Glass Heart Princess – Masaki Shinnosuke

Shinnosuke キタ━(*゚∀゚(゚∀゚*)゚∀゚*)━ッ!! The way to enter Shinnosuke’s route is a bit different, but it’s very easy once you figured out the trick. Before you read on, do keep in mind that I’m extremely biased towards KENN and his characters.

柾木真之介 (CV:KENN)

Shinnosuke is Kyouko’s loyal butler. He’s very dedicated to her, and he would do anything for her no matter how difficult it might be. While he seems perfect, Shinnosuke would instantly flop and weep whenever Kyouko gets angry at him. He received special training sessions in a certain country before, which makes him ridiculously strong and skilled with weapons—especially guns. Shinnosuke is really overprotective and would take extreme measures to protect Kyouko.

■ RANK G: First Date (Tentative)

On the last weekend of summer vacation, Kyouko goes on a date training with Shinnosuke—because she doesn’t have anyone she likes. Of course she doesn’t have any specific date plans either, so they go along with the plan Satsuki wrote for them. The first step is for them to take a walk together, which she thinks is the best way to start since Kyouko is 100% a beginner in dating. However, they have to hold hands. While this might only be a training simulation, it still counts as a date. When Shinnosuke asks if he can hold her hand, Kyouko takes the initiative to hold his hand first. She feels a bit embarrassed by this, and it makes her really worried about what would happen if she has to hold the hands for someone she doesn’t know. Or even worse, the hands of the person she likes.

Based on Satsuki’s order, Shinnosuke then takes Kyouko for a walk around the house. Even though she has no immunity against men, they have been living together for 10 years… so her heart gradually calms down after a while. For the next step, Shinnosuke opens a memo he received from Satsuki and reads out the next order: “State what you like about each other.” He calmly answers that he loves everything about her, while Kyouko, feeling really embarrassed, hesitantly says that she likes how strong he is. Satsuki gives her a full score for this answer, and they answer several more questions before finishing their walk. When Satsuki asks for her opinion regarding the date, Kyouko admits that she doesn’t really understand—most likely because it was with Shinnosuke. Since they’ve been together for so long, going on a date with him doesn’t really damage her heart. He feels bad about this, and he promises to learn how to make her heart throb even more next time—which she finds a bit scary LOL.

Starting from tomorrow, Kyouko will have to find someone to date with Shinnosuke’s help.

…except this is Shinnosuke’s route, so it’s not going to work. (◕‿◕✿)

■ RANK G: Infiltrate! Karyou Tokiwa Academy

One can only enjoy on-school date while they’re still a student, so Satsuki sends Shinnosuke and Kyouko to have training at school today. In order to increase their sense of tension, she also made sure to not get a permission from the teachers beforehand. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Shinnosuke nods and takes this as a “sneaking mission”, but Kyouko doesn’t get why they have to increase the tension. Satsuki explains that it’s exactly because Kyouko is going on a date with Shinnosuke. If they don’t put some restraints, they won’t be able to have a proper training session. Satsuki sends them off before Kyouko can protest further, and they get past the guard safely thanks to Shinnosuke’s… uh, sneaking skills. Along the way he also asks her to wear the camouflage pattern jersey he prepared for her, but of course she rejects the idea LOL.

Once they’re inside the school building, Shinnosuke asks if Kyouko has any place she wants to visit since Satsuki doesn’t give them any specific orders today. After thinking for a while, she notices the music room and asks if they can go inside. She didn’t get much chance to see it since she only received music classes back in her first year, but sadly the music room is locked because there are expensive musical instruments stored inside. Kyouko says she’ll just visit it again next time, but Shinnosuke quietly takes out his gun and points it towards the door. It’s also equipped with a silencer, and she doesn’t have to worry about getting noticed. ∑(゚д゚;ノ)ノ He thinks it’s better than using bombs, but she pretends not to hear this LOL. Since she rejects the idea of shooting the door, he decides to open it by picking the lock. She quickly points out that illegal trespassing is a crime, but they already did it by sneaking into the school anyway. In the end, she enters the music room while apologizing to Monji in her heart. ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!

It’s been 2 years since the last time Shinnosuke walked into the music room with Kyouko, but it doesn’t change that much. When she sits on her former seat, it feels different because she’s grown taller. As she looks around the room, Kyouko soon notices that Shinnosuke is staring at the piano with great interest. He’s actually admiring the quality, and he presses the key to learn that it’s finely tuned as well. She then asks if he can play it, and he nods saying he can. It’s self taught though, so it’s not perfect. Kyouko finds this unusual because Shinnosuke always does everything perfectly, and she asks if musical instruments weren’t included in his journey to master all skills. However, he says it’s because Monji was into rock and heavy metal back then… and this caused his music training to turn unbalanced LOL. Shinnosuke asks if Kyouko wants to see his skills in teeth guitar-playing, but she refuses. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Kyouko wonders Shinnosuke he learned piano if it wasn’t a part of his training, and he laughs saying she seems to have forgotten. A long time ago, she asked him to play the piano for her… so he learned how to play it. It was back when he just became her butler. Monji bought a piano and put it in their living room, and Kyouko remembers that Shinnosuke was by her side when she first saw the piano. She doesn’t really remember asking him to play it, but he says it can’t be helped since it happened a long time ago—not to mention it was a trivial request. When she points out that he remembered that “trivial request” and even learned piano because of it, he says he’ll never miss everything she says—no matter how small or trivial they might be. Despite the request, Shinnosuke actually never played the piano for Kyouko because she never asked him again. Back then he looked really troubled, so she must’ve realized that she gave him a bad request. Kyouko feels bad for not remembering it after all these years, but then she asks Shinnosuke to play the piano for her… and he gladly fulfills her request. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After that, Shinnosuke fixes the lock of the music room and they safely leave the school. Kyouko admits that she was surprised to hear how beautiful his melody was. When he was playing the piano, she found it hard to believe that he’s the same person who tried to destroy the door LOL. She asks if he’s willing to play the piano for her again, and he nods saying he’ll be glad to—he learned how to play it for her after all. Kyouko’s heart jumps upon hearing this, but she’s glad to have visited the school today. If they didn’t, she probably would never hear Shinnosuke’s piano.

■ RANK G: The So-called Image Change

When Kyouko asks about today’s plans, Shinnosuke gives her a detailed run through her schedule… but she’s not too pleased about this because he states them in a very formal, business-like way. For the date today, she asks him to forget the fact that he’s her butler. For example, he can start by changing the way he calls her. She tries forcing him to call her “Kyouko” instead of “milady”, but he fails to do this because his instincts as a butler is getting in the way. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ Just when Kyouko is about to give up on this idea, Satsuki comes saying they can at least change Shinnosuke’s appearance. He’s always wearing his butler suit, so it’s only obvious if they can’t have a nice mood during their dates. Kyouko thinks it’s a good idea, and she asks what kind of casual clothes Shinnosuke has… but he doesn’t remember since he never took them out of the closet for years LOL. She tells him to try wearing them though, and he takes a REALLY long time changing because there are a lot of traps in his room. Or rather, he put too many traps and forgot about them. As they wait for Shinnosuke, Kyouko and Satsuki can hear a loud explosion from his room. Σ(-∀-;)

After a while, Shinnosuke finally returns in casual clothes… and Kyouko fails to recognize him for a brief moment LOL. He feels a bit embarrassed since it’s been a while since the last time he wore them, but she thinks they look good on him. However, he feels reluctant to go out in his casual clothes. He says they’re not functional in case of emergencies, and the number of weapons he can hide in them are rather small compared to his butler suit—which was specially tailored for him. He also feels uneasy in casual clothes, and he asks if she’s willing to wait at least until he’s done making them bulletproof. When she nods and apologizes for being unreasonable, he thanks her before dashing off to change back into his butler suit. When Satsuki asks if she’s alright with this, Kyouko says she doesn’t mind waiting. Shinnosuke is willing to wear his casual clothes once they’re modified, and she thinks it’s quite a progress. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

■ RANK F: Couple Observation Strategy

Kyouko has to go shopping with Shinnosuke for today, but she feels a bit embarrassed since there’s a lot of people in the department store. Satsuki says she won’t be able to become an expert if she doesn’t think of showing off, but of course she doesn’t get it at all LOL. Satsuki sends them off after that, and they walk into the department holding hands. Shinnosuke asks if there’s a shop she wants to visit today, so Kyouko asks if he has the floor guide—which he gladly opens for her. However, Kyouko quickly realizes that this is just the same as her normal shopping trips with Shinnosuke. He apologizes and asks what they should do to go shopping like lovers, but she has no idea either… and Satsuki already left, so they can’t ask for help. Luckily, there’s a lot of couples around them. He suggests observing them to get an idea, so she points to a married couple with a kid… until she realizes that they don’t have any kids with them. Shinnosuke then points to a newlywed couple nearby, but quickly apologizes when Kyouko gasps and turns red LOL.

Since they can’t find any couples to use as an example, they eventually decide to pay extra attention on what couples do instead. After a while, they reach the women’s clothing section. Here, Kyouko decides to give those actions a try by asking Shinnosuke to buy her some clothes. This really surprises him since she has always been obedient and never asks for anything, so now that she finally asks him to buy something for her… he can’t help but feel touched. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Of course he gladly goes to buy the clothes for her, though it doesn’t make them look like a couple at all. After observing more couples, Kyouko wonders if she’ll be able to fall in love like all the people around them… but Shinnosuke asks her not to worry. He’s been watching over her for a long time, and he knows she’s going to be just fine.

■ RANK F: It’s a Date Until Home

During today’s date, Shinnosuke asks if they can go home early—just in case. Kyouko finds this strange, but she agrees since he’s been acting a bit weird today. Just before they leave the park, he suddenly tells her to duck and tackles her to the ground. Of course she’s confused, but he only asks her to stay still and keep quiet… which is difficult for her, due to the fact that she’s pressed against his chest. This is just like a scene from the DVD she watched with Satsuki, except that one leads to a different situation. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ It causes her to think that they’re going to do the same thing. She instantly panics and orders him to let go, but he refuses because someone is targeting her. Before Kyouko can get further explanation, a boy comes over to ask if they see a ball flying over here. When Shinnosuke asks if it’s the baseball he’s holding, the boy nods and apologizes for disturbing—asking them not to mind him and continue. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ Ignoring Kyouko’s attempt to explain, the boy leaves after telling Shinnosuke to “do his best” LOL.

Shinnosuke doesn’t get this at all though, and he asks if Kyouko is alright. She admits that her heart got damaged a bit, but otherwise she’s 100% unharmed. He apologizes for tackling her so suddenly and tries to wipe the grass off her dress, but she quickly tells him that she’ll do it herself. After what just happened, she feels really embarrassed to be touched by him. Kyouko then asks why he seems to be so cautious, but Shinnosuke suddenly takes out his gun and shoots at something behind a tree… which turns out to be a cat. She demands an explanation for all of his weird actions today, and he agrees to explain as they walk home. It appears that yesterday, he received a report that a pervert is lurking around the area. According to a witness, the pervert has a medium build and wore a light brown long coat—attacking young women after dusk. Sadly the pervert hasn’t been captured yet, and that’s why Shinnosuke wanted to go home as quickly as possible. He kept quiet because he didn’t want Kyouko to hear about this, but now he feels bad since it only made her even more confused.

Kyouko also apologizes for not knowing about this, and she asks if they should hurry home. She doesn’t want to run into the pervert either. Shinnosuke agrees because the sun is setting as they talk, but then he notices a suspicious man standing in front of them. The man soon comes to talk to them, but Shinnosuke quickly pins him against the wall and holds him at gunpoint—asking what he needs from Kyouko. When the man tries to ask what he’s saying, Shinnosuke fires a warning shot and says he’s not allowed to speak other than for answering the question. He won’t allow the man to involve Kyouko in his… uh, weird fetish. However, the man soon reveals that he’s not a pervert. Or rather, he’s a police officer who’s currently on a patrol to investigate the pervert case. At first Shinnosuke doesn’t believe it, but the man then takes out his police ID as the proof—which puts both Kyouko and him into silence LOL.

Shinnosuke immediately apologizes, and the police says he has several questions to ask. Thinking this will lead to a grave situation, Kyouko quickly says that Shinnosuke is her boyfriend. There’s no denying that he went too far, so she tried to defend him by saying that he was just trying to protect her. The police can understand that. What he can’t understand is the thing Shinnosuke pushed against his head earlier, and Kyouko can’t do anything about this since he really does have a gun. However, Shinnosuke then whispers to Kyouko to hold his hand… and he takes her to escape. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ She’s a bit worried since it counts as obstructing the performance of official duties, but he makes a call to take care of this issue as they run away. By the time they return home, the incident has been swept under the rug LOL. Kyouko still feels bad though. The next day, she sends Shinnosuke to capture the pervert and hand him to the police as a token of apology. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

■ RANK F: Petit ☆ Happening in the Dark

Today, Shinnosuke and Kyouko visit the museum. It’s been a few years ever since their last visit, and they were also with Monji last time. Back then Kyouko had a hard time stopping Monji from buying a painting she liked, and Shinnosuke didn’t help knowing she’s the only one who can stop a fired-up Monji LOL. The current exhibition is featuring a new painter named Kaga Haru, and Kyouko is impressed because they’re about the same age. Shinnosuke notices that she seems to like one of the paintings a lot, and just before she can explain what she loves from it… the lights suddenly go out. One of the staff soon announces that they’re checking it at the moment. It’s dangerous to move around, and so they’re asking all the visitors to stay still until the lights are back on.

However, they’re taking a really long time to restore the lights. Kyouko wonders if a problem occurs, and she turns to talk to Shinnosuke… but he doesn’t reply. This causes her to be worried, and she extends her arms in the dark to search for him. Instead of finding him, her hand soon touches something made out of metal. Just then Kyouko hears Shinnosuke’s voice asking if she’s alright, because she doesn’t look to well. After a while, she realizes that she’s touching his head. The metal is the night vision goggles he’s currently wearing, and he can clearly see her face in the dark. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ When she asks why he didn’t tell her about the goggles, he blushes saying it’s because her worried expression was so lovely in the dark. He was charmed. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Shinnosuke apologizes for this, but Kyouko feels really stupid for getting into panic earlier LOL. After thinking about it, she realizes that he would never leave her alone in the dark… so in the end she just blames the darkness for everything. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

As Kyouko wonders what’s taking them so long, Shinnosuke says it can’t be a problem with the electrical system because the museum is a new building. Somehow this leads him to the terrifying thought that an assassin is targeting her, and he quickly pins her against the ground before she can argue. He asks her to stay quiet so the “enemy” won’t notice them, while she does her best to suppress her heartbeat from going out of control. Noticing that Kyouko is shivering, Shinnosuke asks her not to be scared. Unaware that she isn’t trembling from fear, he promises to protect her with his life and hugs her even tighter… which doesn’t help at all. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ It was then when the lights finally return. The staff soon comes to ask if there was any problems during the blackout, but upon seeing Shinnosuke and Kyouko… he quickly apologizes for disturbing them and runs off. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ While Kyouko desperately tries to clear this misunderstanding, Shinnosuke doesn’t mind at all—he’s just glad that the danger has passed.

