Glass Heart Princess – Doumyouji Gai

This is the last route in GHP, and I hope you’re into shota since our target is a young boy here. Don’t let Gai’s appearance and personality fool you though, because his route comes with a really nice surprise at the end. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

道明寺凱 (CV:松岡禎丞)

Doumyouji Gai is Kyouko’s 10-year-old fiance. He’s a bit timid and shy, but he’s also the heir to a super prestigious family. Their “engagement” came from a promise Monji made to Gai’s father in the heat of the moment, so they’re actually not forced to get married. The problem is that Gai takes this seriously, believing that Kyouko and him are really enganged. He’s been admiring her ever since they first met, and he wants to marry her in the future.


One day in November, Kyouko comes home to find Monji waiting for her with “wonderful guests”—or at least that’s how Satsuki describes them. Satsuki doesn’t say who they are though, and she only whispers “shota is nice too” before leaving. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ In the guest room, Kyouko finds Monji with his old friend—Doumyouji, a big landowner in the area. She often met him in the past, but then he moved to live overseas a few years ago. Doumyouji explains that he returned to Japan in order to see Kyouko, and she asks him not to tease her… except he’s not teasing her. Doumyouji then asks his son to introduce himself, and so the boy nervously greets Kyouko—introducing himself as Doumyouji Gai. She actually recognizes him because they’ve met in the past, though he doesn’t remember because he was just a baby back then. Doumyouji apologizes for forgetting to tell him, but he reveals that Gai actually had his diapers changed by Kyouko during those days—embarrassing the poor kid LOL.

When Kyouko asks how old he is right now, Gai answers that he’s 10 years old—currently in 4th grade of elementary school. Doumyouji will be staying in Japan for quite a while, so Gai has transferred to Karyou Tokiwa Academy’s elementary department… which makes him Kyouko’s junior. Sadly for him, she’s going to graduate next year. Noticing that Gai is disappointed, Doumyouji apologizes for not taking him back to Japan sooner. If he finished his job earlier, Gai would have more time to spend with his cute fiancée at school. Kyouko is amused to hear that Gai is engaged, but when she asks what kind of person his fiancée is… Doumyouji lightly answers that it’s her. Σ(゚ー゚;) Kyouko is obviously shocked and glances at Monji, who reluctantly explains that Doumyouji helped him with a lot of things back when she was just a baby. That’s why he ended up making a promise that if Doumyouji has a son, he’d gladly give Kyouko to be his wife. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Kyouko asks if that’s why Doumyouji came to see her, but he laughs and asks her not to worry. It was only a promise, and he has no intentions of forcing them to marry against their will.

Gai, however, is surprised to hear this. Kyouko never knew about their “engagement” before, but he did. She thinks he must be troubled to have a fiancée who’s much older than him, but he quickly denies this. Monji actually sent Kyouko’s picture to Gai before, and he’s always thought about how amazing it is to have such a beautiful person as his future bride. That’s why if she doesn’t hate him, she wants her to stay as his fiancée. Of course Doumyouji doesn’t mind this at all. In fact, he wouldn’t mind if she starts calling him “father” LOL. When she glances at Monji for help, he only leaves the decision in her hands. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since Gai is giving her puppy eyes though they’re covered by his fringe, Kyouko just can’t bring herself to reject him… so she decides to dodge the question by saying they still don’t know much about each other. She thinks they should start by getting to know each other first, and he happily agrees—unaware of how guilty she’s feeling inside. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Since this is Gai’s first time visiting the area, Doumyouji then asks Kyouko to take him on a date and show him around. Kyouko says she doesn’t mind at all, and Gai nervously asks her to take care of him forever LOL.

