Dot Kareshi I – Wizard

Moving on to Wizard now, because I’m saving our beloved hero Takuan for last. I wasn’t that interested in Wizard at fist, and that makes me feel really bad since he’s just SO BITTER about everything. Even more so because I find it funny LOL.

まほうつかい (CV:近藤隆)

Wizard is trapped by the destructive impulses of magic, and it was all because you used his offensive magic way too much. He has a very low HP, and it makes him unbelievably weak to physical damage. However, he’s also smart and loves researching as well as conserving his own MP. Wizard holds a deep grudge on you for skipping his magic movies and turning off the effects. He’s 19 and uses a staff in battle. 170 cm / 58 kg. His blood type is A.


If you choose Wizard’s quest, he admits that it makes him happy—because he didn’t expect it. However, Brave raises a protest since he’s the hero of the game. You should have chosen him instead. Brave has no motivation to do the quest either, and he tells Wizard to just look for the grimoire in a library. The quest is just like an errand anyway. Beside him, Priest says living to Wizard makes it so troublesome to keep on living. Thief nods in agreement, adding that he might be able to accept it if you chose someone else LOL. Wizard frowns and asks what they mean by that, then he takes out his staff to blow them off with a spell. Since they’re in the pub, he can also restore his MP right away. You quickly ask him to stop though, and he drops the idea immediately. After taking the quest from the bartender, Wizard leads the party to head out. They have absolutely no motivation though.

Brave: “Okaaay…”
Thief: “How boring.”
Priest: “…I wanna go home.”

Wizard you poor thing LOL.

Along the way, Brave asks for the details of the quest. Wizard explains that there’s a mansion not too far away from their location, and it seems like the legendary grimoire is sealed inside. Priest asks if they can expect him to remove the seal, because their trip would be useless if they don’t know how to actually get the grimoire. Wizard admits that he can’t say it for certain, but he thinks they’ll be alright… because the grimoire seems to be related to another world. When you ask him what that means, Wizard only frowns in silence. Of course you feel bad and apologize to him, but he sadly says it’s fine. He already knows that you have zero interest in him anyway. However, Wizard is really surprised when you say that you want to learn more about him. He turns red as he asks you not to act nice after ignoring him for so long, but then he explains that he was originally doing a research about other worlds. He’s been studying various books and literature, and the grimoire in this quest seems to be left by a wizard who came from another world.

From here, Wizard quickly gets derailed. First, he complains that you’re neglecting him way too much. He was about to release a great magic one time, but then you turned the effect movie off LOL. Everyone else can’t blame you for doing that though, since his magic effects are so heavy and long. Brave can end the battle with just one slash, but Wizard would take several minutes just because of his effect movie. Wizard argues that they should allow him to do that much though. He usually doesn’t stand out much, so it’s his only chance to shine. It doesn’t help that he has to wear a large pointy hat as a wizard, so it’s difficult for anyone to see his face properly. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Tired of raging, Wizard commands the party to continue their journey.

After a while, they reach the mansion Wizard told them about. It’s really dark and creepy inside, so Brave says they should clear the quest and leave as quickly as possible. Wizard agrees, and he says they should head to the room with the sealed grimoire first. When Thief asks if he knows where it is, he explains that he can sense strong magic power in the air. If they follow it, they should be able to reach the grimoire in no time. Wizard then leads the party to track down the source, but as they walk there… Priest notices that he’s hiding something from them. Wizard is impressed that Priest can sense it too, because there’s indeed a sinister vortex of magic in this mansion. Brave is surprised and demands and explanation, so he reveals that the entire mansion has received a strong influence from the grimoire—most likely because it’s been sealed here for a long time. It keeps summoning undead monsters to the mansion, which is now famous as the “mansion of death” around this vicinity.

