Glass Heart Princess – Hoshino Kanata

Starting off with Kanata, since I also did his route first. Kanata’s route is rather “unique”, and it’s good to start the game with because it’s just so… out of this world. Maybe literally. There’s also a lot of parodies on Otomate’s past titles.

星野彼方 (CV:宮田幸季)

Hoshino Kanata is a mysterious young man whom Kyouko met underneath the “legendary tree” at school. While the school itself is filled with a bunch of eccentric people, no one can defeat Kanata’s strange whims. For some reason, he has a thin presence and other students rarely talk about him. The alien on Kanata’s shoulder seems to be a stuffed toy, but it speaks and moves around from time to time. Kanata’s age and background are unknown.


After five days, Kyouko’s search hits a dead end. Shinnosuke has checked ALL the guys at school, and yet none of them caught her attention. He’s thinking of expanding the search by checking up the alumni, but she feels so discouraged and thinks it’s impossible for her to find love. Just then her three “royal guards”, Manaka, Saki and Miu come to ask her what’s wrong. They heard her mentioning the word “love”, so they think she must have heard the rumor about the “legendary tree”. It says that a man and woman who meet under the legendary tree will be brought together by fate, and this legendary tree is standing right behind their school building. Since they don’t have better options at the moment, Shinnosuke suggests checking it out. The school was actually planning to build a storage there, but their mysterious chairman stopped it in order to keep the tree. This caused a lot of rumors to float around, and this “legendary tree” rumor must be one of them.

Since they can’t find anyone there, Shinnosuke then goes into hiding while Kyouko waits for someone to appear under the tree. Just when she’s about to give up, her surroundings suddenly turn dark… and then something falls to smack her on the head. When Kyouko opens her eyes later, she finds an unknown man lying right in front of her. He’s wearing their school uniform, but she doesn’t think she saw him in the data Shinnosuke collected for her. Upon recalling the rumor from earlier, she starts wondering if the man is her “fated one” since they really met under the legendary tree. Kyouko then introduces herself and asks for his name, and he answers that it’s Hoshino Kanata. She keeps repeating his name in her mind, believing that it’s the name of her fated one. She actually didn’t believe the rumor, but that was only until she met him.

Just then the alien on Kanata’s shoulder makes a strange noise, and he talks to it about “a creature at the destination”. Some of his words are completely covered by a beeping sound, but he says it’s only because the “secret words” got blocked. Before she can ask him what’s wrong, he suddenly grabs her shoulders and says: “This is my first time, so I’m sorry if it hurts.” Σ(゚ー゚;) Kanata then issues a “start-up” as Kyouko begins to panic, and the next moment… she suddenly blacks out. When she opens her eyes again, Kyouko immediately recognizes Kanata as her classmate. He seems satisfied with this result while she’s left with a strange, contradicting sensation, but she quickly brushes it off and asks him to go on a date with her. She has to explain what a date means since he has no idea, but then he agrees since it’s important to befriend “local creatures”. He accepts her invitation to have a date this weekend, and she excitedly reports back to Shinnosuke after parting with him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

■ RANK G: Let’s Eat Together

As soon as they arrive at school, Kanata walks off to leave since Sunday is a holiday… but Kyouko quickly invites him to have a meal at the cafeteria. It’s open even during holidays, and he agrees immediately. He doesn’t move until she tells him that the cafeteria is inside the school, but then he smiles and holds out his hand—which she nervously takes. Kanata doesn’t get why they have to buy meal tickets, but Kyouko tells him that it’d be easier for the staff to manage their inventory. Besides, it’s not hygienic if they directly take money on the counter. Kyouko notices that Kanata seems clueless about a lot of stuff, and she wonders if it’s because he was living overseas. They trade the tickets for two plates of curry, and they’re about to eat it together when Kyouko realizes that Kanata didn’t get a spoon. Just as she asks how he’s going to eat it, he suddenly lifts his plate and literally pours all the curry into his mouth. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 When she tells him that curry isn’t a drink, he says the “search” gave him a lot of results that said it is a drink LOL. Now that he has learned that it’s food, he has to correct the search result.

After that, Kanata goes to buy an ice cream and shares it with Kyouko. Her heart nearly jumps out when he feeds her directly from his spoon, but she eats it anyway and tells him that it’s delicious. He also eats the ice cream after that, and she’s panicking inside because he’s using the same spoon. By the time they leave the cafeteria, Kyouko feels that her heart is already at its limit. When she asks how the date was for him, Kanata answers that it was “delicious”—leaving her confused. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

■ RANK F: Unknown Figure

Based on Satsuki’s advice, Kyouko asks about Kanata’s favorite places today. Since Kyouko doesn’t know much about Kanata, Satsuki told her to start off with having conversations. He loves sunny places, so she decides to take him to the school ground. They have a nice weather today, and they can have a nice chat there. The baseball club is having practice today. Kyouko is surprised when Kanata asks what baseball is, but when she asks if he doesn’t know, he quickly says it’s just a joke. He does know what soccer is though, and he gives her a LONG, detailed description of soccer—which makes her wonder if he likes it LOL. Once they find a nice place to sit down, Kanata invites Kyouko to “charge” together. When she asks if he means “basking in the sun”, he decides to use the term since he likes it.

Now that he’s learned that the ground is used for sports, Kanata asks about the small hut in the distance. Kyouko explains that it’s the pet house for the elementary school students, and they’re raising bunnies at the moment. He’s surprised that bunnies also exist on Earth, because he heard that they live on the moon. Thinking that Kanata is joking again, Kyouko tells him that the bunnies on Earth don’t come with a mochi like the ones on the moon… but he takes it seriously and wonders why they’re different. She explains that it might be hard because Earth’s gravity is six times greater, and again, he nods saying that’s reasonable. When she tells him that he’s a natural (airhead), he suddenly unbuttons his clothes and asks her to touch his chest—so she can see that he’s artificial. He soon corrects himself and says he’s probably natural, but she’s already panicking and asks him to wear his clothes. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

Just then a baseball flies towards Kyouko, but Kanata swiftly pulls her over and catches the flying object. A baseball club member soon comes to apologize to Kyouko, and when he asks if they can throw the ball back… Kanata throws it so hard it punches a crater on the wall. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? This shocks Kyouko and the baseball club members, but he simply says he miscalculated the strength used. Before they can get him to explain, Kanata suddenly tells Kyouko to escape and runs off at an incredible speed. She’s running out of breath by the time she catches up to him at the school gate, but then he decides to go home because the baseball club members are looking for him. Kanata flees before Kyouko can stop him, and in the end they don’t have any proper conversation today.

■ RANK F: Midday Space Experience

Kyouko notices that Kanata seems sleepy today, and he says it’s because of “muscle pain” before fixing it to “lack of sleep”. When she asks if he did something last night, he says he was counting sheep. He got to 3 millions, but he couldn’t sleep at all and ended up staying awake until morning came. For today’s date, Kanata takes Kyouko to the nature park. She gets excited since it finally feels like a date, but then he asks her to sit down and stares at the sky—not responding to anything she says. When she asks why he seems to be spacing out, he apologizes saying it’s because the stars are beautiful. Sometimes people can see the stars at noon if they have a very sharp vision, and so she wonders if his eyesight is also that strong. The “reception” is also good here, and he loves the nature park the most in this town. When she asks if he loves the stars, he asks her which ones she’s referring to… but his words got blocked out by the beeping sound again. She tries moving closer since she can’t hear him clearly, but it doesn’t change anything.

Kanata then asks Kyouko to close her eyes. She can feel him touching her cheek, but he asks her not to move since the “coordinate” will be off. She gets really nervous since he’s being so close, but apparently he’s just taking a fallen eyelash off her face—though he didn’t know they can fall off. After that, Kanata says he’ll be going home since he’s done with reception. Kyouko asks if they can’t chat for a little longer, but he tells her that it’s going to rain in 30 minutes… so they don’t have a choice. When she asks how the date was for him, he says it’s so-so… but it’s not bad to spend time with someone every now and then. He doesn’t mind taking her to the nature park once in a while, and she’s happy to be able to visit his favorite place today. It makes her feel a bit closer to him.

■ RANK F: Seizing Unidentified Creature

In order to get Kanata’s attention, Satsuki decides to help styling Kyouko’s hair. Kyouko falls asleep while Satsuki is working on her hair, and it’s a mistake because she wakes up to find her hair dyed black. When she protests, Satsuki reminds her that their objective is to turn her into an ideal Yamato Nadeshiko… and having long, glossy black hair is effective for capturing a man’s heart LOL. Satsuki used a special dye so it won’t cause any damage on Kyouko’s hair, and the color should disappear in around 12 hours. Probably. Kyouko goes to see Kanata after that, and she tries to show the appeal of her new hair color… but it’s not working at all. Because he doesn’t even recognize her. Σ(-∀-;) When she tells him that she’s Kyouko, he says that can’t be true since her hair color is different from the one in his records.