With this, Gai has brought a sudden turn into Kyouko’s rehabilitation and quest to find her first love…

■ RANK E: The Boy’s Resolve

Just as she promised, Kyouko is going to show Gai around the town today. Since he’s late, she wonders if he got lost… but soon she notices a colorful flower bouquet walking towards her house. Or rather, it’s Gai with a bouquet so huge he can barely hold it with both hands. Kyouko is taken aback to see how cute he is, but quickly snaps back to her senses and runs up to Gai—asking if he’s okay. Sadly, this also surprises him enough to drop some of the flowers. When she asks why he’s carrying so many flowers, he explains that he made several bouquets from the flowers that suit her… but he couldn’t choose which one to give her, and he brought everything so she can choose it herself. After all, this will be the first present he gives her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Doumyouji also told Gai that he’s not supposed to bring any bodyguards for a date, so he didn’t have anyone to help him. Kyouko nods, though she’s secretly wishing that she could give those words to her own butler LOL.

Gai apologizes for bringing so many bouquets, but Kyouko assures him that it’s not a problem. She’ll put all of them in her house. However, she gets nervous as she takes the bouquets from him—mostly due to the fact that they’re engaged. Satsuki is amused to see how he conveys his feelings with flowers though. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Soon after that, Shinnosuke comes to greet Gai—introducing himself as Kyouko’s butler and bodyguard. Kyouko asks him to take care of the bouquets, so he takes all of them before going back into the house with Satsuki—who asks Gai to take care of Kyouko. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ From there, Kyouko takes Gai to the shopping mall. She notices that he seems to be thinking about something, so he asks if it’s alright for Shinnosuke not to come with them. He heard this town is safe, but just in case. She asks him not to worry though, because she’s pretty sure Shinnosuke is watching over them from somewhere. He’s just hiding so he won’t disturb their date.

When Kyouko asks if there are any shops he wants to visit, Gai says they can go from the ones she wants to see. At first she thought he’s just holding back, but then he admits that he wants to learn more about her preferences… and he wants to grow to like them too. Besides, he doesn’t know the shops around this area. Kyouko then decides to take Gai to a café that serves delicious cake, and she asks if he likes sweets. He nods saying he loves them, and he often makes them by himself too. He learned it from the patisserie at home, though he doesn’t think he’s good at it. He participated in a tournament not too long ago, but he failed just one step before becoming the representative… which she thinks is already amazing LOL. He also asks about her hobbies, and she answers that it’s the classic sports and reading. Yeah, “sports” as in intensive training and “reading” shoujo manga for her heart rehabilitation. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ She knows she has made a mistake when he asks what kind of books she reads, and she can see Satsuki laughing at her from afar. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Kyouko quickly says it might be a bit difficult for Gai, but he asks if it’s more difficult than Karl Marx and Mori Ougai—because he already read their books. At this point, she can see Satsuki rolling on the floor with laughter LOL.

Since Gai is looking at her with admiration in his eyes, Kyouko quickly changes the subject by pointing to the café… but suddenly they hear a woman’s scream. When they look around, they see her pointing to an escaping man—a thief. Kyouko quickly calls out to Shinnosuke, who instantly appears out of nowhere to chase and capture the thief in no time. When he asks what they should do with the thief, she tells him to hand the thief to the police and help with the interrogation. They’re always troubling the police—mainly because of Shinnosuke—so they should repay the kindness every once in a while. Kyouko then asks Gai not to worry because the thief has been captured, but he feels deeply moved after seeing how cool and strong Shinnosuke is. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Gai asks if Shinnosuke wasn’t scared since the thief was holding a knife, but this is Shinnosuke we’re talking about… of course he noticed that the thief is an amateur at handling weapons. Even if the thief was wielding a gun, he still wouldn’t have any problems. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

At the same time, Gai feels ashamed of himself. Despite the situation, Kyouko remained calm and gave orders to Shinnosuke… while he could only cower in fear. She says it couldn’t be helped because that’s how people would normally react. She’s just used to it because of Shinnosuke. However, Gai is afraid of the thought that the thief could have attacked Kyouko instead. This eventually gives him a brilliant idea, and he asks Shinnosuke to train him. He wants to become strong enough to protect the person he loves. At first Shinnosuke is reluctant because Gai is the their to a prestigious family, but he instantly changes his mind when Gai asks to become his apprentice—even calling him “master” LOL. Shinnosuke is clearly happy about this, and he warns Gai that his training will be harsh… but Gai doesn’t mind. He’s ready to follow his master anywhere. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪

Kyouko doesn’t get how it turned to this, but in any case… Gai has become Shinnosuke’s apprentice.

