BWS Bloody Nightmare – Nesso Galland

Next up is Nesso. Why yes, it’s our manly leader of knights who just happens to be a blatant siscon at the same time. 。:+((*´艸`))+:。 That side of him can either be creepy or entertaining, depending on your taste. For me, it’s the former. 8D

Nesso is Fiona’s older half-brother. He’s the strongest knight in Weblin, and he leads a division of knight called Greif Ritter. Nesso is cheerful, lively, honest and treats everyone nicely. He loves Fiona dearly, and he’s really protective or her. While Nesso seems like a perfect knight who comes out of a fairytale, he turns into a fierce demon upon entering the battlefield. He never shows this side of him in front of Fiona, and so she’s not aware of his real strength.

For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo and Julian‘s routes. This post only covers the individual events.

During the dance party in the palace, Fiona wishes she can dance with Nesso — even though she knows it’s impossible. If he was here, she can dance with him instead of standing in the corner. The one who took the initiative to teach Fiona how to dance was Nesso. She smiles upon remembering how he danced with Zara to give her an example. After she grasped the mood, he taught her the steps and helped her practice in the tower’s hall — which isn’t too large for dancing. Back then Nesso helped Fiona to turn, but she tripped and sadly wondered if she fails as a lady. She couldn’t dance properly, and it didn’t seem like she could join the society anytime soon. However, Nesso reminded Fiona that she was just starting. He smiled saying practice is important, and he asked her to continue dancing.

When Fiona took his hand again, Nesso admitted that he’s been longing to escort her for her debut into the society. For their debut, noble ladies usually share their first dance with a relative — mostly with their father. Fiona asked if she should dance with Edgar then, but Nesso answered: “No way. You’re going to dance with me. That’s why I’m teaching you how to dance.” (〃゚艸゚):;* During her debut, a lot of people will be watching her… and he’s going to hold her hand, dancing with her as the first man. Nesso looked so happy as he said this, so much that Fiona started feeling embarrassed. She wondered if that day will come, and he answered that the moment will surely come one day.

Back in the present, Fiona thinks about how nostalgic it feels. Thanks to Nesso’s intensive training, she was able to learn how to dance properly. From there, her heart kept pounding at the thought of her debut. She never thought that her long-awaited debut would be like this. She feels that she can’t even call this a debut, though it’s her first dance party. Fiona puts her back against the wall, idly watching those who are dancing. She knows she’s being a wallflower, and it makes her feel lonely. All the people around her are so beautiful and radiant, while she can only watch them from the side. Just when Fiona wishes for Nesso to be here… he really appears and calls out to her. She blinks in surprise. For a moment, she thinks she’s seeing an illusion. When Fiona asks why he’s here, Nesso pulls her into his arms — saying he’s really glad to find her here. She blushes and tells him that people are staring, but he laughs saying he doesn’t mind. Fiona pouts saying she does mind, though she knows that Nesso won’t let her go anyway. He only releases her after he’s satisfied.

Once again, Fiona asks why Nesso is here. He explains that he’s invited to this dance party, though he came as their father’s representative. The Galland family has a deep connection to the royal family, so they always receive invitations to attend dance parties in the palace. She thought her family might not be invited due to the witch issue, but she’s glad that it’s not the case. Since Nesso came as a representative, Fiona then asks if something happened to Edgar. Nesso explains that Edgar is feeling a little unwell because he has to endure a lot of things, but Fiona immediately knows the reason — it’s because she was taken to the palace. Edgar is worried about her. Nesso then asks if Fiona herself is doing alright. Auger already explained everything, but he wants to know if she has any troubles here. Fiona smiles saying she’s fine, assuring him that Mejojo and Auger are treating her well. They also prepared a beautiful room for her. Nesso seems a bit reluctant about this, but then he sighs saying he feels relieved after seeing her face… and she admits that she feels the same way. They were only apart for a day, but she missed him a lot.

Nesso wishes the weird rumors would fade away soon, so he can bring Fiona home. When she replies that she wants to go home too, he laughs and reminds her about how she wanted to leave the tower so badly. Fiona protests since the situation is completely different, but she knows that Nesso does have a point. Back then she was yearning to leave the tower, but right now she really wants to return there — she wants to go home. Nesso admits that he wants to bring Fiona home right away, but if he does that… people would only judge their suspicion as true. They’d only accuse her even more. They can only bear with it for now, but he promises to do something about this situation. For a second, Fiona can see a glint of scarlet light in Nesso’s eyes. When she thanks him, he grins and asks her to dance with him. They’re having a dance party after all, not to mention it’s her first time attending one.

When Nesso holds out his hand for her, Fiona feels her heart racing. He looks so different with the radiant dance hall shining behind him. She smiles and takes his hand to conceal her heartbeat, and he escorts her onto the dance floor. He then asks if she’s nervous, and she admits that she is. It’s her first time dancing in a place like this, but he assures her that it will be okay — asking her to leave everything to him. Just like their practice sessions, Fiona lets Nesso hold her left hand. Her right hand rests on his shoulder, while his left is wrapped around her waist. He asks if she’s ready, and noticing that she’s still nervous, he laughs saying it’ll be just fine. Nesso waits for the right timing before sliding with Fiona onto the dance floor, while she panics as she tries to remember the steps and turns. He asks her to calm down, as all she needs to do is to dance like they’ve practiced. Even though her mind is in a panic, her body is following the steps just fine. Her dress flares elegantly when she turns, and he praises her for dancing so well.

Fiona reluctantly asks if she’s dancing properly, and Nesso assures her that she’s doing great. The relief is gradually chasing her nervousness away, and she’s starting to enjoy herself. She wonders if he’s enjoying himself too, and she glances at him… but she’s surprised to see him smiling at her. His eyes look so gentle, and she can feel her heart pounding again. Fiona blushes as she closes her eyes, thinking it’s so unfair for Nesso to look at her with such an expression. She doesn’t know what and how is he being unfair, but she does know that his words in the past were true — he was really yearning to escort her on her debut. Fiona shares the same feeling. She’s glad to have Nesso as her first dance partner, and she spends the rest of the dance party with him.

After Arles bit Fiona’s shoulder, Mejojo completely loses his mind and strangles her out of rage. She loses her consciousness, and she falls into a dream of the tower in Scharlmessen. It hasn’t been a month since she left, but the place fills her with a strange, nostalgic feeling. Then suddenly, she starts feeling dizzy. The world around her is distorting. Or maybe it’s her sight that’s getting warped. She can’t seem to stand, and her consciousness is fading away when she hears a voice calling her name. Fiona recognizes it as Nesso’s voice, but then her consciousness start spinning rapidly. It’s as if she’s getting absorbed into a vortex, and she falls into another dream. An old, nostalgic dream from a very old memory.