Shinnosuke is about to guide Kyouko to the next room after that, but she only turns around saying she’s going home LOL. She thought they can view paintings in piece since Monji isn’t with them, but then this happened. Did she do something bad to museums in her previous life…? In any case, she doesn’t want to visit the museum again for a while. |ω・`)プッ♪

■ RANK E: Date is Cancelled, Melancholic Day

Kyouko is feeling a bit dizzy today, but she doesn’t want to cancel the date because Shinnosuke already accompanied her to the station. He notices that she’s spacing out, but she tells him it’s nothing and asks if they can buy the train tickets here… and he simply says they can’t. They’re not going to ride any trains, and they’re going home for today. He knows that she’s not feeling well, and he won’t accept any excuses from her. As soon as they return home, Shinnosuke asks Satsuki to call a doctor for Kyouko. She doesn’t think they have to go that far, but he asks her not to take it lightly. She has “Glass Heart Syndrome”, and he doesn’t want her to come down with another illness. Since Kyouko has a slight fever, Satsuki asks her to drink a cold medicine for now. If her condition doesn’t improve until tomorrow, they’re going to call a doctor. Shinnosuke agrees, and he asks her to get a full bed rest for the rest of the day. He won’t listen to her protests at all, and since she keeps repeating the word “date”… it leaves him with no choice but to put her to rest by force. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? When she asks how he’s going to do that, he simply says it’ll be safer for her to stay in bed.

Kyouko eventually agrees to rest on the condition that Shinnosuke sleeps with her, which he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he’s willing to let her rest on his arm as he reads a picture book for her—like what they used to do in the past. He also asks if she prefers a lullaby instead, but she gets embarrassed and tells him that she was just joking—she’ll sleep alone. Before she goes to sleep, he gives her an ice pillow and puts some water for her on the table. She chuckles saying he’s so overprotective, but he says it’s only obvious since she’s important to him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* In the evening, Kyouko wakes up to Shinnosuke reporting her health condition to Satsuki. Her fever has gone down, so he asked Satsuki to cancel the idea of calling a doctor. When Kyouko asks if he’s been staying with her the whole time, Shinnosuke nods saying it’s because her condition could change anytime. She thanks him for watching over her, but he smiles and asks her not to mind. As a butler, it’s only obvious for him to do that.

Shinnosuke then asks if Kyouko is going to get some more rest, but she decides to wake up since she has slept for quite a while. She apologizes for cancelling their date today, but he points out that the date was for her to begin with… and so she doesn’t have to feel bad. Not too long after that, Satsuki comes to ask about dinner. She offers to watch over Kyouko so Shinnosuke can get some rest and do other chores, but before that… he asks why she’s holding some rice balls. It appears that Satsuki is planning to have dinner with Kyouko’s feverish breath as the BGM. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! When Kyouko tells her to get out, Satsuki protests that it’s unfair since Shinnosuke can listen to it as much as he wants. He asks her to stop saying it like that since he’s doesn’t have that kind of hobby, but she points to a new pink jersey in the room and asks what that is. Did he take Kyouko’s measurements when she was sleeping? Shinnosuke quickly says he didn’t touch her since he only took a rough estimation of her size, but Kyouko simply tells both Satsuki and him to get out LOL.

■ RANK E: Where the Gun is Pointed

For today’s date, Kyouko visits the nature park with Shinnosuke. They’re having a clear weather today, so there’s a lot of people in the park—ranging from elders to children. It’s a perfect day to have a picnic, and he asks if they should eat lunch as well. Their lunch was made by Satsuki, and it seems like she put a lot of effort into it. Kyouko thinks she should have cooked it herself since it’s their date, but Shinnosuke says he’s not allowed to do that as her butler. She remembers that he took all of the desserts she made during cooking class before, but he actually didn’t get to eat them. He would have gotten at least a tiny crumble though, if only he didn’t fall for Monji’s trick LOL. Besides, Shinnosuke wants Kyouko to cook only for the person she loves. He thinks it’d be a waste if she does it for him. She finds this weird since they’re currently on a date, and she thinks he’s so upright in a weird way.

After they’re done eating lunch, Shinnosuke asks which tea Kyouko wants to have. He brought the whole tea set along, so she can choose anything she likes. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ She enjoys the refreshing breeze as he makes some herb tea for her, but sadly the peaceful time only lasts until they hear a rustle nearby. Much to Kyouko’s shock, Shinnosuke immediately takes out his gun and shoots—asking her not to move since there’s a burglar under the tree shades. Since they receive no response, he’s thinking of blowing away the entire grove next… but she quickly stops him from throwing a hand grenade in a place like this. Knowing that Shinnosuke is going to kill whoever is hiding behind the tree, Kyouko asks them to show themselves. A LONG silence passes before a little boy comes out and cries out an apology. Σ(゚ー゚;) The boy explains that he was shooting every couple he saw with his water gun, and they became one of his targets earlier. He promises that he won’t do it again, begging them not to kill him LOL.

After making sure that the boy is alright, Kyouko turns to talk to Shinnosuke—who is il||li_| ̄|○il||li-ing on the ground. He feels really down after mistaking a water gun for a real one, and he thinks he must’ve grown senile LOL. Shinnosuke instantly smiles when the boy asks if he fired a real gun earlier, but since Kyouko calls his name in a warning tone, he says it’s just a model gun that looks like a real one. The boy is really amazed though, and he gets so happy when Shinnosuke praises his water gun. It seems like he’s forgotten the fact that he was almost killed, but Kyouko feels glad that they’re dealing with a strong boy LOL. The boy is curious as of why Shinnosuke knew that he was hiding behind a tree, and he asks about Shinnosuke’s identity. Shinnosuke answers that he’s a butler in charge of protecting Kyouko, but he gets startled when she adds that they’re also lovers—because they’re on a date. He tells her that other people might misunderstand their relationship, but then he admits that he doesn’t hate it. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

The boy then says he wants to be like Shinnosuke, and he asks what he needs to do to become a butler. Shinnosuke explains that in order to work as a butler, the first thing he needs to learn is how to keep his presence hidden from enemies. He decides to teach the boy some pro skills, and Kyouko watches as they practice stealth… by crawling on the grass while holding tree branches. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Kyouko never thought that Shinnosuke can deal with children in like that though. She can see that he’s actually good at taking care of children, though she realizes that he also took care of her until she grew up. Soon after that, an old lady walks by and says they have a nice boy. The old lady is envious that the boy has a wonderful father, and Kyouko chuckles thinking she must have mistaken Shinnosuke as the boy’s father. However, the old lady then adds that the mother is young and beautiful too. Kyouko is about to nod, but then she realizes that the old lady is talking about HER. She thinks the boy is Shinnosuke and Kyouko’s son. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Just then Shinnosuke returns and asks her what’s wrong, but Kyouko says she just imagined something weird LOL. The old lady feels bad and apologizes to Shinnosuke, but he’s confused because she’s calling him “father”… so Kyouko explains that the old lady is talking about him. Shinnosuke doesn’t get this at all though. He thinks the old lady mistook Kyouko as his daughter instead, and he wonders if he should get some collagen. After a while, Kyouko also starts wondering if she looks old enough to have a son of that age. ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!!

A few days later, a naughty boy in a camouflage suit appears in the neighborhood. The adults devised various plans to capture him, but none of them manages to capture him so far. Upon reading about this in the newspaper, Shinnosuke seems really satisfied… while Kyouko is worried about the boy’s future LOL.

■ RANK E: At the Restaurant

Shinnosuke and Kyouko go to a restaurant today. It’s their first time going there without Monji, who got terribly sad when he learned about their date. A waiter guides them to the table Monji always sits on, but instead of sitting down with Kyouko… Shinnosuke stands behind her. He asks if there’s a problem since he always does that, and she points out that it won’t be a date unless he sits down with her. He doesn’t think a butler can share a table with his master in a place like this, but she wants to have a meal with him since they’re supposed to be on a date. At first he seems surprised, but then he prepares his heart and takes the seat in front of her. Kyouko realizes that this is indeed the first time they ever share a table in a restaurant like this. Whenever they have a meal outside, Shinnosuke and Satsuki would never sit down… so she finds it refreshing to share a table like this. Shinnosuke is the person who can take out his gun regardless of the time and place, but Kyouko thinks he looks normal today due to the restaurant’s atmosphere.

As they eat their food, Kyouko asks if it’s okay for them to be so quiet whenever they have meals during a date. Shinnosuke answers that friendly chat might be required, and she knows that he’s right. She doesn’t mind eating in silence since she’s with him, but it might get awkward if she’s on a date with someone else. Kyouko then asks what she should talk about during a meal on a date, and Shinnosuke says she can talk about school if she’s dating someone from her school. Or maybe they can talk about memories from their previous dates. Just then Kyouko hears some women whispering behind them, and she soon realizes that they curious about Shinnosuke. Aside from his good looks, he also has perfect table manners. In a way, he might suit this restaurant better than Monji—who secretly leaves the things he doesn’t like in his food.

After thinking for a while, Kyouko asks if the food tastes delicious. When Shinnosuke nods saying they’re indeed delicious, she asks how does it compare to her home cooking… and he instantly answers that her cooking obviously tastes better. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* The women behind them start talking about how charming he looks when he smiles, and that they want to date a person like him just once in their lives. Kyouko falls silent upon hearing this. For her, Shinnosuke might be her butler who’s a bit troublesome… but the world probably doesn’t see him that way. He then asks if there’s something wrong because she keeps staring at him. She quickly says it’s nothing, but he wants her to tell him if she needs anything. They might be sitting on the same table today, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s her butler. As she thanks him, she thinks about how lucky she is to be served by someone like him.


On the first day of the culture festival, Kyouko is looking around the school with Shinnosuke. Last year she was busy working for her own class, so it’s been a while since she visited other classes’ shops. Soon they reach the haunted house, and Kyouko decides to take a look because Shinnosuke was helping out in the making. He seems surprised and asks if she’s serious, but unfortunately for him… she nods saying she wants to know what did he help out with. Once they’re inside, Kyouko is impressed by how good the haunted house is. Shinnosuke looks rather reluctant, but he explains that he lent a few “equipments” for the production. She has a bad feeling about this, and it’s soon proven true when they see a flamethrower shooting a stream of fire above. Of course he’s the one who lent it to them, and he asks her not to worry because he has lowered its firepower. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Now that Kyouko has achieved her objective, Shinnosuke says they should leave this place as quickly as possible. However, a ghost appears before they can go anywhere. Shinnosuke instantly shrieks and clings onto Kyouko’s waist, telling the ghost not to come any closer as he calls for reinforcements LOL. She tries telling him that it’s not a real ghost, but he only screams louder when the ghost approaches them. In the end, he keeps crying while hugging her waist—only calming down once they’re outside. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ He apologizes for showing such an indecent behavior in front of her, but she also apologizes because she doesn’t know that he’s scared of ghosts. He quickly denies it though. He’s not scared. He just can’t stand opponents who are resistant to guns. Σ(゚ー゚;)

If Kyouko asks if Shinnosuke didn’t receive that kind of training, he explains that he has no talent in this area. Knowing this will affect his duty of protecting her, he decides to overcome his weakness by taking a training session starting from tomorrow. He’s planning to retire from their performance tomorrow, but of course she can’t let this happen. It takes a while until she finally manages to talk him out of it, and in the end she doesn’t get to enjoy the culture festival at all LOL. If Kyouko decides to make use of Shinnosuke’s weakness, she drags him to see more horror-related events after that… and he quietly obeys her until the end. Poor thing. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

For the second day, Tenma got Kanata, Yukito and Shinnosuke to form an idol group called “Glass Heart Prince” and perform together on stage. Kyouko helps giving them personal advice as their producer, and their performance results in a huge success. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

■ Intermission

This event happens during the training session before the date below.

One morning, Kyouko is meeting up the guy she’s dating (it’s Yukito in my file) in front of the school. He’s about to ask about her plans for the weekend, but then they hear Shinnosuke bumping into an electric pole—most likely a failure when he tried to hide. When she rushes over and asks if he’s alright, he stares at her in silence for a moment… then he quickly apologizes and bumps into something else while fleeing. During lunch break, Shinnosuke buys a lunch set for Kyouko. He delivers it to her table, but then he trips and drops the whole thing. He apologizes and immediately goes to buy a new one, but she wonders if it’s an unlucky day for him. After school, Shinnosuke slides headfirst into Kyouko’s classroom. When she asks where he disappeared to, he says he went to the infirmary for a bit… because apparently he has caught a cold. He already assigned someone else to guard her, so he asks if he can leave early for today.

Of course Kyouko is more concerned about Shinnosuke’s health, but when she tries to check if he has a fever, he quickly dodges her hand and gets up. Noticing that she’s really confused, he apologizes saying he can’t allow her to catch his cold. In the end she can only ask him to take care, and he takes his leave after that. While it’s true that he’s been acting weird all day, this is Kyouko’s first time seeing Shinnosuke catching a cold. She’s still worried about him though, so she’s going to return home immediately.

■ RANK D: Black Pulse

The next day, Kyouko asks her doctor to do a check-up on Shinnosuke—who’s still down with a cold. At first he refuses because he doesn’t want her to worry, but somehow she manages to drag him into it. The doctor says it’s only a normal cold, so he should recover after getting enough rest. The doctor also finds it unusual for him to catch a cold though, and Shinnosuke says he doesn’t understand either. All that he knows is that he couldn’t focus whenever he sees Kyouko with another man, but he thinks it must be due to lack of training. She’s worried that it might be because she keeps asking him to act like her boyfriend during their dates, but he assures her that it’s not her fault. Soon after that, Satsuki informs Kyouko that Monji is calling her. He’s having an important guest today, and he wants her to greet them too. Kyouko is still worried about Shinnosuke, but he asks her not to worry—he’ll join them after sending off the doctor. Kyouko leaves with Satsuki after that, and Shinnosuke prepares a car for the doctor. However, the doctor then asks if he can talk to Shinnosuke for a bit… regarding Kyouko’s condition.

Meanwhile, Kyouko is confused when Satsuki explains that their guest is a client of Monji’s. Monji is very careful about keeping his public and private lives separate, so he never introduces Kyouko to people who aren’t his friends. Satsuki only tells her to “return alive” before pushing her into the living room, where she gets introduced to an Arabian prince named Akram. He’s actually a friend of Monji’s, and today is one of his secret visits to Japan. Akram immediately takes a great liking on Kyouko, while Monji explains that he loves Japan a lot… so much that he’s currently searching for a bride in Japan. Σ(-∀-;) Kyouko blushes as Akram openly flirts with her, and she comes to understand what Satsuki meant by “return alive” earlier. If this happened back in September, she would have been dead for sure. Monji asks Akram not to hit on his daughter right in front of him, but Akram says he only needs to gain his permission then. He has fallen in love with Kyouko at the first sight, and he won’t let her get away.

When Akram invites her to go on a date, Kyouko is really troubled. She knows her heart won’t be able to take it, but it’d be impolite to reject a royalty. She’s at lost about what to do when Shinnosuke enters the room. After greeting Akram, he points out that Akram might need to return to his hotel soon. He received contact from Akram’s SP earlier. Akram has no choice but to leave for today, but he asks Kyouko to think about his date invitation. Monji takes Akram to the entrance after that, and Shinnosuke asks if Kyouko is alright. She nods and thanks him for always training her. When he says he didn’t do it alone, she answers that she knows… but he’s the one who takes care of her the most. Kyouko then says that she will be in his care again starting from tomorrow, and Shinnosuke smiles saying the same goes for him. When she asks if he knows Akram, he explains that he was summoned to train Akram’s army before. He says that Akram is bold, daring and has leadership qualities, but as she can see… Akram is a bit weird and doesn’t act like a royalty. Noticing that Kyouko is exhausted, Shinnosuke then asks her to get some rest before dinner.

