BWS Bloody Nightmare – Auger von Garibaldi

So here I am in Auger’s route. Be warned that everything you read about Auger on the official site, magazines, or even the intro below might be deceiving. Well, at least partly. It’s difficult to describe him without spoiling anything. ヽ( ;∀;)ノ

Auger is Mejojo’s younger twin, but their personalities are complete opposites. Unlike his brother, Auger appears to be completely and thoroughly hopeless. Aside from calling himself the court musician and poet, he also proclaims to be a player who has romanced countless women. On the inside though, Auger is actually even sharper and more cunning than Mejojo. He finds his brother’s obsession towards Fiona irritating, but gradually grows interested in her too.

For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo‘s route. This post only covers the individual events.

During the dance party in the palace, Fiona wishes she can dance with Auger. The one who’s acting as the king’s representative is Mejojo, so she wonders if Auger is free. She doesn’t think he’s busy working behind the stage, especially since it’s a flamboyant dance party. It’s unlikely for a prince like him to stay behind the stage during such a grand event. Fiona knows that Auger tends to do things on a whim, so if he’s not here, it means he probably sneaked out on his own. Unlike Mejojo who takes his responsibilities seriously, Auger just does whatever he wants.. though Fiona can see that he adores Mejojo a lot. Sadly if Auger isn’t around, Fiona will be a wallflower since she has nobody to dance with. She feels sad upon watching all the people around her dancing in joy, but soon she hears footsteps approaching. When Fiona lifts her head, she finds Auger in front of her. He wonders why she looks gloomy, and he asks if she’s sulking because Mejojo can’t keep her company — mentioning that she will look even uglier that way. ( `ω´⊂彡☆))Д´)パ-

Fiona only responds by asking “Auger, so you’re here?”, to which he replies that she’s being mean. He’s a prince too, of course he’s attending the dance party. When Fiona mentions that she didn’t see him earlier, Auger admits that he finds all the formal greetings troublesome.. so until the dance started, he was playing in the background. Just as she expected, he pushed everything troublesome to Mejojo and only came out to join the fun part of the party. Auger then asks if something happened, and Fiona says it’s nothing much. It’s just too bad that she can only watch everyone dancing. He replies that it’d be boring just to watch, and he asks if she’s not going to dance. From Auger’s mischievous grin, Fiona can tell that he’s indirectly saying that if she wants to join in, she should ask him to dance with her. When she points out that it’s usually the man who asks the woman to dance, he answers that he’s a prince. It has to be her who asks him to dance. She eventually gives up and asks him for a dance, but he only replies with a short “no”.

Fiona is obviously shocked. She feels embarrassed too because she was the one who asked him, but Auger laughs saying it’s so fun to pick on weaklings — it might become a habit. She tells him that he has a terrible personality, but then he agrees to dance with her for one song. It’s a sign of gratitude for entertaining him. Auger then grabs Fiona’s hand, leading her to the dance floor. When she asks if it’s okay, he replies that he wants to dance with her too. She blushes when he holds her right hand and pulls her waist closer, but she doesn’t have time to be embarrassed because they’re dancing foxtrot to a fast-paced song. Despite Fiona’s attempt to control her movements, she starts panicking in her heart. In foxtrot, the woman has to dance to fast-paced steps while facing backwards. A scream gets caught in her throat as she tries not to trip. Auger is gracefully striding across the dance floor, and she’s having a hard time keeping up. Upon looking at Fiona’s face, Auger laughs and whispers that a dance should be done with elegance.

Refusing to lose to Auger, Fiona squeezes his right hand and puts more power onto her hip. He only grins at her, as if asking if she can really keep up with him. She smiles back at him as the sign that she won’t lose, sending sparks of rivalry to fly as they exchange glances. Auger then laughs saying it’s fun, and when Fiona replies that it’s indeed fun.. he suddenly blows his breath onto her ear. She’s obviously shocked and loses her balance, but he catches her and playfully asks if she’s alright. When she tries to protest, he asks her not to make that kind of face. It makes her look even uglier than she already is. Fiona pouts, but then she takes Auger’s hand again and continues dancing with him. When the song comes to an end, they receive a lot of applause from everyone around them.. though Fiona thinks their dance has nothing but rivalry in it. Auger also praises her, and she thanks him as she tries to catch her breath.

Despite his mischief earlier, Fiona knows that Auger is a better dancer than she is. He has a flawless way of escorting women, and he seems used to dancing with a partner. When she tells him about this, he laughs saying she did well in catching up with him. Auger then admits that he likes dancing, but what he loves the most is to make people dance for him — just like what he did to Fiona. She thinks about how she needs to be careful around him, as it sounds like he’d trick her before she can even realize. In the end Fiona lets out a sigh, though she hides from Auger by pretending to control her breath.

After Arles bites Fiona’s shoulder, Mejojo completely snaps and strangles her. She loses her consciousness after that, and she falls into a dream of the royal palace. When she hears someone calling out to her, Fiona wonders if it’s Auger. She closes her eyes when a strong wind blows past her, but she opens them again in shock upon hearing Auger’s voice telling her goodbye. She can’t believe that he’s cheerfully sending her off instead of helping her, and out of irritation, she holds out her hand and tries to grab him. Auger asks Fiona not to drag him along though. She should just get blown by the wind and meet her windy grave alone. She protests saying it’s supposed to be “watery grave”, but he couldn’t care less about that. Wind and water are the same to him, since he only wants her to find her grave. When she angrily asks why is he insisting on her death, he simply smiles and wonders why.

Auger then asks how long is she planning to hold his hand, and Fiona blushes upon realizing that the wind already passed. All that’s left here is only the two of them, and he looks incredibly unhappy since she’s still holding onto his hand. Fiona quietly wonders if Auger has always been this mean. She feels that he used to be more friendly, with a smile that never leaves his face. However, Fiona notices some hints when she looks back at the past. Whenever Auger said something that would hurt her feelings, he always did it with a smile. Fiona was taken aback several times, but Auger always insisted that he didn’t mean any harm — forcing her to let it slide. When Fiona opens her mouth to ask about this, Auger coldly replies that he’s busy. If she has no business with him, then she should let him go. This only confirms her suspicion, as she has noticed that he’s not interested in her at all. He doesn’t care about her, and it shows through the way he treats her.

Upon noticing the look in Fiona’s face, Auger asks if Mejojo isn’t enough. He wonders if she wants him too, but he says it’s impossible — she’s not evil enough to pull off something like that. Devilish girls should have tempting physique to match their personality, but he points out that she’s thin and ugly. Fiona is surprised and turns red upon hearing the insult. She’s aware that she doesn’t have impressive proportions, but she didn’t expect him to be so blunt about it. Before she could say anything, Auger suddenly puts his hand on her hip. His fingers are tracing the area between her waist and hipbone, moving around like how a spider weaves a web. She finds this dirty, because she can’t look away when he’s touching her in such a way. His hand then moves up to her chest, and he puts his fingers right between her breasts — so she can see her own size. When Fiona tries to protest, Auger points out that she’s flat-chested after all. He doesn’t get what Mejojo sees in her. He doesn’t understand, and doesn’t want to understand either.

