Dot Kareshi I – Thief

I’m going to blog Dot Kare following my play order, so let’s start with Thief since I did him first. Actually, I didn’t expect to like Thief as much as I do… but I guess it couldn’t be helped because I have a thing for thieves AND Morikubo’s voice.

シーフ (CV: 森久保祥太郎)

Thief loves stealing. You never let him attack during battles, and instead sent him to steal items from enemies. Repeatedly. Thanks to this, stealing has become the only purpose in his life. While he can steal anything, Thief loses interest on the item as soon as he obtains it. He believes that there’s nothing he can’t steal, so recently he develops an interest in stealing your heart instead. Thief is 19 and fights with a dagger. 177 cm / 66 kg. His blood type is AB.

Quest: THIEF

If you pick Thief’s quest, he gets really happy and immediately kisses you. Σ(゚ー゚;) You panic and try to escape, but he locks you in place and floods you with more kisses… though he lets go soon after because “you look cute”. He thought thief’s quests are bland compared to the others, but since you still chose him, he realizes that means you must’ve taken quite a liking on him too. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ When you try to deny it, he laughs and asks you not to be afraid. He won’t do anything you don’t like, though he might kiss you LOL. Sadly, the rest of the party aren’t as excited to do the quest. Or rather, they’re not interested AT ALL since Thief’s quests only require them to steal things from certain locations. Brave says he wants to disband the party, while Priest points out that Thief won’t need his help… so he’d rather drink at the pub while waiting for them to return. Wizard also wants to leave and do some research, but Thief protests that they’re being childish. They’re just sulking because you didn’t choose them. They don’t even bother denying this either, and they only let out a series of heavy sighs that expresses their nonexistent motivation VERY clearly.

Ignoring their lack of cooperation, Thief then goes to take the quest from the bartender. Just as expected, the quest requires them to steal a treasure guarded by a monster. However, the others start ordering their drinks instead because they really has no motivation. Knowing that forcing them would be useless, Thief changes his approach by saying that questing alone with you doesn’t sound bad either. Who knows, the two of you might fall in love as you go through all sorts of danger… and it might bring you even closer to him. As if to prove his point, Thief also draws closer and asks if he can kiss you here. When you blush and get flustered, he asks you to help convincing the others if you’re scared. If they leave you alone with him, he will definitely do something to you. 。o@(^ゝω・)@o。♪ Upon hearing this, you immediately cling onto Brave, Wizard and Priest’s mantles—literally dragging them to join in LOL. Now that you got everyone to cooperate, it’s time to actually do the quest! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪

Along the way, Thief reminds you of how you abused his “steal” command before. His steal skill is maxed out thanks to that, so now he believes that there’s nothing he can’t steal. Back on their first run, he even snatched an item from the evil lord. Not to mention it was also on his very first turn. The others remember this too, since they never expected to see the evil lord’s shocked expression. Thief then admits that he had no interest in his remaining quests because of this. Challenge is important for him, so he finds it boring to steal things he knows he can steal. Brave protests saying Thief should give the chance to him instead of taking this quest, but Thief answers that he changed his mind after you came. This quest has the highest difficulty among all of his quests, and he’s thinking of using it to steal your heart. He finds your surprised expression cute too, and he wants to be on closer terms with you.

Since Thief is busy flirting with you, the others ask if they can return to the pub and have their drinks LOL. When you beg them not to go, Brave grins saying both of you should set out on a thieving journey. Priest adds that it’d be nice for both of you to be a thief couple, and Wizard finishes the story with: “One day, the two of you would be on the run from a certain kingdom and jump off a cliff together. Thanks for the good work.” 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ You desperately deny this, while Thief mutters that it makes him sad if you reject the idea THAT much. Priest doesn’t care if this is a thieving journey or a honeymoon though. What he wants to know is where they’re going right now, because Thief is the one leading the way. He explains that they’re going to a cave to the south of Capella Village. There’s a legend saying that the fairy queen’s stolen tiara lies inside the cave. It’s actually unclear whether the tiara really belongs to Titania or not, but it is said to be exceptionally beautiful. The tiara is guarded by a monster deep inside the cave, and Thief’s quest is to steal it away.

It’s a stolen tiara though, so Brave asks if they’ll have to return it to the owner later… but Thief points out that the tiara is old enough to be a legend. The owner, whoever they might be, would have lost their right of possession by now. Besides, no one has been able to steal it from the monster in such a long time. That means anyone who can steal it would have the right to keep the tiara. Thief thinks it’d look good on you, and he wants you to put it on after the quest is over. You turn red when he pats your head, but of course he asks for something in return. If he can steal the tiara for you, he wants you to kiss him—even if it’s just on the cheek. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Behind you, the others warn him not to get carried away. They point out that you only picked his quest and not him, but he pretends not to hear them LOL. Instead, he smiles and asks you to do your best to clear the quest with him.