Brave rages saying Wizard should have said that sooner. Priest also mentions that he didn’t bring most of his purification spells, but Wizard thinks they’ll be alright due to their high level. They won’t have a hard time as long as they don’t think about the psychological aversion… which is, sadly, their biggest problem LOL. As Wizard continues to lead them through the way, Brave weakly complains about how he doesn’t want to go on. He hates having close-range combat with zombies because they stink and make him all dirty, though this sentiment is only shared by Thief. Wizard tells them to keep walking since the grimoire is waiting ahead, while Priest forces them to keep moving. He’ll be hiding behind their backs. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Soon after that, Thief screams and points out that a zombie is falling from the ceiling. He subconsciously steals from it too out of habit, even though he knows they only have cursed items LOL. As Priest tells him to throw it away, more zombies crawl out of hiding. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? Or as Priest puts it… just like household pests. Once you find one, 30 more will appear to join their friend. Wizard wants to conserve MP as much as possible, so he asks Brave and Thief to take care of the zombies. However, you then notice that Wizard is sighing—saying he wants to go home. When you tell him not to force himself, he chuckles and asks if you’re worried about him. He notes that it’s very unusual for you to actually be concerned about him. He then explains that he has two main reasons for seeking after the sealed grimoire. The first is for his own research, and the second is so he can get you to know him more. Aside from these reasons, Wizard is also concerned about the grimoire itself. It contains magic that can influence another world, so if they leave it be… they don’t know what kind of effect it will cause onto this world. That’s why he can’t just ignore it.

Since the others are busy exterminating zombies, Wizard asks you to help him restore MP—before any of his friends return to disturb them. MP is an simple way to show one’s mental energy, so it can be restored by using mental pleasure. If you allow him to kiss you, he might recover a lot of MP! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Before you can run away, Wizard suddenly hugs you saying he’s the main attacker in this mansion… and so you should cooperate. Unfortunately for Wizard, Brave soon comes to interrupt—asking what both of you are doing over there. Wizard grumbles about how it’s just getting to the good part, but apparently Brave and Thief are done wiping the floor with zombies… so it’s time to go on with the quest.

Eventually, the party reaches the room of the sealed grimoire. Thief quickly notices a book lying inside the room, and he asks if that’s the one. Wizard nods saying it does seem to be the grimoire, but it looks like they have to stop it first… because the grimoire has gone out of control and soon transforms into a reaper. Σ(゚ー゚;) Wizard explains that it’s a death god from another world, and the undead monsters in this mansion should disappear if they defeat it. Unfortunately, they soon learn that the reaper is immune to physical attacks. Thief nearly gets hit when he tries attacking the reaper, but Wizard saves him with his flames. This means the only ones who can damage the reaper are Wizard and Priest, along with Brave if they endow his sword with magic. Thief pulls back to support them with you, though Priest informs him that recovery items should be able to damage the reaper—since it’s also an undead. The rest will depend on Wizard’s MP, because he has to cast magic and endow Brave’s sword at the same time. He knows it’s going to be a bit dangerous, but he’ll try to make it work. This motivates Priest to do his best too, since he also has to attack while keeping everyone alive.

Right after Wizard endows Brave’s swords with flames, the battle begins. Now that Brave’s sword has fire property, he can attack the reaper with it. Thief and Priest also help with recovery items and spell, but the reaper manages to land a hit on Brave as well. Wizard asks him to be careful. It might look like a physical attack due to the reaper’s scythe, but it’s actually magic… and it’s quite damaging. Even Brave would be in danger if he takes more than two hits. Priest has no choice but to heal him, even if he actually doesn’t want to heal anyone who doesn’t beg first. Unfortunately, this also means Priest won’t be able to attack as often. Wizard doesn’t mind though, and he asks Priest to focus on restoring Brave’s HP instead. As the battle continues, they eventually manage to bring the reaper to critical condition. They only have a little more to go, but a truly unfortunate event happens here. Wizard ran out of MP. He asks Brave to pull back since Brave’s sword has returned to normal, but he doesn’t have enough MP to continue attacking either. To make things worse, the party has no MP recovery items… and Priest is running out of MP too.

