BWS Bloody Nightmare – Guillan Guinor

After spending around two months reading the epic story of this game, I finally reach the last route in Bloody Nightmare. You need to clear both of Rath’s ends to unlock Guillan, and it’s worth the effort since Guillan is unbelievably cute. ❤

ギラン・ギノー (CV:谷山紀章)

Guillan is Arles’ confidant, as well as the one who gathers information through torturing people. He’s extremely agile and has the power to kill people with one single blow, but is also sadistic and violent. He enjoys murdering things as if it’s a fun game, and he gains pleasure from hurting or torturing others. Despite the hint of madness in his soul, Guillan respects Arles a lot and constantly asks him for praises. His weapon of choice is a chakram.

For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo and Arles ‘ routes. This post only covers the individual events.

When Arles asks her to choose a husband, Fiona decides to marry Guillan — which surprises him. He asks if she’s serious, but then he adds: “Well, but I’m cool. It can’t be helped if you fall in love.” (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Guillan also wonders if Fiona is an abnormal ドM who wants to be bitten, and he laughs saying he’s going to “train” her immediately. He’ll give her body a lot of pain. Guillan then turns to Arles and asks if it’s okay for Fiona to die, but Arles only gives him a short, firm “No.” The answer causes Guillan to sulk saying that’s so boring. If Fiona dies and turns into a corpse, he’d gladly eat her body. He says these outrageous words with a wicked voice, but he doesn’t complain about the marriage at all. Even though he had absolutely no idea about the marriage until just a moment ago. Fiona thinks Guillan is a scary person, but she’s also curious about him. He truly looked like a ferocious wolf when he was pointing his blade at Nesso, and yet he behaves like a kid in front of Arles. He’s the type of person she has never seen before, and that’s why she feels mysteriously drawn towards him.

Since Nesso and Zara are completely against the idea, Arles says they can do whatever they want. Fiona has become a part of the wolves. She belongs to them, and she’s going with them. Arles then orders Guillan to take care of Fiona, and Guillan grins as he accepts the task. Before Nesso and Zara can reach Fiona, Guillan transforms into his wolf form and hurls Fiona onto his back. After telling her to hold on tight, he takes a big leap into the forest outside. Guillan screams out in enjoyment, so much that Fiona is afraid that he might do a somersault in the air. He complains that she’s holding TOO tightly onto his fur and it hurts, so she quickly apologizes… but she points out that she might really fall off if she doesn’t. He clicks his tongue, but then he runs into the forest without saying anything else. Fiona can hear the wolves howling behind them, and she turns around to see a lot of wolves storming out of the castle. The largest one is Arles, who lets out a loud roar to control them. Guillan snickers saying serves her family right. No matter how long they remain there, it’d be meaningless if all the wolves are gone. It’ll be useless even if they try to search for her, so they won’t be able to chase after her anymore.

Fiona gasps and turns around to see the castle entrance. She starts sobbing upon realizing that she won’t see her family anymore, and she feels pathetic because it’s her own decision. When her tears drip onto his fur, Guillan asks: “… hey, you’re crying. Are you stupid?” He says that if she’s going to cry, she should’ve just stayed with her family right from the start. Fiona sniffs and tells Guillan that she’s not crying. She lies to him because she knows he can’t see her face right now. Guillan says she’s acting like a fool, and Fiona answers that’s because she is a fool. She’s a big idiot for leaving the people who treasure her the most. After a short silence, Guillan tells Fiona that he’ll kill her if her snot drops onto his fur — even if she’s his wife. He growls and protests when she laughs, but she can’t help it since his choice of words is so funny. Guillan complains and snorts, but he continues carrying Fiona deep into the forest.

From there, Fiona lives with the wolves in a clearing for several days. They return to Zanan after making sure that her family has left and crossed the border. Fiona mourns over the separation for a while, but after recovering from the sorrow, she decides to start giving her blood to the wolves. It’d be dangerous if the wolves lose control in the process, so Arles tells her to take either Rath, Guillan or him whenever she wants to give her blood. Fiona decides to ask for Guillan’s help one day. At first his scary image was really strong, but once she gets used to it, she actually finds him the easiest person to talk to. Fiona looks around the hall looking for Guillan, but she doesn’t see him in the usual spot… so she wonders where he went. Zanan has a lot of rooms since it used to be a castle, but Guillan and Rath aren’t using any. They usually can be found in the hall instead, curling up on the floor when they go to sleep at night. Fiona was worried that they might catch a cold, but Arles told her to leave them be.

Fiona then wonders if Guillan is in Arles study, as she often sees him occupying a sofa there. She decides to check Arles’ study after that, but apparently he’s not there either. However, upon leaving Arles’ study, Fiona finally sees Guillan entering the hall. When he asks if she has any business with him, she explains that she’s going to give her blood to everyone and wants him to help. She also asks about where he went earlier, and he tells her that he was patrolling. They don’t know when the cats are going to attack, so they have to be on their guards everyday. Fiona smiles and nods at Guillan’s explanation. Ever since she joined their family, the wolves have stopped attacking villages — because they’re no longer suffering from starvation. Sadly even if they’re not harming anyone, Mejojo and Auger are still going to attack them. Even if the wolves have solved their problem, it won’t stop wolf hunting in Weblin. She knows this right from the beginning, but whenever she hears about this fact, she can’t help but wonder if she can’t do anything after all.

When Fiona lets out a heavy sigh, Guillan scolds her for stopping him just to fall into depression a moment later. She quickly apologizes, but then he holds out his hand and roughly ruffles her hair. It’s more like he’s grinding her head instead of patting it. Fiona shuts her eyes in pain, but then she notices that Guillan looks satisfied. He smiles and asks her not to worry, because he’ll kill anyone who comes to attack their castle. In fact, he’s going to kill anyone who gets too close to the place. Fiona asks Guillan to select his victims instead of brutally attacking every single one of them, since she was really scared when he came out to attack them. Guillan’s eyes widen in surprise, and he laughs upon recalling that he did try to kill her before. She asks him not to forget it because he gave them a hard time back then, but he only grins saying it’s a perfectly normal thing. When she tells him that it’s not normal at all, he huffs and starts glancing around in silence. It seems that Guillan voluntarily goes on patrols and guards the castle, but Fiona thinks his methods are dangerous.