Kyouko tries to explain that she dyed her hair earlier, but Kanata suspects her as a mononoke. Yesterday, he read about a mysterious creature that can take control of human bodies. This is important for him, so he’s planning to get the “creature” out of her body and capture it as a sample. Kanata then runs off to get a bunch of stuff, ranging from garlic to a dog, and tests them out on Kyouko to figure out the identity of the “creature” in her body LOL. Since none of them are working, Kanata then takes Kyouko to a back alley and does… something… to lock her movements. He asks her not to move, because he’s going to check her body himself and figure out what’s possessing her. Kyouko asks Kanata to believe in her even though she looks different, but her desperate attempt only worsens his suspicion. She knows her heart won’t be able to take it if he examines her body, so she says goodbye to everyone and prepares for her death… but then he stops since her hair is no longer black. It has reverted back to its original color.

Thinking that the unidentified “creature” ran away, Kanata asks if Kyouko can get possessed again so he can get a sample. He looks really disappointed when she says it’s impossible, and then he leaves just like that. Of course Kyouko is also disappointed since Kanata was more interested in the “creature” instead of herself, but she’s not giving up and will attack him again next time. (ง •̀_•́)ง

■ RANK E: Miracle Magic

Kyouko knows that just talking won’t get them anywhere, so she takes Kanata to visit the shopping mall today. While he doesn’t have any supplies to buy, he doesn’t mind keeping her company since he has no “missions” at the moment. In the shopping mall, they see a crowd gathering around a demonstration sale for magic items. The staff is wearing a magician’s costume, performing tricks like pulling sticks out of thin air and erasing trump cards. Since everyone is amazed, Kanata asks if that kind of technique is unusual. When Kyouko nods saying it’s rather uncommon in Japan, he tells her that he can do something like that too. After asking Kyouko to watch his hands, Kanata squeezes his right hand and opens it to show a pack of cards inside. When he flips his hand, they dance in the air and form a tower. Before long, people begin gathering around them to watch his magic tricks.

Kanata then asks if Kyouko wants to see more. When she nods, he holds her hand and sends her to float in the air. Since the crowd is cheering and Kyouko is impressed, Kanata decides to give her some “service” by lifting her even higher—about two meters off the ground. When she asks what she should do to return to the ground, he suddenly tells her not to move… and then all the lights in the building go out. She hears people raising their voices in confusion, while her own body keeps on floating in the air. Feeling confused and scared, Kyouko calls out to Kanata and asks him to help. He immediately hugs her and apologizes for scaring her, though she gets flustered since he’s being TOO close. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン When the power returns, Kyouko wonders what just happened to the electricity… and Kanata says it was probably affected by his power. It seems like he got too worked up earlier. Before she can ask further, he asks if they can eat lunch now. He used up too much power, and he probably won’t last for another 10 minutes at this rate.

As they walk to the restaurant upstairs, Kyouko thinks about Kanata’s impressive magic tricks. Could it be that he belongs to that kind of field? She feels that he stands on an entirely different level though…

■ RANK E: Joining American Football Club

Kyouko is confused to see Kanata carrying a glove today. He doesn’t get it either, as it was given to him by a member of the baseball club. He was also asked to join their baseball team when he feels like it. Third year students are supposed to be retired from club activities by now, but they have an interleague match in winter… and they want him on the team even if it’s only for one match. Kyouko asks if Kanata wants to play catch together, but he heard that it’s an activity for father and son. He’s about to ask if she wants him to do it with their future son instead, but she quickly interrupts knowing it would be dangerous for her heart. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Since he’s interested in baseball, they decide to watch the baseball club’s practice at school. However, the ground is being used by the American football club today. He thinks it’s a smaller version of human evolution since it’s different from soccer, though she’s not sure which one of the sports was invented first LOL.

Just then the ball rolls towards their feet, and a member asks if they can throw it over. Kanata is surprised since the ball isn’t round, and he seems interested when Kyouko says the shape makes it harder to predict the direction it’s going to bounce off too. Before she can stop him, he takes the ball from her hands and throws it away—creating yet another hole in the wall. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 The shape makes it difficult for him to calculate the right amount of power, and they get an intense déjà vu when the American football club members are making a commotion over the crater he made. They run away before anything happens, but the next day, he gets invited to join the American football club. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ


On the first day of the culture festival, Kyouko is looking for Kanata. They made a promise to meet up and look around together, but he doesn’t show up. As she searches for him near the concert hall, she notices that an event is starting inside. The sign says: “First in this century. A mysterious impact, Alien Talk Show.” Σ(゚ー゚;) When she takes a closer look at the stage, Kyouko is surprised to find Kanata there—sitting on a cushion as he talks to his alien. Both of them are wearing kimono. Since the audience can’t hear what the alien is saying, they have to guess it by themselves LOL. It seems like the alien is the one who’s telling him how to run the show properly, though he gets tired in no time and finds talk shows difficult. Kanata soon mentions that he has a promise to eat takoyaki, so he quickly ends the show and leaves the stage to meet up with Kyouko. It’s obvious that he’s never done a talk show before, and he only did it because someone asked him to do it—thinking it’d be interesting.

When Kanata asks for her opinion, Kyouko answers that it was a fresh experience. The alien doesn’t seem satisfied though, and she thinks they would make a great manzai duo instead. Since Kanata isn’t used to talk shows, he ended up consuming a lot of energy. He then invites Kyouko to get some takoyaki, and she happily takes him to the takoyaki stand after that.

For the second day, Tenma got Kanata, Yukito and Shinnosuke to form an idol group called “Glass Heart Prince” and perform together on stage. Kyouko helps giving them personal advice as their producer, and their performance results in a huge success. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

■ RANK G: Save Our Comrade!

Kanata needs Kyouko’s help today. He takes her into a game center near the station, and he explains that his comrade is held captive. At the same time, he points to a pink alien doll inside the crane game case. It looks similar to the one on his shoulder, except this one wears a ribbon on its head. It’s also the only pink alien inside the case, so she wonders if it’s a rare product. Kanata doesn’t know how to control the crane, and that’s why he needs Kyouko to help him. She asks him to leave everything to her, but it’s actually her first time playing a crane game as well… so they read the instructions very carefully before inserting a 100 yen coin into the machine. Her first attempt ends in a failure, but she doesn’t give up and keeps on trying. Sadly, it’s difficult just to lift the pink alien. Even after using a tower of 100 yen coins, she still can’t rescue his comrade out of the crane game case.

However, Kyouko then asks Kanata to take a look from the side and check the crane’s position for her. It’s a bit hard to see from the front, but it might be easier if they work together. After several failures, Kyouko finally manages to grab the alien’s ribbon with Kanata’s help—bringing out of the case. As he thanks her, Kanata suddenly hugs Kyouko saying she’s their savior. Of course this instantly sends her into panic, and he apologizes saying he was told to show the best gratitude for those who saved his comrades. While she doesn’t think she did something great, he smiles saying it’s all thanks to her. Now that they’ve rescued his comrade, Kanata says it’s time to go home. Before leaving, he hands the pink alien to Kyouko saying they have matching aliens now. After taking a closer look, she actually finds it cute and puts it on her shoulder as they walk home. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

■ RANK E: Not Alone

Today, Kanata and Kyouko go to the largest movie theater in town. When she explains that people still won’t fit into the place if a popular movie is playing, he nods saying three giants would be enough to fill in all the space. A movie about a giant hero is currently playing, and so she wonders if he wants to watch it—unaware that he’s probably talking about actual giants. Kanata is more interested in a movie about a justice alien who defends earth from monsters though, and so Kyouko takes him to see that one instead. They go into a café after watching the movie, and there she asks what he thinks about the movie. He says it’s a wonderful “documentary”, because he never knew that such a battle took place in this planet before LOL. He doesn’t get why they can hear sounds since it’s supposed to be in space, but she points out that it’d be boring if the climax of the movie is soundless. The alien informs him that such a battle doesn’t exist in history though, which leaves him wondering if it’s a new discovery. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

This reminds Kyouko that there was a small alien too in the movie, and so she asks if the alien is Kanata’s friend. He stares at the alien for a while before saying they get along pretty well. They’re always together, though they also fight from time to time. Or rather, it would scold him for saying unnecessary things—as unbelievable as that may sound. Since they’re inseparable, Kyouko then asks if the alien has any special meaning for Kanata. For example, was it a present from someone important? He says there’s nothing like that, though they’ve been together ever since he was born. This makes her wonder the alien was a present from his parents, but then he tells her that he has no parents. She quickly apologizes thinking he must’ve lost them, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, he seems confused by her apology.

