Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~ – Double Story

Just like Cosmos×Camellia, Cattleya×Narcissus comes with a nice 3P route that involves Rio, Rui and Seiya. This route is light with nearly no conflicts, so you can just enjoy the fun. Be careful though, the 3P parts are quite deadly. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪


“Double Story” features Mai’s love story with Rio, Rui and Seiya. This route will be unlocked after clearing their “Good End 1″, so it’s not available right from the start. The flower you choose at the very beginning will influence the endings, and you can also see their inner thoughts depending on the flower you chose. Similarly to the individual routes, Double Story has four different endings. Mai’s dress from June affects one of the CGs, so make sure to save at that part.

(Note: Mai already knows about Rui & Seiya’s identity in this route.)


Mai survives her final exams without failing any subjects, and she was planning to enjoy every moment of her last summer vacation in high school… but she never thought she’d end up working in a host club. Not to mention she’s also disguised as a man, even taking the alias of “咲良 / Sakura” for work. She’s not used to it yet though, so she responds late when Rui tells her to fetch some water. Rio and Taiga also ask her to refill their ice pails, so she heads to the kitchen—asking for Tetsuya’s permission before filling them with ice. Mai has been working in LADY MAGIC for a week now, and Tetsuya asks how she’s doing in the club floor. She replies that Rio and Rui are helping her, so she’s managing somehow. Tetsuya doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to actually dress up as a man, but Mai says that wouldn’t do. One of their precious staff can’t work because of her, so she wants to take full responsibility. In the end, Tetsuya can only ask her not to force herself.

After leaving the kitchen, Mai checks herself on a full-body mirror on the wall. Her hair is hidden behind a short wig, and she’s wearing a chic suit for work—even wrapping her chest so it won’t stand out. She also lowers her voice when she’s talking, and since she’s only helping out instead of serving the guests… so far no one notices. One week ago, Kyouga sent Mai to deliver some charms to LADY MAGIC. Rio and Rui had some guests who wanted Kamizono Shrine’s charm, but both of them were too busy to come to the shrine themselves. When Mai arrived at LADY MAGIC, Miyabi took her inside based on Rio and Rui’s order. Once she handed the charms to them, Rio asked if she has eaten dinner. She admitted that she hasn’t since she came directly after work, so Rui told her to have dinner in LADY MAGIC instead. It’s a reward for her, since she came all the way there just to deliver the charms.

Mai happily agreed since she loves LADY MAGIC’s food. After taking her order, Rio and Rui left to give the charms to their guests. Soon after that, a host came to serve Mai’s corn potage soup. He warned her to be careful since the soup is hot, but it was too late—she already touched the plate. Shocked by the heat, she accidentally dropped the plate. It flipped just as the host jumped in to protect her, spilling the hot soup all over his hands. They immediately called the ambulance and sent him to the hospital, but it’ll take a whole month for his hands to fully recover. The host said it was his fault for not warning Mai sooner, but she felt really bad. She should’ve realized that the plate was hot, and yet she touched it without thinking. Rio and Seiya also asked her not to mind, but it only made her feel even worse. The host has only been working in LADY MAGIC for three months, and he doesn’t have any exclusive guests yet. They told her that the club wouldn’t be in trouble even if he takes a break for a month, but he wouldn’t receive any income… and he also got wounded because of her.

That’s when Mai decided that until the host’s hands are fully healed, she’s going to work in LADY MAGIC. As a host. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Rio stared at her in shock while Rui told her not to fool around, but she ignored them and asked the host not to worry. She’ll work and earn money for him, so he can rest and heal up without worries. When Rio told her that LADY MAGIC doesn’t accept female staff for the club floor, Mai said she’ll just disguise herself as a man. Of course this caused Rio to imagine Mai in a suit, then he blushed saying it’s not bad at all. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Seiya literally smacked him out of it though, saying he’ll send Rio across the Sanzu River if he doesn’t stop going (*´д`*)ハァハァ over his cosplay delusions LOL.

In order to convince them, Mai also explained that her class did a reverse gender café for culture festival before. She’s done a lot of research about how to disguise herself as a man, so she assured them that she can do it. Of course she can’t serve the guests, but she can help cleaning up or delivering food and drinks. She felt really bad for the host’s wound, so she asked them to let her take responsibility. There was a long silence before they eventually sighed. Rio agreed to help, and he promised to talk to the owner about this. On the other hand, Rui found this troublesome. He likes how she feels responsible for her actions though, so he agreed to cooperate as well. However, she’d have to work as their assistant—like Taiga and Miyabi. She should never approach the guests more than necessary. After making sure she understands, they told her to wait in the staff room and went to see the owner.

A week has passed since then, and work is going smoothly for Mai. Sometimes the guests would tease her for being so innocent, but Rio and Rui are always helping by seducing them—distracting them away from her. Thanks to them, she doesn’t have to deal with the guests directly. One day before the club opens, Mai is cleaning up the hall when Rio and Rui come to talk to her. They explain that LADY MAGIC is booked for a certain company’s party today, and they want her to work in the kitchen instead. Apparently the guests from said company always get ALL the hosts to drink quite a lot, so they have to make sure that she won’t get dragged into it. That’s why for today, they want her to stay in the kitchen and help Tetsuya. They also warn her NOT to come to the club floor at all costs, because they won’t be able to cover for her—not even Taiga and Miyabi. If Mai dares to step out of the kitchen, Rui will instantly end her part-time job here.

From there, Mai goes into the kitchen and works with Tetsuya. When she’s peeling the potatoes, he notes that she’s really good with her hands. He then asks if she’s interested in working in LADY MAGIC’s kitchen if she hasn’t decided on a future career, and he believes they can give her a suitable salary. If anything, she can name the price and he’ll negotiate it with the owner. She thanks him and admits that she hasn’t decided on a certain career yet, but if she wants to be a chef in the future, she’ll come to ask for his help. Just then Taiga and Miyabi rush into the kitchen, reporting that they have an emergency. Tetsuya doesn’t look pleased as Miyabi whispers something to him, but then he nods saying he’ll do something about it.

From Taiga, Mai learns that Rio and Rui are both drunk. They’re currently resting in the staff room. When Mai asks if they’re alright, Taiga nods saying they’re both fine. It’s just the alcohol got to them, so they’re now red in the face… and they can’t serve the guests looking like that. After working in LADY MAGIC for a week, Mai has learned that Rio and Rui have very high alcohol tolerance. They can drink all night and be completely fine. However, today they had to take all sorts of alcoholic drinks one after another—starting from Japanese sake, shōchū, wine, vodka, champagne, and more. As the top two hosts, they can’t let the guests to see them drunk. They’re currently resting while cooling themselves down, and Miyabi asks if Mai can check how they’re doing… because Taiga and him have to entertain the guests in their absence.

Mai hesitates for a moment, but then she nods in agreement. Tetsuya also asks her to check up on them, knowing they wouldn’t mind being seen by her in that condition. Before she leaves, Taiga asks her to tell them that Miyabi and him are taking care of the club floor—so they don’t have to worry. After that, Mai heads to the staff room and knocks on the door. When she asks if she can come in, Rio weakly allows her to enter. Rui only sighs and wonders about who sent her here. Inside, she finds both of them sitting on the sofa—slightly red on the face. In the hope of helping them, Mai rushes to the refrigerator… but only finds one bottle of water inside. She can either hand it to Rio or Rui, but no matter who she chooses, she’ll end up bringing more water from the kitchen.

