Dot Kareshi III – Evil Lord

Last comes the poor Evil Lord, whose extreme lack of confidence only makes him cute instead of terrifying. I feel really sorry for the poor thing, so I saved him for last. This marks the end of the series, so he can act like a last boss for once.

まおう (CV:杉田智和)

Due to your party’s high level, Evil Lord got defeated in a matter of seconds during the final battle. His pathetic defeat caused him to lose confidence, and everyone lost their faith in him because of how weak he is. Thanks to you, Evil Lord is now super gloomy and sad. He has overwhelming power though, and sometimes it goes out of control. In battle, Evil Lord wields a large scythe and can transform up to 3 phases. 187 cm / 72 kg. Age and blood type unknown.


If you choose Evil Lord’s quest, a long, LONG silence ensues before Dark Knight eventually snaps—saying he doesn’t get why you chose Evil Lord of all people. He keeps complaining about this along the way, and Slime asks if he wants a “slime mask” since the rage won’t be good for his skin. Dark Knight angrily refuses though, even threatening to slay Slime even though the latter is just worried about him. When Slime pouts saying Dark Knight has such a narrow heart, Villager comments that it must be because he used to stay in a narrow carriage all the time. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Dark Knight protests saying he can clearly hear them, and he points out that he’s an honorable member of the main party… so he’s obviously not happy that he has to travel with these people.

After telling Dark Knight to shut up, Evil Lord turns to you and asks why you picked him. He doesn’t seem pleased when you admit that it’s because you feel bad for him, but decides to let it slide since it looks like you understand how climatic his battle is supposed to be. He honestly thanks you for choosing his quest, but he also asks you to be prepared. When the time comes for him to take revenge, he definitely won’t go easy on you. You entirely skipped his movie and lines before, not to mention you also wiped the floor with him in a matter of seconds… but he’s not going to let that happen again. If he gets to fight you again, his sealed skills should be unlocked and he’ll be able to change into his perfect form. Once he’s awakened, he will be in his fearful “Super Ore-sama Mode”—which basically makes him invincible. From there, he’ll gain endless turns and Brave wouldn’t be able to touch him. Or so he says. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

A loud roaring sound is heard as Evil Lord proudly delivers this speech. In the background, Villager points out that he’s using a monster sound effect. That’s it though—just the sound effect. Slime nods saying Evil Lord is mentally unstable, not to mention he’s wasting the game’s production cost LOL. Dark Knight notes that Evil Lord’s personality has changed a LOT ever since he left, though he can understand how Evil Lord feels. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ In any case, Evil Lord wants to find Brave’s party and get his revenge immediately. He then uses his magic to track down their location, but instantly falls silent upon seeing the result. When Dark Knight asks if there’s something wrong, he bitterly reveals that Brave’s party carried over the bonuses from their first run—which means they started the game with superior stats. The advantages also apply to your current party though, so Villager points out that it’s only obvious.

Slime thinks it’s really unfortunate since Evil Lord won’t be able to win at this rate, but Evil Lord tells him not to say that. He then goes to complain to you, since you maxed out the main party’s level, made them learn all the available skills, AND gave them the best equipments too. At this rate, nothing would change even if Evil Lord fights them again. Dark Knight scoffs saying they can only laugh at this situation. It’s not possible to lower one’s level, so the battle would only end in an instant again LOL. Out of frustration, Evil Lord wonders if he should just take his revenge directly on you. He’s going to tear off those thin clothes you’re wearing, and then do all sorts of terrible things to you—ones so nasty words won’t be enough to describe them. He wants you to know how he feels! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Behind you, Slime pouts saying Evil Lord is so dirty. Dark Knight thinks it’s partly your fault though, since you totally used normal enemies to grind for money and experience. In that sense, he actually feels sorry for Evil Lord. Upon hearing this, Evil Lord suddenly comes up with a great idea. Since you’re the one who raised Brave to that extent, you should be able to train him as well. If his stats are higher than theirs, he’ll naturally have some chance to win. Or at least he’ll be able to survive for a bit longer. Dark Knight thinks it’s a nice thing for you too, since the battle with Evil Lord must be terribly dull because of how quickly he went down. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ You only respond to this with a laugh, but Evil Lord protests saying that’s just the same as agreeing with Dark Knight—even though everything is your fault to begin with. He wants you to take responsibility, so he decides not to touch you until then. How nice. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪

