other games, by the end they always change their ways and fall in love with the heroine. That’s what you expect because BWS is supposed to be an “otome game”. But things don’t always happen the way you expect and the way Auger takes all of these tropes you think he fits under and subverts them is just excellent writing and characterization.

            Is he a nice guy? A pleasant character? No. But you can like Auger (and characters like him) without agreeing with their actions. I also found it sad (and shocking) when he stabbed Julian, but rather than wail about it, I chose to contemplate why he would do that. The conclusion I reached is that it was simply something he felt needed to be done and it fit in line with his moral code and actions up to that point, so I came to terms with it. I’m not saying everyone should like Auger or that I’d want to meet him in a dark alley, but he fascinates me and I enjoy how refreshing his character is because he always does things that you wouldn’t expect.

            Everyone has their reasons for liking a character—writers wouldn’t make up a love interest character purely for them to be hated… The fact that they’re a love interest means there must be elements of them that at least some people will like otherwise it’d just be a waste of resources. Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the matter. Liking characters or not liking them is a matter of opinion, as you said. If Rin has already said that she likes Auger and likes Mejojo, I personally think it’s kind of rude of you to keep questioning why she would like them. :/ It’s like questioning her integrity and insulting her for her personal opinions. You might not intend your comment to be that way, but that’s how it appears to me, an outside observer.

          • Um okay reply button doesn’t show on Lore’s comment on my phone, so gonna use another one.
            Well, in my opinion, I really don’t like Auger. Of course, people and his fangirls will hate me for it but I just can’t like him. He doesn’t care what others think is right, which I don’t really mind, and I didn’t really expect him to change. To be honest, the only thing that bothers me is why he acts like a joker or a “nice person” at first, instead of just well… Being Auger. I’m not really fond of people whom are different from what they appear to be, but that’s just my feelings too. Auger is definitely NOT a plain character, and if you look at it logically I can agree with whatever you’ve said. And although others may like him without agreeing with his actions, I don’t. I guess I’m the kind of person that follows rules and laws very closely and if anyone doesn’t obey them well I just kinda get miffed. Of course there’s nothing wrong with not following rules, but it’s just my personality.
            Also, I didn’t intend for the question to sound rude OTL Um, maybe I should rephrase it so it sounds nicer? Okay, so why do you like Auger so far Rin? I just meant it as a question out of curiosity, but I can understand that Auger fans would feel offended reading the question, so I’m very sorry about that. σ(^_^;)
            Oh yeah, I think you’ve seen the comment with your link given by Rin? I’ve already read it too (your link I mean), and Auger is a… Unique character I suppose? It’s just my taste. I hope no one is angry at me QwQ

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed Mejojo’s route. I guess I did too but most of the time I was like (;゚Д゚)! It felt like all his ends were bad ends ahaha. But honestly, I thought he was the cutest in his bad end. When he was sick lying in his bed. I guess it’s bc we all know he can’t do anything horrible but then Fiona went all crazy… ( ´・_・`) Yah i guess if you think that they became messed up bc of their past, it’s understandable and that they only have each other. But I think in Auger’s route, I was thinking so I guess he’s like obsessed with his bro and only cares about him but then I was like eh? Nvm? Due to what Auger did in his route.

    I felt that Julian had three times more the bad ends as one of the sub-characters since he was killed in both Mejojo and Auger’s route. (=_=) And I was hella freaked out when I first saw him broken. I thought he was just a calm,nice fella and then wham. Eek (>__<。)

    • LOL I guess romance just won’t do it for these cats. xD
      His good end is filled with obsession and a hint of hidden madness, while his bad end has nothing but attachment. Both from Mejojo and Fiona. I actually loved how clingy he is before his death, even though I know his “love” came from obsession. Then I also found the broken Julian cute. Is BWS messing up my otome senses? (´・∀・`;)ゞ Fiona’s broken state creeped me out, but at the same time I also find it interesting.

      Currently I’m heading towards Auger’s good end, and I have a very bad feeling about what’s going on. 8D;

  7. WOW! It was long, but really nice. and painful too. Don’t think I`ll play the game though. It`ll definitely make me cry.
    poor twins. they really are mad but the should not be blamed. it was their damned father`s fault. and a little their mother`s, killing herself like that, leaving the poor kids alone. Oh…it was really creepy the part she hanged herself. and poor Fiona too. having to end up like that.
    but it was really nice reading the post. thanx a lot. I can only imagine how much time it took to play & write it. good luck!

