Glass Heart Princess – Asahina Tenma

Next up is Tenma. Similarly to Kanata, Tenma’s route has a thick fantasy feel to it. It’s also a good starter since it has its own background and sub-characters, which clearly don’t come from this world LOL. Tenma is so cute though. ❤

朝比奈天馬 (CV:羽多野渉)

Asahina Tenma is the infirmary doctor in Kyouko’s school, but he’s also a “super all-rounder” who can do all kinds of work. He has a teaching license for all subjects, works as a chef in the cafeteria during lunch, and even maintains the school after lessons. Due to his versatile abilities, Tenma became one of the seven mysteries of the school. People believe that he has six identical brothers, which is why he can work on multiple tasks at once. Nobody knows his age.


Even after searching for two days, Kyouko can’t find anyone who caught her interest. Satsuki told them that students aren’t the only ones at school, so Shinnosuke suggests checking out the teachers and staff as well. Kyouko thinks it’s impossible because she’s just a kid compared to the teachers, but Shinnosuke says her charm should be enough for them to get over the age gap. Her school has excellent teachers, so in a way it’d be better than dating a student. Kyouko isn’t too sure about this though. It feels “forbidden” to date a teacher, and even if she does… she wouldn’t know how to behave in class. Soon after that, the infirmary doctor, Asahina Tenma, notices them and asks what they’re doing. Shinnosuke wonders if he’s taking care of the field in the home gardening club since he’s carrying a hoe, but Tenma explains that he just adjusted the mounds for the archery club. He does all sorts of maintenance at school, and he’s gladly doing it for his students.

Tenma then asks Shinnosuke to help him carrying the prints for English on the 5th period, but Shinnosuke finds this strange since Tenma is also in charge of literature, maths and music classes today. Apparently all the teachers are feeling sluggish after summer vacation, and so he has to act as their replacement all day. While he does have a teaching license for every subjects, he finds it tough if he has to teach for every period—so much that he nearly forgot that he’s the infirmary doctor LOL. Kyouko has absolutely no idea how Tenma managed to get a teaching license for ALL subjects, and she wonders if he’s actually a genius since it must be hard just to get one. Due to Shinnosuke’s suggestion earlier, hearing the word “teacher” is enough to make her feel nervous. Noticing that Kyouko’s cheeks are red, Tenma moves closer to check if she has a cold. Her heart takes a sudden jump when he touches her forehead… and then she faints. As he screams in surprise, she wonders what would be the cause of her death if she really dies here. Would it be “body temperature check”? ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

When Kyouko regains consciousness later, she finds herself lying on Tenma’s lap. Σ(゚ー゚;) He tells her that Shinnosuke went to call a doctor, and he asks if she was feeling unwell. However, Satsuki already warned Kyouko to keep her heart condition a secret. They can only rely on dates for her recovery, and it’ll cause a commotion if people find out that she’s searching for a boyfriend… so she ends up answering that she has a slight cold since this morning. Tenma asks if she’s feeling sluggish too after summer vacation, but then he laughs saying he’s just kidding. He does want to know her condition though. If she’s still feeling unwell, he doesn’t mind “renting” his lap for a bit longer. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Kyouko immediately apologizes and tries to get up, but Tenma pulls her back—asking her not to force herself. It’s good that she’s a reliable honor student, but it’d be pointless if she gets sick. Kyouko is surprised to see Tenma with such a tender expression, and it reminds her that he’s always taking care of her ever since her first year. Somehow, his lap feels warm and reliable to her. Just then a sharp pain hits her heart, and she wonders if this is love. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Kyouko instantly gets up from Tenma’s lap. After reassuring him that she’s fine, she asks if he’s willing to go out with her next time. He knows that she’s asking him out on a date, and he gladly agrees. In fact, he feels lucky that the school’s idol is asking him out. Kyouko can’t believe that she did it, and she nervously asks Tenma to take care of her “forever”—though she’s too happy to realize what she just said LOL.

■ RANK G: Sensei’s Weakness

Since Kyouko’s health has recovered, Tenma takes her to a special place—his private vegetable garden at the backyard. It’s a part of the home gardening club’s field, but he raised all the vegetables himself. As he happily waters them, she asks him about a certain plant in the corner. He asks her to guess what it is, and she thinks it’s from the cucumber family due to the shape… but it turns out to be zucchini. Lately they can find it in stores, but she never saw the actual plant. Even though her guess is wrong, Tenma gives Kyouko one of his zucchini as a consolation prize. He asks her to tell him if she wants anything else, but when she asks if she can have some tomatoes… he suddenly freezes and shivers. He actually doesn’t like tomatoes, and so he doesn’t grow any in his garden. He can’t handle their taste and color. Kyouko doesn’t think it’s a bad thing to have some dislikes though, and Tenma seems happy that she understands.

Just then Kyouko sneezes, and Tenma touches her cheeks to find them a bit cold. He apologizes for not realizing this sooner and asks if she’s okay, but this only causes her to get nervous. Her heart won’t stop racing even when she closes her eyes, and he instantly panics—thinking that she’s feeling dizzy. He calls for the infirmary doctor before realizing that the doctor is HIM, and he wonders what he should give her. Kyouko soon opens her eyes and tells him that she’s alright, but Tenma asks her not to force it since he’s worried about her. When she obediently nods, he smiles in satisfaction and gives her a bag of vegetables. Each one of them is filled with his love. He asks her to eat them and get well soon, and he’ll give her more if it’s not enough. Soon they hear a chime, and Tenma has to leave because the staff is going to inspect the flame extinguishers. Before leaving, he tells Kyouko that he enjoyed their date today. (❤ฺ→艸←)

■ RANK G: Basking in the Sun Together

Tenma gives Kyouko a delicious lettuce today. She doesn’t have to be scared of anemia anymore since it contains a lot of iron, and it’s twice as effective because he also put a charm on it to make her feel better. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since they’re having a nice weather today, Tenma then takes Kyouko to get some sunlight at the courtyard. As they sit on a bench, he does a stretch and admits that he used to dislike the sunlight. Maybe it’s because he’s getting old, but now the sunlight feels so good to him. Soon enough, two female students come to talk to him. They made Darjeeling cookies for him during club activity, and they’ve been looking for him. Tenma looks so happy when he accepts the cookies, and Kyouko feels a prickly sensation in her chest… but then the girls also give her a bag of cookies. In fact, they seem much happier when she accepts their cookies LOL. When Kyouko comments about how popular he is, Tenma admits that it makes him happy to be liked by his students. He points out that she’s much more popular than him though, and the girls from earlier were clearly more nervous when they talked to her.

They decide to eat the cookies together after that, and Kyouko gets flustered when Tenma feeds with his hand. Instead of taking it, she tries feeding him back in return… and he happily bites it directly from her hand. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ When Kyouko mentions that she also makes cookies on a regular basis, Tenma dreamily says he wants to eat her handmade cookies. He’s giving her sparkling puppy eyes at the same time, and he gets excited when she promises to make some for him. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ She turns red when he suddenly wipes some cookie crumbles off her lips, and in order to stop herself from getting too nervous, she quickly asks what kind of flavor he likes. Tenma says he likes chocolate chips, so Kyouko is planning to make it for him as soon as possible. He’s always busy, and she’s hoping that it can relieve his fatigue.

■ RANK G: The Busy Knight

During lunch time, Kyouko finds Tenma helping out in the cafeteria. She buys the recommended lunch set because it looks delicious, and it makes him happy since he was the one who made it. Kyouko then goes to eat her lunch alone, and Tenma joins her after he’s done with work. He also brought his special custard pudding and puts it on her tray, asking her to keep it a secret from the others. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Tenma has to leave right away due to his busy schedule, and Kyouko is glad to be able to eat lunch with him. Later on, she finds him again in front of a flower bed. It appears that the chairman asked him to fix it, but there’s a broken part on the flower bed and he can’t remember the color of the bricks used for that part. However, Kyouko remembers that Satsuki took a lot of pictures at the start of her first year. She then asks if Satsuki has any pictures of the flower bed, and Satsuki soon mails the picture to her. It matches the one Tenma is working on, and he thanks her for the help. Tenma feels bad for taking Kyouko’s precious lunch time, but of course she’s happy to be able to help him.

Kyouko returns to class after that. One of her afternoon classes ends early, and she sees Tenma teaching in another classroom. This makes her realize that she saw him in a lot of different places today, but that’s not the end yet because he comes to see her again after school. When she tells him that she was looking for him too, he happily says it means their love is mutual. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ After seeing him working in a lot of places today, Kyouko comes to realize that Tenma can really do anything. He laughs saying it’s not true, but he winks and says he’s more than willing to become her knight. Kyouko’s heart jumps even more when Tenma asks for her hand so he can vow his loyalty to her, but her three “royal guards” soon appear to stop this. Even if he’s a teacher, they won’t hand their “princess” to him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He doesn’t want to give up on the knight position either, but he decides to withdraw for today. Because they’re girls.

Tenma leaves after asking them to take care of Kyouko, and she can only wonder what he would do if her “royal guards” are men. She knows her heart won’t be able to take it even if he really becomes her knight, so she needs to get used to it as quickly as possible.

■ RANK F: Sensei’s Dream

After school, Kyouko is searching for Tenma and finds him in the hallway—carrying a mountain of books in his hands. He went to the library earlier and found a lot of interesting books, so he ended up borrowing everything. He actually owns some of the books, but he lent them to someone else and so he doesn’t have them with him at the moment. One of them is titled “Night Patrol Teacher”. It’s about a teacher who walks around the city every night, helping young boys and girls to solve their problems. Tenma says he wants to be a teacher like that. The problem is he just can’t seem to stay up late, though Kyouko thinks it’s good to have a healthy lifestyle. However, he admits that he used to be nocturnal in the past… and a lot of things happened before he finally settled with his current life.

Kyouko then decides to help carrying the books, but she’s surprised to find an instruction book for rugby among the others. When she asks if he likes rugby, Tenma reveals that it’s his dream to form a ruby team with a group of reformed delinquents. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He watched it in a youth drama before and has been admiring it ever since. If this dream ever comes true, he also wants her to become the beautiful manager who can open the hearts of those delinquents LOL. Kyouko agrees to help him, and Tenma happily says he’ll make a jersey for her. He’s thinking of preparing matching jerseys for all the members, along with a kettle for their team. Realizing that she doesn’t know anything about the members, Kyouko asks Tenma to tell her about them… but apparently they don’t have any at the moment. He’s still recruiting members, but it’s limited to delinquents only. Otherwise he won’t be able to follow the drama. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Speaking of drama, Tenma asks if Kyouko likes watching them too. She tells him that she loves romance drama and movies. It might be plain compared to action, but stories about two people loving each other feels like a miracle to her. The fact that she has zero experience in romance makes her sad though LOL. It reminds him that he watched a good vampire movie yesterday, and it has both action and romance. She actually watched it too, and they both really liked the last scene. The vampire kissed the heroine’s neck in the end, turning her into a vampire too so they can spend eternity together. Kyouko’s heart starts racing as Tenma recites a line from the movie, and it gets even worse when he says that he’d never let go of the heroine if he were in the vampire’s position. Tenma then invites Kyouko to drink some warm cocoa in the infirmary, and her heart gradually calms down as she follows him. However, Kyouko never thought that Tenma’s words could cause her heart to pound so hard—so much that it feels painful.

