Dot Kareshi I – Priest

Next up is our pervert #2, the sadistic 俺様 Priest. Rejet wasn’t kidding when they wrote everything on Priest’s profile, because this guy is really haughty and won’t heal anyone until they beg for it. It’s all your fault though, just as they said. 8D

そうりょ (CV:松風雅也)

Priest has developed a hobby of watching people beg for their lives. Since he’s the only healer in the party, you can rely on him when it comes to recovery. The problem is that you relied on him way too much, and this led him to believe that everyone’s lives depend on him—ultimately causing him to turn arrogant. Priest also holds a grudge on you, since you kept using him to heal male characters all the time. He’s 24 and wields a spear. 179 cm / 64 kg. His blood type is B.


If you choose Priest’s quest, he gives you a praise for having a good taste. You get really startled when he suddenly comes over to hug you, but he tells you there’s no need to cover it up. He knows that by picking him, you want him to do something like this. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Until the quest is over—or rather, as long as you’re in this party—your life belongs to him. If you don’t want to lose it, you need to be honest with your own feelings. Much to his dismay, you respond to this by running away from him LOL. Wizard sighs and asks Priest to stop fooling around with you, directing the subject back to the quest. Brave notes that most of priest’s quests are bland, since they involve praying or visiting churches. Thief also remembers that one of the quest requires an insane amount of visits, or else they wouldn’t be able to obtain the healing scroll. The figure involved in that quest was completely taking advantage of them, so much that Wizard lost his faith in clerics and churches. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

However, they soon notice that Priest is silently smiling at them… and it’s incredibly scary. Wizard tries to escape by saying they should discuss further about the quest, but Priest grins and tells them to remember this. He’ll pay them back later by using the worst healing spell ever, one that’d leave a painful sensation for them. As everyone cowers in fear, Priest goes to take the quest from the bartender. He turns around to remind them that their lives are in his hands, and they should keep that in mind. Brave instantly answers that he understands, Thief says he’s looking forward to the quest, while Wizard adds that he’ll be able to learn something from the quest. Priest simply scoffs saying it’s good if they understand, and he leads the party to leave the pub. In conclusion, he got his friends’ cooperation by threatening them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Along the way, you ask Priest about the details of the quest. So far they only know that it’s a quest to get a full recovery spell. He explains that in order to clear the quest, they have to cure an epidemic disease in a certain village. When Brave asks if he can do such a thing, Priest replies by asking if he knows who he’s talking to. He’s an excellent priest, so of course he already knows how to cure the disease. Priest seems to know what he’s doing, and the others are relieved because it means they can clear the quest easily. Thief also asks if they can do one more quest after that, but Priest only smirks saying it’d be nice if they can. By the time they reach the village, they’re surprised to see it bustling with energy. There are also other priests all over the village, and they start wondering if they’re one step too late.

Due to how lively the village is, Brave and Wizard think the other priests might have cured the disease… but Priest only observes the village in silence. After a while, he scoffs saying trash like them won’t be able to do anything without an awesome priest like him. Or rather, he’s not impressed with what they’re doing at all. Since the other clearly don’t understand the problem, Priest decides to explain the reason—clearly because he’s so great and generous like that. 三ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ウッヒョヒョ♪ The other priests actually never healed the disease. They’re only pretending in order to extort money from the villagers. What actually happened was that they used an easy recovery spell to heal the symptoms temporarily, so even though they receive gratitude and rewards… the villagers are actually still sick. The party can also see this if they take a closer look. The villagers are pale, which proves that the problem hasn’t been resolved. It’s like getting poisoned and keep healing your HP instead of using an antidote. Since the disease is still there, eventually all these villagers will get sick again. They’ll ask the priests to cure them again, so the priests are racking up money through this endless circle. Thief admits that he finds this business tasty, though he quickly says it’s just a thought when Wizard calls him the worst LOL.

