Glass Heart Princess – Karasuma Yukito

After the otherworldly routes, it’s time to move on to the actual humans. Yukito’s route is the most “normal” route in GHP, and it’s mostly because he’s a normal high school student… except not really. Maybe if compared to the others LOL.

烏丸幸斗 (CV:鈴木達央)

Karasuma Yukito is a third year student in Kyouko’s school, though he’s in a different class. He’s well-known as a cool delinquent, and a lot of girls secretly admire him. In terms of popularity, he’s actually on equal terms with Kyouko. Yukito transferred from another school last year, and he comes off as cold simply because he can’t keep up with the rich students at school. Behind the delinquent image, Yukito is just a normal young man at the age of 18.


On the first day of September, Kyouko feels nervous before going to school. Satsuki says she only needs to go and confess to the man she likes, but of course it’s easier said than done LOL. It starts raining in the afternoon, and Kyouko is feeling down as she walks home with Shinnosuke. She doesn’t have much time to think due to her heart condition, but she couldn’t find anyone she likes at school. She doesn’t want to choose randomly and start a half-hearted relationship either, because it means disrespecting the person she’s dating. Along the way, Kyouko hears the sound of a puppy barking. None of the houses in the area has a pet dog, so she decides to take a look. Following the voice, she reaches a garbage dump and finds an abandoned puppy in a box. She feels sorry and is about to approach the puppy, but then Shinnosuke suddenly stops her. There’s someone else in the garbage dump.

When Kyouko turns to take another look, she finds a student from the class next door—Karasuma Yukito. She wonders if he’s the one who left the puppy here, but Shinnosuke says his house is beyond the station. It’s highly unlikely for him to go all the way here just to leave the puppy, so she thinks he must be worried about the puppy as well. Kyouko is about to come out of hiding and talk to Yukito, but Shinnosuke stops her again. Yukito is infamous as the only delinquent in the school, so he can’t allow Kyouko to approach him. According to the rumors, Yukito always comes late to school, sleeps during classes, skips lessons and many more. This leads Kyouko to think that he’s going to beat up the puppy, and Shinnosuke asks if they should rescue the puppy—taking out his gun at the same time. Kyouko asks him to leave it to her, but just as she walks out of hiding… Yukito takes off his uniform blazer and puts it on the puppy to protect it from the rain. Then he walks away and disappears. Kyouko is left speechless. Upon realizing that Yukito might be different than what she thought, her heart is suddenly pierced by a sharp pain… and she realizes that this might be love. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kyouko then asks Shinnosuke to find an owner for the puppy, as well as washing Yukito’s blazer. However, she’s going to return it herself.

The next day, Kyouko visits Yukito’s classroom during lunch break. She gets nervous as she waits for him, and she’s just too surprised to say anything when he finally comes… but she quickly stops him and hands a paper bag to him. Yukito is shocked to see his blazer inside, and he instantly drags Kyouko to the corner of the courtyard—asking if she saw him with the puppy. He lets out a VERY deep sigh when she nods, but then he apologizes for dragging her out and thanks her for returning his blazer. Yukito is about to ask her to keep it a secret from the others, but due to nervousness… Kyouko suddenly asks him to go out with her this Sunday. He falls silent for a while before answering: “…yes? (゚Д゚○)?” He’s obviously confused, but she literally takes it as an “OK” LOL. Kyouko then tells Yukito that she’ll contact him with the details later, and she runs off to class before he can explain anything. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ She’s really happy that she managed to get her first date, and most importantly… she’s still alive!

■ RANK G: The First Step

After a while, Kyouko realized that Yukito’s “yes” probably meant something else. She was worried if he’s really going to come for their date, but she finds him waiting in front of the station today. He doesn’t get why she asked him out, but he “promised” her to come after all. As they walk to the shopping mall, Yukito asks what a high-class lady like Kyouko needs from him. Shinnosuke and Satsuki already came up with a scenario for this situation, and so she tells him that it’s a request from a teacher. It’s been a while since he transferred to their school, but it seems like he’s still having problems adapting… so she was asked to look after him. He doesn’t look pleased about this, thinking that it must be Tenma’s who asked her to do this. He apologizes for making her worry, but he assures her that he’s okay and there’s nothing to worry about. Yukito then walks away to leave, but Kyouko quickly stops him and invites him to have lunch together. It works somehow, and they go to have lunch in a hamburger restaurant. Yukito wonders if it’s alright for Kyouko to eat junk food, but she tells him that it’s fine.

However, things get really awkward since their conversation completely stops there. It’ll only get worse if this continues, and so Kyouko decides to ask if Yukito often visits this kind of restaurants—because she’s inexperienced in this area. He says he did come quite often with friends from his previous school, but it’s different now. Their school is filled with rich kids, and none of them would want to visit restaurants like this with someone like him. When Kyouko says that she wants to help, Yukito curses at Tenma saying this is foul play… but then he gives up and agrees, as long as she keeps this a secret from everyone. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ He then admits that he can’t adapt because he has nothing in common with his classmates. Their idea of playing together is things horseback riding or cruising—basically things he knows nothing about. At first he tried keeping up with them, but sadly he couldn’t enjoy any of it. He started rejecting their invitations when it got troublesome, and this led to his current situation.

Yukito asks Kyouko not to worry since watching them is fun enough for him, but she doesn’t want him to have such a sad high school life… so she’s going to be his friend! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When Kyouko asks if he’s willing to go out with her again, Yukito instantly blushes and turns silent LOL. He wonders if this is also a part of Tenma’s plan, but then he smiles saying he’d be happy to. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Later on, Kyouko realizes that being “friends” with Yukito is a bit different from what she’s trying to achieve… but oh well. 8D

■ RANK G: Loosening Heart

Kyouko invites Yukito to her house today. She gets nervous as she goes to see him in the living room, but the first thing she sees upon opening the door is Shinnosuke threatening the poor guy. Shinnosuke hasn’t trusted Yukito yet, and he warns Yukito not to be impolite towards Kyouko. At the same time, he takes out his gun and points it at Yukito—who’s obviously terrified LOL. However, this only lasts until Kyouko calls his name in a warning tone. Shinnosuke instantly stops and tries to flee to the kitchen, but she orders him to stay in his room today. Take one step outside and he’s fired. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ After Shinnosuke leaves, Kyouko apologizes and asks if her butler did something rude. Yukito turns pale as he explains that Shinnosuke was just giving him some “precautions”, so she decides to never ever leave these two together again starting from next time. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Yukito then asks if it’s okay for her to invite a commoner like him into her house, but Kyouko tells him not to put it like that—because they’re friends. He doesn’t think it’s normal to invite friends of the opposite sex though, and he sighs saying rich people are so open-minded. Kyouko actually wanted Yukito to get used to that “rich” environment, but realizing that it’s giving him the opposite effect… she admits that she did it because it’s him. This is also her first time inviting a man to her house. Yukito also realizes that he’s being sarcastic, and he apologizes saying it’s a bad habit of his. When he asks why she called him, Kyouko says it’s because she wants to talk with him. They’re friends, but she doesn’t know much about him. He admits that he thought Shinnosuke was going to “erase” him earlier, but he doesn’t mind chatting with her at all.

Kyouko starts by asking about his family, and Yukito says he’s living with his parents and younger sister. He also loves games and frequently visits the game center, so she asks him to take her there next time. He doesn’t think it’d be fun for her, but she’s interested in what kind of games he plays. Kyouko panics when Yukito calls her weird, but then he explains that no one at school reacted the way she did. They only said they can’t understand or found his hobby boring, so he thinks talking to her is much better. Yukito then asks Kyouko to tell him about her hobbies too, and they have fun chatting until dusk. By the end of the day, she thinks everyone should talk to him normally in order to get rid of his delinquent image.

■ RANK F: Charge! The First…

Kyouko is interested in how Yukito spends holidays, so he decides to take her to the game center today. She asked him to take her there last time, and he’ll show her how normal high school boys like him have fun. Kyouko asks if she needs to bring anything, but Yukito only tells her not to worry. They don’t have to think about clothes, preparations or budget. Some games require cards, but it doesn’t matter since it’s her first time… though at first she thought he’s talking about credit cards. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Once they reach the game center, they decide to do a shooting game together. He teaches her how to play, but he’s surprised to see that she’s pretty good at it. They died just before clearing the game and she feels bad for dragging him down, but he asks if it’s really her first time since she did a great job for a beginner. She nods saying it’s her first time. First time doing it in a game, that is. Shinnosuke taught her to use real guns a long time ago, so she knows how to use them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kyouko can get Shinnosuke to let Yukito touch a real gun next time, but he immediately refuses LOL. She then notices a small box and asks what kind of game it is. When he explains that it’s a machine to take photos, she asks him to take memorial pictures together. His immediate reaction is “…are you serious?”, but he agrees anyway. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After trying various games, they also go to a karaoke and play bowling and darts together. It gets dark before they knew it, but they managed to visit a lot of places today. When Yukito asks how it felt to play like a normal high school student, Kyouko says it was really fun. She especially loved the karaoke, and he nods saying she’s a good singer. She also wants to hear the song he sang earlier, so he promises to bring the CD to school tomorrow. When Kyouko says that she wants to visit those places again, Yukito laughs saying he never saw a high-class lady who got addicted to the game center and karaoke… but he’s glad that she enjoyed it. He also had a good time with her today, especially when he saw her getting flustered in the photo booth. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Yukito asks Kyouko to keep the photos hidden though, because he might die if it they get leaked out LOL. For their next date, Yukito asks Kyouko to choose the place. He needs to adjust himself to their senses as well, and she asks him to leave it to her.

■ RANK F: To be Taught

Yukito and Kyouko are having tea together in a café today, but he seems distracted somehow. When she asks him if there’s something wrong, he sighs saying it’s so pathetic of him to make her worry. It turns out that his math test result was pretty bad, so he has to take an additional test next week. If he fails the test, he’ll have to attend an extra lesson by the end of the week. Kyouko is surprised that Yukito still agreed to go on a date with her even though he’s in a pinch, and so she asks if she can help him study. She’s good in math, but he asks if she’s really sure about that because he’s an extremely slow learner. Kyouko doesn’t mind at all though. She wants to thank Yukito for always taking care of her, and it’ll be a good review for her too. They decide to study in the café since it’s troublesome to move all the way to the library, and she starts by explaining the derivatives of logarithmic functions—the part he hates the most. At first none of it makes any sense to him, but she patiently teaches him and makes some problems for him to solve.

Sadly while Yukito manages to grasp the basics, he instantly gets lost in the practice questions. He thinks none of these stuff would be useful for his future, but Kyouko points out that they probably would. For his university entrance exam, for example. |ω・`)プッ♪ It’s a hard battle for him, but eventually they manage to reach the end of the book. Kyouko praises Yukito for doing a good job, and she asks him to be careful of making the same mistake. He got the basics right, so it’d be a waste if he got the answer wrong. Yukito is impressed since he didn’t understand anything until yesterday, and he promises to do his best on the test for Kyouko. They take a break from studying after that, and she recommends putting some sugar into his tea—saying it’s delicious and good for healing fatigue. He finds it surprising for their school idol to relieve fatigue like a normal person, but when she points out that she’s only a human like him… he realizes that she’s right. He used to think of her as a haughty figure before, but she’s surprisingly cute. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Both of them turn red upon hearing this, and Kyouko admits that it’s the same for her. She used to think that Yukito is really a delinquent, until she saw him protecting the puppy in the rain. It reminds him that his classmates saw them together before, and they were really surprised to see such an unexpected pair. They tried getting more information out of him, but he covered it up somehow. However, recently he can talk to his classmates a bit more because of this—it’s all thanks to her. Some of them also misunderstood their relationship and challenged him to a duel, but he decides not to tell her about this LOL. They resume studying after that, and Kyouko is glad that he can help Yukito.

■ RANK E: Unsettling Mystery

For today’s date, Kyouko takes Yukito to the museum. There’s a special exhibition today, and she saw one of the paintings in a museum overseas before. It left a really deep impression on her, so she’s been looking forward to see it again. Kyouko notices that Yukito looks rather glum as he gazes at the museum building, but he only says it’s nothing and takes her inside. Since Kyouko is interested in paintings, Yukito then asks if she knows the name of the French painter who represents impressionism. When she says that it’s Claude Monet, he nods and explains Monet’s background to her. She’s amazed by his vast knowledge and asks if it’s influenced by his father’s job as an art dealer, but he only says he learned them without even realizing. Despite knowing a lot about paintings, he’s actually not interested in them. It doesn’t fit his personality, and he doesn’t want to see any paintings when he’s not “working”. She doesn’t catch the last part, but he doesn’t explain and only takes her to see the paintings.