■ RANK E: Sensei Gets Sick

Kyouko comes to see Tenma in the infirmary today, but for some reason… he’s completely spacing out in his chair. He doesn’t react when she calls him, and he only notices her presence after she taps him on the shoulder. Tenma apologizes for spacing out and assures her that he’s fine, but Kyouko is worried since he doesn’t look well. She excuses herself before touching his forehead, and just as she thought, he seems to have a fever. When Kyouko asks him to pay attention to his own health, Tenma apologizes saying this is because of the age of the moon. She read in a book that some people do feel unwell during the period of full or new moon, but she never knew it’s so bad that they can get a fever. After asking Tenma to drink a medicine, Kyouko offers to cook some porridge for him. As he rests on one of the infirmary beds, she goes to borrow the cafeteria’s kitchen saying she’ll wake him up once it’s done.

By the time Kyouko returns to the infirmary, Tenma is still asleep. The cold towel on his forehead has slid off, and he wakes up when she puts it back on his forehead. When she asks how he’s feeling, he says he feels much better after resting. His fever has slightly gone down, but she gives him a bottle of sports drink to prevent dehydration. She also asks him to change his shirt since he’s sweating, and it might make him feel cold. Tenma thinks Kyouko worries a bit too much, but she tells him this is normal. Everyone would be worried when the person they love gets sick. When he asks if that means she loves him, she turns red and quickly explains that she didn’t mean romantic love. It’s more like love towards family and friends. Tenma doesn’t seem satisfied about this, but Kyouko admits that it makes her sad when he’s feeling unwell. She wants him to always be cheerful like usual, so he smiles saying he has to recover quickly for her sake.

Tenma then asks if he can eat the porridge, and Kyouko puts the bowl in front of him. She asks him to eat it before it gets cold, but he only stares at it for a while… and then he asks if she’s not going to blow on it to cool it down and feed him. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest upon hearing this, but then she agrees to do it—just for today. She feels embarrassed since he seems so happy, not to mention he also says it makes them look like a couple. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Kyouko then blows on the porridge before feeding it to Tenma, and he says she’ll become a good wife since the porridge is so delicious. As he asks her to feed him again, she wonders which one is going to happen first—him finishing the porridge or her fainting due to her glass heart LOL.

■ RANK E: The Future…?

Tenma asks Kyouko to come to the infirmary today, so she goes to see him there after school. Just before she enters, she sees a male student from another class coming out of the infirmary—thanking Tenma for today. Kyouko gets curious since he doesn’t seem to be sick or wounded, and Tenma explains that he was here to consult about his future. Tenma also asks Kyouko to tell him if she ever has any problems, but she realizes that she never really thinks about the future… and so she asks for his opinion regarding this issue. He admits that he didn’t give it much thought either, but his childhood dream was to become the demon lord and conquer the world. Σ(゚ー゚;) Kyouko finds it surprising that Tenma had that kind of wish, but he tells her that he used to be quite wild. If she saw him in the past, she would definitely fall in love since he’s just too cool. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Tenma wonders if he should use this chance to return to how he used to be, but he blushes when Kyouko says that she prefers how he is right now. He also loves the current her the most, so he quickly gives up on the idea. Since Kyouko doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future, Tenma thinks it’s a good idea for her to explore a lot of things. It should be better than limiting her opportunities. She’s young and talented in everything she does, so he believes that she can be successful once she finds out what she wants to do. Kyouko still has to figure it out though, so Tenma suggests becoming a teacher as an option. If she comes to teach at this school, they can be colleagues at work. She knows it’d be fun to work with him everyday, but then he realizes that she might get even more popular if she becomes a teacher. It’d be a problem for him, and so he takes back the suggestion. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

Another option would be for Kyouko to get married. She thinks marriage would be difficult for her due to her heart condition, but Tenma knows she’ll look beautiful—both in a wedding dress and the traditional bridal kimono. (❤ฺ→艸←) She nervously asks which style does he prefer for his own wedding ceremony, and he returns the question by asking which one would look good on him. Kyouko actually thinks that Tenma would look good in both modern and traditional costumes, but she prefers seeing him in a tuxedo. When she tells him that she wants to see him wearing one, he replies that he wants to see her in a wedding dress too. Kyouko doesn’t know who will stand beside her on her wedding day, but she blushes when her mind flies towards Tenma for a moment. It’s enough to hurt her heart, so she needs to be more careful.

When Kyouko leaves the infirmary in the evening, she runs into two teachers outside. They ask if she was visiting Tenma again, and they tell her to go home since it’s already late. Just before she walks away, she hears them talking about how Tenma and her seem to be really close recently. Tenma is quite honest and straightforward, so they’re hoping that it won’t become a problem. Sadly, this causes Kyouko to wonder if their dates are posing a problem for Tenma…


On the first day of the culture festival, Kyouko goes to visit Tenma—who’s running a shooting gallery in the courtyard. There are a lot of prizes on his stand, and she asks if he prepared them himself. As much as he wants to say yes, the prizes are actually donations from the students LOL. Tenma already promised to service Kyouko with one free game, so he asks her to give it a try. When he asks if she’s good at shooting, she answers that Shinnosuke taught her how to use real guns… but this is her first time visiting a shooting gallery. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ Tenma then decides to teach Kyouko the trick, and he starts by asking her to choose the target. As she looks at all the prizes on the stand, something in the middle of the second rack eventually attracts her attention—a kaleidoscope. Tenma says Kyouko has an expert eye for choosing it, but when she asks if it’s that expensive, he only laughs and asks her to aim for it. He also helps giving her some advice, as well as holding the gun to keep it stable when she shoots.

Unfortunately, the bullet only touches the kaleidoscope. Kyouko is about to give up knowing it probably won’t be knocked down, but Tenma then leans onto the edge of the stand—causing the kaleidoscope to fall down. She’s surprised to see this, but he points out that she’s been working hard for their performance tomorrow. It won’t hurt to give her the kaleidoscope as a present. She knows he’s doing this because it’s her first time playing in a shooting gallery, so she gladly accepts the kaleidoscope. He asks her to keep it a secret from the others though. Since the kaleidoscope is really beautiful, Kyouko wonders what kind of person it was who donated it to the shooting gallery. Tenma blushes upon hearing this, because it was actually from him… and he’d be happy if she takes a good care of it. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Kyouko helps Tenma in the shooting gallery after that. They get flooded with customers until they completely run out of prizes, and they use the remaining time to enjoy the culture festival together.

For the second day, Tenma got Kanata, Yukito and Shinnosuke to form an idol group called “Glass Heart Prince” and perform together on stage. Kyouko helps giving them personal advice as their producer, and their performance results in a huge success. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

■ RANK D: Pursuing the Seven Mysteries of the School!

Since the exams are coming soon, Tenma offers to help Kyouko with her studies today. She decides to ask him about an exercise problem she doesn’t understand in maths, but just as he starts explaining it to her… they suddenly hear a strange sound. It’s weird since there’s no one else at school, so he wonders if it’s one of the seven mysteries of their school—TokoToko-san. Since Kyouko has never heard anything about this, Tenma decides to give her a “special talk” regarding these seven mysteries. First is TokoToko-san, a youkai who plays after school by moving things around. It is also believed that TokoToko-san eats the memories of the people who saw it when they’re asleep, and so no one has ever witnessed it in action. Kyouko finds it scary to have one’s memories eaten, but the fear quickly dissolves into the air when Tenma asks her not to blame him if he forgets anything. It must be because of TokoToko-san! (o´艸`o)ァハ♪

The next mystery is the myth that Tenma is actually sextuplets. This came from the time when the teachers for maths, Japanese history and Italian all got sick, and he had to teach in six classes at the same time as their replacement. He actually went in and out to handle everything at once, but the rumor spread before he knew it. Kyouko thinks it’s impressive that he can teach in six classes at the same time, but Tenma says it’s because he loves teaching. In fact, he’d love to take eight classes at once. Σ(゚ー゚;) When Kyouko tells Tenma that she also wants to attend his lessons again, he offers to give her a special lesson. He will teach her a lot of things in details, just for the two of them. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

Here, Tenma remembers another mystery that appears at dusk—like now. He asks if Kyouko wants to hear it, and when she nods… he closes all the curtains and turns off the light to create the right atmosphere. He then takes a flashlight and starts telling her the story, which revolves around a student whose hands were grabbed by a cold “hand” inside his school desk drawer. Out of curiosity, the student decided to peek into the drawer. Tenma’s voice drops low as he says that a pair of eyes are staring back at the student, but the next thing they hear isn’t Kyouko’s scream—it’s Shinnosuke’s LOL. This surprises both Kyouko and Tenma, and they subconsciously hug each other due to the shock. When they turn around, they find Shinnosuke curling up in front of the door. He actually came to pick her up, but the story started when he was waiting for her outside. Tenma is surprised that such a story is enough to scare Shinnosuke though, while Kyouko says his scream was more terrifying. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Shinnosuke apologizes as he stands back up, but then he points out that it’s about time for them to let go of each other. Kyouko immediately lets go and apologizes, but Tenma only laughs saying he was actually happy to be hugged by her. As he gently pats her back, he turns red and whispers that he feels grateful to Shinnosuke for this. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

■ RANK D: Do You Like Italian?

Tenma invites Kyouko to have a meal together today, and he takes her to the school cafeteria. He knows she has tasted all sorts of delicious dishes out there, so he wants to cook his special menu for her. Before starting, he asks if she has any dislikes or allergies. As for him, he hates tomatoes, herbs and garlics. She doesn’t have any though, so he asks her to wait until he’s done cooking. Tenma then disappears into the kitchen, but Kyouko follows him there and asks if she can help him instead. He actually wants to surprise her with the special menu, but he agrees to let her help—because cooking together makes them look like newlyweds. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 He only wants her to help with the preparations though. Once she’s done with everything he asked her to do, he tells her that he’ll take care of the rest.

Before Kyouko leaves the kitchen, Tenma asks her to taste the soup he’s making. He wonders if he should add more spice, but she says it tastes just right. She wants to have more since it’s really delicious, but he laughs and asks her to wait until their meal is ready. After a while, Tenma comes to bring the food to their table. He made red sea bream Carpaccio with salad, and he also brought some wine and cider to go with their meal. Of course the cider is non-alcoholic, but she wonders if he’s strong against alcohol because he drinks up his wine in one go. As Kyouko eats the delicious Carpaccio, Tenma delivers the next dish to their table—salmon and green soybeans pasta. He also made the pasta himself, and it makes her happy since she loves pasta a lot. Tenma then says he’s willing to cook for Kyouko anytime, and he asks her to eat up since there are more to come.

After that, Tenma brings roasted pork loins, cheese risotto and the soup Kyouko tasted earlier. He gives her his special pear tart along with some tea for the dessert, but soon she notices that his cheeks seem to be red somehow… and she wonders if he’s actually drunk. Just when Kyouko is about to eat the pear tart, Tenma suddenly eats it from her fork and excitedly asks her to give him more. Realizing that he’s indeed drunk, she gives him a glass of cold water instead. He feels refreshed after drinking it, but then he goes to drink more wine LOL. He asks if she’s not going to feed him again, but she asks him to eat it himself and quickly finishes her tart—trying to calm her heart down at the same time. Since he’s clearly still drunk, she asks him to just sit there as she washes the dishes. However, Kyouko then hears Tenma whispering: “This is so nice, we’re just like a married couple.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Tenma has fallen asleep by the time Kyouko is done with the dishes, and she watches over his sleeping face for a while.