Kyouko then asks if that means Kanata is living alone. When he nods, she asks him not to hold back and rely on her if he ever needs help—she’ll do anything to help him. He seems taken aback, but then he nods saying he’ll take this into consideration. She also asks if his relatives helped him to move into this town, but he shakes his head. He chose this place simply because the weather condition was good for landing. He’s not sure about how long he can stay in this town either. He’ll be here for the time being because he has an objective to accomplish, but he has no idea what will happen after that. He doesn’t even know if he can stay here until graduation, and the thought of him moving away makes her sad. After all, fate has brought them together. Since Kanata needs to do his homework, they decide to leave the café after that. Kyouko’s footsteps feel heavy as she walks home.

■ Rank E: Hoshino Kanata’s Identity…?

Since Kanata wants to experience centrifugal force, Kyouko follows him to ride the train. They don’t have any specific destination in mind, so they just randomly buy the tickets. Once they’re in the train, Kyouko notices that Kanata is excitedly looking at the views outside. She feels a bit exhausted because she’s not used to trains, but she’s glad to see him enjoying the ride. By the end of the date, he thanks her for today since he had fun with centrifugal force. Kanata leaves right after that, but as soon as he walks away… a man suddenly comes up to Kyouko and asks if she knows Hoshino Kanata. The man wears the emblem of their school—Karyou Tokiwa Academy—on his uniform, and he introduces himself as the president of the “space research club” at school. Their research covers a broad range, starting from aviation to astronomy.

When Kyouko asks why they want to know about Kanata, the man says it’s because there’s a chance that Kanata might be an alien. Kyouko can see where he’s coming from because Kanata IS weird, but she also finds it hard to believe. The man says that’s exactly why they need to get a proof, and so he drags Kyouko to tail Kanata from the shadows—not giving her any chance to refuse. Soon they find Kanata looking at a cat on the street, and the president immediately thinks of cattle mutilation… but Kyouko points out that he’s only feeding the cat. They follow him to the park after that, but in the end he leaves without actually doing anything. From there, Kanata goes to the legendary tree at school. The president heard that there’s a device to exchange signals with UFO buried underneath the tree, and he regrets not bringing their wave measurement device along. Much to their shock, Kanata suddenly pops up right in front of them—asking how many hertz can the device measure.

The president is instantly thrown into panic, but Kyouko asks him to calm down and explains everything to Kanata. She apologizes for tailing him, but he doesn’t mind. He only wants them to invite him too next time. After explaining that he’s not an alien, Kanata asks if the president wants to meet one. He then tries asking the alien on his shoulder about this, but of course he only gets scolded again. He believes that the president will be able to meet an alien one day, so he asks the president to be friendly to it when the time comes. He was also told to befriend those who love space, and so he wants to talk to the president again. After the president leaves, Kanata asks if Kyouko believes that aliens exist. She nods saying they’ve been witnessed by people all over the world, and she thinks there might be creatures living in other planets out there. Kanata seems happy to hear Kyouko’s answer, and he leaves saying he’ll see her tomorrow.

The next day, the space research club’s president suddenly goes missing. They find him in the woods one week later, and he tells the police that he was abducted by aliens. T-That can’t be true, right…?

■ RANK D: Your Voice

For today’s date, Kanata invites Kyouko to go to the beach with him. He’s thinking of going there by foot since his “ship” is under repair, but the beach is actually quite far… so she calls Shinnosuke and Satsuki to drive them there. Satsuki can prepare some coats if they’re feeling cold, but Kyouko says she’s fine. As for Kanata, he’s having no problems either because “they” don’t get affected much by outdoor temperature. Satsuki also brought a beach ball so Kyouko can share lovely (*´∀`*)ノ キャッキャッ♪ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ ウフフッ♪ moments with Kanata, though winter is definitely not a season to play with a beach ball LOL. Satsuki doesn’t want to disturb Kyouko’s time with Kanata, so she drags Shinnosuke to wait in the car—where they’re going to be on standby while playing sevens. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Kanata thinks Kyouko has interesting friends, and she can’t deny it even though they’re actually her maid and butler.

Now that they’re at the beach, Kanata starts observing the ecology. He finds a starfish along with a long creature (most likely a sea slug) nearby, and he seems interested to see their different shapes. However, he soon leaves to check the other side of the beach with his alien. Kyouko wants to go with him, but he asks her to wait here because they have investigation to do… and he thinks she’d just get in the way if she tags along. Kyouko is shocked. She thought they have grown much closer than before, but this causes her to wonder if Kanata doesn’t feel anything for her. Suddenly she feels stupid, and she holds back her tears as she glances at the direction he ran off to. Just when she’s about to sit down on the sand, the wind blows her beach ball onto the sea. She quickly chases after it and finds it floating right beside a cliff, so she tries reaching it with her hand before the waves take it further away. Unfortunately, Kyouko falls onto the sea just when her fingers reach the beach ball. As she drowns in the cold winter sea, she calls Kanata’s name in her mind.

Meanwhile, Kanata is examining sea slugs when he suddenly hears Kyouko’s voice. His alien reminds him that they have to prioritize their investigation, and he says he understands that… but he has a bad feeling about this. Just then Kanata sees the beach ball floating on the sea, and he realizes that something must have happened to Kyouko. Later on, Kyouko slightly opens her eyes upon sensing a comfortable warmth wrapping her body. Kanata is relieved to see that she’s alive, and he apologizes to his alien for using “the power” without permission. He feels that she’s more important than the investigation, though he doesn’t understand why. He doesn’t know what to call the feeling inside of him, and he wonders if it’s a bug since “they” have no idea either. Even though he doesn’t understand, Kanata says he feels calm whenever he’s with Kyouko. Just then Kyouko quietly calls his name, and Kanata asks her to sleep for a little longer. She doesn’t have to worry, because he’ll turn the sea back to normal. His gentle voice lulls her back to sleep.

When Kyouko wakes up later, she finds herself back at the beach. Kanata is relieved and hugs her, telling her that she didn’t move at all even after he rescued her from the sea. She thanks him for saving her even though the sea is really cold, but he’s more concerned about her instead. Besides, he didn’t jump into the sea. Of course this confuses her since he wouldn’t be able to save her otherwise, but he brushes it off and doesn’t bother explaining—he’s just glad that she’s alright. Kanata also apologizes for treating her like a burden and leaving her alone, but Kyouko doesn’t mind. She’s aware that she was being selfish too, and right now she feels happy that he’s worried about her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kyouko calls Shinnosuke and Satsuki after that. When Kanata helps her walk to the car, she realizes that he seems different from how he used to be. It makes her feel so nervous she can’t look him in the eye. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

■ RANK C: The Dreadful Battle

In order to thank Kanata for saving her at the beach, Kyouko invites him to her house. Shinnosuke is a bit worried since she didn’t tell Monji about this, but she assures him that it’s fine. Monji is currently overseas for work and won’t return until next week. Besides, Shinnosuke and Satsuki are here even though Monji is away. However, they have a heavy downpour on the day of Kanata’s visit. He’s drenched from head to toe by the time he arrives, and since he’s not carrying an umbrella, Kyouko wonders if he left the house before it started raining. When she gives him a towel, he starts wiping his alien until she asks him to wipe himself dry first. ヾ(・ω・`;)ノ Soon after that, Shinnosuke comes to inform them that the bath is ready. Kanata then follows Shinnosuke into the bathroom, and Kyouko wonders what she should do while waiting for him to finish bathing. Satsuki teasingly asks if she wants to wash Kanata’s back, but Kyouko quickly refuses and decides to make something warm for him instead. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

When Kyouko and Satsuki are discussing about what to make, they suddenly hear someone ringing the doorbell… and the next thing they hear is Monji’s voice calling his beloved daughter. Σ(゚ー゚;) He suddenly wanted to see her, so he moved up his schedule and returned home earlier than planned. As much as he wants to hug Kyouko right away, Monji decides to take a bath first since it was quite a long trip. He then asks Satsuki to prepare the bath for him, and Satsuki nods before turning to ask what Kyouko is going to do. Monji would probably fall sick for days just by hearing that Kyouko invited a man to visit their house, so if he finds out that Kanata is currently showering in their bathroom… it might actually give him a heart attack. In order to protect (?) Monji’s life, Kyouko then stops him saying the bathroom is broken right now. Satsuki follows this lie by explaining that Kyouko was practicing butterfly strokes in the bathtub, and she kicked the faucet so hard it got bent. Σ(-∀-;) Being the doting father that he is, of course Monji completely falls for this… and Kyouko can only apologize since she can’t deny it in this situation LOL.

Unfortunately, Monji only wants to use the shower and not the bathtub. Before Kyouko can come up with another excuse to stop him, he notices a pair of unfamiliar men’s shoes near the front door. It doesn’t help that they can also hear the sound of water splashing from the bathroom, and he instantly turns blue upon realizing what might be going on here. Kyouko obviously panics when Monji suddenly dashes towards the bathroom, and she quickly blocks the door before he can go inside—refusing to move away when he tells her to make way. Sadly this only causes Monji to think that Kyouko is having an affair with someone, and he pushes her aside before reaching for the door. Kyouko prepares to face the end of her short, short love, but then suddenly Kanata appears beside them—asking them what’s wrong. Behind him, Kyouko can see Shinnosuke quietly waving at her. It seems like he was the one who brought Kanata out of the bathroom.