Changing the subject, Guillan then asks if Fiona is going to give her blood today. She nods saying some of the wolves haven’t received her blood yet, so she wants to do it before their condition deteriorates. Guillan says it’s been decided then, but when Fiona asks what he’s referring to, he answers: “First, give your blood to me.” Of course Fiona is surprised, but Guillan only asks if she has any problems with that. She points out that he looks just as healthy as Arles, and it doesn’t seem like he’s suffering from Zodiva at all. However, he sharply replies with this: “Stupid! I’m SO Zodiva! I’m suffering everyday when you don’t see it!” LOL Guillan you liar. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Fiona opens her mouth to protest, but then she closes it again. It’s sounds like a lie no matter how she looks at it, but she asks him if it’s true. He quickly replies that it’s 100% true, and he asks if she doesn’t believe in him. Then he pouts saying she hurt him. He’s INCREDIBLY hurt and he demands a compensation. Before Fiona can recover from the shock, Guillan adds: “Let me drink your blood. Or praise me a lot. PET ME!” His eyes are twitching, and she thinks he looks just like a dog. (〃゚艸゚):;*

Fiona points out that it seems like Guillan only wants to taste her blood after all, to which he answers that it should be okay. It’s not like he’s asking for ALL of her blood. His voice turns childlike as he whines and asks her to let him do it. Fiona turns red and averts her gaze, because Guillan suddenly looks so cute in her eyes. She knows he’s deceiving her. He’s normally pompous and says super brutal things all the time, only acting cute whenever he’s begging for things from Arles. She always found him cute during those times, but when he’s begging her like this… she can’t deny that he’s really cute. Fiona finally gives in, though she asks Guillan to just drink a little because he doesn’t need her blood. He cheerfully agrees, and she finds him suspicious. It’s suspicious no matter how she looks at it, but she smiles upon seeing how his ears twitch in joy. Guillan grins saying they should go now, and when Fiona asks where to, he lightly answers with: “Your room.”

This surprises Fiona since they don’t have to go all the way there. Whenever she gives her blood, she simply cuts her finger on the spot and let the wolves drink it. She chose this method because she heard that biting her directly might cause them to go out of control, and yet Guillan is happily walking while pulling her hand. It’s not that they can’t do it in her room, but she doesn’t get why he’s looking forward to it so much. Guillan drags Fiona back to her room after that. At first the room was decaying like all the other rooms in the castle, but Rath and Guillan cleaned it up for Fiona to use. Arles brought the furnitures from somewhere else, and she was too afraid to ask where they came from.

Guillan calls Fiona to sit on her bed, and she obediently follows his order. Right after she sits down, he also climbs onto her bed and sits directly in front of her. As they stare at each other in silence, Fiona notices that Guillan’s eyes are shining. They’re not sparkling anymore. They’re completely dazzling. He opens his mouth to say that he’s going to taste her blood now, and she reminds him that he can only have a little. Fiona can see that Guillan is really looking forward to have her blood, so she flinches a bit as she holds out her hand for him. Instead of drinking from her wrist though, Guillan grabs Fiona’s wrist, pulls her closer and pushes her down onto the bed. When she protests and asks what he’s doing, he only answers with: “What do you mean ‘what’?” …and then he blows his breath onto her ear on purpose, sending chills to run up her spine. This is just way too much for a joke.

When Fiona calls out his name, Guillan points out that she was the one who said it’s alright for him to taste her blood. She admits that she did say that, but what they’re doing now is different from what she thought. Guillan only whispers that it’s not different. Fiona is struggling under him, but he’s hugging her so tightly — she can’t run away from him. Once again she calls his name to protest, and he answers by whispering “Let me taste you… okay?” in a low voice that makes her shiver. Guillan then leans in and buries his face against Fiona’s neck. Upon realizing what he’s going to do, she panics and asks him to stop. His intentions become clear to her. He doesn’t want to drink blood from her fingertip. He wants to bite her directly. Fiona tells him to stop, but Guillan asks her not to struggle so much — it’d be bad if he accidentally tears her off. She stops resisting upon hearing this, then she shuts her eyes tight and prepares herself to endure it. His hot and wet tongue traces her neck, as if he’s searching for her blood vessel.

Fiona moans and gasps out Guillan’s name, to which he replies with: “Don’t make such a cute noise. I won’t hurt you that much, bear with it.” She can feel his sharp teeth pushing against her skin, and then she hears the sound of her skin tearing under his fangs. Fiona cringes and screams “Stupid Guillan!!” in her mind. He said he won’t hurt her that much, and that’s a big lie because it hurts a lot. Or did he mean that it could get even more painful? Fiona can hear Guillan licking the blood flowing out of her neck, and he comments that her blood tastes really good. This annoys her since he’s enjoying himself while she has to endure the pain, so she slides her hand onto the back of his head and pulls his hair with all her might. When he yelps out in pain, she calls him stupid and protests that it hurts. However, he doesn’t move away from her neck. Despite her attempt to pull his hair, Guillan continues licking the blood from Fiona’s neck… and she eventually gives up since resisting only makes her look stupid anyway. She sighs and let him do as he likes.