■ RANK E: The First Mountain Seclusion

In order to train Gai, Shinnosuke is going to be away from the house for the next two days. Kyouko asks him not to be too harsh, but then he asks if she wants to come and watch. She was afraid that she might disturb their training, but Shinnosuke thinks her presence will provide a nice encouragement for Gai. The next day, Kyouko goes to the mountain with Satsuki to watch Gai’s training… and she’s actually amazed to see how cool he looks. Even Satsuki notes that he’s truly “sly” for being cute and cool at the same time. Just as expected from the heir of the Doumyouji family. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Gai keeps his mind focused on the training even as they talk, and Kyouko also realizes that he has become slightly more reliable compared to the first time they met. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After a while, Shinnosuke allows Gai to take a break. He runs off to get changed, while Shinnosuke goes to join Kyouko and Satsuki—happily saying that the boy pretty good. Gai is enthusiastic on top of being talented in martial arts, so Shinnosuke thinks he’s worth training. It’s just that Gai doesn’t have enough confidence in himself due to his shy personality, and Shinnosuke is planning to set up a “stage” to boost his confidence. Kyouko wonders if he’s going to put Gai into a karate tournament or something. It might be early since the training has just begun recently, but it might be a good way to improve his confidence. Soon after that, Gai returns and joins them—asking what they’re talking about. Kyouko can’t answer this properly, so Satsuki tells him that they were talking about his promising future. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Gai blushes and says he still has a lot to learn, but one day… he wants to become a man Kyouko can rely on. He wants to be the closest person to her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´. She doesn’t get to hear the last part though, and she thinks they might have to do something about his shy personality.

Since Gai still has to train in the afternoon, Kyouko asks why he went out of his way just to get changed. He explains that his martial arts uniform is simply for training, and he thinks it’d be rude to talk to her in that appearance. He admits that he doesn’t want her to hate him for being sweaty, but she laughs saying she would never hate him for such a reason. When Kyouko says he looked wonderful during training, Gai blushes and thanks her—saying he can work harder just by hearing her praise. Shinnosuke is excited and wants to start their afternoon training, but Kyouko thinks they should let Gai rest for a bit longer… and so Satsuki suggests having lunch before resuming their training. Kyouko made their lunch herself together with Satsuki, and she can’t help but smile when Gai happily eats the food. However, Satsuki tells Kyouko to give Gai a reward after working so hard. Yes, by feeding him. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ When she nervously tries to feed him, he looks at her in confusion and asks what he should do LOL. She asks him to open his mouth, and he shyly bites the food directly from her hand. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

After they’re done eating lunch, Kyouko promises to cook for Gai again next time. This makes him really happy, and he says he’ll be looking forward to it. Shinnosuke then tells him that they’re going to resume their training now, and he enthusiastically nods. As she watches their afternoon training, Kyouko thinks about how Gai has become much more charming than the first time she saw him. At first she wasn’t too sure about this idea, but it seems like becoming Shinnosuke’s apprentice is a good thing for Gai. Kyouko is secretly hoping that Gai is glad to have returned to Japan.


Even though Kyouko has decided to fall in love, there’s absolutely no progress in her love life until winter comes. Satsuki says it’s really sad that she doesn’t even have any plans for Christmas, but she thinks it’s wrong to love someone just to heal her heart. In that sense, she’s glad that she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with anyone… but on the afternoon of Christmas Day, she receives a call from Gai. He asks if they can meet, and she agrees since she doesn’t have plans anyway. She realizes that his voice sounds a bit different than usual, but she doesn’t think much about this—knowing she’ll figure it out once they see each other. After that, Kyouko goes to see Gai in front of the station. When she asks why he asked her to come, he nervously invites her to go on a date with him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Kyouko’s heartbeat instantly goes up, but she accepts Gai’s invitation. This makes her realize that she never asked anyone out even though Christmas is an important event for couples, but it’s far too late now… so she decides to just ignore it and enjoy the date. Gai does his best to escort Kyouko, and they spend the day like a real couple.

