Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- I

Sorry for not posting anything in a while. As you might have noticed, I was busy with RPGs recently as I’m catching up with the games I’ve been ignoring so far… but Dot Kareshi sort of brought me back. It’s a short game, but a lot of fun. :D

ドットカレシ -We're 8bit Lovers!- Ⅰ ~でんせつのおとめ~

Remember those days. You used to be a gamer who poured your entire youth into gaming. You used to stay up all night to raise your level, so much that your sleeping schedule got screwed and reversed… but those days are long gone. Your current life has nothing to do with games anymore. However, it only lasts until a mysterious power sends you on a trip to the game world. In Dot Kareshi Ⅰ: Densetsu no Otome, you’ll be reunited with Brave, Wizard, Priest and Thief.

Note: The heroine has no name. It’s literally “you”, so that’s what I’m going with.

Reunion with Him

When you open your eyes, you find yourself in an unknown field. Four men, who look strangely familiar, are standing in front of you. Noticing that you’ve returned to your senses, one of them—Brave—asks if you know where you are right now. Since you look confused, Wizard glumly notes that it doesn’t seem like you do. Beside him, Thief asks if that means you don’t know who they are either. You remain silent though, so they ask if you recognize them and the scenery around you. After taking a closer look, you realize that they are the characters from a game you used to play. Thief happily says you’re right, though he believed that you’d understand. This must be love! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He then explains that you are currently inside “Unlimited Quest”, a game you were really addicted to for a while. Wizard also tells you to be more happy about it, since you just came into a game you loved so much. Of course you think it’s impossible to enter a game, but Brave laughs and tells you to accept it already—you ARE inside the game.

Just then Priest comes saying you’re probably too dumb to accept reality, and he tells Thief to pinch your cheek. It really hurts though, which means it’s really not a dream. Thief seems to love how soft your cheek is, and he pinches it so hard you scream out. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When you wonder why you’re inside a game, Priest asks if you don’t remember how you ended up here. Unlike you, they actually saw the whole thing. Thief then points up to the sky, and there you get a view of your own room. Brave explains that while you were controlling them, they’ve always been watching you from inside the game. It’s been a while though, since you’ve been ignoring them for quite a while. They thought you were finally going to go on with the game, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Usually they can only see you when you’re playing, but earlier they were able to see you ever since you entered your room. Including the time when you were changing. Or not. After teasing you about how sexy you look in your underwear, they reveal that it’s a lie since you actually haven’t changed from your school uniform. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ …though if you changed before realizing that the game was turned on, they would have seen your strip show for real.

As unfortunate as it was (for them, anyway), you realized that the game was running. You must be really surprised, since you’re not the one who turned it on. While they didn’t see you changing, they did see you approaching the game with a confused look. Priest says this all happened because you approached such a suspicious thing without caution. He suddenly pulls you closer and asks if they never taught you not to approach suspicious things, or else you’ll only end up in danger… like now. Even if they do questionable things to you, you can’t really complain about it. Of course you panic and start struggling, but Brave and Wizard soon ask Priest to let go of you. Things won’t go anywhere at this rate, and so first they have to start by explaining the situation to you. Just as Priest lets go of you, Thief tells you not to drop your guard down. Despite his looks, Priest is actually a quick snatcher… though he doesn’t want to hear that coming from a thief LOL. Beside them, Wizard gloomily sighs.

Responsibility to Him

Back to the problem at hand, Thief asks if you remember how the game suddenly gleamed the moment you touched it. Yuusha explains that right at that very moment, your room was connected to the game… and that’s how you landed here. They have no idea why it happened though. Wizard says they noticed that something seemed different, and they were watching you when it suddenly happened. They have no idea why you got absorbed into the game, and of course they don’t know how to send you back to your world either. Thief asks you not to be so down though, because this world isn’t bad at all. It has a lot of fun things too. Since you’re inside the game, Brave says they should use this chance to talk to you. They have a LOT of things they want to talk about—in a lot of ways. Σ(゚ー゚;) Wizard thinks it’d be more fun if they “talk” to your body instead, and they catch you before you can escape. Noticing that you’re scared, Brave grins and asks you not to be so terrified. They only want to talk to you, but resistance is futile since refusing isn’t an option—you’re coming with them.