After a while, Fiona lies in bed thinking about how strange the situation is. Guillan is still hugging her tightly, and his face is still pressed against her neck… but the pain is gone now, and the blood has stopped coming out. He doesn’t try to poke the wound or make her bleed even more. He’s simply putting his lips against the wound on her neck. Both of them are lying in silence, but Fiona knows they can’t stay like this forever… and so she slowly calls Guillan’s name. In response, he gives her a “Huh~?” that sounds both sleepy and goofy. She wonders if he’s feeling sleepy because his stomach is full, and she has to hold back the urge to call him a kid. Instead, she asks what he’s doing now. He slowly replies that he’s thinking about things, and she asks him to let go for a bit — there’s a lot of problems with their current position. Guillan smirks saying there are no problems at all, but Fiona says even though he doesn’t have any problems with this, she does. Then she twists her arms between them and pushes him away. He doesn’t resist and unwillingly moves away, maybe because he’s satisfied after tasting her blood. They stare at each other in silence for a while.

Before Fiona can ask what he wants, Guillan suddenly lies down and puts his head on her lap. Fiona sighs and raises her hands, then she drops her elbows to the sides of Guillan’s head. She’s surprised to hear the sound of her elbows hitting him, but he shows no reactions at all. He seems to be seriously thinking about something. When she calls his name, he gives her another goofy answer. While he ignored her elbow drop earlier, it seems like he’ll reply if she calls him. Fiona then asks what he’s thinking about, and Guillan admits that he’s seriously thinking of a way to monopolize her. Fiona gives him a blank stare before gaping at him, while Guillan whines that she’s really delicious — he doesn’t want to share her with anyone else. She can’t believe that he’s seriously thinking about it. Guillan is clinging onto Fiona’s lap like a kid who’s hugging his favorite snacks, refusing to share it with anyone.

Fiona frowns and asks if Guillan understands why she’s staying here, and he grins saying it’s to cure them from Zodiva. She nods saying that’s why she has to give her blood to everyone, but he only repeats that he wants to keep her to himself. When she says no, he asks if having another Lobeira would solve everything. They can get another Lobeira for the pack to share, and she can be his personal Lobeira. Fiona points out that he doesn’t need any since he’s no longer infected with Zodiva, but Guillan quickly replies that he does need her. He REALLY needs her. Guillan sulks as he pushes his head onto her lap, and Fiona feels like she’s dealing with a child. Or a naughty pet. Fiona sighs as she touches Guillan’s hair, and he looks up at her with an extremely happy expression. She sighs for one last time, and she allows him to do what he likes. By the way, Arles soon notices the bite mark on Fiona’s neck and obviously scolds Guillan for it.

Unfortunately, Fiona’s peaceful days with the wolves didn’t last for long. Some of the wolves who went on patrol never came back, and they soon learn that the royal army is coming to attack them — led directly by Mejojo and Auger. Despite her wish to stay with them, Arles orders Fiona to run away with the wolves who haven’t recovered enough to fight. She needs to live on and pass down the truth about the wolves, and so she has no choice but to accept. Right after she’s done packing, Fiona hears a knock on her door. She asks if it’s Guillan, and he jumps in to give her a hug — the reward for guessing correctly. Fiona is surprised and turns red in his arms. She feels that Guillan can do anything to her and get away with it, but it’s so sudden. She asks him what’s wrong, and if he doesn’t have to prepare for the upcoming battle. When he averts his gaze saying it’ll probably be fine, she gets the feeling that he might have sneaked out to see her.

In their pack, Guillan has the most aggressive personality. He truly loves and enjoys fighting. For people like Fiona, who never had anything to do with fighting, he might leave a scary impression, but she feels relieved to have him as an ally. In fact, she heard that he’s the leader of a special attack unit and plays a large role in battles. That’s why she’s wondering if it’s alright for him to be here, since their battle against the royal army is about to begin soon. Fiona wonders if she should call Arles, but Guillan quickly rejects the idea — which confirms that he really did sneak out. He admits that she can put it that way, but he asks her to let that slide for now. He came here because he wants to talk to her. She asks if that’s why he sneaked out, and he gives her a nod… but before she can ask what he wants to talk about, he suddenly bites her.

The bite isn’t strong enough to tear off her skin, but Fiona can feel Guillan’s canine teeth chewing her nape. She’s obviously surprised and asks what he’s doing. Didn’t he say he has something to talk about? Guillan’s actions are always unpredictable, so much that Fiona’s protests can’t even keep up. After pushing his teeth against her nape for a while, he eventually looks up at her with a satisfied expression. Fiona asks what he’s trying to do by biting her, and Guillan replies that it’s his mark — a proof that she belongs to him. When she protests and asks when did she become his possession, he proudly answers: “I just marked you, so you’re mine now.” He doesn’t care about her opinion. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Fiona sighs and asks if this is what he wanted to talk about — since this is obviously not “talking” — and Guillan says of course it’s not. This is marking. What he wants to talk about is a different issue.

When Fiona once again asks what he wants to talk about, Guillan suddenly hesitates. It surprises her since he blurts out outrageous things all the time, and yet he’s mumbling right now — what does he want to tell her? She prepares herself to hear something frightening from him, but instead, he says: “Ahh… this feels so embarrassing somehow.” Fiona gets curious and asks for more details, but Guillan tells her to shut up and listen. She obediently closes her mouth and waits. After groaning and mumbling repeatedly for a while, he finally tells her: “After killing Mejojo and Auger… I’ll go pick you up.” Since Fiona is gaping at him in surprise, Guillan repeats that he’ll come to fetch her after ending all the troubles here. His words are blunt since he’s embarrassed, but even so… it makes her happy.

Guillan asks Fiona to say something, and she admits that she’s happy. He pouts and huffs as if he’s sulking, but she knows he’s just hiding his embarrassment. He then tells her not to get eaten by anyone other than him, because after everything is over, she’s going to be exclusively his. Fiona smiles and nods. Even though he’s treating her as food, she doesn’t really mind because he looks so happy. She asks if it’s okay for him to stay here since their preparations aren’t complete yet, but he tells her it’s okay because Arles is there. Right now he’s busy marking her. Fiona thought he’s already done marking her since he left a clear bite mark on her nape, but Guillan whispers that he’s still putting his scent on her… and she nods. Guillan keeps sticking to Fiona even after that, until someone informs them that all preparations are complete.