At the end of the day, Kyouko and Gai thank each other for the date. After a short silence, he says that he has something to tell her today. As he holds her hand, Gai promises that he will become a man who’s suitable for Kyouko. He doesn’t know how long it’s going to take, but one day… he’ll definitely become a man who suits her more than anyone else. Gai admits that he was planning to confess after he reaches this goal, but Kyouko is really beautiful, kind and wonderful… so he knows other men will make a move on her. That’s why he wanted to confess now that he still has the chance. Gai promises to become a fine adult and come for Kyouko as quickly as he can, so he asks if she’s willing to stay as his fiancée until that time comes. She’s surprised to find her heart racing, and she nods saying she understands. If he doesn’t mind having her, she wants to remain engaged to him as well.

Gai happily smiles. He promises to work hard to become a man who’s worthy of Kyouko, asking her to stay by his side and watch him grow. Upon seeing his smile, somehow Kyouko can see an adult man in Gai… and she can tell that he’ll become a great man in the future. Knowing how serious he is, she knows she can’t stay the way she is right now. She also needs to become a great woman who can stand beside him with pride, and in the near future… the two of them will be together.

■ RANK E: Miscalculation

Gai comes to visit Kyouko’s house today. Both Shinnosuke and Satsuki are away to do some shopping, so they spend the day playing chess in her room. Since Monji is also at work, the house is awfully quiet. However, Kyouko soon hears a sound from outside. Gai wonders if Shinnosuke has finally returned, but when the door swings open… they see two masked men instead. One of them is puzzled since the house is supposed to be empty, but the other one points tells him not to panic—there’s only a girl and a kid here. Gai is shocked upon realizing that they’re probably burglars, and one of them grins saying that’s a good guess. Kyouko doesn’t get how the burglars could enter the house, but apparently they just went in from the front door. After tying up Kyouko and Gai, the burglars take them downstairs and literally throw them into the living room—so they can be used as hostages if necessary. One of them then leaves to gather all valuable things in the house, while the other one stays behind to keep an eye on them.

Noticing that Gai is trembling beside her, Kyouko asks if he’s alright. She feels relieved when he nods, but she still doesn’t get how the burglars could get past Shinnosuke’s security traps. However, she’s actually much more worried about the burglars themselves. If they let this continue, who knows what Shinnosuke would do to them once he returns. He might just actually shoot them without any questions LOL. Kyouko is pulled back to reality when she notices that Gai is on the verge of tears, and she realized this is not the time to worry about the burglars. He feels sad for cowering in fear even though he already trained under Shinnosuke, but she assures him that everything will be alright—Shinnosuke should come to their rescue soon. Gai nods and stops trembling, but he also feels really down knowing that Shinnosuke is much more reliable and stronger than he is.

Before Kyouko can say anything to cheer Gai up, she suddenly receives a call from Shinnosuke through a communication device hidden in her clothes. Both Kyouko and Gai are relieved because they can contact Shinnosuke for help, and the burglar won’t notice since the device is sewn into her collar. However, when Kyouko answers the call and informs Shinnosuke about their situation… he suddenly asks her to keep this conversation hidden from Gai. Because this is the “stage” he was talking about before. Why yes, it’s not a karate tournament. ( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!! He didn’t tell her anything in order to bring out a tense atmosphere for the plan LOL. Kyouko protest that he’s gone too far because Gai is 100% pale right now, but he points out that one needs to overcome problems in order to gain confidence. The plan is already set into motion anyway, so he’s asking her to cooperate. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ For a moment Kyouko is relieved thinking the burglars must be actors hired for this plan, but it only lasts until Shinnosuke reveals that they’re not—they’re REAL burglars. Σ(゚ー゚;) Apparently he asked an informant to spread a rumor that the Himeno house has thin security today, though he didn’t think that it would actually work LOL.