    • OMG that hanging scene was ultimately creepy. I can understand why Elenora wanted to die, but why did she have to involve her children!? щ(゚Д゚щ) ..but then again she was already broken since the king kept ignoring her. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Thanks for reading this massive tl;dr, I hope the cats’ madness entertained you. It took me a month since I was busy with work and stuff. xD

  8. OH MY GOSH. I admit that I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t a 18+ game, because that’s where I usually get my crazy yandere guys with obsession issues. BUT GOOD MOTHER, IT HAS EVERYTHING I NEED. I like happy endings as much as the next person, but I also like my bittersweet endings. And I’m going to guess that this game has no happy endings — just bittersweet and mind-bending ones. I am really looking forward to play this game now and to your comprehensive summaries!

    And yes, your summaries are huge text walls, but they are some of the most perfect text walls ever to be written and posted on the internet! <3

    • If you like darker otome games then BWS is right up your alley! 8D
      I’m not sure about the family / wolves since I haven’t done their routes yet, but the cats are completely insane.. and yet they remain lovable. They don’t have like real “good” ends, and romance is pretty much shoved to the background the whole time lol.

      Oh, and jdksajdk THANK YOU so much. I’m always worried that you guys will get tired of long tl;dr textwalls, but if these are helpful then I’m happy. <3

      • Gurl, you know I just settled in with a blanket and cocoa and got my read on. Massive textwall? PSCH I could’ve read more~

        • LOL OMG you’re the first person who said that. I’m always a bit worried that people might get overwhelmed by how much I write, but since you said that… I’ll do my best to write better tl;drs from now on then! :D

  9. Thank you for making this blog. \(^_^)/ This read was definitely a long one, but it was all interesting. Though in my opinion, I still cannot forgive both Mejojo and Auger after what they had done to Fiona and the other sub characters. I mean I understand that they went through a lot back in their childhood, but I just find it inexcusable. To me, even if the past shaped them to who they are now, I felt there was a chance of them to not do such horrible things. It’s understandable, yes, but it’s unforgivable. Willfully murdering people to get your ways will always be a no-no. Much less, torture. I can admit they are interesting, but I still hate them for what they did and felt. I was glad Mejojo was dying in the bad end because I wanted to feel like he has to suffer a consequence for his actions, regardless of his past. Although I felt really bad for Fiona when she ended up having nothing and that Auger doesn’t need her. I hate Auger the most our of the two. I just really hate troll characters since they make me feel dumb and I really hate that feeling. I like knowing the heroine plays a part of evolving or changing the love interests in a good way. It’s just too bad Fiona was in no position to do so with the way the brothers were. I don’t play otome games since I can never find them nor do I have the money to pay for it so that’s why I only seek the “traditional” otome game where the heroine changes the love interests’ ways. But again, really good read. This really inspired me to write an AU fanfic of it while relying on your description. If only I had the game….and yes I read your FAQ about getting it.

    • Yeah, I believe they are not meant to be forgiven either. The thing with perceptions regarding otome games is that people often think that romance is everything, and that every story must end in a happy ending. This used to be true with, as you said, “traditional” otome games with the heroine guiding the love interests back to the right path if they strayed off. But as the genre grows, otome games with not-so-happy stories also start popping out. These are usually the darker ones, with shady love interests doing questionable stuff and heroines who may or may not end up breaking down. They’re clearly not for everyone, and Black Wolves Saga is one of them.

      Similarly to how you despise Mejojo and Auger for what they did, there are people who love seeing this kind of story. Not because their idea of romance is messed up, but because they find it fresh and interesting since it’s very different from the traditional sweet, fluffy love story. Well, either that or schadenfreude. :’D Personally I’m in this group, and as much as I enjoyed seeing things crash and burn in this game, I do understand why you don’t like the cat princes. The genre has grown so much by now, so it’s good that we can find the titles that suit our tastes. There are plenty of otome games with the heroine converting the shady love interests to become a better person. If you do get the chance to buy / play otome games, I hope you can find the one you truly like. :)

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