Auger wonders if Fiona’s chest can grow bigger, and his poisonous hand continues crawling as he mocks her. From hip to chest. From chest to neck. His fingers are sliding all over her body. She finds it unpleasant, but at the same time, she’s also trembling from his touch. Auger asks if Fiona gets aroused, calling her dirty for shivering so intensely. Ignoring her attempt to raise a protest, he then says it was her fault that Mejojo completely lost control — it’s all because she got bitten by a wolf. That’s when she notices that her wound doesn’t hurt at all, even though his fingers are touching her shoulders too. Fiona realizes that she must be dreaming, and that’s why Auger is behaving this way. She has noticed that he might be hiding something, since some parts of this dream actually feel real. Fiona wonders if the real Auger’s personality is just as bad as this one. The thought scares her a bit, but she thinks it’s better than his usual vague attitude. Usually she can’t tell if he means any harm or not, so it’d be much clearer if he shows it through his actions.

Since this is a dream, Fiona decides to ask Auger about this. The moment she calls his name, he asks if she has a question for him. He’s willing to answer, on the condition that she kneels down on the ground once per question. Fiona ignores this and asks if he hates her, but Auger refuses to answer if she doesn’t kneel down first. When she says that she doesn’t want to do it, he replies that he won’t give her an answer then. Fiona calls him mean, and Auger laughs saying she should know the answer — he hates her. He hates her up to the point where he wants to kill her. Fiona points out that Auger has an incredibly refreshing smile as he says this, and he says it’s because he hates her THAT much. In fact, he feels that he can treat her kindly because he finds her terribly disgusting. Fiona is shocked by how Auger can spit out poisonous words with a smile, but then she asks why he hates her. She still refuses to kneel down, but he decides to answer since he’s such a nice and kind person. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Auger then answers that he hates Fiona because Mejojo is so obsessed with her. His brother is Mejojo von Garibaldi, the top heir to the throne, and yet he’s being troubled by a girl like her. Auger is not happy since troubling Mejojo is supposed to be a special privilege just for him. After a short silence, Fiona asks if Auger just said something incredibly cruel.. but he ignores it. Instead, Auger wonders what would Mejojo do if he steals Fiona away. He smiles as he pulls her into his arms, holding her so close that their lips nearly touch. He wonders if Mejojo will kill him, and he wonders if he should kiss her — because he finds the idea rather interesting. Before Fiona could answer, Auger suddenly seals her lips with his. He thinks it’s cute how her legs are shaking, and he says he’ll give her a kiss that would melt her brain. Fiona only looks back at Auger in silence, but he finds her expression cheeky.. so he’s going to give her a passionate kiss instead. Then he slips his tongue into her mouth, and he starts kissing her intensely.

Fiona is running out of breath and her body is trembling, but Auger doesn’t stop. As he continues kissing her, he laughs saying she’s getting turned on after all. When she calls him stupid, he laughs saying he feels satisfied to see her frustrated expression. Then the dream fades away. Fiona feels embarrassed when she recalls her dream, since a dream is believed to be a fragment of one’s wishes. The sensation left by Auger’s fingers feels so real on her body, and she wonders if she actually wants him to treat her like that.

Beside her bed, Fiona finds Nesso and Zara along with Julian. They’re suggesting the idea of escaping from the royal palace through the underground sewers, but Fiona has a very bad feeling when she thinks about Auger. Different from Mejojo, Auger has never done anything major. Most of the time he only stands by his brother’s side providing support, only moving when he receives an order from Mejojo. Fiona thinks Auger is just as strange for not stopping his brother’s madness, but the most terrifying figure here is supposed to be Mejojo.. so she doesn’t know why she feels so scared of Auger. In fact, Fiona’s fear of Auger is different from how she fears Mejojo. She’s really scared to turn Auger into an enemy. Nesso asks Fiona not to worry since she’s got him by her side, but even his gentle voice can’t seem to erase her fear. In her mind Auger is always smiling, and that smile feels terribly cold right now. Nesso promises to protect her though, and so in the end Fiona decides to run away. Fiona’s bad feeling is soon proven true when Auger ambushes them in the sewers, though he ends up retreating since he didn’t expect Nesso and Zara to be there.

Since Fiona has a fever, Nesso, Zara and Julian decide to let her rest in a mountain hut for the night. After learning more about Zodiva and the wolves, Fiona stops to think about Auger. Following Mejojo’s orders, Auger has been focusing on exterminating the wolves as well. She wonders why he listens to everything Mejojo says. He should be able to realize that Mejojo is doing something strange, so why does he listen to Mejojo’s orders instead of stopping him? Fiona also realizes that Auger seems to enjoy carrying out those orders, so it’s not like he can’t go against his brother — he’s listening to Mejojo because it’s fun. It means that if Fiona can convince Auger, they might be able to save Weblin. Auger should be able to stop Mejojo.

From there, Fiona and her companions run into the wolves. They’re invited by Arles to the wolves’ hideout in Zanan, where she learns about what happened between Mejojo, Elvira and Arles 10 years ago. She has to make a decision before leaving Zanan, and she decides to save the kingdom. Together with Julian, Fiona returns to the royal palace — hoping she can convince Mejojo and Auger to reconcile with the wolves and make a cure for Zodiva. Sadly this only leads to Julian’s death, while Fiona is taken to receive a punishment in the underground prison. She can choose to be punished by either Mejojo or Auger.

Fiona chooses Auger. Even if Auger was the one who killed Julian, his actions are based on Mejojo’s wishes. A punishment from him should be better than one coming directly from Mejojo, right…? Upon hearing this, Mejojo frowns and lets out a heavy sigh — obviously not happy about her decision. Auger only smiles, but then he asks what Mejojo wants to do. Even though she chose him, he’ll hand over the role if Mejojo wants him to. Fiona is shocked since they were the ones who gave her a choice, but Auger laughs saying she’s so passionate — teasingly asking if she loves him that much. She quietly denies this, since the reason why she chose him is because Mejojo’s actions are hard to predict when he’s enraged. When she got bitten by Arles last time, Mejojo completely went out of control and strangled her. If she was unlucky, he could have killed her.. and she’s too scared to receive a punishment from such a person. Fiona is aware that Auger is just as dangerous, but at least he’s calmer. He won’t get carried away and accidentally kill her out of rage.

Mejojo only replies with an annoyed scoff, and he steps back after telling Fiona that she’s going to regret it. This also means that he’s leaving the punishment in the hands of Auger, who happily says he’ll do his best. It reminds Fiona of the twin princes she used to know. Whenever they came to visit the tower, Auger would introduce new games to her while Mejojo watched over them from afar — just like what they’re doing now. Those nostalgic memories keep looping in her mind, even though the situation is completely different. She is chained to the ceiling right now, and they’re discussing about her punishment. Since he loves everything to be neat and tidy, Auger decides to start by cleaning Fiona. He finds it intolerable for a dirty girl like her to stand beside his brother. Fiona is shocked to receive such cruel words, and she shrieks in pain when Auger releases her wrists from the ceiling — instantly dropping her hands like a stringless marionette.