Here, Villager raises an important question. How are you going to raise Evil Lord’s level? All monsters are his underlings, so you obviously can’t use them for grinding. Slime quickly flees and refuses to cooperate too, since he doesn’t want to be defeated by anyone but you. Dark Knight actually doesn’t mind helping, but it’s definitely not enough—it’s going to take forever. Not to mention his level is much lower than your main party LOL. This leaves Evil Lord with only one solution, which is to use a rare magic item to raise his skills and stats. Since it’s an item, the effect is instant. It’s supposed to be an item for Brave and his party, but Evil Lord should be able to use it too as long as he’s with you.

When Dark Knight asks if they’re going to travel around the world in search for the magic item, Evil Lord reminds him that he’s the last boss. Of course the item lies somewhere inside his castle, so that’s going to be their destination. Everyone is happy since it means they’ll be able to finish the quest easily, and so Evil Lord guides the party to his castle—while happily thinking about how his reign is going to come soon.

Just as you might expect from the last boss’ lair, Evil Lord’s castle is really huge. He then guides the party all the way to his throne room, where you previously fought him during the final battle. Dark Knight notes that the developers made a quite nice BGM for the throne room, but he wonders if they can really find the rare magic item here. According to Evil Lord, an entrance to the extra dungeon is hidden behind his throne. It will be unlocked once the player beats Evil Lord, and since you’ve defeated him in an instant… it’s already opened by now. It also revives the memory of the bitter defeat for the poor thing though LOL. In any case, the previous evil lord left a certain item there. The item holds a tremendous cursed power, and it lies in the deepest area of the dungeon.

While Slime is impressed by the details, Dark Knight thinks the item is rather troublesome. He doesn’t see how anyone would use it after clearing the game, but Evil Lord points out that Brave must have already saved the world by the time he obtains it. Surely he can figure out a way to deal with the curse. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Villager is a bit worried that Brave’s party might’ve taken the item by now, but apparently that’s not the case. After the ending, the player will be given the option to save the game. From there, a movie will start playing to reveal the extra dungeon. The thing is that you completely skipped that movie as usual, so you obviously have no idea of its existence. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 It’s filled with traps and strong monsters, but their target is obviously Brave and his party. Evil Lord should be able to go in as he likes, so he wastes no time and takes everyone into the dungeon.

Upon stepping into the dungeon, Villager frowns saying the place is terribly damp. Slime finds it pleasant and comfortable though, while Evil Lord explains that it’s because no one has entered the dungeon in a really long time. Just then you hear a clicking sound, and Villager asks if someone stepped on something. The next moment, Dark Knight points out that the walls are closing in from both sides… which means they probably activated the traps by accident. ヽ(・ω・´)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´・ω・`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( `・ω・)ノ When Villager says that he can hear sounds from the hallway just ahead of them, Dark Knight is shocked and quickly warns everyone that magic attacks are coming their way. Immediately after, fire and thunder spells come at the same time to hit the entire party. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Slime whines about how unfair it is, especially because the spells are causing him to melt.

Since the traps are clearly attacking them, Dark Knight asks Evil Lord for an explanation. Unfortunately, Evil Lord is just as surprised as everyone else. He doesn’t get it either. He’s the leader of all evil, so they’re not supposed to attack him. It doesn’t end there though, because there are also countless whips cracking beyond the magic trap. Villager actually finds these high-level traps impressive, but Slime protests saying this isn’t the time to be amazed—they’re all going to die at this rate. Dark Knight quickly takes command. He orders Slime and Villager to defend, tells you to hide behind them, and asks Evil Lord to do something. He tries covering the party in the meantime, but sadly the traps show absolutely no signs of stopping.

Things only get even worse when a bunch of mudmen start spawning, slowly crawling towards the party. Both Dark Knight and Villager are desperately asking Evil Lord to do something about this, but Evil Lord is clearly shocked. It takes quite a while before he finally opens his mouth and turns to the mudmen, asking why they’re attacking him—their leader and king. One of the mudmen answers that he lied to them, and this instantly throws Evil Lord into a panic because he doesn’t get what they’re talking about. He asks if it’s because he lost to Brave’s party, then he immediately points at you and says that it’s all your fault.

