Dot Kareshi III – Slime

Starting off with Slime because I had very little interest in him, until I found out that he sounds super adorable thanks to Nao-nii’s voice. Damn it. Slime’s route gives me the creeps, but at the same time he’s still endearing… I feel conflicted.

スライム (CV:高橋直純)

Slime is a low-level monster that can be found at the earlier parts of the game. You kept coming to kill see him for the sake of grinding, and he fell in love with you as the result. Moved by Slime’s feelings for you, the god gave him a human form—which allows him to talk to you. Due to his nature, Slime jumps on every chance to glue himself to you. Literally. His only equipment is a leaf that provides zero defense. 155 cm / 48 kg. Age and blood type unknown.

Quest: SLIME

If you choose Slime’s quest, he happily thanks you for picking him. Dark Knight and Villager aren’t happy at all though. They want to finish this quest as fast as possible, so you can move on to their quests next. Evil Lord isn’t pleased either, but it’s mainly because he—the great Evil Lord—has to accompany a Slime. Who knows what his subordinates would say if they see him here. Slime asks everyone not to be so rigid though. He wants them to get along as a party, and you share his opinion. Slime happily holds your hand as the party departs from Villager’s house, with Villager muttering that Slime has dragged everyone along with his pace.

When Dark Knight asks about their destination, Slime answers that they’re going to his house—a cave by the side of the lake. He really loves you and wants you to learn more about him, which is why he’s inviting you to his house. You don’t seem to mind either, and of course it makes him really happy. Villager finds it amazing how Slime keeps confessing his love for you without any hesitation, though he thinks it’s just as expected from a simple-minded single-celled creature LOL. Beside him, Dark Knight is turning red because of Slime’s interaction with you.

Looking back, they remember that you sent your party to slaughter a large number of slime at the start of the game—grinding for experience and money. Slime nods saying you kept coming to see him everyday, so much that you encountered him for several thousand times. Of course that means you’ve slaughtered thousands of slimes, and Evil Lord calls you a demon for doing that. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Since you came to see him that much, Slime eventually came to believe that the two of you are tied by the red string of fate. Villager finds it scary how you just laugh this off, and he’s starting to feel sorry for Slime at the same time. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Ignoring them, Slime announces that his “love nest” with you lies just ahead. Evil Lord wonders if he heard that wrong, but Villager tells him to just let it slide.

Soon after that, the party arrives at Slime’s cave. He’s quite proud of his wonderful home, but the others find the cave really damp—definitely not a comfortable place to live in. When Evil Lord asks about what Slime wants to do in this cave, Slime answers that he was always watching you. Even though you visited him that much at the beginning, you eventually started ignoring him after gaining more levels. Evil Lord comments that you’re just like a heartless fiend, though Villager says it sounds really wrong coming from him LOL. Once your level was high enough, you found it troublesome to fight Slime. You used an item to repel weak monsters away, and so he couldn’t even approach you anymore.

Dark Knight thinks that’s really low because Slime helped you to gain experience and money, and yet you did something so terrible when you left him. However, considering Dark Knight’s betrayal, Evil Lord finds it inappropriate for him to say that LOL. After you ditched him, Slime felt really lonely and shed tears for you each day. Dark Knight and Evil Lord can understand why you did that though, because Slime doesn’t give much experience and money after all—it’s only natural if you left him for better options. That aside, Slime is happy that you came to see him again. He doesn’t want to be apart from you anymore, so now he asks you to become one with him. Not in a dirty way. Literally. He wants to merge with you. That way, he won’t be lonely anymore and he can always be with you. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

You’re obviously shocked to hear Slime’s request. Villager comments that things just took a dramatic turn, Dark Knight blushes saying this is embarrassing, while Evil Lord asks if the rest of them are even necessary for this quest. Just then you start hearing a suspicious wet sound echoing around the party. When Villager asks about this, Dark Knight answers that the amount of monster presence in the cave is increasing… but both Evil Lord and him notice that they feel exactly the same as Slime’s presence. Meanwhile, Slime is still begging you to merge and become one with him. You manage to shake him off somehow, but he quickly chases after you—repeatedly asking you to stay with him forever.