Fiona was really young back then. She was lying in her large bed, with a young Nesso sitting by her bedside. She asked him why she can’t leave the tower. Her body felt strangely warm, and so she knew that she must be down with a fever. Nesso answered that it’s dangerous outside the tower. The world is cruel and tragic, and he didn’t want to put Fiona in such a place — it was for her own sake. Even when she was small, Fiona knew that Nesso would never lie to her. His words are always so kind and sincere. He’s a gentle big brother who’s worried about her, from the bottom of his heart. Fiona knew this, but her eyes were turning hot with tears. She asked if it means she could never leave the tower. It’s not that she wasn’t satisfied with her life in the tower. Her family is always kind, and she had everything she needed. It’s just the thought of only having the tower as her world felt so scary to her.

When Nesso whispers her name, Fiona said she loves the tower. She was safe inside the tower, but on the other hand, she also found it terribly boring. Nothing ever changed here, with her peaceful days repeating endlessly. Fiona told Nesso that she wants to go out, and he fell into silence. Even though she knew that he might get angry, she couldn’t hide her true feelings. However, Nesso gently stroked Fiona’s head. Since she had a fever, his hand felt cold and nice against her skin. Then he answers with: “I see. So Fiona wants to go out.” Fiona replied that she wants to see things together with Nesso, and that she doesn’t want him to leave her out. He chuckled saying she’s right, and he promised that when the time comes for her to step outside, he’ll be there by her side — protecting her. Nesso told Fiona that he loves her, and he’ll do anything for her. Then he leaned in to kiss her… on the lips. Σ(・д・oノ)ノ!!

Fiona was surprised, because usually Nesso would kiss her on the forehead — like how one would comfort a child. She asked why he kissed her on the lips, as she read in a book that kissing on the lips are for lovers. Nesso didn’t deny this either, and when Fiona reminded him that he’s her brother, he replied with: “…Yeah. But… I…” His answer ended in silence, so she asked him what’s wrong. She wondered if he caught her cold, but the painful expression on his face didn’t disappear. As she looks back at this memory, she realizes that he actually looks sad and hurt instead of in pain. Nesso assured Fiona that he’s fine, but… he leaned in and put his lips against hers for the second time. As if he was conveying love from the bottom of his heart. Fiona asked Nesso to stop since her heart was racing, and he immediately pulled away. Yes, her first kiss with him caused her child’s heart to race. She was relieved when her heart stopped pounding, but at the same time, her lips also felt lonely. It was the first time she saw him with a sad expression, and it also caused her heart to race. Nesso is her beloved brother who promised to protect her… right?

This is a dream. A nostalgic dream… and yet the sensation on her lips feels so real. This is a dream, right…? The dream then fades away, and Fiona wakes up in the garden. She turns red upon recalling her dream, as well as the soft warmth that touched her lips. It happened in a dream, but the sensation strangely remains. Fiona thinks about how strange it is, since it’s not weird for her to kiss Nesso. She has kissed him countless time to show her love for him as a family. She wonders if it’s because they’re apart, and she blushes as she remembers how her heart was pounding in her dream — even though it was only a dream. The next thing Fiona sees is Nesso asking if she’s okay, and he puts his hand on her forehead. The sensation feels so real, and she can only blink in a haze. When Zara asks if she can hear his voice, Fiona thinks about how nostalgic his voice feels… and she finally realizes that she’s not dreaming.

Nesso and Zara are really here in the garden, along with Julian. They’re planning to escape from the palace through the underground sewers, but Fiona isn’t sure about this. Nesso is Weblin’s top knight, and he has sworn his sword and loyalty towards the King Garibaldi VI. Is it really okay for him to abandon the kingdom for her sake? The same goes for her father. Both Edgar and Nesso are about to throw away everything they have achieved so far just to protect her, and she thinks they might be making the wrong choice. If they give up on her, they’ll be able to continue their normal lives. Fiona knows that Mejojo and Auger won’t execute her as a witch. Right from the start, they were only using the witch rumor to pull her apart from the Galland family. That’s why even if people continue suspecting her, she’ll always be safe in the palace — as Mejojo’s fiancée. If she obediently becomes Mejojo’s bride, Nesso and Edgar won’t lose anything.

Since Fiona remains silent, Nesso asks if there’s something wrong. When she tells him that she wants to stay here, he frowns and asks what she means by that. His voice is a bit lower than usual. It’s the one he uses to scold her whenever she’s being unreasonable. Fiona explains that if she runs away, it will be the end of the Galland family. Nesso, Edgar and even Pearl and Richie will lose everything, so it’d be better if she stays here in the palace. However, Nesso refuses saying he won’t allow it. He’d think about it if Fiona loves Mejojo and wants to marry him so badly, but she’s just sacrificing herself for their sake… and it won’t make them happy. Fiona protests that Nesso and Edgar are doing exactly the same thing. They’re throwing away everything to protect her. He admits that she’s right, but then he adds that they’re actually doing this for themselves. They want to make her happy, and that’s their selfish wish. Fiona argues that she wants them to be happy too, so Nesso says they’ll settle this with a majority vote.

While Fiona blinks in confusion, Nesso explains that both Edgar and him want her to leave the kingdom. On the other hand, she’s the only one who wants to stay in the palace — it’s two against one. Fiona is shocked, and she cries thinking Nesso is being unfair. Edgar and him care a lot about her. They’re willing to abandon everything just for her, and while it makes her happy… she also feels bad for them. When Zara adds that he also wants her to escape — making it three against one — Fiona has no choice but to give up. She won’t be able to win against them, and she actually wants to stay with them too. She finally decides to run away, and they leave the royal palace by using the underground sewers. They get ambushed by Auger along the way, but he’s forced to retreat since he didn’t expect Nesso and Zara to be there.

That night Fiona is down with a fever, and so Nesso, Zara and Julian decide to let her rest in a mountain hut. After learning more about Zodiva and the wolves, Fiona asks for Nesso’s opinion about this. He replies that it’s difficult and she agrees, but then she asks what he would do if he were alone. Fiona asks Nesso to think about what he truly wants to do without taking her, their family or his position into consideration. She knows he has a lot of responsibilities. The responsibility of an older brother. The responsibility of the eldest son. She wants to hear what he truly wants to do, without being tied down by all these duties. Nesso says it would be much easier if he were alone, but Fiona is shocked when he admits that he probably wouldn’t do anything. Weblin is in the brink of destruction due to the twin princes’ madness, and yet Nesso, as a knight of the kingdom, wouldn’t do anything?