Fiona can feel her arms going numb due to sudden pain, but just when the pain is starting to vanish, Auger pulls the chain on her hands and brings her to the corner. There’s a bathtub there, and he’s going to wash her now. Fiona actually wants to wash all the dirt she got on the way here, but certainly not in this situation. The thought of getting washed by Auger, right in front of Mejojo, makes her want to die of embarrassment. Noticing that Fiona is blushing, Auger tells her not to imagine anything weird.. because he thinks of her as a pet. She can’t deny this since she’s indeed chained and got dragged around, but even if they treat her like a pet, she’s a human. No matter how cruel they treat her, no matter how much they try to control her, Fiona’s heart will always be free — they won’t be able to do whatever they want with it. Auger notices that her eyes are conveying something, but he says he doesn’t hate those eyes.

Auger chuckles as he connects the chain into the bathtub, telling Fiona to get in. When she remains silent, he asks if she wants him to dump her inside by force. She has no choice but to step into the bathtub, and despite her reluctance, she feels a bit relieved that he’s not asking her to strip. The moment her foot steps into the bathtub, Fiona cringes due to the cold water inside. She notices that Auger seems to be setting up something, and the next second, suddenly the chain tying her wrist are pulled — causing her to fall on her knees. As much as she wants to get up, the chain has been shortened and she’s forced to kneel inside the bathtub. When Fiona tries to protest, Auger only tells her not to move. Before she could raise her head, he pours ice water onto her. The coldness pierces her skin, and the water is soaking into her clothes and hair. She asks him to stop, but she’s shivering as the ice water drenches her entire body.

Completely ignoring her protests, Auger asks if Fiona is aware of her own position. She’s not a royalty, but she’s a princess from the Galland family — one of the three prestigious families in Weblin. Despite this and her status as Mejojo’s fiancée, she keeps fooling around by visiting other men. Auger comments that Fiona is such a cheap woman, and he wonders if she has no common sense because everyone spoiled her back in the tower. Fiona tries to deny the accusation, but she’s still trembling from the ice water.. and Auger tells her to speak properly since he can’t understand what she’s saying. He reminds her that she was incredibly talkative earlier, telling them to reconcile with the wolves or develop a cure for Zodiva, and he laughs as he pours more ice water onto her — aiming for her face on purpose. She tries to turn her face away, but sadly the chain keeps her in place. He chuckles and asks why she’s trying to hide, as her only redeeming quality is her face. Which is only about average.

Auger tells Fiona not to run away, and soon she starts choking because he keeps pouring more water onto her face. Then he laughs and wonders if she has become a bit cleaner, telling her to treasure her face. She has poor proportions, and so her face is her only asset. As he says these words, Auger’s gaze closely traces down Fiona’s body, and she turns red upon realizing her current state. Since she’s drenched from head to toe, her wet dress is sticking to her body — showing the skin and curves underneath. When Fiona asks him not to look, Auger replies that she still doesn’t understand her position. He already told her that she’s their pet, and a pet can’t hide anything from its owner. Fiona looks at Mejojo seeking for help, but he coldly says that she was the one who chose Auger. In front of her, Auger sighs saying Fiona is such a bad kid for trying to beg for Mejojo’s help in the middle of their training — adding that she’s a lewd woman who only knows about seducing men.

Fiona is shocked because she never thought about seducing Mejojo, and she denies the accusation in her heart. Then as if he can read her mind, Auger tells her not to fool herself. She’s always seducing someone, living her whole life by relying on their help. She escaped the palace with Nesso’s help, and she came back with Julian’s help — resulting in poor Julian’s death. It must be her who suggested returning to the palace, because there’s no way Julian would want to return on his own. Auger accuses Fiona of seducing Julian to help her, saying Julian was a fool. He must be happy to be relied on, and he returned to the palace only to get killed. Fiona’s lips are shaking as she tries to deny this, but Auger continues. Next, he asks if she didn’t think about what would happen if Julian returned. Of course Julian would be killed by him. Auger wonders if Fiona thought he wouldn’t do something so cruel, and he calls her stupid. He points out that everything happened because a fool like her is pretending to be clever, and then he asks if she understands.

“You were the one who killed Julian.”

Fiona gasps in shock, and she starts questioning herself. Her body is trembling from the ice water, and the coldness is mercilessly absorbing her strength — she can’t think of anything. She opens her mouth to deny this, but then she realizes that Auger is right. She didn’t think that he would do something so cruel to Julian, but she should have. Fiona has seen how Mejojo strangled her, saying it’d be better to have her dead than bitten by a wolf. She has seen how Auger broke Julian, treating him as nothing more than a toy. Despite all of this, she dragged Julian into her selfish actions. She didn’t think about the risks of failure. Or maybe she was subconsciously ignoring the bad premonition in her mind. Maybe she was only looking at all the nice things she wanted to see, looking away from the harsh part of reality. As the result, Julian lost his life — she indirectly killed him.

When Fiona mutters that she killed Julian, Auger agrees and adds that she’s truly a cruel woman. When she repeats in broken sentences that she’s a cruel woman, he gently praises her for understanding her crime. Fiona can’t believe in what she has done, and she starts apologizing repeatedly. As Auger pours more cold water onto her, she begins crying like a child. She killed Julian. She sent Julian to the land of the dead. Fiona knows she can’t be forgiven. Even if she apologizes, Julian is already gone. Her body won’t stop shaking as she wonders about what to do, because she won’t be able to atone for her crime. Even when Auger stops pouring water onto her, Fiona finds herself unable to raise her head. Auger then asks if Fiona has come to understand how stupid she is, which she replies with a silent nod. It was her foolishness that killed Julian.

Auger then tells Fiona that she’s a hopeless fool, but Mejojo doesn’t mind. She doesn’t have to think about anything. All she needs to do is to listen to Mejojo’s words. Mejojo will tell her what to do. If she obeys him, she will be loved and protected. Fiona quietly repeats Auger’s words, asking if they’re going to protect her. He gently replies that she’s right, and then he puts his hand on her shoulder — burning her cold skin with his warmth. Once again, Auger says that Mejojo is the only one who can accept Fiona. Mejojo forgives her, the hopeless idiot who has killed Julian. When Fiona blankly repeats his words, Auger says she should feel better upon thinking that way. Then he gently strokes her back, and she finds comfort in the warmth from his large hand. However, Auger soon adds that Fiona shouldn’t address Mejojo by his name. Mejojo is the king after all, so he asks her to call him Mejojo-sama. Her mind is going numb. Her body feels so heavy and cold, and she can’t think of anything.. so she quietly repeats “Mejojo-sama”. The moment she calls Mejojo by that name, a single warm tear slides down her cheek. She doesn’t know why, but she can feel her chest tightening. As if she has lost something important.

