BWS Bloody Nightmare – Twin Ends

The twin ends involve both Mejojo and Auger in an equal scale, so I put them in a separate post. You can unlock the twin ends by clearing the twins’ routes. ❤

The twin ends take place after the battle in the garden. A new set of choices will appear at the end of the scene. If Fiona searches for Mejojo and closes her eyes from reality, you’ll be taken to the twin good end. If she searches for Auger and wishes for punishment, believing that everything is her fault, it leads to the twin bad end. For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo‘s route.


One morning, Fiona wakes up in her house in the garden. She hears the sound of chirping birds, with the bright sunlight is shining through the window. She blinks slowly, feeling that she just saw a dream. A scary dream stained by blood. Her throat feels dry after seeing such a nightmare, maybe because she screamed and yelled so much in it. Fiona tries to slip out of the bed, but then a pair of arms hugs her waist and pulls her back. Mejojo asks where she’s going, whispering into her ears with a sleepy voice. Fiona answers that she feels thirsty, so she was thinking of getting up first. Mejojo responds with “…I see.” though he doesn’t let go of her, holding onto her like a kid hugging his stuffed toy.

Several years have passed ever that crimson nightmare, the last night of the wolves. Fiona is now Mejojo’s legal wife, and they have two children. One is a white cat girl like her father, and the other one is a human boy like his mother. Both of them are lovely children, but she knows that one day she won’t be able to see her son anymore. He’s not a cat, so he can’t become the future king of Weblin. Someday her son’s right of succession will be stolen, and something will happen to him… but she can’t do anything other than loving him while he’s still around. Fiona reminds Mejojo that she’s thirsty, but he only asks if she’s going to leave him alone. She points out that he’s been busy recently, and so she wants to let him get more sleep. Mejojo says it’s not necessary though, and he asks Fiona not to leave him. She chuckles because he looks like he’s sulking, and she jokingly replies that he’s such a pampered kid.

Mejojo is a good king. After that night, he turned angry and violent for a bit, but that’s only until his wound healed. Then he gradually calmed down, as if the demon who possessed him has disappeared. Right now he’s doing everything he can to revive the destroyed villages, as well as exterminating Zodiva. Not too long after that night, the cure for Zodiva was suddenly completed. Fiona tells herself not to think about who did it and how. If she remembers what happened, she will lose herself. She will go crazy. That’s why she blocks everything out of her mind, pretending not to see the past. Right now she only has two lovely children and a gentle, wise king as her husband. That’s all she has, and that’s enough for her. Fiona gently smiles, letting Mejojo do as he wants. She entrusts her body to the warmth of his arms, soaking herself into the morning slumber. She thinks about how happy she is. Or rather, assuring herself that this is happiness.

Fiona closes her eyes, falling into the temptation of sleeping in Mejojo’s arms, but suddenly.. Auger throws the door open and walks in — cheerfully greeting them good morning. Fiona is startled, while Mejojo only lets out an annoyed sigh. Despite the surprise, Fiona knows that nobody would come here except for him. Auger is the only one who’s allowed to enter the garden. Anyone else would be killed upon entering, and even if they manage to sneak in, they’d only get executed later. The garden is a space only for her, isolated from the outside world. Nobody can enter without Mejojo and Auger’s permission, and the same goes for leaving. When Mejojo asks what business does he have, Auger says he got bored. Earlier he went to check the throne room and the studies, but he couldn’t find Mejojo there. Mejojo sighs and asks if he thinks it’s okay to disturb a married couple’s time out of boredom, but Auger wants them to let him join in. It’s unfair for just the two of them to make out without him. They shouldn’t leave him behind, and he invites them to have breakfast together — like a family.

Fiona exchanges glances with Mejojo, and they both sigh. In the end, they just can’t win against the pushy Auger. Mejojo finally gives in, and he tells Auger to ask the maids to prepare breakfast. They’ll go there once they’re ready. Auger happily accepts the order, and when he leaves the room, Fiona says that Auger seems to love Mejojo a lot. Mejojo scoffs, but then he replies that it’s because they’re brothers. It’s just the two of them. Fiona has heard those words a lot, as Mejojo and Auger chant them like a spell. Recently, Mejojo has been gradually revealing the past hidden behind those words.

Not too long ago, Mejojo told Fiona that Auger and him only had each other. Nobody helped them. Fiona found it hard to believe because they were princes, but Mejojo explained that his mother had a low status. She wasn’t loved by the king. Julian’s mother tried to assassinate them countless times, but nobody helped them. In the end, their mother committed suicide. Fiona was shocked, especially when Mejojo added that it was Auger and him who took her life. She led them into killing her, which they did without even knowing it. She asked Auger and him to play a game with her, and she told them to pull a rope — a rope that was tied around her neck. In the palace with no allies, Mejojo and Auger lived on. Just the two of them.