Priest sighs saying this is why he hates fools. The villages are actually thanking the people who deceive them. However, what he doesn’t like the most is the people behind this dirty business. When you tell him that you can’t let them be either, he grins saying you must be glad to have chosen his quest. He’s going to crush those swindlers and save the village. He’ll become the village’s savior, and he cackles saying the villagers can do their best to worship him. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Beside him, Thief points out that he sounds like a villain even though it’s supposed to be a good thing LOL. Priest simply tells him to shut up though, and he informs everyone that they’re leaving now. They need a medicine to cure the disease, so first they have to get the herbs. Their goal might be to save the village, but the real quest is to fetch the herbs. The others actually find it troublesome, but they think it’s a good idea to do a quest that doesn’t involve battles for once. They’re going to have a relaxing herb-gathering time. .+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。

…or not.

Right after they reach the location, Brave complains and asks about who said “relaxing herb-gathering time” earlier. Wizard points out that it was Brave himself though. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ They are now completely surrounded, and the enemies keep on spawning no matter how much they fight. It turns out the herbs are actually growing in the middle of a monster nest LOL. Behind them, Priest tells his friends to keep on working if they don’t want to get wiped out. When Brave protests, Priest admits that he actually didn’t know either. It’s just he noticed that the priests in the village could have gathered up the herbs and sell them at a high price, but they didn’t… which means there should be a reason why they can’t sell the herbs directly. Thief soon warns them that more monsters are coming from the left, but Brave can’t dodge it in time and takes a hit. The monsters aren’t THAT strong, considering their levels are maxed out, but it’s getting tough since they’ve been fighting nonstop. The situation will definitely take a turn for the worse if they let their guard down.

While everyone is busy fending off the monsters, Priest tells you to gather the herbs properly—obviously because they’ve got their hands full at the moment. When Brave shouts at him not to flirt with you, Priest calmly replies that he’s not… but then he hugs you saying THIS is what flirting is. Σ(゚ー゚;) You try to run away, but he only smiles and asks you not to resist. He finds it nice to have some thrill anyway. Of course Brave rages, pointing out that his HP dropped to the red zone while Priest is busy groping you. Thief also asks him to do his job properly, while Wizard reminds him that the battle would lose balance if Brave gets knocked out. Brave is one of their main attackers, and they’d lose firepower. Priest sighs saying they’re so hopeless, and he tells Brave to bow down and beg for his heal first. If he still has enough power to slash a monster, he should be able to do that much. ヾ(*・ω・)ノ♪ This leaves poor Brave with no choice. He’ll really die at this rate, so he bows down and begs “the great Priest” to heal him… which finally gets Priest to do his job. Brave is extremely relieved, but both Thief and him ask Priest to keep supporting them. If he stops, the whole party might really get wiped out.

Priest sighs saying they’re so troublesome, but he agrees to give them continuous support after that. The others soon get REALLY exhausted of fighting endless waves of monsters, but he keeps restoring their HP and MP. When they protest that they’re tired mentally, he lets out an evil laugh and says he doesn’t care about that. He’ll work them to the bone. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ If their HP drop, he’ll heal it. If they run out of MP, he’ll restore it. He swears that he’ll never let them die, though he’s obviously keeping them alive so he can use them. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Unfortunately, Thief then takes a hit. While the wound isn’t serious, the monster breaks through their defense and charges straight at… you. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Wizard quickly tells you to run, but it doesn’t seem like you can make it in time. However, Priest jumps in to shield you just in time. Brave quickly kills the monster, but sadly… the damage was enough to instant-kill Priest. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 He was busy supporting them earlier, so his HP was in low to begin with.

To make things worse, they don’t have any resurrection items either. It was Priest himself who said they won’t need any. They have him, so they should stock up on MP recovery items instead. He wouldn’t mind if they use the money to buy him drinks either. Anyway, the party completely relies on Priest for recovery. Now that he’s dead, they’re in a pinch since there’s no one to heal them. They’re not even sure if they can escape, let alone killing off all the monsters. This leaves them with no choice but to keep on fighting until the end, and Wizard asks you to prepare for the worst. In worst case scenario, they’re going to get wiped out. Since they’re already tired and the monsters are endless, it doesn’t take long until they get cornered. Just as the situation turns really dangerous for them, a light suddenly flashes and wraps Priest—bringing him back into life. The first thing he does is to complain to the vanguards for letting a monster in, then he turns to ask why you’re hugging him with such a sad expression