Before Fiona’s departure, the wolves give her a new set of clothes to change into. They put her old dress onto the corpse of a young girl to fake her death, hoping Mejojo will give up on her. Fiona knows she has to run before the royal army reaches Zanan, and so she finally leaves the castle — taking 10 wolves along with her. Her mission is to live on and pass down the truth about the wolves. From there, Fiona loses track of time. The wolves take her to a small cave located deep in the forest, where they lead a self-sustaining life together. She’s been giving her blood to them little by little, and they’re eventually cured from Zodiva. They hunt for food and cultivate fields, while Fiona weaves and takes care of the children.

One day, Fiona is checking the supplies and decides to go shopping. From time to time, she visits a village to buy things which are difficult for them to produce — such as herbs and spices. Shopping is hard since they live in the forest, so she leaves the cave to check on their other supplies and make a shopping list. However, she soon hears the bushes rustling nearby. Fiona jumps in surprise and wonders what it might be. It won’t be a problem if it’s one of the wolves. Wild animals would be fine too, but if it turns out to be a human… She wants to believe that it’s impossible for a human to lose their way so deep into the forest, but the possibility exists. Fiona panics and wonders about what to do. If people find out that the wolves have created a secret settlement here, the nightmare of wolf hunting will be revived. She might be able to cover it up since she’s a human, but she won’t be able to explain how she ends up here in the forest. Her mind completely falls into a state of panic as the sound gets closer, but then an unexpected person walks out of the bushes. He looks surprised to see her, while she stares at him in disbelief. It’s the person whom she lost all contact with after their farewell a long time ago — Guillan.

When Fiona calls his name in shock, Guillan pouts and asks why she’s in a place like this. Then he complains about how he wanted to have a more touching reunion. That’s when Fiona realizes that it’s not a dream, as Guillan is the only person who would say dumb things like this. She doesn’t get what he meant by having a “more touching” reunion. For a long time she thought he was dead, and seeing him alive is already enough. Her chest feels painful as a sob escapes her lips, and she can feel warm tears welling up in her eyes. Guillan is surprised to see this, and he grins asking if Fiona is that happy to see him. She yells out that of course she is. Does he even know how much time has passed? It’s been months since she left Zanan. Rumors say that the wolves in Zanan were completely annihilated, and she’s been worrying about them all this time. Guillan can’t believe his ears and tells Fiona that he’s 100% healthy, only to have her yell “If you’re that healthy then come sooner…!” at him. However, he admits that he wasn’t healthy back then. He was wounded. In fact, the wound was serious and he couldn’t move. She asks if he’s fine now, and he blushes saying he came to pick her up because he has recovered.

Fiona can’t hold back anymore, so she spreads her arms and hugs Guillan tightly. He comments that she’s quite passionate, but she tells him it’s fine because she feels happy. Even though he keeps teasing her, he also puts his arms around her back and hugs her. The warmth of his arms lets her know that it’s really him. This is not a dream, though she saw many dreams like this when she was waiting for his return. Sometimes when she heard the bushes rustling, she went to check the forest in the hope of finding him… and now the person she’s been waiting for is finally here, holding her in his arms. Fiona tells Guillan that she’s really glad to see him safe, and he nods saying he came to pick her up — just as he promised. Once again she tells him that she’s really happy, and she can see him grinning through her teary vision. Then he leans in to kiss her, and she can feel his warmth touching her lips. As they embrace each other in this touching reunion, Fiona and Guillan share their first kiss.

After enjoying the joy of their reunion for a long time, Fiona shyly guides Guillan around the settlement. She explains that they’re using a cave for their house, and he nods saying it’s not so much different from when they were living in Zanan. They only moved from an abandoned castle to a cave. However, she tells him that a lot of things have changed too. Their life has become much more human-like in terms of culture… though he doesn’t seem to be interested in this. At the end of the settlement tour, Fiona gathers the courage to ask Guillan about the other two wolves who should be with him. He bluntly answers that Arles is dead. Fiona is shocked, and Guillan adds that Arles took Mejojo down with him — though sadly he failed to kill Auger. She doesn’t know what to say, since she never heard rumors about the damage received by the cats. Probably because Auger is trying to the hide fact that Mejojo died during a wolf hunt. After all, he just can’t honestly reveal that a member of the royal family participated in a wolf hunt and got killed by a wolf there.

Fiona wonders if Arles managed to get his revenge. He died while taking down the man who killed his lover in the past, and she wonders if he’s satisfied with this result. When she asks about Rath, Guillan replies that he’s alive and is heading here. Fiona smiles upon hearing this, but Guillan turns silent as his grin turns into a pout. She asks him what’s wrong, and he says it’s nothing. She just looks REALLY happy to hear about Rath, that’s all. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ He’s clearly sulking. He’s not pleased that she seems to be so happy to hear that Rath is alive, and she smiles thinking he’s really a kid… but then she realizes something. Why didn’t they come here together? Their destination is the same, so they could just head here together. Guillan asks if Fiona wants to know the reason, and when she nods, he suddenly yells: “It’s because I’m here to kidnap you!” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Before she can even react, Guillan lifts Fiona up and carries her on his shoulder. When she panics and asks him to let go, he gives her a short: “No way pyon.” (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Ignoring Fiona’s protests, Guillan points out that all the wolves have been cured from Zodiva… so it’s not a problem even if he abducts her. She immediately protests that they DO have problems. A LOT of them. First of all, why would he want to kidnap her? Guillan then asks what kind of problems, and when Fiona stutters for a moment, he cuts her off and says her time’s up. If she can’t state them right away, it means they’re not that important. Fiona screams out in surprise, but Guillan continues walking while carrying her. She panics upon realizing that he’s really serious about kidnapping her, and all the wolves around them are staring at them with a dumbfounded expression — just like her. Fiona doesn’t understand what Guillan wants to do, but then he remembers something and yells out to get everyone’s attention. They’re obviously startled, but he explains that Rath will arrive soon. They can leave the rest to him.