However, this only worsens the situation even more… because Evil Lord clearly in a party with you right now. When the mudman asks why he’s traveling with you, he nervously explains that he’ll grow stronger if he stays with you. That way, he’ll be able to take revenge on Brave’s party. Of course this isn’t convincing at all, and the mudmen refuse to believe him—thinking that he’s betrayed them. Evil Lord tries to explain that they got it all wrong, as he’s doing his best for his underlings as well. Sadly, he gets interrupted when a dragon appears with a loud, angry roar. Knowing that they won’t be able to fight all the monsters, Dark Knight takes everyone to escape for now.

From there, the party takes shelter in an empty room. Thanks to Dark Knight’s defense, everyone survived with only a few minor scratches. Villager gives him a herb in return, but sadly it only heals 50 HP while the damage he took went over 2000. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Slime thinks it’s only obvious though. It’s an item from a villager after all, and the things mob NPCs can do are very limited—much to Villager’s frustration. Dark Knight believes that it’s better than having nothing at all though, so he tells Villager to stop weeping and hand over all the herbs he has. Slime tries taking this chance to lick heal your injuries with his mucus, but Dark Knight quickly pulls him away from you.

Dark Knight then turns to Evil Lord and asks what he’s planning to do. The traps and monsters outside are clearly targeting him, and Villager comments that they all gave up on him—even though he’s supposed to be their leader. Evil Lord only tells everyone to shut up, since he’s still thinking about what he should do. It doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time his subordinates turned their backs on him either, and now they clearly don’t see of him as their leader anymore. Dark Knight thinks the cause might be Evil Lord himself though. He’s been super depressed ever since he was defeated by Brave, and he probably lost his dignity. Upon hearing this, an idea comes to Evil Lord’s mind. He actually wanted to save it for the final battle, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Before Evil Lord can explain his plan, you hear the monsters outside pounding on the door. Slime quickly runs off to hide, while Villager tells Evil Lord to stop mumbling and take action already. The door is made of wood, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets destroyed. Dark Knight adds that they’re pretty much doomed if the monsters attack them here, so Evil Lord has to do something—and make it quick. Evil Lord is clearly not pleased with how everyone is nagging him, and he eventually snaps out that he knows that too. Evil Lord then turns to you, asking you to give your blood to him. Villager and Slime are surprised to hear this, but he only tells them to be quiet. The system actually requires him to fight Brave and bathe in the latter’s blood first, but he obviously can’t do that right now… so he’s going to use your blood instead to release his perfect form. Or rather, he needs the justice in your blood. Dark Knight and Slime won’t do since they’re initially enemies, while Villager…

Evil Lord: “There’s not enough justice in Villager’s blood. Not enough AT ALL! ”
Evil Lord: “He’s just a mob NPC though, so it can’t be helped!”
Villager: “Can you please not hurt other people for no apparent reason…”


In any case, Evil Lord needs your blood because you’re the one who controlled Brave. You agree since it seems to be the only way to save everyone, and in return, he swears that he’ll do something to deal with this situation. The moment Evil Lord takes your blood, he starts glowing with a black light. The sound of something snapping is heard, and thick smoke fills the entire room—clouding everyone’s vision. Just then the monsters outside finally break the door, so Dark Knight quickly tells everyone to run to the back of the room… or maybe not.

Evil Lord’s laughter suddenly starts echoing in the room. He proudly reveals that he’s been revived, and his perfect form—or as he said it himself, “Super Ore-sama Mode”—has been released. He’s really powerful in this state, so much that he can even tinker with the text window freely. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He can feel magic power rising, seething, and flowing inside of him, and he has nothing to fear. As Evil Lord orders the monsters to make way for their king, Villager watches in amazement. Putting magic power aside, it’s very obvious that Evil Lord is overflowing with confidence. Slime nods saying he looks like an entirely different person, while Dark Knight points out that the monsters are running away in fear. Now all that’s left is for them to follow Evil Lord.

From there, all the traps break on their own as Evil Lord passes by. The monsters are groveling before him, making it much for the party to walk through the dungeon. Evil Lord is, of course, absolutely satisfied, as this is how he’s originally supposed to be—the powerful and almighty Evil Lord. They all should make way for him, fear him, worship him, and shower him with high praises. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Behind him, Dark Knight comments that he’s in extremely high spirits—even more so than in his prime days LOL. The party reaches the deepest area soon after that, where they find a luxurious treasure chest. Evil Lord gives you the honor of opening it, and it glows with a similar black light as you take out the item inside—a magic fruit.