■ RANK D: Baked Potatoes and the Autumn Sky

For today’s date, Tenma brings a sack full of sweet potatoes. He just harvested them from his garden, and so he invites Kyouko to have baked potatoes together. When she admits that she never made one before, he says it makes him happy to share her first experience in baking sweet potatoes… and she thinks it’s so cute how he gets excited over this. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Tenma then gives Kyouko a broom. They’re going to start with gathering the leaves, and he challenges her to have a race in gathering leaves—which ends with his victory. Obviously. He sets the fire after that, and they wrap the sweet potatoes with aluminum foil before baking them. They sit on a nearby bench as they wait for the sweet potatoes to cook, and Kyouko lets out a sigh as she gazes up at the clear autumn sky. Time flies really fast for her, and it makes her sad because her time with Tenma will end once she graduates.

When Tenma asks her what’s wrong, Kyouko answers that she feels sad somehow… and he nods because he actually shares the same feeling. He feels sad upon thinking that their time together is going to end soon. It’s not like they won’t be able to see each other anymore after graduation though, so he asks her to play with him even after she graduates. She answers that she wants to keep talking to him as well, and he smiles at her before getting their baked potatoes. However, Kyouko notices that Tenma looked really sad earlier—though she wonders if it’s just her imagination. When he gives her a baked potato, she watches how he blows on it to cool it off and decides to do the same thing. He laughs and says it feels fresh to see her doing that, so she asks if she’s doing it wrong… but he answers that she looks really cute. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ As they eat their baked potatoes, Tenma admits that eating them with Kyouko makes him feel so happy. He promises to grill some marshmallows for her next time, and he runs off to bake more sweet potatoes.

Kyouko actually wanted to talk to Tenma for a little longer, but she doesn’t really mind because she also likes seeing him looking so happy. When she looks up, the autumn sky still makes her feel a bit sad… but now she feels much better thanks to him.

■ RANK D: Lucky Hit?

Kyouko can’t find Tenma in the infirmary today, and she wonders where he might be. Is he taking care of his private garden? Or maybe doing something else for other teachers? Even though she knows that he’s busy, she can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Kyouko quickly shakes her head and tries to get Tenma out of her mind, but unfortunately… this causes her to slip and fall down the stairs. When she tries to get up, a sharp pain pierces her ankle. It seems like she has sprained her leg. Kyouko is wondering what to do when Tenma comes running and asks if she’s alright, at the same time calling her “Kyou-chan” instead of the usual “Himeno-san”. Kyouko explains that she only fell a few steps down, but Tenma goes to examine her sprained leg anyway. It’s a bit swollen, so he tells her not to move it.

After asking Kyouko to stay still for a while, Tenma suddenly lifts her up and runs off while carrying her in his arms. He then whispers that they’re going to take a shortcut, and he asks her to keep this a secret from the other teachers… because right after saying this, he jumps right out of the window and smoothly lands on the ground below. ∑(゚д゚;ノ)ノ Since it’s dangerous, Tenma also asks Kyouko to hold on tight. Kyouko is obviously shocked and points out that the infirmary isn’t supposed to be this way, but Tenma laughs and tells her that they’re taking a shortcut. All the students along the way are clearly surprised to see this, and they’re wondering if Tenma is “eloping” with Kyouko. It’s so bold of him. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Knowing that everyone is staring at them, she tells him that she’s fine and can walk on her own… but he refuses to let go and says that she’s going to the infirmary with him in this condition. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Once they reach the infirmary, Tenma quickly treats and tapes Kyouko’s sprained leg. She’s amazed since it doesn’t hurt anymore, but when she’s about to stand up… he pushes her back onto her chair. He points out that it’s going to put a strain on her ankle, so she should rest in the infirmary for a bit. She wonders if there’s something wrong since he looks unhappy, but then he sighs and asks her to promise that she’ll be more careful. Otherwise he’ll get worried about her and won’t be able to work properly. Kyouko nods and promises that she will. She feels bad since Tenma is busy with work, so she shouldn’t do things that would cause him to worry. When Kyouko asks if he was working earlier, Tenma says he was simply making some documents for someone else. Noticing that she feels bad for interrupting his work, he tells her not to look like that. He’s a teacher, and it’s only obvious for him to take care of his students. This makes her a bit sad since it sounds like he only sees her as a student, but then he whispers that it’s not the only reason.

Tenma quickly says it’s nothing, but Kyouko then recalls that he called her name earlier. He explains that it was because of the panic, and he apologizes thinking she doesn’t like it… but she admits that it actually made her happy. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Tenma is surprised to hear this, but he laughs when Kyouko quickly adds that she’s just talking to herself. He then tries calling her “Kyou-chan” again, and he calls her cute when she blushes. Kyouko asks Tenma not to tease her since she gets embarrassed if he keeps calling her name, so he decides that he’ll only do it every once in a while. He also asks her to call him “Tenma-sensei” in return, but he gives up on the idea when she points out that it might surprise everyone around them. He says he’ll only call her name when they’re alone as well, and she nervously nods. She does feel happy, but she wonders if her heart will be able take it LOL.

■ RANK C: Seeing the Identity of a Ghost!?

Tenma isn’t in the infirmary when Kyouko comes to visit him today. She wonders if he went out, but then she notices that the door leading to the medicine storage room is left open. Thinking that Tenma might be inside, Kyouko decides to take a peek… and she finds him soundly sleeping on the sofa inside. He looks a bit different than usual, and this makes her realize despite his appearance, he’s a grown-up man too. Just then he mutters her name in his sleep, and she wonders what kind of dream he’s seeing right now. Kyouko decides to leave since she doesn’t want to disturb his nap, but soon she notices that Tenma has some rice around his mouth. It seems like he took a nap after having a meal, and she finds it cute somehow. (❤ฺ→艸←) As Kyouko quietly holds out her hand to wipe the rice off his face, Tenma suddenly moves in his sleep and gently bites her finger. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Knowing that it’s bad for her heart, Kyouko quickly pulls her hand and backs away… but then she trips on something and can’t get back up. She feels dizzy, and it doesn’t help that the sensation of Tenma’s gentle bites still remains on her finger. Soon enough, Tenma wakes up and asks why Kyouko is “sleeping” on the floor LOL. Noticing that she looks in pain, he helps her to sit on the sofa and makes sure that she’s alright. When Kyouko mentions that it’s unusual for him to take a nap, Tenma laughs saying it’s because a battle occurred in the school yesterday. One of their sports clubs had a training camp in the school before, and they made an uproar about a ghost. A student claimed that they saw a ghost, and they called an exorcist all the way from Vatican. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Tenma decided to keep them company since it’s not good for them to explore the school at night, but then the exorcist turned to chase after HIM instead—chanting strange spells and even hurling rosaries at him. It was tough since the exorcist kept chasing him around, breaking the school windows in the process. It seems like the exorcist mistook him for a ghost because his lab coat was swaying in the dark, so this is truly an example of the proverb “幽霊の正体見たり枯れ尾花 / upon taking a closer look, the ghost was withered silver grass“.

In the end, Tenma managed to talk to the exorcist and sent them back to Vatican. At times like that, he’s glad that he can speak Italian. Kyouko thinks the exorcist must have jumped to conclusions pretty fast to mistake him for a ghost, but then he whispers in a really low voice: “…well, actually it was simply because my power is real.” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kyouko doesn’t catch this though, and she asks if the ghost uproar has been resolved in the end. However, Tenma asks her to guess how it went. When she says that it wasn’t actually a ghost, he says she’s pretty sharp. Because the “ghost” was actually just a mischievous black cat. It stole their towels and scratched the door of the club room, and the student who saw this mistook it for a ghost. While Kyouko is glad that it wasn’t a ghost, Tenma says the real thing might exist too in the school. Who knows, it might be standing behind her right now. Σ(゚ー゚;) When she protests, he laughs and apologizes for teasing her. It’s because she looks so cute when she’s scared.

As for the black cat, Tenma says it was really hard to catch. It knocked off some vases and jumped onto the exorcist’s head while escaping, but he found it sleeping on the infirmary bed after that. Kyouko then asks what happened to the cat after that, and he reveals that it’s actually still here. At the same time, the black cat comes out and snuggles up to Kyouko’s legs. Tenma explains that he’s only taking care of it for today though. The student who mistook it for a ghost actually wanted a cat, and they’re going to bring it home later because they had to send the exorcist back first LOL. Tenma had to play with the black cat all night since it’s really energetic, and that’s why he’s feeling sleepy today. However, Kyouko then notices a wound on the back of his hand. He didn’t notice at all, and she asks if it was caused by the exorcist. He laughs saying he’s glad that he’s a human then. If he’s a ghost, he might have gotten exterminated by the exorcist’s power… and he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

Tenma assures Kyoko that the wound doesn’t hurt, but she helps cleaning and treating it for him. Since it’s on the back of his hand, she knows he won’t be able to treat it alone. Once she’s done, she asks him if she did it right. He happily nods saying she did a perfect job, so much that he wants her as his assistant. Tenma then asks if Kyouko wants to run the infirmary with him, but when she answers that she can try her best, he laughs saying he was just kidding. The black cat soon returns to the room, and Tenma calls it to come over… but it ignores him and clings onto Kyouko’s leg instead. She’s about to pet it since it’s staring at her with its lovely eyes, but he quickly stops her and takes the cat away LOL. Kyouko asks him to let it down since he might get scratched, but Tenma refuses because the cat is a male. This is a battle between men! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He asks her to run away while he’s still holding the cat, and after leaving the room… she can hear him bickering with the cat inside. She’s a bit worried about leaving them alone, but Satsuki told her that a woman shouldn’t interrupt the battle between men.

The next day, Tenma’s face is full of scratches as he sends off the cat. After seeing this, Kyouko learns the “sublimity” of the battle between men. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

■ RANK C: Beginning at the Shoe Locker

Kyouko is sighing when she comes to the infirmary today, and Tenma asks her what’s wrong. It turns out that yesterday, she found a love letter inside her shoe locker. She never received one before, so she has no idea how to deal with this. Her “royal guards” were surprised to hear this, and they accidentally revealed that they’ve been cleaning all the love letters in her shoe locker all this time. They’re doing it because they don’t want her to be troubled by all the love letters, but she asked them not to do it again. They shouldn’t ignore the feelings of those who wrote a letter for her. Kyouko then asked them to give her the letters they took away, but she was surprised when Saki put a bucket full of love letters on her desk… and it was only the letters from that day. Her shoe locker would definitely explode if they ignore it, and that’s why they’ve been cleaning it up everyday LOL.

Back in the present, Kyouko tells Tenma that she’s going to read those letters later. The problem is the one she found in her shoe locker. Since she found it herself, she opened it and read the contents. The sender wrote that he’ll be waiting for her at the courtyard today on 5 PM, signing the letter with “from the person who loves you”. It’s clearly going to be a confession, and Tenma asks what Kyouko is planning to do. She has no idea because this is really sudden, but when he asks her to think about this by herself… she realizes that her answer has been decided. She can’t ignore the sender, but she can’t accept his feelings either. So she’s going to meet the sender and directly turn him down. That being said, Kyouko feels worried because she doesn’t know what to say. However, Tenma then holds her cheeks and asks her not to look so gloomy. This makes her feel relieved somehow, and he asks if he can tag along because he’s worried about her. He promises not to disturb her, and she nods saying she feels safe with him around.