Guillan then turns to Fiona, asking if she’s relieved now. She answers that she can leave everyone in Rath’s hands, but she’s not relieved because she has no idea what’s going to happen to herself next. In response, Guillan playfully laughs and asks Fiona to go on a journey with him. They’re going to see a lot of things and make amazing discoveries together. However, Fiona realizes that his words actually hold a deeper meaning. She asks if Arles was the one who told him to do this, and Guillan instantly falls into silence. Then he shows a slightly embarrassed laugh, admitting that she’s right. His world is still small, so Arles told him to see more things out there and expand his horizons. Guillan does know that Arles wanted him to pass down the truth about the wolves though, and Fiona can only nod quietly. Arles is dead. Arles is gone, but Guillan and Fiona still remember his words — they have to spread the truth.

Fiona says she can understand the journey now, but she still doesn’t get why Guillan wants to take her too. His answer is simple: “That’s because you’re exclusive to me. Now, let’s go.” She protests and tries to sound angry, but her lips are already smiling. Fiona thinks she’s going to have a hard time since Guillan tends to be absurd and unreasonable, but she knows it’s going to be a fun journey. They’re going to see the world and learn together, and they will spread the truth about the wolves. Fiona then asks where their first destination will be, reminding Guillan that wolf hunting still continues in Weblin. He says he doesn’t know either, but for now he wants to go to a place where he can keep her to himself. Fiona protests and asks where that is, but both Guillan and her are keeping Arles’ words in their hearts. In order to spread the truth. In order to pass down the black history of the wolves, which has been painted black… they set out on a journey.


After walking through the forest for a while, the wolves who leads the group suddenly stops. Fiona asks if there’s something wrong, but he shakes his head and lies down under the shade of trees. This makes her realize that he wants them to get some rest, and the wolf nods to confirm it. They’ve been walking for quite a while after leaving Zanan. Fiona doesn’t have much stamina, and the same goes for the wolves since they are still recovering. If they don’t take breaks every once in a while, they might collapse before reaching their destination. When she thanks him, the wolf nods as if he’s saying “you’re welcome”. The wolves can’t speak in human words yet, but surprisingly they can communicate just fine. Fiona then sits down and leans back against a tree. She didn’t realize it while they were walking, but now she can feel that she’s really exhausted. If she kept on walking without noticing, things might get troublesome in the long run.

Here, Fiona hears the sound of running water. She wonders if there’s a river nearby, and she asks the wolf if she can check it out. The wolf lets out a quiet growl as he stares at her. It seems like he’s thinking if it’d be safe to let her go alone, so she assures him that the river seems to be really close — she should be fine. The wolf sniffs to check their surroundings, and after making sure there’s nothing dangerous nearby, he finally nods and allows Fiona to go. After thanking him, she gets up and makes her way through the bushes. What she finds at the end of the trail turns out to be a small spring. The water is so clear and beautiful, and Fiona thinks it should be safe for them to drink it. She puts her hand into the spring and flinches in surprise upon feeling the cold water. Maybe because the spring is located under the shade of trees, or because the water comes from underground. Fiona scoops the water and sips the cold, delicious water. She decides to inform the others since they should be thirsty as well, and that’s when she hears the bushes rustling.

Fiona wonders if the wolf also comes to the spring. She cheerfully informs him about how tasty the water is and that they should tell the others, but her eyes widen in shock upon seeing the figure behind the bushes. It’s not the wolf. It’s Guillan — the person she just left earlier. His whole body is covered in blood, and he’s dragging his feet as he walks towards her. Fiona panics and asks him what happened. How did he get such terrible injuries? Is everyone safe? Guillan weakly replies that it’s terribly uncool, but it seems like they have been completely defeated. When she asks about what happened to Arles and Rath, he bluntly tells her that they’re probably dead. There’s no way they could win against such a large army. Guillan curses as he leans against Fiona, and she catches him in her arms. His blood is soaking into her clothes, but this is not the time to think about that. Fiona asks Guillan to get a grip, and she puts his head on her lap — just like what he did before. She tells him that she’ll call someone to come over, as she brought some medicines in her luggage. Zara’s medicines are really effective, and there should be ointments for cuts and scratches as well.

Fiona then opens her mouth to call the wolves, but… her voice doesn’t come out. Because at the same time, Guillan suddenly gets up from her lap and bites her throat. She feels a burning pain as red blood splashes out of her neck. She tries to ask him why, but her words make no sound due to her torn throat. Fiona feels like air is leaking out of her body somewhere. It seems that Guillan used up all of his remaining strength to do that, because he falls back onto her lap… and then she collapses on top of him. Their lips almost touch, and she can see him smiling happily. Then he tells her that she belongs exclusively to him. He’d rather take her to death than having her stolen away by someone else. Fiona lets out a weak gasp, but she remembers. Despite his appearance, Guillan actually loves being pampered. He loves clinging and touching her, and he has a strong desire to monopolize. He’s just like a selfish kid. Fiona faintly laughs between her husky breath. The blood pouring out of her neck is blending with the blood from Guillan’s wounds. Similarly to that, their temperatures are silently melting into one.

When Guillan asks if she’s angry, Fiona wants to answer that she’s not… but her voice no longer comes out. Somehow she can feel her limbs turning cold, and she’s getting sleepy. Guillan notices though, and he says it’s all good if Fiona isn’t angry. She wants to ask what would he do if she does get mad, but she feels really drowsy. Guillan then asks Fiona to praise him for the last time, since he returned all the way here just to see her. She weakly calls him a good boy, and he laughs saying dogs are happy whenever they receive praises. Feeling terribly sleepy, Fiona tells Guillan good night in her mind before closing her eyes. He also whispers good night to her and closes his eyes as well. What kind of dream would she share with the wolf who can’t stand to be alone?