According to Evil Lord, it’s a powerful forbidden fruit. It is believed that a cursed blessing is hidden inside of it, and one will be able to use the highest tier of magic spells just by taking a single bite. After taking the fruit from you, Evil Lord thanks you for the good work. The power of your blood is more amazing than he expected, not to mention he also finds it sweet and tasty. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Noticing your silence, he grins and asks you not to get embarrassed… though that doesn’t seem to be the reason. As for the magic fruit, Slime notes that it looks exactly like a strawberry. Villager thinks an apple would be a more common choice, but Evil Lord explains that it was made based on the previous evil lord’s taste. After all, the fruit’s appearance doesn’t matter as long as they can infuse it with magic.

Oh, and by the way… the previous evil lord loves gothic lolita.

Now that they’ve obtained the magic fruit, Dark Knight tells Evil Lord to eat it already—so they can leave this damp dungeon as fast as possible. Evil Lord gets even more excited upon eating the strawberry magic fruit. He happily announces that he can feel magic surging inside of him, granting him with power that he never knows before. He’s now successfully powered up, so he can beat the living daylights out of Brave’s party and restore his reputation. *。☆:・’ヽ(*・ω・)ノ*:・’゚☆゚・*: However, everyone else notices that it actually only raised Evil Lord’s magic power by 100 LOL. It’s just an item after all, so the effect isn’t as magnificent as they thought it would be.

Villager thinks Evil Lord would only get his butt kicked again at this rate, while Dark Knight adds that he might be able to provide a good match if he’s lucky—mostly because his perfect form is indeed strong. They know he’ll get depressed again if he learns about this though, so they decide to keep quiet and let him enjoy his happiness for now. Besides, the world wouldn’t be saved if Evil Lord doesn’t get defeated… so it’s pretty much inevitable. Poor thing. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

Since Evil Lord has found the power he wanted, Dark Knight then asks him to take everyone out of the dungeon. Evil Lord seems tempted to test out his new power on Dark Knight, but the latter tells him that it’s pointless LOL. Villager also reminds him that they have to treat everyone’s wounds, and so he decides to let the party stay in his castle tonight. Before going back to the throne room, Evil Lord thanks you for helping him today—even though you’re his sworn enemy. He believes that he won’t lose to your party anymore, and that his wish will come true in the near future. You turn red upon hearing this, and Slime immediately protests that Evil Lord isn’t playing fair. Evil Lord only tells Slime to shut up and asks if he’s asking to be boiled with magic, but quickly decides to let it slide since he’s in a good mood today.

Evil Lord: “Now, everyone follow me! Don’t lag behind! HAHAHAHAHA!!”
Villager: “He’s still troublesome even after he regained his confidence…”
Dark Knight: “…y-yeah… he is…”

Agreed. What a troublesome guy LOL.

After the Quest

In the morning, Evil Lord says that if he has to part with you today… he’ll have to fight you as an enemy again next time. He’s really surprised when you suddenly apologize, and he asks if you feel bad for killing him in an instant last time. After all, the last battle is his best scene in the whole game. He already thought of cool introductory lines for his next battle with you, and since you’ve helped him to find the magic fruit… he tells you that he won’t lose again next time. In that sense, whether you stay in this world or not makes very little difference for Evil Lord. If you come to his castle, you can see him anytime. Of course that won’t change your position as his sworn enemy, but he doesn’t really mind.

Knowing that you might have to say goodbye to Evil Lord, you then ask him for a handshake. He agrees and says that he had fun with you. Even if he has to part ways with you, he wants to see you again. Next time, both your party and him will have perfect stats.

Staying with Evil Lord

Evil Lord was created to rule the game world. Even though he has to be defeated in the end, it still won’t change the fact that he’s holding that much authority. That’s why he finds it unacceptable for you to go back to your world without his permission. It’s only obvious for Evil Lord to do evil things, so he naturally stopped you from leaving… except not really. He admits that he didn’t stop you because of a cool reason like that, but simply because he was afraid of losing you.