In addition, Mai also prepares wet towels for both of them. This really helps them to cool down, and after a while their faces don’t look as red anymore. When she asks if they had to drink that much, Rio explains that their guests today are heavy drinkers. He never thought they’d force the hosts to drink to that extent. Rui also reveals that said guests were brought here by none other than Yousuke, and he’s planning to get revenge later—by shoving alcohol down the flirty salaryman’s throat until he’s half-dead. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The guests introduced by Yousuke always spend a lot of money though, and so they’re warmly welcomed in LADY MAGIC. They’re always served by all the hosts in the club, led by Rio and Rui.

Noticing that the wet towels are getting warm, Mai gets up saying she’ll cool them down in the kitchen. However, Rio and Rui suddenly hold her hands at the same time. Somehow she can see passion in their eyes, so she gets flustered and wonders why they’re looking at her like that. Through both of her hands, she can feel their warmth reaching her. She can ask either of them to let go, but the one she chooses will refuse saying they don’t want to let her go. The other one will release her hand though. Due to the panic, she ends up brushing their hands away and escaping to the kitchen. After Mai leaves, Rio and Rui reveal that they actually did it on purpose LOL. They were pretending to be drunk because they wanted to tease her, but they didn’t expect that she’d be more worried about their condition instead. Both of them realize that they’re interested in her, but they also know that she probably doesn’t see them as men. It seems like she only thinks of them as seniors at work.

On Mai’s second week in LADY MAGIC, she’s assisting Rio and Rui as they serve a grand guest—the term they use to refer to guests who spend a lot of money in the club. As an assistant, Mai is busy carrying all the food, drinks and ice to her table. The grand guest they’re serving tonight is a president of a very large company, and she’s incredibly beautiful. She placed Rio on her right and Rui on her left, enjoying herself as they entertain her with sweet words. Mai’s heart is racing in front of this really sensual view, especially because of the intense amount of skinship between them. She’s trying her best not to look at them, but it proves to be impossible. Mai blushes as she puts new wine glasses on the table, and she’s about to reach for the empty ones… but suddenly the guest takes it away. When she looks up, she finds the guest looking at her flirtatiously. Σ(゚ー゚;)

The guest chuckles saying LADY MAGIC has a very cute boy, and asks for Mai’s age. Of course this throws her into panic, but Rio quickly answers that she’s 18. He asks if Mai did anything that offends her, but the guest says she simply finds Mai cute. She notices that Mai seems to be really embarrassed upon watching her interactions with them. Rui says it’s because she’s not used to it and dismisses her right away, but the guest grabs her wrist before she can go anywhere. The guest asks Mai not to take what Rui said to heart, because she also loves cute, innocent young boys like her. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ!? In fact, she then invites Mai to sit next to her—saying she wants to know Mai more. When the guest’s fingers smoothly caress her wrist, Mai can feel heat rising to her cheeks. The guest is glowing with sensuality, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Feeling lost, Mai quickly bows her head and apologizes. She only wants to leave their table for now, but it only pleases the guest even more… since she finds the escape attempt “cute”. The guest draws Mai’s hand closer to her lips, but Rio quickly interrupts—telling the guest that Mai is still in training. It’s way too early for her to serve a guest. He’s happy to see the guest liking her, but touching is prohibited. Rui adds that it won’t be fun to play with a kid like Mai, and she should be occupied with them anyway. The guest laughs upon seeing this, and she asks if Mai is that important to them—because they’re clearly very protective of her. Rio nods saying Mai is new after all, and she won’t be able to do her job properly if she gets charmed by a guest. Rui distracts her further by saying that she should be paying attention to them instead, and as her attention shifts towards them… Mai uses the chance to run away. She quickly puts the glasses on the tray and leaves the table, thanking Rio and Rui in her heart.

At 10 PM, Mai changes back into her own clothes. She feels tired today. While Rio and Rui managed to distract the guest, she never thought she’d get attacked by a woman LOL. Soon after that, Rui comes to inform Mai that her taxi has come to pick her up. Ever since she started working in LADY MAGIC, they’ve prepared a taxi to take her home every night. At first she felt bad and refused, but the owner asked her to let them do that much. After all, she’s working for the sake of their host. Mai unlocks the staff room door once she’s done changing, allowing Rio and Rui to come in. When she thanks them for helping her with the guest from earlier, Rio smiles at her… but Rui is frowning. Rio asks him not to look so grumpy despite what happened, but Rui grumbles saying they shouldn’t assign Mai as an assistant when they’re serving guests who love younger men. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

However, Rui points out that Mai might have to deal with that kind of situation again. He asks if she still wants to continue working as a host after what happened. Rio says they’re going to help her if it happens again, but since she looks tired… maybe she should reconsider for a bit. She’s done everything she could, and no one would blame her even if she quits. The host who got wounded feels very grateful to her, so he wouldn’t mind either. Mai hesitates for a moment, but eventually decides that she won’t quit. No matter what happens, she’ll do her job right until the very end. Rio grins saying that sounds just like her, though he finds her obstinacy cute. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ Rui sighs in disbelief, and he asks her to let them know if she ever feels unpleasant. If she ever runs into trouble like today, she can always rely on them. Knowing that both of them are worried about her, she happily nods and leaves the staff room with a smile.

On August 31, Mai’s job in LADY MAGIC comes to an end. The host who got wounded will start working again tomorrow, and she’s really glad to hear that he has recovered. Rio, on the other hand, feels terribly sad to part with Mai, because they’ve been spending the whole month together. Rui doesn’t get as much damage though, as he can always see Mai at school. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since Rui is grinning in triumph, Rio asks if he’s serious about Mai… and this brings both of them to the realization that they’re in love with a high school girl. Which means they’re rivals in love. ヾ(✿❛◡❛ฺฺ)ノ~❤ They’re both aware that they’re crossing a dangerous bridge, but none of them are willing to hand her over.


When the new semester starts, the students are knocked back into shape by Rui’s modern literature test. Of course Mai wasn’t slacking off since she spent her summer vacation working in LADY MAGIC, but she ends up attending a supplementary lesson… all by herself. As Mai sighs in front of her assignment paper, Rui lifts his head and asks her what’s wrong. If there’s anything that she doesn’t understand, she can ask him anytime. They have plenty of time, so she can take it easy. Since Rui keeps on smiling, Mai then asks if something nice happened to him. He answers that he’s feeling really happy right now, and he places his hand on top of hers—admitting that it’s because he can be alone with her. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ Mai instantly turns red upon hearing this. Before she can figure out what he means by that, Rui continues that both of them were always busy in LADY MAGIC last month. He didn’t get any chance to be alone with her, so now he’s happy to be able to have some private time with her.

Rui gently strokes the back of Mai’s hand, but just before his fingers can touch hers… Rio suddenly walks into the classroom. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Rio smiles as he greets them, while Rui quickly pulls his hand away from Mai’s and stands up. His real personality nearly comes out as he scowls towards Rio, but then he bites his lips and holds back LOL. After returning to his chair and taking a deep breath, Rui forces a smile and tells Rio that outsiders aren’t allowed to enter the school grounds. Rio answers that he got a permit though, as he told the receptionist that he came to see Rui. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 When Rui asks what kind of business Rio has with him, Rio says Rui should know the answer already. He also adds that Rui won’t be popular if he’s being that mean, though Rui flatly says he doesn’t mind. Of course it was only a lie since Rio doesn’t actually need anything, so Rui tells Rio not to use him as an excuse to come to school. Rio says he has no choice though, since Rui will keep “gaining points” otherwise.