At the same time, countless slimes are appearing around the party. Not only that, but every single one of them takes the form of a human too. Slime once again asks you to become one with him—or rather, with the entire slime colony—and promises to be gentle. Oh, and by gentle he means gently taking your body into his own. Upon hearing this, the rest of your party realize what Slime is trying to achieve. Slimes are monsters that don’t have individual will. Instead, they multiply by merging and separating with each other. In other words, Slime is trying to take your body into his so you can literally become one with him.

When Dark Knight tells you to run away, Slime quickly stops you saying you can’t do that. You’re going to marry him, and then the two of you will multiply even more. Villager notices that the slime copies are now sticking to each other as they try to capture you, so the party has to rescue you before it’s too late. Sadly despite Evil Lord and Dark Knight’s attempt to shake all the slimes off, they’re having a hard time reaching you due to the massive number of slimes. Before long, Slime manages to take you into his body. He asks if you find it nice and warm inside of him, and he tells you that it won’t take long until you merge with him. Dark Knight grits his teeth saying they’d be able to stop Slime if only they can reach you, but since all the slimes are blocking their way… Evil Lord eventually tells everyone else to stand back and starts casting a wide-range area magic.

At this point, your clothes have been completely ruined by Slime’s magic. You’re turning bare-naked just like him, and this clearly makes him happy. Soon enough your body will melt as well, and he can become one with you at last. Luckily for you, Evil Lord is ready to unleash his magic. It’s going to hit every target in the area, so he asks them to bear with the heat for a bit. Villager is trembling in fear and protests that it’s going to kill him, but Dark Knight goes to cover him and tells Evil Lord to make it quick. The moment Evil Lord releases his magic, Slime can feel his body burning up in flames. He’s melting away, and he knows that he’s going to disappear at this rate… but he’s 100% determined to protect you no matter what.

By the time the flames fade away, the entire cave has been burnt into a crisp—even the air around them has turned dry. The slime colony has been completely wiped out, so Dark Knight says that no matter how tarnished Evil Lord’s reputation might be, he’s still the powerful Evil Lord after all. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Villager is a bit worried because you’re nowhere to be seen, but Evil Lord asks him not to worry. He made sure to be extra careful so you wouldn’t get caught up in his flames. He chanted the spell after confirming that Slime has completely taken you in, so you were be shielded by Slime’s body by the time he released it. You should be alive and lying somewhere nearby.

Soon after, they hear Slime’s voice whining about how mean they are. They turn around to find Slime with you, who appear to be completely unharmed. Evil Lord’s spell didn’t hit you thanks to the large amount of slimes around you, and Slime’s moisture also protected you from getting burnt. However, your clothes are melting away for the most part. Evil Lord says he won’t state the details, but your clothes can’t even cover your body properly… so he hands you his cloak and tells you to wear it. On the other hand, Slime doesn’t understand why everyone is interfering. He only wants to become one with you, and later on separate into two copies of the same entity—just like how slime logic normally goes.

When Slime asks for the reason, Evil Lord finds it unbelievable that he has the guts to ask that question. Especially because you nearly died because of him. At first Slime argues that it’s because Evil Lord used such a strong magic on them, and you would’ve taken damage if he didn’t have his copies shielding you. However, Evil Lord answers that Slime has no rights to blame him. Villager also nods saying they’re lucky that only your clothes melted away. Since Slime is clearly confused, they explain that humans and slimes are different. All slimes initially came from one single-celled monster. That’s why even if they’re defeated, they can always re-spawn by separating themselves from that monster.

Humans, on the other hand, can’t merge and separate with each other. Slime is surprised and asks if they can’t do that even when they love each other, but Evil Lord points out that this concept is already wrong to begin with. Slime asks if it means humans can’t create more copies of themselves by merging with each other, to which Villager replies that the answer might vary—it depends on how you interpret that question LOL. That being said, Dark Knight makes it clear that humans can’t merge into the same entity like slimes. It should be pretty obvious too, because humans also look different from each other. For other creatures, getting taken in by slimes would cause them to melt and die.

