Dot Kareshi III – Dark Knight

I was confused about whose route to clear next, but eventually went for Dark Knight. At first I thought they’re only going to treat him like a useless addition to your party, but he turns out to be more tragic than I expected. Thanks to you LOL.

あんこくきし (CV:森川智之)

Dark Knight comes to join your party in the latter half of the game. Sadly, your main party members were overleveled by the time he joined in… and he ended up ignored as the result. He even betrayed Evil Lord for the sake of aiding you, but he remained forgotten in the carriage—all the way until you finished your first run. He fights with “dual-wielding” in battle, even though that’s supposed to be a skill name. 178 cm / 65 kg. His blood type is A. Age unknown.


If you choose Dark Knight’s quest, Evil Lord will complain along the way—asking if you like mysterious characters and find them cute. When you reply that it’s because Dark Knight is your friend, Dark Knight quietly thanks you for accepting him. For now, he’s going to forget all the terrible things you’ve done to him in the past—pledging his loyalty to you one more time. If you can help him to accomplish his dearest wish, he will never complain about the past again. Upon hearing this, Evil Lord scoffs saying Dark Knight is so shameless. He used to serve Evil Lord in the past, and Evil Lord thinks his thin loyalty would send his knight title to cry in shame.

Dark Knight says he can’t argue with that, mainly because he really did betray Evil Lord to join you. He’s also aware that this will sound like he’s making up an excuse, but he actually didn’t join Evil Lord’s force because he wanted to. Since Villager and Slime are confused, Dark Knight agrees to explain the reason to them. Even though they only formed this party because of a strange coincidence, it won’t change the fact that they’re kindred spirits. Slime doesn’t understand what it means, but let’s leave that aside for now LOL. In any case, Dark Knight was really working for Evil Lord before. He fought your party countless times to protect Evil Lord, and sometimes to let the latter get away. However, his ultimate goal wasn’t to serve Evil Lord. Nope. Not a chance. Not at all.

Evil Lord: “…I’m shocked that you’d emphasize it that much…”
Evil Lord: “Is your ‘Dark Knight’ title only for show!?”
Dark Knight: “Shut up, be quiet.”

POOR THING. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Dark Knight’s ultimate goal is actually to resurrect his fallen sister. Noticing that you look really surprised, he reminds you that he’s a human after all—it wouldn’t be strange for him to have a sister. His sister fell in love with a vampire at the first sight, but the vampire took her soul away and kidnapped her body as well. By the time Dark Knight managed to retrieve his sister’s corpse, her soul was already far, far apart from her body—making it impossible for the church to revive her. Dark Knight fell into sorrow, but he never stopped hoping. Soon enough, he heard rumors about a certain item that can revive the dead by summoning their soul back to their body… and said item lies somewhere in Evil Lord’s castle. Dark Knight had no choice but to believe in it, and so he sold himself to Evil Lord.

After a while, Dark Knight learned that he can obtain that item in an event. It can be unlocked through his personal sub-quest, so all he had to do was wait for your main party to come and pick him up. Until then, he’d appear as an enemy and did all that he could to fight you. Well, at least that’s what he was planning to do. Unfortunately for Dark Knight, you didn’t pick him up at all—even after your level was high enough to clear his quest. He kept on waiting as the days went by, regretting and wondering why he even trained with all those battles and items all this time. It doesn’t help that you completely ignored the scenario and kept on grinding, so your party members’ levels and stats were nearly maxed out by the time you came to pick him up.

In contrary, Dark Knight lost his “boss class” status when he joined your party. His level was lowered so it’d match your party’s at that point of the game, but thanks to your abnormal grinding… he ended up falling behind by dozens of levels. The gap between his level and the rest of your party members was so large and intimidating, and he shakes you saying that was unbelievably terrible. Slime comments that Dark Knight is abusing you, but Dark Knight only tells him to shut up… so he really shuts his mouth and slinks away LOL. It doesn’t end there though, because Dark Knight also wants to complain about how you kept him inside the carriage all the time. You never unlocked his sub-quest, and he was left ignored until the game ended.

