Hana Awase: Mizuchi-hen – Common Route

Hana Awase has a lot of small events, and summarizing them causes the post to get unbelievably long, so I’m putting the common route in a separate post. This post contains the main plot and sub-events, all taking place before the branch.

華アワセ-蛟編- ・ 共通ルート

Starting from the second day, Mikoto can explore Kaen in her free time. She can visit different places, each of them leading to a different set of events. If you visit the Kasen lecture hall, Mikoto can also participate in the Katou rankings or play Hana Utsushi against the other students. Some of the events require you to see another event as the prerequisite, some are missable and some only occur after advancing the main plot. The common route ends on day 21.

From here on Himeutsugi will be referred to as “Hime”, and Karakurenai as “Kurenai” to make it easier.

• Day 1 •

The day starts with Mikoto wearing her uniform in her room. She still doesn’t feel comfortable with the skirt’s length and tries to lower the frills on the bottom, but Momotose stops her and insists that she’s not allowed to modify it—because the skirt shows her beautiful and slim legs. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s unclear when Momotose came into the room, but she’s here to pick Mikoto up for school. She then goes on to complain about Mikoto’s room, since it’s really small and dirty. It’s even worse than the dog kennel in her house, so she thinks the room isn’t suitable for the Senki candidate. Momotose wants to ask the dorm leader to give Mikoto a better room, but Mikoto stops her. They don’t charge her for tuition, boarding fees and even her food expense—she doesn’t need more luxury. Even if her room is dirty, she can always clean it up. There’s also a window on her ceiling, so she can watch the stars at night.

Momotose smiles saying Mikoto has a strong heart, just as expected from the person chosen by the demon card. However, she might be too nice for her own good. Not all the students in Kaen share her opinions, so she needs to be careful of those who has different sense of value. If Mikoto ever encounters any problems, Momotose will always be glad to provide help. Mikoto is glad to have Momotose as a friend, but she keeps the warning in mind. Ai and Shou were worried about her transfer because Kaen is filled with people from the upper class. Can she keep up with them in this school?

After leaving the dorm, they find Iroha and Mizuchi outside—collecting information. The utsurohi incident from before was too mysterious, as they can’t figure out why such a large number of utsurohi could gather in Kaen’s greenhouse. From their investigation, they learned that during the time of the incident, someone had erased the barrier protecting the greenhouse. This created an opening which was used by utsurohi to possess the students, who were on their way to the classrooms after the ceremony. It was pretty clear that their target was the Senki candidate. For impurities, a Senki’s birth equals their destruction. It’s only natural if they want to get rid of the candidate as soon as possible. They’re still investigating, so for now it’s unclear whether an Adabana was involved or not.

Since it was a terrifying incident, Momotose then asks Mizuchi to protect Mikoto. After all, the two of them are fateful lovers who were chosen by the demon card. However, Mizuchi once again answers that Mikoto and him don’t have that kind of relationship. Then he excuses himself and leaves. Momotose frowns and asks if that’s how you should treat your lover, but Iroha coldly adds that Kaei and the Senki candidate are only partners. Momotose thinks Mizuchi should’ve said something to Mikoto before leaving, but Iroha says Mizuchi isn’t the type of person who would chat with his Minamo… and more importantly, it seems like he’s confused about the distance between Mikoto and himself. It reminds Momotose that Mizuchi never really talked to girls other than Aoi, a second year student in the Koukoku Class. Since both of them are from the same class, Momotose is hoping that Mikoto can get along well with Aoi.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. _(:3 」∠)_

Before Mikoto could say anything, they hear a girl’s voice saying that Momotose must be joking. When they turn around, they find Aoi—the girl who led all Minamo to leave the ceremony—standing nearby. Aoi then proceeds to throw a bunch of insults at Mikoto, harshly reminding her that she’s a commoner who doesn’t belong in this elite school. Aoi also blames Mikoto for “tainting” Mizuchi, and she will never ever forgive her for that. After yelling at Mikoto to leave Kaen, Aoi turns around and leaves. From Momotose, Mikoto learns that Aoi is Mizuchi’s cousin and Minamo. Or rather, she used to be Mizuchi’s Minamo until Mikoto took the position without even asking for her permission. It was an emergency, but it still hurts Aoi’s pride… and it’s going to be troublesome for Mikoto since Aoi wouldn’t listen to anyone.

Just then, they hear another voice saying women’s jealousy is so terrifying. A man then appears in front of them, and Mikoto’s first impression of him is that he smells like alcohol. He says he woke up thanks to Aoi’s rage from earlier, though he’d love to wake up to something better. Such as waking up to see a high school girl’s panties, for example. As he says this, the man suddenly pulls Mikoto’s skirt upwards, stares straight at her panties and comments that it’s… a normal white. Momotose quickly scolds the man—who doesn’t feel guilty at all, by the way—and introduces him as Onosada Kurou. As unbelievable as it might be, he teaches Kasen in this school. Since Momotose is really attached to Mikoto, Onosada has been wondering what kind of person she is. He then takes a REALLY close look at Mikoto and starts observing her, completely ignoring her protests. He can see that she seems to be brave, though he can’t see any special power in her. But then again, she remains calm even after receiving Aoi’s insults.

When Iroha comments that Mikoto was probably just confused, Onosada laughs and points out that it’s unexpected for the cool Iroha to defend someone. Just as expected from the Senki candidate. Momotose apologizes to Mikoto and stops Onosada from picking on her, but Onosada calmly asks when she’s going to chase Aoi out. The Five Brights are only allowed to have one Minamo at a time, but now Mizuchi has two. He’ll have to choose one of them, but it’s pretty obvious that Aoi wouldn’t hand over the position so easily. Mikoto wonders what she should do, but Onosada thinks up of a great idea to solve this problem—Mikoto will have a Katou against Aoi. If she wins fair and square, she’ll officially become Mizuchi’s Minamo. As the reward, the winner will be granted a date with Mizuchi. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ On the other hand, the loser will have to drop out of school. Iroha suggests discussing this with Mizuchi first, but Onosada doesn’t care. This is a teacher’s order, and Momotose is 100% supporting the idea so Mikoto can have a date with Mizuchi. That, and she believes that her Mikoto wouldn’t lose anyway. Onosada leaves to register her name in the Katou rankings directly after that, and so even if she’s scared and confused, poor Mikoto doesn’t have a choice.

Meanwhile, the students are talking about the utsurohi incident. They heard about how Mikoto did Hana Awase with Mizuchi as his Minamo, and they think it’s really mean since his Minamo is supposed to be Aoi. Aoi herself can’t stand these rumors either, and she snarls at them to shut up. She feels sorry that Mizuchi has to deal with this because of the Senki candidate’s arrival, and she vows to chase Mikoto away from this school. She won’t let Mikoto lay a finger on her precious Mizuchi nii-sama. When Hime comes to deliver the notification to Mizuchi’s room, he’s definitely not pleased to hear about the battle. He thinks it’s vulgar, and he can’t accept how Onosada treats Minamo in such a way. Hime agrees that it’s a rather violent idea, even if Mizuchi will eventually have to choose between Mikoto and Aoi. Not to mention they’re treating him like a winning prize. After leaving Mizuchi’s room, Hime reveals that he actually supports Onosada’s idea. It’s just he knows it must be hard for those two—in a lot of ways.

After that, the chairmen offer to give Mikoto a tour around the school:

  • Kasen Lecture Hall
    Onosada is here. Mikoto can also play Hana Utsushi as much as she likes during her free time.

  • The Five Brights’ Room
    While other students mainly live in the dorm, the Five Brights’ personal rooms are located inside the school building.

  • Momotose’s Room
    If Mikoto ever has something she doesn’t understand, Momotose will gladly explain everything to her. As Iroha’s Minamo, she knows a lot about the Five Brights and other information.

There are other locations Mikoto can visit, but this concludes the tour. The Katou with Aoi will take place in five days, so the chairmen suggest raising her ranking until then. Mikoto then goes to visit Momotose, who informs her that her entry for Katou has been announced. Everyone in the school is talking about this, but Mikoto is worried because she doesn’t have any power to fight yet. Besides, she doesn’t know if it’s alright for her to take Aoi’s position as Mizuchi’s Minamo. Momotose thinks Mikoto is really kind, but she needs to remember that this is a match. If she loses, she will have to drop out of school. Aoi accepted the challenge. She’ll attack with all her might, and it’s Mikoto’s duty as the Senki candidate to face her opponents fair and square. Despite her worries, Momotose believes in her.

After school, Mikoto walks to the courtyard feeling down. She can’t keep up with the Kasen lessons at all, especially when it comes to the actual practice. Her classmates are busy, and she feels that she would only trouble them if she asks for their help. Instead of relying on them, she wants to work hard on her own. Just before Mikoto goes to study in the library, the class rep of Koukoku Class comes to complain about her bad performance in class today. She couldn’t read the cards properly, and she didn’t support the players at all. In fact, it was so bad that the class rep is wondering if she’s really the Senki Candidate. She needs to learn more about Minamo, and it’s unforgivable if she taints Mizuchi’s reputation with her poor performance. The class rep leaves before Mikoto could say anything, and Onosada soon appears saying Mikoto keeps getting this kind of treatment from everyone. It can’t be helped though, because even if Mikoto is the Senki candidate, she’s completely useless as a Minamo.

When Onosada asks if she feels bitter after hearing that, Mikoto admits that she does—because it’s true. She can’t even do the basics of Kasen, and she’ll only drag the whole Koukoku Class if this keeps up. She feels bad for everyone, so she wants to study harder and catch up to them. However, Onosada then says Mikoto’s “good kid” act and habit of NOT asking for advice makes him want to puke. He points out that her pride is actually higher than she thinks. If she doesn’t understand the basics of Kasen, she can always ask those who are good at it… or is the great Senki candidate isn’t capable of doing that? At this rate, her Katou against the best Minamo in the Koukoku Class will be nothing more than a joke. Mikoto protests that it was him who arranged the match by force, but Onosada only tells her to shut up. Now that the match has been announced, she needs to suck it up and do it. He points out that she’s lacking resolution, and he keeps on countering her arguments until she eventually snaps. She blurts out that she doesn’t know anything about her, so he shouldn’t pass the judgment that she’s acting like a “good kid”.

Mikoto ends her rage by accidentally calling him “stupid”, but much to her surprise, Onosada laughs saying she’s interesting. That being said, it’s way too early for her to act cheeky towards him. If she wants to argue with him, then she needs to polish her abilities first. After all, Kaen is the world of abilities. Everyone settles issues on the spot with their abilities. Since Mikoto just called him “stupid”, Onosada then returns the favor by pulling up her skirt again. Apparently she’s wearing white panties again today, so he asks her to wear a black one next time—he prefers black. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Due to Mikoto’s high pride, Onosada knows it won’t be so easy for her to be honest with her own feelings… so he asks her to come to the Kasen lecture hall. He will give her hints on how to become stronger, and she’ll be able to outwit even the class rep from earlier. Of course Mikoto is angry and insists that she won’t go, but deep down, she knows that Onosada is right. If she gets discouraged here, then her transfer to Kaen would be meaningless. She needs to work hard, even if it’s just one step at a time. Her first step will be to visit the lecture hall next time.

• Day 2 •

Starting from today, Mikoto can explore Kaen during her free time.

[ Lecture Hall ]

Onosada has been waiting for Mikoto here. He explains that in the lecture hall, she can do Hana Utsushi or check her entry in the rankings. If she wins in Hana Utsushi matches, she’ll get points which she can use to strengthen her stamina, offense, defense and skills. The higher her rank is, the better people’s opinions will be. As Mikoto climbs higher in the rankings, other students may come and challenge her for Katou. The Five Brights obviously stand at the very top of the rankings, and so it’s highly unlikely for them to challenge her. For now, anyway. Onosada will inform her about the incoming Katou requests, and she’s free to take them on anytime. Hana Utsushi done in the lecture hall is virtual, so she doesn’t have to worry about losing. She won’t get any damage or be forced to drop out of school.

From the hallway, Mikoto notices a commotion near the entrance… which turns out to be Aoi and her loyal followers. Aoi just won a Hana Utsushi match, and the Minamo around her are showering her with praises. Some of them nearly get into a fight since they want Aoi to use their towels, and Aoi smiles saying she’ll use both. Meanwhile, Mikoto is observing them from afar. She can see that Aoi is brimming with confidence, as she’s both beautiful and strong—it’s only obvious for her to be popular. Mikoto wonders if it’s really alright to take Aoi’s position as Mizuchi’s Minamo. Aoi soon notices Mikoto’s presence, and she makes it clear that her mood has instantly turned bad. The Minamo around her start throwing insults as well. They call Mikoto the worst for partnering up with “their” Mizuchi, especially since he already has Aoi. It doesn’t help that she challenged Aoi for Katou directly after that. They want her to decline and admit defeat already.

Mikoto can’t say anything in return, so Aoi smiles and takes everyone to leave. After all, there’s no way she would lose to an amateur peasant like Mikoto. Before leaving, Aoi also promises to give Mikoto a crushing defeat in front of the whole school. She’ll let Mikoto know that she is number one. Right after Aoi takes her entourage to leave, Onosada appears and comments that Aoi’s fight was quite impressive… but she tends to let her emotions take too much control. It’s a deadly trait, as the Five Brights’ Minamo need to be able to make calm judgments. Mikoto realizes that Onosada is right, because it seems like Aoi always expresses her thoughts directly. Even if they’re relatives, her personality is really different from Mizuchi’s. When Onosada asks if she wants to win against Aoi, Mikoto answers that she does. She still has a lot to learn in this school, so she wants to stay. However, Onosada also reminds Mikoto that her victory means Aoi will have to leave the school. That’s what a match is all about, especially since she’s the Senki candidate—everyone is looking at her in an entirely different way. The problem is whether or not she can overcome that obstacle, and he’s asking her to do her best.

[ Mikoto’s Room ]

Mikoto receives a mail from Ai, who’s clearly worried about her. She was thinking of typing up bitter words because Mikoto left without a word, but she didn’t—she ends up asking if Mikoto is doing well instead. She knows really well that Mikoto is stubborn and will follow her decisions until the end, and so her complaints wouldn’t work anyway. It doesn’t mean that Ai forgives Mikoto though, so the next time they meet again, Ai will flick Mikoto’s forehead 100 times. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ai then asks if Mikoto remembers how they used to play Hana Utsushi in the past, and how Mikoto would continue even after everyone else got bored. Ai realizes that Mikoto has always been a weird kid, and entering Kaen would probably make her even weirder… so she asks Mikoto not to be too distant. She asks Mikoto to return home sometimes, reminding her that they will always be on her side. If she ever gets bullied by the rich kids, they’ll make sure to get revenge for her immediately. At the end of her mail, Ai asks Mikoto to reply and contact Shou too—he’s worried about her.

• Day 3 •

Curious about how Mizuchi normally spends his days, Mikoto decides to take a little peek of his classroom. She quietly makes her way to the second year’s hallway and finds him standing there, but when she greets him, he coldly asks why she’s here. Does she have the permission? She honestly answers that she doesn’t, and so he tells her to leave—she has to obey the rules. Mizuchi then walks away, leaving Mikoto confused. She doesn’t know why he got angry, and she has no idea about the rules he mentioned either. Just then a second year student explains that it’s only obvious for her to get scolded, because Kaen is especially strict when it comes to hierarchy. First year students are not allowed to enter the second year’s hallway without permission, and Mizuchi follows the rules even more than anyone else. The student also asks if she didn’t learn about this from the Koukoku Class members, being the Senki candidate that she is. Mikoto only looks down and apologizes. In any case, she’s lucky to be found by someone from the Gekkou Class. The student asks her to return to where she came from now, reminding her to learn the Koukoku Class rules properly.

As she leaves the second year’s hallway, Mikoto realizes that she’s done something rude towards Mizuchi. She needs to catch up with the sense of value in Kaen, and Onosada was right—it’s all because she didn’t ask anyone about the school. After returning to her classroom, Mikoto asks the class rep to teach her about the Koukoku Class rules. At first the class rep finds it unbelievable since they’re supposed to memorize the rules at the opening ceremony, but then she remembers that Mikoto has just transferred… and so she gives Mikoto a very thick book of rules. It contains the rules of Kaen, rules of the Koukoku Class, rules regarding Mizuchi, rules between fellow Minamo, rules for private lives, rules for diet and all the important things she needs to know. Every student in the Koukoku Class reads this book once a day, and Mikoto needs to finish reading it before the day ends. That’s when she realizes that the Koukoku Class is really strict about rules.

[ Courtyard ]

Mikoto sees a bunch of girls admiring Mizuchi, who’s reading a book, from afar. When the class rep asks her what’s wrong, Mikoto wonders why none of them approaches Mizuchi. The class rep reminds her that it’s one of their rules. When Mizuchi is alone, they can only approach him for no closer than 10 meters. Any student who breaks this rule will earn a severe punishment, and that’s why they can only admire him from afar. Mikoto thinks it only makes them stand out even more since they form a large crowd, but the class rep says Mizuchi has THAT much Minamo who wants to see him… though it’s probably impossible for Mikoto to understand since she’s the Senki candidate. She doesn’t approach Mizuchi that much either, but everyone knows that she’s special. They even have a rule which states that as the Senki candidate, her approach limit is one meter. Get any closer than that, and she’ll have to clean the toilets for a week. However, Mizuchi then notices Mikoto and walks up to her. The book he just read has valid examples of Minamo in Hana Utsushi. He believes it will be useful for her, and so he’s lending it to her.

Mikoto thanks Mizuchi as she accepts the book, and he takes his leave after saying she can return the book anytime. As soon as Mizuchi is gone, all the girls nearby run up to Mikoto and points out that she broke the rule—she has to clean the toilets for a week! As the class rep sighs beside her, Mikoto screams in disbelief. It seems like she’s going to have a hard time thanks to Mizuchi’s popularity.

[ Mikoto’s Room ]

Mikoto receives a mail from Shou, asking if she’s doing well in Kaen. Just as he expected, Ai gave him a hard time after Mikoto left. Ai said she’s going to slip into Kaen to get Mikoto back, but Shou laughs and assures Mikoto that despite her dramatic reaction, Ai does respect her decision. She knows how much Mikoto loves Hana Utsushi, and deep down she wants to cheer her on too. Shou also admits that he’s concerned about Mikoto too, telling her not to expect much from Iroha even though he saved her life. Then he adds that it’s just because he doesn’t want her to cry, so she shouldn’t suspect anything from his reaction. Realizing that he’s being incoherent, Shou asks Mikoto to contact Ai too and ends the mail. How cute. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

• Day 4 •

Following what happened yesterday, Mikoto is busy studying today. She gets so absorbed in reading about how a Minamo should perform during Hana Utsushi, so much that she didn’t hear the class rep calling her name. It appears that members of the Koukoku Class take turns in greeting Mizuchi every morning, and it’s Mikoto’s turn today. This is a rule created by Aoi. Since Mizuchi rarely talks to any Minamo, it’s an important chance for them to exchange words with him. Mikoto then rushes to the entrance with the class rep, who’s also in charge for today’s greetings. The class rep warns her that failure will not be tolerated, and she trains Mikoto how to do it properly. In fact, she’s so fired up that a senior has to warn her to be quiet LOL. After a while, a senior informs them that Mizuchi is coming. Mikoto quickly gets into her position with the class rep, bowing down her head as she waits for him to walk by.