Since you’re pretty much frozen in shock, Thief asks Brave and Priest to let you go… but then he admits that he’s planning to do questionable things to you as well. Wizard chuckles and notes that you don’t seem to know why this is happening. Just as people often say… even if the perpetrator forgot their crime, the victims will never forget. You don’t remember doing anything to them though, so Wizard then asks if you notice anything after meeting them directly. When you point out that their personalities seem to be rather warped, he says that’s exactly the problem. Brave tells you that he was initially a great hero who has sworn to slay the evil lord, and his personality turned problematic because of YOU—this is all YOUR fault. ヾ(●`ω´●)ノ゙!! Priest asks why you look surprised to hear that, since you’re the one who caused them to change. You were the one who controlled them, and they gradually grew twisted because you kept on forcing them to do absurd things. Since you don’t remember doing terrible things to them, they decide to list all of your crimes here.

First, Priest reminds you of what happened in Ludia Tower. There were enemies who are immune against physical attacks, and you got a game over upon taking the boss since their physical attacks didn’t work. The main attackers of their party are Brave and Wizard, but Brave couldn’t deal much damage during the battle… so of course they lost. The problem is what happened after that. You were supposed to talk to an old man on the bottom of the tower and take a quest from him. The quest would allow Wizard to learn a spell which can lower the enemies’ physical defense, and that’s what you were supposed to do. However, you raised your level around the tower instead and defeated the boss with brute force. It was supposed to be Wizard’s chance to shine, and they even had a movie just for that event… but since you didn’t take the quest, he didn’t get any spotlight and is now EXTREMELY bitter about it. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

That’s not the only one, because you also did something really terrible to Brave—so much that the others feel sorry for him. You did something to his name, to be specific, and he would’ve gone mad if you forgot what you named him. Apparently you went with the default name for everyone else, but for some reason you gave him the nickname “Takuan / pickled radish“. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Even though they do feel bad for him, the others can’t hold back their laughter upon hearing the name. Brave Takuan. Isn’t it such a beautiful nickname? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Taku—I mean, Brave sadly wonders why you had to name him after pickled radish. There should be a lot of cooler nicknames out there. He wonders if you were hungry at the time, or maybe you played the game before eating dinner… but even so, he thinks “Takuan” is just terrible LOL. They all think it’s only obvious for anyone to sulk and go astray after receiving such a nickname, so that’s why Brave became the way he is now.

Next, Brave mentions that you were completely absorbed in collecting items—holding the guidebook in one hand. Thanks to your devotion, breaking into people’s houses and destroying pots have become his hobbies now. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ You feel bad and apologize, but he says it’s too late. He can no longer turn back to how he was before. Priest understands that you wanted to avoid troublesome quests though, since he also finds healing troublesome sometimes… but Thief asks him to do his job properly. Otherwise he’ll give the vanguards a tough time LOL. Priest only scoffs in return, but Wizard decides to leave him alone since the problem lies in you. He agrees that there’s a lot of troublesome quests, but your actions definitely led to their loss. He’s ultimately bitter about how you missed his movie in Ludia Tower, but you also missed a lot of their important episodes. For example, you have no idea why Priest became a priest. You can only apologize to him, and he laughs saying you’re quite meek.

In any case, by now you should’ve realized how sinful your actions were… and so they want you to take responsibility. Their anger and frustration have been building up after all this time, and you will have to accept everything when they take it out on you. Now that you’re here, they can touch you instead of just watching… so they’re going to make you feel a lot of things. Throughly and entirely. When you ask what you should do to take responsibility, they explain that you probably got sent here to finish all the things you left unfinished. That’s why for starters, they should do the quests you haven’t done. Thief is excited to have a girl in the party, and he notes that you look cuter in person. Brave nods saying he always thought that you have a worse personality, while Wizard adds that you’re actually smaller than he expected. They had to look up at you from inside the game, so it feels refreshing to look down to you. You were always controlling them from up above, but now you’re going to keep them company in person.