Later on, Kyouko wakes up in the middle of the night. She decides to get some water from the kitchen before going back to sleep, but then she faintly hears Shinnosuke’s voice in the hallway. She soon finds him in the corner of the dark hall, talking to someone on the phone. At first he sounds like he’s refusing whatever the other party is suggesting, but then he seems surprised. After a moment of silence, he asks the other party to give him some time to think—promising that he won’t take long. Shinnosuke ends the call after that, and he gets really startled when Kyouko calls him. She asks him what’s wrong because he has a grim expression, but he tells her it’s nothing. It was only a call from an old friend, and they just had a talk about the past. Shinnosuke asks Kyouko to wait in her room as he gets the water for her, but she’s not convinced at all. It didn’t look like they were talking about the past.

Before returning to her room, Kyouko turns to look at the place Shinnosuke was standing at. It gives her a very strange feeling. Her heart isn’t racing, and it’s different from the heart-throbbing sensation she felt during training. A lot of things happened this week, and Kyouko wonders if she’s just tired. She’ll have to go back to training starting from tomorrow, and she needs to take care of her health for Shinnosuke and Satsuki’s sake.

■ RANK C: Desperate Study Session

Shinnosuke wakes Kyouko up at 9 AM today. She feels sleepy since she was reading until late hours last night, and she asks him to pull her out of bed. He laughs saying her image will be ruined if someone from school sees her like this, but she knows he’ll wipe their memories anyway LOL. Kyouko ends up getting up on her own after that, and Shinnosuke seems pleased to see this. He’ll get worried about her future if she can’t do that by herself. When she asks if he’s not going to wake her up every morning for the rest of their lives, he says women don’t ask their butlers to wake them up after they get married. Kyouko thinks it’s still too early for her to think about marriage, but Shinnosuke answers that all of their training are connected to it. Of course the marriage itself will depend on her, but she needs to know that she can’t rely on him all the time. Besides, Kyouko’s sleeping posture is by no means elegant. Luckily she’s not in a messy position today, but who knows about tomorrow? Shinnosuke will come to wake her up if she doesn’t mind getting seen in such a position, but she promises to wake up on her own tomorrow. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

As Shinnosuke guides her to the dining hall for breakfast, Kyouko points out that he’s throughly a butler. He nods saying he IS employed as a butler, but she tells him that his behavior doesn’t change much even when they’re on a date. She’s thinking of taking the next step since her heart has gotten used to him, and so she wants him to treat her more like his girlfriend—at least during their dates. Besides, the couples she saw in Satsuki’s manga don’t scold each other when they wake up in the morning LOL. Kyouko is about to say that she understands Shinnosuke’s position, but much to her surprise… he agrees to treat her more like a lover. However, he’s not sure if he has enough knowledge. That’s why before they start, he wants to learn more from Satsuki’s materials. Kyouko asks if he’s serious because most of them are shoujo manga, but Shinnosuke doesn’t mind reading them—as long as they can provide help.

After breakfast, Satsuki brings 1000 shoujo manga into Kyouko’s room. Σ(゚ー゚;) Since Shinnosuke is a beginner, she recommends starting out with the one about butlers. Satsuki leaves them alone after that, and Kyouko glances at Shinnosuke to find him reading a manga with a serious expression. She decides to do the same, but she starts feeling sleepy after finishing one volume. It’s so sunny outside, and the tea Satsuki made for them also tastes good. As much as she tries to focus, she ends up falling asleep. When she wakes up later, Kyouko is surprised to find Shinnosuke sleeping on her shoulder. It’s the first time she has ever seen him looking so defenseless, and she decides to let him sleep for a while… but it doesn’t look like he’s sleeping well. Could it be that he’s having a nightmare…? Shinnosuke seems to calm down when Kyouko reluctantly pats his head, but soon he wakes up and says: “Milady, I’ve been watching you for a long time. If you’re not around, I might die out of loneliness. It’s unbearable. I don’t want to hand you to anyone else…” ヽ(゚Д゚*)ノ!!

Realizing that Shinnosuke is still half-asleep, Kyouko panics and glances around. She soon notices that a manga sits open on his lap, and she realizes that he’s actually saying the lines from the manga. Probably because he’s dreaming of the manga he just read. Shinnosuke then asks if she’s willing to run away from home and live with him, and Kyouko’s heartbeat is going out of control even though she knows he’s only reading the lines LOL. Knowing that her heart won’t be able to take it if he recites the confession line, she quickly reads a random line from the manga: “I love you too.” ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Her heart takes damage, but luckily she manages to stay alive. At the same time, this also brings Shinnosuke out of his dream. He apologizes for saying weird things in his sleep, but Kyouko replies that she was half-asleep too and can’t seem to remember what she just said.

When Satsuki comes to check up on them, she only finds Kyouko in the room. Since they both fell asleep, Shinnosuke went to wash his face. Satsuki is surprised to hear that he fell asleep at work, and Kyouko feels the same way. It’s really strange, not to mention he also caught a cold not too long ago. It seems like something is causing Shinnosuke to feel unwell, but Satsuki only stares straight at Kyouko without saying anything. Satsuki thinks Shinnosuke would only feel burdened if Kyouko worries too much about him, so she suggests leaving him alone for now. Shinnosuke returns not too long after that, and he finds Kyouko intently staring at him. He asks her if there’s something on his face, but she only says it’s nothing and asks him to continue their study session. They end up reading Satsuki’s shoujo manga until late at night, and following Satsuki’s suggestion… Kyouko decides to leave Shinnosuke alone for now. She’s still worried about him, but maybe his cold is just dragging out. If they wait for a few days, maybe he’ll return to his usual self—the usual Shinnosuke.

■ RANK C: The First…

For today’s date, Shinnosuke says he’s different from usual. He has finished reading a long manga series from Satsuki last night, and he’s knows it will be useful in Kyouko’s rehabilitation. However, Kyouko then receives a call from Monji—who informs that Akram is going back to his country tomorrow. Akram wants to visit them again before he leaves, so Monji asks if Kyouko can go home to meet him. He’s been talking about her nonstop and refuses to go back to his country before seeing her. Kyouko says she has plans for today, but Monji points out that she’s going out with Shinnosuke—he’ll surely understand if she explains the situation. Kyouko knows that Monji is right and she can go out with Shinnosuke anytime, but she still feels conflicted about this. In the end, Kyouko says she’ll call him back after discussing with Shinnosuke. When she tells him about Akram’s sudden visit, he says they should go home since they can’t just ignore Monji’s request. She’s not too sure about this, but he reminds her that he’s just a butler while Akram is a prince… so she can only nod and informs Monji that they’re going back.

Since they have to take the train to go home, Shinnosuke then takes Kyouko to the station. She’s about to ask if they’re in the right platform when he suddenly grabs her hand and takes her to ride a train that heads to the opposite direction. He only realizes what he’s done after the train leaves the station, and he immediately apologizes—ready to take responsibility by doing seppuku. She panics and asks him to calm down since they can change trains in the next station, but apparently they’re on a special express to the beach LOL. Kyouko doesn’t mind though. She only wants an explanation, but Shinnosuke doesn’t quite understand either. His body moved before he knew it, and it was more like an impulse. He’s aware that he has done something terribly selfish, so he’s ready to receive any punishment. She doesn’t want to punish him, but he insists. If this is a battlefield, his action might have caused victims to fall. In order to stop this tragedy from happening again, she needs to give him a suitable punishment. (*゚Д゚*)!!

Kyouko can’t think up of any punishment though, so she asks Shinnosuke to keep her company for the rest of the day. She doesn’t feel like going home. Since they’re already in the train, she wants to go to a faraway place—maybe until the last stop. When he tries to argue, she quickly tells him that she’s being selfish. He did the same thing by taking her into the train, so he’s in no position to refuse. Knowing that he can’t argue further, Shinnosuke smiles and admits defeat. Kyouko then asks him to sit with her, and they ride the train all the way to the beach… but sadly it starts raining soon after they arrived. He opens an umbrella for her, but when she asks him to use one too, he reveals that he only brought one umbrella. While Shinnosuke assures her that his clothes are 100% waterproof, Kyouko thinks it’d be pointless if his head got drenched in the rain… so she asks him to get under the umbrella. When he asks if they’re going to share an umbrella like a couple, she tells him not to say it out loud and just get in already LOL.

As he holds the umbrella for both of them, Shinnosuke asks if Kyouko is feeling nervous. She admits that she does because it’s her first time doing something like this. When she moves away from him, he tells her not to do that since she’ll get wet. He then asks her to move closer to him, and she wonders why her heart is racing so hard today. This never happened before, and she thinks it might be because she’s not used to this situation. He also asks if she’s feeling cold, and she admits that it’s indeed a bit cold… but she quickly takes it back when he says that she can warm up by using him. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ They find a shelter soon after that, and they stay there until it completely stops raining. Kyouko is glad, because she knows her heart is in danger if she has to share an umbrella with Shinnosuke again on the way home LOL.

Just then Satsuki appears to pick them up, and Shinnosuke explains that he was the one who called her. It was an unforeseen circumstance, but he can’t take Kyouko out without informing the people at home. For Monji, Satsuki explained that Shinnosuke and Kyouko got attacked by a mysterious organization on the way home and had to escape into the train. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ Or not. She told Monji that Kyouko took the wrong train by mistake since she’s not used to trains. Monji, being the doting father that he is, blamed the station for being confusing, and he put some investment into the railway company—in the hope of seeing improvement. It was a short escape, but before they go home… Shinnosuke tells Kyouko that it was fun.

■ RANK B: A Shinnosuke I Don’t Know

For today’s date, Kyouko is going to a concert with Shinnosuke. Since they’re going out in the evening, Satsuki prepares a super sexy dress for Kyouko. At first she refuses, but eventually agrees to give it a try because Satsuki says it might help Shinnosuke to recover from his bad condition. What Kyouko doesn’t know is that Satsuki also sent a mail to Shinnosuke saying there’s a burglar in her room, and he arrives right on time—just after she’s done changing. He’s relieved to see her unharmed, but he’s really shocked upon seeing her dress. When she asks if it’s weird, he says they have a problem because it looks good on her. He won’t allow her to wear such a dress. If she insists on going out like that, he wants her to wear a tactical armor on top of the dress. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ It seems like the dress is too much for him to handle, so she ends up changing into her usual clothes LOL.

As they wait for the concert to start, Shinnosuke notices that Kyouko seems concerned about her neck. She tells him that her necklace fell off earlier, and he checks it to see that the stopper is loose. He fixes it in no time though, and she asks if he can put it on for her. The stopper is a bit different, so it’s difficult for her to put it on by herself. Kyouko then turns around so Shinnosuke to put the necklace around her neck, but he remains silent. When she calls his name, he replies that she’s lacking wariness. She shows her back to other people so easily, and he asks what she would do if he has bad intentions. She tells him that she believes in him, but he says her opinion of him is too high. However, Kyouko then senses a cold metal on her nape… and it’s not her necklace stopper. Since Shinnosuke has been acting weird recently, she asks if something is troubling him. He admits that he does, and the problem is that the person he’s supposed to protect doesn’t have enough sense of tension.

Kyouko falls silent. She knows Shinnosuke would never hurt her, so this can only mean one thing—he’s testing her. She answers this by quickly turning around, grabbing his hand and uses jujutsu to throw him away. Σ(゚ー゚;) It’s not perfect due to the difference in their builds, but she did a good job for someone who hasn’t done it in years. Kyouko then asks if Shinnosuke is satisfied now, and he admits that her skills are still impressive—even though she learned it from him a long time ago. He still doesn’t want her to fall into such a situation though. He asks her to learn to doubt people more, because if she gets betrayed by the person she trusts… she’s the one who will get hurt. When she asks what he means by that, he doesn’t answer and remains silent for a while. Then he explains that he only wants her to be that careful. He puts the necklace around her neck after that, and they head to the concert hall together.

Even though Kyouko was looking forward to the concert, she can’t focus on the performance at all. Her mind is filled with Shinnosuke and what he just said. She knows that she’s been in a relaxed mood since her health is improving, but she doesn’t think she needs to be so cautious. On the way home, Kyouko’s brooch falls to the ground. Shinnosuke goes to pick it up, but he winces in pain upon extending his arm. Noticing that she’s eyeing him suspiciously, he takes it with his other hand and gives it back to her… but then she asks what happened to his arm. He tells her that there’s nothing wrong, but she knows that he’s lying. She can’t believe him. Especially not after he told her to doubt people more. Knowing that he can’t fool her, Shinnosuke allows Kyouko to check his arm. She’s surprised to find a cut there, and he explains that he got it during his personal training session. The wound closed this morning, but it reopened when she threw him earlier. Kyouko feels really bad about this, but Shinnosuke says it was him who provoked her. Besides, it was only bleeding for a bit. She says they still have to treat it though, so she quickly takes him home. Satsuki asks if they want some red rice since Shinnosuke has put his hands on Kyouko, but of course they reject the idea. He did put his hands on her—in a different meaning LOL.

After getting the first aid box from Satsuki, Kyouko forces Shinnosuke to take off his top and sit down. He says he can do it himself, but she refuses because she was the one who caused him to get hurt. Kyouko is used to treating wounds because Shinnosuke also trained her in that area, but she notices that there are more scars on his body. He feels like he’s losing his touch recently, and he made a heavier training menu for himself. Here, Kyouko asks why Shinnosuke has to train so much until he gets injured. She agrees that it’s important to be cautious, but she’s also worried about him. Shinnosuke says he knows his training is rather excessive, but people only have one life. Once it’s taken away, it’d be too late to do anything. He’s training to prevent that from happening to Kyouko. Even if it might be useless, it won’t be meaningless. He also asks her to remember that in the end, humans can only rely on themselves.

Kyouko knows that there’s something wrong with Shinnosuke, but there’s no more conversation between them until she’s done treating his wound… and she returns to her room in silence.


Every year, the Himeno family has a custom of having dinner together on Christmas Eve. They also have another custom, but let’s save that for later. In the morning, Kyouko finds Shinnosuke enhancing the security equipments in the garden. When she asks why he’s doing that, he reminds her that December 24 is the day when a certain figure appears—Santa Claus. The problem is that for Shinnosuke, Santa Claus is a suspicious man who does illegal trespassing and put questionable presents in people’s house each year LOL. Kyouko completely forgot about this because of her illness, but he still believes in Santa Claus. Back before he met Kyouko, Shinnosuke’s life had absolutely nothing to do with these stuff… but then he learned about Santa Claus after he started working for her. Monji tried to convince Kyouko that Santa Claus exists, but he fooled Shinnosuke as the result. Not to mention it left an entirely different image of Santa Claus in his eyes. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

In any case, Shinnosuke won’t let Santa Claus get away this year. He requested a special equipment from SAS just for this day, which is none other than a Santa Claus costume. According to the engineers, they’ll be able to make Santa Claus drop his guard by dressing up like him LOL. Kyouko knows they’re probably just fooling him for laughs, but she can choose to either go along with it or doubt the effect of the Santa Claus costume. If she goes along with it, he will wear the costume that night and give her reindeer horns to wear. If she asks if it’s really going to work, he thinks it’s too risky to use a new “weapon” and decides to wear his usual butler outfit. He then takes his leave to prepare for tonight’s ambush, but she also has her plans and asks Satsuki to prepare a certain something for them…

Unfortunately, Monji is busy with work and can’t join them for dinner. Kyouko shares the Christmas cake with Shinnosuke and Satsuki, and they spend hours chatting in the living room. By the time Kyouko goes back to her room, she notices that Shinnosuke is gone. Satsuki says he might be setting up his traps, but as soon as Kyouko walks into her room… she finds Shinnosuke sitting between her bed and the wall. He’s completely equipped with all sorts of weapons, but he asks her not to mind him. He’ll keep his eyes closed when she changes into her pajamas. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He waited outside up until last year, but since Santa Claus always managed to get past his security, he decides to take the last resort this year. When Kyouko asks if he’s going to sit there until morning comes, Shinnosuke shakes his head and points out that Santa Claus always appears around midnight. He should be done dealing with this “intruder” in the morning, and she doesn’t have to worry—he will catch Santa Claus for sure. However, this is a problem for Kyouko’s plans. She left that certain something in Satsuki’s hands because Shinnosuke always stayed outside to guard the house, and so this leaves her with no choice—she’ll join him in his watch. At first he refuses because Monji might complain if he allows her to stay up late, but she asks him to keep this a secret from Monji. Besides, she also wants to see Santa Claus.