Rio then takes the seat next to Rui, and he asks what Mai is doing. When she answers that she’s working on a supplementary assignment, he looks surprised and asks if she doesn’t like studying. She gives him a small, sad nod, but Rui comforts her by saying it’s not true. He knows she can do it if she tries, it’s just that she tends to panic and make careless mistakes. If she can remain calm while answering the questions, she won’t have to attend supplementary lessons. Rio is surprised, since he never knew that Rui takes his job as a teacher seriously—as rude as that sounds for Rui LOL. When Mai asks why Rio came to school, he says he’s here to see Rui. Or at least he’ll leave it at that. For now. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪

Back to the topic of supplementary lessons, Rio says he never had to take any. Mai is amazed since that means he must be smart, but he admits that it’s not the reason. He simply didn’t want to use his time for supplementary lessons, so he always studied to get past the exams. Rui asks if he had any part-time jobs, but Rio says he didn’t have any. After school, he’d throw himself into his hobbies or went on dates with a lot of girls. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Upon realizing what he just said, Rio instantly stops himself and averts his gaze from Mai. She doesn’t think badly of him though. She only thinks that he must have been popular from a long time ago, and that he must have treated the girls like he served his guests. He values them highly and can behave like a gentleman around them, so she can understand why he’s so popular.

However, Rui won’t let this chance go to waste. He grins and mentions that according to Tomu, Rio never had a serious girlfriend ever since their high school days. Despite Rio’s attempt to stop him, Rui continues saying that the girls agreed to date him despite knowing that he wasn’t serious. Rio is always so popular, so much that Rui feels envious… or not. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* When Mai nods in agreement, Rio quickly asks her not to misunderstand. Even though it’s not exactly a misunderstanding LOL. Rio awkwardly scratches his head before saying that in the past, he used to think that it’d be better to date a lot of women at once. He felt that kind of relationship suits him the most, but it’s different now. Rio’s expression turns serious as he turns to face Mai, and she can feel her heart pounding loudly.

Rio then smiles and asks if Mai wants to know the reason, but Rui interrupts and asks her to keep working on the assignment. As she turns back to her assignment, she can hear Rio asking Rui not to disturb them. Rui lightly denies this, but Rio points out that Rui totally interrupted when he was about to share his new view on love with Mai. Rui reminds Rio that they’re currently having a supplementary lesson though, and so Rio was the one who came to interrupt them. In fact, he’s disturbing them so much that Rui wants him to leave already LOL. When Rio comments that Rui is merciless, Rui calmly answers that the same goes to Rio. At the same time, Mai feels the atmosphere turning tense around them. When she looks up, she finds Rio and Rui giving each other a grim smile.

Rui started by pointing out that Rio is dating a lot of women, and yet he’s still not satisfied. That’s not a proper relationship, and Rui thinks it’s just wrong. Rio flatly thanks him for the “concern”, making it clear that he’s currently changing for the better. Rio doesn’t think Rui should be criticizing him though. Fumiya told him that when Rui was younger, he played with a lot of women without officially dating any of them LOL. Rui doesn’t think it’s fair to reveal his past in front of Mai, but Rio points out that he’s the one who started all of this. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Mai can see sparks clashing between them, and she reluctantly says that she has a question for them. Both of them look a bit nervous as they nod and allow her to continue, so she proceeds to ask: “What kind of view do you have on love?”

They took some time to think before answering this question. Rio admits that until recently, he never had a serious relationship. Or rather, he never really fell in love with anyone… which is why he didn’t think it’s wrong to date a lot of women at once. Rui says it was the same for him, so he thought there won’t be any problems even if he has that kind of relationship. Mai is surprised, but she quietly listens to them. She can feel that they really want to talk about this properly. Rio says he did it thinking he’d feel more satisfied by dating a lot of women, while Rui’s reason is a bit different. He didn’t want to be restrained, so he couldn’t see the meaning of dating one person only. In the end, they have to admit that they were equally terrible in this area. After hearing this, Mai can understand why they never had a serious relationship before—it’s because they never really fell in love with anyone.

That being said, Mai still holds onto her ideals. If she falls in love, then she wants to devote herself to that person only. They think i’s good for her though, because her sense of value is clearly different from theirs. It’s only natural if they have different opinions. However, Rio chuckles saying it feels strange. Before, he’d definitely tell her that he doesn’t understand her view on love… but now he can’t say it anymore. Rui nods saying they’ve come to understand that feeling, so much that they actually feel troubled. Before Mai can say anything, both of them move closer to her. Rio gently touches her hair, while Rui is holding her hand. This causes Mai to get very nervous since they’re giving her such a passionate gaze, similarly to how they treat their guests at work.

Rio then says that right now, he can understand how it feels to truly be in love. He has learned that rather than going out with a lot of women, getting one person whom he really loves feels much more satisfying. Rui admits that he always thought it’s not necessary to have a lover, but it’s different now. He has found someone that he truly loves, and he really wants to make her his. Mai only nods before lowering her gaze, as if she’s running away from their eyes. Her heart is pounding loudly, and the core of her head is heating up. Both Rio and Rui are currently in love with someone, and their love is real—something that they never experienced before. Mai snaps out of her thoughts when the bell chimes, marking the school closing time. Rui concludes the end of today’s supplementary lesson, which means it’s time for them to go home. When Mai says that she hasn’t finished her assignment, Rui says she can hand it in tomorrow. After all, it’s their fault for disturbing her.

Since LADY MAGIC is closed today, Rio invites Mai to have dinner with him—saying it’d be lonely to have a meal alone. Upon hearing this, Rui laughs saying that won’t do at all. Just as he said earlier, Mai has to go home right away and do her assignment. That’s why she doesn’t have any time to spend with him. Not even a second. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ If Rio feels lonely to have a meal alone, then Rui will gladly accompany him for dinner… but of course Rio will have to pay for everything LOL. When he refuses, Rui whines and points out that he’s the number one host. Rio has a lot of money, so treating Rui shouldn’t be a problem for him. Rather than blowing his money on anime, manga and games, treating a poor teacher to dinner should be a lot better for the society. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Rio: “No thanks!! Besides, I invest money in my hobbies for my own sake!”
Rio: “If I don’t get my regular share of 萌え, I will perish!”
Rio: “You don’t understand, Rui… Spending money means being thankful for 萌え!”
Rio: “Yes, I am an otaku…! I spend two-thirds of my salary on my hobbies!”
Rio: “I AM A LOYAL SLAVE OF 萌え—!!”

BRAVO. (゚∇゚ノノ”☆(゚∇゚ノノ”☆(゚∇゚ノノ”☆パチパチパチ!!!

Completely ignoring Rio’s speech, Rui takes Mai’s bag saying he’ll walk her home. Rio quickly catches up to them and protests, but Rui only smiles saying he doesn’t have any time for Rio’s otaku talk—just as he always says LOL. In the end, Rio gives up on dinner and joins Rui to walk Mai home. However, deep in her heart, Mai is actually bothered by the fact that they’re in love with someone…


One afternoon, Takuto invites Mai to try out his new cake. It’s a delicious mousse au chocolat with a rich amount of chocolate, and she’s certain that it’ll be popular with the customers… so he decides to make it the recommended cake for October. It seems like Takuto is afraid that his customers might be taken away by the café near the station, but Mai believes Siesta has better food and drinks. Sadly, Mai’s enjoyment of the cake doesn’t last for long. Before she can finish eating it, Rio and Rui suddenly come to her mind. Ever since the supplementary lesson from last month, she’s always been concerned about them—even though she doesn’t know why. She can’t stop herself from wondering about what kind of women they fell in love with. Are they in love with wonderful women? These thoughts keep appearing in Mai’s mind, causing her to feel restless and distracted. At school she gets scolded for spacing out during class, and she makes all sorts of mistakes too at home—such as breaking plates.