They go to see Vermeer‘s paintings after that, but they don’t stay for long since Yukito asks Kyouko if they can move to another floor instead. There’s a lot of people in this one, and he can’t really stand the crowd. From there, they move to an empty floor and notice a heavily guarded room at the back. Yukito says they probably have a very expensive painting stored inside, but Kyouko finds this weird since the most famous painting in this museum is supposed to be Vermeer’s—which they just saw earlier. It was guarded as well, but the security wasn’t as heavy as this one. The director of the museum soon notices Kyouko, and Yukito suddenly disappears when the director comes to greet her. When she asks about the heavy security of the museum, the director reveals that they received a notice from “Phantom Thief Raven”—an infamous thief in the vicinity. Aside from his signature mantle and silk hat, he’s well-known for not letting go of his preys. The director asks her to enjoy her stay despite this unsettling news, and he takes his leave after that.

As soon as the director goes away, Yukito returns and asks if Kyouko is done. When she asks where did he disappear to, he says he just took a look around so he wouldn’t interrupt their conversation. Kyouko then tells him about the notice from Phantom Thief Raven, and Yukito looks rather nervous when she wonders if they’re guarding the painting that becomes his target. He quickly says that the thief is probably aiming to steal Vermeer’s painting instead, and she agrees since it’s the most valuable one. Kyouko thinks thieves are wonderful if they’re actually gentlemen who steal things to help the people in need—just like the ones she saw in Satsuki’s manga. However, Yukito says she’s dreaming too much. He tells her that real thieves aren’t like that, but quickly adds “maybe” at the end of the sentence. Yukito then asks if they can rest in a café now, and Kyouko agrees to leave the museum since she already saw the painting. She’s a bit worried about the museum though, and she wonders what kind of person Phantom Thief Raven might be.

■ RANK E: Fun Extra Lesson

Yukito and Kyouko are supposed to go shopping today, but he comes to her house a few hours before the meeting time. It appears that he’s been coming late and skipping classes a bit too much recently, and he has to go to school today as the punishment. He feels bad because he since promised to go out with her, but she smiles and asks him not to worry. They can go out some other time, and she’s happy that he came all the way here just to inform her. He could have just called her, but he wanted to see her directly… and she secretly wonders if it means he actually missed her. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ When she asks what he has to do at school, he says they only told him to water the flower beds. It’s more of a physical punishment than having to attend extra lessons. Realizing that the teachers won’t be keeping an eye on him, she then asks if she can come along. He points out that she’s not allowed to help him, but she simply wants to keep him company… and so he agrees to take her along. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

In the courtyard, they find autumn flowers blooming on the flower beds. It seems like Tenma replants the flowers each season. As Yukito starts watering them, Kyouko watches over him from the corner. He asks if Shinnosuke is the one who takes care of the garden in her house, but she says they have a gardener since it’s too large for Shinnosuke to maintain alone. Just then the baseball club members run past them, and they accidentally step on the hose—pulling it off the faucet and spraying the water onto Kyouko. Yukito quickly rushes over and scolds them, and they immediately apologize for not noticing the hose. She tells him that she’s fine, but he points out that she’ll only catch a cold at this rate. He asks if she has her jersey at school, but sadly she took it home since she has PE class next week. When Kyouko sneezes, a member of the baseball club steps forward and offers his spare uniform for her. Before she can even say anything, members of the American football club suddenly comes over and ask her to wear their uniform instead. This is soon followed by members of the art club, even though they don’t have any uniforms to begin with LOL. Yukito is shocked, but he quickly stops them saying he’d rather have her wear his clothes instead. He then runs off to get his jersey for her, leaving everyone disappointed because they’re planning to save the uniform she wears as their club treasure. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!?

As they walk home in the evening, Kyouko thanks Yukito for the jersey. She promises to wash and return it tomorrow, but he asks her not to thank him. It all happened because he took her to school anyway. When she asks why he keeps coming late and skipping classes, he nervously says it’s just because he can’t wake up in the morning. He can’t think of any excuses for skipping classes, but then she asks if it’s because he can’t keep up with the lessons—which makes him grateful that she’s an honor student. He decides to just go along with this, so she asks him to tell her if he doesn’t mind. She’ll help him study again, and he nods saying he doesn’t want to spend his holidays watering flowers either. When she sneezes again, he asks if she’s still feeling cold. He asks if he should put his uniform blazer on her, but she quickly refuses knowing her heart won’t be able to take it. By the time they reach her house, Kyouko’s heart is already at its limit… and she decides not to think about how Yukito would wear his jersey again after she washes it. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪


On the first day of the culture festival, Kyouko goes to visit Yukito’s class. He told her to make sure that she informs him before coming, but she forgot to contact him. She’s already in front of his classroom, so she decides to just go inside and apologize if it’s bad for him. The moment she opens the door, Kyouko is welcomed by Yukito… in a cute maid costume. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ He’s REALLY shocked and asks why she didn’t contact him, explaining in a panic that he has to wear the maid costume because he lost in the lottery. Kyouko wonders if they also put a little make-up on him, but Yukito stops her from staring and tells her to go away LOL. She apologizes saying it’s because he looks really cute in the maid costume, but that obviously doesn’t make him happy. He tells her to wait outside, and he joins her after changing back to his uniform. She thinks it’s a bit of a waste though, and she should have called Satsuki to take a memorial picture. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Since Yukito looks rather glum, Kyouko wonders if he’s hungry and decides to take him to a nearby stall. If she chooses the rainbow-colored cotton candy stall, he makes sure she doesn’t have a hidden intention before eating it. She secretly recalls his maid costume from earlier and thinks he’s cute LOL. If she chooses the shark fin yakisoba stall, it surprises him since he never ate shark fin before and the yakisoba actually tastes really good. It seems like they did a lot of research regarding the ingredients, though they probably chose yakisoba because it’s a festival. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Yukito and Kyouko look around the stalls together after that, and they end up visiting nearly every single one of them.

For the second day, Tenma got Kanata, Yukito and Shinnosuke to form an idol group called “Glass Heart Prince” and perform together on stage. Kyouko helps giving them personal advice as their producer, and their performance results in a huge success. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

■ RANK D: Danger is Chance!?

The town is packed with people today, so Yukito and Kyouko decide to go to the aquarium early and take their seats for the dolphin show. However, they soon find a lost little girl crying among the crowd—calling for her mother. The girl falls and scrapes her knee upon getting pushed by the crowd, so they rush over to see if she’s alright… but she cries even louder when Yukito tries to help her to stand up. When Kyouko asks if her knees are hurting, the girl hides behind her saying he’s scary. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ The girl finally stops crying after Kyouko puts a band-aid on her knees, but sadly her mother is nowhere to be seen. Knowing the girl is just too scared to talk properly, Yukito then shows her a magic trick by pulling a candy out of an empty handkerchief. He says he’ll give her the candy if she tells them her name, and the girl happily answers that her name is Miki. Now that they’ve learned her name, they only need to look for her mother. Fortunately, Miki’s mother finds them soon after that and thanks them for taking care of her daughter. Miki keeps calling Yukito “scary big brother” until the end, but Kyouko quickly drags him away before he explodes LOL.

After parting with Miki and her mother, Kyouko says she was surprised that Yukito knows magic tricks. He tells her that his grandmother taught him, but he doesn’t explain further and says they should go instead. The crowd gets even worse after they leave the station. Before long, Kyouko loses sight of Yukito and ends up getting separated from him. She then tries looking for him and reaches a dark, quiet street. Just as she turns around to leave, she bumps into a hoodlum—who obviously refuses to take her apology. He notices that she’s actually pretty cute, and he forces her to keep him company as the price for bumping into him. Just then Yukito comes and asks what they’re doing, so Kyouko immediately runs to his side and explains what happened. The hoodlum claims that Kyouko broke his shoulder, but Yukito sighs and says there are rumors about a violent thug in this area… and now they’ve found the cause.

Then suddenly, Yukito grabs the hoodlum’s shirt and warns him not to mess with Kyouko. He doesn’t let go when she tries to stop him, but she doesn’t want him to fight since it might cause everyone to believe that he’s really a delinquent. Kyouko panics when the hoodlum reaches into his pocket, but Yukito takes out a knife and calmly asks if he’s looking for it. The hoodlum tells him not to get cocky because he has a spare, but Yukito already snatched it too—along with his phone and wallet. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The hoodlum has a surprisingly cute wallet, and his phone wallpaper is an old Sunday anime LOL. Yukito doesn’t return them until the hoodlum politely begs for it and promises to disappear, and the poor thing runs away with tears in his eyes. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ After thanking Yukito, Kyouko asks if he used pickpocketing earlier. He nods saying he learned it along with magic tricks, and she realizes that he probably snatched everything when he grabbed the hoodlum’s shirt.

Kyouko is impressed by how crafty he is, but then Yukito tells her to be careful. It’s good that she’s alright, but that’s because he managed to find them quickly. She apologizes knowing it’s indeed her fault, but he tells her that he panicked when she suddenly disappeared. After asking her not to make him worry, Yukito holds out his hand and asks Kyouko to give hers. When she asks what he’s trying to do, he decides to just show her by holding her hand. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ He blushes saying Shinnosuke is going to kill him if anything happens to her, and she nervously nods. She feels like he’s treating her like a kid, but his hand feels so warm and gentle as he leads her back to the main street.

■ RANK D: Let’s ☆ Fly

Kyouko wants to take Yukito to a certain place today, and she asks if he would mind since it’s a bit far. He says he doesn’t mind though, and he asks how they’re going to go there. Is it by train or bus? The answer is neither, because they’re going to use a plane. Or rather, her family’s private jet LOL. It takes around one or two hours to reach their destination, so they should arrive before noon. Satsuki asks if Yukito wants to have beef or chicken, but Kyouko tells her to stop acting like a cabin attendant and make some coffee for them LOL. Noticing that Yukito seems nervous, Kyouko asks if there’s something wrong. At first he denies it saying he’s behaving normally, but eventually admits that it’s his first time riding in a plane. He always uses the bullet train whenever he goes on a trip, and he didn’t have time to prepare his heart for this. She apologizes for not asking him first, but he tells her not to worry since he’s gotten used to it—even though he turns blue when the plane shakes.

However, the plane suddenly experiences a turbulence. Noticing that Yukito has turned pale, Kyouko tells him that it often happens and there’s nothing to worry about. Their pilot is also a veteran who has been flying planes for decades, so a turbulence is nothing much… or not. Soon enough, they hear Shinnosuke announcing from the cockpit that the pilot got a sudden attack of a chronic disease. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? It can’t be helped since it’s an illness, and so he’s going to take control instead. Yukito is relieved to hear this, but Kyouko suddenly panics saying they should never let Shinnosuke get his hands on the steering wheel. She quickly orders Satsuki to stop this, but sadly Shinnosuke has locked the cockpit from inside—it’s too late. Yukito reluctantly asks if Shinnosuke can really fly a plane, and Kyouko nods saying he can. The problem is that Shinnosuke’s personality changes whenever he’s behind the steering wheel. She quickly tells him to grab onto something, but before they can do that… the plane suddenly does a 180° flip.

In a rush of panic, Kyouko is thinking of clinging onto Satsuki… but Yukito moves quicker and clings onto her waist. Her heart jumps, but she doesn’t have time to think about this. Shinnosuke says the airflow is going out of control and they’re in a grave situation, so he has no choice but to flip the plane again. Both Yukito and Kyouko are screaming as Shinnosuke keeps flipping the plane around. Yukito begs them to let him down, while Kyouko asks him to calm down and NOT open the airlock LOL. She then asks Satsuki to stop Shinnosuke even if she has to destroy the door. She actually wants to watch them fiercely scuffling together for a bit longer, but they scream at her to go already. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Satsuki hijacks the cockpit after that, and she has to take control since she knocked Shinnosuke out. As she wonders if they can plug in a game controller since it’s so troublesome, Yukito and Kyouko take out the parachutes under their seats. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

A few hours later, they safely land onto their destination. Unfortunately, both Yukito and Kyouko’s souls have flown out of their mouths. It’s already dark when they finally recover, and they don’t have any time to enjoy the trip. In the end, they go back home by using a train LOL.