Soon after entering the cave, Thief finds a secret door on the wall. It looks like a normal rock wall, but the door makes a different sound upon getting knocked on. If they take a really close look, it has a different color as well… though the others can’t see the difference at all. Not even Wizard, who’s quite confident in his observation skills. While the cave looks like it only has one straight path, Thief thinks the path behind the wall is actually the right one. A trap probably lies ahead, so if they didn’t notice and keep on walking, they’d probably run into an atrocious monster or something. However, Thief is surprised when Brave asks if they should destroy the wall to open the secret door. Wizard tells him it’s plain stupid to try to destroy it with a sword, but before Thief can say anything… he adds that they should leave it to him. He’ll blow up the wall into pieces with one hit of his spell! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Thief quickly interrupts saying that’s wrong too, calling them “stupid brute” and “magic destroyer” LOL. He doesn’t know what they think of him, but this is supposed to be where his skills come in handy. Thief then takes out his knife and immediately works on unlocking the secret door. He also explains that the monsters inside surely don’t stay in there all the time, so there’s definitely a passage for them to walk out and back inside. It doesn’t take long until he finds the switch, and the secret door slides open when he presses it. As Brave and Wizard watch in admiration, he explains that stealing items from enemies isn’t his only skill. His perception skill is maxed out too, and that greatly enhances his senses. He then asks if you’ve fallen in love with him all over again. You’re too surprised to answer, but your expression lets him know that you’re not completely uninterested in him. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

Since the secret passage has been opened, Thief leads the party to proceed inside. However, he suddenly notices something and warns everyone to stop. Sadly they don’t make it in time, so he quickly lifts you in his arms. He apologizes for surprising you, but then he points to the others behind you… and you see that something on the ground has bitten their feet. They can’t move since it’s locking them in place, and Thief explains that it’s a plant-type monster. It camouflages itself as the ground, waiting for a chance to attack its prey. It just won’t budge no matter how much they resist, and running out of patience, Wizard asks if it wants to be burnt into ashes. Priest warns him to control his magic though, since he might burn their feet too if he’s not careful.

When you ask if he’s not going to help them, Thief only smiles saying it’s fine. Their friends have a lot of HP, so they’ll be fine even if the monster continues biting them for a whole day. He’s more concerned about you instead. It’d be bad if you get bitten, and he tells you to stay in his arms until he carries you out of this area. You admit that it’s a bit embarrassing, but he laughs saying you look cute when you’re being shy. Thief actually wants to keep carrying you for a bit longer, but sadly he soon reaches a safe area and has to let you down. He doesn’t know what kind of traps might lie ahead though, so he tells you not to leave his side. He then turns around to call the others, telling them to stop playing around and come over. This is followed by Wizard summoning flames to burn the monster, though it burns Brave and Priest’s feet as well. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

After the others caught up, the party makes their way even deeper into the cave… where they run into a minotaur. Brave and Wizard are more than happy to fight it, and Priest is ready to support them too—if he feels like it. Thief, on the other hand, only observes in silence. Just as you ask him what’s wrong, Brave swings his sword to attack the minotaur… and barely does any damage. Wizard attacks it with his flames immediately after, but it repels his magic. Σ(゚ー゚;) As if that’s not enough, the minotaur is strong as well. Brave warns the others that it would hurt if the minotaur hits them, while Priest grumbles that it’s actually stronger than the poor evil lord. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ At least their attacks can damage the evil lord, but they can barely do anything to the minotaur. Brave then suggests retreating first so they can devise a strategy, but Thief says that’s not necessary. Their objective is to retrieve the tiara, and they don’t have to defeat the minotaur. He then points to a key hanging on its waist—most likely a key to the room with the tiara. Thief asks them to deal with the minotaur as he snatches the tiara, and Brave agrees. They won’t be able to hold on for too long though, so he has to make it quick.

Thief steals the key right after that, and the others draw the minotaur’s attention back to them as he runs off to get the tiara. While he successfully obtains it, the minotaur is enraged and desperately chases them around until they run out of the cave LOL. It must be really angry to have its treasure stolen, but luckily it won’t leave the cave just to chase after them. Just as he promised, Thief then gives the tiara to you. When you thank him, he asks you not to move and puts it on your head. Then he says you look beautiful, like a princess. .+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 You ask if it’s really okay for you to receive it, but he says he doesn’t mind. He loses interest in his targets after obtaining them anyway, since he only loves the thrill during the process. Right now, he’s more excited about how to get you instead. He then asks what he has to do to make you his, but you only turn red in silence… so he chuckles and says it’s time to head back.