Fiona angrily asks what he means by that, but Nesso points out that he’s alone. If he doesn’t have anything to protect and has nothing he want to protect, then he wouldn’t do anything — it’s too troublesome. Fiona is surprised by how Nesso could say this with a cheerful, refreshing smile. She then reminds him that he’s a knight who fights for the kingdom, and so he has the option to protect it… but he laughs saying he doesn’t have that kind of option, because he became a knight to protect her. He wanted to protect the kingdom she lives in, and that’s why he wanted to become a knight in the first place. Nesso also admits that if he doesn’t have Fiona to protect, he’d probably turn into a bum since he’s actually quite lazy. Then with a mischievous smile, Nesso holds out his hand and ruffles Fiona’s hair. It’s an old habit of his. Whenever he pats her head, he would stir her hair as well. At the same time, Fiona sadly thinks about how much Nesso pampers her. He always denies the world that doesn’t have her in it. He had to throw away his status as the strongest knight in Weblin because of her, and yet he still treasures her more than anything.

Nesso then smiles and asks what she wants to do, and so Fiona replies that she wants to talk to the wolves before giving up on the kingdom. From there, they travel into the wolves’ territory. Arles invites them to the wolves’ hideout in Zanan, where they learn about what actually happened between Mejojo, Elvira and Arles 10 years ago. Fiona has to make a decision before they leave Zanan, and she decides to have a peaceful life with her family. The next morning, Rath gives them some blood sample so they can make a cure for Zodiva — just in case Fiona is infected. After leaving Zanan, they continue heading north towards the border. Their path is blocked by a wide river in the wetlands though, and they have to cross it by jumping onto the rocks. Everyone knows it’d be bad if Fiona slips and falls into the river, so she’s not allowed to cross it by herself.

Fiona decides to ask for Nesso’s help, which he happily replies with: “Of course. I was planning to do it right from the start.” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Zara asks them to go first, so Nesso lifts Fiona up and carries her princess-style. He asks her to hold on tight, adding that it’d be easier for him if she doesn’t move. Fiona nods and puts her arms around Nesso’s neck — holding tightly onto him. After making sure that she’s ready, he starts leaping onto the rocks while carrying her in his arms. Even though they’re swinging, Fiona doesn’t feel scared at all. Probably because she’s with Nesso. She knows she’ll be safe in his hands, and she can also feel a nostalgic sense of stability from him. He then asks if she’s scared, and he smiles when she says no. His warm hand is firmly holding her shoulder, supporting her as they cross the river. Whenever Nesso is hugging her like this, Fiona feels like a princess who’s protected by a knight. Well… he is a knight, but he’s her brother — a person who’s always been helping her ever since she was small.

Fiona then wonders if Nesso will choose his own princess someday. Right now he keeps helping her as her older brother, but will he come to prioritize someone else over her one day? For some reason, she doesn’t like the thought. Since Nesso is overprotective, Fiona often thought about how he can’t seem to grow apart from his little sister… but apparently she feels the same way about him. She can’t seem to let go of her older brother either. When Fiona tightens her arms around Nesso’s neck, he asks if she feels scared after all. She can’t tell him that she’s jealous of her future sister-in-law, so she only shakes her head and says she’s okay. He assures her that they’re almost there, and he moves his wrist to pat her shoulder. This makes her realize that he’s really spoiling her. Fiona’s afraid that if she gets used to how Nesso treats her, other men won’t be able to satisfy her. Just as he said, they soon reach the other side of the river. When Nesso puts Fiona down, she feels so grateful to be able to walk on dry ground again.

After making sure that Fiona and Nesso safely reached the other side, Zara and Julian start crossing as well. Zara easily jumps from one rock to another, but Fiona and Nesso are worried about Julian. Even though his reflexes aren’t bad, his movements look dangerous somehow… though Fiona knows that if she crossed the river by herself, she’d be even worse than him. She thanks Nesso for helping her, because she’d have fallen into the river without him. He laughs saying it’s his mission to protect her, so it’s nothing much. Fiona looks confused upon hearing the word “mission”, and so Nesso explains that he’s decided to protect her forever. Fiona chuckles and says that if Nesso keeps saying something like that, he won’t be able to marry. When he asks her why, she asks what would happen to his princess if he keeps protecting her. One day she will have to hand over the position to another woman. Or so she thought.

Nesso smiles, and then with a serious expression, he says: “My princess is only you, Fiona.” She’s surprised and points out that they’re siblings, but he asks if there’s a problem with that since they’re half-siblings. She admits that he has a point, because marriages between half-siblings aren’t unusual for nobles. Nesso then asks if Fiona remembers. When Fiona asks what he’s referring to, Nesso frowns and says she’s so mean for forgetting — because he always remembers. He reminds her that he’s talking about their promise to marry. A long time ago, they made a promise to marry each other. Upon hearing this, Fiona can vaguely remember saying that she wants to marry her brother. It was a childish promise, as if they’re playing house. She didn’t expect Nesso to remember it after all this time. Fiona can feel her cheeks turning hot, while Nesso smiles as he ruffles her hair. It’s just his usual habit, but she feels strangely embarrassed. It must be because she has remembered their childhood promise. Her heart is racing as she waits for Zara and Julian to reach them.

After passing the marsh, they continue traveling north towards the border. They set up a camp in the forest at night, where they eat dinner while chatting about their families and Fiona’s failure in cooking. They make their beds and go to sleep after that, but Fiona has trouble sleeping due to the cold temperature. She ends up getting up to blow breath onto her freezing hands, and soon she hears someone moving as well. Fiona wonders if it’s Nesso, and he guess is proven true when he asks if she’s still awake. Their surroundings are dim, but when she lowers the blanket from her face, she can see him looking at her. When she says that her hands and feet are cold, he asks her to stay as close as possible to the fire… but then he realizes that she’s already sitting right next to the fire. She can’t get any closer, or else she’ll burn herself while sleeping. Nesso clears his throat as he gets up, then he turns to Fiona and asks her to come over.

Fiona’s eyes widen in surprise, and Nesso points out how she can’t sleep due to the cold air. He’ll keep her warm, and so she should come over. Even though they’re siblings, Fiona still feels embarrassed to hear this. Recently she’s starting to see Nesso as more than just her brother… and now she’s going to receive warmth from him? He assures her that it’s okay, but she blushes thinking it’s impossible. He already warmed her up, in the sense that her cheeks are burning right now. Nesso reminds Fiona that they’re going to be in trouble if she gets sick here, and they have to get enough rest because they’re going to walk again tomorrow. Fiona nods. She understands, but she still feels embarrassed. Nesso smiles as he asks her to come over, and she finally gives up. The cold night air wraps her body when she crawls out of her blanket, but her racing heart is even more distracting. As she awkwardly walks towards him, he lifts the edge of his blanket for her. Fiona hesitates since she doesn’t have the courage, but Nesso says he’ll feel cold if she doesn’t make it quick. She can’t run anymore, and so she finally slides into his blanket.