However, the next thing Mikoto hears is Aoi’s voice—giggling as she guides Mizuchi through the way. In an insulting tone, Aoi mentions that Mikoto is the Senki candidate who challenged her for a fight. The class rep warns Mikoto not to lift her head, and so she can only nod quietly. Aoi continues mocking Mikoto by saying that even though she was chosen by the demon card, the legendary Senki candidate is now blending with the other Minamo. Aoi makes it clear that she thinks Mikoto is just a lowly existence, and she laughs saying bowing down like that really suits her. Mikoto can hear the class rep gritting her teeth in anger, but the one who breaks Aoi’s insult parade turns out to be Mizuchi. When she turns to him, Mizuchi coldly orders Aoi to apologize. Of course Aoi protests saying she didn’t do anything wrong, but Mizuchi tells her to apologize to all Minamo—not only to Mikoto. Minamo are not divided by quality, and there’s no superiority or inferiority between them. As a part of the Koukoku Class, and even as a part of their family, Aoi should be ashamed of her words.

After asking everyone to lift their heads, Mizuchi apologizes saying he’s not a person they should greet like this. He also apologizes for Aoi’s insults, and Aoi can’t believe her eyes when he bows his head to them. Aoi points out that he’s one of the Five Brights, but Mizuchi replies that being a Bright doesn’t make him higher than everyone else. He wants Aoi to reflect on her actions too. Rules exist to protect the right things, and he thinks it’s wrong to have a rule like this. He wants them to abolish this rule starting from today, and he takes his leave after that. Sadly, erasing the morning greetings also means they probably won’t have any chance to talk to Mizuchi again. The Minamo around them begin panicking, and some of them are horrified by the thought that he hates them now. Before Mikoto could figure out what’s going on, Aoi suddenly yells “It’s all your fault!” and slaps her in front of everyone. (╯゚□゚)╯︵ ┻━┻

Aoi blames Mikoto for causing Mizuchi to hate her, and there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s all Mikoto’s fault. If she didn’t come to Kaen, something like this would never happen. When Mikoto calls her name, Aoi screams that she’s dirty and she shouldn’t mention her name so lightly. She swears that she’s going to win their Katou and chase Mikoto out of school. Aoi then walks away in anger, but all the Minamo around them start blaming Mikoto as well. Aoi made the rule of greetings for them, and yet it’s now gone because of her. Besides, they think it’s absurd for a first year like her to challenge Aoi in a battle. Mikoto can’t bring herself to say that it wasn’t her wish, and so she receives their insults in silence. The class rep tries to defend her by stating that it’s Mizuchi’s request for the rule to be abolished, only to cower in fear as they snap back at her.

Fortunately for them, Hime soon comes to stop the chaos—reminding them that the commotion will only trouble Mizuchi. He understands how they feel, but they have to know that Mizuchi feels the same way. He wants to give them equal treatment, and so he hates anything that has hints of superiority and inferiority. Even if it’s a rule like the morning greetings. This makes them realize that it’s actually their fault for driving Aoi to make such a rule in the first place, and Hime nods saying Aoi didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just their feelings went off the right track for a little bit, and he assures them that Mizuchi treasures them all. Touched by Hime’s words, they finally stop their rage and return to the dorm. They have realized how much trouble they’ve caused for Mizuchi. Mikoto also thanks the class rep for defending her earlier, though the class rep denies doing it for her. She only did it for the pride and honor of the first year Minamo. Then she runs off saying this doesn’t mean that she has acknowledged Mikoto or anything. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After everyone leaves, Hime tells Mikoto that Minamo are really great. Their power grow stronger along with their feelings, and the players—including the Five Brights—are always relying on their support. Mikoto says that she needs to reflect on her actions too. This happened because she didn’t say the words she needs to say, and that caused everyone including Aoi to be worried. Hime replies to this with: “You’re a good girl. So much that I’m about to puke.” Of course Mikoto is surprised, but then Hime laughs and adds it sounds like something Onosada would say. This also means that he actually watched her conversation with Onosada, and he apologizes saying it’s because her expression was priceless. Hime asks if she’s pissed after hearing this, and Mikoto admits that she is. She’s a bit… no, she’s quite pissed actually. Hime finds this amusing and says he wants to see more of that side, but Mikoto refuses and points out that he’s being mean. At first she thought he’s a kind person. He smiles saying the same goes for her, and she reluctantly accepts defeat—it’s something she can’t deny. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she is acting like a “good kid”.

Hime then laughs as he ruffles Mikoto’s hair. It’s surprising since he usually behaves like a gentleman, but she knows what he’s trying to convey. Mikoto is lost in thought for a while, until Hime mentions that she’s actually similar to a certain someone… and it makes them perfect for each other. He can tell that she’s quite strong, and so the only problem here is Aoi—her emotions are too unstable. It seems that the fluctuations in Aoi’s emotions are related to an issue in her family, but Hime is hoping it’s just his imagination. Noticing that Mikoto has fallen into silence, he smiles and asks if she wants him to pat her head again. She refuses.

Meanwhile, Aoi is rambling somewhere in the courtyard. She can’t accept how Mizuchi humiliated her in front of everyone, especially because she made the rule based on their requests. Not because she wanted to help, but because she wanted to be admired by them. She enjoyed bathing in their envious gaze as she stands beside him, and he belonged to only her until Mikoto came and ruined everything. Aoi doesn’t care about the Senki candidate, and she has no intentions of handing Mizuchi to anyone. She won’t let anyone touch him. Their grandfather wasn’t pleased when he heard about this either, because it’s a rule in their family… and rules are absolute. Aoi’s voice trembles as she talks, and she ends it with an insane laughter.

That night, Mikoto is reflecting on everything that happened today. She was impressed by how much the seniors can love Mizuchi so deeply, and she thinks about how she doesn’t know much about him. He’s so quiet, and she can’t help but feel scared of the sharp look in his eye. He also gives off an unfriendly, cold impression, and she finds it hard to read his expression. She wonders how it feels to have a date with such a person, but she has to do her best if she doesn’t want to drop out of school. Mikoto sighs and wonders if she will ever fall in love with a player, giving her all for one person only. The thought scares her a little since it feels like she’s going to change, but for now… she has to learn more about the relationship between the players and Minamo. She can think about dedicating herself to someone from there. Before going to bed, Mikoto also thinks about Hime’s words. He said she’s similar to a certain someone, but who was he talking about?

• Day 5 •

It’s the day of the Katou with Aoi, and after receiving some tips from Momotose, Mikoto goes to face her in the auditorium. Aoi is still as hostile as usual and says she’s going to put Mikoto in her place, but of course that doesn’t happen because… well, she gets her ass kicked. Despite the result, Aoi can’t accept her defeat and starts screaming about how she’s better than Mikoto in everything. She’s a pure-white Minamo who’s not supposed to lose, and she accuses Mikoto for cheating. However, Aoi also starts laughing in an insane manner. It doesn’t take long for everyone to realize that something is wrong, and Momotose pulls Mikoto away as black shadow emerges around Aoi. Just then a laughter is head, and they see a man standing on the other side of the auditorium—an Adabana. He comments that Aoi’s soul is incredibly dirty, but it makes her a nice feast for utsurohi. Aoi screams as her body gets swallowed by the darkness, and Mikoto is about to run up to her… but Momotose stops her. Aoi has been possessed, tainted by utsurohi. There’s nothing they can do to save her now. At the same time, the Adabana laughs saying he’s going to use Aoi as his own Minamo once she’s completely tainted. His next target would be Mikoto.

After asking for Mizuchi’s approval, Iroha asks everyone to step back—they’re going to purge Aoi through Hana Awase. Just as the name suggests, “purging” means cleansing tainted “flowers” and “water” by killing them. In Kaen, it’s written in the rules to end a Minamo’s life once she’s corrupted. Since the players are like flowers, they can let the tainted one wilt and it’ll be the end of the story… but it’s different for Minamo since they are water. If a player touches a corrupted water, they will be tainted as well. It doesn’t help that Aoi is the Minamo of a Bright, which makes it easy for her to taint others. It’d be terrible if she corrupts all players in the school. However, Mikoto doesn’t want them to kill Aoi just because she got possessed. Iroha points out that one puts their life on the line by doing Hana Awase, and she should be aware of that as the Senki candidate… but Mikoto says she doesn’t care about that. No matter what happens, killing someone to solve an issue is just too much. It’s not that she wants the entire school to be tainted, but she wants them to look for another way that doesn’t involve killing.

The one who answers Mikoto’s protest is Mizuchi, asking if she has a pride as a Minamo. He carries his role as a Kaei with pride, and he completely understands why Aoi needs to be executed. Mizuchi wants Mikoto to have pride as a Minamo too. If she’s not ready for it, then she should leave the school. Iroha comments that they don’t have time, but Mikoto then asks if Mizuchi is really okay with this. She reminds him that Aoi is strong because of her love for him, so is he really going to watch her die? Despite what he said, Mikoto can see the decision is actually painful for Mizuchi. He quietly answers that he can’t do anything, but she holds his hand saying he can. His hands are really cold, which makes her realize that he really is in pain—he’s just forcing himself to appear fine. Mikoto then admits that she’s actually scared too, but if it’s with Mizuchi, she feels that they can do it. She can’t really put it into words, but she believes there are things more important than rules. Mikoto then asks Mizuchi to do Hana Awase with her. She can’t just abandon Aoi, and that’s her pride as a Minamo.

Mizuchi remains silent for a while, and he finally opens his mouth to say that Mikoto is a strange person. He thought she’s strong, but she turns out to be fragile as well. While she looks calm and composed right now, he can see passion burning deep inside of her. Mizuchi asks Mikoto to share her courage with him, and he vows to protect everyone in the school. He then asks Iroha to let them deal with Aoi, and Iroha agrees after warning them that failure is not an option. Through Hana Awase, Mizuchi and Mikoto manage to defeat Aoi along with the Adabana—who’s using her as a Minamo. The thing is while this safely purges the utsurohi in Aoi’s body, it doesn’t work the same way for the Adabana. Iroha inquires who ordered him to go after the Senki candidate, but the Adabana keeps his mouth shut and dries up as he mutters the word “… nee-san…” The sight clearly shocks Mikoto, while Momotose explains that an Adabana’s fate is to wither once they lose their water. It’s the fate for those who don’t follow the right path of the flower. For the ones who chose to stain themselves with hostility.

In any case, the chairmen are impressed with their fight. Mizuchi says it’s all thanks to Mikoto’s power, and she replies it’s because he accepted her power. Just then her vision turns blurry, and knowing that it’s hard for her to remain standing, he asks her to hold onto him. Mikoto feels pathetic for feeling dizzy, but Mizuchi thinks it’s only natural and praises her for doing so well. He then asks her to take care of him from now on, and she gladly says yes. Behind them, the chairmen are watching this development in amusement. They’re also feeling a bit impatient, but Momotose tells them that it takes time for feelings to grow. It’s important to take one step at a time, though Iroha isn’t sure if they have enough time for that. However, this also marks the second utsurohi incident at school. Recently there are bad rumors from Goto-gai, and Awahana thinks it might be related to these incidents. Kintokihana mentions that he can see another shadow’s involvement in this case, but he can’t see the identity of that shadow.

“深き山にすみける月を見ざりせば 思い出もなき我が身ならまし” — Saigyō Hōshi (1104)
If I did not see the clear moonlight, deep in the mountain, I will never have these memories.

Mizuchi has known Aoi ever since they were small. He wasn’t calm at all when they decided to execute her, but he was bound by the rules—he couldn’t do anything. Mikoto’s sincerity has opened his eyes. She made him realize what’s truly important to him as a player, even before his role as a Kaei. He feels thankful to her. Mizuchi noticed that Mikoto’s hands were trembling after all, so he wants her to remember that his hands are holding onto hers. She has him to support her. Because he, as her partner, will always be by her side.

• Day 6 •

When Mikoto and Mizuchi go to see Onosada, he congratulates her on the victory. She asks him about Aoi, but it turns out Aoi already drops out of school today—following the rules. Mikoto feels bad about this, but Onosada reminds her that it’s already good enough for Aoi not to get executed. Mizuchi also informs them that Aoi will rest at home for a while, and then she’s going to transfer into another Kaen in the outskirts of town. Since Kasen is a national competition, there are other Kaen aside from Kasen Academy. They’re more like branches though, so Kasen Academy is the main stronghold of Kaen. Mikoto is glad that Aoi can still do Kasen even after dropping out, and Onosada comments that she’s really easy-going. In fact, he’s not sure if it’s to be expected from the Senki candidate or if she’s just plain dense LOL.

That aside, Onosada then asks when are they going to have the date. Mizuchi replies that it doesn’t seem to be healthy to put it that way, but Onosada only tells him not to be such a kid. People keep making progress as the world turns, so they just have to get on with it. Since none of them says anything, Onosada tells them to have a date next week. It’s a teacher’s order, and he also wants them to kiss at least once… but of course they can go further than a kiss if they want to. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[ The Five Brights’ Rooms ]

Hime enters Mizuchi’s room to find the latter staring out the window. When Hime asks what he’s looking at, Mizuchi gets startled and quickly closes the curtain. Despite his attempt to hide it, Hime soon finds out that he was looking at Mikoto—who’s having PE class outside. Hime jokingly asks if he wanted to see Mikoto in her gym clothes, to which Mizuchi replies with: “Please stop that indecent delusion.” Ignoring him, Hime comments that Mikoto has been doing her best to adapt to their school. She’s been working hard to catch up with the lessons, and her grades have been improving too. While she seems tough on the outside, she’s actually weak to pressure… and yet she always states her opinions clearly. Hime finds this gap cute, and he also mentions that Mikoto got angry when he teased her before.

Mizuchi’s reaction is simple: “Don’t bug the Koukoku Class Minamo.” Hime laughs saying he won’t cross the line, but he admits that he’s curious about Mikoto—it was love at the first sight. Mizuchi is shocked to hear this, much to Hime’s amusement. He didn’t expect Mizuchi to be so surprised, even though it was just for a very brief moment. Hime then adds that Mizuchi doesn’t have to worry. He was simply curious about what kind of girl the straight-laced Mizuchi has fallen in love with, though Mizuchi denies this immediately. He tells Hime not to misunderstand, because Mikoto and him are only partners. Hime admits that he’s envious though, and he points out that Mikoto is taking off her jersey outside. Probably because of the hot weather. This causes Mizuchi to close the curtains again, then he tells Hime to get changed quickly. When Hime asks if he’s going to keep the scenery to himself, Mizuchi only asks him not to put them in the same level.

Hime chuckles saying they really are similar, but since Mizuchi doesn’t get what he’s trying to say, Hime then asks what he’s going to do about the date spot. The park sounds nice for this season, but he shouldn’t take her to Goto-gai. There’s a lot of hotels there, which means there’s also a lot of temptation. Mizuchi answers that Goto-gai is a tainted place. They’re not allowed to mention its name. Not even when they’re joking. Or at least that’s how it goes for the Koukoku Class, since they’re the only ones obeying that rule. Some people in their school sneak out to play in Goto-gai sometimes, like Kurenai. Mizuchi says this conversation makes him feel unpleasant, and he runs off to get changed in another room—leaving Hime to wonder if he made him angry.

At night, Mikoto is thinking about how she’s going to have a date with Mizuchi next week. She doesn’t find him cold and scary anymore, but they never talked outside of Hana Awase. She doesn’t know much about him either, and she’s pretty sure he’s just as troubled with their date. Just then Mikoto receives a call from Ai, who asks her to contact them. They’re lonely without her, and Shou is in a dangerous state due to lack of Mikoto. Since Mikoto only laughs and says that can’t be true, Ai sighs saying her denseness is really bad. She might not realize it, but a lot of men cried because of her. In fact, Ai used to be pissed too because she thought Mikoto is really conceited. They became friends after Ai realized that Mikoto never hides anything from people. She’s just… awfully dense.

That aside, Ai wants Mikoto to be more aware because she’s quite popular. When Mikoto points out that Ai is more popular, Ai says it’s because she’s made for love. As long as the guy is her type, she wouldn’t reject anyone who comes her way. However, Ai is surprised when Mikoto answers that she’s envious. Mikoto has always been a dense Hana Utsushi geek who doesn’t have any interest in love, so Ai would never expect to hear those words from her. Mikoto protests that she’s not a geek, and she admits that rather than growing interested in love, she has someone she’s interested in. Ai then forces Mikoto to spill the beans, and so she ends up telling Ai everything about Mizuchi.

At first Ai thinks Kaen is a really strange place to come up with something like this, and then she asks how Mikoto feels towards Mizuchi. Does she want to go out with him? Mikoto replies that she respects Mizuchi, but she doesn’t think it’s love. Besides, she doesn’t think Mizuchi is interested in her either. He’s always so cold towards her. To this, Ai says she wouldn’t know about that unless she tries. She shouldn’t reject those who come her way and go tackle that date! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Mikoto is surprised, but she promises to give it a try. Ai giggles saying Mikoto needs drastic measures, and she says she’ll keep this a secret from Shou. Then she ends the call after asking Mikoto to report if the date goes well. Mikoto decides to do her best, but she’s still not sure about what to do first.

• Day 7 •

Today the class rep returns Mikoto’s Kasen quiz, and Mikoto is happy to see that her grade is above 50. The class rep sighs saying the average is 80, so she needs to do better because she’s dragging their class down. Mikoto nods, but she admits that she’s happy. Usually she always gets red marks, and the class rep says it’s a good thing to be positive. She has to admit that Mikoto’s doing her best. When Mikoto says it’s all because the class rep helped her study before, the class rep asks her not to misunderstand. She only did it as a part of her own studies. I-It’s not like she did it for Mikoto or anything! (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ The class rep also points out that Mikoto has becoming more like a member of the Koukoku Class. At first Mikoto has an aura that chases people away from her, and her status as the Senki candidate didn’t help at all.

Mikoto apologizes since she never realized it, but the class rep says it’s fine. By now she already knows that Mikoto is surprisingly normal… or rather, a complete amateur when it comes to Kasen. She’s just doing her duty as a class rep. As Mikoto recalls how the class rep scolded her on the first day, the class rep panics and tells her not to grin like that—it’s driving her nuts. On the other hand, Mikoto is starting to understand her surroundings as well. The students in Kaen are no different than Ai and herself. She was the one who put a distance between them, just because they’re students of an elite school. She needs to thank Onosada for opening her eyes.