Evil Lord: “C-Calm down now.”
Evil Lord: ヽ(ヽ;ロ;)ヒイィィィ!!!


In the end, Dark Knight’s sister was never revived—and it’s all because of you! He keeps shaking you as he cries out, until Villager points out that Brave and the others have cleared the game once. Evil Lord is also here with them, so he can just ask for the item. That way, he can easily finish his sub-quest. However, Evil Lord has never heard of such an item before. Dark Knight has investigated this as well, and apparently it lies in the hands of the vampire queen—one of the Four Great Evils, and also a subordinate of Evil Lord’s. Evil Lord remembers her as a cheeky one. Despite being his subordinate, she still hasn’t opened up to him. Upon hearing this, Villager mutters that Evil Lord’s position as the king of all evil is crumbling down in his eyes. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

That aside, Dark Knight announces that they’ve arrived in front of the vampire queen’s mansion. Slime is surprised since they reached their destination really fast, while Villager only notes that Dark Knight is such an opportunist. Dark Knight tells them to stop protesting though, mostly because he’s running out of time and space game-wise LOL. He also warns you to be prepared, since he’s going to make sure that you will take full responsibility. The mansion is incredibly creepy though. Before you can go inside, the front door suddenly swings open—followed by the vampire queen’s eerie voice welcoming the party. Apparently she has been waiting for the party to come, and she creepily laughs as she invites everyone to come in.

Evil Lord grumbles saying the vampire queen has a terrible hobby. He knows that she has probably set up nasty traps inside the mansion, but Dark Knight is ready for it. In order to prevent separation, Villager then suggests for everyone to hold hands. For some reason, Dark Knight gets really flustered and refuses to do something so pathetic. He wants everyone to defend themselves, though he’ll protect you simply because you leave him with no other options. Or so he says. When you thank him, Dark Knight blushes saying he didn’t do anything that deserves your gratitude. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ Slime wants to flock onto you as well, but Evil Lord quickly stops him and drags him inside LOL.

After going inside, Villager notes that the building looks like a regular luxurious mansion. Evil Lord warns him not to drop his guard though, knowing that something must be waiting for them. Upon hearing this, the vampire queen mockingly says that the great and mighty Evil Lord is just as timid as always. Evil Lord grits his teeth at the insult, and he’s still grumbling under his breath when you step on something. Villager quickly warns you to watch out, while Dark Knight moves faster to get you away from the trap. When you thank him, he reminds you that you don’t need to thank him—as he has told you earlier. Both Dark Knight and you get embarrassed when Slime teasingly whistles from across the room, and he nervously asks you to be careful of where you’re going.

Slime: “Hehe~ Dark Knight is so pure~♪”
Villager: “I feel embarrassed just by watching them…”
Evil Lord: “He’s weak to women. Noted.”

EVIL LORD. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

Knowing that the traps aren’t going to work, the vampire queen eventually decides to come out and deal with the party herself. The first thing she does after showing herself is greeting Evil Lord, mockingly saying that she thought he has perished after Brave’s party defeated him. Evil Lord replies that she’s just as nasty as always, while Villager notes that she looks ominous from head to toe. Slime cries out in fear and calls her a “terrifying old lady”, and the dislike is apparently mutual. The vampire queen is definitely not happy to see him either, even telling him that she won’t tolerate him for staining her beautiful mansion. As Slime flees in fear, the vampire queen turns around and lands her eyes on you.

The vampire queen seems amused to see you, and she wonders if they brought you here as a sacrifice for her. She’s about to approach you and drink your blood, but Dark Knight quickly stops her and tells you to hide behind him—just to be safe. He then draws his swords and tells the vampire queen to be prepared, as he came here to take her treasure away. The vampire queen isn’t impressed though, even more so because she thinks Dark Knight is inferior—both in terms of rank and power. Evil Lord is shocked when the vampire queen suddenly attacks with her double-casting skill, flooding the party with water and freezing it with ice magic immediately after.