When you ask why he was able to come back to life, Priest explains that it’s obviously because he has an auto-resurrection spell set on himself LOL. It takes a while to take effect though, so he’s trying to improve on that. You tell him that you were worried about him, and he grins saying he won’t go down that easily. He’s well-prepared—just in case something goes wrong. Noticing that you’re on the verge of tears, Priest then apologizes for making you worry. He’s been revived though, and he assures you that there’s nothing to worry about. He won’t kill anyone, and he won’t let anyone rest either. イエーイ(ノ゚Д゚)ノシ)`Д゚ )ノベチベチベチ After making sure you’ve gathered enough herbs, Priest commands the party to retreat and they happily run out of the monster nest. ヤッタ♪o(・д・´*)9

Back in the village, Priest instructs the villagers to boil the herbs and drink it. The disease should be cured and will never return. The villagers are really grateful since the priests never completely cured the disease, and he tells them that it’ll be fine this time. They won’t have to suffer from the disease anymore. You and the others are watching this interaction from afar. Brave notes that Priest is acting extremely nice in front of the villagers, and Wizard sighs about how exhausting the battle was… but Thief finds it impressive how he managed to keep everyone alive. Everyone other than himself, at least. After getting the quest reward, Priest returns saying they’re going to build a statue of him in this village. That, and he also told everyone to worship it for generations to come. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ Priest then asks if you want to grovel and worship him too. The “offering” can be your own body, so he asks you to strip and entertain him. It’s also to show your gratitude since he died protecting you earlier. 。o@(^ゝω・)@o。♪ Priest might be corrupted, but Wizard has admit that he’s a good priest since he has saved a village. Thief thinks it’s a bit embarrassing to have a statue of yourself though, and he asks everyone to drop by this village again when the statue is done. In any case, they’ve cleared their quest here. Priest then leads the party back to Capella Village, saying they’re going to have a celebration.

After the Quest

That night, Priest visits you in your room. When you ask if he needs something, he says he doesn’t… and he asks if he can’t see you without a reason. You notice that he seems to be in a bad mood, but he says it’s probably because he didn’t get to see you naked. ∑(-∀-;) Priest grins and says he’ll get excited—in a lot of ways—if you strip for him at this very moment, but of course you only give him a judging stare LOL. After a short silence, Priest curses and admits that he always thought of you as a nasty brat who doesn’t make any sense… but then you desperately hugged him when he dropped dead, and it got him into this troublesome situation.

Without further words, Priest pushes you down onto the bed—asking you not to go back to your world. He tells you not to stupidly stare at him like that, and that all you have to do is to listen to him. You reply that you have to go back home, but he says he doesn’t care. He’s asking you not to leave, so you should stay by his side. He then asks you to say that you won’t leave. If you’re not going to say it, he’ll get those words out of you instead… and he grins saying he wants to see how much can you take before giving up. Once again, he asks you to say that you won’t leave. Until you say it, he’s going to keep on teasing you. Due to the shock and embarrassment, you end up pushing him away before running out of the room.

Staying with Priest

The next day, you are suddenly wrapped by “that damn light” in front of everyone’s eyes. Priest knows it’s going to take you back to your world, but there’s no way he’s letting you leave just like that… so he drags you back by force. The light quietly vanishes after that, leaving you with him.

A few days later, Priest is completely rejecting your wish to become a priest. You already have him for all of your healing needs, so you don’t have to become one yourself. Instead, Priest wants you to become a vanguard. When you admit that you don’t have the courage to stand on the front line, he frowns saying you’re too naïve if you want to be a support class because of that. You’re currently leveling up by killing low-level monsters, so you probably don’t know about this yet… but some of the high-level ones are able to detect recovery spells and will target the healers instead. That’s why you shouldn’t be a support class if you don’t even have enough guts to be a vanguard, and he tells you not to underestimate priests. Since you look really down, Priest soon feels bad and asks why you suddenly want to become a priest. You tell him that you want to be able to do something, because you’ve decided to stay in this world. He doesn’t think you have to learn any skills as an adventurer though, since you’re only here because he pulled you back. He found your dumbfounded expression really amusing back then, and he tells you that doing just one quest isn’t enough to pay for everything you’ve done. However, Priest falls silent upon noticing that you’re not feeling any better at all. Eventually he sighs saying he understands, asking you to follow him.

