BWS Bloody Nightmare – Arles V. Felnoir

After the family path, it’s finally time to join the wolves. (v´∀`)ハ(´∀`v)ヤッタ☆ I wanted to save Rath for last, but since you need him to unlock Guillan’s route… let’s just start with Arles. He’s so big and fluffy with a fabulous crimson cravat. ❤

アルル・V・フェルノア (CV:森川智之)

Arles is Rath’s older brother, and also a former knight of Weblin. After a certain incident, Arles and the entire wolf race became victims of the wolf hunt. He lost himself in the same incident, and now he’s leading the remnants of the wolves. Together they attack towns and villages all over Weblin, murdering everything in sight. Arles is hoping to create a beautiful world by eradicating humans and the other races — leaving only the wolves to exist.

For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo‘s route. This post only covers the individual events.

During the wolf hunt, Fiona tries to stop everyone from attacking Rath. She yells at them to stop and tries to jump off the horse, but Auger — who suddenly appears beside her — stops her saying it’s dangerous. She resists and asks him to let go, but he laughs saying he can’t do that. It’s dangerous, and Mejojo will get mad at him if something happens to her. Fiona opens her mouth to protest, only to be interrupted when a wave of arrows is fired towards Rath — causing him to scream in pain. Beside her, Auger grins saying it’s too late. Behind his shoulder, Fiona can see Rath collapsing to the ground with countless arrows piercing his body. Rath quietly calls out to his brother and mutters that he needs to kill, but Auger cheerfully stabs him saying he’s the one who’s going to get killed. Mejojo decides to bring Rath to the royal palace, while Fiona ends up fainting due to the shock.

After Arles bit Fiona’s shoulder, Mejojo completely loses his mind and strangles her out of rage. She loses her consciousness and falls into a dream of the forest. Fiona doesn’t know where she came from or where she’s going. When she looks around, she can only see lush trees and the sky peeking through their leaves. She jumps in surprise when she hears the sound of rustling bushes, and she wonders what’s hiding there. It’s a dense forest, so it’s not strange for any animal to appear. The first image that comes into Fiona’s mind is the beautiful silver wolf who came to the palace — Arles. She holds her breath and observes. The sound is coming towards her, and she wonders if she should hide… but there are only bushes nearby. They won’t do, because if it really turns out to be the silver wolf, she wouldn’t be able to deceive him. The wolves have a strong sense of smell after all.

On the other hand, hiding seems to be a better choice if it doesn’t turn out to be the silver wolf. Fiona then decides to push herself through the bushes, but suddenly, the silver wolf appears from the bushes right in front of her. When their eyes meet, Fiona instantly feels awkward since she must look really stupid — being half-hidden in the bushes. Arles only responds with a short sneer, but it’s more than enough to send heat to her cheeks. She turns red on the spot, since the embarrassment turns out to be stronger than the fear of getting attacked again. Arles then asks if she’s trying to hide from him, and Fiona admits that she knows it’d be useless against him. She quickly adds that hiding would be more effective if it doesn’t turn out to be him, and he chuckles saying that’s probably true — if she can hide in time. It sounds like Arles is teasing her, but Fiona can’t argue further… because he’s right. No matter what she’s hiding from, it’d be meaningless, it’d be meaningless if they find her half-hidden like this.

Fiona steps out the bushes and silently brushes off her dress. It’s strange. Arles is a wolf, a part of the race who’s been spreading disasters all over Weblin. She has seen the village they destroyed with her own eyes and he even attacked her, but right now they’re facing each other… and she doesn’t feel scared. Fiona then wonders if it’s because Arles doesn’t have a scary atmosphere around him. Even though he’s teasing her a bit, the air around him doesn’t feel violent. In fact, it feels calm. She feels close to his true nature somehow. Fiona lifts her head at the sound of footsteps, and she realizes that Arles has drawn closer to her. The tip of his nose is rubbing against her hip, and it gets to her heart since he’s acting like a friendly… dog. She wants to pet him, just like she always does to Pearl and Richie. (*・ω・*)ポッ He’ll probably get angry if she ruffles his fur, but she wonders if he’ll allow her to touch him.

Fiona then holds out her hand and touches Arles’ fur — which is a bit rough compared to Richie and Pearl. She wonders if it’s because he’s a wolf, or maybe because he’s an adult. The surface of his fur is a bit cold, smooth and delicate, but his warmth spreads onto her through the slightest touch. Fiona is ready to stop if Arles shows any signs of dislike, but he allows her to continue petting him. When Arles lets out a soft growl, Fiona realizes that he seems to be actually enjoying it. It’s really strange how he drops his guard so much in front of her, not to mention she also feels so relaxed and peaceful beside him. As Fiona continues stroking his fur, Arles lifts his nose and asks if the wound doesn’t hurt. His deep blue eyes are staring straight at her.

Fiona slowly touches her shoulder upon hearing this. She’s prepared to feel the pain, but when her fingers land on the wound… she doesn’t feel any pain. It reminds her that she’s dreaming. She forgot it somehow, but she lost her consciousness after Mejojo strangled her. When Arles asks if there’s something wrong, she can’t help but to give him a stern look. After all, she fell into this situation because he bit her. She then says it’s really mean of him, because he knew biting her would cause Mejojo to go mad. Arles only answers that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and he chuckles when Fiona points out that he’s playing dumb. He must have realized that she knows this is just a dream, which means that he’s also an existence created by her mind. Now that she already realized, she feels that she has to wake up soon.

When Arles asks if she’s going to leave, Fiona nods saying she needs to wake up — Julian must be worried about her. She feels reluctant to end their time together though. It makes Fiona feel so empty to know that she’s comforting herself through this dream, but still… it feels so comfortable to touch Arles. That aside, she knows that she has to go. She wants to know what happened in the palace after the wolves’ attack, and she she also wants to know if he managed to rescue his younger brother safely. Arles only replies with a snort, and Fiona closes her eyes to end the dream. She can feel the forest and the silver wolf beside her vanishing silently, and so the dream fades away. When Fiona wakes up, the first thing she recalls is how Arles asked if the wound doesn’t hurt. Well, it does now. It hurts a lot, and she wonders why she’s so curious about him. She doesn’t even know if she can ever see him again.

Beside her bed, Fiona finds Nesso and Zara along with Julian. They’re suggesting the idea of escaping from the royal palace through the underground sewers, and she decides to go along with it. They get ambushed by Auger along the way, but they manage to make it out to the forest. Fiona is down with a fever that night, so they let her rest in a mountain hut — where Zara explains more about Zodiva and the wolves. Since she wants to talk to the wolves before giving up on the kingdom, they travel into the wolves’ territory after that. Arles invites them to their hideout in Zanan, and they learn about what actually happened between Mejojo, Elvira and Arles 10 years ago. Fiona has to make a decision before they leave Zanan, and she decides to live together with the wolves.

Since Arles only frowns in silence, Fiona explains that she grew up without knowing what the wolves had to go through. She was protected by her father, Nesso and Zara in the tower… until she was taken to the royal palace. That’s where she first saw the wolf hunt, and she wanted to block the scenery out of her sight. Arles points out that the wolves are attacking the people of Weblin too, so they don’t need her childish sympathy or sense of guilt. Fiona knew that he’s going to say that, but she shakes her head. It’s a terribly simple sense of justice if one wants to help a troubled person in front of their eyes, but things aren’t that simple. It’s true that the wolves are suffering because of Mejojo and Auger, but it’s also true that Arles is leading his pack to attack villages and the people of Weblin. It’s not easy to determine which party is wrong, and it’s impossible to judge them based on good and evil.

Fiona tells Arles that she saw one of the villages they destroyed. Her body nearly trembles as she recalls the image. The village was burning, and everything inside was stolen — both the people and their possessions. It was a terrible scene. Arles then asks if Fiona wants to walk with them after seeing that, even though she’s also a human. His voice is slightly mocking her, and she can feel wrath behind it. He doesn’t want her to get involved with them just because of cheap sympathy, but that’s not her reason. She knows the wolves have two positions, as assailants and as victims, and she chose to stay with them even after knowing about both sides. Fiona knows she can’t cower in fear here, so she looks straight at Arles. Then she tells him that she’s a Lobeira. If she stays here, the wolves won’t have to attack villages anymore. Arles’ eyes widen in surprise, and he asks if Fiona is planning to restrain the wolves’ hunger by sacrificing herself. She nods and says it’s probably difficult to heal all of them at once, since there’s a lot of infected wolves… but if they give her time, they should be able to cure Zodiva. The wolves won’t need to attack villages or towns anymore.

While Mejojo and Auger are hunting the wolves for their personal hatred, the wolves are different. Zodiva is causing them to attack people by instinct. That’s why if they can stop that impulse, they won’t need to attack people anymore… and Mejojo and Auger will have no more façade to persecute them. However, Arles sighs and says that Fiona is wrong. She’s not staying here for the wolves, but rather to save the people of Weblin by offering her body to the wolves. Fiona loses all words, realizing that it can be taken that way. It may seem like she’s sacrificing herself to protect the people of Weblin from the wolves, and Arles comments that it’s a beautiful self-sacrifice. She doesn’t deny it. If she stops the wolves, the people of Weblin will be saved. They won’t get hunted, and no more villages will be burnt to the ground. That’s really one of her objectives, but she points out that if they keep opposing Mejojo and Auger while carrying Zodiva… the wolves will have no future. Even if they annihilate all the other races, only death by sickness lies ahead of them. At this rate, the wolves won’t be able to survive no matter how hard they struggle.

Arles agrees, but Fiona says it’ll be different if they have her. If they can cure the wolves from Zodiva, there will be a future for them. While it’s true that she also wants to stop them from attacking people, her highest priority is to protect the wolves — she wants them to survive. Arles frowns as he falls into silence, probably weighing the merits and demerits of letting her stay. Fiona doesn’t say anything either, but her decision is firm. She wants to save the wolves. Up until now, she never felt happy about being born as a Lobeira. She spent her childhood lying in bed, and she couldn’t leave the tower even after she grew up… but if she can save the wolves as a Lobeira, then she can find a meaning about being one. Saving the wolves is something she can do as a Lobeira. Fiona looks straight at Arles with those feelings, and Arles eventually sighs before saying: “…Fine. I welcome you into my pack.”

When Fiona happily thanks him, Arles asks if she’s really okay with this. She will have to part from her family, but she smiles saying she’s prepared for that. The thought of telling Nesso and Zara about this crushes her heart, but even so… she wants to stay here in Zanan. She wants to help the wolves. Her decision has been made. Seeing Fiona’s determination, Arles answers with: “…I see. Then… Fiona Galland. I welcome you into my family.” He then holds out his hand for her, and knowing exactly what it means, she holds his hand and thanks him with a smile. That’s how Fiona was accepted into the family of wolves, even though she doesn’t have a strong physique, claws nor fangs.

Fiona can’t sleep after that, and she ends up staying awake until morning comes. After washing her face in a nearby spring, she returns to see Nesso, Zara and Julian inside. Zara is surprised to see Fiona up so early, while Nesso asks where did she go — she should have woken him up. Julian warns her that even if the king of the wolves allowed them to stay here, it doesn’t mean their safety is guaranteed… and so he asks her not to do anything dangerous. Upon seeing their worried expressions, Fiona can only nod and apologize. She doesn’t know how to begin, but Nesso notices that she seems troubled. When Nesso gently asks her what’s wrong, Fiona nearly breaks into tears since she’s going to say goodbye to him right now. Nesso then asks if she has made her decision, and Fiona only nods quietly. Her voice won’t come out, even though she knows that she has to tell them properly. It’s her decision after all. She keeps spoiling herself with his kindness up until the end, so much that she’s starting to hate herself.