Since Kyouko is insisting, Shinnosuke has no choice but to let her join his watch. It’s been a while since the last time they stayed up late together. Monji is strict about this, so she can only stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Shinnosuke remembers there was a time when Kyouko stayed up late though. Back when she just entered junior high, Kyouko tried asking Monji to extend her bedtime past 9 PM. Sadly she failed to convince him, so she refused to sleep and told Shinnosuke to keep her company until morning. He tried to tell her that Monji is worried about her growth, but she didn’t want to listen and ordered him to keep her awake no matter what. It was the first time they stayed up late together. Shinnosuke remembers that Kyouko got drowsy around midnight, but she also remembers that he slapped her back and forth to keep her awake. |ω・`)プッ♪ He points out that it was her who ordered him to do so, and he used a thick glove so it wouldn’t hurt her… but he feels bad and asks her to slap him as much right now LOL. Of course she won’t do that because it was indeed her own order, and he weeps while thanking her. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

When the clock hits 12 AM, Kyouko is reminded of her plans. Satsuki should be waiting right now, so she decides to put her plans in motion. First, she gives Shinnosuke a cup of coffee… and he falls asleep right after that. After making sure that he’s 100% asleep, she calls Satsuki and the two of them carry him back to his room. Kyouko was worried that Shinnosuke might wake up along the way, but the drug she put in his coffee is working perfectly—he should be fast asleep until morning. The reason why they’re doing this is because Monji is still playing Santa Claus every year, and he puts a present beside Kyouko’s pillow late at night—thinking that his daughter still believes in Santa Claus LOL. Kyouko doesn’t have much chance to show her love for Monji because he’s often away for work, so this is about the only thing she can do… and this is the second Christmas custom of the Himeno family.

By the way, Kyouko already knew that Santa Claus doesn’t exist back when she was in kindergarten. It’s just that in the morning of December 25, Monji always gives her a brilliant smile and asks if Santa Claus came for her… and she just can’t bring herself to say no. This never became a problem until Shinnosuke joined their family. He accidentally met Monji, who was dressing up as Santa Claus, and mistook him for a suspicious intruder. Half of their house was destroyed because of this, and the present for Kyouko was burnt to a crisp. Monji was terribly depressed and made a mistake at work, which triggered an economic recession as the result. Kyouko, who was still elementary school back then, was horrified. Ever since that day, Satsuki and her have been working together to get rid of Shinnosuke on Christmas Eve LOL. Satsuki wonders if they should just tell him that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but sadly it doesn’t work since he saw “the real thing”—he won’t believe them. Kyouko goes to bed after that, while Satsuki waits for Monji to come home.

The next morning, Kyouko wakes up to Shinnosuke’s loud scream of horror—just like last year and the years before. When she finds a present beside her pillow, she feels relieved knowing they have prevented a global-scale economic recession. Kyouko then goes to the living room, and there she finds Shinnosuke weeping in the corner—which also happens every year. For some reason he’s wet and covered in scars. It reminds her that she also saw broken hand railing and flower vase in the hallway, but again… it happens every year. It seems like Shinnosuke won’t recover for days, so Kyouko asks him to get her some coffee as she apologizes to him in her heart. Monji also feels bad for not making it for dinner last night, but he will definitely come home for dinner next year—even if he has to keep a president waiting. Monji then asks if Santa Claus came last night, and he gets so happy when Kyouko nods and shows him the present.

It’s a child’s important duty to show dreams for their father. Kyouko feels bad for Shinnosuke, but it’s fine if they only do it once a year… right?


Thanks to all the training and her developing relationship, Kyouko manages to pass through the crisis of death and remains alive by the end of the year. On the very first night of the new year, she sees a strange dream of Shinnosuke waking her up. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in an unfamiliar house… and somehow he has turned into… a dog. Literally. He lies on the floor and asks her to brush his fur since he can no longer hold back, and she finds him REALLY cute when he barks. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ He starts making sexy weird noises when she pets him, and he asks her to go on. She only has a bit more to go before they reach the “pink background”. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

When the background finally turns pink, Shinnosuke lets out a sigh and says Kyouko has treated him as she likes… so he’s not responsible for what’s going to happen from here. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

(Note: This is a parody of Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama. The pink background Shinnosuke is talking about comes from the Mofu Mofu System, and it appears when the animal reaches maximum happiness LOL.)

■ RANK B: Shinnosuke’s Room

The weather report says they’re going to have heavy snow today, and it might even turn into a blizzard. Kyouko is thinking of cancelling her date with Shinnosuke because of the weather, but Satsuki says they can have a date inside the house instead. They already took a walk in the garden and spend a lot of time in Kyouko’s room, but Satsuki points out that they haven’t visited the best place yet—Shinnosuke’s room. He quickly says that he can’t let her enter a man’s room, but she only asks if there’s a problem with that. When Kyouko asks if it’s because he’s hiding porn in his room, Shinnosuke and Satsuki only stare at her in silence until she apologizes LOL. Satsuki is moved that Kyouko has matured so much, but Shinnosuke swears that he doesn’t have any. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

That aside, Shinnosuke agrees and brings Kyouko to his room. She often came to play in his room when she was small, but stopped coming in the later years of elementary school. It was after he taught her that people with high social position like herself shouldn’t visit the room of those who have lower status. They started playing in the garden after that, and he never thought he’d have to take her into his room again. Especially not for a date. Kyouko notices that Shinnosuke’s room doesn’t change much. He still has a lot of weapons, and he asks if she wants to touch one of his guns. It’s not loaded, so it’s not dangerous. Or rather, he wants her to touch it because it’s fun. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He also wants to use this chance to teach her how to handle it, but she’s surprised when he says he can feel at ease. Kyouko doesn’t think she’ll get any chance to use the gun anyway, but Shinnosuke tells her not to drop her guard—not even if Japan is a peaceful country. She’s the daughter of a large company owner, and she can get into danger anytime. It wouldn’t hurt if she learns how to protect herself.

Kyouko knows that Shinnosuke is right, but she’s sure she’ll be fine with him around. He feels honored to receive those words, but he can’t guarantee that he’ll be on her side forever. He might disappear one day, so he wants her to learn a lot of things for when that time comes. Kyouko is about to ask what he means by that, but gets interrupted when Shinnosuke’s phone suddenly starts ringing. While he answers the call, she thinks about his words. She understand what he’s trying to say, but she never felt any sense of crisis so far. She’s surrounded by reliable people, and she knows she can always rely on them… but maybe she got “Glass Heart Syndrome” because her life is too happy. Shinnosuke soon returns and asks what she’s thinking about, so Kyouko admits that she was just thinking about her illness. This reminds them that in a month, the season will change for the second time ever since she fell sick. The first attack was at the end of summer, but it’s almost spring now… and her graduation is coming up. Shinnosuke admits that when Kyouko collapsed back then, his heart nearly stopped due to the shock.

When Kyouko wonders if it’s difficult for her heart to fully recover, Shinnosuke falls silent for a while… but then he smiles saying she will surely recover. Once she’s completely cured, she can fall in love as much as she wants. However, this reminds her that she has stopped seeing the person she was dating before. She didn’t even realize, even though it’s supposed to be a training for her heart. Here, Shinnosuke asks about how much Kyouko’s heart can take right now. He wonders if there’s a chance that her heart actually has completely recovered, but she doesn’t think so. The doctor didn’t say anything either. He thinks it would be better if they get it examined everyday because there’s a chance that it’s healing at this very moment, but he stops and apologizes upon realizing that he’s being absurd. When Kyouko thanks him for being so concerned about her, Shinnosuke admits that he’s worried. He knows he shouldn’t say such a thing since she must be feeling insecure about this issue as well… but he can’t get rid of his worries.

However, Kyouko assures Shinnosuke that she’s fine. She’s actually quite carefree, and she believes that things will work out in the end. If it doesn’t work out, they just have to do something about it. In fact, it’s his specialty along with Satsuki’s. Upon hearing this, he laughs saying she’s right. There’s no need to rush and it’s still too early for him to come up with an answer, though she doesn’t get what he means by this. Just then snow starts falling from the sky, and Shinnosuke asks what Kyouko wants to do if it piles up. He suggests having a snowball fight, but she refuses since he never throws anything towards her… and so he asks if she wants to have a hot pot party inside a giant igloo. Monji will be happy. They don’t know if it’s going to snow again this winter, but he says it should snow again next year. He closes his eyes and turns silent for a moment, then he goes to make a warm drink for her.

■ RANK A: The Last Training

When Shinnosuke comes for today’s date, Kyouko is surprised because he’s speaking casually. Σ(゚ー゚;) He then invites her to watch a movie together, but all she can think about is how strange he is today. It’s true that he’s been acting strange recently, but this is on a completely different level. Since he’s resistant to poisonous grass and mushrooms, she starts wondering what caused him to turn this way. Satsuki has a day off today and is currently away to do some “hunting”, so it can’t be her. Shinnosuke asks if there’s something on his face since Kyouko keeps staring at him in silence, and she quickly says that’s not it. He only has eyes, a nose and a mouth on his face—it’s totally normal. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He laughs saying she’s so weird, and she can only scream in her heart that he’s the weird one LOL. When she mentions that he seems different today, he reminds her that it was HER who asked him to do this. She told him to treat her more like his girlfriend during their dates, remember?

Kyouko apologizes for completely forgetting about this, but Shinnosuke says it’s his fault for starting so suddenly. She tells him there’s no need to apologize, but she admits that she prefers the usual him. It’s not because his acting was bad, but because she doesn’t want him to act. She wants him to treat her like a lover while being himself, but she swallows her words upon realizing that it’s probably impossible. This causes her to wonder how she wants him to behave in the first place. Before she can figure anything out, they hear a chime from the clock. He says they probably should go out now, and she agrees to watch the movie since he already got the tickets. Shinnosuke holds Kyouko’s hand as they leave the house, and she thinks about how she prefers his usual self after all.

They go into a café after the movie, and Kyouko admits that she cried a bit while watching. Shinnosuke is glad to see that she likes the movie, though sadly he didn’t feel touched at all. He only thought that it has a valid scenario LOL. Their order comes not too long after that, and Kyouko is enjoying her fruit tart when Shinnosuke leans in to wipe some cream off her lips… and then he licks it from his finger. She gets flustered upon seeing this, and he apologizes saying his body just moved on his own. Probably because he read too much manga. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She asks him to tell her before doing something like that, but he says it won’t be proper training if he does that—which is true. She also knows that she’s being overly aware of how he’s treating her like his girlfriend today, and it’s driving her mad. Even during the movie earlier, she raised her voice in surprise when he held her hand. Sadly while he’s doing this naturally, her heart keeps on jumping whenever they hold hands. Knowing she can’t let this continue, Kyouko decides to show the results of her training to Shinnosuke. She tells him that he can choose their next destination. Her heart is stronger now, and she doesn’t mind going anywhere with him… but he only asks if she’s really sure about that. When she nods, he asks if he can take her to a place that will cause Satsuki to cook red rice for her. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

Of course Kyouko turns red and panics, so Shinnosuke tells her not to say she’ll go “anywhere” with him. Not even if she’s joking. However, he does have a place in mind. After leaving the café, Shinnosuke takes Kyouko to the beach outside of Tokiwa City. He also changes back to his butler suit, since he’s not done modifying his casual clothes yet. The beach reminds Kyouko of the last scene in the movie, and she asks if they can take a walk on the shore. He only asks her to be careful, so she takes off her shoes and runs along the beach. When she asks him to join her, he says a bodyguard like him isn’t allowed to take off his shoes outside. She complains that he’s not treating her like his girlfriend, and he points out that she went into panic when he did that in the morning… but then he agrees to “wrap things up” because it’s a good time to do so. As he walks up to Kyouko, Shinnosuke says she’s supposed to do this with the person she chose. Sadly it seems difficult for her to do that, so he’s going to take the role and complete her training. Of course Kyouko doesn’t get what he’s talking about, but Shinnosuke only asks her to prepare her heart because she’s going to receive a great damage.

Realizing that Shinnosuke is going to kiss her, Kyouko asks if he’s really going to do it. He nods and asks if she doesn’t want to do it with him, but she only closes her eyes and prepares her heart. She tries to run away at the last minute, but he holds her in place and kisses her… hand. After a long silence, he asks if her heart is alright. The damage is obviously lower than a kiss on the lips, but this is as far as he can go. When Kyouko nods saying she’s fine, Shinnosuke praises her for doing a marvelous job. Back when they just started, she had a hard time just to hold hands with him. After congratulating Kyouko, Shinnosuke announces that her training with him has ended today. Her heart isn’t cured yet, but they can’t do further simulation than this. She can handle a kiss, so he’s sure that her heart is recovering just fine. Before they go home, Kyouko asks if Shinnosuke is willing to go out with her again without any simulations involved. He smiles and nods. If that’s what she’s wishing for, then he’s going to do it—because he’s her butler.


One day, Kyouko has a dream of her past. When she was younger, she came home with Shinnosuke and told Monji that she played with “Kaede-kun”—a boy from her class. Monji was shocked to hear that the boy invited her for a meal at a French restaurant, flopping onto the floor when she told him that she got along with Kaede the best among all boys. Out of jealousy, Monji told Kyouko that she shouldn’t get too close to any boy. When she asked him why, he said it’s because a prince on a white horse is going to pick her up on her 18th birthday. Shinnosuke knew this will get messy in the end, but Monji only told him to shut it. She also asked from which country does this prince hail from, and he said from Cattleya LOL. She knew it’s a country from Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama a story book, but he insisted that the prince is going to come. Monji said the prince will be sad if she gets too close to someone else, so she nodded saying she understands. Kyouko then asked Shinnosuke what kind of person her prince might be, and he simply said he doesn’t know. But surely…

Kyouko wakes up from her dream when Shinnosuke comes to bring some tea, and she tells him that she saw a nostalgic dream. Time flies really fast, and she’s going to graduate soon… but despite her decision to fall in love, she still doesn’t have a boyfriend. When Satsuki jokingly mentions that she might be able to get a boyfriend over a night, both Kyouko and Shinnosuke immediately raise a protest since it sounds so suggestive. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ She points out that they seem to be in sync with each other, not to mention they have been spending a lot of time together recently. After staring at both Kyouko and Shinnosuke, Satsuki gives them a very suspicious grin and says she’ll be leaving now so they can be alone. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ They ask her not to tease them like that, but Kyouko’s heart keeps on jumping at the thought of being together with Shinnosuke. When he asks her what’s wrong, she says it’s nothing because she doesn’t want him to worry… but her heartbeat continues raising past the limit. Kyouko collapses from the sudden attack, and the last thing she hears is Shinnosuke’s voice calling out to her.