The door swings open just as Mai sighs in front of her cake, and much to her surprise… Rio and Rui walk in. They didn’t expect to see her in Siesta, so they feel lucky to find her here. She nervously greets them as they join her on the counter, and Rui asks why she’s eating a cake all by herself. Rio and him are meeting up with a guest in Siesta, but it should be different for her. She nods saying Takuto asked her to try his new cake, and Takuto soon comes to take their order—explaining the reason as he makes their coffee. Noticing that Mai looks rather sad, Rio asks her if there’s something wrong. This startles her, because he really hits the spot. She did hear that working as a host has made them more sensitive to other people’s emotions, but she certainly didn’t expect them to notice. On the other hand, she’s a terrible liar—mostly because her thoughts instantly show on her face. She can’t blatantly admit that she’s curious about the women they love though, so she covers it up by saying she’s just worried about her weight since Takuto’s cake is really good.

Mai then changes the subject by asking why they came to Siesta, since their job in LADY MAGIC starts at night. Rui explains that they have to accompany a guest today, so they’re going shopping with her before going to LADY MAGIC. The guest is none other than the woman who made a move on Mai before, which is why both of them are coming. Of course Mai still remembers her as well, especially because there’s only a few guests who can have both Rio and Rui at the same time. However, Mai also recalls how they kissed the guest’s hands and cheeks before… and it causes her to feel complicated inside. She even finds it hard to breathe, but she doesn’t know why. Since she’s also very curious about the women they love, she feels like she’s overreacting—which only confuses her even more.

Just then Rio takes out a ticket for the aquarium, and he grins as he hands it to Mai. He explains that one of his regular guests gave him a lot, asking him to use the tickets for off-club dates. As the name says, an off-club date is a date outside of LADY MAGIC… so now Rio is asking Mai to go on a date with him to the aquarium. Of course he won’t treat her as a guest, and it has nothing to do with work either—he only wants to go out with her. Since she looks rather upset, he thinks it might be a nice change of pace for her. Before Mai can answer, Rui suddenly snatches the ticket and says it’s a pretty good idea. It’s been a while since he last visited the aquarium, and now he wants to see some fish too. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Rio frowns saying he didn’t invite Rui, but Rui only tells him to shut up. Rio is clearly trying to get ahead of him, and he won’t let that happen. When Rio says he only has two tickets for Mai and himself, Rui grins saying that lie won’t work on him. It was Rio himself who said he received a lot, and Rui also saw him getting around 10 tickets before. As Rui laughs in victory, Rio can only sigh and accept his defeat LOL.

Back to Mai, Rio asks if she’s willing to have an aquarium date with Rui and him. After a brief silence, she nods saying the three of them should go together. Rui shows a satisfied smile upon hearing this, while Rio looks very disappointed. He actually wanted her to say “I’d rather be alone with you”, so he didn’t expect her to agree. Ignoring Rui’s laughter, Rio moves really close to Mai saying he’ll entertain her to the fullest. She blushes and tries to move away, but Rui suddenly hugs her shoulders from the other side—leaning in to whisper into her ears. Despite Rio’s attempt to stop him, Rui reveals that off-club date part is actually a lie. The aquarium is doing a collaboration event with an anime, and Rio got the tickets because he asked the guest to get them for him LOL. He’ll probably scream and worship the place as a holy ground, but Mai doesn’t have to worry. She has Rui by her side, and they can have a normal date together. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Upon seeing this, Rio quickly grabs Mai’s arm and pulls away from Rui. Rio sighs saying he can never be too careful around Rui, who in return tells him to keep (*´д`*)ハァハァ-ing over holy grounds by himself LOL. Rio protests and tells Rui not to make fun of his “pilgrimage”, explaining that the aquarium was used as the location where “Transformation Witch ☆ Pomryun” transformed into a mermaid. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since Rio is starting to share his otaku talk again, Rui quickly shuts him up with a punch to the head. When Rio says it was Rui’s fault for making fun of his hobbies, Rui replies that he’ll beat Rio into a pulp if he dares to do his otaku talk again in the aquarium LOL. They keep on bickering until Mai eventually asks them to calm down, reminding them that they’re currently in Siesta.

In any case, the three of them agree to visit the aquarium next month. Mai notices that Rio and Rui have been arguing a lot lately, and she wonders if it’s alright for them to go on a trip together in this condition. At the same time, she’s also hoping that the strange feeling inside of her would fade away before then.


On the day of the aquarium date, Rio and Rui come to pick her up with the former’s car. For the date, she decides to wear the dress they bought for her in June. Depending on the color she picked, Rio and Rui will be amazed to see her in the dress. If she chose Rio’s dress, Rui will sulk and vice versa. They also fight over where she should be sitting, but in the end she’ll always choose to take the back seat for herself—asking Rui to sit on the passenger seat. He’s obviously not happy about sitting next to Rio, so he decides to take a nap until they reach the aquarium. However, if Mai chose the pink dress in June, Rio will play “Candy ☆ Nyan Nyan!”‘s theme song in the car. This drives Rui nuts since he’s been looping it on their way to Mai’s mansion, not to mention he sings along with it. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

In the aquarium, Rio wonders where the whale shark is. The aquarium has two, but they haven’t seen any. Rui says the whale sharks are probably swimming on the other side, but he’s more interested in the school of sardines instead. They look delicious, and now he feels like eating some sashimi. (@ ̄¬ ̄@)♪ Rio sighs saying that sounds terribly inappropriate during an aquarium visit, and he asks Mai to scold Rui as well… but she quietly nods and lowers her gaze. They’re currently viewing the giant aquarium, which is the no. 1 recommended spot, but she’s in no condition to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Normally she’d be amazed to see the giant aquarium and whale sharks, but she can’t concentrate at all… because both Rio and Rui are holding her hands. After leaving the parking lot, Rio held her right hand while Rui took her left. When she asked them about this, they only smiled at her without explaining the reason. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

From there, they took her to look around and mentioned that the aquarium sells delicious hot dogs. They don’t let go of her hands though, so she has to walk around in that condition. This causes her to feel very embarrassed. Both of them really stand out, and she can feel people staring at them. The women around them are giving her envious glares, making her feel really uneasy. It doesn’t help that Rio and Rui are only looking at her, not paying any attention to other women. Of course she can brush their hands away if she really wants to, but she can’t do that either… because she actually feels happy to be with them. When Rio asks if they should move to another location, Rui suggests seeing the dolphin show—knowing Mai would love it. They have an hour before the next show starts though, so they decide to watch the penguins first.

As they walk past a certain shop outside, Rio suddenly freezes in place and trembles. His eyes widen upon seeing the goods in the shop, while Rui sighs saying he’s going to start again. Why yes, the shop is selling limited edition anime goods for the collaboration. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 Knowing what Rio wants to do, Mai smiles saying she’ll wait here—he can go and see the goods. He happily thanks her and accepts the offer, but he also drags Rui along with him. Rui refuses saying he’ll wait with Mai instead, but Rio won’t take no as an answer. The goods are limited to one item per person, but he wants to get two for backup.