Mikoto snaps out of her reverie when the class rep tells her not to space out. The class rep actually finds it strange for Mikoto to do so well in the actual practice of Hana Utsushi, since she’s pretty bad when it comes to notes and theories. Mikoto also won against Aoi in Katou, so the class rep is wondering if she’s the type who gets stronger in matches. The class rep mentions that Aoi’s strength was unrivaled, but then she stops upon noticing Mikoto’s silence. After all, Aoi had to leave Kaen because of her. The class rep tells her that it can’t be helped though. Nobody could have expected that Aoi was possessed by utsurohi, not to mention that an Adabana was involved. Something like this has never happened before. It’s good enough that Aoi only got expelled, because Minamo who got tainted by utsurohi usually would lose their lives. That, or they fall into Goto-gai along with Adabana.

Mikoto is confused, but realizing what she just said, the class rep quickly ends the subject and asks her to prepare for their next lesson. Mikoto wonders what’s wrong with her. Goto-gai is a business district in the central ward. Is it bad to mention the place?

Later on, the class rep informs Mikoto in a panic that Mizuchi and Hime are here to see her. When Mikoto turns around, she finds the overwhelming sight of Mizuchi and Hime standing next to each other. Mikoto then asks if they have business with her, and Mizuchi answers with: “How about the park for next week?” Since she clearly looks confused, Hime adds that they’re talking about the date spot. The weather forecast says it’ll be sunny next week, and it’s also the perfect season to view flowers. Mikoto politely accepts, and Mizuchi takes his leave after saying he’ll be waiting by the entrance at noon. Hime smiles and asks Mikoto to take care of Mizuchi, since it’s going to be his first date. (๑ ´ ლ `๑)❤

As soon as Mizuchi and Hime are gone, the whole classroom is thrown into an uproar. The girls in Mikoto’s class can’t believe that Mizuchi came to visit the first year’s classroom, not to mention he brought Hime with him. It’s as shocking as having the Bon Festival and New Year’s coming at once! Mikoto is startled since they have gathered behind her in no time, squealing about how they stop breathing the moment Mizuchi and Hime entered their classroom. The class rep asks what they were talking about, but Mikoto keeps their date a secret knowing it’ll only cause a bigger commotion. It doesn’t end there though, because everyone start asking what she does as the Senki candidate. She has officially became Mizuchi’s partner after beating Aoi, and they want to know what she usually talks about with him. Despite Mikoto’s attempt to explain that they never did anything special, everyone is under the idea that Mizuchi has embraced her before. They want to share the sensation, and they start groping Mikoto—believing it’s like having an indirect kiss with Mizuchi.

When the guys come to see why they’re assaulting the Senki candidate, the girls chase them away saying they can’t join in. This is only for girls! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Mikoto screams that she doesn’t want this, even if they’re all girls. Mizuchi’s popularity is truly terrifying, will she be able to keep up as his partner? All she can do for now is only begging them to stop LOL.

[ The Five Brights’ Rooms ]

Mikoto is subconsciously walking towards Mizuchi’s room when she notices him talking to Momotose in the garden outside. Apparently he has a question for Momotose. Whenever he’s meeting up with people, he’d come 30 minutes early… but he’s not quite sure about how early he needs to come when he’s meeting a lady. Why yes, this is about his date with Mikoto. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Momotose is delighted to hear this. She tells him that failing right from the first date would be bad, and so he needs to come 5 HOURS earlier. Of course Mizuchi is shocked, but Momotose says it’s normal if one wants to satisfy their date partner. She also warns him that he needs to dress up for the date. After a short silence, Mizuchi answers that he understands and thanks Momotose before leaving. He doesn’t hear Momotose saying: “Well, that was a joke. If you arrive 5 minutes earlier, you should be fine… Huh? Mizuchi?” She can’t believe how impatient he is, but she thinks it would be alright. There’s no way he’d really wait for 5 hours right?

…right? _(:3 」∠)_

• Day 8 •

[ Courtyard ]

Even with the date approaching, Mikoto has no idea what to talk about with Mizuchi. It’s going to be just the two of them, and yet she doesn’t have much experience in conversing with boys. She decides to ask for Shou’s help, but sadly he’s not picking up his phone… and soon Iroha appears saying she’s not allowed to use her phone at school. Mikoto quickly apologizes and drops the call, but she decides to use this chance to ask for Iroha’s advice instead. She mentions that he did an investigation with Mizuchi before, and she’s wondering what they usually talk about. However, Iroha simply answers that they… don’t talk. Σ(゚ー゚;) He never talked to Mizuchi for a conversation. He only talks when he has something to say. That’s all. Mikoto smiles and nods for a second, until she realizes that it doesn’t answer her question at all LOL. Iroha already walks off though, and she wonders if she asked the wrong person for advice.

[ Greenhouse ]

Mikoto notices Mizuchi among the plants in the greenhouse, and she wonders what he’s doing.

“水底に深く緑の色見えて 風に浪よる河柳かな” — Saigyō Hōshi (55)
In the clear river, a deep green is seen, and reflections of willow branches waving in the wind.

After reciting those words, Mizuchi releases water to shower the plants… and Mikoto is impressed by how beautiful the sight is. She wants to watch it for a bit longer. Mikoto also notices how Mizuchi has a peaceful expression, which she finds surprising since she never saw anything aside from his usual strict expression. She thinks he’s very beautiful. He’s tall and his movements are elegant, as beautiful as a painting. She feels that the Five Brights are different from normal people. They have a mysterious charm that draws people in. Is that why they’re called “flowers”? Mizuchi is sparkling, and Mikoto wants to watch him more.

However, Mizuchi is surprised when he notices Mikoto nearby. She quickly apologizes and falls into silence when he looks at her, but she gathers her courage and walks up to him—trying to explain properly. At the same time, Mizuchi warns Mikoto that the ground around him is wet. It’d be dangerous if she comes closer, but she doesn’t get what he’s trying to say… until she slips and falls down right in front of him. Mizuchi feels bad for not warning her sooner, but Mikoto says it’s her own fault for being so careless. When she tries to get up, a sharp pain pierces her waist. She hit her hip on a concrete rubble, which crumbled down during the utsurohi incident from before.

Mizuchi asks if she can stand, and Mikoto tries pulling herself up… but it seems impossible. She tells him not to worry since she’ll heal in no time, but he asks her not to jump into hasty conclusions—they should see a doctor. Besides, she’s completely drenched and will catch a cold at this rate. Mikoto tries to assure Mizuchi that she’s fine, but she ends up sneezing before finishing her sentence. Mizuchi is completely torn here. He can’t just leave a lady alone, and the situation is different from last time. Mikoto’s body will get cold too if he goes to get a stretcher, but still… (๑´ლ`๑)❤ When Mikoto asks him what’s wrong, Mizuchi reluctantly says it can’t be helped and asks her to close her eyes. The moment she does, he suddenly lifts her up and carries her princess-style. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Mikoto is obviously surprised, but since Mizuchi warns her to keep her eyes closed, she quickly obeys and turns red in his arms. It’s still embarrassing even with her eyes closed. Mizuchi then apologizes for breaking their rule. During the ceremony he already vowed that he won’t touch Mikoto, and he doesn’t know how to apologize to her now. Mikoto gasps in shock. She didn’t expect Mizuchi to keep those words up until now, and she also realizes that’s why he’s been acting cold towards her. He comments that she must be feeling unpleasant, but she quickly denies it and asks if he’s not the one who feels that way. He firmly answers that it’s absurd. There’s no way he’d feel unpleasant, but he admits that he actually feels bad for her. He’s afraid that he might taint her with his actions. She assures him that something like that won’t happen, so he nods and asks her to bear with it until they reach the infirmary.

Mikoto is torn between her embarrassment and consideration for Mizuchi’s feelings. He broke the rule for her, so she doesn’t want to reject him. It’s really embarrassing to be carried all the way to the infirmary, but she decides not to resist and listen to him. Mikoto notices that Mizuchi is being considerate as well, since he keeps looking forward without glancing down at her. Their bodies are pressed closely against each other, and through her wet clothes, she can really feel his warmth. She also notices that he has strong arms, even though he has a slender and delicate figure. Then suddenly, Mizuchi gasps saying this is bad. Mikoto asks him what’s wrong, but he only grunts and turns silent—causing her to wonder if he’s angry. She can’t seem to understand him after all.

As they make their way through the hallway, all the girls are screaming about how Mizuchi is carrying a girl in his arms. Mikoto drowns in embarrassment and tells him that everyone’s looking at them, but he replies that it’s only obvious since he’s carrying someone. Mizuchi warns the girls to be quiet since it’s forbidden to chat in the hallways, while Mikoto thinks that it’s not the problem. Once again she shuts her eyes and starts hoping for them to reach the infirmary soon. Before everyone misunderstands.

[ Momotose’s Room ]

When Mikoto enters the room, she’s welcomed by a super excited Momotose. After what happened earlier, Momotose already heard about how Mizuchi carried the Senki candidate in his arms—showing her off to everyone. She smiles saying the rumor has spread all over the school, but when Mikoto protests saying it’s just a misunderstanding, she lightly says it’s just a joke. She found out about what actually happened from the doctor, and she asks if Mikoto’s hips are alright. Luckily it was just a bruise, and the wound should heal after resting for a while. Mikoto says she’s scared of how everyone will look at her after this, but Momotose tells her to be brave and proud. After all, Mizuchi and her are partners. Mikoto admits that her relationship with Mizuchi isn’t that prominent yet, but she feels that she can understand why everyone admires Mizuchi. She can see that he’s not as scary as she thought.

Mikoto apologizes for saying such a thing regarding one of the Five Brights, but Momotose points out that the Five Brights are humans as well. Momotose then asks Mikoto to understand Mizuchi more, because she doesn’t really understand him either. She mentions that Mizuchi’s family is a bit different, in the sense that they have unique rules. For example, Mizuchi’s eyepatch. He’s wearing it because of his family rule, though Momotose doesn’t know the details. Mikoto is surprised since she doesn’t know about this before, and she thinks about what kind of rules his family might have.

• Day 9 •

[ Classroom ]

Before PE class, Mikoto notices her classmates squealing around the window. When she goes to join them, she finds out that they’re watching Mizuchi and Hime—who are playing tennis outside. They’re keeping up an impressive rally, and both of them are really good. The class rep then explains that Hime is practicing for a match against another school, and Mizuchi is helping him out. Or rather, Mizuchi is the only one who can help him practice. Hime, being the tennis club’s ace, is just too strong for everyone else to face. One of their classmates comments that it’s a very important chance for them to see… Mizuchi’s bare legs. The class rep warns them not to be so disgraceful, but Mikoto can see that she’s staring at his legs as well LOL. Another girl mentions that Hime is the person who understands Mizuchi the most. They became Brights at the same time, and Mizuchi only opens his heart towards Hime. Everyone feels happy just to see them standing next to each other. As the class rep directs them to move for their next class, Mikoto wonders what Mizuchi and Hime usually talk about.

Later on, Mikoto is lost in thought as she walks through the hallway. What should she talk about during the date with Mizuchi? Maybe about Kasen? Like the history of Hanafuda? Mikoto’s train of thought comes into a halt when she bumps into someone, and she quickly apologizes… only to realize that it’s Kurenai, one of the Five Brights who caused a commotion before. Kurenai quietly sighs as he glares at Mikoto, and feeling scared, she excuses herself and tries to leave. Of course this doesn’t work though, because he recognizes her as the Senki candidate. He asks if she’s just going to leave after bumping into him like that. Mikoto asks if he’s hurt, but Kurenai says that’s not what he’s talking about. Ignoring her protests, he pulls her towards himself and comments that she’s his type after all—she’s got big boobs.

Mikoto screams and tries to resist when Kurenai touches her chest, but he only grins saying this is nothing much. All the other Minamo do this too. When Mikoto turns red and asks what he’s talking about, Kurenai asks if she wants to know—he’ll gladly tell her. As he lowers his head onto Mikoto’s ears, Kurenai whispers that Kaen is a place where virgins gather. It’s the number one requirement to become a Minamo, but those with high sexual desire find it hard to hold back… and so he plays with them from time to time. The moment Mikoto asks what he means by “playing”, Kurenai pins her against the wall and says “…as long as it doesn’t go through here. You get it, right?” as he touches her down there. Σ(゚ー゚;) Mikoto shivers when Kurenai’s hand enters her skirt, but he covers her mouth before she can call for help. Then he tells her to switch over from Mizuchi to him. He can make her feel good without any suffocating formalities.

Mikoto tries to resist, but Kurenai only finds her eyes incredibly appealing. He thinks she’s good at seducing men, and he won’t be able to stop anymore. Kurenai then says they should continue in his room, but soon enough, Mizuchi comes with Hime. Mizuchi asks what Kurenai thinks he’s doing, and Hime goes to check if Mikoto is alright… but she freaks out and yells at them not to touch her. She apologizes upon realizing what she just said, while Kurenai laughs at the sight. However, Kurenai’s amused smile disappears when Mizuchi asks him to apologize. His action was an insult towards a Minamo of the Koukoku Class, and Mizuchi wants him to apologize for that. In a low voice, Kurenai asks why a virgin bastard like Mizuchi is trying to act like a knight. Mizuchi points out that Kurenai’s vulgar words are hurting the Five Bright’s dignity, so he’s going to report this to the chairmen and ask for a suitable punishment. Kurenai challenges him to do that, informing them that he’s related to the chairmen, but Mizuchi doesn’t think that would affect anything. The chairmen aren’t foolish enough to spare someone of a lower rank like him.

Kurenai instantly snaps saying he’s going to kill Mizuchi, but the argument ends when Hime warns Mizuchi that Mikoto is terrified. Hime also reminds Kurenai that even Onosada wouldn’t be able to protect the Five Brights if they get into a fight, so Kurenai scoffs saying they can do whatever they want. Before walking off, he turns to Mikoto saying the virgin bastard wouldn’t be able to satisfy her body… so he’ll return to pamper her again. Then he grins and leaves them with laughter. Hime gently asks if they should call Momotose over since Mikoto is visibly shaken, but she assures him that she’s fine. Or rather, she wants to believe that she’s fine. The truth is Kurenai left chills on the places he touched, and she feels disgusted by it. Even more than anything, she feels really embarrassed that Mizuchi saw her in such a situation. Mikoto notices that Mizuchi is looking at her in silence, and she wonders why. His eyes are scary. Is he angry? Is there something weird about her?

Mizuchi answers the questions in Mikoto’s mind by quietly taking his leave. This surprises her. Why? What just happened? Beside her, Hime asks her to have some warm drink in his room. She nods and obediently follows him there, where he pours some hot cocoa for her. Mikoto apologizes and tries to explain that she was really confused earlier, but Hime smiles saying she can stay in his room until she calms down. She feels bad and tries to excuse herself, but then he points out that she’s being too considerate for her own good. She should rely on him more. Mikoto asks if he’s not going to tease her again like last time, and Hime sadly points out that it’s not the time for jokes. Once again Mikoto apologizes, and after a moment of silence, she tells Hime that she doesn’t like relying on people. She always does everything by herself ever since she was small, and somehow it became a habit. Ai often scolds her for holding back and not relying on them, since that makes it look like she’s pushing people away. That’s why she thinks Onosada might have seen through her, and maybe Hime does too.

Mikoto apologizes since that’s not what she wanted to say, but Hime smiles saying he’ll listen to anything… and so she admits that she’s not good at talking. She’s not sure how to rely on people in times like this, and it’s not because she’s holding back—she really doesn’t know. Even after what Kurenai did to her, she’s not sure about who to talk to and what she should say. Realizing that she’s doing it wrong again, Mikoto stops herself and finally admits that she was terribly scared. Hime gently asks her to drink the cocoa before it gets cold, and he mentions that she’s similar to Mizuchi. He doesn’t like relying on others either, and people like them can’t do the opposite. They can’t pamper or help others. Mikoto realizes that it might be true, because nobody ever relies or seeks comfort from her. She quickly adds that she doesn’t think of Mizuchi in such a way though, and Hime chuckles saying he likes both of them. They’re so… human-like.

Hime then adds that human hearts are difficult. Even if one might be wishing to stay in a certain way, reality doesn’t always go as expected. Everyone is struggling, as much as they can. He points out that Mizuchi was quite shaken when he saw Mikoto nearly getting hurt. Despite his exterior, Mizuchi is actually a passionate person inside. Mikoto is surprised since she didn’t realize that he was shocked. In fact, she thought he was really calm… because he’s such a refined, perfect person who can do anything. Hime responds to Mikoto’s comment by asking if she wants people to think of her like that, and she takes a moment to think about this. She doesn’t believe that she wants everyone to have that kind of image about her, since she’s not as great as Mizuchi. Before she could say anything, Hime smiles and asks Mikoto to understand Mizuchi… and also to save him. Mikoto doesn’t think she can do that though. She can only drag him down, and she’s not even reflected in his eyes. He even took his leave quickly just earlier, but then she remembers that he was looking at her. If he’s not angry, then why…? She doesn’t understand him, but there’s a strange, sad feeling deep in her heart. What is this feeling…?

In the evening, Hime visits Mizuchi and asks if he has calmed down. He assures Mizuchi that Mikoto is okay, and he already submitted a report to Onosada as well. Mizuchi replies that he doesn’t mind if Hime scorns him, but Hime says he won’t—he’s worried that Mizuchi might be forcing himself too hard. Mizuchi doesn’t answer though, so Hime recommends drinking a hot milk with a bit of honey. At first Mizuchi is about to say that he doesn’t need such a thing, but then he stops himself and agrees to drink it later. Satisfied with the answer, Hime smiles and asks Mizuchi to take care of himself.

At night, Mikoto thinks about how scary today was. She learned that one of the Five Brights is a cruel man, and she still feels disgusted by the places touched by Kurenai. He was looking at her with glaring eyes, like a wolf targeting its prey… and how his hands crawled all over her body… Mikoto stops herself from recalling the memory any further, but she has realized that’s what a man is. Kurenai was violently seeking something from her, and she feels scared. She doesn’t want to be touched by him… but Mizuchi is different. She didn’t feel disgusted when he kissed her during the ceremony. Or when he held her hand during Hana Awase. Or when he carried her in his arms. Is it because she’s similar to him? Like what Hime told her earlier? Mikoto doesn’t think they’re similar, but she’s not sure either. She still feels embarrassed that he saw her in such a situation. He’s so delicate and refined, so she’s hoping that he won’t hate her because of this.