After the Quest

That night, Thief sneaks into your room. You’re obviously surprised, but he laughs saying picking on inn door locks is a piece of cake. He asks you not to give him such a judging look though, because he came to deliver something you forgot. Noticing that you’re confused, he asks if you don’t know what it is. You made a promise to him during the quest, agreeing to kiss him if he can steal the tiara. Thief remembered that you haven’t given him a kiss yet, so now he came to get it from you. You get really flustered when he holds your hand, but of course he won’t let you get away. Since you keep trying to run away, he ends up pushing you down onto the bed… which gives him a lot of advantage. If you know what I mean. (*´艸`*)♪ He was only thinking to get a kiss to the cheek, but now that this happened… he blushes and admits that he probably can’t hold back anymore. Rather than getting a kiss from you, he might do a lot of things to you. Thief then asks if you know what kind of situation you’re currently in. You just came out of the bath, you’re alone with a man in your room, and he just pushed you down.

Maybe it’s because of the bath, but your skin is slightly pink. Thief notes that it looks delicious, and then he leans in to kiss your neck and collarbone—asking if he can leave marks on your body. When he looks up at you and says that he want a reward, you get extremely embarrassed and end up pushing him away before running out of your room.

Staying with Thief

The next day, the party is discussing about what to do when a light suddenly appears to wrap you. Thief knows it’s going to take you back to your world, but he can’t stand the idea of parting with you… and so he pulled you back. When the light quietly vanishes, you are left in his arms.

A few days later, you’re exploring a cave together with Thief. Soon enough, you notice a secret door on the wall—just like the one he found during the quest. He asks if you can spot the door, and since you’re eager to take the challenge… he decides to leave it to you. Thief watches from the side as you knock the wall to find the door, and he praises you when you successfully open it. The secret passage leads them to a room with two treasure chests. However, he says one of them is probably a dummy—a trap. The most common pattern is for a monster to come out and attack whoever opens the chest. Since his perception skill is maxed out, it’s really easy for him to tell which one is the dummy… but he’s thinking of letting you take the challenge instead. You’ve decided to stay in this world, so he believes it’d be more fun for you to experience a lot of things. When you point out that it was him who stopped you, he reminds you that you were the one who decided to stay. Thief is going to take responsibility for stopping you though, since he really meant it when he says that he wants your heart.

As Thief nudges you towards the treasure chests, you quietly pick one of them… which turns out to be the dummy. It explodes right in front of you when you open it, and he laughs saying your face is all dirty. The explosion also destroys the other treasure chest, so they can no longer tell what the treasure is supposed to be LOL. Of course you feel really bad, but Thief tells you not to apologize. He knew that you picked the dummy anyway, but he let you open it since the trap isn’t dangerous. If it was a deadly trap, he would’ve stopped you immediately. He then tells you that failures count as experience. He knows how frustrating it feels to lose a treasure right in front of your eyes, but that frustration will polish your abilities as a thief… or at least that’s what his teacher said. His teacher used to send him to open non-deadly traps too, telling him that one should take responsibility for their own failure.

Since the treasure is destroyed, Thief says it’s time to move on to the next one. There’s still a lot of hidden treasures in this world, and both of you are going to see them together… but before that, he has to clean up your face first. It’s still dirty due to the explosion earlier. He then asks you to stay still for a bit, but you get embarrassed and keep resisting… so he decides to take action by hugging you and licking the dirt off your face. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚ You’re severely blushing by the time he’s done, and he asks if you’ve become more aware of him now. Just as he always says, he wants to steal your heart. He wants to fill your heart with himself, and he asks you to think of him all the time. In return, he’ll give you a lot of fun. He’ll let you feel how thrilling it is to get past a trap, and how satisfying it is to get a treasure. That’s why he wants to have a lot of adventures with you from now on, and he asks you to stay here forever.

Returning with Thief

Thief reveals that even during the quest, he kept on thinking about what he needs to do in order to stay with you. He’s been wondering if falling in love with him would make you stay, but the next day… a light appears and wraps your body. At that very moment, he knows it’s going to take you back to your world. That’s why he comes up with a different idea. If he can’t stop you from leaving the game, then he’ll go to your world instead. The light wraps him too when he hugs you, and it takes him along to your world.