After shattering Fiona’s heart into pieces, Mejojo and Auger decide to brand their crest onto her nape. It’s the proof that she’s their possession. The wolves soon learn about Fiona’s failure, and Arles leads them to attack the palace — along with Nesso and Zara. Despite her attempt to plead for their lives, Fiona is moved to the confinement room. It’s located on the upper level from the palace, and she can see Julian’s hanging garden from the window. Unfortunately, the wolves walk straight into a trap. Based on Mejojo’s order, the CCK drop iron bars to seal the gate. Only Rath is left outside, while the others are trapped and surrounded by the knights. The wolves eventually got cornered into the burning garden. Knowing the twins are out for a slaughter, Fiona wonders where they are.

From the window, Fiona starts searching for Auger. He voice won’t be able to reach them, but she’s hoping that there’s something she can do. Knowing that Auger must be guarded by the knights, Fiona tries to look for him among largest crowd.. but she gasps in shock upon spotting two familiar figures in the garden. It’s Nesso and Zara, surrounded by a large number of knights. They’re both holding their weapons, guarding each other’s back. Fiona yells at them to run and leave her behind, desperately clutching onto the iron bars blocking the window. It’s just unbearable to see them in danger, but her voice won’t be able to reach them.

Down in the garden, Nesso and Zara are busy fighting the knights. They’re both unharmed, but things are starting to look bad for them. They’re running out of stamina. When Zara says that he thought he can fight for a little longer, Nesso replies that he’s working too hard for a butler. Nesso jokingly asks when did he get so strong, to which Zara answers that he used to be Nesso’s training partner after all. Besides, he wants to protect Fiona too. Standing back-to-back, Nesso and Zara are glaring at the knights around them. Normally they should be able to avoid battle by using the hallways, but today every single path in the palace is tightly guarded — their attack has been predicted right from the start. None of the wolves can go deeper into the palace, and they get pushed into the garden instead. Zara wonders where Fiona and Julian are, and Nesso tries calling out to her. Zara also yells out that they came to save her, but they can’t hear her voice. The only thing they can hear are the clamoring sounds of the battlefield. Nesso knows it means Fiona is confined in a place where her voice won’t reach them, but Zara feels a bit relieved that she’s not here in the garden.

When more knights appear to surround them, Nesso swings his bloodied sword saying they won’t be able to win against him. They should stop getting in the way, or else they’re going to die in vain. This causes the knights to tremble in fear. They all know they can’t defeat Nesso alone, and that’s why they’re trying to wear him down.. but it’s not working. If anything, the number of knights around them are decreasing — pushed back by his determination. When Nesso asks if they all want to die, the knights are looking at each other in hesitation. Nesso thinks he might be able to push them away at this rate, but of course Auger just HAVE to appear and join in the fun. He smiles saying the knights are pathetic. They’re surrounding Nesso and Zara in a large group, and yet those two are not dead yet. It can’t be helped though, because the royal knights are busy dealing with the wolves. Even though he’s standing in the middle of a battlefield, Auger’s clothes remain clean and spotless.

Nesso is surprised to see Auger. When he mutters Auger’s name, Auger grins and replies with “Huh? You’re still calling me ‘Your Highness’? You’re so serious, Nesso.” Nesso frowns saying it’s more like a habit, and he wants to know where they keep Fiona — asking Auger to return her. Auger points out that Fiona came back to the palace on her own, but Nesso replies that she doesn’t wish to stay here. Auger only laughs and asks why Nesso is under that idea, because Fiona chose Mejojo and him over them. Rather than escaping to an unknown country and losing everything, she decided to remain in Weblin as Mejojo’s wife. Auger chuckles saying she’s quite a calculating and wicked woman, but Nesso tells him to shut up. He knows that his sister isn’t that kind of person. Auger replies that Nesso should ask Fiona herself, but of course he has absolutely no intentions to let them meet. Instead, he draws the rapier hanging from his hip. Even though Auger is an excellent fighter, Nesso knows he should be able to defeat Auger in perfect condition.. but it’s a completely different situation now. Nesso has fought countless knights earlier, and he’s growing exhausted.

When Auger lunges to attack, Nesso can barely defend himself. Upon seeing this, Auger laughs and points out that Nesso’s movements are so slow. Then he mockingly asks if Nesso is exhausted, adding that Nesso seems rather unreliable as a leader of knights. Zara gasps in shock when Nesso groans in pain, but Nesso assures him that it’s just a scratch. In front of them, Auger smiles and points out that he’s bleeding quite a lot for a simple scratch. Auger then reminds Nesso about how badly Nesso defeated him in the sewers, so now he’s going to return the favor. Nesso challenges Auger to do it if he can, and Auger calmly replies that he can. The next second, a large number of knights appear and pierce Nesso’s body with their swords — all it takes was a finger snap from Auger. The bloody sight brings fright, despair and rage onto Zara’s face, and he angrily glares at Auger before calling him a coward.

Upon hearing this, Auger asks if Zara is stupid. After all, he never said that he’d fight Nesso one on one. For him, chivalry doesn’t mean a thing if he doesn’t win. Auger then calls Nesso pathetic. He came here saying impressive things like saving his sister, and Auger wants to know how he feels to die without seeing her. As he says this, Auger thrusts his rapier into Nesso’s stomach right in front of Zara’s eyes. Losing the strength to remain standing, Nesso collapses to his knees. Zara cries out at Auger to stop, and he spreads his arms to protect Nesso.. but Auger only tells him not to get in the way. He’s not done playing with Nesso yet. Zara refuses to move out of the way though. If Auger wants to kill Nesso, first he needs to kill Zara. Irritation fills Auger’s voice as he violently grabs Zara’s ears, yelling that he’s getting in the way. Ears are very sensitive for demi-humans, and knowing this, Auger tightly squeezes Zara’s ears with full strength.

Auger then tells Zara that he’s still useful, and that’s why he won’t kill him. They need him to make the cure for Zodiva. Zara tries asking Auger for a deal. If Auger leaves Nesso alone, he’ll listen to everything they say. He desperately begs Auger to save Nesso’s life, believing that his knowledge can be used to make a deal — because it has value in the cats’ eyes. However, Auger only smiles and calls him stupid. He then asks if Zara forgot that Fiona is in their hands, and she might be infected with Zodiva. It’s no problem even if she’s not infected, because they can infect her on purpose.. and Zara would have no choice but to make the cure for her. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Zara can’t say anything in return. His voice is trembling with despair. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to save Nesso — his dear master and friend. A deal won’t be a deal when there are hostages involved. Still smiling, Auger mentions that it’s about time for Nesso to die. Zara begs him to stop, while Nesso can only mutter Zara’s name with a hoarse voice. Auger cheerfully says “Bye-bye, Nesso-kun. I hope your next life will be a little better.” Then he brings down his rapier to pierce Nesso’s throat, doing it right beside Zara’s face on purpose. Fresh red blood sprays out and stains Zara’s pale cheeks, while Nesso whispers his beloved sister’s name as he dies.