The party is doomed.

After thinking for a while, Wizard asks if Priest has enough MP to use resurrection spell. Priest replies that he can only cast it once, but Wizard says that’s enough and asks him to stand back too. When Priest asks what he’s planning to do, Wizard explains that he’s going to attack the core—though he’ll get hurt in the process. If he dies, then he wants Priest to revive him. Noticing that you’re worried, Wizard tells you this is a strategy as well. Priest’s resurrection spell fully restores the target’s HP and MP, so he’ll be at advantage even if he dies. Besides, he’d never take a gamble if he knows it’d only be suicide. After telling you to join the others at the back, Wizard turns to the reaper and casts a spell called “life flux”. It causes him to grunt in pain, but it also allows him to endow Brave’s sword with thunder AND casts two more elemental spells to finally kill the reaper

Wizard collapses immediately after, and you rush over to him in a panic… but he only grins and reminds you that he has no intentions of dying. He IS on the verge of death though, because right now he has 1 HP left. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ You don’t seem to remember this, but you were the one who made him learn the spell he used earlier. It’s a skill to convert HP into MP. If the reaper killed him before he can cast anything, he would have been revived by Priest with full HP and MP. If he made it in time, then the reaper would die and the battle would end there. He’d be at advantage either way. Wizard is glad that he made it, even though Priest is grumbling when healing him—obviously because he’s almost out of MP too LOL. After making sure it’s safe, Thief picks up the grimoire and gives it to Wizard. The spell inside allows him to summon the reaper from earlier, granting him the power to control it. Of course Wizard is really excited after learning about this. He can summon a reaper, not to mention it comes from another world. The spell must have an amazing movie too, so he decides to try it out. Brave protests since they just went through a LOT of trouble to defeat the reaper, but Wizard doesn’t listen and summons it anyway.

…except the “amazing movie” part doesn’t happen.

The reaper simply appears. From thin air. Without any effects. Wizard stares at it in silence for a while. He seems to have forgotten about this, but you have his magic effects turned off. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ It hasn’t changed since you’re inside the game LOL. Wizard smiles to himself and lets out the most beautiful laugh of despair you can ever wish for. He feels EXTREMELY sad after wasting his MP for absolutely nothing, so he wants you to help recover his MP. You don’t have to do anything difficult. You only have to fully strip and give him a dirty service. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When you try to escape, Wizard quickly grabs you and asks if you understand how disappointed he is. He thought he could show you how cool he really is, and yet he failed miserably. The least you can do is let him see your boobs! (。-`ω´-) Of course you’re really shocked and reject this idea, but then he begs you to let him have that much. After all, he did his best for you. You get flustered when he suddenly touches you, and then the screen fades to black.

Later on, Wizard smiles saying he’s satisfied for now. You, on the other hand, are completely exhausted and slumped on the floor. When Thief asks what the heck did he do to you, Wizard answers that he did a lot of things. There’s no need to worry though, because he didn’t do anything “critical” to you. Σ(゚ー゚;) Since his magic effects and movies are still turned off, Wizard tells you to change the settings and turn it on once you’re back in your world. After that, you should let him use the summon—even if it’s against a slime with 1 HP. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Conserving MP and thinking of overkills are trivial issues in this case, and he wants you to keep that in mind LOL. Wizard looks very satisfied when you nod obediently, then he leads the party back to Capella Village. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After the Quest

That night, Wizard comes to deliver some water into your room—apologizing for visiting so late at night. Everyone got really wild in the open-air bath, so he was worried that you might feel dizzy after staying in the bath for so long. You tell him that you’re just a bit light-headed, but he replies that it’s still important to drink plenty of water. However, before that, Wizard asks if he can talk to you for a moment. When you ask him what’s wrong, he reminds you that he’s conducting a research about other worlds… and then he admits that he doesn’t want to miss the moment when you return to your world. He doesn’t want you to disappear from this world without him knowing. After some silence, Wizard gets irked and notes that you still won’t realize his feelings despite being in the same world. Just how dense can you be? Up until now, Wizard has always thought that you and him live in different worlds. That’s why even if his feelings can’t reach you, there’s nothing he can do about it… but even when he’s standing in front of you like now, you still don’t understand his feelings at all.