From there, Priest takes you out of town. He soon notices a withering flower nearby, and he tells you to face that way. When you obediently turn around, he suddenly puts his arms around you from behind. Of course you get really startled, but he tells you not to struggle. You’re the one who said you want to learn healing magic, and now he’s going to teach you how to do it… so you should listen. Once you’ve calmed down, he nods saying you should obey him like that. Priest then hands his spear to you. It’s surprisingly heavy because it’s also a weapon to smash monsters with, and he wants you to firmly hold onto it. After telling you to repeat after him, he teaches you a spell that lets you heal the flower. You’re really happy to see this, but he scoffs saying it’s only obvious. He’s supporting you, so of course you can heal it so easily. He doesn’t get why you feel touched over something like this though, since you’ve seen him healing a lot of people.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re really happy… and it’s driving Priest to lose his reason. He then tells you that your life belongs to him. He’ll heal you when you’re in danger, which is why you don’t have to learn any recovery spells. He’s in charge of healing you, and he has no intentions of handing the role to anyone else—not even to yourself. Noticing that you seem happy to hear this, he asks you not to laugh since it’s pissing him off. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ You also noticed how Priest sometimes uses his white magic without chanting the spells, and he explains that high-level priests like himself can instantly cast spells without actually reading out the words. You actually find it amusing to see Priest chanting the spells, since the ones for healing magic are basically words of prayers—which don’t suit him at all LOL.

Priest: “What are you saying…? As you can see, I’m a devoted and pure-hearted priest…”
You: “That’s so creepy I’m getting the chills.”


Upon hearing this, Priest smacks you in the head with his spear. You protest since it might actually hurt you, but he says he’ll heal you if you get injured. That’s why you don’t have to worry and just let him hit you. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As long as you are his, he’ll take a very good care of you—healing you whenever you need it. Priest then warns you that he won’t let you go, so you should be prepared.

Returning with Priest

Priest is fully aware that after the quest, you’re going to return to your world. He knows this right from the start, and he took you on the quest for that reason as well. The next day, you suddenly get wrapped by a strange light. Priest knows it’s going to take you back to your world, but of course he has no intentions of letting you get away just like that. When he hugs you tightly, the light envelops him as well… and it takes him along to your world.

A few days later, Priest is whining that he’s bored. He keeps on calling you, but you ignore him since you have to study for your entrance exam. Priest, of course, doesn’t care about this. He’s bored, and he wants you to keep him company. When you ask why he followed you here, he says it’s clearly because the idea seems interesting. He might be really bored right now, but it would be different if you give him attention… because he came into this world for you. Unlike Wizard, Priest isn’t interested in other worlds. He only did it to follow you. Before, they couldn’t do anything but to look up at you from inside the game. Even when you were grinning and worked them to the bone, they couldn’t give you any complaints. Then suddenly, you fell into the game. At first he only thought about taking out his frustration on you, because he knows you only think of them as mere characters from a game. When you try to deny this, he says you wouldn’t control them so recklessly if that’s not the case. For you, they’re simply “dots”. Pixels. 8bit. They only exist beyond the screen, as mere characters you can control however you want.

Priest and the others are aware of this, but then you came into their world. They can touch you, and you exist in the same dimension as them. During the quest, you hugged him when he died. You were worried when he got knocked out by a monster. Priest chuckles and reminds you that he’s just a game character. He died a lot of times in your hands before, not to mention you got the party wiped out as well. Of course you feel bad about your reckless play style, but he adds that he’s not trying to blame you. It’s just at that moment, he realized that he doesn’t want to be “just a game character” anymore. That’s why he decided to tag along, so now you have to take responsibility and give him attention. Since Priest has gotten really bored of lazing around in your room, he then suggests changing and going out. He obviously has to take off his full equipment, but he knows his original clothes would stand out too much in this world.