Nesso then puts his arm around Fiona’s waist, and he pulls her closer. She tries to protest, but he only asks if she feels warm now. She admits that she does, but she feels really embarrassed because he’s holding her against his chest. In order to keep her warm, Nesso then takes Fiona’s blanket and puts it on top of his own blanket. He asks if she’s okay, and she nervously nods. She’s not okay since her heart is pounding so much, though she feels surprisingly warm and comfortable in his arms. Nesso asks if she can sleep now, and once again, Fiona answers with a nervous nod. The cold air won’t bother her anymore. Now the only problem is whether she can sleep in this situation or not, but his warmth is easing the nervousness. Nesso’s body is so large, and Fiona feels like a small child in his arms. He whispers that it brings back memories, and she asks if he’s referring to her failed attempt at baking cookies.

Nesso laughs saying he’s not, and he asks if Fiona remembers that a storm came when they were small. She remembers that she was really scared of the sound of wind, and they went to bed with him hugging her all night — telling her it’s okay because she’s got him. When Fiona mentions that she’s always being protected by him, Nesso gently tells her that it’s fine because he wants to protect her… and she thanks him. His body’s warmth is slowly soaking into hers, and her heartbeat gradually returns to normal. Fiona feels that Nesso’s warmth has always been beside her. On stormy nights. On nights when she couldn’t sleep. Nesso is always by her side. Fiona chuckles saying she feels like a small child again, probably due to the difference between their physical built. However, Nesso replies that he doesn’t think of Fiona as a child. Even when he’s holding her like this, he’s holding back a lot of things. He almost mentions that she doesn’t know how he has killed people on the battlefield, but he stops himself and apologizes for being weird.

Fiona says it’s okay for Nesso to tell her everything, but when he calls her name… his eyes are glittering like flames. For a moment she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and the next second, he suddenly kisses her on the lips. Fiona is confused and calls his name, but Nesso only says “You are mine. It’s been decided since a long time ago.” as he continues kissing her. His tongue is roughly and fiercely tracing her mouth, as if he’s trying to take out his emotions through the intense kiss. Her mind goes blank and her body is losing strength, but he’s still holding her tight. It’s a kiss with her brother, and it’s her first time having such a kiss. She feels extremely embarrassed, but she doesn’t hate it. At the end of their long kiss, Nesso whispers that he’ll always protect Fiona from now on. She shyly nods as she thanks him. She actually wants to ask why he kissed her like that, but then he says good night and asks her to get some rest. Then he closes her eyes and falls asleep while still hugging her.

Fiona tries calling Nesso’s name, but he doesn’t respond. She sighs upon realizing that he has successfully evaded her question, and she pouts as she closes her eyes. The kiss caused her heart to pound so loudly, but Fiona soon feels sleepy due to the fatigue and Nesso’s warmth. The cold air that was bothering her has disappeared, as if it was a lie. Fiona whispers “My heart is still racing… Stupid Nesso…” as she sighs to calm her heart down, and she finally falls asleep.

The next morning, they continue their journey towards the border. They soon reach the end of the forest, but they’re afraid that Mejojo and Auger might have laid an ambush ahead. It’s too risky to take the straight path towards the border, so Nesso guides them to a hidden path that he found during a border patrol. The path will lead them out of Weblin, but it’s located directly beside a cliff and the ground is really fragile. It will definitely collapse is the four of them cross together at the same time, so they have to move in pairs instead.

When Fiona asks if she can go with Nesso, he says she can leave everything to him — promising to take her out of the kingdom. Nesso smiles as he pats Fiona’s head, and the habit makes her feel relieved. Zara then decides to test out the path with Julian, and so they’re going to cross it first. Nesso warns them not to force themselves though, asking them to return if they sense the smallest hint of danger. As Zara and Julian make their way through the path, Fiona can see the cliff crumbling little by little. She’s really afraid that they might disappear if she takes her eyes off them. Noticing that Fiona is clenching her fists, Nesso smiles and holds her hand — assuring her that Zara and Julian will be okay. The warmth of his large hand slowly chases the fear away from her heart, and they continue watching until Zara and Julian safely make it to the other side.

Fiona immediately sighs with relief, but Nesso reminds her that it’s still to early for that. It’s now their turn to cross the path, and time for them to face the real challenge. Fiona and Nesso tightly hold onto each other’s hand as they step onto the path, and he tells her not to think about anything. They should just think of it as a normal road, and they shouldn’t think about the cliff beside them. They have to ignore the sound of rocks crumbling nearby. Fiona looks straight ahead as she walks, only thinking about Nesso’s hand holding hers. However, halfway across the path, Zara suddenly asks them to hurry. Julian says there are pursuers behind them, and when they turn around… they see mounted cat knights coming their way. It’s Mejojo and Auger’s royal guards, which means they were planning an ambush after all. Fiona is shocked and says they need to hurry, but Nesso warns her not to panic. The ground might collapse if they move carelessly.

Fiona nods and speeds up her pace. They continue walking while only thinking about their steps, but soon they hear the knights shouting behind them. One of the knights commands that they should let witch Fiona Galland escape with her cursed followers, and she panics when they start running towards the path. Can’t they see how fragile the ground is? Even the wind is enough to make it crumble. Nesso yells at them to stop, warning them that the path might collapse if they step further. Unfortunately, the knights refuse to believe in them. They think Nesso and Fiona are just threatening them, and they won’t back down because of it — they won’t let them get away. When Fiona tries to explain that it’s really dangerous, the knights only tell her to shut up. That’s when she realizes that it’s useless. No matter what they say, the knights will only take it as an excuse to escape… but it really is dangerous. Even now she can hear the sound of more rocks crumbling down the cliff, but the knight completely ignores it.

When Nesso says they need to hurry on ahead, Fiona nods and starts walking faster. She wants to get out of this terrifying path as soon as possible, but sadly this only provokes the knight even more. One of them commands the others to chase after Fiona and Nesso, warning them that Mejojo will be angry if they fail to capture the witch. Fiona calls out Nesso’s name, though it sounds more like a scream instead. Both of them can feel the ground shaking under their feet. On the other side, Zara and Julian are yelling at them to hurry up — the path won’t be able to hold them for long. Knowing they don’t have a choice, Nesso grabs Fiona’s hand and takes her to run forward. The knights are chasing after them, so they can’t walk slowly anymore. She can feel the path shaking even more with each step, but they don’t stop. They step and kick the ground as they move forward, until it finally happens — the ground under her feet collapses.