Shinnosuke immediately carries Kyouko to the hospital after that. Sadly while her life is saved, she learns that her heart’s condition has grown unstable. The doctor already told Shinnosuke about this before, but Kyouko’s illness has been worsening from a while back. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her because she’s always doing her best in training. They don’t even know what triggered the attack, and the rehabilitation she’s been working on might not be helpful in curing her heart. She needs to be hospitalized. The doctors have been researching about “Glass Heart Syndrome”, but they haven’t found a specific cure for it… and to make things worse, the researchers are starting to give up on the case. It’s unclear why they did it, but some of these researchers have gone missing too. Shinnosuke seems to know something about this issue, but he doesn’t tell Kyouko anything and leaves to take care of her hospitalization procedures. The doctor feels bad for being unable to help, but for now… they can only pray that she won’t get another attack.

For the next two weeks, Kyouko is resting in the hospital. She’s having a peaceful time there and never got an attack again ever since, but something has been bothering her—Shinnosuke never comes to visit her. When she asks Satsuki about this, Satsuki says she doesn’t know either because he hasn’t returned home recently. Satsuki thinks Shinnosuke is probably traveling to the ends of the world to search for a cure, but Kyouko doesn’t want him to do reckless things. Especially because she noticed that he seemed to be lost in thought upon hearing the doctor’s report. Satsuki then asks if Kyouko feels lonely without Shinnosuke. They’ve always been together for the last 10 years, so it must feel strange now that they’ve been apart for two weeks. Kyouko nods, but when she thinks about it… Shinnosuke used to be away for long periods of time back when he just started working for her. He used to travel to various countries to learn all sorts of skills, though he’s been around for the last few years—probably because he has learned everything he needed. She also felt lonely back then, but as weird as it may sound, she feels even lonelier right now. She wonders if it’s because the illness is weakening her heart, even though she knows that she has stay strong during his absence. When it’s time for Kyouko to go to bed, Satsuki wishes for her to meet Shinnosuke in her dream.

Late at night, Kyouko wakes up upon hearing someone knocking on her window—which turns out to be Shinnosuke. He apologizes for disturbing her at this hour, explaining that he has no choice but to use the window since visiting hours are over. As Shinnosuke pulls a chair beside her bed, Kyouko realizes that she feels a bit nervous… and she wonders if it’s because she hasn’t seen him in a while. When he asks about her condition, she tells him that she’s doing fine—so much that she got bored in the hospital. He tells her not to be careless, but he’s relieved to see that she’s alright. On the other hand, she notices that he seems to have grown a bit thinner—though he’s not aware of this. She asks if he’s already done with work since he seems extremely busy recently, but he says he just finished everything earlier. However, Shinnosuke is surprised to hear that Kyouko has been waiting for him to visit in the last two weeks. He asks if she needs something from him, but she admits that she only wanted to see him. Upon hearing this, he smiles saying he feels the same way. He knows it’s absurd to visit at this hour without contacting her, but he wanted to at least take a glance at her. He’s also aware that he’s been growing more greedy recently, forgetting his position as her butler. She doesn’t mind at all since he always prioritizes everything over himself, but he says he’s not doing this to everyone—he only does this to her.

Shinnosuke is about to say something, but he quickly goes into hiding just before a nurse comes to check up on Kyouko. He only comes out after the nurse leaves, and she doesn’t get why he had to hide because Satsuki stays over in her room six days a week. Shinnosuke says he knows, and that’s why he decided to visit Kyouko today—because Satsuki isn’t around. Of course he doesn’t dislike having a lively time with Monji and Satsuki, but he wants to be alone with her just for tonight. When she asks him why, he says it’s because he hasn’t seen her in a while. He wanted to keep her to himself. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Sadly, Shinnosuke soon asks Kyouko to go to sleep since she has to wake up early everyday. She asks if he’s going to leave, and he says it’d be troublesome to hide every time a nurse checks up on her… but then he admits that he actually wants to stay with her all night. He asks if she’s willing to grant his wish, so she says she doesn’t mind. Shinnosuke nods saying he’ll be staying here until morning then, and he tucks Kyouko into bed as he says good night. She tells him that she can’t sleep with him staring at her, but he asks her to just treat him like air. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Since Kyouko obviously can’t ignore his presence, Shinnosuke then moves closer and pats her forehead. This reminds him that he did the same thing when she was small, though she doesn’t remember clearly since it happened around 10 years ago. She felt lonely when Monji was away, but she didn’t complain because she knew Monji was busy with work. However, Kyouko did tell Shinnosuke that she was lonely. He decided to sleep with her that night, and she fell asleep when he pat her forehead. Looking back, he realized it might be “the moment”… but he doesn’t answer when she asks what moment is he referring to. Noticing that Kyouko is starting to feel sleepy, Shinnosuke asks her to close her eyes—reassuring her that he will stay here until morning comes. As she falls asleep, she hears him gently wishing her good night.

When Kyouko wakes up in the morning, Shinnosuke is already gone. There are no traces of him in her room, and even the chair has been stored neatly. Soon a nurse comes to check Kyouko’s temperature, and she asks if the nurse saw Shinnosuke… but the nurse says she hasn’t seen him today. She wonders if he returned home without a word because he didn’t want to wake her up, but the next moment… Satsuki rushes inside looking for him. When Kyouko asks if something happened to Shinnosuke, Satsuki asks her to stay calm before informing her that Shinnosuke has vanished. Despite Satsuki’s attempt to calm her down, Kyouko instantly panics and rushes home. Along the way, Satsuki explains that his room has been completely emptied out. She’s been trying to contact his phone and communication device, but he’s not answering at all. Shinnosuke has been away from home until yesterday, but this morning Satsuki heard sounds from his room. She decided to visit because she wanted to talk to him about Kyouko, but she was surprised to see that there’s nothing left inside. Satsuki then rushed to the hospital thinking Shinnosuke might be staying with Kyouko, but sadly that’s not the case.

Kyouko finds this hard to believe because Shinnosuke stayed with her all night, and she doesn’t think she can accept this before seeing it with her own eyes. Monji is surprised when Kyouko arrives at home, and someone rings the doorbell before they can discuss anything. Knowing they’re in a hurry, he tells them to leave the guest to him—he will hear their explanation later. Unfortunately for Kyouko, what Satsuki said was right. Shinnosuke’s room is completely empty save for a single envelope on the floor. It wasn’t there when Satsuki visited his room earlier, and they open it to find a short letter inside: “Thank you for taking care of me. Masaki Shinnosuke.” It was written by Shinnosuke himself, and looking at the empty room… Kyouko realizes that he must have left on his own will. She doesn’t get what’s going on, but Satsuki asks her to calm down. For now, they should explain the situation to Monji.

However, they soon hear Monji’s angry voice from outside. When they go to the entrance, they find him talking to several men in suits—police officers. Monji says it must be a mistake because he doesn’t know anything, but they have been ordered to conduct an investigation. According to them, Monji’s company is under the suspicion of committing window dressing. In other words, fraud. Both Monji and Kyouko are equally confused as the police begin examining their house. Monji asks Kyouko not to worry because he never committed any crime, but she has a bad feeling about this… especially when the inspector says the information came from someone they know really well. Monji’s company has a large influence in Japan, but only a small number of people know about their internal affairs. As they wait for the police to finish searching, Satsuki tells Monji about what happened with Shinnosuke. He asks if Kyouko had a fight with Shinnosuke because Shinnosuke tends to take strange actions when it comes to Kyouko, but she has no idea either.

Kyouko’s bad feeling is proven true when the police, for some reason, find a document which proves that Monji’s company did commit fraud. She snaps saying that can’t be true, but Monji asks her to wait with Satsuki as he goes to check the document. Kyouko and Satsuki know that Monji never did anything like that, but the evidence speaks otherwise. It’s conclusive enough for the police to take Monji into custody, leaving Kyouko in shock. She doesn’t get why such a document exists in their house, and Satsuki is 100% certain that someone is framing Monji. It seems like they’re planning to crush Monji’s company, because it’ll take a great damage if the owner got arrested. Since he owns a large company, it’s not impossible for some people to hold a grudge on him. As bad as it may sound, he has a lot of enemies out there. Kyouko still doesn’t understand what’s going on here. First Shinnosuke disappeared, and now Monji is also taken away from her. Everything happened so suddenly, and the situation couldn’t get any worse… or not.

Just before Satsuki takes Kyouko inside, a car comes and stops in front of the house. An unfamiliar man walks out of it, grumbling about how he missed everything due to a negotiation. When Satsuki asks if he needs anything from them, he only says he didn’t get to see the “show” despite paying a high price for it. The “show” is, of course, to see a large company owner getting arrested by the police. Kyouko is surprised and asks who he might be, and the man introduces himself as Kuroe Kanesada—the president of Kuroe Group. Both Kyouko and Satsuki don’t recognize the name, but he says it’s only obvious since he doesn’t show himself much in public. On top of being business rivals, Monji and him have also known each other ever since their school days. However, Kyouko never heard about Kuroe from Monji. He also seems to be rather overbearing, and she can tell that they’re probably not on friendly terms… which brings her to the suspicion that he might be the one who framed Monji. It’s only been a few minutes since the police took Monji away, so Kyouko asks why Kuroe knew about this. Instead of answering, he only says that she’s so beautiful like her mother. He also heard that she’s a smart one, so she should know the answer by now.

Kuroe admits that he is indeed the one behind this incident, but he doesn’t know the details either. All he did was expose the “truth”. If they want more details, they can ask the person who leaked the information and reported the “fraud” to the police. Kuroe then calls this person to come out of the car, and Kyouko is shocked to see that it’s none other that her missing butler—Shinnosuke. Kuroe introduces Shinnosuke as his secretary, and the latter formally greets Kyouko. She’s terribly confused since he’s supposed to be her butler, but he coldly says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Both Satsuki and Kyouko ask him to stop joking around and give them an explanation, but again… Shinnosuke says he doesn’t know her. He asks if they’re mistaking him for someone else, because he’s only working for Kuroe alone. Realizing that Kuroe must have done something to Shinnosuke and planted the document to frame Monji, Kyouko gets really angry and leaps to attack him… but Shinnosuke quickly stops her from behind. He won’t allow her to insult Kuroe, warning her that he’ll take further actions if she does this again.

It takes a while before Kyouko realizes that Shinnosuke is seizing her arms. It doesn’t hurt, but the cold winter ground freezes her cheek in no time. Ironically enough, it also cools down her head at the same time. That’s when Kyouko realizes that the person who’s pinning her to the ground isn’t the Shinnosuke she knows. Satsuki orders him to stop this and release Kyouko immediately, but Shinnosuke doesn’t let go until Kuroe tells him to do so. Even after Shinnosuke releases her, Kyouko remains on the ground. She only gets up when Satsuki comes to help her, while Kuroe asks them to forgive Shinnosuke—he’s just too loyal. Shinnosuke reminds him that he has a meeting soon, so Kuroe decides to take his leave for today. However, he also says that Kyouko can come to him if she ever needs help. Despite being business rivals, Monji is also his friend and he’ll be glad to help. Before Shinnosuke leaves, Kyouko yells that she always thought of him as her family… but he only says she’s got the wrong person after all. He’s an orphan, and he doesn’t have any family. As much as Satsuki wants this to be a nightmare, Kyouko knows they’re not dreaming. The dirt on her clothes are real, as well as the sensation he left on her wrists. She doesn’t think he’d do something like this without a reason, but they can’t figure out anything at the moment.

A few days later, the police releases Monji because the document’s contents are rather vague. They can’t arrest him due to lack of evidence, but sadly his company’s reputation is damaged because of this case. It doesn’t take long until Monji’s company collapses. Their house and properties got seized as well, which leaves them with no options but to live in a small, run-down hut. Monji’s health has been deteriorating ever since, and Kyouko is taking care of him with Satsuki. When it gets dark, she opens her window and sighs towards the night sky. She hasn’t seen Shinnosuke again ever since he left them, and it leaves her feeling terribly frustrated. They were always together until not too long ago, but now she can’t even ask him for an explanation. One night, Satsuki comes and asks if she can sit beside Kyouko. She’s actually a bit glad that they’re living in a small hut, because they never sat next to each other back in the mansion. Satsuki then asks if Kyouko is okay. She knows Kyouko doesn’t want Monji to worry, but she’s a servant. Kyouko can let out her feelings and complain in front of her.

When Kyouko admits that she’s been forcing herself for a bit, Satsuki knows she’s been thinking about Shinnosuke. Kyouko doesn’t quite understand either, but she still finds it hard to accept that Shinnosuke is no longer by her side. However, she believes that he didn’t work for Kuroe on his own will. She doesn’t think he would betray them for no reason, though they can’t deny the fact that he was so well-prepared in framing Monji. It’s not something he could plan in just one or two days, so he must have had contacts with Kuroe from a while back. It reminds Kyouko of the time when she saw Shinnosuke on the phone late at night, and she wonders if he was talking to Kuroe back then. This makes it hard to figure out what he’s actually trying to achieve, and Satsuki has no intentions of forgiving him anyway.

That night, Kyouko has another nostalgic dream. It was six months after Shinnosuke went to England for training, and he started speaking formally to her after he returned. She got creeped out because it was so different from how he used to be, and he instantly reverted to casual speaking—complaining that it was just as creepy for him. Not to mention his butler suit felt so tight and uncomfortable. Of course a butler is not allowed to speak casually to his master, and Shinnosuke got scolded by Masaki, the Himeno family’s butler, for being so rude towards Kyouko. When she pointed out that he got scolded, he grumbled that it was her fault. He fell silent when she welcomed him back, but then he answered that he’s home now.

In the morning, Kyouko wakes up and eats breakfast with Satsuki—even though their “breakfast” is only a piece of bread. It’s been a while since the last time she saw Shinnosuke, so she’s happy to see him even if it’s only in a dream. She doesn’t want to believe that he really betrayed them. Sadly, Kuroe soon comes to disturb their morning. He’s clearly amused to see their hut, though he’s clearly not welcomed. Satsuki asks him to leave since Monji is resting inside, but Kuroe says he came to offer a deal. It’s only a matter of time before Monji’s company goes bankrupt. A lot of people would lose their jobs if that happens, but he can save the company for a price… and that price is Kyouko. If she marries Kuroe, they will have a reason to merge Monji’s company with his. ( `ω´⊂彡☆))Д´)パ- However, Monji suddenly comes out to reject the idea. He will never allow his beloved daughter to marry someone like Kuroe, and he doesn’t want Kuroe’s pity anyway. Kuroe knew that Monji would refuse, but he wonders if the same goes for Kyouko. Being the kind person that she is, can she ignore his father’s employees and let them lose their jobs?

After thinking for a while, Kyouko decides to accept Kuroe’s proposal—shocking both Monji and Satsuki. She asks if Kuroe is really going to save Monji’s company, and he promises that he will. He can also make an official document for it if she wants to. He’s going to pick her up tomorrow morning, and he wants her to finish her preparations until then. As soon as Kuroe leaves, Monji and Satsuki ask Kyouko to explain… but she only says they have no reasons to refuse. She’s aware that marriage will be hard on her, but a lot of people will be saved in return. Monji doesn’t want her to sacrifice herself because marriage means she will have to spend the rest of her lives with that person, but Satsuki soon realizes the reason. It’s because Kyouko knows she won’t live for long due to “Glass Heart Syndrome”. After having the illness, she realized that she’s been living with the help of a lot of people… so she wants to repay them before she dies. Monji doesn’t think it’s going to work, but Kyouko can only apologize to him. Her decision is firm, and he can’t do anything to change it.