■ RANK D: The Last Boss Appears!?

Yukito and Kyouko are going to watch the night view from the observation deck today, and he’s going to pick her up in the evening. However, Monji suddenly decides to come home early and asks if she wants to have dinner outside. When she tells him that she’s going to watch the night view with a friend, he says it’d be dangerous for “girls” to go out at night… so he’s going with them. He’ll also reserve a seat for her friend to join their dinner. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Kyouko realizes that it’ll be hard to make Monji change his mind, and it only get worse when Yukito arrives at her house. At first Monji mistakes him for a newspaper agent and is about to turn him down, but Kyouko quickly explains that she promised to go out with Yukito tonight. He immediately takes this as “promising to have a future together”, and he turns blue saying she promised to become his bride—even though it was way back when she was small LOL.

Kyouko apologizes and asks Yukito to wait as she drags Monji inside, but he stops her and bows his head to Monji—politely introducing himself. Monji feels that he has heard Yukito’s surname somewhere before. When Kyouko helps explaining that Yukito’s family is an art dealer, Monji reveals that he actually knows Yukito’s grandfather—Karasuma Kousuke. Monji saw Kousuke’s paintings a few times overseas. When he learned that Kousuke’s relatives are working as an art dealer in this town, he was thinking of visiting their gallery. Monji then calls Satsuki to ask if Yukito and Kyouko are really just friends, and he suddenly looks happy upon hearing her answer. He was ready to give a punishment if it’s an unknown guy, but he says it can’t be helped in this case. After apologizing to Yukito, Monji introduces himself and admits that he was surprised since Kyouko never had a male friend before. Yukito understands Monji’s feelings since he has a younger sister, and Monji is happy to see that Kyouko has such a good friend. Kyouko feels proud as well, but Yukito is clearly not satisfied with his status as her “friend”.

As a token of apology, Monji sends them to the observation deck with a car. Kyouko apologizes to Yukito along the way, but he doesn’t mind. He actually thinks she has a good father. They reach the observation deck soon after that, but the moment they walk out of the elevator… they are welcomed by party crackers and applause. At the same time, a staff congratulates them as the 10,000th couple who visited the place. They receive a model of the observation deck as the present, and she asks them to change into a wedding dress and tuxedo. The observation deck is going to accept wedding plans, and she wants them to become the models for their pamphlet. It’s going to be recorded for a commercial too, which will be airing all over the country. Σ(゚ー゚;) Unfortunately, Kyouko’s heart can’t handle the thought of having a “wedding” with Yukito. Her vision soon starts fading, and then she faints.

Later on, Kyouko regains her consciousness to the sound of sirens. Yukito asks if she’s alright, and he tells her that the ambulance is here. Upon noticing that he looks worried, she apologizes and says she’s alright now. He asks her not to force it and get herself checked in the hospital, but she admits that she knows the reason. Realizing that Kyouko doesn’t want to make a commotion, Yukito asks her to get some rest as he goes to send the ambulance back. After a while, he comes back and asks if she can stand. She trips over her own foot when she tries to stand up, so he turns his back to her and tells her to get on. At first Kyouko tries to refuse, but Yukito asks her to deal with it. She shouldn’t force herself, and he’ll only look like a fool if she doesn’t get onto his back. This leaves Kyouko with no choice, and so she lets Yukito carry her on his back as they walk home. She quickly tries to get off when he comments that she has a decent weight, but he tells her to stay still. They have more important things to worry about—like her illness.

When Yukito asks if it’s a fatal illness, Kyouko immediately falls silent. He says he won’t ask further if she doesn’t want to say it, but since she has fainted right in front of him… she decides to tell him everything. Starting from “Glass Heart Syndrome”, how she needs to fall in love in order to heal it, and how she chose him after seeing him with the puppy. She also admits that she kept quiet because she wanted him to treat her normally. Kyouko apologizes for deceiving and using Yukito, and she starts thinking about how they won’t be able to go out anymore… but then he sighs and asks where they’re going next week. Kyouko is surprised and asks why Yukito is doing this even though she’s been deceiving him, and he admits that it was indeed unpleasant to hear. Before continuing, he asks if her “training” with him has brought results. When she nods saying her heart has been healing thanks to him, he says it should be okay to say it then: “If you want to know why, it’s because I love you.” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Kyouko can’t believe her ears, but Yukito tells her not to make him repeat it. He said it lightly so it won’t put any burden on her heart. Besides, earlier she explained that she asked him out because she fell in love at the first sight—which is also a confession. There’s no way he can hate her after hearing that LOL. She says she jumped to conclusion because he looks angry, and he answers that it’s only obvious for him to be angry. She kept quiet about such an important thing, and he could have killed her without knowing it. Starting from today, Yukito is going to help Kyouko with her recovery. Now that he has confessed to her, he doesn’t want her to die on him. Yukito then asks for her answer, and Kyouko nervously replies that she loves him too. After making sure that she’s still alive, he asks her to take care of him as his girlfriend from now on. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

When Kyouko returns home, a mountain of red rice is waiting for her on the dining table. She glances at Satsuki only to receive a very suspicious smile, which makes her realize that her relationship with Yukito has really changed. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。

■ RANK C: Be Careful of Packed Trains

For today’s date, Yukito takes Kyouko to ride the train to the next prefecture. It seems like they’re having a strange exhibition at the museum, with “The Hidden History of Shinsengumi” as the theme. Sadly the train is a bit packed today, and they can’t get any seat inside. Kyouko keeps on swaying since she’s not used to trains, and Yukito asks her to be careful because it shakes a lot depending on where they’re standing. Just then she loses her balance, but he catches her and tells her to hold onto the handrail. She’s relieved when the train stops at a station, though sadly the relief doesn’t last for long… because hoards of people soon come flooding into the train. Kyouko nods when Yukito asks if she’s alright, but he feels bad upon seeing her getting pushed left and right. He didn’t know it’s going to be this full, and she reassures him that she’s fine… but she sways again when the train starts moving.

Kyouko quickly reaches out to a strap, and sadly Yukito’s warning comes a little too late. She gets pushed by the people around her, so much that her feet are floating off the floor. He can’t do anything to help in this situation, so they end up getting off at the next station—where they take a break in a café. Once she feels better, he wonders if the train is packed because of an accident on a different route. Kyouko actually heard the station attendant saying something like that, and Yukito apologizes for taking her into a train on such a bad timing. She’s more concerned about him instead, but he says he’s fine because he used to take the train to school… and she’s really impressed even though it’s something normal LOL. When Yukito asks what she wants to do next, Kyouko asks him to let her ride the train again. He doesn’t think she has to force herself like that, but she points out that everyone else is riding it normally. Besides, she won’t be able to visit distant places with him if she can’t stand packed trains. He’s surprised to hear this, but then he smiles saying it can’t be helped. He’ll keep her company, but she needs to tell him properly if she can’t stand it anymore. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

■ RANK C: Fateful Rain

The weather is unfortunate today. Dark clouds are covering the sky, and thunders start roaring soon after that. Yukito and Kyouko don’t bring an umbrella because the weather forecast said it’s not going to rain, but sadly it starts raining before they can find a shelter. It looks like the rain is only going to get harder, so Yukito takes off his coat and puts on Kyouko’s head. She’s worried since he’s getting drenched in the rain, but he says he can’t let his sick girlfriend to get drenched. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 They have to search for a shelter next, so he reluctantly asks if she wants to come to his house because it’s quite close from where they are. She gets nervous upon hearing this, and he quickly tells her that it’s not like what she’s thinking about. They’re just going to take a shelter there. When she apologizes, he comments that she has quite a strong imagination. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ She asks if it’s really okay for her to intrude, but he tells her not to worry since they don’t have many options in this situation.

They rush into Yukito’s house after that, and he takes her into his room. After making sure that her heart is alright, he asks her to sit down and takes out a towel for her. She gets nervous since his parents seem to be away, but she tells him it’s nothing and calms herself down LOL. As she takes a look around his room, he points out that the rain is getting stronger outside. If they didn’t rush here, they would be drenched by now. She’s a bit concerned since his coat got wet in the rain, but he says it’s okay since it’s not expensive. He just dumped it into the washing machine along with the towels. She chuckles after thanking him since it reminds her of the time when he protected the puppy, and she asks if she should wash his coat… but he refuses since he doesn’t want her to return his clothes at school again. It caused weird rumors to spread, and he had a hard time covering it up LOL. However, she thinks they won’t be able to stay like this if it’s wasn’t for the puppy. When she wonders if it’s fate, he laughs saying she’s such a romanticist. It was an unfortunate moment for him since she saw him in such an embarrassing state, but she believes the puppy is a cupid who brought them together. *。☆:・’ヽ(*・ω・)ノ*:・’゚☆゚・*: Shinnosuke has found an owner for the puppy, so Yukito tells Kyouko that they can visit their cupid together next time—reporting that they have become a couple.

Yukito gets embarrassed after that, and he leaves the room to make some tea for Kyouko. As she listens to the rain outside, she notices something that looks out of place in the room—a black silk hat. It’s the ones that gentlemen used to wear in the old times, but no one wears them nowadays. It looks antique, but also well-made. She then wonders if it fell down from the shelf, and she picks it up since it might collect dust if they leave it there. Just then Yukito returns with some green tea, and he’s really surprised to find Kyouko holding the silk hat. He quickly tells her it’s nothing though, then he takes the silk hat from her and throws it into his closet. When she comments that it’s a wonderful silk hat, he nervously explains that it was given to him by his grandmother… so he just can’t get rid of it. She wonders if it’s okay to handle it roughly like that, but he assures her that it’s fine since it’s pretty sturdy. He quickly changes the subject by asking her to drink the tea, and he apologizes for giving her a cheap tea—he couldn’t find a refined one. She doesn’t mind though. It’s actually quite refreshing, since she usually drinks black tea at home.

It eventually stops raining after a while, but Yukito looks disappointed when Kyouko says she’ll be going home for today. She feels bad if she’s intruding for too long, but he asks her to come again if she doesn’t mind staying in his small room—he’ll clean it up properly next time. Yukito then walks Kyouko home since he wants to stay with her for a little longer, and she’s wishing to visit his house again next time.

■ RANK B: What it Means to “Know”

For today’s date, Kyouko says she wants to visit Yukito’s house again. She felt really nervous before, and she thinks it’s good for training. However, she gets incredibly nervous upon learning that his parents are at home… though he says they’re really normal compared to her family LOL. Before taking her inside, he tells her that she can ignore everything his mother says. She can avoid meeting her mother’s gaze too. Or rather, he wants her to avoid it. As soon as Yukito opens the door, they see his mother inside—cheerfully welcoming Kyouko. He immediately closes the door saying they should cancel today’s date, but soon his mother comes out saying that’s really mean of him. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ He protests since he already told her to leave them alone, and yet she ambushed them instead. When Kyouko introduces herself and hands her handmade cookies as a present, Yukito’s mother is amazed and asks her to marry into their family. She’d love to have a beautiful, rich and smart lady who can cook as her daughter-in-law. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

Jokes aside, Yukito’s mother then invites Kyouko to come in. It takes a while before she leaves them alone, and Yukito can’t believe that Kyouko can keep up with his mother’ tension LOL. Not too long after that, Yukito’s mother comes to bring some tea into his room. He tells her not to come in, but she’s curious since this is the first time he ever brought a girl home. She eventually leaves since Yukito keeps chasing her out, but not before telling Kyouko that she can look at the album on his bookshelf. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ Or rather, she wants Kyouko to see it since Yukito used to be really cute. Unlike now. Yukito doesn’t think it’d be fun to see his album, but Kyouko still wants to see it since she doesn’t know his childhood. When she asks if she can see it, he says she can—as long as she allows him to see her album next time. Just as his mother said, Kyouko thinks Yukito looked so cute when he was small. The album has pictures of him as a baby, as well as pictures from his kindergarten days. There’s also a picture of him eating a cake, and he remembers that he was so happy to get a huge cake.