Since you can’t fight, you tell them that you’ll only drag them down. You promise to do a second run and do all the sub-quests properly after returning to your world, so you beg them to send you back. However, Priest says they really have no idea why you ended up here. He won’t force you to come along with them, but it means you’ll be left alone in this world. This is the world of “Unlimited Quest”, so there are monsters lurking around. They’re currently near the evil lord’s castle too, which means high-level monsters will also appear. Thief also points out that your clothes are made of really thin fabric, and you’ll have a hard time if you get attacked by monsters. They have no elemental resistance, provide no defense, and the clothes themselves don’t look like they have any endurance. They’d get ripped in an instant—leaving you naked. There’s no need to worry though, as Wizard says they’re willing to protect you. You’ll be safe as long as you’re with them.

Of course this leaves you no choice but to go with them, and they decide to return to town after that. As they walk, they start discussing about which quest to take. The pub should have a list of available quests, and while they (mainly Priest) find it troublesome to go by foot, they’re looking forward to work on those quests with you.

At the Village

Upon entering the village, you can’t help but stop to observe the new scenery. Brave thinks you’re weird since you’ve seen everything on your first run, but Thief says it probably looks different from beyond the screen. Priest adds that he finds quite fresh to see you in person, and he starts touching you again while wondering why girls are so soft. (⊙ω⊙✿) Since Priest is taking yet another chance to sexually harass you, Thief tells you that it’s dangerous to be so defenseless. He’s going to protect you, so he asks you to come into his arms… but he doesn’t bother waiting and hugs you anyway. Priest points out that Thief is sexually harassing you even more than he did, but Wizard soon stops them from fooling around. He tells you not to let them play with you too much, because it makes him want to join in. Σ(゚ー゚;)

Here, Brave asks you to check their status. You should be able to see it too, but he explains that they’re currently on their second run—which means they received superior advantages at the beginning. Brave suddenly moves closer and says he won’t accept it if you forgot about this, but Wizard instantly reminds you not to let them fool around with you. Since it seems like you really don’t remember, he says he’ll give you a recap. You’re currently in Capella Village, which is just one step away from the evil lord’s castle. It means they’re right in front of the last boss and the ending, but you stopped playing the game since you have to study for your entrance exam. You were planning not to play anything until it’s over. They’re not convinced at all though. Priest thinks you just forgot about them, and he asks if you ever thought about how they feel. You took them all the way here, and yet you suddenly stopped. Brave also knows that if a new game comes out after the exam, you’ll throw them away and run off with a new man. Wizard frowns saying you’re truly a terrible woman.

I’M SORRY. I ADMIT I DID THAT. I’M REALLY SORRY. C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

When you protest for the accusation, Thief nods saying it’s only their imagination… but can you promise that you wouldn’t do something like that? Even if a popular new game comes out, would you finish your second run with them first? You can say that for certain though, so Thief decides to trust you. He loves it when you play with him. Now that you’re here, he wants to have more fun with you. Of course they won’t let you refuse either. You’ve been playing with them up until now, but Priest says the tables have turned. They’re going to have a LOT of fun with you. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Brave also points out that you’re about to have a great adventure in a game you love. He believes it must be your long-time dream, so he forces you to be happy and keeps poking your cheeks until Wizard tells him to stop bullying you LOL. Wizard assures you that you’ll be safe during this “great adventure”, since you’ve maxed out their levels and stats by the time they reached this village. Or rather, you ignored the sub-quests and leveled them up on the world map… which is amazing, in a way.