Late at night, Kyouko receives a call from someone unexpected—Shinnosuke. She tells him it’s been a while, and he seems taken aback that she recognizes his voice. Kyouko says she knows the voice of her butler since they’ve been staying together for years, but Shinnosuke reminds her that he’s not her butler anymore. He’s going to pick her up tomorrow at 10 AM, and he called to inform her about the time. He’s about to end the call right after that, but she asks him to wait. She still wants to talk to him, though he has nothing more to say to her. While she has a lot of questions for him, he doesn’t have any intentions to explain anything. Right now, he’s working for Kuroe. It’s as simple as that. Shinnosuke drops the call after that, and it’s only then when Kyouko realizes that she was actually expecting something from him. He’s aware of her deal with Kuroe, but since he’s still going to pick her up anyway… it means he doesn’t mind even if she marries Kuroe. She doesn’t know why, but it makes her terribly sad. Maybe it was just so hopeless of her to wish that he would stop her.

The next morning, Monji and Satsuki look really sad before Kyouko leaves. She tells them it doesn’t mean they won’t see each other anymore, but Satsuki reminds her that she’s marrying Kuroe. Even if he’s going to save Monji’s company, he probably won’t allow her to see them anymore. Kyouko also asks Satsuki to take care of Monji, assuring them that she’ll be alright. Maybe her marriage to Kuroe will allow her to live longer since her heart would never throb for him, though the last attack has proved that it’s not the only trigger. At 10 AM, Shinnosuke comes to pick Kyouko up. Monji asks her to take a good care of her health, and she says goodbye after asking him not to be too reckless. However, right after they leave, Monji asks Satsuki to do something. She nods saying she knows, because she won’t let things end this way.

Meanwhile, Shinnosuke informs Kyouko that they’re going to the headquarter of Kuroe Group. It appears that Kuroe wants to talk to her, and it’s going to take less than an hour to reach the place. Kyouko is free to do as she likes until then, so she tells Shinnosuke that she wants to talk to him. After all, he hasn’t told her anything… but he coldly asks what she wants to hear. If he tells her the reason, would she forgive him for betraying them? Kyouko doesn’t think Shinnosuke is betraying them because she believes in him, but he tells her to stop it. It’s creeping him out. Besides, this isn’t the first time he betrayed the Himeno family. Kyouko, out of all people, should remember what Shinnosuke did to her 11 years ago. There’s no way she can forget it, though she’s been trying to do it. Not because she wants to, but because she knows that he wants to forget what happened.

On a certain day 11 years ago, Kyouko asked Monji to let her see her mother in the hospital. It had been two weeks since her last visit. She couldn’t visit often because she was still young and had low immunity, but he promised to take her along the next day. He knew she’s been a good girl, even though she must be lonely at home. Her mother was hospitalized, while he spent most of his time away from home. However, Kyouko was kidnapped and taken as a hostage that night. It was on a cold winter night, around this time of the year. She was only 6 years old back then, and the one who captured her was Shinnosuke. She still remembers it clearly, even until now.

Once they arrive at the headquarter of Kuroe Group, Shinnosuke immediately takes Kyouko to see Kuroe. He dismisses Shinnosuke after that, and Kyouko feels sad since they didn’t have a proper conversation at all. Before Kuroe informs her about their plans, Kyouko once again asks if he’s really going to help Monji. When he asks why she keeps doubting him, she says it’s because she’s just a normal high school student. She doesn’t think marrying her will grant him any merits, but he grins saying it will. Kuroe suddenly holds Kyouko’s chin and pulls her to face him, muttering that she really resembles her mother. They went to the same university in the past. Her mother was smart and beautiful, and she was admired by a lot of people. Kuroe was one of them, but that’s not the only reason why he wants to obtain Kyouko. It’s also because he absolutely despises Monji. Kuroe believes that if Monji didn’t appear into their lives, Kyouko’s mother would have married him instead. Ever since Monji stole her away decades ago, Kuroe has been holding a grudge against him. He decided to put Monji through the same pain, and Kyouko is a “material” he needs to achieve that objective.

At first Kuroe was only planning to snatch Kyouko away from Monji, but he was overjoyed upon seeing how much she resembles her mother—thinking that he can finally obtain her after all this time. Kyouko is absolutely horrified. Kuroe isn’t looking at her. He’s not even looking at her mother’s shadow in her. The only thing he’s seeing is his revenge towards Monji. Kuroe is planning to announce their engagement in two days, right on Kyouko’s 18th birthday. She used to believe that it’s the day when her prince will come to pick her up, and yet her engagement falls on the same day. It’s so ironic that she doesn’t even feel like laughing. Until then, Kuroe wants Kyouko to behave. It’s only for the next two days, but he doesn’t want her to cause any problem. He laughs and tells her not to think badly of this, since their marriage will save her family and her father’s employees. Then he orders his men to take her out.

Not too long after that, Shinnosuke comes to see Kuroe. When he asks about Kyouko, Kuroe says that he gave her a room to stay in. He also asks Shinnosuke not to worry since they won’t treat Kyouko roughly, and he promises to do a certain thing in two days. Shinnosuke asks if he can’t do it right now, but Kuroe tells him not to rush it. Kuroe knows that Shinnosuke has an objective to achieve, but they also have a lot of preparations to do. Shinnosuke’s wish will be granted in two days, and Kuroe believes that he already knows what to do until then.

The following day, Kyouko is locked up in her room. They didn’t tie her up, but she can’t open the door or leave the room. It’s just the same as getting confined. A day has passed, and they’re going to announce her engagement tomorrow. As she thinks about this, Kyouko subconsciously mutters Shinnosuke’s name. It has become a habit, because he would always come whenever she called him. She knows he wouldn’t come for her anymore, but soon he really appears and asks if she called. When Kyouko asks if he came to save her, Shinnosuke only asks her to accept the fact that he’s not her butler anymore. There’s no way he would come to save her. His cold gaze brings her back to reality, and she quietly nods saying he still took her here after all. Kyouko then admits that when she decided to get married, she was hoping Shinnosuke would get angry and save her. He’s clearly surprised to hear the word “married”, but she continues saying it was ridiculous for her to think that way. After all, everything will be solved if she marries Kuroe.

Before Shinnosuke can ask anything, a man comes to deliver Kyouko’s meal. He’s really surprised to see Shinnosuke inside, because no one is allowed to enter Kyouko’s room. Shinnosuke calmly answers that he was sent by Kuroe to check up on Kyouko, and he’ll be leaving now that he’s done. It leaves the man confused because he was ordered not to let anyone in, and Kyouko realizes that Shinnosuke might have come to see her without permission… but for what? As Kyouko tries to figure out the answer, Shinnosuke storms into Kuroe’s office. Kuroe never told him about any marriage. Their promise was that Kuroe won’t harm Kyouko if Shinnosuke goes back to the “organization”, but Kuroe points out that he never used any violence on her—it doesn’t breach their contract. Besides, he’ll send her to receive the recovery treatment after their engagement. He doesn’t want to lose “that face” again. Shinnosuke angrily says that Kyouko is NOT her mother, and he just can’t accept this madness.

However, Kuroe warns Shinnosuke to control his words. Shinnosuke should remember that he’s the one who’s going to save Kyouko, and there’s no need to worry—he’d never hurt her face. For Kuroe, Kyouko is just an “imitation” of her mother. He’s willing to give her to Shinnosuke after he gets bored, but only if the latter works hard as his subordinate. (#゚д゚)=○)゚Д)・゚、;’ When Shinnosuke snaps and grabs Kuroe by the collar, Kuroe grins saying he’s got a lot of guys for attacking his employer. Shinnosuke only tells him to shut it saying he won’t allow anyone to insult Kyouko, but Kuroe sighs saying he thought Shinnosuke would be smarter than that. In the end, Shinnosuke is nothing more than a traitor. Kuroe then orders his men to seize Shinnosuke, warning him not to even think of resisting. Shinnosuke should know better than anyone else about what kind of people Kuroe’s men are. Kuroe thinks it’s truly unfortunate if he needs to get rid of Shinnosuke though, because he likes Shinnosuke’s high abilities. Kuroe offers another chance for Shinnosuke to pledge his loyalty to him, but knowing that he has made a grave mistake… Shinnosuke refuses. Even if it was just an act, he feels disgusted to bow down to Kuroe. Besides, his loyalty belongs to Kyouko alone since 10 years ago. Kuroe says he’s such a stupid dog, and then he orders his men to knock Shinnosuke out. He won’t kill Shinnosuke though. He’ll just brainwash Shinnosuke and turn him into an obedient pawn later. Until then, he wants Shinnosuke to cool his head down.

As Kuroe’s men throw him underground, Shinnosuke can feel his world—or rather, his brain—wavering. Something similar happened to him a long time ago, and he sees a dream of his old memories. The ones he never wants to recall. Shinnosuke’s oldest memory is of a garbage dump in an unknown country. He spent his childhood living alone in an unknown city, and he never knew his parents. Did they die? Or did they throw him away? Even until now, he still doesn’t know how he became an orphan. All that he knew was that there’s a lot of children like him in that city. He had a lot of friends, and he never felt lonely. Of course life wasn’t easy, but their days were peaceful… until that night. Their lair was attacked by adults, and all of the children inside were captured. Those people were members of a criminal organization that kidnaps orphans like him, forcing them to take special training and raising them as military force. While his friends fell and disappeared one by one, Shinnosuke was strong enough to survive. He knew he was doing terrible things, but they would kill him if he didn’t follow the orders. Before he knew it, Shinnosuke had turned into a machine-like human being who only lived to obey orders.

After a few years, Shinnosuke’s loyalty earned him a place in the squad and a better treatment from his surroundings. That’s when he met Kyouko. He was asked to take care of her. The reason was simple. She was only 6 years old, and he was the youngest member of the squad. He wasn’t about this, but he didn’t complain. Even after he grew up, he never had the option of refusing an order. The reason why they took her hostage was because the company that supported the organization nearly went bankrupt thanks to Monji, so they kidnapped his daughter as a warning. It was supposed to be a common mission. Kyouko was locked in a dirty storage after that, but she politely introduced herself to Shinnosuke. She didn’t cry nor scream, so much that he found it scary. He only nodded and ignored her. His job was just to keep an eye on her, and he had absolutely no intentions to talk to her… but then she asked for his name. She told him her name, and she wanted him to do the same. He got irked at how cheeky she was, but told her that his name is Shinnosuke. It was the name on his forged passport. He already forgot what his surname was supposed to be, and of course he never knew his real name.

Kyouko politely said that she’ll be in his care from now on, but again… Shinnosuke only gave her a brief nod. He knew only amateurs would make a mistake of holding special feelings for a hostage, and yet he couldn’t help but think that they had kidnapped a weird hostage. By the time he realized, it was too late. She was a 6-year-old hostage, and yet she already got him under her thumbs. First, Shinnosuke reported to the squad leader that their hostage was hungry. The leader told him to just get a bread for her, and so he did. Next, he reported that their hostage wanted to have after meal tea. The leader told him buy some tea or whatever, and so he did. Soon he came back for another report, because apparently their hostage got bored waiting for her nap time. The leader told him to play trump with her, and so he did. By the time Shinnosuke came to report that Kyouko needed help with her homework, the leader grumbled saying this is why rich kids are so troublesome. In the span of ONE day, Himeno Kyouko already became a trouble in the organization. Shinnosuke wondered if all rich kids are like this, but he knew it’s probably just her LOL. Eventually the leader got fed up and told him to just listen to everything she says, except if she requested to go home. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

When Shinnosuke returned to the storage, Kyouko was doing her kanji homework. She was glad to see him back, because there was a part she didn’t understand. She asked if he’s willing to teach her, and he said he’ll do it if she wants him to. After all, he was ordered to listen to everything she says. Upon hearing this, Kyouko’s eyes immediately sparkled with joy… and she happily said that starting from this moment, Shinnosuke is her butler. She had always wanted a butler, and she even asked Monji to give her one for her birthday. Her birthday was still far away, but she was happy to get a butler before then. Shinnosuke fell silent. He was really scared of Kyouko LOL. He never felt scared before, even when he got threatened with a knife, and yet he got terrified of a rich 6-year old. As Shinnosuke helped her to write kanji, Kyouko pointed out that he got the stroke order wrong. He obviously didn’t care about such things because his life was different from hers, but she told him that all humans are equal—stating differences will only be an excuse in the end.

Shinnosuke was amazed. Kyouko’s way of thinking was really different from his. He was a criminal who made a living from people’s misfortunes, and she was a saint who said all humans are equal. They were living in different worlds, so much that talking to her felt strange to him. He grumbled when she told him to rewrite, but he never found her unpleasant. Maybe it was because her straight words felt comfortable to him, who had tricked and deceived people over and over again. However, the situation take a sudden turn. The following day, the organization decided to kill Kyouko. They were planning to do it on the next day, and Shinnosuke was ordered to keep an eye on her until then… so he accepted the order. Maybe he did feel sorry for her, but that was it. Kyouko wanted a fruit tart that night, and Shinnosuke bought it for her since it was going to be her last dinner… but then she gave him a strange request. She wanted to visit the hospital. Her mother was hospitalized, and she was supposed to visit her today. When he asked if she didn’t get to see her mother that much, she nodded saying she’s not allowed to visit because she’s a kid. It had been a while since the last time she saw her mother, and she was really looking forward to it.

However, Shinnosuke said it’s an impossible request. He couldn’t allow Kyouko to leave the storage, and he kept saying no despite her attempt to convince him. She bit her lips and looked like she was about to cry, but she didn’t give up there. She reminded him that he was told to listen to everything she says, and she even promised to return to the storage. She only wanted to visit the hospital for a bit. He didn’t reply, but he eventually gave in and brought her to the hospital. He knew he wouldn’t listen to this request if it came from an adult men, so he wondered if he’s weak against children. Since they couldn’t sneak out for too long, Shinnosuke only gave Kyouko an hour to see her mother. As he carried her on his back, she told him that it was her first time getting a piggyback ride—because Monji preferred hugging her instead. Of course it was also his first time carrying a girl on his back, and it felt warm despite the cold winter wind.

Fortunately, the hospital was really close to their hideout. The visiting hours were over, so he opened one of the windows in the hallway and sneaked in from there. Shinnosuke put Kyouko down when they reach her mother’s hospital room, and she ran towards her mother’s bed. She apologized for the shocking visit, but she already promised to come… and so she came here even though she was late for a day. Kyouko’s mother said something to answer, but Shinnosuke couldn’t hear it because her voice was really faint. He only took a glance, but he could see that her mother wasn’t in a great condition. She probably wouldn’t live for much longer, though he wasn’t sure if her daughter noticed or not. Kyouko then told her mother that she didn’t come here alone, but with Shinnosuke—her butler. She said he’s a really kind person who listened to all of her selfish wishes, so her mother didn’t have to worry. As long as she has him, she will be just fine. Of course she wasn’t “fine” at all since she was kidnapped, not to mention he was the criminal who did it LOL.

Here, Kyouko’s mother told her to take out something from the drawer. It was a pair of heart pendants, and she wanted Shinnosuke to have one of them. It was a token of gratitude for taking her daughter to the hospital today. Knowing things would only become complicated if he refused, Shinnosuke accepted the heart pendant from Kyouko. It looked expensive though, and he didn’t think he could wear it due to the design. Shinnosuke had to take Kyouko back to the storage soon after that, so she said goodbye to her mother—who weakly waved her hand in return. At the very end, Shinnosuke met Kyouko’s mother’s eyes. He realized that she was trying to say something, but he couldn’t hear her voice. They managed to return to the storage without getting noticed, and there she showed him her pendant—which is identical to his. She asked him to take a good care of his pendant, and he said she can have both if they’re really important… but she said that wouldn’t do. A long time ago, her mother taught her that having matching things with someone would be the proof of their bond. Similarly to them, her mother also had a pair ring with Monji. Since Shinnosuke is her butler, Kyouko wanted him to keep the pendant. She happily went to sleep after that, completely unaware of the organization’s plan to kill her the next day. After putting the pendant into his pocket, Shinnosuke spent his “last night” with Kyouko.