In the confinement room, Fiona bursts into tears and screams out Nesso’s name. She leans out as much as she could, repeatedly calling her brother’s name. If there are no iron bars blocking the window, she would have thrown herself out of the tower. Nesso leaped into danger and came all the way here just to save her, and yet she couldn’t do anything but to watch his death. He always came to help her when she was in pain. He was always so kind to her.. and now he’s dead. Tears are running down her cheeks, but Nesso won’t be there anymore to wipe them away. In the garden below, Fiona can see Auger dragging the shocked Zara by the ears — taking him somewhere else. She whispers that everything must be a lie. A nightmare. She wants to wake up from this nightmare, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to open her eyes.

After that night of despair, the wolves disappeared from Weblin. They have been thoroughly exterminated, though most people don’t know about the only survivor of the battle — Rath. As King Garibaldi VII, Mejojo soon announced that the cure for Zodiva has been completed. The people of Weblin rejoiced, and Mejojo gained their trust. They don’t have to fear the wolves anymore. They don’t have to suffer from the deadly epidemic anymore. Under Mejojo’s reign, Weblin once again becomes a rich and beautiful kingdom.

However, after that night, Fiona was thrown back into the underground prison. Just like before, she keeps receiving cruel treatments from Mejojo.. like getting whipped and abused. One day, Mejojo whips Fiona for choosing the wolves over him. It’s a crime that won’t ever disappear, no matter how many times he whips her. Fiona cries in pain and begs him to stop, but Mejojo keeps whipping her until — surprisingly — Auger asks him to stop. Unfortunately, Mejojo only pushes Auger away and tells him to shut up. His violence has been escalating each day. Up until now Auger would only watch and laugh, but it has gotten to the point where Auger actually tries to stop him. Mejojo is panting as he looks down on Fiona, who’s crouching and trembling on the ground. She knows he’s raging because he lost his objective.

Mejojo managed to kill Arles that night, but Arles also snatched his left eye. Seeing the wound probably fills him with killing intent and desire for revenge, but Arles is already dead. Mejojo has no idea where to release his anger on, and that’s why he’s taking it out on Fiona — the person who chose the wolves. Fiona gasps in fear when Mejojo glares at her with irritation in his eye, but then he throws the whip onto the ground and leaves. The only ones left underground are only Fiona, who can only endure the pain, and Auger, who can only watch everything. When Auger walks to approach her, Fiona starts shivering. She thinks he’s going to do something to her, and she starts begging for forgiveness in her heart. They have taken her dignity away from her. They have taken her family away from her. Are they still going to take more? If they’re planning to torment her even further, then she prefers death.

When Fiona asks him to kill her, Auger is taken by surprise. She asks him to kill her, because they don’t have a reason to keep her alive anymore. The wolves have been destroyed. The cure for Zodiva has been made. Nesso and Zara have been killed. They have no more reason to let her live. Once again, Fiona asks Auger to kill her. She doesn’t want to suffer anymore. When she thinks about those who died because of her, Fiona feels crushed inside. Even when she’s crouching, the pain left by Mejojo’s whip keeps on burning her back. She wonders if there’s a meaning in living under this condition, and why she’s still alive. Her life no longer has a meaning and hope. Fiona expected Auger to make a fool of her and say “I won’t kill you that easily!”, but he only sighs and gives her a gentle hug — quietly apologizing to her. Fiona is shocked, as she doesn’t get why he’s apologizing. Auger has done a lot of cruel things. He was the one who killed Julian and Nesso, and he was also the one who captured Zara.. but now he’s apologizing to her?

While Fiona struggles to grasp what’s going on, Auger slowly tells her that he only wanted to make Mejojo happy.. because he only has Mejojo. The two of them have been surviving in the royal palace, only having each other as an ally. It reminds her of what he said before. Behind the grand exterior of the royal palace, they can find disputes over the throne and assassination attempts. She can understand why Auger didn’t have any allies other than Mejojo, and why they never trust anyone. Even if they keep issuing orders, they never expect anything from their subordinates. They don’t believe that people sincerely follow them, and they’re always watching their subordinates with cold eyes. Auger says that’s why he always listened to his brother. He wanted to make Mejojo happy, but Mejojo has changed. His voice trembles as he tells her that after ending everything that night.. his brother has changed.

Fiona remains silent, but she knows that Auger is right. Even though his wish to become the king has been granted, and he succeeded in destroying everything that got on his way, Mejojo has been in a stormy rage. So much that people are now calling him the one-eyed tyrant. Auger wonders where did he go wrong, and why Mejojo won’t be happy anymore. Fiona doesn’t reply, and she doesn’t want to say anything either. All this time Nesso, Zara, Julian and her had been trying to stop them, to tell them that they’re wrong.. but they ignored everything. It’s too late to realize their mistakes now after they killed everyone. Knowing that Fiona won’t say anything, Auger gently lets go and apologizes to her again. He turns around to leave, but then he turns around saying he’ll send his subordinate to deliver a medicine for her. Fiona doesn’t reply. She only looks up at Auger, and when he sighs, she thinks he looks unreliable. He looks like he’s about to cry, like a lost kid waiting for someone to find him.. but that someone won’t be her. Fiona knows she won’t be able to help. He might feel better if she says something, but that’s why she can’t do it. In the end, she only watches in silence as he leaves the underground prison.

From there, Mejojo’s condition never improves. He gets irritated upon seeing the scar on his face. He gets annoyed upon seeing Weblin’s recovery. He continues taking out his irritation on Fiona, and Auger always tries to protect her. Eventually it became natural for Auger to treat Fiona’s wounds after Mejojo leaves, and she’s starting to put lower her guard around him. One day, Auger visits Fiona after making sure that Mejojo is gone. He softly apologizes as he rubs an ointment on her wounded back, admitting that he’s not good in treating injuries. When Auger’s warm hand gently strokes her back, Fiona starts crying because Nesso and Zara used to do the same thing. Auger apologizes and asks if it hurts that much, and Fiona admits that she just remembered Nesso and Zara — which he replies with a quiet apology. He was the one who took them away, and yet he’s protecting her now. She won’t be able to forgive him for the rest of her life, but even so.. his kindness makes her happy. It reminds her that she’s a human. If Auger treats her like Mejojo does and tortures her — just like what he used to do — Fiona would have lost her sanity.

Once again, Auger apologizes to Fiona. He says he’d love to help her, but she doesn’t expect much. Auger has been spending all his life trying to please Mejojo, taking the role of a jester for his brother’s sake. Even if Mejojo is now suffering as the result, Auger wouldn’t be able to betray him so easily. Fiona answers that she’s fine. Auger’s kindness is already enough for her, though she wonders how much longer can she live by relying on that. She wonders if she can remain sane up until the end. Suddenly, a sound surprises both Auger and Fiona.. because after they made the cure for Zodiva, the only ones who would come down here are only Mejojo and Auger. Fiona trembles in fear, while Auger reluctantly asks if it’s his brother. Mejojo got irritated whenever Auger tried to protect Fiona. If he finds out that Auger has been secretly treating Fiona’s wounds, he’d surely go into a raging fit.