By the time Kyouko and Tenma reach the courtyard, the sender hasn’t come yet. He notices that she feels nervous, and she admits that this is her first time receiving a confession—mostly due to Shinnosuke’s iron guard. Since the sender is serious, she has to give him a serious answer as well. Tenma tells Kyouko not to worry though, because she has him with her. When she nods and says she’s going to convey her feelings clearly, Tenma smiles saying that’s the Kyouko he loves. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ He then pats her head and tells her to do his best, and he goes to hide behind a flower bed. After a while, a male underclassman comes to see her. He confesses that he fell in love at the first sight when he saw her at the opening ceremony, and he tells her that he’s serious about her—he’ll protect her with all his life. Kyouko knows she needs to refuse, but she’s too embarrassed to say anything. All that she wants is to escape from this place. As she nervously glances around, she notices that Tenma is trying to say something to her: “G-O-O-D L-U-C-K.”

This reminds Kyouko that she needs to give a serious answer, and so she tells the sender that she’s in love with someone else. Of course he’s shocked and starts throwing questions regarding who this lucky person might be, so she quickly adds that she can’t answer his feelings. She admits that it does make her happy, and he leaves after thanking her for listening to him. Kyouko feels really bad, and Tenma soon comes out of hiding to praise her for doing a good job. She says it’s all thanks to him that she was able to turn down the confession properly, but he pats her head saying it was her who did it. Kyouko feels relieved whenever Tenma does this, but somehow… she feels both happy and sad at the same time.

■ RANK B: For the School

Today, Tenma asks Kyouko to help him make a pamphlet for the school. The staff in charge is different for each year, and this year is his turn. Of course Tenma wants to make a good one, and he wants Kyouko to become the model for the pamphlet. She doesn’t mind at all since the pamphlet will be given to her future juniors, and he gets excited since he’s got a beautiful model. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ First, Tenma takes Kyouko to the ground. They’re going to take a picture with the baseball club members as the background, and she’ll be promoted as their beautiful manager. However, she’s against this idea. She’s going to graduate soon, so she can’t pretend to be their manager. Just when Kyouko is about to refuse, Satsuki suddenly appears out of the blue and asks Tenma to take a picture of her in tennis uniform—holding a racket in one hand.

Tenma actually likes the idea, but it’s impossible because he didn’t prepare any costumes. Kyouko quickly says they should just take pictures of the sports club instead, but Satsuki asks them not to worry—she has prepared the costume for them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Tenma then asks Kyouko to change into the uniform, and she’s about to refuse when Satsuki suddenly grabs her shoulders—asking if she doesn’t care about the future of the school. The birth rate is declining these days, and that means the school will get less new students as well. As a future alumnus, it is her duty to increase the number of new students for the school. Tenma soon follows this by saying that he wants to make a pamphlet that can attract as many new students as possible, and he asks Kyouko to cooperate. It’s for the future of the school! ゙╰(*゚x゚*)╯゙ This leaves her with no choice but to agree, and so she goes to change into the tennis uniform. Kyouko is wishing for the earth to swallow her up since everyone is staring at her, but she obediently listens as Satsuki arranges her pose. Tenma starts taking pictures of her after that, and she can only wish for this to be over as quickly as possible LOL.

By the time Tenma is done, Kyouko feels extremely exhausted. He then takes her to take more pictures in the music room, where he asks her to pose as if she’s playing the piano. Upon learning that she can play the piano, Tenma asks if Kyouko wants to try playing a song with him—he’s actually good at playing the violin. Knowing that this is a rare chance, Kyouko agrees since she wants to see Tenma playing the violin. Satsuki comes to set up the camera for them, and she ends up recording their entire performance. Aside from taking pictures, she also recorded it as a sound clip AND as a video. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ When Tenma leaves to store his violin, Kyouko quietly asks Satsuki to give her the pictures later. Satsuki jokingly asks if Kyouko is planning to put Tenma’s picture in her student handbook, but then she nods saying she understands. She will put Tenma’s best picture in Kyouko’s room later. Kyouko follows Tenma to the next location after that, while Satsuki leaves because she has some editing to do. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

In the evening, Tenma takes Kyouko to the last location—the classroom. As he sits beside her, Tenma says he’d be able to attend classes with her too if only he’s a student. They could share a textbook if he forgot to bring his, though he knows everyone else would glare at him in jealousy. On the other hand, she thinks her heart wouldn’t be able to take it LOL. Since they have to include the school’s charms in the pamphlet, Tenma then asks what Kyouko likes from the school… and she answers that it’s the enthusiastic teachers. Of course he’s included, and he blushes saying it’s embarrassing to hear that directly. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Before resuming their photoshoot session, Tenma admits that he has sent off a lot of students up until now… but her graduation still makes him sad. Kyouko quickly tells him that they still have time before then, and she will come to play even after she graduates—she’ll help harvesting his vegetables too.

Tenma laughs and thanks Kyouko for cheering him up. Even though he feels sad about her graduation, he’s glad to have met her in this school. When she replies that she feels the same way, he suddenly takes a picture of her. He won’t put it on the pamphlet though, because he’s going to treasure it as a memento. Tenma then thanks Kyouko for today, and he asks her to look forward to see the pamphlet. It turns out to be really good thanks to Satsuki’s cooperation, and everyone can see the picture of Kyouko in her tennis uniform on it. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪


On Christmas, Tenma invites Kyouko to play in the snow with him. Quite a lot of snow is piling up at the school, and she agrees to come since it sounds fun. Tenma has to take care of something in the morning, so he’ll be waiting for Kyouko at the ground after lunch. Around 1 PM, she comes to school and goes to see him at the ground—which is now completely covered in snow. Tenma is holding a shovel in one hand, and when Kyouko asks if it’s okay for them to play in the ground, he assures her that it’s alright. They’re going to call people to clean up all the snow tomorrow, so no evidence will be left behind. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since they have a lot of snow, Tenma then asks Kyouko to build an igloo together. When she points out that it’ll feel like New Year’s instead of Christmas, he tells her that he actually doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Kyouko wonders if it’s because he follows Judaism or something, but Tenma says it’s a bit different—it’s more like his “family condition” instead of religion.

Since Kyouko is a girl, Tenma then asks if she actually wanted to celebrate Christmas. She quickly denies it though, and her voice turns smaller as she adds that spending the day with him is more than enough to make her happy. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* They start building their igloo together after that, and he asks her to make the entrance large because he’s going to bring a table inside. As they work on the walls, Tenma also tells Kyouko to make it at least as thick as her fist. However, Kyouko soon notices that Tenma is looking at her hands. When she asks him what’s wrong, he says he’s just thinking about how small her hands are… and he puts his hand next to hers for comparison. This causes her to get nervous, but when she tries to get up, he grabs her arm and asks where she’s going since they’re almost done. Of course she doesn’t know how to answer, so he tells her to get some rest if she’s tired—he’ll finish building their igloo. Kyouko wants to say that it’s not the reason, but then she realizes that it’s a good chance for her to cool down. If she keeps working with Tenma in that condition, her heart won’t be able to take it.

Tenma is planning to have a meal with Kyouko inside their igloo after it’s done, and so he asks what she wants to eat. If Kyouko tells Tenma that she wants to eat a cake, they’ll make their Christmas dinner and cake together in the cafeteria. There’s a Santa Claus figurine on the cake, but he says it’s “safe” as long as he doesn’t touch it. If she tells him that she wants to have a hotpot, they bring the pot and the ingredients into their igloo. Before they go inside, he also gives her a hanten to match the atmosphere. When Kyouko takes the meat and vegetables from the pot for him, he thanks her and jokingly calls her “mom”… and this causes her heart to start racing because they look like a married couple. (❤ฺ→艸←) It might be different from how people usually celebrate Christmas, but thanks to Tenma… Kyouko has the best Christmas of her life.


Thanks to all the training and her developing relationship, Kyouko manages to pass through the crisis of death and remains alive by the end of the year. On the very first night of the new year, she sees a strange dream of herself in Ikedaya Inn. Soon she finds Tenma, who is apparently her Shinsengumi squad leader. He tells her that she can leave this area to him, so she should go and support “Yukimura-kun” instead. Of course Kyouko has no idea who is this “Yukimura-kun”, but Tenma is too amazed by his own coolness to explain anything to her. He wanted to say such a cool line just once in his life LOL.

Before Kyouko leaves, Tenma asks her not to disturb “Yukimura-kun” if she’s having a good time with either “Okita” or “Toudou”. Then she goes away with question marks above her head. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

(Note: This is a parody of Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~. The hint is Tenma’s fangs LOL.)

■ RANK A: You Are Special

Since the Nerine flowers are currently blooming, Tenma invites Kyouko to visit to his private garden today. However, a teacher named Tanaka comes before they can go anywhere. It appears that Tenma replaced him for a class before, and he gave the students a printed timeline for modern European history. He made it really easy to understand, and the students asked Tanaka to make the same thing for Japanese history. Sadly he can’t seem to make it work, so now he wants to ask for Tenma’s help. Tenma agrees to make the timeline, and he says he’ll bring it to the staff room tomorrow. Tanaka leaves after thanking him, but soon Tenma notices that Kyouko is staring at him. When he asks her what’s wrong, she says this is the first time she saw him talking about work with another teacher. He wonders if it changed his impression in her eyes, and she nods saying he looked like a teacher… even though he IS one LOL.

Since Tenma has to make the timeline for Tanaka, Kyouko asks if it’s okay for him to spend time with her today. She feels bad because they’re dating by her request, and she doesn’t mind cancelling their plans if he’s busy. Tenma seems surprised to hear this. After thinking for a while, he suddenly asks Kyouko to wait in the classroom for a while. He promises to return soon, and then he runs off into the distance. Kyouko is confused, but she goes back to the classroom and waits for Tenma there. Just when she’s about to read a book, her “royal guards” come to confirm something. They noticed that Kyouko seems to be really close with Tenma recently, and they want to know if they’re dating… because their relationship has become a rumor. This is also why the teachers were talking about how close they are before. Her “royal guards” only want to know the truth, so Kyouko admits that she does like Tenma. They’re obviously not pleased about this, but they also respect her feelings… and so they’re going to support her relationship with him.

Soon after that, they notice Tenma coming towards their classroom—holding a bouquet of red roses in his hands. After informing the homeroom teacher that he needs to talk to a certain student in this class, he searches for Kyouko and walks up to her. When she asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that she seems to have misunderstood how he feels. As a teacher, he’s aware that he shouldn’t show favoritism towards his students… but he wants the girl he likes to know that she’s important to him. Tenma then kneels down and hands the red rose bouquet to Kyouko, asking her to accept it. When she thanks him, he says there’s something he wants to say to her after she graduates. It’s really important, and he asks if she’s willing to listen to it. Kyouko nods, and Tenma thanks her as she accepts the bouquet. It gives off a nice scent, and he’s glad that it makes her happy. Just as he thought, roses suit her the most.

When Kyouko asks why he suddenly gave her a bouquet, Tenma says it’s because he doesn’t feel forced to keep her company. He doesn’t want her to feel bad because she asked him to date her, because he’s also enjoying his time with her. He thought roses are the best to convey his feelings to her. (*´ー`*人*´ー`*)♪ The students around them are really surprised to hear this, and the homeroom teacher quickly comes to stop them from going further. Tenma apologizes saying he’ll listen to their scolding later, and he takes Kyouko to escape with him. The male students are protesting since Tenma is monopolizing their beloved idol, but he asks Kyouko not to worry. He won’t let anyone disturb their love, and he does… something… that looks like magic to knock away the students who are blocking the door. No one saw what he actually did, and he doesn’t explain anything either. Now that their path is clear, Tenma holds Kyouko’s hand and run out of the classroom with her. It’s like they’re eloping, and her “royal guards” are wishing for her happiness.