Fiona gasps, but her voice doesn’t come out. Nesso curses, and he lets go of their joined hands to pull her into his arms — as if he’s protecting her from everything. As they fall off the cliff, she can hear many voices. Zara and Julian are yelling their names, while the knights are screaming in fear. Then everything goes black. When Fiona regains her consciousness, her whole body is aching. Her mind is hazy, and she wonders what just happened. All she remembers is that it was something terrifying. As she tries to recall what happened, she sees a flashback of Nesso hugging her as they fall — followed by Zara and Julian’s screams. She gasps in shock and gets up. High above her head, she can see the path from which they fell from… and she can’t believe she can survive the fall. Maybe it’s because they slid off the cliff instead of falling upside down with the landslide. That, and because Nesso hugged her to keep her safe.

At the thought of Nesso, Fiona instantly panics and looks around. This isn’t the time to space out, because she can’t find him by her side. She knows he won’t leave her alone in this kind of situation. If he’s not here, it means he’s in a situation that doesn’t allow him to see her. Fiona calls Nesso’s name as she looks around, but she receives no reply. Just when she wonders where he could be, her eyes land on the lump of ground that fell with them from above. She suddenly gets a bad feeling and tries to shake it off, but it’s too late. She already sees an arm lying out of the lump — Nesso is buried under the landslide. Fiona screams. She knows she has to start digging and save Nesso, but she can’t bring herself to touch his hand. She’s afraid his hand might feel cold when she touches it, which would mean that he’s already gone.

Fiona repeatedly tells herself to pull Nesso out, but her body won’t listen to her. She can only call his name and scream for help. She needs him in times like this. She wants him to give her courage, to tell her that it’s going to be alright… but he’s not here. Or rather, he’s going away. Upon realizing that she’s really going to lose Nesso at this rate, Fiona drags herself up and starts digging. She keeps calling his name, asking him to hang in there — she’s going to save him. Based on the position of his arm, she predicts the position of his head and continues digging with all her might. Eventually, she hears him groaning underneath. He gets up from under the ground, but his lower body is still buried… and one of his arms is broken. When Nesso calls her name in a daze, Fiona bursts into tears. He’s covered in blood, but he’s alive.

Smiling weakly, Nesso asks if Fiona is alright. She nodded saying she’s fine thanks to him, and he says he’s glad to hear that… but she’s definitely not happy. Even if she’s safe, it’d be meaningless if he’s not with her. He only laughs upon hearing this, and he apologizes for screwing up. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。 Fiona asks Nesso to wait as she moves to dig out his lower body, but then he calls her name. After a short silence, he asks her to run away and leave him behind. Fiona’s eyes widen in shock. She protests and says she can’t do something like that, but Nesso points out that their pursuers will come to chase after them. He won’t be able to run away, but she can — that’s why she should run and leave him behind. He doesn’t want her to be killed. However, Fiona insists that she doesn’t want to leave. No matter what Nesso says, it’s just impossible for her to leave him behind. She doesn’t want to escape if it’s not together with him. She asks him not to worry since she’ll get him out, but no matter how much she digs, she can’t see his lower body. She can’t dig him out.

Fiona starts to panic, and she’s getting crushed by the fear that she might not be able to save Nesso alone. Nesso then informs Fiona that Elza is waiting for them at the foot of the mountain. Elza is a handsome lion, and she’ll be able to recognize him immediately. Nesso asks Fiona to run away since Elza will help her once she gets there, but she insists that she’s not leaving — much to his frustration. When he calls her name, she just shakes her head like an unreasonable child. She doesn’t want to leave him behind. Just then they hear footsteps approaching, and Nesso quickly urges Fiona to run… but she refuses and clings onto his arm. No matter what happens, she doesn’t want to be apart from him. Fiona cries and apologizes for failing to save Nesso, while his voice trembles as he begs her to run. He sounds like he’s about to cry, and it’s the first time she ever heard him using such a voice.

The footsteps get closer as they argue, and the next moment, Zara, Julian and Elza appear in front of them — asking if they’re alright. Fiona is surprised. Nesso and her were expecting to see the knights, but it turns out to be lifesavers. Zara repeatedly assures Fiona that Nesso will be alright, while Julian and Elza go to dig him out of the ground. When she asks why Elza is here, Zara explains that right after they fell, Julian and him searched for a path to go down. Elza was waiting for them to cross the border, and he went to check after hearing their voices. They met along the way, and they went down here together. Julian and Elza managed to dig out Nesso’s lower body in no time, and they slowly pull him out of the ground. Elza carries Nesso on his back after that, and they rush him to a safe place for Zara to examine his wounds. With Elza leading the way, they leave the forest and safely meet up with Edgar, Pearl and Richie.

However, Nesso ends up receiving an injury that cannot be healed.

One day, Fiona visits Nesso in his room. When she enters, he gets up to sit on his bed. She asks if he’s doing fine, and he answers that he is. He admits that his body is still aching, but she says it’s only obvious since he was gravely injured. That day when Elza carried him, Nesso was in a terrible condition — so much that Zara frowned upon examining him. His lower body had broken bones here and there, and he also had internal injuries since he was crushed under the landslide for so long. Nesso was bedridden for a while, and Fiona was really scared that something serious would happen to him. She was also shocked to see the number of scars on his body, most likely left by the wounds he received in the battlefield. Despite the injuries, Nesso is recovering. Now he can get up and smile at her, and Fiona feels really glad.

When Nesso asks if something happened, Fiona says she was just wondering if he wants to eat an apple — showing him the apple on her hand. He happily replies that he’ll eat it, so she sits beside his bed and starts peeling the apple for him. Nesso then asks how everyone is doing, and Fiona explains that Edgar is warmly welcomed by the local nobles. He was a high-ranking noble in Weblin after all, and the local nobles are very interested in Weblin’s culture. Zara is now working as a pharmacist, and he’s doing great with Julian as his assistant. Pearl and Richie are having their usual life, while Elza receives a lot of work due to his status as a former knight of Weblin. He wants to form a group of knights again once Nesso recovers. Everyone is doing their best, and Nesso admits that he feels pathetic for lying in bed like this. He never received such a critical injury before — not even in the battlefield. Fiona reminds him that he’s still injured, so he should only think about recovering for now.