Rui: “You must be joking. I don’t care.”
Rio: “…next time, I’ll treat you at an expensive restaurant.”
Rui: “Leave it to me! I’ll get the goods for you!”


…and so they happily leave to get the goods. Mai, on the other hand, feels a bit lonely as she sends them off. She goes to sit on a bench as she waits for them, but then a problem occurs—a man comes to hit on her. The man says he works here in the aquarium, and he offers to guide her around the place. Mai is too surprised to say anything, but this causes him to misunderstand her silence. He grins saying she’s looking at him so passionately, so he concludes that she wants to take his offer. Of course he’s more than willing to guide her around, even promising to take her to a lot of places. Mai is horrified when the man touches her shoulder, but before she can escape… a long leg suddenly appears between them and pins the man’s arm onto the bench. When they turn around, they find Rui standing next to them. He look REALLY pissed, so much that he might be able to kill with his eyes.

Glaring down at the man, Rui tells him not to touch Mai so casually… unless he wants to die. The man is obviously terrified, and he quickly apologizes before attempting to run away. However, Rio comes out to trip the man up with his leg. Before the man could get up, Rio crouches down saying he has quite a good taste. Mai is a woman of a high level since she completely captivated their hearts, but that doesn’t mean the man is allowed to make a move on her… if he still wants to live, that is. The man cries out an apology for not knowing his place, and then he runs away in tears—falling down along the way. As Mai watches this with a blank expression, Rio and Rui return to her side. Rio apologizes for leaving her alone and asks if she’s okay, so she nods saying Rui came to save her after all. The man didn’t get to do anything to her.

On the other hand, Rui is greatly irked and points out that the man did get to do something—he touched Mai. Rui isn’t amused at all since he’s the only one who’s allowed to touch her, but Rio immediately raises a protest. Rui is smoothly shoving him to the side, and Rio finds it unfair LOL. Rui says it was all Rio’s fault for going shopping in the first place though, which makes him feel really guilty. When he apologizes, Mai smiles and asks him not to worry. For now they should enjoy the upcoming dolphin show, and there’s still a lot of spots to visit too. Upon hearing this, Rio smiles and holds Mai’s hand. At the same time, Rui sighs saying Rio moves really fast, since he’s clearly trying to take the lead as well. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As he says this, Rui comes over and holds Mai’s other hand. Now that she’s holding hands with them again, her heart is filled with warmth. When she thanks them from saving her, they gently squeeze her hands and smile at her. She can feel their kindness from the way they look at her, while her heart begins to race inside.

When they leave the aquarium at night, Mai falls asleep on the back seat—leaving Rio to enjoy the drive with Rui LOL. Along the way, Rio is surprised to hear Rui muttering that he had fun today. The same goes to Rio himself, because it’s been a while since he had a truly enjoyable date. Now that they’ve gotten this far, he decides to get straight to the point and asks if Rui is in love with Mai. Rui grins, and just as Rio has expected, he admits that he does love her. Both of them are serious about her, and they have absolutely no intentions of giving up. Despite his position as Mai’s teacher, Rui doesn’t care about what people say. He can’t forget her, and so his only option is only to go forward. Similarly, Rio is willing to quit his job for Mai if it ever gets in the way. They find their rivalry interesting, and they agree to have a fair competition over her. No matter who she chooses in the end, they won’t hold any ill feelings against each other.


After school, Mai goes to Kamizono Shrine feeling happy. Miki wants to learn knitting so she can make a handmade muffler for Kazuki, and Mai helped her to find the necessary book. Since Christmas is coming, everyone is excited about parties and presents. Especially the people in Kamizono Shrine. Every year they put up decorations on a tree in the shrine ground, transforming it into a Christmas tree. They’re aiming to create a romantic atmosphere, knowing it’s going to attract more visitors. Mai isn’t sure if it’s alright for a shrine to celebrate Christmas, but the idea came from Kyouga… and that man clearly doesn’t care about common sense. Protesting wouldn’t work either, so she doesn’t bother trying.

Along the way, Mai runs into Rui and walks beside him. When she asks if he’s going to work, he nods and says he has something to do… so he was planning to drop by Kamizono Shrine first. Mai asks if he wants to see Kyouga, and Rui smiles saying he doesn’t—he wanted to see her. Rui blushes as he points out that Christmas is coming, and he asks if Mai has any plans. She answers that she doesn’t have any aside from work. While she wants to have party, Kamizono Shrine is extremely busy around Christmas—which leaves her with no time for parties. By the time they reach the shrine gate, Rui looks very disappointed. Mai asks if LADY MAGIC is also busy during events like Christmas, but he says they’re only busy on the actual day. Starting from the day after, they’ll have a lot of free time.

Just then Rui stops walking, and he turns red as he looks at Mai. The next moment, he nervously asks if she’s willing to have a party with him. That is, if she has the time and doesn’t mind having it on the day after Christmas. When Mai asks if they’re going to invite Rio too, Rui answers that they won’t. It’ll be just the two of them. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Mai’s heart starts racing upon realizing the meaning of the invitation, but before she can answer… Rio suddenly appears saying Rui isn’t playing fair LOL. Rui’s face twitches as he greets Rio, but of course Rio protests since Rui is trying to get ahead of him again. Rio sighs and says he came here for exactly the same reason, though he didn’t expect that Rui would think of the same thing. Since Rio’s birthday is on Christmas Eve, he wants Mai to celebrate it with him after Christmas.

Mai can feel her cheeks burning up, but then she nods and agrees to have a party. Rio instantly glows with joy while Rui turns (´;ω;`) next to him, but only until she continues saying that she won’t have a private party with either of them. She wants it to be a Christmas party for the three of them. She admits that their invitations make her happy, but she wants them to celebrate together—believing it’d be more fun that way. This leaves them with no choice, and so they agree to have a Christmas party for the three of them. After that, they decide to hold the party in Rio’s mansion on the day after Christmas. As a token of gratitude for the dress and the aquarium date, Mai is going to make all the food herself. She’s going to do her best to prepare for the party! ヾ(✿❛◡❛ฺฺ)ノ~❤

On December 26, Mai goes to Rio’s mansion—carrying a box of cake in one hand. She feels dizzy as she checks the map, and she sighs because she knows the reason. She’s been busy with cooking practice for the last week, so she hasn’t been sleeping properly. Mai closes her eyes and waits for the dizziness to fade away, then she continues walking. She knows that it’s her own fault for being way too particular with her cooking, but she wants to repay Rio and Rui with delicious food. After spending a lot of time deciding the menu, Mai asked her mother to help tasting the dishes. From there, she kept cooking repeatedly until she reached the quality she wanted—which only happened yesterday. The appearance and taste are perfect though, and she’s certain that Rio and Rui will be happy. She starts spacing out as she walks, but literally slaps herself out if it.

Speaking of which, Rio and Rui are currently at work. In the morning, they came to visit her and asked if they can start the party in the evening. They feel really bad for delaying the party, but they suddenly had to serve a grand guest today. Refusing isn’t an option, so both Rio and Rui had to take the guest out on a date. They promised to be back before 6 PM though. Of course Mai didn’t mind at all, but she asked if she can enter Rio’s mansion beforehand. She wants to cook the food first, so Rio gave her a spare card key to his mansion. He has prepared all the ingredients, so she can use it whenever she wants. Rui was a bit sad though, since he won’t be able to tease her when she’s cooking. Rio shared the same sentiment, so based on Rui’s suggestion, he asked her to wear the frilly white apron in his kitchen LOL. In the end, Mai gave in to their request and agreed.