Luckily, your party has Dark Knight. He quickly tells you to stand back so the vampire queen won’t be able to see you, then he moves to Villager and Slime—who are both freezing due to the magic. He tells Villager to focus on healing everyone with herbs, sends Slime to protect you in the back, and asks if Evil Lord can stop the vampire queen with his magic. As for Dark Knight himself, he’s going to use all of his sword skills to counter-attack—hoping they can create an opening that way. Unfortunately, Evil Lord’s magic has no effect on her. The vampire queen laughs and asks if Evil Lord forgot about how magic works. Even though they have different elements, both of them are demons… and so his magic can’t damage her. This reminds him that his magic really has no effect on high-rank demons, and especially not on the Four Great Evils.

When the vampire queen uses double-casting again, Villager gives you a potion and asks you to drink it. Slime also calls his friends to form a shield around you, but since they’re made of liquid… he knows they won’t last long if the vampire queen freezes them. Evil Lord decides to switch to defensive magic since he can’t attack her, and this leaves only Dark Knight for offense. However, none of Dark Knight’s abilities are working on the vampire queen. She finds his attempts extremely ridiculous, and she asks if he forgot that he sold himself to Evil Lord. When he answers that he never sold his heart as a knight, she sneers and tells him that acting all tough won’t change the fact. His body and soul are stained by the power of darkness, and that’s why he can’t damage her.

After saying this, the vampire queen easily sweeps Slime and Villager out of her way. As for Evil Lord, she gives him a cure for petrification that she stole from a traveling priest—telling him to rest for a while. The priest’s seal instantly takes effect and seals Evil Lord’s power, but he somehow manages to tell you to run. Not that the vampire queen will allow you to escape though. She quickly captures you and demands you to give your blood, but since you keep resisting… she sighs saying you clearly don’t know when to give up. There’s no more hope for you, since no one would come to your rescue. She remembers that Dark Knight’s sister kept resisting too up until the very end, and it was a terribly ugly sight.

Noticing that you’re surprised, the vampire queen asks if you don’t know about that. She doesn’t like how cheeky Dark Knight is, so she sent her handsome servant to kidnap his sister—all because she wanted to mess with him. When you angrily calls her cruel, the vampire queen only asks what you’re talking about. By having your blood sucked by her, you’ll receive eternal youth… though you’ll also turn into an empty, soulless doll at the same time. (´・ω・`;) The body of Dark Knight’s sister doesn’t rot either, and she should be sleeping somewhere in this land. After saying all of this, the vampire queen decides that she has talked too much. Now it’s time for you to give her blood.

You refuse to give up though, and you keep on resisting until Dark Knight eventually comes to shield you from the vampire queen—who obviously gets annoyed to be disturbed. As he pushes her back, he mutters that he’s going to protect you with his life… because you’re the hope of this world. She eventually runs out of patience and tells Dark Knight to be prepared to die, but just as she’s about to attack… a light suddenly wraps him. The vampire queen panics upon realizing that it’s burning her, while Evil Lord—who has finally broken free from the seal—notes that it’s the light of a holy knight. Dark Knight sacrificed himself in order to protect you, and it awakened the blood of justice in him. Σ(゚ー゚;) He then tells Dark Knight to unleash his abilities one more time, and so Dark Knight ends the vampire queen in ONE hit. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。

She got defeated in an instant just like her boss LOL.

Villager is still trembling at the end of the battle, while Slime notices a gem lying on the floor. Dark Knight says it dropped right after the vampire queen vanished, and so it must be the item he’s been searching for. Evil Lord then asks Dark Knight to hand it over, so he can check whether it’s real or not. Unfortunately, the item isn’t exactly what Dark Knight thought it would be. Instead of reviving the dead, the item would only allow you to control their bodies—turning them into something like a golem. As the vampire queen said to you, she probably used the item to control the dead as her slaves.