Slime is obviously shocked to hear this, and he pouts saying they should’ve told him sooner. Evil Lord says he should’ve learned it by himself, but Villager thinks his action was acceptable as a form of love—which really creeps out both Dark Knight and Evil Lord. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Slime is clearly disappointed since he really wanted to become one with you, but he doesn’t want you to die either, so he decides to give up on the idea of merging. In any case, a slime’s way of expressing love is not applicable to humans. Evil Lord tells Slime to keep that knowledge in that watery head of his, and Slime happily nods saying he’ll wash it all away—much to Evil Lord’s frustration LOL.

Villager: “Well, he’s just a single-celled creature after all.”
Dark Knight: “You… You’re just a villager, but you say cruel things so easily…”

Seriously. Poor Slime. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

However, this won’t change Slime’s feelings for you. He loves you, and he asks if he can continue staying by your side. When you answer that you don’t mind that much, Slime happily clings to you and asks you to take care of him from now on. However, he also asks if he’s allowed to wrap you from time to time. He promises that he’ll never make you melt, and he’s doing it in such a cute way that you’re not sure how to answer LOL. In the end, Slime takes your silence as a “yes”. Villager asks if everyone is okay with that, but Evil Lord says things would only get more confusing if they argue here. Slime seems to be satisfied as well, so they can safely conclude that they’ve cleared this quest.

As Slime happily links arms with you, Dark Knight reminds him not to get carried away. Since his copies got wiped out, Dark Knight points out that he’s probably the only slime left here. Or maybe not, because Slime lightly answers that he has more friends in a neighboring cave. The amount is about 3 times larger than the ones who got burnt earlier. Villager gets really creeped out upon thinking about this, while Evil Lord just wants to get out of the cave as fast as possible. The problem is that Villager’s house is too small, and they’d only attract attention in town… so Evil Lord eventually decides to invite everyone to his castle. Mainly because he’s exhausted after releasing a powerful spell.

Slime is happy to hear this, because Evil Lord’s castle is an object of admiration for low-level monsters like him. The fact that he can visit the castle with you only makes it even better. Noticing that you’re surprised, Villager explains that Evil Lord’s castle is pretty much an unknown area for everyone—except for the high-level monsters living in it. Dark Knight wonders if it’s alright for you to visit Evil Lord’s castle without telling Brave and the others, but Evil Lord only tells him not to think too deeply. They don’t have many options in this situation. From there, Slime leads the party out of the cave and on to Evil Lord’s castle—much to Evil Lord’s dismay LOL.

After the Quest

The next morning, Slime sadly mutters that he regrets not absorbing you into himself. Realizing that you’re panicking, he quickly adds that he was just kidding—he knows he can’t do that. It’s just he’s wondering if you’re going to leave a monster like him, because you’ve finished his quest yesterday. He looks terribly sad when you fall silent, so you quickly tell him that he can stay with you for now—even allowing him to stick to you. Slime is happy to hear your answer, and so he immediately glues himself to you as usual.

Staying with Slime

Slime thinks the god is really mean. The god turned him into a human and allowed him to meet you, only to take you back in the end. For him, it’s even more painful than not meeting you in the first place… so he decided to go against the god. He’s not sure what a low-level monster like him can do, but he thought it’d be much better than not doing anything. In the end, both his faith and effort are rewarded.

You wake up in a dark cave, with Slime greeting you good morning. When you ask about where you are, he answers that this is his house—the cave by the lake. You don’t seem to remember anything, but Slime thinks it’s only obvious after what happened. That, or maybe you’re starting to change in order to merge with the slime colony—which he’ll gladly accept. Since you’re confused, Slime then explains about what happened in Evil Lord’s castle. When the light appeared to take you back to your world, he did his best to stop you from leaving. He could tell that you didn’t want to leave him either, and you even nod to confirm this as true. Even though Slime managed to retrieve you, you were unconscious and wouldn’t open your eyes… so he carried you all the way into this cave.