Unfortunately for them, the visitor does turn out to be Mejojo. When he walks up to them, there’s a blazing rage in his eye. The first thing he asks is “Fiona.. Are you betraying me again..?” She repeats the question in confusion, and he yells “You choose Auger over me..!? Why won’t you choose me!? Who do I have to kill to make you choose me..!?” Fiona cowers in fear. Her body has learned that whenever Mejojo yells at her, she will get whipped next. Auger quickly asks Mejojo to calm down. He tries to explain that Fiona and him didn’t do anything like that, but Mejojo only calls his name. When Auger reluctantly asks what it is, Mejojo tells him that he thought he has no more enemies left. Auger agrees since the wolves and Nesso are gone, but then Mejojo smiles and points to him — Auger is still here. Auger’s eyes widen in shock. He’s done everything to support his brother, and yet he’s now branded as an enemy. Mejojo grins as he says that Auger is stealing Fiona away from him. He slowly sways from one side to another before taking out his rapier.

Auger panics and asks Mejojo to calm down, assuring him that he won’t steal Fiona away.. but Mejojo only replies with “Die, Auger. Die right here for me.” Then he lunges to attack Auger, who barely dodges the hit. When Auger begs him to calm down, Mejojo answers that he’s perfectly calm. Mejojo then asks if Auger has been planning this right from the start, handing over everything only so he can take them away later. Auger says he never had such intentions. He’s a loyal vassal, and Mejojo can be the greatest — he doesn’t mind. However, Mejojo answers that by putting the blame for Zodiva and the wolves’ attacks on his reign, Auger would receive minimum judgment when he takes the throne. Auger calls out to Mejojo, hoping to stop his endless delusion, but Mejojo keeps slashing at him with no mercy. Realizing that running away won’t solve anything, Auger finally gives in and draws his own rapier.

Upon seeing this, Mejojo concludes that Auger is trying to kill him after all. Auger denies it, but Mejojo only tells him to shut up before he continues attacking. Sparks fly whenever their rapiers clash in the dark room, and despite the situation they’re in, Fiona finds them beautiful. If there’s a painter here, he’d be excited to capture the view in a painting. Mejojo and Auger repeatedly exchange blows, until finally the tip of Auger’s rapier pierces through Mejojo’s chest. Mejojo collapses to the floor with a shocked expression, and Auger rushes over to hug his brother.. but the wound was fatal. Auger’s rapier beautifully pierces Mejojo’s heart, and it’s impossible to save Mejojo’s life. Auger cries and repeatedly calls out to his brother, then he turns to Fiona and asks what he should do. He breaks into sobs as he tells her that he has killed his brother, and he starts wailing. Fiona stands up, and she walks up to Auger. She has decided that she won’t ever forgive him for the rest of her life, but she can stay by his side. Fiona smiles, and she tells Auger that he has her — she will stay with him. She returned here to stop them, hoping she can turn Weblin into a better kingdom. Now it’s time to fulfill her long-cherished wish. She’s going to support Auger.

Directly after Mejojo’s death, Fiona is taken out of the underground prison. Until they can prepare a room for her, she’ll be living in her old house in the garden. There are still traces of damage from that night, but the garden is slowly regaining its former beauty. The wound Mejojo received during that battle is officially stated as the cause of death, and Auger raised to the throne. As the new king of Weblin, he’s working hard to establish a good government. Fiona suddenly stops reminiscing to call Auger’s name, and he comes out asking if she caught him. She replies that she did, as he’s the only one who would come to visit her. Auger laughs, and he admits that it’s because he ordered for everyone else not to enter the garden. Fiona asks if it’s to lock her inside the garden, and she sadly wonders if he doesn’t trust her. It can’t be helped though, because she did escape once. However, Auger shakes his head and says that’s not the reason. When Fiona asks him why, he says it’s because he doesn’t want anyone else to see her. As the king, Auger doesn’t want people to see him being all lovestruck in front of Fiona either.

Fiona is surprised to hear this, and Auger pulls her into his arms. Even though it’s a sweet embrace, there’s also a hint of sadness that clings onto them somehow. Fiona gently returns the hug and slides her arms to Auger’s back, as if she’s trying to tell him that everything will be alright — she’s here with him. He has made a lot of mistakes, even ones that he can never take back, and he won’t be able to atone for everything. She can’t return to her family because of him, and he also caused the wolves to disappear from Weblin.. but he might not make any more mistakes if she’s with him. It’s her wishful thinking. A hope for the future. Auger leans in as he enjoys Fiona’s warmth, and she moves her fingers to touch his hair. He tells her that he loves her, and she replies that she loves him too. Then he presses his lips against hers. As they kiss, he asks if he can taste her more with his tongue — even deeper. She only replies with a soft moan and he starts kissing her passionately, mentioning that he’s been wanting to do this since a long time ago.

Fiona opens her eyes in surprise, but she can’t think of anything. Her body is shaking from Auger’s intense kiss, and he apologizes for all the pain she had to go through. He’ll give her a lot of kisses in return, asking her to enjoy it. When Fiona tells him that she’s happy, Auger chuckles saying she’s so cute. She’s beautiful. Following her, Auger gently moves his hand to stroke Fiona’s hair. At the same time, his tongue is skillfully, lovingly caressing hers. When their long, intense kiss ends, she looks at him with a dazed expression. Then he holds her face with his hands, as if he’s covering her ears. When he turns her face upwards, she can feel his long, white tail curling around her neck… (´д≡; )a゙ Fiona looks up at Auger in confusion, but he doesn’t reply. He only gives her a gentle smile. Thinking that Auger is going to kiss her again, Fiona slowly closes her eyes.. and the screen fades to black.

Then after the credits roll, Auger’s voice mockingly says “…stuuupid.”

… (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻


Around one year after that night of despair, Fiona is back in the royal palace’s hanging garden. The garden was destroyed during that battle, but it has regained its former beauty. Back then the garden was filled with the stench of blood, but now she can only pick up the fresh smell of plants. If you wonder what she’s been doing for the last one year.. A baby’s crying voice draws Fiona’s attention away from the window. There’s a pure white baby bed in her room now, and the baby lying inside is looking up at her with an innocent look. Yes. During this one year, she’s been carrying a child and gave birth. The baby has silver hair and a pair of white cat ears, just like its father. Even though she know that she won’t receive an answer, Fiona asks if it’s hungry — rubbing the baby’s plump cheeks with her fingers. The baby moves its arms and legs as it laughs, and Fiona smiles at how cute it is. Whenever she sees the baby’s cuteness, her chest is filled with love. It’s a lovely, angel-like baby boy. When he grows up, not only will he be cute, but he will become a beautiful man like his father. Not only will he be beautiful, but he will also rule over Weblin as the heir to the throne.