Of course Shinnosuke is planning to break in and take care of the burglars if they put Kyouko in danger, but for now… he wants her to inform Gai that he’s busy fighting with a mysterious army and can’t come to save them. Kyouko is obviously shocked, and she accidentally says the word “army” out loud. Gai then asks if something happened to Shinnosuke, so she has no choice but to go along with the plan. Kyouko knows they’re safe because Shinnosuke and Satsuki seem to be watching them from somewhere, but she still feels guilty upon seeing Gai’s terrified expression. On the other hand, she thinks it’s not that much of a bad idea if he can gain confidence through this plan… and Shinnosuke promises to help if the situation turns dangerous anyway. Everything will depend on Gai himself from here, and so Kyouko moves on with the by repeating the words Shinnosuke asks her to say. First, she informs him that they’re hiding weapons in the house in case of emergencies. Following Shinnosuke’s instructions, Kyouko uses her leg to move a decorative Pachira pot nearby—revealing a secret storage under the floral tile. He has prepared a LOT of weapons for this occasion, and she’s horrified to find things like a handgun or a combat knife inside. Gai is willing to use any weapon for her sake, but of course she doesn’t want him to use the dangerous ones, so she continues examining the storage until they eventually find a stun gun. It’s definitely not harmless, but at least it’s better than the other options LOL.

Gai is still reluctant even after receiving the stun gun from Kyouko, so Shinnosuke asks her to encourage him. She can say anything, as long as it motivates him. Knowing that she has become an accomplice for this plan, Kyouko takes this further by asking Gai to save her. He seems surprised to hear this, but then he nods and quietly stands up. Here, Kyouko notices that Gai’s arms are free. This surprises her since he was tied up until just earlier, but he explains that he slipped out of the rope. He learned the technique directly from Shinnosuke. Gai promises to do his best, and he asks Kyouko to watch him. He puts the gun and the combat knife into his pants before sneaking behind the burglar, and the next moment… he really attacks. The burglar screams as he falls over, cursing as he turns to glare at Gai… but he never gets any chance to get up, because Gai continues attacking him with the stun gun. Over and over again. The burglar quickly loses his consciousness after the second hit, but Gai doesn’t stop—though also he apologizes for hurting him. As much as Kyouko wants to stop this, she can’t move because her arms are still tied up.

After a while, the second burglar comes to see what’s happening to his partner. Kyouko is about to warn Gai, but he quickly takes out his gun and fires a warning shot. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? He then points the gun to the burglar under his feet, threatening the second burglar to surrender. If he doesn’t, his partner will die. Both Kyouko and the burglar are shocked, and she tries asking Gai to stop since they can’t KILL the burglars… but he only orders the burglar to hurry. The first burglar warns his partner to be careful because this kid is completely nuts, and Gai uses his stun gun to knock him out again. By this point, Kyouko is more worried about the burglar’s life more than anything else LOL. Gai warns the second burglar that he will count to three, and he chases after the burglar when the latter escapes in fear. Kyouko quickly gets up and follows them outside, where she witnesses Gai throwing the combat knife towards the burglar. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 She panics and yells at the burglar to dodge it, but luckily the knife doesn’t stab him—though it doesn’t miss. Before they can figure out what’s happening, a huge log appears from the nearby bushes and knocks the burglar out… because the knife activated one of Shinnosuke’s traps. Kyouko can’t believe that Gai made such a brilliant decision in just a split-second.

When Gai asks if she’s alright, Kyouko nods saying he’s really amazing for defeating the burglars… but he tells her that it’s not over yet. Gai then fires the gun towards the bushes and asks the figure hiding in it to come out, but he’s surprised to see that it’s actually Shinnosuke—who happily walks out to congratulate him. He’s clearly confused and asks about the mysterious army, so Shinnosuke explains that it was only a trick to bring him into full manhood. Sadly while Shinnosuke is happy to see Gai’s amazing performance, Gai is completely pissed to learn that he’s been deceived—thinking that Shinnosuke was laughing at him from the shadows. Kyouko quickly apologizes and tries to explain, but it only makes him realize that she’s been involved all along… and he’s terribly hurt by the fact that she deceived him too—especially because he did his best in order to save her. Once again, Kyouko bows her head and apologizes for tricking him… but Gai doesn’t listen. He screams that he really hates everyone and runs away in tears.