Since you clearly only want power and nothing else, Brave sarcastically asks if you’re a monk in training and set a specific quote for yourself to fulfill. You can’t deny this at all though, so you can only laugh it off. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! In any case, now you know that you’ll be safe with them. Priest says he’ll decide whether to help you or not depending on his mood though. Whenever you need a heal, you should worship and pray to him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ That, and your status is displayed on a small box on the top left corner—since you’re also a member of the party. Thief is happy to see your three size written there, and he checks out your bust size to learn that they’re bigger than he thought. Of course you panic and try to cover your chest, but Priest says it’s pointless since the numbers are shown on your status LOL. As you try to erase the display, Brave tells you to leave it be since they can tell your size just by looking at you. Wizard has measured your size too in his mind, and it’s pretty much accurate. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

Thief says the numbers gave them a clearer picture though, and he gets excited upon learning that your bust has more volume than he expected. Priest, on the other hand, only sneers at you. Thief thinks Priest is actually just as interested, but he points out that the most important thing isn’t the size of the top-bust. It’s the gap between the top-bust and the under-bust. Even if your top-bust size is impressive, if there’s no gap between it and your under-bust… it means you’re just a fat, flat log. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Priest then asks for the size of your under-bust, but since you refuse to answer… Thief decides to just measure it himself. Yes, by groping you. He can’t come up with exact numbers like Wizard, but he can tell simply by touching. As a thief, he won’t lose when it comes to dexterity. 。o@(*ゝω・)@o。♪ Priest wants to hear his opinion regarding your bust, but Thief can’t say anything because you’re begging him to keep it a secret.

Since you don’t get why your three size is being displayed, Wizard points out that you know their height and weight too. Their data is even written on the game manual. You can check it from the status screen, and you can also gain more of their personal information by doing quests. It includes their embarrassing moments and past failures though, and they’re obviously not happy to have those information displayed LOL. Complaints aside, Wizard finds your stats tragic. Your HP, to be exact, not your bust size. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Your HP only has two digits, which is really sad because even Wizard and Priest have four. The monsters around this area might give you hundreds of damage in one hit… and that’d instantly kill you. Normally, those who are knocked out can be revived using Priest’s white magic or at the church in each town… but they’re not sure if resurrection magic has any effect on you. You’re a visitor from another world, and they don’t know how much of this world’s principles can be applied onto you. Wizard is very interested in this and asks if you want to be a guinea pig for his research, but you refuse with all your might—much to his disappointment. He’s not giving up though. He has a lot of chance to write records while you’re traveling with them, so he’ll just settle with that.

Priest actually wants to say that he can revive anything, but since they’re not sure… he asks if you want to try his resurrection magic. His white magic is the best in this world. That, of course, would require you to die first, so you turn down the offer. Not satisfied with your answer, Priest sulks saying he won’t revive you even if you die later. If you want him to revive you, you will have to kneel before him, admit that you were wrong and cry over your past sins as you cling onto him. Thief doesn’t think you can repent like that if you’re dead though. You get extremely terrified of doing quests because of this, but Brave, Wizard and thief reassure you that you’ll be fine around them. They’re going to protect you, since they also need you to clear the remaining quests. Priest nods saying Brave and Thief—the vanguards—make excellent tanks. As long as they’re standing on the front line, they’ll do their job as good meat shields. He then pats your head and asks you not to make such a pathetic expression, because you have them.

Now that you’re convinced, Brave says they should take the quests at the pub.

…but before that, he wants to take a slight detour.

Pot and Bug

After searching for a while, Brave finds a certain house and leads the party inside. You’re surprised to see them trespassing so casually, but Priest reminds you that you’ve been doing the same thing before—they are searching for hidden items. There’s supposed to be a recovery item in the house, hidden inside a pot. You don’t want to be a part of this and try to resist, but Thief quickly holds you in place and asks you not to struggle so much. He actually understands how you feel. They feel guilty as well whenever they do this, but Wizard says this is how things work here. Ignoring your protest, Brave then drags you into the house. He soon finds the pot and smashes it, but it doesn’t break. When Priest tells him not to fool around, Brave protests that he’s not playing around and takes another attempt to destroy the pot… but again, it doesn’t break. Feeling curious, Wizard asks Brave to hand the pot over and hits it with his lightning magic. It does cause some smoke to come out, but the pot doesn’t even crack. This is followed by Priest smashing it with his spear and Thief throwing it onto the floor, but for some reason it just won’t break. It left a dent on the floor though, since Thief’s strength is maxed out. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪

For a moment, they’re all wondering why they can’t break the pot. It doesn’t look like it’s protected by a magic shield, doesn’t seem cursed and doesn’t seem to be a trap either. It’s just a normal pot they see in every villager’s house. Brave starts wondering if the pot is made of orihalcon, but Wizard and Thief both remember that it gave them a recovery item back on their first run. Since they can’t break the pot, Priest then suggests turning it upside-down and shaking it—hoping the contents will fall out. Brave follows his advice and shakes the pot, while cursing that breaking people’s pots and robbing the items inside is the real pleasure of being a hero. Σ(゚ー゚;) Noticing that you’re giving him a judging stare, he tells you not to give him that look. After all, it’s your fault that he turned into such a vile person LOL.

Just then something falls out of the pot, but it’s not a recovery item. It’s a piece of paper, and it doesn’t seem to be a magic or skill scroll either. Priest picks it up to see that it’s actually a “debug list”, and they read the contents out loud.

Bug details:
It is extremely rare, but some players have been absorbed into the game. This is a serious bug.

Client support:
Due to its extremely rare occurrence, we are planning to find a way to fix this bug soon.

From the debugger company:
We have accepted the report. Some of the staff in our company also went missing due to this bug, but they were able to return after clearing in-game quest. We are storing the record here just in case. The bug stated above will also trigger a string of other bugs. Please be careful.

In other words, your arrival here and the pot refusing to break are probably caused by a bug. There’s also the possibility of other bugs occurring, and it’d be a nightmare if one of them stops the enemies’ HP from decreasing. Priest wants to believe that it won’t be THAT bad, but he asks the others to be prepared—just in case something goes terribly wrong. Fortunately, they already have quite a lot of knowledge regarding the game because it’s their second run. They should be able to spot a bug if they run into one. Somehow their item-collecting detour has brought them to a strange information, so Brave asks if it’s okay for them to take the quests from the pub. Wizard thinks it’s fine though, since it matches their objective. They want you to finish the quests, and you also need to do them in order to go home. When you tell him that you’ll be relying on them, Wizard turns red saying it’s not bad to have you depending on him. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

With that settled, Brave takes the party out of the house and towards the pub. Before leaving the house, you suddenly sense someone’s presence… but Priest says it’s only obvious if you do. They’re in someone’s house after all. Brave asks you not to worry though. In this world, heroes have extraterritorial rights. They are allowed to do almost everything, even if it’s inside other people’s house LOL. Wizard also informs you that the villagers here won’t give them any crucial information, so they should move on now.

However, as soon as the party leaves…


……… ∑((((((゚д゚;ノ)ノ

Pub and Quests

At the bar, you and your party are welcomed by the bartender. It’s been a while since he saw Brave and the others, and he asks what they’re here for. Drinks? Meals? Or maybe quests…? Instead of checking the quests, Brave orders some drinks and a meal instead—asking if you want to eat anything. You reply that you want a meal, but only after you’re done with the quests. He agrees that having a meal after finishing a quest is indeed the best, so he decides to hold back for now. The bartender gives them an insanely thick list of available quests, though the only reason why it’s thick is because you ignored most of them. It’s as thick as a grimoire now, and Wizard finds it terrifying to find out what the oldest quest is about… which turns out to be a slime extermination quest back in the very first village LOL. Priest isn’t interested in easy quests like that though, and he points out that the debug list only said you need to clear “in-game quest” in order to return. It didn’t say how many quests you need to clear, so you probably only have to do one.

Since your availability might be limited to one quest only, Priest asks about the quests they want to take. It turns out that each of them is planning to take a job-specific quest. Brave wants to take a brave quest to retrieve the legendary hero’s sword; Wizard wants to take a wizard quest to obtain a sealed grimoire; Thief is planning to take the most difficult thief quest; while Priest is going for a priest quest to get a full recovery spell. They all want you to learn more about them, and so they leave the decision in your hands. Even if you’re inside the game, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re the player. They won’t be able to reach an agreement even if they discuss it anyway, so asking for your decision will be for the best.