When Slime asks about the rumored item, Evil Lord replies that the vampire queen loved using malicious strategies. She was probably the one who spread the rumors in the first place, to lure all sorts of travelers and adventurers into her lair. From there, she’d drink their blood and use their corpses as her slaves. Dark Knight is clearly disappointed to hear this. There’s nothing he can do in this situation, but he believes that rumors wouldn’t spread without a good cause. The item he’s been looking for should exist somewhere out there, and all he has to do is keep searching. He has plenty of time as well, because they’re currently at the beginning of your second run.

Dark Knight then turns to you and moves closer. He says that up until now, he has been living for the sole purpose of retrieving what he lost—his sister’s soul and his pride. However, his encounter with you taught him the happiness of stepping into a new life. He believes his sister will surely be happy as well. This is the brightest moment in his whole life, and he has to thank you for it. In addition, he’s regained his purity and sublimity as a holy knight as well. Today marks a brand new start for him, and you’re standing by his side. He wants to walk on the path of justice with you, heading towards a better day tomorrow and reaching a peaceful world in the end. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Behind you, Slime comments that Dark Knight’s personality has changed somehow. Villager notes that his servitude has been purified, so now he completely turned into a hot-blooded man instead… and Evil Lord finds him suffocating. Since Dark Knight has totally entered his own world, Villager doesn’t think they can cure him with herbs nor magic LOL. Evil Lord eventually decides to interrupt Dark Knight’s passionate and youthful moment, asking if they can leave already. His castle isn’t too far away from the mansion, so they can stop by and get some rest. By now, everyone is pretty much exhausted thanks to Dark Knight. You’re covered in mud too, and Evil Lord can tell that you’d really appreciate a warm bath—which Slime would gladly take with you. (⊙ω⊙✿)

Dark Knight protests since they’re making decisions without involving him. He’s not even done talking yet, but Villager coldly answers that no one needs it so he should skip the whole thing. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ As Evil Lord leads everyone out of the mansion, Dark Knight curses in frustration and tags along LOL.

After the Quest

The next morning, Dark Knight asks what you want to do from here on. You have no idea since you don’t know much about this world, so he suggests searching for Brave and the others—they’re your friends after all. When you ask about his plans, Dark Knight says he’s going to leave his sister alone for a while. As long as the god exists, he should be able to find a solution one day. It’s just he’s sure if he should go with you. At his current state, you’ll only end up leaving him in the carriage again.

Noticing that you look guilty, Dark Knight laughs saying he was just kidding. He managed to get over his sister’s death thanks to you, and he wants to protect you as well. That’s why he wants to get stronger, but this time as a holy knight instead of a dark knight. When you meet him again, he’ll definitely become your right-hand man. Dark Knight swears this on his own hands—which are holding yours—and the bond he shares with you.

Staying with Dark Knight

When the light appeared to envelop you that day, Dark Knight was taken over by fear he’s never known before. Even though in the past, he was believed to be Evil Lord’s strongest subordinate and brought fear upon humans. Dark Knight himself also found it hard to believe, but that’s just how important you have become for him. He thought it was ridiculous that he actually still has the ability to love someone, but he quickly gave up and accepted the fact. Because for him, throwing his pride away is nothing compared to the pain of losing you forever.

Dark Knight and you have made it all the way to the ocean. He can’t believe there’s actually an unknown continuation in the game, and he wonders if the god made it on purpose. If it was, then both you and him were completely fooled… but there’s no way of knowing that now. It could be a hidden stage, or maybe a bug made a space alteration—the reason isn’t that important. What really matters is that a new continent has emerged far in the distant horizon. You ask him about what kind of place it is, but Dark Knight replies that he doesn’t know either. Up until now, no one even knows that such a place exists. It just appeared on the map, right on the day when he stopped you from leaving.