Judging from Fiona’s expression, Nesso asks if she wants to stay in this kingdom. This surprises her, as well as Zara and Julian — who are watching behind them. Zara frowns and asks what Fiona is saying, but Nesso interrupts and asks him to let her speak. Even though Nesso has given her the chance to talk, Fiona still has to gather her courage. Her decision to stay here with the wolves means that she has to abandon her family. Nesso, Zara and Julian wait for her answer in silence, and Fiona’s voice trembles as she opens her mouth to speak… but she finally tells them that she wants to stay in Zanan. She wants to help the wolves, and she will stay here to make sure they survive. Nesso only stares at Fiona in shock, while Zara instantly asks why she’s thinking of something like that. She’ll only get attacked by Mejojo and Auger if she stays here — is she going to commit double suicide with the wolves? Besides, she might be infected with Zodiva. They can’t tell what’s going to happen next. Fiona is surprised to hear Zara’s angry voice. It’s been a while since the last time she heard him using such a harsh tone. He’s always strict, but he rarely raises his voice like this. She sadly thinks about how she’s making him angry, which is only obvious. They went through a lot of trouble to get her out of the royal palace, and yet she decides to stay in danger.

Nesso says he can’t agree with Fiona’s decision either. She’s a kind person, so he thinks she’s just confused with all the things that’s happening in front of her. However, Fiona instantly denies this. Unlike Zara, Nesso is using a gentle voice. It’s as if he’s convincing a selfish kid to listen, and she doesn’t want him to put it like that. She doesn’t want him to treat her decision like a spoiled kid’s selfish request. No matter how stupid it may sound, it’s the conclusion she came up with. Tears start welling up in her eyes, even though she knows that crying will only make her look even more like a kid. Fiona feels childishly annoyed at Nesso for treating her like a kid, and she tells him that she’s not kind at all. If she is, she wouldn’t betray them after they went through all the trouble of rescuing her from the palace. Both Nesso and Zara are shocked. When Zara asks her why she’s doing this, Fiona answers that she wants to be useful… and none of them can say anything in return. She then points out that as a Lobeira, she had always been protected by Edgar, Nesso and Zara. All she ever did was to stay protected and treasured, and the fact that she can’t do anything had always been frustrating for her.

Zara quickly denies this and says it’s not that Fiona can’t do anything. As long as she’s healthy, it’d be more than enough for them… and she knows it too. She knows they’re kind and not asking for anything in return, but she feels pathetic. She can’t help anyone. She can’t protect anyone. The fact that she can only continue living under someone’s protection makes her feel incredibly sad and pathetic. They keep telling her that her presence alone is enough. They’re already grateful as long as she’s alive, but it’s always been frustrating for her. She wants to do something for someone. She wants to achieve something. She wants to leave a proof that she was alive in this world. Once again, Fiona apologizes for being selfish. She knows that she might be wasting her life after they saved her, but the entire wolf race might survive if she stays with them. She might be useful as a Lobeira. Fiona had always been protected and treasured because she’s a Lobeira… and now she might be able to protect someone else for the same reason. That’s why she wants to stay here.

Fiona’s cheeks are wet with tears, and she’s breathing heavily. She knows that she’s acting like a kid who’s throwing a tantrum, desperate that her decision is being brushed off. She spent a lot of time thinking about it, and yet they think she only got carried away by her emotions. After a long silence, Nesso eventually says that he understands Fiona’s feelings. Zara looks at him in surprise, but Nesso explains that if Fiona wants to stay here… then he’s going to stay with her. Fiona is incredibly shocked, especially when Zara and Julian say that they’re going to stay as well. But then again, it’s only obvious because they’re always so lenient on her. Fiona asks them to escape just as planned, but Nesso refuses — he’s not going anywhere without her. The same goes for Zara, who then asks how will she save the wolves from Zodiva without a pharmacist like him. She points out that the wolves only need her blood and he agrees, but what would she do if she’s infected herself? The medicine he gave her can only suppress the symptoms. If she’s already infected, then it would be useless. They can’t just leave her in such a position and flee for their own safety.

With all of her arguments countered, Fiona is at a loss for words. Of course she did consider the possibility of developing Zodiva during her stay here, but she’s more prepared to face it rather than coming up with a solution. Besides, she made this decision while thinking that she probably wouldn’t live that long — she’s a Lobeira after all. She can live for so long because she grew up in the tower, but she can catch an illness and die anytime. Even a normal one will be deadly for her. That’s why rather than dying as a Lobeira, she wants to die after helping the wolves. Her decision was made based on that feeling, but she finds it hard to put it into words. In front of the people who treasures her, she can’t say just that she wants to die a useful death. Fiona ends up begging them to go with the plan and escape to Edgar’s place, but Nesso instantly refuses to leave her. It’s either she goes with them, or they stay here with her. Fiona protests, knowing that they’ll only get dragged into danger if they stay here. She doesn’t want that to happen. She’s prepared to face her own death, but she will never be prepared to get them involved.

When Fiona asks them to leave, Nesso and Zara only give her a short, firm “no”. She yells and begs them to go, but Nesso’s answer doesn’t change… while Zara snaps out that it’s impossible for them to go and leave her behind. Their conversation is going nowhere. She doesn’t want to give up, but it doesn’t seem like they will back down either. Fiona desperately wonders about what to do, but their conversation comes to a halt when they hear footsteps approaching. The next thing they see is Arles asking what they’re doing, pointing out that they’re being so noisy in the morning. He also brought Rath and Guillan along, and after looking at their expressions, he immediately understands what’s going on. Arles then comments that their discussion doesn’t seem to be going well — just as he expected — and Fiona can only look down in silence. Last night she said something grand and got him to accept her into the pack, but she can’t even convince her family.

Arles quietly hums, and he asks about what Nesso and Zara have to say. They explain that if Fiona wants to stay in Zanan, then they’re going to stay as well. They only have two choices. It’s either she leaves with them or they stay here with her. Arles suddenly bursts into laughter, surprising Fiona. He seems to find this really amusing. She’s not the only one either, since Guillan asks him not to laugh so suddenly — it’s scary. Beside him, Rath comments that it’s creepy. Their eyes widen in surprise upon seeing their boss’ sudden outburst. Of course Nesso and Zara are just as surprised, but their expression turns dangerous. Arles is laughing at their resolution. When Nesso asks what’s so funny about this, Arles smiles saying their overprotection is so amusing. Then he adds: “I’ve never heard of a bride who brings her brother and butler into the family.”

Upon hearing this, Fiona, Nesso and Zara gape in shock. Arles’ words has completely blown away the tense atmosphere between them. She must be the bride he’s referring to, since she’s the only woman here. Arles then asks why Fiona is so surprised, and he sighs when she asks what he meant by that. He didn’t mention anything about this last night, so why did it come to this? Arles reminds Fiona that he promised to welcome her into his family. She only nods, but Nesso, Zara and Julian gasp in shock — it seems like they grasped the situation before she could. Fiona still doesn’t get what’s going on, but then Arles formally introduces her to the wolves behind him — Rath Vogart and Guillan Guinor. Both Rath and Guillan sincerely greet Fiona, and she politely bows her head to them… but she’s confused about why they’re being introduced at this timing. While it’s true that she needs to learn their names as a part of the family, she also feels that it’s not the time for introductions. Just before Fiona opens her mouth to ask, Arles drops the shocking revelation: “They are your husband candidates. Pick the one you like.” … … … !? Σ(゚ー゚;)

Fiona smiles in silence. For a moment, her head refuses to understand… but the next second, she screams and stutters as she asks “HU-HU-HU-HUSBAND…!?” How did it turn into this? Nesso growls out a protest in the background, but Arles calmly asks why she’s making such a fuss. By “joining the pack”, it means Fiona is going to enter their family by marriage. That’s why Arles brought the guys who’s around her age, and she’s free to choose the one she likes. Guillan points out that Arles is being unreasonable. He didn’t hear about this before and neither did Rath, but Arles only answers that it’s alright. Both of them are at the age where it’s not strange for them to have a wife or two, though Fiona awkwardly points out that she’d be troubled if they have a second wife. She realizes that it’s possible for men to have multiple wives though — it depends on their social status and rank.

When Fiona stops herself from derailing, Arles asks if she has any problems. Of course she does. There’s a lot of problems here. She never heard that she needs to marry a wolf in order to join the pack. While Nesso and Zara remain silent due to the shock, Arles holds Fiona’s hand and pulls her to his side. Then he lowers his face to her ear and whispers: “Just honestly pick one and we’ll be done.” That’s when Fiona realizes that Arles is playing a trick to force Nesso and Zara to agree. If she marries one of the wolves, then it’d be weird for her brother and butler to come along with her. The problem is can she really convince them with this…? When Fiona glances at Arles, he smiles and gives her a reassuring nod… and so she makes her choice.

Even though he’s not a candidate, Fiona asks if she can marry Arles. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He points out that there’s a large age gap between them, but she doesn’t mind. If she has to choose a partner in crime, then he’s the one she can trust the most. After all, he’s the man who promised to accept her into the family last night. He huffs in amusement, and when she asks if that won’t do, he smiles saying he doesn’t mind. He only found it unexpected. However, Arles warns Fiona to be prepared. If she becomes the wife of the king of the wolves, then she needs to pay the price — “Your body and soul. Everything will be mine.” If this doesn’t change her decision, he’ll take her as his wife. Nesso asks if she’s serious, and Zara begs her to think it over… but Fiona has no intentions to change her mind. She has decided to join the wolves. Arles then tells them that just as they heard, she has joined their family. Fiona now belongs to them.

Nesso immediately protests that he can’t accept that, while Zara points out that it’s not a reason for them to leave. Arles only says they can do whatever they want then, but Fiona is clearly troubled. She wants them to go with their initial plan to follow Edgar. If he allows them to do as they like, they will definitely stay in Zanan with her. However, Arles smiles and tells Fiona not to worry. She’s already a part of the wolves, and he adds “In that case… together.” Nesso and Zara try to reach out to her in a panic, but Arles moves faster and takes Fiona into his arms. Or rather, onto his back. He has transformed into his wolf form in an instant, and she’s been whisked up onto his back. For a second she floats into the air, but then she lands on his soft fur. Arles then asks Fiona to hold on tight. Before Nesso and Zara could stop them, he takes a big leap into the forest outside — carrying her on his back. Fiona can hear the wolves howling behind them, and she turns around to see a lot of wolves running out of the castle. The largest one is Arles, who lets out a loud roar in order to control them. The wolves’ howls are echoing around them, as if they’re answering his command.

Arles explains that if Nesso and Zara want to stay in Zanan, then the wolves only have to change their base. Noticing that Fiona is confused, Rath comes over to explain that it’d be useless for them to stay there. They will eventually give up and leave the kingdom. She quietly thanks them, realizing that Arles is going through all this trouble just to welcome her into the family. First he had to take her as his bride, and now the wolves have to move their base. However, Arles tells Fiona that the wolves always protect their friends. He already said that he’ll accept her into the family, and he doesn’t mind doing this much in order to protect her. Fiona then wonders if that’s why Arles took her as his bride. He wanted to show Nesso and Zara that the wolves are accepting her as a family, not just a tool to keep them alive. He wanted them to give up with relief. When she turns around, she can see shadows by the castle entrance. Fiona apologizes to Nesso, Zara and Julian in her heart. She knows she’s being selfish, and she followed her intentions with a way that hurts the three of them. It might be late, but she sobs upon realizing that she won’t see them anymore — even though it’s her own decision. She feels pathetic.

Once more, for the last time, Fiona turns around to see the castle… but she can’t see the shadows anymore. When her tears fall into Arles’ fur, he reminds her that this is the path she chose. Fiona says she knows, and she asks Arles to allow her to cry just for now. She’s aware that it’s disgraceful and disrespectful to cry after receiving their help, but she can’t stop herself from weeping. Arles quietly sighs, but then he replies that he can’t see Fiona — he doesn’t know if she’s crying or not. Realizing that he’s willing to let it slide, she thanks him and repeats the word in her heart as he carries her deep into the forest.

From there, the wolves carry Fiona to a small clearing in the forest. Arles tells them to stay here for a while, since it doesn’t seem like it’s going to rain. Even if rains, they can just move into a nearby cave. The wolves then spread around as they search for a place to sleep in, while Fiona only stares at the ground. She feels left out. Even though she’s the one who decided to live with them, she feels lonely and depressed to be in this unfamiliar group. It makes her realize that she’s so weak, even though she chose follow the wolves in order to be strong and useful. After a while, Guillan comes and comments that Fiona still looks gloomy. She looks up to find him in his human form, and Rath standing beside him like a shadow. When she apologizes, Guillan protests saying her reaction makes it sound like he’s picking on her… though Rath flatly replies that it’s the truth. Guillan angrily asks when did he bully her, but Rath only responds with a snort. Fiona quickly stops them and says it’s all her fault. They already took her along, and yet she feels depressed.