Kyouko soon notices an elderly man in a picture, and Yukito tells her that it’s his grandfather. When she comments that his grandfather looks so calm and has a nice smile, he admits that he was really close to his grandfather… and he cried a lot when his grandfather passed away. Yukito then flips to the next page to get rid of the sad mood, and there Kyouko sees a picture of him on the first day of elementary school. His backpack was new and clean back then, though it got in a tragic condition 6 years later LOL. He got scolded a lot for not taking a good care of his bag. She thinks some parts of him remained the same after all these years though, especially his eyes and how he looks straight at everything. They reach the end of the album after that, and Kyouko is about to put it back onto the bookshelf when a picture falls out of it. It’s a picture of a small Yukito in a black mantle, trying to put on a big silk hat—probably the one she saw in his room before. She asks if he used to admire magicians since he’s also good with his hands, and he suddenly turns pale—quickly saying that maybe he did. He realized that it’s not easy though, so he gave up on the idea. Then he takes the picture from her hand and puts it away.

Suddenly, they hear a girl’s voice from outside—asking what their mother is doing in front of her brother’s room. She sounds really surprised to hear that her brother brought his girlfriend home, and then silence ensues LOL. When Kyouko asks who it was, Yukito grits his teeth saying it’s his younger sister—Nana. It’s already troublesome enough with his mother, but now his sister has come too. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kyouko wants to greet her though, and Nana just walks into the room saying she’s glad that Kyouko understands. Yukito protests and asks if he doesn’t have any privacy, but Nana simply says he doesn’t and asks if Kyouko has seen the other album. When Yukito tells her to get out already, Nana asks if she can’t see the album with Kyouko as future sisters-in-law. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Yukito instantly turns red and tells her not to say weird things, but Kyouko doesn’t mind since it’d be more fun with more people… so his mother asks them to let her join in. Ignoring Yukito, they start asking questions about Kyouko instead.

When Nana asks about her childhood, Kyouko admits that she was actually quite naughty. She climbed trees quite often, and Monji called a rescue team when she climbed too high LOL. Yukito’s mother starts crying when Kyouko mentions that Monji has been treasuring her ever since her mother died. It might be a bit early, but she says Kyouko can think of her as a mother from now on. Nana adds that she can think of her as a sister as well, and it makes her happy since she really likes the Karasuma family. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Yukito’s mother then invites Kyouko to have dinner with them, and Kyouko turns to ask Yukito if it’s okay. He already gave up and tells her to do whatever she wants, so she decides to stay and look at the albums with Nana until dinner is ready. Kyouko is glad that she can get along with Yukito’s family, but he thinks this is more like a training for him instead of her heart LOL.

■ RANK B: Coloring the Future

Today, Kyouko takes Yukito to watch a classical concert. He gets nervous because it’s first time watching one, and he asks if it’s okay for him to come in casual wear… but she says it’s okay since it’s not a formal concert. He still feels uneasy, but he thinks it’s a good chance for him to enjoy classical music. Kyouko is excited since it features her favorite songs, but Yukito gets sleepy as soon as they turn off the lights. Soon after the concert begins, Yukito falls asleep on Kyouko’s shoulder. It can’t be helped since the hall is dark and the music is relaxing, but she gets nervous since his face is really close. He doesn’t wake up when she shakes her shoulder, so she decides to let him be. She tells herself not to be nervous, but she can’t seem to stop staring at him either. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ He looks so innocent while asleep, and it’s the first time she’s ever seen him from so close. Before she realizes it, Kyouko finds herself observing Yukito’s sleeping face instead of listening to the music. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

Yukito eventually wakes up when the lights are back on and the audience starts talking again. He’s really surprised upon learning that he fell asleep, and he apologizes to Kyouko—who doesn’t mind at all since she was busy watching over him LOL. Since he still feels bad, she then invites him to have dinner with her at a gorgeous restaurant near the concert hall. They can enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the night view, and it’s actually Monji’s favorite restaurant. A waiter soon comes to guide them to a table near the window, and they order the chef’s recommendation. Noticing that Yukito has turned quiet, Kyouko asks if he doesn’t like the restaurant. He says it’s nothing like that, but even when their appetizer comes… he only stares at it. When she asks him what’s wrong, he admits it’s because he’s inexperienced when it comes to restaurants like this. That’s why he’s not confident in his table manners. She apologizes saying she should have told him, but he tells her it’s okay since he was taken into a restaurant like this before—only once in the past. He can barely remember, but he should be able to eat normally.

As Yukito nervously starts eating, Kyouko asks him to do it however he wants. He points out that she’d be embarrassed if he fails at table manners, but she thinks it’s also manners to enjoy delicious food however they want. Yukito smiles saying Kyouko is really something else, but he wants to be able to do that much. When she asks why he’s so concerned about manners, he points out that she adjusts herself to match him most of the time… so he wants to do the same thing in return. If they’re going to always be together, he’ll have to get used to these kind of things. Since they grew up in different environments, Yukito admits that he keeps getting surprised whenever he’s with Kyouko… but he wants to understand the person he loves, even if he knows it might be difficult for him to enter her world. She feels touched to hear this, and so she decides to do her best with him. He smiles and asks if she can start by teaching him about manners, and she happily nods.

They practice table manners as they eat their dinner, and Yukito seems much more relaxed after getting that off his chest. One can learn table manners quickly if they use it often, so Kyouko believes he will get used to it in no time. Yukito then thanks Kyouko for taking him to this restaurant, because it makes him realize that he still has a lot to learn from the world. He wants to become a good adult as he learns more about these things, taking one step at a time. She thinks it’s wonderful, because she can’t think that way due to her upbringing. Their way of thinking might be different, but it’s refreshing for both of them. Yukito also tells Kyouko that he wants to visit his restaurant again with his own abilities, since it’d be a waste to eat such delicious food just once in his life. Once he becomes an adult who’s suitable for the restaurant, he wants to visit it again with her. Kyouko says she’ll be looking forward to it, and Yukito nods saying it’s going to take a while… but he promises that he will. He asks if she’s willing to wait for him, and she replies that she is. When that time comes, her illness should be healed as well. If he becomes an adult, she wants to become a woman who is suitable for him. As she thinks about the future, she’s wishing for the two of them to be happy together—like they are right now.


On Christmas Day, Yukito and Kyouko are going on a date. She feels nervous and closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath, but when she opens her eyes again… she finds him already standing in front of her. She’s obviously surprised and asks how long has he been standing there, so he lightly says since the time she closed her eyes and started groaning. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Yukito blushes as he asks for Kyouko’s hand, saying it would be bad if they get separated in the crowd. The town is filled with couples today, and she’s wondering if they also look like a couple. She chuckles knowing it’s going to be a fun day, and he smiles saying he’ll need to do his best then. Since it’s Christmas, Yukito then asks if Kyouko wants to exchange presents. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea, but soon they realize that they have no idea about what to give to each other… so he says they should start with looking around together. After that, they can split up to buy the presents and exchange them at the usual café.

From there, Yukito takes Kyouko to visit the department store. The first thing they see there is brand new winter clothes being displayed. It seems like he already bought some, but she managed to figure out his taste in clothes thanks to this. She notices a cute ring at the jewelry shop, but since it costs way over the budget… they decide to put a price limit for the presents. When they visit the toy shop, Yukito points to a stuffed hamster saying it looks like Kyouko. For example, the way it looks so lively and heartwarming. He quickly realizes what he just said though, so he tries to cover it up by saying he was talking about the lion next to the hamster—the color is similar to her hair LOL. She realizes that people have very different tastes in toys though, so it’s probably better to avoid it. In the evening, Yukito says they should split up and buy the presents. They’re going to meet up in the usual café after an hour, but Kyouko still doesn’t know what to give him. He dashes off right after that, and she panics thinking he must have found a present for her. She spends the next one hour thinking about the present, and eventually decides to buy something that’s required in winter. She can either buy a muffler or a pair of gloves for him.

When the time comes, Kyouko goes to see Yukito in the café. She apologizes for taking so long, admitting that she forgot to think of the present because she enjoyed looking around the shops with him. He admits that it’s the same for him, and it makes her so happy she subconsciously leans really close to him—which causes him to turn red. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ They exchange the presents and open them at the same time after that. No matter what Kyouko picks earlier, Yukito and her end up giving each other the same present. He also reveals that he couldn’t decide what to buy until he was running out of time, and he actually dashed off because he wanted more time to choose the present. It seems like they’re thinking of the same thing. and she protests when he says it makes both of them simple-minded LOL. They decide to put on the presents since it’s cold at night, and snow starts falling on their way home. As they look up at the sky, Yukito tells Kyouko to move closer. While she doesn’t know how common it is for a couple to pick the same present for each other, the coincidence feels like a miracle to her… and it makes her happy. She’s not sure if the present is enough to convey her feelings, but then he tells her that their presents are perfect for tonight.


Thanks to all the training and her developing relationship, Kyouko manages to pass through the crisis of death and remains alive by the end of the year. On the very first night of the new year, she sees a strange dream of herself on the top of a skyscraper. The view of a city lies before her eyes, and soon Yukito comes saying he found her. He says she’s got a lot of guts to fall asleep in front of a hunter, and he asks if she’s ready—referring to her as criminal no. 13, “Glass Heart”. He’s going to take the bounty for her head.

(Note: This is a parody of Armen Noir. Yukito plays the role of a bounty hunter.)

■ RANK A: May I Touch You?

Today, Yukito and Kyouko are visiting the observation deck again. They couldn’t enjoy the night view last time because she fainted, so she’s really fired up for the date. Besides, they’re now visiting the observation deck as a couple. She wants to show him that she’s different now. However, they instantly lose all words upon walking out of the elevator… because the place is filled with a LOT of couples. She reminds him that they’re also a couple though, and he says it might be a good idea to copy all the couples around them for training. Kyouko decides to do this by hugging Yukito’s arm, but he instantly blushes and shakes her off. Noticing that she looks surprised, he quickly explains that it’s not because he hates it. It’s because… uh, a certain thing was touching his arm. In any case, it’s still too early for him. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Yukito feels bad since he already promised to help, but Kyouko also apologizes because she’s not used to these kind of things. Knowing that it’s not going to work, she decides to stop copying other couples. Even though training is important, the time she spends with him is more precious to her. Now that they’re here, they should enjoy it at their own pace. As they enjoy the night view together, Kyouko tells Yukito that they can see the school. She wonders if they can see his house with the telescope, but then he takes her to the one at the corner and shows her the museum instead—which has been decorated with illumination. They visited it at noon before, so they didn’t get to see it. Kyouko then asks if he wants to see the museum from the telescope too, and Yukito nearly answers that it’s a familiar sight to him… but he quickly stops himself and says he does. The time is limited though, so she can view it first.

After a while, Kyouko lifts her head from the telescope and is about to ask Yukito to switch… but she finds him looking at the museum with a serious expression. He soon notices her and asks if she saw it through the telescope, but he refuses when she tells him to view it too. He can enjoy the view with naked eyes, and even normal streets look beautiful from above. Kyouko says she’s glad to watch the night view with him, and Yukito nods saying it’s indeed enjoyable—though it’s definitely not a training session. When she tells him that she feels happy just by visiting the observation deck with him, he falls silent before asking if they can make another attempt at training. Before she can answer, Yukito puts his arms around Kyouko… and she hesitantly hug him back. He’s glad to see that she’s doing okay, and she apologizes for troubling him last time. He asks her not to worry though. It couldn’t be helped due to her illness, though he admits that it sent him into panic. He knows he needs to be careful until her heart is completely healed, and he can’t lightly touch her like before… but it’s impossible after all. Because he loves her. He realizes that it might be better if he doesn’t hold back though, like what he’s doing right now.

Yukito then promises that he will protect Kyouko. Not only now, but for the rest of their lives. He knows she might find him unreliable because he’s still in high school, but he wants to always protect her—even after her illness is cured. He asks if she’s alright since he can feel her heart beating rapidly, and when she points out that it’s the same for his heart… he says it’s because he’s with her. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Earlier she said that she’s happy, and he shares the same feeling. They continue hugging each other until the closing time, and they don’t talk much as he walks her home… but the silence feels comfortable. It seems like both of their hearts are fulfilled, even more than before. That night, Kyouko makes a vow that she’ll completely recover from “Glass Heart Syndrome” so she can always stay with Yukito.