• Day 10 •

Today is the date with Mizuchi, and Momotose is happily giggling in Mikoto’s room. It’s the important day which will tie the two of them together, though Momotose feels a bit lonely since Mikoto will be taken away by Mizuchi. Mikoto is actually planning to go out in her Kaen uniform, but Momotose stops her since she’s not going on a field trip. Instead of grasping a man’s heart, she’ll make it wither instead. Before Mikoto can do anything, Momotose grabs her hand and drags her into the school building—where she has fun giving Mikoto a makeover. Aside from doing Mikoto’s make-up, Momotose also chooses her cute date outfit with the help of her two servants, Kasu and Tane. Momotose is really satisfied with how cute Mikoto looks, and Mikoto has to admit that her outfit is indeed cute. Her dress is soft and frilly, though once again… she finds the skirt too short. Momotose smiles saying it shows Mikoto’s beautiful legs perfectly, and Mizuchi deserves a divine punishment if he doesn’t do anything to her. This leaves Mikoto with no choice but to wear it, and Momotose sends her off by saying: “Goodbye. Please knock Mizuchi out.” (๑´ლ`๑)❤

From there, Mikoto walks to the park feeling uncomfortable with the short skirt. This is her first time wearing something like this, and she wonders if it’s Momotose’s personal clothes—they must be expensive. Why is Momotose always so nice to her? That being said, Mikoto feels that her outfit really stands out. She notices that a lot of people are looking at her, and it’s embarrassing. It doesn’t take long until a flirt comes to hit on Mikoto, and despite her attempt to get away, he pulls her closer and comments about how slender her arm is. This revives the chilly, disgusting sensation Mikoto had when Kurenai touched her before, and she feels her body growing cold from the places touched by the flirt. She desperately begs him to let her go, but the flirt doesn’t stop until a deep voice interrupts them with a single word: “Filthy.”

Both Mikoto and the flirt are surprised to see Mizuchi standing beside them. The flirt quickly snaps back at him and calls him an eyepatch bastard, but he calmly tells the flirt to let go of her. When the flirt tells him not act cool after interrupting them, Mizuchi replies that he already wins. He has touched Mikoto before the flirt does, and Mikoto quickly nods in agreement—which finally chases the flirt away. Mikoto thanks Mizuchi for saving her, but he apologizes for saying rude things about her. That, and for being late in realizing that she was bothered by a flirt. She looks so different today, and so he didn’t notice at first. Mikoto doesn’t answer though, and Mizuchi asks her what’s wrong… because she doesn’t look to well. She quietly apologizes and explains that it reminds her of what happened with Kurenai, so now her body feels weird. Before she can finish her sentence, Mikoto’s vision suddenly turns dim. She feels cold, and then she loses consciousness.

When Mikoto wakes up later, she tries to recall what happened to herself. She can hear the birds chirping, and she’s wrapped in a comfortable warmth. It feels like a long time ago, someone used to wrap her in this kind warmth too. Through her skin, she can hear the sound of another heartbeat… and she opens her eyes to find herself in Mizuchi’s arms. Mikoto panics and tries to get up, but Mizuchi asks her to keep quiet. She’ll attract people, and he doesn’t want them to see her in this state. They’re still in the park, but he took her to a quiet place since it’s an emergency. He’s not done treating her yet, and so he asks her to stay still for now. Since Mikoto doesn’t get what happened to her, Mizuchi then explains that she “dried up”—it’s a condition that can only happen to Minamo, where the “water” inside of them decreased drastically. When a Minamo senses danger, their bodies will judge said danger as impurities and try to purify it with their water. It’s like a form of self-defense for them. While it’s quite similar to anemia, it’s a dangerous condition since their lives might dry up if they don’t receive an emergency treatment in time.

Mikoto read in her textbook that a Minamo normally wouldn’t dry up outside of Hana Awase, but Mizuchi reminds her that she just became one. Most likely she can’t control her water yet, and what Kurenai did to her probably added to the effect—that’s why her body felt weird. In any case, Mizuchi feels bad for failing to prevent Mikoto from drying up… and he asks for her forgiveness. Of course Mikoto tells Mizuchi that it’s not his fault. She was the one who couldn’t control the water in her, not to mention he also has to give her an emergency treatment. He explains that in order to revive a Minamo from the dried-up stage, a player has to circulate the water in her. It can’t be done in hospitals, and they didn’t have the time to return to Kaen… so as the result, he ended up “humiliating” her like this in the outdoors.

Mikoto denies this and tries to explain that she was only surprised because it’s her first time receiving an emergency treatment, but Mizuchi then admits that he’s afraid she might get frightened by his actions. If that happens, he wouldn’t be able to treat her properly. When she looks up, Mikoto notices that Mizuchi looks worried. She thinks if she feels scared of being touched by him, and she tries comparing it to when she was touched by Kurenai and the flirt from earlier… but eventually she opens her mouth to tell him that it’s alright. She doesn’t feel scared when he touches her, because they’re partners. Even though Mizuchi is holding her like this, Mikoto feels completely fine. She asks if they can stay like this for a little longer, and he answers that of course they can. They’re going to stay here until she recovers. Rather than feeling terrified, Mikoto finds it warm in Mizuchi’s arms. She can feel water filling her body as he hugs her, and she wonders why she doesn’t get scared of him. Is it because the demon card chose him?

Mikoto quickly realizes that it’s not true. She’s not scared because Mizuchi is trying to save her. He’s trying to protect her as a Minamo, and that feeling reached her. She doesn’t feel scared because she can feel his kindness. Mizuchi reluctantly asks Mikoto not to stare at him so much, so she nods and closes her eyes. She apologizes for causing this much trouble during their date, but he says he doesn’t mind. She tells him that this park is a famous place in the central ward, and it’s located beside a botanical garden. It’s her first time visiting the park, and she got lost along the way due to the large area. He adds that it’s the best park in their town, with different flowers blooming in each season. The park is under a good maintenance, and they will never get bored of the sight. He mentions that flowers will wither without good soil and water—it’s just like them. The “soil” is their school, and Minamo are their “water”. Kaei are “flowers” that grow with the power received from their only one Minamo, until they bloom into a large flower one day.

By the time Mizuchi finishes treating Mikoto, the sun is already setting. He asks her to open her eyes, and she notes that her body feels light and refreshed now. When she happily thanks him, he smiles saying she has no impurities in her… and this surprises her because he actually smiles at her. As Mizuchi walks Mikoto back to school, she thinks about how unfair it is for him to give her such a smile. In the end it didn’t feel like a date, but even though it’s a bit late, Mikoto comes to realize that she was hugged by THAT Mizuchi. This sends heat to her cheeks, and she tries not to be overly conscious of him. She doesn’t want him to find her acting weird. Before leaving the park, Mikoto bumps into a blonde foreigner who’s holding a camera in his hands. He apologizes to her before walking away, and Mizuchi asks if she’s alright. She quickly pulls herself back together though, and they finally return to school.

When they reach the entrance, Mikoto apologizes to Mizuchi once again. He returns the apology since he did something rude to her, and after a rather long silence… he asks if she wants to give it another try. Upon realizing that Mizuchi is referring to the date, Mikoto instantly turns red and says yes. He gives her another smile as he thanks her, and he leaves after asking her to meet him at the same time next week. She bids him good night and sends him off, realizing that he’s being considerate since they couldn’t have a proper date today. She believes their date today is already enough for the reward of her victory though, and she thinks about how serious he is. Just then a wind blows, and Mikoto picks up a faint, unfamiliar scent from her hair. It’s not her scent, and she soon realizes that it might be Mizuchi’s—since he was holding her earlier. Mikoto suddenly feels her heart clenching. She can’t seem to calm down. What is this feeling? She feels even more embarrassed than when Mizuchi was hugging her… what’s happening to her? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

“くまもなき月の光にさそはれて 幾雲居までゆく心ぞも” — Saigyō Hōshi (327)
Allured by the thoroughly radiant moonlight, my mind goes beyond the distant sky.

Since they had a hard time today, Mizuchi is hoping for Mikoto to rest well tonight. It was also his first time giving an emergency treatment to someone, and even though he followed the instructions properly, he felt sorry for her because it didn’t feel healthy. Why did he touch her? It was a coincidence, but it also feels like it was inevitable… like he’s wishing to touch her. He wonders if this emotion emerged in him because of the moonlight. As he looks up to the sky, Mizuchi wishes for the moon to lay a punishment upon him.

• Day 11 •

In her dream, Mikoto hears Half Moon’s voice calling her name. She realizes that it’s the same dream as the one she saw in the hospital, and he happily tells her that he’s been waiting for this day for so long… but he falls silent when she asks him to show who he really is. Once again Mikoto asks Half Moon to show his face, and an image of Mizuchi appears—surprising her. Does this mean that Half Moon is Mizuchi? Mikoto tries calling his name, but much to her surprise, Mizuchi slowly asks who she is. His voice raises into a restrained shout as he says: “Don’t come closer! Ugh…!? What are you!?” Something is clearly wrong with him, and she soon realizes that he doesn’t see her.

Mizuchi groans in pain, muttering that something is entering his body. Mikoto calls out to him, trying to ask him what’s wrong, but he clutches his right eye and lets out a painful scream. The dream then fades away, and Mikoto wakes up drenched in sweat. Soon she hears Momotose knocking on her door, and due to the shock, she nearly opens the door before changing clothes. Momotose notices that Mikoto doesn’t look too well, but since Mikoto assures her that she’s fine, Momotose only asks her not to force herself. In her mind, Mikoto sighs and wonders why she saw a dream about Mizuchi—it won’t come true, right?

Putting that aside, Momotose smiles and asks how the date went. Did she knock Mizuchi out with the cute clothes and her charm? Momotose notices that Mikoto looks concerned though, and so Mikoto decides to tell her about what happened yesterday. Momotose is worried upon learning that Mikoto dried up, but she feels relieved to know that Mizuchi was there with her. Mikoto innocently nods saying she’d be in danger if Mizuchi didn’t take care of her… and Momotose’s eyes instantly sparkle. She asks if Mizuchi gave Mikoto an emergency treatment directly, with their skin touching each other. Mikoto tries to deny this, but Momotose smiles and points out that she’s blushing. Despite Mikoto’s attempt to explain that she’s wrong, Momotose chuckles saying she’s so cute. Since Mizuchi is such a refined person, he must like Mikoto a lot to do such a bold thing. Mikoto notes that Momotose looks so happy, and she knows things will get more embarrassing if she mentions her date plan with Mizuchi next week.

Then suddenly, Momotose mentions that love is wonderful. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Mikoto asks why she’d bring up love out of the sudden, but Momotose only asks if she hasn’t realized it yet. The buds are already blooming for both Mizuchi and her. Mikoto can’t believe her ears, but Momotose points out her interest towards him. When you’re in love, you’ll start thinking of that person before you could even realize. Mikoto turns red and tries to deny this, but Momotose only chuckles saying she’s cheering them on.

[ Greenhouse ]

Upon entering the greenhouse, Mikoto sees beautiful butterflies—their wings shining with seven colors of the rainbow. As she wonders what species they are, Kintokihana asks what she’s doing here. Mikoto admits that she was charmed by their beauty, and he smiles saying they’re his lovely butterflies. He raised them up until they grew their wings. Mikoto is impressed, and Kintokihana is more than glad to receive more praises. He points at how the butterflies are dancing happily, hopping from one flower to another to intersect each other. It’s a dance to connect their current life to the next one, and it’s beautiful when you think about how short their lives are. The dance of the butterflies is like an illusion. Like they’re in a dream.

As she glances at Kintokihana, Mikoto wonders how old he actually is. He looks younger than her, but that can’t be true. Then suddenly he answers: “If you find out, you won’t be able to stay in this school.” Mikoto is surprised and turns silent, but Kintokihana says he can tell what she’s thinking of. Rather than that, he’s more concerned about when she’s going to awaken as a Senki. They didn’t invite her into Kaen on a whim. It’s to awaken the Senki in her, and that’s why they’re providing aid. Mizuchi holds the power that will allow him to serve the emperor one day. As a Kaei chosen by the demon card, he should be powerful enough to awaken the Senki. Mikoto sadly mutters that the problem is herself, but Kintokihana thinks it’s actually both of them—they’re missing something. They have to reflect on it and find the answer.

Kintokihana walks off to play with the butterflies, and Mikoto watches them gathering around him. How did they get so attached to him? She thinks he’s truly a mysterious person, but she has to admit that he’s right. She knows she can’t stay like this forever, but what should she do? If only she knows what she’s missing…

[ Courtyard ]

Mikoto sees Hime surrounded by a group of Minamo from the Gekkou Class. They congratulate him on his tennis match victory today, and he smiles as he thanks them—sending them into a mass squealing fit. Hime soon notices Mikoto and walks up to her, asking if something is wrong. Mikoto shakes her head and lowers her gaze onto the ground, then she suddenly blurts out: “Himeutsugi-san, have you ever fallen in love?” Of course Hime is surprised by the sudden question, but then he smiles saying he’s in love with all Minamo of the Gekkou Class. Mikoto is surprised, but he simply says that they’re all lovely. Hime points out that Mikoto is in love with Mizuchi as well, which causes her to blush and gasp. He chuckles and says love always begin before you can realize it, then he excuses himself and walks away—leaving her to ponder about his words. She can’t help but feel that he was talking about a different kind of love though. Love is difficult after all.

• Day 12 •

[ Greenhouse ]

Mikoto sees Mizuchi in the greenhouse, so she decides to initiate a conversation with him. However, being the serious person he is, Mizuchi responds by asking if she needs something. This throws Mikoto in a panic because she actually doesn’t know what she wants to talk about. It doesn’t help that Mizuchi is really tall as well, and so Mikoto feels a bit nervous to stand so close to him. As Mikoto stutters, Mizuchi comes closer to her and asks if she has any problems with him. She quickly says no, but he goes on to ask why she’s being so hesitant. Is there a problem? What does he need to improve? She should tell him. He approaches her as he says this, and she nervously replies that she doesn’t have any problems. Mikoto apologizes and tries to leave, but this only causes Mizuchi to come even closer and ask why she’s apologizing—is there a reason? Why is she frightened? What did he do? (屮゚Д)屮 Mikoto yelps and apologizes in a panic, but luckily Hime soon appears to stop this LOL.

Hime then explains that girls will get scared if a large man like Mizuchi approaches them while frowning like that. He needs to smile! SMILE! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Mizuchi looks really troubled as he turns to Mikoto, asking if she feels scared of him. She apologizes and admits that she does, because she thinks he looks angry. Mizuchi is shocked to hear this revelation, and after some silence… he tells Mikoto that he… can’t fix his face. (´・ω・`) She feels bad for saying something so rude, but Hime says it’s okay. He needs to learn a bit more on how to treat women properly. All Mikoto can do is hope that Mizuchi wouldn’t mind this too much.

[ Courtyard ]

Mikoto spots Mizuchi talking to Onosada, who’s asking if he’s doing well with the Senki candidate. Mizuchi asks what he means by that, and Onosada sighs saying he’s really dense. They’re partners now, and so he wants to know if Mizuchi has done anything physical to Mikoto. Onosada thinks she has zero sexiness, but she has quite a nice body… and he makes an erotic fondling gesture to get it across. Mizuchi replies that it’d be an insult for a lady, so he wants Onosada to stop saying such things. Onosada brushes it off and points out that Mizuchi is a healthy high school student, and he wouldn’t hate these stuff either. If someone sets a meal before him, wouldn’t he eat it? (◡ω⊙✿)

It doesn’t take long until Onosada notices Mikoto’s presence, so he walks to the bushes she’s hiding in and greets her there. Mizuchi is really shocked to see Mikoto, and he quickly excuses himself before running off. Onosada sighs saying he was so close. When Mikoto hesitantly asks what he’s talking about, he grins saying it’s about Mizuchi’s vita sexualis. Onosada explains that he’s worried because Mizuchi is way too pure, and so he needs proper guidance from an adult. Mikoto doesn’t understand this either. What she does know is that Onosada is doing something unnecessary.

[ Classroom ]

Iroha suddenly comes to Mikoto’s classroom, looking for her. She quickly stands up to let him know where she is, and he flatly replies that he can see her. He came to let Mikoto know that Momotose is inviting her to have lunch together in the courtyard, and since Mikoto made lunch for her today, she’s looking forward to eat it. That’s all. Iroha leaves after delivering the message, and Mikoto soon notices her classmates dreamily swooning over him. Or rather, dreamily fainting. Mikoto turns to the class rep and asks what’s going on, but the class rep is under the same effect. She mutters that seeing Iroha from such a close range is dangerous, and she asks if Mikoto saw Iroha’s mysterious, beautiful eyes. Those eyes are alluring, though the charm is different from Mizuchi’s. One look from Iroha is enough to drive them crazy—he has the devil’s enchanting eyes. Mikoto does think that Iroha has beautiful eyes, but she wonders if it’s really that charming… and this leads to the class rep saying it’s simply because she’s weird. Iroha drives everyone crazy, and the only one who can resist that charm is Momotose. The class rep faints after saying this, and Mikoto soon notices that all Minamo in the hallway have collapsed too. Iroha is truly terrifying. (๑´ლ`๑)❤

• Day 13 •

[ Classroom ]

Mikoto is surprised when Hime comes to her classroom, looking for Mizuchi. Hime explains that Mizuchi is so concerned about Mikoto, so he was wondering if Mizuchi came to visit her. Since Mikoto looks confused, Hime asks if she doesn’t feel happy to hear that… but she says no, because she doesn’t know why Mizuchi would be concerned about her. Hime’s eyes widen in surprise for a moment, and he slowly asks if she likes Mizuchi. Mikoto honestly answers that she does—she respects Mizuchi a lot. It’s just she’s aware that she’s still inexperienced as a Minamo, so she wants to catch up to his level as much as she can. Hime is surprised and turns speechless, but Mikoto doesn’t notice. She continues explaining that she wants to learn as much as possible, so she wouldn’t become a burden for Mizuchi. After a while, Hime recovers from the shock and says he understands. Then he whispers: “It’s hard when both parties are dense. My responsibility might be important. Well, I’ll do my best. See you!” …and so Hime leaves Mikoto in confusion LOL.

[ Greenhouse ]

Mikoto feels sleepy since she stayed up late to study for a test. The greenhouse is so warm, and she finds a long bench there… so she decides to take a short nap. She feels a bit cold when she wakes up later on, and she opens her eyes to find Mizuchi’s face right in front of her. The first thing he says is that she’s being TOO careless. Ignoring her surprised shriek, he asks what would she do if something happens to her when she was sleeping. When Mikoto apologizes, Mizuchi reveals that she’s been sleeping here for 3 hours. She’s the Senki candidate, and she needs to get her act together. Mizuchi leaves after telling Mikoto not to waste too much time, and she nods as she sees him off… but then she realizes something. How did he know that she was sleeping for 3 hours? : 3c

[ Courtyard ]

Mikoto sees Kintokihana giving Kurenai a warning. Kurenai doesn’t care though, and he walks away saying he’ll do whatever he wants. He stops and stares when he notices Mikoto, which causes Kintokihana to give him another warning from behind. Kurenai grins saying he understands, and he returns his gaze to Mikoto after grumbling about how troublesome everyone is. Mikoto is confused since Kurenai keeps staring at her, and he responds to this by going: “Hmph. Stuuupid.” Then suddenly, he runs up to her, slaps her butt and escapes while grinning—commenting that she’s got a nice ass. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Kintokihana sighs saying Kurenai is in a mating season all year long, since he tends to touch the girl he likes. He’s just like a mutant who never existed in their lineage before, and that makes him interesting. Mikoto complains that she’d be troubled if Kurenai touches her butt, but much to her surprise, Kintokihana tells her to let him touch it. It’s not like she would lose anything by having her butt touched.