Rath doesn’t mind. He knows it’s only natural to feel sad after parting with her family. Guillan, on the other hand, asks if it’s really true. Beside them, Arles only asks Fiona not to expect Guillan to understand delicate feelings. Fiona smiles and nods, since she figured out Guillan’s personality after seeing how Arles and Rath are treating him. Her eyes widen upon realizing something, and she feels threatened when Guillan asks her what it is… but she instantly feels relieved when Rath quietly asks her if what’s wrong. Fiona then asks what should she call them, adding that they can call her by name. Guillan excitedly answers that she can call him “Guillan-sama”, which she reluctantly repeats. He nods in satisfaction, but then Rath sighs beside him. When Guillan glares at Rath and asks why he’s giving him that look, Rath only says it’s nothing… though his eye is clearly saying that Guillan is so helpless.

Back to Fiona’s question, Rath says she can call him by name. Fiona replies by saying she’s glad to meet him and “Guillan-sama”, which causes the latter to turn silent. When Rath sighs again, Guillan awkwardly tries to say something. His eyes are darting all over the place. Fiona asks “Guillan-sama” if there’s something wrong, and she’s speaking extra formal to match his title… but it only causes him to look even more awkward. Rath then chuckles beside them, and Fiona is surprised because she’s never seen him laugh before. He remains expressionless most of the time. He gives a younger impression when he laughs, and she finds it cute. She wants to see his smile more. Guillan rages and punches Rath, yelling at him not to laugh. Fiona doesn’t get why Guillan is angry, but then she notices that it’s more like he’s sulking instead. Guillan then turns to Fiona and orders her to just call him by name. Plus, she should drop the formalities — it’s creeping him out.

Fiona is obviously confused since Guillan was the one who asked her to call him that way, so Arles explains that while he always asks people to call him “Guillan-sama”, nobody ever really called him like that. He must be embarrassed. Fiona is surprised, but after hearing Arles’ explanation, Guillan suddenly looks really cute in her eyes. She used to think that the wolves are terrifying, but now she can see that they’re not that much different from the other races. She feels that she can do her best with them from now on.

After living in the forest for a few days, Fiona has gradually grown accustomed to the wolves. Most of them remain in their wolf form though, as the ones who take their human forms are only Arles, Rath and Guillan. Fiona wonders if the others will be able to take their human forms too once they’re cured from Zodiva. She remembers how Zara explained that Zodiva’s development causes the wolves to lose their human senses, gradually turning them into beasts. She thinks about how painful it must be to watch your friends — who used to exchange words with you — losing their human forms one by one. Fiona snaps out of her reverie when a voice whines beside her, and she notices that a small wolf is approaching her. The small wolf sniffs quietly as it brings its nose closer to her, which she recognizes as the sign Pearl and Richie use to ask for a pat. Even though it hasn’t been that long, her life with them in the tower feels nostalgic… and recalling their memories brings pain to her heart.

Fiona then wonders about how Nesso and Zara are doing. Are they still waiting for her to return to Zanan? She falls into silence, but snaps out of it when the small wolf whines again. Fiona apologizes and asks if she can touch it, and the wolf answers with a snort — as if it’s nodding. She chuckles and starts stroking its fur, which she finds a bit rougher than Pearl or Richie’s. Just then Arles suddenly appears, commenting that the small wolf seems to like her a lot. Rath also adds that it’s rare for the wolf to ask for someone’s touch, while Guillan tells the wolf that it’s got a lot of guts to ask a woman instead of him. Fiona raises her head to greet them, but the wolf only whines, bows its head at them and runs off. This clearly shows that the wolves have a hierarchical relationship. Fiona wants to learn it too, but she’s not sure where she stands — does being a newcomer makes her an underling?

When Fiona comments about how the wolf left, Arles smiles and asks if they interrupted. She answers that they didn’t, and she asks why the three of them came to see her. He informs her that earlier, they received a report from the wolf who was assigned to watch Zanan. Or rather, to watch over her brother because they can’t camp out in the forest forever. Fiona quietly apologizes upon hearing this, since it’s her fault that they had to leave their base. Her reaction surprises Guillan, who quickly replies that she’s wrong. The wolves are strong, and so they’re completely fine with sleeping outside. The problem is her. Rath points out that Fiona is a human and a Lobeira on top of that — isn’t her body weak? Arles explains that the wolves originally live in the forest like this, so they won’t have any problems as long as it’s not raining… but she’s different. Fiona nods, though she actually finds it surprising. Arles aside, she didn’t expect that Rath and Guillan would be worried about her physical condition.

Arles then asks why Fiona has a dumb look on her face, so she admits that their concern makes her happy. He smiles saying it’s only obvious, because she has joined their family. She’s a part of the pack. Guillan also smirks and adds that if Arles has made the decision, then Fiona is his friend and he’ll take care of her. Rath remains silent beside them, but he gives them a strong nod. This makes her feel so happy, and she thanks them before asking them to continue. Fiona knows they’re waiting for Nesso and the others to leave Zanan, and it’s confirmed true when Arles informs her about the report — which says they’ve finally given up and left. Fiona’s expression turns sad as she thinks about Nesso and Zara. When she asks if Julian also left with them, Arles says he did since there’s no one left in Zanan. Julian was born as the first prince of Weblin, and yet his life was ruined by Mejojo and Auger. If that’s what he’s wishing for, then she wants him to be happy outside of this kingdom. Arles reluctantly asks if she’s regretting her decision, but Fiona smiles and says she doesn’t. She only feels a bit… lonely. It’s a small sentiment. She was the one who cut ties with them, and she can only apologize to them in her heart — even though she knows it won’t reach anyone.

The wolves remain silent, until Arles eventually reminds Fiona that it was her decision. She nods, but before she can say anything, he moves closer and gently pats her head — in contrary to his stern tone. Once again Arles reminds Fiona that she joined his family. He accepted her into his pack as a wolf’s bride. She lets out a loud “EH!?” upon hearing this, which causes both Guillan and Rath to ask if she’s not happy with them. She quickly denies it, but she’s surprised since she thought the marriage was only a cover. Arles only smiles and tells Fiona that he welcomed her as a new member of the family, and Rath explains that it means the whole pack is also her family. She should keep that in mind. Realizing the meaning of their words, a smile returns to Fiona’s face. Even though she feels lonely after parting with Nesso and Zara, she can spend her time with them — her new family. Fiona happily thanks the wolves for accepting her. After everything the cats and the people of Weblin did to them, the wolves actually can just use her as a tool for curing Zodiva. She was even prepared to face that possibility… but they accept her as a family, and it makes her happy.

Back to the issue at hand, Guillan suggests returning to Zanan after making sure Nesso and the others are really gone. Arles agrees since there’s a chance that Nesso still hasn’t given up on Fiona yet, and Rath says they will keep an eye on her family for a little longer. They will return to Zanan after making sure that Nesso and the others have crossed the country border. Fiona smiles and nods, knowing there’s nothing she can do but to pray for Nesso, Zara and Julian to safely cross the border.

Several days later, the wolf who was following Nesso reported that Fiona’s family have crossed the border. The wolves can finally return to Zanan, and Guillan happily mentions that he feels more at ease here. Arles immediately goes to his study, but before leaving, he tells Fiona to use one of the empty rooms. If she ever needs anything, she can ask Guillan or Rath for help. Fiona nervously thanks Arles, and he disappears deep into the castle without saying anything else. It seems like he’s going to lock himself up in his study — just as he said earlier. Since Arles used to be a knight of high ranking, the atmosphere around him is a bit different than Rath or Guillan. While he has the wild air of a wolf, he also has a noble aura. He has a strong charisma that drives people to bow their heads and respect him. When he’s commanding the wolves, he’s showing a great strength as the king of the wolves.

Then suddenly, Guillan asks why Fiona is so fascinated by Arles. When she jumps and squeals in surprise, he laughs and tells her not to make weird noises like that. She protests saying he’s the one who surprised her, but they’re interrupted when Rath calls her to come over. Fiona and Guillan exchange looks, and they walk over to see Rath — who points out that there’s a letter addressed to her. Guillan notices that it’s left at the place where her brother used to sleep, and Fiona can also see traces of of their campfire. There’s black soot on the floor, and she slowly squats down to touch the cold floor. Rath then hands the letter to Fiona, and she thanks him before opening the paper.

In his letter, Nesso wrote that he knows the wolves will return to Zanan again. That’s why he left this letter for her. He admits that he’s really sad that the path she took is different from theirs. He has no idea how to explain this to their father either, but he knows she has made her decision. Upon looking back, he realizes that she was a kid who had to hold back a lot. If they think of this as her first and her last rebellion, it makes both Zara and him feel deeply emotional. He asks her to remember that he, Zara, Julian, their father who’s waiting in a faraway land with Pearl and Richie — everyone — will always be wishing for her happiness. He wants her to keep that in mind, and he asks her to do her best. If she ever wants to run away, she can call him anytime. No matter where she is, he’ll definitely come to find her.

Fiona is surprised that Nesso has forgiven her. Her actions are selfish. She decided things on her own and left them behind… but he still forgives her, supports her, and is willing to pick her up if she wants to. Nesso is still spoiling her as much as he could. Fiona starts sobbing again. She misses Nesso and Zara. She misses the gentle people who always helped and stayed with her, but she was the one who decided to leave those kind people. When Rath asks if she’s alright, Fiona sobs out that she’s fine. She just realized that she’s really loved, and he replies that it’s true — she is loved. His words causes more tears to roll down her cheeks, but they’re not unpleasant tears. They’re not entirely tears of sadness. While Fiona is busy sniffling, Guillan tells them that there are a lot of other things nearby. She raises her head to find him sitting down, searching for something near the wall. When Guillan says he can sense a weird smell, Fiona moves over to lean in beside him. The image of a certain young man appears in her mind. It’s the young man who smells like herbs, who always stayed by her side as her attendant.

After a while, they find a neatly wrapped package and another letter. Fiona opens it to find a message from Zara. He knows Nesso already wrote everything he wants to say, so he wants to play his own role. Inside of the package, he left various medicines for her. He made them in a rush, but she should know how effective his medicine is more than anyone else. He also made as much Zodiva depressant as he could, and he asks her to use it whenever necessary. Lastly, Zara wrote that he’s also wishing for Fiona’s happiness. No matter how far they’re apart, he will always, always think about her. He wants her to remember that. After reading the letter, the package in her hands suddenly feels much heavier. She wonders if they stayed in Zanan for a while to make all of these medicines. Fiona can’t hold back her tears, and she starts crying like a child again.

Guillan points out that her face is terribly hideous, but Fiona only asks him to leave her alone. She doesn’t regret her decision. She doesn’t regret staying here, but the thought that she might be eternally separated from her family makes her feel lonely. Rath gently pats Fiona’s back, assuring her that she will be alright — she has them. Guillan complains at her to stop crying, but then he awkwardly ruffles her hair. They’re really kind to her, but their kindness only reminds her of the precious people who used to be with her… so in the end she can only keep crying. However, Guillan suddenly seems to realize something and transforms into his wolf form. Fiona is shocked and asks what he’s doing, but he simply answers that he’s going to lick her tears away. Beside him, Rath — who already transformed too — quietly licks off Fiona’s tears. Guillan rages at him for licking his possession, but Rath calmly answers that Fiona isn’t his anyway.

Fiona can feel their rough tongues licking her over and over again. Guillan asks her to forget everything, because she has them. They’re her new family. Rath asks her not to worry, reassuring her that it’s okay. Everything will work out and she will be just fine. Both of them are licking all over her body, as if she’s also an animal like them. It feels ticklish and nice, and combined with her fatigue after crying, she finally curls up like a wolf and falls asleep.