Once they’re outside, Kyouko asks if it’s really okay since they’ve caused quite an uproar. Tenma tells her that it’s going to be alright though. He feels like he can do anything for her, and she feels the same way. If they’re together, she feels like they can overcome anything. From there, Tenma and Kyouko keep running around the school until the commotion eventually fades away. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

■ RANK A: Defeating Boredom!

After school, Kyouko goes to visit Tenma in the infirmary. One of her classmates told her about the book he was looking for, and so she invites him to go to the library together. Unfortunately, Tenma is busy with work and can’t go on a date with Kyouko today. He feels bad since she already came to see him, but she asks him not to apologize. It can’t be helped after all. Kyouko then asks if she can stay here with him, and Tenma nods saying he wouldn’t mind if she stays with him forever. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Just when she’s about to ask if there’s anything she can help with, Kyouko receives a call from Satsuki at home. From Satsuki, she learns that they received a certain white thing from her uncle in Alaska. It releases a very strong odor into the air, and their house is currently filled with the smell. It’s bad enough to damage Shinnosuke, who can endure most bad odors, so Satsuki asks Kyouko to spend the night in a hotel tonight. Satsuki has made a reservation in the hotel in front of the station, and she promises that they’re going to clean up the house before Kyouko returns home tomorrow.

When Tenma asks if there’s something wrong at home, Kyouko explains that a trouble occurred and she can’t go home for today. She actually doesn’t hate spending the night outside, but she knows she’d feel lonely at the hotel because both Shinnosuke and Satsuki are at home—she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Upon hearing this, Tenma asks Kyouko to spend the night in the infirmary instead. They have a lot of beds, and Kyouko can talk to Tenma anytime. At first she’s a bit reluctant, but then she agrees as long as it’s not a trouble for him. He happily says he’ll make dinner for them later, and he jokingly asks if she can be his assistant today. However, Kyouko really agrees to help Tenma with work since he’s letting her stay in the infirmary for free. Tenma is excited to give Kyouko her first experience as an infirmary doctor, and he gives her a lab coat to wear too. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s actually his spare lab coat, so it’s a little too big for her. Kyouko feels nervous since she’s wearing Tenma’s lab coat, and it doesn’t help that he happily says they’re wearing pair look. Somehow Kyouko looks more mature in a lab coat, and Tenma admits that his heart is fluttering because of her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Soon after that, a member of the soccer club comes to inform Tenma that some of his teammates are injured. The wounds are bleeding, so Tenma quickly takes the necessary tools and asks Kyouko to come with them. As he cleans up the wound for one of the students, he asks her to take care of the other one… who happens to be a ドM fan of hers LOL. He cringes when she cleans up his wound, but then he tells her that she can hurt him more. Σ(゚ー゚;) After that, Kyouko follows Tenma’s instructions and treats the wound carefully. The soccer club members are impressed to see this, but they’re also wondering why Kyouko is assisting Tenma in a lab coat today. When he explains that she’s helping him out, they realize that today is their only chance to get their wounds treated by her. They quickly leave to practice sliding, but Tenma says he won’t let Kyouko treat their wounds if they get injured on purpose. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ If they do that, he’ll give them a super painful treatment instead… so they should continue their practice without getting injured.

Kyouko notices that Tenma seems to be having fun, and she can see why the students love him. On the other hand, Tenma thinks Kyouko will make a good infirmary doctor because she can grasp everyone’s hearts. It’s an important quality because they also need to maintain the students’ mental health, and it’s more difficult than taking care of physical wounds. If she becomes an infirmary doctor, he would give his stamp of approval right away. After that, Kyouko helps Tenma with his work. He cooks dinner for the two of them, and they talk about a lot of things until the clock strikes 11 PM. Noticing that Kyouko is getting sleepy, Tenma thanks her for helping him today and asks her to go to bed first—he’ll do some more work before turning in for the night. He then says good night and heads towards the medicine storage room, but she suddenly asks him to sleep with her. Σヽ(゚Д゚;)ノ!! Tenma is clearly surprised, and realizing what she just said, Kyouko quickly tries to explain that she meant sleeping together on different beds.

Tenma remains silent as he looks straight at Kyouko, and then he pushes her down to the bed. She’s too surprised to say anything, and he tells her that she shouldn’t say things like that. When she’s alone with a man, she should never show any openings. She doesn’t know what they’re going to do to her. As Tenma draws closer to her, Kyouko can feel her body temperature raising. He then asks if she understands, at the same time running his finger on her cheek. She desperately nods, and he eventually lets go of her. Tenma returns to his usual self immediately after that, and he asks if Kyouko is surprised. He wanted to tease her since she was so defenseless, and he apologizes for surprising her. When Tenma asks if his “adult charms” blew her fatigue away, Kyouko nods and admits that he’s right… though it blew away her drowsiness as well LOL. Tenma also tells her that he doesn’t do that to everyone, and he only did it because Kyouko is special to him. Before going to the medicine storage room, Tenma says he was serious when he asked if she wants to become an infirmary doctor—she should give it a thought.

Tenma smiles and leaves after that, but Kyouko’s heart keeps on pounding loudly until she falls asleep.


One night, Manaka is attacked by a mysterious figure at school. He claims to be a “vampire” and wants her blood for the “sacrifice”, but he escapes when Saki and Miu come to save Manaka—who has fallen unconscious. When Kyouko learns about this incident the next day, she immediately goes to ask Tenma about Manaka’s condition. Luckily she doesn’t have any physical injuries, but she’s still hospitalized due to the shock. The teachers are focusing on their after school patrols right now, as well as investigating if there were intruders from outside the school. Sadly while Kyouko thinks they shouldn’t make a fuss over this incident, all the students are curious about the “vampire” who attacked Manaka. Tenma doesn’t seem happy about this either, and he mutters that the timing couldn’t get worse. When he asks what she thinks about this “vampire”, she admits that she finds it terrifying. Tenma looks a bit sad upon hearing this, but Kyouko adds that she’s not scared of actual vampires. She’s scared of humans who claim to be vampires. He’s clearly relieved to hear her answer, but she doesn’t know the reason… yet.

Kyouko then asks what happened to the culprit after that, and Tenma explains that they haven’t caught him yet. It doesn’t help that they’re also experiencing difficulties in the investigation. Suddenly, Kyouko tells Tenma that she wants to search for the culprit. Of course he’s surprised and says they should leave it to the police, but she refuses knowing the students won’t be able to feel secure at school. He understands how she feels since Manaka is her friend, but as a teacher… he can’t allow her to do that. He asks her to remain calm and promises to gather information regarding the culprit, so she has no choice but to listen to him. During lunch break, Kyouko goes to ask Saki and Miu about the incident. They were the ones who found Manaka, and she doesn’t think Tenma would mind her doing that much. However, Kyouko learns that her “royal guards” were discussing about her graduation ceremony last night. It got dark before they realized, so they hurried out of the classroom… but then Manaka realized that she forgot something and went back inside. They waited for her at the entrance for a while, but since she didn’t return, they decided to check the classroom as well. They heard her screaming along the way, and they rushed over to find her unconscious—along with a cloaked figure who was pointing a knife towards her. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!?

Unfortunately, Saki and Miu didn’t see the culprit face. It was dark, and the culprit ran away REALLY fast. They can’t forgive the culprit for attacking Manaka, but Kyouko asks them to stay calm since she doesn’t want anything to happen to them. Just when Kyouko is about to return to the classroom, a chicken pops out of nowhere and she bumps into a male student who’s chasing after it. He apologizes and helps her to stand up, then he takes his leave and runs after the chicken with extreme speed. This makes her wonder if he’s in charge of the school pets, but looking at his impressive running speed… maybe he’s a member of a sports club? That night, Kyouko discusses this incident with Satsuki. It’s difficult to track down the culprit since he didn’t leave any evidence behind, but they obviously can’t wait for another incident just to gain information. However, Kyouko suddenly gets an idea. Since Manaka isn’t physically injured, it means the culprit hasn’t reached his objective of gaining blood yet… and so he still has a motive for attacking other women. All she has to do is to become his next victim.

When Kyouko tells Tenma about this plan the next day, he says he can’t approve it since it’s just too risky. She says they should take action because the police’s investigation has been making no progress, but he still doesn’t want her to become a decoy. Just then Tanaka enters the infirmary, reporting that they found a magic circle drawn with blood in the courtyard. Kyouko is shocked and thinks the culprit has sacrificed someone, but Tenma takes the blood with his finger and licks it. He then tells her that it’s not the blood of a human—it tastes more like a fowl’s. Kyouko is surprised that Tenma can tell them apart, but he quickly says it’s because he’s an infirmary doctor. They don’t know if the “vampire” was the one who did this, but once again… Kyouko asks Tenma to let her become a decoy. She promises that she won’t go too far away from him and Shinnosuke, and she’ll also be very careful with her actions. Tenma isn’t too sure about this idea, but Kyouko doesn’t think the culprit would stop here. She doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, and this finally convinces him. Tenma actually doesn’t want to put Kyouko in danger, but if she’s going to get attacked anyway… he’d rather be there to see it. He then promises that he will protect her.

That night, Kyouko begins her plan after a briefing with Tenma and Shinnosuke. She puts her guard up as she walks around the school, but the plan ends at midnight because the culprit doesn’t show up. It seems like they won’t be able to catch him so easily, and they decide to stop for today. Tenma asks Kyouko to be careful on her way home, and Shinnosuke asks him not to worry. He’ll make sure she returns home safely. Along the way to the entrance, Kyouko asks Shinnosuke to wait for a bit… because she wants to go to the toilet. He then waits for her outside of the girls’ restroom, but soon he notices something passing by in the distance and immediately goes to chase after it. By the time Kyouko comes out, Shinnosuke is nowhere to be found. As she searches for him in the dark hallway, she hears a sound coming from a classroom… and she takes a peek to ask if he’s there. There’s no reply. Before she can figure out what’s going on, someone suddenly grabs her from behind and drags her inside—saying that her blood will be perfect for the ritual. Kyouko feels that she has heard culprit’s voice before. He also calls her “senior”, but she doesn’t have time to think right now.

The culprit then takes out a knife and asks Kyouko not to move. Her blood is necessary for the ritual, and he can finally become a real vampire. She cries when the knife slices her neck, but when she calls out to Tenma in her mind… a swarm of bats appears in the classroom. The victim releases Kyouko to chase them away, and she uses this chance to escape from him. At the same time, a familiar voice says the students are free to do as they like during club activities… but this is just going too far. Kyouko is surprised too see a different Tenma in front of her, referring to the culprit as Miyashita—president of the black magic club. Tenma then turns to Kyouko and says it was a close call. He was really surprised when he saw her getting attacked from the infirmary window. When she asks about his appearance, he says it’s going to be a long story… but he’s actually a vampire. A REAL vampire. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As the punishment for making a wound on Kyouko’s neck, Tenma sends his bats to swarm Miyashita—who screams in fear before fainting. He looks happy to be swarmed by bats though. Σ(-∀-;)

Tenma wonders if Miyashita wanted to be a vampire that much, but he can never become one even if he does strange rituals like this. Kyouko actually wants to ask a lot of questions, but she can’t say anything until Tenma hugs her and apologizes. He promised to protect her, and yet she ended up getting injured. It must be scary to get attacked when she was alone. Kyouko says that she was prepared for it, but she still got terrified when Miyashita really appeared to attack her. Tenma gently pats her back, assuring her that everything is okay now. Once she calms down, Kyouko asks about what Tenma said earlier. He knows it’s only obvious if she doesn’t believe that he’s a vampire, but then she tells him that she saw it with her own eyes—she believes in him. Besides, she knows he wouldn’t lie to her. Tenma apologizes from hiding it from Kyouko, admitting that he was worried about what she would think of his real identity… but even so, he took the risk to save her from danger.

