Arcana Famiglia -Festa Regalo!-

Since Festa Regalo mainly focuses on the cooking mini-game, I wasn’t actually planning to blog this… but Arcana Famiglia 2 is in the making and this game has cute extras too, so why not? It might be dangerous for your diet though.

アルカナ・ファミリア フェスタ・レガーロ

The story of Festa Regalo begins when Felicita is learning how to cook from Martha, the family’s chef. While Sumire and the maid trio are lucky enough to be able to eat Felicita’s cooking, there’s nothing left for Mondo to eat. Out of irritation and love for his daughter, Mondo then announces a cooking contest called “Feast★Duello” to make autumn even livelier in Regalo. The winner will receive the right to become “One-Day-Papa” as the reward.

Yes, the plot is as simple as that. The system is quite simple too, but please note that I did NOT collect all recipes, all titles and combinations, so please don’t ask me about how to get them. Other than the special recipes for the guys, you can get them randomly by feeding Fukurota in Felicita’s room. There are around 300 recipes in this game, so it might be hard if you want 100% full completion.

Some information regarding the system:

  • Partners
    Felicita can choose her partner right from the start. Each guy offers a different “special” recipe for the final round of Feast★Duello, and the main focus of the routes is the search for the ingredient. Felicita can change partners anytime as long as Feast★Duello isn’t taking place.

  • Collecting Recipes
    As I stated above, you can get more recipes by feeding Fukurota. Both the chance and the recipe given are completely random, but Fukurota will eat anything you give her. Even If she doesn’t give anything or complains about the food you give her, you can continue feeding her the same thing until she gives you something.

  • Gathering Ingredients
    You can gather ingredients at three locations. The mountain will give you vegetables and fruits; the beach will give you seafood and liquors; while Vivace Plaza will give you dairy products and other ingredients. Your inventory has limited space and will grow larger over time, so it’ll become full after gathering ingredients for a while. The storage (can be accessed from Felicita’s room) can hold NINE of the same ingredients, so you can either sell the remaining ingredients at the market or give them to Fukurota. You will unlock better weapons and higher difficulties as you go on, which will give you more rare ingredients with better quality.

  • Money
    Do keep in mind that the amount of money you can keep is limited, but the maximum limit will go up over time. If your money turns red, it means you’ve reached the limit and can’t sell things at the market anymore. Don’t worry though since Fukurota eats everything. If you need inventory space, just let her eat everything.

  • Cooking
    Once you’ve unlocked a recipe, you can make the dish in the kitchen. You only need one of each ingredient if you’re cooking in the kitchen, but it’s slightly different for Feast★Duello. The required amount of ingredients for Feast★Duello will depend on the number of judges. For example, you’ll need 3 pieces of each ingredient if there are 6 judges. If the number of judges is odd, the required amount will be rounded down. (e.g. 2 for 5 judges, 3 for 7 judges, etc.)

  • Trump Card
    Once you’ve finished cooking something, the game will ask you to choose the trump card for the dish. There are four options available. One is the “perfect” spice, one is the “good” spice, while the other two will result in a failure. The spice you choose will affect the recipe’s quality, but they also give you hints in the descriptions. Be very careful when you choose a trump card in Feast★Duello, because failures might lead to defeat.

  • VS Scenarios
    There are mini-scenarios with guys who aren’t Felicita’s partner. These scenarios appear randomly on the map, but they change every time you enter and leave a map. If you want to see all of them, the best way is to collect them as you gather ingredients… but if you really have nothing left to do and the scenes are still incomplete, you can just enter and leave Felicita’s room until they appear.

  • Feast★Duello
    Pay attention to the judges’ preferences and conditions. Felicita can use “The Lovers” to see this before the match begins. Each character has a fixed preference, but their conditions are random. If there are people who are full among the judges, it might not be a wise idea to cook something that has the “large portion” label. Of course it’s impossible to make a dish that matches everyone’s preferences, but you can at least avoid dishes they don’t like.

The game states the requirements to unlock the extras, so you can always press START to check them. Oh, and I won’t be covering the VS scenarios because they’re mostly jokes / gags. Obviously the humor will be lost if i translate them, so I’ll only do the main episodes and extras. ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ☆


2 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia -Festa Regalo!-

  1. Seems like a fun game~ :D
    Only if I can understand Japanese… ;__;
    Thanks to your reviews, I know at least what’s going on~ XD

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