■ RANK A: A Happy Change

Yukito says there’s something he wants to see today, and he asks if Kyouko is wiling to come with him. Of course she agrees, but just when they’re about to walk… someone calls his name. When they turn around, they see two boys and a girl from his class. They seem confused to see Yukito and Kyouko together, so she tells them that they’re having a training session. They instantly take this as a training session for Kyouko to “reform” Yukito, since apparently it has become a famous topic at school LOL. They cover up the date by saying that they just met here by coincidence, so his classmates then invite them to play together. He knows they only want to go out with her though, and so he asks for her opinion. Kyouko actually wants to be alone with Yukito, but everyone will find out about their relationship if she says that… so she agrees to join them. Noticing that Kyouko is a bit disappointed, Yukito quietly tells her not to look sad—they can always go on a date another time.

As they wonder about where they should go, Yukito’s classmates start joking about how they should visit a brand store, a luxurious three-star restaurant or even a private island, and they laugh when he reminds them about how poor he is. However, Kyouko suggests visiting the game center together. They’re actually interested, even more so when Kyouko mentions that Yukito took her there once before. Once they reach the game center, Yukito’s classmates look really nervous. They start asking if they need to bring anything, or if certain manners are required. He only says he has seen this reaction somewhere before, while Kyouko awkwardly laughs beside him. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ One of his classmates is relieved to hear that the game center has cash exchange machine since he only brought notes with him, though Yukito points out that he can also do it by buying a juice and getting the change. It’s just they never entered a convenience store before, and they ask him to take them there after they’re done with the game center. They want to visit the convenience store that sells the best roll cake, but of course he doesn’t know that much LOL.

While Yukito is busy teaching his classmates how to buy the game medals, Kyouko feels happy to see him getting along with them. The two of them watch over his classmate as they explore the game center, and he says that she was just as excited when he first brought her here. Her eyes were sparkling like a kid’s, but it couldn’t be helped since everyone gets excited on their first time. Yukito didn’t expect Kyouko to suggest the game center though. She says she wants them to enjoy this kind of experience since they have him around, and he smiles saying he’s glad they seem to like it. When Kyouko says she’s surprised to see him getting along with his classmates, Yukito admits it’s because he’s gotten used to the tastes of rich people after spending so much time with her. Somehow he has learned how to keep up with them. His classmates soon call him to explain how the games work, and he sighs before telling them he’s coming. Kyouko is about to send him off, but Yukito says she’s coming along. There’s no way he’s going to explain everything by himself. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

It turns out they want to play the shooting game from before, so Yukito and Kyouko decide to give them an example. Unlike before, they actually manage to clear the game and even set a new record for the best time. They also take pictures together in the photo booth, and his classmates are so happy they want to reserve the whole game center next time. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ After leaving the game center, they buy roll cakes in a convenience store… and the sun starts setting as they eat. Before going home, they thank him for today and promise to have another shooting match with him next time. Once they’re alone, Yukito notices that Kyouko looks really happy. She points out that it’s the same for him though, and he admits that it’s fun to see his classmates’ reactions. It seems like they’re planning to visit the game center again with ALL of their classmates, and he sighs saying they’re always so extreme LOL. Kyouko promises to help when that time comes, and Yukito says he’ll be relying on her then. Even though their date got cancelled, Kyouko really had fun today. She’s truly glad to see that there’s no longer a wall between Yukito and the others. ☆-(ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ


One day, after school, Shinnosuke informs Kyouko that Monji won’t be able to attend a party tonight due to work. Monji wants Kyouko to attend it as his representative, and she agrees since she has no plans for tonight. As she leaves the classroom, Kyouko notices that the class next door just finished their lesson too. She’s thinking of going home with Yukito, but she can’t find him in the classroom. Just as she wonders if he already went home, the homeroom teacher comes to talk to her. From him, Kyouko learns that Yukito has been coming late and leaving school early recently. He’s wondering if she knows anything about this, but she has no idea either. Yukito wants to keep their relationship hidden since her fans might kill him if they find out, so Kyouko doesn’t see him that much at school… but she realizes that she hasn’t seen him at all recently. Yukito’s homeroom teacher then asks if Kyouko can check how he’s doing. It’s guaranteed that he can continue his education to their university, but it might become a problem if this keeps going on. Worried about Yukito’s future, Kyouko agrees to ask him about this issue. She tries calling him after that, but he’s not picking up. This causes her to wonder if something happened to him. In the end, Kyouko sends a mail for Yukito and goes home with Shinnosuke.

That night, Kyouko attends the party in a hotel as Monji’s representative. After she’s done greeting all the people who are on close terms with Monji, she leaves the hall to get some rest in the rooftop garden… but there she hears the sound of sirens from below. When she takes a look through the fence, she sees a lot of police cars heading towards the hotel. Just as she wonders if there’s an incident, Kyouko hears something flapping behind her—followed by the sound of someone gasping. The moment she turns around, she sees a strange man standing in the garden. He’s wearing a jacket under his black mantle, along with a silk hat on his head—just like a fine gentleman. At first she wonders if he’s also a guest at the party, but then she notices that he’s carrying a large bundle beside him. Judging by the size, it looks like there’s a painting or something similar to that inside. As the man mutters and curses under his breath, she starts to realize that he’s the thief the museum director told her about before—Phantom Thief Raven.

Kyouko quickly runs off to call someone, but Raven catches up and lifts her up—telling her to bear with it for a bit. He jumps across the fence with her in his arms, and then he dives into the night sky. She screams thinking they’re going to plummet to the ground, but he only tells her not to struggle. Because they’re not falling down. That’s when she realizes that he has opened a glider, using it to fly between buildings. She’s amazed to see the beautiful view below, and this is her first time watching it while feeling the night breeze directly—though she soon remembers that it’s not the time to enjoy the night view. She then asks who he might be, but he simply tells her to be quiet or she might bite her tongue. However, she can’t help but feel that she’s heard his voice somewhere before. When she tries to take a look at his face, he quietly hugs her even closer… and she can’t see anything since her face is pressed against his chest.

They eventually land at an empty park away from the town, where Raven lets Kyouko down and asks if she’s alright. When she admits that it was quite fun, he nods saying “just as expected”—which makes her realize that he probably knows her. He then says the dress looks beautiful on her, and after apologizing for surprising her… he disappears into the night. Kyouko is left shocked and confused. She returns to the party after that. Shinnosuke is panicking since he lost sight of her, but she tells him that she only went to the toilet. However, Kyouko can’t seem to stop thinking about Raven ever since.

The next morning, Kyouko wakes up early and wonders what she should do. It’s only 6 AM, but she feels so awake and can’t go back to sleep—most likely because of what happened last night. She still finds it hard to believe that Raven is a thief, but last night she did a research on him and learned that he’s really one. Yesterday, he broke into the museum and ran off with one of the paintings. The news also said that the police lost sight of him around the hotel. What bothers her the most is that his voice feels so familiar. She didn’t get to see his face, but it seems like he’s about her age. Since her school is filled with strange people, she can’t dismiss the possibility that he might be a student there. Kyouko then checks her phone to find a mail from Yukito, explaining that he was late yesterday because he overslept. As for why he left early, it was because he had something to do at home. He also promises to talk to his homeroom teacher and apologizes for making her worry. She’s glad to hear that he’s alright, and she’s about to reply when she suddenly thinks up of a nice idea—she should go to his house and pick him up for school! That way he won’t get scolded for coming late again, not to mention Satsuki also said that men find it “romantic” when their girlfriend picks them up in the morning. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

From there, Kyouko goes to Yukito’s house and rings the interphone. There’s no answer. When she tries ringing it again, she hears his voice from inside—telling Nana to open the door. Nana replies that she’s busy at the moment, and he grumbles as he walks to the door. However, Kyouko is frozen in shock when the door swings open. Yukito is wearing exactly the same clothes as a certain phantom thief she met last night. When she explains that she came to pick him up for school, he apologizes saying he just woke up. She notices that he looks exhausted, though he says it’s just because he didn’t get enough sleep. Yukito asks Kyouko to wait as he prepares for school, but soon he notices that she keeps staring at his clothes… and that’s when he finally realizes what he’s wearing. He was too tired last night, and he fell asleep with those clothes on. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Just as Yukito panics and tells Kyouko that there’s no deeper meaning to this, Nana comes to scold him for leaving their “escape glider” outside LOL. Yukito tells her not to come closer, but it’s too late. Nana falls silent upon seeing Kyouko. Before any of them can say anything, Shinnosuke suddenly jumps out of hiding to seize Yukito. Σ੧(❛□❛✿)

A few minutes later, Yukito—who has changed into his uniform—takes everyone into his room. He denies Kyouko’s theory of him being Phantom Thief Raven though, and Nana quickly explains that her brother is into cosplay. The glider is one of his cosplay properties. Shinnosuke doesn’t believe this at all, but Kyouko decides to trust Yukito. Satsuki finds it surprising that Yukito has such hobby, not to mention his costume is really well-made—even better than ones made by pros. Yukito panics and tries to explain since Kyouko remains silent, but she tells him it’s okay. She has enough knowledge thanks to Satsuki’s collection. While she was surprised to hear that he’s into cosplay, she wouldn’t mind joining him if he invites her—much to Satsuki and Nana’s surprise. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ He eventually snaps saying he is NOT into cosplay, and he wouldn’t dress up like that if it’s not for “work”. Silence ensues until Shinnosuke takes out his gun and points it towards Yukito, which makes him realize that he just blew his own cover. Nana sighs saying they would have been able to cover it up if he kept pretending for a bit longer, but he points out that he’d get branded as an otaku in return LOL. He can’t deny that it was HIS fault for walking out in those clothes though. Yukito has no choice but to admit that he is indeed Phantom Thief Raven, and he apologizes for hiding it from Kyouko. When she asks why he’s working as the phantom thief, he says it’s a long story that involves his family background. Since she already found out, he then decides to tell her everything.

It all started more than 50 years ago. Yukito’s grandfather was a painter, but he lived a poor life since his paintings didn’t sell well. However, his skills were undoubted. Somehow he managed to make a living by creating copies of famous paintings. Sadly, it was also his skills that led him to ruin. One day, he received an offer from a shady organization. He was asked to commit forgery. Even though he was poor, Yukito’s grandfather was also an artist. He immediately refused, but they took his mother hostage and threatened him to agree—leading him to stain his hands with forgery. The forged painting he made were really good, and the organization got a lot of money by selling them. He managed to cut ties with them after drawing dozens of forged paintings, but he couldn’t forgive himself for doing that and decided to commit suicide. After writing his will, he went to see his favorite painting in the museum for the last time… but that’s when the story got complicated. On the way to the museum, a girl fell from the sky.

Since the girl was injured, Yukito’s grandfather didn’t have time to think about suicide. He then brought the girl home and took care of her, but he was surprised when the girl claimed to be the phantom thief. She felt grateful to him for saving her life, and she said she’d do anything to help him in return. The girl specialized in stealing works of art, so she was supposed to be an enemy for an artist like him… but he suddenly got an idea. He asked her to steal all of the forged paintings he made. As they worked together to retrieve those paintings, a lot of things happened between them… and she eventually became Yukito’s grandmother. However, they also grew old and couldn’t continue pursuing the paintings. About 20 years ago, she retired and handed the job to Yukito’s father. He messed up during a mission and cracked his hip a few years ago, so Yukito immediately took over and became the phantom thief. His grandfather worked as a normal painter while helping his grandmother’s job, and their son eventually became an art dealer to sell his creations.

Back in the present, Yukito is surprised to see Kyouko crying. She feels deeply moved after learning about his family background, and she agrees to let him off the hook since he has a proper reason for stealing paintings. There’s no way she can hand him to the police, and she also asks both Shinnosuke and Satsuki to let this slide. Today, they saw and heard nothing about this issue. Satsuki wants to know why they sent a notice beforehand though, not to mention the mantle and silk hat will only draw attention. Kyouko also finds this strange, but Yukito explains that his grandparents made three family rules:

  1. Never let the target get away.
  2. Never touch paintings other than grandfather’s.
  3. Send a notice before getting into action. Wear black mantle and silk hat for work.