You feel bad thinking it must’ve been difficult for Slime to carry you, but he says it wasn’t hard at all. After calling his entire colony to help out, Slime turned back to his original form and carried you together with all of his friends. He made sure to be careful not to drop you too along the way, because you’re just that important for him. He gently wrapped you with his body, so you don’t have to worry. When Slime asks if he did a good job, you nod and pat his head—which obviously makes him really happy. He also asks for your opinion about the cave, so you answer that it seems comfortable to live in. Σ(゚ー゚;) Slime looks very relieved to hear this. Everyone told him that a slime can’t marry a human due to the racial difference, but he doesn’t think it applies to you and him. The two of you have love after all, and nothing is impossible for love. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ You turn red upon hearing this, but then you nod in agreement.

Happy with your answer, Slime says you and him have so much in common. That’s why he believes that one day, the two of you will be able to melt and merge into one. If that happens, you and him will really be inseparable until death. However, if it’s impossible for you and him to become one… he invites you to go on a journey together. The world is a vast place, so there might be an item out there that would allow him to merge with you. As long as he’s searching for it with you, he believes the two of you will be able to find it eventually. You don’t seem to like the idea though, admitting that you’re too afraid to set off on a journey. Or rather, too afraid of leaving the cave. ∑(゚д゚;ノ)ノ

Slime can understand your feelings though, because the cave is the most comfortable place in the world for slimes… which means that maybe you’re really starting to evolve into a slime. However, Slime asks you not to worry. Even if you have to leave on a journey, you can just leave everything to him. If you have him, there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 When you give him a nod, Slime blushes saying he’s so happy to have you relying on him. He’s the one who stopped you from returning to your world, so he’s going to take responsibility. He’s going to take care of you for the rest of your life, so you can always rely on him.

Just then Slime notices you yawning, and he asks if you feel sleepy. You nod and apologize, but he says there’s no need to apologize to him. The good point of being a slime is that you can live freely and do as you like. You can sleep when you feel sleepy, and wake up when you want to wake up. You’re afraid that he might be lonely if you fall asleep, but he chuckles saying you’re always so kind. He assures you that he will be just fine, because he’s going to watch over you as you sleep. That way, he surely won’t feel lonely. He’ll also think about a lot of things, like what to talk about by the time you wake up. It’s already enough to get him excited.

Until you fall asleep, Slime will let you lie on his lap. Slimes actually have a nice sensation when you touch them, and he’ll also sing a lullaby so you can have a peaceful and pleasant slumber. When you say good night to him, Slime nods saying he’ll be waiting here until you wake up. His wish to be alone with you has finally come true, and the two of you will always be together.

Returning with Slime

Slime has been in love with you for a long time, and his feelings for you are strong enough to change him into a human for you. He was really happy when he finally met you, and he doesn’t want to be apart from you anymore… so he decided to follow you. That way, you wouldn’t be able to abandon him anymore.

One day in your room, Slime is asking you to play with him. He split into two and played shiritori with his copy, but he’s gotten bored. Unfortunately for Slime, you completely ignore his pleas because you’re busy studying at the moment. He sulks and asks if studying is more important than him, but since you’re not responding at all… he decides to take action and sticks to you. That way you won’t be able to study, and your clothes will melt away if you don’t play with him. When you stand up from your chair, Slime happily asks if you’re finally going to keep him company. However, you only walk away instead of answering. Slime wonders if you’re planning to lock him in the bathroom, and he quickly tells you that it would be meaningless. He can just melt and come out through the gaps on the door.