Satsuki soon comes to explain that Kanata saved Kyouko’s life at the beach before, and they sort out the situation after that. Of course Monji also feels grateful to Kanata for saving his daughter. He thinks they should have waited for his return since Kanata is an important guest, but Satsuki covers this up by saying they want to thank him as soon as possible. Knowing that it’s hard to swim while carrying someone else, Monji then asks if Kanata is a good swimmer. Kanata says he simply “walked” to save Kyouko, but Monji thinks it means swimming is just as easy as walking for him LOL. Kyouko is glad that Monji seems to like Kanata, but she doesn’t want that kind of situation to happen again. It wasn’t a full-scale carnage, but it was still a tiny, dreadful battle. It’s dangerous for her heart, in a way that’s different from the “Glass Heart Syndrome”. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

(Note: If Kyouko lies to Monji by saying that Shinnosuke is in the bathroom, she ends up falling through the door and onto Kanata’s naked body. It’s obviously too much for her glass heart to handle, and so she ends up fainting with her heart broken LOL.)

■ RANK C: A Circle of Two, Tied by the Ring

For some reason, Kanata wants to investigate mineral resources today. He already found the best place for it too. It’s located inside a “maze-like building”, but Kyouko doesn’t have to worry because he already marked the spot. Of course Kyouko is confused, but she follows Kanata to their destination… which turns out to be a jewelry shop in the department store. Kanata was ordered to get a mineral sample, and while he’s free to use all means necessary, Kyouko thinks it means he will have to buy one. All the jewels on the showcase are expensive, and even she can’t spend that much money so lightly. However, Kanata goes to ask the staff about which one of the gems is the isotope of carbon. Since the staff is obviously confused, Kyouko apologizes and explains that he’s looking for a diamond.

When the staff shows them a case filled with diamond accessories, Kyouko asks if Kanata is serious about buying this. He nods saying it should be perfect for the sample, and he asks the staff to give him the one that comes with a “hoop”… which turns out to be a wedding ring. Kyouko’s heart nearly jumps out of her throat, but Kanata only asks if a wedding ring won’t do. This leads the staff to think that Kanata might be proposing, but Kyouko quickly denies it and drags him outside—where she tells him that the wedding ring is way too expensive for them to buy. He’s more concerned because he can’t get the sample though, and she can’t help but wonder how he usually handles money LOL. Just then the staff comes to talk to them. She can tell that both of them are students, so she shows them the accessories he can afford to buy as a present for his “girlfriend”. (*・ω・*)ポッ

The staff then takes out a ring with a cute heart-shaped ornament, and Kanata asks if Kyouko wants it. When she honestly nods, he smiles saying he’ll present it to her as a token of gratitude for always taking care of him and his alien. Kyouko is a bit worried about the money, but Kanata assures her that it’s okay and takes out a mysterious card from his alien. After a strange flash of light, the staff accepts it and asks them to wait as she takes care of the payment. When Kyouko asks about the card, Kanata explains that it’s an emergency “goods exchange card”. He received the permission to use it since it might be useful for his investigation, though he soon adds that it’s just a joke. As they leave the shop, Kyouko thanks Kanata for the ring. She asks if it’s okay for him not to buy the diamond, but apparently he has secretly recorded the data earlier. Σ(゚ー゚;) When Kyouko asks if she can wear the ring, Kanata stops her saying it’s a symbol of friendship from him and his alien… so he’s going to put it on for her.

As Kanata holds up his hands, the ring glows and floats in the air. He asks Kyouko to hold out her hand, but then he notices that she has five fingers… so he asks which finger does she want him to put it on. She can either choose her index finger or middle finger, and he places the ring there. Since it’s a present from Kanata, Kyouko promises to treasure the ring for the rest of her life. When he asks if it makes her happy to receive a present from him, she nods and nearly says that it’s because she loves him… but then she stops herself and tells him it’s nothing.

(Note: If Kyouko chooses to put the ring on her ring finger, her imagination goes out of control and she ends up collapsing with her glass heart broken LOL.)

■ RANK B: Candid ☆ Home Visit

Kanata invites Kyouko to his house today. She panics since she didn’t prepare anything for the visit, but he doesn’t think she needs to bring anything. His house is quite spacious for now, so she doesn’t have to worry. She gladly accepts the invitation, but she admits that she has never visited a man’s house before. She asks what they’re going to do at his house, and he nearly replies that he has no idea either… but after a warning from his alien, he says it’s a surprise for later. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ From there, Kanata takes Kyouko deep into the woods behind the school. She finds this odd since there are no residence areas nearby, and soon she trips over a tree root. She assures him that she can walk just fine even though she sprained her leg a bit, but he apologizes upon realizing that it must be hard for her to walk through the woods in heels. He then offers to carry her on his back, and when she puts her body against his… he seems taken aback and comments that she’s softer than he thought. He asks if he can examine her “body system” next time, but of course she refuses. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

After walking even deeper into the woods, Kanata eventually stops and says they arrived at his house. Or rather, at the entrance of his house. There’s nothing but trees around them, but then Kyouko notices that he’s standing on a manhole. Kanata puts Kyouko down before removing the cover with ease, and he asks her to wait for a while since he’s going down first. Once he’s inside, he asks her to jump down saying he’ll catch her below. The manhole is about 3 or 4 meters underground, and Kyouko is slowly making her way down when she realizes that she’s wearing a skirt. When she tells Kanata not to look, he points out that he won’t be able to catch her… but she doesn’t explain further and ends up coming down by herself LOL. On the bottom of the manhole, Kyouko finds a surprisingly colorful and fancy room. She would never expect to see such a place inside a manhole. Since she looks surprised, Kanata asks if there’s something weird in his room. In all honesty, she finds the entire place weird… but she tells herself that it must be designed by an artistic, avant-garde architect LOL. Besides, she thinks the room is wonderful and suits his personality. Kanata blushes upon hearing this, and his alien reminds him to make a drink for Kyouko. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After a while, Kanata returns with a… drink… for Kyouko. She has never seen the color of the drink before. It’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely not red, not blue, not green and not yellow. It doesn’t look delicious either. He thinks the color is beautiful though, and he assures her that it tastes normal. Kanata then goes to make some snacks for Kyouko, and after making questionable sounds deep inside the room, he comes back with normal snacks. Or rather, replicas of normal snacks. They look like a sacred idol worshiped by a small tribe in a forest. However, Kyouko then tells herself that it might be a cuisine from Kanata’s home country. He made them himself despite weird shape, so she gathers her courage and takes a bite. It tastes surprisingly normal. Or maybe it’d be more accurate to say it tastes just like the ingredients LOL. He looks happy when she tells him that it’s delicious, but then he adds that it was “hard to catch” because it was so “lively”… ∑(゚д゚;ノ)ノ She decides not to ask him further about the ingredients.

They play trump together after that. Since Kanata (and his alien) only knows solitaire games, she teaches him about the ones they can play with two people. They lost track of time as they play and chat, and it’s already evening by the time she realizes. Kanata seems a bit sad when Kyouko says she’ll be going home, and she apologizes since she promised to have dinner with Monji today. Before she leaves, he asks her to let him take a picture of her. She wants it to be a picture of them though, so he joins her and controls the camera with a remote control. He says a blocked out word instead of “cheese”, but he fixes it even though he doesn’t get why they have to say a dairy product name LOL. Kanata walks Kyouko back to her house after that, and he gives her the picture from earlier along with a souvenir. He nearly reveals that he printed out the picture as they walk, but quickly brushes it off as a joke. After thanking Kyouko for today, Kanata takes his leave and asks her to be careful since the souvenir doesn’t last long. She looks at their picture as she sends him off, feeling glad to have visited his house today.

By the way, the souvenir turns out to be Kanata’s homemade food. They left a very strong impression on a mystery novelist who came by Monji’s invitation, and in the end all of them were eaten by said novelist.


On Christmas, Kanata calls Kyouko saying he wants to make a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what it is or what he needs to make it. She explains that he’d need a fir tree, a lot of tiny light bulbs, some Christmas ornaments, some cotton for the snow, and of course the star to put on the top of the tree. If Kyouko tells Kanata that he needs a “star decoration” for the tree, he will buy beautiful ornaments and a pretty shining star to put on the top. If she tells him to get a “star that shines in the night sky”, he’ll gather amazing ornaments that clearly don’t come from this world. Probably actual stars and things from outer space. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ In any case, Kanata asks Kyouko to come to his house at night—he’ll be waiting for her.