Individual Quests:

After the Quest

By the time you’re back in Capella Village, everyone is complaining about how exhausting the journey was. You never bought any carriage for them, so they had to return by foot. Thief finds their journey fun though, and he knows the other feel the same way—despite their complaints. Brave quietly admits that it’s not bad, while Wizard and Priest think it’s much better compared to all of your past crimes. Since you experienced the quest with them, they know you must’ve learned a lot of things too during the journey. You’re surprised when Brave asks if you had fun, but he asks if it’s strange for him to be concerned. He’s not the only one either, since the others are just as curious about what you think. They might have gone warped due to all the things you did, but they exist just to entertain you. Even though they say things like getting revenge and such, in the end they’re all concerned about you… and they look so happy when you admit that it was fun questing with them.

Since you’re done with the quest, the party then takes you to the pub—where they report in and throw a celebration. As Brave replenishes his energy with food, Wizard enjoys a bottle of good wine. He gloomily notes that you won’t keep him company, but turns red when you promises to drink with him once you’re old enough. (o´艸`o)ァハ♪ Meanwhile, Priest is pissed that Thief stole his meat. He’s planning to bury Thief in the backyard later, but Thief compensates by giving them a nice information. The pub is connected to the inn next door, and the inn’s main feature is their open-air bath. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Priest thinks it’s a good time to take a bath, so he invites everyone to go there once they’re full. He also asks if you’re coming with them, and he grins when you accept the invitation. He finds it amusing to see how assertive you are, and he concludes that you must be very confident with your body. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Due to how suggestive Priest is being, you ask if the open-air bath is a mixed one. As much as he wants to say yes, Thief has to admit that it’s not mixed—much to Priest’s dissatisfaction LOL. Putting that aside, Brave decides that they’re going to the open-air bath after they’re done eating. Wizard chuckles and says he’s looking forward to it, but somehow you get a bad feeling about this…

At the Open-air Bath

After leaving the pub, the party goes to the inn next door and enters the open-air bath—just as planned. They’re all enjoying the comfortable hot water when they hear a sound behind the fence, and they figure out that you must have entered the women’s bath. When Thief tries calling out to you, you ask him not to peek… but being a pervert that he is, of course he takes that as an invitation LOL. Wizard grins saying the owner of the inn really knows what passion is all about, and Priest nods saying it’s truly wonderful. While the men’s and women’s bath are separated, the fence between them is really low. It seems like the owner wants men and women to enjoy their bath together, even though it’s not a mixed one. Since the party is basically a merry band of perverts, Priest says you’re going to show your naked body to them now.

First, Priest asks Wizard to get rid of the steam—which he blows away with his wind magic. You instantly protest since he’s abusing his magic, but he replies that magic wouldn’t be useful if he doesn’t use it in a chance like this. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ Brave grins and leans over the fence to see you naked, but soon realizes that you’re covering your body with a towel. He points out that it’s bad manners to bring a towel into a bath, but apparently it’s allowed here due to the fence’s height. Priest sighs saying the owner did a good job at crushing their hope, but Brave refuses to accept this. As the chosen hero, he just can’t accept this. When Thief asks what they’re going to do, Brave sends him to use his skill to steal your towel. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Thief gladly nods and easily climbs over the fence, but you quickly throw your wooden tub at him… and it smacks him in the face LOL. Brave tells him to get a hold of himself, while Priest is more than willing to heal him as much as necessary. Wizard says he can’t do much, but he’ll provide back-up as well. They all want Thief to get up and steal your towel away fight. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* When you point out that they’re supposed to be a valiant party who’s going to slay the evil lord, Brave laughs saying you’re right. They’re indeed a party or warriors who can defeat the evil lord, and now they’ve gotten serious about seeing you naked. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ As soon as Priest revives him, Thief instantly leaps out of the water and starts tugging on your towel. In order to stop you from running away, Wizard uses his magic to create a whirlpool in the bath. After successfully trapping you in the bath, all of them come to approach you.

Brave: “Heh heh heh…”
Priest: “…are you ready?”
Wizard: “Now, reveal your everything.”
Thief: “It’s okay. We won’t be rough.”