After living in Zanan for a while, Fiona starts working on her first objective — giving her blood to the wolves. She’s not allowed to give her blood to a lot of wolves at once because Arles keeps warning her not to force herself, but she doesn’t know how much blood they need to recover either. Fiona went to discuss this with Arles before. She wondered about how much blood is needed for each wolf, and he only remained silent… but then she remembered that he drank Elvira’s blood in the past. Arles nodded saying his body developed the antibodies thanks to that, and he added that Elvira was a fragile girl as well. Fiona never knew that Elvira was a Lobeira though. Arles asked if it’s not because Elvira died when she was small, but Fiona thought that if Elvira was a Lobeira, she would have heard about it before. Since Fiona hates medicines a lot, Zara would definitely tell her things like “Elvira was obedient” or “Elvira drank her medicines properly.”

Upon hearing this, Rath sighed saying he’s starting to see what kind of kid Fiona was. She quickly coughed and put that subject aside, while Arles mentioned that Elvira might not be a complete Lobeira like her. They were engaged, but he never heard about Elvira being a Lobeira either. He only heard that her body is a little weak. Both Fiona and Elvira are from the Galland family, so maybe all the daughters in the family were born with elements of Lobeira. Fiona then asked how much blood did he take from Elvira, and Arles immediately turned silent. When Guillan asked why he looked away like that, Arles said he wants to keep it a secret. Rath and Fiona knew that means he drank quite a lot of blood, so he eventually sighed and gave up — admitting that he drank enough to possibly kill her. Fiona didn’t know what to say, but Guillan laughed and asked if Zodiva won’t be cured unless they drink a deadly amount of blood from her.

However, Rath reminded Guillan that Elvira might not be a complete Lobeira. Fiona is definitely one, and so a smaller amount of her blood might be enough. Either way, Arles doesn’t want Fiona to donate her blood until she reaches the limit. She’s a Lobeira, and they don’t know what can cause her to get sick. He couldn’t allow her to be overly harsh on her body. Fiona smiled and thanked him, but Arles said she doesn’t have to thank him. He already told her over and over again, but she’s their friend and they won’t put her in danger. She chuckled saying no matter how many times he said it, it always makes her happy. Rath then asked what they’re going to do, and Guillan suggested testing it out. She can increase the amount of blood little by little until it works. That way they can see how much blood is needed. Arles agreed, but he told Rath and Guillan that one of them — himself included — will have to stay with Fiona during the test. It’d be bad if the wolves go out of control upon sensing the smell of blood. The same goes for Fiona. She needs to call one of them if she wants to give her blood.

Following the result of their discussion, Fiona decides to give her blood to five people per day. She’s been warned to bring someone along just in case, and she feels that it’d be best to ask for Arles’ help. Fiona then goes to visit Arles in his study, but she receives no answer. Usually he’d reply as soon as she knocks, but it’s completely silent this time. She finds it strange and wonders if he’s is away. Arles never really leaves Zanan. He spends most of his time in the study, or patrolling around the castle. When she was in the hall, she didn’t see him walking out of the study. That’s why she thought he must be inside, but maybe he went out when she didn’t notice. Fiona slowly grabs the doorknob. It’s not like she’s entering without permission, because Arles himself allows her to borrow books from the study whenever she feels bored.

Fiona then opens the door and slides inside. She’s not doing anything wrong, but she tries not to make any noise. Maybe because she feels guilty for entering when the owner is away… or is he? Fiona’s eyes widen in surprise when she finds Arles sleeping in his chair, and she feels that she just saw something unusual — at least for her. This is the first time she’s ever seen him asleep. Fiona quietly closes the door and steps closer, though she doesn’t understand why she’s not leaving. Someone has to keep watch as she gives her blood, but it doesn’t have to be Arles. She can search for Rath or Guillan, as it’s very unlikely for both of them to be away. They have a pretty good cooperation. Whenever one of them goes out, the other will always stay… so why is she walking towards Arles instead? Fiona notices that he has a deep frown on his forehead. He has a grim expression, even when he’s asleep. As she observes his sleeping face, she wonders if he’s having a bad dream. His expression looks even more severe than when he’s awake.

When a groan slips out of Arles’ lips, Fiona wonders if she woke him up. She holds her breath and watches him, but she feels relieved when he doesn’t wake up. Then she wonders what she’s doing. She shouldn’t have entered the study after seeing him asleep, but she approached him instead — as if she was tempted. Fiona thinks she should leave, but now that she’s inside, she feels that she should do something. Her eyes soon land on the sofa Guillan usually rolls around in. He put a blanket there, and Fiona decides to put it on Arles before leaving. Fiona quietly takes the soft blanket and walks back to the desk, but she freezes in place when Arles mutters Elvira’s name. He didn’t say it clearly, but she knows it’s the name of his former fiancée. It’s the name of her cousin, who died to protect him from Mejojo. She remembers how he mentioned that they look really similar. Just as she guessed, he’s having a nightmare after all. The deep frown, the groaning and how he mutters his former fiancée’s name. Is he experiencing her death again in his dream?

Fiona wonders if she should wake him up, and she puts her hand on Arles’ shoulder… but then suddenly, he calls out her name and pulls her into a tight embrace. She answers “Y-Yes!?” out of surprise, but due to the sudden hug and his strength, her face directly drowns into his chest. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Fiona tries calling his name, but Arles doesn’t answer and keeps her locked in his arms. She wonders if he’s still half-asleep and calls his name again, asking if he’s alright. Arles lets out a heavy sigh, and he opens his eyes to apologize to Fiona. She tells him it’s okay and asks if he can let her go, but only receives silence as the answer. His arms aren’t showing any signs of loosening up either. It’s a silent rejection. Fiona wonders what’s going on. It’s clear that Arles saw a nightmare, but wasn’t it a dream about Elvira? Maybe he mistook her for Elvira since they look alike, but earlier he also called her name. Was she also a cause behind his nightmare? The thought makes her feel guilty, even though she didn’t do anything. He’s much older than her and also the leader of the wolves, but it seems like he gets hurt by her appearance in his dream.

Eventually, the arms around Fiona are starting to loosen up — though Arles is reluctant. It’s as if he’s afraid that she’d disappear if he lets her go. When he asks why she’s here, she explains that she wants to give her blood and came here to ask for his help. He didn’t answer when she knocked the door, so she took a peek and saw him sleeping… so she went inside. She had no reasons. The moment she thought about how rare it is to see him asleep, she got absorbed inside. Fiona then asks if he had a nightmare, and Arles admits that he did. It’s been a while since he saw a dream that gave him such chills. He look surprised when she asks if it was a dream about Elvira, so she tells him that he called her name in his sleep. Arles only answers with “I see…” and sighs, then he turns silent while still hugging Fiona. It seems like he’s wondering if he should tell her about the contents of his nightmare. After a while, Arles admits that it was also a dream about Fiona.

Since Fiona looks confused, Arles repeats that it was a dream about her — she was also there in his dream. He keeps hugging her tightly as he speaks, like a kid who hugs his stuffed doll after seeing a nightmare. His embrace is soft and not as strong as earlier, but she feels embarrassed. She wants to ask him to let go and get off his lap, but she decides to let him do what he wants. He saw a nightmare about her, and she knows that’s why he’s seeking for her warmth. Fiona then asks what kind of evil deed did she do in his dream, but Arles says her evil deed would be extremely welcomed… and she immediately understands what happened in his dream. He must have dreamed of her death. A dream of losing her after Elvira. As the leader who’s in charge of a pack, it must be really painful for him to lose a friend. It doesn’t help that she looks so similar to his lover in the past — the lover who died right in front of him. It must be a nightmare indeed.

Arles slowly explains that it’s a dream of him failing to protect Fiona. A dream of Mejojo and Auger hurting her. When he puts his chin on her shoulder, she notices that he seems tired after seeing such a bad dream. It’s a gesture that shows his exhaustion, as if he’s seeking comfort from her. Arles then whispers “I wonder if I can protect you…” into Fiona’s ear. She answers that she believes in him, hoping it can give him courage. On the night when she made her decision, Fiona also put her life in Arles’ hand. By joining the wolves, she decided to believe in him, entrusting everything to him. He replies with “I… see…” It’s so short that she feels like both of them are lacking words, but she also feels that everything they want to say reaches each other. A peaceful silence flows as they feel each other’s warmth.

After a while, Fiona tells Arles that he probably should let go now… but he chuckles and says it’s hard to let her go. She’s so warm, and he finds it comfortable to hug her. When she asks if he’s treating her as a body pillow, he answers: “If you’re willing to come to my bedroom, I’d be even happier.” ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Fiona instantly replies that she won’t though, and Arles laughs. Even if they’re lightly joking around like this, they stay snuggled up to each other — until they can’t see the remnants of his nightmare anymore.

However, Fiona’s peaceful days with the wolves didn’t last for long. Four of the wolves who went on patrol never came back, sending commotion and restlessness throughout the whole castle. Both Guillan and Arles have a bad feeling about this, and Rath volunteers to check the situation. Arles leaves the task in his hands, and so Rath transforms into his wolf form and runs off into the forest outside. Fiona wonders if something happened, but Guillan points out that the wolves would have returned if nothing happened. She then asks if something similar had happened before, and Arles says some of then got attacked by Zodiva during their patrol. Those who couldn’t endure it went to attack villages alone, and they didn’t returning to Zanan for a while… but it should be different now. She’s been giving her blood to them everyday, and so the disease in them should have been suppressed. Even if her blood can’t completely cure Zodiva, none of the wolves are hungry enough to lose reason and control.

Arles doesn’t say anything, but Guillan grins saying that leaves only one reason why they never came back. They must be killed by the “damn bastards” of Weblin. Fiona gasps in shock. A part of her mind is prepared for this, but she refused to look at that possibility up until the end. She also finds it surprising since none of the nearby villages are fighting against the wolves. That’s why they can live in peace, even though there are rumors about them being in Zanan. Arles’ answer is simple: “…maybe they finally come.” Fiona’s eyes widen in shock, but she can’t bring herself to ask about what’s coming their way. Even without asking, she already knows what he’s referring to — the royal army. Mejojo has risen to the throne, and now he’s holding all the authority as the king of Weblin. He can send the entire royal army to go on a wolf hunt if he wants to. Fiona is wishing for their bad feeling to be wrong, and they wait for Rath’s return feeling worried.

Several hours later, Rath returns from his investigation. Guillan says he better has a lot of information after making them wait for so long, but Rath’s face already explains everything. The royal army led by Mejojo and Auger have made their way into the nearby area. Arles asks if it means they already know about Zanan, but Rath says they don’t seem to know about the exact location. They only know that a lot of wolves have been spotted around this area, and so Arles concludes that they still have a little time. When Rath asks what he’s going to do, Fiona nervously gulps and watches Arles’ reaction. He’s the king of the wolves. The decision of their next step lies in his hand. Are they going to fight the royal army head-on or not? Guillan doesn’t mind taking them on. They can wipe the floor with the royal army so hard none of them would ever return to bug the wolves again. Since Mejojo and Auger are leading the army themselves, it’s a great chance to kill them.

Rath agrees with Guillan, but Fiona is reluctant. Mejojo and Auger usually spend their time behind the tight defense of the royal palace. Now that they’re outside leading the army, it’s indeed a great chance to defeat them… but even so, she doesn’t want the wolves to get in danger. She actually wants them to prioritize their lives over fighting and winning, even though she knows running away won’t solve anything. As long as the twins are treating them as enemies, the wolves will be hunted for eternity. Even if they run away, as long as they’re in this kingdom, they’ll only get pursued as traitors. Fiona then wonders what should she do to give the wolves a peaceful live. It seems like if they don’t do something about Mejojo and Auger, that day would never come.

Fiona snaps out her thoughts when Arles calls her name, and she gasps upon seeing a serious expression on his face. When she nervously asks what it is, he tells her to run from Zanan before the royal army begins combing the mountain. Fiona is shocked and looks around in confusion, but Rath and Guillan keep silent. They don’t raise any objections, as if the decision is only obvious for them. Arles explains that they’re going to fight Mejojo and Auger here, and he wants her to run away before then. Fiona protests saying she wants to stay here with everyone, but Arles sharply asks what can she do if she remains. She can’t fight, and she’ll only be a hindrance in the battlefield. Fiona tries to argue by saying she can treat injuries or something, but she actually knows that Arles is right. Once the battle begins, she won’t be able to do anything. He lets out a sarcastic laugh and asks if she knows how to treat people whose limbs are torn off. Or if she knows how to treat someone whose stomach is cut open, with their entrails sticking out of their body.