That night, Kyouko comes to Kanata’s house with a handmade cake. He comes out of the manhole just when she arrives, since he actually saw her coming from the surveillance monitor. Σ(゚ー゚;) Upon entering Kanata’s room, Kyouko is surprised to see that his Christmas tree is a real fir tree. He explains that Tenma gave it to him when they met at noon, and he was told to eat a cake with her in front of the tree. He was also told that decorating the tree together would be more fun, so he hasn’t put anything on it because he was waiting for her to come. After they’re done decorating the tree, they turn off the light and enjoy their Christmas cake together. Since she put Santa Claus and reindeer figurines on the cake, she asks if he knows about them. He nods saying Santa Claus sells cake in front of the station, while the reindeer was in charge of the cashier. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! When she explains that Santa Claus gives presents for children all over the world, he wonders if reindeer can warp around the globe in only several hours… and he’s planning to capture one next time LOL.

As Kyouko cuts the cake and puts it on a plate for him, Kanata asks if she’s a Santa Claus too since she’s giving a present for him. He then asks if there’s anything she wants in return, and she nervously says that spending Christmas with him is the best present for her. Since she seems to like the idea of spending time with him, he asks if she wants to capture a reindeer together next time. ♪アヒャヒャ ヘ(o´▽`o)(o´▽`o)ノ ヒャヒャ♪ She then asks him to eat the cake, and he’s impressed that she made such a delicious cake herself. She thinks he can make one too if he knows the recipe, and he asks her to make a giant cake together next time. The Christmas tree is sparkling in front of them, encompassing her in happiness.


Thanks to all the training and her developing relationship, Kyouko manages to pass through the crisis of death and remains alive by the end of the year. On the very first night of the new year, she sees a strange dream of herself traveling through a desert—with Kanata as her horse. When Kyouko asks why Kanata is calling her お師匠様, he says it’s because this is a dream of Saiyuki. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She asks if it means they’re going to Tenjiku to retrieve the kyouten, he nods saying it’s something like that LOL.

This is such a grand dream, and Kyouko actually wouldn’t mind seeing a normal one—such as the Mount Fuji, hawk and eggplant dream. Kanata doesn’t think it’s logical, but he nods saying he understands. He’ll try seeing that one tomorrow… though it won’t be the first dream anymore. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

(Note: This is a parody of S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuki~. Kanata’s seiyuu, Miyata Kouki, voices Gyokuryuu / Genjou’s “horse” there. Gyokuryuu calls Genjou お師匠様, so that’s where it came from LOL.)

■ RANK A: Into the Dream…

During their date, Kanata makes a certain mistake. Kyouko sees something she’s not supposed to see, so he’s forced to put her to sleep and overwrite her memories for the whole day. Since it’s a long process, he decides to let her experience the change by modifying her dream. He’ll make sure to be careful so it won’t leave any aftereffects on her. Everything fades to black as Kanata begins the operation, and Kyouko finds herself in front of her house. She doesn’t remember what she’s doing here, but soon she rushes outside to meet up with Kanata. Along the way, she suddenly realizes something strange. Why is she running? She’s late, but she could have asked Shinnosuke to drive her there instead. In fact, that’s what she always does whenever she’s late. Why did she forget about this today? It’s too late to go back though, so she gives up and continues running.

Along the way, Kyouko takes a shortcut and bumps into Kanata. He was actually waiting for her to come and bump into him, but he quickly covers it up by saying he came to pick her up since she’s late. Kyouko apologizes for making him worry, but Kanata tells her it’s okay and picks up the bread she dropped from her mouth. The problem is that she didn’t run while biting a bread, and she tells him that it only happens in manga. He realizes that the “scenario” might be inconsistent, but it’d be better for her to have breakfast first… so he decides to fix this. Before Kyouko can ask further, Kanata does a reset—throwing her back to the time when she’s running to see him. She bumps into him at the same place, but this time she accepts the bread and eats it without questions. When Kanata asks if there’s anything she wants to do for today, Kyouko is given several choices that feel strangely familiar:

No matter what she picks, Kyouko will realize that something strange is going on. Everything feels surreal, it’s just like she’s… in a dream. Kanata soon notices that the distortion can’t keep up with them, probably because he made too many twists. He decides to stop for now, and when she asks if this is really a dream, he smiles saying she’s pretty sharp. Now it’s time for her to wake up. Kyouko opens her eyes to find herself in her room, along with Kanata by her side. He accidentally reveals that he tampered with her memories and failed to modify it, but since it’s clearly something she’s not supposed to hear… he apologizes to her and does another reset. Once again, Kyouko wakes up in her room. She doesn’t remember anything other than the fact that she went out with Kanata in the morning, but then she notices an ugly pig headdress by her pillow… and it reminds her that they played a game with a bomber at the amusement park. They also solved the case with their friends, but she can’t remember what happened after that LOL.

As Kyouko goes back to sleep, Kanata tells his alien that he’ll be more careful next time… but he wouldn’t be able to protect her if he didn’t do whatever he did earlier. Apparently he also made a crater during the incident, but he already set it as a local “tourist spot”. Kanata knows that Kyouko is only a supporter, and his top priority is the investigation. He knows that, but still… He wonders if it’s because he’s broken. After saying good night to Kyouko, Kanata leaves with his alien.

■ RANK A: The Way You Are

Kanata and Kyouko visit the shopping mall today. When she asks what he wants to do, he remains silent for a while before saying: “Aborting barrier. Security down. Freezing authority. Controlling system. Reboot complete. ” Σ(゚ー゚;) Kyouko tries calling Kanata since he’s not responding at all, but the next moment… he suddenly takes a strand of her hair and brings it closer to his lips. Kanata says that Kyouko’s hair is always beautiful, and he asks if she changed her shampoo since he sensed a different chemical. She thanks him for the compliment and explains that she ran out of the usual one. He nods saying the usual one was nice too, but the scent of her current shampoo matches her personal data really well. Kanata soon notices that Kyouko’s cheeks are red like boiled octopus, and when she says it’s because of him, he asks her to explain.

Kyouko is about to confess that it’s because she loves him, but Kanata suddenly bursts into laughter and apologizes for joking around. He asks for her hand as they walk into the shopping mall, and she finds it unusual that he wants to hold hands. She wonders if he finally realizes how she feels, but quickly brushes the thought away when he asks her what’s wrong. Kyouko then asks if Kanata has a place that he wants to visit, and he answers that he’ll follow her to the stellar core if she wants to. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since he doesn’t answer her question, she decides to ask what he thinks about her… and he answers that she’s a human. A woman. Kyouko. It seems like Kanata has returned to his usual self, but soon his alien starts beeping. This causes him to do a “mainframe recovery” before “restarting”, which finally brings him back to his senses.

It appears that Kanata got attacked by a virus earlier, and he asks if he said anything weird. Kyouko nods saying he did, but then she panics thinking he caught a viral disease LOL. He asks her not to worry since it was successfully destroyed. His mind is in a bit of a mess, but he doesn’t think it would affect his activities. Besides, he wants to be with her today. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Unfortunately, this only causes Kyouko to think that Kanata hasn’t fully recovered after all. He assures her that he has a sturdy physique and asks if she wants to touch him, but of course she panics when he starts stripping in front of her. Knowing that she might die at this rate, Kyouko asks Kanata to rest at home. He sadly asks if she doesn’t want to be with him, and she answers that she does… but it’s impossible for today. In the end, Kyouko cancels their date for today and takes Kanata back to his house.


After school, Kanata invites Kyouko to come to his house. When she agrees, he smiles and holds her hand as they walk there. Soon after they enter his room from the manhole, Kanata taps Kyouko on the shoulder and she turns around to see him with his eyes closed. She doesn’t get the meaning behind this action, and he only whispers that this doesn’t seem right. Kanata then asks Kyouko to watch a DVD together, because it was “recommended” in a book. He also sits beside her, saying “it would be hard to do” if they’re not close enough. He closes his eyes again during the movie, but she still doesn’t get what he’s trying to do… and he mutters that it’s really difficult. Since the movie has no effects, Kanata then decides to move on and cook dinner instead. Kyouko wants to help in the kitchen, but since his utensils and cooking method are equally weird… she can only watch until he’s done.

Once they’re done eating dinner, Kanata moves to sit beside Kyouko. Just as she wonders why he’s being so close today, he taps her shoulder and closes his eyes again. He’s clearly confused since he followed the “materials” properly, and yet this isn’t going well at all. When Kyouko asks what he’s trying to do, Kanata answers that he’s trying to get a kiss from her. Σ(゚ー゚;) From a while back, Kanata noticed that his physical condition improves whenever he’s with Kyouko. He couldn’t figure out the connection, but yesterday… he found a book written by a person who shares the same symptoms. That’s when he learned the reason: it’s because he’s in love with her. However, the book also says that “love” is different for each person. In order to find out, they’ll have to confirm their feelings through a kiss. Kanata then asks Kyouko to kiss him, and he pulls her over before she can escape—reassuring her that it won’t take long. Sadly, her heart can’t take it. When their lips touch, her heartbeat instantly jumps over the limit. The world turns distorted in her eyes, and then everything turns to black. She apologizes to everyone as she falls into eternal slumber.