When Mikoto firmly refuses, Kintokihana comments that her guard is really tight. It’s a good quality for the Senki candidate though. He’s going to make sure Kurenai won’t cross the line. Kintokihana then walks past Mikoto, and as he says goodbye… he touches her butt. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Mikoto screams and asks him not to do that so nonchalantly, but Kintokihana already runs off. She can’t help but feel that Kurenai and him are actually rather similar to each other.

• Day 14 •

[ The Five Brights’ Room ]

When Mikoto enters Mizuchi’s room, she’s surprised to see how tidy it is. He has a lot of books, but they’re neatly organized—just as expected. Mizuchi asks if Mikoto needs something from him, and she can ask him some questions regarding the Five Brights. These questions are actually split into two visits, but I’ll put all of them in this section to keep it compact.

About Iroha:
Mizuchi thinks Iroha is wonderful, both as a Kaei and as a person. He takes care of all the students in Kaen, not only the ones from his class. Mizuchi says he can’t possibly compare to Iroha, but he wants to improve so he can lend his power to Iroha. It’s pretty clear that Mizuchi respects Iroha a lot.

About Karakurenai:
If he’s allowed to speak bluntly, Mizuchi would describe Kurenai as irresponsible. He spends his time going out to play instead of attending classes properly. Even more than anything, Mizuchi dislikes how Kurenai is treating the Minamo in his class as his own possessions. He wants Kurenai to restrain his actions as one of the Five Brights. Mizuchi apologizes to Mikoto for causing such an unpleasant incident, and she can tell that he doesn’t really like Kurenai. Probably because their personalities are exact opposites.

About Himeutsugi:
Mizuchi says Hime never changed since the time they entered Kaen. He might have a frivolous side, but he’s deeply considerate and compassionate. He always provides the words Mizuchi is lacking, and he does it so casually as well. Hime is a modest and nice man. However, Mizuchi notes that Hime’s personality changes in Hana Awase. Despite his gentle appearance, Hime tends to take drastic measures and tactics… so Mizuchi wouldn’t want to have him as an enemy. In any case, Mizuchi trusts Hime a lot.

In the evening, Mikoto receives a call from Shou. It surprises her because she was thinking of calling him as well. When Shou asks if something happened, Mikoto nervously asks if he ever falls in love. Knowing where this is going, he hesitantly asks if she’s in love with the man they met in Kaen before. Mikoto panics and tells Shou that it’s not Iroha, but she’s not quite sure where to start either… while he tells himself to take a deep breath and calm down. Of course Mikoto completely misses the hint, so she asks Shou to listen before she tells the poor guy that she’s interested in her partner. Shou listens in silence as Mikoto describes Mizuchi’s traits, and she wonders if it’s strange to call it love. After all, she doesn’t know much about Mizuchi.

However, Shou points out that Mikoto already holds the answer. She never got interested in someone so much before, and he can tell that she wants to know more about Mizuchi. When Mikoto reluctantly admits it, Shou sighs saying he shouldn’t have let her go to Kaen after all. He should have known that something like this would happen the moment he takes his eyes off her, and he feels like a fool now. Mikoto asks what he’s mumbling about, and Shou sharply replies that at this very moment, he’s really glad that she’s dense. Despite his conflicting feelings, Shou tells Mikoto to go for it if she’s interested in Mizuchi. Get to know him more. Face him head on, and she’ll find out whether it’s love or not. Mikoto isn’t sure about this because it sounds so sketchy, but Shou points out that she already has the answer. She protests because she doesn’t know, but he says she should be thankful he gave her an advice. He makes it clear that he won’t celebrate it even if her love life goes well, and he drops the call saying he’s going to bed.

Following Shou’s advice, Mikoto decides to do her best for her next date with Mizuchi.

• Day 15 •

[ Greenhouse ]

Hime finds Mikoto in the greenhouse, and he asks if he can have some of her time. Today he has a certain question for her: “When is your first love?” Noticing that Mikoto is surprised, Hime apologizes… but it’s very important to him as the cupid, so he wants her to answer it. After a long silence, she asks if she really has to answer the question. She tries to dodge when he asks if she doesn’t remember, and this makes him realize the truth—she hasn’t had her first love yet. At first Mikoto tries to deny it, but then she gives up and says it’s probably not good for someone her age. Hime says it’s not true though. He just finds it amusing that a cute girl like her has never fallen in love before. Mikoto asks Hime not to give her such a look, because she used to get teased about this too back in her previous school. He smiles saying it’s completely fine because love isn’t something you can force, but he didn’t expect her to be so pure and untouched. She’s really similar to Mizuchi after all. Hime decides to stop asking questions, but he chuckles saying they’re so interesting.

[ Momotose’s Room ]

Or maybe we should call it Momotose’s Question Corner. Mikoto can ask all sorts of questions, but unlike Mizuchi’s questions, I’m going to split them into several sections. Because there’s a LOT of questions.

Kasen National Academy is a school specializing in the traditional game of Kasen. They have the escalator system, covering the junior high, senior high and university levels. It’s basically a place for those who have talent in Kasen, but due to the elite status of the school, some of the students also enrolled purely by using their wealth. They also receive regular lessons, so it’s like a normal school that has the elements of Kasen. After graduating, the skillful ones might be able to serve the emperor… but the most common career path is to become executives in regular companies or public utilities for Kasen all over the country. The students in Kasen are mostly people who have high social ranks, so their future are secure.

The Five Brights:
The Five Brights are the top five players in Kaen. The current members are Iroha, Mizuchi, Himeutsugi and Karakurenai. Every year the school holds a selection tournament, and those who won are granted the Kaei title. Those who are chosen as the Five Brights will be given the following cards: Rain Man (Chisen), Crane (Koukoku), Moon (Gekkou), Cherry Blossom (Ouka) and Phoenix (Houou). These are also where the names of the classes come from, and each of them are in charge of the class that shares the card’s name. The Five Brights are the pride, role model and aspiration for each class. If you’re wondering why there are only four Brights, it’s because the fifth— Utsutsu—went missing the moment he became a Bright. Momotose can’t say anything further regarding this issue though.

Minamo are “pure maidens” who can amplify the players’ strength by drawing power from the cards. They release their power like creating ripples on water, and that’s why they’re called Minamo. Since Minamo are maidens, they have to be pure and unmarried. In other words, virgins. Questionable physical contacts with men might cause their power to degrade, or they might lose their power completely. Being a virgin is also a requirement to become a Minamo in Kaen. Well… at least that’s how it looks from the outside. It’s alright as long as they don’t get deflowered, so not all Minamo are completely pure.

The Five Brights’ Minamo:
The Five Brights can only have one Minamo each. Iroha’s is Momotose, Mizuchi’s used to be Aoi, Hime’s is Kagami and Kurenai doesn’t have a fixed one. Minamo of the Five Brights also have high power that match their partner’s. They’re also closer to the Five Brights, and so they would receive envious looks from all the other Minamo.

Senki is a legendary existence who holds an exceptionally high power among all Minamo. A Senki can draw out a Kaei’s power past the maximum limit, and it is believed that her power can move heaven and earth… but they can’t say that for certain. It’s also said that a Senki is guided by the demon card, and that she might or might not be born once every a hundred of year. Or maybe even a thousand. Mikoto is the candidate of that miracle.

In the evening, Mikoto finds Iroha and Mizuchi together. Are they still investigating? Both of them are really tall and have impressive aura, so she can’t help but feel intimidated. It’s rather hard to approach them, but she wants to know more about Mizuchi… so she gathers her courage and greets them. Mizuchi doesn’t say anything though, and Mikoto immediately notices that both of them have a grim expression. Iroha explains that several days ago, the corpse of the flirt from before was found at the park. In a withered state. Mizuchi reveals that the flirt was actually an Adabana, and Iroha believes he was involved in the string of incidents they’ve been having recently—including Aoi’s case. Mikoto is surprised and asks what it means, and Iroha points out the fact that they were all aiming after the Senki candidate.

Mizuchi also explains that normal people won’t be able to make an Adabana wither so easily. It can only be done by Kaei who have taken proper training. They also have to submit a mandatory report for the country after purging, but the country didn’t receive any reports from Kaei. Mikoto asks if it means they don’t know who the culprit is, but Mizuchi promises to investigate it as quickly as possible—he won’t put her in danger. Iroha flatly interrupts by saying that’s enough resolution. For now, the Senki candidate should avoid going outside. It’d be hard for them to take responsibility if she goes out of the school’s barrier and gets attacked. Mikoto agrees, but she sadly thinks about how she wouldn’t be able to have a date with Mizuchi. When she turns to look at him, Mizuchi tells her that Iroha is taking the best plan.

Mikoto nods, but she’s beginning to wonder why she became the Senki candidate. She doesn’t have that much power as a Minamo, and there’s no sign of her awakening either. On top of being unable to answer everyone’s expectations, she’s causing trouble for Mizuchi too. She wishes that she’s just a normal Minamo instead of being the Senki candidate. Or rather, she’d rather stay as a normal high school student instead. If she never came to Kaen, these incidents would never happen. No one would get hurt. As Mikoto blames herself, her tears start flowing out. She apologizes for being so disgraceful, but Mizuchi gently asks her not to force herself. As he pats Mikoto’s head, Mizuchi tells her: “If we stay like this, no one would see you. Let’s wait until you calm down.” ♪゚+.o(*萌´ д `从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Here, Mikoto notices that Mizuchi’s large hands are warm and gentle. They wrap her in a sense of security, and she can feel her heart slowly calming down. Mizuchi then says that Mikoto is doing really well, but she has the tendency of pushing herself too hard. He always gets worried whenever he sees her, which comes off as surprising to her. Mizuchi also tells Mikoto that the incidents are not her fault. He knows she must be feeling insecure, but he will do his best to solve this problem. That’s why he wants her to believe in him. At first Mikoto thinks about how she always believed in Mizuchi, but then she realizes that it probably doesn’t come across to him. Just as the class rep said before, her feelings don’t reach people as much as she thinks it would. Mikoto turns silent for a moment, thinking about what she should do to deliver her feelings… and she finally lifts her head to thank Mizuchi. She tells him that she believes in him, and she asks him to protect her. She wants him to support her, as she turns weak rather easily.

After a long silence, Mizuchi replies that Mikoto is a strange person after all. Then he vows that he won’t let her regret her decision to come to Kaen and becoming a part of the Koukoku Class. For that sake, Mizuchi will protect Mikoto with his life. Mikoto is taken aback for a second, but then she smiles and thanks Mizuchi. Every single one of his words is seeping into her heart. She knows there are no lies in his words, and that’s why she also wants to answer honestly. She realizes that for the longest time, she’s been longing to rely on someone. She feels embarrassed and pathetic, but it’s the real her. She wants him to know her weaknesses and her everything… and she wants to know more about him. Rather than wondering if this feeling is really love or not, she knows that it’s the most important thing for now.

Mikoto snaps out of her reverie when Mizuchi asks if she’s alright with that. The surprise causes her to say “yes” without thinking, and so he decides that starting from tomorrow, she’s going to spend time with him after school. When they’re not having class or in the dorm, they will not be separated from each other. Not even for a second. He’s going to erase all danger that could possibly threaten her, and he leaves himself in her care starting from tomorrow. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

• Day 16 •

[ Momotose’s Room ]

Question Corner part 2.

An entertaining game played by using Hanafuda cards. Most people refer to Kasen as “Hana Utsushi”. The players and their Minamo draw out the power and manifest the abilities hidden in the cards. It’s basically a battle of supernatural power, and the yakus / card combinations are like special moves. The ones who are able to release those moves players and Minamo. Kasen follows the basic rules of Hanafuda, but they also have unique rules as well.

Men who are able to do Hana Awase. Hana Utsushi is a game, an entertainment, but Hana Awase is a battle that puts your life on the line. That’s why the ones who can perform it are only the skillful people who have been acknowledged by the country. In Kaen, the ones who are given the Kaei title are only the Five Brights. Most students take the qualification exam when they graduate, but only a few can actually become one. It’s a rather narrow path.

Hana Utsushi and Hana Awase:
Hana Utsushi and Hana Awase share the same basic rules. The difference is that Hana Awase involves lives. Hana Utsushi is a public game played for entertainment, official tournaments, or even to improve interstate relations. Even if you lose in Hana Utsushi, it won’t take your life. On the other hand, Hana Awase puts your life on the line. That’s why the country’s permission is required. Regular students can’t do Hana Awase, and only the Five Brights are allowed to perform it—they have that much responsibility. Hana Awase is used in emergency situations caused by utsurohi or when “reaping” Adabana, but there’s no need to worry since it rarely happens.

A species of obscene evil spirit, born from people’s negative emotions—like obsession or grudge. Utsurohi don’t have any shape, but they can possess humans and influence others that way. The only ones who can see them are Kasen players and Minamo who have undergone extensive training. Since Minamo are weak against impurities, they easily get influenced by utsurohi, so it’s important for the players to support them. As long as the player and the Minamo can combine their power and do Hana Awase properly, they should be able to fight smoothly without getting possessed.

[ Momotose’s Room ]

Question Corner part 3.

Kaei of the Chisen Class, third year. His power, technique and mind are all perfect, and he’s the best among the Five Brights. In other words, the top of the top. He has moon in his eyes, which is very rare in this world. Because of those eyes, he has the mysterious power to charm people just by looking at them. There’s a LOT of students who want to enter the Chisen Class because they admire Iroha, so much that they have to do a selection tournament. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Iroha is the aspiration of every student in Kaen… though Momotose thinks he’s just a weird, unpredictable person. If Mikoto wants to know more about this, she should try asking Iroha directly.

Kaei of the Koukoku Class, second year. Due to his prominent talent, he became a Kaei on his second year along with Hime. Mizuchi is the heir of an honorable family, and he grew up to be a noble, devoted person under their strict upbringing. Just like their leader, members of the Koukoku Class are serious and takes the rules very seriously. On the other hand, this also means they’re harsh towards people who break the rules. Due to his sincere nature, Mizuchi can be rather lacking in terms of versatility—especially when it comes to women. He’s really pure and needs to loosen up a bit in that area.

Kaei of the Gekkou Class, second year. He entered Kaen through a recommendation, and he became a Kaei on his second year—just like Mizuchi. Hime is a considerate and kind person, never acting arrogant despite being a special figure. He’s friendly and doesn’t put up acts, so he’s really popular among men and women. Similarly to Hime, most students of the Gekkou Class are gentle and would help anyone in need. There’s no rumors about him and a certain girl either, since he always puts others above himself. He’s truly angelic.

Kaei of the Ouka Class, third year. Kurenai is a distant relative of the chairmen and enrolled to Kaen on his second year, becoming a Kaei on his third. He has an amazing talent in Kasen, making him second to Iroha. He’s truly a genius, and no one has ever seen him losing a match before. Kurenai also has a high pride that matches his power, always putting himself above all else. Everyone in the Ouka Class worships him, and his words are everything to them. He’s also rather problematic when it comes to women. He never goes as far as making them lose their qualifications to be a Minamo, but Mikoto should be careful.

In the evening, Momotose smiles saying rumors about Mizuchi has spread all over the school. Mikoto only lowers her gaze since she knew this would happen. They’re always together during breaks and even when they leave the school, just like lovers. Mikoto explains that they have a reason for that, and Momotose sighs saying going to school with Mikoto used to be her enjoyment… but it can’t be helped if they have a reason. They can always talk freely in the dorm. That aside, Momotose says she never knew that Mizuchi can be so passionate about Mikoto—he’s completely in a trance. Mikoto tries to explain that it’s just his sense of duty, but she can’t deny that Mizuchi has been sticking to her like a glue recently. He’s trying to keep her safe, but of course everyone misunderstands. He did say he’d protect her with his life, but she didn’t expect that he would go this far. In fact, she might take it the wrong way too. She might think that he’s in love with her, but if it turns out to be true… (๑´ლ`๑)❤

Mikoto gulps when Momotose points out that she’s blushing. In her heart, she asks Mizuchi not to be too kind towards her. It will cause her to think of weird stuff. Speaking of weird things, she has been seeing the dream of Half Moon everyday. Mikoto wonders if Half Moon is really Mizuchi. She keeps seeing him in pain, and it’s hurting her too… so she’s hoping that she won’t see the dream again tonight.

Later on that night, Hime visits Mizuchi and greets him with: “Hello, official couple.” When Mizuchi asks what is this about, Hime replies that it’s obviously him and Mikoto. They’re always together wherever they go and spread flowers of love onto the air. Mizuchi says putting it in such a way is rude for Mikoto, but Hime points out that he doesn’t seem to mind at all… to which Mizuchi replies that he just can’t leave Mikoto alone. If he doesn’t protect her, then who will do it? Hime then asks if Mizuchi is serious. When Mizuchi answers that he is, Hime smiles and congratulates him. Now the rest depends on Mikoto. Of course Mizuchi doesn’t get this, but Hime already leaves before he could ask anything.

Mizuchi sighs saying he can’t seem to understand Hime, but the next second… his right eye suddenly starts tingling. The pain quickly fades away, but he feels that his right eye often aches recently. That, and Mizuchi is wondering where he dropped a certain item. He needs to find it quickly.

• Day 17 •

When the class rep returns her quiz result, Mikoto is happy to see that she got an 85. The class rep admits that she did well in such a short period of time, and even Onosada praised her performance. That doesn’t happen too often, and the class rep admits that she’s jealous. It might be natural though, because Mikoto has been studying privately with Mizuchi. The class rep asks if she’s heading to the library again today, and Mikoto blushes as she nods—she’s meeting up with Mizuchi there. Then suddenly, a girl in their class yells that she heard that. Another girls sighs saying she’s so jealous, but if she can spend time with Mizuchi, she will get nervous and wouldn’t know what to talk about.

Mikoto replies that they actually have quite a lot to talk about. For example, Kasen strategies or knowledge about Minamo… (´・ω・`;) The girl protests since that’s not what she meant. They want to know things like his hobbies or favorite food, though Mikoto doesn’t get why they would want to know about that. The first girl finds this unbelievable. As Mizuchi’s Minamo, isn’t it normal for them to think this way? A maiden’s heart always wants to know more about the person they love. This causes Mikoto to wonder if she was mistaken, even though she does want to know more about him. Anyway, the girls give Mikoto a paper containing 100 questions for Mizuchi. It’s a questionnaire made by all the Minamo in the Koukoku Class. She will become a representative for them and ask him to answer those questions.