…or not.

That night, their hideout suddenly got attacked. Their enemy’s objective was obviously Kyouko, and the squad leader ordered Shinnosuke to bring her over—they couldn’t let the enemy take her. Following the order, he woke her up and rushed her into the head office. Along the way, he noticed that their hideout was really quiet. The attack just started a few minutes prior, but it seemed like the enemy already wiped out that many people. When Kyouko asked about what’s going on, Shinnosuke said he couldn’t explain right now. Before he could take her anywhere, they suddenly heard an explosion. The organization often blew up their hideout to erase evidence, but it was too fast in this case—which means their enemy was a really strong one. The head office was clearly no longer an option, so he immediately took her to change directions. The organization had an emergency meeting point, and he had to take her there. The moment Shinnosuke turned around, the ceiling suddenly crumbled down—trapping his legs underneath. Kyouko panicked and asked if it hurts, and he replied that he wouldn’t be a human if it doesn’t hurt. The rubbles were heavy and he couldn’t move.

After making sure that Kyouko was alright, Shinnosuke told her to run. He didn’t care where, as long as she left the hideout. If she stayed here, his friends would eventually come to find her. She was a hostage, so who knows what they might do to her. He wanted her to run away before that happens. Kyouko was worried about him, but Shinnosuke told her that it’s not the time to be concerned about others. However, she refused to run away without him… because he’s her butler—her family. Instead of escaping, she tried to dig him out of the rubbles. Before long, the squad leader came with several men behind him. He asked if Shinnosuke forgot the order. No matter what the reason was, he didn’t need a subordinate who can’t follow orders. The leader then took out a gun and pointed it towards him, and he knew he was going to die—just like his former friends and comrades. Just before the leader pulled the trigger, Kyouko suddenly blocked the way and told him to stop. When he asked if she wanted to die, Kyouko once again said that Shinnosuke is her family—she had to protect him.

Of course the squad leader didn’t give a crap about this, so he decided to kill both of them. Shinnosuke knew that even if Kyouko protected him, he would still end up in hell due to all the crimes he committed. It wouldn’t change anything, but somehow he felt that if he didn’t protect her… he would regret it in the end. It was then when another shadow suddenly appeared. Before they could realize what’s happening, the leader and his men were already knocked unconscious on the floor. Smoke was filling the room, and Shinnosuke could see a man standing beyond his hazy vision—it was Masaki. He apologized for coming so late to save Kyouko, deeply bowing down when she called his name. He had a gentle smile despite all the men lying around his feet. When Kyouko asked how he figured out their location, Masaki pointed to her heart pendant… and Shinnosuke realized that the pendants had transmitters inside of them. One of them was given to him so they could track down the location of the criminal. Shinnosuke laughed upon realizing that Kyouko’s mother had tricked him despite her condition.

Before Masaki took her out, Kyouko asked him to save Shinnosuke too. Masaki is clearly not a normal butler, and he obviously knew that Shinnosuke was a part of the organization. He was about to object, but Kyouko ordered him to save Shinnosuke… and he obeyed. After saving Shinnosuke from the rubbles, Masaki carried him over one shoulder. It was to keep him from running away, but Shinnosuke didn’t feel like escaping at all. He was then taken to the Himeno family’s house, where he witnessed Monji hugging Kyouko so tight it could have crushed her LOL. After he was done weeping, Monji punched Shinnosuke and was about to unleash his rage… but Kyouko told him to stop and shielded Shinnosuke. When Monji asked why she’s defending one of the criminals, Kyouko said it’s because Shinnosuke is her butler. She already told him that she wanted a butler for her birthday, so she went to find one on her own. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Here, Masaki directed Monji’s attention to the heart pendant at Shinnosuke’s feet. It fell out of his pocket when Monji punched him earlier. Monji was surprised, and he realized that Shinnosuke must be the one who took Kyouko to see his wife last night. When the police arrived, Monji told him to follow their lead if he doesn’t want to be captured. He’s a member of their family starting from this moment, and Monji also covered him from the police with this excuse. Shinnosuke said he doesn’t have to do this out of pity, but Monji told him not to misunderstand. He still despised Shinnosuke for kidnapping his beloved daughter, but his wife was able to see Kyouko for the last time thanks to him… and she died in the morning. Kyouko has chosen Shinnosuke, so Monji decided to respect her decision. He didn’t want to become a father who took his daughter’s birthday present away, and he didn’t want her to lose anything else in her life. Monji told Shinnosuke to be prepared though. He will have to serve them for the rest of his life, and escaping is not an option.

As Monji sent Masaki to deal with the police, Kyouko looked up at Shinnosuke and asked if his cheek hurt from the punch. He never knew his parents, so he didn’t understand how painful it feels to lose one’s mother… but he did know that it wasn’t easy for her to smile like that. When he asked if she doesn’t feel sad, she seemed surprised for a moment. She quietly admitted that she was really sad, but she wouldn’t feel lonely if he’s staying with her. Kyouko started crying as she said this, and Shinnosuke wiped her tears with his sleeve—even though it stained her face with dirt. She complained that it’s dirty, but he told her it couldn’t be helped. Back then Shinnosuke never thought that he wants to protect Kyouko, but if he had to protect someone from now on… then he was glad it’s her. When she told him that a butler needs to carry a clean white handkerchief all the time, he smiles and says he’ll keep that in mind.

Ever since that day, Shinnosuke found a new path in life as Kyouko’s butler. 11 years have passed, and now he’s about to take something important from her again… but he doesn’t mind. No matter how dirty it might be, and even if he had to sacrifice others… he doesn’t mind. As long as he can protect her.

When Shinnosuke regains consciousness, he’s really surprised to find Satsuki in front of him. He asks why she’s here, but she simply says that she doesn’t know a traitor butler like him. No matter what the reason might be, she won’t show any mercy for those who hurt Kyouko. It’s their family rule, and he should know it too as their former butler. When he apologizes, she says he’s apologizing to the wrong person… but she declares a temporary truce for now. Upon recalling what happened earlier, Shinnosuke instantly panics and explains that Kyouko will marry Kuroe at this rate. Satsuki nods saying that’s why she’s here, and she can see that he didn’t know about this—just as she expected. Satsuki knows what Shinnosuke was trying to do, but she asks him to explain the details. They have to wait for a good timing to escape anyway.

Shinnosuke then explains that after the case with Kyouko, the organization lost its force and was on the verge of dissolving… and the one who restored it was Kuroe Group. In return of funding the organization, Kuroe gains the authority of using the members as his personal property—ranging from threatening rival companies to protecting himself. In fact, he also sent some of them to attack the Himeno family’s house. However, the assassination plan never worked. Kuroe was confused, but after doing extensive research… he found out that Shinnosuke is working for the Himeno family. Kuroe knew that in order to ruin Monji’s company, first he needs to get Shinnosuke on his side. Shinnosuke started getting invitations from Kuroe after that, but he kept on refusing—saying he has no intentions of leaving Kyouko’s side. This continued until the night Kyouko saw Shinnosuke on the phone. On top of revealing that he knows about Kyouko’s illness, Kuroe also told Shinnosuke that he might have the cure.

Kuroe Group has a very large network, so it wasn’t hard for Kuroe to find out about Kyouko’s illness. He then gathered all the researchers who were working on “Glass Heart Syndrome”, forcing them to develop a cure so he can use it to negotiate with Shinnosuke. Shinnosuke could have agreed right away in order to save Kyouko’s life, but he was confused… and he was eventually forced to make a decision when she got hospitalized. He decided to accept Kuroe’s offer, under the condition that Kuroe will never harm her. It was also Kuroe who ordered him to frame Monji for fraud. He made a vague document as an attempt to atone for his actions, though it couldn’t fool Satsuki’s eyes. Putting that aside, Satsuki doesn’t think it was necessary for Shinnosuke to go that far in playing the villain… especially because Kyouko was really shocked. Shinnosuke doesn’t mind though. In fact, he wants Kyouko to hate him. If she finds out that he actually doesn’t want to do this, she’ll definitely drag him back once everything is over… but he doesn’t want her to deal with the organization anymore. He’ll do anything to give her a safe and happy life—no matter how terrible it might be.

Unfortunately, Shinnosuke’s plan didn’t go smoothly. All he wanted was to save Kyouko, but now she’s confined… and tomorrow, they’re going to announce her marriage to a person she doesn’t even love. In the end, what he did only worsened the situation. He then started blaming himself for literally everything he ever did, and Satsuki watches with this ( ಠ_ಠ ) expression as he starts thinking of committing seppuku again… except he won’t be able to save Kyouko if he does that. The next thing Satsuki does is to call the guard, requesting to be moved to another room immediately. She’ll start growing mold if she has to stay here and listen to Shinnosuke’s endless weeping LOL. Of course her request gets rejected, so Satsuki tells Shinnosuke to shut it already—or else she’ll shut him up with her fist. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He doesn’t mind though. If anything, they can throw him into a trash can since he’s a non-recyclable trash LOL. However, Satsuki then tells Shinnosuke to face it like a man. What’s done is done, and she can’t leave Kyouko in the hands of a man who keeps getting stuck in the past. Besides, Monji has a request for Shinnosuke: “Will you turn my lie into reality?”

Shinnosuke is surprised, realizing that Monji is referring to his lie about Kyouko’s prince. He doesn’t get why Monji is asking him of all people, but Monji probably believes that he’s the most suitable person for the role. When Shinnosuke points out that he has betrayed the Himeno family, Satsuki reveals that Monji already noticed right from the start. He knew that Shinnosuke would never hand Kyouko to someone like Kuroe so easily. Monji believes that Shinnosuke must have a plan, and he decided to leave Kyouko in his hands. Shinnosuke finds this hard to believe because he sacrificed Monji’s company, but Satsuki says he must have underestimated Monji’s love for Kyouko. After all, this is the person who would fight an entire country for the sake of his daughter. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This brings Shinnosuke to the realization that he has been acting for nothing, and Satsuki says it’s because he’s trying to look cool by himself LOL. He should have just told them right from the start. She thinks he needs to fix the habit of losing sight of everything else when it comes to Kyouko, but he only says his life would be much easier if he can fix it.

Satsuki then asks if Shinnosuke is ready to be the prince and pick up his princess, but he falls silent. He’s not sure if a butler like him is allowed to take such a great role, but she tells him that social status doesn’t matter in love. As long as he loves Kyouko. Shinnosuke thinks his love for Kyouko is simply a butler’s love towards his master, but Satsuki points out that they had a lot of dates together. It doesn’t matter even if they were just for training. Doesn’t he feel anything towards Kyouko? Shinnosuke is about to say that he doesn’t, but as he recalls their first date in the garden… his heart is pierced by pain. Out of confusion, he asks if he actually has “Glass Heart Syndrome” as well. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Since both of them love Kyouko, Shinnosuke wonders if the same goes for Satsuki. Satsuki sighs and admits that her heart often throbs because of Kyouko’s cuteness, but it doesn’t feel painful… because her love is different from his. That’s when Shinnosuke finally realizes that he loves Kyouko romantically, while Satsuki sighs and says he’s just as much of a beginner LOL.

As Shinnosuke panics and asks Satsuki about what he should do, the guard shouts at them for being so noisy. Satsuki asks if they can get separate rooms now since she’s about to kill Shinnosuke, and she tells the guard to ask his superior directly about this. The guard agrees and warns them to not leave the room until he returns, but you know… when someone tells you not to do something THAT much, you just want to do otherwise. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ As for the reason why Satsuki got captured to begin with, it was because she messed up a bit during a certain plan. She’s going back to said plan now, and she asks what Shinnosuke is going to do. When he answers that he’s going with her, she asks if it’s because he has to save Kyouko as a servant… but he says he’s going as a man. Because he doesn’t want to cause the woman he loves to fall into sorrow. Shinnosuke will become the prince if they allow him to, though Satsuki says he’ll have to ask Kyouko directly about that. For now, they only have one thing to do—destroy the door. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It’s an easy task because Shinnosuke has hidden weapons, while bombs are apparently included in Satsuki’s seven maid tools LOL. As much as he wants to save Kyouko right away, Shinnosuke needs to make some preparations… so Satsuki and him decide to split up here. They’ll meet again in the hall, and Satsuki asks Shinnosuke to take care of Kyouko. If he dares to make her cry again, Satsuki will turn him into a beehive with her gun. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

As they make their escape, Shinnosuke calls a certain person…

Meanwhile, Kyouko is having another nostalgic dream that night. She was surprised to see Shinnosuke with a lot of luggage, and he told her that he was going overseas to train as a butler. He was planning to return in about half a year. Kyouko sadly told him that half a year is too long, but Shinnosuke promised to return as a proper butler who is strong enough to protect her… and then they can always be together. After all, a butler always stays with his master. Kyouko wakes up to her second day in confinement. She never thought that she would come to see this day in a place like this. It’s her 18th birthday, as well as the day that determines her future. At noon, she is taken to see Kuroe—who informs her that the party will begin at 5 PM. In 5 hours, she won’t be able to turn back anymore… and she hates how the thought of escaping crosses her mind. When Kuroe asks if she wants to run away, she answers that her decision doesn’t change. Even though she’s aware that she’s trying to convince herself with it. Kuroe then sends Kyouko to dress up and prepare herself for the party. She’s going to stand beside him as his fiancée, and he wants her to look proper for the occasion.

At 5 PM, the guests have gathered in the party hall. There’s a lot of famous people from various fields of occupations, including the ones she knows. Once their engagement is announced in front of all of these people, she really won’t be able to turn back anymore. She’ll have to spend the rest of her life as Kuroe’s future wife. Soon enough, Kuroe is called to the stage for the announcement. Kyouko stands up when he tells her to, but just before he announces their engagement… they suddenly hear a loud sound of engine approaching. It swallows Kuroe’s voice when he calls for the security, and the next moment… Shinnosuke enters the hall on a white motorcycle. He asks if his “trapped princess” is present in this hall, and he looks around to find her among the crowd. Upon seeing Kyouko, Shinnosuke smiles and asks her not to worry because her prince has come on a white horse. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kuroe is shocked to see him and the clothes he’s wearing, but Shinnosuke says he doesn’t have time for idle talk—he has an important mission. When he calls her, Kyouko can feel her heart jumping. She used to hear him calling her “milady” everyday, and so she wonders if she’s having another attack LOL. After apologizing for taking so long, Shinnosuke announces that he came here to pick Kyouko up. He asks for her hand as he invites her to go home together, but she remains silent for a while… and then she screams at him for fooling around. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Shinnosuke turns blue as Kyouko rages at him for doing this after betraying her, saying this is too much if he’s making fun of her. He asks her to calm down since it might put a strain on her heart, but she tells him to stop calling her “milady” since he’s no longer her butler.

Shinnosuke: “I-I’m sorry, Milady!”
Kyouko: “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” (@盆@)
Shinnosuke: “…I’m sorry.” (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。


Shinnosuke tries to explain the reason behind his betrayal, but Kyouko refuses to listen. She reminds him that he completely ignored her questions before, so it’s really selfish of him to ask her to listen LOL. When he says he had to do that to protect her from harm, she yelled that he was the one who hurt her the most. Does he even know how shocked she was!? ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She can’t control her feelings, and she realizes that she’s been holding back up until now. She’s been subconsciously bottling up all of her feelings, including how much she wanted to be with him. Without him, she can’t voice out her complaints… and now they’re flowing out with her tears. Kyouko then says it’s just absurd for an orphan like Shinnosuke to be a prince, but he asks her not to worry about that. He already asked Akram to adopt him into the royal family, and so the current him is 100% a real prince. ☆。◕‿◕。)ノ♡☆,。・:*:・゚ Next, she points out that his “white horse” is definitely not a horse. He answers that at least they have the same color, and they can think of it as an iron horse LOL.