The next day, Kyouko is planning to visit the Doumyouji residence to apologize… but she learns that Gai has returned overseas due to the shock. It’s only then when Kyouko realizes that she has done something terrible to Gai, and she never thought that it’d hurt him that much.


8 years later, Kyouko receives a letter from a nostalgic person—Doumyouji Gai. He sends her a beautiful card, but the message inside simply says: “I’m going to pick you up.” He used to be a cute and shy young boy in the past, and she wonders what kind of adult he has become… as well as whether he’s still angry about Shinnosuke’s plan or not. In the end, she never saw him again after he left overseas. That’s why if they can meet again, she wants to apologize to him. Since Gai sent her a letter, Kyouko believes that he’ll forgive her with a smile. Or so she thinks. He didn’t write when he’s going to return to Japan though, and she can only wonder when she can see him again. On the way home, Kyouko’s secretary points out that she seems happy. Kyouko explains that she will be able to meet the person she’s been wanting to see, but her secretary clearly seems disappointed when she says that it’s not her boyfriend. She never heard about Kyouko’s boyfriend at all, so she thought Kyouko might be in a long-distance relationship.

Kyouko didn’t know that people think that way about her, but she’s actually still single—mostly because she’s enjoying her job. She still doesn’t have much immunity against love, and even after all these years… she’s still a bit concerned about how Gai said that he “hates” them. She knows that she was the one who caused him to say that word, and it’s been haunting her ever since. Which is why she can’t seem to move on in love. Knowing that Gai’s love for her was pure, hurting him is a bitter memory for Kyouko too. After a while, Kyouko returns home and is welcomed by a panicked Satsuki. Without explaining anything, she literally drags Kyouko into her room and asks her to wear a wedding dress. Of course Kyouko is confused, but Satsuki asks her to be quiet and wear it already—her “collection” is on the line LOL. Satsuki looks like she’s about to cry, so Kyouko agrees to put on the wedding dress. She’s never seen Satsuki panicking like this though, and she can only wonder about what happened.

As Kyouko wears the wedding dress with Satsuki’s help, she soon notices that a commotion is going on outside. She immediately rushes to see what’s going on, not even taking a glance at how she looks in the dress… and she finds a beaten-up Shinnosuke in front of the house. Just as she wonders who could beat up Shinnosuke to this extent, someone suddenly grabs her from behind and takes her to sit on top of her poor, unconscious butler LOL. When she looks up, Kyouko sees a handsome young man—holding her in his arms. He has a slightly wild image, and he gives her a mischievous smirk as he says: “It’s been a while, Kyouko-san!” When she asks who he might be, he smiles saying he already sent a letter to inform her that he’s coming to pick her up. He asks if she didn’t read the letter, and that’s when she realizes that the man is actually Gai. He just arrived in Japan earlier. While she can see the resemblance, Gai looks so different from the timid young boy in Kyouko’s memories. In fact, he looks like he’s shining in confidence.

When Kyouko says he looks really different, Gai replies that she’s become even more beautiful too. She’s worried about Shinnosuke, who is still lying unconscious below them, but he asks her not to worry since Shinnosuke isn’t dead. ヽ(゚Д゚;)ノ!! He’s been waiting for a long time for this day to come, and so he won’t let Shinnosuke go so easily. Kyouko can’t believe her ears when Gai confirms that it was indeed him who defeated Shinnosuke, though he was disappointed because Shinnosuke isn’t as strong as he expected… and he laughs at how he used to call Shinnosuke “master” in the past. Now that Shinnosuke is defeated, Gai has accomplished his revenge. During the last 8 years, he’s been training in order to take revenge on them for deceiving him. It was a tough experience. He reached the border between life and death several times, but it seems like he got too powerful as the result. Gai glances at Shinnosuke for a while, and then he returns his gaze to Kyouko—saying it’s now her turn.