After leaving Zanan, Fiona and the wolves walk deep into the dark forest. Her mind is filled with Guillan. She decides to believe that he’s going to come to her — just as he promised — and they can live with everyone again. That’s why, they have to endure the pain and play their own roles until then. She follows the wolves as they lead her into a cave located deep in the forest, and she asks them if it’s their destination. One of the wolves replies with a growl, and she wonders if it means her guess is correct. Without Arles, Guillan or Rath, Fiona doesn’t understand what the wolves are saying… but since they exchange short howls and start to lie down, it seems like the cave is really their destination. The cave is deep, and so it can protect them from the wind and rain. It’s also located deep inside the thick forest of Zanan, so even Mejojo and his army wouldn’t be able to find them so easily.

Fiona whispers to herself that it’s going to be okay, erasing the doubts in her heart. She knows it’ll be hard for a human Lobeira like her to live with the wolves, but it’s only until they’re cured from Zodiva. The wolves regain their reason after drinking her blood, and they should be able to take their human forms again after they’re healed. Besides, Guillan will surely come to pick her up. He promised. Fiona prays for Guillan’s safety as she lies down beside the wolves that night, and then she goes to sleep.

Several days later, the wolf who sleeps with Fiona suddenly starts growling at night. She has been gathering dry grass in the forest, and she managed to make beds for them somehow. Fiona sleepily lifts her head and looks around. Since she doesn’t have night vision like the wolves, at first she can only see the darkness lying in front of her eyes… but then she notices a shadow in front of the entrance, standing under the moonlight. The shadow is standing on two feet. Fiona panics for a moment, thinking they’ve been found by Mejojo and his army, and she crawls away as the shadow approaches them. However, it turns out to be Guillan instead. His body is covered with blood, but he casually greets her. When she gasps out his name, he grins and says he came to pick her up. Despite the countless wounds on his body, his eyes are glittering in the dark.

Fiona tries to point out that they need to treat his injuries, but her words disappear upon seeing the “thing” Guillan is carrying. Her lips are shivering. She can’t quite identify the “thing” in his hands, but it looks like an arm. Someone’s arm which has been ripped from their shoulder. Even though it’s been detached from the main body, the arm is still holding a sword — showing the owner’s determination to fight. Fiona reluctantly asks him about this, and Guillan bluntly answers that it’s Arles’ arm. He then explains that Arles and Mejojo stabbed each other to death, and he doesn’t know what happened to Rath. It was a chaotic and confusing battle, and Guillan was busy assisting Arles until the end. Fiona falls into silence. Arles is dead. They have no idea what happened to Rath. Earlier he said that Arles and Mejojo killed each other, but which side won the battle? Does it even matter? No matter what the result was, it won’t be able to stop Zodiva from spreading. They have lost a lot, and yet nothing will change in Weblin — that’s the cruel reality.

Fiona doesn’t know what to do, and so she only asks why Guillan brought Arles’ arm here. He explains that he wanted to bring Arles’ whole body back, but it was impossible even for him… so he can only bring Arles’ arm. A light gleams in his eyes as he tells her that the sword belongs to Arles. He couldn’t let the royal army take it away. As he says this, Guillan points to the slim jet black long sword. It has a beautiful design around the handle, and Arles has been using the sword for a long time. Once again, he tells Fiona that it belongs to Arles. It’s the symbol of Arles’ strength, which is why he can’t let them have it. As Guillan fiercely repeats his words, Fiona realizes that the sword actually has a much more important role. He didn’t bring it back just to keep it as a memento from Arles. The sword is the symbol of Arles’ strength. Arles, the great leader who had been protecting the wolves from the cats’ persecution. That’s why they can’t let the cats steal his sword.

Guillan then orders all the wolves around them to listen well, glaring at them with his gleaming eyes. Before Fiona realizes it, all the wolves in the cave are already awake — with their eyes set on him. He tells them that Arles, the person who’s been protecting them, is gone. From now on they have to survive even without him, and Guillan asks if they understand that… but the wolves remain silent and lower their heads. Fiona notices that they’re all feeling down. Arles’ death is different from a friend’s death. Just as Guillan said earlier, Arles was the person who’s been protecting them up until now. He was an absolute guardian for them, and now they lost him. Fiona wonders what’s going to happen to them. What should they do…? What should she do as a person who has decided to live with the wolves? Everyone reaches a dead end in their minds, and the cave is filled with silence.

The one who breaks that silence is Guillan. Fiona and the wolves are startled when they hear him punching the cave wall, and he angrily yells at them: “Quit looking so glum! You think the wolves are doomed if Arles is dead!? Don’t be stupid…!! I won’t let it end…!! You guys are still alive!” Guillan points out that they can do something about Zodiva as long as they have Fiona, so they should stop looking so gloomy already. If they can’t go on without Arles, then HE will be Arles — he’ll take care of them all. Fiona gasps upon seeing what happens next. After yelling at them, Guillan suddenly raises Arles’ arm and tears off the flesh with his teeth. Arles’ blood, which has turned black, is dripping off his lips. Fiona can’t bring herself to look away from the sight. Guillan’s rough panting and the wet sound of him tearing Arles’ flesh apart are echoing in the cave. It should be disgusting. The sight of someone eating his deceased friend’s meat should be scary. It should be disgusting, and yet it looks Guillan is performing a ritual by consuming Arles’ flesh — staining his face with Arles’ blood. In Fiona’s eyes, it looks like he’s receiving Arles’ blood and flesh. Arles has been protecting the whole pack, and now he’s taking over that role as the successor.

When Guillan raises his head, Fiona can’t look away from the strong light in his eyes. As if it was waiting for the right timing, the sword is released from Arles’ arm. The jet black sword, which was tightly held by Arles’ arm, slides down and falls… but Guillan receives it. Fiona’s eyes widen in surprise. It looks like Arles accepts Guillan as his successor and hands the sword to him, even though she knows it’s probably because Guillan bit the flesh and loosened the strength of the tendon. Guillan announces that right form this very moment, he’s going to take care of them all. Those who have objections can step forward — he’ll kill them. He glares at them, but no one says anything. Or rather, no one can say anything. They’re being pressured by his aura. Since there are no objections, Guillan announces himself as their new leader and asks if they understand. As the answer, all the wolves in howl in unison — celebrating the birth of their new king.