After floating in the darkness for a while, Kyouko eventually hears Kanata’s voice—asking her to open her eyes. At the same time, she also hears the sound of rhythmic beeping. He asks her not to worry because she’s still alive, and there’s nothing to be scared of. Kyouko then opens her eyes to find herself in Kanata’s room. After making sure that her language and memories are not damaged, he hugs her saying he’s glad that she’s alright. Kyouko knows that she died earlier, and Kanata nods saying she’s right… but it’s alright now. He then apologizes to her, because he didn’t know that humans die when they kiss. She tells him it’s just her condition though, and more importantly… she wants to know how he saved her earlier. Her heart completely stopped beating, and yet she’s still alive. As the answer, Kanata asks Kyouko to put a hand on her chest and check her own heartbeat. When she does this, she’s surprised to hear the rhythmic beeping from earlier. Kanata then explains that he couldn’t revive Kyouko’s broken heart with the equipment they have here, so he put a mechanical “heart” inside of her as the replacement.

It takes a while for Kyouko to digest everything. When she asks why he can do such a thing, Kanata turns to his alien and asks if he can tell her the truth now. After asking Kyouko to stay calm, Kanata reveals that he’s actually not a human. He’s an android made for investigation, created by intelligent living force in a planet far, far away from Earth. In other words, aliens. He was sent on a secret mission to investigate this planet and the creatures living on it. Of course he’s actually not allowed to reveal his identity or harm the people of Earth, but this is an exception because he killed her by mistake. Now that he already explained everything, Kanata asks if Kyouko believes him. She nods knowing he’d never lie, and besides… the sound of her mechanical heart is the strongest evidence. On Kanata’s shoulder, his alien beeps to let them know that it’s glad Kyouko is a generous person. This reminds her that he often talks to his alien, and he tells her that it’s actually a communication device connected to the aliens in his planet. He asks if she wants to try talking to them, but she quickly refuses LOL. Kyouko thinks her life is extremely colorful. First she caught a mysterious disease, then she got a mechanical heart and her first love is an android. However, her feelings for Kanata will never change even if he’s not a human.

Here, Kanata tells Kyouko that there’s something she needs to remember. Her mechanical heart needs to be maintained regularly, though the maintenance itself is really easy. After asking Kyouko to lift her arms, Kanata suddenly hugs her and presses her chest against his own. At first she’s really surprised, but then he tells her that it’s the maintenance. They can hear the sound of their mechanical heartbeat matching each other, and he explains that it’s normal. If their heartbeat doesn’t match each other’s, it means they have a disorder. It’s the same as when humans check their own heartbeat. When Kyouko asks if it’s necessary for them to hug each other, Kanata says he won’t be able to confirm the sound otherwise. After they’re done with the maintenance, he also informs her that they have to do this everyday. That’s why they have to see each other and do this everyday. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kyouko is afraid that her heart won’t be able to take it, but Kanata says that if they don’t maintain it everyday… her heart might literally explode. Σ(-`Д ´-ノ;)ノ!? Due to space issue, he had to take off the limiter when he put it into her chest. If it overloads or functions without maintenance for a long time, it will explode and the explosion is powerful enough to erase Earth from the universe. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

Noticing that Kyouko is worried, Kanata tells her that it’s alright. Aside from the regular maintenance, she can have a normal life. She can show all kinds of emotions and do all kinds of sports. It will be quicker for her to reach her limit, but she should be fine if they maintain her heart everyday. Kanata’s words alone are enough to erase the worries in Kyouko’s heart, and he asks her to keep this a secret—just between the two of them. Since it’s already dark outside, Kyouko then calls home to have someone picking her up. Kanata feels bad for what happened today, but she asks him not to apologize. She actually feels happy, because she wouldn’t be able to talk to him again if she remains dead. Kanata thanks Kyouko before hugging her, and she can feels her heartbeat going out of control for a bit… but her love for him quickly takes over, and she hugs him back. She’s a bit worried about the future, but she knows she’ll be alright as long as she has him. If she listens closely, she can hear their hearts beating in the same rhythm—as if they’re erasing all of her worries.

The next day, Kyouko goes on a date with Kanata. She finds him among the crowd and runs up to him, but he doesn’t respond when she calls him. He only opens his eyes after she shakes his shoulder, and he apologizes for entering auto sleep mode without even realizing it. He assures her that he’s fine now since he already turned off the mode, but the problem doesn’t end there. Kyouko soon notices that Kanata lags behind as they walk, and he asks if they can have lunch first since he’s hungry. On their way to a café, she points out that his arms and legs are moving at the same time… and he doesn’t seem to know the reason either. For lunch, Kanata decides to take the challenge menu—10 extra large portions of katsu curry. They don’t have to pay if he can finish everything. Kyouko isn’t too sure about this, but he devours everything in 7 minutes and asks for more. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 Fearing that people might notice that he’s not human, Kyouko offers to share her pasta instead… and Kanata eats everything on the plate in a few seconds. Something is clearly wrong with him, but he tells her that he’s doing fine. He doesn’t seem different when they talk, and so she wonders if it’s just her imagination.

After leaving the café, Kanata takes Kyouko to a quiet place so they can do their maintenance. He’s glad that he can hear her heartbeat clearly, and it gives her a strange sensation as well. She feels really calm, as if she wants to stay in his arms forever. She closes her eyes and leans against him, but soon he informs her that the maintenance is over. Their heartbeat slightly slipped off, so he adjusted them back to normal. Kanata also says it’s going to rain in the evening, and he asks if Kyouko brought an umbrella. She didn’t have one, but she thinks they will be able to make it home before it starts raining. However, Kanata starts confusing the words rain (“雨 / ame“) and candies (“飴 / ame“) with each other. The conversation only gets even more derailed as Kyouko tries to explain, so she asks if he’s feeling unwell after all. Kanata shakes his head, but then he suddenly freezes in place… and Kyouko realizes that he has entered sleep mode again. She suggests going home for today to get this checked, and he agrees to give himself a proper scan. Who knows, a part of him might be broken. He says it never happened before though, and this only makes her more worried.

Since they’re heading towards the same direction, Kanata walks Kyouko back to her house first. Before he leaves, his clothes and appearance suddenly change… and his alien informs him of a forced shut down. Kanata quickly stores his memories before collapsing to the ground, and Kyouko calls Shinnosuke to help her carry him inside. Shinnosuke panics upon realizing that Kanata isn’t breathing, so before he runs off to do questionable things like electrical CPR… Kyouko decides to tell him that Kanata is an android. She’s aware that it’s hard to believe, but her feelings don’t change even after learning the truth. Upon hearing this, Shinnosuke quietly stands up and asks why she didn’t tell him sooner—did she forget that he’s good with machines!? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Shinnosuke then examines Kanata’s body with GREAT interest, and he gets super excited when Kyouko tells him that Kanata was made by aliens.

Shinnosuke can’t say anything for certain regarding Kanata’s condition, but then he asks Kyouko to take a look at Kanata’s chest. There’s a heart-shaped hole on his left chest, and Shinnosuke believes it must be the cause of his strange condition. It seems to be a very important part of him, and he was meant to have two… so all sorts of problem occurred because he lost one of them. This brings Kyouko to the realization that Kanata gave one of his hearts to save her life, and the mechanical heart in her originally belongs to him. That’s why he turned strange after reviving her from death, and also why her heartbeat matches his. She thought he put a spare heart inside of her, not actually taking the one on his own chest. They decide to let him rest for a while, since he should be able to function again after regaining balance. Even though they have figured out the reason, Kyouko knows Shinnosuke won’t be able to fix this problem. She holds Kanata’s hand and prays for him to open his eyes, promising to do anything she can to help him.

Kyouko falls asleep after that, and it’s already evening by the time she wakes up. When Kanata says good morning to her, she nearly cries out of relief. He doesn’t quite remember what happened, but she’s glad to see that he’s alright. Kanata then asks if she was worried about something, so Kyouko decides to ask if he took one of his hearts to replace her broken heart. He smiles saying she caught him, and he explains that he was originally built with two hearts. The one inside her chest is indeed one of them. He thought he’d be fine with only one heart, but it doesn’t give him enough output after all. He managed to charge a bit since they gave him enough rest, so he’s doing fine for now. Kyouko feels really bad about this, but Kanata asks her not to apologize because it’s his fault to begin with. Since she’s worried about his body, he assures her that he’s fine and puts his arms around her—asking her to listen to his heartbeat. As she feels the strange sensation from before, Kyouko realizes that she feels calm and comfortable around Kanata because their hearts are originally one.