In his castle, Evil Lord is holding a strategic meeting. His goal is obviously to defeat Brave, but you fall asleep as soon as the meeting begins. When he protests, you reply that it’s all because he didn’t let you sleep at all last night. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He instantly gets flustered and tells you not to put it that way, because someone might hear you and misunderstand… but then he reminds himself not to panic over something like that. He’s the incarnation of evil after all, so it’s only obvious if he messes around with a little girl like you. It would be much better than having rumors about how Evil Lord is a chicken who don’t even have the courage to touch a woman. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ He’d rather have everyone misunderstand and spice it up as well, since bad rumors spread easier than the good ones.

Evil Lord also adds that he doesn’t care about what you think, because he’s going to follow his desires as he likes. However, you only answer this long speech with a yawn—most likely because you know that he’s not a threat LOL. When he tells you to listen to him, you point out that he totally forced you to listen to his complaints all night. Since he tries to denies this, you ask if he was whining instead… so he ends up telling you not to pick on every single thing he says. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ Evil Lord knows that he’ll only dig his own grave if this continues, so he decides to drop the subject and continues the meeting. If people keep calling him “weakling” and “coward” any further, it will hurt his pride as Evil Lord.

You respond to this by staring intently at Evil Lord, admitting that you actually forgot about his position as the leader of all evil. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* He’s clearly shocked to hear this, but then he tells you not to get carried away. While Brave’s party level is maxed out, their level is NOT your level—you never participated in battles after all. In terms of stats and level, Evil Lord is obviously more superior. You only have as much HP as weak monsters out there, so he can slay you in a second if he wants to. He’s clearly holding a deep grudge against you, and he thinks it’d be a nice idea to take his revenge right here and now.

…not that he can do it though LOL.

If anything, Evil Lord wants to protect you instead. He even promises that he’ll definitely keep you safe if you ever get in danger. Since you look surprised, Evil Lord asks why you’re giving him that look. Despite his defeat, he does have enough power to protect you. Even though everyone branded him as “pathetic” after Brave defeated him in an instant, he has no intentions of being a coward forever. He needs to take responsibility for keeping you in this world, and he feels that he’ll be able to change with you by his side. His desire to protect you gives him a lot power, and he’s going to show you that he can become a strong Evil Lord who won’t lose to Brave again.

Evil Lord pouts saying he doesn’t want to hand you over to that demonic Brave, though it’s not limited to Brave alone—he won’t allow anyone to take you away from him. He wants you to always stay by his side and support him forever, but then he realizes that you look troubled. This leads him to ask if you hate him or still think of him as an enemy, but you shake your head. You’re just concerned that if he becomes more powerful, he might take another attempt to conquer the world with his magic. Evil Lord admits that you might be right, so you only have to stay with him all the time—to make sure that he won’t do something like that.

You point out that Evil Lord is contradicting himself, but he tells you to leave it alone. It doesn’t make much difference whether you’re supporting or keeping an eye on him, as long as he can have you by his side. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He needs you. Defeating Brave and destroying the worlds are nothing more than excuses, because he sincerely thinks of you as someone important for him. Evil Lord asks if you understand what he’s trying to say. Before you can answer, he pulls you closer saying he’ll let you know if you don’t get it. As you start panicking in his arms, Evil Lord chuckles and says that he has found your weakness. You’re weak to a “physical attack” called hugs, and he can tell that your heart is racing right now.

When you protest and call him mean, Evil Lord answers that it’s only obvious—he’s Evil Lord after all. Besides, he points out that your words and attitude contradict each other. He knows that you actually don’t hate it when he hugs you. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪ You say that’s exactly what makes him mean, but he doesn’t really mind being a little sadistic. They can just rewrite the ending of the game to: “The Evil Lord regains his confidence and turns into a sadist, and he lives happily ever after with a girl from another world.”

After all, his story has just begun.

Returning with Evil Lord

Evil Lord and you are supposed to be enemies. Being close to you is something that he should never do, and yet the god’s whim brought him to your side. He finds it ridiculous for himself to fall under the god’s control though, considering his status as Evil Lord. However, he does feel thankful to the god for leading him to something irreplaceable. For him, it’s much more important than his status as the leader of all evil and his ambition to conquer the world. He’d rather abandon everything than losing you.