Once again, Fiona whispers that her son really looks like his father. She feels a strange sense of shame that floats with her smile, because she doesn’t know which one is the father — is it Mejojo or Auger? Fiona then feels dizzy, and she remembers how the doctor said she might experience anemia after giving birth. As her head starts spinning, Fiona sees a memory of Mejojo saying she was supposed to be his. She feels that she just heard someone’s dry voice. Someone who’s not here anymore. Fiona gasps as her breath goes out of control and she totters to her own bed — where she sits down and slowly exhales. After taking his revenge on Arles that night, Mejojo completely burnt out. For the last 10 years, Mejojo has been living by hating the wolves. His reason for living was to destroy the wolves, and to achieve that goal, he devised a strategy that entangled the whole kingdom from the inside. There was always an enemy in his life. That’s why when he finally defeated that enemy, he didn’t know what to do anymore.

After Nesso and Zara’s death, Mejojo no longer had an enemy in the royal palace. Everyone bowed down their heads in fear to him, and nobody dared to go against him. In such a peaceful life, Mejojo completely lost sight of his objective. Despite his strong obsession towards her, his interest in Fiona was fading away. Even when Auger started making a move on her, Mejojo didn’t say anything. During that time, she became nothing more than a possession shared between them. Everything she tried to do was useless. Fiona then moves her eyes back to the baby bed. It’s decorated with delicate frills symbolizing bliss, but it represents aggravation to her. She became the wife of a man who trapped her father, the man who killed her brother and precious family member. The baby is also the symbol of that, but Fiona tells her son that he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s innocent. If life in the royal palace is unbearable, she should have killed herself. But she didn’t choose death, and she gave birth to a new life.

Maybe an emptiness has awakened inside of Fiona after that night, just like Mejojo. Everything she does is useless, and her actions won’t change anything. The wolves have been destroyed. The cure for Zodiva has been announced and spread throughout the kingdom. Even if she runs away from the palace, she doesn’t have a family who will accept her. That’s why she just continues living here. Without a strong desire to die, she’s just living in inertia. Just like Mejojo. After reaching his objective, he filled the role of a fair king desired by his people.. but he was empty inside. His passion was gone, along with the desire for revenge that filled him for the last 10 years. They were an empty couple, moving in inertia like broken toys.. and the one who put an end to that was Auger.

One night, Auger walked into Mejojo’s room to say this: “Goodbye, big brother. I really loved you, who kept me entertained the most.” Then he just stabbed Mejojo’s stomach with a dagger. Mejojo was shocked, and he stared at Auger in disbelief.. but Auger kept thrusting the dagger over and over again, until he eventually killed his only brother. He said he truly loved Mejojo, and that’s why he couldn’t bear to see Mejojo being a foolish coward. He pities Mejojo. Rather than living in such a unsightly state, it’d be much better for Mejojo to die in Auger’s hands. Mejojo groaned in pain and tried to escape, but his white clothes were stained red in no time. Auger grinned as he said goodbye, finally ending Mejojo’s life.

Back in the present, Fiona sighs upon recalling the memory. It feels like the scent of blood is coming out of her mind. Auger killed Mejojo, and all she could do was to watch everything. After ending his brother’s life, Auger kissed Fiona — wrapping her with the choking scent of blood. Ever since that moment, she became his possession. Soon after that, they found out that Fiona was pregnant. Auger was the one who told her, and they never knew who the father is. Even though they have different atmosphere around them, Mejojo and Auger looked identical. They were twins after all, and so it was impossible to guess the father from the baby’s facial features. After discussing further, they decided to think of the baby as Mejojo’s son. However, Fiona thinks the baby actually looks a lot like Auger.

Just then Auger appears asking how the baby is doing, and Fiona replies that he’s being a good kid. Auger smiles saying it’s just as expected from Mejojo’s son. He wouldn’t trouble his mother. Fiona doesn’t reply, and she thinks about how he’s smiling as usual. No one knows what he’s thinking of behind that smile. No one would be able to understand the darkness in his heart. Auger asks why Fiona looks so gloomy, and he wonders if she feels depressed.. but she doesn’t think so, as she has left such feelings somewhere behind. Fiona answers that she’s just unsure about what to do from now on, and Auger laughs saying she doesn’t need to worry about that. Auger then puts his arms around Fiona’s waist and pulls her closer, whispering that everything will be alright. It feels really sweet and gentle whenever he touches her like this. Fiona calls out his name, but Auger only tells her that it’s alright. Then he leans in to give her a sweet, enchanting kiss.

Fiona closes her eyes and wraps her arms around Auger’s neck, but then she notices something. Maybe it’s because she just remembered Mejojo earlier, but she can sense that scent — the scent that resembles rust. The scent of blood. Silence flows between them. As they exchange passionate glances, Auger’s hand slides to Fiona’s abdomen.. where hot liquid is leaking out. Auger then whispers “It doesn’t hurt that much right? This knife is really sharp.” into Fiona’s ears. It was promoted as a knife that won’t make people realize when they get stabbed, though she caught him in the act. She remains silent. The knife is indeed impressive. She noticed because of the scent of blood, but she didn’t feel the wound until it was touched. Again, Auger tells Fiona that it’s okay. She gave birth to a wonderful baby boy who will take Mejojo’s place. Now she can die.

Fiona’s body slips and sinks into her bed. When she looks up, she can see Auger smiling at her. It’s a gentle smile filled with affection. As her consciousness fades away, Fiona hears the last words from Auger: “Thank you, Fiona. I’ve finally grown to love you.”

… (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻

I’m honestly at a loss for words. All I can think about is “AUGER WHY (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻” ..but of course that’s not a proper impression. It feels like Auger completely trolled Fiona in the good end, and we get to see his personality more in the bad end. Early in the game, Auger said that he loves Mejojo because Mejojo keeps him entertained. He repeats this in the bad end. Now if you wonder why Auger killed Mejojo, that’s exactly the reason. After Mejojo turned empty, Auger doesn’t find him fun anymore.. so he got rid of his brother. That’s how the world works for him. If you can keep him entertained, he lets you live. If you’re no fun, you will die sooner or later. Fiona actually saw his epic trolling coming, though sadly she got fooled. She knew that Auger wouldn’t let her die so easily, but she fell for it when he started treating her nicely.

Well, she was right.. because I’m sure he killed her too in the good end. He looks SO happy if you listen to his good end extra voice, in which he says “I was happy that you stayed by my side. Hehe, you really are a dumb girl.” Note the past tense and how he keeps calling her a fool. Despite all of this though, I think Auger is a really interesting character. I actually like him a bit more than Mejojo. Auger doesn’t change a single bit from beginning to end, and that’s probably what I like the most. Fiona won’t change him. He changes her, and when he’s done dealing with her, it’s time for her to kick the bucket.

Okay, I need to stop before I tl;dr further. If you want to learn more about Auger, do check Lore’s essays here and here. OH, AND THANKS FOR THE STAB AUGER. IT WAS GOOD.

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  1. Congratulations on making it through Auger’s route! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ YOU SHALL NEVER BE THE SAME… And thanks for linking my essaysdklfjsldkfj. /)_(\!! I think about him too much.