Guillan walks past the wolves to approach Fiona. As he sits down on the ground, he tells her: “…I’ll protect you too. So, don’t worry.” She nods and slowly draws closer to him. She can feel his warmth, along with the scent of blood. Guillan then repeats that he’s going to protect both Fiona and the pack, and he asks if she’s worried… but she shakes her head and says that she’ll be relying on him. She believes in him. He promised to protect them as their new king, and she believes in him. Guillan nods and — a bit shyly — smiles at Fiona. Then he leans in to kiss her, and she can taste blood when their lips touch. Now that he’s received Fiona’s approval, Guillan stands up, turns back to the wolves and gives out an order: “Once again, vow your loyalty to the new king of the wolves and his queen!!”

Now, a new black legend of the wolves begins.

Despite his violent tendencies, Guillan is REALLY cute. Seriously, he’s like the most adorable thing ever. He’s a bit rough towards Fiona at first, but once he got attached to her… he clings to her all the time. As you can see, Guillan loves being praised and pampered a lot, but he doesn’t ask anyone to do it. He only asks those who are special to him. At the beginning it was only Arles, but later on he starts seeking them from Fiona as well. Guillan is just like a violent, clingy, possessive dog, and that’s what makes him so adorable. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ As for his endings, I love how each one of them showcases a different side of Guillan. His good end shows his love for Fiona and leaves a room for him to mature during their journey. His bad end shows his possessive side, in which he did NOT grow up. He stays as a selfish kid in that ending, which is why he prefers taking Fiona into death instead of letting her go. His true end is where Guillan takes a step forward and becomes a leader. He’s not as mature as Arles yet, but most likely he will — in the long run.

Needless to say I love, love, LOVE Guillan and his route a lot. (*・ω・*)ポッ

Now let me cry since he’s not available in Last Hope.

Anyway, Bloody Nightmare is a great game. Despite the lack of romance, the story is incredibly well-written. They put a lot of details on the history and the background story for each character, especially the cats. The music is, as you can hear on the official site, absolutely beautiful. It seems like a lot of people passed on this game because they don’t like Kuroyuki’s art, but in my opinion it really fits the “dark gothic fantasy” concept of Black Wolves Saga. Bloody Nightmare is clearly not for everyone, but if you don’t mind gruesome scenes, the lack of romance and heavy plot that makes you think, you might want to give it a try. Or at least do it for the story and characters, because they’re really, really charming. (*´∀`*)♪


20 thoughts on “BWS Bloody Nightmare – Guillan Guinor

  1. Is Guillan the only character with a true ending? I wasn’t a fan of him before reading this post but you’ve changed my opinion on him and I’m glad! He’s really possessive but that’s what makes him so adorable and I really love Kishou Taniyama too (^^)

    Guillan’s not in Last Hope?! No!! I actually want to see some proper romance between him and Fiona…guess that’s not meant to be *sobs*

    • No, Julian also has a true ending.

      Guillan’s romance with Fiona is pretty good here, but yeah… if only we can get him in LH… _(:3」∠)_ I think BN fits Guillan’s violent tendencies more though, so I’m not sure if a normal romance with him would feel satisfying lol. But even so, he’s adorable and nothing can change that. (*´∀`*)

  2. Congratulations on finishing BWS BN! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

    Guillan is a real cutie and Taniyama did a good job in voicing him. He sounds so bratty. xDD

    BWS is such a great game, I want to play it too, but since I won’t understand the story properly, I’ll save it until my Japanese-skills are over 9000. “ψ(`∇´)ψ Nah, not really, but I think I still need time to learn a few more Kanji’s and grammar. ^^ It would be a waste if the great storytelling of the saga would just pass by without me noticing it .

    I absolutely love BWS’s artwork!!! Maybe even more than I should. xD I already fell for Gekka Ryouran Romance’s artwork, so it’s maybe just my bias to Kuroyuki?! I think that the coloration fits the atmosphere of the game very well. Somehow the world of the saga seems really mysterious and ethereal…

    Well, LH’s countdown has already begun…! 8D

    • Thank you! ゚+(人・∀・*)+。アリガト♪

      Guillan is bratty and cheeky, but that’s what makes him adorable right? 8D

      Actually if you can understand Wasurenagusa, BWS won’t be a problem for you. They use old language and a few difficult kanji, but not excruciatingly difficult. Also, I noticed that Kuroyuki’s art receive mixed opinions. There are people who are neutral, but those who hate it go as far as avoiding the game, and those who love it adore it to no end. Glad to hear that you love her art though, because it really does fit the theme / overall atmosphere of the game. :3

      • Yeah, his childish attitude makes Guillan so adorable and his slang is so funny to listen to. :D

        Hmm… really? I do understand about 70 % of Wasurenagusa, so… Maybe, I should give it a try, when I have enough money again. :D BWS is making me poor… LOL

        Well then… Excuse me, I’m letting myself falling into BWS world with the beautiful soundtrack I received today. O(≧∇≦)O

  3. Cuteness, cuteness everywhere!!! Hilarious, hilarious everywhere!!! Sorry for this but…. Guillan is so cuteeeee, childlike but when the wolves is on gloomy situation he grow up and said he will protect all of them. Too bad he won’t be in LH but I think his end suit BN more

    • Despite my endless wish for Guillan to be available in LH, I also think BN suits him more. _(:3」∠)_
      I wish we can see what kind of king he’d become, but I guess that’s asking too much lol. That true ending is already awesome.