Despite this “strategy”, Slime instantly panic the moment he sees you picking up a hairdryer. He asks you not to touch something so dangerous, and he cries out when you uses it against him. He calls you mean for blowing the hot air towards him, because it’s causing him to dry up and shrivel. This doesn’t stop you though, and you don’t turn the hairdryer off until Slime eventually apologizes and lets you go LOL. When he mutters that you can be very brutal sometimes, you angrily points out that it’s because he’s disturbing your study time. He sadly replies that he feels lonely when you ignore him, but he obediently apologizes to you. Until you’re done studying, he’s going to wait patiently in the bathroom.

Since Slime looks really sad, you have admit that his reaction is piercing your heart. Of course you mean to say that you feel guilty, but Slime takes this literally and apologizes for troubling you. He promises to reflect on his actions as he lurks in the damp bathroom, so he begs you not to hate him. You assure him that you’ll never grow to hate him, but you do want him to hold back a bit when you’re studying—which he agree to right away. As long as you don’t hate him, he’ll gladly wait until you’re done. This makes you satisfied too, so you decide to stop studying for today and play with Slime instead. While Slime is happy about this, he promises to wait for you starting from next time. He’ll use every single idea he can come up with to play shiritori with his copy, and he’ll patiently wait even if they have to start over because his idea sucks. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*

As for what Slime wants to play today, he actually wants to make out and melt with you… but you reject this suggestion right away LOL. Instead, you’re going to take Slime to the aquarium. You think he’s going to love the place, and this gets him all excited as well. Of course you’ll be troubled if he goes out wearing his leaf outfit, so he quickly changes into normal clothes before going out. He finds it rather troublesome to wear clothes, but he doesn’t want to cause any problems for you.

After that, Slime and you go on a date to the aquarium. He’s amazed to see a lot of fish swimming in the tank, and when you ask if you like the place, he nods saying he really loves it. The aquarium is dimly lit as well, so it perfectly suits his taste. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Slime didn’t realize when they “dove into the ocean” since they were on land just a moment ago, and you explain that both of you are still on land—the fish are just swimming in a separate broad space. Slime also asks if he can hold hands with you. You always refuse to hold hands outside because you find it embarrassing, but the aquarium is dark—no one would be able to see. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When you allow him to hold your hand, Slime happily laughs saying he’s currently on a date with you. However, since he’s surrounded by water… it makes him want to melt and make out too.

Slime then asks if he can do that for a bit, but again, you reject the idea right away. You also tell him that you will never ever take him out again if he does that, so he has no choice but to give up LOL. In return, he whispers a question into your ears. You can’t hear what he says even after he repeats it, so you lean closer to him… and he takes this chance to kiss you. Of course Slime is totally doing this on purpose, and he also reveals that he actually whispered: “Can I kiss you?” ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 Noticing that you’re pouting, he apologizes and kisses you again. He’s going to keep doing this until you forgive him, so he doesn’t mind if you can’t forgive him right away. After all, he’s going to stay by your side forever.

As I said above, Slime’s route leaves me feeling conflicted. Honestly, I find it kind of creepy how he thinks about merging with you nearly all the time… and how he hinted that you’re slowly turning into a slime in his stay ending. (lll’□’o)ァ・・・。 But despite all of this, SLIME IS SO CUTE. From his voice to how he acts all shy around you, he’s just so adorable that I find it hard not to like him—even if he’s creepy. Also, I admit that I’m one of those people who love hunting high-level monsters. I generally leave the beginner fields / dungeons pretty fast to move on to more difficult areas, so I never spent that much time with slime and other low-level monsters. Well, unless it’s required for quests or something. I’m sorry, Slime. (´-ω-`;)ゞ

…but at least I find you super cute, so please forgive me. :’D


2 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi III – Slime

  1. Oh yes! I played this because of Sugita and Morikawa and I really find Slime totally creepy, but his voice is just so adorable. Don’t know how to feel when I came to his story and all the merging part! >_< Although like you say, its super adorable!

    Thank you for the detailed review! :D

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one feeling conflicted LOL. The merging part is super creepy no matter how you look at it, but Slime is just SO adorable I find it impossible to hate him. Nao-nii’s voice is really cute too, so it didn’t help at all. il||li _| ̄|○ il||l

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