Soon they hear a knock on the door, and Shinnosuke returns to talk to them. After examining Kanata’s body earlier, Shinnosuke can see that he’s actually in poor condition. Kanata admits that he managed to back-up everything in time, but if this continues… he’ll completely break down sooner or later. Kyouko is shocked and asks if there’s anything they can do to repair him, but Kanata tells her not to worry. He can get himself repaired if he returns to his planet. The problem is he doesn’t have enough energy to send a signal. Σヽ(゚Д゚;)ノ!! When Kyouko asks if there are any other ways to contact his planet, Kanata says they can do it with a strong communication device. He doesn’t that kind of device can be found in this planet, but Shinnosuke knows one place that might fulfill the requirement—Area 51, Nevada. There were rumors about UFO research in the air force base, but no one knows the truth because it’s a top secret in the army.

Even though Kanata doesn’t want this to become a serious issue, he has no choice but to give it a try. He knows this might lead to something bad, but he keeps this hidden from Kyouko. He wants to thank them if he makes it back to his planet, but she tells him seeing him doing well is already enough for her. Kanata then closes his eyes, and Kyouko nervously draws closer… but sadly they get interrupted when Shinnosuke informs them that he has contacted his acquaintance in Area 51. ゙╰(*゚x゚*)╯゙ Shinnosuke then drives them to Kanata’s house, where Kyouko helps him to pack his belongings. Kanata seems happy since it’s been a while since his last stay in his planet, but Kyouko is a bit worried about this. He should return to Earth after the repair, but what if his investigation comes to an end? Does that mean they won’t be able to see each other anymore? That’s when Kyouko realizes that she’s scared of being apart from Kanata. Her chest hurts at the thought of him going away, and she knows it’s not caused by the mechanical heart. The same goes for the comfort she finds in his arms. It’s not simply because their hearts are a pair.

Kyouko then decides to accompany Kanata until he goes back to his planet, but soon after entering Area 51… she gets blindfolded due to a top secret reason. A staff then guides them into a room and asks them to wait there. Noticing that Kyouko is feeling uneasy, Kanata asks if she wants to do a maintenance since it always makes her feel calm. Of course they can’t hug since Shinnosuke is with them, so Kanata holds Kyouko’s hand instead. (*´ー`*人*´ー`*)♪ He also asks her not to worry, because Shinnosuke will protect her if anything happens. Kanata is about to say something else, but the staff soon returns and asks Kyouko and Shinnosuke to wait in another room. However, Kyouko is sent to wait alone in a room. When she asks about Shinnosuke, the staff tells her that he’s taking care of the procedure somewhere else. After a while, a man comes in and introduces himself as Charles—the director of the facility. He came here because he has a request for her, which is for them to examine her mechanical heart. They found out about this from the moment she walked into this facility, and the research itself will be for the future of humanity.

Kyouko can understand the reason, but she refuses because she received the heart from Kanata. It’s not for her to decide what to do with the heart. Charles reveals that he actually asked Kanata about this too and got rejected, so he was thinking of persuading Kyouko instead. Knowing that she won’t change her mind, Charles says he can’t let Kyouko leave anymore… but she doesn’t have to worry, because he won’t dismantle her like he did to Kanata. ( `ω´⊂彡☆))Д´)パ- Charles also heard that Kanata failed to contact his planet, and he finds it fortunate. They can do anything to him and the aliens won’t find out. He then calls for people to capture Kyouko, but receives no response until Shinnosuke comes in to save her. He already knocked out all the guards outside, and he heard everything from the transceiver he put on her. Kyouko then runs off to Kanata’s place while Shinnosuke takes care of their pursuers. She finds him in the room they left him in earlier, lying on a bed with multiple cords and plugs connected to his body. She brushes them off and asks him to open his eyes, but sadly Charles soon catches up with his men—pointing their guns at her. They also have a beaten-up Shinnosuke with them, but Kyouko doesn’t give up and reaches out to pull the cords and plugs away from Kanata.

Sadly, Charles quickly captures Kyouko and warns her that they’re only interested in her heart. They don’t care about other parts of her, and he squeezes her hand as the proof. Even though her vision turns blurry from the pain, Kyouko extends her other arm towards Kanata and asks him to help. Then suddenly, they hear a sound echoing in the room. Charles is shocked since they’ve completely disabled his power supply, but Kanata slowly gets up as he activates his emergency battery. After telling them not to touch Kyouko, Kanata releases his limiter and throws Charles away. Σ(゚ー゚;) When she asks if he’s alright, he nods saying they only took his data. He apologizes for putting her through a terrible experience, but they didn’t get to dismantle him because she came to save him—it’s all thanks to her. However, Kanata feels bad knowing none of this would have happened if he didn’t grow interested in Kyouko. She asks him not to say such a thing since he might not survive if he came here alone, and this makes him realize that she’s doing all of this for him.

Kyouko looks up when Kanata calls her name, but somehow he looks sad. He tells her that he wanted to be with her forever, which is strange because he didn’t feel this way when they first met. He then wonders if their encounter has created a bug in of him, but whatever it is… he can’t involve her in this any further. After thanking Kyouko for everything, Kanata tells her that he doesn’t want to trouble her even more than this. A strong wind blows in the room as he apologizes to her, and she quickly tries to reach out to him… but he only smiles at her and says goodbye. Kanata then releases his maximum power, and everything turns black for Kyouko. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

In the morning, Kyouko wakes up in her room. It’s a normal morning, and she’s being her usual self. For some reason there’s a bruise on her arm, but she has no idea when and how she got it. She also feels that she saw a strange dream, but she can’t remember it at all. Kyouko then gets up and takes her pink alien, putting it against her chest for her daily maintenance. Satsuki soon comes to inform her that breakfast is ready, and she also learns that Shinnosuke is down with a cold today. She feels that something is off, but then concludes that it’s just because it’s really unusual for Shinnosuke to get sick. At school, Manaka, Saki and Miu ask where she got the cute pink alien from. It’s the first time they see it hanging on her shoulder, but Kyouko feels like she always carries it around it with her… and she can’t remember where she bought it either. Since graduation is approaching, Kyouko tells them that she has a lot of good memories during the 3 years she spent in high school. The word “memories” gives her a strange feeling for a brief moment, though she doesn’t know why.

A few days passed after that. Kyouko feels that she’s forgetting something important, but she just can’t figure out what it is. Noticing that she’s been acting strange, Satsuki then suggests visiting all the places that come to her mind—letting her legs take her to wherever they want to go. If she can find something related, maybe they can help bringing her memories back. After lunch, Kyouko goes out and walks to the places she visited with Kanata before—collecting pieces of her missing memories with him. The sun is already setting when she reaches the legendary tree at school. She feels that something special happened here, and it involves someone who isn’t human. Before she can remember anything, the wind blows and a ball drops falls from above. When she looks up at the tree, suddenly a sharp pain pierces her chest… and the memory of their encounter finally returns to her. Everything comes back to her after that. Her heart is pounding loudly, as if it’s calling out for the other half in Kanata’s chest.

Kyouko holds back her tears as she runs off to the woods behind the school, but she only finds a normal manhole there. Just then she notices that her pink alien has fallen to the ground, and she tries asking if it knows Kanata’s location. It remains silent for a while, but then it beeps and says that he will be picked up at “the hill of shooting stars”. Kyouko has no idea where it is, but soon she remembers Kanata saying he loves the nature park because the “reception” is good over there. She immediately rushes to the park, and it’s already dark when she reaches the hill. Kyouko then sits down and looks up at the night sky. There’s a lot of shooting stars today, and whenever one shoots through the sky, she makes a wish for her to be able to see Kanata again. This continues for one hour, and Kyouko is about to give up when her wish is finally granted. Kanata comes to the park, and he’s clearly surprised to find her there—especially when she cries and calls his name.

Kyouko runs up to Kanata and hugs him so hard he nearly falls down, but then he hugs her back and asks why she’s here. She says that she thought she might be able to see him here, and she’s crying because she feels happy to see him again. When he asks why she remembers his name, she tells him that she doesn’t know either… but she remembered everything. Kanata apologizes for erasing Kyouko’s memories, and he explains that he managed to contact his planet back in Area 51. They’re going to pick him up among the shooting stars very soon, and she sincerely feels glad to hear that. Kyouko also notices that Kanata brings a bicycle with him. The ship from his planet can’t land on Earth, so he’s going to reach it with the bicycle instead. Besides, he was told that he should try riding it once during his stay on Earth. Kanata then invites Kyouko for a ride, and the bicycle flies to the sky as he pushes the pedals. ゚.+:。((((o・ω・)o))) ゚.+:。ドキドキ♪ He doesn’t know how to ride it on land though, so she promises to teach him next time. He then asks her to close her eyes for a bit, and when he tells her to open them again… an amazing view lies before her eyes. The beautiful night view is hampering below them, while the stars are shining above.