After that, Mai goes to Rio’s mansion 4 hours prior to the party. They seem to be very busy with work, so she wants to cook properly for them. When she thinks about spending time with Rio and Rui, her heart is jumping with joy. She really enjoys being with them, up to point where she’s wishing that she can always stay with them. At the same time, it also confuses her because she doesn’t want to be with either of them. She wants both. If she’s alone with only one of them, it doesn’t feel right. In contrary, she feels calm and secure when the three of them are together. She’s aware that it’s strange to wish for such a thing, but she doesn’t know what she actually wants. She quickly stops herself from thinking further though, since she’ll only space out again and possibly get lost.

From there, Mai safely reaches Rio’s mansion… but just before she unlocks the door, she realizes that the card key is gone. She panic and calls her mother to ask if she left it at home, but her mother couldn’t find it either. After making sure that it’s really not in her bag, Mai runs out and backtracks to look for the card key… but sadly it’s nowhere to be seen. In the end, she tries calling Rio to apologize for losing the key. He doesn’t pick up though, and she tries calling Rui to receive no answer either. This reminds her that they’re currently on a date with a guest, so she stops calling and sends them a mail instead. After that, she heads to the mansion entrance and sits on a sofa—waiting for them to come. The cold air causes her to tremble, but she assures herself that it’s alright. While she can go home and wait until they’re done with work, Mai thinks she can prepare the food faster if she waits for them here. He vision starts fading out as she thinks about an effective cooking order, and despite her attempts to keep herself awake… she ends up losing to the drowsiness and falls asleep.

When Mai regains her consciousness, she finds herself wrapped by a comfortable warmth. It makes her feel so safe, and she doesn’t mind staying there forever. As she snuggles up to the warmth, she faintly hears Rio saying it’s so nice how she cuddles up to Rui. Rui only sneers and tells Rio to be more jealous, though she was snuggling up to Rio too earlier. Their voices bring Mai back to her senses, and she opens her eyes to finds herself in Rui’s arms. Rui smiles upon noticing that Mai is awake, while Rio asks about how she feels. Both of them are incredibly close to her, but it takes a while before she realizes that she’s currently lying in bed with them. Not to mention they’re hugging her from both sides. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This surprises her so much that her voice won’t come out, and she immediately tries to get up… but they hold her in place. She was trembling when they found her, so they have to keep her warm for a bit longer.

Since Mai is confused, Rio explains that they’re done with work. He also tells her not to worry about the card key, since he already contacted the management to take care of it. When Rui and him reached the mansion, they found her sleeping by the entrance. She looked so pale and wouldn’t wake up no matter how many times they shook her, not to mention she was trembling too. They thought about giving her a warm bath, but they know that would be going too far… so they decided to warm her up in bed instead. Or so they say. Rio admits that it’s just an excuse, because Rui and him only wanted to hug Mai LOL. As Rio moves closer to kiss her hair, Rui also leans over to kiss her cheek. Mai feels really embarrassed and assures them that she’s okay now, but they show absolutely no intentions of releasing her. Instead, they come even closer and lock her in place. After feeling her warmth and scent, it’s just impossible for them to let her go.

Mai completely stops resisting when Rio looks straight at her, confessing that he loves her. He knows she might find it hard to believe due to his job as a host, but he’s serious about her. He wants to make her his. However, Rui protests saying he’ll obtain Mai before Rio does. As he runs his fingers through her hair, Rui admits that he’s in love with Mai as well—though it irks him to feel the same way as Rio. He wants her so much that he doesn’t care about his position as her teacher anymore, and that’s how much he loves her. Mai feels like her heart is going to explode, realizing that the person they love is actually none other than herself. Their confession is so straightforward and serious, so she knows that they’re not only teasing her. She has to admit that it makes her happy, but if they want her to choose one of them… she doesn’t know who she loves more. Despite her idealism to only have one true love, she loves both of them equally. Their jobs aren’t helping either, since people would go against the idea of dating a host and your own teacher.

However, they don’t care about what the world thinks. Rio says the society and common sense won’t be able to change how he feels, and Rui nods in agreement. In his case, he does feel attached to his job as a teacher… but if it forces him to give up on the woman he loves, then he’d rather throw his job away. They will accept the answer she comes up with, so they ask her to let them know how she feels. This leaves Mai with no other options, and so she finally admits that she can’t choose. She doesn’t know if what she feels for them is truly “love”, but she loves both of them equally. She feels really terrible for saying this, but they ask her not to blame herself… because it means they still have a chance. She doesn’t have to force herself to choose. If one day she falls in love with one of them, her feelings will naturally go towards that person. Until then, they will stay by her side and whisper their love for her.

Noticing that Mai is confused, they smile and move closer to kiss her cheeks. As they confess their love to her once again, she feels really moved by their kindness. After thanking both of them, she decides to wait and see where her feelings are going to lead her to. Until then, she won’t run away. After that, they decide to open their Christmas party. Rio says they didn’t eat much since they were excited to eat Mai’s cooking, while Rui asks her to get up and cook together. They help her to get out of the bed, and she happily goes to the kitchen while holding their hands.

• END 1: The Proof of Captivated Hearts

Two months after the Christmas party, Mai is working in LADY MAGIC again. This time not as a host, but as a kitchen helper and background staff. Rio and Rui asked Kyouga for the permission, since they want her to stay close to them. They’re also bribing Kyouga with expensive drinks every month, so he agreed to let her take a “break” from her job in Kamizono Shrine. Of course Mai is happy to be with them, but she’s definitely not pleased about how easily Kyouga traded her for drinks LOL. She knows complaining would be useless though, since he’d only say drinks are more valuable than she is.

Focusing back to work, Mai is trying to take a green file in the staff room. She can’t reach it though, and she’s searching for a stool when Rio comes and takes it off the shelf for her. He says she should’ve called him though, since he’d come sooner to help her. Mai is surprised since LADY MAGIC is pretty busy today, but Rio smiles and holds her hands—asking her not to tease him like that. She should know that he loves her, and he came here because he missed her. He also asks if she’s starting to love him more, as he wants her to yearn for him alone. Mai shivers when Rio gently strokes her back, but Rui soon comes to pull Rio’s hands away from her. When Rui asks what he thinks he’s doing, Rio answers that he’s blatantly seducing Mai LOL. Rui protests saying it’s unfair for Rio to attack Mai while he was busy with guests, but Rio points out that Rui also did the same thing. Rio had to serve his guests until late hours yesterday, and Rui totally used the chance to put Mai on his lap and feed her dinner. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

After shoving Rio away, Rui pulls Mai closer and kisses her wrist—leaving a kiss mark as a punishment for receiving help from other men. Rio instantly gets jealous and goes to do the same thing to her other wrist, and they look very satisfied when she protests LOL. Rio says they’re engraving a proof of their captivated hearts on her, and Rui winks saying he actually wants to put it on other places too—not only on her wrist. ゚+.(*ノェノ)゚+ Of course she refuses, but they don’t mind. They’re going to stay with her until she can choose one of them, so they do have the patience. They WILL make her theirs one day, so she has to be prepared. Mai blushes as Rio and Rui lean in to kiss her cheeks. She has to see where her feelings will lead her to in the future, but until that day comes… she’s going to stay with both of them like this. Mai’s heart keeps on racing as she accepts their kisses.