Before you can say anything, Wizard suddenly pushes you down onto the bed. Then he smiles and asks if you’re thirsty, because he’s going to give you some drink—mouth-to-mouth. You panic and try to resist, but he asks you to stay still. After all, you’re feeling a bit light-headed after the bath. Wizard then draws even closer to you, but unfortunately… you end up pushing him away and fleeing out of the room.

Staying with Wizard

The next day, a strange light appears and wraps you in front of everyone. Wizard knows it’s going to take you back to your world, but he can’t let you leave just like that. No matter how much MP it takes, and no matter what kind of skills he has to use… he doesn’t want to let you go. When the light vanishes, you are left inside the game. Just as he wanted.

A few days later, you’re helping Wizard with his research. He wants to help you after finishing his tasks, but since you’re almost done as well, he decides to wait patiently. Wizard still finds it hard to believe that you can help out with his research, considering you couldn’t even read their language at first. You point out that it was HIM who stopped you from going home, but he only laughs and asks if you’re holding a grudge about that. He did nothing much. He just casted a spell to stop you in place and pulled you back. By force. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Also, he takes responsibility by staying and looking after you. He might have become warped thanks to a certain someone, but he won’t leave you to fend for yourself. After you’re done with your tasks, Wizard says it’s time for a demonstration. He’s going to put the grimoire’s contents into actual practice, so it’s better to do it in a wide area outside.

Wizard then takes you to a broad field outside of town. The area should be safe. Even if the experiment fails, no one would get caught in the impact. First, Wizard asks you to draw a magic circle on the ground. When you ask him about this, he explains that the magic he uses in battle all have clear theories. That’s why they can omit the magic circles. Instead of drawing them, the magic circles will light up around the caster… but of course you can’t see him doing this since you turned the effects off LOL. Noticing that you look sad, Wizard says he won’t forgive you even if you give him that look. His grudge is eternal. You point out that you can turn it on if he let you return, so why did he stop you…? Wizard doesn’t answer. Instead, he only sighs and asks you to guess the reason. When you reply that you won’t know if he doesn’t say it, he frowns and asks just how dense can you be. He’s obviously trying to say that he’d rather stay with you than having the effects on. You turn red upon hearing this, and this causes him to blush as well—telling you not to make him say embarrassing things. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

As Wizard nudges you to continue drawing, you ask what he’s going to do with the magic circle. He says he’s going to open the door to another world with it. Or at least that’s what he’s planning to do. He won’t die even if it fails, so you don’t have to worry. Wizard is about to say something, but stops himself since it might bring bad luck. Besides, he thinks it’s foolish to take a challenge if you know it’s going to fail. Once you’re done drawing the magic circle, Wizard pours his magic power into it. He gets excited upon seeing a nice reaction from it, but sadly that’s the only thing he gets. Just the reaction LOL. He knows it won’t be so easy to open the door to another world anyway. You feel terrible about the failure, but he assures you that it’s not your fault. Your magic circle is perfect. He thought he might be able to do it by following the grimoire’s contents, so it seems like his hypothesis isn’t right to begin with. He doesn’t mind though, since there’s still a lot of grimoires hidden in this world. He’s going to find all of them, and one day… he’ll prove that he can open the door to another world.

When you ask why he seems so obsessed with other worlds, Wizard says it’s because he wants to see your world. He used to see glimpses of your world from inside the game, and he’s always wanted to visit it. He admits that he won’t be able to take it if you leave him behind, but he doesn’t mind going there with you. That’s why he wants you to wait for a bit longer. One day, he will take you back to your world. Until then, he wants to stay with you—always.