Sometime later in your room, Evil Lord is mumbling to himself about online shopping. While he does find it convenient, he’s a bit concerned because people won’t be able to see the quality directly… even though it’s an important aspect for him. Sometimes the colors displayed turn out different too when compared to the real thing. When you ask what he’s mumbling about, Evil Lord explains that he’s choosing some wool. Apparently this isn’t the first time he does this either, because you ask what he’s planning to knit this time. You’re really surprised when he reveals that he’s going to knit a dress for you, and he seems pleased to see your reaction. He actually wanted to see your surprised expression after beating you in the last battle, but he decides to drop the subject since it only makes him sad.

However, you sadly admit that you feel the same way. Evil Lord tells you not to give him that look though. He—the powerful and almighty Evil Lord—descended to fight you for the grand finale, and yet you killed him in an instant. It clearly became a painful trauma for him, but he’s here today because he managed to get over it. He decided to abandon everything else just to be with you. Besides, he doesn’t hate the idea of putting and end to his grudge and have a peaceful life—because you’re here with him. You seem to find it surprising that he’s good at knitting though, so he tells you that it’s because he was extremely bored while waiting for Brave’s party to come. You try to get out of it by averting your gaze, but he quickly adds that it was all YOUR fault for taking ages to reach his castle. (((壊゚∀゚)))ァヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

Evil Lord is glad that he knows how to knit though, because the ability is actually helping him now. When you ask what he’s referring to, he reveals that he submitted one of his creations to a knitting magazine. It received a lot of positive feedback, so much that he got an offer to work as a full-time knitter. Σ(゚ー゚;) Of course you find this really impressive, but he proudly replies that it’s only obvious. He’s the great Evil Lord after all. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ You don’t think that has anything to do with his crafty hands, but he tells you that he can become the strongest because he spends a LOT of time polishing everything he does… and yet you killed him in a matter of seconds. Realizing his grudge is coming out to the surface again, he quickly stops and tells himself to move on LOL.

In your world, Evil Lord has a promising future as a knitter. If he makes it and becomes successful, people wouldn’t call him a cowardly freeloader anymore. He’ll be showered with praises and admiration, and he can earn money to feed you too. Then you’ll have to acknowledge him as the best companion you could ever find in your life. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ You blush and panic when Evil Lord suddenly draws closer, but he reminds you that he wants to knit a dress for you—he needs to take your measurements again. Since he’s going to become a great knitter in the future, he can’t make a half-hearted creation that would ruin his reputation. Or rather, he can’t make something like that for you. His creations are the proof of his love for you, and so they all have to be his best masterpiece.

In return, Evil Lord wants to know how you’re going to answer his feelings. He’s obviously expecting you to love him just as much, and he grins when you turn red—clearly enjoying your reaction. Sadly for him, this enjoyment is short-lived because you suddenly deliver a kick straight to his crotch. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* You feel really bad and apologize as he collapses onto the floor, and he protests that an apology is NOT enough. 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ He wanted to look all cool like the almighty Evil Lord he’s supposed to be, and yet you totally ruined his attempt LOL. He then sulks saying he’ll take that as the answer to his question, and he won’t blame you since he’s just a cowardly Evil Lord. You didn’t even give him a chance to show his movie in the game, not to mention you defeated him in an instant. He allows you laugh at him if you want, and he pouts saying you should just die of laughter.

Feeling guilty, you pat Evil Lord’s head. He doesn’t seem happy AT ALL and asks if you think you can heal his wounded heart that way, but then you reveal that you have a present for him. It turns out that you’ve knitted something for him as well, though sadly he doesn’t know what it is. At first he wonders if it’s a pair of gloves, but he finds the shape very peculiar—in a chaotic way. Realizing that you’re getting teary-eyed, Evil Lord panic and asks you to wait as he tries to guess what your present is supposed to be. This doesn’t make you feel better at all, so you tell him that it’s a hat to cover his horns with. You’re clearly hurt by his reaction though, and he tries to assure you that he didn’t know simply because a knitted hat doesn’t exist in the game world. Out of desperation, he praises the hat and says that it’s a wonderful present… but you can tell that he’s just forcing it LOL.

However, Evil Lord tells you that your present really makes him happy. After all, you made the hat just for him. He then invites you to go shopping for wool together, and he puts on the hat after changing into the clothes you gave him. Since the hat is large enough to hide his horns, it makes him look 100% human. He can freely go outside as long as he’s wearing the hat, so he’s pretty much satisfied with your present. You, on the other hand, feel embarrassed since you didn’t do a good job at knitting the hat, but Evil Lord says it’s too late. The hat belongs to him now, and so he won’t give it back to you—not even if you beg him to. He really likes the hat, and he praises you in a dramatic way for doing a good job. When you tell him that he watches too much historical drama, he completely loses his cool and asks you to let him be LOL. What he wants to say is that you should be proud, because it’s the best offering one can give to Evil Lord.