Fiona can’t say anything in return. Arles says those words lightly, without any intentions of blaming her. He simply states the truth, and that’s why it hurts her heart. Fiona insists that even if she can’t do anything, she wants to stay with them until the end. That’s how she really feels. She can’t bear the thought of escaping all by herself while Arles, Rath, Guillan and the other wolves are risking their lives behind her back. Fiona starts crying. She knows she will only be a hindrance. If she stays here, Arles, Rath and Guillan will have to protect her. That’s why none of them said anything when Arles told her to escape. The realization alone is enough to make Fiona sad. She can’t do anything for them. When the people who accepted her into their family are fighting for their lives, the best thing she can do for them is to run away. Rather than helping them, she can only avoid dragging them down. Fiona wishes she had strength or knowledge like Nesso and Zara. If she’s as strong as Nesso, she’d be able to fight alongside everyone. She’d be able to heal those who are injured if she has as much knowledge as Zara… but she can’t do anything.

When Fiona apologizes for being so useless, Arles sighs and pats her head — telling her that she has done enough. During her stay in Zanan, she’s given her blood to a lot of wolves. The number of wolves who can fight has increased thanks to her. Guillan adds that those who nearly died have been revived thanks to her, and Rath tells her that she’s done well. Rath then takes Fiona’s hands and gently pats the thin scars on her fingers. Her hands didn’t have any scars before, but she cut her fingers for them. She’s already done more than enough to help them. Fiona doesn’t answer, though her tears keep coming out. Her hands used to be soft and were never used for labor — the hands of a noble. After giving blood to the wolves, her hands are now covered by countless scars. Arles smiles saying she’s done well in fulfilling her role as a member of the family, but Fiona wonders if that’s true. She can’t do anything when they’re going to fight to death, and yet they’re still thinking of her as their family.

Fiona then asks if she can call herself a wolf. She doesn’t have any sharp fangs, claws or a strong physique to fight with. In fact, she can’t even fight… but even so, she asks if she can stay as a part of their family. Arles smiles and answers: “…of course. You are my family. A proud member of the wolves.” When Fiona bursts into tears, Guillan calls her a crybaby while Rath remains silent — both of them are smiling. Arles pulls Fiona into his arms with Rath patting her back, and Guillan teases her while ruffling her hair. Arles then tells Fiona that he has one more request for her. When she asks what she can do, he honestly tells her that they might die in the upcoming battle. Of course they’re not planning to die that easily, but she needs to understand that it can happen. Fiona nods, though she doesn’t want to understand. She wants to foolishly believe that they will win and everything will end safely. Arles continues that if it happens, she’d be the only one who knows the truth about the wolves. If the wolves die, Mejojo and Auger would forge yet another false history — just like what they did 10 years ago. The cats are going to brand their history as the correct one and then pass it to future generations.

Fiona knows that Arles is right. Before meeting the wolves, she also believed in Mejojo’s words and had the wrong idea about the incident from 10 years ago. It will happen again. The saga of the wolves, covered by a black curse. A tragedy driven by Zodiva. She will be the only one who knows the truth. Guillan asks Fiona to pass down the truth about how cool and awesome he is, and Arles entrusts the history of the wolves in her hands. As a human who joined a family of wolves, there must be truth only known to her. Fiona accepts the task. For the current Weblin, the wolves are only known as a vicious disaster. They spread a deadly disease, attack people and destroy villages… but she knows. She knows how they think, how they feel and how they live. Fiona promises to pass down the truth. She knows she’s the only one who can do it and she has to do it, but even so… she asks them not to die. Arles, Rath and Guillan smile and promise that they won’t die. She knows their promise will be useless once the battle begins, but she still finds it relieving. Now that they have made a promise, Arles asks Fiona to run. She finally says she understands and promises to escape.

Rath then reminds Arles that some of the wolves are still unable to fight. He asks if they should escape with Fiona, and Arles asks if he can leave them in her hands — which she gladly accepts. Most of the wolves can move again after receiving her blood, but some of them haven’t recovered enough to fight. That, and Arles doesn’t think Fiona can escape through the forest alone. She’s going to need a guide. She admits that he’s right. Even if she was taken out of the tower, escaped from the royal palace and shared a peaceful life with the wolves, she’s basically a sheltered girl. They told her to run away, but she probably wouldn’t know what to do in the forest. Arles says they have a lot of preparations to take care of, and Fiona needs to prepare for her departure as well. She can only nod, and so the decision was made. She’s going to part from them and run away.

After that, Fiona returns to her room and packs her belongings. She doesn’t have much though. It’s only a few personal belongings, some change of clothes and the medicines Zara made for her. Just when Fiona is done packing, she hears a knock on her door. She wonders if it’s Arles, and the door opens to reveal that it is indeed him. Arles asks if she has time right now, and she nods because she’s pretty much done with her preparations. When she asks about them, he reveals that they’re almost done as well. Fiona then asks if she should leave now, but Arles says he’s not here to call her for the departure — he only wants to talk for a bit. Fiona invites Arles to come in and offers a cushion for him to sit on. Then she goes to sit in front of him and asks what he wants to talk about. Arles starts by asking if Fiona regrets joining the wolves. This causes Fiona to gape in surprise, but she soon realizes that Arles is serious. He’s seriously waiting for her answer, and so she tells him that she doesn’t regret her decision. She’s glad to have lived together with them.

Right after saying these words, Fiona scolds herself for using past tense. If possible, she wants to continue staying with them from now on. Arles nods, but then he says that if she wants to… he can deliver her to her family. He can take her to where her brother and butler are. Fiona is surprised and asks if Arles knows their location, and he admits that he does. While he told her that the wolves made sure they crossed the border, he actually went further to find out where they live. Fiona asks if he did that just in case she says she wants to go home, and he admits that she’s right. If she told him that she wants to go back to her family, he’d take her there immediately. Fiona’s expression turns sad as she asks him why. She was ready to throw away her family in order to join the wolves. The one who told her that she can only choose one thing to protect was Arles himself, so why did he prepare a shelter for her to run to?

Arles answers this with: “…I think you already know, but I’m weak against my family.” Fiona nods saying she knows. He’s the king of the wolves who shows no mercy against his enemies. He’s a dangerous man who’s attacked villages, spread destruction and challenges the kingdom of Weblin… but in truth, he’s a sweet and kind person to those who follow him. Arles then asks what Fiona wants to do. If she’s wishing for it, he can help her escape to where her family is. She keeps silent as she thinks about the sweet temptation. She can either leave the wolves and live hidden in a faraway place, or have a happy life with her family in a different country. Fiona apologizes to her family in her heart, and she tells Arles that the wolves are her family. She’s one of them now, and so she won’t go to Nesso and Zara’s place. This is the second time she’s given up on them. It still feels painful, but she has made her decision. She decided to become a part of the wolves, and that’s why she won’t run away. Not literally though, since she has to escape from Zanan.

After a short silence, Arles asks if that’s her decision. Fiona nods saying she’s with them. She can’t fight with them, but she’ll be waiting for them to pick her up once everything is over. Upon hearing her answer, Arles then says: “…I understand. Once it’s over, I will come to pick you up.” In return, Fiona promises that she will always be waiting. Arles smiles and gently pats Fiona’s head, just like he always does. They have a light chat and spend time together after that, until someone informs them that all preparations are complete.

Once the preparations are done, Fiona is summoned to the hall and finds an unexpected thing there. It’s a bundle which looks large enough to fit one person, and there’s something inside. She stares at it in silence. Unless her mind is playing tricks on her, she feels that the contents might be a corpse. The surprise doesn’t end there, because Arles suddenly asks her to take off her clothes. Of course Fiona is shocked and blushes. When Guillan starts chanting “Strip! Strip! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ” beside them, she instantly tells him to shut up. Then she turns to Arles, wondering what he means by that. Arles explains that he’s not asking Fiona to strip here, and he calls for Rath — who hands her a change of clothes. Rath asks her to change into them and give the clothes she’s wearing now in return. Fiona replies that she doesn’t mind and accepts the clothes, but she’s still confused. She can’t read their intentions, and she can’t help but feel curious about the giant bundle. It doesn’t seem to be food. The wolves only eat other races because of Zodiva, and currently there are only a few wolves who might lose control. The rest should have normal diet, though she doesn’t know what they eat when she’s not around.

Fiona’s eyes keep glancing at the bundle and the wolves, until Arles reveals that her prediction was right — there’s a corpse inside. They dug out a corpse of a girl around her age, who died from Zodiva. Even though she was half-prepared to hear it, Fiona still finds it scary and averts her gaze from the bundle. She then asks what they’re planning to do, so Rath explains that they’ll put her dress on the corpse and bury her nearby. Guillan also points out that it’ll make it seem like she’s dead, so the stubborn cat princes will have no choice but to give up on her. Fiona realizes that the wolves are trying to fake her death, and she knows they have a point. No matter how obsessed Mejojo is about her, he wouldn’t go as far as searching for a dead person. She thanks them and says she’ll go change now, but then she realizes something scary and stops. If they’re going to put her dress on the corpse, then what about the corpse’s clothes? Where did it go?

After looking at the clothes in her hands, Fiona glances back at the bundle. She hesitantly asks Arles if she’s wrong, but Guillan laughs saying it must be fun to trade clothes with a corpse — which causes her to shiver on the spot. Even if it’s necessary, she wants to refuse the idea of wearing a corpse’s clothes. As tears begin welling up in Fiona’s eyes, Arles hits Guillan in the head — telling him not to say dumb things. Rath asks her not to worry, because they prepared the clothes from somewhere else. Fiona sighs with relief, while Guillan complains that it should be completely okay to take off a corpse’s clothes. Of course she doesn’t share that opinion, but she ignores him and leaves to change her clothes. She hands her dress to Rath after that, and they go to dress the corpse away from her sight.

Now that the preparations are complete, Fiona is ready to depart. Arles asks her to follow the wolves, since they know and will lead her towards the destination. There are the total of ten wolves who are going to run with her. They don’t have enough strength to fight, but they have recovered enough to lead a normal daily life. When Rath asks her to be careful, Fiona says that should be her line and asks them not to overdo it. He nods, and Guillan promises to end it in no time — she’ll see how the wolves take the whole kingdom. Fiona smiles saying he doesn’t have to go that far, but she asks him to be careful and not to be too reckless. Arles warns her that she will encounter a lot of things along the way, but the wolves are going to protect her. He also asks her to be careful, and Rath says they’re going to see her again. Once again, Fiona says that should be her line. She begs them not to die, and Arles nods to end their farewell. She doesn’t want to leave them, but she knows she can’t remain here forever. A gruesome battle is going to take place, covering bloodstain with even more blood. Fiona gathers up her determination and asks the wolves to move out. They all bark in agreement, and so she finally leaves Zanan.

After that, Fiona rushes through the forest with the wolves. They’re running as far as possible from Zanan, towards a place deep in the forest. Even as they run, Fiona can’t stop thinking about Arles. She knows that it’s impossible for him to stay safe. The one who’s attacking them is Weblin’s royal army, which is filled with the knights of Weblin. This time Mejojo and Auger are planning to end all the conflicts between the wolves and the cats. It’s also Mejojo’s first invasion ever since he took the throne, and so failure isn’t an option for them either… and there’s no way they’d go easy on the wolves anyway. They’ll surely lead the army to rush into Zanan, mercilessly destroying all the wolves inside — up until the very last one. Fiona then wonders if the wolves have a chance to win, though she already knows that they don’t. They already lost by numbers to begin with. The wolves have been suffering from a deadly disease, not to mention they were hunted by people. The number of wolves have decreased significantly, while the royal army is full of knights who were gathered by the king’s prestige. The wolves never had a chance to begin with, and that’s why Arles wanted them to escape.