Fiona thinks she shouldn’t forgive them even after hearing this, but she feels moved. She’s starting to open up to Mejojo as he tells her more about their past. Mejojo is a gentle, peaceful husband, and Fiona couldn’t hate him the way she did before. Fiona then asks if they should go, and Mejojo agrees. He actually wants to spend more time with her, but Auger would disturb them again if they keep him waiting for too long. Fiona follows Mejojo out of bed, and after getting dressed, they join Auger in the living room. While the maids are preparing their food, Fiona sits down and looks out at the garden outside. The garden was destroyed and stained in blood that night, but it has been restored since then. Green grass start growing again, beautiful flowers are blooming, and the wind carries a sweet scent. It’s like a dream. Or rather, she wants to think of everything as a dream — a nightmare.

When her children ask why she’s spacing out, Fiona smiles saying she’s just thinking about how everyone is doing great. They don’t get who she’s talking about, but she doesn’t answer either. They’re not amused by this, but since they’re children, their moods improve almost instantly. They ask if they can play outside until breakfast is ready, and Fiona glances at Mejojo. He gives them the permission as long as they don’t go too far away, since he’ll call them once breakfast is ready. As she watches them happily running outside, Fiona feels her chest tightening. When will her children learn of the world outside of the garden? Will they yearn for the outside world like she did?

Auger mentions that the children really loves playing outside, just like Fiona in the past. Mejojo agrees and says that Fiona’s desire to go out troubled him a lot, but she only smiles saying it’s all in the past. Right now she’s not wishing to go outside anymore. She doesn’t want the outside world. She only has this place, filled with gentle, beautiful and peaceful time — as if everything is a lie. As long as Fiona plays the role they want her to play, nothing cruel will happen anymore. Not to her, and not to anyone else. Mejojo then asks if she doesn’t want to go out anymore, and she smiles saying she doesn’t. It’s something she can say for certain. She doesn’t want to step outside. She doesn’t want to see the world outside. Nesso, Zara, Pearl, Richie and her father are having a peaceful life out there. Maybe sometimes they remember her and worry about her, but they don’t contact her — respecting her position as the queen. Fiona doesn’t think of contacting them either, since she’s no longer a member of the Galland family. Despite this, they’re all doing well. They have to. Her world is here in the garden while they’re living in the world outside, and that’s why they can’t meet. That’s the only reason. She doesn’t want to see the world outside anymore.

Mejojo then asks if she’s happy, and Fiona smiles saying she is.. but Auger asks why she’s crying. When she touches her cheeks, Fiona is surprised to find them wet. She doesn’t know the reason. Nothing makes her sad, and she’s supposed to be happy. Mejojo smiles saying she’s a weird woman, and Fiona agrees. She’s weird. She has turned weird. She has a great husband and lovely children, with a loyal brother-in-law who always supports her husband. She’s happy to have such a good family. In the end, she concludes that she cried because the garden is beautiful — because she’s happy. Once again, Fiona smiles and whispers that she’s happy. In the middle of a never-ending, beautiful nightmare.


In the dark, narrow and humid underground prison, Fiona wonders how much time has passed. She’s lost the sense of time. Not too long after that night, she was taken back underground — where she spends her days being chained in the dark. She doesn’t know how much time has passed since then. How many days? How many months? How many years? The intense feelings that drove her crazy that night has faded away, swallowed by the smooth, non-fluctuating time she spent here. It’s not only her feelings. Fiona has been in a haze recently, as if the boundaries of her own existence is slowly melting away. She’s starting to lose sight of them. Who is she? Her existence is drowning, blending, spreading into the darkness.

The sound of dripping water brings Fiona back to her senses. What was she thinking? She feels terrified of herself, scared that she’s gradually losing herself. She then reminds herself that she’s Fiona. Fiona Galland. She’s the only daughter of the Galland family, but she wonders what the Galland family is. She has no idea. Everything is so vague. Is she awake, or is she asleep? Her consiousness continues to slumber when she’s alone. Chained in the dark underground prison, she continues seeing a dream — all by herself. Suddenly, Fiona hears some footsteps. She wonders if it’s time for a meal, but she doesn’t think so since she doesn’t feel hungry yet. The meals here are simple, and they don’t have a fixed schedule. Each time, they leave her alone until she cries out of hunger. Right now she’s not that hungry, so the footsteps shouldn’t come with her meal. Could it be Mejojo? Or is it Auger?