    I feel so bad for Fiona because leading up to the good ending she doubted him so much, but in the end she clung to his happiness just because it was the one bright spot in her dark world… And look where that got her, haha. (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ彡┻━┻ Well the minute she actually expected him to kill her, you knew he wasn’t going to. If he did what people expected, he wouldn’t be Auger.

    Anyway, お疲れ! At least you got the most umm mind-bending route out of the way. XD It was nice reading all this again. I’d completely forgotten about the stuff Auger tells her during the dream, but I suppose that’s not really a scene I can analyze since it’s Fiona’s fantasy. I’m looking forward to your next posts~ (◕‿◕✿)

    • 【嬉】(´p・ω・q`)ぁりヵゞ㌧♪
      Your essays explain him really well, I just have to link them. |D

      Yeah, Fiona’s life is so tragic in that good end. She was also hoping that Auger won’t make more mistakes if he’s got her.. but lol so much for that. (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻ She knew he wouldn’t kill her right away, but he’s just one step ahead with his epic trolling. You’re right. He wouldn’t be Auger if he doesn’t kill people when they less expected it, with the most unexpected way.

      Auger’s route was definitely a different experience. Now I can see why you girls are doubting the genuine romance scenes, because who knows when Auger will pop out of the blue and stab everything. Thanks for reading my tl;dr! ゚+(人・∀・*)+。♪

  2. Once again, I prefer the bad ending. :O Hey, at least he killed her painlessly, right…? Right? A-and, in the good end I wasn’t expecting anything that didn’t involve death but… Those sweet moments /sob See, Auger could be a really romantic person which would probably make up all of his sins for me. OTL I’m sorry, while after reading this post I have started to like him slightly more, I’m still not exactly fond of him.
    One thing though, I liked the idea of the cold water torture more than being whipped :/ I dunno, that’s just me.
    Also, the good end, Mejojo going crazy again, was that because Auger really manage to trick him? Or like, Auger had intended to kill him and Fiona (killing two birds with one stone) by acting nice to Fiona? Or maybe, he really only wanted to kill Fiona, but somehow Mejojo’s death also occurred? After reading how cunning he is, yet in the good ending he seems to want Mejojo to be “happy”. So right now I’m confused. ._.
    Well, I’ll wrap up here. Who will you be doing next I wonder? :D

    • It’s unclear how fast Fiona dies in the good end, so we can’t say for sure. The only thing I can say for certain is that hearing Auger telling you “……バァアアアカ。” in the end feels terribly creepy LOL. It doesn’t help that he was so gentle during the last kiss scene, but after the ending song his voice sounds so.. I don’t know how to describe it, powerful and mocking? The fact that there’s no BGM playing only makes it even creepier.

      Also, Auger’s punishment didn’t hurt Fiona physically, but look at her when it ended. She was completely broken, and she realized that she lost something important. Even Mejojo’s whipping didn’t do that much damage to her. But if you’re talking about physical damage only, then yeah being sprayed by ice water is better than getting whipped. 8D;

      In the good end, Mejojo’s death was an accident. Auger might be planning to troll Fiona, but he didn’t mean to kill Mejojo. At least not right then and there. When Auger told Fiona that “his brother has changed”, I think he really meant it. Auger never liked Mejojo’s obsession towards anyone. His brother has changed into a raging tyrant and he didn’t like it, that’s probably why he tried to stop the torture session. Auger does want Mejojo to be happy, as long as Mejojo can keep him entertained. But then again, I don’t know.. maybe he actually did want to kill Mejojo out of disappointment. Maybe he approached Fiona to provoke Mejojo too, then he can fight back and kill him. Maybe Mejojo’s “delusion” was true after all. Only Auger knows. |D

      The next route is a secret, you can look forward to it. 8D

  3. So you enjoyed the stab, that’s good haha. Yeah I guess Auger was more interesting than Mejojo bc my feelings toward Auger was more strong. Feelings of anger though (##゚Д゚)イライラ haha. I didn’t really pay attention to Mejojo after his route. But for Auger, when I see him in someone else’s route or hear his system voice I’m like “Oh Gawd. It’s you again… (=_=)” It’s just the last “バァァァアカ” from Auger was such an ear rape. Like I had a feeling it was coming since the good end was too good to be true, but still it sounded creepy. Hope you enjoy whoevers route you’re playing next. Looking for your next review (^Д^)b

    • Getting stabbed by Auger was my goal in this game, so yes I enjoyed it. That makes me sound like a massive ドM, but please don’t mind that. 8D; Man, Auger left me thinking about him for days. Just not romantically LOL. I guess it’s because Mejojo has one defined goal in the form of revenge, while Auger… just wants to go out there and have fun? And by fun I mean stabbing someone or ruining someone’s life. Months ago I keep hearing my friends going “AUGER WHY YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING!?” on Twitter, so I’m actually looking forward to that. I might end up going “GOD WHY YOU AGAIN” like you do though. xD

      Oh, and yeah that last “…バァァァアカ” is just… ヒー!! ノ)゚Д゚(ヽ
      His sudden change in the good end was so suspicious, but just as you said… it’s still creepy. Why, Yocchin?

      I’ll be moving to the family path next. :D

    Okay, didn’t see that coming before. Auger, how dare you stab Mejojo and Fiona! Don’t you see that I’m a fan of your hot brother?! And when I thought you already being a nice person/cat and all… you bad, bad cat!
    … Oh well, despite my ranting Auger path really is sadisticly interesting in a way. I wonder did Fiona die in the Good End? It’s implied to be so, but then we can’t say for sure. Really, the main character in this game really went through on a series of stabbing and betrayal, it’s almost heartbreaking (almost).
    Oh well, for now I can say that Mejojo still sit in the top of my own rank, maybe Rath at second and Julian in the third (how he died in Mejojo path boast his rank on my mind). I wonder will the other path sway my heart…..

    • He’s not Auger if he’s not bad. |D
      I think Fiona did die in his good end. Even though it’s not shown, if you check his extra voice, Auger talks about her in past tense and calls her stupid again. He also has that troll expression and looks so happy about it, so yeah I think he really killed her. Strangely enough, I still love Auger the most so far. Followed by Julian, Mejojo and Nesso. Not sure what happened since I’m not supposed to like characters like Auger. Maybe this game brainwashed me. _(:3」∠)_

      • I’m hoping for a sane person then…
        Hmm, but isn’t it something like a crime? But, well, this is Auger we talk about he will have a way to twist the other. Yes, he is, he is a complete jackass that way, but he is quite cool that way, so I’m cool with it. Ahaha, maybe getting stabbed and betrayed did twist our common sense…. will need a light fluffy otome soon.

        • It is a crime, but only if people actually find out right? |D
          Auger mentions that he doesn’t allow anyone else to enter the garden. Even if Fiona dies inside, people wouldn’t find out since nobody ever comes to see her anyway. I wonder if people even know about her existence in the palace lol.

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