Fiona closes her eyes. She wants to return. If they’re going to die anyway, she wants to stay with them right from the start. That’s how she really feels, but on the other hand, she bring herself to ignore the wish Arles entrusted to her. He wants her to pass down the truth about the wolves. If Arles is defeated and Fiona dies along with them, the truth about the wolves will be buried in the darkness of Weblin’s history. She doesn’t want that either. She doesn’t want the cats to modify the legend of the cursed wolves as they like and pass it down to future generations. That’s why she needs to play her own role. Fiona has to run from this place, survive and spread the truth about the wolves. She has to wait for Arles to pick her up. That’s the only thing she can do. The thing she needs to do.

However, the wolf who’s walking beside Fiona suddenly stops and snarls as it starts growling. She wonders if there are enemies ahead, while the wolves behind them cautiously observe their surroundings. When the wolf barks to confirm her suspicion, Fiona realizes that she completely underestimated the royal army. They are seriously planning to annihilate the wolves. That’s why they surround the area. They won’t let even one wolf get away, which means she can never escape to begin with. Fiona thinks for a while, and then she asks the wolves to return. They can’t go forward. They can’t run away. The option of passing the truth about the wolves have been crushed, so she thinks it’d be better if they go back. They might be able to do something by staying together, and the wolves all growl in agreement. None of them wanted to abandon their friends to begin with. After apologizing to Arles in her heart, Fiona orders the wolves to hurry back. The battle must have started by now. The wolves are howling as they run back to Zanan.

Meanwhile, doom fills the air of Zanan. The surroundings are wrapped in a thick stench of death. The earth is stained in red, and mountains of corpses are piling up on the ground. Their races no longer matter. Arles is panting when Guillan comes to tell him that they have no friends left — not even one. Rath also comes to ask what he’s going to do now. Guillan and Rath are the only ones standing beside him. Both are definitely not unharmed, and the same goes for Arles himself. Guillan’s left arm is weakly hanging off his shoulder, so much that it looks unnatural. It’s already impossible for him to swing a weapon with that arm. Rath’s whole body is covered in blood, and there’s a deep cut on his stomach. When Arles frowns saying they’re in a bad state, Guillan answers that he’s in no position to say that either. There are arrow wounds all over his body. While he managed to avoid any fatal wounds, his blood loss can’t be taken lightly.

Rath grits his teeth in frustration, as they might had a chance if it’s not because of the bombarding. Mejojo and Auger brought cannons for this wolf hunt. The wolves had never seen them in the previous battles, so it’s either the cats made them or imported them from another country. In any case, the royal army fired the cannons at their castle without mercy — inflicting a huge damage to the wolves. The castle crumbled down due to the attack, and the wolves who barricaded themselves inside were crushed to death. Even if some of them were lucky enough to escape, they had to face the knights waiting outside — all ready to exterminate them. The wolves who tried to run away were hunted down one after another. The royal army is wiping the floor with them, and they’re completely surrounded. They can’t run away.

Guillan calls out Arles’ name, while Rath tells his brother that they can still escape. They might survive if they can make it to the kingdom border. However, Arles only asks what’s the point of living if they have to escape from this place. If Rath wants to escape, then he can do it alone. Rath should be able to run by himself if he wants to, and Arles rejects the idea because he knows the meaning behind those words. He then tells Rath that it’d be meaningless to run away. Due to the persecution, the wolves have been running around for 10 years. It’s now necessary to let people know what’s going to happen if they mess with the wolves, so those who survived won’t have to live in fear anymore. So they can spread the truth and the history of the wolves to the future generations. People need to learn how painful it would be if they dare to attack the wolves. It doesn’t matter if they don’t win. The mountain of corpses which lies here will be the shield to protect those who managed to escape.

Arles calls Fiona’s name in his heart. He recalls how she teared up and glanced back at Zanan repeatedly as she left. Then in his mind, he wishes: “Please live… and please pass it down. The truth and the history about the wolves.” He’s going to fight for that sake, as well as to protect his friends and for his brothers who have died. Arles then orders Rath and Guillan not to give up yet. He wants them to eat and kill as many knights as possible. They shouldn’t think about what’s going to happen later. He won’t allow them to die in vain after coming so far. If they’re going to die anyway, they should drag along as many enemies as possible. Guillan laughs upon realizing the meaning of Arles’ words, and he complains that he can’t move his arms anymore. Rath then tells him: “…we have no choice but to fight. Then surely…” He never finished the sentence. Before he can continue, a sharp sound cuts the air. Guillan screams in pain and curses, while Rath groans as they collapse to the ground — they were shot by countless arrows. Arles yells their names in shock.

Normally the wolves can detect presence easily with their sharp senses, but they’re too exhausted to sense the knights pointing bows at them. Soon they hear footsteps approaching, and the twin cats appear before them. The knights are guarding their backs. Mejojo comments that it’s a disgraceful end for the filthy king of the wolves, mockingly asking if Arles is going to die outside like a dog. Auger laughs saying Arles used to be loved by everyone as the “Silver Wolf of Salvation”, but the title’s completely wasted. When Arles growls out Mejojo’s name, Auger warns him that he can’t address Mejojo that way. Mejojo is the king of Weblin, and so they need to call him “Your Highness”. Guillan curses and tries to get up, but Auger slashes him saying small fries should stay out of this. (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻

Mejojo then asks what happened to Fiona, since she’s supposed to be here. Arles only asks if he can’t see it for himself, since she’s obviously not here. Arles then tells Mejojo that Fiona is dead. She developed Zodiva a while after coming to Zanan. Mejojo laughs saying there’s no way he’d believe that nonsense. The wolves need a Lobeira woman to survive from Zodiva. He believes that Arles is hiding Fiona somewhere, to prevent him from stealing her away. Auger chuckles saying Arles must be treating Fiona as food, using her in such a repulsive way to survive. She must be somewhere nearby. Ignoring Auger, Arles smiles and points out that no matter what the case might be… Mejojo will always be attached to someone. Mejojo frowns saying that’s absurd, but Arles grins saying he’ll tell him something good — Fiona has became a member of the wolves. She will never return to him. Mejojo is incredibly shocked, but Arles continues and says: “Even if you kill us, you will gain nothing. Nothing at all. No one choose you. Not Fiona. Not Elvira. You are completely… late.”

It’s a gamble. Arles keeps smiling as he provokes Mejojo’s ultimate wrath. If Mejojo rages after hearing this, then he’d be more than satisfied. When Mejojo curses and takes out his rapier, Arles calmly waits for him to move closer. Or rather, for a chance to tear Mejojo’s neck apart. However, Mejojo only holds his rapier and keeps his distance. Then he laughs and asks if Arles thinks he’ll get provoked by those cheap words. Beside him, Auger praises his brother for growing up — just as expected from the king. Mejojo grins saying Arles is done. He won’t be able to fight anymore in that state, and Mejojo mockingly calls him a miserable king. The next second, Mejojo orders the archers to get their bows ready. He turns to Arles saying this is the end. His nightmare will finally, completely come to an end. Arles raises his sword and shouts out Mejojo’s name, but Mejojo orders the archers to fire. It’s supposed to be the end. Arles won’t be able to avoid the arrows from this distance, and more than anything else, he’s not planning to dodge them either.

However, the arrows hit a different person. When blood sprays out, Arles finds Guillan standing in front of him — asking for a praise. Guillan still can’t lift his arms, but he did his best to spread them to protect Arles. Arles is shocked and asks why he did such a stupid thing. Guillan is pierced by countless arrows, and yet he only asks Arles to praise him with a faint, childlike voice. Just like he always does. When Arles reluctantly tells him that he’s done well, Guillan laughs and thanks him. Despite all the arrows piercing him, Guillan shows a small smile in his last moment… and then he collapses to the ground. At the same time, Auger laughs saying Guillan did his best, but his death is completely meaningless. He then orders for the next attack. When Rath screams at him in rage, Auger replies that Mejojo is the king. If Mejojo tells them to die, they should listen to him and die. Auger grins as he yells that he’s had enough of them. They’re annoying, and he wants the ugly wolves to disappear already — he’s going to kill them all!

When Auger orders the archers to get ready, Arles prepares to face his death. This time it will really be the end. Even though Mejojo and Auger are standing in front of his eyes, he can no longer do anything. While the distance between them can be crossed with a single leap, it feels enormously far to him. His sword, his hands and his claws won’t be able to reach them. For a brief moment Arles sees a flashback of young Rath calling him, and he realizes that Rath is squeezing his hands — the hands that can’t reach anything. Rath’s hands are covered by blood, but they still feel warm. Arles grits his teeth and returns the grip. Despite their current situation, an old memory comes to his mind. In that memory, Rath asked Arles to play with him. He wanted to have a race towards the forest. Back when they were still living in the city, Rath often asked Arles to play with him and pulled his hands. The young smile of his brother. The family he wanted to protect. In his heart, Arles apologizes to Rath. He couldn’t protect him. He involved him into death. He couldn’t let him escape. Auger then orders the archers to fire, and Arles is ready to face the end… but then a voice screams at them to stop. At the same time, black shadows dance in front of his eyes.

Arles’ eyes widen. It’s the voice of someone who’s not supposed to be here. The shadows which took the arrows for them turn out to be the friends they sent to escape, and behind them stands a girl who’s calling their names. The girl who was sent out to survive and spread the truth — Fiona. Arles asks why she’s here, while Rath calls her stupid since they already told her to run. Auger is excited to see Fiona though, asking if she came here to play with them. He points out that Arles was lying to them after all, but Arles ignores him and asks why did she return. He already ordered her to run. Fiona answers that they couldn’t escape. This forest is completely surrounded by the royal army. Since they won’t be able to run, they decided to go back and stay with their friends until the end. That’s what they’re wishing for. Arles realizes that by “them”, Fiona is referring to the wolves who have fallen to protect him earlier. The lives of his family have vanished again, but it was their wish — they wanted to stay with him until the end.

Meanwhile, Mejojo calmly comments that Fiona is still alive. He asks her to come over, promising to forgive her if she obeys him now. However, Fiona answers that she can’t do that. She’s a member of the wolves, so she’s going to stay with them when she dies. Mejojo mockingly asks if Fiona is lowering her human self into a beast, even though she doesn’t have any claws or fangs. Fiona firmly replies that he’s right. She used her Lobeira blood to create a path for the wolves to live on, and they accepted her in return. Mejojo says it’s so despicable of her to forget the fact that she’s a human, while Auger asks him to stop this farce already. They should just kill everyone, since Fiona and the wolves are messed up in the head anyway. When Fiona points out that they’re the mad ones, Mejojo draws his rapier and says: “No, you’re wrong Fiona. You’re the weird one. You were infected by Zodiva and went mad. If that’s not the case… you wouldn’t do something stupid like choosing the wolves over me. I’ll give you peace now. Die — and become mine.”

Mejojo points his rapier at Fiona. Then he takes a step forward and crosses the distance. The distance Arles thought he couldn’t reach. The distance Arles had given up on. In that instant, a wolf’s real nature awakens inside of him. An overwhelming violence is driving him to devour the cats in front of him. The dark impulse reminds Arles of the time when he was corrupted by Zodiva, but it’s different. He is no longer eaten by the disease, and this is not an impulse caused by an illness. This is his own will. He’s going to kill Mejojo. When Arles howls in rage, all the knights scream in fear upon seeing the monster in front of them. Along with the roar, Arles uses his remaining strength to transform into his wolf form. Then he leaps forward. Mejojo cries out in pain when Arles bites his left arm and throws him away, ripping out said arm with the force. When he lands on the ground, drowning in his own blood, Auger screams his name and runs up to him. With the lust for blood flowing out of his head, there’s only one thing in Arles’ mind. He won’t let Mejojo repeat what he did in the past. That’s his resolution.

Covered in Mejojo’s blood, Arles whispers that death by sword is too light. Death as noble kings won’t suit them, and they’re going to die as mere flesh — as food for wild beasts. Mejojo loudly curses at Arles, while Auger stops him saying they should retreat for now. Before they have any chance to run, Arles lunges and tears off Auger’s leg. Auger screams in pain, though he ends it with a laugh since he has a matching wound with his brother. The twin cats are drowning in a crimson pool. Their pure white clothes have been stained red, and they’re lying in the mud made from their own blood. When the CCK yell out their names in horror, Auger screams at them for being so useless and orders them to drag him away. They obediently try to pull the twins with all their might, but it’s impossible to do with their tiny bodies.