Noticing that Kyouko is terrified, Gai asks her not to be scared. He won’t do anything violent to her, and he moves in to kiss her on the cheek. He thought he can forget about her if they’re apart, but she remains beautiful—even more than he remembers her to be. Kyouko blushes upon realizing what’s going on, and Gai teasingly notes that she seems to be so pure in this area. He asks if she’s been waiting for him, and he finds it cute when she gets flustered. Kyouko can’t say anything when Gai leans in, as if he’s teasing her, but then he suddenly kisses her on the lips. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ She describes the kiss as “gentle and sweet”, but also “strong” enough that she can’t reject it. After a long, LONG kiss, Gai finally releases Kyouko and notes that she seems to be as inexperienced with men as she used to be… and she can’t deny it because it’s true. Gai thought that Kyouko might be dating Shinnosuke though, and he beat the poor thing up so he can snatch her away. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Now that he learned that there’s nothing between them, Gai says it’s time to take his revenge on Kyouko. She prepares herself when he draws closer, but then she receives unexpected words from him: “Please be mine, and let me tease you for the rest of our lives.” ε-(*´∀`|萌|

When Kyouko asks if that’s the revenge, Gai nods saying she hurt an innocent 10-year-old… and she has to pay for it with her life. As she tries to resist, he only chuckles and asks if she prefers him to be forceful instead. He apologizes for not realizing, but he never thought she has that kind of preference LOL. When Kyouko tries to deny this, Gai tells her that there’s no need to be embarrassed—because he actually likes it that way too. ∑(*゚ェ゚*) His voice sends chills all over her body. Gai then asks if Kyouko is going to be his, and she nervously says yes. He says he’s glad to hear that, and he smiles before giving her an even more passionate kiss. At first Kyouko was scared and thought that Gai is dangerous, but for some reason… she feels really happy right now. She doesn’t want him to end the kiss, even though she’s aware of how weird that sounds. Upon noticing her expression, he assures her that he’ll do a lot of things to her from now on. Things that makes her feel good, as well as ones that would embarrass her. Even if she cries and asks him to stop, he will never stop. He gently pats her head as he asks her to be prepared, and she only nods.

In her life, Kyouko has never seen a man as dangerous as Gai. Her mind is filled with dangerous words, and her instincts is signaling an emergency… but when he leans in again, she accepts his kiss. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

YO. WHAT’S WITH THAT SECOND ENDING. It’s good, I like the gap. ゚+.(ノ*・ω・)ノ*.オォォ☆゚・:*☆ I admit that I really like men who are strong and crush everything in their path, so grown-up Gai is falls into my type LOL. 10-year-old Gai is adorable too, and I think it’s really cute how he works so hard for Kyouko. Gai’s route is really short compared to the others though, and there’s a lot of things we don’t know about him yet… so I’m hoping to see more of him in the fandisk. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

12 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Doumyouji Gai

  1. The first ending was cute and the second ending was nice. But I have to tell myself that I’m not a pedo, I don’t have problem with drooling over Fuuto but Gai is a different case. And poor Shinosuke, being beaten up like that.
    Anyway this game was nice compare to other Otomate’s game. I can’t wait for the fandisk.

    • Gai grew up in the second ending, so I think it’s okay… though I find 10-year-old Gai adorable too. xD Otomate’s games vary in quality depending on the team, so we can’t really make a standard to apply to all of their games IMO. It can either be hit or miss, but yeah I have faith in GHP’s team. /o/

  2. Re-reading that 2nd ending again asdlkajsd. I really didn’t see that coming when I first played the game so it was a nice surprise. (〃ノ∇ノ) It was pretty much like: what a way to end GHP. ww Like you said his route was really short so I hope we get to see more of him in the FD~

    • Yeah, I knew something was coming up at the words “8 years later” but didn’t see THAT coming at all. xD The PV hints that we’re (obviously) going to see adult Gai in the FD, so I’m looking forward to see how they’re going to pull it off. :3