Since you don’t seem to believe him, Evil Lord says his heart feels warm just by touching the hat. He thinks you’ve infused some kind of magic into it, and so he decides to cast a “spell” on you as well—by kissing you. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Your cheeks instantly turn red and tears are filling your eyes, so he can tell that his “spell” must be working. However, he still wants to be extra careful. You’re a powerful player who defeated him in an instant, so he kisses you again just to make sure. It’s totally not an excuse to kiss you repeatedly, nope. One day, he’s going to knit a wedding dress for you… and he’ll also cast a spell so you won’t be able to leave his side forever. It’s an easy task for him as the Evil Lord—or rather, the former Evil Lord—and he’s going to prove it to you.

Evil Lord is definitely my favorite in this game. Sugita did a fantastic job voicing him, and the switch from his proud, dramatic laughter to his pathetic mode is absolutely brilliant. ゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。 I’ve probably said this over and over again, but I feel really sorry for Evil Lord because of how everyone treats him LOL. That being said, I kind of understand why they like teasing him. His reactions are really fun to watch, and I love it when he starts sulking over his ruined reputation or how you killed him almost instantly. (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ It’s nice that Evil Lord finds a job in your world too, and personally I think being a knitter really suits him… even if it might be unexpected considering his background as the former Evil Lord. ヾ(✿❛◡❛ฺฺ)ノ~❤

11 thoughts on “Dot Kareshi III – Evil Lord

  1. Thanks a lot for the great job. it was really fun reading!
    poor Maoh! I feel sorry for him too. but he’s kinda cute! I really liked him.
    btw , is it just me or were the first games characters more perverted than this ones?

    • Nah, it’s not just you. The first two parties are definitely more lecherous LOL. Maybe it’s because the characters in this game have their own agenda, so they focus on that more than groping you.

  2. just dropping by to tell u that ken ga kimi is being translated into english so u don’t have to post route translations anymore! playing with a path will be much more convenient than playing while reading ur posts anyway and u don’t update often cos ur “busy” so u might as well stop. if u have the time to blog why not help the translation group instead to make people happier?? when the english path comes out people won’t need ur blog anymore so u should use ur time to help w/ the translation instead of blogging the game on ur own, cos once it’s done people won’t need u anymore! PLZ APPROVE MY COMMENT AND REPLY!!! maybe u think i’m being mean but lots of people out there feel the same and we want u to know

    • First off, please stop spamming the same comment over and over again. I wasn’t sure how to reply because I’m running this blog as a hobby, so as far as blogging goes, I am not obliged to take orders from anyone. A blog is supposed to be a personal space, and a blogger is free to do what they want with their blog. Personally I’m blogging otome game mainly for recording / archiving. If my summaries or translations provide to be helpful, I’m glad to hear that. But even if you’re only using me for translations, I don’t really mind since I do post these stuff on the internet after all. Still, that doesn’t make it okay for you to tell me what I should do with my time and blog. I hope you understand.

      Also, I love Ken ga Kimi and will continue blogging it despite what people might say.

      • I am so sorry for butting in here, but sometimes I drop in and just view comments on here sometimes now and then. BUT I just can’t believe someone would be so rude as to say something. “Random”, you are incredibly rude and yes anyone would think you’re being mean. Well tbh, more than mean, just downright horrible.

        OFC, she’s busy!! She has a life, you know. And like Rin said, this is her HOBBY and she’s just sharing what she loves. I for one, am incredibly appreciative of what she’s doing. I’m enjoying Ken Ga Kimi entirely because of her. Besides, it’s fun to fangirl together haha.

        These posts are beautifully detailed and they take a LOT of time and effort to do. And she’s doing this in her spare time. So the least thing you can do, is show some decency, or not comment at all. I’m pretty sure she knows about the English patch team or not, but that doesn’t matter. It’s entirely up to her whether she wants to participate or not. I’m a frequent tumblr user, so I saw it too and yes, I too am looking forward to it. Of course, english patches allow for a rather easier time to play through the game and are easy to apply to games I’ve bought in the past (eg. dramatical murder for instance). BUT, so far, I’ve been able to play ken ga kimi with no problems with her posts. Again, let me reiterate. She does NOT owe anyone anything. She can do what she wants :)

        This is my favourite blog and will continue to be my fave blog. She can post what she wants, when she wants on her own time.