Perverts. Every single one of them. (*´・ω・)´-ω-) ぅぃ

That night, you meet the inn owner’sdaughter downstairs. She notices that something seems to be bothering you, and you admit that you feel sad to part with your party. You didn’t realize it yourself, but even she can see that you’re really close to them—so much that she feels a bit jealous. It’s only natural if you feel sad about leaving them.

Back to the Beginning…?

The next day, Brave is wondering when you’re going to return to your world. They already cleared a quest with you, but the debug list didn’t say anything about the time. They also admit that they were worried to find you gone in the morning, since they want to send you off properly. Of course you have no idea what to do from here on, and they’re just as clueless as you are. Priest thinks they should do something instead of just waiting idly, so they decide to do the remaining quests with you… and you don’t mind at all. While they’re arguing about which quest to take, a bright light suddenly flashes from above to bring you home. Your body starts to float as the light envelops you, and knowing that you’re going to disappear… they do the obvious thing. They cling onto you, saying they won’t allow you to go home. They all became warped thanks to you, so there’s no way they’d let you leave after doing one quest. There’s still a bunch of quests in the pub, and they still want you to keep them company.

Soon enough, the light vanishes and drops everyone onto the ground. Of course it’s painful for their hips, but they managed to stop you from going home. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As Brave helps you stand, Thief asks if you’re alright and if you wanted to go home that badly. However, you can’t answer that question. Priest notices that it means you have a lingering attachment to this world, and Wizard asks if you’re willing to put your plan to go home on hold for now. If you really want to return to your world, they know they wouldn’t be able to interrupt. That’s why, until the time comes… they want you to enjoy this world with them. There’s no need to worry either, because it doesn’t mean you can never go home anymore. It’s just that your stay in this world has been prolonged. This also means that you’re still a member of the party, and Brave asks if you have any problems with that… but of course you don’t. Or rather, you don’t have any options LOL.

Now that you’ve decided to stay, they are now back to the first problem—which quest are they going to take? They all want to take job-specific quests, and none of them are willing to back down. Since they’re not going anywhere with the discussion, Wizard then says they should go to the pub. They can choose a quest as they look at the available ones. Thief also thinks it’d be a nice idea to leave the quests aside and go defeat the evil lord instead, so Priest suggests having a meeting at the pub first. Along the way, Brave laughs saying you still have a lot to do in this world. You’ve been playing around with them up until now, and now they’re going to do the same to you… so you should be prepared.

The ending you see in this post is the “normal ending” where you don’t end up with anyone. You can get it by not raising anyone’s affection past 50, since 51 affection and above would take you into individual routes instead. I’ll link to their individual quests once the posts are up, so I hope you don’t find that part too confusing. (。・ω・。) Anyway, I enjoyed this game a lot. It brings back a lot of memories and makes a lot of Dragon Quest references. As a fan of the series, it’s really fun to see how the characters got warped because of how you controlled them… and I admit I did most of the things they complained about. Such as ignoring troublesome sub-quests. Or using brute force to proceed. I’m sorry. Not really. (´・∀・`;)ゞ

Dot Kare might be short, but it’s filled with a lot of fun and nostalgia. It’s also lighthearted and has many funny moments, so it’s a good game for when you want to take a break from the heavier / darker stories. Since I didn’t mind the length, the only flaw for me is probably be the faceless heroine. Or rather, how she was drawn in the CGs. They did a good job on concealing her face in some CGs, but not so much on the others… so the difference is kind of jarring. Other than that, I’m pretty much satisfied with the game. Even if the heroine doesn’t speak, her personality shows through and I can relate to her on so many levels due to her gaming style. 壁|ω-o)゚+. ポッ



18 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- I

  1. As a fellow player of RPG (yes I played them as well) I actually feel bad for the heroine and felt terribly guilty when I’m remembering what I did to the hero in the game I played. Well, because I’m just the same as the heroine~ But, I rarely missed sub-quest and get pretty frustrated I can drop the game just because I don’t get it……. (シ_ _)シ

    And that villager…. I’m going to feel terribly guilty after looting their house from now on…. But, I can’t deny the mysterious charm of looting innocent people house and I can’t deny free items it beat my guilt….. so, sorry random NPC |・ω・`)