Kanata is glad to see Kyouko looking so happy, and he takes her higher into the sky—until they can see the outlines of Earth. Soon a meteor stream flashes in the sky, and he recognizes the brightest one as the ship from his planet. It’s time for him to go. When Kyouko asks if he’s coming back to Earth, Kanata says he doesn’t know either. He might be sent to another planet after the repair, but he doesn’t answer when she asks if this means goodbye for the two of them. Instead, he tells her that he learned something about love—the emotion he’s been trying to figure out. After erasing her memories in Area 51, he immediately regretted it. He felt sad upon thinking that he won’t be able to see her again, and she won’t ask him to go on a date anymore. He finds it strange. He erased her memories because he loves her, and he didn’t want to put her through danger anymore… but then his love for her also made him sad for doing that. Love is a strange feeling, and he thinks it’s amazing for humans to live while handling such a difficult emotion. She doesn’t think anyone could “handle” love though, especially since she died once because of it LOL.

Kanata then tells Kyouko that he’s planning to request an additional investigation regarding this issue. If it goes well, they might send him back to Earth. That’s why before he returns to his planet, he has a request for her. He wants to do one last confirmation. The last time he tried to do it, he couldn’t confirm anything because she died. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Kyouko is surprised upon realizing what Kanata is trying to say, but then she nods and he leans in to kiss her. When their lips touch, she gets nervous thinking it might blow Earth out of the universe… but strangely enough, her heart isn’t racing like before. In fact, she feels really calm. Once they’re done, Kanata turns red and tells Kyouko that he’s in love with her after all. In return, she also confesses that she’s been in love with him ever since they first met.

Kanata is about to say something, but soon he gets absorbed by a light in the meteor stream. He has to go now, but he tells Kyouko to put her hand on her chest if she feels lonely. Half of him is always there for her, because they’re always connected. Kanata then says goodbye, and he vanishes in the light… leaving Kyouko floating alone in the sky. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Just as she wonders how she’s going to return to land, he suddenly comes back to tell her that the bicycle moves automatically until it’s back on land. His alien gets angry at him for destroying the atmosphere, and then he disappears for real LOL. This is not a proper closure, but Kyouko thinks it’s just like Kanata to leave things like this.

In the epilogue, a few months have passed. It’s currently summer, and Kyouko’s feelings for Kanata never disappear. Whenever she misses him, she feels pain in the heart he gave her. One day, Shinnosuke comes to tell Kyouko that she has a package in her room. The package is quite large, but the sender’s name isn’t written anywhere. When she opens it, she’s really surprised to find a sleeping (?) Kanata inside. She has no idea how to start him up, and she’s about to call Shinnosuke for help when he suddenly says: “Hint: Fairy tale.” |ω・`)プッ♪ Kyouko thinks about kissing Kanata for a moment, but she shrieks out of surprise when he suddenly jumps out of the box. He asks if she’s surprised, and she tells him that Earth was on the verge of exploding there LOL. Since Kanata has returned, Kyouko asks if his request got approved… but apparently that’s not the reason. When he submitted his investigation report, they got really mad at him because he only recorded his strolls around the town. After telling him to gather information properly this time, they immediately sent him back to Earth—not even giving him a chance to answer. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

Kanata then asks Kyouko to help him with his investigation again, and when she nods… he says they will continue investigating until the end of their lives. In other words, he’s going to stay on Earth permanently. When he laughs, she notices that his expression seems to be softer than before. She feels like he’s become more human-like. Kanata chuckles, and he hugs Kyouko as he tells her that he’s now a human. He asked them to remade him into one. He told them it’d be inconvenient if he doesn’t have the same body type as the “local creatures”, but the real reason is because he wants to understand her feelings more. He wanted to see her as a human. However, his heart remains mechanical—just like hers. It’s because they won’t be able to do their maintenance otherwise. Kanata says that ever since he thought about meeting her again, his heart has been racing nonstop. He finds it weird since he’s functioning properly, so Kyouko smiles and tells him that it’s called love.

When Kanata reluctantly asks if she loves him too, Kyouko hugs him saying of course she does. He doesn’t get why she’s crying if she’s happy, but he doesn’t want to see her crying… so he presses her chest against his to make her feel calm upon hearing their heartbeat. They have to maintain her heart so it won’t break, so he asks her to always stay with him. She happily nods. As they share the same heartbeat, Kyouko vows to treasure her future with Kanata.

H-How did the post turn out to be this long!? Σ(-∀-;) While I’m not into 不思議系 characters, I have to say that I liked Kanata a lot. His route is filled with strange incidents because of his background, but the main route definitely hits me in the heart. I love how Kanata turns more and more human-like towards the end, and then he really becomes an actual human in the epilogue LOL. I also like how Kyouko just accepts his antics without just a few questions, even though she keeps pointing out to all the weird things he does in her heart. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Oh, and the parodies are brilliant. Especially the E.T parody near the end, not to mention the scenes after that are just so him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

12 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Hoshino Kanata

  1. That was a long review indeed, but a fun read! Very timely too with the FD in the making now~ \o/ I agree, Kanata wasn’t the type of character I especially like but his route was…refreshing in a different sense lol. It was cute to see their little friends getting together too. ww E.T….they really took all the key scenes/lines, I’m sure no one could NOT notice it. XD

    • It’d be shorter if I don’t include all the dates, but they’re so much fun. xD I think 不思議系 / 電波系 characters can either be amusing, boring, or just downright confusing, but I have to say they did a great job with Kanata. While some of his dates are just so ? ? ? (like the dream one), in the end he’s indeed a refreshing character. In a lot of ways LOL. I can’t wait to see more of him (and his alien) in the fandisk… :3c

  2. I have to thank you because you have cleared one of my doubts about this route: the dream event. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which parody was it, and finally I know it’s SYK. No surprise I didn’t recognize it, since I haven’t played that game in particular.

    About Kanata, at first I thought he would be an alien himself, but in the end it turned out that he’s more like an android of sort. Oh, well, it’s close enough. I agree that characters like him can be confusing and boring at times. Despite the fact that his date events were amusing, I was wondering when something would start developing between him and Kyouko since it’s mostly just him doing weird things. But, when the main route started, it was so adorable that I completely changed my mind about him and now he’s my third favourite character. The part where he gives Kyouko half of his heart is really touching, even if, when she “died” because of the kiss, I was scared that I got a bad ending or something.
    There are just two things I can complain about: the first is that I wanted to see the aliens that created Kanata. But then, who knows: maybe in the fandisk he’ll bring Kyouko to meet his “family” and we’ll see. The second thing is that now I WANT BOTH KANATA AND KYOUKO’S ALIENS FOR MYSELF. They are so cute that every time I see them, I want to hug them!

    Well, thanks for your hard work. I’m curious to see who’ll be the next character!

    • Oh, yeah it’s S.Y.K plus seiyuu joke. ァハハハ(〃´∀`)o_彡☆
      They can actually link it to Tenma too since Hakkai was voiced by Hatano Wataru, but I guess they have another game to give him LOL.

      Kanata is an android, but he did come from outer space… so I guess he IS an alien in that sense. xD Yeah, I was also wondering how their relationship is going to improve since their dates focused a lot on his investigation. But after their level-up date, everything surprisingly runs smoothly for them. The main route is adorable. Despite getting confused by the emotion, Kanata’s actions really show his love for Kyouko. I really like how he gives one of his hearts for her, and how she gathers her memories even after he wiped them out. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 Also, I love how they change Kyouko’s heart icon in Kanata and Tenma’s routes LOL.

      Kanata’s alien, Hoshino Konata, is going to appear in Platinum. It’s just he takes the form of an communicator android, so the real him is back in their planet. I’m kind of curious about how the aliens look too, I hope we’ll get to see more of them in Platinum. 。o@(^ゝω・)@o。♪

      I’ll do my best to finish the next character ASAP. (ง •̀_•́)ง

  3. I started with him first because I thought I wouldn’t like him. But man, I’m sooo wrong wwww.

    I mostly enjoyed his route because of its strangeness and was about to complain about the lack of romance when they gave this RANK D: Your Voice date. ; A ; I was so moved on that date TT____TT. It has a bittersweet feel. And I think I love Kanata more after that. XD

    Zettai Kareshi popped into my mind when I saw Kyouko’s package lmao.

    • IKR. It reminds me of when Riko received Night LOL.
      I think the weirdness of this route is one of Kanata’s charm. At first we find him weird, but over time his antics become adorable. ( *´艸`)クスクス He might not say much because he doesn’t know how things work on Earth, but his actions say a lot more… like that date. The scene where he walks into the sea to save her is so beautiful, along with their E.T moment kiss in the sky. ;____;

  4. One of my favourite routes for Glass Heart Princess! Kanata and Kyouko are really cute together, and so are their moments together. My favourite scene has to be that utterly romantic kiss! So—- adorable! Thanks for the great review!

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