Dear Readers…

It really pains me to post something like this, because I love reading and answering comments to communicate with everyone. However, due to the amount of questions I receive recently…

As you may have noticed, comments are now closed for posts older than two months. The main reason is because I receive a lot of questions regarding Brothers Conflict, most of which have been answered in the past. Of course the comments themselves are not a problem, but I do have to ask you to:

  • Please stop asking when I’m going to summarize the next volume of Brothers Conflict.
    Or asking me to post the next volume as soon as possible. This is something I started out of love for the series, and I don’t want it to become a chore. Actually, please don’t pester ANY blogger about things like this because it’s seriously demotivating.

  • Please stop asking about how to trigger scene A and scene B.
    It’s been more than a year since I played Passion Pink, and questions about triggering the tricky scenes and / or extra epilogue have been answered in the comments or here.

  • Please stop asking about what went wrong when you’re playing on an emulator.
    The reason is simply because I don’t know, since I don’t play PSP games on emulator.

  • Please stop asking if I’m going to play Brilliant Blue.
    I already said multiple times in the comments that I will, I just can’t promise when.

Another reason is because I’m currently on break due to stuff in real life, and also catching up on all the RPGs I’ve been ignoring for the last few months. I hope you guys understand and thanks for reading!