• END 2: Complicated Serious Love

Two weeks after the year changed, Takuto is having a quiet evening in Siesta. He only has one customer, but it’s only until Rio and Rui walk into the café—both looking dejected. When he greets them, they don’t reply and glumly sit on the counter instead. For a moment Takuto wonders if they messed up at work, but he doesn’t think it’s the case. After all, they’re the top two hosts in LADY MAGIC. Takuto then asks if they want to drink anything, and they ask him to give them something that can get them drunk. This confuses Takuto since they’re both really strong against alcohol, but they sadly beg him to do it. In fact, they came to Siesta hoping he can get them drunk. Their eyes look as hollow as a dead fish’s, and so Takuto decides to give it a try. He can’t help but wonder about what happened to them though. Are they having an issue with women…? But then again, they’re hosts. Even if they have a fight, they shouldn’t feel THAT down.

After thinking about which drink to serve, Takuto remembers that he has a special one in his storage. It’s called “Garden of God”, a Japanese sake from Kamizono Shrine made by Kyouga himself. Both Issei and Yousuke got completely drunk because of it before, so Takuto believes the drink will work on Rio and Rui as well. Takuto then brings the drink back to the counter, where he prepares a glass for Rui and takes out Rio’s special cup. By the way, Rio’s special cup has a picture of a maid with cat ears. It looks like he won’t feel like drinking unless he uses that cup. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 The maid’s costume change into a different color when the cup is filled, and Rio was really excited to see it. Takuto doesn’t get what’s so nice about it though, but he doesn’t really mind—as long as Rio is having fun LOL.

Right after Takuto serves “Garden of God”, Rio and Rui drink everything in one go. Rio happily comments that “Garden of God” is the best, which leaves Takuto confused since he never served it before. Rio replies that it was Mori who gave it to them, and this reminds Takuto that they used the drink for Kyouga’s super troublesome campaign before. For the details, listen to the drama CD that comes with the limited edition. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Rui says they got so drunk that they couldn’t remember what happened, so he expects it to happen again today. As Rio and Rui increase their drinking pace, Takuto asks about why they want to get drunk so badly. He won’t force them if they don’t want to share, but Rui explains that Rio and him got rejected by Mai after Christmas. Takuto is obviously shocked, especially because he never knew that they’re in love with her. Rui wonders why it didn’t work out. Out of frustration, he slams his glass onto the counter—so hard that Takuto is afraid it’d break.

From them, Takuto learns that they confessed to Mai at the same time. Sadly, she couldn’t choose one of them… and so she ended up rejecting both. To make things worse, she also stopped answering their calls and mails ever since. They thought about seeing her directly, but gave up on the idea knowing they might turn into stalkers LOL. Their first love ended in a heartbreak, but it won’t change their love for her. In fact, the pain is enough to satisfy their hearts. They never felt the joy and sorrow of loving someone before, so they can accept the pain as happiness. Σ(゚ー゚;) They both know that they will keep loving her from now on, and Takuto can only say that it must be so complicated to fall in love at that age. He then pours more drinks into their empty glasses, and they gulp it down in one go.

In 30 minutes, both Rio and Rui have gotten completely drunk. Rio literally bursts into tears and cries out that he loves Mai, saying he can’t give up on her. In response, Rui rages saying it’s only obvious. He will never give up even if she asks him to do it, so she shouldn’t underestimate the true love of a 34-year-old! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Rio also says that Rui and him will keep loving Mai forever, but they get derailed REALLY quickly from there.

Rui: “Shut up! You anime otaku! Your cup is disgusting!”
Rio: “Whyyy~!! Don’t make fun of ‘Candy ☆ Nyan Nyan’~!”


Takuto rubs his eyes several times, making sure that he’s not dreaming nor seeing an illusion. He stares at Rio and Rui in disbelief, as he never knew they can be THAT troublesome when they’re drunk LOL. It’s just as expected from a drink made by Kyouga, but then he vaguely recalls that Mori gave him a warning about “Garden of God” before. It takes a while before he can pull the details out of his memory, but he soon remembers that Mori specifically asked him to be careful while giving “Garden of God” to Rio and Rui. Mori also mentioned that things will get extremely troublesome, and now that he’s seen it… Takuto has to agree. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Rio is now wailing about how much he loves Mai, while Rui angrily yells that he’ll never give up on her. After watching them for a while, Takuto decides to just ignore them and leaves to chat with the other customer. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

• END 3: The Duty of a High School Student

Before Mai can decide whether she wants to continue working in LADY MAGIC or not, Rui says he has a question for her: “Have you done your summer assignments?” Mai flinches, knowing that Rui has entered his teacher mode. He takes her silence as a “no”, and she confirms this further by explaining that she was planning to do them before the last week of summer vacation. However, they’re already halfway through the third week of August… and so far she has done nothing LOL. Rui smiles and takes a deep breath, and then he scolds Mai for fooling around. Does she think he’s going to let her work after hearing about this? Rui then decides that today will be the last day of Mai’s part-time job in LADY MAGIC. Now she needs to go home, finish her assignments, and remember her duty as a high school student! (`・ω・´) This leaves Mai with no choice but to listen to Rui. As she repeatedly apologizes to him, Rio awkwardly watches from the side—knowing he can’t do anything to help. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

After that, Mai stops working as a host. To make up for the remaining salary, she uses her own money to pay the wounded host. He doesn’t think she needs to go that far, but she wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise. From there, she stops coming to LADY MAGIC and doesn’t get any chance to see Rio and Seiya anymore. Yes, Seiya… because she still sees Rui at school. In fact, he’s super relieved that she no longer has to work in a host club until late hours. Rui smiles and asks Mai to do her best at school, and she sighs as she takes her classes seriously.

• END 4: The Chosen One is…?

Mai refuses Rio and Rui’s invitation to have a Christmas party together, but she makes it clear that she doesn’t have any problems with them. It’s just that even on the day after Christmas, she’s busy with work in Kamizono Shrine. They’re willing to wait until she’s done, but she shakes her head. Kyouga is hosting a year-end party and invited her to come, so having a Christmas party would be difficult. Both Rio and Rui look really disappointed, especially because they know they won’t be able to win against Kyouga. In the end, the one she chose is Kyouga. They have absolutely no chance. After thanking her for the wonderful memories, they sadly say goodbye to her and walk away—leaving her confused.

From there, Rio stopped seeing Mai. At school, Rui doesn’t talk to her as much as he used to. Her love for them gradually fades away, and by the time she graduates… it has disappeared completely. As she leaves the school with Miki and Mori, Mai is excited to start her university life in April.

Similarly to the first game, you can tell that the creators put a love of love and effort into this game. The connections between the characters is pretty deep, and their interactions are always enjoyable to watch. My favorite is Rio’s friendship with Tomu, but I also love how supportive Fumiya and Ryuusei are towards Rui. They also added quite a lot of side-characters for Cattleya×Narcissus, and I have to say that they’re all very charming—especially Tetsuya. It’s really cute how he blushes around Mai. They described him as a difficult man to deal with, but he clearly cares a lot about her. WHY ARE YOU NOT AVAILABLE…!? He’s 29 like Rio, so Mai can have an “age gap romance” with him too. カモ—(屮゚Д゚)屮—ン!!