Kyouko: “IT’S NOT A HORSE!”
Shinnosuke: “…I’m sorry.” (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。

Just as Kyouko continues her rage, Shinnosuke tries to stop her again. Since she keeps telling him not to call her “milady”, he eventually shouts: “Kyouko! Are you coming or not!?” It was that moment when…

…the cupid finally comes for Kyouko. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

The crowd cheers when Kyouko answers that she’s coming, while Shinnosuke sighs in relief. He then asks her to get on, but Kuroe quickly stops them from escaping—angrily saying that her family always makes a fool of him. He asks if she doesn’t care about Monji’s company and employees, but she doesn’t want to let go of Shinnosuke’s hand… and Shinnosuke assures her that everything is going to be alright. The one who’s going down is Kuroe himself. Just then a familiar voice says that’s correct, and Kyouko recognizes it as Satsuki’s voice—coming from a speaker in the hall. Kyouko looks around to search for her, and soon she finds her in the giant screen on the stage. Satsuki reports that she’s broadcasting from Kuroe’s office, and she just found interesting things by “total coincidence”—a list of secret transactions, an evidence of fraudulent accounting, and a log of data manipulation. Yeah, total coincidence indeed LOL.

Satsuki is about to announce Kuroe Group’s income ratio as well, but Kuroe yells at her to stop. He orders for the broadcast to be stopped immediately, even if it means they have to destroy the screen… but she calmly says it’s useless. Her live report is also airing on the internet, and destroying the screen would only punch a hole in his wallet. In a fit of desperation, Kuroe orders his men to kill everyone in the hall. Kyouko panics upon hearing this, but Shinnosuke only smiles and says he already assigned “knights” to take care of this—just like what a prince would do. As he commences the start of operation, an armed squad storm in to secure the hall. Kuroe is shocked, while Shinnosuke explains that they’re his former colleagues. They are friends who have shared joy and pain together. He also asks Kuroe to treasure his friends, because a bond bought by money and power is really fragile. In addition, Shinnosuke also has Harriers surrounding the area. They will attack at his command, and he asks if Kuroe needs further warning.

After leaving the command to one of his friends, Shinnosuke asks Kyouko to get onto his motorcycle. At first she feels nervous to hug him from behind, but then she remembers that he’s prohibited from driving. It’s too late though, and she screams as he drives them out of the hall LOL. From there, Shinnosuke takes Kyouko to the beach. She remains silent when he asks if she’s alright, and he asks if she’s still angry. She answers that she is. She doesn’t get what he’s doing at all, but he decides not to make excuses anymore. She can rage at him all she wants, he’ll accept everything without running away. However, Kyouko only says she doesn’t know what Shinnosuke was thinking about. He knows her the best, so she felt really sad when he pretended not to know her. That, and her wrists hurt. Of course he didn’t mean to hurt her, but he apologizes and promises to never treat her roughly anymore. Then finally, Kyouko admits that she was lonely without Shinnosuke. She asks him to never leave her side again, and he promises that he will stay with her forever.

After apologizing once again, Shinnosuke pulls Kyouko into his arms. She tells him that it hurts, but he answers that he can’t hold back—he’s in love with her. He knows he’s a fool for not realizing it sooner, and he’s aware that he fails as a butler. He might betray Monji and her again out of his love for her, but even so… he wants to be with her. He doesn’t want to let go of her anymore. When he apologizes again, she tells him that he apologizes too much even though he doesn’t do anything wrong. He points out that he fails as a butler, but she reminds him that he’s a prince right now. Shinnosuke then asks if Kyouko is willing to forgive him, and she admits that she feels the same way. She loves him, and she doesn’t want to be apart from him. He answers that he loves her too, and he will never let her go anymore.

In the epilogue, Kyouko returns to her old house with Shinnosuke—where Monji rages and fires him on the spot. Everything worked out in the end, but all of his employees were seriously worried about losing their jobs. Shinnosuke can’t say anything in return because it was indeed his fault, though Kyouko asks Monji to wait because he did everything for her. Monji says he knows that. It’s just Shinnosuke needs to take responsibility for what he did, and he’s ready to accept any punishment. Satsuki doesn’t think it’s a good idea to turn Kyouko’s boyfriend into a NEET prince though, and of course Monji shares the same opinion. The problem is that he just can’t let this slide as the president of the company, but fortunately… Kyouko comes up with a brilliant solution. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪

The next morning, Kyouko finds Satsuki yawning in the living room. She spent all night watching all the anime she missed during the incident LOL. Kyouko asks Satsuki not to behave like that even though they have a “newcomer” in the house, but Satsuki says that’s what the “newcomer” is for. The newcomer is, of course, Shinnosuke, who soon comes to report that he’s done throwing out the trash and sweeping the entrance. Satsuki has been calling him “handyman” ever since, and he has no choice but to accept it because she’d only make fun of his “prince” title otherwise. She also wants him to call her “maid chief”, and he has to do it because she’s now his superior. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When Kyouko greets him good morning, Shinnosuke smiles and returns the greeting. After he got fired, Kyouko decided to rehire Shinnosuke with her pocket money—which is why he’s still staying with them. It’s just she can’t afford to hire a butler, so she can only hire him to take care of household chores. Since Shinnosuke has finished his tasks, Satsuki then sends him to wipe ALL the windows in the house. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He asks her to have mercy because he’s planning to ask Kyouko out on a date today, but she just ignores him and leaves LOL.

When Kyouko asks if he’s really going to do it, Shinnosuke nods saying it’s his job after all. Kyouko thinks Satsuki is picking on him because she’s happy to have a subordinate, but Shinnosuke says she’s clearly abusing her authority to torment him LOL. She’s now doing everything she can to stop them from having a date, though Shinnosuke thinks it can’t be helped because he’s not Kyouko’s training partner anymore. Kyouko asks if she can help him wipe the windows, and Shinnosuke instantly rejects the idea. She points out that she can help him to finish faster, but he insists that he can’t allow her smooth hands to become rough… until she mentions that she wants to have a date after he’s done with work. After a short silence, Shinnosuke changes his mind and asks Kyouko to help. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ She doesn’t know why he suddenly agrees, but she nods and goes to wipe one of the windows.

Kyouko can’t reach the upper part though, and she turns to ask Shinnosuke for help… but then he leans in and kisses her behind the curtain—apologizing for not waiting until the date. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ Kyouko protests since someone might see them, but Shinnosuke says that’s what the curtains are for. He already made sure there’s no one around in the radius of 30 meters, so he knows what he’s doing. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ She says she can’t drop her guard around him recently, but he answers that he’d be troubled if she does. He’s not her butler anymore, so he’d have a hard time if she’s being too defenseless around him. Kyouko says it’s foul play for him to kiss her so suddenly, but the mood would be ruined if Shinnosuke fomally asks for her permisison first… which is why he prefers giving her surprise attacks LOL. She asks him not to do that since her heart is finally healed, and yet it keeps on throbbing because she can’t see him the same way as before. However, Shinnosuke tells Kyouko that he’s still the same old him. He’s still the same butler who’s protecting her, and his feelings for her never changed—he loves her as a woman, and he respects her as his master.

Kyouko asks if that’s why Shinnosuke never called her name again ever since that day, and he admits that he keeps calling her “milady” out of habit. Of course she doesn’t hate it, but she wants him to call her name at times like this. Shinnosuke falls silent for a while, and then he asks Kyouko to be a bit more responsible with her words and actions. He will only call her name when he’s not serving her as a butler, which means he won’t hold back. He asks if she’s ready for it, and she accepts his challenge. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Shinnosuke says that’s a promising answer. He whispers that he loves her—his precious Kyouko—before moving in for another kiss. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

LOL SHINNOSUKE. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! That was the most brilliant “prince on a white horse” entrance I’ve ever seen. Well… okay, it’s not exactly a white horse, but still wonderful nonetheless. I guess his betrayal might be unforgivable for some people, but personally I was moved. His methods might be wrong, but he did have a valid reason behind his actions—it was all to protect Kyouko. It took a LONG time for their relationship to develop, but in the end their bond is so strong that even a betrayal couldn’t break it. This is undoubtedly my favourite route, and I loved everything from it. It has a really nice balance of comedy, drama and action, not to mention the timing of the cupid is absolutely perfect. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Score: ∞ / 10


Also, both Kyouko and Satsuki are awesome.

17 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Masaki Shinnosuke

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!!! KENN BABY, COME HERE. His voice for Shinnosuke is just sooo ghadlgjnelagag d=(´▽`)=b. I was so excited to see this! :D His prince on a white horse was hilarious!! I laughed at the Christmas CG too, awh Monji is such a great father /crying.

    Ah, this game is so great but it takes a while to actually progress in the game OTL. Still, my favourite character out of all of them is Shinnosuke ヽ(´▽`)ノ He’s just so loyal and cute, although his betrayal just made me go “ʘ‿ʘ Seriously bro.”

    Will you be doing a route for the hidden character? (Ah, I forgot his name…the shouta LOL) Thanks for the reviews so far o(≧∇≦o) Hope you’ll be playing Storm Lover 2nd because that game is so dayum cute (they even have twitter now in the game) ヽ(;▽;)ノ!!

    • I actually find Shinnosuke’s betrayal touching because of the reason behind it. The only problem is probably just as Satsuki said, he loses sight of everything else when Kyouko is in trouble LOL. The best CG for me is the New Year’s dream though, the parody is so priceless. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Oh, and yeah I’m doing Gai’s route now. Should be up in a while. I’m not sure when I’m gonna play SL2 but it’s in my backlog. Now just waiting for the mood. :3

  2. Awesome!! I espically liked the ‘prince’ enterance where the motorcycle is way cooler than a horse, banzai for the technology!! :D I also laughed hard when Kyouko raged at Shinnosuke, the only thing I would complain about this route that it lacks romantic scenes, it’s only a bit at the end, and Shinnosuke didn’t have any scenes where he blushed ^_^; but oh, well, the ending was awesome so no complaining~ @v@ Thanks for the summary

    • LOL the iron horse. 8D
      To be fair, Shinnosuke has been working as Kyouko’s butler for a long time. Of course it took time until their relationship developed in the romantic area, but he did try his best during their dates. Whether it’s successful or not is a different story, but I find that more “romantic” than the usual いちゃラブ scenes. Shinnosuke did have some scenes where he blushed, one of them being the blackout at the museum. I prefer having this kind of development rather than seeing romantic scenes right from the start, so maybe it’s a matter of taste.

  3. Your score www But yes, Shinnosuke’s princely entrance was superb – attempting to bring that scene to life itself is worth applauding! I really loved reading about Kyouko and Shinnosuke’s past again, both of them were so cute. A butler for her birthday present <3 And Satsuki's words were certainly the harshest in this route lol all those biting remarks.

    • Shinnosuke deserves the best. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*
      I still can’t get over the fact that he was actually scared of Kyouko. “Rich kids are scary.” LOL. I love how Kyouko handled Shinnosuke despite being a hostage, and looking at how her mom tricked him… she was probably an awesome lady too. But then again no one in this game is perfectly normal. 8D I guess Satsuki is just as protective as Shinnosuke when it comes to Kyouko, except she loves teasing her as well. xD

      • LOL should give us all an idea that Kyouko isn’t “normal” either. XD Yup her mom was awesome too. That’s true, Satsuki is just as loyal to Kyouko as Shinnosuke is, and also enjoys trackin–, witnessing every step of Kyouko’s romance. ww

        • Kyouko is definitely not “normal” LOL. Her worries tend to be different from other people’s too, probably because she grew up surrounded by all these quirky people. xD I love how Satsuki monitors all of Kyouko’s adventures and watches it while snacking like she did in Yukito’s route. That’s one wonderful maid. 8D

  4. Awww! It’s Shin-chan’s turn at last! I was waiting for this moment! Oh, and don’t worry about your bias: I guess everyone of us has one when it comes to our favourite seiyuu! But in the end, Shinnosuke is my favourite character in this game, even if KENN is not exactly my favourite (he’s growing on me, though). That’s how awesome he is.
    Shinnosuke might be a the perfect bodyguard/butler, but whenever Kyouko is involved, his hetare level just SKYROCKETS! His loyalty toward her, and only her, is touching, but in the same time he shows it such ways that really made me laugh. Not to mention the Santa Claus matter! I though I was weird for believing in Santa Claus until 12 years old, but Shin-chan just takes it to another level! Yeah, I guess some would be turned down by his betrayal, but I wasn’t worried at all. I mean, it’s Shinnosuke we’re talking about: the same Shinnosuke who would willingly go die in a fire for Kyouko. I just couldn’t picture him doing something that would damage her, so I KNEW there had to be a good reason. I wasn’t angry at him at all, since I was busy raging at that idiot eyepatched Sephiroth’s clone. Oh, and that goes without saying, but I loved the part about their childhood: they were both adorable, and Kyouko was such a cute spoiled brat (in a good way!).
    In the end, I think Kyouko and Shinnosuke are the ultimate couple. They are simply perfect together and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them. And this is just one of my crazy ideas, but I would like to see a fight between the mysterious Chairman and Shinnosuke, just to see who’s stronger!

    • Yeah, it took quite a while and the post turns out to be monstrous in size… but anything for Shinnosuke. :’D His hetare mode is so cute LOL. I can’t believe he started moping and thinking about seppuku again during the scene with Satsuki, and how he literally went (゚⌓゚;) when Kyouko raged at him and his horse. Seriously, I never knew that you can find something so touching and yet so hilarious at the same time. A lot of people seem to hate his betrayal though, so I’m glad that you can see his reason for doing so. ;____; The “Black Pulse” event should be enough hint that Kuroe did something to confuse him too, and yet Shinnosuke still stayed with Kyouko until she collapsed. Of course it can’t justify his actions, but in the end he did everything for her and I find that really touching. Man, they were so cute in the past. Kyouko is really strong in a way, and it’s so adorable how Shinnosuke gradually grew fond of her. Even though he didn’t admit / realize it LOL.

      Also, that’s a nice idea. xD
      I want to at least see the chairman before anything else, and I’m really looking forward to GHP: Platinum! /o/

    • It’s been a while so my memory is a bit hazy, but try following these steps:

      1. Ignore the cupid for all 3 guys. Don’t shoot the arrow. At the end of the prologue, the game will force you to choose one of them. You can pick anyone, it doesn’t matter.
      2. Don’t do Shinnosuke’s dates. Date the guy you picked ONLY and stick with him until November. You might want to make a save data here so you can go back and do Shinnosuke’s Rank G-E dates later.
      3. If you’re doing it right, a new date (Rank D: 黒い衝動) will appear for Shinnosuke. Choose it, and you should be in Shinnosuke’s route.

      Good luck!

          • Hello~ so i tried to do shinosuke’s route over and over but i still can’t trigger his RANK D date, i wonder why, even though i already followed the guide, im so confused and tired lol. So in November, all-week, i have to date my other guy (let’s say yukito) but there’s one date when kyouko and yukit declared their feelings to each other and after that point, i just got confused can i still make it with shinosuke? Ok sorry for the confusing question haha~ your help is very much appreciated.

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