        Ahem. *sighs* Once again, I’m so sorry Rin for butting in where I shouldn’t. But when I saw this comment, it was hard for me to just ignore it. Hopefully, I tried to get my point across and wasn’t offensive, I’m not the best with words ^^; But geez, people can be so mean on the internet. For what it’s worth, Rin, stay strong and keep being happy *hugs*

        • ..omg im so sorry, that’s a long comment.. When I’m really emotional about something, I tend to write a lot. What reins said, sums it up nicely ^^;

    • 1. You dont have the right to tell a person how to run their personal blog.
      2. You dont have the right to dictate how someone else chooses to spend their time.
      3. You cant force other ppl to translate things ‘for the fandom’. You can IF U PAY THEM.
      4. Pls dont sully the fan translation project with your behaviour since it’s volunteer-based. So u cant force ppl to join it.
      5. You can take your entitlement elsewhere and have a nice day.

    • As someone who’s working on the patch, I have to say that your rude attempt to coerce Rin into joining as well as acting disrespectful towards, frankly makes me very miffed over the fact that the patching effort is being used to harass my friend over HER HOBBY that she does out of her free time TO RELAX. This is her personal blog space. She can do what she wants on it. She does not owe you or anyone else anything. She is not obligated to join or translate just because you are harassing her to, and you spamming her comment box telling her to approve and reply isn’t ‘mean’ but outright deplorable. You should really go and reflect upon yourself on how rude and entitled you are behaving.

    • Normally I’m not one to butt-in and put in my two-cents on comments such as these which, essentially is harassment. Let’s go through your comment and see the logics of what you are demanding, without me nit-picking at misused terms.

      So Ken ga Kimi is getting a translation and you want Rin to stop posting up summaries because they are not “needed” anymore. You are almost saying “don’t do reviews of this game because another person has done them already.” These posts were not originally for your sake as Rin herself has pointed out. Also, just because a game or any work of sort has acquired a translation does not mean all and any other posts related to the same work should cease just because the all-mighty translation has it all covered.

      Have you ever tried searching for a foreign work you were interested in, which has a translation, but was unsure if you wanted to play/read it in its entirety? I think the first thing you’d do is look for a review or a summary of said work to decide that right? What if someone is unable to obtain the Ken ga Kimi and relies on summaries to understand it? Translations often drop things, get mistranslated. Yes even professionals do it. So why would a smooth-reading summary which is extremely detailed and includes extra background information for cultural differences to make sense be of any less value?

      Rin is busy and not “busy”. She has a life, she has other things to do and you are not someone is allowed to judge whether that is true or not, especially if you don’t know her well. Rin can decide what she does with her own time and you are not someone who can dictate that. None of us are. She is blogging as a hobby, for her own interests and we, her readers, benefit from it in many ways. But always keep in mind a blogger blogs for their own sake.

      You seem to have the idea that a translation, a patch for a game will make everyone happy. Okay, yes I’m sure the fandom who cannot understand Japanese will most definitely be and more people will know about and appreciate what a great work Ken ga Kimi is. However, that does not mean everyone is comfortable or willing to work on it. Do not push your values upon other people. Also, if Rin decides to stop blogging then it is a loss, one that’s not something to be happy about. So please do not speak as if a translation that replaces a blog is a good and happy thing, and who are you to say people won’t “need” this blog again?

      “When the English patch comes out…” you said. Perhaps you have underestimated the time and effort of translating an entire game, hacking the system and beta-testing it. The latter two aside, just translating a simple game set in everyday life takes an extremely long time, let alone a game as complex as Ken ga Kimi. I speak from experience, as do many other (fan)translators.

      On a final note before this gets any longer, I hope you realise your comment which seems to represent the fandom is soiling the efforts of the translator(s) who are hard at work translating Ken ga Kimi for fun, for the enjoyment of themselves and the fandom. Have the courtesy to appreciate what you have right now. Learn to let things you cannot have slide past. Learn to have the patience to wait because good things do come when you wait long enough.

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