Yukito’s grandparents made sure that everyone in the family strictly obeys these rules. Those who dare to break the rules will have to quit being the phantom thief AND face his grandmother’s rage. Nana shrivels in fear as she asks him to stop, while he turns pale saying it’s not something they should tell other people about. Σ(゚ー゚;) The last rule is a running “tradition”, and he complains about how they sent him to learn penmanship when he was small—because the notice has to be handwritten LOL. Satsuki knows Kyouko must have loved Yukito’s appearance as the phantom thief though, and he blushes when she admits that he looked wonderful last night. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ In return, he says she looked beautiful in her dress. That’s why he ended up giving her a “service” with the glider. Kyouko actually wants to talk to Yukito for a bit longer, but Satsuki soon reminds them that it’s almost time for school… and so they agree to continue this later. Shinnosuke offers to drive them to school after that, but Kyouko asks him to stop. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After school, Kyouko walks home with Yukito and asks if he’s been coming late to school because of his job as the phantom thief. He nods saying it’s because he has to check the locations at night, though on some days he really did oversleep. He can’t return in time for class if the location is far away, and even if he make it… he’d only fall asleep in class. He doesn’t want it to affect his future though, so he promises to be more careful. However, Yukito still feels bad and apologizes to Kyouko. He got angry when she hid her illness from him, and yet he didn’t tell her that he’s actually a criminal. He knows he should have refused when she confessed because he’d only trouble her if anything happens, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stay with her anymore. Kyouko asks him not to apologize, but Yukito says her family and her would get into trouble if people ever find out that she’s dating a thief. He’s willing to break up with her if their relationship becomes a problem for her, but she tells him to stop since none of it would happen as long as he doesn’t get caught. Of course there’s no guarantee that he won’t get caught, but she’s going to support him.

Yukito is surprised and asks if Kyouko is serious. If she helps him, she would become his accomplice and the crime is heavier than keeping quiet about his identity. This doesn’t change her mind though. Despite the risk, Kyouko is ready to support Yukito with everything she has. He can’t believe this because her life might be ruined if he messed up, but then she tells him that he’s her first love. He’s important to her, and she wants to protect him. Yukito turns silent when Kyouko asks if it’s strange to think that way, but then he sighs saying she’s just the same as his grandmother. He doesn’t get why all the women involved with his family always have so much guts, but she chuckles saying the Karasuma family must be blessed with luck when it comes to women. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Realizing that Kyouko does have a point, Yukito apologizes for saying weird things. He’s actually pretty confident in his abilities, and he wants to end this job as soon as possible—so they can go out and have normal dates.

For the next few days, they return to their daily lives. In the weekend, Yukito goes on a date with Kyouko for her training. He yawns when she comes to see him, but quickly apologizes and explains that he had to check a museum last night… so he went to bed pretty late. Yesterday, they found out that a new painting was brought into a nearby museum. It turned out to be one of his grandfather’s forged paintings, so he’s going to send the notice once he’s done with the preparations. Here, Yukito suddenly notices something. He then grabs Kyouko’s hands and starts walking, only stopping once they’re hidden under the shadows. When she asks him what’s wrong, he only tells her to stay quiet and keep on walking—someone is tailing them. Kyouko is surprised, but Yukito quickly warns her not to turn around. The person who’s tailing them doesn’t seem to be a stalker of hers. The target is probably him, which means it’s probably a police officer. On the other hand, the fact that they’re following him also means they’re still not sure if he’s the phantom thief or not.

Kyouko nods and wonders what they should do. She thinks he should return home as quickly as possible, but Yukito suddenly hugs her shoulder and pulls her closer. He apologizes and asks her to stay like this for a while, though he’s also concerned about her heart. She nods saying she’s fine, though she doesn’t think they should be having a date when he’s being tailed. However, he points out that the police would only get suspicious if he panics and goes home… so he asks her to continue with their date. If they behave like normal high school students, the police should eventually give up and leave. Kyouko agrees, and Yukito takes her to watch a movie—where they don’t have to worry about being watched. He tells her not to get too nervous since she’s walking like a robot, but they manage to reach the movie theater and visit a café after the movie. Kyouko is panting harshly by this point, and Yukito feels bad because he didn’t know the movie has such an intense love scene. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ She assures him that she’s alright since it was a good training for her heart, but the police is still following them. He’s now sitting near the entrance of the café, crying his eyes out as he reads the movie’s pamphlet LOL.

Kyouko panics and wonders if she should call Shinnosuke to get rid of the police, but Yukito asks her to calm down. If she does something like that, it’s just the same as revealing that he’s indeed the phantom thief. Yukito tells Kyouko to eat her parfait so the police won’t get suspicious, so she takes a spoonful of the parfait and asks him to eat it—saying it makes them look like normal high school students. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ He seems taken aback for a second, but then he grabs her hand and eats it off her spoon. They continue doing this for a while to make it look normal, but soon they realize that the police is staring at them with envy in his eyes. Probably because he’s single. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ The police eventually cries and runs out of the café, so they can’t help but feel sorry for him too LOL. Yukito didn’t expect Kyouko to feed him with her spoon though. He noticed that other people were staring at them too earlier, and she can only answer with a nervous laugh.

Since it’s already 5 PM, they decide to go home for today. Yukito needs to make a lot of preparations for work, but he asks Kyouko not to look so worried. He’s still studying the guards’ positions, so he won’t get caught or anything. It’s just this mission might be a bit tricky than usual, since the police is already tailing him today. Kyouko asks if there’s anything she can help him with, but Yukito says he’s doing fine for now. He knows she’s ready to take the risk, but he wants to avoid involving her as an accomplice. Kyouko then asks if she should just buy the picture for him, but Yukito refuses saying that’s even worse. The price might be nothing much for her family, but his family would have to work for decades in order to earn that much money. If he puts that much burden on her, he’d lose his confidence to keep going out with her normally. She apologizes for suggesting such an idea, but he smiles and asks her not to look so sad. The Karasuma family has been working as phantom thieves for years, so Kyouko knows that Yukito won’t get caught so easily… but she’s still worried about him. Isn’t there any better way to solve this issue? He walks her home after that, and he refuses when she offers to send a car to take him home. Another police officer might be watching his house, so it’d only worsen their suspicion. Noticing that Kyouko is worried about him, Yukito pats her head and reassures her that he’s fine. He then takes his leave saying he’ll see her again at school, but somehow she has a bad feeling about this.

…and it’s soon proven true.

A few days later, Yukito goes into the museum to steal the painting. Kyouko wants to help, but he refuses since the police already saw them together. Late at night, Yukito suddenly comes to Kyouko’s house in his phantom thief attire. He managed to steal the painting, but he can’t go home since his house is still being watched… so he asks her to help hiding him for a while. However, she notices that his clothes are torn in a lot of places. His right leg seems to be injured as well, even though he says it’s just because he had to take an emergency landing in the forest. Kyouko then takes Yukito inside and treats his wounds. Luckily none of them are serious, and it seems like he mostly got scratched by the trees in the forest. When she asks him what exactly happened, he explains that the security was heavier than he expected—it took quite a while to escape. It seems like the police department has put a good officer in charge, and there were around 4 students from a detective school in Harajuku. Plus, he’s now notorious to the whole country. Yukito says it won’t be a problem as long as he doesn’t get caught in the act, though Kyouko isn’t too sure about that.

That aside, Yukito actually discovered a different problem. During his escape earlier, he found out that the museum has one more forged painting made by his grandfather. The title of the painting is “Lakeside Castle”. It was made back in his grandfather’s generation, but the painter is still alive. The forged one has probably been sitting in the museum’s storage all this time, though it was passed around for exhibitions. In any case, Yukito has to go back to steal the painting… and Kyouko is worried because of the security. He says they do have ways to get through tight security though, and he’s sure it will work out somehow. After thanking Kyouko for treating his wounds, Yukito says he’ll be leaving to check his house now. She reminds him that she’s always ready to help him anytime, but he only smiles saying he knows that. When he really needs it, he won’t hold back and will ask her to help. Yukito also asks Kyouko to trust his abilities a bit more. His grandmother gave him good evaluation points, and he won’t do anything that will make her sad. Yukito leaves after saying good night, but Kyouko knows he’s not thinking of asking for her help. No matter how good he might be, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be 100% okay.

The next day, Yukito is absent from school. He contacted the school to inform them that he’s “sick”, but Kyouko knows it’s probably because he doesn’t want the police to see that he’s injured. This makes her realize that he’s really in a dangerous position, and she’s wondering if there’s a way to make him quit his job as the phantom thief—at least until the commotion dies down. When she comes home, Shinnosuke informs her that Monji has returned. His negotiation went faster than planned, and he’s looking forward to have dinner with her. That night, Monji tells Kyouko that he went to a museum in Italy during his free time. The paintings he saw there were all impressive, though he doesn’t want to buy forged paintings. It reminds her of Yukito, and Monji asks her what’s wrong because she looks worried. At first she tells him it’s nothing since she doesn’t want him to worry, but he reminds her that he’s her father. He might not be around that much, but he’s always concerned about her. If she has any worries, he wants her to tell him. She feels happy to hear this, but she assures him that she’s alright.

Just then Shinnosuke enters to deliver the letters that came during Monji’s absence. Recently Monji has been using e-mail for work, so the letters that come in the post are mostly party invitations or exhibition news. There are around 30 letters addressed to Monji, and Kyouko soon notices one that has a beautiful envelope. It doesn’t seem to be a party invitation, and he opens it to find out that it’s an invitation for an auction. Forged painting auction, to be exact. Kyouko never expected that Monji would receive such an invitation, but again… this reminds her of Yukito’s grandfather. When she asks if it’s a crime, Shinnosuke explains that painting forgery is actually in the grey zone. It can be legal and under the permission of the original painter. It’s called reproduction in that case, but this auction claims that every painting is forged. Probably to make it easier to understand. Or maybe because some of the paintings didn’t properly follow the steps of reproduction. Legal copies have certain marks to set it apart from the original paintings, but some people might not like this. For example, those who want to pretend that they bought the originals. This auction exist for those people, though Monji is clearly not one of them.

Kyouko then takes the invitation and looks at the colorful paintings listed there, but she’s surprised to see a familiar title—”Lakeside Castle”. This confuses her because Yukito is going to steal it from the museum. When she mentions that it’s currently featured in an exhibition, Monji says the one in the auction might be a copy then… but it can’t be true because the one in the museum IS the forged one. Forged paintings are delicate, so she doesn’t think people can produce that much copies. This eventually brings her to the realization that the one in the auction might be the original. Kyouko continues thinking about this even after retiring to her room, and noticing that something is bothering her, Shinnosuke soon comes to bring some herb tea for her. When he asks her what’s wrong, she decides to tell him about her suspicion since he also knows about Yukito’s secret. She wonders if there’s a way to appraise the painting in the auction, and he asks one of his acquaintances to get it appraised immediately. Fortunately, the appraiser also has a connection with the auction’s organizer. The result should be out in the morning.

The next morning, Kyouko is having breakfast with Monji when the appraiser calls Shinnosuke to report the result. Just as she expected, the painting in the auction is indeed the original painting. The copy in the museum looks exactly like the original, and so no one noticed that they’ve switched positions. Sadly, this actually doesn’t solve anything. The original shouldn’t be that expensive because it’s being auctioned as a copy, but Kyouko can’t just buy it without telling Monji—who is now curious why she investigated this issue. He can tell that she knows more that she lets on, so he asks her to tell him if something is troubling her. Just as he said last night, he’ll always be on her side. As a father, he finds it painful to see his beloved daughter in trouble. She feels really guilty for making him worry, and she needs his permission to buy the painting anyway. Shinnosuke also thinks she should explain the situation to Monji, so Kyouko finally tells him everything. After learning about Yukito’s family background, Monji… cries. (*つ▽`)っ)))アハハハ☆ He has always liked the glint in Yukito’s eyes when the latter came to pick up Kyouko, but now he’s deeply moved by how manly Yukito is LOL. He’s not even listening to Kyouko anymore, though she’s also aware that she reacted exactly the same way before. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Monji doesn’t stop crying until Satsuki shows him a picture of Kyouko sleeping in her pajamas, and his tears instantly stop flowing upon seeing her cuteness. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Back to the problem at hand, Monji says they can buy the original painting and ask the museum to trade it with the copy… but Kyouko says it’d be meaningless if they find out that the copy was made by Yukito’s grandfather. The museum might conduct an appraisal on the copy, and from there they might figure out who the painter was. If possible, she wants to solve this without letting the museum know. Monji says they should borrow the copy for a day then, so they can secretly swap it with the original. He’s been donating a large amount of money to the museum, and they should be willing to listen to his requests. The auction is also opening today, and so the problem should be solved before the day ends.