Feeling worried, Fiona and Rath call out to Arles… but he only tells them to stand back. Then he turns to ask Mejojo if he remembers. This is the same as what happened 10 years ago. Back then Mejojo was taken over by his own hatred. He received a scar on his face for trying to kill Arles, but it looks like he didn’t learn from the lesson. Arles takes a step forward. If only Mejojo held back and gave orders instead of jumping into the battlefield himself, he wouldn’t face this kind of death. Arles tells Mejojo that he’s not someone who’s fit to be a king. He’s just an ugly cat possessed by hatred. Mejojo starts cursing endlessly, but Arles calmly replies that he’ll kill him. He’s going to end the mad history of Weblin, along with their madness. When Arles asks if they have any last words, Auger spits and challenges him to kill them already — asking if he’s too scared to do it. As Auger breaks into a mad laughing fit, Arles roars and leaps towards him. Blood sprays everywhere.

The death of the king, Mejojo, and his younger brother, Auger, marked the end of the wolves’ dark period in Weblin. The cats’ reign have come to an end after hundreds of years, and the royal palace is thrown into confusion about who would become their next king. It won’t be easy for people to accept the truth about the wolves. The prejudice that have existed for so long won’t disappear that easily. It’s going to take time until the black history of the wolves can come to light, but there is hope. Because the king of the wolves and the people who spread the truth of the history are alive.

Several years have passed since then. When Fiona finishes washing the laundry, Rath smiles saying it has become lively with a lot of children around them. A wolf girl calls Fiona “mama” and asks her to play house, while a wolf boy invites “big brother Rath” to join them. Fiona smiles and asks them to wait until she’s done with laundry, and Rath comments that Guillan is a bit too energetic — probably because of his name. Fiona tells him that it’s good for kids to be energetic, especially since Guillan is a boy… though Rath is afraid since Guillan seems like he might cause troubles later. She laughs saying he’s such a worrywart. All the kids here are Arles and Fiona’s children, and their first son was named after Guillan.

After that frightening battle, they moved to a place hidden deep in the forest. A place nobody knows about. The knights who surrounded the forest were thrown into chaos after Mejojo and Auger’s death, and none of them could do their job properly. Only ten wolves survived, but even after that trial in Zanan, the wolves were not destroyed. They are now living peacefully in a forest far away from the imperial capital of Weblin. Mejojo and Auger left a deep scar through the wolf hunt, and it’s not that easy to restore the trust between the wolves and the other races… but Fiona has faith. Even if it’s impossible to restore it when she’s still alive, it might work out for the next generation. Or the generation after. She believes that one day, the wolves will be able to join hands with the other races again. The kids around her are the bearers of hope. As for Arles and her, they’re living together in peace as they watch over the wolves who survived.

Soon Arles appears looking for Rath and Fiona. He warns them that the sun is setting, and so they should go home now. Rath protests and asks Arles not to treat him like a child. He’s an adult now, but Arles smiles saying he still looks like a child in his eyes. Fiona chuckles saying it might look like that from his point of view, and Rath frowns for a moment… but then he smiles and asks if Arles is just trying to shoo him away. One of Arles’ eyebrows twitches as the answer, and Fiona realizes that Rath might have hit the spot. When she asks him to be careful on his way home, Rath tells her not to treat him like a kid too. Then he leaves them alone. The water of the stream reflects the setting sun’s light, throwing it to glitter in their surroundings. The wind quietly blows in the forest, sending the plants and leaves to rustle. Everything feels so whimsical. Even after such a huge disaster, Weblin remains beautiful.

Arles then whispers Fiona’s name, and she says his in return. When he says the scenery is so beautiful, she agrees saying it’s just like a dream. He smiles saying it’s not a dream. It’s the future they have grasped. Fiona tells Arles that she’s happy, and he answers that he feels the same. He calls her name again, and when she looks up at him, he tells her: “I’m glad I could protect you.” For the last 10 years, Arles never thought about happiness. He never thought about anything other than letting the wolves survive and get revenge against Mejojo. He had wondered why everything happened and cursed his own life, but taking Fiona as his wife is the greatest happiness in his cursed life. Fiona answers that Arles’ life isn’t cursed, and everything’s already over. He nods saying she’s right, and he gently hugs her from behind — whispering that he loves her. Then he adds: “I love you more than anyone else in Weblin… no, more than anything else in the world. So please don’t ever leave me.” イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

After whispering those sweet words, Arles leans down and puts his teeth onto Fiona’s neck. She flinches a bit when he bites it, both from the pain and the sweetness that lies ahead. In order to cure Zodiva, Fiona is still giving her blood to the wolves… but Arles’ action has a different meaning. He’s special. Fiona asks Arles to do it stronger, telling him that it feels really good. In return, he whispers that she’s really beautiful. Arles wants her blood as a proof of affection, and Fiona also offers it to him as a proof of love. As their children learn about the joy of living, they will also learn about the pain of Weblin. In the history of the wolves which was colored by Zodiva, the joy, pain and sadness of living are inseparable. They are all living while holding all of those emotions.

Fiona then calls Arles’ name. When he asks her what it is, she reveals that she might have a good news for him soon. He excitedly asks if it’s true. It seems like Arles already knows what the good news is going to be, as a calm and gentle smiles comes to his face. Seeing that expression makes Fiona happy too. She tells him that Guillan might have a little brother soon, or maybe a little sister. Arles only answers with: “…let me say it again, Fiona. I love you.” As Arles gently wraps his arms around Fiona, the blood from her neck flows down, twines around their joined hands and drips to the ground — absorbed by the earth of Weblin. That blood will surely nourish their history. The new history of the wolves.


After leaving Zanan, Fiona loses track of time. Their destination turns out to be a small cave hidden deep in the steep forest, far away from human villages. Along with the wolves who left with her, Fiona leads a poor life there while waiting for Arles, Guillan and Rath to return. During their stay there, a wolf girl asks Fiona to tell stories. A wolf boy says he wants to hear a story about Arles, and the girl protests saying she wants Rath instead. Fiona smiles and asks if they want to hear about Guillan then, but they complain because stories of Guillan are always so scary. (・´艸`・)・;゙.、ブッ She laughs saying he’ll definitely sulk if he hears that. Her hands continues spinning yarns as she talks to the kids, and soon enough their mother warns them not to disturb her work. The kids reply that they’re not disturbing her, and Fiona asks their mother not to worry — they’re not disturbing her at all. Their mother sigh with relief.

Fiona’s days with the wolves are peaceful and calm. The wolves couldn’t take their human forms when they left Zanan, but now they can freely transform between both forms. She’s been giving her blood little by little until they recovered from Zodiva. They have a self-sufficient life in the forest. They work together to hunt for food and cultivate fields, and she also does things other than giving them blood. She doesn’t have enough stamina to do physical work, so she spins yarns, weaves and takes care of the kids. She’s a member of their family, and it brings a peaceful smile to her face. They’re living in a small settlement in the forest, and Fiona knows this must be the scenery Arles was wishing for.

Even if their life is self-sufficient, they still have to visit a human village every once in a while. Whenever that time comes, Fiona is the one who goes out. Even if she’s a member of the wolves, she doesn’t look nor act like one. She doesn’t have wolf ears, tail, claws or fangs. When Arles told her to escape, she was really sad that she couldn’t fight… but now she can be useful as a human, and recently she’s starting to love the idea. When Fiona goes to visit a village one day, a villager greets her saying it’s been a while. She asks what Fiona is going to buy today, and Fiona asks for the usual spices along with some herbs. When the woman asks if she brings something to sell too this time, and Fiona nods saying she does. This year she managed to get a lot of warm, soft and fluffy animal fur, which the woman gladly accepts. Fiona always sells high quality fur to her, and her customers love them. Fiona smiles as she thanks the woman, and she watches as the woman puts the goods she ordered into a shopping bag.

Whenever Fiona visits the village, she sells the things they gathered in the forest. Then she buys the goods they can’t find in the forest and returns home — it’s one of her jobs. When Fiona comments that the village seems to be much livelier than before, the woman says it must be because Mejojo has exterminated all the wolves. The number of people who fall victim to Zodiva has decreased as well, and they feel really grateful to him. Fiona smiles and nods, but she’s obviously not happy to hear about this. King Mejojo exterminated the bad wolves. During her village visits, Fiona can learn about what happened in Zanan after they left. The story that spreads among people says that Mejojo and Auger fought wonderfully in that battle, destroying all the evil wolves in Zanan. However, the princess who was kidnapped by the wolves were already killed by then. In her mind, Fiona responds to this by saying that she’s supposed to be a witch.

Fiona Galland, the witch of Scharlmessen who was confined in the royal palace. The poor princess who got kidnapped by the wolves. When people talk about this, they never see connect the figures in the rumors to each other. They never realize that the witch and the princess are, in fact, the same person. Rumors are just rumors after all. When the woman hands the shopping bag to her, Fiona gives her the payment and thanks her — telling her that she’ll come to visit again. Fiona doesn’t realize how the woman watches her in silence as she walks away. After leaving the village, Fiona keeps walking deep into the forest. The meeting spot is in a place where they can no longer sense human presence. A male wolf is waiting for her there, asking if she has finished shopping. Fiona apologizes to keep him waiting, but the wolf says he didn’t wait for long. That, and she already helps them a lot just by staying with them. She smiles saying it makes her happy.

The wolf then lowers his head, and Fiona firmly ties the goods onto his back to keep them from falling off. After making sure the goods are in place, the wolf asks Fiona to climb onto his back — which she does after excusing herself. She has gotten used to riding on a wolf’s back. They can cover great distance in no time, traveling to places she wouldn’t be able to reach in a day. Fiona chuckles upon thinking about how she has completely become a witch. She’s living in a forest and travels on wolves. People made a fuss over her life in Scharlmessen, but her currently peaceful life is much more witch-like compared to that. The wolf asks her if there’s something wrong upon hearing her laugh, but Fiona says it’s nothing and returns home with him.

Night falls as they prepare dinner and put the kids to bed. Before going to sleep, Fiona decides to watch the stars outside. Maybe it’s because they’re living far away from human villages, the darkness of the night is so deep and the stars are shining beautifully. Fiona recalls the rumors about how all the wolves in Zanan have been wiped out, though she refuses to believe in them. Rumors are only rumors, and the source should be none other than Mejojo and Auger anyway. They spread those rumors to relieve the people of Weblin. Just like how they spread a rumor about Arles’ death 10 years ago. That’s why Fiona won’t believe in them. Arles is alive. He will come to pick her up one day. She believes in that.

However, Fiona soon senses a strange smell — the smell of oil. It’s much thicker than the amount of oil they use for cooking, so much that it smells bad. She wonders if someone accidentally flipped an oil jar, and she turns around to return to the cave… but she can’t believe what lies in front of her eyes. There’s a giant pillar of flame rising at the place where their settlement should be. The fire roars and dances, burning everything around it. Fiona is shocked as she tries to understand what’s going on. Before she entered the cave earlier, she already made sure that the fire has been put out. Most of the wolves already went inside to sleep when she left, but now she can hear their screams. One of the kids are crying for his mother, while the other cries about the scorching heat. Shadows are running out of the cave, but they get wrapped in flames and roll on the ground until they stop moving. Fiona screams. These flames weren’t caused by normal fire — someone must have set their settlement on fire.

A bad premonition hits Fiona, sending chills down her spine. She can hear the sound of horses, as well as the footsteps of countless knights. She feels scared. It’s terribly frightening. Fiona slowly turns around, and there she sees two figures she doesn’t want to see the most. Mejojo greets her saying it’s been a long time, though he believed that she’s still alive. Auger cheerfully greets her too, adding that they’re here to rescue the poor princess who was kidnapped by the wolves. The twin princes — no, the twin kings — are standing under the moonlight. Their clothes are glowing pure white. When Fiona tries to ask why they did something so terrible, Mejojo cuts her off and asks what she means by that. He’s simply exterminating vermin, so she should be thanking him instead. Auger nods saying he thought their massacre in Zanan would be the last. He didn’t think some of them would survive and breed here. They’re so persistent.