  3. Six words: adult Gai is SO my type. Actually, during his route I felt a little pedo, since he’s so young. I usually don’t mind age gaps, but it’s only limited to when the guy is older than the girl. I don’t like younger guys because in games most of the time they act immature. There are exceptions, but the scenario is often the same. If the gap is a year or two, fine. Seven years, though, it’s a lot. Especially if she’s seventeen and he’s ten.
    BUT! That second ending! Oh, that second ending! I know that kind of personality is not for everyone, but I always had a weak spot for the “You’re mine and I don’t care what you think about it” kind of guy. They always turn out being sexy beasts and/or adorable dorks, which is fine to me either way. Adult Gai seems to be in the first category. Actually, I liked him so much that I started flipping tables when I realized the route was so short, so I hope he’ll have a FULL, LONG, and SATISFYING route in the fandisk, or I’ll NEVER forgive Otomate. Gai is also the one whose design I liked the most (the adult one, of course). I feel a little sorry for poor Shinnosuke, but it was still a nice way to end the game!

    In the end, thanks for reviewing this game: I think you made a lot of people happy! Enjoy your well deserved break!

    • That’s a phase we all went through. 8D I’m starting to appreciate younger guys more because not all of them are 甘えん坊 and immature, but Gai is just too young. I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind as much if only he grew up to Kyouko’s age, and yeah… Otomate… thanks for fulfilling that wish LOL. Some days ago I saw more scans of GHP: Platinum, and it seems like adult Gai has a rather dangerous (for the heart) CG there. Hopefully we get a full route with him there, since we didn’t get to know him much compared to the other guys. :3

      Also, thank you for reading everything!
      I’m taking a break while playing some RPGs now, but I’ll be back to otome games soon. :D

  4. I don’t know why but I felt really REALLY scared of the grown up Gai. I never got scared from Mejojo but now I’m seriously scared because of Gai. Maybe the change from 10-years-old cute-shota-innocent boy into a wild-scarily strong-aggresive man shock me to the bone.
    But, I can’t bring myself to hate that kind of man! (#/。\#) Instead I love that kind of man who will push me down! I would like to see how he will be in the fandisk~
    Anyway…. I think I’m going to catch a ‘Glass Heart Syndrome’ after reading all of the review with handsome men of this game…..

    • Just as Kyouko said, he’s dangerous and you know it. 8D
      Or maybe it’s indeed the shock. I didn’t see that coming either LOL.
      Maybe once the shock goes away, you can fully enjoy your time with him in the fandisk. Be careful of catching “Glass Heart Syndrome”, though I understand how you feel. xD

      • At least Kyouko learned a lesson ‘Don’t mess with innocent kid’ after that. And is it just me or Kyouko sounded almost like a M here? I’m not going to say poor Shinnosuke~

        Moreover, why in GHP Kyouko have the weirdest choice of man to romance? Yukito is NOT quite normal even with his look-alike normal route. Maybe growing in a not-so-normal family affect her man criteria or those kind of thing is an ‘in’ there. It’s not like I’m gonna complain :D

        Yeah, they are bad for hearts and especially the seiyuu whispering soft voice….. how they said the lovey dovey part…. the part where they shine the most…… *cough* I need to stop there or else I’m so going to faint.

        • She did LOL. Maybe it’s because Gai turned into such a do-S.

          GHP has weird men because Kyouko herself is obviously not normal. Actually, no one in this game is normal. Since she also went on a hunt for someone to date in the beginning, I guess she’s just not attracted to normal men. 8D

  5. I always feel so alone when it comes to the shotacon discussion, I LOVE shota routes the most hahaha. And here there is so much ‘I dont want to be a pedo but…’ comments LOL
    Personally I cringe at older guy routes, anything over 3yrs and im mentally “nopenopenope”, the guy has to be damn sexy for me to change my mind. (NEVER oji-cons though)

    Too bad Gai’s route was so short :/ Gai would be my favorite route if it was longer

    Thank you so much for posting ^^

    • People have different tastes, so there’s nothing wrong with liking shota. 8D I think it’s mostly because Gai is still 10 though. If it’s like the second ending, where Gai is 18 and Kyouko is 25, people won’t feel like a pedobear for liking such a young boy. But yeah, Gai’s route is really short… Hopefully his route in the FD will be as long as the others’.

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