When Tenma asks if she doesn’t hate this side of him, Kyouko shakes her head and says that he’s still him. She thinks his vampire form is wonderful too. Tenma smiles and thanks Kyouko before hugging her again, but then he stops himself. There’s something he needs to tell her first, and he shouldn’t do things like that before saying it properly. Kyouko asks if Tenma wanted to reveal his identity to her after she graduates, and he nods saying that’s half of it. As for the other half… Tenma asks if Kyouko is willing to turn into a vampire. He confesses that he’s in love with her, and it’s the first time in his LONG life for him to become serious about someone. He wants to stay with her forever, and so he wants her to become a vampire like himself. Kyouko is actually happy to hear Tenma’s confession, and she’s not afraid of vampires since he’s always so gentle towards her… but she also feels that she shouldn’t let go of her humanity out of impulse. Kyouko then asks Tenma to give her some time, and he agrees since it’s an important decision. She needs to think about this carefully. He’s glad to be able to tell her though, because this incident occurred as he was thinking about revealing his identity to her. He didn’t want her to think that vampires are evil.

Since it’s already late, Tenma asks Kyouko to go home for today. He wonders if she will be alright on her own, but she nods saying Shinnosuke is with her. This brings Tenma to the realization that Shinnosuke is not here, and Kyouko simply tells him that Shinnosuke has gone missing LOL. She assures him that she’ll be fine though, and she asks him to take care of Miyashita instead. He nods and explains that he’s going to recruit Miyashita into his rugby team after giving him a good scolding. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Soon after that, they hear some footsteps approaching. Tenma quickly turns back into his usual appearance right before the door slides open, and the next moment… Shinnosuke walks in with a smile. He’s holding a chicken in his arms, excitedly telling Kyouko that they’re going to use it for tomorrow’s meal. Σ(゚ー゚;) That’s right, Shinnosuke actually missed the whole incident because he was… chasing a chicken. Kyouko simply tells him that he won’t have any dinner tomorrow, and she leaves the school after saying goodbye to Tenma. Shinnosuke is crying as he chases after her, but she completely ignores him LOL.

The next morning, Kyouko goes to see Tenma in the infirmary. She wonders how she should act around him after what happened last night, but he greets her cheerfully—just as he always does. From him, she learns that Miyashita has been behaving really well after regaining his consciousness. He admitted all the things he did, and Tenma decides not to hand him to the police because he feels sorry for him… so in the end, they covered it up by saying the black magic club was just practicing for their haunted house in next year’s culture festival. They also used this excuse when apologizing to Manaka, and she forgave him even though she’s still traumatized by the incident. While the black magic club is banned from participating in the culture festival next year, this “vampire” incident is finally over. Of course Kyouko is also a victim, but she’s willing to let it slide since both Manaka and Tenma has forgiven Miyashita.

Tenma asks Kyouko not to worry though, because he’s going to reform Miyashita. It’s his dream after all, and Miyashita promised to play rugby with him in return. The problem is Tenma told Miyashita that he can’t be a fine vampire by doing a ritual, but by clashing burning their souls through rugby. Miyashita took it seriously, and so he’s all fired up to play rugby with Tenma. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 Miyashita soon comes and asks Tenma to start their practice, and Kyouko watches over them from the infirmary window. She realizes that she’s being overly conscious of his status as a vampire, because it doesn’t change anything from him. Now that she doesn’t feel nervous around him anymore, Kyouko only has to think about how to answer Tenma’s confession.

Several days later, Tenma is watering the potted Anemone flowers he’s been growing for Kyouko. He’s planning to give them to her as a present once they’ve bloomed, and he’s thinking about her smile when he suddenly senses inhuman presence approaching. Just as he turns around, two familiar figures walk into the infirmary—cheerfully greeting him as their “boss”. Tenma was fighting a “strange Asian tourist” the last time they saw him, so they thought he might be taken away by said tourist. One of them believed that Tenma wouldn’t lose that easily, and since they look really happy to see him again… he just can’t tell them that he actually got defeated and sealed here. After making some tea for his underlings, Tenma asks if they want to eat some vegetables from his private garden. They’re clearly surprised since their boss has become much tamer… or rather, more human-like, but he says it’s only natural because he’s living among humans. When Tenma asks why they came here today, his underlings say they’ve been looking for him in the last few decades. They don’t get how he ended up on the other side of the globe as a teacher, but he only says it’s a long story. However, they sincerely believe that their boss has survived a lot of battles even in Japan. After all, he’s the boss of a vampire mafia family—the Testarossa Family.

As his underlings share nostalgic stories about their boss’ greatness, Tenma falls silent upon realizing how young and reckless he used to be. It appears that his underlings detected his presence during the vampire incident, and they flew all the way from overseas just to see him. He knows they have something to say to him, and they ask him to return to their family. They were feared when he was still around, but they’ve lost that reputation by now. These days, they even get kicked around by human mafias. They’ve been holding on believing that he’s going to return someday, but they have reached their limits. They need him to lead them again. Tenma feels bad for not contacting his underlings, but he’s not too sure about this idea. He’s no longer young, and he enjoys his stable life as a teacher. Besides, he also has Kyouko now. His current life is different from his younger days. Just then Kyouko knocks and enters the infirmary. Upon seeing the two unfamiliar men, she apologizes for intruding and is about to walk out… but Tenma quickly stops her and uses this chance to chase his underlings out. They obediently leave for today, but they won’t give up and will come to see him again.

Noticing that Kyouko is curious, Tenma tells her that they’re both alumni who came here to see him. She thinks they look dangerous though, and she feels concerned since they said that they’re going to see him again. Putting that aside, Tenma asks if Kyouko wants to go on a date with him. He looks so happy when she nods, and he takes her to the station after that. It’s their first time having a date outside of the school, and Tenma says he’s incredibly happy because he’s been wanting to go out with Kyouko. He couldn’t do it before, because he actually couldn’t leave the school. A few decades ago, he fought a “certain person” and lost—resulting in him getting sealed inside the school grounds. Maybe it’s because he used his power during the vampire incident, but the seal has gotten weaker and he can go outside. When she asks why he got sealed inside their school, he says it’s because that “certain person” is their chairman. It was also their chairman who forced him to work as a teacher, telling him to help out if he has some free time LOL. Back then Tenma went on a rampage, but now he’s glad to be a teacher in their school—because he was able to meet Kyouko. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Since Tenma has been confined inside the school for so long, he doesn’t know much about the outside world. Kyouko accompanies him to check the stores in front of the station, and he learns that a lot of new stores has been built ever since he got sealed. When the sky turns orange at dusk, Kyouko feels a bit sad since time really flies whenever he’s with Tenma. He tells her not to say such sad things though, because he doesn’t want their enjoyable day to end with sadness. Kyouko then asks if Tenma wants to watch the sunset before going home, and he calls his bats to fly them to a park near the school. Literally. Σ(゚ー゚;) Since Tenma looks so happy to see the beautiful sunset, Kyouko decides to seal away the concern she’s been feeling since earlier. Tenma then asks Kyouko to turn his way, and he teases her for blushing. She quickly says her face are red because of the sunset, but he asks her not to run away. As they look into each other’s eyes, Tenma tells Kyouko that he loves her. She closes her eyes when he draws closer, but he kisses her cheeks instead—jokingly asking if she was expecting him to kiss her on the lips.

Kyouko panics when Tenma asks her to kiss him too, but then she realizes that she never did anything to answer his feelings… so she gathers her courage and kisses him on the cheek. He looks really surprised for a moment, but then he thanks her saying it makes him happy. He doesn’t want to rush her, but if she does things like this, he’ll want to ask for her answer. As he runs his fingers on her cheeks and neck, Tenma tells Kyouko that he has never loved someone so deeply before. That’s why he wants the two of them to spend the same time forever. Once again Tenma draws closer, and Kyouko realizes that he’s going to kiss her on the lips… but then he suddenly stops. His expression suddenly turns sharp as he lifts his head, and he tells her that he needs to go. Something is happening to “them”. Tenma apologizes and promises to make up for this later, and then he runs off—leaving Kyouko confused. She doesn’t get why he won’t say anything to her, because she wants to know more about him. As the sky turns dark, Kyouko chases after Tenma.

Following the weakening presence of his underlings, Tenma finds them all bloody and beaten up—with a few men stomping on them. The enemies were ordered by their boss to check if Tenma has really returned, but then they saw him flirting with a human girl instead. One of his underlings explains that they can see how precious Kyouko is to Tenma, so they couldn’t ignore it when they saw the enemies targeting both of them. They don’t want the enemies to disturb Tenma’s date with Kyouko, even if he’s clearly not interested in returning to the family. As the enemies keep kicking his underlings, something snaps inside of Tenma. He completely wipes the floor with them after that, but unfortunately… that’s when Kyouko arrives. She’s terribly shocked upon seeing him covered in blood, provoking the enemies on the ground. Upon noticing her presence, he says they should have a toast with their enemies’ blood. She can’t believe that he used violence on them, but he tells her that they were the ones who picked a fight. It’s just like teaching, except there are some things you can only learn through physical pain.

When Kyouko reluctantly asks if the enemies are still alive, Tenma answers that he didn’t kill them. It’d be boring if they died right away. Tenma then wonders why he forgot this sensation and became a teacher, since he should have done this sooner. On the other hand, Kyouko doesn’t want to believe that it’s really him. She tells him that the Tenma she knows isn’t someone who would do something like this. If the power of a vampire is ferocious like this, then she can’t turn into a vampire. Kyouko admits that she loves Tenma too, but then she apologizes and runs away. Tenma is surprised, and his excitement instantly dies down. He thinks it can’t be helped though, because Kyouko is a human after all. He wants to give up since they live in different worlds, but it still feels quite painful. He has lost the only person who’s important to him, not to mention it was his own fault. After a while, his underlings come to apologize since the member of Soldat—their enemy—managed to run away from them. They seem concerned about Kyouko, but Tenma only says it’s fine. He brings his underlings to return to their lair after that, and he completely disappears from her life.

