Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~

Before moving on to new releases, I’m going to write up posts for two games on my queue. The first one is this game, the first installment in the Double Score series. The main theme is “age gap”, and it’s much sweeter than I expected. :D

Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~

Shinozawa Mai is a high school student working in Kamizono Shrine, which is famous for supporting and granting love fortunes. Those who are chosen are allowed to enter a special area deep inside the shrine grounds, where a small shrine is standing—surrounded by flowers. These flowers bloom regardless of seasons, granting blessings at all times. Mai’s parents received their blessings in the past, and she’s dreaming to experience a dramatic love like they did. Little did she know that two of the blooming flowers will guide her to her fated one. This game focuses on Suoh Issei and Todaka Yousuke.

The story begins in October. After school, Mai gets invited to eat some crepes by Mori Kengo—a classmate who clearly has a crush on her. Mai’s best friend, Aihara Miki, points out that he only wants to have an after school date, but sadly for him… Mai will be working until late hours today. Miki jokingly offers to accompany him instead, only to reveal that she has a date with her boyfriend—which is the same as rubbing salt to the poor guy’s wound. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Feeling bad for Mori, Mai promises to go with him tomorrow. She dashes off to Kamizono Shrine after that, where she gets bullied by her sadistic boss, Kamizono Kyouga, for being late. Mai’s parents often took her to the shrine when she was small, and Kyouga—being an angelic being that he is—often played with her. The shrine has a lot of girls applying to become their shrine maiden, but Kyouga gave the position to Mai instead. Because he’s just THAT kind. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kyouga also went to the same high school and university as Mai’s cousin, and so they go way back.

Anyway, Kyouga says they have work today. He takes Mai deep into the “sanctuary” of the shrine, the place where the flowers of love are blooming around a small shrine. Only a few people are allowed to enter, but she’s always been allowed to walk into the sanctuary—she often played there when she was younger. Mai asks if they have to do a flower delivery, and Kyouga nods. He explains that the god of the shrine appeared in his dream last night, personally asking him to do it. The flowers that are blooming right now are cosmos and camellia, and the shrine sells goods based on flowers which are blooming at the moment. They make charms from pressed flowers, fortune sheets, votive picture tablets, and even postcards and stickers… but for now, Mai has to deliver the flowers first. Each flower is to be delivered to a certain person, and she can only choose one—not both.

Delivering the cosmos will lead Mai to Suoh Issei, while the camellia will bring her to Todaka Yousuke.

P.S. I will refer to both men with their first names to match the LE short story.

15 thoughts on “Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~

  1. I love age gap romances~! I’m such a sucker for the older, suave man~! That’s why I was so excited about the release of Double Score~! (I wish I had a PC… a pox on Apple!) I eagerly await your future posts~! へ(´∀`へ)

    • Same here. It’s nice seeing the gap of how Mai and the guys think too. The game has quite a volume, so it might take a while to type up everything… but I’ll do my best. (ง •̀_•́)ง

      • Is there more age gaping romance games like this one? I would love to read more of these, I just got into these like months ago. :)) Oh Brothers Conflict was my first and it was amazing, thanks for the hard work. ;)

        • There’s actually quite a lot. They just don’t put as much focus on the age gap. Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku and Arcana Famiglia also have guys who are in their 30s and above, while the heroine is 16 (Arcana) and 18 (HanaIchi). There should be more titles with older guys, I just can’t remember right now LOL.

  2. Viva Age gap forever!!! *cough* excuse me….
    It’s quite rare for me to actually read anything that had romance with big age gap, but lately I just like that kind of genre (thanks to Jolly, lol) I will look forward to read the full review anytime you post it, hopefully if I got a connection :D.
    I’m bad with remembering name so I ask which one you would do first? The Cosmos or The Camellia? I personally like Cosmos, so if I could actually play anything at the moment, I would do Camellia first just to get it out of the way~

      • Curse Jolly for being a sexy brilliant ossan. XD
        Oh, so the Cosmos is the serious one huh…. #honestly couldn’t remember which one is which :D. Well, I’m going to read him then and maybe try to keep my interest open to read Camellia.

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