Mikoto protests and asks why does it have to be her, but they says it’s obviously because she’s his Minamo. Mizuchi has the strongest defense among the Five Brights, and she’s going to open the path for them. The information will be used for a scoop in their newspaper—”Mizuchi-sama’s Minamo Newsletter”. They even included questions about his three sizes and shoe size. Mikoto doesn’t think Mizuchi would answer those, but the girls say it’s her mission to get his answer. They’re always together, so he should be a little bit more open to her by now. Mikoto isn’t sure about that, but the girls don’t care. They want her to get his answers, and they’ll be relying on her.

The class rep comments that those girls are rather troublesome, because they all should know that Mizuchi wouldn’t answer the questions. It’s just only one Minamo can get closer to him, and so Mikoto has to take it for them. Aoi had to face this issue as well. This is because Mizuchi’s identity is shrouded in mystery. Iroha’s is explained through Momotose, while Hime and Kurenai tell people about themselves… but Mizuchi never says anything. Apparently he also asked Hime not to say anything. Due to this lack of information, Minamo of the Koukoku Class are much more extreme compared to other classes. They tend to lose control as they try to find information about Mizuchi. The class rep herself is also having a hard time scolding those girls. Mikoto isn’t sure if Mizuchi would want to answer those questions, but she can only sigh for now.

After school, Mikoto goes to see Mizuchi in the library. If she takes too long, he’d come to pick her up in the classroom… and it caused an uproar the last time he did that. Everyone will get suspicious if they’re always together all the time, so they decided to study in the library. Mikoto didn’t expect Mizuchi to be so thorough in protecting her though. By now he’s become completely overprotective of her. On the way to the library, Mikoto runs into Kurenai—who’s grins the moment he sees her. He asks why she’s so terrified. She shakes her head and excuses herself, but he asks if she’s scared of him. Mikoto doesn’t answer, and Kurenai asks her not to be so wary of him. The chairmen already warned him not to touch the precious Senki candidate, and he jokingly says they’re treating her like a rare animal.

Since Mikoto remains silent, Kurenai continues by asking if she has mated with her Mizuchi. He knows they haven’t though, since there’s no way the “virgin bastard” would be able to do that. This finally gets Mikoto to speak up, and she sharply tells Kurenai not to insult Mizuchi. She doesn’t mind if Kurenai insults her, but she doesn’t want him to speak about Mizuchi in such a way. Besides, the relationship shared by the Senki candidate and her partner isn’t like that. Kurenai grins saying Mikoto has been tamed completely, and so it seems like Mizuchi is surprisingly good at training his pets. Ignoring the anger in Mikoto’s voice, Kurenai’s expression turns serious as he says: “Mikoto, Kurenai-sama isn’t interested in other people’s women. That Kurenai-sama is now interested in you this much, do you understand?” He wants her, and it’s not because she’s the Senki candidate. He doesn’t care what the chairmen say. He doesn’t care even if the demon card chose Mizuchi instead of him.

Mikoto is surprised, but then she asks for the reason. Kurenai doesn’t know anything about her. They’re in different classes, and he doesn’t even know her power as a Minamo. Why does he want someone like her? However, since this is Kurenai we’re dealing with, of course he answers with: “Stuuupid. There’s no reason why a man wants a woman. I want to fuck you, that’s all.” Noticing the shock in Mikoto’s face, Kurenai grins and tells her not to look at men through a fantasy. Despite his calm exterior, even that perverted Mizuchi is itching to do her. Enraged, Mikoto slaps Kurenai saying Mizuchi and him are different. She’s really glad that her partner isn’t him, because she can’t stand a person who thinks of Minamo like that. Kurenai only smirks though, and he actually finds this amusing. In fact, her slap only makes him thrilled and hard. Yes, you read that right. Kurenai asks Mikoto to let him do her. After that, she’d be glad to have him as a partner.

Fortunately for Mikoto, Onosada comes to stop Kurenai from going further. Kurenai sighs saying he knows, and he complains about how everyone would scold him whenever he approaches to Mikoto. She thinks it’s only obvious though. Mikoto flatly says that she’s Mizuchi’s partner, and she has no intentions of changing partners. When she excuses herself, Kurenai only snorts and hands a small bottle to her. He tells her that it was dropped by Mizuchi, and he leaves her with these words: “I wonder if the Mizuchi-kun you know is the real Mizuchi-kun?” There are pills in the bottle, and Mikoto wonders if they’re medicines.

After that, Mikoto rushes to the library and apologizes to Mizuchi for being so late. He asks her to tell him if she’s going to be late, or else he’ll start searching for her. Mikoto feels bad and asks if he’s been looking for her, and Mizuchi says it’s only obvious. The problem is that he couldn’t have any proper conversation with all the Minamo in her class, but somehow he managed to talk to the class rep. Mikoto apologizes again, but Mizuchi ends the subject and asks what she’s going to study today. She suggests the topic of “dealing with unusual conditions in matches”, and he nods saying it’s an important matter. The Kasen textbook includes details regarding instant responses during Hana Awase, and he goes to search for more materials.

While Mizuchi is away, Mikoto thinks about how large the library is. People won’t stare at them as much, so it’s a good idea to study here. Of course she’s nervous because he’s the one teaching her, but he answers all of her questions seriously. He’s earnest and kind—not like Kurenai. Mikoto doesn’t think she should tell Mizuchi about what happened since he’d only get worried, but she’s curious about the bottle. If it belongs to him, does that mean he’s sick…? That means she needs to return it as soon as possible, but what should she do? The next moment, Mikoto suddenly feels a chilly sensation running down her spine. She wonders if it’s just her imagination though, and she doesn’t have time to figure it out either. Mizuchi has returned to their seat, and she rushes over to join him.

The library has a lot of materials, but Mizuchi picked a book that has a lot of verified examples—it’d be easy for beginners to understand. Mikoto gladly accepts it, saying she’ll write her report based on the book. She immediately starts writing, and the report is going smoothly… until she starts thinking about him. Mizuchi is watching over Mikoto as she works on her report, and while she feels grateful to him for teaching her, this also makes her nervous. As she flips the pages, Mikoto notices that Mizuchi is closely staring at her hands… and she uses this chance to steal a glance at him. His eyelashes are longer than she thought. He also has a sharp look in his eyes, and his skin is so clear even though he’s a man—he’s beautiful. That being said, his body is really muscular. He’s slender and delicate, but also strong. Does he train regularly? He’s not in any clubs, and he only works out when he’s helping Hime for tennis practice… so how does he…? Mikoto snaps out of her reverie when Mizuchi asks if there’s something wrong. She apologizes for getting distracted, and she continues writing her report.

When Mikoto is done, Mizuchi praises her for doing so well. She smiles saying it’s because the materials he gave her are easy to understand, and it makes her realize that a Minamo needs to memorize a lot of things. The flow of a battle can change drastically based on their timing or support towards the players. She enjoys learning more about these things, and he answers that finding pleasure in studying is the first step towards mastery. She agrees, and both of them smile at each other. She can only learn this much about Kasen here in Kaen, where she discovered things she never knew before. Kasen is difficult and she still has to find her way through the path, but it only adds to her curiosity. She wants to know more about the world of Kasen. After what she had to go through, Mikoto felt discouraged and forgot the most important thing—she loves Kasen. She needs to treasure this precious environment more.

Since they still have time before the library closes, Mizuchi suggests doing self-study until then. Mikoto nods and asks if he’s going to read a book, but he refuses because he won’t be able to protect her if he takes his eyes off her. Mikoto feels bad and is about to raise a protest, but then she stops herself and thanks Mizuchi instead—which makes him smile. She’s still not used to relying on others, but receiving his kindness makes her feel embarrassed… and recently she’s starting to feel happy as well. It’s a strange emotion that she has never felt before, and she only feels that way towards him—what could it be? Mikoto notices that Mizuchi is relaxing now that they’re done studying, so she wonders if she should try asking him some questions from the list. After looking for a “safe” one, she reluctantly says that she has a question for him. It’s not related to the lessons, since it’s a question about him. Of course he doesn’t have to answer if he doesn’t want to.

The question Mikoto chose is about Mizuchi’s eyepatch. He says there’s nothing to talk about though. He’s been wearing it ever since he was small, based on his family rule. It’s not because his vision is bad, and it’s rather inconvenient for him to have one eyed covered… but he already got used to it, so it’s not disturbing his daily life. Mikoto nods, but she remembers that Momotose said the same thing. If Mizuchi doesn’t have a problem with his eyesight, does that mean they’re hiding his right eye on purpose? He wonders why she would ask that kind of question, and she quickly answers that she was just curious. However, he suddenly groans in pain… and then he collapses while clutching his right eye. Mikoto is surprised and calls Mizuchi’s name, but soon she realizes something—she has seen this before in her dreams. She asks him to hang on as she goes to call someone, but there’s no one left in the library. Why…? There were people around them just a moment ago! What should she do?

Here, Mikoto remembers the bottle from Kurenai. Thinking that Mizuchi is having an attack, she takes it out and asks if it belongs to him. He doesn’t reply though, and her eyes widen in shock when his eyepatch slips off—revealing his right eye underneath. Mizuchi is panting heavily, and before Mikoto can figure out what’s going on, he slowly opens his eyes and says: “Mikoto-kun… You… I want you…!” As he repeats these words, Mikoto gapes in horror upon realizing that Mizuchi’s eyes have changed—they look like Kurenai’s when he attacked her before. They’re gleaming, as if they’re seeking for something. He grabs her when she asks him to calm down, and she tries to run away after shaking him off… but he suddenly shouts at her not to move. Then he pulls her over and pins her against a bookshelf, once again begging her not to move. Mizuchi asks Mikoto to stay like that, and without giving her a chance to protest, he leans in to kiss her.

Mikoto screams and tries to resist, but Mizuchi is still panting while calling her name. His tongue enters her mouth, smoothly waving inside. He only releases her lips to move down to her neck, and she yelps in pain when he bites it. She tries calling his name, but he keeps breathing heavily as he licks her skin. She also tries hitting his shoulders, but he doesn’t even budge—she can’t win against his strength. After a while, Mizuchi lifts his head from Mikoto’s neck and slides his hand under her skirt. He wants her more. Mikoto is shocked and begs him to stop, to which Mizuchi replies by yelling: “Why…!? We’re partners!” She’s taken aback by his answer, but she tells him that partners don’t do something like this. When he ignores her and starts licking her neck again, she cries out that they’ll be in trouble. She begs him to calm down, reminding him that he’s not this kind of person, but he seals her lips with a rough kiss.

Eventually, Mizuchi stops the kiss and looks at Mikoto with a confused look. At the same time, she realizes that his eyes are returning to their original color. She asks him why he’s doing something like this, but he’s just as clueless as she is. He doesn’t know anything. All that he knows is that he can’t control himself. What happened to him? His mind is full of his desire for her. What is this feeling…? Mizuchi groans in pain again, and Mikoto is terrified upon seeing that his eyes have reverted back to insanity. She tries to stop him when he starts touching her again, but soon she feels her body losing strength. The water in her is disappearing, like waves drawing back to the ocean. Mikoto wasn’t scared when Mizuchi hugged her at the park, but now her body is shivering and turning cold. She doesn’t want to believe it. This isn’t the Mizuchi she knows. She weakly resists, begging for someone to come, and she screams when everything fades to black.

Suddenly, a voice sharply tells Mizuchi not to touch Mikoto. She’s surprised to see that it’s Iroha, who then pulls Mizuchi away from her and starts beating him on the ground. Mikoto begs at him to stop and goes to Mizuchi’s side, but Iroha coldly tells her to move—he can’t punch Mizuchi with her in the way. Mikoto asks him to stop being so violent, but Iroha answers that robbing the Senki candidate of her qualifications is the most unforgivable conduct in Kaen. However, Mikoto objects since she feels that it’s not the case. Mizuchi would never do something like this. There must be a reason, and that’s why she wants Iroha to stop being so violent towards him. Iroha responds by asking if Mikoto knows what Mizuchi did to her. She replies that she does, but she doesn’t think he’d do it for no reason—he’s not that kind of person. Mikoto starts crying as she begs Iroha not to hurt Mizuchi, and Iroha falls silent before whispering: “So… you’d go that far, huh. That much…”

Iroha never finishes his sentence, but I think he wants to say: “So you love Mizuchi that much.”

When Mikoto looks at him in confusion, Iroha says he understands. He’ll stop. Besides, she needs to take a look at their surroundings. The students have gathered around them, and they’re in a weird condition. It’s as if they’re possessed by something. Mikoto quickly realizes that it must be utsurohi, while Mizuchi regains consciousness beside her. He looks confused to see both Mikoto and Iroha, and he asks them about what happened here—he has absolutely no recollection about what he did. Mikoto stares in horror as shadows start gathering behind Mizuchi. She tries to warn him, but Iroha suddenly grabs her hand, drags her out of the library and closes the door behind them. Mikoto protests because Mizuchi is still inside, but Iroha flatly says that she’ll only get dragged into it. He’s going to purge those who are already tainted by utsurohi, right here and now. Mikoto is shocked to hear this, but Iroha starts reciting a poem.

“みをつめぱ 物思ふらしほととぎす 鳴きのみまどふ 五月雨のやみ” — Ametsuchi no Uta (line 13)
Restrained, a cuckoo lost in thought, crying in doubt, the darkness of early summer rain.

Mikoto screams when the library’s door got blown away. She’s surprised that Iroha can draw out so much power, even though he’s not with a Minamo. Among all the screaming students, Mikoto can see Mizuchi in the library. Is Iroha planning to kill everyone inside? Including Mizuchi? Knowing that she has to stop this, Mikoto runs back into the library and asks if Mizuchi is alright. Iroha tells her to stand back because she’s in the way, but Mikoto asks him to stop—everyone’s going to die at this rate. They feel a tremor caused by the utsurohi around them, and Iroha warns Mikoto that she’ll die too if she keeps this up. He reminds her that Mizuchi tried to taint the Senki candidate. That’s enough reason for Mizuchi to be purged. Mikoto gapes in shock, but she knows that Iroha is serious. He’s going to purge everyone—not just Mizuchi—to protect the school from utsurohi, and she doesn’t want him to sacrifice so many people for that. What should she do?

Despite the risks, Mikoto still wants to save everyone. Before she can say anything to Iroha, she suddenly hears something ringing… and she realizes that her demon card is glowing. As she wonders about what’s going on, words are starting to appear in her mind. When she slowly reads them out, power is starting to enter her body—the demon card’s power is flowing into her. She asks the demon card to give her power, and she chants out the words in her mind: “Heaven, earth, star, sky…! Please save everyone!” Her words are followed by a blinding light, which surprises Iroha. Mikoto asks him not to go any further, but he still finds it hard to believe that she repelled his power. For a moment he wonders if Mikoto has awakened. That can’t be true since her “moon” hasn’t returned yet, but for her to use her power to that extent…

Mizuchi is about to ask about that power as well, but Mikoto runs up to hug him—saying she’s glad that he has returned to normal. She assures him that it’s okay. She’s not scared even if he touches her. This causes Mizuchi to blush, and he tells Mikoto that he has no idea about what happened… but he doesn’t think it’s a healthy position for them to be in. Sadly their ラブラブ time is interrupted when the utsurohi return to attack them, so Mikoto tells Iroha that she’s going to do Hana Awase with Mizuchi. They’re going to save everyone from utsurohi without killing anyone, and she asks for his permission. Iroha tells them to do whatever they want, and so the two of them destroy the utsurohi through Hana Awase. At the end of the battle, Mikoto is relieved to see that none of the student was harmed.

Iroha then says he’s going to report this to the chairmen, but Mikoto stops him to say thank you. He saved her, and yet she said a lot of things to him. Iroha flatly answers that he doesn’t mind, then he turns around and leaves. After seeing him off, Mikoto notices that Mizuchi is staring at the medicine bottle—which is now broken. She picks up his eyepatch from the floor and hands it back to him, but he remains silent. When she calls his name again, he blinks and apologizes for spacing out. He then takes the eyepatch, but she notices that he doesn’t look well. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Iroha is watching them with a painful expression. The awakening might happen soon, and the one who caused it is most likely Mizuchi. Iroha ends this by saying the most painful line in the game: “I know. The moon, will never shine on me… Never…”

“つくづくと物を思ふにうちそへて 折あはれなる鐘の音かな” — Saigyō Hōshi (712)
In a moment of deep reverie, as if to accompany my sorrow, a sad sound of bell echoes.

Mizuchi wonders if Mikoto noticed how shaken he was. He didn’t remember much until she talked to him. His memories are missing, as if the strings have been cut off. Could it be “Mizuchi”‘s…? He shakes his head and tries to brush off the thought. Mizuchi wonders if Mikoto will find out about the real him. He whispers her name and says that he’s tainted, even more than anyone else…

Note: If Mikoto doesn’t do anything, Iroha will kill Mizuchi and everyone in the library. Mikoto is horrified to see their blood splattering, and she gradually loses her consciousness as she blames herself for being the Senki candidate. Then she ends it with a scream.

• Day 18 •

Mikoto is summoned to the chairmen’s office today. They have heard about the library incident from Iroha. Utsurohi have attacked them not just once or twice, but three times. This is a grave issue, and they’re taking it as a challenge from Goto. Since Mikoto clearly doesn’t recognize the name, Kintokihana sigh saying this is why amateurs are so clueless. Goto is the man who runs Goto-gai in the central ward. Goto-gai is his region and it’s a giant gambling place. It’s not a place where children can enter easily, so it’s only obvious if Mikoto doesn’t know. It’d be nice if they only do gambling, but Goto also gathers Adabana and utsurohi—causing all sorts of bad things to happen. If Goto’s actions have crossed the line, the country can issue an order for them to do Kabatsu.

Mikoto has never heard of Kabatsu either, and so Momotose explains that just as the name says, Kabatsu means “reaping” flowers—purging Kaei who have fallen and turned into Adabana. It’s a duty for the Five Brights and their Minamo. Of course for Goto and his underlings, Kaen is a bump in their road. That’s why the chairmen put a barrier around the school, though it’s been broken for so many times already by now. In any case, since Goto keeps attacking them, the country have issued and order for Kabatsu. From today, the Five Brights and Mikoto are going to do Kabatsu. The objective is to find the culprit behind the utsurohi incidents, as well as suppressing the Adabana in Goto-gai. If they can get rid of the Adabana there, it’ll be a good lesson for Goto too.