Kyouko knows Yukito might get angry if he learns that they solved it with money, but for her… it’s much better than seeing him getting caught. However, she doesn’t know how many of his grandfather’s forged paintings remain out there. They won’t be able to buy and swap everything, which means he’ll still have to continue working as the phantom thief. She’s wondering if there’s a way to make the Karasuma family quit this dangerous job, and the word “family” eventually leads her to the answer—the family rules. Those who break the rules will have to quit being the phantom thief. Kyouko realizes that she can use these rules to make Yukito quit, and now is her chance to do so. She then asks if Monji can buy the original for her, and he nods before asking if she’s going to inform Yukito about the switch next… but she says there’s no need to do so. She’s going to keep it a secret for him and call him to come to their house—she’s going to challenge Phantom Thief Raven.

After that, Kyouko asks Yukito to come to her house immediately—saying she has something important to talk about. Shinnosuke then guides Yukito to see Kyouko in the living room, where she shows him the painting that’s supposed to be his next target—”Lakeside Castle”. As much as he wants her to deny it, she nods saying she bought the painting. When Yukito asks if she doesn’t believe in his abilities, Kyouko only apologizes and explains that she didn’t do it so she can give the painting to him. Instead, she challenges him for a match. She wants him to steal the painting from her house. He wins if he can steal it, and she won’t say anything regarding his activities as the phantom thief anymore. However, if she can protect the painting until the end… it means he’s breaking the first family rule by letting the target get away, and he’ll have to quit being the phantom thief. If he refuses, she’s going to let the public know that the painting is actually a copy forged by his grandfather—which would make his job as the phantom thief meaningless.

Yukito knows Kyouko must have realized that he’d never ask for her help, and that she must be worried about the police’s movements… but he never thought that she’d actually challenge him. He can tell that she’s serious though, and so he decides to accept it. The location of the painting won’t change anything, since his grandmother would rage if he refuses to steal it just because it’s inside his girlfriend’s house. He then writes the notice and hands it to her to keep the third family rule, then he goes home to prepare for the job. Just as he walks out of Kyouko’s house, Yukito receives a call from Nana—who informs him that their target has disappeared from the museum. He asks her to help him prepare for work tonight, because Kyouko will be waiting for him. At the same time, Shinnosuke and Satsuki also help Kyouko to set up the painting and traps. Shinnosuke is excited to test out his new guns on Yukito, so Kyouko will have to warn him later LOL.

Late at night, Yukito goes to Kyouko’s house in his phantom thief attire. When the clock hits 12 AM, Nana pulls a trick to cut the power in the house. Yukito didn’t specify the time in the notice, but he doesn’t think his sudden arrival would throw Kyouko into panic. He never thought of dating her due to her status as the admired idol of their school, but after getting to know her… he realized that everyone is just branding her with the status. It’s the same as how they thought of him as a delinquent. She actually hates losing, tends to poke her nose into other people’s business, and has a lot of guts despite her calm appearance—she’s a bit different than her image as the school idol. Yukito receives a threatening call from Shinnosuke before the match begins, but Satsuki quickly gets rid of him and his M86 LOL. With Shinnosuke gone, Yukito can have a fair match with Kyouko.

When the lights go out, Yukito enters the house from the living room window. He actually tampered with the alarm before going home earlier, and he slips inside after making sure the living room is empty… but he finds it strange because it’s so quiet. He wonders if the painting is stored in a place that’s not affected by the lights, but soon he finds it standing right in the middle of the entrance hall. It’s suspicious because the painting is completely unguarded, but upon examining the canvas… he realizes that it’s not the copy made by his grandfather. All of his grandfather’s paintings have a very subtle sign on the top right corner, and this one doesn’t have it. The painting looks too good to be another copy, and that’s when he realizes that it must be the original. At the same time, he also realizes that he made a fatal mistake. When Kyouko challenged him, he should have checked if it’s really his grandfather’s painting or not. This puts him in a grave position. Even if he steals the original painting, he’d break the second family rule of not touching any paintings other than his grandfather’s. If he leaves without stealing it, he’d break the first family rule of never letting the target get away. Yukito doesn’t have any options left—it’s a checkmate. Kyouko never has any intentions to have a fair match, because he already lost the moment he accepted her challenge.

The next moment, the lights return and a steel cage falls from above—trapping Yukito inside LOL. Kyouko is surprised to see this since Satsuki didn’t tell her about this trap, and she quickly releases him from the cage. She apologizes for tricking him, but he points out that she never said they’re going to have a match over his grandfather’s painting. It’s his own fault for jumping to conclusions. Yukito admits defeat, and he asks Kyouko not to apologize—he knows she only did it for his sake. He was planning to keep quiet about this until he’s done with work, but “Lakeside Castle” is actually the last one of his grandfather’s paintings. If they switch it with the original painting, his grandfather’s wish will be fulfilled and the Karasuma family will be done with their mission. It doesn’t change the fact that he broke their family rules though, so he’ll have to face his grandmother’s wrath later. Yukito promises to quit being the phantom thief and will pay Kyouko back for the original, so he asks her to help switching it with his grandfather’s painting. She nods saying she’s been planning to do that right from the start, and she actually has his grandfather’s painting in this house—which is why it disappeared from the museum.

Yukito smiles saying he can finally become a normal high school student now. He won’t have to stay up late anymore, and he can see Kyouko without any hesitation. Her heart jumps when he hugs her, and he says it’s because he feels happy. Yukito can’t believe that Kyouko fulfilled his grandfather’s wish on top of defeating him, even though she admits that half of it was by coincidence. He can finally say goodbye to this embarrassing phantom thief costume, and he thanks her for helping him—saying he made the right decision by accepting her confession. As Yukito touches her cheek and draws closer, Kyouko slowly closes her eyes… and the ending credits start rolling. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

…until Shinnosuke shoots Yukito in the face. Or at least close enough.

Shinnosuke warns Yukito to let go of Kyouko in 3 seconds, but Satsuki quickly knocks him away. It was just a warning shot, so the bullet didn’t actually hit Yukito. The problem is that it did hit something else… Yes, the original painting. It now has a huge hole in the middle. \(^o^)/ Kyouko rages so hard it shakes the whole house, and Shinnosuke flops onto the floor in despair… but sadly that’s not the end. Soon after that, Shinnosuke receives a call from the appraiser—who knows about their plan to switch the paintings. From him, they learn that the painter of “Lakeside Castle” is planning to visit the museum in 3 days. If they want to switch the paintings around, they better do it before then. While the painter might be old, he will notice if the museum puts up the forged painting. After ending the call, Shinnosuke clings to Yukito and begs for forgiveness. He’s willing to commit seppuku to pay for this mistake, but Satsuki tells him to stop since they’ll have a hard time cleaning up the mess. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

That aside, of course they can’t switch the paintings since the original is damaged. They can repair it, but it’ll take quite a while to fix the hole… and they obviously can’t ask the painter to postpone his visit either. The only way to prevent the painter from seeing the forged painting is to either close the museum or make the painting itself impossible to be seen. This gives Kyouko a nice idea. They’re going to return the forged painting to the museum, but Phantom Thief Raven can steal it before the painter arrives. Yukito reminds her that he has to quit because he broke the family rules, but she easily dismisses their match from earlier since she was cheating anyway. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Kyouko doesn’t want Yukito to get into danger anymore, but they have no choice. Of course she’s going to help, and she won’t let anyone lay a finger on him. Once he steals the forged painting, they’ll wait for the original to be repaired before returning it to the museum.

Shinnosuke will make sure the original is restored to how it used to be, and he’ll also be at Yukito’s service for this mission. Yukito can even treat him like a dog, and he dashes off to buy a juice when Yukito tries giving him an order. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Yukito is actually scared of using Shinnosuke due to how the latter has been treating him all this time, but Shinnosuke returns in a few seconds with the juice and clings to Yukito’s mantle—begging for a chance to atone for his mistake LOL. Shinnosuke only stops after Yukito asks him to provide back-up, and they hold a strategy meeting after that because they don’t have much time. For the next two days, Kyouko and Yukito are busy with preparations. First, he sends a notice to the museum. He’s going to steal the painting two days later, on the day of the painter’s visit. After that, they devise a strategy by using the information gathered by Nana and Shinnosuke.

On the night of the mission, Kyouko visits the museum with Shinnosuke. The director is happy that she’s lending Shinnosuke to join the guards, and she explains that “Lakeside Castle” is one of her favorites. Of course she can’t let it get stolen by the phantom thief. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ When Kyouko asks where she should put Shinnosuke, the director asks her to let him guard the painting directly… which is great for their plan. The director then guides Kyouko and Shinnosuke—or rather, “Shinnosuke”—to the exhibition area on the 3rd floor. “Lakeside Castle” lies in the deepest section, with a lot of guards surrounding it. The director wants to capture the phantom thief once and for all by using Shinnosuke, and she can only apologize to him in her heart… but this is going to be the last. When the time comes, heavy smoke suddenly starts coming out of “Lakeside Castle”. The director quickly orders the guards to stop this, but it’s too late. Before long, the exhibition area is entirely clouded by the smoke.

Here, Kyouko tells “Shinnosuke” to secure the painting… but when the smoke disappears, the painting on the wall has turned into a blank canvas. “Lakeside Castle” has disappeared. The director rages and leads all the guards to search for the phantom thief, leaving Kyouko alone with “Shinnosuke”—who is actually Yukito in disguise. Earlier, he actually didn’t snatch the painting. He just put a blank canvas on top of it. When he removes the blank canvas, “Lakeside Castle” appears underneath. Their plan is going smoothly so far, but just before they escape with the painting… the police who tailed them before suddenly comes to stop them. He failed to get any evidence after tailing Yukito for so long, but it doesn’t matter—he can just catch Yukito in the act. He didn’t expect Kyouko to be involved though, and he says Monji would be sad to learn about this. This a bad situation for both of them. Even if they manage to escape, it would be pointless since the police already saw her working with the phantom thief.

However, they actually do have a back-up plan. Kyouko actually doesn’t want to use it unless she really has to, but Yukito is looking at her with “give up” written all over his face. This leaves her with no choice, so she steps forward and loudly announces that she’s actually not Himeno Kyouko—she’s Phantom Thief Glass Heart! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ As the police gawks in shock, she takes off her clothes and reveals the disguise underneath—complete with a wig and voice changer made by Satsuki LOL. That’s why she doesn’t want to use this plan, but reality is cruel like that. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ It’s REALLY embarrassing though, and she can understand why Yukito didn’t want to wear his phantom thief costume. It doesn’t seem like they can escape from underground, so Yukito then calls his beloved dog and asks him to retrieve Kyouko and him because they’re going to be using “that”. She has no idea what he’s referring to, but they don’t have time for explanations right now. Yukito takes Kyouko to run outside after that. They get surrounded by a lot of guards, but he calmly says phantom thieves should escape from above after all. At the same time, a huge balloon emerges from his back… and they use it to fly away from the museum. Σ(゚ー゚;)

Yukito rarely uses the balloon since it’s expensive, but it’s perfect for Kyouko’s first and last mission as a phantom thief. She wonders what they should do next since they won’t be able escape just by relying on the balloon, but he assures her that he already took care of that. Just then a helicopter comes and hovers above their heads, piloted by the real Shinnosuke. The police wants to shoot them down before they can reach the helicopter, but the director stops them since it might damage the painting. As they argue below, Yukito says goodbye to them and escapes into the helicopter with Kyouko. They eventually land near the beach, and Shinnosuke goes out first to make sure the coast is clear… though sadly both Yukito and Kyouko nearly lose their consciousness thanks to his acrobatic flight. ヾ(✿❛◡❛ฺฺ)ノ~❤ It was normal when they were changing at the back because she told him not to shake the helicopter, but his piloting turned insane as soon as they were done LOL. Satsuki is curious about what Kyouko thinks after seeing Yukito changing, but she quickly says she didn’t see anything. They were separated by a curtain, much to Satsuki’s disappointment. Shinnosuke’s excuse is that he did it to avoid missiles just in case, even though they were nothing like that in sight. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Putting that aside, Yukito then asks Kyouko to hold “Lakeside Castle” as he goes to retrieve a wooden box from the woods nearby. It contains all of his grandfather’s forged paintings, and he decides to burn them. Kyouko is surprised since they’re a keepsake for his grandfather, but she doesn’t say anything. Noticing that she looks sad, Yukito smiles and thanks her for feeling sad for the paintings. He admits that he feels the same way, but his grandfather wouldn’t want these paintings to exist. As long as his forged paintings still exist in this world, he probably won’t be able to rest in peace. Kyouko quietly nods, and Yukito asks her to stay back before setting the paintings on fire. She bites her lip as she watches them burning, and he gently holds her hand. At the same time, Satsuki quickly drags Shinnosuke away so he won’t disturb them. Shinnosuke argues that a dog needs to stay by its master all the time, but Satsuki replies that even dogs need to read the atmosphere LOL.