That being said, Nesso still feels pathetic for relying on Zara, Julian and Elza to support his life. Fiona pouts as she thinks about how he’s trying to look good. After losing everything they had in Weblin, they all started a new life from zero. However, Edgar brought some possessions when he left Weblin, so they didn’t have to worry about money. Now that Zara and Elza are already working, they also have income… but Nesso seems to find it irritating, because he’s really relying on them. They’re now living in a mansion which Edgar bought after selling his properties, while Zara, Julian and Elza always give their income to Fiona in return. They have enough money to rent a place for themselves, but they decide to stay here and share their money in order to support Nesso. Fiona asks Nesso to rest well for now, since he’ll have to work hard once he recovers. He feels that he should be able to move soon, but she quickly tells him that it’s just his imagination. She won’t let him out of bed until Zara gives him the permission, though she wonders if he felt this way whenever he nursed her. Their positions are completely switched now, as he’s in bed and she’s sitting on his bedside.

After she’s done peeling the apple, Fiona cuts off a slice and hands it to Nesso. He thanks her saying it’s so sweet and delicious, and she asks him to get well soon. Maybe it’s because she’s used to being sick, but she feels uneasy to see him lying in bed — especially since he’s always been healthy. After seeing all of his battle scars, she also doesn’t want him to step into the battlefield anymore. As he chews his apple, Nesso glances at Fiona and gives her a mischievous smile. Then he says “If you kiss me, I think I’ll recover in no time.” She gets flustered thinking he’s just joking, but he keeps looking straight at her. His lips, which are wet from the apple’s juice, are smiling, but she can see seriousness in his eyes. Silence hangs between them for a while, and eventually Fiona pouts saying Nesso is surprisingly childish… but she leans in to kiss him anyway.

As they kiss, Fiona can smell the sweet scent of apples from Nesso’s lips. He admits that he’s childish, but he can’t hold back now that she’s kissed him. The light in his eyes changes as he hugs her tightly, and he kisses her again. She panics and asks if he’s alright since he’s still injured, and the tone in his voice changes as he chuckles — assuring her that he’s fine. Nesso then admits that he has thought about how he can stay with Fiona if he’s injured like this. The thought has been staying in his mind all this time, and he asks what would she do if he actually got injured on purpose. Before Fiona could ask what he means by that, Nesso pulls her closer and kisses her again. Nesso said something strange. Fiona has a lot of questions, but she can’t reply with his tongue thrusting forcefully into her mouth. Ever since he got injured, Nesso has been asking Fiona to give him deep kisses everyday. She still feels embarrassed, but it happens every single time because she can never resist.

Nesso tells Fiona that he fights in the battlefield and became a top knight just for her. He wanted the power to protect her, but he couldn’t stay with her all the time… so he feels really happy right now. She tries to ask what he means and whispers his name, which he replies with: “Being with you like this for 24 hours is like a dream… Ah… Fiona…” He chuckles in satisfaction and hugs her even tighter, pulling her closer towards him. Fiona protests and asks what would he do if his injuries got worse, but Nesso only answers that being with her is already enough to heal them. When she asks him not to be so absurd, he pulls her closer for another kiss. He tells her that they’ll always, always, always be together — even when the world ends. He won’t ever let her go, and he asks if she wants to make another tower. This time he’ll be the one to build it. Of course Fiona is surprised, but Nesso only adds that it won’t be like the tower in Scharlmessen. He’ll save money to build a high tower that can reach the heavens, and he asks if she wants to live there — just the two of them.

Fiona thanks Nesso saying she’s happy with his feelings, but before she can refuse… he pushes his weight onto her and seals her lips with another kiss. Then he whispers “… Let’s enter the same grave? I’ll love you to the core of your bones… Forever and ever… Always.” … Σ(´∀`lll) Fiona is shocked. Her brain is paralyzed. She doesn’t get what Nesso is saying, but she can feel his deep love encompassing her. In her mind, Fiona asks if Nesso is the same person who used to be the strongest knight in Weblin. Did something happen to him during the landslide? Or was it… something else? He only laughs saying he doesn’t change — he’s still the same old him. Nesso then asks Fiona to take off her clothes. His wounds are hurting, and he needs her to warm him up. She needs to heal him after all this time, or else he will never recover.

Or was it something else?

When Fiona removes her clothes, Nesso chuckles and calls her a good girl.

Is this really Nesso?

Fiona thinks about this as she accepts something hot that deeply enters her body — as well as she could.


Fiona can’t find Nesso’s lower body no matter how much she digs, so she thinks about dragging him out by force. He doesn’t respond when she asks for his hands, but she grabs them anyway and starts pulling with all her might. At this rate she’ll get thrown back when he’s released from the ground, and she wonders if he will laugh at how stupid she’ll look… but it’s just her blissful fantasy. Fiona keeps pulling until her breathing turns rough. No matter how hard she pulls, Nesso’s body just won’t move. Their hands are dirty with mud, and eventually they slip — causing Fiona to fall on her rear. Even more than the pain, her heart is broken by the fact that she just can’t save Nesso. When he calls her name, she cries and thinks about how she doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t want him to call her with such a quiet voice. It sounds like Nesso knows that he can’t be saved, and he was only keeping Fiona company until she’s satisfied. The tone in his voice is forcing her to stop and be done with it.

Nesso then points to a path, explaining that it’ll take Fiona to the foot of the mountain. When she refuses to listen, he desperately begs her to listen to his wish. He explains that Elza is waiting for them there, and she’ll be able to recognize him right away. Ignoring Nesso’s words, Fiona shakes her head saying she’s not going. Instead, she starts digging again and says she’s not going anywhere without him. As Fiona repeatedly says that she’s going to save him soon, Nesso silently breathes and says he feels really sleepy. Then he asks: “Are you there…? My… beloved… The only one… In the world… More than anyone…” Nesso ends his words with a smile, while Fiona keeps digging with tears flowing down her face.

After a while, Zara, Julian and Elza finally reach their place. They ask if Fiona and Nesso are alright, but she only looks up at them in a daze. She doesn’t know how much time has passed. Elza was waiting for them to cross the border, and they ran into him on their way down. When Elza asks about Nesso, Fiona sighs with relief and tells Nesso that everyone came to find them — he’s going to be saved. She tells them that Nesso is buried under the landslide, so Zara, Julian and Elza quickly start digging to get him out. Fiona believes the three of them will be able to save him. However, Nesso doesn’t show any reaction. Zara and Elza are calling his name in disbelief, while Julian look terribly sad beside them. Fiona asks them what’s wrong. They have to save Nesso. They have to get him out. Fiona’s tears start flowing out again as she tells them that Nesso is in pain. He doesn’t answer. He doesn’t move.