Auger then smiles saying he has a present for Fiona. She watches as he goes to take something huge from his horse, and he playfully hands the present to her — the heads of Arles, Rath and Guillan. Fiona screams. It’s a fact she doesn’t want to accept. Auger laughs saying her scream is just as he expected — so charming and cute. Fiona’s head is pounding. She feels dizzy. Her feet are losing strength. Her mind refuses to accept the reality happening in front of her. Mejojo asks if she thinks the rumors about the extermination in Zanan was a lie. Unfortunately, that’s the truth. Auger grins and mockingly points out that such a small number of wolves couldn’t possibly win against them. Fiona repeatedly asks them why, but soon she comes to realize something else — how did the twins find out about their location? Mejojo smiles and says they received a report from a faithful villager. The woman told them about an unfamiliar girl who appeared once or twice a month and disappears into the forest after shopping. The girl might be a witch. Fiona is shocked. She made sure that no one was following her into the forest, but they were seen. It’s all her fault.

Once again, Fiona asks why they did something like this. The wolves are no longer infected by Zodiva, and they didn’t attack anyone. Once the wolves stopped attacking people, Zodiva also stopped spreading. The wolves were only normal people wishing to live in peace, and yet… Fiona can hear the flames bursting, but there are no more screams. Then Mejojo gives his answer: “Not attacking people? Not spreading Zodiva? It doesn’t matter… being a wolf alone is a sin.” Fiona screams as she leaps towards Mejojo, swearing that she will kill him. Sadly before her hands could reach him, Auger easily blocks her way and hits her solar plexus with the handle of his rapier. It hurts. Fiona can’t breathe, and her consciousness starts fading away. Then she apologizes to Arles in her heart. She couldn’t protect the wolves. She can’t pass down the truth and the history of the wolves.

Fiona calls out to Arles in her mind, telling him that she wanted to have claws and fangs after all. She wants the power to fight. She wants the power to tear Mejojo apart and make a bloodbath out of Auger. Mejojo scoffs saying Fiona has turned into a beast after living in the forest for so long. Auger smiles and tells him that it’s okay. They can train her every night in the Pandemonium of the royal palace. Mejojo bursts into a fit of maniacal laughter, and darkness swallows Fiona’s consciousness as she hears their voices.

LOL that bad end. The moment that shopkeeper turns silent, I knew the cats are coming back for some epic trolling. Arles has a nice good end, and he was SO manly during the last battle in Zanan. His romance with Fiona isn’t fully developed though, so you might be confused as of when and how did his feelings changed from family love → romantic love… but then again, what is romance in this game? (・x・ノ)ノ⌒ポイッ That aside, I really looove Arles. Man, he’s badass. Not to mention his wolf form looks so big and fluffy. He’s so romantic too, and I find his monologues really beautiful. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ If memory doesn’t fail me, I think Arles has one of those endings where Fiona can truly be happy. She can really have a peaceful life without having to close her eyes from unwanted facts, face a drastic change in the man she thought she knew, or in the worst case — to die. Hopefully Arles’ endings in Last Hope will be even better. (*´∀`*)

If you can’t stand 泣き虫 heroines, Fiona might annoy you a bit since she cries a lot in the wolves’ path. But then again the wolves are super adorable and she really did her best to save them, so in the end I guess it doesn’t bother me that much. (´・∀・`;)ゞ


13 thoughts on “BWS Bloody Nightmare – Arles V. Felnoir

  1. If you could see me right now, I would probably look creepy with this ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ look on my face while reading the whole post (I skipped the bad end to be honest because I don’t need to go through that horror again www). UGH. ARLES. TOO GOOD.

    “Man, he’s badass badass Not to mention his wolf form looks so big and fluffy. He’s so romantic too, and I find his monologues really beautiful.” I swear that if Arles wasn’t a knight and didn’t become a rebel leader and king of the wolves, he could have made a living off of being a poet or writer. He’s so eloquent with his words and UGH. SO CLASSY. For some reason the image of him being in his study writing things is such a turn-on… which unfortunately Mejojo doesn’t achieve in his study (・x・ノ)ノ. It must be because I just imagine endless boring paperwork while I imagine Arles doing something like writing down history.

    It’s such a shame they didn’t have more raburabuchuchu scenes in BN or for the wolves (the wolves only get like 4 individual scenes ;;;) but if Arles had any more badass gentlemanly moments then I think I might have died. As it is, I started looking for the slightest bits of anything… ARLES HOLDING OUT HIS HAND TO ESCORT HER ON A MOONLIT WALK? CUUUUUTE. ARLES WALKING AWAY WHILE FIONA STARES AT HIS BUTT NOBLE CHARMING AIR? CUUUUUUUTE. //sobs

    • LMAO POOR JOJO. But I agree. 8D

      For some reason Arles’ study gives off a classy vibe too, which unfortunately isn’t shared by Mejojo’s. It’s probably due to the difference between their personalities though. While Arles sits there writing records in a poetic way, Mejojo is probably scheduling extermination plans. Or making plans to get rid of people. Or yeah, boring paperwork.

      Also, Fiona mentioned that Arles’ study is filled with books that she can read. That makes me think that Arles might be an avid reader too, and if you combine that with how good he is with words… ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ On the other hand, we never knew what kind of books lie in Mejojo’s bookshelves. I feel bad for Mejojo, but I’m sorry… i-it’s hard to resist Arles. ( ;∀;)

      Romance is thin in BWS, so yeah it’s such a shame the wolves only get a little spotlight. Arles didn’t even get any kiss CG, unless you count that neck-biting scene as a kiss. (´∀`;) But then again, Arles is like the epitome of badass even with that little spotlight. Since LH will be focusing on the wolves, hopefully he remains that way so we all can fangirl over his butt strength and noble charming aura. More cute scenes will be very much appreciated. Preferably ones involving his ears or tails or his fluffy wolf form. もっとモフモフしたい(*´艸`*)♪

      • I’m imagining it now. Arles will have this journal or diary-entry kind of thing and he’ll be looking outside those huge panes behind his desk and he’ll be like “Once again the soft velvet cover of darkness settles itself across this desolate forest. I can barely see the dim specks of starlight from here. Their gentle light does not touch these cold stone walls. I heard once from my mother that those who pass away become one of those guiding lights in the sky. Are you up there Elvira? I can’t see you.”

        In contrast, Mejojo will be like “September 25th. I killed no wolves today. THOSE DAMN WOLVES. I must put aside more money into the training of my knights and importing those cannons. I will slaughter all these wolves. Those damn wolves. Ugh, who cares about rebuilding these outlying villages. Move them into a closer town and then make all available men join the army. We’ll give them a stipend for every wolf they kill.”

        FADKJGLSHJGH OMG YOU’RE RIGHT. I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT ARLES LETS FIONA READ HIS BOOKS. UGH. CLASSY CLASSY. I bet Fiona reads a lot of books too since she had nothing else to do in her tower 8DD! Can you just imagine the two of them sitting in his study discussing a book or something? I’m sorry Mejojo ;ww; I bet you’re really well-learned too ajfkdg especially if you thought you were competing with Arles and Julian… but.. but… I think he just spent too much time screaming at wolves to showcase his princeliness.

        butt strength… //snerks. I want a sleeping scene (屮゚Д゚)屮 EVER SINCE I WAS DENIED SLEEPING ON NATE’S FLUFFY CHEST. I want to sleep on Arles… (get your mind out of the gutter |D) or have him doze near Fiona or something afkgag. Rath and Guillan making that wolf pile was adoooorable, if only Arles joined in sometime.

        • OMG ILI. THAT COMPARISON. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!
          If you look back at the Pandemonium scene, Mejojo actually said something like “It must be Auger who gave that name. He’s the only one who’d say such foolish things. Seems like he took it from a poem or something.” CRYING. Even Auger can be more poetic than you, Mejojo. And your opinion regarding poems in general. ;-;

          Arles is ultra classy, right? You can tell that Fiona reads a lot, since she tends to say “I read in a book that…” in various situations. Like how she describes what a wallflower is during the dance party. After reading your comment I also started imagining Fiona and Arles leaning on each other as they read side by side, and then they doze off in his study…



          I want a sleeping scene too! Not dirty “sleep” ok, real sleep. 8D When Fiona was petting him in her dream, I wish she’d just hug him and rest her head on his fur. (*´Д`*)ポポンッ I guess Arles is way too classy too curl up and sleep in the middle of the hall, but jkdshsjksk the thought of him piling up with Rath and Guillan is just adorable beyond reason. Hopefully LH will have more cute scenes with the wolves. :3c

  2. First thing to say: “Yes, I have been waiting for this moment a long time ago XD.”, I have been expecting the death of Auger since his own route. I mean he’s like a cockroach or something (sorry, but I don’t know how to put it), he survive in almost every end, even Mejojo dies in his own bad end *sigh*. The cat was the canon of BN so I don’t have much hope.
    Arles was very romantic, I wonder what his route will be like in LH (maybe… more poetic?). And OMG, his good end was very cute, and the fact that he enter HSS mode when Fiona was in danger is very cool XDDD.
    I felt bad for Guillan (and Julian) since he only make an appearance in LH since he has his true end in BN and the fact that he always dies.
    I laughed so hard when Rath told Fiona not to treat him like a child. Seriously Rath, she is two years younger than you LOL.
    Anyway thank you for your review, I’m looking forward to Rath’s route since he is my favorite (because he is voice by Kaji Yuuki).

    • LOL I know what you mean. So annoying yet so hard to kill? 8D Most of the characters die at some point, but so far Auger only dies ONCE. In this route. For the others, the bad end usually involves the guy dying (including Mejojo’s) but of course for Auger, Fiona is the one who dies instead. _(:3」∠)_

      Oh, but Arles has always been poetic. Whenever the game gives you his monologues, things suddenly turn beautiful in a poetic way. Now if they keep this trait in LH, it’d be wonderful. LH’s premise is a “beautiful love story”, right? I think Arles’ personality would fit the theme perfectly.(*・ω・*)ポッ …and I feel you about Guillan and Julian. Hopefully they remain alive until the end, so at least we don’t have to cry over their deaths again? ;-;

      Also, thanks for reading! Rath’s post is now up. :D

  3. True true. I thought his route was one of the happy ones. There’s no Fiona unable to face reality kind of thing. I thought it was really cute for them to name one of the kids Guillan. But I wanted Guillan to live still because he’s so cute. The “Guillan-sama” part was really cute. Haha.

    I was actually surprised how デレ he was with Elvira. He didn’t seem like the type of character. Also, I liked the letter part from Zara and Nesso part too. I was like awww man what sweethearts.

    I hope Arles is even sweeter in Last Hope too. Next is Rath… Nothing much there. Good luck! (´ー`)

    • Yeah. I think aside from Arles’, Zara is the only one with a truly happy ending? The twins are… like that. Julian’s good ending was happy too, but his true end was ultra creepy. Σ(´∀`;) Nesso totally broke his siscon limiter. I also find it cute how they name their son after Guillan, though watching Guillan’s death again also made me feel sad. I thought we’re done dealing with that in the cats’ path, but apparently not. ;-;

      Also, you’re right. Arles is surprisingly romantic and words everything in such a poetic way. They described his past self as someone who never hides how he feels, so yeah I guess it totally shows when he’s in love. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Nesso and Zara’s letters were indeed sweet, and I can understand why Fiona couldn’t stop crying… but I guess that part kinda bugged me a bit, because I thought she was moping way too much. The wolves are so adorable though. ❤

      I just finished Rath’s route! Just as you said, nothing much there LOL.

  4. For some reason I am unable to get Arles’s route. When it’s time to choose who I think is at the door his name doesn’t appear. Do you know of a walkthrough? Or is there something I’m doing wrong? I finished everyone else’s route and still can’t get his name to appear.

      • I used that one too and his name still won’t come up when it’s time to choose who is knocking at the door. By any chance do you know what “Save* アルル、ラス共通” means?

        • It’s a save file used to branch off to both Rath’s and Arles’ routes. I honestly have no idea what went wrong for you since his name did come up when I followed that guide.

          • I tried your guide and he’s name same doesn’t come up I’m starting to think my file for the game is bad. :(

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