After they’re gone, Yukito also decides to burn his mantle and silk hat. Kyouko asks if it’s really okay, but he says he doesn’t need them anymore. Starting from this moment, the Karasuma family is no longer working as phantom thieves. Kyouko feels a bit sad that she won’t be able to see Yukito as the phantom thief anymore, but she knows this is for the best. Just then he puts one hand over her shoulder and pulls her closer. Then for the first time, he calls her name instead of the usual “Himeno”. Yukito thanks Kyouko for staying with him, even after she found out about his background. He can accomplish his task as the phantom thief because she’s always there by his side. He was surprised when she challenged him, but he was also happy to know that she’s worried about him… and even more than anything, he came to realize how much he loves her. He’s truly glad that she chose him. Yukito then asks Kyouko to call him by his first name too, because he wants to hear it from her mouth. When she calls his name, he nods and replies that he loves her—more than anyone else. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Kyouko can feel her heart racing, but it feels different from the pain due to “Glass Heart Syndrome”. It’s also different from the feeling she had when she first saw Yukito in the rain. As she realizes that it’s the feeling that lies at the very end of her illness, she answers that she loves him too. They burn his mantle and silk hat together after that, finally putting an end to everything. She trembles upon feeling his fingers on her nape, but he chuckles and tells her not to run away. When she looks up, he whispers that he won’t let her get away this time… and then he pulls her in for a kiss. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Once again Yukito tells Kyouko that he loves her, but he kisses her again before she can answer. She manages to call his name as he goes deeper, but he doesn’t let her go. In the end, she loses all her strength and can only cling to him. Later on, he apologizes for getting carried away… but since her heart seems to be doing fine by now, he blushes and asks if he can kiss her again. As he leans in for another kiss, she closes her eyes. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

In the epilogue, graduation comes for Yukito and Kyouko. She gets chased by all of her fans as soon as the ceremony ends, and she goes into hiding while Shinnosuke deals with them. It’s not only her though, because Yukito is also getting attacked by all the girls who wants his second button. She wonders if he’s okay, but Satsuki thinks he’ll be just fine. He used to be the phantom thief after all, so he must be good in running away. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After a while, Yukito comes to see Kyouko in her hiding spot. He doesn’t get why he gets swarmed by all the girls who treated him like a delinquent but she thinks a lot of girls actually find his delinquent image charming. Just then Monji appears out of the blue, adding that it’s also because he has a sincere heart and grows up in good health. Kyouko is surprised since she also ran away from Monji earlier, but he says he wants to talk to Yukito. After learning about Yukito’s “adventures”, Monji has taken a GREAT liking on him. He asks Yukito to call him “father” starting from today, knowing that he can leave Kyouko in the hands of a great man like him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

In addition, Monji also invites Yukito to live with them starting from April. He will be busy with work and won’t be able to stay at home that much, so he thinks it’s a great timing. Yukito nervously says he’ll think about it, while Kyouko gets dizzy upon imagining them living together LOL. He quickly supports her and tells her to be careful since her heart hasn’t completely healed yet, while Monji grins and decides to leave so he won’t disturb them. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Once they’re alone, Kyouko apologizes that her father got carried away… but Yukito admits he’s happy if Monji likes him. It will make everything smoother for the future of their relationship. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Yukito then asks what Kyouko would do if he accepts Monji’s suggestion, and she admits that she doesn’t hate the idea—even though it’s a bit embarrassing. He’ll pass on the idea for now though, knowing that he’ll only get nervous. Besides, he wants to pick her up everyday when they go to university. Yukito asks Kyouko to be careful so she doesn’t open the door while wearing the clothes from yesterday, and she laughs saying that’s her line because he’s the phantom thief—though he quickly corrects it to “former” phantom thief.

When a breeze sends cherry blossom petals to dance in the air, they realize that spring really has come. Yukito never had the time to enjoy the seasons properly because he was busy with his missions, but now the scenery around him looks different—mostly because he has Kyouko by his side. He feels peaceful and happy whenever he’s with her, and he thanks her for staying with him. Kyouko can’t contain her joy, and she hugs Yukito saying her world is sparkling whenever she’s with him. He’s really surprised and mutters “…don’t say such a cute thing, stupid” under his breath, but then he nods saying the scenery will keep on changing for him from now on—as long as she’s with him. Yukito then asks Kyouko to stay with him from now on. No matter what happens, he will always protect her. She happily nods and answers that she will always be with him. She hugs his arm even tighter, as if she’s making a vow to stay with him forever.

Man, Yukito’s route is REALLY good. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ It has comedy, drama and action on top of the adorable romance between Yukito and Kyouko. At first I thought Yukito might be a tsundere due to his rather sarcastic sample lines, but he’s surprisingly honest and sincere. Not to mention incredibly cute and blushes a lot. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kyouko is very supportive towards Yukito, and this route also shows how awesome she can be—as well as how similar they are. Just as Yukito said it himself, both Kyouko and him have a certain image attached to them by other people. They’re actually different from what people think, and I really like how they bring up the comparison here. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ


28 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Karasuma Yukito

  1. A “normal” young man compared to everyone else, yup. :’D Your post reminded me of how funny Yukito’s route was, especially that troll end. www But at the same time it was really sweet with how Kyouko plucked up the courage to ask him out, and also both of them sharing their secrets and supporting each other. (=´▽`)ゞ Can’t wait to see more blushing Yukito in the FD. ^q^

    • Yeah, because the rest of the cast are… www
      LOL I was wondering why they have an extra slot of the ending credits section, apparently it’s for Yukito’s troll ending. ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!! Yukito is also the only one with a normal confession, and it’s really sweet how Kyouko admits that she fell in love at the first sight. Yukito is so cute when he blushes, right? We need more of him in the FD. ((( ^q^ )))

  2. AWWWW! Yukito! I definitely agree that his route was so good! The romance between him and Kyouko has a really good pacing, with them starting being friends and slowly becoming something more. It felt really complete and, while I do like Kyouko in most of the game, here she had some really awesome moments, proving to be smart and supportive!
    Anyway, I really love Yukito as a character, both in design and personality, but he also has a big bonus, at least for me: he’s a phantom thief! I have a weak spot for phantom thieves, since they have that romantic aura around them. And I like the idea of the heroine chasing after them! It wasn’t the case here, since the focus was more on how to make him stop being a thief, but it turned out good all the same. It’s also true that Yukito is the only “normal” person in this game other than Kyouko, since he didn’t decide on his own to become a phantom thief, but it was more of a family businness. That’s probably why him and Kyouko look good together.
    There was only one thing I was disappointed at. As awesome as the good ending is, I ended up liking the normal ending more, where Yukito’s scary grandmother comes back in picture, he’s forced to go on with his mission and Kyouko decides to become a phantom thief herself to chase after him! That’s because I wanted Yukito and Kyouko to be both phantom thieves! I can’t see “normality” as a good ending. But that’s just me being crazy, and I understand why Yukito wanted to be normal in the end.
    Ah, by the way, just to end this huge textwall: as much as I did love Yukito, the one who had the greatest moment in the route was Shinnosuke, when he wanted to be acknowledged as A DOG! It’s been a while since I laughed so hard because of a game character!

    • Yeah, Kyouko is really supportive in this route. I also like that “if you can’t stop him, beat him” solution she came up with. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ I agree on the phantom thieves, even Kyouko herself said they’re wonderful and the mystery just adds to their charm. Maybe that’s because I have a thing for thieves in general, but I really like overall theme and the short adventure with Yukito near the end. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ I didn’t write down the normal endings because LOL the posts are long enough without them, but Yukito’s (and Tenma’s) normal endings are so cute. As much as they want to be normal, I don’t think they can have a normal relationship anytime soon. Not with Monji, Shinnosuke and Satsuki around. xD

      Oh, and yeah Shinnosuke. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ
      He’s such a cute puppy character, but I didn’t expect him to ask someone to call him a dog LOL. Not to mention Yukito really calls him “dog” at the end and he sounds so happy about it. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

  3. I love his route the best ! (о´∀`о) Its just so cute~ I love the other routes as well but when I played Shinnosuke’s route , it made me go( ̄ー ̄)’Wtf?’ at the plot. Yes, Yukito’s the absolutely most ‘normal’ guy. There’s no such thing normal guy in this game, huh ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

    • To be fair, Shinnosuke’s route actually has a solid plot. xD It’s also the most serious since it involves his background with Kyouko, but then again GHP gives everyone a good route. Even though it might not be 100% normal LOL.

  4. YUKITO!!! His the first character I played in the game!! And seriously his route is just amazing!! But then I got confused because of Tenma’s route so in the end.. I love them both ^~^

    But yeah… Let’s go back to Yukito! I actually like storyline because it’s not too slow/fast *O* It was just right but then at the end where Yukito stealing artworks made me squeal ^^ Let’s just say my inner fandom of DN Angel got out because it’s kinda similar but still I just love it!

    I actually got surprised when Shinnosuke stopped the ending song O.O It got me really surprise there cause I thought it’s really the end but lol I was wrong ^O^

    And I’m still having a hard time to play Shinnosuke’s route until I give up because of school! OTL

    • Ooh, a fellow DNAngel fan! xD
      You’re right, Yukito’s route did remind me of DNAngel too because of how his family specializes in stealing art. I agree that the pacing is really good, and the gradual change until Yukito finally accepts Kyouko’s help was so nicely done. As for the troll ending… I was wondering why the ending credits section has one extra slot, and Yukito’s route would be shorter than the others if they stopped there. Well, now we know why LOL.

      Are you having problems with Shinnosuke’s route? :O

      • Yup yup! DNAngel is one of the reasons why I got into anime and how I discover that I can actually draw *O* Yeah! It’s kinda new for otome games by doing something like that!! but at least they did a great job with it ^O^

        Yeah! It’s really hard for me to start his route T_T And also for Gai’s route OTL

        • Are you having problems with entering his route?
          Just in case you need help with the trigger date:

          • First, don’t shoot the cupid’s arrows for anyone. Don’t trigger FLF and just skip past the introduction / encounter events. The game will force you to choose between Yukito, Tenma and Kanata. You can choose anyone, it doesn’t matter.
          • Once you’ve picked a guy, date only him (not Shinnosuke) until November. If you’re doing it right, you should spend the culture festival with Shinnosuke instead of that guy.
          • Around the time of Gai’s first event, a Rank D date for Shinnosuke should occur. The title is 黒い鼓動 and you need this to start Shinnosuke’s route. From there all of Shinnosuke’s lower-rank dates should disappear, and you can go on to his higher-rank dates instead.

          For Gai’s route, you can just skip FLF and only date Shinnosuke until Gai’s first date appears.

          I hope that helps you and anyone who needs it!

  5. First off: thanks for the long reviews!

    Yukito and Kyouko are both great! I really like their romance and how they relate to each other despite coming from different worlds. I must say I like Yukito’s “Phantom Thief Raven” look the best. He looks so good! And the one who’s the “phantom thief” is “normal” speaks a lot for this cast. XD

    Shinnosuke is definitely a highlight. With all the acrobatics, guns, and troll ending, he is just hilarious! XD LOL Asking to be called a dog? He’s something! XD He’s my favorite chara (Yukito’s 2nd, just can’t beat Shinnosuke!) for sure.

    Monji is some father too. He really is very doting. XD And Satsuki, she’s a great maid. Such a great cast this has. :)

    • No problem. Thanks for reading! :D

      Yeah, despite the difference in their background / wealth, Yukito and Kyouko are actually similar to each other. I loved Kyouko’s phantom thief outfit too, though I guess in the good ending she’s too embarrassed to put it on again LOL. GHP has a brilliant cast indeed. I love all the characters in the game (except maybe Kuroe), and they have such a great chemistry with each other. I’m hoping to see this again in the fandisk.

  6. Rin-chan (can I call you that?) Could you send me the cg pack for Glass heart princess? you dont have to if im asking for too much. I liked the review too (>//w//<)

  7. …I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG ;-; I was at the last scene,I was waiting for the kiss CG,but suddenly his sister appeared and it ended by her taking him away! WHAT DID I DO WRONG ;—;

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