Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~

This is a bit late considering I finished the game in September, but better late than never right? Cattleya×Narcissus is the second installment in the Double Score series, and it offers a different approach in facing the “age gap” issue.

Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~

Shinozawa Mai is a high school student working in Kamizono Shrine, which is famous for supporting and granting love fortunes. Those who are chosen are allowed to enter a special area deep inside the shrine grounds, where a small shrine is standing—surrounded by flowers. These flowers bloom regardless of seasons, granting blessings at all times. Mai’s parents received their blessings in the past, and she’s dreaming to experience a dramatic love like they did. Little did she know that two of the blooming flowers will guide her to her fated one. This game focuses on cattleya for Shirosaki Rio and narcissus for Saiga Rui and Seiya.

One morning in December, Mai goes to Kamizono Shrine before school. She enjoys her job as their shrine maiden and thinks it’s very worthwhile, but she does have one complaint. It’s her boss, Kamizono Kyouga, who soon comes out and praises her for not oversleeping. He’s popular among the ladies as a handsome, gentleman priest, but is actually very, VERY sadistic. For example, today he called and woke Mai up at 5 AM—telling her to come to the shrine. He said he’s got a job for her, and she has absolutely no rights to refuse. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Mai is now in a rather foul mood thanks to that, and she doesn’t get why it has to be in the morning. She always works after school anyway. As much as she wants to complain, Mai can’t really say anything to Kyouga. Aside from his personality, it’s also because her parents received the blessings of Kamizono Shrine. Everyone was against their relationship and they had to elope, but they did their best to gain everyone’s approval. If they gave up on their love, Mai wouldn’t be here today. Kamizono Shrine is just like a savior to her, and she wants to return the debt. Except she has to do it by working for Kyouga.

As for the job, Kyouga needs Mai to do a flower delivery. Through his dream, the god of Kamizono Shrine has left him with a divine message. Kyouga then takes Mai to pick the flowers in the sanctuary, where she sees countless cattleya and narcissus blooming around the small shrine. They grow regardless of seasons, and Kamizono Shrine sells goods based on the flowers which are blooming at the moment. They use dried flower petals for the charms, the flowers’ motives on fortune sheets and picture tablets, as well as pictures of the flowers for postcards and stickers. However, their top priority for now is to deliver the flowers. Each flower has to be delivered to a certain person, but Mai can only pick one—because choosing the flower is the shrine maiden’s job.

The cattleya will bring Mai to Shirosaki Rio, while the narcissus will lead her to Saiga Rui and Seiya.

P.S. I will refer to both men with their first names to match the LE short story.

10 thoughts on “Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~

  1. I’m grateful to Rin as always, i cant wait for your translation ( even though i have finish playing it for a while as well ) and i know that I’m gonna have a good laughter at this . BTW i love Kyouga very VERY much, i DO need to considerate his personality though, and i also hope to play his route in the near future ( can’t wait ) ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

    • Thanks for commenting! :D
      Sorry that I’m taking so long, been extremely busy with work recently. Hopefully I can finish blogging Double Score in January though. Kyouga seems to have a lot of fans LOL. I can’t wait for his game too, even though it seems so far away since the whole series have been delayed.

  2. OMFG I’ve been waiting for this. I really like Double Score, so I am SERIOUSLY VERY grateful that you translate it. I can’t read japanese yet so thank you… o(╥﹏╥)o *flies away*

  3. why do you keep closing comments? don’t you want to communicate with your readers? you used to be so friendly and open and yet recently you’re starting to act so stuck-up tbqh by not answering questions or closing comments, or refusing to join a translation project in a really rude way………. if you don’t want comments then fine but you don’t have to be a bitch about it! >.>

    • Because I get flooded by questions, both about Brothers Conflict and about other games. I’ve provided links to otome game guides on my sidebar, but it seems like a lot of people won’t bother checking and just jump straight to type all sorts of questions in the comment box. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping / answering questions… but it gets exhausting if you receive the same questions over and over again, even though you’ve answered them several times in the past. I also don’t have much free time at the moment because of work, and to be honest I’m really tired of people treating me like a help desk staff. It feels like there’s a heavy pressure / burden on my shoulders, and I closed comments because I just don’t have enough composure to deal with that. Sorry if you find that bitchy, but please understand. :/

  4. Welcome back, Rin! :D
    As always, thanks for your great sharing of game summaries with us~ :)
    can’t wait for their routes~ YAAY! *excited*
    Take your time, and don’t think of it as a chore~ >w< *cheers*

    • Thanks! :D
      The routes are pretty long. I feel that this game’s slightly longer than Cosmos×Camellia, but I’ll do my best to finish it. (ง •̀_•́)ง Also, thanks for always being so understanding. Your comments always make me feel appreciated, and you give me more motivation to blog more. ;w;b

  5. Rin is kind as always despite being busy xD Thank you for all the reviews you provided us. ^^
    My Japanese improved a fair bit from reading your reviews + confirming the real plot vs my random guess fufufu
    Playing games then typing / taking notes / translating can be quite monotonous after sometime, so don’t worry just take your time : )

    I can’t wait for your overall impressions on the game… I’m yet to touch Double Score series.
    I’m thinking of buying ‘Marguerite x Tulip’ and ‘Rose x Lotus’.
    Can I ask you if these kind of stories interrelate in the sense that if you don’t play one game, then you miss all the important revelations about X; Like do they scatter Toma’s past or anything crucial about him in CxC / CxN? c:

    • Ahh, thank you for reading! :D
      Plot-wise, the games aren’t related to each other. There are hints scattered all over the place, but you won’t get to see the real issue until you play said character’s game. For example, in Cattleya x Narcissus, Tomu did drop some hints that he might know Mai in the past… but that’s it. Rio also appeared in Cosmos x Camellia and we get to see his otaku side, but nothing more than that. So yeah, you won’t get to see the important revelations unless you play their game.

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