Fiona smiles, feeling happy upon thinking about their visit. It has to be them, as no one else would come all the way to this filthy underground prison. If she was a demi-human and had a tail, she must be wagging it as she welcomes them — she’s happy! When the door opens, Fiona cheerfully greets them. She calls them Mejojo-sama and Auger-sama. The light that enters the room hurts her eyes, but her tears are coming out upon seeing them. It’s been a while since their last visit, and she’s glad they haven’t forgotten her. She only has them. They’re the only ones who know about her existence. If they disappear or throw her away, Fiona would have nothing left. That’s why Mejojo and Auger are her everything. Whenever she thinks about the crest they branded onto her, her chest goes numb with happiness… though she wishes they branded it on a place where she could see it. That way even if they leave her alone in the dark, she won’t be lonely. If she thinks of the crest as the proof of their love, then she can look at it forever.

Auger laughs asking if Fiona cries because she’s happy to see them, and she happily says yes. Mejojo adds that Fiona seems to be in a good shape, in the sense that she’s turning even more like a pet. Auger says it’s because of Mejojo’s good training, and then he turns to ask how would she like to be picked on today. Her eyes widen in surprise. They’re paying attention to her. They’re going to give her pain. They’re going to give her pleasure. The thought fills her heart with joy so much that her body starts trembling. Mejojo then takes the whip hanging on the wall, and Fiona smiles as she kneels to the ground — presenting her back to make it easier for him to whip. Her hands and feet are trembling with joy. Fiona remembers that a long time ago, she was so terrified of getting whipped by Mejojo. She was so stupid back then for not understanding the pleasure it gives. The whip leaves a burning pain that makes her cry, but in return, she can think that she’s not alone. Mejojo is the one who gives that her pain, and by holding and clinging onto that pain, she can endure being alone in the dark.

Auger grins as he tells Mejojo to look at Fiona, who looks so happy to be whipped. Mejojo smirks and says she’s just like a dog, but it also means they need to think up of another punishment. Auger replies that not seeing Mejojo would be the best punishment, and Mejojo tells Fiona that she’s cute. She’s so unsightly it’s lovely. When he cracks his whip, she feels thrilled and screams out in joy. Mejojo notices that Fiona sounds happy, and he asks if she loves the whip that much. In that case, he’ll give her more. As the whip repeatedly hits her like a falling rain, as she cries out from the pain, Fiona’s body is trembling with pleasure. She feels happy to be whipped, to be looked down upon like a domestic animal. She feels so happy and honored to receive the beautiful twin princes’ — no, the twin kings’ — attention. If they need her to be in this state, she will do anything to answer their wish. That’s why…

Fiona cries out, asking them to whip her more and more. Her voice is high and powerful, so much that her body is shaking. She wants them to hurt her more. She wants them to break her more. Until she won’t be able to remember anything. Until she can’t think of anything. She wants them to make her forget about all the sadness she had, and even about herself. She wants to a more intense punishment.

Fiona, I… (p´;Д;`)q I feel sorry for her. She’s pretty much broken in both ends. Even though she’s having a “good” life in the good end, she really closed her eyes and refused to accept reality. When she said that her family are doing well out there, I just… 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。 In the bad end, she has nothing left except for her own existence — which heavily depends on Mejojo and Auger. She might look like she’s become a ドM, but she actually doesn’t enjoy the pain. What gives her pleasure is that Mejojo and Auger remember her, and she’d do anything to stay in their minds. She’s also using the pain as a way to forget everything. (*´;ェ;`*)

That aside, I’m done with the crazy cats’ routes. The next route will be on a different path.


13 thoughts on “BWS Bloody Nightmare – Twin Ends

  1. These two routes, may I say, are quite messed up. I was hoping for Fiona to finally have an ending where she isn’t broken at least, but… °n° Meh. Well, they didn’t really name it ‘Bloody Nightmare’ for nothing, I suppose.
    Looking forward to the next route! ouo

    • LOL yeah they’re completely messed up, I say. xD
      I guess in Mejojo’s good end she’s not broken, but other than that… yeah. Especially in these twin ends where nothing looks truly good for her. I hope she can find real happiness in Last Hope.