When Zara calls her name and hugs her tightly from behind, Fiona only wonders why he’s not trying to save Nesso. Elza is blaming himself for not arriving sooner, while Julian cries out Nesso’s name. Both of them are standing with a shocked expression, and Fiona asks why they’re not helping Nesso. She begs Zara to let go of her, but he keeps hugging her until she forces her way out of his arms. Then she sits on the ground and starts digging again. If they’re not going to save Nesso, then she’ll do it alone. Zara calls out to her and says that Nesso is already gone, but Fiona ignores him and keeps digging. Julian begs her to stop. Her hands are torn, and it’s already too late to save him. Fiona only asks what he’s saying, because they have to hurry and save Nesso. After a long silence, Elza asks them to bring Fiona to Edgar’s place immediately. He’ll come back to get Nesso tomorrow morning. Zara quietly nods and leaves it to him, while Julian remains silent.

Upon hearing the words “tomorrow morning”, Fiona protests saying they can’t do that. Poor Nesso will be left alone, and so she’s going to stay here with him. Zara only calls her name, but his voice has risen so high it sounds like a scream. Fiona doesn’t listen, and she turns to Nesso saying it’ll be alright. She’s right here by his side, so he won’t be lonely. She’s going to save him soon. Elza tries to tell her that Nesso is already gone. He’s not breathing anymore, but none of those words reach Fiona’s ears. Their voices sound distant to her, and her consciousness is fading away. The pain from her nails is deeply piercing her. As everything fades to black, Fiona thinks: “Hey… Nesso? Didn’t we promise to be together forever? Hey… Nesso? Answer me.”

… (´・_・`;) To be completely honest, I actually like Nesso. Quite a lot. He’s really protective of Fiona, and it’s sweet how he became a knight for her sake. BUT. THAT GOOD END. I mean, what? What happened to him? Did the landslide cause his siscon yandere limiter to break? Or is it because how she clung to him when he told her to run? Or is it just… the real him? Either way, his good end left me pondering along with Fiona. I guess what creeped me out the most wasn’t the tone of his voice nor the heavy sexual hint at the end, but the fact that Nesso is planning to build another tower. Is he going to lock her up again? Though I have to admit the way he says “ずっとずっと、ずっと。” creeped me out almost as much. Did he really go borderline yandere or am I just traumatized? Σ(´д`lll)

For a moment I wondered if I fell into his bad end instead, but his bad end turns out to be so sad…

The things you do to me, Rejet. But I love you. Please continue. _(:3」∠)_

22 thoughts on “BWS Bloody Nightmare – Nesso Galland

  1. Nesso! I absolutely love this guy, I cried at his bad end because it was that sad! He is officially one of my favourite characters apart from Arles and Mejojo…is is weird to say that I like Mejojo? o_O I can’t wait for the rest of the posts! Will you be playing Last Hope as well?

    • No, it’s not. I love Mejojo too despite his madness / obsession. |D
      If you play his bad ending extra voice, he apologizes for failing to protect his promise. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

      Oh and yes, I’m going to play Last Hope. It’ll be in January though, since I’m going on a trip for Christmas. :3

  2. Thank you for your review, I didn’t have a chance to play the game so your review really help me.
    In the last scene of the good end I was like: “Wait, Wabisuke, you came back!?”
    I have been lurking around your blog for a while but this is the first time I ever made a comment. Thank you so much for do detail summary

    • No problem~ Thank you for commenting! :D
      I actually had the same thought during Nesso’s good end. He reminds me way too much of Wabisuke, minus the creepy giggles. The difference is that Fiona grew up sheltered and loves him too, so that makes her more submissive that Nazuna I guess… and he won’t hurt her physically, so no chains or prison cells. Just towers. (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

  3. I have to say I was completely charmed by Nesso, his character design.. miki shin’s voice.. I was bought over right from the scene where he presented Fiona with the bouquet of flowers -happy sigh- and he was so protective throughout the route! Minus the creepy recall kiss because they were so young then, it just felt kinda wrong.

    The ‘good’ ending gave me the chills especially when he mentioned building another tower X__X so it was his idea right from the start! In fact Nesso’s tone throughout the good end felt rather sinister.. Really what did the fall do to Nesso, maybe it’s the injury which caused him to stop holding back and to use his injury to blatantly make Fiona do as he wishes after realising that it seems to work very well 8D

    I love Nesso a lot :P he’s the only character I’ve played though. Plus, with him comes Elza who is hot as hell XD

    • LOL same here. I love how protective he is towards Fiona, and how he doesn’t even bother hiding his love for her. That childhood kiss scene bothered me a little bit, but I didn’t really mind… until the good end shows. When he says “what would you do if I actually got hurt on purpose?”, I get the feeling that it might actually be true. Maybe he really did get injured on purpose? So he can stay with her 24/7? And build another tower to lock her in? (。_°)? You’re right he sounds so sinister and sly through the whole good end. For some reason I also get the feeling that he’s using his injuries to take all he can get from Fiona, especially since he’s been waiting so long for her.

      But yeah. That aside, I still like Nesso. Elza is a real 色男 too, and as inappropriate as it may sound, I went ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ when he calls you “お嬢様” in the bad end.

  4. I like Nesso too, but only as a brother. Like how he’s always caring for Fiona and all. But then, I didn’t like the idea that he had feelings for her. I was like Why Can’t He Just BE and END as a sweet brother lols. At first, HONESTLY, I thought he was gonna be a creep like Wabisuke in Gekka bc he was like, “Fiona is gonna marry me” countless times in the beginning of the game. But thank goodness, he wasn’t. But still, I thought his ending was “MEH (-へ-)” And like when he kissed her, once when she was younger and while running away from Mejojo & co. I was like, “Nesso…Please control yourself.” ( ・_ゝ・) I guess like it says, it’s not uncommon for half-siblings to get married, but I was still like ew no… ಠ_ಠ But now I’m kinda afraid that Nesso might be a creeper in Last Hope since it’s based more on romance and Otomate is involved. And look how Wabisuke turned out in Gekka. Eeek ( p_q)

    So sad that Elza wasn’t involved in his route as much either. I was thinking he might be since they’re like best buddies, but nope. Only the end, so I can’t wait for his route in Last Hope hehe. Same goes for Pearl & Richie, they’re so cuute. (*゚▽゚*) But the down side is that they both kinda hurt my ears sometimes, cuz they’re voices are sooo high-pitched. Oh YAH, I recommend listening to the special voice section, the one where they have to end their sentences with their animal cry. Nesso was my absolute favorite for that one bc he’s human, so he doesn’t have any. And when he tried to do some, he was like all embarrassed haha. 萌えぇぇ~♪ (*’▽’*) 