  4. YES Let’s cry together! (´-Д-`) They should have totally added him in Last Hope. I absolutely loved his route. Almost every comment I posted on each route, I wanted to shout out how how cute Guillan was. haha. I really thought his ends were interesting. It’s true that the true end, I guess it didn’t really leave a nice feeling, but I thought it was really good. The bad end too. I thought it really fit the whole madness theme of the game. He’s sooo fluffy, I just wanna pet him, especially his tail haha. I thought he had the cutest wolf form compared to Arles and Rath. hehe. He was indeed violent and aggressive, but his cuteness covered up his negative traits. At first, like when they showed the scene where the wolves were attacking the towns, I was like I am definitely not looking forward to his route…( ಠ_ಠ ) But I was sooo wrong about that! During his route, I was like woahhhh what are you doing!! (/ω\*) Like when he jumped her to drink her blood. I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought his scene gave more of a エロ feeling than any other route. lols. Not like those ehhh ones such a nesso’s. I posted a little something on tumblr and I was like no, I shouldn’t put it up because my friend follows me, so I didn’t wanna cause a misunderstanding haha.

    I thought one of his look scary though cuz his eyes were all open as he carries her away. ahaha( ⊙ ▽ ⊙•) And when he was munching Arles’s arm and kissed Fiona with the bloodiness from the munching. I was like ew (´・д・`) but I forgive you cuz you’re such a cutie haha (*´ω`*)

    Yup. this game was definitely a fun game. I was originally not going to play this. Like I posted on tumblr how I’m not going to play it (Last Hope) because Rejet and Otomate was a part of it. And Gekka, I couldn’t finish all the routes because of how black the routes were. I thought there were too less cute stuff that I just couldn’t get myself to finish it, and not to mention the TRAP character haha. But then I got a few replies on how good the game was (Bloody Nightmare), soooo I got curious and played it. I think the music and the setting was a big plus for me to play this game. I never thought I would be so hooked that I would wanna play Last Hope. (*’▽’*)♪

    • ( ;∀;) I loved Guillan’s route too. He’s really cute, and his endings show all the different sides of him really well. The true end is rather gruesome due to the wolves’ custom, but I agree—it was really good. I love how they explore possibilities in the endings, as in what would happen if Guillan doesn’t mature. Or what would happen if the situation forces him to mature. Oh, and his wolf form! Whenever he transforms I just want to cling to him and never let go. He look so cute and fluffy, and the cravat / hat make him look even cuter. (*´∀`*) Despite his violent tendencies and awkwardness with (proper) words, you can tell that Guillan cares a lot about the people around him. Especially Arles, and later on, Fiona. The scene where Guillan comforts the crying Fiona and licks her tears away was so adorable. I actually got the slight エロ vibes from his blood-drinking AND marking scenes. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just a pervert like that. _(:3」∠)_

      It’s good that you decided to give BN a try! I didn’t really like Gekka either, but BN is a different case since the plot is so well-written. Hopefully LH will be as good, if not even better. :D

  5. Have to say- Guillan’s route has the best bad end.

    Also, his true end along with Julian’s are among the most interesting.

    But I also agree- he’s really cute and fluffy.

    • Yeah, Guillan’s bad end is really good compared to the others. It ends in a beautiful way too, like how they lie together and wish each other good night before dying. I noticed that in their true ends, both Guillan and Julian take things further and step up as a leader. It’s interesting because they never / rarely showed any leadership traits before, but when the time comes they can actually be charismatic and take the lead. :D

  6. I liked Guillan the best!!! Despite being violent, I thought he was reaaaally cute and loved how his relationship with Fiona grew throughout his routes. HE’S JUST SO ADORABLE I JUST SVNSKDVNKSBGK. I also agree with him having best エロ parts //w//<!!!

    I can't describe how sad it makes me that he didn't get a route in LH…I was really looking forward to it, then discover that there isn't any. MAN, WHY REJET, WHY T__________T. In fact, it made me doubt if I want to even play LH knowing that I won't be able to go after him :(.

    Do you think it's possible for Rejet to make a 3rd BWS game? ;___;

    • Because Kiyan is a pro. 8D
      I agree though, Guillan is really violent but he’s also very cute. He’s like a ferocious dog who sticks to you 24/7 and bites everything that moves towards you. ♥

      Actually, the fact that Guillan isn’t available is one of the reasons why I haven’t touched LH. I don’t feel as motivated… (´・ω・`) But I’ll get to it eventually and see if the lack of his route will break my heart. It seems like quite a lot of people want another game of BWS, but I’m not sure since Rejet planned it to be two games right from the start. Maybe a sequel someday? BWS doesn’t seem like a game that can receive a sweet ラブラブ fandisk, but we’ll see.

      • I agree ♥. Gaaah, Guillan 可愛い >//w//<!!!

        Yes, that's the same reason as mine!!! I just can't believe they didn't include him…and to know that he was replaced by either Erza or the dog twins makes me even more sad :(. I mean, the dogs are 12 years old, right? I really can't picture Fiona (who is 16) with someone who is 12 years old ;____;

        Oh well, I hope Rejet makes another BWS game ;w;. A sequel sounds nice!! \ (^____^) /

          • hm, well with what I read for rath in Last Hope its seems like barely any blood and that odd typical storytelling for these otome games…..seems like an alternate universe or something where some things are a bit different but the core is the same…

            *semi- edit*
            well now that I read your summary on Guillan by previous post is semi un-valid. Thus I say which ever side you pick that has this “true ending” is your cannon. With what I read on your Rath summary its hard to see it as cannon…….

            I like to pick the cannon or the dude that likes the MC first/ deserves the MC for the romance route, so this game (according to the summarys) makes me semi confused on who to go with…..(」゚Д゚)」

          • That’s because Guillan is an exclusive character for Bloody Nightmare, but the game focuses more on the cats instead. This isn’t where Rath’s story takes place, which is why his route is lackluster like that. All endings are canon / official, but the main characters in this game are definitely the cat princes—Mejojo, Auger, and Julian.

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