Returning with Wizard

After finishing a quest, you will return to your world. Wizard knows that right from the start, and he also took you on the quest for the same reason… but after the quest, he no longer has no intentions of letting you return home alone. He believes that he’s been researching about other worlds for this purpose. That’s why when a strange light wraps your body, he also chants a spell to open the door to other worlds. As he hugs you tightly, the light takes him along to your world.

A few days later, you make some tea for Wizard—who is relaxing in your room. He thanks you saying he likes the tea you make, and he muses about how time flies ever since he came into your world. Back then you panicked and didn’t know what’s going to happen, but he actually knew it has quite a high chance of success. Just as he said, he’s been researching about other worlds. He’s been thinking of visiting other worlds as the ultimate goal, as well as how he’s going to live there if he makes it. It’s not like he followed you without thinking, though he admits that he came up with these reasons after coming here. That, and he still finds his wizard costume more comfortable. Since you look confused, Wizard explains that he did have a plan to live in another world… but back then, he could only think about what he should do so you won’t leave him behind. If he let you go home by yourself, he’ll be back to his old life—spending his days looking up at you from inside the game. Or even worse, you might start ignoring him again. You… might forget about him. Wizard finds the thought unbearable. He wants you to look at him. He doesn’t want to be forgotten.

Here, Wizard reveals that there was the possibility of him getting blown away to another world—one that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Of course he’s aware that it was very reckless of him. By now you should know that he tends to take risky gambles, but he has won twice in a row. First he won against the reaper, and now he’s right here with you. Then finally, Wizard confesses that he loves you—so much that he traveled across different worlds just to follow you. Fortunately for him, his magic works perfectly even in your world… so he doesn’t have to worry about making a living. People keep asking him to investigate their spouse’s affairs though, and he doesn’t seem happy to use his excellent, magnificent magic for such things LOL. Wizard then asks if you have time today, because he needs your help for work. As he told you earlier, he has to investigate an affair. The problem is he’d obviously stand out if he roams around a date spot alone, so he wants you to come along. He can always turn himself invisible with magic, but he feels dumb using it for something like this. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ That being said, he WILL use it if he really has to.

However, you point out that there’s another reason why Wizard stands out. He wonders if it’s because he fails to blend in, and he asks if he looks weird. He only wears the clothes you chose for him though. Since he doesn’t get it at all, you tell him that it’s not because he looks weird. It’s because he’s so good-looking. He’s only a plain wizard back inside the game, so of course the compliment makes him happy. He finds it unfair how you’re so good at making him happy though. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Since you’ve agreed to help him with work, Wizard takes you out after that.

… (*゚Д゚*)

At the date spot, Wizard asks if you have any problems. You remind him that he’s supposed to be here for work, but he replies that he IS working. He has to stay in the shadows since it’s an investigation, but this is still a date spot. He’s simply doing what couples would do in places like this. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ You’re about to protest since he’s being REALLY close, but he asks you to be quiet—or else people will come. It’d be bad if the target suspects him, so he asks you to pretend to be “lovebirds who make out in the shadows because they can’t hold back anymore” with him. Yes, that’s the theme LOL. When you complain, Wizard says he’s not an exhibitionist who loves being seen either… so he asks you to cooperate. He’s just making sure that the target won’t notice him. Besides, it’s your own fault for being so cute while blushing. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ If you keep giving him such a cute expression, he feels like picking on you. You try to run away, but he asks you not to struggle like that. It’ll make him look like a pervert who drags an innocent young girl into the dark for questionable reasons. Isn’t that true? Both you and him would be in trouble if he gets arrested, and so he asks you to stay still in his arms.