    • LOL as much as I like Nesso, he does have a control issue. He kissed her when they were young. He kissed her in the camp. He did… something questinable… to her in his good end. Like I know you’re マジ 9000% in love with her, but please control yourself lol. I don’t have any problems with marriage between siblings since it’s common in Weblin, but yeah I’m afraid he might be a creeper in Last Hope. Let’s just hope that he won’t stab Elza for stealing his beloved little sister, like what Wabisuke did to Reito. If he does that, he’ll be forever ruined for me. (´∀`;)

      Actually, I was expecting Elza to get involved too… but apparently he doesn’t appear until the very end. I’m happy that he has a route in Last Hope though, since Nesso went as far as saying that he’s a handsome lion. It’d be such a waste if he ends up as nothing more than a sub-character. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Not too sure how to feel about Pearl and Richie, but I’m trying not to be judgemental before seeing the real thing. Both Nobu and Shimono said the puppies have a surprisingly manly side, so I’m looking forward to see that. 8D

      Oh, and Nesso’s extra voices are just… LOL. It’s cute how he gets embarrassed upon saying “にゃ” and “わん”. xD

        • Yeah, but the same thing happened in Gekka? The only person Wabisuke stabbed was Reito, he didn’t do anything to the rest and even supported some of them. Not sure which one of Rejet / Otomate will write the scenario, but hopefully that won’t happen again. ;-;

  5. Oh…. well…. that’s a big siscon yandere can do, I guess… the last fact that is hard to enter into my head is what happened at the end of the Good End. I guess, Nesso did hit his head somewhere that made the so called yandere siscon limiter (if he have any) to break and now he is out for Fiona’s blood…… I mean, body. Though the thought of having a half-brother as lover still half freak me out, it won’t be a bad thing in this game.
    Now, I wonder what happened in the Weblin after that. And what about the ‘Bloody Nightmare’? I do like the ending where everything was peaceful and stuff, but I guess this is not enough to sway my heart over the title…. I wonder what the ‘Last Hope’ will have in store…. Oh, before I misunderstand anything, does this game have any Normal Route?

    • “If he have any.”


      Yeah, I honestly don’t mind the siblings romance. What bothered me is Nesso’s sudden change at the end. Like what happened to you, dude? Did you literally hit your head somewhere during the fall?

      Not sure about what happened in Weblin, but I think the battle / Bloody Nightmare still happens. It’s just we don’t get to see it. Oh, and I don’t think this game has a normal ending. There are neutral bad endings, such as getting captured by the knights and such, but other than that… I’ll let you know if this turns out to be wrong lol.

      • Not to mention they are half-sibling, so it’s legal. More like, he become more manipulative? Maybe the fact that when he’s sick, Fiona stick with him like a glue give him a weird image and the feel that he have Fiona all for himself, maybe? But maybe, it was because I can’t see Nesso as a bad guy, maybe… using his chance is more right rather than having him hit his head somewhere? (Though, we all know he got burried for a little bit of time before)
        Hmmm, it will be nice if we can know what happened in there and knowing that our former country is turned into ash or something. I wonder does the cat snap after that. Normal ending is hard to think of I guess, with all of this yandere and/or psychopath in almost every path.

        • Yeah, that’s what I thought too. It’s possible that after seeing how much Fiona clung to him, Nesso realized that he can get her to do whatever he wants. But then again, the way he asks her to enter the same grave… and how he repeats the word “always”… He’s not a bad guy, but dude… what happened? His voice sounds more sinister than sexy too. (´・A・`;)

          Judging from the events in the cats’ path, it seems that if the wolves invade the palace, they will get trapped and die? I haven’t done the wolves’ path yet, so not too sure about that. The game also makes you choose one of the three paths available, so I guess it’s hard to make a normal ending with these branches.

  6. Nesso is really sweet, he really is ♡ It’s just, you’re right: that good ending… He just suddenly became creepy ;-; What scared me was that he just asked Fiona to strip on the spot OAO; I mean, I get that she’s willing to do that for him since she’s pretty naive, but… I’m not sure how to react to that.
    Actually, I think that because he’s resting, and not a busy knight anymore, he probably wants to “make up” for the time lost that he could be spending with Fiona? Or maybe, he’s been holding back for so long, and him being injured with Fiona to take care of him allows him to take advantage of her? Hmm, I don’t really know xD; But I do love his not so creepy side, he can be really romantic!! ♡( ´▽`人)
    His bad ending was terribly sad though QAQ omg seriously that was so sad. I mean he was creepy in the good end but I don’t want him to DIE. Like maybe he could’ve been more yandere-ish (though I doubt many people would really like that ^^;) and lock her up! Um, I think that’s better than him dying really. A loving yandere is better than a dead yandere! … I think xD
    I’m gonna guess your posts order or something now xD Um, next would definitely be Zara since he’s the last family route, then afterwards Guillain, then Arles, and finally Rath? Of course this is for fun, I like guessing your posts order! (whenever I’m wrong I go “damn” xD) Anyway, can’t wait for your next post! It’s Zara, and it’s Ishida Akira so hnnng /biased

    • Isn’t he? (p*・ω・`*q)♪
      The problem is that good end LOL. You’re right, I feel that Nesso is taking advantage of Fiona. She’s naive and doesn’t know much about common standards due to her sheltered upbringing, and that makes it easier to get her to do what he wants. Like “warming him up” and stripping on the spot. I wonder how she’d react if he starts building another tower to lock her in. Just like you, I like Nesso a lot when he’s being normal. Not so much when he’s being creepy. 8D

      That bad end though… I don’t even know what to say. While his good end is creepy as heck, I don’t want him to die either. Seeing Fiona’s reaction towards his death completely broke my heart, especially her monologue at the end.

      You guessed Zara right, but did you get the order for the wolves? We’ll see. 8D

      • G-Gah?! Σ(゚д゚lll)I-I got it wrong?! Umm, Rath is sorta the other main character, so, so, he’ll be last right? Um, oh no I can’t guess ;v; Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see won’t I? XD

  7. I…I’m kind of scared. We all knew Nesso was a huge siscon, so I was braced for the staples of the trope. However, so far Zara is sweet, and devoted, and hasn’t really shown any signs of the darkness of Bloody Nightmare. So now I’m just asking myself, how is Rejet going to sow the seeds of madness in Zara’s route?! Whenever you post his route, I’m just going to be comically chewing my nails in anticipation.

    • LOL then I shouldn’t spoil you and let you see for yourself? |D
      To be honest, I’m a bit scared too since even Julian turned sort of mad in his true end. (´∀`;)ゞ Even if he turns mad, I hope it wouldn’t be like Nesso’s good end level creepy. That creeped me out even more than the cats’ endings.

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