By the time you return home, Priest immediately rolls onto your bed—saying he feels the most relaxed in your room. You scold him for getting onto the bed without changing, but of course he doesn’t listen LOL. Instead, he tells you to stop being troublesome and come over. Before you can say anything, he pulls you onto the bed and hugs you. While he enjoys having a date outside, he admits that he also wants to have an “unhealthy” indoor date with you. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ When you panic and ask what he means by that, he says it’s obviously the things a “healthy” man wants to do with his girlfriend. You didn’t realize this at all since you were so happy to hold hands with him earlier, but he was actually thinking of kissing you during the date. Repeatedly. He also thought about attacking you right away, but held back since both of you were outside—not to mention it was also around the neighborhood. Priest says you should praise him for that. Unless you actually want him to kiss you outside, spreading rumors in the neighborhood. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When you shake your head, he says that’s why you should praise, comfort and pamper him. As he kisses you, Priest mentions how you said you’re tired from all the studying… so he thinks it’s a good time for you to have a break. He’s going to heal you directly, and you should know that he’s an excellent healer. Priest admits that he’s going to have fun with you at the same time though. If you know what I mean.

Priest laughs upon noticing how your heart is beating so fast, and then he asks how you feel about him. You’ve been taking care of him in this world, so he can tell that you don’t hate him. When you nod, Priest hums in amusement and notes that you should have answered that you love him. He then confesses that he loves you, so much that he followed you back to your world. Now that he’s said it, he wants you to be honest and say it too. You finally answer that you love him too, so he smiles and asks if it’s okay for him not to hold back anymore. He’ll take responsibility by healing you later, so he wants you to let him do as he likes for now. He’ll take a good care of you and shower you with love. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Quote of the day:

As you can see, I’m a devoted and pure-hearted priest…

No, Priest. You’re not. You’re really not. (⊙ω⊙✿) I find it amusing how Priest got so corrupted because of how you treated him LOL. I’m a former priest / support player myself, so I understand his way of thinking. Especially his opinion regarding monsters that detect recovery spells. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Priest is actually my least favorite in this game, but that’s not saying that I don’t like him—because I really do. What I love the most from Priest is how he doesn’t even bother trying to hide his dirty mind, and Matsukaze Masaya did a really great job portraying his lazy-yet-dependable character.


10 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi I – Priest

  1. Priest is really nasty! But I kinda like him. he’s so possessive too. and I totally agree, he’s a sadist, which makes me – who likes him- an M?!!! OMG! what’s wrong with me?!!!
    thanks a lot for the review! waiting eagerly for the rest!

  2. I know I’m weird because expecting a lot of pushing from Priest because he literally pushed us down! That return ending will surely give any normal girl heart attack~

    And suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, pure hearted and devoted right? Like I take that words to heart coming from this priest. He almost made me felt glad that most of the game I played had female priest and a mix of male and female party. And I mostly use group recovery spell and use item to revive dead character. I’m currently playing Tales of Eternia and it hade real-time battle, but I guess I did abuse Priest healing magic in turn-based one.

    High level monster that can detect recovery spell is crap! I got my dear healer died because of them since healer has a low HP to begin with. And now, I’m rambling my head about game again….

    I’m looking forward to Priest because I knew that he will do what he looked like, though now I’m thinking that the other character apealed me more than Priest and Priest quickly sink from my own mind rank. Oh yeah, simple question, did we know what the Heroine named the party except Brave?

    • LOL yeah everyone in this game literally pushes you down. Even Wizard.
      I used to play support in online games aside from RPGs, and monsters that detect recovery spells can screw the party instantly—especially when you’re mobbed. xD

      As for the names, Brave said you went with the default ones. So I guess you just went with “Wizard”, “Priest” and “Thief”? Rejet also released this picture before, if you want more joke regarding their names. 8D

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