When you ask about the investigation, Wizard says the target is definitely cheating. The target is happily walking along the date course with a girl who’s not his girlfriend, not to mention they’re linking arms too. It’s obviously an affair, so Wizard only needs to gather some evidence later. That’s why for now, he wants to have fun with you. He also asks you to keep your voice down, since the target is still nearby, (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ As you turn red, Wizard chuckles saying you’re really cute. Once again he tells you that he loves you, and he asks you to let him stay with you forever.

Man, I didn’t expect Wizard to be my favorite in this party. At first he didn’t catch my attention as much as the others, so I guess he does have a point whenever he complains about how plain he is. After doing this route, I was charmed by how bitter he is towards everything. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ That, and his beautiful laugh of despair. It’s just so wonderful. I even have a separate slot just for that scene. Wizard’s entire route is gold, and I’d recommend playing the game yourself so you can hear Kondou’s amazing voice acting. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪ Also, I love how Wizard is just as perverted as the others despite his serious looks.

19 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi I – Wizard

  1. asadfghjklkjhgjfhdgfsda
    WIZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRD he’s so bitter about his cut scenes being turned off that i’m enjoying this… WHY?!?!?!
    it’s so funny how he knows his POINTY hat doesn’t work out at all… LOL
    i wish i could’ve bought this game… that’s why i’m so glad you do summaries… THANKS A LOT

    • Yeah, Wizard’s grudge against you is the best thing ever. I love how he’s endlessly bitter about how you kept ignoring him, which led him to believe that he’s so plain and unnoticeable with that hat covering his face LOL. It’s really too bad if you can’t play it… but I’d recommend doing this game if you ever have the chance to, especially because of the voice acting. :D

  2. Poor Wizard! I really feel sorry for him ’cause of his movies being turned off. But he’s really hot. specially in the last cg.
    Thanks again for the great review. let’s go to the last one!

    • He is. Just which part of him is “plain”? I just don’t get it LOL. Maybe it’s more because his face was always covered by that massive hat of his. 8D

  3. First thing first, sorry WIzard but your special effect lagged my computer so much so I don’t have a choice. Honest. Anyway, he is so bitter from the start until the end, it felt good to see that he finally have a happy ending. Oh, I have the same reaction when I saw their MP ran out, sure they are completely doomed.

    I personally liked Magician class in any RPG I played. After all, they deal nasty damage wether the monster like it or not~ lol. But, I can’t argue with Wizard plainness that he kept on complaining on and on about. I agree that his POINTY hat didn’t help either (but I found his character sexy anyway). Having Namikawa Daisuke do his voice is also bad for my heart (I’m his fan) especially in the Return Ending. Damn, Wizard that’s not even fair!

      • In console RPGs, sometimes I do turn off the magic effects because they take so LONG. Just as Brave said, the battle could be ended in one hit but the effect itself takes several minutes LOL. Oh well, at least Wizard got the girl he wants in the end. Even though he still doesn’t have the effects. xD I love how realistic that situation is too. If physical attacks don’t work, you run out of MP and have no items at all, well then… you’re… doomed…

        I used to like mage classes too, but switched to melee sometime in the last few years. I still need them in my party though, since mages are awesome damage dealers as long as you keep their MP enough. If you like Kondou, then I’d recommend playing this for yourself or at least listen to the drama CD part since Wizard is so deadly there. 8D

  4. Hi Rin, I know that this isn’t the right place to tell you this since this isn’t dot-kareshi related but I thought you should know… I’m not sure if you have give your permission, but it seems that BroCon’s wiki page has been stealing their contents from your reviews, so I thought you should know : here’s Hikaru’s page as an example.

    I really like your reviews and I read them multiple times before so when I read it I had a hunch that this must’ve come from one of the reviews that I’ve read and it turned out to be yours ^^U

    Again, sorry for the trouble!

  5. How’d ya get the ‘staying with wizard’ CG? I didn’t get it… probably did something wrong because when I finished his route the ‘Extras’ was still grayed out. (I checked the web but I only found walkthroughs in japanese) thanks.

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