For that reason, Dark Knight believes you’re holding the key to the new continent’s appearance. Since you came into the game because of a bug, the new continent might be the result of a bug as well. If that’s the case, there’s a possibility that it might be a land that’s connecting the game to your world. Tomorrow, you and Dark Knight are planning to board the expedition team’s ship—sailing across the ocean to reach the new continent. You’ll surely found some answers to this mystery there, but he asks if you’re afraid. It’s an unknown land after all, and no one knows what lies ahead. He can understand if you feel scared, but you shake your head and deny this.

Dark Knight admits that even if you’re only pretending to be tough, your answer still makes him happy. He wants to be with you, and he can’t help but wish that you feel the same way. He’s aware that he’s the one who stopped you from going back to your world, and yet you never blamed him for it. If anything, you’ve been accompanying him all this time. He feels really grateful to you, so much that he wonders if he should let you go already. The main objective of his journey is to resurrect his sister, and you won’t gain anything from it. That being said, Dark Knight still doesn’t want to let you go. Or rather, he can’t do that. He knows that he’s being terribly selfish, so he asks if you find him appalling… but you still say no.

Happy with your answer, Dark Knight makes a vow on his swords—which symbolize his soul as a knight. No matter what lies ahead, he’ll always protect you until the very last second of his life. You’re his life, or maybe even more important than that. Since the day he was reunited with you, you’ve been healing and purifying his heart from darkness. Even though he still belongs to the dark side, he has obtained a light… and that light is you. Noticing that you’re blushing, Dark Knight realizes that he just said something really embarrassing. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ However, he wants you to keep in mind that he really meant what he said—his words are true and not exaggerated.

Turning to the azure blue ocean, Dark Knight says that your future and his lies far beyond the distance… and the fact that he can share a future with you is his greatest pleasure. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Since the continent is possibly connected to another world, Dark Knight thinks it might actually be a part of your world. While it may sound unlikely, the situation is already strange enough as is—anything can happen. Dark Knight is excited though, because it means he might be able to see the world you grew up in. If the continent allows people to travel freely from the game to your world, he thinks it would be the most wonderful miracle ever. Either way, the most important thing for Dark Knight is to have you by his side. He wants to keep walking with you forever, up to the ends of this boundless world. Eternally.

Returning with Dark Knight

Dark Knight used to have only one wish in life, and that was to resurrect his sister. He threw himself into the dark side for this reason, even going as far as working for Evil Lord. He knows that by doing this, he’s betraying his sister and throwing his own faith away… but even so, he wants to be with you. Losing you would thrust him into greater despair, and he knows he wouldn’t be able to endure it—even though his mental is pretty strong. That’s why he decided that even if he has to fall into disgrace, he’s going to stay with you.

One day in your room, you find Dark Knight making a difficult expression. When you ask him about this, he answers that he’s writing his resume for job-hunting. Living under a woman’s care is a disgrace for a knight, so he wants to find a job as fast as possible. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been going well at all. While he did fall into darkness in the past, right now he has reformed and is leading a proper life. No one knows about his past too in this world, so he doesn’t get why he has to go through this kind of “persecution”. He sadly wonders if he’s getting branded as a useless character again, even after coming to your world… but you don’t think that’s the reason. He feels a bit better after hearing this, though he still doesn’t know what to do next.

After taking a look at Dark Knight’s resume, you instantly figure out the reason behind his failures. First off, you tell him to change the what he wrote under the “specialties” section… because he totally listed his “dark wave” there. He’s really proud of it since it’s a top-class skill that’s rather hard to master, and there’s only a few people who can use it in the game world. However, you tell him that you’re living in a peaceful country. If he shows off his dangerous skills, people would only get afraid and avoid him instead. Based on your advice, Dark Knight then changes his “specialties” into “kendo” and “fencing” LOL.