However, Kintokihana notices that Mikoto is frowning. When he asks her what’s wrong, she asks if Kabatsu will take their opponent’s life—which is true. Mikoto says she understands that they have to find the culprit, but is it possible for them to avoid taking other people’s lives? She wants to find another way. Like talking to them, for example. Kurenai bursts out laughing and says that Mikoto is such a joke. She’s seriously thinking that they can resolve this issue by talking to Adabana. Hime reminds him that Mikoto doesn’t know Kabatsu yet, but Kurenai says that’s exactly why she’s a joke—she acts smart even though she knows nothing. Does she even know Goto? Mikoto can’t say anything in return, and Kurenai points out that’s what he was talking about. She doesn’t know anything, and yet she has the guts to say she doesn’t want to kill them.

Mikoto has to admit that Kurenai is right. She knows she’s probably asking too much, but if they can solve it without taking anyone’s lives… Iroha responds by asking what she’s been learning up until now. Kabatsu is a battle of life and death between Adabana and the Five Brights. One mistake might cost them their lives, so they need their Minamo’s support to prevent that from happening. If their Minamo have any doubts, it will affect their battle. They don’t need a Minamo who’s not ready. Hime tries to help by saying that Kabatsu is a harsh thing, and he asks them to give some time for Mikoto… but Kurenai points out that they have no time. If they don’t do anything, Goto and his underlings will come to crush the school. Not to mention the barrier is useless. Kintokihana protests since their barrier isn’t supposed to be broken so easily, but Awahana says that’s exactly why it’s strange. In any case, Mikoto will have to do Kabatsu whether she’s ready for it or not. This is an order. She can ask Onosada for details and guidance, since he’s the commander for Kabatsu.

Awahana then turns to Mizuchi, asking if he’s alright with this. Mizuchi nods, and Kintokihana tells Mikoto that she can choose any of the Five Brights as her partner for Kabatsu. Mikoto is surprised and asks what they mean, so Awahana explains that they already received the report from Iroha. Rather than awakening her, Mizuchi nearly robbed the Senki candidate of her qualifications. They wouldn’t mind expelling him on the spot. Mikoto tries to explain that there must be a reason, but Kintokihana only tells her to shut it—they won’t listen. A part of them believes that the demon card must have made the wrong judgment, and they’re doubting if both Mikoto and Mizuchi are really chosen. Now Mikoto has to clear her name by taking one of the Five Brights as her partner and awaken the Senki in her. They were actually planning to deprive Mizuchi of this right, but they’re willing to give him a chance based on Momotose’s request.

Kurenai concludes this by asking if it’s alright for him to make Mikoto his, which makes him feel really lucky. He turns to Mizuchi and mockingly says this feast suits him, since he’s pathetic and completely has no balls. Mizuchi has been bothering Kurenai for the longest time, but he actually wants to do it too right…? Kurenai ends his insult by telling Mizuchi to be honest, calling him a “super perverted bastard”. Mizuchi doesn’t say anything. He only grits his teeth and leaves. Hime warns Kurenai that he said too much, but Kurenai argues that he only said the truth. Mizuchi is an idiot who can’t even sleep with a woman, let alone awakening the Senki. Kurenai’s laughter echoes in the room, only coming to a stop when Mikoto slaps him. He angrily asks what’s her problem since she keeps on slapping him recently, and she tells him to apologize to Mizuchi. Of course Kurenai doesn’t get why he needs to apologize, and Mikoto screams that he’s the worst. Their fight comes to a stop when Iroha tells them to be quiet. Where do they think they are? Kurenai grumbles that it’s so uncool and storms out of the room.

Iroha apologizes to the chairmen, but they don’t mind. In fact, they’re happy to see the students being so energetic. They inform Mikoto that she’s free to choose her partner—be it Mizuchi or not—but she has to protect her own virginity. If she fails to awaken within the Kabatsu period, they will take it as her not having the qualification to become a Senki. Kaen’s gate is only open for those who are chosen. They can’t keep a candidate forever. If she doesn’t awaken, she will have to drop out of school. Mikoto quietly nods and says she understands. Her mission is to suppress Goto through Kabatsu and awaken the Senki in her.

After leaving the chairmen’s office, Mikoto runs into Iroha in the hallway. She’s taken aback to see the scary expression on his face, and she wonders if he’s angry at her—because she lacks awareness as a Minamo. Mikoto is about to say something, but Iroha tells her that doubt leads to destruction. The one who decides your determination and opponent in Hana Awase is yourself. Take the wrong path, and you will eventually reach destruction. Iroha then walks away without explaining, leaving Mikoto confused. Was he trying to say something to her? …um, obviously? (´・ω・`;)

[ Momotose’s Room ]

Question Corner part 4

The Chairmen:
The chairmen of Kaen, Kintokihana and Awahana are one. They’re heaven-sent children of Kasen, and they have perfect knowledge regarding the power of the Kasen cards. Both of them are nobles with royal blood, which makes them close to the emperor. Despite their childlike appearance, they’re actually much older than they look. Also, they love Katou and open tea parties for the high-ranking players. It’d be nice if Mikoto can be motivated by this.

The teacher for Kasen. No one can doubt his abilities in Kasen, but his reputation isn’t too good among the teachers due to his behavior. He’s not that good at taking care of the students either, but he’s actually quite popular with them. He tends to take naps all over the school, so Mikoto can try finding him somewhere.

Iroha’s Minamo and member of the Chisen Class. She’s also the leader who keeps the Five Brights’ Minamo together. If Mikoto spends a lot of time with Momotose, she will surely learn a lot about her.

In the evening, Momotose complains about how everyone is lacking consideration for girls—including the chairmen. This is a delicate issue after all. She’s also surprised that not only Kurenai, but even Mizuchi tried to attack her. If Iroha didn’t come, she would have lost her qualifications by now. Mikoto remains quiet for a while, but then she tells Momotose that it’s wrong. Mizuchi didn’t do that because he wanted to hurt her, and yet he was insulted in front of everyone… It hurts her just to think about how he must be feeling right now. Mikoto admits that the Mizuchi she saw in the library was scary, but she doesn’t think he did it on his own will—there must be a reason. She wants to believe in him, and she begs Momotose to trust him too.

The demon card guided Mikoto to Kaen. She became partners with Mizuchi because the card chose him in the ceremony, and their relationship was nothing more than that… but it’s different now. They’re sharing a certain something. Something more. Mikoto asks if she’s not allowed to choose Mizuchi. If she continues to choose Mizuchi from now on, will it lead her to the destruction Iroha said? She has doubts about Kabatsu, and at the same time, she’s also unsure about who to choose. She doesn’t know if she can become a Senki with these mixed feelings. However, Momotose smiles saying she believes in the path Mikoto chooses. She can walk on the one she believes in. Momotose will always be on her side. She doesn’t need to worry. Even if she chose someone else, Mizuchi won’t run away from her. When Mikoto nods quietly, Momotose points out that she’s become beautiful. The flower has started blooming. Momotose is happy, but she admits that she also feels a bit lonely. She asks Mikoto—her muse— not to go too far away from her. Momotose gives a gentle smile, though Mikoto is a bit taken aback by what she just said.

At night, Mikoto sorts out her thoughts in her room. She can choose anyone from the Five Brights. She can continue with Mizuchi, but there’s no guarantee if they’ll be able to awaken her as a Senki. Should she pick another person then? Is it even okay to choose a partner like this? She doesn’t know, but she has to make a decision. She then recalls her grandfather’s words. You shouldn’t run from everything. The moment you run away, all the moon will escape from you. Moon is the symbol of luck. If she runs, that would be the end of her moon as well. That’s why she won’t run away. She’ll decide. She will choose one of the Five Brights.

• Day 19 •

When Mikoto comes to the lecture hall, Onosada says he already heard that she’s now searching for a new husband. She denies it, but he doesn’t care anyway since it’s got nothing to do with him. More importantly, they have to do Kabatsu. It’s been a while, and he’s pretty much excited for it. Now regarding their mission, Onosada thinks these incidents are caused by one of Goto’s minions—otherwise known as Suuto. They’re executive leaders of the gang who runs Goto-gai. People call them Suuto behind the screen, and the one’s controlling them is none other than their boss—Goto. Aside from the rumors, Onosada has never seen any of them directly. Both Suuto and Goto himself are veiled in mystery, but he does know that they’re strong in Hana Awase.

Mikoto asks if they’re going to fight Suuto through Kabatsu, and Onosada replies that they will—in the end. It’s impossible to face them right away, since they won’t come out so easily. For now, they have to start with the people involved in the utsurohi incidents. If they follow the clues and do Kabatsu, they should be able to catch one somewhere. Their footsteps will lead to the Suuto responsible for this case. Mikoto isn’t really convinced since it sounds like a rather haphazard plan, but Onosada tells her to believe in adults. If they’re doing their best in Kabatsu, he should be able to figure out the truth. But before that, she needs to find her new husband first. Onosada wants to start as soon as possible, so he gives Mikoto three days to choose a partner. He doesn’t think she’d refuse to partner up with anyone, but she’d get kicked out of school if she’s being too indecisive.

[ Momotose’s Room ]

Momotose has to see Onosada today, but she asks Mikoto to deliver a bunch of shirts for Iroha. Mikoto is shocked since there’s a LOT of them, and Momotose explains that Iroha is completely unconcerned about what he wears. Even if his shirt gets dirty during Kabatsu, he’ll keep wearing it anyway… and so Momotose has to give him new ones. Just when Mikoto thinks about how well they get along, Momotose asks her not to misunderstand. There’s nothing between her and Iroha, because she loves Mikoto more. Mikoto smiles saying she loves her too, and Momotose chuckles saying their love is mutual. She dances as she leaves her room, leaving Mikoto to wonder if friends can have “mutual love” as well. Mikoto feels that Momotose and Ai are rather similar. Their personalities are different, but they’re both straightforward.

After that, Mikoto goes to deliver the shirts to Iroha’s room. He tells her to put them on his desk, and so she opens the door to be shocked at how… messy… his room is. For a moment she asks herself if this is really a Bright’s room. It’s REALLY messy, and she nearly steps on a cookie box lying on the floor. Does Iroha dislike cleaning…? Putting that aside, Mikoto is nervous to be alone with Iroha. She feels intimidated, probably due to his aura. Just then Mikoto sees a beautiful box in the room, and Iroha asks if she’s curious about that. He surprises her since he’s standing really close to her, but she smiles and asks if he likes sweets… because the box is filled with konpeitou. He says there’s no difference between everything that goes into his mouth. It’s just sweets are more effective for him, and so he eats a lot of them—as surprising as that may sound.

Iroha then asks if Mikoto is interested, and she tells him that her grandfather loves konpeitou. He said they are small and cute. They often ate konpeitou together when she was small. If she opened her mouth, he’d toss them inside. She was always happy to see how colorful they are, and before she knew it, she’d eat too much. Iroha points out that Mikoto is smiling just by thinking of konpeitou, and he asks if it’s that much of a happy memory. When she nods, he suddenly says: “I understand. Raise your head.” The moment she does that, he pokes a finger into her mouth. Of course this really surprises her, but he asks her not to move since he won’t be able to place a konpeitou in her mouth. Iroha then asks if it tastes sweet and Mikoto nods, but her mind is full of questions. Is he trying to revive the memory of her grandfather…? But this position is just so embarrassing!

Noticing that Mikoto isn’t smiling, Iroha wonders if it’s not enough… and so he stuffs a bunch of konpeitou into her mouth. So much that she can’t talk properly anymore. (๑´ლ`๑)❤ She manages to thank him while chewing, and he says she can take the whole box if she loves konpeitou. When she asks if it’s okay, he says he doesn’t mind—he has a lot of stock. Mikoto is taken aback, and she wonders if Iroha has a sweet tooth. She accepts the box and thanks him again, to which he replies with: “You look like a balloon.” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As she leaves his room, Mikoto thinks about how surprising it was for Iroha to do something like this. That, and he saw yet another weird side of her. At the same time, Iroha is still in his room—enjoying his sweets.

[ Greenhouse ]

Mikoto finds Iroha and Momotose here. When she asks what they’re doing, Momotose sighs and is about to explain… but then Iroha says this should be enough. Momotose snaps saying this isn’t good at all, and she orders Iroha to stay still. Mikoto notices that Momotose is holding something, and she’s shocked upon realizing that it’s a sleeve of their uniform. Or rather, a sleeve of Iroha’s uniform. Upon taking a closer look, Mikoto realizes that the shirt Iroha’s wearing is missing its right sleeve. It was just hidden due to how Iroha is standing. In any case, the sleeve is completely torn. Momotose sighs saying they already bought 10 new uniforms for Iroha this year. Iroha flatly replies that he doesn’t mind, but Momotose snaps that SHE minds. It’s embarrassing to be the Minamo of a Bright who wears torn clothes. Besides, Iroha is too messy when it comes to everyday life—aside from Kasen. Momotose tells him to be more reliable, but again, Iroha says he doesn’t do anything messy.

Mikoto tries to stop this argument, so Iroha takes his leave since they don’t need anything from him. Mikoto is surprised and informs him that his right sleeve is still ripped, while Momotose asks her to help capturing Iroha—they shouldn’t let him get away. Mikoto remains confused for a while, but then she also runs off to chase after Iroha. .+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。

• Day 20 •

For some reason, Mikoto is feeling feverish today. Her body is heavy, and she feels sleepy. Is she tired? The class rep also notices that Mikoto doesn’t look well, and she points out that Mikoto fails at taking care of her health. She needs to get a hold of herself as Mizuchi’s Minamo. Mikoto can only apologize, and so the class rep immediately enters her デレ mode by giving her an energy drink. She asks Mikoto not to misunderstand though. She only bought it as an extra, not because she’s worried or anything! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Mikoto finds the drink delicious with a strawberry taste, and the class rep says it’s popular among Minamo. It contains a lot of collagen, so it’s also good for your skin. Mikoto admits that she has never heard about this before, so the class rep tells her to drink it and recover already. The class rep nearly reveals that everyone is really worried about Mikoto, but she quickly covers it up by saying they’re worried about Mizuchi’s Minamo. When Mikoto looks around, she notices that their classmates are stealing glances at her—warmly watching over her.

The class rep says that everyone feels grateful to Mikoto after the library incident. The utsurohi was strong enough to destroy the library, and they find it terrifying. Mizuchi also praises her achievement rather than his own. He told everyone in the Koukoku Class that thanks to Mikoto’s courage, they managed to destroy the utsurohi without sacrificing anyone. The class rep notices that everyone’s opinions about Mikoto have been improving recently. Not just among the first years, but the second and third years as well. No Minamo has ever received such words from Mizuchi before, and so they’re really impressed—just as expected from the Senki candidate. Mikoto thinks she still has a long way to go, but the class rep points out that everyone doesn’t seem to think that way… so she should accept their praises honestly.

However, the class rep also notices that similarly to Mikoto, Mizuchi seems to be feeling down too. It’s just her intuition since he never shows his emotions, but somehow she can feel that he’s a bit worn out lately. The class rep continues that it’s now Mikoto’s job to ask Mizuchi about this, and then she puts a whole box of energy drinks on Mikoto’s table—for Mizuchi. It’s the feelings of all the first year Minamo of the Koukoku Class! Mikoto doesn’t think Mizuchi would drink them all at once, but knowing that everyone is worried, she agrees to deliver them. It seems like no one knows that the one who destroyed the library is actually Iroha, but she’ll keep quiet about this.

Later on, Mikoto notices that it’s prohibited to enter the library now. It’s only obvious though, considering how much damage it received. Mikoto soon notices one of the chairmen standing nearby, and he tells her that he’s Awahana—to avoid confusion since Kintokihana and him look the same. Mikoto thinks they share the same personality as well, but much to her surprise, Awahana says Kintokihana is more reckless than he is. Mikoto gasps and asks if she said it out loud, but he flatly says he can see what she’s thinking. Awahana then points out that Mikoto’s demon card is crying, and she takes out the card to see that it’s glowing. Even though it’s not as strong as before. He explains that the demon card is resonating with her, which is a good sign—the awakening might be close. He asks if strange words have appeared in her mind recently, and she answers that they have back in the library. She remembers that it was something like “heaven earth”, which he recognizes as “Ametsuchi no Uta”—literally means “Words of the Universe”.

Ametsuchi no Uta are powerful words of a Senki. It is believed that when a Senki chants out these words in Kasen, she can change heaven and earth. It’s just a legend though, so even the chairmen have never seen it happening either. Besides, if the one Mikoto recited was the true Ametsuchi no Uta, their world would’ve changed by now. She only saw a glimpse of that power because she’s the Senki candidate. Awahana warns Mikoto not to use it without thinking though. Right now she doesn’t have enough power, and it’ll only put a pressure on her body. That’s probably why she’s been feeling sick recently. After telling Mikoto to know her limits, Awahana notes that she has become more… sensual… than before. Mikoto can’t believe her ears, but Awahana proceeds to pull her closer and sniff at her ears. He can sense a smell from her. She protests and asks him to stop, but he calmly says it’s not like she’d lose anything—she should let him sniff. Now does this sound familiar to you? Because it certainly does for me LOL.

After sniffing at Mikoto for a while, Awahana mentions that it’s a sweet scent like honey—it’s the “tempting water”. It’s a unique pheromone released by females to attract males, but the amount she’s releasing isn’t normal at all. Does it mean a Senki can emanate such a sweet scent? Mikoto has absolutely no idea of what Awahana is talking about, but she does know that their current position is rather painful for her. She feels a bit relieved when he says that’s right, but instead of releasing her… he leans even closer to bite her left ear. Mikoto panics and asks what he’s doing, and Awahana calmly answers that she looks delicious, so he tried eating her. She doesn’t taste as sweet as her scent though. Mikoto protests and asks him to stop that, and Awahana replies that he was just tasting her—she doesn’t have to suspect him. However, he notes that her “tempting water” is really strong… so much that he might sleep with her if he continues biting her like this.

Mikoto can’t believe how Awahana says such a bold thing with an innocent face, but he only tells her not to underestimate adults. He’s older than she is. If she wants to make sure, he doesn’t mind taking her directly to bed. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Mikoto turns bright red upon hearing this, but Awahana (?) grins saying he’ll stop joking here. He warns her that if she’s releasing that much “tempting water”, all the guys around her will go crazy. She should “save” and make sure she won’t lose her qualifications before becoming a Senki. Of course she doesn’t understand what he means by that, but he tells her to think about it on her own. Without the right moon, that scent might lead to something that can’t be undone… and so she needs to be careful. Awahana leaves after that, and Mikoto tries sniffing herself to see what scent he was referring to. She can’t sense any scent, but she does know that he’s right—she needs to be careful and protect herself. Mikoto also wants to look up more information about Ametsuchi no Uta, but sadly she can’t enter the library for now.