Compared to the first game, some of the CGs in this game look kind of awkward. At first I thought maybe they had to rush it, but as we just found out recently… the artist, Sata, has been removed from the project. According to the official announcement, they also removed the scenario writer, Murakami Shinobu, and the director, Megumi. To be honest, the news made me really upset. From the official blog updates, it’s very clear that the director loves Double Score a lot, and I’m afraid they’ll lose the “feel” of the series since they’re replacing the main staff. The scenario writer is still in charge of the third game though, so I hope it will be good and they won’t prioritize release speed over quality. 。゚:;。+゚(ノω・、)゚+。::゚。


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  1. ughh I love both of them as much as I love Issei!! I love your details when you play the game and write it as usual! :3

    It makes me feel as if im playing it myself and your emotes remind me of myself while reading it hahaha

    Is there a 3rd game coming out? Im curious who are the next 2 they’ll let us go after! AND of course Mai is probably one of the most cutest heroines ever!

    Keep up the good work can’t wait to see any other games your playing :)

      • I really enjoy reading your playthroughs and sometimes I really wish that I was proficient in Japanese enough to enjoy many of these games myself. I just love the way you added quotes and the part where Ryuusei was impersonating Tomu was just hilarious…

        Are you planning to play the third game? I heard that KENN is Tomu’s seiyuu, and I’m really excited to read the plot.

        I’m really grateful for all your hard work, and I hope that you continue to write for Double Score. :D

        • Actually, I already played the 3rd game when it came out last year. As much as I want to continue summarizing Double Score, I can’t promise to do Marguerite x Tulip because the game’s quality makes me weep endlessly.

          It’s really buggy with wrong sprites scattered all over the place, missing voices, text / voice mismatch, animation fail, and many other bugs. Not to mention the art quality is stiff at best, with many awkward poses, bland backgrounds, and cringe-worthy anatomy. The scenario is kind of awful too. You can tell they totally rushed the writing, and in most chapters they didn’t even bother animating the transitions… so it feels like the scenes begin and end abruptly. Both Tomu and Ryuusei are super cute though, so the apparent rushed quality and lack of love from the new development team makes me really sad. ;___;

          Still, I might try to go back to it and do summaries in the future.

    • They didn’t specify the reason, but a lot of people are guessing it’s because of the delays. They were planning to release the games once per 2-3 months at first, but the first two games took much longer than that. There’s a 6-month gap between the first and the second. ;___;

  2. I believe the next two will be Ryusei and Tomu? But I’m not sure. I personally am really looking forward to Fumiya (he’s scheduled to be in the 5th) and Kyouga (no idea if he’ll even get an ending at some point, but I love his bickering with Mai and that she’s one of the very few people who aren’t afraid of him, and he actually listens to her… sometimes. on rare occasions).

    Back to this game. I like it a tiny bit better than the first game for some reason and I love both characters equally. I like how they balance each other out in the 3P route. Too bad a relationship like that will most likely cause a lot of problems in the long run. But oh well.

    Here’s to hoping that the series won’t suffer from the recent staff changes.

    Also kudos to you for writing another amazing game review (you could almost call it a walkthrough, really).

    • You’re right. They’re coming up next. :D
      I’m looking forward to Fumiya’s game too, even though it looks so far away for now. Kyouga will get his own game, but only after all 6 games are out. His game is the bonus you receive by purchasing all of them. He cares a lot about Mai despite bullying her all the time, I can’t wait to see how their relationship will grow into love.

      Personally, I like this game better than Cosmos×Camellia too. Maybe it’s because I prefer the types like Rio and Rui, or maybe because this game focuses more on their personal issues than the boundaries set by society standards. The 3P route always involve both guys in an equal sense, and I like how they give Mai a double date instead of just showing her time working in LADY MAGIC. :D

      Thanks for reading and leaving such a nice comment!

      • You’re very welcome!

        And we’re introduced to a couple of other ‘new’ men, I believe. Fumiya’s game can’t come soon enough tbqh. There’s just something about him. It’s probably because he’s already half in love with her and I like to imagine him getting really devasted when he realizes that yes, he is a pervert. -cackles-

        He’s been one for years, basically. But that’s what can happen when a girl finally hits puberty and may realize that she has more than friendly feelings towards someone she’s known for many years (the whole childhood friends group actually)

        I can’t wait to see Kyouga in some casual clothes… :3

        I think it’s a combination of both. CosmosxCamellia was the first game in the series and they had to test the waters, so to speak, before tackling other issues that may arise.

        • Yeah! We’ve seen Fumiya, Takuto and Rui in both Cosmos×Camellia and Cattleya×Narcissus. Hopefully Marguerite×Tulip will feature the other guys, especially Chisato. Two games have passed and we still haven’t seen him at all, even though he’s living with Mai and is closely linked to Issei LOL. I want to see Kyouga in casual clothes too, since he’s wearing his priest outfit 24/7 so far.

          For Cosmos×Camellia, I think it’s also because Mai is dealing with regular office employees there. They’re a part of the “regular” society, so they’re not as flexible as the hosts are in facing the age gap. It’s very interesting to see the contrast though, and I’m looking forward to the third game since Mai will be dealing with another teacher and an idol there. :D

  3. As expected of double score make my stomach hurt!!!!!!!
    It really too bad since the main cast is being removed ( i really love their story and i read about that article as well )
    I also hope that i won’t priority the release date rather than the quality!!!!

  4. I used to have zero interest in this series until I read your post on Rio’s route.
    Mannn… this is one of those times I wished I had a PC m(。≧Д≦。)m
    Reading your posts convinced me this game is not a half-assed product, the designs are great and the plots are pretty well-thought. Though honestly, large age gap as a theme is not particularly my cup of tea, guess I let it slide for this one haha
    So far, Rio is still the most charming one for me, handsome otaku host ftw ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪
    I don’t hate the others, but Rio just stands out for me along with Tomu (///ω///)♪
    I’ll go hunt the CDs while waiting for the rest of the characters

    • Thanks for reading! Glad to hear it helps convincing you to give this series a try. Double Score is a great series, even if you’re not really into large age gaps. The characters are charming, and the writer has a brilliant way of developing their relationship with Mai. :D

      Rio sure has a lot of charms, doesn’t he? I really like how his flirty side basically goes out the window whenever his hobby comes into the picture LOL. His interactions with Tomu are gold. They’ve known each other for so long, and it’s so adorable how they’re basically bros for life.

      I hope you enjoy the CDs! They’re a lot of fun. Especially the little Q & A corner they hold at the end of each CD. :3c

  5. Wow, thank you so much for those super detailed reviews!! Combined with machine translators, I can properly understand what’s going on, it’s wonderful. It must take a long time to write all of this, I really appreciate it /bows/.

    Are you planning on reviewing the next game? It should come out this month (a day before my birthday…I’m giving myself Tomu as a present <3). I am super hyped for Moe Otouto Tomu route and Moe Aniki Ryuusei route, they're both adorable and I'm getting giddy just thinking about finally seeing them interacting!

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for reading. I’m glad that you found these tl;dr textwalls useful. (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪

      Yes, I’m planning to play the next game… whenever it comes out. To be completely honest, my faith in the new team is slowly decreasing. It seems like they fired the original team because of the delays, and yet the third game has been delayed from 25 April to just “2014”. ;___; I hope the quality won’t drop because of the team change though, because I’m really looking forward to the Tachibana brothers’ routes.

  6. A release date has finally been announced for “Marguerite x Tulip”! Hoorah! According the official website, it’s set for 29 August of this year. I’m so excited!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Yeah. To be honest, I’m very skeptical because it’s really close—just a month away. The lack of news isn’t helping either, but at least we finally have a release date!

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