    I love that Open-air bath scene! I laughed a lot when you described it. I loved it so much when the Heroine threw the bucket to Thief and he got KO’ed but then everyone cooperate on their not so discreet peeking~

    I’m going to wait for the individual route especially the Priest~

    • Exactly. I’m scared to think about how they must have felt after all the things I’ve done. There was a time when I skipped sub-quests that require you to fetch items from the other side of the world, but yeah now I finish everything too… even if it means sending the party to camp in dungeons or walk by foot to another world. Also, looting. I think most RPG players do this, because who doesn’t want free items? 8D I remember that back when I first started Lunar (my first RPG), my dad was like “why are you barging into people’s houses and looting their items?” LOL. Sorry random (and not-so-random) NPCs, but I don’t think we can stop that habit. ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ

      That open-air bath scene is gold. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ
      I love how they’re so different from each other in terms of personality, but in the end like every single one of them is a pervert. Even Wizard, who always seems serious. xD

  2. You were right, that villager is suspicious and he is in the CD where a bunch of villain are in…
    He is creepy, maybe he is bored with the Hero breaking into his house and destroy things

  3. D: This sounds super fun!

    Do PC games in Japan ever have (legal) download options? I’d love to buy this one but I’d rather not have to pay for shipping ^^;

    • Unfortunately, PC games don’t have digital versions so far.
      Otome games rarely get any digital versions actually, even the ones for the PSP. Some titles can be purchased through PSN, but most of the time you have to import them. I agree that it’d be very convenient to have digital / downloadable versions though, because it’s mostly the shipping that hurts your wallet. Not the actual game. xD

  4. hi!! i just looooveeee this! is amazing yours rewius, and i have a Q: there is other character’s?because of the promo, you see dark night, evil lord, monk, etc… ?
    thank you for this wonderfoul work!

    • Hello! |・∀・*)ノ ィョゥ
      Yeah, there are other characters. They’re just in different games, because each installment in Dot Kareshi features 4 characters. This is the first volume. The second will have Knight, Dancer, Beastmaster and Monk. The third will be for Evil Lord, Dark Knight, Slime and Villager.

      • Thanks for the reply! Do you have plans to play those games? I would do the same xD but! I’m from Argentina and is difficult to get one. Anyway, I love your work and hope to see more of it. Sorry for my English. :P

  5. Ahhh I love your summaries, thank you for making them. I picked up Arcana Famiglia because I read your summary of it. :) Quick question though, where do you get the emoticons that you use in your post? Or do you make them from scratch? ‘Cause they’re cute :)

    • Oh, do you mean my kaomoji? (*´▽`*)♪
      I made some from scratch, but most of them are from various sites. Here‘s one of them. You’ll get a lot more if you google “かわいい顔文字” or something along that line. :3c

      Also, thanks for commenting!

  6. Since I have read all the routes, as before, I will comment on my overall impression of the game before commenting on each of the characters’ routes. Overall, I found the game to be immensely interesting!The characters are all very lively and I agree, that as a whole, they’re awesome! Those twisted characters, though… And the hot spring scene is hilarious, totally!

  7. Hello! :D I hope it’s okay for me to post in such an old blog entry. T__T eheh I was searching around Google hoping to get more information about Dot Kareshi’s (I, II & III) Drama CDs. Just got the 3 games yesterday from Amazon JP.

    Perhaps I should have researched beforehand but I assumed since the game was old – there’s probably translations of it somewhere. TvT So after I finished playing Densetsu no Otome and popped the Drama CD in, I found out that there’s no Drama CD translations for it anywhere.

    I was really sad to find out as I only understand 15%~20% of what they’re saying which is seriously not enough x_x hehe.. I was just wondering if you knew where I could find a more detailed summary or even better, a translation/text to go with all the Drama CDs? I would seriously appreciate it. Thank you so much! D’: And I’m sorry for the trouble.

    • No idea, sorry. :(
      There’s a lot of drama CD translations these days, but since I don’t keep up with them, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.

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