Several days passed. Tenma’s sudden disappearance causes a commotion at school, but they gradually start to calm down after a while. After saying goodbye to him, Kyouko also does her best to sort out her thoughts. Before sending the students to go home, her homeroom teacher warns everyone to be careful because there were reports about a wolf in the vicinity. Kyouko wonders if it’s a pet that escaped from its home, but somehow she has a bad feeling about this. After school, she goes to Tenma’s garden and runs into Miyashita along the way. There’s actually a LOT of vegetables in the garden, so they split up to water all the plants. Soon after Tenma disappeared, Kyouko found a letter for her in the infirmary. He wonders if she feels lonely now that he’s gone, but he knows it’s selfish of him to wish for that. He also wrote that he has one last request for her, which is to take care of his private garden. He thought about ignoring them, but he doesn’t want his vegetables to go to waste. That, and Tenma also asks Kyouko to take care of the Anemone flowers he grew for her. He apologizes for being selfish up until the end, and she can throw it away if she doesn’t want it. He might have caused an unpleasant experience for her, but he’s glad to have met her. On the last line, Tenma thanks Kyouko for everything and says goodbye. 。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

Kyouko knows she was the one who decided to say goodbye, and she doesn’t regret her decision. It’s just that she can’t forget Tenma’s expression when she left him, and she can’t get rid of the pain and guilt inside of her. For a moment she wonders what’s going to happen to the garden after she graduates, but Miyashita promises to take care of it. He’ll also try reviving the rugby club, and he asks her to visit the school every once in a while after she graduates. In the evening, Kyouko ends up returning home late. She regrets sending Shinnosuke to go home first, because she finds it scary to walk through the dark streets alone. Just then she sees a dark shadow moving in the dark, and she turns around to find a wolf growling behind her. Shinnosuke soon appears to save her, but strangely enough… none of his bullets manages to hit the wolf. It keeps glaring at them while dodging the bullets, but then suddenly it trembles and vanishes into the shadows. Shinnosuke can tell that it’s a wild wolf though, and it’d be impossible for him to chase after it. When Kyouko looks up at the sky, she sees the full moon shining brightly. She’s worried since the wolf ran off towards the school, and she can’t help but feel that something is going to happen…

At the same time, Tenma is drinking with his underlings. His old life is nice and nostalgic, but he also feels that something is missing. His underlings were actually thinking of giving up because he refused to return, but he tells them that he realized how this kind of life fits him better. He tells himself that a peaceful life is just not for him, but it doesn’t make him feel better at all. Just then Kyouko appears in his mind, and he wonders what she’s doing right now. Does she feel sad after he’s gone? Or maybe angry? Even after she rejected him, he realizes that he’s still in love with her. He really wants to see her. Tenma doesn’t want to show this pathetic side of him in front of his underlings though, and he’s about to change the subject by mentioning tomorrow’s plans… but then he receives a report that Gino from Soldat has broken out of the prison. Gino has a grudge on Tenma, and they all know he’s going to come. Tenma nods saying he made the right decision by leaving the school. If he returned and stayed with Kyouko, she would become Gino’s target as well. He doesn’t want to trouble her and the school any further. As he looks up at the sky, Tenma whispers that tomorrow is a night of the full moon.

The next day is a holiday, but Kyouko wakes up feeling sleepy. She couldn’t sleep at all last night, and soon she receives a call from Miyashita—who informs her that someone has destroyed Tenma’s private garden. He asks her to come since he doesn’t know what to do alone, and she rushes to the school with Shinnosuke. Just as Miyashita said, the garden is in a terrible condition. All the vegetables are destroyed. Even the tools and pots are broken. Upon taking a closer look, Kyouko notices something that looks like teeth marks on the vegetables. Her mind instantly flies to the wolf from last night, and at the same time, Shinnosuke suddenly fires his gun. Miyashita faints on the spot, and soon a wolf walks out of the bushes. They’re surprised when the wolf praises Shinnosuke for being quite sharp for a human, and it transforms into a man—saying this form makes it easier for him. He then introduces himself as Gino, a werewolf from Soldat Family. Gino knows that Kyouko is special for Tenma, and he’s been waiting for her to come here.

When Kyouko asks if he knows Tenma, Gino nods saying he does—because they’re arch-enemies. That’s why he needs Kyouko to come with him and his men, because they’re going to use her as a bait to lure Tenma out. Gino then calls his men to surround them, and he swiftly dodges Shinnosuke’s silver bullets before knocking him out. He captures Kyouko immediately after, warning her not to resist if she doesn’t want to get hurt. She can’t move with his sharp claws around her neck, and then he knocks her out too. Later on, Kyouko opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by a lot of werewolves—all drooling over her. They ask their boss if they can eat her, but Gino tells them not to touch her. His objective is simply to kill Tenma, and Kyouko is nothing more than a bait. Gino apologizes to Kyouko for bringing her into a place like this, but he needs to settle things with Tenma. He won’t do anything as long as she behaves, and he also asks for her name. Gino is actually surprised that Tenma has a girlfriend since it never happened in the last few centuries, not to mention his girlfriend is a human too. The word “centuries” reminds Kyouko that Tenma is a vampire, and he’s probably has been living for centuries. When she thinks about it, she actually doesn’t know his age.

Gino then asks if Kyouko knows about Tenma’s past. She admits that she doesn’t, and she can’t answer when Gino asks if she just stayed with him without knowing anything. Gino explains that he met Tenma over a hundred years ago, back when the latter was still a vampire mafia boss. Tenma was an incredibly dangerous man back in those days. He was ruthless, cruel and unbelievably strong—truly an evil villain. Most hoodlums would run away in fear if they hear about Testarossa’s boss, though Soldat doesn’t have cowardly members like that. Gino asks if Kyouko doesn’t believe him, but he’s telling the truth. He fought Tenma and lost, and he was on the verge of death when they threw him into prison. That’s the Tenma he knows. Kyouko remembers that Tenma also said he was quite wild in the past, so she knows that Gino is probably telling the truth… but even so, she wants to believe in him. Gino has been waiting for a chance to fight Tenma again, but Tenma’s presence suddenly vanished several decades ago. They couldn’t find him anywhere, and so Gino thought that someone must have sealed him—be it himself or someone else.

Upon hearing this, Kyouko realizes that Tenma has been living a safe life inside the school ever since his power got sealed… but even though he knows the risk, he still released his power to save her. Gino then takes Kyouko’s phone, and ignoring her attempt to stop him, he calls Tenma’s number. Tenma is shocked to hear Gino’s voice from Kyouko’s phone, and he immediately takes the challenge when Gino asks him to come to the school. In a moment of desperation, Kyouko yells at Tenma not to come. Gino shouts at her to shut up, but Tenma warns him not to hurt her… or else. After ending the call, Gino takes his men to eat their meal in the infirmary. Kyouko is left alone, and she feels really guilty towards Tenma. None of this would have happened if she didn’t refuse to become a vampire, and she starts regretting her decision. As she closes her eyes, Kyouko keeps calling Tenma’s name in her heart.

Once it’s dark outside, Kyouko is taken by Gino and his men to the ground. Gino warns her not to say unnecessary things, but she doesn’t answer and only looks at the full moon above. People believe that both vampires and werewolves gain more power during a full moon, and it sets her heart in turmoil. Not too long after that, Tenma appears from the darkness of the night. Gino asks how it feels to have the girl he loves taken captive, but Tenma can’t say anything—he feels bad for getting Kyouko involved in this. Tenma then asks Gino to release Kyouko, but when Gino refuses… he says he’s going to die in her place. As he takes out a knife and puts it against his neck, Tenma continues that dying for the woman he loves isn’t a bad way to die for a mafia. It’ll probably take a while before he really dies, but Kyouko is shocked to see blood flowing out of his neck. She desperately begs him to stop, but he apologizes saying he can’t listen to that—he deserves it after dragging her into this.

However, Gino doesn’t want Tenma to commit suicide. He wants to defeat Tenma with his own hands. He then quickly orders his men to release Kyouko, and she rushes over to Tenma’s side. He hugs her and says he’s glad that she’s alright, but then he lets go and asks her to stand back since it’s dangerous. Now that Kyouko is free, Tenma begins his duel with Gino. Both of them keep on dodging each other’s attacks… but eventually Tenma starts falling under Gino’s pressure. Due to the void during the last few decades, Tenma isn’t as strong as he used to be. He keeps taking damage as Gino’s claws dig through his skin, and he can no longer move when Gino swings his arm to deliver the final blow… but Kyouko suddenly jumps in and takes the hit. A burning pain runs through her back, and Tenma cries out her name as he catches her. She tries calling him, but her back hurts with every breath she takes. When he asks why she did something so foolish, she apologizes saying she didn’t want him to die.

Tenma quickly lifts Kyouko up and runs off with to the courtyard. He begs her to hang in there, but her blood won’t stop pouring out. His voice trembles as he tells her that he loves her, asking her not to die. When she opens her eyes, she only says she’s glad to see him safe. She asks him not to cry, but his tears are falling onto her cheeks. He then asks why she protected him. Didn’t she reject him because she hates him? She should have just watched him die. However, Kyouko says it’s because she came to realize that she loves Tenma—so much that she doesn’t mind dying for him. She realized that she shouldn’t have ran away from him, and she asks him to give her that question once again. Tenma asks if Kyouko is going to become a vampire for him, but she asks him to promise that he won’t do cruel things anymore. That, and she wants him to return to be the teacher she loves. Tenma laughs saying he’s such a hopeless teacher for getting reformed by a student, and Kyouko chuckles saying he’s the second member of their rugby club.

Tenma nods and promises to leave the mafia world, and he won’t do bad things ever again. He then asks Kyouko to become a vampire, and when she finally says yes… he leans closer and kisses her on the lips. As he whispers that he loves her, Tenma slowly pushes his fangs against Kyouko’s neck. Maybe it’s because he’s doing it gently, but it doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels really good. She eventually dozes off, and the next thing she hears is Gino’s voice talking to Tenma—asking if he’s done with the farewell. Tenma nods, but then he adds that he’s done saying goodbye to her human self. At the same time, Kyouko is revived with white bats surrounding her. The full moon is still shining in the sky, and she can feel power rising inside of her—filling her with an elation she has never felt before. Gino is shocked upon realizing that Kyouko has turned into a vampire, and she thanks him for giving them enough time. She’s not sure if she died or not earlier, but Tenma says it doesn’t matter anymore… because the current her can’t die.

Gino was actually giving them time to say goodbye, but now he realizes that it he made a grave mistake. Tenma then asks if he can give Gino a punishment for hurting his cute “Himeno-sensei”, and Kyouko only tells him to make up with Gino after the fight. Just like in those youth dramas. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Tenma’s wounds were healed when he drank Kyouko’s blood, so Gino calls his men to provide back-up… except they can’t come because Shinnosuke has “cleaned” them up with special weapons from Vatican LOL. Gino cries out in desperation as he runs to attack Tenma, and their powers clash in the air. Kyouko closes her eyes until the tremor, wind and light eventually fade away, but when she opens her eyes again… Gino is no longer there. Instead, she finds a gray puppy in his place. Σ(゚ー゚;) Tenma laughs at him before explaining that when they take too much damage, they’ll lose their human form and turn… like that. It’ll probably take a decade for Gino to regain his human form LOL. Since they have settled things, Tenma tells Gino that they have to make up and messes up his fur. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

When Kyouko asks what they’re going to do with Gino, Shinnosuke says he will have to pay the price of kidnapping her. Tenma wants to keep Gino at school though, because a puppy is necessary for his rugby team. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Shinnosuke still wants to give him proper “training” though, and Tenma decides to leave Gino in his hands. Shinnosuke will make sure that Gino becomes a fine dog for Kyouko. Gino cries and tries to runs away, but Shinnosuke catches him in a few seconds… and Kyouko can only pray for the poor thing to endure Shinnosuke’s “training” LOL. Before Shinnosuke leaves, Tenma also asks him to buy a collar and lead for Gino. Once they’re alone, Kyouko welcomes Tenma back and hugs him. He hugs her back and apologizes for disappearing, but he promises that he’ll never leave her anymore—he’ll stay with her for the rest of his life. He then asks if he can kiss her, but he doesn’t wait for her answer since he can’t hold back anymore… and so they kiss under the moonlight. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

In the epilogue, years have passed ever since Kyouko became a vampire. Her life in university went by in the blink of an eye, most likely because of her stormy last year in high school. “Glass Heart Syndrome”, her first love, the vampire incident and the battle with Gino have become good memories for her. When Monji heard that she has turned into a vampire, he made a commotion and decided to become a vampire too. They had a really hard time trying to stop him, and Kyouko laughs upon recalling how he chased Tenma around after taking off his top. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ This year, Kyouko returns to Karyou Tokiwa Academy in spring. She’s now working as the infirmary teacher, as well as a homeroom teacher for the first years.