When Dark Knight asks if there are other parts that he needs to fix, you suggest writing his name in kanji. Since he wants an example, you give him the name of “安国貴志 / Ankoku Kishi”—basically an alternative way to write his name with common kanji. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ It literally means “precious wish of a peaceful country”, so you believe it’ll give off a positive impression for job-hunting. He wonders if he should change the “education” section as well, because he wrote “private lessons” for that. In the game world, nobles and those with high social rankings receive education from private tutors… but of course the education system is different here in your world. You then ask him to change it to “Dok-Kare University, Eight Bit Country”. If they ask for further details, he can answer that it’s a small country to the south… and that he just returned to Japan. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Once you’re done fixing the resume, Dark Knight chuckles and says that you’re just like a sage for him in this world. A sage who eternally owns his heart, that is. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Dark Knight also admits that he can’t seem to live without you anymore. After coming to your world, his values got completely overturned. His honor as a knight is often looked down upon, but as long as you’re with him… he promises to endure and overcome anything for you. For now, he wants to find a job and make you feel at ease. When you ask him not to push himself too hard, he reminds you of what he just said. He can do anything for your sake, so in return… he wants you to keep watching over him with a smile.

Before that, Dark Knight says he’ll have to fetch a new resume form—because the one you corrected was apparently the last one he had. He quickly gets changed and prepares to leave, but not before asking you to do the “greeting” for this situation. You don’t get it at all though, and he wonders if you’re teasing him on purpose. Of course he’s talking about the goodbye kiss couples do before leaving the house, which he learned from talk show programs on TV. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ They say skinship is important for couples, as it’s a way for them to express their love for each other. When you resist, he asks if you’ve gotten sick of him because of his failures. You quickly deny this and say that it’s because he did it so suddenly, but he replies that you are just as sly. After all, he did it because of your temptation. He won’t allow you to deny it either, pointing out that you’re looking at him so dearly it’s almost odious.

Once again, Dark Knight asks you to kiss him goodbye—saying that he can fly in pure bliss if you do that. You eventually give up and kisses him on the cheek, so he decides to return it by kissing you on the lips. As much as he wants to taste your lips forever, he has to stop himself since he has to obtain the resume form first. For him, it’s an important item that’s required for him to gain a job. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Before leaving, he kisses you one more time—asking you to look forward to the continuation when he returns later.

Man, Dark Knight’s fate is so tragic. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Everyone—even the official site—treats him as a joke, and the nicknames he obtained aren’t helping either LOL. As far as personality goes, Dark Knight is actually sincere valiant, and quite hot-blooded… though he seems to be shy around you in certain situations. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ His background story also enhances his knightly image even more, so I think it’s a really nice addition. I really liked how dramatic his quest is.ヾ(´∀`○)ノ♪ This route actually doesn’t make me feel guilty for once, because I always take some extra time to grind and make sure ALL of my party members are on the same level range. If Dark Knight was in my party, I’d definitely shove him into the main party and get him to leech all the free EXP. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.*


4 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi III – Dark Knight

  1. Wait, he didn’t need an eyepatch? XD Why does he not have one in the normal world? hahaha

    I have to say, I find his personality quite charming, especially when he gets all shy xD Poor guy gets overlooked so much but something about it makes me want to giggle xD He also looks really good in black clothes… i wish he could have been in uniform in the human world too… those knight/military uniforms are so attractive <3 Thanks for the route! I can't wait for Evil Lord's! And of course, the stalker…. btw Slime kind of freaks me out haha

    • The eyepatch is probably just for show. xD
      Yeah, it’s really too bad that Dot Kareshi is so short and we don’t get many CGs / illustrations for it. Dark Knight would look dashing in a military uniform. 8D …though for now he needs to find a job first LOL.

      Slime kind of creeps me out too. He’s so adorable though so I’m not sure how to feel. (´∀`;)

  2. thanks a lot for the great job. I enjoyed reading this a lot.
    Dark Knight is surely pitiable. poor guy couldn’t revive his sis in the end. feel sorry for him!

    • Thanks for reading. :D
      It’s hinted that he’s still working on reviving his sister in the stay ending, but seems like you’ve become more important to him than his obsession to revive her.

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