Glass Heart Princess

This game actually came out in December last year, and I finished it in January before throwing myself back into Hana Awase’s despair. That’s why I haven’t written anything for it, but now I’m going back since I loved the game a lot.

Glass Heart Princess

Himeno Kyouko is perfect. She’s beautiful, comes from a rich family, attends a super elite school and is admired by everyone. While she might seem flawless, Kyouko actually does have a weakness. She’s completely inexperienced when it comes to love. Kyouko thinks it’s still impossible for her to fall in love, but on her last summer vacation in high school, she suddenly collapses from a mysterious disease called “Glass Heart Syndrome”.

Three days later, Kyouko wakes up in the hospital to find her loyal butler, Masaki Shinnosuke, and her father, Himeno Monji, in tears. Even though Kyouko survived the sudden attack, her life is still in danger. If her heart rate gets too high, her heart will stop beating and she will die. Since the disease continues deteriorating inside of her, Kyouko only has 50% chance of surviving before the year changes… and the end of the year is coming in four months. The disease has occurred several times in the past, but no specific cure for it has been found. However, the doctor and Kyouko’s maid, Chiga Satsuki, soon come up with an absurd yet wonderful idea—she should train her heart by having dates and falling in love!

The problem is that Kyouko has no experience at all, and she has to start by looking for a man to date.

Where is Kyouko going to find her first love?

Since her heart is already weakened, Kyouko is also going to have weekly training sessions with Satsuki and Shinnosuke. The former will assist her on mental and image training, while the latter will provide all sorts of physical training to improve her heart’s endurance. By the end of each week, Kyouko can go on a date with the guy of her choice… or with Shinnosuke.

Yes. That’s it. The rest will be in individual routes. Short, isn’t it? No tl;dr textwall yet here. 8D

By the way, if you’re interested in my overall opinion on GHP, I wrote a spoiler-free review on Otome Jikan. I did my best to explain the system and everything else over there, so my posts here will be focusing on the characters and their routes instead. Like usual. _(:3」∠ )_


15 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess

  1. GHP キタァァァ!

    I’m so excited to read all their stories, because I never expected to love this game and I’m happy that you love this game too. I already said the last part on the review but still… I’ll never get tired fangirling over this game.

    • It’s all because of the premise, isn’t it? We all thought “training heart with love” is kind of dumb, but the game turned out to be much better than expected LOL. I admit I’m really biased towards GHP because of KENN, but the game itself is also enjoyable. :3

      • Yeah it’s because of the premise and also my first impressions with Kyouko, but I had my jaw dropped once I realized that this game is so fun. In a way, I also got my heart healed plus I get to smile especially when Shinnosuke shows up. :3c I do think KENN and the others did a great job on portraying the characters.

        I’ll reserve my individual character fangirling to their respective routes, and I don’t mind waiting. \o\

  2. Ohhh! Glass Heart Princess! I really liked this game! It’s one of the few games where I liked all the characters. I remember that, when the game was announced, everyone though the premise was really dumb and that the heroine would be a weakling, but it turned out being really funny and even Kyouko is a more than decent heroine (especially in Yukito and Shinnosuke’s routes). Also, it has the awesomest sub-character ever: SATSUKI! The only flaw it has it’s that it’s a bit short… but maybe that’s just me, because I wanted to see more! I’m glad it’s getting a fan disk, because it deserves it.
    Well, can’t wait to read your reviews about it!

    • Even until now, I’m sure some people still find the premise dumb and refuse to give GHP a try. It’s really too bad because even if the story might not suit everyone’s tastes, the game itself is cute and entertaining. I feel that GHP makes fun of itself, but it also has a proper story for each route. The “weak” image came from the sample CGs and Kyouko’s status as an ojousama, but I think Kyouko is a good heroine. Her common sense brings a refreshing touch to the game, especially because the rest of the cast are obviously not normal LOL. I agree that the main portion of each route is a bit short though, so I’m happy to see Otomate releasing a fandisk for GHP soon. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

      I’m going to snail my way through this game as usual, thanks for always keeping up with me. /o\

  3. GHP GHP GHP \o/
    I’m very glad I’ll be able to read about the characters again /o/
    This game did not only heal Kyouko but also my gaming mood :3c
    Lovely game, lovely characters, lovely everything~~~

    omgomgomg can’t wait for Platinum /o/o/o/

    shocks i’m so hyperrr sorry /o\

    • LOL with you and Axel here, it reminds me of you guys and your love for Yukito. The Oppa Kaitou Trio. xD I agree that GHP is a lovely game, it was certainly an oasis for me in the desert of despair Hana Awase threw me into. The endings left a lot of room for a fandisk, so I’m really happy they’re going to release Platinum. /o/

      • OMG yes! XDD

        Especially for Shin-chan. I want to know more about our prince~ x3
        While I think that Yukito’s ending felt complete already, I am still excited for his route in Platinum… and that beach outfit *q* dehehehe

        • Especially because how his ending is left like that LOL. The “story” section on Platinum’s page says they’re going to a resort for 5 days and 4 nights, so I think it might be focusing on their beach trip? /o/ It sounds really fun, I can’t wait to see their beach adventures.

  4. I can’t wait to see more of your awesome reviews!! *cheers*
    Otome game companies would definitly fight to have you as their games English advertiser!! XD
    If only I can learn japanese and buy these games without my gaurdians complains *__*
    I might be exaggerating, but seriously, without your reviews, I wouldn’t be able to know about such an awesome series like Brothers conflict!! Thank you very much!!
    I can’t wait for the anime show that is coming on July!! ^o^

    • It’s going to take a while since the posts turn out longer than expected, but I hope it’ll be enjoyable for you guys to read. (*´∀`*)

      Ahh, thank you for keeping up with me and my slow blogging pace. /o\ If my posts can help spreading more love for the series I like, then I’m happy to hear that. Brothers Conflict definitely deserves more love, especially since a lot of people got discouraged from playing the game due to the buggy system. I can’t wait to see the anime too, but to be honest I’m hoping they’re going to fix the animation quality… the promotion art looks weird to me. ;___;

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