After school, Kyouko goes to the private garden and finds Tenma—who is now the school’s chairman. He refuses to answer until she calls him by his name, which they only do when they’re alone. He then tells her to sit beside him, and he asks how it feels to be in charge of the first years. She nods saying she still has a lot to learn, but she thinks it’s a very rewarding job. The students are all very nice, young, energetic… and look delicious. Σ(゚ー゚;) Tenma quickly tells Kyouko not to drink her students’ blood, and she replies that she knows. It’s just there are times when she really wants blood, and he admits that it’s really tough until they can get used to holding back the thirst. Tenma then asks if Kyouko wants to drink his blood instead, and he holds out a finger in front of her mouth. She tells him not to tease her since she’s doing her best to hold back, but he says he’s not teasing her. It will get worse if she forces herself to hold back, and so he’s giving her his blood before it happens.

However, Tenma pulls his arm away just before Kyouko bites his finger. He tells her to ask for his blood if she wants it. When she tells him that she wants his blood, he jokingly says it can’t be helped since it’s only been 4 years after she was reborn. Tenma lets Kyouko drink his blood after that, but then he asks for her hand… because she makes him want to drink her blood too. As they continue drinking each other’s blood, Tenma asks Kyouko to always be with him. She chuckles since it’s really sudden, but then she nods saying she can’t live without him. Tenma replies that he feels the same way, and he smiles before kissing her on the lips—as if it’s to seal their vow.

Ahh, Tenma is so cute! ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ He’s so cheerful and energetic, but from time to time he also turns into a playful tease LOL. While it’s pretty obvious right from the start that he’s a vampire, I didn’t expect his route to have so much action. I like how they handle the gap between Tenma’s past and present self, as well as how his actions are largely influenced by Kyouko. ☆・゚:*ヾ(*´・∀・`*)ノ☆・゚:* Also, Gino is surprisingly nice for an antagonist. Not to mention their duel ends in such a cute and “youthful” way, though the youth part mostly comes from Tenma and his dream. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Tenma’s route makes me really curious about the chairman though. I wonder if we’re going to see him in the fandisk…


23 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Asahina Tenma

  1. Awesome route! :D
    It’s amazing how the routes are almost-completely different in this game!! :)
    The fictional-plot of the story is seriously good, it would be cool if it was drawn into a manga by someone~ *@w@
    Again, thank you very much for your efforts ^__^
    I’m glad there is a blog like yours :D

    • Yeah, GHP doesn’t have a general route so I guess that gives them a lot of space to explore each character. I think it’d be hard to adapt GHP into a manga because of how different each route is, and you can’t develop everyone at the same time since they all have different stories. The game seems pretty popular though, so hopefully we’ll get to see more goods. xD

      Also, thanks for reading! :D

  2. WHOA! This was fast! I wasn’t expecting you to update so fast! I know the game is not particularly long, but since you write down a lot of things, I thought it would take more. Not that I’m complaing, of course! Also, I got the feeling that Tenma would be the next.

    Honestly, Tenma is the one I like the least. It’s not that I dislike him: he’s cute and I understand why people like him, but I guess he’s just not my type. Maybe he’s… too cute? Lately, because of the Do-S trend, I’m so used to that type of character that when one is too sweet, I don’t appreciate him anymore. Probably I should start being worried about my sanity… It certainly doesn’t help that I hate vampires and I really don’t like his design. It’s okay in the CGs and when he’s in his gang leader mode, but his normal sprite… there’s something in the way his eyes are drawn that creeps me out. While I was playing, I kept looking somewhere around his chin, because I couldn’t look at them without feeling sick. Maybe it’s the colour, I’m not sure.
    Anyway, the route was still good. I really liked the subcharacters, and the ending is really good, with Kyouko wanting to “taste” her students. I also like her design as a vampire.
    Oh, and I agree with you about the chairman! I hope he will be in the fandisk, because I’m really curious! For some reason, I keep imagining him as Shining Saotome’s twin brother…

    Thanks for your hard work yet again!

    • I just happen to have some free time. xD It’s mostly the dates that take a lot of time to write, since they take about half of the post LOL. And yeah, doing Tenma and Kanata back to back is pretty nice because their routes are just so otherworldly.

      Oh, I understand what you mean. Tenma’s design is really distinct so his appearance can be hit or miss for some people, and as you mentioned, his color scheme is very bright. I think the artist made the dark lines around his eyes thicker due to his status as a vampire, but personally I find it cute LOL. Kyouko looks really pretty during her awakening as a vampire though, and the ending is indeed adorable. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* The story page for GHP: Platinum says the principal sends them on a resort trip, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to at least get a glimpse of the principal. He sounds so awesome, but I hope he’s not Shining Saotome-level extreme. xD

  3. Tenma-sensei~ ヾ(●´∀`)ノ His was the first route I played so I started without much expectations (except that I like Wacchan), so it was a really nice surprise to find myself enjoying his route so much. I didn’t expect him to be such a romantic guy. And that scene of Tenma biting on Kyouko’s finger in his sleep…/o\

    I do hope we find out more about the chairman too in the FD, surely he can’t be a normal guy (as everyone else is in this game)…ww

    • That finger-biting scene is so adorable. *★*――(人*´∀`)――*★*
      I walked into his route with low expectations too because I was… uh, busy eyeing someone else. Just as you said, it was a really nice surprise to see how good his route turned out to be. Some interviews did state that he’s really straightforward when it comes to his feelings, but he’s much more honest and romantic than I expected.

      LOL. You’re right. The most “normal” guy in this game is probably Yukito, and he’s by no means normal. The rest are just… 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ The principal defeated a vampire mafia boss, he’s probably around the same level as Monji’s (former?) butler Masaki in terms of strength. Or even stronger… www

      • /cough Of course you were. :3 Indeed, and the scene of him giving Kyouko the rose bouquet really showed his nature. (〃ノ∇ノ)

        Yup, and he made Tenma be a school teacher there via some ‘persuasion’ methods or…? Maybe he’s even stronger…ww

        • <:3

          Yeah, Tenma said he was forced to be a teacher since he was free and sealed in the school anyway. Masaki also wiped out everyone in his way when rescuing Kyouko (and Shinnosuke), but I guess the principal is on an entirely different level since Tenma isn't a human LOL.

  4. First thing first…… TENMAAAAAAA!-SENSEEEEIIIIII!!!! *fangirl squeal*
    #cough# Now let’s let slide that aside from now and get on the comment, though maybe now I’m biased at Tenma. A teacher, a flirt, an all around guy, and as funny as a character can! He fits almost all of my fetish~ (except black hair and eyeglasses)
    I’m used to like vampire until twilight destroyed my image of vampire but Tenma broke that hate and made me fall in love with him. His bluntness and oh-so-hot flirting made me blush in front of my computer, honest. I’m quite irritated at the brown lock of his at the first time, but his playful smile and flirting kick that one to the otherworld and now I’m loving it. Oh and his vampire form is as hot as hell~ and the reference on Hakuoki is funny…. lol, his fangs XD
    Anyway, may I ask for the CG from this game if you have it? I think I’m so going to make it my desktop XDDDDD

    • Yeah, his design has strong 元気っ子 vibes so I guess it’s not for everyone. Similarly to you, I make fun of the vampires in Twilight… but then again I read too many YA novels with vampires in them, so my opinion always depends on how they develop those vampires. Even though they also have that vampire vs werewolf thing going on, both Tenma and Gino are just so cute. σ(*´∀`照)えへへ

      As for the CGs, I’ll send it to your e-mail in a day or two. /o/

      • Yeah, but I guess it wasn’t too bad knowing that his path is one of ‘otherworldly’ path in this game. The vampire in Twilight is hilarious in a bad way, it’s a good thing that I remembered that another novel had created a better vampire than them. Yeah, Gino is unbelieveably cute~ and I lol’ed at the end of their feud….. Gino turned into a dog XDDDD
        Thanks for it, I’ll wait for it eagerly~ Anyway, it’s not too important but, do you intend to play BWG ~Last Hope~ in near future?

        • Sent the CGs, by the way. :D

          I do have LH in my backlog, but not sure when I’ll get to it since we’re pretty much flooded with new games right now. Maybe once I’m in the mood of getting back into Weblin LOL.

          • It’s good then, because I heard it was a little bit…. ‘brighter’ than Bloody Nightmare, but not going to believe it yet. Match Auger with bright? Pfft, not going to believe it, ever. lol.
            Anyway, the CG pack is broken somehow, gmail didn’t let me download it (on 80% but then restart) could you resend it? And what RPG did you play? It sounded interesting

          • LOL. Considering his personality, I can’t believe it either. Maybe he’ll find a less bloody way to torture us. 8D

            The CG pack has been resent. I also sent it to myself to check, and it’s working just fine here. Also, I was playing Ar Tonelico 2 and now moved on to Rune Factory Frontier. For some reason I’m not in the mood for otome gaming recently…

          • I forget to ask, but isn’t the chairman right now like really old? And I also wondering why he didn’t renew the seal on Tenma, I have a gist on why but…. isn’t it a little bit off?

          • After listening to Tenma’s description of him, I’m actually not even sure if the chairman is a human or not… LOL. Tenma has changed a lot, so maybe the chairman doesn’t think it’s necessary to renew his seal? His presence would never get detected if he didn’t transform into his vampire form, and he’d never leave anyway if Kyouko didn’t reject him. :O

  5. Uwah! I was surprised that you finally play this game!! It’s really nice! I totally love Tenma’s route <3 Just like you said about him ^~^ His so cute but at the same time such a playful tease!!

    I'm actually not into vampires much but lol Tenma made me rethink again hehe! But the hakouki cg parody made me miss playing that game actually *O*

    I totally love the chibi cg of Tenma-sensei ^^ Uwah! Reading your review makes me want to play it again ^O^ Because my memory card got broken (didn't really know why my psp/pc can't read it anymore) so all my otome games are gone especially all the save ones T_T But then I have school especially thesis TT_TT

    So for now! I will enjoy reading your reviews to pleasure my otome feels hehe ^~^

    • I’ve finished GHP back in January, I just didn’t have the time to blog it. xD Looking at how charming he is, I think GHP’s team did a great job developing Tenma. He has a pure, innocent side and yet he can turn into a sexy tease when the time comes.

      Having your memory stick broken sucks, it happened to me too back in January 2012. I had to redo half of Kinema Mosaic because the data got wiped out. Hopefully you can get a new one, maybe when you’re less busy with school and thesis? :D

      Thanks for reading!

  6. I actually started to play GHP in April but it made me love it so much because of the art style and the story is really good with some comedy in it too *O* I totally agree with you!! They really did a great job for Tenma ^O^ And the voice actor is Wataru-sama .< Cause I'm a graduating painting student in college ^~^

    And you're welcome Rin!! m(_ _)m

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