  2. Hello, thx for your review, I really enjoyed it ^w^
    Reading your review, I found this game to be dark, deep, and insane, but that makes it epic (●>v<●)
    I kind of feeling irked by how insane the twins are, yet I couldn’t help but to love them… not romantically though… XD They are indeed interesting characters, and the story itself wouldn’t be so epic if it weren’t for their madness, but if it’s about being a romance (in-game) partner…, errr…, I don’t think I’d love being tortured like that (_ _|||)

    Btw, whose route are you going to play after the twins’? (●ω●)

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! (。・∀・。)ノ
      Rejet promoted Bloody Nightmare as the dark, violent and insane half of BWS, but I didn’t expect the story to be so well-written. Seems like it’s hard for us not to love the twins (romantically or not xD) because despite their insanity, they’re very interesting characters. They’re much deeper than most of the guys we encounter in other otome games. Romance is pretty much shoved into the background, so at this point it’s rather hard for me to see them as romantic partners. Especially Auger. 8D

      The next route is a secret! But to give you a hint, it’s someone from the family path. :3

      • I also didn’t expect it would have a really deep and twisted story, at first, I thought I would be a ‘mere’ SM-fantasy otome xD
        I don’t really like how they make the endings so tragic, but I actually prefer it that way rather than having them miraculously solve all the problems, just to make a happily-ever-after ending ^^

        Good luck on playing the next routes! I’m looking forward to read your next posts (●ゝω・)ノ

        • Yeah. From my friends’ impressions, it seems like Diabolik Lovers is also deeper than a mere S/M-fantasy otome game. Good, just keep them coming Rejet. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Haha, I know what you mean by that. I prefer happy endings actually, but these tragic / depressing endings are better than pulling off deus ex machina. The way BWS is written really fits the gothic fantasy concept.

          Thank you~ I just posted the next route. (*´∀`*)♪

    • Aww for some reason, only the first sentence got posted. lol Anyways, it seems like you enjoyed the crazy kitty routes more than me so that’s good. I wonder if they’re gonna be as crazy in Last Hope. Like I know Bloody Nightmare focuses more on the twins and Last Hope focuses more on the wolves side. Like I’m thinking, Are the cats gonna be less crazy or as crazy, but just doesn’t show as much bc Last Hope doesn’t focus on them. And I’m wondering how the route will change like where the route division for the characters are haha. Also, I heard like Last Hope is more romance-based. And Romance + Madness + Otomate = Gekka = Me being really unhappy ヽ(`Д´) Hope they won’t ruin it…ノI guess I’ll just have to see… I just hope they don’t delay bc it seems that Otomate is really getting into the habit in delaying their games ( ಠ_ಠ ) I hope I got most of the things I originally was planning to reply. Hope you enjoy the family routes. (*’▽’*)♪

      • Oh right, if you use > and < on the same line (like for kaomoji) WordPress tends to eat your comment. Maybe that's why the rest of the comments disappeared. 8D;

        Anyway, yeah I actually enjoyed the cats' routes! xD
        It seems like their sadism will be toned down in LH, but their personalities stay the same. Recently I read the cast interview on Dengeki Girl's Style, and Yocchin said that Auger will still pick on you even in LH. Just not as much as he did in BN.

        "Not as much."

        Because Auger is Auger.

        I'm also curious about the route division actually. For now, we only know that instead of getting captured as a witch suspect, she ends up running away from the tower with Rath. The sample CGs from the site are suggesting that Mejojo and Auger are helping Nesso and Edgar to search for her… for whatever reason they might have in mind. I hope they won't delay LH too, since it took them quite a while to come up with a release date. It's less than a month away, so we'll see sooner or later. xD

        Also, thank you! This first route in the family path is turning into a massive textwall, but I'm enjoying the different perspective so far. :D

  3. Wow… Just wow. I mean, I’m not sure what I should say, because you’ve kinda said everything I’ve thought already xD; I quite like the good end though, even though Fiona is broken. Although I’m rather worried for her human son… What if he turns into Mejojo and Auger mixed into one and tries to backstab his sister /imagines all horrible sorts of things
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next post! ♪( ´▽`)

    • LOL I don’t think that would happen. xD
      It seems like only men have the right of succession, so the one in dangerous position is their son. Not their daughter. The heir to the throne is their son, but since he’s a human, it’s heavily implied that someone will try to assassinate him to get him out of the way. It depends on the kingdom, but in most cases princesses don’t take the throne in their own kingdom… so I don’t see why their son would wanna backstab their sister?

      I wonder if they will ever get out of the garden though.

      • Whoops, maybe I screwed up my facts. I thought the cats would have higher priority to the throne, you see :O Either ways it may lead to a dead/crazy son.
        I don’t think so, not until one of them inherits the throne I guess. And Fiona may even stop them from leaving the garden, since she’s… Traumatized, I suppose. From all the events she had to go through. :/

        • Actually, they never said the cats have higher priority. They only put it as the cats / the Garibaldi family rule over the kingdom. I guess it never happened before because the previous kings had always been a cat? xD But yeah, I agree that Fiona’s son might end up dead or broken like Julian. Not sure if they’ll ever leave the garden either, but Fiona sounds like she’s given up. Like she knows her son may die in the future, so all she can do is to shower him with love while he’s still alive. >_>

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