In the evening, Hime asks Mizuchi if he’s alright… but Mizuchi tells Hime not to mind him. It’s only obvious for Iroha to scold him, since he’s done something so impure towards the Senki candidate. Hime points out that Mikoto is alright, but Mizuchi shouts that she’s not. He quickly apologizes for snapping, and he admits that he’s really terrified of the fact that doesn’t remember what he did. Or rather, he only has fragments of that memory. Mizuchi remembers seeing Mikoto in a terrible condition, and she was on the verge of tears. Hime asks him not to blame himself so much though, because his actions didn’t lead to a terrible result. If he keeps worrying about this, Mikoto will be worried too. Hime then tells Mizuchi that Mikoto defended him in the chairmen’s office, going as far as slapping THAT Kurenai. Mikoto believes in him, and so he needs to answer that faith.

However, Mizuchi says he’s not done sorting out his thoughts yet. He needs a little more time. Hime says he understands. He’ll always be on Mizuchi’s side, so Mizuchi can tell him whenever things get too painful for him to bear. Hime then takes out a medicine bottle and hands it to Mizuchi. He heard that it was destroyed in the library, so he asked for a new one. Hime also reminds Mizuchi that he will have to attend a memorial service for his ancestors. Mizuchi takes the bottle and thanks Hime before leaving, but not too long after Mizuchi disappears, Kurenai comes out to laugh at their act of friendship. Hime asks if Kurenai heard their conversation, and he nods saying he just happened to be passing by. Since he can get those medicine for Mizuchi, Kurenai asks if Hime knows about the real him. Hime returns the question by asking how does he know about this, and Kurenai explains that he got Mizuchi’s old medicine bottle from his acquaintance… in Goto-gai. It appears that Mizuchi went to Goto-gai before. With a woman.

Hime finds it hard to believe, but Kurenai says that’s exactly why he said their friendship is an act. There’s a side of Mizuchi that Hime doesn’t know about, and Kurenai is wondering when the real him will float to the surface. Kurenai then walks away, leaving Hime to wonder about this. He still can’t believe this, but Kurenai doesn’t look like he’s lying either. Hime quietly leaves the hallway after that, completely unaware that Iroha is listening to their conversation in silence.

That night, Mikoto is looking for information about Senki and Kaei. All the books say the same thing though, not to mention there’s only a few books that’s related to Senki. She doesn’t feel like asking the chairmen for information either. She then thinks about the “contact”. Momotose told her that it involves kissing or more, but what does this “act” really mean? Is it giving water to make a flower bloom? Mikoto feels that kissing for that reason is so shallow, like their relationship is purely physical. Her mind then floats towards kisses. She has kissed Mizuchi, back during the ritual and… in the library. He used his tongue and his breathing was so rough, she feels embarrassed just by thinking about it. Not that he remembers any of it though. Back then he said he wants her, but what does it mean? Did he want her as a Senki? But he’s not that kind of person, and that’s why she doesn’t understand why he attacked her. Mikoto quickly stops herself from spacing out and returns to her research.

Dear Mikoto… it’s just unbelievable how clueless you are. (´・ω・`;)

• Day 21 •

Mikoto wakes up in surprise, realizing that the time has come. Today she has to choose a partner. She only has three days to pick one of the Five Brights and do Kabatsu. Of course she can also avoid Kabatsu by not choosing anyone, but then she’ll be forced to drop out of school. What should she do?

Note: If Mikoto doesn’t choose anyone within the time limit, she’ll get kicked out of Kaen and returns to her previous life. You’ll get a game over.

• Other Events •

You can’t get ALL events in one go, so here are the events I missed. Some of them disappears after certain events in the main plot, so you might want to keep that in mind if you’re collecting events.

[ Lecture Hall ]

This event will disappear after the date.

After Mikoto’s practice session, a student rushes in a panic to call Onosada. It turns out that there’s a Katou between Kurenai and a Gekkou Class student outside, but Kurenai has gone out of control and no one can stop him now. The other student’s life is in danger. Apparently he’s mad because the Gekkou Class student has been dating a Minamo from the Ouka Class, and they crossed the line by having sex… so now she’s lost her qualifications as a Minamo. Kurenai angrily asks if he should do all Minamo of the Gekkou Class right in front of Hime, and Onosada can’t stop him either because sleeping with another class’ Minamo is breaking the rules. Onosada asks Kurenai to leave the case to him, and Kurenai scoffs saying the student and the girl should be expelled immediately. He doesn’t want to see their filthy faces ever again. Noticing that Mikoto is watching this too, Onosada warns her that Kurenai is really possessive… so she should be careful of him. It might be good that they’re not in the same class.

[ Lecture Hall ]

This event appears after the victory against Aoi.

Onosada simply praises Mikoto for her victory. Everyone in Kaen is talking about her now, saying it’s just as expected from the Senki candidate.

[ Classroom ]

This event appears after the victory against Aoi.

Since Momotose told her about love, Mikoto can’t get the topic out of her head. Is she in love with Mizuchi? She respects him, but it’s not related to whether she loves him or not. Besides, what is love anyway? When the class rep asks what she’s doing, Mikoto asks if she has ever fallen in love. This causes her to get REALLY flustered, and she asks if Mikoto is thinking that she’s in love with Mizuchi. Mikoto innocently asks if she’s in love with Mizuchi then, and the class rep turns red saying she only admires Mizuchi—it’s definitely not love! Then she storms off after telling Mikoto not to say such dirty things LOL.

[ Lecture Hall ]

This event appears after the date.

Onosada asks Mikoto about how the date went. She answers that it ended safely, and he sighs saying she’s so NOT sensual. He was asking if she’s done it with Mizuchi or not. Of course she says they didn’t, because she’s a Minamo after all. Onosada teasingly asks if she has some self-awareness as a Minamo, but it’s a nice thing because a Minamo needs to be pure. He wonders if she’s wearing pure-white panties as well, but she shoves him away before he can flip her skirt. Onosada complains saying Mikoto shouldn’t be so stingy, and he mentions that it’ll be hard for Mizuchi too if her defense is too strong. Mikoto replies that Mizuchi is not like him, and their relationship isn’t something like that anyway. Onosada grins saying she’s so green, since Mizuchi is actually pretty concerned about her too. After Kurenai attacked Mikoto, Mizuchi actually went to rage about it in the chairmen’s office—they had a hard time calming him down. She’s surprised because he never said anything about that, but Onosada knows he only doesn’t show it. Because men have their pride. Mizuchi also had a hard time dealing with the chairmen though, because they’re growing impatient about Mikoto’s awakening. Onosada then chases Mikoto away and starts drinking on his seat.

[ Classroom ]

This event appears after the date.

A teacher asks Mikoto to deliver some documents to the third year’s area, and she enters the classroom to find Kurenai sleeping inside. She’s planning to get away before he wakes up, but then she hears him calling her name in his sleep. He tells her to come closer, mumbling that she belongs to him. Mikoto doesn’t know what kind of dream Kurenai is seeing, but it gives her the chills.

[ Lecture Hall ]

This event appears on day 19.

Mikoto can ask Onosada questions related to their mission.

A business district in the central ward. There’s a giant casino deep in the city, and there are rumors about people doing illegal Hana Awase there every night. The country and the police can’t do anything about this, because there are shadows of high-ranking politicians involved. That’s why whenever a fight involving any Adabana occurs, the country seeks help from Kaen instead. They can’t really send national priests because it’ll turn the entire thing into a bigger issue, and so they’re leaving the mission in the Five Brights’ hands.

The boss in charge of Goto-gai. He leaves most work to his underlings and rarely comes out in public. That shows how nasty he really is. Rumors have it that he loves gambling, alcohol and women a lot. Onosada is actually envious LOL. He also heard that Goto is surprisingly quite young, but they don’t know if it’s true. It doesn’t seem like they can catch Goto through their current Kabatsu mission, but who knows? Maybe he’ll appear if they overdo it.

The mission of “reaping” the fallen Kaei who have turned into Adabana. All the battles in Kabatsu are done through Hana Awase, so your life will be on the line. It’s different from the tame battles at school. Onosada warns Mikoto not to sympathize with her opponents during Kabatsu. Mercy won’t work on them. The only way for them to get rid of bad roots is by letting them wither, making sure they can never grow again for the second time.

Goodness gracious, that was LONG. I apologize for this tl; dr and for how long it took me to finish it. Maybe it’s rather difficult to grasp the story at first, but all those small hints will make sense once you’ve cleared the individual routes… and maybe by then, you’ll understand why I put crying / sad emoticons at some places. Also, I am no poem expert so my translations of them are by no means poetic. I’m sorry. (´;ω;`) If you find it difficult to understand the terminologies, I’ve included all of the questions you can ask Momotose or Onosada, so hopefully their explanation will make it easier.

As for the order, I’m going with Mizuchi → Karakurenai → Himeutsugi → Iroha.

16 thoughts on “Hana Awase: Mizuchi-hen – Common Route

  1. Hi, Rin! Thanks a lot for your post, as always! It proved to be quite helpful, since I had some trouble understanding some things, especially when Goto is concerned. I mean, I understand that he is this Big Bad Guy of sort, like an RPG final boss, but that’s about it. Every time they mentioned him, I asked myself what was his deal. I know my Japanese needs some work, and all these terms are a bit confusing! And don’t worry about the poems translations: I think they are fine the way they are. At least now I know what they were saying. When I first saw them, I kept staring at the screen wondering what they were talking about, which is a shame since they use poems a lot.
    …Maybe I should play less complicated games, I know.

    Anyway, while I was playing I didn’t notice it too much, but reading your post I just realized how much sexual harrassment there is. I mean, at first I found it funny whenever Onosada flipped Mikoto’s skirt, but now I’m starting to see it as disturbing. And I don’t even want to mention everything else. Oh, well, at least in Onosada’s case Mikoto punches him from time to time. There were times when I wanted to slap her for just staying there doing nothing while other people abused her. I just want her to be less clueless and grow some backbone, I suppose, but I see it’s not going to happen. The gameplay is funny, though: I spent a lot of time doing the rankings even when I wouldn’t need it, just because I like the card game!

    Well, sorry if I wrote too much and thanks again!

    • Hello! :D
      Glad to hear this helps, because Hana Awase can get really confusing sometimes. Especially when you’re doing it for the first time. There are hidden clues everywhere, but you don’t really notice it because you don’t know they hold a deeper meaning. _(:3」∠)_

      Goto is still clouded by mystery, isn’t he? They mention more about him in Mizuchi’s route, but in the end we don’t get to know much about him. Just as you said, they make it sound like he’s the big bad final boss… but that’s it. As for the poems, aside from the fact that I’m not poetic at all, I thought it’d be better to make a simple translation. That way it’d be easier to understand. You don’t have to worry about playing complicated games ether, because they can help improving your Japanese more. I had to do research too regarding all the terminologies and poems. |D

      …and yeah, there’s a lot of harassment going on in this game. Especially from Kurenai, as much as I love him. I think Mikoto doesn’t have the physical strength to shoo them away, so even more than the sexual harassment, I was more bothered by her denseness instead. She’s completely clueless when it comes to love. I guess that can be adorable too, but wow from time to time she sounds like she’s living under a rock. That being said, she’s a sincere person who’s really loyal and dedicated to the people she loves… so in the end I can’t seem to dislike her. ( ;∀;)

      • Well, I guess we’ll find out more about Goto in the next games. Actually, I’m curious about how they’ll proceed with the story: will they start back from the class selection and just make Mikoto end up in a different one, or will they somehow start from the ending of Mizuchi Hen, but stating that Mikoto didn’t end up with him? I think the first one is more likely… but I don’t think I would like to see the same introduction again. I hope they come up with something original.

        As for Mikoto, her cluelessness doesn’t bother me all that much, because it’s exactly what I was expecting ever since I heard that Minamos are supposed to be always ”pure”, even though I think considering a person pure based on the fact that’s she’s a virgin is stupid. There are a lot of Minamo there whose personality is definitely rotten, but hey, that doesn’t matter as long as they are virgin! -.- But plot is plot, I guess? Still, I suspected Mikoto would be the naive and clueless type from the start and I was prepared. Her cluelessness even made me laugh at times. ”He put his hand under my skirt and said he wants me; then he must definitely want me as a Senki!”. Yeah, of course that’s what he wants you for, my dear Mikoto! XD I don’t dislike her being devoted and loyal, because indeed she is. I’ll probably get used to her being the weak type that always needs to be protected, because most otome games heroines are like that, and if they’ll give us in time some kind of backstory that could justify some of the attitudes I don’t like, maybe in the next games I’ll be able to related to her more and hate her less, like with Amelia in Death Connection: I hated her at first, but by the end of the game I didn’t mind her all that much. Unfortunately I’ve finished playing HaruToki 3 , which has a real kickass heroine, right before starting Hana Awase, and I’m playing Wand of Fortune (with another awesome heroine) right now, so Mikoto definitely feels like a doormat in comparison. What can I say? I’ve been spoiled by Nozomi and Lulu!

        Now, sorry for this textwall: seems like I can’t state my opinion without writing too much!

        • Yeah. The interview from B’s Log said we’re going to explore the story from another point of view. In Hime’s game, Mikoto will be in the Gekkou Class instead… so I guess that means the demon card is going to choose Hime next. They also promised that no question will be left unanswered. :D

          LOL Mikoto’s denseness can be adorable at times. It’s just that side of her can hurt people too, like during the phone calls with Shou. But then again this type of heroine never clicks well with me, so that’s probably the reason. 8D; As for Minamo, your power depends on how strong your love is. There are bitchy people like Aoi, but I guess the ones who have intense emotions like that are also the strongest. The Minamo from Iroha’s Chisen Class aren’t that much different either, though the ones from Ouka Class are more than willing to share as long as Kurenai treats them fairly.

          Oh yeah, I also did Harutoki 3 years ago. Nozomi is badass, and she’s still the strongest heroine I’ve ever seen in an otome game—both in attitude and power. After that all the other heroines just pale in comparison… ;;; The ones who can stand for themselves and don’t take anyone’s crap are awesome, and I don’t mind weak heroines as long as they don’t do anything foolish. The type I can’t stand the most is those who know they can’t do anything, but still runs off when drama happens and get themselves into danger. So in conclusion, I’ve been spoiled by strong heroines too LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for doing these reviews! n_____n
    I realized that I missed a lot of events with Onosada in them, and thanks to that extra section at the bottom of your post I’ve played through them~ The poem translations also helped a lot, since I would stare at the lines blankly whenever they popped up OTL The only poem I researched was Iroha’s and just ; ___ ; The writers are definitely amazing for incorporating all the nuances behind each poem thoroughly into the characters and the plot. Every playthrough is interesting because there’s always little details that interconnect the routes and so much symbolism. ; v ;

    The other day I went back I replayed the common route, and there are just so many little details that I missed the first time (which were also clarified in your post jfjfajsdjf thank you so much ; AAA ;), and Iroha’s route just hurts x9001 more \o/
    I actually really like Mikoto, mostly because of the way she challenges Kurenai’s thinking in his route and how she admits that she’s flawed and strives to fix them. ; v ; Her denseness is definitely pretty annoying (poor Shou ; __ ;), and I’m guessing her grandfather sheltered her a lot though the game barely mentions her personal history?

    fjasdfjasdf I’m sorry for rambling everywhere ; A ;

    • No problem, thanks for reading! :D

      Hana Awase threw me and my friends into a poem research frenzy LOL. We looked up the poems and analyzed the living daylights out of them. Sadly enough I can’t deliver the meaning without ruining the beauty, so I hope you don’t mind that ahaha… _(:3」∠)_ The poems pretty much show the guys’ inner feelings, and it’s so amazing how the writers made this connection. The guys never said these things (not even when they’re doing monologues at night) but the poems reveal their thoughts. That’s just beautiful… and yeah, there’s a LOT of symbolism in the whole game. /o/

      You’re right about the details. One of the reasons why I take so long to blog about Hana Awase is because of those little hints. They don’t really make sense on your first playthrough, but once you’re done with the game (especially Iroha’s route) and replay it… wow, everything now hurts 918236749 times more. Thanks a lot WoGa and B’s Log. Iroha’s silence now feels so painful, and the words he said after the library scene is just… uh… ;_____; The same goes to Hime. Sometimes when Mikoto is talking about Mizuchi, Hime’s “gentle” smile looks so painful and I just wanna cry. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ

      Speaking of which, I also like Mikoto in general. She’s adorable and realistic. She can be rather gullible and stubborn at times, but just as you said, she does her best to fix her flaws. Her denseness (plus melancholy drama in Mizuchi’s route) was annoying for me though. I feel bad for Shou every time, and while I know Mikoto is just being loyal to Mizuchi in the other routes… I just… can’t help but feel annoyed by how she ignores the other guys… Maybe I’m just too biased to everyone and don’t wanna see them getting hurt. _(:3」∠)_ …and yeah, we barely know anything about Mikoto’s background. Maybe they’re saving it for future games, because all the childhood dreams she has involve all the guys during their younger days. There must be something hidden in her past. For now, all we know is that Mikoto’s an orphan who used to live with her grandfather.

      Oh, and it’s okay. I love getting long comments. ❤

  3. I have a question about the rankings. I’m rank 49 (stats: 28,32,27,26) at day 12 and I’m not sure if I’m doing this right lol. I don’t know if I should just prioritize leveling up or just continue with the plot. I’m still on my first playthrough. Will my stats be carried over once I start another route? Or I’ll have to start from scratch again? Better yet, I’ll just save before Day 17? :O

    Sorry for asking this. It’s been bugging me ever since i started playing. I need to get this out of my head. xD;;

  4. Hello Rin,

    Thank you so much for your detailed reviews!! I came across your blog when I was searching for more details on Hana Awase. My friend said she’d lend me the game and I wanted to know more, but most other reviews I’ve found didn’t tell me too much. I feel like I’ve already played the game after reading what you’ve written (I read all your Hana Awase posts!) – even though I still look forward to playing, I’m glad I won’t be too confused with the poems and terms when picking it up!

    Am really impressed with your detailed writing – so much that I want to read other reviews just because of it! Keep on reviewing :D And thank you so so much for making me super interested in Hana Awase!!

    • Hello, thanks for reading! (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪
      Hana Awase is a great game, so I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in it. They put a lot of subtle hints all over the game. Even if you know how it’s going to end, you might notice something new when you replay / play the game yourself. There’s a lot of unanswered questions, but that means we can look forward to figure things out in the next installments. Have fun with Mizuchi-hen, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. :D

      • I just finished Mizuchi’s route in the game and wow, your reviews are so loyal and detailed to the game! I would’ve been so lost with all the terms and backstory >__<

        Wondering if you'll be reviewing Hime-hen anytime soon? I've yet to play it, but am looking forward to your reviews if you will be! :3

        • Admittedly, Hana Awase IS confusing LOL. The first time I played it, I instantly got lost in the terminologies and the vague lines. They didn’t make any sense until I finished the game, and that’s when everything finally fell into place.

          Hime-hen is actually even more confusing than Mizuchi-hen. I’m not sure when I’ll get the time to write summaries, but I do have the plan to do so. Maybe once I can sort out my thoughts. Hime-hen gives out a LOT of hints, but as usual… it also leaves more questions than answers.

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