A few days later, Thief is relaxing in your room. He’s gotten used to the clothes in this world, but wears his old equipments at home since he feels the most comfortable in them. When you ask why he followed you here, he admits that your world is really different from the world he knows. It’ll take time for him to adjust to this world, but still… you’re here. He’s been saying this right from the start, but he wants your heart. He wants you to fall in love with him. The reason is simple—because he’s in love with you. He’s always been watching you from inside the game. When you were controlling them and enjoying their journey, he was always looking at you. If he didn’t follow you, things would be back to how they were before. He’d spend his days only waiting for you, only looking at you from beyond the screen.

After feeling your warmth, Thief finds the thought unbearable. He remembers how he lifted you up in the cave, as well as how he begged you for a kiss as the reward. He’s even more in love with you after the quest, and it only fuels his desire to have your heart… so he decided to follow you here. He’s always been curious about your world, and he also wants to know more about you. He then asks how you feel about him, but he’s surprised when you give him a troubled expression. He knows you actually like him too, but now he’s wondering if his confession is a nuisance for you. However, you tell him that’s not the case. You are troubled exactly because you don’t dislike his confession. You’re worried that he might lose interest in you after stealing your heart. Upon hearing this, he laughs and puts his arms around you—asking if you know that you just gave him a passionate confession. You’re obviously in love with him as well, and that makes him really happy. He admits that he’s always so particular about the thrill while stealing, but if he managed to steal something he really wants… he won’t let go and will treasure it forever. Thief then asks you to say that you love him, threatening to flood you with kisses (or things beyond that) if you don’t. When you finally confesses that you love him, he turns red and asks you to say it again. It makes him so happy that he wants to jump into the game just to brag about this to his friends. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Once again he says that he loves you, asking you to stay with him forever.

Later on, you take Thief for a date to the museum. He actually wants to escort you, but since he still has a lot to learn in this world, he’s grateful that you’re taking him to the museum. You’re surprised when Thief suddenly hugs you from behind, but he assures you that it’s okay—no one is around. He also admits that even when you took him around the exhibition, he was scanning the place to find of a location where he can make out with you. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When you ask for his opinion regarding the museum, he says he finds it interesting. Especially the jewel exhibition. It features a tiara that looks like the one he gave you after the quest, and he was thinking about how it’d look good on you. He laughs when you immediately grabs his arms, but he assures you that he won’t do anything. Not right now, at least. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ You point out that the tiara is heavily guarded, but of course it only makes him want to try stealing it LOL. He says he’ll give up on the idea if you want him to stop, but he wants you to kiss him in return. You think it’s weird to put the tiara and your kiss on the same level, but Thief admits that he did his best during the quest because he wanted a reward from you. For him, you’re his greatest treasure. When you surprise him with a kiss, he thanks you before saying that he really loves you.

Thief, you flirt. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*
At this point I’m not really sure anymore. Is it because I like thieves? Is it because he’s so cute when he’s openly flirting with you? Is it because of Morikubo’s voice? All of the above? I don’t know, but I like Thief a lot. I love how playful he usually is, but then he drops his voice and I just… 壁|ω-o)゚+. ポッ His inn scene is especially lethal. It sounds like he might or might not become a phantom thief in the return end though. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!


12 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi I – Thief

  1. This is so cute. I was smiling while reading this. The game itself was short but comedic, cute and perfectly end. Reading this makes me want to play RPG game again but I was so bad at it LOL

    • Right? Thief’s flirtiness is so cute. xD
      I feel that recent RPGs are much easier than they were back in early 2000’s though, and most of them offer different difficulty levels if you just want to enjoy the gameplay / story. :3

  2. wow… this game is really fun! specially for someone like me who loves RPG. and Thief seems so cute and funny! gotta get this game and play it.
    Thanks a lot for the review! it’s great as always!

  3. Thanks for stealing my heart Thief, you really are the king for stealing things~ I felt Thief had no right to complaint since he was practically called as Thief, so stealing things from monster and Evil lord (seriously, I laughed at their story) is your job~

    RPG aside, Thief actually looked cool in the return ending and his stay ending felt even more dangerous. I agree that in one way or another, Thief will someday become a phantom thief in the return ending. It’s running in his blood though mostly it’s our fault…

    Anyway, random things, I like the Heroine clothes in return ending~

    • Yeah, but I think that’s why he got bored LOL. You kept sending him to steal things and he did a good job stealing everything, so I guess it took out the excitement for him. xD …and yeah, out of all places you just have to take him on a date to the museum. I wonder if you’re giving him subtle hints that he can be a phantom thief to make a living here. 8D I like the heroine’s clothes too! That’s why I’m a bit sad that we don’t get to see her much in the CGs.

      If you’re into do-S guys, I guess getting attracted to Brave and Priest is inevitable. But yeah, Thief has a lot of skills maxed out and I guess flirting is one of them. Or maybe he successfully stole your heart. 8D

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